Why can't maven find an osgi bundle dependency?
Jquery fadein fadeout slidshow not working properly
鈥�lt;-鈥�bindings in do notation
How to bind refreshing Aptana's internal web browser to a keystroke?
C# focus in forms and arrow keys
How to initialize and accumulate the integer value when I change views?
FT searching in a view pannel
AS3 How to architect a tablet app that only needs to connect to a laptop to update content?
Excel Calculations
How can i get the view count of a post like stackoverflow view counter?
Fade out effect for text in HTML5 canvas
How to convert unicode in JavaScript?
Calling a method in viewDidLoad(). Work with indexPath
Django Admin CSS files unaccessible without deprecated ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX
Unable to connect to local machine IP address using internet IP address
Making queries without knowing what the user input is (SQL, PHP)
Get user input while still typing (in a terminal app)
Refresh BackboneJS on with same URL hash? [duplicate]
Static Instance releasing properties prematurely with ARC
what is the difference between 鈥淢ouseDown+=new MouseEventHandler(mouseDown)鈥�and MouseDown+=mouseDown
Win 8 ,cygwin heap failure
iOS - Interface design, images or custom drawing?
How can i read cookies in rails that have been set by jquery
jQuery UI draggable collision - IE doesn't work
Should I always prefer member variables to parameters method when it makes sense?
How do I make Eclipse IDE use all folders as packages? Alternately, how do I get Eclipse to automatically fix package names
Fastest way to delete cascade multiple objects in Hibernate
Self invoking function that can be called as well
'temporary' login credentials when resetting password?
Deleting/Overwriting Image files on iphone obj c
Uploadify controller action and file retention issues
Tastypie ajax POST obj_create - How to return json
Aren't there supposed to be MVC 3 controls in the VS 2010 toolbox?
How to stop execution of a while loop's condition, if the condition fails
Prevent join table being empty
Escape colons, equals, ampersands in arguments
android custom permission not shown on install page
How to traverse DOM and console.log each unique paragraph's text
Having AssertionError when using NLTK KMeans Clustering
Get list of all resources of roster entry
Create a tree using get / set functions that accept an arbitrary number of parameters
Detached Criteria , Collection containing Collection
Easiest way to have button open browser to specific URL
if {} in if: endif
Oracle 10g keeps on Initializing [closed]
GridLayout and dynamic views
Does a silverlight and xna application count as a game?
CoreMIDI track accessing time signature information
C# BackgroundWorker and Com Port Problems
Passing Class type to a Windows Forms constructor and having to cast it to a Class Pointer to use it
Why multiple instances of a django app?
Objects allowed in a SQL ER diagram
Barcode/QR Reader in Flex4.6?
Django include url causes rendering error?
why does my code 鈥渂reak鈥�out of loop?
Android app + SOLR
Removing the 鈥淐ushion鈥�鈥淏lank Space鈥�in a UITableViewStyleGrouped Table
Application Process.Start and WatchDog .net
Website hangs - PHP app on server with intermittent hang [closed]
Cant get radio button value to post in php
IE Friendly Way in jQuery to determine if an element is empty or only contains whitespace or other empty elements?
header location not working - but definitely being passed over
SVN patch/diff management on multi-person project
querying records that have revisions related to them
Should I verify HTTP Referer in OAuth 2 Callback?
How do you pass an argument to ruby array.map short cut?
output a message to a user in the same html page using jquery/js
output a message to a user in the same html page using jquery/js
Implement a REST API in a Grails app
How to accomplish this query with RavenDb?
Custom paint method in TSplitter doesn't use Vcl Styles colors
Correct dateformat for String
mysql 3 table join with update
How to find out the tables that take up maximum memory in database?
Execute SQL query on a specific date
Using jQuery to set values in an XML string
jQuery Validate - Group Fields not working properly when grouping multiple fields
chrome crash with method call of java in javascript
Formatting 鈥淜ilo鈥� 鈥淢ega鈥� 鈥淕ig鈥�data in numpy record array
how do I left align a button in UITableViewCell
Multiple database queries in parallel, for a single client request
CSS file not updating on Azure Deploy/Publish
Crash During ChoosePixelFormat in VB6
Cannot insert data into SQL Server database
Java design pattern
Using Solr to read OpenGrok's database and failing with 鈥渘o segments* file found鈥�
In node.js, how do I convert an err.code like ETIMEDOUT to a more readable string?
How to set hostname using php curl for a specific ip
Wonder: Is MongoDB _id unique by default?
Editing JLabel text from another class
Android: Custom keypad for a collapsible action view in an action bar?
Which DB Junction approach is more efficient in this scenario?
ASP.NET MVC How do i close fancybox on form post
NSCoding - reuse object for writing?
Make all tooltips multiline in Java (Swing)
Script timed out before returning headers: index.php
Textarea lineheight after scroll
Visual Studio Bindings - Bound and unbound sc in different solutions
XML caching in Django
DEFLATE compression to compress HTTP requests
Spring MVC and Hibernate configurations
string.find() aways evaluate to true
PhoneGap & Visual Studio not copying script file
Trigger a UserContol UpdatePanel from a parent Page
PHP <BR> After 2 loops
CSS to change the cursor style of the resize button on a textarea
How to exit rpm install in case of an error
Which is faster/better: UPDATE WHERE IN or MERGE?
Need to have SWF on a server but data on another
onmouseover fired before click and mouseout events?
Is it possible to take an ordered 鈥渟lice鈥�of a dictionary in Python based on a list of keys?
What day based on datetime
Setting ids in has_many relationship between three models
Access JSF bean from class which is neither servlet nor bean
Updating a value from the count of a subquery
reinstall/uninstall/change windows phone 7.1 sdk
bootstrap:themed fails on simple scaffold
MSVC and boost::lambda::bind error: T0: standard-argment not allowed
sqlite: create a transaction ID for multi-insert transaction
Rounding up in VB.NET
Android long press search button not working
Extended classes and Doctrine 2.2
Autocomplete jquery in asp.net, source from code behind
Jquery add and remove class using slider
How can I make git rev-list --bisect skip specific commits?
WCF, Entity Framework and N-tier solution
jQuery Masonry create a 鈥渃lear:both鈥�break in layout ( last $item as footer )
signing applications automatically with password in ant
Sharekit and facebook login conflicting
How to automate a GUI application's operation using python in GNU/Linux?
Bind XAML property to arbitrary object from codebehind
Get the contents of a HTML tag via parsing
How to make facebook page admin to control the settings for the custom tab?
JS regex not working
Java: Disallow certain methods from extended class?
Circular Dependencies Amongst DLL's
creating json from DOM elements using jQuery
MySQL: How do I select all the entries from a table WHERE NAME = '$name'
ruby regexp - how to search for one word but not if another exists (in url/uri).?
Python - wget check when process has completed
How to remove safari's loading wheel when using Server Sent Events
Qooxdoo discrepancy for setting maxWidth on SelectBox vs. VirtualSelectBox
When does jenkins read config.xml?
Generic way to run existing executables in parallel
Can't create fb_app with name containing the word 鈥渃onnect鈥�
How to use Primefaces' p:growl and redirect to a page
Rails accepts_nested_attributes count validation
Error with mpich2 installing
Use MBProgressHUD with multiple dispatches
Cannot allocate or assign NSArray during UIViewController
String initialization fails
Java Reactor Pattern with java.io Package
Accessing programmatically created calendar on iOS device
why do you need Log4Net for nhibernate?
Spring MVC - unable to locate tag library for custom tag
Uploading a file html/php
Verify signed data content with BouncyCastle (PKCS#7)
javascript to dynamically populate dropdown with an array from value typed into text field
ClearCase Checkin trigger doesn't allow deliver
iterating through classes to hide/show
How can I do a one to many Search in SQL?
On Click Toggles Submenu
UnicodeEncodeError only when running as a cron job [duplicate]
How to configure Jboss with Spring security PKI 509 login?
How are SoftReferences collected by JVMs in practice?
SQL injection and prepared statements
IIF(IsNothing(Fields!field.value), 鈥溾�, Fields!.value.ToString)) generates error
Is it possible to display a PDF in a Report Builder report?
Spork + Minitest
Logic about dates in PHP
Dump Query to CSV with Column Aliases
Change style based on containing element
Problems restoring to multiple devices using Android BackupManager
How to call specific method of PHP with CURL
Scrollbar + LinearLayout + GridView .. GridView not scrolling
CSS Exclude Syntax
Run a spec specified by line number through Guard
Functions defined on a object within a prototype
strange behavior in jqgrid in getting record id in form dialog
Rails self-referential has_many through with custom naming of join table
HVGA and WVGA800 Layout
I am having trouble with serialization, i need to implement it in java
How to know using BaseHTTPRequestHandler that client closed connection
how to search for a specific file in blob storage
How can i manage AVAudioplayer in all views of my app
Lithium and validating complex form inputs - how?
phpfog Application runtime path is not valid
pinning a pthread to a single core
How to smooth redrawing objects on the form (wxPython)
Does using NOLOGGING in Oracle break ACID? specifically during poweroutage
Difference between linking a library with -ldl and -l
how to hide element on blur, unless that element is clicked?
Position Fancybox 2 manually
HTML option value with forward slash
Is there a way to find saved items when using SaveOrUpdate method in nhibernate?
Distinquishing ALT+F4 vs. Taskbar Close events
Objective-C Random int
using where sentences into a join linq
jQuery JSON Templating from MySQL
Optimize python file comparison script
python iteration through stdout
How can I get git clone --recursive A B to use the the submodule repositories in A?
Why does this <p> tag appear to have a margin above it only in Firefox?
Java reflection unclarity
android thread while loop not running well
How to get Android GPS location when inside a house
cannot insert data into database
How precise it the Android Alarm Manager?
How to auto-respond to fsck prompt at boot
Are C strings guaranteed to be arrays?
c2dm android push notification broadcasting capacity per day
java BigDecimal arithmaticException invalid operation
Integration of GUI module with backend code module in python
Files in Array, in Array to Tree?
the best way to copy new records from one database to another
Improve performance of searching JSON object with jQuery
.htaccess if directive
Analyze currently playing audio with Python
Joining on a group by
Using D3DPT_LINELIST to render 3D lines
iOS5 position fixed: moves when changing orientation lanscape to portrait
jump table examples in C
Selection texture on tiles causing performance issues
Update list of usb devices
iOS - Interface design resources
undefined method 'env' for nil:NilClass
C# - Searching strings
404 Not Found - Missing one of the blob diff parameters
Conditional Count() in crystal report
PowerShell 鈥�Looking for equivalent of Perl's redo
Can't execute SharePoint BCS AssociationNavigator when my entity classes are in another assembly
De-facto OpenGL 3.0+ tutorials? [duplicate]
How to use php-markdown from pear?
Postmessage LParam truncation
Find pair of elements in integer array such that abs(v[i]-v[j]) is minimized
how to get cleaner url without showing params.?
Send MMS from My application in android
Temporarily disable vim plugin without relaunching
ARC reference counting dealloc, and release
Made a mistake installing RVM with sudo. How to reverse?
How to access control from parent aspx from its child ascx
LiveReload not compiling SASS
PHPDoc: How to document different class property options
Output variable from void method so that a javascript function can read it
how to subclass UITableViewCell if the content/height of each cell varies
Add separator to string at every N characters?
Google Analytics API v3 authorization to allow access to my data
How to run compilr.com java .jar executable on windows when its not just java.lang* package
What does MAX do in Objec-C/cocos2d?
Matplotlib table formatting
How to load old state object in NHibernate event OnFlushEntity
ViewController screen to download database before launch application
Regular Expresion formatting help required
String.xml with too many items is too slow
Selecting and updating from the same table
HTML: Multiple name/value for an element?
Convert CopyFileEx to Task pattern
git remove branch without removing commits
Background Task asp.net
Adding a button at the bottom of a table view
Gridview items as squares in WinRT (metro)
How to make a custom message box in tkinter
The infopath gets the original user profile from sharepoint even when I sign in as different user
Added a shadow to a UIImageView on a UITableView kills performance鈥�why?
Replay button in flash cs5.5
Is this a correct way of using OmniThreadLibrary - terminate the existing one then create a new one?
wicket: mapping different paths to the same class on request to generate different content in markup
Android canvas.translate()
jqGrid - Get records before search in single field search
Check which event fired the function with jQuery?
Extracting the timestamp from a video clip
sqlite3 in Python extract entries that correspond to values in tuple
How do I get wget to download link from html page?
Passing an Object from an Activity to a Fragment
Image not shown in tree view , C#
JAVA infinite server socket stopped for no reason
Variable g may not have been initialized
Principles of push notification on iPhone (got the test running, now what?)
knockoutJS dynamic chart with high charts
JQuery Menu Item click?
memcpy() operation on the integer arrays in the constructor gives unexpected output in C++
Send 500 error for any JSP exception
why empty line is not getting stored in variable
getting an error while making a request
Setting a textchanged event to only fire when text is actually entered by user not program
SQL Unique Rows from single table
How to get Intent of main launch Activity from a different Activity?
Refreshing DevExpress.XtraGrid after adding items to list that was boun to it
Fixed minimum workspaces in gnome3 [closed]
Data not passing from controller to model Opencart
high performance non blocking ordered message handler
PHP, MSSQL, SQL SERVER, WAMP, PDO, Windows Authentication
AS3 - Find words separated by space and hash
reverse function and append function to custom list standard ml
Restore Deleted Navigation Property in Entity Framework
How to resolve maximum length of 128 on a column alias when using FOR XML PATH?
How to handle exceptions in tiered architecture?
JXTA 2.7 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jboss/netty/channel/socket/httptunnel/HttpTunnelClientChannelFactory
OpenGL clipping Z>1.0
Communication between Ebay store listings and website
fastest access to some member of 500 000 collection [duplicate]
.crx file install in chrome
Canvas and drawing picture
Trim link to root domain from macros with php regex (look inside)
Using same java hierarchy for Eclipse and Netbeans
Can an IMocksControl create an IMockBuilder?
How do I pass quoted parameters to PowerShell Invoke-Command and ScripBlocks
Updating values in NSARray that's backing UITableView
Problems to select the correct row from a second table
Getting the next Entry with Date
MongoDB select by nested data
EventTypeFilter does not work in web.config
MySql Date Time Comparison
What are the technologies used in the blogger types text editors?
How to insert Special Characters from PHP in Oracle?
How to create a connection between Infopath and Project Server?
JFreeChart Maximum Zoom Out
JFreeChart Maximum Zoom Out
How well does Windows Phone support HTML5? [closed]
start a for loop from current position
Create a trigger that inserts values into a new table when a column is updated
make svn maintain the file permission
WF Persistense and Database Access
Issue with understanding how pointers and 'new' work
How to get the list of text values of multiple Checkbuttons in Tkinter in Python?
Is it possible to use php tags inside ob_start buffer?
How to update varbinary(max) column with path stored in varchar column?
Use the IBlogService (or any other service) in an Orchard module
LINQ to EF WinForms C# - How to display details in a child form after selecting a header record in a parent form
What error checking should I do within this function?
Curve Global Approximation, Java implementation
Parallelizing SQL queries in R
Get Last 2 Decimal Places with No Rounding
Controller method being called 2 on Search button click
PowerMock and EasyMock method mocking issue
IIS 7.5 virtual directory hosted on second server
Auto update web.sitemap after adding aspx
Use ELCImagePickerController to pick video
Dual extensions in a filename? *.css.php 404
R error with using cbind() on a data.frame() in a for loop
ListBoxItem stealing Mouse clicks from ListBox
Is there a Java interface to Cassandra database that works out of the box?
How to load a many file schema into a database?
What is the data layout of an RMAN file?
JQuery Download File with Authorization header
Calling private members of another Function - Issues with Arrays and Types
Really low accuracy with SVM + matlab and libsvm
Genetic Programming Stackoverflow error
jqGrid Using JsonString-JsonReader Implementing Server-Side Sorting Paging Filtering
Bridge or factory pattern?
Passing a string from C to Python to multiprocessing without making an extra copy
Detecting an unassigned register in verilog
Flask throwing 'working outside of request context' when starting sub thread
Entity Framework Relationship Query Confusion
OCUnit - iOS 5 - How do I test files in my app?
Meaning of old in ACSL post-conditions
Passing a callback function to another class
Automated release note generation from subversion. MS Word/PDF (lLaTeX?) output
AsyncTask in Android?
SQL: How can i build a string from column values of one row?
Send back more than one Param to ActionMethod based on href definition
Golang, GAE, redirect user?
Receiving UDP packets with wrong checksum in Python
Access/Output Values in Flattened Hash?
Packaging a file in a JAR and then moving it to the correct directory
Function setting number to zero by itself?
LazyInitializationException in Hibernate Entity getter
datagrid's ItemsSource is not refreshing although thread finished
Path issue with js files
How to run Warp in daemonized mode?
What is the 鈥淍鈥�Symbol for in Comments?
How can you use variable for the path argument for the Unix find command?
Fetch all rows based on the query into an array
OnNavigatedTo won't be triggered?
Basic UNIX link count
Android: Permission denied when creating a new file in external storage
Update DB without creating duplicates
How to measure the learning performance of neural network? [closed]
Ajax or jquery client side crop and resize library which sends the cropped file to server with http request
Share Class/Methods Between Windows Forms Application and Console Application
drawing histogram
Is one of these ways of adding a ListViewItem to a ListViewGroup wrong?
compositeData object in xpages
PHP $_POST not carrying over field elements
Is it possible to perform a case insensitive search in LIKE statement in SQL? [duplicate]
Why is casting a dynamic of type object to object throwing a null reference exception?
WCF Circular Reference Serialization & Stack Overflow Error
Good way of checking for Ajax request and returning Json result in ASP.NET MVC
First-time XSLT: call-template, with-param, XPath location path
Determine if generic types are equals
PostgreSQL password error in PHP
Get outer boundary of multiple kml items
Will Postgres ON DELETE CASCADE fire ON DELETE triggers on subsequent tables?
Node.js code execution order
Calling a script from a certain URL in Java?
Do Guava caches consider weight in eviction choices?
How to use jQuery select / .change() to reveal a hidden div
Callout from MKPolylineView?
Why can't I get the last insert ID in PHP and MySQL?
Test methods of Abstract Class with PHPUnit
HttpClient, How to send illegal characters in URI string
Mail not sending through form
Changing content of a Frame
reading PE32+ section's raw data
CSS Text-overflow Ellipsis Not Displaying
Java HTML in a JTextPane using # links?
Jade template with variables (nodejs server side)
C++: overloading does not choose expected method
How to use StructureMap with OpenRasta
Problems with sudo when deploying RVM with Capistrano
Testing IO in F#
Getting MOXy @XmlPath to Work with Namespace
Do we have Button down property as Boolean
MSWord automation merge prints template document too
Apple Mach-O Linker Errors (20) - Undefined symbols for architecture armv7
c# ToDictionary with ContainsKey check
Resizing a div using css/html, but there's a catch
Request.IsAuthenticated returns false when using Intelligencia rewriter for ASP.NET
Previous not working
Spring @Resource Handling
Is there a way to support real r carriage return without new line break in a JTextArea?
scala += assignment oddity on string
android ram free up/ garbage collection
Getting a 鈥淣o enclosing instance of type鈥︹� error
MKMapKit and google tile location
Generate models from existing tables using Rails 3
linux nasm command line args as integers
Xcode (developer tools) for Mac 10.6.7
How do ob_start and extract function together?
Issue with Hash Map Space
Embedding asm into C programming
How to prevent the OpenSSH warning about host key offence?
Need VB code to display a list of worksheets in an excel file, display them in a listbox on an Access form
What are the benefits of using the Row Constructor syntax in a T-Sql insert statement?
Windows Store App UI update
How to get ctypes type object from an ctypes array
Rails routing: Giving default values for path helpers
How to form a javascript regex for an undetermined length of parameters
Joomla: Login links for 鈥淔orgot your password?鈥�and 鈥淔orgot your username?鈥�are broken, SEF related?
WAR file works on tomcat but will not install on JBoss EAP 5.1?
How to increase number of Call Stack entries in Google Chrome Developer Tools (or Firefox)?
facebook app token instead user token php sdk
check if a java process exists in linux
extjs propertygrid grouping
iOS crash only when NOT running via XCode. Concidence?
404 - A public action method X was not found on controller Y (ActionInvoker.InvokeAction returns false)
Target Object Tag with PDF stream in HTML page
Issues and resolutions while using CLR stored procedures?
Parse html file using MSHTML in VBScript
Faster Way to parse data and populate array?
SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2008
Why does Listbox.Drawitem get called many times?
Haskell: which SOAP client lib to use?
PHP How to get tmp file size during Upload
Icons with actions inside of buttons
.Net send mail through Gmail [duplicate]
Cron Expression to execute cron triggers on every week at 3 pm and start time from 5th April 2012
Draw divs in elliptical shape with jQuery
Netbeans/plugin update and strange behaviour
How to get a list of projects from a position in LinkedIn-J
Does MSoft provide a persistent client-side error reporting for server-side errors plugin or tool to use with MVC3 applications?
Programming Principles: Assignement vs Conditions
Why session(exam) not starting at 1
SQL - need a query to search messages by recipient
Using BackboneJs with jQuery Deferreds
Tomcat jaas.conf/log4j.properties location
Writing Video Files in Java
Entity Framework - Reuse Complex Type
jQuery Ajax test does not work
Do we need to do anything on server side in order to supporting Chrome's SPDY?
asp.net mvc, jquery mobile, phonegap architecture best practices
How to convert touch coordinates from float into int?
Android - Get date and time from incoming SMS
How to install Python in Linux without previous version installed
bug in geom_map when combined with coord_map?
Get notified when properties change in the Model
4x4 transformation matrix - how to find out center of rotation?
Modified Preorder Tree Traveral - Enclosing in divs
jQuery not functioning without document.ready on a cfm page
Is there a way to get the interactive ruby shell after running a script?
MEF: Passing different constructor parameters to a part when using CreationPolicy.NonShared
How to implement Delegates in FileSystemWatcher?
how to implement a login script using PHP
Haskell Encryption Program [closed]
How to use two scroll view in one Activity?
Does any guidelines for namespace naming exist for oss projects?
php set default text for optional value in form after user registration?
How do i paint each point i click on in a different color?
Matching multiple occurrences of consecutive characters from a set
Correct way to create a webservice to communicate with an iOS app
How can I add an entry to an existing my.ini file for a mysql service with the command line?
How to call onDraw after setContentView(R.layout.main)?
Eclipse 鈥淭oggle Comment鈥�Shortcut Indents on New Projects
Hijacking/Capturing audio of a different application
Dictonary as default class parameter is shared for all class instances, why? [duplicate]
MySQL Connector throw exception Only TimeSpan objects can be serialized by MySqlTimeSpan when I use TimeSpan
My big and ugly function - how to improve [closed]
CSS Button has white margin/padding that cannot be removed
xslt xsl:analyze-string and regex expression
R: How do I retrieve a matrix column and row name by a matrix index value?
HTML: How to create a numerated index [duplicate]
how to make WP7 maps to fill the entire viewing page?
How can i know what the custom soundcloud player is playing?
Netbeans can't find ObjectOutputStream class
How to pull out attributes from a collection into an array
how to update an Android ListActivity on changing data of the connected SimpleCursorAdapter
Multiple value to select field
How do I make a mobile-friendly popup on my website?
accepting value from either of text boxes [closed]
Localized nib file dont take localized image into account
CSS positioning changed when browser resizes or on smaller screens
reading the value of text file when it gets updated
tumblr preview renders text styling differently then the actual site
Running OpenOffice Macro from Java API
MySQL/phpMyAdmin Query Row Count (1 row) vs mysql_num_rows' Count (0 row count)
Apache Karaf and Apache Commons Bundles
getting divs to sit next to each other
Call ASP.NET's input validation after using ValidateInput(false)
Load google.com to my site [closed]
How to display external image in MVC 3
Android : How can I display a view for an activity based on a value passed through an intent from another activity?
UTF8 iPhone can't read amharic letters
Many to many relationship with metadata stored in the mapping table in activerecord
java/oracle exception--Non supported character set
How to rescale and save an BufferedImage
How to parse CSVs with newline and commas inside a field in Perl?
SQL Create Index on View with SUM() in Select
Is there a way to silence hsqldb logging?
Loop That Doesn't End Until Break
php export to excel not showing gridlines
Problems importing local JSON with Request.JSON in MooTools
PHP can I do a hash of arrays?
Grab text contained within PHP-generated element
Can I run Visual Studio 2010 from a flash drive?
Export button in Eclipse CDT 鈥淧aths and Symbols鈥�dialog?
Symfony 2 - Working with assets
how to use !important in jQuery animate() function
How can I write to console in MS Windows with yasm?
How can I properly clone a JQM listview?
Run Greasemonkey on html files located on the local filesystem?
Javascript and CSS loading twice due to Asset Pipeline
At what point does data normalization become ludicrous?
href works in Firefox 11.0 but not in Internet Explorer 9
tsql match abreviation
Installing Python client and server subpackages under common superpackage using distutils
Duplicate dataset etc. error in rdlc report
Preferred way of waiting on two ExecutorServices?
Overflow hidden added to front page of wordpress site
Is there a better way to accomplish this sql query?
Crystal Reports SetDatasource is incredibly slow
is running django syncdb in production, post initial deployment safe?
Can I recognize if current iOS device is used for development?
Recursively group a java 2D array?
Local machine SQL dB works; Access Denied Error on Web dB
jquery - slideToggle not smooth
How to make a select statement in update?
Trying to make a Checker Grid
play rewind and stop button on UINavigationController [closed]
Is there equivalent function to fminbnd for maximum value?
FragmentActivity causing ClassNotFoundException
Adding an Eclipse 鈥淎ndroid Library鈥�project and building via Maven
Want to do matrix style substraction between columns in MS-Access database
SQL XML Insert multiple elements
Java same class in same package in different projects on Eclipse
BitTorrent Protocol Java Project - incoming connections
Database Layer non-ORM (Java)
Custom Hibernate POJO field from Aggregate of Child Object fields
Database Layer non-ORM (Java)
Custom Hibernate POJO field from Aggregate of Child Object fields
SAX Parser doesn't recognize windows-1255 encoding
Logging lambda expressions
Protect from replay attacks when using request signatures in secure API communication?
How to INSERT a record using _date in WHERE clause?
WiX bootstrapper theme file?
JavaScript match-function - Return Array of found elements?
Deserializing response
PHP order form with 150 line items, easiest way to create it
Getting files from other folders in android
Align field in HorizontalFieldManager
override class or subclassing in storyboard
Displaying Custom Post Type Meta Data on WordPress Home Page
MongoDB and similar database technologies
spring @Transactional JDBC Template MySQL DB not rolling back
Java UTF-8 string serialization xF2 instead of u00F2
How to attribute an icon that uses 鈥淐reative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)鈥�licensing? [closed]
JNI: Convert Java String to Code Page 1252
Converting EJS code in Jade
Win32 determining when keyboard is connected/disconnected
How to set workspace in eclipse to a directory that has space in it?
UITableViewCell editing property seems to be reversed
MySQL Structure for a social network
How to set parallel DIVs?
MVP: Questions on role of Presenter
Permutation Game - 2nd input case - explanation
Call function in another function's call
Audio data (unsigned char) that have been manipulated cannot be played
Remove Event listener and move movie clip to position
XPath, using xlink:href to load multiple elements
How can I decide when to use linear programming?
how do I copy a value that have const unsigned char * type?
Jquery script for a table sliding effect
how to handle cookies while scraping
Google Analytics Tracking - Extensible parameter (utme) not showing in _utm.gif request
Function overload/ ambigous OR multidefinition
Jackson deserialize xml name/value result : No suitable constructor found for type
Debugging Assemblies in .NET
Basic CKEditor/JQuery event not working
Is JSF 2.0 View Scope back-button safe?
Gridview event not firing
Differentiate Regular Menu KeyEvent from IME Opening
Working with Bundles in Android
Android close all activity when sing out
Call the default asp.net HttpHandler from a custom handler
How to hide a class using javascript?
how to make version variable secure from $_GET
PHP Order Capture Portal
Android SDK in Eclipse Copy/Pastle doesn't work on XML file
Access camera via OpenMAX in Android
how to skip a few iterations in a loop in Ruby?
pass id of html element to php
Get string within protected object
how to shorten the numeric ticks on axises
Sorting array into alphabetical order in Python [duplicate]
Why can't I observe meta+i/meta+b in Safari?
Jframe Contents not Being Displayed
HTML5 mobile app that needs to capture user profile image
How to tell the PhpStorm IDE that a constant exists?
Unusable links with onmouseover()
Why is my server returning machine name instead of url with my WCF Service?
A button with different options to download different images
error in event viewer
MySQL Aggreation query?
Get tweets a specific account retweeted?
accessing the values of class in jsp page from the action class
Open Graph Tags automatic
Declare ViewBag on controller
Where do i find the staticresources?
Retrieve data from partial view on post request via jQuery
How to compare c++ std::map with custom comparison function for associated data?
Executing a method in an external program, but having it affect the reference program
Functions that call each other in a module in OCaml
Extract email from string using regexp with Perl
Java webapp memory leak when using ScheduledExecutorService
ajax beginForm passing route value and button value
Why can I not draw a rectangle in my HTML5 canvas?
Parse multiple arguments inside a batch file.
Best way to read a parse data from text file in C?
Using Silverlight with HTML?
Table Cell width issue in Firefox
Creating a web popup for selecting an option
Why static nested class in java.lang.Thread implementation is not visible?
What is the hostComponent?
How can I search a PowerShell Get-Help entry?
Confusion in retrieving null values using Joins
jQuery validate phone number
HTML: ordered sublists
Dynamically resolve C stdlib functions from .NET
StartForeground for IntentService
Restore in app without buying
Crazy python import error
NSIS Installer Error Flag
How to use the mapping plugin for knockout?
NSFetchRequest with recursive criteria or Fetched Property
I would like to rotate images on the web using aspx
Sublime-text 2: Control + P (Goto Anything) for all layout grid?
replace text of a label which is in a node (dojo)
drawing hexagon using UIBezierPath
replace text of a label which is in a node (dojo)
drawing hexagon using UIBezierPath
SQL Compact unique index that allows nulls
Are Prepared statements supported in embedded MySQL
REST API 404: Bad URI, or Missing Resource?
How to include associated objects using gon in Rails/jQuery
Android notification at specific date
Git's subtree merge strategy doesn't pick the right directory
bash need STDOUT+STDERR in log, and STDERR to its normal destination
Interface Split between Two Classes
Pass arguments into JButton ActionListener
Identifying modified image in python
Safari 3rd party cookie iframe trick no longer working?
Activity indicator loading image from url crash
Filling DateTime and Int gaps
MS Access -Continuous form breaks when open via switchboard
Create div with script tag inside with jquery
How to get exact position of text with respect to figure row, column in Matlab
How to implement proper Horizontal Scrollable Custom EditField?
Force IE9 into compatibility mode using javascript
Join when table A has duplicate records
Edit a merge commit with git rebase
What NoSQL DB should I choose for multi-user project collaboration app?
Adding a picture on the TableView Cell when a button is pressed
how to hide navigation bar when using with tabbar in ios4
Tomcat 7 and ScheduledExecutorService.shutdown
Import HTML snippets in HAML?
single sender and multiple receiver processes using posix message queue in linux
WCF pipe connection aborted due to error #109
opencv code speed differences on mac and win7
Use nested layouts in Middleman
How to add a path to the Template Loader depending of the current class based generic view's model in Django
InputMethodManager keyword is not defined in android app
send GET http request from iphone to local web server
How to lease tasks from a pull-queue when running in dev_appserver?
Updating a sub document queried with $or condition in mongodb
new glassfish server created each time I launch Eclipse [duplicate]
JPA named query to get size of a collection
Open a tab in Mozilla Add On SDK
jQuery dot in ID selector? [duplicate]
Python: What is the default handling of SIGTERM?
SubSonic 2.2 encrypted connection string
Possible to disable rack-cache on a per-request basis in Rails 3.2?
is autoupdating possible in Android without using android market? [duplicate]
Get same IDs from Detail Table
Check that regex subpattern does not contain a previous subpattern?
InnoDB table optimization w/o locking table
A bit confused with creating custom content parts and placement
Optimal Buffer Stream write process
Accessing NSMutableArray from inside for loop
Debugging problems with Visual Studio 2010 C++ - Odd values showing up
How To Extract Frames From a Video Using C/C++
Mock a method with parameters
How to deserialize a class decorated with an XmlRoot namespace, when the XML has no namespace?
VB 2010: How to index textbox (making it like slots)?
construct orderbook from orders example
Twitter Bootstrap Non-Collapsable Navbar
How to make this SQL query more efficient and how to do more
Oracle ODP.Net and EF CodeFirst - SaveChanges Error
Change file names with find and iconv
Array of object as String to Array of object (jSON)?
Duplicate iframe: Copy head and body from 1 iframe to another
Automapper map with constructor arguments [duplicate]
Which one of these approaches would yield the fastest runtime? [closed]
How to sort out this form navigation
Getting an image using Handler.ashx
rdl report to aspx page viewer
How to initialize a struct in array with readonly values using Expression Trees in C#
Additional keyboard for Iphone
Java library for storing and processing large (up to 600k vertices) graphs
Protecting a jnlp download url?
Simple JSON request in PHP
SQL find-and-replace regular-expression capturing-group limit?
Load a View's background image based on a Property
grid of 30 images to fade in/out acording to category clicked - jquery fade
Rails- Merge a find with 2 models
How to round off parseFloat results in Jquery/Javascript?
Lots of problems (foreign key or no rows were updated errors) when trying to save complex objects in EF code first
UIWebView scrolling issue
Entity Framework Stored Procedures and POCO
Sync Github repository's pull-requests with private repository
How to parse the following xml: A case of recursion
How to code a swivel type animation on a textbox in C# without using markup
JavaFX 2.0 : dtjava.js always returning 鈥渘one鈥�for javafx [closed]
Rewrite URL characters in Joomla with htaccess or router.php
How can I be notified that the process is exiting in Python with PyQt?
Magento - Add Mass Action to Sales > Orders Grid
position: relative lost after translate3d
How do you test for user permissions that allows to alter tables on SQL Server?
jQuery Plugin Authoring Scoping
Share iOS development.provision file
What is the connection of autorelease pool to garbage collection?
How to creating a clickable drop down list in PHP? [closed]
How do I print a triangle of stars using SQL
rake db:migrate and rake db:create both work on test database, not development database
ffmpeg(libavcodec). memory leaks in avcodec_encode_video
How to use external js file in ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript?
How to convert dates to numbers in Matlab
Multimap Space Issue: Guava
Howto get Glassfish to honor endpoint-address-uri definition?
NSTextField with rounded corners?
FB.Canvas.scrollTo Not working inside iframe in Facebook tab page
How do I convert Markdown to Html using Text.Pandoc?
Can't generate void methods for jersey client from wadl
C++ - Making an event loop
Is there any way to detect the height of the android actionBar before actually showing it?
Is a cursor parameter really to be declared differently than a 鈥渞egular鈥�parameter?
Linq to SQL with INSTEAD OF Trigger and an Identity Column
Using INSERT INTO for ascii / external files? [duplicate]
How would offline_access work after deprecation after May 1st?
Dealing with Managed Objects between two MVC's with one database
Javascript confirm return to post value?
Excel VBA - ADO RecordSet returning row 2 as header row instead of row 1
correct approach to store in database
URL rewrite HTTP to HTTPS with one specific exception
Sliding window function in R
Importing an Xcode project into another one
linq to entity join on string equals int
Building Flex project with Ant. 鈥淭he class not found in jar file: mxmlc.jar鈥�
PHP Trying to solve RAM issue but webgrind wont display milliseconds
OCR: Choose the best string based on last N results (an adaptive filter for OCR)
Java Swing JScrollPane line number glitch
How to extract data from a .tps topscan Clarion file?
How do i split a bitmap image in android?
first child in jquery
How to speed up my PHP app with Memcached
Threading calls to web service in a web service - (.net 2.0)
Why Xcode doesn't show intellisense for UIWebView
rails 3.2 to_date monkey patching & Mongoid
HTML - Which element to output text?
APEX 3.2 Text validation for nulls AND blanks
DIY Nine-patch not reconized
iterating over a hash backwards in js
Error loading mySQLdb module
How can a Windows PowerShell script pass its parameters through to another script invocation?
Can't host a winsock server
Reverse lookup in a resource file?
In WF 4.0 can a parent workflow stop even when asynchronous child activities are still running?
My JQuery Code for X O Game have some trouble with cheeking innerhtml? [duplicate]
.htaccess rewrite url [closed]
str_pad with a float in php?
Location manager getLastKnownLocation() caches last fix?
Apple Launcher visible behind part of app
JQuery Datepicker Date highlight Issue
Jquery unlimited number array event
What is the most flexible and proper way to change different rows of a record on different pages in Rails?
How to populate the list in an s:select tags using hashmap?
Why Internet Explorer auto adjusts style.left value of div in certain cases?
How can I cause Eclipse to compile GWT with the -strict flag?
How do you read the entire input buffer with TCP Client in C#?
Ant build not working: unable to find a javac compiler
StackOverflowException when trying to generate documentation with SandCastle when project references MassTransit
Actionscript 3 Json?
Database structure, trying to find primary keys
Error in sending mail from server smtp?
Using WP7 Date & Time Converters in the code behind file
Spatial Data Type
LWJGL/OpenGL Lag Drawing Cube Array
How to use ajax callback to determine when to submit form
wrap each text block of certain length into its own div using javascript
comparing two text files in windows application
why is there a null pointer exception when i try to use getActionCommand
what is session_register alternative
How to run CakePHP 2.x plugin test case from the console?
Locale on a rails application
Fabric error when connecting to multiple hosts with ssh config file & RSA keys
Empty $pid variable causing TCEmain error: Attempt to insert record on page '[root-level]'
CSS Minification causes IE9 to display urls next to all links on page
How can I define multiple has_and_belongs_to_many in Rails?
cannot add a custom wiki page to a wiki library
easy way of setting values to wxTextCtrl
Ajaxcontoltoolkit tab container not displaying alongisde modal popup extender
& becomes &amp; during FTP to MVS
How detect Vim buffer contains a fold?
#1064 SQL error鈥�Can't find the cause
iOS cannot select/highlight text in PDF
How to reference object without using property or ivar
Creating a Pushdown Automaton(PDA) with the language of strings containing more as than bs?
Move element diagonally using floating point numbers
how to use google maps in android app
django logout using a link or form to prevent csrf exploit
Open fancybox in AJAX updatepanel
Fire up event every few milliseconds without using a timer
Upgrading PHP 5.4.0 in XAMPP for Windows?
How to validate POCO object
Escaping the @鈥�鈥�characters in Objective C
Asterisk Hold event via IAX2 and SIP
Looping through an array to get the index for each measure in a combo box
Submitting actions for unreleased iOS app?
Paying for commercial database systems versus maintaining an open source system [closed]
Managing a build all solution in TFS
Refine the way I do malloc and free
How do I conditionally append a row of Excel data from one sheet to another?
Allow the user to stay signed in forever - Different implementation methods
Saving nested JS Objects in cache and reloading them upon return
How to call a completion method everytime ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem method is returned
XPath to find last 3 items in a previous range
Entity Framework and MVC Scaffolding with Composite Primary Keys
Getting a compile error with ntddscsi.h
Saving nested JS Objects in cache and reloading them upon return
How to call a completion method everytime ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem method is returned
XPath to find last 3 items in a previous range
Entity Framework and MVC Scaffolding with Composite Primary Keys
Getting a compile error with ntddscsi.h
How can I get the actual value of the char instead of the int value
Delphi 7 WriteProcessMemory
Why is 鈥�012-30-03鈥�parsed as June 3 2014 with DateFormat?
why does myeclipse console have no output?
Microsoft Webmatrix 2 Beta unable to publish via FTP
Ruby 1.9 invalid multibyte char (UTF-8)
Adding custom attribute to a field through mvc ValidationAttribute extension
Placeholder doesn't work on Internet Explorer
The font its not changing with different screen resolution/size (jquery tabletogrid)
Use php as a browser
How can i prevent form the user to move the point beyond the pictureBox1 borders?
CSG library doing volume difference?
Changing where the .exe window appears when debugging?
Automatically convert keywords to links in php
why does the ini_set('memory_limit') doesn't work?
Twitter 鈥渢weet this鈥�button shows up as a button in Firefox, simply a link in Chrome
Rails 3 and Git: two applications, shared database
Correct mime type for .mp4
How to access facebook new 鈥淚nterest List鈥�in facebook graph api
How can I substring an ID?
Facebook Like button not working for people not logged into Facebook
Autoloader converting namespace into folder path
SQL - enhance schema to count unread messages
Saving multiple attachments in database, phpmyadmin
why does log4j output to stdout?
Ignore Case with XMLUnit
Image from extension appears as broken link when referenced from content-script
How to delete sql entries on click
MVC3 unobtrusive validation without data annotations
QLPreviewController and UTF8 characters
Automating eclipse console input with values from a file
how can i link a timer with an infinite loops in jquery?
Shpescape.com to Google Fusion Tables - not all rows were imported
Android: ActionBarSherlock search widget
Getting intents from two different activities
ReCAPTCHA Ajax API Image customisation?
I want to check if $('#td1').text() === 鈥渪鈥�
Application not starting at reboot due to UAC settings
Encrypt traffic between squid and clients
Bind Business Object to ASP.NET DataList
Sphinx return zero value using php even if data is available for String value
2 regular expressions in GREP. Alternation
how to check for a file in the same dictionary as the program in vb.net?
Having difficulty with a search and follow, using twitter gem and ruby
Is there any way do display an associated query as row?
Trying to disable a text input field if previous field is left blank
Datepicker - year only?
Are there restrictions on using an iPhone in an app icon? [closed]
loading fullcalendar events when the month changes
Spring MVC with Hibernate - OneToMany mapping in form
SSRS 2008 multi-line data displaying as one line in report
sending jquery ajax requests in a loop
Can we adjust the borders of buttons in Android?
3D Vertices To 2D Image Conversion
elegant checks test
EC2 mail via gmail [closed]
how to use jsonbuilder with collections?
TextMate opens two Terminal windows when running a Python script
How to reach a method of an object that implements Runnable in Java?
Xcode 4.3.1 copies ALL the resources every time I run the project on the device
Blaze DS 4 libs missing mx.* packages
Parsing JSON data error
MMU and Multi-Core
Can't use string (鈥�鈥� as a subroutine ref while 鈥渟trict refs鈥�in use
connect timeout=0???? what about? timeout value expired with 1500
Adobe Flex/Air talks with Rails 3.2?
call cd in shell script
hide parent div if child div empty
How to select control to be focused from ListView
ExpanderView does not show all Items
two jquery functions at the same time
What include am I missing?
method in WCF service returns nothing
instanciate a fragment with a new class name
Counting how many times a thread has been preempted?
Sending Messages in a TCP Stream
how do I access variable attributes using gon (in jQuery & Rails)
how to change select with jquery
default data-type of const-keyword is int-type?
Calling R using the bash exec command
Android TextToSpeech app null pointer exception
What's the difference between Git add (ctrl+A) and Stage to Commit (ctrl+T) in the git GUI?
Is there a way to make StringIO reading blocking
Multicores: Accessing shared memory at the same time
Static string->string mapping
NSArray is empty when accesing in a method of the UITableViewController
Ising Model in Python not giving correct results
Captive portal with android hotspot programmatically configured
Using reflection , is there a way to get the fields of the superclass?
PHP and HTML 5 validation message
Access parent activity variables from child activity
Is it possile to determine the xl function name that called my XLL?
JSON parsing in Javascript with no known number of items
Lifetime of static class variables
Linux batch conversion: Change quality of jpg with convert but keep its name
Linux batch conversion: Change quality of jpg with convert but keep its name
Permission ATTR{idVendor} for USB devices on linux mint to use table mobii protab2 XXL
alert box through validation
Storing and presenting data in logical and easy to use way
Firefox not recognizing custom font
IPhone need design idea for tableview
How to create select list with field_create_field($field) drupal 7 with options
Synchronize button action on richfaces
how to load a picture to an <asp:Image> using a windows path
How to get the database where a model instance was saved to in Django?
Distinguishing Files From Directories
How to determine if server closed connection (RST packet received) in Java?
How to sort a map
TimerCallback in MVC3
Save state on screen rotate when a compound component is used multiple times
Remember me cookie
How to update whole range of date with another range
Packaging jquery and bootstrap
Error of Convert.ChangeType in conversion from 鈥渟tring鈥�to 鈥淕SMModemTypeConstants鈥�
always return some raws in UNION even if the condition doesnt match
how to use mongoexport to get a particular format in .csv file?
Why does my jQuery change function not work after loading AJAX?
How do I work out the degrees to rotate a wheel based on drag distance?
How to use a session variable of one page to initialize another page's global variable in vb.net?
SQL join issue - joining two related queries (Full Outer Join)
AVR ISP MKII, avrdude, Ubuntu 11.10
Seeking clarification on apparent contradictions regarding weakly typed languages
jquery variable substitution
Extract my contacts from hotmail/live [duplicate]
Double rounding error in MongoDB with Group()
How to get interest in programming especially in java and android [closed]
How to load an xml page in windows phone?
Canvas to Video is very slow on Safari Lion/Mountain Lion