Irrational CPU usage, blocking Node process
I want to post on Facebook and Twitter every day is there any technique to call method every day at any particular time ??
How to find which column throws unique key constraint exception when there are more than one unique key columns in table?
Cannot assign datagridview.columns[i].Width property
TWIG Exception 鈥溾� EntityCategoryProxy could not be converted to int in 鈥︹�
In a web application, current session is null when 鈥渞essource cannot be found鈥�exception occurs
How can change start up in Office 2010 Automation C# Application
Using WPF to Generate Images in a WCF service
Select unique records without natural keys
removing class from sibling while assigning to clicked element not working
Wordpress - Set custom page title with hook
Lazy<T> in the eyes of GC?
Query SQL distinct by 4 fields (of 5), returning all fields from table
remove new line characters from txt file using php
CodeIgniter .htaccess / Mod_rewrite
Corrupted arguments passed to function
jQuery dialog/serialize conflict?
The application is not installed in phone
What is Suitable SVN client for Mac OS X? [closed]
GridSplitter moving very slowly
Is there a way to use Server.MapPath in a class in my application
fragments = title + webView + actionBar
Number formatting in c# - separate int and decimal parts
Remove an arbitrary rotation axis from a rotation matrix
setTimeout and setInterval do not work on iPad scrolling/momentum events?
Mercurial hg clone from one server to another
Is there a way to optimize an auto-complete keyword query in mongo
how to correctly assign value to a list in TCL?
How do I obtain dependency inside RavenDB query result
What's wrong with superclass.method(object, parms)?
Pop-ups behave differently on actual machine
IF鈥HEN statement in mysql trigger
Jquery general tagName
How do I get 鈥渆xpect鈥�to toggle in and out of interactive mode?
displaying fields [closed]
Sending big packets gets Bad Address error
How can I add git hashes to my Eclipse RCP application About page?
EF4 adding a summary database view(readonly)
Javascript clipboard function [closed]
Neuro-fuzzy system
Rewriting `admin` to `admin.php` and everything else to `main.php`
Check Duplicate Youtube API Upload
NoClassDefFoundError when running java file on ubuntu
Gallery not scrolling
Font family cannot be set in X-applications
VS 2010 Multi-Project Template: Inter-Project References
PhoneGap - Android - how to save the capture image from camera in the sd card
using ssl communication in android 1.6
ASP.NET url rewriting not being applied correctly
MySql How to use DATE_SUB in Between clause
rails duplicate insertion with nested forms
jScrollPane synchronicity
Embed name with video recorded on Android phone
WCF Windsor Container Registration
Performance of primary key selection
Error while adding minutes to a js date object?
ACTIVE-X / JAVA / FLASH - Capturing Clients Playing Music With Website ( App )
iPad doesnt recognize correct interface orientation on start?
SMTP client Java program
How to split the group
connect between different row of table
OpenGL (4.2) fragment processing & depth buffer & imageLoadAndStore
Logging into website with asihttprequest
nHib 3.2 mapping by code join on composite key
StackOverflowError when removing ArrayList object
show alternate image from servlet to jsp
Get dates from the current calendar month and the next 11 coming months
Agility.js local storage function
multiple pins on mapview is not displayed in expected location in iphone sdk
Memory Management in Android
Compare two list of objects and select common and difference records based some property
eclipse pydev refuses to parse a .py file
One SQL Schema per user
@DbLookup in Notes Client?
problems retaining original backslashes when passing url
JQUERY Highlight on hover
SSRS-what is the syntax for the Target Server URL in SSRS2008R2
Mongodb does not update existing record.field
Undefined reference error - rand
Installing JBoss Tools plugin in Eclipse Indigo
Error when trying to set the $JAVA_HOME - Error : JAVA_HOME is not set
Saving nested forms in Django
AsyncFileUpload to update some text box
Get x,y position of a specific pixel
How to removing entries satisfying given criteria from an array (MatLab)
SimpleXML deserializing object serialized elsewhere gives UnparseableDateException
Resourcemanagers resourceset has wrong values
Uploading file to ftp adds unwanted (garbage) characters at the end of that file
Replacing link with additional information, how to exclude <img src=鈥渉ttp://鈥�tags
App Fabric : Increasing Region Count in Cache used for Session management
Handling rss redirects with Python/urllib2
How to make an application that gather some app that already in our device.
JPA One To Many/Many To Many Example
NSTimer not working on StopWatch App ONLY ON SIMULATOR (Shows static strange number)
How to run a conditional jquery function?
Update a date in an onclick event of a filedownload
Oracle: specifying default value for object type column
Signed url not working for cloudfront streaming with Flowplayer
Simple: How to initialize a new unordered_map<std::string,std::string>* (pointer) in C++?
storing values in database
sqlite creates 2 databases when including from different directories
Improving MIDI Synthesizer Sound on Android / Loading Sound Fonts
DISTINCT for foreach
Where can I learn the usage of JNI functions?
RequireJS - Cross-Module Communication
acts_as_commentable_with_threading uninitialized constant Post::Comment Rails 3.1.3
Getting old intent extras in onResume() after startActivity(newIntent)
DataMapper: multiple has-and-belongs-to-many relationships between the same models?
Image asset path from Core Data into PNG
Identifying/Listing COM Objects and Properties from third party software
Where does the 'event' param come from in javascript event handlers?
Magento get the products from a specific category with name, image and description
Change Display Value of DataGridViewLinkColumn
MS-Access SQL loops
How do I generate the .svc file?
ICriteria and Linq to NHibernate together
Facebook ActionScript 3 API not working in FlashDevelop
tcp header & flags
Java - How to make this algorithm correction, where i do not know when value0 and value1 is not empty and null
How to do in-place editing in android listview?
Obj C - Checking Current State of a Disclosure Arrow
Referencing in c++ without passing by reference
about Dev express Grid view runtime error
Java search a text file
JQuery themeroller hover is not being applied
PHP Extension Not Loading
AS3 - Calling external Javascript
Class not having copy constructor issue?
deploying reports to report server
maven command line to download latest snapshot with timestamp
Using glut to prevent the mouse from leaving the window
Fetch data from form and build a multidimensional array of it
If number is = to 25
sorting query result is too slow
Remove single remote notification from Notification Center
ASP.NET MVC dropdownlist with entity framework
Pass post id as a second segment in codeigniter
unixodbc and freetds setup on OSX and Rails 2.3.x
How to create tooltip in spreadsheet using Java-Jsp? trying to create a log file for my web app
How do I loop through table elements AND retrieve data elements using JQuery?
google map api锛宑hrome and firefox is right锛宐ut ie can't run
Google App Engine Java session latency price
Span control with template lite
Basic authentication. one user for each website on the server
Zend Framework _forward not working
Hibernate lock causes dirty collection exception
gwt app deployment to tomcat doesn't load compiled javascript
Add Object to Dictionary value in LINQ?
MySql memory allocation
Append Playa field via Safecracker
Zooming in blurs images in HTML5 using UIWebView on iPad
How to Undo & Redo a smooth line in iPhone?
How to use cookieSession in express
AvPlayer stop playing
How to select only one node in jstree when multiple node have same ID
Is this a Circular database references/foreign key?
Workaround needed for SASS/Compass compile error when creating custom Ext-JS 4 themes
Get ID of currently logged in FB user
Submit simple form, loop and send mail?
Batch script runs fine, but fails when executed through PowerShell Remoting
鈥淯pdates are not permitted鈥�in Eclipse -bug or feature?
Assigning unique values to each case of a variable inside loop
Run mousedown event every 0.2s, until mouse up
CSS horizontal scroll
鈥淯pdates are not permitted鈥�in Eclipse -bug or feature?
Assigning unique values to each case of a variable inside loop
Run mousedown event every 0.2s, until mouse up
CSS horizontal scroll
java output hex (ByteArrayOutputStream)
render controls created by javascript with html
Sharepoint 2010 (multi) lookup field xslt to show quantity of related items
AspectJ operation logging
Python 2.5 - multi-threaded for loop
Use Hadoop as MySQL storage engine?
Wordpress: Featured image -> media library : increase media number
TryGetValue with splitwords
Struts Autocompleter tag size issues
Fast Pythonic way to turn many lists of strings into lists of floats while catching ValueErrors
Disable session for WCF service
How to detect only a particular gesture in SimpleOnGestureListener?
Templates can be used only with field access, property access, single-dimension array index, or single-parameter custom indexer expressions
Cast operation precedence in C#
Rhinopython and .NET framework
Ajax not working properly with php code
Alternative API for google blog search API [closed]
jquery: how to remove the div and rebind it
How to emulate a forcibly closed TCP connection?
What are technical requirements in order to make 鈥淩ecommend This Site鈥�button work properly Sorting an inner ListView
Javascript function not returning values
unexpected output when passing unsigned char to cout
Android async task not loading
Drop down fusion table
How to remove the warning that says 鈥渋con dimensions (0 x 0) don't meet the size requirements.鈥�
Arjuna JTA transaction rollbacked unexpectedly
How to allow only 2 decimal value in datagridview?
Adding output from a function to a constant within another function in python
How to add information in ASP.NET Exception Stack
Javascript regexp modifiers
Replace attachment when uploading a new attachment
How to stop javascript from Multiple alerts?
How to edit the call making activity in android?
Ruby find in array with offset
Let the EditText can input zero when zero is the first number
Cache tables with parallel services causing problems. unique constraint SQLException. Spring JDBC
call to magento soap api expires immediately
Weird behavior of UISegmentedControl in UITableView
Use different pre-build events for different build configurations in Visual Studio
remote wiping android application
how to capture avfoundation in landscape mode instead of portrait mode
How can I draw alphabet letters on screen using jQuery
find coordinates of given element in Rapha毛l JS generated image
SSIS crash after few records
Google Charts: Line Chart: Doesn't display in IE and Firefox, but works in chrome
Error : CFBundleVersion must be higher than the previously uploaded version
How to depacketize the Mp4a-latm content frm the RTP packets?
Serial Port simple
Android processing display
How can I invoke a POJO using WAS scheduler(websphere Scheduler)?
C# Performance Penalty from Adding Stop Watch?
Using mem_fun_ref with a proxy object
How to show the name of the person instead of phone numbers?
GREG 4.1.1 - customizing oracle
ASP.Net Web API DependencyResolver - Framework trying to resolve numerous internal dependencies that I don't care about?
How can I recover a commit to an unnamed branch in Git?
How can i show required field validator error message in to associated textbox?
Get user XML response to richTextBox in client app
How to import custom object to com on 64 bit [closed]
setVolumeControlStream not working when a popup window is displayed
Execute Action<T> by IEnumerable Characteristics?
Accessing mapped folder from a Windows Service written in C#
GoogleAppEngine and latest Python2.7: location of 鈥済oogle鈥�directory
mysql wait_timeout exceeds
How to have different NSManagedObjectContexts?
Server Architecture for Subversion, TeamCity and Development Servers
C# Classes, Interfaces and Constraints
Why doesn't CUDA allow us to use all of the SM memory as L1 cache?
PHP/jQuery quiz [closed]
Categories admin K2 joomla by alphabet sort?
How can I resolve zlib-enum, zlib-binding, zlib-conduit conflict when installing Yesod
How to rotate a line on its midPoint by given angle?
Div Height doesnt get resized after AJAX call completion
NHibernate getting one element per category with single query
Is there any command for delete rails generated using scaffold files
How to retrieve whole object from cache memory without skipping some records
Android.Content.ActivityNotFoundException (on class that derives from a class that derives from Activity)
update table with data from another table
ASP.NET 4.5: Attribute 'modeltype' is not a valid attribute of element 'FormView'
Sqlite Database storage
How can I set TextColor, TextSize of PagerTitleStrip from code?
Store MVC3 authentication data across sessions in iPad web-app mode
Why has my DirectoryEntry stopped working suddenly?
Remove the Text in
Calling Java from XSL (SAXON)
What happens to later queries if a previous query has an error
ViewPager inside fragment issue
Matplotlib for Python 3 and Linux
CSS Sprites Not Rendering Correctly in Internet Explorer 6/7/8
Dynamic Tile Map possible with Cocos2D?
Printing Vector Members. error
Facebook FQL -> 'page' table -> 'page_id' parameter
null pointer loading data android java
single sign on for and sharepoint 2010
Extend a System.Windows.Forms.Button and change default Text in c#
single sign on for and sharepoint 2010
Extend a System.Windows.Forms.Button and change default Text in c#
Communication between C# running on Windows and C running on linux with protobuf
Reset variable new line awk
How to detect formatting chars from excel file?
Error when trying to invoke the rails command via Cygwin on windows (installed via railsinstaller)
Date not getting displayed when used with servlets
Does Gmail not allow sender to set a return path value to receive bounce messages?
C# stripping out the string needed
GRID is not properly rendered in ExtJS 4 by using Store
Django and haystack with whoosh, search formatting
Convert Single SQLSERVER 2005 Script to a SQL SERVER 2000 script
IKImageBrowserView inside NSScrollView in InterfaceBuilder issue?
Python script Exception with Tor
Open an external file with a button on a form in Access 2007
How to set the down to the vertical scroll bar in div tag using timer control when page is refreshing
Inserting an image with class using :before
Oledb, crash if DB path have spaces鈥�C# mvc add and hide error for input via ModelState
java.lang.SecurityException: without permission android.permission.BIND_INPUT_METHOD only for <=2.2
Compiling VLC on Linux: Error couldnt find Lua
scrollable content whithin tab content view
Validity Comparision in java
Does Facebook SDK & APIs access iDevices UDID?
Repeat And Shuffle music by Avplayer in iphone
Moving Oracle Schemas to newer version
min value from two columns (Oracle SQL)
Get .net to handle all requests in IIS7
Image comparison with PIL is not working as expected
Is this XML legal and can I generate XSS for it?
if statement on validate File Upload, but error is still showing?
Toggle effect not working
Which vim mechanism should I use to implement Markdown list indentation?
how to get the value to td inside list in javascript
ASP.NET MVC ActionResult not reading json data from ajax request
error: converting from 鈥榲oid (FlashWork::*)(int, siginfo_t*, void*)鈥�to 鈥榲oid* (*)(int, siginfo_t*, void*)鈥�
WebPart Error after including log4net
Slide through view controllers but not with the UISwipeGestureRecognizer
Invalid Cast DateTime?
MySQL error 1064 when performing an SELECT query
How to get user position by GPS in Sencha
Passing a php array into javascript using JSON
Django 1.4 'bool' object has no attribute 'rindex' , form Processing issue
How can I query MySQL with node.js?
SSL Handshake Failure Error
CPU Utilization High
Avoid modal popup window closing on postback
want slider image size to be shown from left to right of the screen
NullPointerException with creating a thread
Creating module in jBoss AS
NullPointerException with creating a thread
Creating module in jBoss AS
Enum in Annotations
maven add a local classes directory to module's classpath
routing in cakephp 2.1.1 like facebook
How to zoom in and zoom out mutiple images on scroll view
Skip validation when going backwards in SmartWizard
Drag And Drop a panels in WebPage using javascript ,css, html
Copy Array elements into another class array
With a Reg. Exp. in JS, Check for 2 Strings Within A String
Either/Or-Arguments in R functions
Is it possible to use 'react' to wait for a number of child actors to complete, then continue afterwards?
Scala or java data structures for custom 鈥渘on-strict鈥�sorting
Push notificaton without device token
C# UIElement LostTouchCapture OnLostTouchCapture
When creating a global object in JavaScript why do I need to specify the this keyword
Why can't i access the RoleEnvironment in Application_Start when using a RoleEntryPoint?
How to match against a hierarchy with clojure.core.match?
Regex replace in Python: Convert named group to integer
.NET Web API - Unexpected type
symfony2 override model validation
Can't get HttpServletRequest from Spring with credentials attached [closed]
How to put assembly markers to C++ code (x64)
Merging lists items in Python [duplicate]
Required: java tool for creating SOAP requests
Creating language pack as addon Installshield 2011
Highlighting lines in eclipse, like with a textmarker
PHP function - compare with the following examples
Calculating/cutting and pasting a container field
XSS prevention in playframework1.2.4
bash-if block not working
PHP define a constant function call
Scrollorama and Responsive Webdesign
Gitorious branch permissions
Particular website loading slow on WebBrowser control in C#
Deferring removal of a view so it can be animated
Adding +1 to query to get around 鈥渄ivision by zero鈥�errors
Connection with REST based JSON WebService from JQueryMobile
Google checkout alternatives in India [closed]
How do I change all the asset paths in a html/php file when including it?
Case, Select conditional requirments
don't show iframe on recommend
Nivo Slider - how to call slider after AJAX content load
Issue with custom views in Relative Layout
Execute store procedure like a 鈥渢able鈥�for SELECT operator (MS SQL SERVER)
Spry Tabbed Panels JS core modification
Magento: Get product category array from product iD
F# find in list of records the records with same id and add up their values
Whats wrong with this lamda expression?
XAML gives Load Failure error
no valid keychain for xcode
apache doesn't return response header when serving css js
Metaclasses for lazy dataflow system in Python [closed]
HttpClient stuck without any exception
Where are the JVM core dump files located on Windows 7?
Starting an Extension in Alfresco 4.0
Extract data fields from XML into Excel
NHibernate Caches : Sensible Usage, best practices?
How to set custom base href in backbone?
WCF namedpipe binding - time out error
How to access Apache with CentOS Server running on a VM under Windows7
Slider breaks before loading
How is class_createInstance(Class cls, size_t extraBytes) implemented by Objective C?
Which Serialization format supported by JSON? [closed]
Collection was modified, enumeration operation may not execute
Need to implement one user can login on one machine one browser at a time [closed]
JFrame set location at center of window on MAC OSX
Heap of memory leak
Automatically open dialpad on incoming / outgoing call
Play Framework 2.0 - where is jsAction?
Generating Tag cloud in Spring MVC
Time needed to load Facebook data
How to Change height,width in curlView?
Issue with HTTPS to HTTP redirection by Elastic Load Balancer to Tomcat server
Random spanning trees of bipartite graphs
How to trim $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']
HQL: LIKE in null relationship
PHP Uploads all failing
Entity wont delete from Azure Table
Wordpress: previous_post_link / next_post_link by alphabetical order?
Wiggle (shake) effect within my app is freezing the iPhone (iOS 5)
Java: Date and offset issue?
WebBrowser Document is always null
CFUUID - creating ONCE & using throughout life of App
I want to validate email depending on the domain they enter. Am checking for last domain as .com [closed]
how to load the javascript in android webView
can guice create a factory for me?
Grabbing the TabHost view from within a tab
Limit physical memory usage of process (to keep system responsive)?
Cron trigger not firing for the specified timezone
Get current URL and modify subdirectory and then go to URL with Javascript
maven exec:java run class file within jar
Mysql Query, comparing values and assigning to PHP variables
Python Sparql Quering A Local File
How to stop sub directory inheriting parent's htaccess rules
Unconnected sockets not implemented
Why Displaying different gradient color on IE but works perfectly on firefox and chrome?
Display an array 'in order'?
keep getting a argumentOutOfRangeExceptions when running my code
Why does Selenium IDE sometimes fail to click the submit button?
AJAX call only loads data on second click
metrics for my api powered by jersey
SpringMVC how to populate part of the model from a JS array on form submition?
Is it safe to pass GEMV the same output- as input vector to achieve a destructive matrix application?
Make EF4.3 Code First Migrations ignore pending migrations
Screensharing via Java Applet
How to verify that a webpage exist
text-overflow as ellipsis not working
SDL exit fullscreen
Is it possible to use .preventDefault() in the trigger() in jQuery
Many doubts about decrypt an image file in c
how to swipe pdf pages in horizontally in android
HTTP authentication without pop-up?
Is it possible to use a loop for declaring variables?
Chrome webkitStorageInfo.requestQuota
How to differentiate and replace the span text on mouse over
System.Data.UpdateException; Unable to add foreign key because primary key's value doesn't exists
Calculate closest matches from array value combinations
Decode the user name returned by facebook API
How javascript regexp.compile() works? [duplicate]
Python copy-on-write using hardlinks
dynamically load in new Flash Video using JQuery (swfobject)
SELECT COMMAND SQL more than 1 value
android- How set Animation for inbuilt intent activities?
Retrieve SAXBuilder object from the memory
How to add an animation when using Ext.Viewport in Sencha Touch 2
Find SelectedText by mouse Selection in div jquery?
play-framework [2.0] HTTPS
My website does not work in i.e
Filter servlet causing image not to displayed on the client
Partitions and High Water Mark in Oracle
Facebook Object Debugger
setDefaultCloseOperation not working in Swing
Writing a Parser for javascript code
LINQ Projecting relation properties with null
scalability issues relating to
Javascript Toggle Check All Nested Array Names
Unable to compile CUDA C sources. Simple version is provided
How to set dynamic meta tags in
Query about sql regarding export the results into excel
imagettftext n line break puzzle
user authorization in custom component
Virtual keyboard appears on tilt
Is there any way to get the data from sql lite table? [closed]
action web service in rails 3.0.5
Object reference not set to an instance - error on server after update/restart
Can ssh client made to timeout if no data received AFTER a ssh connection is successfully established
Like buttons and posting the correct photo on Facebook
Can't Find Symbol - Method Add
Is there any other way of establisiting DB connection in ASP not instead of writing in page directly
Like buttons and posting the correct photo on Facebook
Can't Find Symbol - Method Add
Is there any other way of establisiting DB connection in ASP not instead of writing in page directly
Show only small area of the video with directshow
MySQL not using possible index - why?
When lock release in oracle select for update query in session bean
Build rpm with a lot of files
Bitwise operation on longs
How to call php file to send mail ?? , Android
Calculate and Reduce Bandwidth of my Android application
C# WebService send standard post request body, respond with JSON
Is there a way to stop a magento indexer process?
solr default query *:* is not woking
How to compare datetime in django template
Service Stack Ormlite Select throws error
How many satellite are used in my every time gps fix?
Xcode 4.3 names completion
android searchable doesn't work
ImageView and set position
Kernels can invoke a broader number of functions than shaders
(Android) Force Opera Mini to open links in native browser?
Combine CSS lines into one
Return value for correct session?
Security Concerns for Keyboard input
Not Found in ExternalContext as a Resource whilst running .xhtml in JSF
List posts with multiple dates from Advanced Custom Fields
How to write a C++ socket programming based UDP with QT?
Cpp / Cli Fire an Event
Java XML: Keeping a copy of a partial XML tree when parsing from a socket
How machine id/host name is mapped/demapped to 3 byte in object id?
recalculateKeyViewLoop doesn't work
Java: Static string localization
using GIN in GWT Activities
Magento: Show a products immediate categories, not parent or grand-parents and display on different lines
Folder Dialog Box in a secondary monitor
Wireless Data Broadcast
web deployement
Nested lists with indenting dynamic paddings
android behavior when a library project is added
Build error in xcode 4.2 ARC enabled project when I linked with custom page controller [closed]
Writing a Java class with instance parameters, retrieve parameters and print results
How to initialize an empty temp variable without having direct access to its type
JQuery select all options of multi-select select box on click
How to using oracledataadapter with transaction?
The name 'placeholderName' does not exist in the current context
cover modal view with a view before it loads
DataTemplating for data binding of nested ObservableCollections
Struts 2 datetimepicker defaults to 31/12/1969
Show Current User Location with MKMapView?
Shell script doesn't properly execute from ruby CGI script
Shell script doesn't properly execute from ruby CGI script
Search criteria stored in array [closed]
How to replace lowercase file name in a batch file with original casing?
Relation between EXTJS and JSON
How can I optimize this query, takes more than a min to execute
Why we should not have the collective size of innodb_log_files more than the size of the innodb_buffer_pool
calculate box2d impulse for a certain angle of impact
Can't get GCC's -static-libgcc working with DYLIB libraries on Mac OS X
FindPanel DevExpress Component Too Slow
How can I fix this CouchDB rewrite handler's infinite loop?
Convert CSV to Excel file in PowerShell
How do i use a servlet in my grails app?
Create an Online mode and Offline mode application
Cannot scroll inside a <div> whose parent is <td>
List View Pagenation
How to make p:graphicImage clickable
add client function to table
Dynamically added FormItem doesn't show error text
Parsing data in json using java
Replay a file-based data stream
Accelerate a C program using pthreads
CSS3: Calculate difference between (left + scale3d) and (transition3d + scale3d)
converting selected value from dropdownlist into int
how to show my url images in full screen?
Rendering pages in mvc3 from xml
What is the best way to store a multidimensional array using doctrine 2?
Custom cursor behavior
gcc options: warning on non-void functions without a return statement
How do I add version control to uploaded files / images using Plone 4.1?
JSON parsing using Jettison
PHP: How to deal with irregular dates like FEB 29 for reminder application?
Value of slider not changing without a thumb
Scala template accessing model object properties in Play 2.0
read POST data from within Oracle Apex application
Preload data in a user friendly way
How to read GSM device from USB port using PHP Script ?
iOS enterprise apps and backup to new devices
Spring and tag mvc resources, can't reach .css, and .js files
ERROR] s4s-elt-schema-ns: The namespace of 'bindings' must be from the schema namespace, ''
why i am getting wrong array count in php
How to append content from a php file into a div with jquery mobile
Why Google API is not returning book's Dimensions?
Problems validating cloned rows from table row with jquery
how to read html body content using cURL
write/save an array of custom objects android java
Double precision confusion?
Does JAXB always require XSD
android phonegap app - childBrowser plugin doesn't load ANY page
how to parse value to nested select in mysql
Selecting text on focus using jQuery not working in iPhone iPad Browsers
Can a Chrome Extension content script trigger a keyboard event received by the origin site?
When a fancybox 2 is activated, a scrollbar flashes on the parent page causing the content to shift left and then back
jquery nextuntil filtering for multiple classes
flexReload issue in IE
Putting a Resource Creation call inside a Static block , will that make it create only once for the Entire Application
add an activity indicator to show when the app is busy in jquery mobile, phonegap / cordova
Why does my onTouch Listener for the views make them go left and top when I click to the left and above the view?
How to count the number of duplicate records in a database?
How to get datamapper to work with a postgresql database?
Changes required in makefile of project run on 64 bit system to 32 bit system
PHP/Codeigniter - For Loop
Facing some problems in sqoop-export?
Enforce relationship uniqueness with Neo4j
Node.js Programming Pattern for getting Execution Context
Enabling non-ASCII characters in Perl [duplicate]
How can I determent if a window still exists with a HWND [duplicate]
how to integrate Facebook API in Android Application?
Windows memory management
TFS Adding files with MSBuild
OpenCV - find or access shape contour not surrounded by bg, only separated by an outline
Calling Two Different Methods into One Method in Java
JIRA GreenHopper Plugins
Integrating Biztalk and SalesForce
MYSQL select query using count (*)
Set values to form builds by zend framework
Detect encoding of a rss feed in Android
Share Resource from DirectX11 to Directx9
Game doesn't Quit properly
Getting code-first Entity Framework to build tables on SQL Azure
How to insert result of mysql_real_escape_string() into oracle database?
Conditional row count in linq to nhibernate doesn't work
Extending existing Class in Symfony
Unable to play recorded raw PCM from file
Is it possible to search locally in jqGrid with treeGrid installed
To get the total working hours in sql server using procedure
Writing an interpreter in C#: Best way to implement instructions?
YouTube video in UIScrollView not getting touches/playing
Using drawRect stretches during orientation change
Can I find out when applications get killed by android OS?
jquery toggle close other opened divs
How to get the URL of a WebBrowser control
How to get machine account from which the user login to my application?
Manipulating DocList in SOLR
MySQL, get data from two related tables if second table not always have matching rows
OSX NetworkArbitration?
How can I ensure that a CountDownTimer ticks and completes?
Nested controller actions testing
Back end for iOS app with relational databases
How can i activate a service from a broadcastReceiver?
Parse Excel document for keywords using C#
Nested controller actions testing
Back end for iOS app with relational databases
How can i activate a service from a broadcastReceiver?
Parse Excel document for keywords using C#
php uniqid() error
Using System.Xml.Xpath.XPathSelectElement where the xpath contains a where clause
How can I recognize a mouth and teeth within a face on iOS?
isapi redirector and iis 7.5
Instantiating mandatory attributes during construction
OOP Solution for Javascript?
What framework for Objective C for iPhone supports resume on upload interrupt?
C++ Error: String Formatting
How can I convert my Access Database (.accdb) to a SQLite database(.sqlite)?
jquery hide certain form elements untill a certain textfield has been populated?
php - insert new folders into a string containing file paths
How can I use jQuery or JavaScript inside a Google Maps InfoWindow?
Implementing zoom inside fancybox
A formula to work out the outcome of a color when applying 鈥渃ss opacity鈥�
Hide data using JOptionPane
CSS - Stacked DIV layout
Download 100MB PDF and save it in SD Card
Internet connectivity for a playn multiplayer action game
auto resize JTabbedPane
Amazon's Marketplace Web Service inventory not appearing in seller central despite submitting OK
Trouble writing 茅 in emacs
GridView DataFormatString problems. convert Doudle to TimeStamp
Maximum number of devices connected to an ADB server
Conditional formatting of xsl word template file
Perl regex multi-line match into hash
removing doctype while saving domdocument
How can I pass variable number of arguments to sprintf() function
inserting image in stringgrid cell
AIR for iOS: Power saving
Delegate not working when selecting row on UITableView
Looking forrecords in a database that contain a specific string
time management algorithm for a simulation game
how to come out this situation [duplicate]
In PhP how can i send e-mail to the reciepent [closed]
Instantiate a List inside of type initializer
Opening files with unicode names on mac
Static vs non-static class members
responsive web design grid system implementation
Spring Junit test issue
IIS 7.5 and Razor Site: 500 errors for CSS and JS
AJAX not working in Internet Explorer 9
Mysql total ammount (price) in cart from many tables
How to make own logic serial key for c# project
Histogram of stacked boxes in ggplot2
Udp server using Qt, server status reports
integrating BIRT run time in existing Java EE application
Udp server using Qt, server status reports
integrating BIRT run time in existing Java EE application
File cant be found third party dll in console app
Sending data to php function from ajax
Loading library (lib*.so) file in python2.4
cucumber step definition not finding class
How to compile and run java files for OpenNI in linux
Increasing max concurrent connections for web service in IIS7 (load testing)
C# Facebook SDK Access Token Handling
Eclipse Android Debug doesnt Work
Lucene - Scoring effect on clause count
How can I draw a solid square in BlackBerry?
Appending instances of an object to a list only works with time consuming deepcopy, how can I change this?
How to get better look for pie chart with big differences between y values?
Twitter Not working In my Project
Normal n-dimensional Distribution in C#
How to create SaaS application with Python and Django
CakePHP or Symfony 2 or Zend Framework for large project
Java - Gui Components do not show up
Weird C Behaviour with fopen and testing for NULL
Are there open source analysis algorithms for stress-strain data?
How to refactor a big function with many if constructs?
backbone.js - call router.navigate but update the hash only?
How to develop a Jquery plugin to find the first child that match with a selector?
fast Cartesian to Polar to Cartesian in Python
regex - matching a string with the first occurrence case insensitive
Primefaces p:menuitem pass an attributes to actionListener
how to change the order of rows example project
Struts2 JasonInterceptor Content type must be 'application/json' or 'application/json-rpc'
how to convert code to winform?
Calling Action Of Controller Through onchange of Select But Not Through Ajax (Zend Framework)
Wordpress, alternative single post template
Http interrupted/parial file download - HTTP 鈥淩ange鈥�header on Android/iPhone
Resig Advanced Javascript p #43
Text area validation in javascript for html image tag
jQuery PLUpload How to get renamed filename?
Pattern matching in Clojure/Java
Xcode 4.3.2: 鈥淣o identities were available鈥�- Where to request a Dev Identity?
Play-mini: how to return an image
IPostbackeventhandler returning no results for an automated table
Obj-c loop with NSArray ordering? [duplicate]
IOS 5 Application Updates in separate thread
How To use pull in mongodb using php
Eclipse plugin deployment in same Eclipse instance - possible?
Move 2 different divs on hover on a third different div
Determining exact glyph height in specified font
Starting a thread as the last statement of the constructor of a final class
Using Npgsql provider with OLE database connection
System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException: A generic error occurred in GDI+. imp
Client side header information
Looking to maximize reuse in an iPhone storyboard application
How do I make sure a decimal is always displayed as xxxx.xxxx positive and negative?
MyFaces Context Loading troubles
AutoCAD VBA acadPViewport unpredictable behaviour when setting standardscale
Where do I install Twitter Bootstrap for Django - main or static folder?
Allow only one value in jquery ui autocomplete
Superimpose two web cam streams - Matlab
How to download large CSV file?
InvalidCastException on ListItem Click (Mono for Android)
Eclipse, Android, Scala made easy but still does not work
How to write Linq query for a Json file?
iPhone app issue getting result of equation to display on screen
Can i change the language of android app?
What is a good policy to control visibility of GUI items (forms or web based) based on users roles
How to create bar chart in ireport table?
indexing hierarchical data in hibernate search
Action Bar Sherlock like UItoolbar dark
Why sql.rows Groovy method is so slow
Updating database from data in Gridview in VB
Canvas.drawPoint() not working if there's Canvas.rotate(90)?
Error HTTP: 500 when uploading/sharing file in openmeetings
Which action brought up view
Higlighting in text area in JQuery
Pubsubhubbub subscriber callback implementation in PHP
No Virtual constructors but virtual destructor
Highchart - line or area not starting at the left point
jQuery script doesn't compute the right sum of values
Maven different jdk version compilation issue
jQuery UI Tabs and jQuery UI Progressbar
boost::format form c-string or std::string
id incorrect in url
Copy an inline css attribute and paste it as html
What CMS is suitable for my project? [closed]
C# to Java Webservice
Fixed column value when using JPA, Criteria API and a static metamodel
Android: is loading time of local HTML file into WebView affected by the storage place (internal storage/sdcard/external sd card)?
wrong date created with Javascript
I am trying to send object of custom class through sockets, but It throws the 鈥渏鈥�
jQuery XML parsing/manipulation IE8 error
convert dictionary to array after removing key values
Draw image in activity android
Join table in mapping with inverse FK
Creating PDF document from Word document using java api
Adding numbers read from a file to a totalAmount initialized to 0 giving an unexpected result
Kill an ajax process
SQL datetime needs to read 00:00:00.000
NDK profiling showing 鈥�so has no symbols鈥�
A free text to speech conveter plugin?
Removing duplicate objects with Underscore for Javascript
A free text to speech conveter plugin?
Removing duplicate objects with Underscore for Javascript
Mysql Query for getting top instances of a class
Intermittent error accessing core data model / contacts database
Nav menu bleeds out of container
Check when my app is in background when back-button and home-button
Is the Apple iOS provisioning device limit cumulative?
Get last replication date/time from SQL server CE
search for name and samaccountname at the same time
Play a video before it finish to download
Having trouble formatting a date
Using XML column instead of Database table SQL
session migration/replication in tomcat
Basic Spring MVC web app causes 鈥淐ontextLoaderListener鈥�error
checking if the method of a webservice is connecting or not
How to run wxGlade generated code
changing locale in app on Android 2.2 platform (on Android 4.0 is ok) in my case
Uninstall Application by a Single Click Android
How to add resources from dependent project
How to Pass variable in pythoncard from one file to another?
Access Error 3057 when create table with foreign key
Flex mobile using Parsley
polyline auto-closes - how to draw an open polyline?
Test if Value is Empty in XML with XSL stylesheet
How to create Textview in left side and two button in right side in same line?
Cannot archive app with core-plot
Using unix date in OS X (10.6) bash is causing 鈥渋llegal time format鈥�error
error trying to connect to mysql server using command line on windows machine
Are NSUserDefaults global to the entire device or just the app
How to get Head Title value using jquery
ajax request and undefined
View Models in Servlets / MVC
Why is hibernate deleting child records when i asked it to update the parent record?
List.Find() issue
need help on sending email from wampserver or live server
how to round up the numbers in javascript
UITableview doubts
CodeIgniter URL Routing
choose unique random numbers with specific range
Continuous Image Vertical Scroller
how to display Textbox values in the crystal reports?
XPath / C# not returning what's expected
Why can't you add a EditorExit Handler to a DynamicForm or FormItem?
How to use intent for choosing file browser to select file
Creating a 鈥淗ejri鈥�calendar in Silverlight
Optimization methods for iOS pdf render slowness
Twitter-Bootstrap navbar height too small
Prestashop: Add products to a new cart
how to parse and display the comment
anchor tag HREF extraction
iOS memory management about NSString
ContextMenu Command binding not refreshed
Returning list of null-terminated strings from external function into .NET
uninitialized constant SOCKSSocket
How do I read the height or width property of pseudo-element :before using Javascript?
assign javascript variable to jsp code?
I want to emulate a mobile browser. How to implement it using Page.ClientTarget?
Jquery .get and .push into an array gives an empty string
What font Opera and Chrome use for 鈥渕issing鈥�characters in the font?
Database table prefix in controller file of CAKEPHP
how do i create a tab in a tabpanel onclick?
subscript and superscript in ylab of qplot [R]
Refining perl code for sliding window approach
Reachability returns False for Cellular network when both Wi-Fi and Cellular is ON
Stop dynamic div to push other elements
Basic javascript function
Write Exceptions to File
Gmail (Google) contacts fetching issue
Transposing a sparse matrix using linked lists (Traversal problems)
C# Updating TextBox from multiple Threads
Why conditional statement needs cast? [duplicate]
if ID is missing fill the rows in another hiddenfield with jquery
Twisted, how can ProcessProtocol receive stdout w/o buffering?
Beginning with SharePoint [closed] database connection with Access
can someone please explain me @MapsId in hibernate?
How to access css3 tranform rotate in IE?
mySQL search via relevancy (Fuzzy, Synonyms)
Antlr grammar generating invalid C# code
Whats the current CSS status for gmail html templates?
slow select query in a big table
How to switch store in magento automatically basing on the visitors IP address
iOS Facebook SDK not retaining delegate causing an EXC_BAD_ACCESS
syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'PVOID64' when compiling winnt.h
How to duplicate / clone sql records with a diffrent id in PHP?
Find item in array based on text
how to return int value from select query in function?
Accesing the Views in iPhone
How to fetch first 10 key value pairs in HashMap
Load form into panel ExtJ 4
PHP array save elements in variable
Issue with int++ and page load
Why is my EmbeddedId in hibernate not working?
Cannot see my Data in Tables
Can I achieve a 'copy constructor' in C# that copies from a derived class?
Mod rewrite with query strings after .html
Sitecore ASP.NET - manage aliases per domain
Cannot start new Intent by setClassName with different package in Android
Find largest cuboid containing only 1's in an NxNxN binary array
How to deploy PhoneGap app in multiple Platforms
Is the hqdefault thumbnail guaranteed to be there?
Creating a INSERT TRIGGER in different table
CATransform3D weird UIScrollView contentOffset
Hive: Finding max value in a group by
JQuery autogeocomplete set string length
svcutil support for WS-Addressing and WS-Policy
Track memory used by WCF Application hosted in IIS?
In C# Hashtable is passed by reference or by value by default?
Get computer name
Replacing HTML5 video src strings in javascript does not replace video
Number formate exception
Passing dynamic parameters to a stored procedure in SQL Server 2008
use cursor as iterator with a query
Is there a better way to to hide unused DOM elements than Clip?
Retina images (@2x~ipad) not loaded if iPad image doesn't exist (~ipad)
canvas context coordinates are inconsitent
Do a Custom Animation with UISwipeGestureRecognizer
Do not show 'New password does not match confirmation' before the user enters input in Rails
Refactor Entity Framework code to use views instead of tables?
Change the definition of paragraph (e.g. in org-mode)
Hyperlinks in excel do not work
Difference between save and apply button?
Paging through inequality query on multiple properties
GKPeerPickerController Gives 鈥渨ait_fences鈥�Error When Using cocos2d
Why is Eclipse p2 refusing to update org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator?
Getting text from <td> element using jQuery
Invite friends popup is struggling, if the user is not logged in
How to assign price to each date after calculating difference between dates? (date_diff)
undefined reference 'shm_open', already add -lrt flag here
How to Unproject and Reproject Vertices of a Polygon in openlayers with Google maps
start() had already been called. The second call will be ignored.?
reactive extension for f#
Security in php session cookies
Steps need to deploy war on Heroku
How can I pass data to a function when adding an event listener?
how to close the avd in the linux os
How do I avoid merging cells vertically in excel?
Pinching zoom for text view
how to select Specific objects from array
Saving extra values in log4j JDBCAppender
Perforce: client root of client in different directory
Deadlock in System.Component.TypeDescriptor [closed]
Multiplayer game programming
How to save checkbox checked values in Database [duplicate]
DllNotFoundException - how do I find the name of the missing dll?
using Xcode with MonoDevelop when the Custom View Controller doesn't directly inherit from UIViewController
Subscript out of range Error after renaming sheets
Memcpy on stack memory [duplicate]
High-performance passive-access-optimised dynamic REST web pages
DllNotFoundException - how do I find the name of the missing dll?
using Xcode with MonoDevelop when the Custom View Controller doesn't directly inherit from UIViewController
Subscript out of range Error after renaming sheets
Memcpy on stack memory [duplicate]
High-performance passive-access-optimised dynamic REST web pages
entity framework unit of work in winforms
How to make the buttons align bottom without any space below the buttons
RE:Got an error while using Web service
How to fix inconsistent rendering of adjacent TD borders when they are collapsed?
updating observable collection in windows phone 7 application
DetailViewController always show the same content view when i click the different row in UITableView
iis7 pulling wrong connection string - cross site and process?
PHP File upload security - keeping the original file name
post to form via php with array
ReportLab LongTable LayoutError: too large on page
how to get coordinates from the total address of the content?
Convert NULL to empty string - Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier
jQuery Mobile, reload Dom after submit
Android Animation from images lag
How to use SqlBulkCopy to prevent duplicates insert?
combine 2 ms excel tables into one appending the data?
COMException was unhandled
Plotting a grid in Python
Ant, java class output redirect
Mercurial best practices
Route Direction in Mapview in iphone application
Remove actionbar item blue background
Broken 'My Cart' Link - Magento
Run Java in your web browser
asterisk - which API to use for creating and managing conferences
input file format for map-reduce
Memory usage of MyFaces and Richfaces
Monitor file read on Windows - C# solution
Server side paging via web service or WCF
SOURCEDIR path Setup Project Installation
Does JAXB uses SAX or DOM internally?
A row number as id in the results of an Sphinx Search
Get value from JSON object in JavaScript
Prevent Keyup event on second time in Jquery
Force the ASP.NET page lifecycle to go forward
There is any different between new F and new F()?
DOJO onclick on a pie chart slice for drill down
List View Alignment
How to access arrays in symfony's configuration files?
How to access dynamically created element (JAVA)?
Efficient if statement / for loop
Mirroring Odd Bits of an Register
Web Google Analytics Implementation
serializing a tree map [closed]
getting error after installing the plugin on redmine0.8.2 in linux
Modify the Size of an Android Spinner Drop down part Size?
Build in function for computing covariance
Web Package gets wrong IIS Website name
How to play a static video in android
javascript compression algorithm that supports BINARY data?
Error: Access of undefined property JSON 鈥�but it IS there
Counting instances of same field entry
MYSQL add row and count from diffrent table
Class VS ref Struct
Fluent NHibernate - Empty Schema SQL Files
MySQL & PDO : about efficiency
Add document to an embedded document array
about a BeanCurrentlyInCreationException, unresolvable circular reference
Linq: Considering table as not nothinh in a if statement even if table is empty
Threading and SOLID principle
Fatal error: Class 'CI_Base' not found
Mouse Control with autohotkey
Java DOM: Number of first child nodes
iconv() - 脗 appearing infront of 拢 signs from user input
get complete number
passing php variables between different pages that are linked trough anouther page
Using util.inherits() 鈥渂reaks鈥�prototyping when using CoffeeScript
send form via email in orbeon forms
Android memoryInfo values
Got an error reading communication packets in MySQL
JSON.NET Serializer for WCF service hosted in Windows Service or command line executable
Finding multiples of integers quickly
jQuery image slider issue in Chrome
Too early for minimum SDK 2.2? Need Push [closed]
How to check if EGL Context was preserved or not?
Calling SP from gives error whereas it works fine from SSMS
How do I rewrite this URL in Django?
emma code coverage report
How can I get gevent-py2.7-win64.egg
Reading file from External Storage of Android SDK Emulator