Routing to more than one action
parsing XML file for add marker on google-map application
store data text to SD Card in android?
Is it possible to implement mouse driver with pointer in Android?
how to share svn repository between two computers
how to implement publish subscribe push notification in android mobile device without polling
Symfony2: Edit file upload
Combining Excel COUNTIFS with aggregate functions
Is there efficient way to map graph onto blocks in CUDA programming?
How to write a function that returns a subset of elements based on the probability % stored in the element?
Error: 鈥淥nly variables can be passed by reference鈥�in PHP script
Android Network Provider RSSI: displaying the dBm in textview
format cout for pointer
Service to provide data to ListActivity and MapAcitivity
css background-repeat x and y
Why this snippet is not working? [closed]
Android OpenGL ES - Draw 3D then 2D - where is the fault
PHP Image Upload Strange Issue
Android RSA Keypair Generation - Should I use Standard Java/Bouncy Castle/Spongy Castle/JSch/Other?
Pandas pivot_table on date
Client side validation for my email address
Does Fortran have a standard library? [closed]
On IE9 edit mode, paragraph can't be displayed with background-color span
How to populate an ArrayList from words in a text file?
Facebook offline_access removal鈥�Will some Android users need to login every 60 days?
Access to item of desktop application
User-private connection between my Google Chrome extension and my native program on Linux
How to swap between array and pointer c++
Draggable NSView
What's the very first method called in a view?
SAP ABAP: Transaction code created. Can't run it from command t/a line but can by Transaction->Execute. Why?
Google User Content Javascript api
Content Provider Throwing exception
Perform Static Analysis for a Domain Specific Language
Why doesn't the server receive my POST data?
app runs fine with debug build, but crash on release build, what could be the possible reasons?
Questions about memory alignement in structures and portability of the sizeof operator
making my application by the default file opener of a certain file type
Cant save image using OpenCV
Hide all links except for one in javascript?
Backbone - Object render has no method 'apply'
Detect a pronoun and its noun?
Regex Search in phpMyAdmin
How can I dump my DB with mysqldump and make it skip the table partition info?
Why should I create android icon for different device sizes?
data structure applications example code (preferably in Java)
SQL Server : Have a delayed version of the data
Conditional column header in mysql [closed]
Android: Issues with setting up USB debugging for HTC Sensation
Creating nested models with backboneJS + backbone-relational + requireJS
Multiple Sections in xml properties file
Best public Hadoop AMI for Hadoop version 1.0.0 [closed]
How does AMQ's redeliver work? Does it hold a consumer completely during the redelivery process?
RakeTask.rspec_opts are ignored when specified in rake
12:00 am as end time is moving to next date
why my MVC route registration doesn't work
UITableViewController NavigationItem button issues
Scope bar on mac
Casting of structures in C when first fields are not aligned
3D image in Android
DOJO not working under tomcat 5.x?
Android : Activity Destroy and Thread display an AlertDialog
Checking the progress of file download on the server side?
JAX-WS Asynchonous client techniques for calling web services
Get last appearance of a node
Is boost::asio::deadline_timer thread safe?
Kohana CLI Database Error
My controller method release_reservation is not saving the attributes with new values
Recursive view in handlebars template not working after upgrading to Ember 0.9.6
c# object reference lost
Change DCG to be deterministic
Saving the value of the checked check-box in an array
Parsing Date in Java
Create context menu inside JfxPane
@dbcolumn in session.evaluate in xpages
Logback stops logging on file change
rake db:seed populate keys when seed
How is my single-threaded Rails app handling concurrent requests?
How do I uninstall PHP APC 3.1.9 and do a clean install?
Production Rails 3 Routes not working the same as Development
some questions about the typeof operator of IE9
Branch issue when using EGit Eclipse
Having background change as it goes through thumbnails
JAX-WS webservice security issue
How to create a textbox that has decimal value
how asp.NET buttons used in jQuery UI dialog?
UDP socket and multiple replies
Adding 鈥渁ggregations鈥�to my Facebook application
Fast Loading of many images on html
The below java code for putting transparency to specific color works in my laptop but not on other laptops with better graphics card, WHY? [duplicate]
html 5 canvas events
Could not load type 'System.Web.Script.AjaxFrameworkAssemblyAttribute' from assembly 'System.Web.Extensions,
Fast solution to Subset sum algorithm by Pisinger
perl: use current date format in substitution part or regexp
JPA java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Object: [ id=XYZ ] is not a known entity type
Is it possible to add a google account to 鈥淎ccounts & Sync鈥�Without launching a login screen
What are the differences between Firefox's Javascript engine and Chrome's V8?
way(client side or server side) to go forpagination /sortable columns?
how can i assign ObjectListView Checkbox Value
jquery animation triggers the first time but not after changing classes?
How do I get the last directory from a URL path using a Zeus rewrite rule?
My whole code is complete but I am not able to add a second button
Error in activity when adding another activity 鈥渟witcher鈥�
How to probe programmatically hardware virtualization capability of the CPU?
Adding TextField to UIAlertView
jQuery UI Theme Conflict: SlickGrid and jQuery UI Tabs
OpenID libraries for Delphi?
Calling static methods on object instances and a side note Java
Unable to run oracle report contains attached library
Passing a variable to JQuery submit function?
MYSQL Table Data to Jquery Flot Chart
Is it possible for FuelPHP not to allow the right side of the route?
Why is Attribute Data Fourth Field 1
Android JSON Parsing using API
javascript based Jquery ajax function, unable to send post values
How to compare multiple parameters of a row column value?
Auto Pop textarea once page is load
Android: There are some standard system PIDs in Android?
How to show native google map in webview in android?
Plone 4 search members with extended profiles
HTML form with Zend Form filters/validators
Saving values to NSArray - (First in Last out)
PHP Search values in array - Return true if all are numbers, false if not
RESTful Web service Testing error in Netbeans 6.9 with Mysql
how to pass radiobutton selected object to struts2 action
C# - better ways to validate if a string is a number other than int.TryParse()?
RESTful Web service Testing error in Netbeans 6.9 with Mysql
how to pass radiobutton selected object to struts2 action
C# - better ways to validate if a string is a number other than int.TryParse()?
Progress bar to run simultaneously with a function(in another class)
Unexpected noise when using audiotrack + audiorecord class in android
How to get the 'place' of a Number in Java (eg. tens, thousands, etc)
SQL query to insert binary data using Ruby
RedirectToAction is not redirecting at all
Error in javascript function
Strings concatenation in XML (build.xml)
Why would this code (deleting several items at once) hang up behind firewall?
Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 25 [duplicate]
Boxing and Unboxing concept
Send ip packet via kernel module
Subtractive Clustring implementation
warning: unused parameter 鈥榙ata鈥�when creating a new thread
Cannot create pointers of an abstract class in function main()
Mongo query for number of items in a sub collection
Password validation - adding additional requirments
php file upload permission?
Bash piping issue
RadialGradient in Custom View
Assigment of variables in shell scripting
How to get the information about the sender in the case here
ASP.NET xmlrpc implementation
Session variable arrangement for user management in multiple roles
populating a textview of a class with data from another class
search with multiple choice listview (how to keep state of checked items?)
UIGetScreenImage will be reject now?
Javascript: sorting two similar tables simultaneously
How to create a stack of resources in Android from the asset and/or res folders?
How to determine the process which is sending out icmp ping request under windows
Canvas doesn't draw line where it told so
Java Loop Keyword Contain [duplicate]
maven: which jaxb plugin to use? [duplicate]
Popping in a UINavigationController inside a UISplitViewController causes strange transition
Resizing UIImage takes long time?
PyDev is trying to import non-test-related files?
Uploading a text file - iOS
Facebook Multi Friend Selector Dialog failure?
iPhone: Play videos automatically in a sequence, one after another
Notifications URL of Facebook comments show no comments
Why the Apache is not starting on XAMPP [closed]
Google+ API: Get Things I've +1ed
Variable arguments list to a Makefile
Python turning a list into a list of tuples
How do I print the value of a register in the 鈥淲hen hit鈥�clause of a breakpoint in Visual Studio?
Reverse whole date in php
Backbone doesn't load my Jquery UI slider after sliding
Regex for glossary replace
Reverse whole date in php
Backbone doesn't load my Jquery UI slider after sliding
Regex for glossary replace
How to clik on a text in the div
UITableView's reloadRowsAtIndexPaths: seems to break insertRowsAtIndexPaths:
Can we read content from a pdf file using php?
Edit BlackBerry cod file with xvi32
How to check if a column exist inside a table, and preform action based on the result
adding spread data to dotplots in R
The confuse about use jquery $.ajax to read javascript file
mongodb php $push not inserting array
Grails ui-performance plugin page compression issue
Need guidelines to improved image processing library [closed]
ASP Net UPDATE Command not working
tar all files to a directory
Resize Image of any size to fixed dimension using C# ASP.Net web form
Java: how to write a wsgi server
Subclass 鈥渋s鈥�class confuses me
Shell scripting - replace every 5 commas with a newline
cURL can not get the right output
jquery load() can't load the js [closed]
android winmerge filter rules
php string synonym replace function
What is a 鈥渂uffer鈥�in VIM?
Node.js ReadLine not waiting for a full line on socket connections?
How to enumerate through an enum with arbitrary increments between items
MVC change image button image on the view from the controller
MatLab: Creating a Vector
Unable to work out Update Panel Async property
Admob error android:configChanges in Eclipse and Device
Java - return largest element in both arrays
How to display IEnumerable<int> in JQGrid
VideoView / Layout for playing video on android
Rails ActiveAdmin index formatting numbers
Updating an xml file using python?
Safely disposing Excel interop objects in C#?
PDOStatement::getColumnMeta returns original table name instead of view name
Building the pHash library on Windows
preg_replace: Remove comments only within curly backets
Adding sdcard/usbdrive to android emulator
Python: Detect directory that cannot be detected in Windows 7
expected usage of pallet from lein
In Qt source, where to find the code for drawing controls on default Mac OS style?
Should a Stack have a maximum size?
limit PHP script to one domain per license
How do I call mpmovieplayer from applicationwillresignactive in ppdelegate?
Why execution of a portion of code loaded from an external file is not halted by DEP?
Control Charts in Python
Why jQuery's 鈥渁ppend()鈥�of a child first removes it?
how to get external ip of the server from node.js
Accessing in Google AppEngine
Prevent duplicate entries in arraylist
Which should I use? (performance)
How to add right click menu to IE?
ObjectChoiceField automatically scroll to top after selecting a choice锛�
How can I delete an facebook app that I developed?
c program to count lines in file using system calls
Extern and global variable
understanding how objects are fetched in eager(non lazy) load in hibernate
C++ linker error in template constructor: 鈥渦nresolved external symbol鈥�
flattennested and include javascript files
鈥淐ould not find a valid gem in any repository鈥�(rubygame and others)
JSpinner takes up entire width in JOptionPane
How do I calculate the offset, in hours, of a given timezone from UTC in ruby?
Python's property decorator does not work as expected
AirBrake vs Exceptional vs errbit: which one is the best to track exceptions in your rails app? [closed]
Right method to build a online whiteboard
Private IBOutlets
FirePHP beginner issues
SQL Server CE - Select random rows
jQuery - 鈥渞ebinding鈥�while stopping propagation
Exclude tags from tag cloud in wordpress
symfony2 service is not a singleton
ASP.NET MVC Razor Content Placeholders
How to refer to main domain without hard-coding its name?
Lua key name starts with digit in table statement
Eclipse- How do you enable this class option from the File menu?
How to ask for a file in Python?
How to use roles to segment ViewModels/Controllers/Views
Interact with other views while a popover is active
is it okay to pass member variables as parameters to member functions in C++?
ExtJS 4: Grid Column Renderer Old Value
makes CSS every text element darker
Is the Scala compiler reentrant?
How can I reload the webview from static embedded class
write a vba excel function not knowing parameter is string or dictionary
Need to develop a PHP - Jabber based chat
BeforeSend passed to Backbone's Fetch not allowing events to be triggered
App engine mapreduce job made me go over quota
I need an iOS tool to encode HTML?
Form returning null after comming back to the initial user control
PlaySound in C++ Console application?
How to remove/hide <div></div> tags only without the content?
calling a method with jsf 2.0 ajax library
A Set of Sets with duplicate names?
Multilanguage parsing in python [closed]
Using internationalization in javascript
Facebook logout using OAuth server side
How to Compare Time with Current time & display result based on that using MySQL?
how to submit form and add a row in DB
Using internationalization in javascript
How to Compare Time with Current time & display result based on that using MySQL?
how to submit form and add a row in DB
How to setup Sass and Compass workflow with Server and SVN so every one in team can use and compile sass on server?
Adding Items to a list view in android
Chatbot client and class modification
first time programming app for android using monoDevelop (C#) cant understand bug
Order of declaration of struct changing the output
can jquery callback function of load method be a custom function
pre-processing notificaiton data before user login in Rails
ASPNET MVC: Why This Action Method Binding Convention?
passing value from php to jquery
Cannot invoke toString() on the primitive type int
C++ double sorting data with multiple elements
Some issues for the page load speed
How do I construct my RavenDb static indexes for this document, given these requirements?
add .js file as source in html file from server
QTime or QTimer wait for timeout
PHP detecting if list of Request variables are empty()
How does a method with an absolute return path gets inlined?
active_admin - display a list of items that belongs to another item
Web site layout that changes with different widths?
Closure Compiler does not apply @const on this
Converting a date and time string in PHP
How do I exclude a directory using regular expressions?
Java duplicate methods combine
Display numbers with leading zeros (0) in Java? [duplicate]
Related Object Query Rails 3
Windows Mobile app development using VS2010
why disable-shared in gcc 4.7 build together with gmp mpfr mpc for native compile?
2D LWJGL with OpenGL - Enabling depth testing for layering 2D textures?
Timeouts for connections in C
Why can I not reset a text field within an IBAction associated with it?
UTF8 Postgresql Create Database Like MySQL (including character set, encoding, and lc_type)
NSStream - reverse DNS lookup error
php variable not matching mysql column
Forcing a call to constant version member function
Haskell, can i call function without IO output working with monads?
How do I uncompress a file and read it to the ByteBuffer in java?
How do you close connections and reuse connections with urllib2?
How can I get grails remoteFunction to work?
SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: parameter was not defined (PDO)
NumberFormatException in Parsing String to Float for Rating Bar?
Basic networking with Pygame
Rails eager loading with conditions
Time complexity of find() in std::map?
Using reloadData as an insurance policy on a UITableView
Off-limit memory locations in C
Need setup in, by keeping dll and exe in separate folder
make a specific file only accessable?
Off-limit memory locations in C
Need setup in, by keeping dll and exe in separate folder
make a specific file only accessable?
Add dependencies in a separate commit? (best practices)
Android bluetooth, override pairing prompts
AutoComplete Doesn't Suggest Capital Letter Input PHP and XML
rails routes except without symbol
Display another button and print even numbers when button pressed [closed]
What is VARENUM member expected by the Word Selection::Collapse method?
Does NSDate or any of its siblings have a callback when time changes?
How to partition when ranking on a particular column?
OpenBSD and AB?
Undefined function or variable in MATLAB
Javascript shopping cart
SQL Command Not Properly Ended (Nested Aggregation with Group-by)
How to add entities when join table has extra data (payload)?
Is there something like 鈥渆mms鈥�on NEON?
How to format data with LINQ to Entities in the following format?
Android SDK DownLoad Failed
Blank CMD windows when running Bat files
Not returning a value in PHP in SUBSTR
Extracting a string before a space [closed]
How to get the full resource path from a child control?
Is 鈥淨t Creator 2.4.1 for Windows (53 MB)鈥�includes mingw or clang? [closed]
Do log4j or Logback support memory mapped files?
Mac Lion Apache can't view files in document root
Removing ArrayList object issue
How do I implement access specifiers in C?
about php setcookie
Build universal app for iOS 3.0 using Xcode 4.3.x - NSKeyedUnarchiver Exception
Remove / delete all items in listview checkbox selected
How do you trim the XMP XML contained within a jpg
Why am I getting an integer to pointer conversion error in objective-c?
Does casting an address to (id) have side-effects??? Is Address 0xbfffe8d0 special? (fixed: issue was with _NSCallStackArray)
How to highlight top line of ruby markup text (for copy+paste)?
Core Data Multiple FetchedResultsController/Views: How do you update all manually?
How to add transparent control above video control like wpf label over mediaelement
PHP Associative Array Can't Seem To Use Variable As Index?
Securing a dedicated server
twitter bootstrap collapsible header - hide on load
jQuery UI overlay does not show mask when triggered via jQuery
issues on the format for a given argument
Performing Stemming outputs jibberish/concatenated words
Valgrind pthread_create woes
File in both KLM and user space
Escape PCRE metacharacters in Haskell
NSUnknownKeyException error when running my app
How to run an ASP.NET web page on Ubuntu Server?
Sharing heap memory with fork()
'java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: ignoreMethodBodies' Exception while creating AST
sublime text 2 ruby
Link not working inside of <li>
Sub Totalling Relational Datatable
How can I make a sprite move when key is held down
How to make sure a table is indexed by a certain column when using RedBean PHP ORM?
Fulltext index query - illogical [closed]
MYSQL why would ORDER BY DESC fail but ORDER BY ASC work?
Chrome - Detect When Browser Exits
iOS: UIImagePickerController and ResignFirstResponder
What to use as a 鈥渂utton鈥�in a webpage?
Method Info is returning null, uncertain to why
How to break long lines w/ base 64 encoded images in Visual Studio
Convert html entity to decimal value using visual C#
Objective C, HUD Panel?
How to instantiate an array of custom classes in Action Script 3.0
How do I keep GD::Graph from writing the last X label and overwriting my other labels?
not understanding callback function in javascript code
Android App Inventor: How do I set up a HTTPS connection?
What is 鈥渟uper鈥�in Objective-C?( self != super )?
How to get the epoch time in SQL Server?
Algorithm for implementing tic tac toe game? [duplicate]
Initialize coffeescript (backbone) class from HTML
Provide local locations to user in Android
Is there a way to automatically build the package.json file for Node.js projects
determine which value produced a hit in SOLR multivalued field type2
I want to be able to update a table of grades by updating multiple rows & and columns at the same time
android emulator for google api level XX, how do I set the network
Jquery click toggle, if/else cases both triggered
MySQL WorkBench with inserts from external source
Make smaller a swf in the browser is Internet Explorer
Changing location of mysql database
Joda PrintZeroRarelyFirst not working
how to change HtmlWeb encoding
Carrierwave & Tire Conflicting
Time series decomposition in R
nm vs 鈥渞eadelf -s鈥�
osx cannot find an executable in the current directory
Unclear Scala manifest syntax
Set content offset of ScrollView
Get wxpython slider's value under mouse click
How to fix this jquery below
How to retrieve a list of subentities
Delphi: XML Node goes EInvalidPointer When I try to Access It
Calling another clause in Prolog with same clause name
Most efficent way to use locks for modifying two related fields based on previous values?
Alternative to SlideshowPro Director?
Getting Anchor Points of an Vectorized Image in Illustrator
What are the legitimate reasons to call MappedByteBuffer.force()?
RSA key pairs generating using bouncy castle. Making code runnable from java program
Where should you close the database on the android activity lifecycle?
How does one do development on with facebook's oauth when there is a domain name restriction?
How do I disable default translation values in Django?
Android: Webview loadUrl with query params
parsing a webpage with java
Perl 鈥淧remature end of script headers鈥�error
Problems with DataTables and jQuery Dialog Box
QInputDialog Parameter Defaults
Loop for set of images
Java not found from mozilla add on
Local Database Windows Phone 7
iOS Facebook Post Dialog not rendering properly on device
What are the rules for precedence when it comes to choosing an implicit to use for the CanBuildFrom function
Why is my string potentially unsecure in my iOS application?
App page posts through app is not showing up on mobile news feed
MySQL Monitor Change
Python + Tornado Restart after editing files
How does this x86 addressing mode work?
In Sublime Text 2, how do I open new files in a new tab?
Django: ManyToMany widget won't be displayed as double list
Erorr inflating class switch, ActionBarSherlock (InflateException)
How to use regex to match some patterns but match nothing if url contains certain words (in Javascript)
mysql display all rows from table that where added
Need help on using htaccess to hide php extension on GoDaddy
C++: Iterating through objects to call the same method
Can new TestNG plugin ruin my perfect code using old TestNG
Another 'NSUInteger *' (aka 'unsigned int *') vs 'NSUInteger' (aka 'unsigned int')
cURL: How to make a login script (with https protocol)?
Replacing quotation marks with quotation and quote
Unexpected screen comes up For SSO Android
Changing a recursive function contract without completely reimplementing the function?
how to code a system to track user learning progress using mysql and php
Hosts File (Kinda) Doesn't Work
In android, is it possible to create some apps monitoring the use of other apps(like YouTube)?
Centered popup window suddenly not working in Chrome
Using ListView in CustomAlertDialog Layout
Multiple Constructor calls using WCF Services
Is it possible to programmatically freeze threads on Windows?
Write to text file without overwriting in Java
Is this a bug in bash ?(up arrow)
What are great modern options for helpers and frameworks for an html5 tablet site's front end? [closed]
Displaying completely a long string in a Coding4Fun PopUp control?
Delayed jobs and display results in Rails
How to retrieve the full dictionary in C# [closed]
What is the difference between List<T> and List(Of T) in c#
add data to rows under an added column?
Getting data from a Java applet
Understanding Binding Context in Assemblies
wix 64-bit DLL custom action support?
How to include a template.txt as a here-doc of a script
Bootstrapping module specific styles/scripts in Zend Framework
Understanding Binding Context in Assemblies
wix 64-bit DLL custom action support?
How to include a template.txt as a here-doc of a script
Bootstrapping module specific styles/scripts in Zend Framework
NSThread in background IOS
How to manage a 'pool' of PhantomJS instances
Can麓t get the 鈥淚scommandAvailable鈥�to work
Haystack incompatible with Django 1.4?
PHP/MySQL query into html table issue
CUDA+OpenCV锛歵his application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)
Joomla adding menu to new templates?
jQuery plugin that fits in my design [closed]
WebClient read content of error page
pass in fstream where ifstream expected
Making aspx form cant figure out how to calculate subtotal
WPF Binding from System.Windows.SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenWidth with a Converter
How to SELECT random rows from table with an exact number of row?
create a data frame of tag frequencies from a list of tag vectors
making my own /dev/random, buffer not working, c
View counter in ios app
Setting expires on asp cookies with keys won't work
Static classes C# constructor OOP
How to programmatically fetch posts matching a search query in WordPress?
Python: Import Source Code into Eclipse
Why would someone use a Memory Mapped File in PRIVATE mode?
Javascript Replace HTML Characters
How to split string values in lua. Error
Why is my IBAction to change the text of a label not working?
Facebook api messing with jQuery animations
Having trouble with string to float in python
Get Symfony Container in an EntityRepository
Can't block html5 video element using javascript
LWUIT Painter : How to draw a line on top of a Image Label?
How to connect the camera with sencha touch?
Casting an inner child class to another inner parent class outside the class
How to Build IM like eBuddy or Pidgin
What is Fusion in .NET Assembly
g++ Undefined Symbol Error using shared library
Should individual images, or a sheet of images be used for games? - beginner
Matlab, alternative to nested for loop
How to update multiple sqlite rows based on query results (Android, SQLITE)
Error when connecting to mySQL db from Android
Recursion Troubles
XNA randomized tile/terrain generation tutorials? [closed]
Using WinSocks in C to send data to a c# application on same machine, target host refusing connectiong(c# part)
Jquery mobile loads correctly in Firefox, but not Chrome or Safari
retrieving date in SELECT statement from mysql
Drag and Drop in Windows Phone 7.1
Convert only 1st Word document page to PDF
Why DFT from AForge.Math doesn't work?
Scala Presentation Compiler and IntelliJ
Is google being paranoid?
possible to fill JText Joomla with dynamic content
Set cookie with IP and send to new page
JavaScript objects visible in FireBug, inaccessible in code
Simple PHP form submitting - what's wrong with this conditional if and logical &&?
Android: saving all the contents of a xml layout (imageviews, etc) as an image file
htaccess redirect raw image viewing
using zip function and getting errors using getcontext().prec =2
Simulating Page Post with WebClient.UploadValues()
Python max with same number of instances
Mysql duplicate entry error only after restarting mysql daemon
How to rectify versions on has_many/belongs_to association with paper_trail
ostream::write not writing entire struct?
JUnit do something before test initialization
Storing data for use on Android and Windows Applications
How to convert uint32_t to struct in_addr?
Checking for empty NSString on ViewDidLoad?
Android: java equivalent of android:button Attribute?
Can I get a MouseLeave event while Mouse.Capture() is active?
django template - displaying images in table
Postgres error on Heroku with Resque
What is a good Java data structure to store RPG Game items?
MinGW won't compile, Error 1
SQL and C# retrieving a single record from database
md5 hashes in Java from MessageDigest don't matchup
Inline bash script variables
Lua: Adding same information to multiple subtables - an easier way?
Getting specific value from JSONArray
jquery validation with ip and http
Pasting clipboard content in webbrowser component
incorrect checksum for freed object
Using HttpURLConnection and HttpsURLConnection to connect to an https?
How to run alert message when application in not active
mod_rewrite performing unexpectedly
Need to 'extend' both MouseAdapter and KeyAdapter
How can I save global variables in iOS development?
Can I use the replaceFirst method to look for a string pattern and replace it?
ConnectException vs. IOException when wiFi is disabled?
NinjectWebCommon Bindings in RegisterServices not working for me in WebApi
What's up R 2.15 and proto?
Regex / Remove slash from string in ruby
How do I access my database level functions inside other classes/files in Tornado?
R: used 鈥渨rite.csv鈥�inside a loop but R won't read it back in
Why isn't my Java Game of Life program working?
jumping in a game
Using DOH to unit test a non-Dojo javascript project
Send Parcelable object over tcp
How to get current tab title which i named in Jquery Tabs UI
How do I secure my AppID in a JavaScript application based on eBay API ?
Is casting to nullable type a bad idea?
Deployed default guestbook - what does major minor mean and how do I fix it?
How to remember the currently clicked url? javascript?PHP?
casting char buffer to a c structure
flowplayer 200 stream not found on firefox
Why is event.timeStamp 0 in firefox?
change and onchange don't work on my computer. what might be causing this?
Random Text From jQuery Array
permutations in javascript?
Control boot up services in Ubuntu?
Why doesn't my SSH key work for connecting to github?
sanitizing data before mysql injection and xss - am i doing it right with pdo and htmlpurifier
CakePHP Pagination: How do I change the URL?
load set of images in the same node with xml and jquery
Simple programming language with a md5/sha1 hash command?
Embedded CASE with expressions in SQL Server 2008
Finding uitexfields by tag
Design considerations for loading an SQLite Database for the first time
Knockout.js calling method outside of view model
iOS: How to implement a text field such that I can calculate typing speed, delete text
Consuming a web service using POST instead of the going the usual WSDL route
Error Related to FK in One-to-Many Relationship
ClickOnce solution publishing old project
PHP - how can I stop a function from printing an extra ,, at the end?
Using Integers, Strings etc in other Activities
How come no new lines are created in my IBOutlet label?
Is there way to do batch geocoding (get lat/lon by address and vice-versa)? [closed]
About JWKTL(JAVA) and how to use the same
Search for all instances of certain annotation type
Android Facedetector pose values are always 0
turn json row-items into nested javascript objects array
Bootstrap Dropdown with Form Insider
ASP.NET Configuration on hosted (
Facebook API: Authorizing App to post on a second Fan Page
Distributed Application Command/Control and Monitoring
styling Google Maps API inside accordion
How to emulate Event.timeStamp
Google App Engine Channel Token and Client ID relationship
iOS: NSUserDefaults and UIImageViews
How to save the preferences with a JButton?
ASP.NET C# Checkbox Realtime Validation
Problems interrupting capture with libpcap
How can I automate this VB Script?
How to learn dockpanel children is disposed or not?
Using this keyword in Javascript with prototypes?
Need help building a DLL for JNI call. Unresolved external references. Borland Compiler
Tag a photo on facebook with C#?
NullPointerException Android error
How many headings can I use in my html structure [SEO]
Is it possible to NotifyChanged on an ObservableCollection property via CollectionChanged event?
Qt will not link anything
Change Custom ListView Item programmatically
image submit button
Zend Gdata Library - Connection Timeout
Free Hex Editor that allows search and replace across files in folders and their subfolders etc
Accessing a member of a class A from an object of class B that is inside of class C
Nested Routing for Single Table Inheritance model rails 3.1
How can I download and set the filenames using wget -i?
Comparing elements in a list and swapping them. Java
Jquery Thumbnail images slideshow
Telerik RadGrid autopostback when row is selected
Check if window.history.go successful?
Cucumber: Shared steps, where to place them?
Duplicating target in Xcode 4: update icons and splash screen and change plist file name?
How to add image rollover to Javascript
How to minimize/restore a window in c#
ASP.NET - How to efficiently create dynamic user-specific menu from database
Symfony2 cssrewrite filter's image paths are way off
Simple MIPS Assembly
Redundant variable while creating matrix by list comprehension
Get pixel values of a bitmap image in Android
RSpec vs. Cookies - The test fails even if the applications works (simulating logged user)
Large blobs of colors while changing UIImage curves?
Can't get pipe of four processes to work properly
Android check if phone has mobile or wireless connection issue
php oop constructor
How are Python command line arguments related to methods?
How to get c code to execute hex bytecode?
AppendAllLines alternative solution
How to fetch Restlet 'Context' for bean definition in Spring?
jQuery id select in ASP.NET content page
Passing block as method argument is dying in Ruby 1.9.3
Using Static Texture2D's in Classes in XNA
Best way to approach Box2D and Cocos2D
Changing Colour to Color in Java [closed]
How to set .htaccess to allow shebang in url
Jquery Namespacing please
mini_magick gem doesn't work with my ImageMagick install
GWT/GPE/App Engine: How to (intelligently) find missing .jars and have them copied to /WEB-INF/lib?
How to set contents of a table view in Xcode 4.2?
Can't add gradient shape to background of layout: ClassNotFoundException
Difference between namedtuple and a frozen dict
CanExecute part of a command is not called in all cases. what does determine it?
NHibernateException:Could not create the driver from NHibernate.Driver.OracleClientDriver
How to tell if computer is on and operating on a network
Can python processes share live objects?
How to keep a structure from being destroyed?
Watermarking a .png, .gif or .jpg with a .png, .gif or .jpg
Undefined Error in parsing JSON in ajax function in .NET MVC
send variable from ctivity to another one
send variable from ctivity to another one
I want to INSERT VALUES but I don't want user to navigate to this page
When registering script reference, one disable another one
Connection Pooling : How to implement IDisposable correctly to return TCP connection back to pool
Getting quarter corresponding to date in mysql
Separate actions on each mouse click
Why is lwjgl missing from the classpath when doing gradle run?
jQuery : ajax not posting to PHP
css dropdown navigation not right in IE 7 or 6
iOS: when does end background task code block get invoked?
What's the best design pattern to skin an app?
How to find the coordinate of final point in a parabolic motion through 3 points where 2 points are known?
Convert jpg Byte[] to Texture2D
Mac Apache2 webserver won't stay available on wireless network
NSMutableDictionary isn't stick around long enough
Android ListActivity with Bitmaps and Garbage Collection issue
How do you make an installer for your python program
YouTube video full screen mode switches activity-UI into landscape mode
jQuery.url is undefined
In jquery, how can I select a whole item as a text, rather than it's content?
providing an option/datepicker to select week
Setting up Google Analytics for multiple subdomains
java instance variable and method having same name
Finding index of maximum element from Python list
Output mysql_fetch_array without putting it into a variable
How to get EXIF keywords using mini_magick in a Rails app?
trouble query finding the entry with the highest number
Add KO 鈥渄ata-bind鈥�attribute on $(document).ready
Good practice to use reverse indexes on surrogate keys? (Oracle)
Can't replace a fragment by another one
Django, exclude a context processor in a view
Performance issue with WHERE and ORDER BY in HSQLDB
How to make autocomplete show methods suggestions for overriding at subclass context on Intellij IDEA?
iOS - UITapGestureRecognizer - Selector with Arguments
How do I compile assembly code so that I can see the hex byte code of it?
32 and 64 bit way of simulated key presses - Python
Select records in the future only
XML Elements with Components [duplicate]
Creating triangles using borders
Class too big and hard to add new features
New line (/n) not Supporting in android?
Defining Mongoose Models in Separate Module
NASM shift operators
Multiple htaccess re-write rules with friendly URLs
Null characters between letter in string
Select base elements?
How do I get a list of all available shell commands
Google App Engine, Load Testing on the Appspot server
Node.js Mongoose and using find with request.params
MySQL insert where not with conditional statement
jQuery, 鈥渢his鈥� from parent function?
MATLAB: Need to make a 4D plot (3D + Colour/Color)
Trying to get json data with jquery
OpenCV as a frameserver
How to get more information about the buffer cache
Windows (XP to Windows 7) audio playback with python?
FB.login error when using JavaScript SDK inside a Facebook Page tab
Android v2.2-2.3.5: WebView : loadDataWithBaseURL : will only load page once
cython libcpp.vector segmentation fault during recursion
How to make FullCalendar to display only future dates
How to find a control in a row and bind it to data
Phonegap: possible to exclude certain files/folders from the apk?
Regular Expression Replace in Javascript?
CCSprite spriteWithFile: returning a nil object
Combining save so after_update is only called once
Using the Flash scope ( and RedirectAttributes ) without <mvc:annotation-driven /> in Spring MVC 3.1
Opening a certain Activity depending on which Radio Button is selected?
Prim's MST algorithm implementation with Java
Web.config run PHP file without an extension
Free memory outside function
Either .each do or .all isn't working how I think it should
How to get correct query in sql when field of coloumn has apex inside
CSS for mega menu in IE7
FIXED Text Getting weird when jquery animate fade on chrome
Remove duplicate commas and extra commas at start/end with RegExp in Javascript, and remove duplicate numbers?
saving text area data to Google Datastore
Pipe between two console applications?
PayPal: pass the email address to the return/鈥渢hank you鈥�page
Jquery Mobile - Dynamic Pages Accumulating in the DOM
Can you use Google OAuth to search through users email?
Find number of distinct elements in a linked list
Resolve redirect of NSURL?
Backbone JS: How to clean up views when navigate to another url?
Removing a link from an html element using JQuery
Inject advertisements in pages
NHibernate Tutorial Run-Time Error: HibernateException
django admin static files stopped working after upgrade to 1.4
Facebook API Integration: testing on different URL?
User specific stylesheet?
@ModelAttribute and @SessionAttribute in Spring
Andriod SQLite error: sqlite returned: error code = 1, msg = near 鈥淭ABLEusers鈥� syntax error,
UIScrollVIew is not scrolling
In-App Purchase product ID invalid after metadata update
stringWithFormat : 5 parameters?
Magento 1.6 - Cannot initialize the indexer process
Unique view, same controller
getting POST <my_url> 500 (OK), when using $.ajax POST to send json to django view
in javascript, string.replace gives Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'replace' of null
Create a dictionary with arrays as values
entity createdatabase ldf log file name change default how to
Migrate/Copy database from one user to another
How to set jquery-ui draggable revert to true if after a validation i decide to move the element back?
HTML/CSS - How to stretch two HTML elements to the width of the screen?
Can I cast shared_ptr<T> & to shared_ptr<T const> & without changing use_count?
Need help to auto-post pageson wikimedia with a wikiBot
Why is my UIView not the 鈥減arent鈥�of my UIImageView?
Opera fails fields validation on submit() with preventDefault()
Is it possible to host an app on
Creating a web server with Flask that outputs something available for a GET request
Is there any downside to using persistences objects in velocity models?
Pascal 2d array
MVC - Is it okay for a Model to be composed of a few other models? [closed]
Can't install gtk-mac-integration
How can I get the list of computer names in Windows Network using Ruby
Measuring server uptime
Is there a testing tool that will make sure a web form is behaving appropriately in response to valid and invalid data?
When to use load balancing?
Determine the ranking of groups in a self referencing table
htaccess mod_rewrite RewriteRule
Rating system : How to select the next item for which the user didn't vote yet
i18n using database
Odd behaviour with byte[] C++
Creating an iOS or Android App from an existing backend
onChange refresh particular dropdown list in PHP
C# Transparent solid rectangle drawn on a 50% opaque form
Error in setup Xcode 4.2.1?
Please correct my use of the Maybe Monad
OpenCL random kernel behaviour when certain system size is exceeded
General syntax of multimethods
Mathematica: way to find color at a point in a Graphics?
unable to access variable in onclick method
Dropdown form field
How to update all subviews simultaneously in Objective C?
MVC3 DbContext Get New Model's ID After Save?
Android: Checking for empty EditText Fields
Forcing evaluation on lazy IO
Efficiency with a Structure
Is this custom interface implementation threadsafe
where is after_update called twice?
Clients can make maximum 15 connections to linux custom server in mono
How can checking the return of a java function change the action the function performs?
Running server application behind router with No-IP DNS redirecting client?
How to calculate driven distance using latitude & longitude in php?
Triggering basic event in other process
Hide element on click outside without document/body-event-listener
Dynamics using JFugue
XML schema validation via C#
C# Dynamic return type
Reference offset of member variable within POD declaration
Reference offset of member variable within POD declaration
accordian menu slideToggle not sliding up
An object drops 100 m. How long does it take it to fall 100m [closed]
How do you set to nil/modify embedded data in mongoid in the Rails console?
C++ connection to Windows Azure Storage
substract values two dictionaries python
In which cases do we need protected inheritance?
Getting all possible combinations of 2 lists
Why does my code always go to the else statement?
Notepad++: Multiple words search in a file (may be in different lines)?
Cache replacement policies, implementation of adaptive cache replacement
php pdo with js pagination
Drawing in GLKView
Defining a struct in its own .cpp then using it in main
Using sed on multiple files in a script
Are web developers allowed to scrape html content?
Stop Autoscroll of UITableView
PhoneGap Android with relatively large html5 application hangs or crashes
How to configure django-uploadify for videos upload only?
absolute position background image
Individual singleton inheritance for each hierarchy
Two faces comparision
Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException' error
How to make 鈥渟trtok function鈥�work with more than one Token String at a time?Would function pointers solve this?
C# inputSimulator timer for keystrokes?
JPA: How to get updated entity object after insert?
stream_get_contents replacing plus with space
Facebook Graph API of me doesn't return the address field
Rails db:migrate aborting鈥ot sure why or how to fix it
Append in a text file in C#
tinymce generated ugly styling output
Android 4 on Virtual Box network issue[android -> host]
Calling a one way WCF service from Silverlight
Rails 鈥�uninitialized constant error for newly installed gems
What are the steps for migrating from Play! 1.1 to 2.0?
Stream video from one client to another client through a server
Even though onCreateView runs again, View does not properly reassemble after BACK press?
parsing XML and GPS data to list
How to check if a date is expired (PHP)
Creating a simple searchbox with filters
Android Sqlite onUpgrade doesnt copy new column
Start tomcat webapp with root privileges
Directory Inode vs Regular File Inode
How to Have a trace of all executed functions
Warning about <uses-sdk> in Manifest?
Cufon Hover Problems
Entry Of Duplicate Rows in Mysql
Android layout, setting buttons to have the same size
DIV above another DIV automatically
About JavaScript function parameters
How to get column ordered by average of a field from some table in sql
How do I check HoneyComb or higher is running, and accordingly call a method for that Version?
Force git to ignore a directory and all present and future files within
How to make a link navigate to another page and also mailto an email?
Many-many relationship in Entity Framework Code First and using the 鈥渧irtual鈥�keyword to access each other
Which database to use instead of mysql (combined with apache, mysql)
DropDownList : Style the Unselected Choice
Followers of a user and ids of last 2 comments liked by each follower(if any), also the count of follower's followers, using mysql
node.js returns GMT time and not local time for 鈥渘ew Date()鈥� Is that a bug?
Is there a Regex Delete in Ruby?
javascript edit: how to disable a css class and add other when current?
How do you refer to a custom XML layout from another custom XML layout?
how to pull number of comments into a php variable with facebook comments?
CSS form submit styling
Why is this not accessible outside the function?
Double quotes vs single quotes in JavaScript [duplicate]
Catching the return of window
Smooth image fade out, change src, and fade in with jquery
Error after adding project dependency
Does Bluestacks support Renderscript?
android change tab icon
multiple shape objects with as3
How many bits of precision for a double between -1.0 and 1.0?
Tools like LESS [closed]
Silverlight PathListBox Selecteditem
ASP.NET MVC Remote Validation - Hidden Fields - Double Form Post
Javascript Show/Hide elements, why isn't this code working?
getting the child text from a div in a .each loop
How load a dict from a list in python?
How to INSERT VALUES after clicking OK on Confirmation Box
Organize Views and ViewModels in Caliburn Framework
How to serve admin static files with django.contrib.staticfiles in Django 1.4 (using one Apache server)?
Oracle Sql query Group by Clause
XNA WP7 - Open file without reading it all into memory?
Why does light($color,50%) parse to white?
Advice with String and Char array
JQuery and Google Maps API
move div with sound file
setPluginState and setPluginsEnabled
In PowerShell, what is technically the 鈥渉elp鈥�command?
How can i extract bz2 file in Java on Android?
Is there a JavaScript HTML template that supports both null-coalescing (鈥渦ndefined鈥�safe) and protects from XSS?
Strange lighting behaviour with OpenGL in LWJGL (Java)
Two double nested anonymous inner classes. How to get 1st level anonymous class members?
Replace a switch by a JFrame with button
'WebException' error on back button even when calling 'void' async method
android BroadCastReceiver how to send messages to listeners
Activity raises RAM use every time it is started
Android: Can't Pass Data Read From File To Multiple Classes
Links and text in listview item
Why can't the type or namespace be found on IIS 7 server when it works fine on the local machine?
Sharepoint powershell IF condition
PL/SQL: re-write SELECT statement using IN parameter in stored procedure
Is this method thread safe?
Bring all click mouseevents in one listener
CheckBoxes inside a GridView stop responding after soft-keyboard
insert link into php
DataBinding TextBox with an Integer value WP7
Remove classname from element with javascript
How often are values duplicated on the stack?
margins of book class in latex [closed]
Is there a wildcard format directive for strptime?
Running Activerecord asynchronously
Loop through list elements
Python to ruby conversion
php Return only variables from array into the webpage
Can use Blend SDK classes in code but not XAML (Prism Desktop)
Cocos2d-android - CCGLSurfaceView no class def found, but lib is referenced with source code
Text using sp for large layout looks different on two different large layout android screens
Is there any advantage to _ever_ using a single quote around a string in Ruby/Rails?
PHP array memory consumption for unused offsets
How to create custom font at runtime using NSFont
adding search functionality to a paginated page in RoR
Running .NET 3.5 apps on .NET 4 only systems
Mapping 60 printers to one user using VBScript
JavaScript to Handle REST JSON Feed
Bit string nearest neighbour searching
__proto__ VS. prototype in JavaScript
鈥淎ccepts nested attributes鈥�not actually accepting attributes in model
I need to secure this PHP code from SQL injection attacks [duplicate]
html5 form get submitted without validation when using jQuery .on() method for button - click event rather than form - submit event. why?
News ticker using a Repeater and Jquery
save facebook image using curl, file_get_contents, fopen/fread/fwrite, copy - strange headers
How to remove duplicate entries from database?
gcc/ld does not follow symbolic linked files when linking
JavaScript get word before cursor
Jquery in firebug
Retrieve multiple messages from SQS
Do I need to use ninject.mvc extension anymore?
Testing different groups of cucumber selenium tests?
jQuery get post width to fix on infinite scrolling?
I can't get Netbeans C++ to work, what am I doing wrong?
Java Drawing a game board as a grid
boost vs POCO as for learning curve and suitability for beginners (HTTP client)
Set Pixel from Bitmap and display it
Get email using PowerShell
Making a screen switch after a few seconds (thread/intent) - Android
maven compile encoding puzzle
Securely accessing third party api using Windows Phone (maybe Azure?)
jqgrid encoding
Securely accessing third party api using Windows Phone (maybe Azure?)
jqgrid encoding
input element not working on IE
Is faster summation on 0's 1's possible?
Persisting data from Redis to MongoDB for datastore
pyschool is wrong ?
MVC Routing error shows up in my log, but unable to reproduce
Changing alpha value of objects in an NSArray iOS SDK
How to get business hours from google maps api?
How to get a string under the cursor in an input field with JavaScript
Why am I seeing this getJSON error
Issues with simple Apache FileUpload API example
Unable to map valid JSON to Objective C Classes
How to clear preference iOS push notifications for my application?
Run interactive program with apache ant
Converting Autoit to Python
JavaFx: when Jdialog dispose close main window
Multiple writes get handled as single one
What is a proper naming convention for related tables and models in rails 3
How to use netbeans Source view and still use my own paint() method
multiprocessing and garbage collection
Setting Up ChromePhp For Wordpress Using Xampp
How to use a button to setText in a TextView and also change screens?
Programmatically stop and restart express servers (to change ports)