Redmine postgresql FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user 鈥渞edmine鈥�
Decoding mapi payload-wireshark
why its going in infinite loop?
Automatically set new seed value on Identity
Can I manually rerun vim's filetype detection?
Sharepoint adding customcontrol to web-part error
Scrolling up and down the ListView loses the top and bottom items in the list - Screenshot attached
sql and mysql automatic backup and .net hosting
Auto Created Statistics not getting deleted by Sql Server 2008
Error in [MKStoreManager sharedManager] in IPhone?
handling iframe in webdriver
How to change Linux shell in a remote computer that does not support ypchsh [closed]
Is there any balance condition for the rope?
MinGW as a reliable 64-bit GCC compiler
displaying images from sql database with classic asp
php sessions not working correctly
Spree Extension Scaffold
How to generate controllers within Rails 3.1 engines
Is it good practice to create an inner class for simple functionality?
Issue with date function in PHP
Divide container into chunks, C++
Is there a way to use a real-world programming language in a MW-template?
Optimal Algorithm for Winning Hangman
Javascript call to ASP.NET Page Method working on IE but not on Chrome / Firefox
Jquery ajax cross domain calls fail [duplicate]
buttons not working after ajax refresh of div they are in
Methods setImageDrawable/setBackgroundDrawable image size issue
How can I attach an event to an entire JQuery Dialog box (including the title bar)?
How to organize cmake file hierarchy with multiple optional dependencies
How work in team with Asp.Net MVC 2 project.. Do I need svn ?
How to get key events from a fullscreen OpenGL window?
How to tell when JUnit finishes by just using a TestWatcher?
jQuery.hoverIntent.js in Firefox extension does not load
Run Yii application into a frame without changing url
nginx + fastcgi error when uploading a file over ~60kb
How to Draw a Rectangle on Google Map using Google Map API
new [] or new List<T>?
How to display product on home page category wise which is checked(custom attribute) in magento backend admin
While porting project from 64bit to 32 bit : float changed to long double gives error for %f
Error handling in javascript
JPA Native sql resultlist casting
Code optimization - multiple events
Vb6 http post request on windows XP
accessing data of the element which is bond to knockout
jQuery slideDown with easing - jumps even with fixed height and width, no padding?
Custom Guice Scope, or a better approach?
Tomcat 7 SSL and 鈥淓xport to Excel鈥�
it is not inserting a value in the database
C++ class/object function usage query
How to get the selector string from inside the on method?
How to make a Hibernate Mapping file in IntelliJ 11 Ultimate? SSRS 2008 (RDLC) export to Excel Report
On what basis view will scale when we apply perspective transform along with rotation
PHP round & ceiling not correctly parsing data
Asp.Net Html sanitization library adding line feed after 256 characters
Using .htaccess to mask a sub-domain redirect to
2d Game Physics Ease In / Out Based on Velocity
Trying to save user data to a file via NSKeyedArchiver - NSInvalidArgumentException is what I get when I click on save
Dynamic drop downs in Visual Basic 2008
How to display date of a current month with the month and year in java [duplicate]
Best way to avoid javascript's executing
JParallax Scrollbar - Can it be done?
Is there a way to test if a gem is working? Or a way to see what functions it has
Facebook Comments Plugin: How to sort the comments, newest first?
Tapping into the notification API
Can we use Magmi for Magento EE edition?
Freepascal, Indy SVN trunk version, nothing received by PHP client when transfering XML, until removing encoding conversion
Is the logic used inside servlets, itself the model, or the data they handle and pass to the jsp is the model?
How to inspect why facebook comment is narrow?
How NSDocumentsDirectory works?
How NSDocumentsDirectory works?
using same session variable across my pages
Add dynamic properties to a dynamic type?
In elisp, how do I put a function in a variable?
Ruby: add method to existing class
How to apply themes to winform title bar
php preg_match_all problems
Place button as LAST column in gridview
Require.JS: loading modules that are dependent on each other?
Eclipse - Content Assist not working on objects
jQuery bbq鈥�where's the grill?
Retrieving data from NSUserDefaults - works in one view but fails in another
UIWebView change css file according to selected theme
How to use QTextStream::readLine function?
cake php pagination issue in
PHP Array customize [closed]
SSL certificate verification fails in Java - but works everywhere else
How to Crop a Zoomin image in Android
How to use Custom Date Picker for Different Activities?
Save images at runtime in iphone app
Merge connected UIBezierPaths
Specifying a new source for the image tag at runtime in Javascript , jQuery
How to convert wav file to mp4 using ffmpeg in android?
Groovy unable to resolve java class
Vim - :helptags in .vimrc?
How to install and use modules in silver Stripe
Primefaces datatable doesn't work properly with ViewScoped or RequestScoped bean
$file field in lotus notes document
Is there a way to use Autocomplete without JQuery UI
Hook Keyboard to change the key code
What data stucture should I use for BigInt class
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u' xa0' in position 20: ordinal not in range(128)
How to make checkbox checked by default in php [closed]
IIS Background thread and SignalR
pivot table sql
Linker failing when trying to link with libcrypto
Hiding Events of a nested control in Designer (DesignTime)? C# / .Net 4.0
UIWebView - shouldStartLoadWithRequest - NSMutableURLRequest
sending image to mail by java program without attaching?
how to detect with javascript if browser is an android webview?
Why is my MVC2 Page HtmlEncoding a html helper but only when it is inside a link tag?
When to clear the cache dir in Android?
JBoss Threads - JMX vs Java Visual VM - reporting different results - Why?
How to check in application document folder whether this files is or not in iPhone
Nullable Guid in Linq to Sql Yields Unexpected Result
What's a proper way to install Ruby <1.9.3 on OS X Lion with Xcode 4.3?
rails simple_form i18n translate fieldset legend
Why is Flash used in some upload plugins?
Is it correct to use DIV inside FORM?
Access USSD number in iOS via CoreTelephony framework and CTCallDialWithID
How to control strange behavior of Ext.NET ComboBox controls?
How to deploy Umbraco 5 website
DropDownListFor Helper from generic IEnumerable<T>
jQuery Answer to Dojo Widget infrastructure
serialise bool? error reflecting type
Breaking Up a String in Objective-C
How i create new TextArea in Blackberry
zError on my iOS application
App Widget Configure Activity and Query from ContentProvider
Creating CSV view from CouchDB
Apache tomcat printing random nullpointers
Building programatically a project
how to make n work in <h:inputTextarea>
how to set radiogroup radiofield based on the json data extjs 4
Force div to expand only vertically
iOS 5: Error merging 3 videos with AVAssetExportSession
Create a new row at the bottom of dataframe and add column sums
ASP.NET membership - Redirect users with unpaid invoice
Using SetJoin in JPA2
Hadoop for JSON files
Convert JSON to multiple Objects. Using Jackson
stringbuffer vs charsequence android
How do i read from a file to a double in allegro C++?
Why is the difference in declaration of generic Lists?
Cakephp find containable / linkable by Group
Memory Issue in iPad Application
Android editing drawables
sessionFactory returns null
Java: Data structure for minimum spanning tree
Carousel view implementation like listview scrolling
Delphi/C++ Builder XE - can't undock form
Add row to databound Datagridview, while certain columns are not visible?
Sharepoint statusbar event / trigger
Rust: how to initialize top-level constants with other constants?
PHP make a request check if client is available via ip
Android API from the linux layer
Fit image to UIImageVIew in a table view cell
Object doesn't support property or method [Casual javascript error on SharePoint site]
WP7: How to Change Listbox Style Template programmatically?
Displaying non-formatted text in HTML and adding colors
Activating multiple, unique popup windows with JQuery Dialog
Uploading video to facebook
Call another application by parameter with Qt [closed]
How to compile CUnit for iOS
where to put and log4j.xml in Eclipse
Writing the galaxy tab application for android platform 2.2
SimpleDateFormatter parsing is behaving Differently?
Mirth processing multiple segments
How to get hover data(ajax) by any crawler php
Extract using regex
Extract using regex
Jruby On Rails, which is best database adapter, mysql2 or jdbcmysql?
find DOM position of a <script> section
Button click handler for second layout
HTML5 audio won't play on mobile devices
To design a complex method, should I bring in a helper class?
find texbox value using javascript?
g++ warning options for casting pair?
Unable to correlate MongoId::getPID returned PID with 7th and 8th byte
Select Data in First Element of Multi-Dimensional Array - PHP
Compare keys from json service response
Find The NSTimer is Invalidate Or not
PHP json_encode , array not showing correct in javascript
Is the Android API accessible from any script/program running on the linux layer ?
Rails: Appending methods to activerecord (the right way?)
How to put external URL hyperlink in Google Map HTML infoWindow?
Any other local or push Notification detection while application running
EF4 returns incorrect values when selecting from summary view
Different positions in array
JSONArray.names() reorders the objects?
method to change __be32 ip address into char in kernel space
How to display date of a current month with the month and year in Java?
Inserting Element in a Document using Jsoup
If any clause when grouping
android recording volume change
Remove parent DIV
isInfixOf and finding a string within a string
Thread is not returning back from SwingUtilities.invokeLater to main thread
Make a copy of a variable and add to Arraylist
How can i resist bad unidentified bots to crawl my website?
Is it unsafe to expose the user his own session ID?
Code Smith 6: Using Custom Utility
Need to get the results sorted in the same order as values inside the in() field of select in Oracle
C# - dynamically-loading-a-user-control-on-button-click
if else with 2 text variables
Get path to Silverlight ClientBin directory
How to view multiple picker view inside multiple tab view
Error while connecting with webservice
How to avoid the following repeated code?
Outputting specific rows from SQL database using Date format
Receive String from two post method- Java Rest
SPARQL: How to get an insance of an ontology, if depth of the class hierarchy is unknown?
Kadane Algorithm Negative Numbers
Add more effect on div using jQuery
Design issue: symfony2 , doctrine2, mysql DB
Django loading users using inital_data.json
PowerBuilder 9 connectivity to Oracle Database Server
does same code can work on both android tablet and ipad perfectly?
Unwanted lines apearing in html5 canvas using tiles
How to store all user activites in a website..?
Best way to pairing & finding anomalies in SQL data
Java Intercepting the calls to an Interface Method
sp_MSforeachtable to execute procedure on each table
Running a Pyramid WSGI application under tornado
Blind dialer call Police doesn't work - CALL_PRIVILEGED
How to use HTTP Handler to make a client2client communication?
Transfer CSV file using SCp and Classic ASP
How to grab code inside curly braces correctly?
Pulling data from ELM327
Mapping MySQL column names to variable names
Delete multiple rows based on select
How to mock DateTime.Now in unit tests? [closed]
consuming sharepoint 2010 web service with visual studio 2010
Custom Java query class (DSL): Builder pattern, static imports or something else for complex queries?
Ldap filter for attribute that may not exist
php return types or enums?
Brightcove event catching
How do I insert something into the database?
Facebook android SDK and white screen
XML Replace node
Order of iteration differs in IE9
Insert nested supercolumn
GWT and ReflectionToStringBuilder.toString()
How to probe the availability of Intel庐 Advanced Vector Extensions?
How can OS actually measure the CPU power?
How to send video to email in android programatically
Convert Java Servlet to Standalone Java Application
How provide a plugin interface? [closed]
Ruby FTP server 鈥渉alts鈥�
Linq portability
UIBarButtonItem: how can I change the text shadow offset?
Icons editable in Visual Studio, but appear blank in other editors
Facebook Error after logging in
receiving an array from a WCF service and display it into a listbox
RemoteWebDriver Chrome - start maximized
How to change when azure access control service login is displayed instead of when the application is run
cut off known substring sh
Facebook Application - User Picture?
Canvas drawImage with Coffeescript
Writeexcel (Rails) generated excel not opening in Microsoft office 2010
How to specialize template for type derived from particular type
NuGet - managing and removing multi version packages in single solution
Pattern/Matcher in Java?
Java URL(鈥渇ile://鈥� doesn't work on Windows XP
How can i implement Editor like Wiki provides using JSP, html, java script
Issue delivering email to hotmail inbox?
Adding images and text to an old Excel game [closed]
Can I use overflow:hidden without an explicit height somehow? basics. how to compile servlets in command line?
Creating Resource file in C#
Using AtomicInteger safely to check first
AddDays() not working within a while loop
Difference between BigDecimal.ONE and new BigDecimal(鈥�鈥�
jquery tooltip not getting displayed
How do I get two JavaScript references to the same HTML-form to work?
jQuery change doesn't fire in IE from expanded select
Export to PDF file
java-hibernate create dynamic tables at runtime
FB Graph API wall posting
What would be java equivalent code for this C# code?
MantisBT - private Category
Dynamic check if div is displayed or not , jquery css (display:none/block)
Flash / Flex Full Screen Scaling Remove Border
There are no arguments that depend on a template parameter
Permission problems creating a .deb file
slow list view scrolling on iPad when scrolling in an overflow:auto div
Updating SQLITE query FMDB - Beginner
Connecting to database suddenly started throwing exception for my website
How can I use sscanf to read a string between brackets?
Algorithm for Natural-Looking Sentence in English Language
How to assign an invoke response value to an output variable of a bpel process in wso2
Python to JavaScript Persistant connection
How to know that cell data has not been changed or modified?
Calling Dynamic controls from a seperate class
Pass a formula to an xls file using R's xlsx package
how to remove space in the middle using c#
Can I pass PHP variables to an external PHP file on another server
Save image files using hibernate
Java SE and Scala Standard Library - cases when one of them is preferable
ERROR: 鈥淪yntax error on token 鈥�鈥� , expected鈥�Why?
Finding Last Name Using LINQ
How to determine the JSON data input format for an ASP .NET JSON WebService?
The perfect way to upload file in Rails 3.1
Get Index of Current TabPage of PageControl
mysql join where one field is a part of a filed in a other table
Perl compare operators and stringified 鈥渘umbers鈥�
Sorting ArrayList of objects by float
HTML5 Canvas and manipulating
Masked Text box for IP Address
How do I separate validation error messages?
Re-indexing an index in ElasticSearch to change the number of shards
Comparing lottonumbers with winning lottonumber
No Internet Access from WebView android 2.1 whereas normal browser does work
Is there any way to locate the current location of the user(browser other than mozilla and chrome)
Phonegap or native for a TV Guide app
Any better approach rather than result.getString() while iterating a result set in java
Remove folder synchronized with tortoise svn
If Objective C is a strict superset of C, then why doesn't this compile?
How do you convert a string to 7-bit ASCII with even parity?
git --amend in external editor
git --amend in external editor
c# smtp get cookies
delete rows from tableview
Creating own 鈥淪eekBar鈥�
how to clear devise session on browser close?
how to check if div is empty and make disappear?
How to make files optional include in MainSection of NSIS installer
xampp lite ver 1.7.7 not able to send emails
How to remove everything between 2 patterns using preg_replace?
Is it possible to determine if the text in a dbEdit is longer than what is visible?
magento How do I? manual order (backend) free shipping, actually pickup
How can i save Text to Speech file as .wav/.mp3 format in External Storage
Porting app from LWUIT to CodenameOne
Spring Security: Authentication user manually
How to complete an ajax function before submitting a form
Pyramid server on vmware responds very slowly
how to set sort order in the category browsing page of admin?
Debugger: no symbols have been loaded after renaming namespace
IE: Choosing a digital certificate from a blank list every first visit to my website - How to achieve CSS with constant values, arithmetic and string manipulation
Extending YUI3 Plugins and Classes
Nullpointer exception when using @RequestScoped bean
Parse json link to get the image
Why Javascript doesn't let a function redefine itself from within itself?
How do I via reflection in C# call a method that takes a 'method group' ie. Action<> or Func<>
Java.exe is not stopped after stopping Websphere application service
LINQ and 2 datatables
what is wrong with this css?
Calling Stored procedure with 'IS IN' statement in Oracle
How to play an animated gif (or a video) on the background of a layout?
Java - Logging Exceptions
including boost source files in project using eclipse
Add image as attachment link in Post topic
Zend Framework validation and/or filtering issue
Needless information stored in iTunes AAC / M4A files?
Vim syntax highlighting in terminal only affects the text background and not the text colour
How to exclude all pom.xml from dependencies included by assembly plugin?
Logging in Eclipse-RCP 鈥渃ommon鈥�bundles
javascript regex - replace each match of given expression with different string
Search Engines & iFrame
Django on GoogleAppEngine: performance howto
setting node's http.request timeout
How to change HTTP port that Play2 is listening on
Aren't destructors guaranteed to finish running?
mysql: group results, limit them and join to other tables in one query
Generic method syntax
how to append anchor tag into parent of div?
NSString crash when release
Selenium check that text is not present
How to get real cpu frequency while system running?
How to Embed Youtube Videos using Object tag in Android?
Using a custom font throughout the project
Ignoring characters in search with ack
upload video file in php [closed]
Android How to save camera images in database and display another activity in list view?
Prevent PyroCMS stripping inline styles from WYSIWYG content?
warning with gsoap
How to run query on date time colomn
Use of pointer to structure instead of creating static local copy
Swing JTable customization for filtering/searching
fetching database records using ajax polling
Number of times a file (e.g., PDF) was accessed on a server
Umbraco call C# in XSLT, decode fXML output
Daemon with launchd does not receive Call States
Trouble installing glibc-2.15
Find K max values from a N List
SQL Server Reporting Services installation and setup
treemap of Class as a value of another treemap
looking for a html5 live radio options
Jquerymobile Scrollview comes backs to original position after scrolling.does not holds the scrolled position
nested classes anonymous classes
How to get JSON code into MYSQL database?
Python Script On Webserver
Call onclick in a input field
at any time map view contains only one location marker.Can anyone help me to do so?
Call JPA/EclipseLink from a JSP page using Ajax
Empty tags returns Null Exception while Parsing Xml in Blackberry
Autosize rows after calling the autofilter method in Apache POI
select one row's id in case of multiple max values in sql
Re-using LINQ query based on bool value
PHP Form Validation and structure
How to block transformations on UIView
How to programmatically remove NIR blocking filter from Android camera
How To Stream Live Video From iPhone To a Media Server
Codeigniter select query with AND and OR condition
JAXB / EclipseLink : unmap a type dynamically
Unable to Download and Play mp4/3gp files in iPad
How to query in sencha based on the textfield value entered?
Passing multiple values for same GET variable in URL
iPad and MapKit -Can't Get Draggable Marker to Drag
Is it necessary to remove the metaClass after use mockDomain in Grails unit tests?
Xml Conversion 鈥淭ype mismatch鈥�Error
Window Sizing CSS HTML
Error: 鈥渒eypath objectID not found in entity鈥�
I am not able to redirect page on noscript
using BETWEEN in WHERE condition
How to close the completion tooltip, without closing the compile output pane in QtCreator
Before write jquery plugin, etc. slider i want to know about structure? [closed]
Classify velocity beams and dir sectors
disable time in INotes Calender Extlib
Classify velocity beams and dir sectors
disable time in INotes Calender Extlib
IIS Express + Visual Studio 2010 + non-local Project Url
Invalid column name 'False' (Classic asp, table edit issue)
C++: Reference to 鈥渙ut of scope鈥�object
Is there any addons for Visual Studio for serialising XML documents?
Console.log shows hidden object info
Wallpaper should change automatically on Android phone every day
Getting system color from CSS using jQuery in IE
About listing the observers for a specific object
Display Month Name from Given Date?
Spring JdbcTemplate how to limit selected rows
Stopping robots on all on a VirtualHost and all of it's subdirs
Tchart Rectangle Tool
implementing push notifications in android
How is the year formatted in this case?
Different 9-patch images for different densities?
Anyway to Tag many friends at same time on facebook with C#?
Unexpected character sequence for <!鈥�in
Test results not shown in summary when no compilation is made
Django Error, What should i do?
JQuery: get child under cursor of a clicked parent
How to get DB Path and Name
DBUnit with Oracle
Sqlite pendingOperation in Statement prepare
Mathematica - BarChart3D : How to display properly the ChartLabels?
Rails - Why Eager loading is not working in this case?
How to allow '[' and ']' through a Regex check
Can I bind solutions to TFS source control after I have checked-in the solution files?
Adding Unittest/Code Coverage to already existin Application
PhantomJS and iFrame
Can't get alert to not show if value is correct
C# / VB6 interop with forms
Which is the best suitable back-end framework for Android Applications?
Insert into deep embedded document with Mongoose/Node.js?
Display xml in browser without warning message
Displaying and Saving only true statements
Orchard CMS, Lucene indexing does not return any value
How to send GET/POST parameter to a page via .htaccess
How can I create a Draw Search Area with the bottom closed like
Is there any way to keep your entity clean?
How to download a large file using google-api-java-client on Android?
Two-way data binding in ASP.NET for a record detail form
How to change the image of collapsible menu
Node.js GC mark-compact
how to identify the type of the variable declared as interface
dynamically create a new wiki page in sharepoint 2010
What is the format of Indian mobile number [closed]
Plots in lordif
WinForms MDI Child Forms
Navigating a control (ListBox) time-lag
SignalR jQuery validation plug-in 1.7 conflict
ID on select box options is not working as expected
How can I bind multiple checkboxes to a list in Play framework?
In ParallelPython, a method of an object ( object.func() ) fails to manipulate a variable of an object ( object.value )
How to write jquery return function
mysql results from json
Get Cell-Tower information on iOS
android application localization suggestions
PHP Insert Record into MySQL DB (Multiple recorded are being added)
store private members as it is in c++, using write function
How to get perl script errors in nginx error log (Nginx with FCGIwrap)
What's the difference between a non-unmanaged type and a managed type?
I want to tweet without pop dialog by TWTweetComposeViewController
Method should call once and only once in its lifecycle
axis2 webapp behind a reverse proxy producing wrong locations
QScrollArea widget auto resize when adding child widgets
SQL Server 2008 on localhost: Connection continually refused
How do I make a JAR from a .java
node.js (core / framework)
How to check with inno-setup, if a process is running at a windows 2008 r2 64bit?
objective-c: failed to write image to documents directory
pandas: Change one Series by using a second one with the same index
Jekyll - group posts by date
How follow a relationship backward from a M2O to O2O?
Random variable outcome
Wordpress new theme developement / testing, whilst old theme continues to run live
javax.xml.transform.Transformer input source size limit
importing CSV data in Oracle (trying Apex/SQL Developer)
Java Encryption NoSuchAlgorithmException
Warning: this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90
Is there an iOS 鈥渒itchen sink鈥�app with source code available anywhere? [closed]
Does it affect the data if i toggle a bootable flag using fdisk?
KeyboardEvent on Mac Os
isDirectory returns false for ant task on a folder under svn
Finding the front Safari window using the ScriptingBridge and Objective-C
How to display rating bar in android?
Symfony2 form choice expended default select
Is there anyway to create back custom ViewController Class files from Storyboard Scene?
iframe not sizing properly in Chrome
Filenet P8 Use IN operator with multiline property
Getting Associative Array Keys
How to map the array and store combined category?
jQuery remove div with countdown
mysql - cannot create view that contains union
How do I discover which program was launched? [closed]
Nhibernate Fetch with repository pattern
CKEditor/ CKFinder with CakePHP 2.0
Getting an array element dynamically in PHP 5?
postgreSQL update all column rows with subselect without link between tables. Can I avoid plpgsql?
postgreSQL update all column rows with subselect without link between tables. Can I avoid plpgsql?
Can't set property to object
how to translate Haskell into Scalaz?
how to add price discount percentage by a category in zen cart?
MySQL group by and aggregate, how to get the wanted id at the end?
Getting internet connection in android emulator
How to load data from JSON to Highchart?
Unable to access Resource file in Lotus Notes Java Agent
Gravatar Javascript Multiple Emails
Gallery widget rebind issue
Android Action Bar tabs - inner fragment trasaction issues
erroneous net-snmp error handling
Blowfish algorithm in iphone application
How to play video through java script code?
something on top of core data lightweight migration
Strange TaskBar Behaviour with MDI WinForm App
Hide specific TabItem in TabControl if not an admin
Need MemoryStream c# in IOS
Object Expected error in js file
GWT / RequestFactory - Object tree of response is not fully loaded although with() parameters seem ok
I am working in wcf service i created one function its working fine but i have to reduce line sizes in that function
Group By not aggregating the group by column in SQL
Google contacts service Contact query OrderBy parameter values
grab source of ajax web page
What are the major advantages of const versus #define for global constants?
mapping a one-to-many where the map key is an int
Return key not working on input text tag
Add Header/Title to telerik Radgrid?
Google Maps for Rails - Place Marker with User Location in Callback
Editing columns of data frames in lists in R
does android has scripting system? [closed]
Jquery validation to textbox on paste command
python import error, seems like recursive import, but can not resolve by such way
Scrolling on List of User Controls with Listboxes inside in WP7
How to get the client IP address from SQL Server 2008 itself?
How to get the value on a specific row by searching?
cpp:char(-1) in Java-char
subprocess.Popen with a unicode path
Samsung Galaxy Y didn't detect the barcode
Android application start-up
How to disable return value optimization in Visual Studio 2010?
Open external link from web app packaged as native iOS app
It is possible to lock the screen orientation of the phone only when you want? (dynamically)
jqgrid override select row
EF4 model works with SQL Server but not with SQL Server CE
static if in plain c++?
Facebook app - login through omniauth - OAuthException 191
Get ip-address of local NIC from kernel module
How to prevent scrollbar if an area hangs out of the containing block?
Logging Throwable in main()
Get ip-address of local NIC from kernel module
How to prevent scrollbar if an area hangs out of the containing block?
Logging Throwable in main()
before load function for iframe
Recognize selected text in start and end of text with regex c#
Unrecognized USB device on Linux
Android:Start failed in recording [duplicate]
I have a method which only needs to be executed once in PHP but will be called twice. How do I structure this?
Large file substring extraction, avoiding line terminators
R, layout: How to determine the width of the parts of a plotting region in order to center a title?
Getting selected elements programatically from uiwebview?
Cant get Facebook like button to include certain image
Setting Horizontal scroll bar on top of scroll pane
Where does the execution control gets transfered to after the OnClickListener's OnClick returns ? Code attached
How to create a component by providing the XML source file as input
CXF: Difference between PAYLOAD and MESSAGE data formats
Split function in SQL Server 2005
ListView getView() called too often
How to access variables in whole SQL script
jqGrid with expand/collapsable rows on click of a row image (MVC3)
500 Server error when hosting WCF
iOS application similar to iOS spring board behavior
Postgres Replication Tools for DDL
Sum 3D matrix cuda
A timer suitable for webgame 鈥渢icks鈥�
background is pushed down in Chrome and Safari
Wpf Prism event update control
T 5.3.2 Dynamic Buttons in ajaxform
Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute. Treenode Remove [duplicate]
Using a variable from a returned list<> method
Generic Interface take as argument propertyInfo.PropertyType
Why can't I remove new line characters from being added with Node's exec function?
Presentation windows phone 7 on monitor
how to make the library project's method working in another project in android?
AJAX micropost's comments on the user page
Decrypt/Verify signed data using public certificate
Strange ToolStripButton click to open an OpenFileDialog behavior
Licensing questions: MIT BSD
When storing phone numbers in Django, should I store them as an raw digits or use django.contrib.localflavor?
Is there any way to pass (Powershell) secure-string credentials to runas command?
Why standard buttons displayed flat C#
Android 3.x+ Java ZipFile Class - Can't read ZipEntries from big files
Woodstox parser doesn't support certain unicode character
Writing SQL statement UPDATE query FMDB
jsf - commandLink doesn't call bean method
Service and data access layer with stripes and mongodb
MFC - Posting data via PostMessage to the GUI
Javascript literal functions
marshal delegate to function pointer: memory corrupt
change browser http proxy settings dynamically [closed]
Node JS Redis Client Connection Retry
android load tab icon from internal memory
Fastest way to pack a list of floats into bytes in python
Testing that an object is owned or created by current_user
Blackberry app submission
Using Netbeans Server
Split text file contents with Regular Expressions for delimiters?
jQuery Spritely and Google Chrome
Xpages Iphone Mobile Web App leaves app when opening pdf attachment
Cannot run Mocha with CoffeeScript
Remove the Thumb from Scrollbar
How to capture the onscreen keyboard 'keydown' and 'keyup' events for touch devices
I have to use a Form tag?
null not in exhaustive list
How to query the multiple values at a time in entity framework?
how to iterate to print nos of given length in xslt?
why can't delete the file?
How To resolve Error code -1202 for iTunes/InApp Purchase?
How do I choose a GWT client WebSocket library? [closed]
How to escape special characters?
When does a BigOh notation O(log n) occurs?
Is there any full width supporting CSS Grid System?
How can I change a table td width using CSS in Spiceworks?
Building C# App with Internal DLLs
On click event of image button
String Rearrangment C++
Adding several objects of same type, to XML-file
TextEditor Controller in iPhone allowing Text & Images
How to refresh a Datagrid automatically if I'm using a List to collect information from Database?
iPhone - Touch event is not received by UIImageView while animating using CABasicAnimation
having issue to validate form using JavaScript
styling a css menu with section dividers and onHover styles
how to give UIImage negative color effect
Error in accessing the class file from App_Code folder on webserver?
Parse data from my own HTML page onto a third party PHP page
Cannot call a function in java from JSP and JS
Entity Framework with MYSql, return no column in complex entity return type
JSON parsing with PHP failed
Bind click function of child href to parent div
JMX for Cloud Applications
Ensuring sprites are visible on Android
Is there some way to get count of How many connections are used from Pool
How to run AVD Manager on Mac
鈥淪ystemFolder鈥�in WIX and C#
Meesage not appear on application startup?
onLaunch function not called in an ExtJS controller
solution for java.lang.VerifyError in tomcat 7.0.23/jdk 1.6.x?
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' with $_GET[] in if聽{聽}
Sencha Touch - datepicker to display year and month only
jWebsocket: unable to deploy in Tomcat
jWebsocket: unable to deploy in Tomcat
How to solve 鈥渃ustomFds not yet supported鈥�Error
loopin in .load in jquery
jquery validation function not working properly with rails 3.2.1
.coveragerc file location when running py.test
maven tomcat7:deploy fails with access denied
Using Echo on terminal
comparing time series including leap years
Typedef enum-like variable but with arbitrary increments
How to get weight matrix after each iteration in Matlab Neural Network?
Unicode encoding fails somewhere between URL and database
Listing files in shell script
How can buildr be instructed to generate a facted eclipse .project configuration?
A simple JSON to XML conversion without investment in servers?
WCF REST Service - passing additional parameters not in the contract
How does TFS merge work?
Django model manager objects.create where is the documentation?
Dispose and destructor in .Net
Avoid dll dependencies in class
How to open SDCARD of android using phonegap
Entity framework equivalent of ADO.Net's DataRow.HasErrors?
Date time error in server side
Adding Model State error when exception is thrown during TryUpdateModel
maximum number of contact_id
Codeigniter issue with uploading (v2.1) - (Wrong filetype)
Creating a string from a list
JCR Jackrabbit Versionising
Benefit of passing an int by reference vs by value?
Special character insertion in MS SQL Server 2008
Developing Premium Tumblr Themes
Creating Custom frameworks in OSX
Is it possible to have open-uri maintain the extension?
requires unavailable feature android.hardware.sensor.accelerometer; failing
WiX HeatDirectory task pointing to symlink
Android app not available for HTC desire Bravo
Unideal comment with NERD_Commenter,comment javascript embed html file
Filter list in grails
How do you ensure a class annotation parameter extends an interface at compile time?
how to fold view from middle in android?
How to do a callback between two projects?
Determine local path of a TFS Workspace via tf.exe
Merging unknown number of arrays
How to scale a wallpaper image based on the device type
Android - setBackgroundResource on Button
Calling SQL Procedure: SQL exception - code: 6550 ORA-06550
Does JOSSO support federated login ( login using Twitter, Facebook Account)?
Posting big pictures in Open Graph Actions
Selenium Wbdriver testing for differnt locales
C++: initializing variables; overloading implicit constructor?
WCF pipe connection aborted with error:There was an error reading from the pipe: Unrecognized error 109
Directly connect system call output to logger in Python
DeleteResource from Google Docs with Python
TcpClient VS Socket in large file transfer
Get instance of another element via Xaml Binding (Attached or DependencyProperty)
Problems referencing iVar in inner class
Handling Silverlight not installed cases for dynamically loaded xap
sqlite function for displaying month in Given Date?
Dates in this asp script are starting on a Monday, not a Sunday in April and July
tsql - Self reference
Java fails to verify signature made with eToken
how to be notified of a program execution in linux
What is the naming rules for public static final class identifier in java?
(SOLVED) 500 Error for page that is exact duplicate but different name
Wordpress File Manager for extern users
Building jamvm 1.5.4 on OS X Lion
DOM Level 0 event: how to prevent the outer click from firing?
There are many image search api. but how can i integrate one of them to my app for finding similar image ?
plot raster factor values with ggplot
ModelState.AddModelError alternative
In XPages mobile app, how to avoid appending resetContent=false/true after pressing Done?
JoomGallery template warnings in Joomla 2.5
Apache returns 502 Bad Gateway with mod_proxy and large file
JSF 2.0 validation and field highlighting
Knockout js + dropdown(select) value binding + IE browsers family
change height of iframe using jquery not working in IE
ZooKeeper for Java/Spring Config?
Dynamic pthread spawning sync required(???)
Use MySQLi Prepared Statement to Enter Dynamic, Multiple Rows into Database?
Magento extension install ok but not show on the admin setting part
Prevent user from coying file from website
reverse function in mylist standard ml
Recommendation for writing an web crawler for efficient way [closed]
How to retrieve data from many to many relationship with Lift
How uninstall pycharm and rubymine?
set images to fit in screen in webbrowser control
Oracle built-in functions metadata
Windows login dialog (Capture login and Pass) Windows, .NET
What's wrong with this Ruby code array1 << item if item = prepare_item
Google Maps API v3 marker coordinates
How add tables MS Word wiht POI languaje
Why the width changes before and after the page reloads(JQuery)
android how to discriminate between smartphone or tablet [duplicate]
Rails email to german emailaddress with 盲 枚 眉 doesn't work
Using static variables of a C++ class across multiple Files
MVC3 set value to textbox type datetime in opera
Way to synchronize reads and writes in Clojure?
Change css display when userAgent if user is on iPhone & window.navigator.standalone == true
C++ performance: use getter in loop or save it to a variable first
looking for a detailed document on Linux System calls
how to call another function after the form submit using jquery
refresh show/hide div using jquery dropdown
Why the logged value of a variable is not the same with it is wrote
Codeigniter: Trying to run a query within a loop in the View
How to generate JNI header file in Eclipse
aspiring programmer: building a PDF application in OSX
augmented reality in android google maps
Zoom image jQuery
Alter table to change datatype causing very large database file
does integration of box2d in andengine requires addtional jars apart from
Inserting an image into mysql database
HBase Anti-Patterns
null is not a valid include error message
how to send friend request on facebook using koala gem?
Android webview shouldOverrideUrlLoading is not called
Live coding on FTP
Create custom shortcut for turning on line numbers (VS 2010)
Is it Pythonic to have a class keep track of its instances?
Issue conecting pentaho biserver Community Edition with SQL Server
css vertical text not working
Click in iframe register parent window
Provide default value for char in this case
Can't see real error message of an ASP.NET application?
Custom Urls in ASP MVC 3
PHP, which is the better way between storing data into session and database?
For loop Variations in javascript
tsql merge columns into one table
Enable System.Form.Timer from Backgroundworker
CSS - Table in Div overflows from DIV , how can I enable Scrolling on the page NOT the DIV without editing HTML just using CSS?
Wix: Copy log file
RSA encryption with key and exponent in android
How to have only a vertical scroll bar on a div
Why can't Emoji display correctly in a UITextField?
Could I pack into war native dll's?
How to use scanf for accepting values in NSString?
throw an exception or return NULL object in C++?
Is there a way to lock the GPS status to ON, disabling the users to turn it OFF?
Can't submit OpenGraph action
How to create if statement on the fly?
PHP - Alternative to using include inside a loop
retreiving contacts numbers and message names and dates
I can not insert data to SQlite database in objective c [duplicate]
How to set the cell width within MonoTouch.Dialog
Where is OutputStream Implementation
How can I mix parent POMs in a Maven multi-module build?
howto make secure ajax requests with jquery?
Third Table inner join
How to set language for R-console (StatET) in Eclipse on MacOS X?
How to fix a broken FAT32 partition without losing any data? [closed]
Using privat var from constructor in new method in javascript
Marathi Font Support for Textview in Android
Using privat var from constructor in new method in javascript
Marathi Font Support for Textview in Android
Does the following query limit SQL Select
Have callback function for button while it is pressed on wp7 Silverlight
How to calculate a large size FFT using smaller sized FFTs?
SQL SERVER 2005 And Or
OpenXava or Play! What are the major differences [closed]
Simple C Program To Convert Two Digits Into Words
How do I access members in John Resig's class in ajax callbacks?
Getting values of xml based file for J2ME coding
How can i create JavaScript test cases
XSD schema: using multiple xmime with expectedContentTypes
How does a Backbone.js View know when its collection has changed?
How do I generate constants to access Ruby array elements?
Eclipse 鈥淐lass File Editor鈥�Source Not Found Debugging Frustration
Is there are more elegant Solution for a large switch statement?
How to redirect to a mobile template in SMARTY
Java - Updating static variables
C++: Throwing shared_ptr of derived and catching shared_ptr of base?
How to change color of the UIAlertView dialog in iOS?
Cannot create Soup from Guardian article fetched with urllib2.urlopen
OpenMP and optimising vector operations
How to get the real life size of an object from an image, when not knowing the distance between object and the camera?
Error while uploading and edit properties of Document in DL in Sharepoint 2007
textboxs value auto change
Publish/Subscribe/Request for exchange of big, complex, and confidential data?
Wordpress Editor add Template Fields?
regsitry query - only return value
Draw line - line is not visible
Draw datagridview lower by 10 px
JNI: Constructor implementation inside the native method
Fancy box making image disappear on rails
Change mark-paragraph behaviour
Select artifact on Phonegap/Cordova on Android
Calling a DLL function from tcl via twapi
Can't access to inner nodes in JSON message - IOS
How to get elements that have no ID in VBScript
Pass ajax form id on submit
Sharing File descriptors across processes
TObjectList<T>.Contains causes Access Violation in Delphi 2009
can't get rails model name to show in another model's show.html.haml
Creating dynamic workflows
Building with multiple files in GO (GO1)
DynamoDb changing the value of character being stored
Deploy a file in internal storage on debug
LINQ Performance Issue on only a few hundred records
Timezone conversion for a specific datetime in java
Putting a network folder in the PATH to easily start scripts
php with curl ssl error: unsupported protocol
Java encrypt / Php decryt
Chrome 18 3d translate performance
Clearing activity stack is not working
try run to `eof script batch file` (.bat)
How to space text like using tab on website?
C#: Object to string array. [*] to [] error (Knowing both VB.NET as well as C# helps)
convert any string to be used as match expression in regex
DAO test: the right way?
Django admin: Can I create a form for admin interface at runtime?
Counting comments per object in `` with Django's comments framework
How to add multiple input boxes with different names
How to get time and Date from this type of Date Aug 29 2011 2:24PMIN Java or Android
Upload images with tinyMce
How to compare the efficiency of different layouts?
Java NIO Selector select() returns 0 although channels are ready
Where to begin with sockets in a simple multiplayer JAVA game
How to define and use a simple resource in XAML?
compiler behaviour on return value of new
Locking a single bool variable when multithreading?
When executing a .run file in Linux, how to find out what will be installed or how to find out what was installed afterwards?
Entity Framework 4.3 with SQL Server Express migration exception
Best practices for securing return to previous page after login or back link url
Viewing issues completed in released version
how to add new properties into a user from the standart mvc users?
Access elements in a list
Array problems with Jquery
How to create Encrypted PayNow button 鈥渙n the fly鈥�for Third-party customers, using Paypal NVP API?
Does 'Priority Queue' data structure fits to SET Theory?
How can I populate the fields of a PHP form automatically when the field values are in the url?
Create a patch including specific files in git
Java GAE Oauth2 login page not found
Number of recent files in Eclipse > 15?
deformation of SVG file. Bezier Curves?
how do I place an absolutely positioned image outside its parent element which has overflow hidden?
How to speedup a post http request in RoR
How can I call a PHP file with GET on an AJAX request?
How can I possibly accomplish this Javascript highlighting technique?
CoreData inserting and immediate delete: memory usage grows and grows
Jquery accordion
Foursquare API Login - Inadequate privileges level
Django Row Number in Pagination
MySQL Query Join Table
webform or WYSIWYG in the mvc3 views?
run Selenium in a Batch File
diagnosing performance of website / application pool
How bad is this method for requesting images instead of AJAX?
How can i check validation of platform in java code?
kohana form helper include javascript
Spring 3 ,with Java based configuration, and Resources access issue
can AlarmManager(alarm.setRepeating) work in case of phone restart - Android
Fixed rows sorting in datatables
pros and cons of making my auth system a singleton class
manual language selection in an iOS-App (iPhone and iPad)
can not start jstatd in linux
I want to get good knowledge in,Share point.Can you guide me which book is best to learn as a expert?
Can I implement such rule in the WPF context menu in XAML?
Combobox duplicate entry and binding
Dynamic new field in LINQ
How to connect two shapes in Raphael by dragging the mouse?
how to efficiently process string in python line by line?
Memory leak in php extension wrapped with swig
Spring Batch: How to process multi-line log files
Represent xml as a family tree
GWT Loading process
Huge XML in Clojure
CGBitmapContextCreate for CV_8UC3 (to use in OpenCV)
after changing mvc3 connectionstring, configuration dont work
How to bypass achievements cache without debugger
java Object inside a try {} [duplicate]
jquery Datepicker date range validation
Ruby Kernel.raise method throws error when enclosing parameters in parenthesis
application stopped in Android /SQLITE ERROR/
Application Loader freeze, but status 鈥淲aiting for Review鈥�
GemFire: serialize objects in Java and then deserialize them in c#
json save to variable
Phonegap plugin for ios鈥avascript part
how to map an array with uppercase function in javascript?
Display checkbox after select combo box
Restrict access to download the application on Google Play [closed]
How to use LLVM to generate a call graph?
Which parts of Windows does Qt rely on?
Git merge doesn't report submodule changes
How to set text to button in scrollview by programmatically?
How to insert data from excel into database using php [closed]
Creating clickable linearlayout dynamically
getting the amount of properties in an object then getting the last one of them in a for loop
Monochrome and Negative effect on image for blackberry
Mysql + Update to table (same time) with Join
how do I convert an integer to binary in javascript?
Rotation on UILabel causes weird clipping problems
Why does jQuery Mobile 1.1-rc1 use a .gif for the loading icon (again)?
Tomcat NIO and Sendfile cleaning up the file send
Simple Polymorphism
How does one 鈥渓isten to the router鈥�(respond to Router events in Views/Models) in Backbone.js?
TDD and Unit Testing for Short Projects with Small Teams?
Smartphone programming
SVG to Java Graphics2D
ruby net/http opening connection very slow
Get BIOS UUID from C or Delphi from Win32
Secure a download link in Symfony 2
How to retrieve an image from memory card in this scenario
Random error in c#
curl login and post again in member area
resource file not regenerating when rebuilding (hello world tutorial)
Specify fixture to seed with seed fu plugin
Creating buttons and separating there functionality android
Not all code paths return a value - but they do
Restore PostgreSQL database from mounted volume
Changes in sqlite file when creating new version of App
bundle install leads to git clone error. Not sure what this response means
Prompt with hints in Javascript
What is the least squares equation to these values?
Find the root cause of a first chance exception [duplicate]
Virtual keyboard status
Need help optimizing script that hides table rows
Update an attribute value to blank (鈥溾�) in dynamodb
Get time difference between two specific time zones in iPhone?
Requiring CoffeeScript file from within another CoffeeScript file with nodejs
Executing java from CLI via exec() under Windows
Detecting image width via JavaScript when maxWidth is used
iPhone: Is there any way of how to PDF pages Scroll In UIScrollview like paging in Leaves Project
AdWords API : client list for non MCC account
how to prevent popup javascript onclick event
Python not saving files to a different folder than where the python file is on Ubuntu 11.10
How to start a separate thread from a triggered thread
WMI wql queries to fetch antivirus information
cron job minute before tomorrow
ActiveMQ as local JNDI tomcat ressource
how to check a php cookie is set or not in jquery
SQL grouping similar values together
The animation in the Canvas is not working