Collaborative filtering for news articles or blog posts
inlining a function
How safe is to allow customer edit Handlebar.js template
Strange SQL CE Finalize Error occuring on WP7 Application
Morphing 2 faces images
Handle form submission event with javascript, avoid 鈥淔orm Processed鈥�
I can't create Grails project in Intellij 11
xsl prints child nodes on the line below where I want it
Does NHibernate support subqueries in the `from` clause?
Displaying values from a database issue
Cron : Setting alternative minutes
How do I properly use a form to get search criteria for an SQL database?
How to load ImageURL into Bitmap and to add it to ViewPager Collection in android
speed up my awk command?Answer must be awk :)
Implementing an abstract function with access types in Ada
is this a correct way to test a presenter
Length of data to decrypt is Invalid
XSL check if multiple elements of same name and attribute is equal to a given text
Stackoverflow: Caused by nested views?
Server cannot modify cookies after HTTP headers have been sent with search bots
Controlling timed execution in Spring-based Pojo in Java EE
EXC_BAD_ACCESS when dismiss a customized login view
How to generate video out of images via Wordpress plugin
jscrollpane works for only one table
鈥淥R鈥�operator in Google App Engine (Java)
How to set MarkerOptions in gmaps4rails (optimized = false)?
How to add multiple different columns of excel using Apache POI & Java
Creating an SSL socket on Windows that uses the WinCrypt certificates for authentication?
Bat File to close Program after 5 minutes of inactivity
C++, switch case, and the compiler
create new list with duplicates of list in list - python [closed]
How to use RSpec with JBuilder?
Entity Framework to bindingsource randomly updating properly
How to generate an import library (LIB-file) from a DLL?
HornetQ: which versions can be considered stable?
how to clear varnish cache for node queues?
Set CSS cell-spacing for TD
nhibernate 3.2 how to turn off show_sql
Linux - Rename all folders to upper in a destination
In a Java EE servlet container (JBoss) is it possible to include a classes directory inside an EAR?
File creation time via PHP (or something similar)
Is this a bad practice in overloading a method?
Strange issue with jQuery.get()
rails app folder directory structure
Batch set date time attribute according to the names of the files in a folder
Correct method of deleting over 2100 rows (by ID) with Dapper
clientgen generated PortType_Stub cannot be cast to
Mobile phone app event timing synchronization
Authenticaton Method for Desire2Learn REST API vs SOAP
How to call didFinishLaunchingWithOptions after some delay
TortoiseHG Sync - How to save URL
how to run an mstest dll from command line
What date format does Facebook use for the expiration access_token?
Changing the size of the menu from the 鈥淏uffers鈥�item in the menu bar in emacs
select() blocks instead of returning a timeout
Android: get only dimensions of the last rectangle in crop image from
Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals
AWS EC2 Spot Instance PHP add tag when making spot request
How to call listener in another function in android
WCF stream to Android
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error when I trying to make Bubble sort
GotoXY implementation
Debug with Zend Studio and Wampserver
How does Rails serve static content out of public?
JQuery Datepicker: If selected date is today's date
Redirect an URL with all variables to another URL
Pragma Inline Vs Pinning objects in oracle
Delphi TRegEx bug?
SQL LIKE wildcard space character
Phonegap Cordova 1.6.0
Extract files that exist in folders from Zip Archive
Extract files that exist in folders from Zip Archive
t-sql most preferred way with join
How to extend row group header to column in SSRS reporting service?
Why is my validation firing on the get request before the post in MVC3?
Spring Mongo Log4j customize
Formatting JSON Data with ColdFusion for HighCharts
2's complement representation of fractions?
Android resize checkbox
Using a DLL that has data access capabilities causes an error
htaccess redirection rule
facebook style insight for individual item
JQuery ui - date picker not working properly
HTML5 application for smarthphone(android, ios) with localStorage date()
nil_class when using partial
How to extract attachments from msg files using Python
Can i disable skin loading for YUI3 modules?
How to send several SMS messages with one button
How do I diagnose blocking in an iOS app?
Is it possible to lay out a table with 2 columns. The first column with many td's, the second one with one?
Simple sql injection solution for login forms?
Flask, blue_print, current_app
Accessing a protected member of a superclass-typed member object - an elegant solution
The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'ViewModels.SiteModel',
Editing DataGridViewLinkCell
Applescript Access Print and Scan
Parse XML on Android using inputstream from Cache
Word 2010 template table generation
I have a list of links that are supposed to be left aligned. One is not aligning
Replacement for diff() for multiple columns
Hamming weight written only in binary operations?
Null pointer exception when dealing with intents
Multithreaded Linux program not giving expected output
#if defined (x) ,, (y) ; is this valid?
MVVM IValueConverter Convert method getting empty string argument when expecting a float
Close GPRS connection that was opened by another application
Send JSON to Rails REST API
Javascript History can't retrieve value in onpopstate
AssertionError - Selenium/Python
Ruby on Rails 3.1 & Datatables gem 'simpe_datatables' (
EWS Streaming Subscription System.Xml.XmlException
Need Advice: Best way to roll out a recoded website with out losing traffic? [closed]
Tell me how to do the semi liquid layout without javascript, i feel I'm missing something simple
Crystal Reports 7 - How to accumulate values from a supressed entry
Why did Symfony 1.x favor convention over configuration but Symfony 2.x the opposite?
How to dynamically resize rectangle from bottom to top. Java
How do you avoid repeating yourself when creating a logger?
java.lang.NoSuchMethodException resulting from incorrect classpath?
How do I write a Unicode string to the console screen buffer?
Grails run-app not starting when adding mx4j dependency
How to do image stitching using opencv (python), simplecv or pil?
Is using ColdFusion 8 CFIMAGE to generate captcha still a good idea?
Devise authentication. undefined method 'authenticate_member!'
Make the cake php find query result to be changed array key with id value using Cake php itself
Error in SQL Syntax?
Accessing function pointer inside class
Confused about 'close' in UILocalNotification
How can I automate the exportation of a mySQL database using phpMyAdmin
how to can read browsers cookie? [closed]
Pass arguments from tinyMCE to tinyMCEPopup
Supervise changes in object property values
Getting a List<T> from Matching two Seperate List<T>s
Testing JSON with PHP
Excel sumproduct accross multiple ranges and COUNT the results
OCR fails due to font specifics
Writing a string and 2D Array to a .txt file - Java
updating inbox new message count
php file_get_contents() is not working for popup window
Can I add an extension method to derived classes that calls protected methods in the base?
iOS project wants me to Upgrade assembler codgen and debugger
MySQL - Making query replication friendly
Another developer revoked and re-created my client's iOS Distribution Certificate - does this mean I can never update my client's existing app?
How to replace dynamically created HTML tables with GridView controls
Database Project Dropping Permissions On Deploy
Windows service cannot see named semaphore
Appending to buffer in c++
Need advice for CSS for the button
Editing PHAR files
Using C# can I make an SSL connection using Server Name Indication (SNI)?
pusher , push actions to trigger soundmanager .play();
Singleton pattern used to create web service but what about dispose.
Optimal method for posponing onEvent?
Embed Google Map in Wordpress post without using iframe or plugin?
it's possible access a pointer in a 鈥渞ecursive mode鈥�
How to get siblings of multiple class
Abnormal program termination error accessing elements while using vector inside a vector in c++
after create new application annotations does not work
XML with XSLT Printing in .net
reference the script tag that loaded the currently-executing script in an ajax form
I don't fully understand the sql statement
How do I watermark an image?
VBscript ,writing into registry
Is this a Javascript Hacking Attempt? [closed]
Xml-RPC.Net Response Mapping with Struct Arrays
Get the current radio element index?
String Split and FileSystemEventArgs argument usage in C#
Using jQuery to open page at the bottom.
Integrate a Bullet simple demo in Qt
Undefined reference to function during linking
Changing Views but let the background stay in place
Set up multiple shipping methods with different table rates?
Best way to notify UIInterfaceOrientation changes to other viewControllers
Maximized WPF RibbonWindow Hides Windows Taskbar
Lightbox Javascript Conflict
php curl login and post to form
getting database connection in java hangs
Can't drag Telerik MVC Grid column to group records
Native app video
No horizontal scrollbar in kiln code reviews
Cron : Setting multiple minutes
What is the equivalent of TFS 2008 鈥渃oreGet鈥漣n TFS 2010 team build workflow?
XCode: Reload New View For Instance of View Controller
How can I enter angle brackets into an HTML form textbox so they won't be 'sanitized' away
LayoutInflater Attributes
jquery slideshow with text as well as images
Getting User Permissions From Active Directory In SharePoint Groups
Where do I find GWT Google Maps V3 API code examples?
issues in installing Rstem package
Alpha beta pruning [closed]
SQL limit query optimization
try to change packet ip and send it away
Javascript submit form and redirect current page
Wordpress Admin - required custom meta check
Counting no of rows returned by a select query
Mobile Broadband API: 鈥淧in is required鈥�exception but pin is set
Hibernate Treats SQL Server Dateparts as Columns Instead of Keywords
How to change the text of a radio button
rc.common not run on mac os x
How to add two BitSet
I cant figure out how to use java gui / layouts?
Fetch range from days
Can I let users pay with credit card on the Android Mobile Payments Library?
SQLDataAdapter is updating, but it is appending to the Database and not updating
Global try catch
PHP + Wordpress: Auto list image name into dropdown slection
Efficient way to get related Measure Groups given a Dimension in VB.NET
Test ODBC entry on Unix
Python: Extracting bits from a byte
Better way to update values in string[]
Embedding Bootstrap class properties into another class
Do WSDL targetNamespace and XML Schema targetNamespace have to be the same?
Copying namespaces in XQuery
How to lock the UI?
Support for secondary language in ASP.NET localization
Connecting client to server using
How do I use Nokogiri to parse a single file with multiple XML documents in it?
Doing a while / loop to get 10 random results
Rails - Is it possible to give external image a local url?
Collect Data from two fields, to input into a complete list
Striped Lines appear out of nowhere
Populating a database in PostgreSQL
Doing a while / loop to get 10 random results
Rails - Is it possible to give external image a local url?
Collect Data from two fields, to input into a complete list
Striped Lines appear out of nowhere
Populating a database in PostgreSQL
IXMLHttpRequest.responseXml is empty, with no parse error, when responseText contains valid Xml
javascript widget withe php build 2d array
using Windows Azure Connect local endpoint to send email from web role
Related entries in a Safecracker form?
apache redirect http to https and www to non www
MvcSiteMapProvider - Multiple Pages Need To Link to One Menu Node
Wcf Backward compatibility issue - missing namespace on method parameter
Installing ruby-debug19 for ruby 1.9.3p125 without RVM
Inertial Scrolling in Text View
crash when calling gd function
center image in responsive layout
MATLAB msgbox and java.awt.Robot issue?
Using class constants and overriding in PHP
Multidimensional Arrays via ajax to PHP
implement multiple instance support on jquery autosuggest plugin
Cookie not found even though it exists
Is there a solid way to top align labels to their controls?
How can i pass/use private variables froma class in Form1 with a public function?
iPhone Core Location architecture - How to use it across multiple Controllers
Making a table row into a link in Rails
UITableView Cell Label Duplicating
Set priority for application pools in IIS
GAE Map Reduce - hitting entities more than once?
Collapsed comments Like Facebook
The format of the URI could not be determined - c#
Why I get the error 502
How To Prevent Iframe Pages Being Inserted Into IE Browsing History
how to access the media gallery in running android emulator
How to read XML document and display the output as string in c#
Add all instance of a variable together in a PHP foreach loop?
Value removed from HashMap during iteration
AlchemyAPI C will not compile on Ubuntu - keywordspp specifically
VCS capable of files versioned per user
Is there a PHP Class That I Can Use to Make Sure My Users Can't Enter the Same Data Twice (Preventing Duplicate Data)?
Returning jQuery click function css change back
How to create a custom scrollbar on a div
php delete element from array
how to make text in the center
Is a custom eCommerce and shopping cart solution necessary?
Can LDAP_MATCHING_RULE_IN_CHAIN return 'subtree search results' with attributes (specifically 鈥渕emberOf鈥�?
finding customers who never ordered a pepperoni pizza
Android. Open new Activity through ListView?
Maven local dependency not resolving sub-dependencies
printf like behaviour?
How to parse date String containing Locale
JavaScript Inheritance or How is this Working?
Is there a pattern to pass parameter to another assembly?
Change where semantic summary is displayed
AS 3.0 Zoom in-out
How can I call an 鈥淓ditorFor鈥�for a specific class from _Layout.cshtml?
MVC JQuery Loads Too Quickly
MYSQL Select Statement with IN Clause and Multiple Conditions
Include one header file in each source file
Access StackPanel in code behind with entity framework
MVC Using Code First with Validation Logic and TDD
session_store :active_record_store options
NuGet version trees
Edit cell properties in JQGrid
How to generate Preload animated gif for Internet-Explorer
JS Supersized plugin - images cutting off at edge of viewport
Remove non-windows MSP packages with powershell
Link_to :method => :delete not routing to destroy in Rails 3 with jQuery
struts2 ajax redirect
Bluring table row borders to create nice effect
How to realize a custom implementation of a std-like iterator?
Luaj - add JButton action listener from Lua
IE9 scripting causing print rendering problems
How to remove characters from an excel sheet?
Optimizing I/O(Output) in C code + a loop
Why doesn't Restkit parse correctly?
The deepest way in tree
Does SharePoint Search support range tags?
SQLite date comparison on non-valid Timestring formats
Using a Switch Statement in Obj-C
How do I fix the error 'Named Pipes Provider, error 40 - Could not open a connection to' SQL Server'?
Adding static library to existing project in Xcode 4. Unable to import header
Access 2007 unbound control changed in one record impacts on all others
Specifying a stereotype with a qualifier won't work?
Which tools are available to effectively parse & scrape this HTML?
std::thread creation throws exception
differentiate alphanumeric and alphabetic in php
Parse a text-string to F#-code
Python + GTK: How to set a selected row on gtk.treeview
How do I disable Firefox from converting all my color values to rgb?
maximum number of recursive SQL levels
code mirror get current char position
Run function then follow link
Image scaling causes poor quality in firefox/internet explorer but not chrome
Adjust height of container
Sending notifications to a android phone via a web service
xsp/apache not working for ASP.NET application, xsp4 from terminal does work
Mock MVC3 ControllerContext query string collection and ValueProvider
CakePHP 2.1.1. testAction() undefined
FragmentTabs creating new Fragment objects every time
VBA Excel ActiveChart ProtectFormatting
VBA Excel ActiveChart ProtectFormatting
Forbid automatic type inference
Scrape Google-Search results page in PHP for total results and parse them
Can I have a class shared for all my web applications?
Android: stopping a thread when no activity running
Parse double comma separated unichar from xml and display it in regular arabic letters
why is hashCode() for String object different from hashCode() of a custom class' object?
triangle opengl in android
Append tweets one by one Jquery
Problems sending mail through PHPMailer
Intelli-J can't run spock tests? (Unable to attach test reporter鈥�
PHP split and spaces
Command line is prompting for password, cannot send password using java eclipse
shifting value in a matrix
iis 6 and cookieless session, record session ID in iis log
HRD Alias redirecting traffic to? [closed]
Add click event on elements of an embedded SVG in javascript
R xts: transform all 0 values in a time series with the last found value different than 0
Need to get values from MySQL table where certain conditions do NOT exist
Filling live table with records from staging table
Getting an ArrayIndexOutOfboundsException when splitting a string into an array and then looping over it
Ignoring the response in java class for a http request making from class
select all/none using hidden fields not quite working
Format of Sql DateTime object
Drag n Drop Feature - ASP.NET
Magento checkout broken in IE9 and IE8 for that matter
How do I check to see if user has PIN code enabled on an iOS Device
C++/CLI iterator exception in try-catch-finally
calling SSRS report from PHP/URL with parameter
J2ME - Can't get ConnectionNotFoundException
Javascript Multi-Dimensional Array Problems
detect if input is hidden-type
Getting Index at which the pattern is searched
Can I export a Canvas to an image in java?
Installing odac as a part of deployment package
select distinct rows order by date
Hide 鈥淓dit Item鈥�Menu Item
Can web automation be done in Python? [closed]
How to use ontologies
What should I serve when my webapp server has a bug?
How to customize message in a Facebook app request
Java Unlimited array
Removing identical coordinates on a specific place within a file
Query issue in SQL Server 2008
Can't get c# linq query to compile with joins
Getting error 鈥淩egister pair 1/2 contains wrong type鈥�using custom loader
Exit win32 application without CRT
Azure app works on dev fabric but not when deployed
What window manager should I use as example?
Android Facebook Post On Wall Without Dialog Warnings
use deployJava.js to call java methods in javascript
Tomcat 6 Issue in Eclipse
sharepoint webpart with many usercontrols
Dynamically change the tab labels in a CPropertySheet
How do I make this 'slider' javascript to simply rotate images infinitely?
God does not stop delayed_job worker
C# age of a webpage? [closed]
Aggregate multiple embedded neo4j graph into one neo4j instance
Redis Charting for Rails Application
Get Conf Parameter From Crystal Reports
How to testing the ordering in a unit test?
How to update element of an array in MongoDB By PHP
Netty - Does closing the socket at the client end close the channel at the server
How to printf different locale?
JS changed in aspx from html
Polymorphic Enums
What are better ways to create a method that takes many arguments? (10+?)
Javascript to end ajax-loader.gif
while( var row = fn() );
Is there anyway to discover which ip addresses are connected to the db?
Record and restore application state for quick .NET app startup
Parsing text in java
issues on auto_ptr
Don't stop the Chronometer when I change the activity
Copy constructor not being called [duplicate]
Zend_Service_Twitter & Zend_Oauth_Token_Access behind proxy?
Geocode not working with php on my new host
Loading/Modifying/Saving Changes to Text File
Is there an Oracle equivalent to SQL Server's Application Name Connection String Parameters?
Convert string to Date in java
JDBC ResultSet: not last but has not next, why?
bash script without shebang
Tablet landscape specific with media queries
dxf to pdf in
Authorize request between web services by Single Access Token using DotNetOpenAuth
Unexpected behaviors with closure function scope
How can I use a client certificate with a missing CA to communicate with a external Web service?
Easiest way to deploy OSGi framework from Eclipse?
Passing PHP variable to Jquery without refresh
Faster way to grab images from XML feed
In Python+OpenCV, how do I test cv.CaptureFromFile return value for failure?
Registering and using forms with Windsor
Getting data from mssql to Eclipse
Where can HttpContext.User be set?
MVC Application FaultException Thrown How to get to display Error page
HTTP Requests when using REST
Can we know the naturalSize of a video directly from the file?
Fast serialization/deserialization of structs
Sending UTF-8 Text Messages on C# using TIBCO EMS
Where does Visual Studio store the bookmarks and what format are they stored in?
Strategy, State, Singleton鈥�or a Composition thereof?
Do i need a slash in front of rails route
Extract OLE Object (word document) from Access DB
SPOTIFY APP API: adding padding to playlist item .sp-item/changing ITEM_HEIGHT property in views.js
How to change the default way to open application
Python: get key with the least value from a dictionary BUT multiple minimum values
HTML5 Canvas Animation Has Occasional Jitter / Hesitation / Stutter
Using References (many-to-one) in Fluent NHibernate creates a Foreign Key in both ends, the many end and the one-end
recurring segmentation fault while using strcpy
Readxml using attributes as column names and values
I installed PHP and Apache successfully, then when I installed MySQL I encountered frustrating problems
Apache and tomcat in the same Virtualhost
Converting image into stream
Handling the events of a Interop control in C#
Compile SASS on the iPad?
calling a protected virtual method in C++ [duplicate]
How can this MySQL query be optimized
Regex to capture text around a literal
convert string to date type
how can appear my JPanel in my JFrame?
How to select specific item from cartesian product without calculating every other item
Records created in Rails not persisting to test database
Replace mod_autoindex with PHP indexer in all directories without adding a index.php to all of them
Why my TempData is not working
XML parsing in C++
C++ Function bind repeating arguments to curried function
awk: Pattern substitution in one file based on input from another file
Bitbucket: Update a fork to merge changes of master repo?
joining tables without showing duplicate values as it relates to the other [closed]
Flex Lazy Binding
Random order of rows when sorting is done on a column
Make debug kit use Memcache
Powershell XML importnode from different file
hibernate copy object values into new object with new generated ID
Can I implement methods of a QWebView from a ui?
Purely numerical permalinks in wordpress
Forced file download iscorrupted
Include from 鈥減hp://memory鈥�stream
How to return a ArrayList incase of Struts2 Action class execute method?
Jquery tabbed navigation causing floating issues with elements below
Splash screen on Android using Phonegap + Eclipse
Concatenating values from one array to another in PHP
Is there a way or a tool to automatically visit all pages of my site
Get Current Page Title and Id after post loop
JQM crashes Blackberry simulator
How to fix package names in IntelliJ?
scroll view for widget
Cross Data Center: MySQL Replication vs Simple File Copying?
Separate a TEXT block by new lines
XSLT 1.0: sorting nodes changes structure
XSLT 1.0: sorting nodes changes structure
Unique on a dataframe with only selected columns
long UPDATE query in MySQL
Show new view in
How to send email with HTML body using phonegap?
Django, mod_wsgi and virtual env
Sublime Text 2鈥擰uickly find something on a page
What Java templating frameworks/engines allow remote templates?
Java regex to remove leading and 'in word' asterisks
What is the difference between exit(0) and exit(1) in C?
How can I upload photos from Android's mobile gallery?
Every claim from Windows ID comes back as the same thing
javascript regex - global replace issue
Add text in TinyMce on position of the cursor, onClick on icon
Benchmark javascript execution with callback functions
How to determine if plist contains NSDictionary or NSMutableArray?
Why does time(time_t *) function both return and set the by-ref?
why can't I use secureTextEntry with a UTF-8 keyboard?
How to get all dependency jars from build.xml
Name mangling in existing libs - conflict
Terminology of class components
Backbone JS find the minimum value
Why does Webkit attach HTMLDivElements to window object?
Storing IDs as comma separated values
where is the file located in iphone after integrating a file to it via itune
Parsing Android getprop [closed]
String.Contains int?
android unable to see device folders on eclipse file explorer
Create Alarm Clock Alarm Android
Python cannot import zmq even after installing pyzmq
real difference between IP and TCP [closed]
Excessive Datastore Writes when creating
Swapping function c
history plugin for complex javascript manipulated page
Trace information doesn't appear at the end of the page
I'm having trouble with write in a file in windows?
unable to package app for android using sencha touch 2
R: calling tsls() within a function does not recognize arguments?
difference between include in .h file and .c file
How to implement simple Property Ammendment with Afterthought
Why is the Android support library not added to my .apk?
MVVMLight how to get access to MainViewModel instance
MongoDB DateTime Format
How to handle the data concurrency?
How to update ListView when existent items of bound list has been updated
How to retrieve a users contacts and present them in a UITableView?
How do I search a sorted, huge, direct buffer efficiently in Java?
Log4J SocketAppender swallows debug information from remote clients
Unable to use Sea Glass Look and Feel together with JFreeChart
jQuery lightbox doesnt center in ie8
jQuery lightbox doesnt center in ie8
Configure Console application to Run in Eclipse
How to do Forms Authentication Across Applications in mvc
adding a button to a c# mvc project
Amazon S3 Creating Folder through .NET SDK vs through Management Console
Date.getTime() gives two different values for same timestamp
Why doesn't 鈥�g foo.go -o foo.8鈥�work for me in go language command line?
Chrome bug? CSS3 columns make an extra space on every new column
How do I attach an onchange event to a dojo List Text Box in Xpages?
Showing an image through path stored in MySQL
Appending a Dynamically Built Element to Another Dynamically Built Element
.Net C# and GWT - Json comminication
Container overflow, fine in Chrome, weird in IE / FF
is it possible to change a text font in style
Google map / jquery reverse geocoding
Using a javascript countdown timer within an ajax application
How to show 鈥淎pplication Closing..鈥�message in Swing during last JFrame dispose?
How to access additional files deployed to weblogic
HasOne Or References?
SSAS - Date Dimension showing future values where not appropriate
starting jvm subprocess from war web app
Convert a float to a byte[] in order to send through a named pipe (C++)
Adding thousands of Markers Google Map API V3
Issue with Hash Map Space and Performance
Notes Clients losing connections
Template implementation for Html.ValidationMessageFor
How can I accept both two-digit and four-digit years with a single call to DateTime.ParseExact?
The Free energy approximation Equation in Restriction Boltzmann Machines
How to measure time of parsing JSON string into Javascript Object
Input attributes that can have the same 鈥渘ame鈥�
Mysql: Insert and Update both are observed really slow on my local machine
Using Free Pascal Lazarus to parse a large binary file for specific values
Razor Url.Action and mvc routing
Rails 3 - has_and_belongs_to_many
xna prevent to go down slopes or up hills that are too steep
C++/CLI Wrapping Managed Code for Unmanaged Use
Codeigniter Datamapper many-to-many relationships
Dynamic google cross domain javascript broken
c++: MPI communicator as global variable
change delay in CCAnimation
sql - join without duplicating the key
to convert javascript to different Programming languages what do i need?
How to best follow a function to understand what it is doing?
When developing a rubygem with C extensions, how do you test locally with Rspec?
how to make an array from a single json value in php
pthread accessing it from a Class, variables are lost, when directly works fine
SQL Query output to a variable in Delphi?
Component-based design C++?
How to compose all QtTestLib unit tests' results in a single file while using a single test project?
How to make apprequest with custom text, like MyCalendar?
How to bind Items to ItemsSource?
How to dynamically rebind JQuery Objects
Adding dll in another class? in Console applicatin?
A table join in MVC application is being very slow
How to make an array containing a movieclip to update automaticallly , when moviclip goes null?
Error in starting WebSphere 6.0 with JProfiler
PHP imagecopy removing png's color
Post customs objects to web with NSMutableURLRequest
Weird JSON (Logic) Error?
How to interface with the NT mount manager to assign a driveletter?
Android: Show Action Bar if supported
How to add a new language support to Bluefish editor?
Does Wordpress lock tables during post & post meta insert/update/delete?
Bind window closing event to an ICommand
Is there any disadvantage of setting global background CSS3 transition on all elements?
Jailbreak Developer iPhone with task_for_pid()
dbml file - create database
Trying to share session between domain and sub domain cakephp (session keeps getting reset)
How to bind button Content to Dynamic Resource programmatically
Converting OHLC stock data into a different timeframe with python and pandas
Input field won't allow space? [closed]
Is there a simple approach to add a tooltip on a shape of dojox.gfx
Select object from listview
CSS Text on an Image
C# deserializing enums from integers
for block inside bash
How to send new geolocalization request and refresh the Google map while typing address on input?
incoporating maxlength into the jquery commafy function
Java Scanner contructor is ambiguous
Get Date() object with specific time
Only Bottom div updates mySQL
Use of initialize in python multiprocessing worker pool
Deploying with capistrano and rvm-capistrano
Hovered Element containing an Image map loses focus in Safari?
Negative Response in IOS devices Using DATA URL
[af]?lex regular expression difference
Beginner openGL and Android confusion
detailTextLabel not showing initially
Blackberry screen navigation probelm
String error when saving variables to xml
Windows Script Host file size limit Cannot retrieve referenced URL exception
undefined method `load_missing_constant' for module `ActiveSupport::Dependencies'
How do you get the name of the day that is the first day of the certain Month/Year in php?
Referencing a Label on a Form results in a syntax error
Iterate over array and create collections of items in PHP?
Flot Stacked Horizontal Bar not formatting correctly
How to grab element content with Nokogiri using SAX
Export MySQL Data to a PDF Form using PHP or XML
When is monitor released in java
What's the meaning of 鈥淩ewriteRule ^.*$ - [S=45]鈥�in Ionic's ISAPI Rewriting Filter Rules?
Install Bash completion together with distutils / pip
What to do when website's 鈥渢oo short鈥�and there's an empty space below footer?
Readonly filesystem benchmark software on Linux
How can I call two install4j launchers in sequence from one user app launch?
When does LIMIT 1 return more than one row?
Run selenium webdrivers from applet in HTML
resize QMainWindow based on a child widget?
Excluding items from a list by object property
Now that I know where the focus is going to, how do I figure out why it's going there?
LINQ to Entity Duplicate Record Issue
Library MAY need to reference the application using it? C#
Dynamically allocated 2D matrix transposition (memory effective)
customize key binding on emacs
MDX Sorting On Columns
boost serialize and std::shared_ptr
having a minor issue with this javascript+ajax
How to change tag values with Greasemonkey
Selenium selectWindow does not find window opened with openWindow
Collection data not appearing in models after being posted. (Includes collections of collections.)
How can I use Matplotlib with different axes
XMLHttpRequest automatically replaces backslash ( ) with slash (/)
reportlab ValueError: Invalid color value 'initial'
Setting Defaults for geoms and scales ggplot2
sun JVM crash during Java_java_net_NetworkInterface_getAll
How to find TeacherId from teacher's full name
Unexplained Bison Output
Reset image width and height set via css
call the same name functions in jquery?
creating a cell array within a cell array using cellfun
Javascript window.print() causes browser to hang
onActivityResult(鈥� not getting called
Form validation not working in ie8 or 7
Column Split without repeat
Debugging iOS app on first launch
How do I update my branch in git?
how to solve Error 32 pipe when expand .tar in mac lion
Setting up django-mssql issues
JTree : modify apperance regardless of L&F
Code-behind stopped sending requests
making dynamic created dropdownlist public to other classes
Determining first and last UITableViewCell
XML error: Invalid document end at line 1, column 1
How do I get an attribute from an object if I have the attribute name in a string?
Is there a way to hide a project in Solution Explorer programatically?
Looping Word Match Function in Excel VBA
Using the new javascript performance.timing API on iframes?
Example in achartengine demo source code show wrong result
NASM is pure assembly, but MASM is high level Assembly? [closed]
In which languages is function abstraction not primitive
Simple script to authenticate with linkedin via browser?
Entity framework data missing
Not getting sounds for Notifications or Messages in my Audio app when music is playing , AVAudioPlayer
moving on terrain - preventing move to high places xna
Have JPA/Hibernate to replicate the 鈥淥N DELETE SET NULL鈥�functionality
NHibernate 3.2 - MsSqlCeDialect: Dialect does not support variable limits
How do I close the files from tempfile.mkstemp?
Javascript inserted doesn't show up when called from updatepanel event
How to transcode a PHP array to a JSON array?
How would program/create a custom NFC reader-writer?
Is this how I make a linked list within a linked list?
Tweepy - Error while getting access token : 鈥渁rgument 2 to map() must support iteration鈥�
How to get rounded corners on NSScrollView to work with NSRulerView
asp:PlaceHolder not updated after asp:Gridview row click
JAVA , CXF JAXRS Non-Spring client
Responsibility of instantiating view in MVP
Key storagein a CMOS RAM?
How to configure Resque on Heroku with Rails 3.1 and the asset pipeline
Google MAPS API 3 LatLng values as an array
Line breaks in a PHP contact form
how to use ip camera as webcam in pc [closed]
Need facebook data via API
Nested attribute update_attributes uses insert rather than update
How can I setup an alias for a website in Webmatrix?
scale out the EC2 instances using Opscode Chef
The good way to implement logic, when and item is selected in ListBox (MVVM)
Security loophole around password changes with .NET FormsAuthentication and persistent cookies?
Is this usage of XML Namespaces correct?
Unresolved Externals when using source code from another folder
Enabling asynchronous callbacks in user controls
why $_SESSION not unique and looks duplicated
Request.Form(鈥淟istBox1.ClientID鈥� returning nothing
Update table in mysql using stored procedure
Permissions list changes in ice cream sandwitch
Heroku Rails app immediately crashes on HTTP request
How to use ckeditor with coldfusion
How to generate json tree from ancestry
delete digits after two decimal point not round number in php
AJAX success data loading [object Document] in Phonegap
How to mock ndb.get_context().urlfetch?
How to count distinct items on specific fields in QueryDSL
Decode hexadecimal string in Ruby [duplicate]
copy text box content to another textbox while typing
Can self closing <link> tags be problematic?
HTML CSS Box Styling
Conditional Field is not working with content_multigroup, cck , drupal
NSSortDescriptor sort with number as string?
Data is not showing after getting from JSON
change input text value with js or jQuery before submit if value is null
Speed up bulk insert operations with NHibernate returns NULL, with no errors
Get different style sections in Microsoft Publisher via Interop
How do I stop window scrollable in phoneGap (iphone)?
Remove quote from a jQuery variable
How to append ChildNodes of a xml documents into root of another (web services)?
django json query working in shell but not views
How to clear the content of subview before drawing
Why do spaces affect JavaScript in my html elements?
select distinct substring values of a field and count the number of instances of a char in that selection
Extracting Content from Email
JBoss JMX Console - What Http Requests are being processed?
Using java Runtime (on a windows machine) to send a linux command to a linux server
How would one generate a WSDL file from a UML diagram?
Petapoco or Dapper with ODBC?
Make multiple-select to adjust its height to fit options without scroll bar
Best way to get Session and Release session in HIbernate/SQL
Red Black Tree insertion when uncle is black and in line with grandparent
Mysql Forward engineer errno 150
JQGRID - Prevent adding empty row after execution of afterSubmit
What is the method to set the text for a QTreeWidget's header?
netsh mbn show interfaces results in command not found on Win7 64Bit
How should I round a float in this case?
Jain Sip processRequest Method in SipListener is not called
Wordpress plugin help needed [closed]
how do I send the values stored in a cookie while executing a load test in Visual Studio 2010?
Setting classpth in Ubuntu
Forecasting using Pandas OLS
Does Windows Phone 7 supported Google Map in his Web-Browser?
SQL Wildcard instead of key in SELECT statement
IndexOutOfRange exception on DbDataAdapter.Fill() dataset
CWInterface returning no data
Maximize a button when a button is clicked
Image mask without transparant part
Image hover to reveal links
Socket keep alive not working on Linux
Concept: Is mongo right for applying schemas?
Hibernate - Limit eager loading collections to one table deep
JSON + Array events in same calendar?
Using div to make page center
monitor shell script's log file via web interface
Borland C++ to Cygwin C++ : TThreads to pthreads?
Custom Button handling state
Error when trying to loop through entities from an Azure Table
Exporting datagridview to csv file
Unicde Character in Rails View causing gem rack-google-analytics to fail
PHP transaction handling with multiple mysqli object
Application failed codesign verification. (-19011)
App stuck in Awaiting Recurring Charge Cancellation, re-enable billing?
How to split input by ASCII control codes with Progress 4GL?
Assigning property value to an Annotation value in Spring
Adding a favicon to a static HTML page
C# Threading Parallel.ForEach and DirectoryInfo Out of Memory Exception
refresh gridview after search
Getting X and Y instead of horizontal/vertical size in layout properties of Swing JPanel
How to initialize script variables in a loop?
XML to JSON conversion accessing member in C#
Getting string from line and then pasting it to another
How to call image src attribute in jquery
SQL join for A, B, distinct C
Remove items from DropDownList
DBUnit setup method not called?
How to integrate google checkout in my android app?
Overwrite NHibernate classmapping with FluentNHibernate
Adding business methods to auto-generated hibernate entities
Flash a3 - stopping at a cue point
JsonMaxLength exception on deserializing large json objects
Ajax invocation from Spring MVC Liferay 6.1 portal
String#pack works on 1.9+, not 1.8*
There was no channel actively listening
Finding out triggering exception for a method in Python
Does coredata save after a change like this?
How to write a functional test case in rails 3.1 and unit:test
sql logger stuck 'on' in production
C++: Templates not working from another class
What's the reason for letting the semantics of a=a++ be undefined?
Uploading multiple files userfile[] array?
How to use a bundle in my Xcode app?
Return next sequence of A_I when inserting a row?
Find out the current topmost window on Win 8 (Metro/Non Metro)
jQuery templates - how to get value of user-edited input
Common theme for all Buttons in Android
Please help me simplify this jQuery code
Open new JFrame when clicking/selecting an item from the combo-box (Java)
Design choice for automatically reconnecting socket client
Android XML Editor: cannot see Lint Warning/Error Layout on Code Window
how to pass multiple unique identifiers to stored procedure [duplicate]
Query takes extremely long in client app but is fast in SQL Server Management Studio
Maven YUI Compressor: compress after aggregation
can I use Django comment on other pages?
Why not vec3 for OpenGL ES 2.0 gl_Position?
Erlang-style concurrency in .NET or C++
Terracotta Ehcache: server disconnects during debug
CakePHP cake bake all error
reportviewer issues for hosted application
Get `n` random values between 2 numbers having average `x`
How can I do the action 鈥淎ndroid Tools > Rename Application Package鈥�via command line
Checking if String ends with something with Java (Regex)
zend_paginator is not accepting values set from controller
using my oauth provider behind a reverse proxy
Function overloading 鈥�two functions only differ by a default parameter
using my oauth provider behind a reverse proxy
Function overloading 鈥�two functions only differ by a default parameter
Azure cache billing when cache use is 0%
Determining the type of a function in Functional Programming
How to update an Entity Framework model from a MySQL database?
Parsing parameters to main()
KeyDown event quits working after pressing buttons
HTML Alignment Issue in one machine only (both IE8)
-moz-column-span: all; 鈥�completely ignored?
Ordering an SQL query with exceptions
Options instead of JTable
Running rake task from a daemon
Boost Asio how to read/write on a SSL socket that doesnt use SSL?
RTSP audio streaming is not working with wifi but does work with mobile network
Is there any reason why multithreaded app will loop forever when win7 is screen locked?
How to change GNOME3 panel padding on Linux Mint 12? [closed]
Where can I find the console or debug output from code executed in the package manager window?
Is it possible to check whether System.Threading.EventWaitHandle can be opened without throwing exceptions?
Retrieve strings from Matrix
How can I submit a Rails form with AJAX but also trigger a jQuery action?
Magento Page Title - include SKU as well as product name
Publishing WCF metadata operation contract parameters
Possible to use one codebase for a subdomain for multiple sites?
Create a Multi-Column Report Using DevEx Grid
A scalable bus with multiple Camel instances Radiobuttonlist need
Right-to-left string replace in Python?
Why does CSS2.1 define overflow values other than 鈥渧isible鈥�to establish a new block formatting context?
URL parameters in MVC 4 Web API
HTML5 audio with a HTTP 302 redirect in Chrome
this and $(this) in widget
How to use javascript on backend of wordpress
Instantiate an object from a dynamically generated class
Counting the bits set in the Fibonacci number system?
font management
Filtering file using reg exp and concatenate certain lines together (command-prompt)
Computing md5 hash
Rails 3 - Get User's LDAP membership including nested groups
My Port 81 on IIS does not work when connected from the private static IP
What do i need to create a RESTful API Server in Java?
Changing the message when using UpdateProgress
php code generator for mysql [closed]
c++ / Qt - computation time
CSS3 animation end techniques
How to create a dynamic prepared statement in Java?
Java difference between static and final static variable initialization
MVC Themes, Layouts and CSS
Flip view in iphone with navigation bar
Lifetime of an fstream object in a custom File Class
How to share a file between widget, service and app?
How to share a file between widget, service and app?
Return a n-by-1 matrix from a multi-dimensional array
Stringcomparison OrdinalIgnoreCase for true false values
OpenGL small vs large rectangles
Laucning View from UIAlertView, and when new View Dismissed want original AlertView still visible
Extract all links which ends with .js extension in html page
Valid price at given date
Classpath empty when adding <outputDirectory> to pom
Bind Map in spring mvc
Android : How to import a database file from xml format intosqlite database?
Most elegant way to print differing file formats stored as BLOBs
Can I use a string as delimiter while using boost split method?
android balloon overlay in image
鈥淐lear line鈥�command for USART communication: which escape character?
How to modify FOSUserBundle unique validator?
strange behavior chrome and html BASE tag
MySQL How do I retrieve ID of LAST_INSERT_ID when using INSERT IGNORE INTO?
Retrieve min and max time from same table in sql server
Create an SQL database programmatically c#
Example of C# code to test QPI architecture of CPUs?
How to use adobes Live Cycle ES2 Java Api with PHP to convert XDP to PDF
How can I generate only a single PDF
How to fix border radius in IE8 (ie7, ie6)
Interactive PHP shell techniques
HttpsUrlConnection and keep-alive
Pass the image id to a function and show/hide();
Does ob_start affect performance of files stored on CDN?
What is other way to use any variable in page in
How to create a Multinline textbox growing dynamically without scrollbars?
Property/field arithmetics on object/struct array in Matlab
WIndows MAPI unicode issue
`Tween vs Frame animation in Android? performance difference
Why is my CLLocationManager not responding to startMonitoringForRegion?
Custom Binding consuming a weblogic webservice ws-security 1.2
Do you see any weakness in this java function? [closed]
slow post request RoR
Cannot bind JSon with MVC 3 controller data using KnockoutJS
extend spring web flow 2.3
Javascript calculator issue
Removing series of character in a String
Removing files with Build Phase?
Javascript - eval() `{}` expression
retrieving session from uiwebview
How can I tell which assembly in my installer is not 64-bit?
Modernizr.js and page loading performance
When can I compare pointers to the same object in c++?
How to get source file of installed application from an android mobile?
How do I secure CFID for PCI compliance?
How do I override the default output of an object?
MYSQL join query advice (removing orphaned rows)
Can't translate elasticsearch query into pyes
Image search returns no results
How to ask PHP to find filename that contains something
opera returns offset auto how to get real offset number?
Typo3 Easy way to add a new field to the text and images content element
jQuery calendar with popup form
How can I integrate Robotium test cases with Testlink
Generalized Eigen Values and Vectors in Eigen Library
How to delete a localStorage item when the browser window/tab is closed?
PHP - MVC and table inheritance
Unity - Factory via XML
PHP DateTime() hours/minutes different but timestamp is the same
SQLite and OBJ-C DB clear when launch application
R: get Distance between nodes with sp.between
How can I rewrite this query without repeating SELECT subqueries
MVC & Elmah - Can Elmah be displayed using MVC site layout?
Replace content of NSMutableArray with NSArray
Colour output of program run under BASH
FFMPEG video joiner
If data contains commas, how to store it in csv?
Batch file: filepath manipulation
JavaScript Find Specific URLs.
Tomograpy 3D reconstruction
Why my text makes an automatic paragraph?
Where in the body {} are the colors white for the background? [closed]
python 2.7 lowercase
FFMpeg video thumbnail frame extraction
enum with generic HashMap
allow_url_open needs to be on
Implement Fan View - Cocoa
How to make a tabbed window as in the picture using Visual C# (Studio 2010)
UINavigationBar texture background
Determine IPv4 Subnet Mask in C#
What is the most elegant way to change a key of an array by preserve the order
Can't run dynamically generated batch file from Java
Group outcome of an Array
C++ multiple inheritance function name collision
Sphinx - word boundaries
Passing multi-dimensional arrays to functions in C
How to enable single optimisation flags in gcc?
GlassFish to Jboss migration
ASP.Net PasswordStrength Control Display Issues in Chrome and Safari
Image Annotation Alternatives on ASP.NET
Can I pass an array argument with @selector for a UIButton?
highlight dynamically generated text
鈥淭he 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine鈥�Error in importing process of xlsx to a sql server
Google Earth elevation profile and the missing values
Can a RESTfull service method send any Object to the client?
Missing charset attribute for google XML feed - validation through W3
IIS Url Rewrite or MVC Routing to show a sub domain in a browser address bar
Password change was unsuccessful. Please correct the errors and try again.
Android - strange layout display in custom DialogPreference
htaccess 鈥渙rder鈥�Deny, Allow, Deny
Avoid URL cache-busting parameters with RequireJS for CDN
How to write to a console window from a windows application?
How to set the screen resolution in pythoncard
How to get the property of an element after transformation?
Why is this css overriding this other one?
SQL ORDER BY performance
Facebook application username request fql or graph api
Do we have temperature sensor in windows phone 7?
Expression Engine 404 issues
Does Mongoid present any difficulties to scaling?
About SQL Query? [duplicate]
Cannot write/modify file on server using HttpConnection
JSON, array and calling of objects
Typo3: don't display language link if no translation available
Node.js POST File to Server
Showing tabular data in Android
Making 3D representation of an object with a webcam
JavaScript : function opening link in new window instead of proving same window name in IE7
How to write query in ORACLE and SQL_SERVER to get records with the most statuses?
wait call for a particular thread
render a form from another form in a layoutUnit, not work, primefaces
Request Fail in ASIHttprequest
C++ String's 鈥渋nsert鈥�function crushes app when run more than once
How to get the path of a file which is in file upload control in [duplicate]
Programmatically indent auto-generated C code
Can't find Spring Framework 鈥淔orm鈥�taglib documentation