Evaluating a sub expression does not give interpolated variable
Typecast child component properties to ini file
Stacking divs and using a toggle to show/hide
How to add rows at runtime
Object reference not set to an instance of an object - but it is?
What is the purpose of having access token for server side?
Which language gives more efficiency for string pattern matching? [closed]
Updating single Django model field
Code review checklist for iOS apps
GPU benchmark for nvidia Optimus cards
To retrieve the values for only one property of an entity in Core Data of iOS
Selection Changed Event in DataGridComboBoxColumn
Should the .bashrc in the home directory load automatically?
Jquery/Browser hangs when performing an AJAX call
Modeling database relations
JQuery template isn't processing - just spits out raw text
Delete selected row in listview in android
A const field of a reference type other than string can only be initialized with null Error [duplicate]
how to check function value?
Exif does not update location for images
Weka Snowball Stemmer giving errors
preg_replace script, link tag not working
Many classes using same css property is there some issue with css performance?
Many classes using same css property is there some issue with css performance?
Field Validation in Admin when field are dependent on other fields
wsdisplay color map not being retrieved correctly
How to create the breadcrumb and the shifting view effect similar to Github
How to implement Disk Based Hash Map using MongoDB-Java
logfile causes permission error in django application deployed on apache
Can an array be a top level JSON object? (in Objective C, Stig Brautaset's library)
Can the yui compressor maven plugin work with WTP?
can soundex be used on portion of a column in mysql?
Why is my search in BBEdit causing a 鈥渟tack overflow鈥�error?
How to avoid cells background image from hiding the separator line between rows
How to Detect if Sprite is going Up or Down
How to compress and encode png and plist files in Xcode?
c permutation of a number [closed]
mysterious cannot convert from myclass[,] to IEnumerable<myclass> error
Sharing a Single Class Across Master Page, Page, and all User Controls
How to stop animation in android
dynamically adding event handlers to dynamic panels in vb.net
Android: Multiple views, deep navigation, one Activity. What is the best way to handle?
Why jQuery filter script is slow in IE, but quick in Chrome,Firefox,Opera
Edit mode for custom UITableViewCell with drawRect
Running shell script on instance startup
iOS Simulator App not launching
Android TextWatcher Firing
Reset Event Handler for Touch Events
How to replace last curly brace in a PHP file
TableLayout row strech/shrink
Python Modules (modulename referenced before assignment)
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ljvm:during compiling jni project
sscanf 'conversion lacks type at end of format'
MDN Extension not working
How to simulate Google login using gaeunit
How do I explicitly refer to this template member?
Android Login to Website - Always returns login page data
Uploading a CSV then storing the result into an array
android animation change with accelerometer movement
Why would the Visual C# 2008 Compiler think one explicitly declared and referenced type is another unreferenced one?
Escape many tags at the same time in XML
invalid operands to binary 鈥�鈥�
Pointer will randomly print it's address instead of it's pointed value, C++
Fatal Error Installing linkparser on Ubuntu 11.10
Storing order information (I have 2 options) like in a todo list
Cannot install Apache Web Server on Ubuntu, Amazon WS
returnsObjectsAsFaults method of Core Data on iOS
Kannel SMS Gateway configuration on Windows platform
Windows 7 Grails installation
How to debug asp.net mvc 4 source code?
Keep getting errors when compiling C program :(
S3 Java client fails a lot with 鈥淧remature end of Content-Length delimited message body鈥�or 鈥渏ava.net.SocketException Socket closed鈥�
Hibernate: Mapping multiple classes to same table
extending a plugin service in grails
Include a JS script not in the header but in the footer of the page?
Php framwork with easy code and performance? [closed]
Rails: Sqlite3 related error when running Cucumber
Merging EBCDIC converted files and pdf files into a single file and pushing to mainframes
make bigger joomla modal pop up box in admin area
Understanding how variables are passed
get the hour of day from a query (DateTimeProperty)
how much does the default destructor do
Tracking BufferOverrun in Socket Server
Recursive method using ArrayLists
BindingResult issue with@spring.formTextarea
Want to pause a sorting program and then later resume
Facebook opengraph form error
Airplay on new Apple TV (3rd gen.) for second screen not at 1080p
Convert CFIndex to NSUInteger?
NFC Smartposter to Dial a number
SQL match rows based on 2 criteria
How to get Xcode to refresh folder references on device?
PHP Download Time Wrong
UIDocumentInteractionController not transferring to target application
Why the distribution key cannot be updated in Netezza
Unable to connect jsjac to openfire
Array Initialization from a struct
Android Login to Website - POST Request Crashing App
@me called by anonymous error when using google plus api inside a gwt project
WCF WebGet Capture HTTP Referrer?
Is checking for a null text field bad for performance?
Open a website from UITabBarController
Session Facade versus Facade??? any difference? or same thing?
Use canvas's 鈥渟trokeRect鈥�function with 鈥渟hadowBlur鈥�property will fill the rect range
Mono Apache2 HttpWebRequest crashes with 鈥淭he request timed out鈥�
How do I use the jqm.page.params.js plugin?
Whose responsibility is it to delete
Play sound at certain playProgress or videoTime with greensock?
Unwanted control characters displaying in vimscript function output
firing a command through terminal in Ubuntu using Java Runtime.exec
Array in MongoDB Document is not loading with Java Driver
MVC 3 area using wrong controller
how do i view sharepoint content database with sql server management studio 2010?
There is a 鈥渃ode鈥�for language (English, Spanish, etc鈥� not defined?
Is there a way to debug console programs from the command-prompt?
XSLT Match attribute and then its element
When IE changes zoom, the height of the select elements change irregularly
Is it possible to Iframe webpage in java application, Netbeans
With Python, SQLite and HTML, how do i read from a database and print to page?
Convert Mongoose docs to json
Skipped <dir> for lack of 鈥�error while trying to install Boost 1.49 on Ubuntu 11.04
Adding Points totals from two different tables
What's the best way to round monetary amounts to the nearest nickel, quarter, $1, $5, etc. denominations?
Display DOM node in multiple places w/o cloning/copying
How to immediately pause another Thread
In T-SQL, is it possible for update statements to a parent table and a child table to deadlock?
Invoking classes in Java
Efficient use of move semantics together with (N)RVO
Java and wireless connections
Mac OS: /usr/bin/env: bad interpreter: Operation not permitted
Facebook SDK: Replace 鈥淟og In鈥�button with custom image
Is there API for email account setup in iOS
How to Query the multiple values of same coulmn in sqlserver 2008?
How to reset bundler path
Does Haskell require a garbage collector?
Does anyone have actual experience converting XML to PDF?
Why is sorting modifing the original in this case?
Core Data fetching鈥�Why doesn't Managed Object get fetched using context B after inserting it in context A and saving context A?
Windows phone 7 Listbox ArrangeOverride can't work?
Counting frequency of second elements in list? (Python)
How to develop a script that can be impletement some du function in UNIX shell script
Issues with installing PHPUnit
Uploading Large(8GB) File Issue using Weka
Is any body making a windows replacement to msysgit with libgit2,libgit2sharp, Ngit?
C# regular expression not working
UITextView looks different at runtime than in InterfaceBuilder
semantic zoom control throwing exception when groups are empty
C++ Add New Line at End of File If On Is Not Present?
Styling Rails button link helpers with Twitter Bootstrap
undefined method `key?' for nil:NilClass
Finding Pythagorean Triples: Euclid's Formula
Capacity adapting Java collections
Is there a way to do a http head request and get the time without a server side langauge
Broadcast receiver not working in ICS if the app is not started atleast once
jquery, write a function to get both new and old window.width
ActionBar on sub3.0 devices - implementing ActionBarSherlock with my customized system?
Best approaches to reduce the number of searches between the filenet object stores to find a document based on the time of the document creation?
Transpaprent QLabel
JavaScript file being cached when back button pressed
How to set a function's return value to the json response of its ajax call?
Single word Palindrome Checker (True or False)
Regex - Using short hand characters inside a character class
Orchard custom module showing blank 鈥淐reate鈥�page
Audit fields for AppEngine entities
assistance with jquery toggle focus
Wordpress search results on external page
when is _declspec( novtable ) unsafe?
Can not editing fusion table
Android TableLayout isn't displaying rows
鈥渦sing namespace std;鈥�before 鈥�include <foo>鈥�
Running multiple websites (with different hostnames) on AppHarbor?
How is iOS development in Xcode adherent to MVC architecture? [closed]
does using sort with $or prevent the use of indexes in mongodb?
Rspec what is wrong with my test for create controller action?
Search and Select Specific package version using Nuget Package Manager
Conditional either-or on type constraint
HTML5 drag/drop in Android
What unicode format do I pass tinyxml functions that take char*?
What's the difference between `f()` and `new f()`? [duplicate]
NSFetchedResultsChangeMove displaying incorrect label in custom UITableViewCell
FactoryGirl: How do I create a factory once and use it everywhere even in associations
Communication between multiple user opened windows with same url
PHP Code to display article title in Joomla Featured Blog View Menu Item
Put System.Activities.Activity into Azure Cache?
htaccess works but site loads more than once
Guidelines on structuring code for .net projects
JavaScript Duplicate Empty Boxes Produced by a loop
What is the maximum amount of data that can be passed through an Intent?
Most reliable way to extract strings between two delimiters
Implement correctly models for a ride share application - Rails
SQL Stored Procedure to search record using pattern filter and field range in table
how to get NSBitmapImageRep for displayed IKImageBrowserView?
XSD elements with base type
Grails Datasources 鈥淐annot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails鈥�
How to change the color of a bootstrap (twitter) progress bar at runtime
How do you return a value from a java swing window closes from a button?
Using decorator and inheritance, won't change the value of my variable C++
array and assembly
CCLabelTTF Vertically Align (Cocos2D)
How to read data from a file in C?
How to insert UIImagePickerController inside UITabbarController
.NET MVC 3 submit buttons do different things
Cannot delete a MySQL DB entry
Is it safer to load decryption keys in a PHP file from another php file which is set to only accept connections from localhost?
performance of vmware-machine on different computers
Use Get-Member for reflection
DOM Error with javascript appending
changing the position of listview items to right
rails coffescript & haml include errors
Counting fields filled out
Fire Fighter can't code.. lol Delimited txt file / strings issue
Parsing a large XML file with Java
nib2objc Converting .storyboard to objective-c
MySQL UPDATE query from another table returns 0 rows affected
PHP Wordpress dynamic custom image sizes
xsd dateTime conversion for PHP
How to read media files(audio files , not text files ) in a jar file ?
Getting objects at offscreen points
delphi - how to pass a parameter from the instantiator to a constructor in the spring4d dependency injection framework?
python try except does not capture all errors
Automatically add semicolon on return at the end of a block in vim
Get a webpage 'object' in Javascript [closed]
Cannot resolve to a variable
Get a webpage 'object' in Javascript [closed]
Cannot resolve to a variable
pass data and get data into php file from html to jquery to php and then from php to jquery to html
How to keep data from same source shown on different screens synchronized
PHP: File upload move_uploaded_file() not working
How do I generate code under Eclipse+PyDev?
Highlighting the clicked row of a striped HTML table
How can I get appdelegate's pointer in cocos2d-x
isolating controller tests from models
NSSegmentedControl Colors
SKPaymentTransaction expires_date,seems like 鈥渁uto renew鈥�mechanism doesn't work in the sandbox
Login does not persist across browsers
JSON.Net - How to deserialize JSON to object but treating a property as a string instead of JSON?
Possible to persist data without SQL in Gigaspaces XAP 8?
inserting an array in mysql to selected records only
java package equivalent to System.Data.Services.Client
php file force download error
Rails + processing.js - where to put .pde files?
installing additional eclipse indigo files
Mysql queries giving error after upgrading
gmaps4rails 1.4.8, infobox plugin 1.9, rails 3.2.2
SQL Query to update parent record with child record values
App Store Export Compliance - does this include data stored in keychain?
Parallelizing an algorithm with many exit points?
Limiting background-color to width of heading
Multiple instances of a single Userform / the need for pointers
Performing Synchronous AND Asynchronous AJAX at the Same Time
How to implement content assist / syntax highlighting?
Regular expression to match everything before 720p or 1080p in python
IKImageView Causes App to Crash
How do I access cookie array child variable
Remove Multiple instances of NSView
robots.txt disallow property
Remove access points from list of Wi-Fi hotspots on the Android
With Python and SQLite, how do i return the last n item inside the database?
Find Selected Checkboxes in Repeater
ajax.actionlink loading img/div
Run c program from QT
How to log full URL in Squid3 ubuntu?
Java DOM XML parsing :: getting element attribute value
Selenium Webdriver - How to set proxy to 鈥渁uto-detect鈥�for Firefox
mouseleave events on <option>
MySQL Query: How many times has a candidate won an election?
Dependency Property won't update after changing datacontext
AJAX based Auction House [closed]
jQuery fade out & fade in wont redirect me
What is the last char in lexicography order?
How to control the speed of a auto scroll in uitextview
Doing links like Twitter, Hash-Bang #! URL's [duplicate]
How to spoof useragent for a php script run through cron
Negative look ahead python regex
How do a load a specific drawable by using a string/int?
How to reverse string correctly? [duplicate]
group by on a left join'd column
Title on the secondary tile is not clear
Generate project files for MonoDevelop using CMake
Proper way to link a static library using GCC
Error installing Rails on Ubuntu 11.10 (Gem::DependencyError)
Paging splitting? I forget the term >_<
SQLite and Python, TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting
Multi threading C# application with SQL Server database calls
Is there a way to get a list of possible exceptions in Python 3.x?
How to create a global function that closes a jQuery colorbox?
Add property to javascript array
clojure.core/refer failing with 鈥� does not exist鈥�
jquery cookie check and set
Why is my iPhone application icon not working?
Can I mix a fixed left offset with a relative width in CSS?
Is boost::random::discrete_distribution dynamically resizable?
Need to fix CSS so DIVs will not overlap
List of Images from Submitted Directory Name via HTML Form
Graphviz sfdp inferior in ubuntu comparing to mac?
Dynamically generated input name in JavaScript
Hadoop FileSystem.getFS() pauses for about 2 minutes
getting the title of a child of an element
Compiling newer versions of FFMPEG with Android
unable to connect to xmpp server using node-xmpp
jQuery each - combining (this) with class specification
mod_rewrite RewriteRule pattern match fails when query string is URL-encoded
Simple, server-side ASP.NET richtext control?
'Anchoring' in Django templates
Draw text with GD with transparent background
Git: Ignore compiled Google Go
storing failes: binmode() on closed filehandle $out at 鈥�print() on closed filehandle $out
how to block main thread as JOptionPane does?
Thread Behavior:Java Beginner
Define drawable for CheckedTextView for checked and pressed state in Android
OpenCV Cascade Classifier Tutorial Exception
Ember.js StateManager for session management
Rails- Heroku - rake aborted! Please install the postgresql adapter: gem install activerecord-postgresql-adapter
Is it possible to make $(window) stick to a particular element and not move?
vimrc swap semicolon and colon but leave colon unchanged in other <map>s
how to replace string when Javascript string variable may contain forward slash?
Java GUI compiles with no errors, but sometimes shows nothing
How to get friends of friends that have the same interest?
How can I change the connection node across a solution of SSMS scripts?
How to make a constraint on the parameters of the constructor
What is an example program that has a bug due to _ReadBarrier() not being called?
Reading Character in to the program
Using <include> in RelativeLayout
Reading Character in to the program
Using <include> in RelativeLayout
CakePHP Logging to Live DB During Unit Testing
Using Rsync include and exclude options to include directory and file by pattern
why *foo ++= *++foo may be undefined?
how to use multiprocessing/multithreading on my code?
AlertDialog Force Close
how to add selected item from one listBox to another listBox
PHP replace double line breaks with <br>
Spring transaction that uses JPA throws Exception during AfterCompletion phase
colorbox jquery broken https error
Routing Undefined Controllers
Is this code sufficient to protect me from SQL injection attacks, and PHP injection attacks?
How to remove EOF's from pipes? Or: How to use tail -f with netcat?
Git: Is there an equivalent to hg strip?
Why isn't my subclassed UItableView scrolling?
subclassing from OrderedDict and defaultdict
Elegant Solution for Initializing One Class (but not another)
Explode with 鈥淣O_EMPTY鈥�option, help to get a faster function
Sorting Problems when using a list
Test Coverage with ReSharper, MSpec and dotCover
Troubles to load javascript files in jsf myfaces project
Remove KeyValue from ObservableCollection most effective way?
javascript local storage find out if exists
c cleanup unused threads
Redirect old product links
From Eclipse how can I execute multiple android run commands simultaneously?
Generating values from Normal distribution using Box-Muller method
Ext2 Filesystem On A USB
How do I make the TreeViewItem(s) of an existing TreeView raise a Click event?
2D array in Objective C
Cocos2D: Reusing a CCSequence stored in a CCArray
Who is the server and who is the client in UDP?
SQLite BLOB column to SimpleCursorAdapter with ViewBinder
Rails Routing: POST action to destroy content
Overriding class operator new and delete without changing the class
Increasing and decreasing size of search box with jquery
how to get NSURLRequest in UIWebViewDelegate#didFailLoadWithError?
Creating a class for a Flash symbol in haXe?
Timer says it's enabled, but never executes
PyYaml dumping things backwards
CodeIgniter/Datamapper: Two one-to-many relationships to the same table not working
Casting an Array Literal in C++ to a type (VC++)
reading arff file in R
Octave/MATLAB: How to compare structs for equality?
www in domain not working in nginx
How do I get a list of all COM automation servers?
Disable Horizontal Scrolling in Javascript
WinRT Asynchronous File operations in C++
What is happening in the following code?
which should I use (for python-based sites)? sass, compass, switchcss鈥lternatives? [closed]
Modify default number of admin model inlines?
Does VB.NET have functionality similar to TSQL's 鈥淚N鈥�
Testing iOS PhoneGap Application in Windows
How to change camera view with respect to the current axes coordinate system in Matlab
check for empty querysets in django
Flot: How to keep x a y axes the same scale?
OpenGL ES 2.x: Bind both `GL_TEXTURE_2D` and `GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP` in the same texture image unit?
WPF Threading Practices
How can I unescape HTML entities using Guava?
mysql select query
Using variable assigned in click()
Follow up to earlier solution of ListView [closed]
PHP $_POST Alert
How to use FIFO to communitace between python subprocesss
using monads to do failable transformations in bulk?
Syntax error with jQuery append
What is the best way to force the WPF DataGrid to add a specific new item?
Deploy a war to tomcat
Android onlistclick toggle listview row height causing muliple changes
How to loop through folders if I do not necessarily know their structure but only the destination?
IRC and Empty Chat Messages
php simplexml_load_file with a dash ( - )
GWT JSNI javascript to Java not working
After selecting an item from dropdown, display new options and show text?
'array.each do ,block,' including results of statement in generated Haml HTML
How to fetch facebook email address?
How to extract xml data from a CrossRef using R?
Select sup name from same user table same user id t-sql
C#/ SQL Server error 'There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.'
Ajax.BeginForm TempData does not output after post
What are these properties of a data structure called?
How do I make my regular expression tab exclusion pattern not exclude ts?
how to avoid race conditions with scala parallel collections
X509Certificate Constructor Exception
Getting access to a database variable
Javascript UI rendering techniques
Casting back to derived class from base class using Reflections
Drupal: Text Field, remove formatting tags
Android shortcut in a custom launcher
Converting One-Off Code to Method
Add item to Listview control
2D tile based Cave Generator
Issue with Google Maps API v3
Rails association confusion
Decisionproblem on Strings
Initializing an empty array in C++
What is causing private method `gsub` called for nil:NilClass during Rails migration?
Finding all subtrees in a binary tree
Javascript addEventListener inside a loop
Finding all subtrees in a binary tree
Javascript addEventListener inside a loop
How to fetch rss feeds using simple_html_dom.php
a jTree for a list of machines connected to the local network [closed]
Variable arguments to a shell script
Getting invalid Mongo ObjectId on heroku but not locally
Different content same page
vb.net console app using sender As Object and e As EventArgs
I have basic functionallity Accelerometer code, now I need to make it display text or play audio, etc
an error occurred while processing this directive
About the definition of javascript variable [duplicate]
jQuery UI draggable element to new div
How do I post a 鈥渞elease鈥�on github?
u_int64_t array
Error: Rack app won't run 鈥�bundler/setup
Sampling from a discrete probability distribution in C++
enter value when doing Ajax Post with JQuery
Best practice: Extending or overriding an Android library project class
Webview ( or WebViewFragment )
Need help debugging further into a SEGV issue - Android NDK
C++: Improving cache performance in a 3d array
How I Create a Job if my shared host don't show me SQL Agent
Get an image url when the user selects the image from a list of their photos
Joomla - Detect if article is with featured state
Executing network commands android
How do you use Chrome Extensions to change CSS of a web site?
Toxiclibs.js extending particle class
Is there any way to implement compareTo method which would compare any supplied argument?
Enable button if at least one select option
jQuery: adding exceptions to focus out event
FbConnect : Publish on user's wall and in the newsfeed simultaneously?
jQuery ajax post of jpg image to .net webservice. Image results corrupted
IE7/IE8 javascript drop down menu used to redirect not working
Block fsockopen() errors
msolul80.Dll failed to regesiter [closed]
How to fetch populated associated models in CakePHP when calling read()
EntityFramwork System.OutOfMemoryException on inserting 100MB to varbinary
PHP checking/refreashing functions
Symfony2 equivalent of before_filter?
Python: POST Params [closed]
What is wrong with this Asynchronus task?
Difference between openSSL rsautl and dgst
why number 9 in kill -9 command in unix?
Child repeater's item count
Can one Spring PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer configure another one?
Pass records to a dialog
iOS app crashes with no error, just (lldb)
retrieve twitter pictures or videos when using an specific hashtag
azure web application not working from azure--no errors
Safari converts File to [object Object] when inserted into FormData. How to fix?
azure web application not working from azure--no errors
Safari converts File to [object Object] when inserted into FormData. How to fix?
NodeJS on BeagleBoard fs.write Error Unknown -1
Chaining multiple jquery events without callbacks
EF code first error 鈥淭he specified index already exists. [ IX_Id ]鈥�for object tree
Map JSON data to Knockout observableArray with specific view model type
How to use the HTML DOM FileUpload Object
Access Linux kernel symbols that are not exported via EXPORT_SYMBOL*
how to change the value of textfield + jQuery + Struts2
swank-clojure and slime no longer co-operating in emacs
Sort after Map/Reduce with inline result
Apache attack on compromised server, iframe injected by string replace
Radio select for selecting the default value of many in a model admin
High Frequency Trading in the JVM with Scala/Akka
javascript;storing values in array
supressing tilt effect on a neighbouring element
Create Dynamic Controls in PreInit Event of Page Life Cycle?
How do I save a frame splitter position and restore it later?
Updating image source with jquery
Assembly language for Reverse Engineering [closed]
c++/ looking for documentation (like dirent.h) on directories and files?
Keeping PHP session alive during file upload/download
Database advantages? Access, MySQL, msSQL, or any others? [closed]
Implementing a Neural Network in Java: Training and Backpropagation issues
converting a repository created from cvs2git into a bare repository
TouchUtils and ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 user event Unit test case not working
Changing axis type in ZedGraph
how to combine multiple files into one page with jquery or ajax?
HTML5 Video Layering on iPad
Can methodSignatureForSelector: create a 鈥渃atch-all鈥�method signature?
Need assistance with InvalidCastException
jQuery Hover Toggling
jQuery UI Sortable. How to prevent from moving some specific item to the end of the list
Widget that takes preferences from app
Target a link if that link links to the current page?
.htaccess stub files to protect site with php session auth
Cocoa audio volume slider with bindings
Is there a way to save JavaScript DOM manipulations?
Is there a C++ library to extract text from a PDF file like PDFBox for Java?
Alternative to Silverlight for multiple file upload
Save range to variable
Escape Quote - javascript, struts 2
Can I prevent fork() from returning to shell?
It isn't inserting the module corretly in the database
App to App interfacing in Django
split large csv text file based on column value
HTML CSS Styling box
Custom Json Dictionary Serialization with RestSharp/ASP.NET WebApi
How to disable ARC for a linked Framework in xCode?
Cross-origin image loading (twitter profile image)
algorithm for huge file parsing
Making a custom monad transformer an instance of MonadError
VB/ASP.NET, Access GridView cell value to variable
Using impersonation to launch processes (indirectly) in C#
How to clear Javascript from IE8 cache?
Use YouTube video for webgl texture?
Limit Responsive Areas for Page Curl Transition
Wordpress- list all posts like in editor on 'insert/edit link'
Difficulty viewing/receiving nlog network messages with log4view
Completely secure php file upload?
Finding the root that minimize tree depth
Can I extend Button to add a RightClick event in such a way that the graphical side effects are also maintained?
More than one widget that do different things - Android App
i18n search using tire and Globalize3
how to serve Unique Items from Database via rails upon every request
FormatException while converting string to DateTime
Putting 2 if staments together
MongoDB python bindings an order of magnitude slower than java?
Connecting to DBpedia endpoint behind a Proxy firewall
How to select rows from mySQL table and merge together (PHP)
Mozilla Add on trying to login to a Rails application that uses Devise
Android draw with finger over webView
Comparing 2 lists in Excel with VBA Regex
Basic Android code - EditText's InputType - why was the bitwise operator used?
Mako variable not being passed into pyramid form properly
Dynamic column name in for loop with cbind
Evil proxy for testing client/server interaction
Retrieving Data Type of Measures from an MDX Query/CellSet in C#
Update a column based on counter from another table?
Can I initialize Selenium web driver with a static instance of HTML page residing on my computer
Shrink-to-fit div and paragraph, based on image?
copy algorithm with ifstream
Dropshadow outside a clipping area for canvas
Linux Buffer Overflow Return-to-libc
MySQL join with two columns looking at same table
ShareKit + Facebook authentication not working
How can I get the template context from the template loader in Django?
jQuery - Display the value of a textbox and input the value to another
How can I catch and reroute a url with a specific querystring parameter in Rails 3
Darwin kernel architecture and OS X, 64bit on 32bit kernel, how does this work?
How to do auto sizing a picturebox within System.Windows.Forms.SplitterPanel in C#
Design hides ASP.NET Trace info. How to retrieve?
Javascript: prevent keyUp event
Python 2.5 Google App Engine [closed]
Using jQuery to find an image by its source
Extract open street map data for a specific region
Viewing multiple locations on google maps, locations called from an array
The Python module 鈥減sutil鈥�failed to build on Windows 7 + VS2008SP1 environment
Problems with Reachability in iOS 5.1?
Cocoa: Avoiding 'Updates Continuously' in control binds
Method with blocks inside NSOperation - how does it work?
is it ok to pass variable through the url in phonegap?
Adding input tags dynamically with jQuery
Best practice for SQL constant values
Detecting a subset of special characters php
Menu background fixed width with CSS/JQuery menu doesnt work
Initializing malloc'd memory in a way similar to an array literal?
where can I get a XD version dojo source
Backbone events on model firing on collection (Double firing)
How to make a UIManagedDocument globally accessible to all ViewControllers in an app?
Is it better to store user text (such as a blog entry or private messages) in the database or as flat files?
Posting data to another Site with Django
INSERT IF EXIST UPDATE the table using PHP and Stored Procedure
NSString parse to find date
C# with Linq XML
Php ereg validating a form
How To Input Data from dynamic number of fields in html form
How do JSF view technologies translate client-side?
Android AppWidget Not Displaying On Certain Phones
deleting rows from an excel file using c#
this is my jekyll with hash routing setup/strategy - is there a better way?
Using C# to SaveAs Excel 2007 and up
hadoop fair scheduler open file error?
Where should validation occur: endpoint or object?
Has anyone dig into the data format of the mac sticky notes database?
How can I make entire DIV clickable AND open child links in separate DIV?
Generating short URLs in a distributed data store
Working with database development and production?
It is not inserting a date in the database [duplicate]
What is the correct way to create an RTF file in C#?
PHP creates corrupt thumnbail
gmdistribution for classification in Matlab
Windows7 IE9 NTLM Response to Challenge not being sent by client
Why doesn't my jQuery sortable table work?
eval every line in the scratch buffer and append the result to the line
Selecting DOM elements and adding values
Pthread executes unexpectedly in C
Correct behavior of different sized output, wire in verilog?
unicorn request queuing
What's the appropriate syntax for the view when the model accepts nested attributes?
Stop CPU from sleeping when screen is off
Socket open all the time or just open when needed?
Handing around Lists
PHP: Finding the text between <p>'s
ComboBox case sensitive dropdown
Google Reader Java API fails while trying to retrieve feeds for a subscription
Where is the file_exists declared in the PHP source code?
Load a dict into memcache with python
Autocompleteextender in Ajax has a position issue in IE8
Javadoc only generates the Interface comments and not the class implementations
link_to renders incorrectly after moving to bootstrap-sass from blueprint
How to add tabs to string in batch
Using MongoDB with PHP without ODM
How to extract JAX-WS @RequestWrapper attribute (or full bean)
ServerAlias influnces $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']?
Find Max numeric value of two varchar fields
When to use jQuery wrapper methods instead of built-in javascript methods
Cannot edit table row with AJAX
is it possible to put a direct link in particular js?
iOS - Constantly update a method
change class based on page scroll
Affecting MVC ModelBinders with Attributes
scripting MySQL from BASH over SSH
Can I create a OneToOneField that will create an object if it does not exist?
Unity C# - Matching objects in a drag and drop game
SudzC shows 'valid' soap response, but null value on iOS's side
Multi-threaded access to C# dictionary
pinterest api documentation
rbenv: Permission Denied
Growl forwarding to Java server
My footer link CSS styles aren't working
Spring - Switch SchedulerFactoryBean To Be Used
Job to Post Everyday on The Wall My Facebook Fan Page with PHP [closed]
vector --> concurrent_vector migration + OpenGL restriction
winForms ListView not updating when new data is added to database
Is it possible to postpone the delivery of a post on a wall? (using Facebook IOS SDK) [closed]
Install fail for Maven 3.0.4
Add textview in Cocos2d really need
Does the C# method TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTime handle DST?
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError while using TrueTypeFontFactory in Libgdx for android
How can I emulate command line interface scrolling in a browser? (keep the newest output on screen at all times)
Android - Image picker doesn't work on Kindle Fire?
Multiple instances of a bean
Intermittent error while downloading blobs in Azure
Trying to replace table with divs but with partial success
In what circumstances does TextToSpeech.isSpeaking() return true?
Input from Serial (FTDI) to a php/python script
jQuery Dialog, how to bind a window resize event but only while the dialog exists
Java: String to byte array conversion
NSIS restrict folder installation
Undefined Method Scale In CarrierWave
IE 7 & 8 failing to load (or perhaps correctly cascade) part of a stylesheet
Drag and drop TXT file into TextArea
AutoMapper Flattening an Extension method
sitecore workflow with multiple publishing targets
How big can I make the DOM tree without degrading performance?
Binding special keys as vim shortcuts
Why does jQuery give me an error 'has no method sortable'?
Delegate sort based on a condition
Binding special keys as vim shortcuts
Why does jQuery give me an error 'has no method sortable'?
Delegate sort based on a condition
PyGTK moving two windows at once
鈥渕argin-left鈥�in IE9
Can we capture the screen of someone using our website, while we navigate them to a different URL?
How to check the Internet connectivity as soon as the application is started?
UITableView negative top content inset causes glitch when reordering rows
Adding to ListView
Accessing Elements/Attributes From XML Using DomXML
Why isn't my RangeValidator working?
pythonic manner of merging last three columns into a single pipe seperated column
Ckeditor getSelectedElement always null
Adding tabs to textarea's using Javascript
how to change the default background image when info button is selected
Array/Data Storage Options
OpenGLES 1.x Toon shading
Javascript: Constructing Objects
How to set DataNavigateUrlFormatString dynamically ? or How to eval Page.User.Identity.Name on a webpage?
Listening to the Output of a Web Application
Matching items in an array then display, using Jquery
In a C# Console app, the Pause key freezes the display output. Can I disable that?
Linked List - pointers
iOS: Issue Saving Photo
adding default timezone in php.ini on Lion (Mac)
Facebook 鈥淚nstagram-Style鈥�Take Photo Action
Jomsocial multi profile user approval notification
Jquery Parsing Raw dump XMl node containing html - YQL
How to get correct list position in multi-byte string using preg_match
How to align an element applying css margins that does not get modified according to browsers and screen resolutions?
Proper Syntax to Pass Vars in a href JavaScript
Entity Framework generic
storage size of 鈥榮鈥�isn鈥檛 known + pointer to pointer
Unable to access method of child classes from a List<T> of base class.
Database Driven iOS Apps
Apache rewrite rules for creating user friendly urls
CSS: How to set 100% width on the first li of ul
Converting a Grammar into LL1 Grammar: some problems
Simplest Arraylist implementation in C
Using config variables inside functions
Draw a filled semi circle
Speed up 鈥�not鈥�jQuery CSS selector in IE 8?
What to include when signing an API request
Which timezones returned by DateTimeZone::listAbbreviations() are current today?
Serialized Python object to JSON, but its function not working in javascript
Converting Java application to an applet confusion
getaddrinfo() could not be resolved winsock
html youtube custom play button
java generic String to <T> parser
How to modify the height of the HTML web page?
populate a list dynamically in ant build script
Using Jquery to copy the values of multiple fields
How do I create and populate a 3 column ListView?
Create HTML file via PHP and jQuery
Xcode C++ library location
Valgrind: Invalid read/write of size 8
SQL XML Replacing elements
Maximum number of simultaneous requests to the Facebook Graph API
A button that can ONLY be used by clicking. No Enter, no Return. Just clicks
what does this c snippet do?
PDF document language detection
passing strings to a make file
Multilevel quote in JavaScript?
Execute when an application is destroyed/ undeployed
symfony2 warning: sqlite3 profiler database is readonly
AJAX event is only firing once in a Primefaces dataTable
Django PIL : IOError Cannot identify image file
How can I avoid java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget in android while using a large bitmap?
Create an alias for making same ant command call that works for any directories
How to save estimated parameters from nigfit() in a variable
How to avoid circular dependencies when setting Properties?
initializing map<string, vector<string> >
String is not being truncated
Adding Eventlisteners to document with GWT JSNI [duplicate]
Facebook like button in Rails, how to put Facebook JS in assets?
Making Dynamically Created ASP.net Page SEO Friendly
.IsBodyHtml=true causes an empty email body to be sent, but .IsBodyHtml=false sends the body content
Action Method Param is always null
How to do HtmlPage refresh using HTMLUNIT Java?
Unit of work and Entity Framework - computed properties
Unix signal handling in (common) lisp
How Do I Prepend Concatenated Elements With Options in jQuery?
Better waiting syntax in Java
Best algorithm for path finding in a tower defense
Avoiding variables as variable or list names in Python
Web app or normal? software to develop this system idea? [closed]
Android LongClickListener on ExpandableListView group items
clicking on jsplumb connections through transparent containers
How do you create an NSValue wrapping a UIOffset struct?
Edit an Edit form in ADF
Can someone help me to find the regular expression for this using javascript
Assert.AreEqual for float without delta
define-key: Symbol's function definition is void: lisp-interaction-mode-map
Django site using mod_wsgi on AWS cannot create FK form field because related model has not been loaded yet
Symfony2 mongodb bundle document one-to-many forms
Merging background with transparent image in PIL
QTextEdit inserting and removing rows is very slow. Anyway to make it faster?
Generation of public key
Writing/reading raw objects to file
Server side javascript to replicate the moveto function in mobile applications
How can I automatically restore all sinon.js spies after each test in Jasmine?
Post values from android sqlite3 to sql database to have Sync operation
@ in Anonymous method for Html.BeginForm
Unresolved external symbol when creating a DLL
making WebResponse GetResponse WebBot wait for redirect
Return one item from filtered Array
How to combine lines in two files with condition in python?
CUDA ptxas warnings (Stack size for entry)
How to pass environment variables when programmatically starting a new Amazon EC2 from image?
Load processed post javascript / ajax html into string
Django queryset aggregate by time interval
Add a URL parameter with a relative hyperlink
What should i do to make my program run faster?
How to end the workers of node.js cluster
Regex: Replace one pattern with another
How to access constant variables (defined in another file) dynamically in a function?
Decentralized authentication against Windows domain
How do I create multiple locations with Nginx, Passenger, Sinatra
C++ OpenGL glTexImage2D Access Violation
Android - findViewById() and dynamically setting ID's
Historically, why were the RFCs about email addresses made so complicated? [closed]
C++ unable to use peek() function in stack
Detect when a line break has been erased inside a UITextView - Objective C
commons-net FTPSClient error in Java code
Ruby: iterating over a two-dimensional hash
MongoDB PHP using $in with array
Blackberry OS6: implementing click event on extended MapLocation class
Working with MVC, Sql and razor (cshtml)
Why does AsyncTask not accept my class as a returning parameter?
Why doesn't this code block in Node.js?
Is co-variance safe here?
Object as object property name?
technologies involved in cloud gaming service
javafx 2.0 how to add scroll bar in Accordion
鈥淚mproper operand type鈥�with MSVC __asm
JQuery/Ajax URL referencing
Android Listview - can not select multiple items when using a cursor
Real Hierarchical Builds with SCons?
Why does git show a conflict between two apparently identical added files?
Technology behind stupeflix and/or animoto
Catch 鈥淭cl Interpreter Error鈥�
Disabling certain entries in ListView
Bash key binding or Putty shortcut for moving to next word with control key in Window? [closed]
Nivo slider jQuery causing a mixed content error in IE 8?
Installing R packages. Include directory is empty. Development headers
How to extract the numbers from a text file
Generic parser to parse row of records in java
How do I make a bash script continue part of a loop only if there is no error in the first step of the loop?
GeoLiteCity binary database file size
xml schema Timezone
What libraries/modules could affect array's operation speed?
Generating PDF from PHP using Exec() or Bindings
Is a set's 鈥渢oArray鈥�deterministic?
joomla: maintain pieces of data in CMS to dynamify content
Reducing the battery impact of apps that downloads content over a smartphone radio
JQuery UI, dialog creates a dialog, hit escape and the first dialog exits
Sinatra external IP
Dynamic DIVs with same height [duplicate]
What is wrong with a transitive dependency?
Storing and parsing CSS/JS
Share in-app purchase IDs across premium and free versions of iPhone apps?
How do I create Python eggs from distutils source packages?
WPF Focus behavior issue
Sound Complete Not Firing (AS3)
can't import com.google.android.maps.MapView
SQL between dates
jquery ujs not functioning when I remotely load partials/content with remote calls or jQuery
Does anyone know of a iOS 3rd party framework for managing documents like 'Paper'? [closed]
Something better than the standard library for c# Regex [closed]
Can't get permission to save and .xml file to disk with python
Validate a TIFF File
Is it possible to do a chromakey in a VideoView in Android
PHP: check if image exists (methods)
$facebook->api() call returns CurlException: 7?
SQL Server @@rowcount before limit
Default Argv argument types
jquery and hiding floated divs
Regex for everything but 鈥淢鈥� 鈥淔鈥� 鈥淢/F鈥�
Why won't this save my changes? Or is it not copying?
Different array order on specs in different machines running rspec
StreamReader.ReadToEnd() fails to retrieve the whole stream
.htaccess permanent redirect and canonicalization
How to use JQuery to inject a variable into a javascript function's parameters?
Silverlight TreeView template creaton
Installing pygame on OS X 10.6.8 with EPD enthought 7.2
Where do you set the button size of a UISegmentedControl?
How to transcode a video using python and ffmpeg library (no commandline call)
iOS scheme goes missing when I branch my project (XCode 4.2)
Showing offline folders and files with powershell
numpy: is there any driver to load data from mongodb?
Cant open .doc file after downlod in php
Using VB.NET object initializers in a factory pattern
MySQL transaction journaling
Can't get my helper to return results
CRM 2011 Custom ribbon button click running its functionality correctly but raises page error
PHP - How to parse string information into usable form from database
Grouping a comma separated value on common data
Reference a specific class method with @see command using Doxygen
Resize of SDI frame
In WordPress, one jQuery function works fine, but another doesn't. Both on same page. Tried on separate page. No love
C++: Is there a way to specify a generalized class that inherits from another?
css3 text shadow for text color #037ECC
How can I get the first and last day of the month with Perl's DateTime?
Click Tracking Windows Applications
Base SDK Missing
How do I pass a structure array from one function to another? [duplicate]
Add to current date with javascript and have months roll over
Implementing IDuplexSessionChannel for Message Interception & Replacement
requestLocationUpdates() effect of parameters changed Gingerbread to ICS?
passing Struts 2 property to javascript
C++ specialize a template class to take an additional template parameter
Access lapply index names inside FUN
why arent event rendering in fullcalendar under FF11+ and IE8+
In Oracle, how do I get a page of distinct values from sorted results?
What is the scope of variables declared inside a static block in java?
Why can't I center my navigation menu?
How to implement INotifyDataErrorInfo in WPF 4.5? [closed]
Get the exe full path of wcf service
What is the proper way to uncheck a checkbox in jQuery 1.7?
MATLAB: Missing Frameworks on mex-compile 鈥�Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64
IE8 allows user to interact with elements obscured by modal window
javascript:regular expression for this [closed]
jQuery slideDown + Table row issue + IE browser
How to test 鈥渁dd鈥�in DAO without using 鈥渇ind鈥�etc.?
I get NullPointerException using CardLayout
How to send an email using Go with an HTML formatted body?
what is c++ writing to the socket when an enum gets written
jQuery Mobile - Toolbar Elipse in iPad
Making GET call to php from javascript WITHOUT ajax
How to get the all the timezones supported by device?
Oracle Analytics Window
GetObjectData() method is never hit when implementing ISerializable
C: Access individual bits in uint16_t number? [duplicate]
Masterpage footer not displaying on content pages after adding iframe
I have an entertaining 鈥渟tuck file鈥�issue
noir vs compojure?
Javascript: How to refresh the parent window from the child window
jquery change div html onmouseover and onmouseout
Javascript, click, doubleclick and drag in the same element
Group sublist values based to equivalent sums with Haskell
MVC3 browser error鈥�sessionStorage' is undefined
Python multiplication operator [duplicate]
Select only United State Time Zones
How to obtain a list of strings from an XML file using Python's xml.dom.minidom?
jquery: is there a concise way to conditionally use a 2nd selector if a 1st selector comes back empty?
How to update knockoutjs view model on user confirm?
Make two column same height
Can I set an application to launch everytime iOS device is unlocked?
Java - mySql database connection
Is there a way to dynamically change the axes on final Dashboard view for QlikView and Tableau just like how Google Motion Charts allow it?
Dispose() does not prevent out of memory exception
ASP.NET MVC - Why don't HtmlHelpers render directly to the stream?
Repeating alert 鈥淢essage from web page: null鈥�in IE
Entity Framework June 2011 CTP and SQL Server 2012
Aggregate daily data to calculate monthly average
Including a ColdFusion file inside an HTML file
Browser compatibility issues - :active button state making button disappear in Firefox, IE, and Opera
AWS Custom CloudWatch metrics - Aggregate by Auto-Scaling group
Creating a Chrome Extension to open a link in a new tab
Match HTML Comments With Grep and Regex
Android - lightweight resources for displaying visual plots of data that are continuously updated?
Multiple Timers on Windows Service Not Firing Correctly
Searching an array using Assembly 8086
Pass querystring to 404 page
Usefulness of fork() besides executing foreign programs
Including STL in source where a header already calls it
HTML5 Canvas, ease-in globalAlpha
doing a program using Roman numerals and making them int [duplicate]
calculate number of bits set in byte
R-LaTeX Wide table
Meaning of [-1,1][+!!boolean_var]
String.Replace doesn't appear to be replacing Hex char
Error in header function
Paypal Code ONLY working in IE
How do I use % character in NSString stringWithFormat
HTML GET reading XML
xpath filtering items with a particular element
Not showing data array
OpenOffice Search Sheet Programmatically
Web developing: Java EE 6 or Spring with friends?
How can I print the the created PDF file in PHP?
Delete Characters in Python Printed Line
Ability to use Methods from 1 class in another in Java
Using Groovy SQL for paging, sorting, and searching/filtering of rows
Send POST request to Rest WS with JS
Listnumber <ol><li> isn't showing up in IE9 after using float in CSS
How to determine which button was tapped?
Java graphics2d: Verify if point is contained in region
Android - large TextView dyanamically
xsl print header during first occurence of a node
How to access block of memory when debugging from VS2010 addin
Need to return the value with an Currency sign
How to recognise an array of System.DayOfWeek values posted via Ajax
trouble shooting a speed bottleneck in a program with sql queries
Anding with 0xff, clarification needed
What is the 鈥淩ails Way鈥�of doing a query with an OR clause using ActiveRecord?
Expression cannot be evaluated. Malloc fail
Determining if a vertex is to the left or right of the camera
Manually write entities from existing database
How to access block of memory when debugging from VS2010 addin
Need to return the value with an Currency sign
How to recognise an array of System.DayOfWeek values posted via Ajax
trouble shooting a speed bottleneck in a program with sql queries
Anding with 0xff, clarification needed
What is the 鈥淩ails Way鈥�of doing a query with an OR clause using ActiveRecord?
Expression cannot be evaluated. Malloc fail
Determining if a vertex is to the left or right of the camera
Manually write entities from existing database
Why does this Javascript function alert my value but not return the same value?
why curl says this URL as dead?
Lightswitch: Set focus to cell in datagrid
How to use Perl's FreezeThaw to thaw an object and then call object methods on it?
Telerik MVC Data Grid Custom Command
Bubble sorting an object array in Java
Devise-managed session not propagating to subdomains
how to parse str in variable
Android SSLEngine example
Ant Classpath Error When Unzipping Input File Java
JNA Event Log Reader
C# - Get last step in component wizard
Difference between call___do_global_ctors_aux and __do_global_ctors_aux
Exception only occuring on DragDrop
Has Facebook's API changed recently?
Read RSS XML Website
How do I send a server-side app request using the C# FacebookSdk?
how to create degrees symbol in XAML