Storing a histogram from ggplot2 for retrieval later
See if ContentEditable div has focus
How do I create an NSThread that isn't the main thread without performing a selector immediately
Can I call multiple get_headers() at the same time in PHP?
Is there a way to make a jquery animate opacity not use a lot of CPU?
Simple file selector/manager editor , mootools or Jquery
Haskell custom ord and chr functions
How to prevent page from scrolling to an iframe on load?
NSTimer doesn't work in a NSThread?
va_list and va_arg
Return a Point value in Java
How can I store two values associated with an image in an array?
Firefox and Chrome won't decode base64 image or pdf files
Accessing LinqToSql DataLayer in MVC2
Only last variable passed for callback function
Confirmation Box OnClientClick in ASP.NET
c++; how would i return a given element in an array without bracket notation? [closed]
Windows Service And Dll On A Network Drive
cannot filter in data table?
SELECT not working for Ruby-mysql
how to use 'select' for this job
Dynamic Variable Names iOS [duplicate]
Make it so when I remove an element from one list, it's removed from another
What is 鈥渞eturn (var > -1)鈥�in a function?
Zend form setAction submits to wrong url
OAuth2Decorator oauth_aware forces authentication
Need a PHP or Javascript delay for IMG
Android Streaming Video: Does anyone know why the direct path of youtube videos that finds only works locally?
Proper Naming Convention for Cocoa Base Classes
Creating an Installation program for use on PC's Using Windows
piping bash input arguments in egrep's regular expression
How do I have scala actors reporting task completion?
Linux TCP socket dropping messages with no error
Why does the order of the loops affect performance when iterating over a 2D array? [duplicate]
php ftp_nlist downloadable link
Position controls in dynamic canvas
How do I show only a user's own documents in CouchDB?
should I use @csrf_protect in my django logout view along with the middleware
R Script and Library preloading?
Call Java program from PHP
How to push additional view controllers onto NavigationController but keep the TabBar?
Can't register credit card with Microsoft Windows Azure [closed]
Struts 2 pass dynamic url from action to action
How do I get the entered value of activeTextField in Yii?
Using GroupBy and SelectMany in unison
Tapku TKCalendarMonthTableViewController tableview under TabBar
How to select value from spinner then check to MySql
How to find out the Highest limit of request timeout setting allowed by server using PHP?
Is it possible to use multiple namespaces for zend model and how will i autoload it?
django-rosetta file is read only
How to Start ChromeDriver.exe without EULA?
how to make this c# class a singleton, thread safe
Integer From Input To English
Video files in opencv
鈥�#100) Error finding the requested story鈥�encountered when POSTing like on a post
SQL Server Percentage Calculation
SVG: make an element's property dependent on a property of another element
Get URL from the browser using code in android
Facebook Graph API: FQL Requests Older Than 30 Days
Sorting Core Data fetch results
Callback when list is edited in CoffeeScript/JS
AJAX Login form, update page content after logging in RESOLVED
I want to use an HTML page in my grails app. But Not able to
Creating a JSF URL without the windowid parameter
confused about Return Value
Saving Table of Int Arrays
How should I optimize this mips code?
Shifting the hue of a QImage / QPixmap
Getting a ResultSet from ExecuteQuery() not properly executing
What are the VS2010 Navigate to Next/Prev function declaration hotkeys?
Predicting from an already fitted model in an R package
Tell find-name-dired to only show filenames
Forward an address on my server to a specific port
Java Search Engine Debugging [closed]
If a function returns no value, with a valid return type, is it okay to for the compiler to throw garbage?
Start a perl script in a console from bash
Ruby sentinel loop not working as expected (Seven Languages In Seven Weeks)
Get youtube views using facebook appliction
JPA lazy loading Collections in JSF view - better way than using Filters?
NOT NULL columns in SQLite and error catching
Centralize similar data from databases in remote locations B thru L to a database at location A
Creating a secure 'view email in browser' link for html emails
How Can I Store a String in MIPS using Dynamic Memory?
Move borderless form using menustrip
In SQL, How can I generate every possible unique combination of 5!56?
Sencha Touch鈥�A orientation change issue with multiple list in one panel
Validation Message By Javascript
JQuery validation messages only show up after multiple submits
Text area not updating properly, missing characters
Changing data-method with javascript does not change what method the ajax calls users?
SQL Server 2008 : Re-runnable stored procedure
PHP treats an array as an object
How to display List items in Listview?
Incompatible types in assignment - C
Share Intent of Google+ can not access image
How to properly set up a class that inherits from another in Scala?
How do I get words from a cell in excel
How to write a node.js function that waits for an event to fire before 'returning'?
Render fusionchart with Mvc3 and Razor engine
php explode for a special case
C++: reference counter for objects
Cystal Reports Password Protected Database
Chef and erb templates. How to use boolean code blocks
Iterating through a vector cause error but standard for-loop does not
Form 'select' option passing extra value in IE7 and IE8
SIP and RTP implementation in C++
AutoCompleteTextView - how to determine which item of original list was selected?
android accelerometer registerListener
mod_rewrite in Users/<username>/Sites directory on OSX
iPhone - Image created with CGBitmapContextCreate as Opengl texture
Order of MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in django
Changing view on Menu Item in Action Bar
Coldfusion taking list of dates and putting them in correct date order
Migrating from VisualAge for Java to Eclipse
Solr exception raised in server often org.mortbay.jetty.EofException Broken pipe
Mongoimport location from independent latitude and longitude columns in a CSV
-bash: git: command not found in Xcode 4 in lion osx
HBase and Hadoop
Sending email alerts for a specific location
Facebook like button doesn't count
What happens if during an SQLite transaction in android, a second thread attempts a transaction on the same table?
How to detect charset in Java?
Frequency supply
Inkscape or Gimp for creating images for android game? [closed]
Is MySQL replication the right thing to use to set up a development environment for testing?
PHP/MySQL newbie Got Packets out of order
Webgrid - Column header not clickable
Excel 2010 VBA cell math
Add rake tasks to a namespace without indenting?
Asking for suggestions on RADIUS (AAA protocol) [closed]
Open Graph Action translations鈥�import an XML with translations?
Rails has_many through avoiding duplication
FROM keyword not found where expected ERROR
Does anyone know of a .NET library that calculates the inverse erf() function in the normal distribution?
Doing loops in using regexs
Android - Honeycomb or ICS Go Completely Full Screen
How to retain order in XML Array to Hash conversion?
Where is the full size image in GData.Photos query?
Custom BlendState to avoid AlphaBlending artifacts
Simple segue scenario not working
Does the PHP SOAP server handles requests through HTTP POST?
Grails Updating Production Database
How can I listen for and report server (SSH) connections via a Python script?
My ProgressDialog box does not show when using global variable
Hand rolling an ORM Class 鈥�Singleton, Static Parent,?
How to do non-blocking on RabbitMQ?
Best way to handle multiple queries in a class?
Use optional keys or a catch-all key in MongoMapper?
How do I dynamically generate code that will transfer an object to another Node process
Ruby gsub doesn't change the content while setting the content does
jQuery onhide event handler
Java Web Communications Without Port Forwarding
PHP confirmation email, allowing for server email limits
PHP oauth for linkedin
Using VIM, how do I remap directional keys from right hand to left hand?
Implementing custom providers with an open type
Looking for a bin颅ary-en颅coded seri颅al颅iz颅a颅tion mechanism
How to run animation via Javascript?
reshaping data (a faster way)
Is there a way to sort images by date in gallery android
jQuery redirects and HttpOnly cookies
jquery trigger horizontal scroll of fluid dynamic width div, stop end/beggining, get width window
Can't delete files, IIS lock
How can I pass parameters to nested resources for single table inheritance in Ruby on Rails?
Transfer value to TAB Activity
Get three highest values from the array
Inserting strings to vector
Delete (a,b) from a python list of tuples if (b,a) exists
cakephp editing fields values
Having a nightmare with AS3 classes and using them
How to programmatically submit, publish and upgrade apps to various mobile app stores?
What's the best way to keep track of visitors for a shopping cart application?
How to set part of text to bold when using AlertDialog.setMessage() in Android?
mySQL dateTime range Query Issue
Android Text Selection Listener
Moving from Subversion to Accurev
Form submit, downloads php
WordPress Blank Screen Issue
Click Function for Dynamic Content from JSON Array
Django/Django nonrel + Google App Engine + Tutorial
IE8 Back button + https:// security error
pthread_mutex_lock __pthread_mutex_lock_full: Assertion failed with robust and 0x4000000
JS, how to stop process execution if it's beeing executed 鈥�
Folds versus recursion in Erlang
Set vimrc makeprg to custom script if no Makefile
Rails 3.1.4 - Render :text
SBApplication error
Logback variable substitution could not locate property file on the classpath
Access 2010 + Datagridview Decimal Issue
Widgets referenced from library view errors
How do I use strcasestr()?
Scala distributed middleware
SAX xml parser or DOM parser?
make file for Java/Linux
How would I go about setting an images default location to a CGRect, and only allow the image to be dropped inside another CGRect
Why is this callback executed?
Java Simple-XML Deserializing
Editing storyboard files on the iPad
Executing user created function safely within Node.js
Returning Mat object from native code to java in OpenCV
iOS - Interface Builder Outlets Not Initialized
Make tolower as static
Updating MySQL Table A based on value from Table B joined via intersection Table C
Java representation of HTML object
how to turn on GPS in Android?
Zend Framework 1.11.11 Include Path open_basedir issues
Basic PHP password protected webpage [closed]
sqlite3 change column default value
javax.mail.URLName cannot parse username and password when username contains an '@' character
Property Modifiers
Find disjoint sets in a table with nested table colum sql oracle
Updating Flash textbox text via ActionScript
Android Dev: TimerTask and phone sleep weirdness maybe?
Batch json API in .NET MVC 3
cachedResponseForRequest method not being accessed
How to get list of matrices as a result of foreach?
Require admin privileges conditionally [duplicate]
Swapping strings in a text editor on the Mac
How do you remove nodes from a linked list?
What's the purpose of Twig 鈥渋nclude with only鈥�
How to I configure TeamCity build with Mocha?
How to apply a javascript function to a multiple div Classes?
How to fix sliced image within table for html email
Outlook addin has failed to find Office control by ID
PHP file upload issue
Android/Java how to check if a Rectangle and a line segment intersect without line2d [closed]
Issue using boost serialization
Disable Orientation Change while recording Video
Why is the SQLite provider missing from the Server Explorer Add Connection dialogue in VS 11?
Connect share with credentials during setup with different profile
How to notify the FormWizard plugin about skipped steps (not shown) to avoid losing data?
Multiples arguments to NSOperation?
WPF - Row Validation?
jquery fadein broken
How to manage time properly mysql
How to set a dynamic attribute
Show GridView images from JSON Android
Add action to NSRunAlertPanel's button
Login page AJAX redirect doesnt work
System.IO.FileNotFoundException when trying to load DLL
ASP.NET report viewer
JScrollPane nullifies the width attribute of my JList cells
Cannot assign int to dereferenced int in C
AS3 draws bigger Sprite than i have set (padding/margin ?)
Open sub-tree click area
Android OutOfMemoryError when loading GridView bitmaps
Is the jQuery change() supposed to behave like that?
How to set radio button list text and value dynamically in data list?
How can I read and run Prolog code in Java with a simple engine?
What factors determine the maximum amount of physical memory a system can have? [closed]
HtmlUnit processing whitespace
Check if a view model property is a string
UIScrollView for iphone snaps to bounds where it shouldnt
RichFaces 4 fileupload clear and clear all buttons
Resetting an AJAX Form
Caching API/Interface To Use As A Model
Ember.js 0.9.5 not updating when using view helper
Conditional initial page in jquery mobile
How can I rank sequential rows with a null value in a query?
Opening Word document within C# that has spaces in the path
Java comparing dates
Can i submit to the app store with armv6 code only (not armv7) for an app supporting iOS 4.2+?
C programming : End of file - operation
Color schemes for WPF apps
Integrate my Javascript, JQuery and CSS into an existing site
How do I find out where the focus is going in my WPF application?
Multi-threading in the same Canvas
How to debug Human Interface Device?
What are the simplest database types which I can use with ADO?
Git: Show all of the various changes to a single line in a specified file over the entire git history
Consume ASMX service using Sencha 2
Copying list in python: deep vs shallow copy: gotcha for me in python?
Play Framework 1.2.4 : Custom jars modified on 鈥減lay dependencies鈥�command
Recreate Xaml in Code
See where a symbol is defined in irb
Homepage image slider stops working on horizontal scrolling website
How can I make a function that counts the total orders I have made and adds the price up?
How can I parse integers from a string in Java?
How do I assign a view as the first responder, after touching a tableview cell?
I have an app I made for Lion but I want it to run on Mac OS versions as low as 10.4
VIM Flashing Issue
Ideas on how to copy something from 1 application to another [closed]
Is it possible to post comment to any post on Facebook?
Windows Phone, How to deserialize json which has nested Array
Need a single installer for a VSTO 4.0 Outlook Add-in which includes all prerequisites
Wrapping HTML Element by SmartGWT widgets
How to handle file downloads using JavaFX 2.0 WebEngine
Oracle SQL Developer, how to open table/view by clicking/double clicking on its name in worksheet?
Can ANTLR return Lines of Code when lexing?
Entity Framework - Why Does This Work?
Does a barcode scanner with a PS/2 with Serial converter appear like a serial port to software?
Specifying multiple -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio and -webkit-max-device-pixel-ratio css media queries
Trouble verifying that my super class or base class is what a macro or template claims it to be
Strange Github network merge graph
how to check if the data from server is a serialized array or just a simple string?
How can resolve a terminology conflict?
Looking for a gem like websnap
what is the best way of managing and updating VBOs for a high throughput opengl data monitor visualizer?
Throttling with knockout mapping plug
Updating Label inside UpdatePanel
Create a NHibernate Dialect that adds with(nolock) to every SELECT [duplicate]
How to generate ELF file for QNX IFS image
AFNetworking Not Recognizing MAMP
Does WinRT BackgroundTransfer support HTTP Content-Range for resumable downloads?
I do not have a 'Any CPU' option present in my Configuration Manager
how to get data from WCF using javascript and html in Win8 Metro App锛�
Swing Canvas not painting as expected (or at all)
How to traverse a list of ints in a BPEL process
One dimensional Mahalanobis Distance in Python
Android : failed to start emulator
WCF Data Services, Entity Framework, LINQ -> Children within children
How do I determine the sender of an email via Exchange Web Services in C#?
Rails 3 + ActiveRecord - select with condition for association
Permanent fix to tail: cannot watch `log/development.log': No space left on device
stage.removeChild throwing an error
Mutating Table in Oracle 11 caused by a function
One JTextField stores and updates text, the other doesn't
Mutating Table in Oracle 11 caused by a function
One JTextField stores and updates text, the other doesn't
What AI is best for learning an area
Cannot redeclare a function error
CNAME SSL certificates
scrambling txt file using compiler [closed]
Is there a preferred framework for non-standard, non-native kiosk style GUI applications?
Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY for Android 2.2 API Level 8
Ripping XAML from a .Net assembly
Android NIO - Value too large for defined data type
On Two Plus Two poker hand evaluator, how do you get the best 5 cards combination out of the 7 that you passed to it?
OmniAuth RailsCast (episode 235) issue with Remind Me (episode 274)
php query not excuting correctly
CT-scan 鈥淒ICOM鈥�public database? [closed]
unsuccessful PHP code
How to delete a bitmap image which is stored on the sd card in android
How do I set an object property within a Backbone model
How Do I Extract a PHP JSON Array Name
TinyMCE: Copy-Paste from Google Docs
Magento SOAP API Product List Pagination
Why is a point-to-volatile pointer, like 鈥渧olatile int * p鈥� useful?
Difference between Clojure Protocols and Groovy Categories
PhpThumb error - PHP Fatal error: Class 'PhpThumb' not found
How to repair corrupted lucene index?
Django Admin: want to prepopulate some fields when I click the add button (+) next to a foreign key
CDI interface-based bean in JSF
PHP HTML Show button properties
Java repaint not displaying component correctly
How to watermark/overlay image on an html page?
UIViewcontroller won't rotate
Eclipse Plugin Preference List with Checkboxes
Limiting Access to Android 3.2 Tablet Files Through USB
why it throws an exception,if its same type date time
Popen error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
LINQ conditional aggregation based on next elements' values
How to change mysql statement depending on how many variables with php
Detecting iOS AirPlay screen mirroring capabilities
Weird space between container and navbar
onChange and onSelect in DropDownList
C++: array for loop printing addresses instead of values
Linux C++ write string to COM port, read back response?
Associations not working in html.erb
Unsigned int appears as random negative integer after sending with UDP
Add UINavigationBar Shadow Application Wide?
Is It Possible To Override A Core Class In WordPress
Fade in div when hovering over parent div with jquery
Android drawBitmap draws a kind of checkerboard pattern
Haskell Trading engine [closed]
Infopath - Populating textbox from a SharePoint list datasource but newlines are stripping out
Java Swing JFrame suddenly stops responding to mouse input, but still takes keyboard inputs
How do I convert Oracle's byte representation of NUMERIC into a java BigDecimal?
Mysql and c++ connector returning strange characters
how to fix this notice error
How to turn android to sleep mode
save new 1:n relationship
Saving variables outside of navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition? (javascript)
StoreKit delegate method not getting called
Passing URL parameters with PHP
How to validate that a number is not toll free?
Segue to a ViewController from non-Storyboard ViewController
WPF/Silverlight VS WinRT
actionscript web services event fires off to late
I have a class representing coredata - how do i add a getter?
How to determine an Android View's size in pixels?
CSS Background position top right add a margin?
鈥榗out鈥�does not name a type
php trim line breaks
CSS: no DIV width when display set to none
How to display 鈥淥EM extended ASCII鈥�characters with PDCurses?
syntax in
Draw a scatterplot matrix using glut, opengl
Handling unwanted barcodes in zxing
Java desktop application?
How to change the 鈥淔ONT鈥�for CEdit?
Why are two empty string slices not acting 'equal'?
CDS Client Data Set files - is there an alternative way to manipulate these?
Server returns 403 error after submitting a form?
CountDownTimer service
Attach javascript confirmation dialog to a linkButton/form in Repeater ItemCommand
Spring AOP and Interfaces with Generics (Inheritance)
How to calculate polygon means and map them?
`gem_original_require': no such file to load 鈥�active_support/concern (MissingSourceFile)
Where can I download for Android and Adobe AIR development?
Custom icons on google map not drawing correctly
Does sslstream.dispose disposes its inner stream
Can I globally set the timeout of HTTP connections?
django urlpatterns order
Java Http POST not working as expected?
replace namespace uri using XSLT in SOAP message
Understanding c++ block of code
How to bind an image in a storyboard animation
JavaScript: Passing data to a cross-domain popup behind the scenes
How to stop java application using a shell script
Share folder with c# or cmd with all permissions
Embedding youtube video 鈥淩efused to display document because display forbidden by X-Frame-Options鈥�
Including Regular Expressions in AutoHotKey Script
Trouble with 4D Array
How to parse txtfile and export into dictionary?
With SMS receiver - how can I both abort propagation and still have it saved to content provider?
Play video chunks in googletv with chrome
Pyramid on App Engine gets InvalidResponseError: header values must be str, got 'unicode'
How to tell Python to prefer module from $HOME/lib/python over /usr/lib/python?
Preventing data-loss when deploying a new version of EF website?
Making use of inlines in Django Admin
UIScrollView doesn't zoom UIView after applying affine transformation to the latter
Unit testing and probability distributions
Can a List of String be told to check for duplicates?
My heapsort only arrange at certain intervals of the array
Android: changing TabWidget intent after button click?
If I'm making a queue with a fixed size, is array or arraylist the way to go?
How to override return value with IMessageSink.SyncProcessMessage
GWT Vs JQuery plugin
VBA: Surprising least squares result
Hosts file hostname not being returned in c# ASP.NET MVC
Alternate entry on Play Store
Log into website with ASIHttpRequest
Converting a binary sequence read from a file into a fixed point number
Partial view not rendering MVC razor
Removing non-ASCII characters from data files
Make jQuery AJAX have a non-javascript (non-ajax) fallback?
mysql query, selecting from 3 tables
check that text is 3 upper case alphas followed by 5 numeric digits before inserting into database
when a user clicks on table tbody tr
How to implement such a layout?
Mapreduce in mongodb
Bash script how to sleep in new process then execute a command
How to get expiration date and flags associated with a cookie from Internet Explorer?
Java Array Index Out of Bounds Exception [duplicate]
DirectDraw get procedure address using GetProcAddress
PHP Pass Dynamic Array name to function
Perl Regex - How to find all digits in a String that are preceded by a defined String
Can I include an argument within a code reference when calling Test::Output::stdout_like()
Which of the two php codes is better
show div upon form submit, works in Chrome, FF, IE but not Safari
How to use datamapper to return table entries as a json formatted string?
TransformGestureEvent zoom on image but keep image size Flex
BitString with python
design suggestion: llvm multiple runtime contexts
Facebook scroll down loading new items
One matched route overrides another, but shouldn't
MVC3 jquery.validate.unobtrusive override options without editing source?
A better alternative to my approach (Symfony 1.4 modules)
how to submit many mapreduce jobs in one terminal?
Getting generic parameter from supertype class
Bringing my Alarm to the front
Finding minimum using recursion
get contents of nsdictionary into nsarray without changing order
Constant Tabspace between words in C++ [duplicate]
Writing from a php script to a network folder
Very large html page : Need pointers on implementing a virtual scrolling
Constant Tabspace between words in C++ [duplicate]
Writing from a php script to a network folder
Very large html page : Need pointers on implementing a virtual scrolling
How can I lock a single thread in C#
How to execute something inside window.onbeforeunload = function(e) {..} in Chrome?
Auto 鈥渨rap鈥�results from PHP database query
Forcing mobile devices to update their cache
platform specific Unicode semantics in Python 2.7
Android java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.jsoup.Jsoup
How to have static constants in a cpp class?
Skip tests in Grails
Convert Video into JPEG Sprite
javascript find string function [closed]
uploading images php mysql binary
move_uploaded_file how to build a upload directory
How to post SAML Response message using NSURLConnection?
Writing a binary search method, struggling to return 1 (true) when a word is found in an array. [Homework}
C# or Java for 2D games [closed]
How to allow access to a 'Page' on CakePHP2
How to invert element position with CSS?
How to control folder structure when exporting a Runnable JAR in Eclipse?
Error inserting data in binary tree
JSON-RPC exception
Writing Update Statement Derby
LINQ stack size problems
Whenever Gem gives error on Ruby 1.9.3 - No Such File To Load
Can any one tell me why this Jquery code does not respond right?
SOAP web service using JNA to send text file data to DLL
Django-MongoDB-Engine: Support for $addToSet, $push, $pull, etc?
Visual Studio Debugging - Native Types
Using db connection everywhere inside PHP application
Calling a model method at a specific time (Ruby on Rails)
Core Data one-to-many - how do i get objectAtIndex?
Simplest way to run ruby CGI app
Writting and reading a custom variable to a file in Ocaml
Running js file only once
Setting up Continuous rendering in a mac osx cocoa application using OpenGL
mongodb: inserting and querying geometries and WMS
makefile, rule for multiple inputs
LabeFor doesn't generate display-lable class attribute
Type Ahead Combo
C# function get dynamic number of input [closed]
Sql update textbox not showing db information
I have installed PHP, Apache, MYSQL then when I tried to open phpmyadmin as localhost I got this error (see below)
How can I programatically select a listview item from within the viewmodel?
assistance using array in android
jQuery .live('click') seems to only bind to the first element
How to get list of system IP addresses in Windows 2008 and .NET that INCLUDES 鈥渟kipassource鈥�addresses?
HTTP Post Multipart on Android not posting image.
Select a single column value and store it in variable oracle sql
MVC 3 forms Authentication multiple database role Tables
Why is this form navigating me to an error page?
Removing number strings using Regex
How not to add backslashes into json data with parse_str
Combine 2 tables in same datset into 1 table
MVC3 Dynamic routing multiple urls to single controller
How can apply the templateBinding on image button in silverlight
Command line from NetBeans doesn't see mapped drives
View not hiding 'Add Friend' link during a pending friend request (friendship relationship model)
Modifing urlpatterns at runtime in Django
How do I secure a Java REST service using Drupal?
Difference between <compilation debug=鈥渢rue鈥�gt; and .csproj file settings?
Cannnot find 鈥淎rray Out of Bounds Exception鈥�Java
Does Pusher work with Phonegap
Connecting to postgres database from a phonegap app?
Basic Silverlight Binding
Extended Backus鈥揘aur Form order of operations
CSS problems with our eBay custom HTML template [closed]
Very strange linker behavior
What causes com.sun.jdi.InvocationException?
Python Matplotlib errors with savefig (newbie).
Different Rails route if IP not in list?
101 iOS MapKit, coordinates and are object variables, but buttons are not?
Trying to see if an element exists
How to take a specific part of a line in a file using shell commands?
How to display unicode for 鈥渕icron鈥�or lower case 鈥淢u鈥�in a CEdit?
Centering a GWT DialogBox doesn't respect the 鈥渮oom鈥�factor my my cell phone's browser
Frameworks and tools for UI testing of ExtJS based web apps
How to find a Java thread running on Linux with ps -axl?
Touch event on wp7 silverlight. I need to get touched pixel on the photo.
PHP Contact Form security
Macro that can return list of the last line item of months from dataset given user input date range and their corresponding values?
How to filter output columns with WCF OData Services?
how uninstall/change windows phone 7.1 sdk?
Proper Media Query Syntax CSS Iphone
select maximum value in inner query < another in an outer query
jpa: perform case insensitive order by
regular submit not getting disabled on chrome while using jquery validate and jquery
Is it possible to modify CRM 2011 tooltips?
Creating an xssf workbook from an uploaded .xlsx(2007 Excel file)
remove element in list in a dictionary
speed up paperclip image uploading using html5 canvas image resize before direct http post to s3
Symfony2 embedded controller and form validation issue
Facebook Error 191 on canvas app using FB.ui() for the 'feed' dialog (worked before, stopped working last week)
How to link two DataGrid together?
Avoiding circular retention using ARC (strong/weak), learning some basics
Neo4j Configuration
d2: assigning ranges/iterators to array slices
Heroku Error when pushing to staging server
CDI Replacement for @ManagedProperty
How to make std::map compare to work on multiple data types?
Instantiate objects in initialization?
Drawing an array of balls doesn't work
What permission is required for a MySQL user to create a database?
When calling Runtime.getRuntime().exec() in a loop, how can I get each invocation to produce output instead of just the first?
Ruby: Use or f.text_field if 鈥渙ther鈥�is chosen in
NPAPI Safari persistent identifier for browser and tabs
Jquery changing .live to .on,
Inheritance / Polymorphism - calling method of subclass
Echo variable once
How can I detect if Jquery and Jquery UI are installed, and what versions are installed?
Design for defining graphs or flowing structures
When (and why) is {} undefined in a JavaScript console?
Flex 4.6 Datespinner hour spinnerlist width
What HTML parser can tidy up this code?
UISlider delegate/binding to another object?
Finding and replacing words with asterisk, in a text file output
Plupload, Carrierwave & Rails 3
Is the data inside the ViewData dictionary correlating to the Model Serialized?
Login to Vimeo Via Mechanize (ruby)
PHP upload not working due to size limitation
鈥淪QLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation鈥�with valid constraint
Ascending, Descending - variable string in html.erb
jquery array concatenation of specific combinations except where duplicate
Independence of render and window systems with connection through window handle
read / write on socket descriptors linux c
Going through a JSON document array in Javascript & JQuery with KnockoutJS
How to initialize empty variables from your own type in Scala?
mysql group_concat with a count inside?
How to load HTML/JavaScript from embedded resource into winform web browser
struct and :: - what does it do
How did you learn Rails testing (preferably RSpec)?
How to make Sun NFS works over Cisco ASA VPN connection with minimum ports opened?
adding JScrollBar to a JPanel with GridBagLayout
Visual Studio Intellisense keeps lying to me
Default user group creation behavior in web2py
How to find the Transaction Status
JSON: fix messed up JSON string
Negative boolean options --no-whatever in optparse?
SQL conditional select for value in the same table group
Implementing a shake event
What is better way to draw a custom button?
HTTP Referer for Single Sign On
displaying navigation bar when switching to another view
convert portion of code into a function php
Require.js and optimize through r.js: how to figure out optimal way to combine modules for multiple pages?
Serialize form, process with AJAX, display in qTip2
Rails - one model with two associations
Wordpress individual posts display gone wonky
window.onload javascript being block by body.onload (Radio Button Replacement)
Wordpress individual posts display gone wonky
window.onload javascript being block by body.onload (Radio Button Replacement)
Database access design pattern
Strange output when running a loop
Make a router like zend
API for registering a free domain
Solution for Dividing WorkSheet into Multiple Files with vba/excel/c#
How to get url params from failed login attempt
how can I send POST requests to some web page with manipulation of the current page?
VBscript to do a recursive search for multiple files with different names and output their path to a text file
Ordering x-axis in ggplot2 boxplot using computed statistic
how to save/download pdf embedded in web page without a pdf filename
How to hide result set decoration in Psql output
Elmah for WCF for exception handling
Checking if a file has been modified before committing it with SVNKit
Rails 3 View/Controller: Submit or Update changing parameters passed? (鈥淣ew鈥�works)
In python, how can I tell which class a super object is wrapping?
Unintended Layout Output - RoR
LaTeX export or convert into either R or Matlab?
android: when to use onStart(), onStop()?
Design for a chat app using Core Data
how to set checkbox values and how to get checkbox values in javascript
Ruby on Rails only showing what is in public folder
How to retrieve GET variable from ajax response in jquery [duplicate]
Use Elmah within Enterprise library
ASIHTTPRequest begins but never ends
Sending JSON to PHP using Android
nagios escalations with different timezone related intervals
MSVC fails with compiler errors without compiling any sources
Check if response from API is valid JSON
Integration test EJBs and REST-Resources?
PHP & URL Rewriting
Securely send a Plain Text password?
Adding a Legend to a semilog plot in Mathematica
Flex - Show/Hide ComboBox based off selection
Where can I find a full list of errors that Facebook might return as part of an oauthResult?
using an image for a button on php
mysql properly construct a select query
Jquery + Select + Hide Div Based on Selected index value mvc 3 WebCache weird behaviour
AS3 - Call a PHP script on my server to determine the URL of the SWF
make sentence-generator program become optional [closed]
PyPy and CPython: are big performance increases planned?
Push to Other Branch Git
Implode integers into mysql select statement (Result is repeating)
Deploying to linode via capistrano using git on a windows machine
How to selectively disable editing in DataGrid?
Best mysql data type to store RSA keys?
How does Apple detect UDID access during App review?
VBA: I change arr(0), can't understand why arr(1) is changed?
Remove UITableViewCell Edit Mode Indentation?
Silverlight 5 and Safari 5 browser
In Python how do I use a class method without passing an instance to it?
MSMQ and custom Deadletter queue
How reliable is the action_name method in rails?
Box2D / UserData / Cocos2D: Subclassing CCSprite fails for Box2D?
How to override JUnit Test Suite default output
Wscript 'document' not defined
Reuse CloudBlobClient Object
In R, How do I set plot size when plotting to raw png (byte array)
Crystal Reports Crosstab highlighting
Read integer from user method
Creat directory on BlobStore inGAE
ClearCase UCM: Need to See Content of Deleted File
is this python Timer usage safe?
gnuplot only plots axis, no data
Hide AppWidget from Selectionlist based on Android-Version
Unhandled exception at 0x778715de in opencv_helloworld.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000004
Change language of my wpf application
Jquery display block after partial page load
validate checkbox or dropdown list
How to use NSCachedURLResponse
SWIG Technique to Wrap Unsigned Binary Data
Using jQuery's method .ajax() to send a form in PHP (UPDATED)
active_admin - show pg - linking to other models
Apache Solr - indexing PDF files
How do I implement intelligent drag and drop from one JTree to another?
Regex to get specific info from tags in HTML [closed]
In Sitecore, can you have standard values set on a template that uses a queryable treelist?
How To Enlarge UIImageView When Tapped
Accessing the ServiceModel.FaultException Detail's in a WCF Service
IE8 Binding error
Intersystem Cache and MongoDB comparision
What are the 鈥渞esponse鈥�and 鈥渞equest鈥�arguments in jQuery UI Autocomplete's 鈥渟ource鈥�callback?
JSON:Circular Reference Error in Rails
CodeSigning an IPA file using only Windows
How to Stop Chef Recipe from Running When Already Complete
Entity Framework - set ID of new object manually
Using AutoHideSplashScreen option with PhoneGap / Cordova application
Grep ticket number from text perl
C execution stack - local variable allocation
In Python, how do I efficiently return a boolean value without incurring copy costs?
jquery: Blinking the button text makes the button jump
matlab-ruby gem doesn't work when called from thread
How to get Safari's 鈥渘ew page鈥�effect?
Is there a way to integrate git into the windows cmd or powershell?
How can I achieve this layout css
Protecting files on android
Getting table elements in same row with jquery
Why would the size of the final binary be so much smaller than the size of the static library?
Why would the size of the final binary be so much smaller than the size of the static library?
Git: list different commits, but keep reverts in mind
Simple weighted link rotation?
Format.js will only render a partial that contains a single line
C char type to delphi conversion [duplicate]
cmake not finding Qt4
Many Buttons on a Page, Need to send back Unique Post Data with each
Can I get a specific property of each element of a collection using only object specifiers?
How to trigger an event handler from within another event, C#
Application Delegate Usage
How to initialize boost::random::discrete_distribution using double[];
How to avoid the xc2 character or &nbsp; in my code snippets?
Creating database role in sql server that can be mapped to multiple logins
Heroku not rendering the proper application.html.haml layout
Inline Assembly in Netbeans using C++
sql query: how to grab the 鈥淔ile URL鈥�of every featured image in wordpress?
Get Link from variable on php
on 4 buttons when clicked I want to change class and load a new image
Configuring CXF web service client to read XML 1.1 responses
Telerik upload multiple target folders
Is it possible to get the max value of a field without pulling and iterating an entire collection?
how to invoke a function from server frequently? [closed]
Linq Order by a specific number first then show all rest in order
Importing XML to WordPress
Reworking code to avoid NetworkonMainThreadException
RavenDb, Cannot access file, the file is locked or in use
Returning array from javascript class method to a script
java static class / variables
What Perl variables are used for the positions of the start and end of last successful regex match? [closed]
changing and xml document with powershell and then saving
How can I send an MMS from my Android application using an Intent?
Why does the app crash when using CAGradientLayer
How do I get a reference to the UITableView in the view controller?
How to output json string with all qutation mark escaped?
Error occurred during initialization of VM java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/ref/FinalReference
cakephp-2.0 simplest ajax link with jshelper
fail: sending mail to facebook email adress with php mail() function
Modify target url in onclick handler
iPad3 HD Black Screen in Portrait Orientation
How do I submit a form in jQuery async?
Can you explain this sed one-liner?
How to set the value inside a list in python?
nodejs - Can't get paypal-ipn to work. Paypal keeps returning 鈥淚NVALID鈥�
Given f(x) a polynomial in DocPolynom format, how to find f(x-1) as a polynomial? (MatLab)
Creating word documents within a c# application?
JavaScript countdown, formatting seconds to HH:MM:SS
Refresh of Shopping cart on item added
Image processing Error in MATLAB
MySQL select overlapping count
How to pick find qcc version in a Makefile?
How to pick find qcc version in a Makefile?
Testing android app without text to speech engine installed
Jquery function loading/firing twice in Chrome
Double checking if fragment + view holder pattern is implemented properly
h:commandLink actionlistener is not invoked when used with f:ajax and ui:repeat
Adding another database join to my query is causing some rows not to be seen
transfer file from PC to android programmatically
Align a fixed item in css
SVG Zoom to Component
make an object be clickable from behind of another element in html
Better to process JSON in Java or Javascript? [closed] error Cannot close stream until all bytes are written
Changing the position of the name in the function create('point') (jsxgraph)
Finding out if keypress changed the value
How do I get iWeb to use a Google Webfont?
R - Vectorize a JSON call
Geolocation not responding in dreamweaver/phonegap for android
Creating outward spiral
Multiple Configuration Files for Hibernate
I tried to use this php scipt to remove html tags from a table row (select data and update the row)
Recommend a Git GUI client for Ubuntu 11.10
What commercial/real world apps have been written using PhoneGap?
hibernate exception when executing stored procedure
sql subquery, passing a variable
PHP preg_replace_callback with unicode
Tomcat cross-service request forwarding?
What's the proper suffix to use for Retina iPad images?
Pipe data from HTTP GET to HTTP POST/PUT
Pig Inner Join produces a Job with 1 hanging reducer
Is there a leak in AVPlayers' init method?
Core Data setting One-To-Many in XCode 4.3.1
iOS AFNetworking - ASP.NET Web API .ASPXAUTH storage and deletion
Attempting to write breadcrumbs for octopress and failing
Grep to match all lines of patternfile (perl -e ok too)
Build XMLDocument in C#.Net
UserAgent String information for knowing the plugins or extensions installed on the requesting browser?
Split array into two arrays
Selection sort and bubble sort step counting in C/C++
jquery update html with returned mysql data after POST
No known class method for selector 'myStaticUsername'
Optimized code: is ++p faster than p++? [duplicate]
Batch command to trim spaces in CSV
how to add new item to CruiseControl.NET web dashboard
Can't run wp7 app via my device
push notification for web and mobile application
Get rid of 鈥淭ap to refresh鈥�button with android-pulltorefresh
authorizing a google maps api v3 key for access from https pages
What is the rereduce parameter in CouchDB's reduce function for?
Search an array of dictionaries for string [duplicate]
HTML5 EventSource listener for all events?
Styling elements within a jQuery UI dialog
Issues with getting an index of an array [C]
NHibernate query failed
Can I have a listitem in a dropdownlist with a value of 0 and an empty string for text?
PHP Multiply Sum
Ways to pass data to ActionMethod when using Hyperlinks
Work Item Tree Hierarchy
Magento AJAX newsletter submit when pressing enter
Uploading live video from user
selecting a single member from each structure in a std::vector into another vector
How to 'translate' the SQL's EXCEPT to (N)Hibernate (Criteria API)?
EditText.setInputType vs. setRawInputType
Working with Dialogs in Android mvc3 with a extern sql server, how?
mpirun command showing strange behaviour in bash
Complicated, conditional SQL Statement
How to make a correct mosaic with CSS?
Jquery $.ajax call for download excel not working?
NSData to NSString encoding returns gibberish
Unable to redirect app back to its facebook page tab
How do i get my makefile to run matlab scripts
Can the setup api be used to tell if a device is enabled
how to use glutStrokeCharacter regardless to the world's state
Continuous packaging with buildr
鈥淟ocking鈥�a powerpoint document from user input while it is opened by my .NET program?
Backbone.js & jquery - show() element
How can I scan for library dependencies automatically given the source tree?
Many-to-many query in Doctrine 2
activeadmin heroku stylesheet config issue with partial fix
How to prevent python urllib3 from caching response
PHP PDO - Best practice to echo select query that has a unique record
Adding image to android listview
mysql statement works on my desktop but fails on my web host
Fix for 'Take' extension method in LinQ C#
php nohup not working
What are the steps I need to follow to be able to write and edit python programs on my Android phone?
JAXB Marshalling generic list with variable root element name
mootools store variable in the parent from iframe in IE
Outlook strips URL hash from email
Calculate a column from others and write result in the table
Flash Socket connected, but not sending data
Coldfusion Cookies from javascript function
Where is the x-calconnect-venue schema defined?
Why won't my block statement work in Drupal 7?
Change the item background color of a combobox in MFC?
Strange number conversion on live server?
The chuck norris twitter widget is losing style on IE
Update minimum spanning tree with modification of edge
sqlite3 with python - query debugging - print the final query
sqlite3 with python - query debugging - print the final query
Why is PHP handling the dangling else differently? [closed]
Creating a custom view resolver in Spring MVC: Property 'url' is required
Getting a values most significant digit in Objective C
jquery animation doesn't work in opera and chrome
WWW:Mechanize:Firefox fails connection
Is there a design pattern other than producer consumer to describe this pattern?
Multiple selects in PHP PDO
Subtracting one arrayList from another arrayList
Doctrine 2: How to search for an entity by its association's value?
saving value from form doesn't work
formatting events date and time on fullcalender
How to programmatically access a control on a aspx page from the cs file
Substring in tsql using length
tcpclient networkstream to streaming API cannot connect
PySide SVG image formats not found?
Form won't post text input with file upload to SQL table with PHP
Randomly selecting element
friendly url like grooveshark/twitter,!/whatever
C++ selectively overloading [ ]?
Firefox not recognizing <br />
AVPlayer releasing before internal KVO is removed?
Error deleteRowsAtIndexPaths from UITable
Sanitize HTML and close incomplete tags
Building android project with ant
system calls failing for iomapped memory in linux.
Is there a way of having git show lines added, lines changed and lines removed?
php shell_exec() help needed for running a script in the background
How to secure the JSON data that's being passed from the AJAX file to jqGrid
Django ManyToMany Validation and Save
SQL Query - Almost pivot table-like?
Assigning rails association using strings
Random countRows error?
Listing assigned table names in Workbook using Excel interop
Circular dependent structs in C/C++
SEARCH_LONG_PRESS calls onResume for separate activity, sometimes
Is there a way to display text over a background for an actionbar?
DownloadManager.Request.setNotificationVisibility fails with jSecurityException: invalid value for visibility: 1
How can you know what the main launch Activity is?
Sitefinity 5.X: Override how page title is generated
Batch file compare returning 0 when files are different
How to upload an image to S3 using paperclip gem
The version is increased although saveOrUpdate failed
Defining bounded generic type parameter in C#
Import app.config from class library into project when references
Rails 3.2 Query Format Postgres
Embedding a UITableView inside another view
Button Bordering in Android. Not working
HUDSON - SVN TAG plugin works on one job but not another
CSS - Calling another div tag from div tag
Receiving API calls in Python
iOS Circle Gesture + Highlight Text
Rails Error - `require': no such file to load 鈥�rubygems (LoadError)
Why fstream methods returns references to 鈥�this鈥�
Leak when assigning regions of a UIImage to UIImageView animationImages
Scala: how to embed a small web server into a scala app?
Understanding os.fork and Queue.Queue
org.hibernate.ObjectNotFoundException: No row with the given identifier exists
SQL records with completely identical datetime values
MKUserTrackingBarButtonItem with MonoTouch
Issues with WPF controls and Visual Studio Toolbox
.focus() Jquery one event only being run
Empty ControlCollection at Runtime
SSIS Event (or something) when a package ends
Show a date variable from database - Rails
Assigning form variable value to html element
SQL query with multiple Joins using CodeIgniter active records
mysql Selecting from two different tables.
Playing Cards: Should they be enum or struct or class?
Add Delay to Mouseover using Javascript
Change the time on a specified date with javascript
Inlines referencing an owned foreign key
Running shoes ruby 1.9.3 problems
Accessing keyboard list to switch keyboards
Remove object from std::list
Scroll down functionality in RSS reader like Google Reader
Location of shell script file, which is to be executed by local git hook
How do I rotate in object space in 3D (using Matrixes)
Content provider updating all rows
Android widget to input duration
Adding minutes to a list of times
Is it possible to update a browser based on an event in webserver?
How to control height of 鈥淟ike鈥�button
PostgreSQL: Can a role or user be created that is allowed to create databases, but only with specific names?
Passing a filepath over url
Get the global locale that is currently set in C++?
PropertyGrid - Collection Edition / Wrapper
How to get the coordinates of the pixels inside an ellipse? (screenshot)
Why can't I mock out a view property in MVP using NSubstitute
404 Pages and 301 redirect
Changing the graph line's colour depending on date using matplotlib
How its works? target = $this.attr('data-target') ,, e.preventDefault() ,, [closed]
Entering non-active options.html file into Omnibar when debugging causes web search
EditorFor template works once but not the second time
CSS - prevent absolute positioned element from overflowing body
Should units of measurement be localized?
php_mcrypt extension for windows server 2008 R2
Correct Kerberos principal type for a hostbased service
how to insert ajax tool confirm button c#
Doxygen/C++ : bug with callgraph + template?
Adjust UITableViewCell Height and Indentation?
Calling a RequiredFieldValidator and ValidatorCallExtender inside GridView
Update data controls whenever update occuer in SQL table
How to check the correctness of an Ajax returned JSON
Issues with class [closed]
Why Do Dynamic Pages Reload When Back Button is Clicked?
Convert PHP Function to Classic ASP [closed]
Can I show progress dialog and error message while parsing XML using JavaScript?
How to use indexOf in Java
useCurrentLocation without center and counting distance between two markers in sencha touch 2
Web Deployment IIS7
XML validation with XSD
remove space from path
Plone test-runner errors
XQuery - How to get 90 days before date from a given date?
VB6 Packaging tool & isTool + Inno Setup : setup size
Telerik Controls - What is the point of re-registering static scripts in an update panel postback?
how to use mod_headers and mod_expires to cache
GWT Watermarked (AKA placeholder) ListBox
Best way to disable Git end-of-line normalization (CRLF to LF) across all clones/machines? (core.autocrlf vs鈥�
Dialect/Driver - Every SELECT I perform, add with(nolock)
NullPointerException when running on the phone (but not on emulator)
The popUp(director). Corona SDK
Caching MVC 3 views fetched from a database DetailsView - AutoGenerate Columns
Never receive email from form- gmail
Marshaling an unmanaged struct containing a char* member
MVC3 Model Binding Error: 鈥ut the parameter requires a value of type
how to get checkbox values in javascript
Is it possible to specify metadata on object display when DisplayForModel doesn't apply?
Javascript - remove character from a string
rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=development