Is there a way I can display data via a line graph/pie chart in an wp7 application?
Play 2.0 routing not working with long?
Resharper Code Pattern for IDisposable not inside using
How to add Jar files in Java in Linux
How to clean up unused branch types
change labeltext color depending on the highlighted state of button
JSF component binding - some confusion
my sed is close鈥�but not quite there, can you help please?
How to search a column in a html table and highlight any matches
JUnit and concurrency: inexplicable error
Drawing UIImage with CGRect in a pdf from Core Data
How to render a very large image or document that is drawn without any performance issues
How to write secure c network software? [closed]
Use Javascript to confirm a hash made in PHP?
How do I find/execute files in a Java package?
Delete Method not working in MVC 3
How do I use the DAX function ParallelPeriod
Using apache mod_alias in vhost to link assets from external server
Is there an existing SqlConnection that I can use in LinqPad?
Embed icon in python script
How can I get a reference to the Adobe AIR Activity for an Android app?
Margin: 0 auto not working IE?
In making jsp page in ecllipse, getParameter(鈥渢extfield1鈥� returns null, where textfield1 is a textbox
C++ variable shared by 2 files
Trouble with commons-fileupload and Liferay
Keeping assert despite the -O (optimize) flag
How do I exit the results of 'git diff' in git bash on windows?
In PowerShell, object not loading though I call LoadWithPartialName
Rails - right login URL for Devise authentication plugin
Starting to think that Maven is overkill for my current project
How does Ruby know which OLE object is enumerable?
Center label and textfield in view using IB
Where to pass values from querystring to dropdownlists and refresh grid if !ispostback
How to recursively convert all filenames in folder subtree from UTF-8 to ASCII in Linux
How to pair via bluetooth on android automatically?
Strong Named satellite assemblies using ResGen & AL with multiple resx / resources files
How to implement Back button functionality in android
Slow Javascript touch events on Android
Running commands in a terminal via exec in Java NOT as root
Variable functions definitions inside a loop?
Maven builds and dependency injection using Spring
A customed shared hash map implementation
jQuery validate add class to error element?
JSF resource versioning
Implementing a delay/refresh in OpenGL animation
Developing Spotify apps on Linux
jQuery class count on a certain table column number
Running two same tests with different arguments
How can I tweet videos from an iPhone app?
Rails way to generate select fild options
Localizing strings in WPF codebehind using XAML ResourceDictionary
Sonar-runner Exception with .NET Project is not found
Dynamic test cases
C# List<object> to IList cast bug in Unity3d
How to get the pixelformat or bitdepth of TPNGImage
Sending emails to users based on their language preference
Calling Function in Jquery
Getting and using the unique ID when making an insert
min, max and mean over large NumPy arrays in Python
Is it possible to write a single method that accepts a generic parameter of varying abstraction?
How do I get the new dimensions of an element *after* it resizes due to a screen orientation change?
copy and paste the data one excel to another excel based on column name include blank cells
QAbstractItemModel batch remove with many parents
Heroku PGBackups add-ons: Why choose anything but the free one month retention option?
bash && operator prevents backgrounding over ssh
How do I open more than one excel workbook from within matlab
Incorrect SecurityContext after Camel redirect
Android Data Backup - Does not work on applications installed by Eclipse?
Installing apk without user input
Having trouble applying a number format with OpenXML in C#
Dynamically binding Report to ReportViewer component
Empty string comes with ajax results, Why?
query string page&members
Encoding scheme for SSJS library when exported via DXL
Increase performance/speed
Converting ArrayList to Array in java
Why won't sfValidatorDoctrineChoice validate?
mysql get ascii code dump for string
Change TopMost property on a DIFFERENT form?
How to determine if webapp has successfully deployed in Hudson or other CI servers?
Fast search-insert-delete algorithm for low power processor
Get number of monthly searches for specific keywords using Google Adwords API for .NET
CoffeeScript Undefined
symfony1.4 PDO queries to web debug bar
Why is my NSDictionary not initializing my specific keys and values when in my model, but works within my controller?
How to use a specific Git submodule revision per local branch?
MySQL How do I insert across multiple tables correctly?
Why are my assets not served through a reverse proxy in apache
Pass address bar url of parent window to field in popup
jquery carousel not functioning properly in Chrome or any webkit browser
Unknown Type Name error in OS' Mach Library
EditorForModel and DisplayForModel don't work on Expando objects
I am missing 鈥淎SP.NET Web Project鈥�in my list of Visual Studio 2010 Web project types - how do I get it?
Hashing string in Oracle
Parsing JSON doubts - Objective C
jquery multiple sort lists with disabled elements, not reading ID
toggle() not working with li
SQL distinct keyword not filtering enough
To count the frequency of each word
INSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS with two different package names
Styling issue with ticker
web user control changing dynamically
Computational Expression using Zero
C++/Qt Q_OBJECT macro causes an error
Get data from cursor in SimpleCursorAdapter.getView()
edited: symfony plus complex database connectivity
JSF 2 + PrettyFaces -> IllegalStateException: PWC3990: getWriter() has already been called for this response
use ajax to bind/rebind a listview datasource?
Deleted /Developer/Library
Remote UDP send and receive
Using FPDF error with font helveticab.php
generate jstestdriver coverage report
ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2.getActivity() throws ClassCastException for libraries
Is there a way to disable/ignore a Load Test in Visual Studio 2010 without using Test Lists?
ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2.getActivity() throws ClassCastException for libraries
Is there a way to disable/ignore a Load Test in Visual Studio 2010 without using Test Lists?
Zend router, omit controller in URL for single module
In a UITableView, how do I know when scrollRectToVisible is complete for a row?
Actionscript 3 - adjust the z-index of a textfield?
SSRS 2008 CSV Export appending column names to each row
Integrating a Java Jar File (jTDS) into a Mac OSX App
Need jQuery Dialog for confirmation and Send Ajax Request to Controller Action
PrettyFaces, Filter, and url-pattern issue
Let anonymous users view certain analytics data via Google Appengine App (Python)
JSF passing a bean to a page
Error running chromedriver
Visual Studio Solutions and Projects
Public URI on Android where I can store a VCARD so that Android vcard import activity can see it? (NO SDCARD)
Word VBA event for detecting text change in the document?
ios UIViewController not calling viewDidUnload
SSL doesn't work on FB App
What are the steps for converting the view engine for an MVC project from .ASPX to Razor?
Spring Security - AbstractUserDetailsAuthenticationProvider - how do I access the UserDetails later?
Unit Testing Zend Controller and Mocking some of the performed actions
How to send a response to the invoker of a service without reaching the end of the pipeline
Sencha 2 List Scroll Performance
Restricting section of XSLT to single node
Two render statements within Ruby method and response to JQuery AJAX call
Haskell Int64 inconsistent?
Numpy needs the ucs2
Position overlay over sometimes multi-row div?
How to remove unbalanced/unpartnered double quotes (in Java)
Displaying images in Bitmap item render Flex 4 Android mobile
How do I convert a UTF-8 string to upper case?
Getting information from a Cookie into Alfresco Share
Convert String from a XML to Java Code
Simple perl program failing to execute
Delegate Func<> in windows form application C# [closed]
Events for keyboard appearing/disappearing on Android Ice Cream Sandwich
CakePHP - authentication component, using a different table name and column name
HT Access - Redirect to subfolder & keep other folders accessible
Selecting linked image by same attribute in jQuery
How to use Entity Framework to map results of a stored procedure to entity with differently named parameters
Manually translating code from one language to another
Python GUI application using Tkinter - Drag and Drop
Enable programmatically the 鈥淨uick Edit Mode鈥�in PowerShell
Need help using instancing in XNA 4.0
Javascript json callback
Issue getting dataTables and twitter bootstrap working
deploy external dll files on project on Web Host
ColdFusion Automatic Timing Script w/ Conditionals
I need to extract a value of the result of xml generated by http query
Connecting to SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with VBScript
Prevent local links from scrolling but keep the click in the browser history
why 鈥渏itsu deploy鈥�got 鈥淓rror: Cannot find module 'browserid-verifier'鈥�
C# extension method to objects with specific attribute
How to deploy One Touch Digital Persona SDK for .net Project?
Setting up multi-dimensional array in VBScript
Oracle Exception not being displayed by Java SQL Exception when procedure does not stop
Using replace method javascript
transformToXml returns false but libxml_get_last_error() empty
user created Functions in Where clause
How do you update iisnode bits on your web roles?
should we move #include into namespace? [duplicate]
nservicebus unsubscribing when we want it to subscribe
Recursive select via LINQ? [duplicate]
Android WebApp force closes on back button
Cancelling MATLAB object construction without exceptions?
C++: sorting/alphabetizing methods
Filename passed as commandline argument to use inside in Python [closed]
HTML Drop Down List to Select Radio Button
Generating Checklist from Joined Tables in MVC3
Accessing parts of a multipart/form-data post request in a Java REST web service
How to publish own OpenERP modules in Launchpad?
Powershell, XML & Arrays
How to alter the prefixes EPiServer is adding to src attributes in html
Javascript/Jquery call function every 5 minutes for an 8 hour period
How does gnu-make deal with quotes in the makefile if called in cmd.exe?
iOS - Searching Table View
Qt how to hide cross bar
Silverlight: bind command of a generic component
viewDidAppear Delay
Excel VBA to copy column to existing workbook
MS Access - execute a saved query by name in VBA
eBay API Additional Costs
controlling sort order of json output in Ruby on Rails (Ruby 1.8)
SQLite in AppleScript?
Will a live app that currently does not have IAP be affected if I add an IAP in iTC?
Django form redirection failing--page Not found error
How to prevent automatic signing-out in devise when destroying a user
Is there a way to check whether a file is completely uploaded using PHP?
How to store settings [closed]
C extract word from a string between two words
Iframe stealing mouse events
Wait at most N seconds for a fork'd child PID to finish
Raising event from custom control added dynamically to the form
How to keep session parameters upon switching to another RAC node?
CakePHP HABTM Duplication Issue
Tricky SQL query, maybe some sort of join would work?
Jquery ajax Check if there results are empty
multiple EJB jar file inside one EAR sharing the same persistence.xml
Serving ASP.NET in Windows 7 IIS 7
Retrieving BSOD text from VM
iOS - Can not set Button 'Disable', without removing the content of it
Best Practice to Pause in Javascript
CouchDB - view recursivity
Cropping images in CodeIgniter for FPDF output
Monotouch.. different responses on two machines
mysql LIKE query takes too long
Using a browser extension to detect opening a specific site
excel vba - userform that automatically fills the entire sheet
jquery : save drag and drop position with cookies
MYSQL like clause finding too many matches
Syntax error on eval() with json as string
JavaScript: How to check if variable exists by variable name?
How to get the z-index of a view/layout ? Or how to know if it is on front?
Add jar to mono for android project in Visual Studio
Access metadata (dataannotations) in my model from t4 scaffolding templates
Setting default value on a Symfony2 radio button choice field
Setting the value of a Html textbox from the Asp.Net codebehind
Simple XSLT modification XML to CSV
Is there any way to increase the memory space for a model in Z3?
EJB 3 timers executed multiple times
safely handling remote 鈥渉otlinked鈥�images
What's the point of the Web.config's system.web/Pages/Namespaces Tag?
ob_start() output buffering doesn't work with ob_gzhandler compression
Find out the only color in an image ?
How Change calling function of onChange event using jQuery
How to get data out of MonoTouch.Dialog
SQL Query to get top rows until ColName = 1
Only seeing one line of text in the textblock element when creating a windows phone app
Traceability Matrix
C# XNA renderTarget2D .Clear(Color.Transparent) not working
Finding Elements inside of a jQuery Object request Unexpected token :
Possible to make the elements within a UserControl ReadOnly?
shell's logic AND, cmd1 && cmd2, it's reversed, right?
How do I add a delay/timeout to jQuery keypress function
NSObject doesn't support encodeWithCoder?
Macro Variables within email template in SAS?
sqlite group by with multiple sorts
tomcat7-maven-plugin extraDependency seems not being loaded
Javascript variable reset after leaving if statement?
Flaky Netbeans 7.1 release breaks my application : org.jdesktop.application.ResourceMap
ZedGraph Horizontal threshold line issue
How to write simple fair semaphore?
Google Map directions using GPS and locations
Values of array after cudaMemcpy
how many constraint we applied on one column in a table
Oracle Show dept_name of records only in deptno 20
R, how to narrow down a histogram domain?
php and mssql/sqlsrv - column names containing question marks instead of accented characters
GORM inheritance and GSP
Stringifying a object and then parsing it back to its original object?
GORM inheritance and GSP
Stringifying a object and then parsing it back to its original object?
How to set default value in SubQuery result using mysql
JGoodies binding will not let me repaint my JComponent
Handling TCP client disconnect mid-send
Mingw static lib used in a MSVC project
How to implement an abstraction layer over VxWorks to provide handles for exception handling & memory management?
Redraw buttons after rotation
Removing event listeners with anonymous function calls in JavaScript
UILabel sizeToFit - Adjust position on object below
php program download permission
disabling animation in Wpf
How to get CATextLayer鈥檚 wrapping count in order to calculate height
MHTML content need to be saved as .xlsx format
How do I get the tab completion of a sublime text completion snipped to end inside the snippet?
Alternate Layouts on Oracle Reports Developer 6i
Wowza records audio but without video
What are the problems of deploying an application in a virtual machine file?
PHP SQL Loop results based on field
Calling generic function with two different generic arguments still compiles
Cookie in GET REQUEST (REST) not in Cookies collection in response, but in header
Resolving singleton component that was registered separately in different child scopes via Autofac
fixing parenthesis in regex for linkify php function?
Converting existing command-line script to GUI in python
Can't open multiple tabs in Komodo Edit/IDE 7.0.2
Returned variable is 'undefined' through javascript function
Login using database authentication
VBA: Using a Find-like function across all workbook sheets without looping
Symfony2 forms interpret blank strings as nulls
how to save file with illegal name
WPF: Binding Grid.Visibility OneWay to a dependency property and OneWayToSource to a view model CLR property
How do I update multiple Gridviews across multiple User Controls while the Gridviews and User Controls are inside Update Panels?
Events not fired from <h:selectBooleanCheckbox> in JSF 2
DevExpress DateEdit refresh
windowSoftInputMode issue
Running gtest using Visual Studio 2010: LNK4098 and LNK2005
Send button not retrieving friends bug?
Custom EditText which prevents user input after n characters
remove string at the beginning
Displaying modal dialogs using PRISM 4
Binding to Dataset Selected Row
UITextField: receive events as not first responder
C# , Regex replace all linebreak with <br /> outside a bbcode code block
ajax and php updating mysql
How can I get a EmguCV ImageBox image?
fluent nhibernate mapping issue: many-to-one鈥ould not insert: [Entity]
Unable to debug android application
identify and delete all x64 architecture files
Inherited class initializing a custom made class using non-default constructor
NS2(Network Simulator 2)+oTCL
identify and delete all x64 architecture files
Inherited class initializing a custom made class using non-default constructor
NS2(Network Simulator 2)+oTCL
IE 8 CSS Selectors [closed]
Save 'Username' as Filename
Mbunit - Gallio. Get name of the currently executing test
Error loading an image to a UIImageView in a CustomCell
Nginx map doesn't use the arguments of my regular expression
Should I upgrade AjaxControlKit dlls I downloaded in May 2010?
modify PHP file to limit user download per month to 5 TIME ONLY
How can I update a database table programmatically?
How I can clear textbox text before ajax form submit event?
Index.php in URL on my live server
How do I pass a quoted string with -D to gcc in cmd.exe?
as3 dynamic Tween duration
STL algorithms such as for_each applied to more than one arguments
Method POST, Status (canceled) error message
How to make one field required only if another field is used
How to check lock status and unlock if necessary for Database on Blackberry?
Jquery mobile caching using AJAX request
how to copy between folders and parent folder without complete path
What going wrong in using PropertiesConfiguration?
ShareKit SHKActionSheet Issue
How to add clear button into JSF table?
open custom url scheme via Spotify Apps API
EXCEL DSUM Double Counting
Apple Flat Package (pkg) from Java
1024 overriding a function that is not marked for override
Calling Get-WMIObject on multiple computers selected via Get-ADComputer
I'm trying to use random function in Javascript?
Ruby 1.9.3p125 Array#slice weird behaviour [duplicate]
YAJLiOS can't parse non English letters?
IE8 Google Maps setZoom error
How to search data from sqlite with UISearchBar in iOS?
XJC episode with maven
Why in CSS does '!' in have the opposite meaning to its use in C-based languages?
mySQL column 'id' in field list is ambigous
鈥淚nvalid gemspec鈥�messages during 鈥渂undle install鈥�of factory girl (rails 3.1 and ruby 1.9.2p290)
What does the expression X match when inside a RegEx?
Importing a .cvs file into a detached .mdf?
Service authentication using Twitter Oauth
Can't Return ArrayList
xtk object transforms
FactoryGirl3, can't access factories anymore
Search and replace variables in a file using bash/sed
JQuery click method on Menu item?
How to share a YouTube video on Facebook and have it work on iPad?
How to make a text animated in android?
Deploy with Maven on WebLogic server
Merge SVG and .JPG into one image?
Overriding Firefox 11's baked-in css
FullCalendar passing starting date
Overriding find in Mongoid has_many relationship
Animate image from style not working
How to add dates to MySQL result on which there are no records in the database?
Creating a record with EmberData when testing with Jasmine
Creating a simple sales calculator in Java code
How to disable LogCat pause completly?
SQLite for VBA: provider or standalone DLL?
Multiple DLL Resource Management
MVC3 Transactions Counters
How does return statement in dojo work?
Triggering 'selected' on dynamically filled select options
Gstreamer - vaapidecode with mpeg ts not playing
How do I mock java.lang.reflect.Method class in PowerMockito?
Jquery Mobile Editable grid
MarkerClusterer - cluster by counties
Cryptography : using Password Based Encryption (PBE)
C# console attempts to override the app.config value for the Default Database used by DatabaseFactory doesn't keep the change..CreateDatabase()
How to set a network interface to promiscuous mode in a kernel module?
AS3: Loading external Google Maps XML file from AS3 without causing sandbox security error
multiple unique clients using and express
Is it right to send PHP and Apache version in user agent string for an API?
Does increasing an NVARCHAR column size in SQL Server cause index rebuild?
Is there cross domain policy in a UIWebView?
Custom Application child class in Mono for Android
what's the padding mode used when use crypto:des_ecb_encrypt/2 in erlang
How do I add an array property to a CFC when using ORM?
How can I modify Strcpy and strcat to sprintf
C# LINQ append an item to the end of an array
How can I make a Dynamic Inbound Endpoint in Mule?
Compare static and non-static integer in non-static function [closed]
What Does The String '{?District}' evaluate to in SQL
Sms have been sent twice using sendTextMessage method
GIve css3 rotate to a DIV in Chrome then the background-attachment:fixed creatingbug
Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider in Visual Studio 2010 Professional
Why is defaultdict creating an array for my values?
Compile freetype-2.4.9 with MinGW-w64/Cygwin
C# List duplicate
Error Validation in wrong language first time
How to set Productname for the generated bootstrap file (setup.exe to productname-setup.exe)
CSS or CS3 body shadow implementation
Install Tomcat on remote server and deploy web-service on it
How to do this inner join query in mysql
Can't debug C++ with Qt projects in Eclipse
Android APK Expansion Files Gives CRC ERROR after Downloading file:
Is the class file generated by javac always the same?
Value does not fall within the expected range
jquery outlineing columns
Write a program to count the number of times that the character 鈥渁鈥�appears anywhere in the file JavaIntro.txt.
FB Comment Box - Need to change text color
Alternative Java code formatter for Eclipse?
Prevent some class to override the Object class's method in java , confused about the answer
Core data: Is there any way to efficiently query a model using implied relationships instead of real ones?
ibatis dynamic select statement with two dynamic prepend=鈥淲HERE鈥�
Is it possible to make an AutoUpdate feature in any of iOS App
Subversion E160013: '/svn/xxx/!svn/me' path not found* error
Is it possible to control which Teamcity agents are permitted via another project?
adding single element to a List in a NavigableMap
When sharing a page you made on facebook I get one thumbnail?
MPTT - How to override 鈥渢ree_id鈥�
How do I implement selector for actionbar?
Cross domain REST/Jersey web services with CORS
SQL Server Using Select
Consume only part of data in boost::asio basic_stream_socket::async_read_some handler
How to turn on the GPS on Android
Drag and Drop Holding the Header Part
Bit Twiddling - Confused With This Program's Output
How to encode cookie with javascript/jquery?
ie 6 cant find javascript definitions
What should I use to have continues connection which I will send and get data in discrete times?
unresolved external idea
How to create a stored procedure that will search for a record in a table with given param by client app and return the found row data?
null is null or not an object javascript error
sqlite3 python adding columns and updating values
ExceptionInInitializerError when using AsyncTask
table of functions vs switch in golang
JQuery Keyup event doesn't work
Is list component good for chat displaying Chat data
GetWindowThreadProcessId can not find my window handle, even though its process ID exists on Window
Why does image use display: inline but behaves like an inline-block element
Updating specified rows in CakePHP using array of ID's?
Trouble with Non-Native Menu in jQuery Mobile
Objects Passed to ParameterizedThreadStart being overwritten?
rails auto_html gem is not persisting results
How can I solve conflict between read thread and write thread of /proc file in linux kernel?
Symfony2 - FOSFacebook Bundle - Subdomain
Fabric - Project path environment
Any similar libraries/classes for drawing charts like Google Charts? [closed]
Jquery cookies : change body id while page loading
C++ custom heterogeneous container through polymorphism and pointers
Right-click on Windows, with VLC and PyGTK
Troubleshooting when regex does not match?
Android service which watch if messaging app is started
Unknown SSL protocol error when cloning git repository from Gitblit
xcode distributing application with 2 project
Android application self-uninstall
create sql server database as other sql database structure (design)
New to Maven where is my Spring jars
jquery datepicker onselect not working
iOS SDK How to disable keyboard input (no response), the keyboard always display?
Page doesn't load correctly with Firefox
formatting text in a csv export
Android Action Bar Action Item Position
In OpenRasta, how should you handle codec errors or exceptions?
PagedDataSource not paging
Amazon S3 Cname Setup [closed]
Get directly dictionary<int, object> first key without foreach in C#
ostream operator overloading on an overloaded postfix increment/decrement operator
Maximum sending rate and daily quota for Gmail+Google Apps Script?
Insert into specific row in android sqlite database
Why won't replace work with my regex object when test does?
Webservice call not working after switching between Wifi to 3G or 3G to Wifi
Saving a command into a variable instead of running it
Form labels + data is not centering correctly
How to upload a pdf via android mobile to php script using phonegap
Bundler/Minifier for CSS (What's Browserify, Stitch, etc. for JavaScript)?
Removing moving images in android when tapped
How to give a div full height in CSS
Get rank of player from mysql query
how to get/ask only status code for a httpRequest with android?
unsigned char concatenation
Tabs Design UI pattern in Android
Titanium: Tab's icon image not working
M:M Mapping - EF 4.3 CodeFirst (Existing Database)
Tool-set for a craigslist-like app [closed]
Errors in newly created Android project?
Is it legal to define override in C++03
DNS resolution loggin on Windows
iOS the right way of heightForRowAtIndexPath calculation
how to get string array object values to another class in android
Firing native js event from jquery
Why won't my List<Foo> serialize with protobuf-net?
Insert valve from listview to Sql (using linq to sql)
use enum type from another class
<null> reading from sqlite
JavaScript function offsetLeft - slow to return value (mainly IE9)
JQuery - finding the correct div depending on input value
check if a tree is complete standard ml
Devise unconfirmed_email when trying to click on confirm account from received email
Reliable way to wrap into OSX executable? (or C/C++/Objective-C libraries to use as alternatives)
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token )
I do POST request, server receives and logs GET request
adding jsp page dropdownlist value to MySQL database
Need to bind ISO Stores file in a ListBox
SMTP client program gives run-time error
Gitosis and www-data
How do I move a portion of a subversion repository to a new one without losing the history?
Scroll three GridViews simultaneously
Enterprise find files (via powershell) exclude Tempory Internet Files
How do I move a portion of a subversion repository to a new one without losing the history?
Scroll three GridViews simultaneously
Enterprise find files (via powershell) exclude Tempory Internet Files
Is it possible to disable dojo spider chart animation?
Accessing dynamic, nested value pairs in XML
How to find system type using Python?
Generate Drop Down From MySQL [closed]
Fedora 16, python subprocess.Popen from IDE vs from terminal
Reading a 32 bit hexadecimal into a long in 64 bit environment
SQL query, comparing two arrays
how to get size of View's contents
Applet - Drag and Drop - Multiple drop zones in the same Applet
How to combine time template for a specific locate and 12h/24h format from phone settings
How to create SQL function with JDBC?
Dynamicaly rounding numbers in Objective-C
AFNetworking POST to REST webservice
Javascript parameter changing values?
Android Service.startForeground does NOT respect notification id uniqueness
DevExpress NavBarControl style: Change animation speed to expand/collapse groups
How to insert random numbers MySql
Android Translate Animation
DRYing up string assignment
Java. Swing. Disable JFrame close button
Tic Tac Toe game in Java using MouseAdapter
Appending elements - stop appending when elements starts to overflow the container
How to fix/validate html/css markup within php code?
how to make disable or unvisible email link when the it is clicked, also, how can i use general smtp server?
Get the very next node with jQuery
Change the height level contained in the ellipse
Integrating Java Classes and methods in Joomla
Active Directory password porting/migrations to database
Stripping Specific HTML & Content from a page with PHP for RSS
Need an example on how to get preferred language from Accept-Language request header
Doing 2 Left Joins on the same table with one call
Check if XML Chain Exists in PHP
How to use operator new to count number of times of dynamic memory allocation
Why am I getting 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded' if I have tons of free memory given to the JVM?
Implementing Swipe In My Image Gallery (Jquery)
In php how do you say if ($x == 1 or 2 or 3 or 4) {do function} without repeating code many times?
Invalid behavior of C# code while using IList in Unity3d on iOS
Fancybox Images and Video in same Gallery
Category and Singleton Tutorials
Binding jQuery 鈥渄rop鈥�event to a dropped element
What is the correct terminology for this kind of CSS declaration 鈥�myClass div鈥�
using flock() on an array of file paths not working
Cookbook GUI interface for a command-line script
Porting Joomla extensions to Drupal / Wordpress
WebSphere MQ setjmsenv / setjmsenv64 scripts missing
Set editing style on a UITableViewCell without reloading the cell
Select in where clause, access to current parent select columns
Thread: 505.50 when using custom rewrite provider (the one from samples)
Failing to debug with node-inspector - what is wrong?
SPOOL - Format columns with french characters
Trying to create a login on my site using soundcloud
Adding elements into an li with jquery
Celery - Granular tasks vs. message passing overhead
How to convert Dictionary<> to Hashtable in C#?
Inserting entries only once
How to install maven artifact directly into repo
Create a query to select two columns; (Company, No. of Films) from the database
Room drawing controls
How to change permissions to file with Runtime.getRuntime().exec
I want to POST variables from actionscript 3.0 to PHP
Discovering the types of keys in PGP [closed]
Why daemon's output can just goto /tmp dir?
when strdup function fails?
Javascript number assist
Reading a Z3 file
no limited session time,refreshing automaticly session wth out load page [closed]
parsing with nokogiri into a table where there are multiple labels in each cell of a certain column
how to get an element to snap to the bottom of the screen without using fixed position
Jpa annotations
Manually Sorting an Array in Ascending Order
Reading csv in python pandas and handling bad values
Monotouch LLVM compiler doesn't work
CakePHP While-loop inside another loop
issue loading js scripts with history.js
cherrypy /dev/urandom (or equivalent) not found 鈥�error
How to add images to database - FMDB - Beginner
Rewriting URL for subdomain redirection
Can I use the exists function in the select part of an SQL query?
How to convert entitised html tag to the 鈥渙riginal鈥�html tag in CakePHP
android: listen *passively* to gps location updates
RSpec + database cleaner, not cleaning correctly
Passing an object(control) in session from one page to another
Retry period after an unhandled exception in a Workflow
Implementing an iPhone-like content slider in a wep-app
mysql how to write the changes to memory first , then to disk
Unable to fetch Data using Data Source in YUI 2.X
How can you organise F# code in a similar way to C# regions? [closed]
Get JAR compilation time
Finding a path with the biggest number of nodes in a directed graph
Reorder a list of String into a new list
Mysql Query gets the right results from the database but wrong page count
.NET class allowing fast search
Styling native tooltip from title=鈥淭ooltip text鈥�
How to use ArrayCollection and ArrayList in AS3.0 in flash professional mx.collection
Can I run distributed transactions in ASP.NET in medium trust?
ruby on rails log file to big -> remove params from it
horizontal ScrollView Windows Phone 7
Qt qpixmap returns null after a while
What is the 鈥渟hell鈥�window type in chrome extensions? Can it be used to hide a window?
How to access the jar placed inside lib ext directory in Eclipse?
Web services dilemma
How to have a model Manager in Symfony2?
ParameterExpression of type 'System.Int32' cannot be used for delegate parameter of type 'System.String'
Why my uWSGI cannot find my Django application?
jQuery mobile hiding initial page instead of removing it
Postsharp for compile time line numbers
Android drag and drop image crash on ICS (4.0.3)
php search engine script
Can I set a value on a struct through reflection without boxing?
jquery based table pagination with inline edit support
Decimal value showing different on local computer Vs. the server
Grails. Store read-only collection in variable
Python loop through list and shorten by one
Compiling C++11 code as part of a MATLAB mex file
Zend Framework Disapatcher error so suddnly
object traking within a video file
TFS 2010 Build Pick a configuration at build time
How to set an drop down list as required in MVC3
Cant update table in SQL c#
TSQL - What is the proper order to joining tables?
curl with table fusion
ravendb database backup - returns 401
How to use Java ENUM with <form:select>
Start new activity with start values
Setting annotation attribute from properties file
Detecting an unconnected USB-COM port C# .NET 4
Reset CSS for Embedded scripts
Dynamic Binding Example in C++
Format.js not called in respond_to block
How do I get the return URL working properly again after downloading a login page from Azure ACS?
SQL FOR XML - Outputting data as Elements or as Attributes
How to make a nested Json object in Java?
Sending sms and ussd in a application [closed]
How do I get Delphi to leave my DFM alone?
How to get to detail detail view instead of a alert in table view
Using CSS in my Menu Control
Clipping out left-out region of an MKOverlayView after intersection with another one
Is small iOS memory leaks a bug?
MapView coming null irrespective of what I do in Android. What might be the bug?
I need a QuickBasic converter to VB6 or C# or any new programming language
Javascript Regex and non-capturing parentheses
SlickGrid and jqueryUI buttons
MATLAB move mouse cursor to specific coordinates
fetch an NSSet from CoreData and show it in a Label
Toggle class of clicked href
Struts2 Spring autowire=鈥渂yType鈥�
Visual studio breakpoint, does it stop whole application process?
Struts2 Spring autowire=鈥渂yType鈥�
Visual studio breakpoint, does it stop whole application process?
Compare method is not called when sorting a listview
Impure method is called for readonly field
How to execute a interactive shell script using java Runtime?
Getting Facebook Status updates with JSon
NameError: global name 'myLogFile' is not defined
wordpress get attachments that are not images
Updating dictionaries to append file data
Javascript next and previous day function
jQuery jScrollPane replace specific div inside of getContentPane()
javascript and parseFloat function?
Obtaining Google API's key in Windows 7
CakePHP 1.3: acl_extras plugin
What Android Java Compliance Level to use?
Create a .NET program that produces custom EXE's
Requesting image returns 403/404
Use variable in new variable
How do I easily query a running Eclipse for its installed Features?
Is there a Java API to read, interpret, and write Java manifest files (MANIFEST.MF)?
SQLite create table with UNIQUE combination of columns
Android system app running but is not in the ActivityManager.getRunningTasks list
Changing ttk Button Height in Python
Background image doesn't appear on a specific page
Programming a scalable database [closed]
Easel.js > What is wrong with this code?
Could not find HelloAndroid.apk?
Using multiple filter url params with QUnit
magic numbers in qwt
How to get parameters from web.xml in a bean?
Aspx page to download any type of file from a specific directory on web server
MFMessageComposeViewController not properly displayed
OnKeyUp event in Android browser for non-latin languages
Optimizing a select from a large table
Hibernate advice (keeping session open)
how to avoid looking css property using jquery or javascript
How to send multiple elements as ajax response in CakePHP 2.0.6
How Do I Modify/Disable HOME Key Functionality in Visual Studio 2010?
Count SQL in MS Access
Entity Framework - One application/One user/One simple use case 鈥�seem simple but is not
I Can't Start Managment Studio R2
Z-order of image view: place higher than listview, but lower than listview item's children
Caching MongoDB objects in PHP
Is there a way to determine whether vibration turned on or off in settings? [closed]
Keep my view as clean as possible (for clarity)
Generate image and display it inside JSP along with other content
Parse XLS(Excel) file in JS implementation
How to get a WPF command to execute on row double click of the Infragistics WPF datagrid?
Injecting CXF JAXRS MessageContext in an 鈥渋n Interceptor鈥�
extracting a specific part of a url using regex
Perl: Iterating through INI files
how to position an element on top of another element?
move from one action (signup) to confirm action (show the data submited) and success page Zend Framework
Language with apps hungarian support?
Top command special characters in shell script [closed]
How to use flush() for PrintWriter
Setting the log level causes fabric to complain with 'No handlers could be found for logger 鈥渟sh.transport鈥�
MySQL simple select query is slow
Matching 2 regex's upon a certain criteria?
How can one acquire position in Non-Gps devices using j2me coding
Set a SQL trigger and have subscribe to it?
test-path in powershell script [closed]
using CCCC on Windows XP with Visual studio 2010
How to know how many parents for a specific category?
Append text to file (Retrieved from directory list)
Adding X weeks to a date using PHP 5.2
What is Attachable really doing here?
Using the Trim function in MVC 3
Error Code: 1241 Operand should contain 1 column(s)
Deploying JSF Application with Virtual host in TomcatServer
List which accept only few types
Sorting two lists ignoring any non-numeric values?
vim - nerdtree suddenly broke
is passing code to a service class possible in android/java?
Performance tuning a knockout application - guidelines for improving response times
Codeigniter - form validation doesn't work for files
Requirements for elements in std::unordered_set
MongoDB + Nodejs insert maximum length
How can I setup and use factory_girl_rails properly?
iPhone storyboard to iPad
How to draw a blueprint for a designer for iOS?
MFMailComposeViewController in a separate class
Compile log does anyone knwo how this error can pop up?
Adding or summing up numbers in each row in Perl
Excel VBA Storing time specific value into cell from userform
Galaxy Tab - application get's no GPS Location on network or passive provider
Page doesn't display font until Google Font API's requests are returned
Need recommendations for .Net data access layer for short time table project
View is clipped during presentModalViewController transition animation
Facebook application load and performance testing
ModalDialog form doesn't work well
How can i fetch data of checked checkbox in repeater when click on button?
Erase element in vector while iterating the same vector [duplicate]
How to filter Http/https req in network gateway ? without proxy setting
Loading values from database to JavaScript in a select Tag
To Obtain EPOCH Time Value from a Packed BIT Structure in C
ADO SQL Server, 鈥淢ethod 'Open' of object '_Connection' failed鈥�
Problems creating a .deb file with dependencies
Java Swing mixing panes
Why can I not use :: after a list to append a string to it in Scala?
How can a method contain only a NotImplementedException and still run without throwing?
parsing MonthDate string in a leap year
How to release memory of a retained object
How to convert the following table to JSON with javascript?
Form validation in Play 2.0
Calculator in assembly
How to synchronize threads in socket server for writing to file
Simple maths with javascript not changing fields in form [closed]
Buttons in UITableView
INSERT and SELECT in single query MySQL
iOS: Saving high-score locally
Implementing 鈥淩ename鈥�from a ContextMenu
Delete all cells in a sheet based on interior color
To reach a file faster, should i search trough all sub folders or just put them together in one folder than do the search?
Javascript Function to Open a URL on the main page or new window
empty jquery element [duplicate]
Domain name classification API
Push XML Events To a NodeJS Server?
How can I capture the 鈥淪top鈥�button being pressed in the iOS debugger?
Android - app not searchable in Android store [closed]
JSON add two fields together
Selecting Unique Values Not in the Substring
How to compare dates in Struts2 using XML validation 鈥渆xpression鈥�validator?
PL/SQL Inserting 1 row for each result in a select
Background ImageView is upside down(flipped) when I use CPTPGraphHostingView [Core plot]
NHibernate: DB2400Dialect: Dialect does not support variable limits
Prevent application from entering background, requiring a code to close app
Cakephp 2.0 containable not working
token fields - stack level too deep
Magento - There was a issue with reindexing process - Catalog Products [closed]
What's the most secure way to connect to Active Directory from a DMZ?
Copy ESXi vm image to vSphere
How to get Rake to execute all dependencies even if one fails
How to script renaming multiple files according to a common pattern in DOS?
Jquery Tabs - Delay before fully rendered, detect when rendered
Django ORM object count
C# and Crystal Reports SDK - Selection Criteria Ignored
Eclipse RCP - refresh PackageExplorerPart programmatically
Speedup SQL query with join and like
How to add image(s) to UIToolBar?
Best way to archive/backup tables and changes in a large database
is abstract a must or not?
C - matrix multiplication segmentation fault
Find distance using Local MeasurementSystem in iPhone
Eclipse Plug-in development. Can i use an already existing jar file with my plug in?
Mininize and maximize Buttons in Panel
Return unordered list contents from function PHP
Plotting values directly in plot function
AudioQueue sample values are wrong
How to pre-fill a form using jquery/javascript
Android :Get Key press, Key release Events out of Activity Screen
Client and PHP backend communication: Sokets, Stream, TCP/UDP?
How to create a new instance of Foo class without exposing its constructor in the interface?
facebook data doesn't match (excel and FQL)
For-Each Loop Incompatible Types
Changing string colour
select most recent from non-normalized data in mysql
Choose Zend OR Symfony? And why? [closed]
windows phone create database with items
Android webview concurrency caused SQLiteException: database is locked
How to use PHP regular expressions to search a string for word sequences containing repeated words?
Renaming K9 Mail package name
htaccess modifications working on some pages but not on others?
Best practice regarding StateManager in Ember.js
backgroundworker vs Event
calles and handsfree
PHP JPGRAPH - omitting individual datapoints
Editing a htaccess file to redirect site except for contents of one directory
How to create a Custom Content Type instance within a SharePoint List programmatically?
Want to share a particular block or div from my entire page into facebook
Get all div values of similiar id in a particular div
ClickSeries Event
Slow load first images masonry
WordPress nav menu no longer updating
iPhone+Difference Between writing @classname & #import鈥渃lassname.h鈥�in Xcode [duplicate]
How to apply Assisted - GPS or AGPStechnology in j2me coding
clear textbox text before ajax form submit event
How to add javascript function to Textbox control at OnKeypress [duplicate]
Using draggable, is position really changed after doing 鈥渙ver event鈥�of droppable?
why does dictionary need those 'iter' methods?
Use python to open mrc format image
Error Inserting Event into Calendar with Intent
How can I protect my AWS access id and secret key in my python application
WiX localization - Desktop/Program menu short cut not replaced in Upgrade
custom amount of cells in each tableview group
I want to use searchable plugin in serializable domain
Datepicker change event fires multiple times on manual entry
regarding email with attachment in php
WP 7 - LINQ select statement from List<> error C#
why a constructor doesn't affect the properties in this example
iOS iPhone how to convert a UIImage into a PDF while preserving scale?
Workflow Xaml Custom Activity Versioning
Eclipse JRE System Library [J2SE-1.5]
android listview issue with more than 3 dynamic data
php tags into html tags output
Array defaulting to 'nothing' rather than '0' in Structure
Type does not have a default constructor automapper
what are the best java development utility tools? [closed]
鈥淧ointer from integer without cast鈥�warning when opening file.
Custom cell memory leak with ARC enabled
Safari jittering/jumping (bug?) on first 鈥渇ocus鈥�event of page load
foreach for javascript, json array
Is there a way to hide the system/navigation bar in Android ICS
NHibernate 3.2 mapping by convention generating an unnecessary foreign key column
Mapping coordinates from 3D perspective projection to 2D orthographic projection in OpenGL in C++
Scale Img to specific point
Getting the mapped column name through the mapped table (Sql)
mysql_real_escape_string not working on jquery load
CSS change height of table cell with <a> in it
TSQL select the from two rows that has higher priority and is not null
Is it possible to open pdf file store in sdcard/cache in webview?
How to know when a dynamically loaded CSS file is fully loaded and active?
Get maven-jetty-plugin to deploy-war and serve external static content at the same time
Populate Random records with apriory known distribution in DB2 / SQL
ASP.NET cookieless sessions only for specific requests?
What does 鈥渢emps.each(&:valid?)鈥�mean in Ruby? [duplicate]
Parsing JSON in Android?
How to run Batch Photoshop Script to move layers X amount sequentially?
modrewrite Navigation path with Joomla result in Apache error
Making a Toolstripcontainer panel work like an MDI parent
Call jquery in a subcontext again in jquery command chain
What is advantage of locks over wait/notify?
Is there a way to map column names to properties from my entity using Dapper?
Launch browser's validation and error messages without submit
Joomla modules conflict
Entity Framework. SQL Group By to EF Group By
Can I use the Kinect Windows Live Messenger on a PC?
Programmally create text-images in excel
Command or Script to rename multiple files in windows
JS Calculation assistance
Do we require filter gradient ( filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient ()for IE only as gradient effect work on firefox without it?
Excel VBA Footer Image
what's the meaning of the circle node in pdgs which is generated by frama-c
Maven or Not to Maven [closed]
how to pass id in drag and drop html5
Configure IIS authentication settings using the ServerManager class
Search resource in GREG 4.1.1
How to link datasource to a value within another datasource?
Why does gcc -Wall give warning about zero-length format string?
Accessing Elements/Attributes From XML Using SimpleXML/PHP
jQuery UI Tabs: Targeting Dynamic Tab from a Link
Why is my custom UITableViewCell not showing?
Open an application from another (iOS)
Hide element if not element in a list iteration
OpenGL: glBindRenderbufferEXT and glBindRenderbuffer freeze
How to get RoleProvider to Work?
Cant Select data randomly from listview
Updating MongoDB using PHP simplexml_load_string function variables adding extra '0' key to value
Retrieving Unique IDs from table - concurrency issues
Pass data to jQuery.Ajax() that can be retrieved in the global error handler?
jQuery JavaScript Nested Asynchronous Functions callback
ViewRoot$CalledFromWrongThreadException on android app
AS3 - XML not loading when Flash on server
Is echo atomic when writing single lines
Tripleplay Button: Dynamic text with proper alignment on an Image Button (say the text justified , centre)
Trying to create a delete link_to for nested_attributes object in its parents view
reproduce Got an error reading communication packets in Mysql
How to read JSON response in c#
how to give a download link for generated reported pdf in django
PHP/Codeigniter - For Loop [Undefined offset]
not able to get the actual record id
Error: Creating Tab-Navigation programmatically
Non-blocking HTTP calls in Storm with php
How do I tell xmlwriter to ignore empty nodes in C#?
Push notification in next updated version
Embed Bing map in fullscreen
Is it possible to check whether an IP address comes from a specific country without using GeoIP?
DB Error Handling in PHP
FCKEditor with Rails Security Vulnerability
Why doesn't jquery ajax call populate data variable from cache when getting a 304 status code?
How to modify XML file according to a XML Schema (.xsd file)
How to verify Java Bytecode before injecting into the JVM?
Assigning value into unordered_map pointer after creating a instance of it
Good or bad idea to include numbers in SQL table names?
mdpi image is too small for 10 android tablet
How to make two divs fit a desired width and avoid wrapping and overlapping?
How do I run a jar file in multiple threads?
Removing scrubber and timestamp from YouTube video embedded in UIWebView
Data Synchronizing in C#
getJSON method in JQuery HOWTO
ColdFusion: convert accented regional characters to plain ASCII
How do I check Windows Phone useragent with javascript?
Parameters in AJAX request in HAML
Cancan 2.0 - restricting permissions to a field
Java are there any known libraries for directory tab completion?
Set custom 401 error view in Windows Authentication mode for MVC application
cakePHP why does my view not display properly
how to get RSS feeds in android [closed]
How can I get the Facebook friends of a visiting user who hasn't installed my application?
Send a list with appointments through WCF
How to share fluent configuration in a Castle Windsor IOC container
Deployment - apple app store icon appears incorrectly
XPath Ancestors
Not standard situation with redirecting subdomain and domain in PHP
How to check whether a str(variable) is empty or not?
Android : Updating thread causes GC to run a ton
jQuery delegate() not working ie IE
MySQL Performance - 鈥淚N鈥�Clause vs. Equals (=) for a Single Value
C# Delegates and Events Design/Architecture
after posting with $.post(url,parameters) how to show the answer page as current page?
C# Delegates and Events Design/Architecture
after posting with $.post(url,parameters) how to show the answer page as current page?
scrollToRowAtIndexPath not scrolling to inactive/unloaded cells
violation of primary key - deduping table
Flex: recover from a corrupt local SharedObject
Android browser rejects content-disposition:inline?
Akka FSM 鈥渢imeout鈥�over a measure that is not time (in Scala)
Android Support Package / Compatibility Library - use v4 or v13?
XJC superinterface and superclass only for all classes?
Android - Maintaining webview state across activities
How to check the type of a list if inheritance is used
What is the correct order of UIViewController containment messages I have to send when not using transitionFromViewController?
Two-legged oauth with dotnetopenauth 4.0 problems
GWT RequestFactory with maven
How to get number back to 1 when going on a new page
Is there a UK-based card payment gateway with a clean, testable .NET API? [closed]
CoreData Relationship between entities and attributes
Can one use [CustomAttribute] with anonymous in-line delegates?
With call of ajax, grid row id losing
Will 鈥淥ut of stack space鈥�error be trapped by error handler?
How to pass user define table type of sql server as a paramter to a store procedure from java
How to write this query using JPA Criteria query?
Checkboxes in ADF are initially null, where I want them to be 0
ScheduledExecutorService: when shutdown should be invoked?
Setting the height of a SELECT in IE without font-size
Removing .svn folders during migration
鈥淪unX509 TrustManagerFactory not available鈥�on AIX (SSL webservice client)
Create instance of class or superclass from generic type
mysql_fetch_array returning false when mysql_num_rows says that there is data, why?
Performing rake tasks in a user data script on AWS ec2
Can I force Objectify to use getters and setters?
Google Docs for iOS
imagettftext n line break puzzle PART 2
Process has died/Scheduling restart of crashed service