The process cannot access the file 'C: file.xml' because it is being used by another process
Mysql streaming result set and jOOQ fetchLazy
NSCoder + UIDocument: are they compatible?
scientific calculator tutorial for iPhone/ipad
How to use knockoutjs binding on a Telerik editor?
can iPhone v5.1 be changed to v5.0? [closed]
How to pass many arrays to a function effectively?
Algorithm for categorizing values
Require a number of fractional decimal places with an XML schema
Persistent service icon in notification bar
Where to put utility scripts in rails
My animatewithduration, completion block is performed only once
return value that doesn't exist in table [closed]
Why is the CG Path always fading out?
ios logic for a retina screen
Using html5 in magento
Select dropdown for dynamic array
iPhone Developer' doesn't match any valid, non-expired certificate/private key pair-BUT I'm creating and Ipad app [duplicate]
Interrupting gameplay to display menu on button press [closed]
Fetching only few attributes of a document in couchdb
Using Spreadsheet::XLSX, how do I copy formats from one worksheet to another?
What would be a convenient way to count the number of HTTP requests made by a block of code?
How to get entity collection from context in code dynamically?
How to search a text file for a string in PHP
Generating multiple ROC curves in Weka GUI
Centering the TextView's text vertically in relation to its drawableLeft image
Get child constant in parent method - Ruby
Get live screenshot of window in objective-c
$_POST, image forms and mysql.How to get them working together?
Xna Equivalent of Viewport.Unproject in a draw call as a matrix transformation [closed]
Init-param in JavaEE Dynamic Web App returns null
incompatible return type
MS SQL driver issue with Struts 2 tomcat 7
Android Application with android-support-v4.jar added to lib facing error while trying to sign in using progaurd in IntelliJ Idea
suppressing print as stdout python
How to achieve a div tile layout with dynamic heights, not using absolute positioning?
How do I add images into interface builder in XCode?
javascript to play youtube video isn't working
Writing an SQL query using Aggregate Functions.
ON_COMMAND_RANGE value to memory mapping fails?
Encoding and decoding with php and javascript and data attributes validation
Enforcement of attribute order in JAXB value constructor
JNI in eclipse:Running the Java code
INNER JOIN with multiple tables and keys
How to dump all the XMM registers in gdb?
Mixing an IF-statement in an UPDATE statement in SQL
Capistrano deploy:update fails, but setup and check work
PHP: Paypal Buy Now button not redirecting
Failed to Execute URL when calling a WCF service with Windows authentication
Provisioning a new schema from an existing one
nested For loop in batch file error: Do was unexpected at this time
Populate multiple gridview from 1 stored procedure
Emulating Arrays and Looping with Apache SSI
Animation errors in Bootstrap Carousel Implementation - slides do not 'push' each other on/off
How to make a cool looking layout for menu in python 3.2?
Embed PDF while Removing Print / Save / Etc. .
ini_set('memory_limit') causing php to crash
What are the settings for interactive video on FLASH?
Calculating the number of rows of text in a div on PHP server side
how to know which user has logged in to my ios app
htaccess with Wordpress Slug
CSS - making multiple children the height of the tallest child
How can I find equation of a plot connecting data points in Matlab?
Getting started with Rails on Heroku using a Procfile
python eval vs ast.literal_eval vs JSON decode
Generate unique numbers at compile time
Disable button unless bot selectors have value
How do I check what tableview is the current one in a segue
Processing on MySQL query taking too long and throwing 鈥淐ommunications link failure鈥�
Shift users logins in php mvc environment
Slightly different before for `bg` command in zsh vs. bash
struts2 validation: repopulate dropdown when validation fails
How do I check what tableview is the current one in a segue
Processing on MySQL query taking too long and throwing 鈥淐ommunications link failure鈥�
Shift users logins in php mvc environment
Slightly different before for `bg` command in zsh vs. bash
struts2 validation: repopulate dropdown when validation fails
Grabbing Refferer's URL - PHP
can't get fancybox helper buttons to show
Is it possible to debug pattern matching in a Haskell function?
Properly closing custom dialog
Migrating a Windows Forms Application with SQL Server back end to Silverlight
Bootstrap - feedback [closed]
Custom Radio Group
requiredFieldError doesnt work
Will BSP trees work on single, transparent objects?
handling exception in Tpl
Fail to catch Exception
Symfony 2.0.6 FOS UserBundle remains in login page
Tomcat 6 can't find custom FileDirContext implmentation in WEB-INF/classes
What is difference between OpenGL programing with GLUT and Without GLUT
Self-checking an APK's signature
zxing is generating a QR code instead of a Bar Code
How can i set the background of a grid?
Alarm through socket Programming
Executing a POST-request in Android
MVC Custom Attribute run before current culture is set
How to change the dtype of a numpy recarray?
How to add variable values inside pdo->query
Member functions
How to detect that document loading has started through javascript?
How to configure to have pip install from GitHub master?
Move a method to another file using phpstorm
how to set counter of loop inside loop correctly inside jmeter?
Good data store for millions of events?
Need strategy for passing ID's in AJAX to backend logic
MongoMapper and Gmaps4Rails - Mapping location indexed array field to acts_as_gmappable
Best way to do this generic abstract class in c#?
Draw markers on GMAPS API V3, and send location to Google Fusion
ExpandableListView with RadioButtons.Select Value For One RadioGroup, Several More Get Selected When Group Expands
Explain some javascript/jquery code [closed]
What counts as an 鈥淯nmanaged Resource鈥�in the Disposable pattern?
Change font on all controls on Microsoft Access report
How can I randomize a picture under a cover in actionscript 3.0?
CSS Box-Shadow Not Working in IE
Installing DBD::Oracle
Find and replace text inside xml document using regular expression
Cut out parts of the cone in java3d
Variation of the cutting stock issue
Open connection to mysql DB in the rake task
Is it necessary to nest usings with IDisposable objects?
Start a new git repo from a current branch
How to addObjectsFromArray where the destination is mutable and the source is non-mutable?
ListView: reset the content while scrolling causes an exception
Robotium_constructor deprecated message at NotepadTest method for super
Determine Volume Level in dB
DataGrid row virtualization display issue
Problems with Android FragmentActivity and Tabs
How to update Arduino firmware in-place from SD card?
How can I get a selected item from a Linq query in a variable
how to order-by descending order file name with manageQuery
JSON array href as a variable in jQuery
Mercurial pull from bitbucket times out. Artist commited too large of a file then deleted it in a later commit
Php scripts not running nor giving error message
How to randomly place 2D asteroids so they don't overlap with each other? [closed]
if inside a switch case, to restrict cases
Orchard CMS - Handler doesn't update the database
How do I restore my TFS source code from a SQL backup?
Is there an IDE/plugin for automatic curly brace formatting or spacing? [closed]
Why does implementing this protocol return an error?
Moving from Adobe Flash to FlashDevelop
ANSI Escape Sequences
How to access AccessibilityService to update it in real time from an Activity
jQuery automatically closes tags on append? e.g. $(鈥�lt;p/>鈥�
jquery selector not working with brackets
Sending touch gestures to UIImageView subview of UIScrollView
Javascript check if all clicks have completed loading elements
how to pass a instance to a class that must implement an interface and then use it in java?
Objective C: swizzle object method after creation
How to read and optimize Javascript profile?
findobj fails in timer callback
Ajax PUT request receiving empty response
Make html footer occupy the rest of the body
Oracle 10g recursive count of xml clob
Count elements in a box
LocalDateTime (Joda-Time) mapping in Hibernate
write javassist proxy bytecode to .class file?
FB app request points to canvas page instead of page tab
logrotate configuration file development and testing
C# Invalidate does not run at all?
C# Multiple Keystroke inputs without overlapping
iPhone SDK - Running a repeating process in a background thread
How to show old style permission request screen?
Processing two files at the same time, one in xls and the other in text formats
TinyMCE Textarea does not show content unless switch formats
SQL Server Backup Command Error
Adapting design to Grails
Can be problems with different version of ruby on rails?
Using tcpdump On Growing Log Files
Display a list from nested json: Sencha Touch 2
Email received with attachment and attachment automatically uploaded to FTP
Groovy in Eclipse not recognizing imports
Oracle 10g - Removing time component
RichTextbox, RTF in VB.NET
1-dimensional Matrix is changed to a vector in R
What is needed in XSLT to add missing XML element?
changing http request headers(user agent) - chrome/firefox
Execution hangs for string input greater than 1000 characters
Is there a twitter library for metro apps? [closed]
Create a Crystal Report cross-tab 'header' label
Strange bug when clicking objects in canvas?
Match string with Exactly 2 of a given character? (e.g. 2 literal periods)
Correct way of initializing vars on this cases?
Requests Dialog top position
Resizing Custom UITableViewCell in Monotouch
How to skin the UITableViewCell image used when selecting multiple rows?
Ruby file output from fork
attempting to rewrite index.aspx to SEO friendly
WebService with progress bar
Get the jqXhr.responseText on a jQuery getJSON request using JSONP
css, selecting the first child and last child
Detect where in the process we are in?
SSIS-SMTP or Script task configuration file errors of MembershipCreateStatus.ProviderErrorusing c#
DataGridView refuses to bind
open file handles on windows
SabreDAV for .NET?
Do Google API keys work with Google Maps web services, e.g. geocoding?
MYSQL select where date within this day
How can we replace out of the box contact application with Own app
WCF service working on localhost but not on IIS
FbGraph: Facebook events have a map, but the venue returned is not geolocated
pattern to avoid dynamic_cast
Overriding table width set by jQuery theme roller
How to sort the count obtained corresponding to different data items in java
Constantly changing og meta tags bad for SEO?
Can't build UserControls under x64
Make an insert with the values returned by another query directly (PHP)
How to make only farthest child receive shared event?
WSSE (with digest) in WCF .Net C# - An easy way?
Can I access all page layouts specific to an object via the Salesforce API
Difference between ForeignKey(User, unique=True) and OneToOneField [duplicate]
PHP Using imagegrabscreen
Invalid escape sequence (valid ones are b t n f r ' )
Romans, rubies and the Haskell
Send HTTP GET request to me every X minutes
mysql - Downgrade MySQL on Ubuntu 11.04 [closed]
How to set a DIV or LI 鈥渃lass鈥�by day of the week?
Change content of MPMoviePlayerController
Does it make sense to use both @@error and try鈥atch error handling in sql server?
Checking if a forked child has exec'ed yet in perl
Loading and Unloading JavaScript with CSS Media Queries in mind
jQuery UI Droppable - How to actually change the HTML?
How to clear dynamically created view from memory?
javascript adding strings together
Can not open a project which include bin lib obj
Servlet called only once?
Why is CoreData not linking in my ported iOS->Mac App?
Iterate through multiple collections in the same 鈥渇or鈥�loop?
Find specific child of parent's previous siblings when siblings are dynamic
Getting Table Row with JSoup
.htaccess RewriteRule works but the URL isn't changing in the address bar?
Getting a null object in wcf service when I am adding a reponse format and body style
Detect current CPU Clock Speed Programmatically on OS X?
Annoyance in VB Script
Applying tabs with views and not separate activities
What do I write with outputstream in Java if I want to send an http request?
.jar does not run and cannot find external jar
VIN RegEx Pre 1980
How to check which sections of a site are tracked by Google Analytics
Print form in ExtJS 4 [closed]
Redis: Beginners Issue
Windows, ClearCase, and Ant: how to handle directory slashes?
ASP.NET - Share code
Get amount of memory used by app in iOS
specify the name of country using longitude and latitude on android
combination of Struts2 tags and scriptlet with in a Single page
Binding within Constructors within Constructors [duplicate]
RequireJS vs Dojo 1.7 AMD
Python: Sorting a list of strings by string template?
How can I group tags using XSLT (XML to XML)?
Can't seem to conditionally compile for iPhone/Mac
Creating simple web page associating image with excel column
NSDateFormatter setDateFormat parameters
How to extract valid value from a sparse vector in Matlab?
command line animation
Android Database: Dynamic Table Name Creation
jQuery .animate() loop produces unexpected offset over time
What is better way to have multiple type of member profiles in django
/bin/bash giving a segmentation fault upon startup
create a dynamicllay calender in code behind in
Android debugging ndk : permission denied
JavaScript get position of option element?
Jquery variable losing value when element is deleted
Twisted/Python - Call Method Inside a Protocol From Another Thread
JQuery delay() function being skipped
how many std::string copies are being made?
Home Button doesn't terminate multiplayer match on Game Center / Gamekit
How to stop my javascript countdown?
Multiple Struts 2 configuration files
Customizing the Android NumberPicker
public interface differences between vs2008 and vs2010?
Call a non-static variable so it can be used by another class (cannot instantiate)
Validate IP address from list
Synchronize with stream clear case integration view
IE 8 Overflow not rendering
How to update an HTML control from code within SilverLight
eclipse plugin for static call graph
OnLoginError: codes specific to reason why there was an error
Passing query data from LINQ to method in same query
associative arrays as selectors and values in jquery
Parsing XML using LINQ [closed]
Rails many-to-many existence query
how to use asynctask in android-support-v4.jar Fragment?
VS 2010 DB project fails to deploy after upgrade to Sql Server 2012 Error Deploy01234
ConcurrentSkipListMap Sorting Using Comparator
How to create connection from iReport Designer 4.5 to JasperReports server Repository
Extracting div's InnerHtml?
Is there an opensource library implementing DUKPT or ANSI X9.24 [closed]
How to affect all elements in class?
Expedia API blank
jQuery DivScroll displays pictures on multiple lines instead of one
Windows 8 share target crashing with JQuery
How to programmatically log out a user in Drupal 7?
JSP make array list public
Is it possible to define domain constraints in MySQL
Read from file to string
Using condition_variable with unique_lock causing periodic crash (GCC 4.7, OSX)
Converting integer to datetime in Python [closed]
How can I catch a logon attempt on Mac OSX
How to show the Percent Completion of each division in each course?
Implementing custom indexer on a collection
Is it necessary to include both jquery-1.7.1.js AND jquery-1.7.1.min.js?
how to say create procedure if not exist in MySQL
offline ovi map in desktop application
Unable to access variables when converting from application.cfm to application.cfc
Store NSDictionary in keychain
unable to find Graphical MDX Query Designer - Cube is generated by Dynamics AX
How to localize App Store meta data for Phonegap app on iPhone
Export/Save jLabel contents to new folder
Google calendar API calls blocked by captcha
For Each block in Specific Context in Java
An upper bound of approximation ratio for greedy algorithm for the set cover (individual instances)
django: default template file path?
Having troubles with ave function in R
jquery dialog at mouse event position
Browser Resize Comparative Statement
jQuery Highcharts: change chart type using dropdown list
can not copy an item in App Sandbox
error when transpose and join table
jquery dialog at mouse event position
Browser Resize Comparative Statement
jQuery Highcharts: change chart type using dropdown list
can not copy an item in App Sandbox
error when transpose and join table
How to access written files without having root permissions?
Jenkins slaves hanging/Jenkins wedged
View-based NSTableView vs NSCollectionView?
Adding a Navigation Controller to a Tab Bar Application (Programmatically)
Is there a more efficient method for omitting for loop instances
What am I doing wrong with my Thread Pools?
How to get Image uploading for Rich Text control within a repeat control to work
How to access current input in Razor form so I can add it to a query?
form input image goes to a new line
IE 9 user agent is lying! Weirdest damn thing I've ever seen
Delphi and 小++, dll importing
Bezier Curves in WPF
Distributed processing of Negascout (chess search tree) and algorithms choice for chess AI
opencv or imagemagick for highlighting differences
ambiguous call in template error
JQuery & AJax: passing data variables with form element
css styles set by jquery lost after back button
Modular Database Layout: A correct approach for my use case?
Get max number of elements in a collection with jpql
Visual Studio bug resolving lambda in method with Func delegate overloads?
NoClassDefFoundError in the Castor library
Validate key/IV before decrypting with AesManaged ? or avoid CryptographicException before it occurs?
How to project a spherical map onto a sphere / cube:鈥淓quirectangular to cubic鈥�
Android: Find peers on Wifi Network
Remove urls that have certain domain in them
Is it possible to create a nested struct array? How?
Problems with Apache redirect
Out of local stack trying to test Fibonacci function in Prolog
Jquery clone/dragging
click on autocompletetextview suggested item
Why can't I set a value on this form field in wordpress admin?
The map is not center all the time
How to fix pointer on screen to desired position?
How to disable Ajax caching in Safari browser?
Setting text to an `EditText`
Wordpress rewrite rules and regex
How to build tapestry Tab component?
Chrome and rgb colors
Load xml data to file from oracle reader
Search for all substings between 鈥�鈥�and 鈥渘鈥�characters [closed]
Analysis Services 2008 configuration for OWC 10
Is the Java HttpSession ID visible to FreeMarker templates?
How can I pass a namespace to a method?
How to stop a PowerShell script on the first error?
When running rake:cucumber ActiveRecord models cannot access same database as app
hashchange firing popstate
Errors while compiling dhrystone in unix
How to read Preferences when app starts
route in graph with specific length from one point
UIImageJPEGRepresentation giving 2x images on retina display
Introduce isroll after dom content change
Removing unwanted space between images
MongoDB database architecture [closed]
Opening a very large file in emacs
Adding new items in a listview via ajax submit
Can Jenkins schedule builds using different time zones?
jQuery easySlider not working in ASP.NET using C#
Jquery object vs string problems
Euro currency symbol won't display, even though other symbols work
Cross Compiling To Atom Z510 From Intel i7
Read Http Request into Byte array
Custom routes in rails
Can I prevent a non-template class from being instantiated?
php regex or html dom parsing
fancybox jquery plugin links to image but doesn't overlay
Read kannel DLR errors
Input reset and submit doesnt work
Grab a 鈥渟ub鈥�vector and 鈥渃oncatenate鈥�vectors
Object Oriented Model original paper?
Whats wrong with TimePicker in Android?
Timeout for thread.join()
ASPX Accessing master page function
How to configure automatic commit rejection in SVN if code style violations are found?
WPF view.g.cs automated file
How to customize the return output of Ruby commands in Pry
phonegap URL with get variables not loading?
zend showing blank page
I want to learn OpenGl programming on ubuntu [closed]
How to test an iOS Facebook app before getting an app ID from Apple?
Java 鈥渧ariable can only be null at this location鈥�with integer array
mysql string conversion return 0
irony: how come some things generate AST and some dont
CMake FIND_PACKAGE succeeds but returns wrong path
Android: Share plain text using intent (to all messaging apps)
is programming by voice possible [closed]
How to limit parent div width to the least child's width?
Can't get actual error in response for REST request. Fiddler shows me more error details. In .NET all I get is 500 - Internal Server Error
Casting Objective-C Objects
LINQ and XML - parsing through and displaying images
How to use D3 in Node.js properly?
AJAX alternative of using jQuery form ui
Sending data from one html file to another
Tastypie - How can authorize only the owner to edit a resource
Jquery background mask or multiple background layers
No caching of .swf in Netsuite Suitelet
How to declare array of handel?
Excel 2007: 鈥淎utomation Error鈥�when sorting data using VBA (80010105)
Activity Lifecycle X Power Button X Lock Screen
Reading/Writing files using nothing but a handle
Symfony2: ACL permit access to routes with keys
Choppy Animation and Scrolling Performance on 鈥淣ew iPad鈥�(Retina iPad 3)
Android 鈥�Is it possible to make an Http-Post with non-String parameters?
Unexplained junk value in variable
How to override jquery plugin options with html5 data-attributes
SBT Install Java OutOfMemoryError: Java Heap Space
is there a way to extract the query from Crystal Reports?
URL relative to server
How persistent is localStorage?
C++ initialization [duplicate]
C++ Continue Reading File After eof()?
Issues on how to INDEX my database
.NET 2005 - Testing through IIS runs as x86. Unit Testing runs as x64
Subtract Everything After the last period
Regular expressions in Python. Can anybody help a newbie?
Excel VBA Substring
iOS - Constantly deleting Derived Data to fix code completion
PivotViewer - Dynamic images displayed but no text
How to cipher a text in C?
byte array to WriteableBitmap image IValueConverter for WP7
Trying to parse some text into an array
Assign an object to the class from within
How to upload an array to a WebService
UITableView reloadData not displaying correctly after deleting row
How to determine if an open file is a socket or a pipe?
select random row from MS access table
Invoke methods in a thread
How can i set a crontab to execute a mysql query and log the output?
Barcode scan into java swing app intermittently fails on embedded tab control characters
Android - Voice Chat Between 2 or More Android Devices over WIFI [closed]
Get browser URL with jQuery
Java interfaces - What exactly is in the contract? [closed]
What is the difference between a crash and freeze?
Constructor vs. new
Easiest way to Rotate a List in c#
How to redirect my deleted links
Bitwise representation of division of floats - how division of floats works
profile an awk command?
How to display data that was saved in android
Custom serialize_handler for custom php SessionHandler (DB storage)
php file force download
parent vs parent.node
Xcode show current time using image
NDK program killed by SIGSEGV
Ruby regex find and replace a number inside a string
Android Dev: AlarmManager Reschedule and Service
Display loop list where not empty
video inside custom shaped border css
Microsoft.PointOfService.PosPrinter - Method printbitmap threw an Exception
Why wont [NSTextStorage appendAttributedString: ] accept my NSAttributedString's attributes?
Django & Celery: How do I schedule a job to run only once using Celery(similar to 鈥渁t鈥�command in linux)?
How does Lisp dynamically assign symbols? Underlying data structure/mechanism of a Lisp symbol?
Parsing an Incongruous String Post Domain Name String
Is it possible to use 32 bit ctypes with a 64 bit Python interpreter?
Is there a more clear and efficient way to rewrite this function?
I/O error while reading BCP format file
detect keyboard search button
assignment_tag TemplateSyntaxError
How to use JSON-CPP?
Parse existing YAML file to create new template (remove value from key-value pair)
DirectX FPS, Bullets coming out from next to then gun from in front of it
Is there a workaround for setting [HostType(鈥淢oles鈥�] when dealing with anonymous methods in MSpec?
boost::weak_ptr<T>.lock() Crashes with a SIGSEGV Segmentation Fault
Design a Lock for SQL Server to help relax the conflict between INSERT and SELECT
How do you determine which submit was used to submit a form with jQuery?
preg_replace convert 1,000,000 to the word 1 Million
HTML5 History API: surviving to a a clear history?
Android How to iterate an R.drawable object
Instrument bar disappeared
page not get rendered using ajax in Jsf 2.0
Variable subtraction in django templates
C++ Return double or int from function
Embedding .swf files on an .html page
Mod rewrite ? being included
How do I run a web application using SpringSource Toolsuite?
Why isn't this DELETE query not deleting entries from table and also not throwing an exception
Convert 8 depth single channel (YUV) image to 24 depth RGB(3 Channels) image
Eclipse Java Project Error
How to use a content observer in android
Trying to create a delete button on each image of a gallery
Retain string formatting in the response from mvc2 action method
Is it possible to log all HTTP request headers with Apache?
QtCreator: breakpoints not working (in debug mode)
Numpy: How to elementwise-multiply two vectors, shape (n,1) and (n,)?
how can i use for parameter selection?
How do I interact with Maven goals using Eclipse/STS?
Why is meta refresh redirect no longer working and how can I fix it?
Use XSLT stylesheet with XML in ASP.NET MVC3
Loading an XML in ActionScript 3 before an event listener happens
How to make full screen an iframe?
split string with delimiter that are not inside specific characters
glib and linux kernel
Using .list() in Grails with other query options
Python: A complete list of modules
How can I set a title/caption for an overlay item and create onclick/long pressed listener for that item to start an new activity?
C:pipe How to write data multiple time on same pipe?
PHP how to cut text at comma in string
What is SAPI and when would you use it?
Trouble instantiating class with reference to another class
why it doesn't throw a NullPointerException in this case
SQL issue, mutual constraints, 鈥渁 foreign key constraint fails鈥�
Routing an event through multiple classes in C#
drag and drop picturebox between forms
Get language-specific name using API
Improve full screen Core Graphics image blending performance?
Java MIDI Sequencer Latency
python BeautifulSoup searching a tag
C# Visual Studio add-in - detect when saving document
uwsgi failing to start on Heroku?
Should we use the abstracted rails polymorphic migration syntax?
Mongo / Mongoid will create, but not update a model
Automatically update a database column
LINQ 鈥淢axOrDefault鈥�
How to log the DeviceIoControl calls of a program on windows
Loading Delay on offline html page
insert database elements in an array.
how to convert whole jsp page to pdf file in java?
UITextView character wrap but not word wrap
CUDA streams taking longer time
Two child delete on a binary tree
scala tuple type composition
Getting slime to find files on classpath, and contrib
SocialEngine Database Query Cleanup
visual studio - how to show svn annotations?
My <body> isn't accepting background color/image
Delay using
Remove edits from pictures
selecting the most recent rows from database with multiple return set
C# propertyGrid - how to specify which constructor it uses for structs?
Editing the DataSource of a ComboBox
Is there such a thing as a cached grep?
Get Assemblies Without Instantiating Them
i have a gridview autogenerated by the query.. i need to access the values in the gridview for further calculation in next gridview
JQuery : How can we filter int from variable
Remove the menu camera scan, Zxing
Apache2 Error : Either the vistor clicked on the 'Stop' button in the web browser
read name and value from every define('NAME','VALUE'); inside a .php file
EditorTemplate for 鈥淔loats鈥�not being called in ASP.NET MVC 3
Facebook Comments disappear when re-visiting dynamic page
SQL Math evaluate Issue
HttpPost not posting correctly
What is wrong with this list?
Apache Pivot: Unable to render HelloBxml example
Haskell: Why isn't my parser backtracking properly?
Finding contents of failed email sent from VBSCRIPT on Windows Server 2008
Compress PNG files in PHP
Converting CruiseControl from CVS to Mercurial
mysql revoke root privileges carefully
Switching between date and time formats [closed] Address already in use:8080
how to set the corner radius of the cells on UITableViewStyleGrouped?
How does the virtual inheritance table work in g++?
iOS - Animation effects - Image pop-in
ODBC Driver to Connect Sequel Pro to R
What sets ${catalina.home} in Tomcat 6 config files?
Check for the first char in a text box
Stringbuilder parameter
Android OpenGL es transformation pixel
Types using XTEA encryption funct
Using the deep:true query option with a dojo ObjectStore adapter
CodeIgniter returning different request format / content type html,json,xml etc
Is there a java API to generate xml with an inline schema definition
Can't play videos from SD card using native Android video player
Android user interface on xml
Jquery - Fixed Floating Elements and Animated Background
Datagrid view displaying length of rows
Using only PHP and HTML to act like JavaScript
Resolving/using multiple assembly versions from 3rd party dependencies
鈥済lobal鈥�does not work in CakePHP 2.1.1 views
Pointer a Class C++
Can properties of the nodes be regarded as a special type of nodes in Neo4j?
surprise on switching branches
Orchard - link to a view/action in another module?
Get personal and total worked hours in the same query
Configure the app.config dynamically in C# to connect to other database [duplicate]
jQuery.html() not working well with Asp.Net innerHtml
NuGet [Install-Package], NotImplementedException attempting package install or mvc 3 project creation
iphone - How to send a message from one object to another?
Navigating through UIVIewControllers [duplicate]
Python frameworks: Website/CMS vs application?
failsafe plugin won't run on one project but will run on another 鈥�why?
Iphone/Objective-c Loading images and texts into a double picker
Missing certain @helpers in Views MVC3
jQuery/JavaScript Execution Order
XPATH to verify the existence of a text in the html
populate ListFragment with Cursor items without ContentProvider
How choose random number within range, but weighted toward one part of that range? (in Java)
Wordpress Ajax Techniques
Performance difference between Innodb and Myisam in Mysql
Load DLL from memory unit - how use?
Accessing Apple's root certificate on iOS
log (1-var) operation in C
XSLT 2.0 Header Leaks into Transformed XML
Are SqlCipher open cursors a security concern?
Understanding Label limitations
Understanding Label limitations
C++ Qt WriteProcessMemory
Presta shop meta tag on homepage issue
Mac cant install with npm/nodejs?
javascript text validation [closed]
ios diagnosing iphone connection status
eZend_Json::encode or json_encode with special characters
DLL Export __declspec(dllexport) doesn't work
htaccess redirect without user knowing
How to delete specific import from each file in application?
What does 'SEL' mean and how can it be fixed?
Html.Editor() helper in ASP.NET MVC 3 does not work as expected with array in model
Java - Are there any ways to obfuscate/hide strings to prevent against decompilation?
Windows C Runtime library not linking like I expect?
Html.TextBoxFor ID in two places on the same form
When should checked exception/unchecked exception be chosen?
My map callouts don't display the image when clicked jquery get some data
Javascript: accessing DOM before document.onload
css, asp:listview and nth-child
Locking and synchronization using Mutex
Symfony2: use parameter defined in config.xml
How to declare methods in objective c outside the interface?
Cache not working on client for JSON response
DataTable Join using LINQ in C#
Pixels different sizes in different server environments
Second Unit Test Not Running
Strange behaviour in my android app (Android 2.3.5) - Things get inflated wrong
Global shortcut work but system play Error sound
How do i use labels that are in Form1 dsigner at the new class?
Embed Listview into Preferences in Android
Email using System.Net.Mail through Google Apps Timing out
VB6 Create OCX Enable/Disable all controls inside
Hibernate create JPA EntityManagerFactory with out persistence.xml
Chrome is eating my first inner <form> 鈥�why?
MVC3 grid split header into many words
Check variable data returns a date object
submit a form with jQuery after delay
Android Date Picker (Getting current Date)
LINQ to XML Not Working
I am getting 鈥淚nvalid command 'WSGIScriptAlias' 鈥�error while starting Apache
SQLite error an android: foreign key mismatch on Insert on Database
Git repositories on shared hosting with ssh access - multiple users / one ssh account
Is it possible to get share count for a url broken down by country?
Jquery validation - checking email and username availability from server-side Django
troubles to run JQuery component with jsf project
How do I make the jquery datepicker open with the next month when there are no days available this month?
FTP server responses are sometimes undetected in batch
Backbone update triggers complete, but not error or success
Changing string in cells
hide an element after leaving the page - razor
Peformance of selector
Convert vector of indices into matrix
Getting permissions to create a new folder using NSFileManager
Does IMAP maintain 鈥淢arked as read鈥�on the server? [closed]
Can you print the graphical representation of a SQL Server View? [closed]
The fastest Java algorithm for calculating nth term of Fibonacci sequence? [closed]
Holding multiple items in a column on mysql
Extracting elements of list
Send message to multiple recipients using Facebook API
Assigning a Node to an xsl:variable using depending on a test
Could not execute method of Activity
RDLC ReportViewer control on a web page
c# Deserializing an element based on it's parent node's name
Appending Views to each other in Backbone.js framework
.slideToggle and position:fixed in Chrome
Windows Service speed
jquery sortable() : how to show sorted order with cookies?
JQuery UI - Accordion - Change CSS based on bound data in MVC3
Adding description while adding your own place using Google places API in Android
nowjs group leave event called multiple times
How to find out if a method got hooked (=3rd party methods acting as a layer, used for cracking apps)
How can I permantently disable the keyboard toggle in Visual Studio 2010?
how to load data from XML file directly, instead of creating XML file by tring builder
PowerShell + BMC Remedy + Web Services
Where to declare variable?
asp form translating from another website
Hashmap method not accepting defined parameters
how to go to non-gwt page from gwt app
Line between AppDelegate and ViewController
stream azure blob video to JWPlayer
I need to spawn several python jsonrpclib servers from one instance forking / multiprocessing
Qt Selection Rect Position
Access an excel file from within ASP.NET Folders code-behind
Wordpress: Get custom taxonomies and taxonomy terms
Retrieving content from a bean without having to worry about returning a null?
A user with no email can't post a comment using Django's comments framework
PHP preg_replace (replace from string all characters except letters, numbers, and few characters) [duplicate]
Formatting the output stream, ios::left and ios::right
Can not find <iostream> when using it in a .y file in Xcode
How to get your iOS app to QA to test
symfony2 : twig extension is_granted('EDIT', comment) doesn't work in a foreach loop
MS-Help Library Agent: 鈥淪ystem.Web.Mvc鈥�completely wiped out after humongous update
Static class and inheritance
Confused About Relationships and HQL Queries in CF ORM
Writing dynamic CSS with Jade
Can rollapply return a list of matrices?
std::function crashes when used in array on stack
Auto-width a child div with a parent with fixed width and overflow: hidden
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Attempting to execute an operation on a closed EntityManagerFactory
Database design how to reference table
JavaScript Validation cannot insert into the database
Blackberry 4.2.0 - How can I tell which RIM APIs require the location permission?
gives Exception in set the value of EditText
Using the Mac installer command through java
Free C++ ZIP parser with flexible license for commercial product?
Not sure how to convert SQL to Rails ActiveRecord
Proguard not respecting -keeppackages parameter
How to obtain the result of integrity_check PRAGMA using System.Data.SQLite component?
Sencha Touch form panel, does not scroll with mouse
How to associate a desktop application with a web site
Sphinx Search use sql_attr_* without returning field?
Loop script if -loop $true passed by named parameters
Django - convert Python None to javascript null
How do I get more than one autocomplete input field within a form?
Type safe enum for dependency injection
Fade out DIV and fade in next DIV with jQuery
Should I use TDD at the beginning of a new project? [closed]
Animating UIView - How to keep track of Position?
Magento: Invalid Attribute Name error
AJAX div content not auto-adjusting page height
How control specific properties of GridView cells
FMX : Flatten Multiple Images
After load, the content won't appear
How to print out individual Strings from Iterable<String>
Show aditional info when an ItemOverlay is clicked in Android
Is the input event reliable?
org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap on dock in Mac
Is there a way to force Zend_Session_SaveHandler_DbTable to write to the database earlier?
Convert ARGB to RGB without losing information
bookmarklet to trigger javascript code buried in iframe and framesets
Javascript - Trigger Error
Can you include a static lib (.a) in another static lib with ar?
How to make a canvas blink and invariant to auto-rotate?
jQuery doesn't support .has in IE8? what is a work around?
jquery autocomplete with PHP and JSON not working
AJAX, PHP, JSON & Query Strings: How to safely and effeciently pass variables?
ActionScript - Is there a way to tell developer that this methods throws exception?
SQL Querying for Threaded Messages
Verification Methods in Entity
Looking for a way to do a callback from within the Android Handler
android writing images to cache not returning null on decode file
How to prevent iphone microphone to record played sound?
What are the default color values for the Holo theme on Android 4.0?
preg_match regex string
Change an input's colour to its value
android app update causing deleted app shortcuts and error message
Doctrine count records of table
Example 3 of 鈥淧rofessional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery鈥�- Connect button not working
Looking for Strategy to work around 3rd party tool - an abstract class overloading Page
Is there a simple way to constrain the selection box on jQuery UI Selectable?
is there a way to more elegantly manipulate Date objects in this example?
How to start, debug and build Java Web Project in Eclipse with Maven and Tomcat mvc 4 display modes and controller
Xcode show image in UIImageView from PHP Echo MySQL BLOB
LinqToSql Sub Entiity Multiple And Operators
Trying to populate a table using repeaters
How to change the form enctype for custom post type in Wordpress?
Powerpoint Open method works find in 2010 but not in 2007
What is DataBaseReader.Item equivelent in c#
ASP.NET MVC 3 JQuery Validation reset single field
Putting Html.ValidationMessageFor in a nice list
Saving NSDictionary to NSUserDefaults
How to access cookie in an MVC3 action method?
Create a real time web application using .net framework and azure - very confused
FQL Query to retreive photos works on newer Facebook accounts but not older ones
Need help in understand layout_weight=鈥�鈥�
How to pass values 鈥嬧�between xpages in different notes databases?
I added aliases to user ~/.bashrc but 鈥渟udo -u user -i 'alias_name'鈥�still reports 鈥渃ommand not found鈥�
Can Kalman filter reduce node density in a sensor network?
Is the Default ListView Group not automatically created?
nodejs connect session cookie not setting on some machines
how to delete border spacing in table
Jade template as a preprocessor for html
How to draw bottom half of a 3D tube with C#
How can I match the start and end in Python's regex?
Out of memory - why does the system not page out not recently used?
Emacs: Define a function which loads the file where the function itself is defined
Self reference in Mongoid is not working in both directions
Logging Python stdout to File鈥�with active stdout (backspacing/updating)
prevent iframe from changing parent location
NSSortDescriptor custom alphanumeric order
get uploaded file details in next step of a multistep form
Failing AJAX request in a Chrome extension, with correct manifest permissions?
How to check if a thread is finished inside a OnClickListener
PHP Regular expression, cant figure out whats wrong my expression [closed]
javascript reflection library
PostSharp attribute not inherited
Is it possible to ADD Hyperlink in Facebook Status Message or Photo album Message?
can you use node-inspector to debug a node.js app running with foreman
column size in TableLayoutPanel keeps changing in designer
jQuery animations to take place after one another
Understanding result returned from splice in CoffeeScript
Accessing Dynamically-Named Directory in Python
Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.Parameter name index
regex replace words with certain number of chars
How to get the name of the token
symfony2 sessions, cookies, or something completely different?
How do return uncommon characters from two strings being compared in Java
CSS draws differently on Mac OSX? (menu bars get pushed one pixel, pushing last button down a row)
CSS draws differently on Mac OSX? (menu bars get pushed one pixel, pushing last button down a row)
grabbing values using javascript and putting them into mailTo (firefox bug)
rewritecond pulling in too much
NSURL property with 鈥渃opy鈥�attribute. Is it leaking?
iOS 5 Region Monitoring: Can new regions be created based on users current coordinates from coreLocation?
SignalR: Server doesn't receive any requests if more than X connections established in one browser
setContentView doesn't allow search to work
unwanted multiple ajax request to an action in mvc
Saving conexion in Java EE's Session .vs. a connection pool
How to load UI forms in QT?
How do I prevent ESC in editable-options propagating to the jQuery-ui dialog it's in?
What is the difference between OptionalAttribute and optional parameters in C# 4.0
Location restricted Facebook apps - Possible to restrict view from page admins?
Make JSF Tomahawk tree2 node selectable?
How can I access an emulator running on a computer from an emulator running on other computer on same lan using Socket and ServerSocket?
How to embed JavaScript in PHP within div (in an include file)?
Is trait extends (A => B) a trait extending function?
How to search more than one option in Sunspot?
How do I assign the results of an SQL query to multiple variables in VB.NET?
LI in my jquery effects my menu
CATransform3D transform
Else statement inside Switch is an syntax error?
HTML5 Input Form Reappears after Submit and Hide
how to button enable when all textbox has value in jquery?
matplotlib axis formatting error occuring when move from version to version 1.2.x
NSURLRequest doesn't send cookies
Problems with UI Button Settings & Locations [closed]
Changing variable dynamically (at runtime) via LESS and CSS?
INPUT_MOUSE: mouse does not move with given dx/dy values
Nancy - Super Simple View Engine : Nested @Each
How can I include one language file in another on a separate CI installation?
using a flex web application in another HTML file
Runnable JAR file bad encoding with sockets
Download files from an FTP server
iOS: UIImageView Issues
Why does cd sometimes fail when expanding a wildcard
How to get MyBatis to work with defensive copies?
CoreData: One-To-Many Relationship Display Issue
Visual Studio C# Ignore an Error
cocas2d particles in background
Delphi - online technical tests [closed]
alert msg onclick event
How to make an image resize dynamically as the DIV changes?
SQL charindex throwing Invalid length parameter passed to the LEFT or SUBSTRING function because of period? vvont send email using gmail
Objective c - Get non-english characters from sqlite
why do we need interface when we have abstract class? [duplicate]
EF database first & WCF: What about DataContracts?
Login and download an xml file over http?
Why does this BufferedReader not read in the specified UTF-8 Format?
How do I drag & drop and center an image between UIImageViews?
In what order are Panels the most efficient in terms of render time and performance?
How to fix this undefined notice error
Update all items in a list using PowerShell
Javascript initializing string
How to read bytes from a device using c/c++ in windows
PHP How to convert fullCalendar event data to iCalendar format
.NET System.Data namespace decompilation: where can I find the code relating to SQL Server concurrency violations
Adding module dependency in IntelliJ without the +/- buttons
how to install modules using a module in Drupal 7?
Time delay in For loop in c#
Dictionary with Key of List<T>
Jquery DatePicker Not Hiding After PopUp Close
What files can be .erb files
doing a query match based on current item in sitecore
Add image to .spec file in Pyinstaller
InApp purchasing issue
Get line number that contains a string
Linux Buffer Overflow Environment Variables
wxpython infinite refresh panel cause program collapse
Can we get public key using Paramiko? Or just read it like plain text?
URL rewrite - issue reading a $_GET variable
Disabling the 'Next' or 'Previous' button?
Python not creating a new clean instance?
Binding between properties of two objects that both implements INotifyPropertyChanged in code
Custom workflow activity - return collection or array?
ubuntu nic card issue [closed]
Select count of foreign keys based on user defined limit
Convert a CVD image to a Color OpenCV image
Change the order of records depending on the user?
Query does not return anything
Testing Service with SQL and dataSource
Why does [context save:&error] return NO and the error is nil?
While loop add class to first result
extension crashes on launch of Chrome
Jquery Issue when getting a checked value of a check box
Problems creating jar files
A home button in iOS 5, xcode 4.2, Story board
IE 9 Displaying 鈥淧ermission Denied鈥�Error on Google GeoChart
delphi file search multithreading
Return index of nested element
Plot a curve between two points in canvas
a regex expression to extract 1st group + 2nd group or 1st group only if no 2nd group (including variations)
Java hashcode() strings collision
Make base_url relative in Drupal7
Read UTF8 files on windows and linux through c++
Method creation dilemma
places Autocomplete return incorrect coordinates
Dependency missing when using WritableBitmapEx
Tap into Trident/Gecko/Chrome to render HTML into text?
Tap into Trident/Gecko/Chrome to render HTML into text?
Adding Images to Test Results Giving Strange Results
How to configure my web.config before publishing my web site?
XSD element with both attributes and child elements
Android: App Widget Configuration Activity does not behave like Activity (Edited from: Android: AppWidget not embedding into home screen)
css divs out of position when 鈥渕ore鈥�button is clicked
Can I Turn Off Hardware Accelerated Canvas From Javascript?
TransactionManagementError with Django Celeryd / django-celery with sqlite backend
Colour points in a plot differently depending on a vector of values
InstallShield 2012: Install fails when IIS Virtual Dir set to be same property name as Component Destination
CodeIgniter Oauth library
How to use datatables (jquery datagrid plugin ) to implement an check all and delete function?
ipad app sending image to photo library does not capture background
How to use mapcar here?
jQuery $.getJSON not sending request in IE (works in FF and Chrome)
Insert HTML code inside SVG Text element
jumping to element animation
List of local/embedded databases for iOS devices
How to pass parameter to my event handling code for printing image
RegEx - Match simple collection-syntax and extract contents
How to change and maintain multiple color themes at runtime with css?
In java, how to write an object to a file and later on read it from the file and convert it back to the original object in the HDFS?
Cygwin bash -c yields different argc depending on whether the command start with c:/ or something else
Are Doctrine migrations usable in production applications?
insert frame layout inside another frame layout
Applet needs to read an XML located outside the JAR
Retrieving POST data from Web2py to local HTML file
Removal of OnClickListener and automation
Shader optimization for retina screen on iOS
Need help about php framework (codeigniter)
How to save Values to a NSDictionary
Can't Add iFrame App to Page
Play! Framework 2.0 - Looping through a map in a scala template?
Getting pointer for first entry in an array
DIV set to height:auto not displaying correctly mvc area routed as part of another area
Understanding code to change the marker for the overlay on tap in Android
Time deterministic execution of Runnable
2 Dependent jQuery-UI Sliders
Ruby on Rails: Can anyone identify what would possibly cause this error when running a rake?
ResourceNotFoundException when using greendroid android
About the keyword, 鈥渘ew鈥�in Java [duplicate]
How can I highlight the top menu item when I'm on a post in a subcategory?
JavaScript multiple inputs onChange
EGit Eclipse shows modifications even after git hard reset
System.Net.WebRequest Custom Credentials
how to sort label value from high to low score?
JPA/Hibernate works with Postgresql, but not with Mysql
Edit document attached to list item
NestedList wont render
Is this line creating globals?
Comparable error
in flash cs5 how load text from an external txt file
Adding an object to an array of objects with splice
how to test rendering a partial with rspec
Order of events for dynamically added elements and Masked-Input plugin
xcode NSString IBOutlet to NSString Object in designer?
Running php script from book using command line
OpenLayers type of Overlays supported
Clarification on an MSDN sockets article
javascript search for bulletpoint using indexOf
Silent Install of Haskell Platform
MySQL design one-to-many?
How do I run an Activity from a button on a widget in Android?
What is the Best method to access hiberante search (lucene) files on amazon s3
mapreduce with polymodel
Castle factory for short living dependencies
OopFactory X12 Parser breaks
Can you continue logging errors while buffering output in php?
Unable to use MapController without app crashing
How can I upgrade the Web Matrix Umbraco template to the latest version of Umbraco?
Is the only way to do this an inline if statement?
How to auto-generate Magento URL Rewrites?
Trying to match url pathname with RegEx
Can Maven pull the dependency into the project?
WCFExtras web.config pointing (my) external service
Is there an easy way to get the state group or the actual State object for the current state?
Uploadify - secure way to upload pictures, visible only to the user that uploaded them