html5 cache-manifest file in mvc3 and windows azure returns 500 error
Echo return values from rows from db
PHP, MySQL search by keyword from multiple tables
Getting ClassNotFound Error after updating from ADT 16 to ADT 17
Codeigniter model Undefined property
c# scheduled tasks example
c# contains part of string
Difficulty Converting url in linux in htaccess file
Export MySQL table data to CSV using PHP Script
How to clear weblogic cache
Handlers in GAE
Webdriver: Firefox driver doesn't work anymore
How to add value to textarea of 2D checkboxes when checkbox is checked
Filter List Data C#
How can I implement a file browser in iOS
what can be the reason for Null Pointer Exception in this snippet of code?
Aligning a Button with a Select Box (HTML Forms)
OnClick and onTouch
Django admin form - how to change dynamically select values
STR_TO_DATE for different formats
Efficiently save ascending position to number of rows with MySQL
Storing MySQL query results in an Associative Array
How to use images stored in isolated storage for a storyboard animation?
Is it possible to create a non-full screen UITableView using Storyboards?
Unable to collect data from a .db file of SQLite in Android
remove unbind attribute in jquery
JQuery Table Cell ordering Plugin
change a specific line of a file using awk
SQL count stays per day query not working as expected
How can I order a List according to my own rules?
Keeping same number of columns at cross tab report
Javascript: How to get first random number always to be higher than the second random number
How to restrict Multiple dates selection in MonthCalender
list all xml nodes to one dimension array?
Can I make runtime validation of method parameters based on jsr-305 annotations?
How I can get count of likes from page on my website?
FindBugs Plugin In NetBeans.
Future prediction on past data analysis [closed]
using pscp.exe for sftp transfer is very slow compared to filezilla
dynamic action name in playframework 2.0
PHP Lazy loading objects and dependency injection
Rewrite an url with %23 to #
Talking Tom like App
How to split a String into array by Regular expression
domstyle.set not working in dojo
Trouble including external jar required for an import in a src/java/{somename}.java in a grails-app( grails2.0)
Joins in nhibernate
Android WebView: loading a local HTML file ignoring its body
SQL Server: by default how long connection stays open if I forget to close it
How can I use JNA StdCallCallback which accepts array of int within a structure?
Facebook shows blank screen after login (facebook js api)
How to take Date Time information from Phone Settings? (Windows Phone)
Handling errors in wsshellobj.Run() when the path for application is wrong
how to use modular system of netbeans platform?
Use Liferay Authentification to restrict directory listing on Tomcat?
Overlapping Div Element in GridView
How to print the ld(linker) search path
import product data to magentogo online store
When starting a web project, is it better to start with the client-side or the server-side?
How to support the partial word search without NGramTokenizerFactory?
Phonegap: Upload in separate function
Gridview from button click inside a popup window
Receiving data on server side using BufferedInputStream
SSH Session best practice
what does pss mean in /proc/pid/smaps
Playing audio using red5 media server
Class PEAR not found when executing phpcs on MAC (but it's in my include directory)
Dynamic Reporting options for Java EE based application
Selection changed event raised when I click outside the listboxitem
Facebook comments [link is unreachable]
Logback: out-of-the-box properties
How can I display letters using html table cells as colored pixels?
Footer is not fixed while using ScrollView in jquery mobile
c++ ffmpeg access violation
How to check Empty or Null HTML.Raw in Razor
Hoow to link same sequence generator to two tables in hibernate?
Convert/format missing date to complete date [closed]
perl system command redirection to log files
SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet doesnt work
Why does this ffmpeg command line stop after ten minutes
NestedRuntimeException: Cannot parse POST parameters of request
I want to removw duplcate rows from matrix
Fatal Error: 'Declaration of Zend_Pdf_FileParserDatasource_File::__contruct() must be compatible
Actionscript3 - Socket issue
How to get Horizontol as well as the vertical scrollbars in Android's Table Layout
Android: not getting access token with using my app on Twitter?
BufferedReader readLine() issue: detecting end of file and empty return lines
Why does HttpAntiForgeryException occur randomly even with a static Machine Key?
Moving Pivotviewer Collections from Silverlight 4 to Silverlight 5
Variable passed to each() is not an array or object
Camera Orientation is not Proper in android
a replacement to ad-hoc on the appstore
How to display bullet points in a list inside of a table in Java with itext?
making sure all my tabular content is vertically aligned?
how to get number of updates since particular timestamp for facebook and twitter developer apis
Handle Rdp ActiveX minimize event
mysql datetime range select
Converting the GNU case range extension to standard C
Rails: How to get objects with at least one child?
Python GUI buttons wont execute
Faulted State error while creating component with Core Service
Deleting all related entities in Entity Framework
Subclass QueryReadStore or ItemFileWriteStore to include write api and server side paging and sorting.
stl remove_if with class member function result
Remove widget in gtk.Table?
how to call a java class from a jsp file [duplicate]
how to pass an array from c++ to python function and retrieve python returned array to c++
Google Places API Limits
Calling PHP function using ajax not working
How does a local resource file look like?
integrate facebook with google app engine
OpenGL pixel manipulation for graphic
jQuery: Triggering a click event on a radio button on page load
Regular expression with preg_match
Gallery not getting button click
What are legal statements in a Java for loop incrementer?
Conditional Validation and Checkbox default value
WGET download happens faster when executed through command line and slowly when executed through Java code
How to get Previous business day in a week with that of current Business Day using sql server
How to open a file browser and select a .pdf file in ios
jQuery - Keeping a js array and list of DOM objects in sync?
jc1: Cannot allocate 1342179073 bytes after allocating 185472 bytes
Intranet Facebook Application for updating status
Hadoop configurations seem not to be read
AjaxToolkit AsyncFileUpload needs ViewStateMode enabled, how to avoid?
OpenXML - Protect all sheets
iphone - connection recovered callback
Reading xml file from java
Is it possible to get a remote resource by using this API: ServletContext.getResourceAsStream()
Perform set operation difference on a list of tuples
mongo DB Balancing
Eclipse RCP how to re-initialise a view. (Need to do this as work around to table bug)
undefined reference to 'abc::abc()' with Dwarf Error: Offset appearing
Programmatically alter an excel rows or columns heigh
Changing CSS element on selection
Code to fetch data from oracle to excel and send the data which has same cell name to different sheets in excel
Android .dcm file association
How can I check a duplicate file or image being uploaded into a Plone site
How can I change the HTML code via VB .Net?
How to play m3u8 audio file?
java statements inside printf and loop conditions
DDD: Maintaining Constraints Across Aggregates
Nancy - Super Simple View Engine: How do I override a MasterPage's title in the view?
javascript - convert date to long based on the language specific format
How to play video stored in video library
Is is possible to sign a binary via .NET code? (no signtool.exe)
Validate birthday in integer type
How to create a function wrapper in runtime?
Get details of icons and files present on desktop with there location on desktop?
How to remove a View of another Class with I have called in Existing Class
What is the best way to create a large xml file with PHP?
SQL Server: where is connection pool: on .net side or server side
What the best way for saving webservice response in DB?
RegEx pattern to exclude filename with certain character string
Use moq to mock a type with generic parameter
How to notify PipedInputStream thread that PipedOutputStream thread has written last byte?
AxShockwaveFlash appearing as a white box on Windows XP Embedded from a C# winform
How to do a call through a
Python2 setting time error
How to add an existing database file into my windows phone 7 app and read data from it?
Android - ProgressBar updates once, but not twice
Can HTML5 track element be used for *live* subtitles?
How to format huge NSDecimal to string?
PHP File uploading - accents and spaces in file names
Java RMI NoClassDefFoundError (development on Netbeans IDE)
window.location.hash won't alert in iframe in IE
Recoverying from exceptions
Vim, Long Lines and Scrolling
How I can make the Menu same this website by using jquery [closed]
puppet can't find pip : Parameter provider failed: Invalid package provider 'pip' at < path_to_pip_file >
Toggling visibility of next table row with checkbox in jQuery
In a ScrollView, a RelativeLayout child height is 0
How to add a search module as a menu item in Joomla?
Why Won't My PHP Script Send Email?
Getting Started With Real Time Event Scheduling in Java on Linux?
NavigationController pushViewController doesn't work
What technologies to use? [closed]
active content property on tab change
C# - Escape sequence with 鈥� 鈥�symbol
when i try to append value in dict its showing key error
Find phone number in BHO add-on for Internet Explorer
How to resolve cURL Error (7): couldn't connect to host?
How do I send ALT + SPACE key using sendkey method?
cuda sub matrix
Netbeans Project in Difference OS
How to make a Task complete with in 1 minute or discard it if it doesn't complete
Recipe for target `autoloads' failed while building Emacs in Cygwin
Why does InetAddress.isReachable return false, when I can ping the IP address?
Captured Image & show it next page in Silverlight
emacs string-insert-rectangle vector of numbers?
Howto convert datetime to date with an ODBC function?
Iterating the Time for 24 hours for 30 days in ruby
How to create and call a dynamically created control from a seperate class?
Accessing Internet from Emulator in Android
receiving newline inside a json object
How to make ncurses display UTF-8 chars correctly in C?
Outer join does not display wanted (null) rows
The width of int data type on a machine
Why doesn't clang show color output under Scons?
sqlite3_bind_text select statement with a SPACE character not working?
all exec related PHP functions segfault
php echo certain id from database
Why aren't my divs aligning?
Calculate Time difference in batch file
How can I set tmux hotkey as Ctrl-, that is, Ctrl+comma
Send long string (Base64 encoded image) via HttpGet
MongoDb replica-server getting killed due to less memory?
How to switch to different tables on the basis of some attribute value in Entity Framework (EF) 4.3 using MVC3
How to handle alert in UI Automation using javascript?
Unable to start service Intent { flg=0x4 cmp=com.UserLogin/.BgService (has extras) }: not found
mysql password() in js
Unable to read data from excel 2007 file
Determine size in kb of a BLOB column in DB2
Persisting timestamp field as Date or Long?
How to setup a proxy for Apache Karaf
How to make application autorun on Mac?
File upload in specific folder of web application in liferay..?
stating quote as 鈥渜uote鈥�in sqldf
using backbone to put data into rest server
Container for deletion from any place by value with fast iterations
Are the 鈥渘ormal鈥�ASCII values guaranteed in Java?
Way to make SilverLight progressbar look good?
Checking if a string's characters are ascending alphabetically and its ascent is evenly spaced python
Dates setting to default '1999-11-30'
Gsoap error 28 : SOAP_TCP_ERROR
Could not create mock object of my own class
How to handle multiple touch with Navigation Controller and ViewController
Modification to Google Maps Api code
public member area and rescticted premium area in php
php encode full url with spaces in arguments
Passing HTML through JSON to a Web Service
how to convert raw images to png in python?
How to handle a delegated event for child elements only?
Mysql stored procedure outer cursor fails to loop
Populating ListView from DataTable
python numpy split array into unequal subarrays
Member-function pointers and inheritance
What informations to provide in Xml comments?
Playing Kinect's video and audio feeds in Windows Phone
Is signed_request secure?
Configure Git Source Control Provider For Development Team
UBIFS boot error
How to set custom WebLink field value when submit a defect by Rally rest .net api?
How to access Hidden Field of Parent page in the User control
Inserting tag in a HTML using HTMLParser
Re-enrollment after upgrading Apple Push Certificate
How can i find which image is set in imageview from my drawable?
Entropy and Correlation -Image analysis
wordpress or codeigniter [closed]
Trouble Building Trilinos (Scientific Computation Library) on Mac OS X
ssl weblogic with identity keystore
Generating JSON for Sinatra
Android bluetooth connection error (no bt sock found, scn 1) - infinite loop
Increase Speed Of query
How to do media integration with Java
Silently print PDF using Adobe Reader in C#
imgpanel.setImage(im); does not work in loop under button is pressed function but works fine in one pass
Client unable to bind to the given port and connect to the given server
How do you search a nested list with jQuery?
WGET downloads file faster when executed through command line and slowly when ececuted throguh java code
Django - Admin: list_display TextField
Name of a full screen header jQuery slider
mysql mixing counts from several tables
Phonegap: populate local database with data from external server
unable to install glassfish support on eclipse
StatusBar at the bottom of a DataGrid
Cookie management in PhoneGap applications - Android
Magento How to remove Black image from Image backgrounds
How to update page html and url without actual page refresh
Java Convert unixtime to date , giving wrong results
filter out 鈥渞eversed鈥�duplicated tuples from a list in Python
Spring MVC form with foreach
Store relationships between objects (n:m), display them and change the way they are displayed interactively
MonoDevelop is not generating IB outlets for my MonoMac project
Button for website not working for iphone/ipads
Using a Sprite Image for Search Box Input Button
KnockoutJS - table not updating when array is updated
Why is my client-server app repeating expected output?
How tosave Image in DataBase Using JSON WebService WP7
Objective C: Subview not clickable
I want to compare two arrays in PHP
C++ include, using cplusplus {{ }} construct
What is the fastest way to write XML file withsome logic in C#
Applescript and Microsoft Word
Should data to the pipe be written at a time?
Can you Use jQuery's Drag n' Drop Inside a WYSIWYG Editor?
I need to store the all Saturdays and Sundays in one array and Reaming as another string Array
SELECT LIMIT on a view in MySQL
error compiling C code in Eclipse
Generic vs Non-Generic Overload Calling
Silverlight Datagrid get cell value
If-Else Condition inside cursor not working
Configuration to be done in cpanel php mailer Could not connect to SMTP host
Moving elements in clearcase to be 鈥渕erge鈥�able
How to do composite primary keys with FactoryGirl Gem
Creating window groups on Netbeans Platform
WCF Callback implementation function never gets called
Switch content, animation its contents
regexp for find number in a string
php reference pass
Howto backup / restore user Settings to / from another file in c#
[Nhibernate F]loading data to datagridview
Serious Application Error. This is usually a bug within an observer of NSManagedObjectContextObjectsDidChangeNotification. CoreData could not fulfill [duplicate]
What is NSManagedObjectContext's performBlock: used for?
Plone 3 / outgoing email over SSL
where can I download previous versions of phonegap?
Very strange behavior in phpmyadmin query
How do you write a function in Python that takes a string and returns a new string that is the original string with all of the characters repeated?
Highcharts and json format
How to create a templated function taking a variable number of arguments that passes the arguments to an object's correct constructor?
How to create Animation like Path Application in Android
Swing : Transparent border's radio button when focus
I wanna implement touch Gestures for a Website
Read the last line of file with data in Perl
Calc Order sum where Orderline contains product
onclick passing numbers and strings
XPath Selecting Nodes Until Condition
How to start the map activity (google map api) of my android application from a specific location with a highest zoom level
How to change VCL code?
Get JSON data from external URL and display it in a div as plain text
mysql remove and update the duplicate with the quantity of the original
How to add a custom view programmatically on a custom cell?
Execute after cleartimeout function finished (jQuery)
How do we call a virtual method from another method in the base class even when the current instance is of a derived-class?
Clarification on HMAC authentication with WCF
Ada Core Libraries
Play framework autotest dosn't run
Why does my Haxe/Flash game loop slow down over time?
SELECT rows where numeric range specified by two fields (start - end) does not overlap with range specified in any other rows
Should you design HTML and CSS layouts using primarily margin/padding or positioning?
Google Maps Polyline Colour Ignored in IE - UTF8 BOM prime suspect
if string.equals(string) [closed]
How to find the SQL Server logins for a domain user who have accessed db? (there are several sql logins by 鈥渨indows user group鈥�
Selenium: test if element contains some text
If possible, how to connect iPhone to an external device and a router programmatically, both WiFi
Use Both Active Directory and OpenID Authentication
Data mine a huge amount of data
How to make active admin use the users table already used by devise and cancan?
How to ignore URL routing for subdirectories ASP.NET 4.0
How do I use distinct for a column along with a where clause in sql server 2008?
Use Seprate js File And use Url Helpers in it with ASP.NEt MVC 3 and Razor View Engine add a class to the search label
PHP remove duplicate XML feed entries
How to handle with difference in inherited classes?
Encode binary file into php page
how to get the copy of object which is clicked
How does memory management system of Objective C effects C++ objects embedded in interfaces of Objective C
JQuery: Get the parent element id of a clicked element
Why Won't Two Indentical DataTables Show Any Differences?
Performance of MySQL table
Add changes in a single file to multiple changelists
How can I change the predefined Drools Flow process programmatically?
Powershell script to extract content from a text file and create Windows event
Using any c++ function as a Qt slot
VSTS Web Performance Test - AJAX requests recorded in wrong order?
Gather System information using .Net web Application from Mac and Windows PC
Extract php filename with phing
Magento Orders->Google Sitemap 鈥�since recently a blank page?
Mysql Join inner join left join Multiple Tables null on right table
Move Data from one entity to another entity
convert a date in Mon Mar 26 17:48:16 +0000 2012 to days format
iPhone Push notificaton
WPF Toolkit Chart Control -
python list iteration
Can not use hibernate mapping XMLType column
How do I add a SOAP header with Axis2?
How can i bind a border visibility to the visibility of containing children objects
Attempting to populate a <select> with an array
Comparing dates in mysql / symfony2
Resizing a JPanel with resampling to preserve content
How to update 2 columns in 2 tables that have foreign key
How to access template column controls at the time of 鈥淎dd New Record鈥�click in telerik
Disown shell once a process get started using shell script
FOREIGN KEY example: The return errmsg of sqlite3_errmsg() for using sqlite3_exec() is not the same as for using sqlite3_step() and sqlite3_bind()
Resizing a Godaddy Trust Seal
Set initial value in datepicker with jquery?
How to use UML to model interaction between server and agent?
Hadoop: TaskTracker shuts down immediately after
jQuery Dropkick in Chrome: Dropdowns not auto-closing
Passenger and Nginx or Passenger Standalone only?
Truncate array items to the first five characters with jQuery?
Regex for password policy [closed]
PHP: Is there a reason to put a newline at the end of file
Complete Cover Background Image issue
Is it possible to use call/cc to implement recursion?
swing: about resizing JFrames and conditional scrolling
How to create auto increment field in mongodb and php
XML Deserialization with RestSharp in Windows Phone 7
Setting up Automatic NDK Builds in Eclipse do not work yet
Create new variable to store each result during While loop
Select on table with name contains a 鈥� 鈥�
permalink_url property, short url
passing parameter isue in sp in ssis packages
How to get APN name in blackberry?
Rooting ICS emulator; pushing su fails with 鈥淥ut of memory鈥�
For nested loops with CUDA
Grails 2.0.1: Spock test fail with 鈥淣o bean named 'grailsLinkGenerator' is defined鈥�where redirect is called
is this relation in third normal form?
outofmemory error due to quartz scheduler when deploying grails project war on weblogic server 10.3.6
Generate EBNF from ANTLR
String length in masm
Watin and Telerik Controls
How to return some of fields when querying document, using official mongodb C# driver
Java. Swing. Multiline labels in a JScrollPane
Why do I get a SerializationException if I do not copy my .NET dll into the Office application folder?
Designing java client
how to remove JDBC debug logs [duplicate]
Functor to variadic template function
Using hyphen in controller name in cakephp
Wordpress background images not showing - issue with database
RestKit Object Mapping from JSON
Controller using multiple models?
accessing MS Excel through JAVA
Error When Compiling Spec files
Developing a Portlet with Multiple Actions in Liferay
Java - Generics Method
Ibrowser installation - the icon isn't shown
MySQL change database with variable value
What might be the point in putting a variable exactly in the 鈥淪TACK鈥�section with __attribute__ ((section(鈥淪TACK鈥�)?
MonoTouch Migration Analyser
multi-language site with multiple locales misbehaviour
Word, Doubleword, Quadword
combobox onchange with partial update doesn't fire in new document mode
When using jqGrid's setFrozenColumns and filterToolbar together, columns disappear
Getting An Error While Using Web Service?
Marshal exception when using arrays of structs
Unclear about Ruby gem installations
Selecting from two tables into an XML
Maven: How to relase an artifact without any project specific settings like parent pom or scm?
Display a map chart with numbers of enteries , based on IPs or Attitudes Lattitudes
Activated event in baseform doesn't trigger
Are visibility keywords in Java actually methods, like in Ruby?
How to Read JSON Post Object from PHP
example projects with hibernate and JPA [closed]
Create prototype scoped Spring bean with annotations?
how to make ftp connection with require implicit FTP over TLS in php
How do I use sessions in PHP? [closed]
How to load resource bundle in a servlet (JSF)
How to get name of document.onkeydown function in javascript?
Java: increment through Float.floatToIntBits?
after webkit transition 鈥渉ide鈥�display:none) div
Entering a start date and an end date and inserting the dates in between into db
How to save & load images using VB 6
detecting computers with same MAC address and same IP address as well
Inheriting from a remote web service
qt Analog widgets for embedded device
What does Class<?> mean in Java?
Creating new files and updating a list of these created files in PHP
Load gallery at with particuler image position
How to export jar file?
how to automatically edit html tables with perl?
2 developers under 1 xcode
DATE_SUB and INTERVAL in Doctrine
Unit testing with queries defined in extension methods
How to make / provoke an php error in php error log
Signing application with Eclipse built in mechanism fails
How to get a second request to index from an array to start at the beginning with jQuery?
How to show link in OTRS CMDB between Sub classes of Config Item?
Can't connect to MySQL from PHP but can from CLI
Precedence of filter over servlet in Tomcat
How to find the distance between polyData and a point along a direction?
Android ProgressBar UI custom layout
Write access for iterators ? Or: sending values to generators of numpy Arrays
Android and life cycle
Altering the price of configurable product
Best practice to parse/manage a huge JSON file (~19MB) on Android
Resource access lock PHP
Is it possible to add a border style to a UITableView? (Not BorderColor/BorderWidth)
How can we select the good subclass for the result without using instanceof?
onSubmit Post issue with IE
Is not calling delete on a dynamically allocated object always a memory leak?
define a variable if its undefined using Javascript
In C++11, can you pass a ref'ed base class to thread's constructor and get polymorphic behavior?
Reach a hashtable in perl
Can't build successfully project in VS2010
How to get text based user input using GLib
How can I automatically start my SQL Server upon debugging my website?
Why does this string declaration not result in a bool(true)?
Hibernate: Can a foreign-cum-primary key be defined as a property rather than a field of a model?
How do I display a QImage in a 鈥渇unctional鈥�programming style
How to show tab control in
get selected value from checkbox and put it on a row in a table
Android Memory Leak new Thread()
Rename a treeViewer Node with SWT
Changing elements path in CakePHP 2.0
JavaScript benchmarking code frozen the browser?
SSLSocketFactory in java
How do I prevent scaffold.css from overriding my custom css?
SlSvcUtil ignores MessageHeader properties
AppEngine Datastore Admin does not work with federated login
Maven resume from failed project on Jenkins
Regex to find function call php
How to avoid automatic display of new ListBox items
TCPDF cuts text when the page end / footer is reached?
Use Ajax and JsonResult in ASP.NET MVC 3
Is it possibile to use NewsstandKit.framework in a non鈥揘ewsstand app?
Selenium SE record macro for Autocomplete text box
Draggable is not working when parent gets hidden
most efficient way to group search results by string similarity
spinner dependent on another spinner in android
jQuery .change() event not firing in IE
Why am I getting the addresses of the array instead of the values (two-dimensional array)
MovieClip vs Sprite in Actionscript 3.0
use cursor to display rows and group them by one column using variable
How to make the contents in a directory to be downloaded as a ZIP file using PHP?
I want to bind event with div width change?
NullReferenceException when querying dhcp reservations with microsoft dhcp server management api
Is the heap occupied by the C++ object is same as an Objective C object in Objective C++
Different views for each object in observableCollection
Thread Monitor class in c#
iPhone - Move object along touch and drag path
Measurment time of memory allocation
How to change the grouped tabelviews selected background color
Simple razor templating syntax to include a comma to separate the names
Function in a variable, passing a parameter
An easy way to get the sunset / sunrise times for a city in PHP
JQGrid on ASP.Net MVC with VB.Net
Sliding Divs with Percentage Widths
Java play multimedia file from byte array
Switching spring application context or Impl java classes using maven profiles
Stop activity on alertdialog
Spring security and JSF: call method on backing bean on login?
java ee http-basic authentication error page
fix LinearLayout height size
Error was: No module named django_mongodb_engine.base
How do I set the 'value' in my Zend form checkbox?
Autopostback is working only for the first time in ASP.NET?
Design pattern for passing implicit data to components (Implicit meaning not through parameters).
Create an object of a generic class
JQuery - alert to display number of divs having a class but not another class
Error trying to exclude records with a JOIN to another object
Using tabs in GNU Emacs 23
File movement issue on NFS file system on Unix box
Strange behaviour with Xcode 4.3
how to counter last value with length+1?
Excel Interop error
vtkMFC build error
wstring string converter in Boost
wsdl link getting folder added to path
Regular expression is not working (Java)
Caching settings in WSO2 DSS
Opera: HTTP header Content-Disposition
How to pass credentials to reportviewer in WPF application SSRS 2008
ImageView setImageBitmap method messes up the whole layout
How to pop to the previous viewController automatically?
Creating your own ca with open ssl in windows
How to customize the view of a form using the generic view CreateView in Django
Does BasicNameValuePair allow duplicate keys?
Embedded Silverlight in conjunction with Javascript executing on IE8
Using multiple inheritence of activity
Is it possible to play audio/mpeg stream in a Firefox extention?
ManagedProperty in CDI @Named bean returns null
grouping Similar values in R
Unable to install VMWare Tools on Debian Squeeze guest [closed]
how to recover root password in Collabnet SVN Edge?
padding of responses in recv() api
Javascript Slider not working on website after installing other script
How to read Files from Systemfolders
how to determine house/block number, from gps coordinate
iOS creating secure token based communication between application and server
R: finding maximum value every two rows in each column
PHP issue with Dropdown list
How to do case sensitive queries on dynamic fields
Pdf book reader in php?
how to run a java applet in web browser
rubygems not working on Synology DS209
Custom SUM Summary on XtraGridView
Is there a default Android view widget with textbox and 2 knobs?
using web service to share data
mysql select sum of rows by comparing two relations
Tomcat does not flush the response buffer
UITableViewCell from a custom .XIB file doesn't create outlets
video uploaded from iphone app to youtube have no sound
Dynamically change localStorage content when item remove
running a 32 bit binary on a 64 bit machine
Large file uploads failing php
How to perform DB bitwise queries in Django?
How to stop Backgroundworker and close the form?
Error 鈥淧ageMethods is undefined鈥�in Webpart for Sharepoint 2010
got <null> using printf with string
Is JBoss 7.1.1 fully compatible with EJB 2.1?
Waiting for callback functions to return in iOS/iPhone
Qt4.8 + CMake 2.8.5 on OSX 10.5.8 can't link
Enter an Age value and count the number of rows of Name which match the entered Age
Close notification event in Vaadin Window
Multiple Alarm fire at same time
Which .net framework version will a library run in
Add a Data-test-id attribute to a <td> in my Jquery
Cyrillic subject encoding in c# mails
Define BOOST_PHOENIX_ARG_LIMIT has no effect
TorCtl connection refused error
How to get Banners Ads from leadbolt in iPhone app
web grid sorting not working mvc 3 razor
How to change all fields in database from latin1_swedish_ci to utf8_general_ci?
Migrating module from Linux to Android
Can any one tell me how to create an graph for JUNG for page rank
c char pointer compare
How to change Table data source record
app engine req.getParameter with type float
Create Circular Button in Iphone SDK
Issue in jscrollpane with jQuery and Prototype
Changing the deprecated TabActivity
Convert SQL Server .mdf file format
Unable to access table variable in stored procedure
What is ssh equivalent read_until and read_very_eager methods at telnet?
Is there a more efficient way to find all combinations of 10 items in 10% increments?
Web app deployment - git environments
How to retrieve script path in Perl? (not the running one)
Convert HTML text to Plain text
IBOutlets properties. Release or not release
sum all rows with join
Malscript injection into SQL Server 2005 Database
can not access to database in moodle
How to stop Update-FormatData complaining about a loaded file
Soundcloud API - Replace Track
What's the proper way to copy a carrierwave file from one record to another?
DIV jumps when using .effect(鈥渟hake鈥�
How to track when class is loaded and destroyed in jvm?
Retrieve boolean data from data attribute in jquery
Server side validation of int datatype
PHP start polling and make queries from script
Rounding numbers: Java's 'Math.rint' in Python
django extend javascript translation catalog with particular messages from django.po
Detect if an image is loaded in a page outside my domain
400 Bad request when uploading a file from Firefox 11, Mac OSX
Fragment's stupid bug.back button
How to let code in function to 鈥渒now鈥�that they are run in context of response in groovy?
NoMachine NX 'p' key not working for Macbook Pro vs Fedora
How to aggregate contact data, when trying to add new contact?
Unable to recieve parameters from Webservice using KSOAP2 in android
How do I know how many tags an xsl:variable contains?
Android program
Multicast (or similar ) solution required for tomcat / servlet.
Irregular shape buttons on the UI of Android app
Fluent NHibernate one-to-one relation
Upgrading to rails 3.2.3.rc1
center custom title in UINavigationBar?
Over ridding Methods in User control
Can anyone tell how to get MAC address of all system in LAN
Active Desktop Recovery Issue
use css for alignment and filling
SQL Inner Join - retrieving wrong ids
Jtable - getvalueAt() issue
Make a button to go back to the first of several screens
Pythonic argument passing
PHP isn't working with SQLite
order by a specific field and another field if empty in TYPO3 extension
How to pass flashvars into inner swf?
Wcf Callback in
Stop jQuery validations on Cancel button
MSXML : Javascript is not a scripting language
How to change specific page slug with .HTACCESS?
What is the proper way to shutdown threads when tomcat closes?
new() without delete() is Undefined Behavior or merely Memory Leak? [duplicate]
how set tab bar according to screen?
Zend route regex for one character in url
MVC 3 membership provider with session
Android post Base64 String to PHP
Identify which Javascript executed a call using Firebug or Google Chome
Out of memory in Cassandra on massive inserts
Need suggestion to avoid deadlocks with higher iteration steps
Magento doesn save value on 'save'
Remove 'previous', 'next' and 'done' button at html form
How can I check a php file for undefined functions?
What causes colour discrepancies on borders after scrolling?
Thread.Start is not returning in some sparse cases in my c# application
How to get a non-const iterator while using a const 鈥渢his鈥�pointer?
Easily write formatted Excel from Python: Start with Excel formatted, use it in Python, and regenerate Excel from Python
Java OS Authentication
Cpp/Cli Convert std::map to .net dictionary
What are ARC restrictions, and how can I remove them?
Using pstimer to run an event
Simple SQL query with Autonumbers
Multiple fields on the same row in Django
How to add names of class and function automatically to my log
Run a function every 100 iterations but also catch the last ones
Graphing tools for Windows phone- Visiblox Error
add extra parameter in edit url using form dialog
Using Microsoft Report Viewer
passing data to webform method using $.ajax
How can I effect 'known_hosts' vs self-certified servers for my app's SSL usage?
How to Remove a iframe by jQuery
Customizing and Developing the plugins and pages In SONAR
having file names and delete them
Emacs Rename Variable
Passing variable through function Javascript / PHP
Eclipse 鈥淒uplicate Location鈥�while install new Sequoyah plugin?
How to setup business according to its business-hour?
reseting the canvas bitmap doesn't work correctly
Multiple calculations of one model in a table
ping failing from master to guest hosts in a virtualized environment created using xen
Binding Text property with ApplicationBarIconButton in WP7
Color distortion in CGImageCreate
transfer data from server to iphone
Wordpress - error establishing database connection - fresh WP install
Magento free shipping coupon breaking other coupons (and itself)
How to have my webdav client/server go faster?
Tighten up shell against forkbomb
How to change the collapsible menu image in dynamic code?
How to format isoDateTime to dd/m/yyyy
Node hierarchy inheritance, creation and the return type confusion
How to list _all_ objects in Amazon S3 bucket?
Storyboard not found in name scope of style
Oracle where condition priority
String index out of range Python
how to refresh the jsp page after ajax action
Using PHP to communicate with a desktop application
How can we hide bcc while sending emails in wp7 using c#
how to parse xml with special character in sql server
literal constant vs variable in math library
Placing two roots in ExtJs4 trees
literal constant vs variable in math library
Placing two roots in ExtJs4 trees
How to go about reading appinventor Source Code?
MySQL - Age in minutes
Regular expression for Multi Bytes string
sorting hash by one of the key values
Different result from getYear in IE, when executed on specific dates
.wav Player : mmioOpen API
MalformedByteSequenceException: Invalid byte 2 of 2-byte UTF-8 sequence
Third Party Antivirus Name Fetch
get controls id for buttons under a ribbon in sharepoint
RTMP port 80 is being blocked for some users, what can I do
Android: Fetching list of available WiFi connection details
GPU Bitxor in MATLAB
How to find out rowindex when fire dropdown event inside gridview
Python list reversion: [::-1]?
Avoid flickering on mouseover
TimeStamp as key and byte[]s as arraylist in a hashmap
How to redirect any folders within a subdirectory to a specific file using htaccess?
CSS overlay and active buttons
id of ui:repeat
Use Android 4.0 styled toggle-button
Web Service returns Data and 401 unauthorized
Big image scrolling
Is there a tree control for Lightswitch?
mysql stored procedure syntax error :
Changing Root View Controller to Tab View Controller in core data app (Xcode4)
How should I expose read-only fields from Python classes?
Executing linux commands from inside java program
How to control default zooming of webview on touching textFields
Java Miglayout gap push does not work as desired
How to filter the data in listview.taking data from edit text and filtering data to listview
insert text to selected Textbox use Javascript
substitute strings with special characters in a huge file using sed
MIUI Android crash on SMS reception with listener active
QMessage while waiting for a ping command response
Kohana DB - using SQL_CACHE
Exercise from Visual Studio C# 2010 fourth edition
How to get latitude and longitude from a full address (country, city, etc.)? [duplicate]
Accessing dictionary of dictionary in python
glm combine rotation and translation
Changing value inside foreach loop doesn't change value in the array being iterated over
Does sending a character pointer - initialized to ' 0' - to the standard output fault it? (C++)
small program on struts2 andjsp
Microsft Pinyin not compatible with Flex 4.5 and Flash Player 11
How to get value from php javascript?
Facebook application authentication cancel button issue in iPhone
Cut out an UIImage to fit inside an UIImageView
ASP.NET: load a User Control (containing UpdatePanel) at Page_Load dynamically for a later rendering
iOS Push Notifications not working for Distribution
GObject warning cannot register exisiting type
corralte subquery in linq
how to replace specific record on a line containg a string with a number from another file using inplace editing sed in linux
There is no ViewData item of type 'IEnumerable<SelectListItem>' that has the key 'course'
Inconsistent Result in DigestUtils.md5(String data) Method for the Same String
Hiding command prompt when using python
Cap deploy doesn't create share/log folder
How to enable /dev/input/uinput?
How to find list of View(s) that has a specific Tag (attribute)
JQuery and Struts2 Populating multiple dropdown/ select list
Which TextFieldDelegate method should be called?
convert MediaPlayer time to DataFormated
Hashmap from XML String - Android
plist in Index.html using phonegap
Bootswatch conflict with Chinese in safari
Getting mp3 data from google app engine's blobstore via ajax
alphanumeric in resturl in yii framework
Hazelcast classpath error
SAP Crystal reports for VS 2010. Change the query at run time
Regex expressions for matching comparisons
How do i do this through Shell Scripting?
Aggressive marketing people against simple developer: adwords dirty tricks?
List Element not completely centered?
Make UINavigationBar title editable
how Spring MVC find its handler mapping
Intercept or catch Ajax Calls with Javascript
Addition of row values using query
Need explanations for Linux bash builtin exec command behavior
Managing Sockets in a Multiplayer Game
How to Display Error Codes sample wcf service?
Join two tables using specified fields in CakePHP
How do I enable drag after being drop by using jquery UI?
details from where site has been opened?
Getting unique record from a table in mysql
error handling in Vb script
Readings for Microsoft Office word
WindowsFormsHost is always the most top from WPF element
Fill Transparent in Intersection of RectF Android
Email verification using telnet fear of marked as spam
Finding nearest schools in Google Maps for post code
How to bind JQuery draggable to a hover event
Magento trying to allocate excessive amounts of memory
Display some items in Bold in ComboBox
Creating CUSTOM DROP DOWN in native blackberry
Upload image from facebook app
IE 8 giving issues with Zurb Foundation [closed]
Roles not being currectly configured when migrating Enhanced EAR from WAS6.1 to WAS8
How to install Hbase on Windows 7
Converting OpenCV matrix looping to JavaCV
Create Variant from FILETIME
user mailer showing special character
Display app icon is becoming white while changing the language in iPhone device Setting [closed]
flex How to draw over an image
VLookup + Searching for text
Make a Div invisible , when moved out of the parent DIV
How to work around a site forbidding me to scrape their images with PHP
mysql stored procedure not working i have give the code below please help me [closed] and pre-release sdk issue
Unexpected behavior when autoresizing subviews loaded from nibs
Does Microsoft stop supporting new release of silverlight? [closed]
adjust jqgrid height
Window.onbeforeprint and Window.onafterprint get fired at the same time
WSO2 Stratos Live Serevr Error
selecting multiple rows into single variable and to use it in where clause of another delete query
Script to enable/disable breaking on specific exception types in Visual Studio
Merging multiple jquery scripts which includes plugins
How to modify WP Panorama item to be full screen
How to check if a socket connection is live in Boost::asio?
populate select based on another select php arrays
Likely cause of 鈥淥ut of stack space鈥�in VB6
how to set image for ipad application that support retina display
Does CUDA kernel not support strncpy
Ruby ActiveRecord Dynamic Model creation
how we can add rule in Yii model for input must be greater than 0
How to use Logback directly without going through SLF4J
Yii: Update model values before actionCreate and actionUpdate
display twitter updtaes in my web site [closed]
How do I make a JLabel always stay above a JButton?
Filter GridView with SqlDataSource, DropDownLists not working
Clearing azure service bus queue in one go
Django modelform and passing extra parameter
Hash parameters access
Display different data on click of each tab using struts 1,js, ajax
what java library class should i use to calculate memory usage in sorting algorithm?
How can I set a property for AutoMouseScroll and Mouse hower property to UltraDropdown?
html5 audio - canplay event doesn't fire on Safari (Mac Desktop)
Looking for examples on how to implement something like this in Android
Runtime error 鈥渪 + width must be <= bitmap.width()鈥�on some devices
Mysql + count all words in a Column
Integration of JSF and Ext GWT
Never seen before C method of initialization of an array of structs found in the Linux kernel source
sharing Data between several websites
How to know the active session counts for a particular website hosted in IIS using PowerShell
qualifier errors
How to make a folder/directory
How to change action bar title color in code
Grouping then sorting in template django
Set PropertyName using variable value
how to print multiple value on UILabel horizontally in iPhone
Descend through an object and sub-objects to set an arbitrary item or attribute in the hierarchy
Automatization of javascript building
Browser window resizing affects the CSS layout
Doing ILDASM Tool using winforms
Padded data in recv() api
MongoDB: Which C Driver?
Adding posts to a custom blog? [closed]
Issue with centering page in IE
How to make Accordian Elements Sortable and Draggable
How to write optional parameter in $.getJSON
What does the use of new require you to also call delete?
Rhino Mocks for ASMX Web services
Displaying details when clicking a DataGrid row
Binaries of gcc 4.7 for windows
Moving rows between different UITableViews
Translate text in other languages in C# web application
how to block a out going call?
Detecting Browser Window Position with CSS
Expressjs raw body
How create an unfinished jump game?
reRender via JS API
how to convert file path into file explore view in android
NHibernate returning wrong results of SQL query
I want to display a image in UIImagaView tat image names stored in array .so how to get string from array in iphone
How do I dynamically add an after filter to Rails from within a controller action?
Rebasing after squash merge?
How can I bring a terribly old branch up to speed with the main one?
when linking the objects, make reports: group ended before it began?
file downloading through headers
Increasing or Decreasing EditText value by 2 depending on which button is clicked, ANDROID [closed]
How to recive more than 65000 bytes in C++ socket using recv()
Powershell - Recursivly change path containing a value
need multiple variables in a string
slideDown() in jquery
MSSQL - replication and Violation of PK constraint
How to use setTextColor for Android Radio Buttons?
Extjs JsonStore baseParams are mixed up when calling load on Internet Explorer(any)
Java Vector3d And Vector Logic
UIView addSubview and the subview isn't displayed
How do I avoid Stack Overflow with circular references in Backbone.js?
What is the minimum graphics card requirements for Wp 7 emulator?
value replace adds value incorrectly to the end of input
onTabChanged method is not inwalking,
Create folder during app install in android
PHP memcache returns false with increase in number of keys
How to display the tooltip content above the modal window?
How to count the number of times a function was called, the FP way
practice web service calling from iPhone without having web service?
Retrieve portion of a Cookie value and store in variable
Getting the Content-Type of a servlet reponse on a Filter
how to remove space if we hide edittext in android?
Getting the Content-Type of a servlet reponse on a Filter
how to remove space if we hide edittext in android?
Get the selected value from selectOneChoice in ADF and not the index
How do I modify Login page submit to call my custom function before the normal flow in Sharepoint 2010
PHP with Mongo DB store & view Images
Regular expression to check characters in a string
list of css3 properties with their javascript counterpart
Jtable column split
Searching a MySQL table, using PHP, for multiple fields in an auto complete box
Books for UI development in XNA 4.0 [closed]
Eclipse does not highlight matching variables
sqlite, xml, or a combination?
html5 video internal architecture
Calling PHP function using AJAX
How to set the value of server-to-client-heartbeat-millis by using a class file?
Adding a NSTimer to a button
How to display fields in new line in same textBox?
Dynamically added listbox event is not firing
php variale in bracket, where it come from [closed]
Using Silverlight or Flash to detect USB Devices on Client Machine and Run them
Communicate between sessions
How to configure xcode output text?
VS 2010 student purchase? [closed]
ajax calling some other javascript
Obj C - Resizing Window Removes Window Items
Is it Possible to Set the Column to be Updated via a Prepared Statement?
cURL and etag usage?
Embedded database specialized for tiny size data & almost no writes?
Passing URL Encoded URLs as Parameters to Controllers
Java String not replacing with hashmap values
Is it possible to supply a new PropertiesConfiguration file at runtime?
Dojo call template on change of layout
How to run php files on Phone Gap?
How to silent install Postgresql on Windows 7
Overlay DIVs with images on scrolling
Including literal HTML code in org-mode templates
JQuery: detect selection of previously entered form data
Display calnder in gridview? In
Horizontal (backward/forward) scrolling between windows by touch of fingers
How to remove an item from gallery
Can you add rows to gridview from strings?
Which is better, Nagios or Sensu?
Raw socket with device bind using setsockopt() system is not working in Fedora core 6(2.6.18-1.2798.fc6)
With nginx, automatically redirect /forums, /forums/*, and /forum to -> /forum/*?
How does QTable behave for last edited cell?
is it possible to create a notepad using xml file in android?
Application appears to run multiple times depending on input size
Behaviour of , symbol in regex
New folders are not uploaded in SVN
IPhone App or solution for instant email of photos
how to overlay a line on a dojo column chart
how I get the html tags from the site from webview?
Using REPEAT a block till an event occurs?
replace datetime in mysql
Extract Red Channel from Image
Writing a function to get all subsequences of size n in Haskell?
Disable an anchor or hyperlink if image not found
What uses prawn for rendering pdfs? [closed]
how to scrape the external url using php simple html dom parser
Issues related with Wpf [closed]
How to get coordinates of an image on mousemove event, should get a unique on any system resolution?
One fixed width DIV in center, and two other on both sides (taking all rest place of screen)?
Turn on and off antivirus
Encryption algorithm: user only decrypt
jQuery html5 localStorage removeItem error
changing the code svn2git
How to change selected text of DropDownList using Jquery?
Selection sort with linked list's
Resharper shows all tests of a text fixture are passed but text fixture fails
how to integrate HTML5 in visual studio 2008
default parameter values work in iReport but not on JasperServer
Error: Cant set property value to null in a boolean property in bean
Excel, how to adjust my formula so that my repetition starts at a certain column?
What is Debug Info?
When using Perl's File::Find what's a quick & easy way to limit search depth?
How to get serial flow control of multiple asynchronous http requests and their callbacks in node.js?
linked list in C++ [closed]
UIImageView Slide Over
Bring up Color Palette
Is there a way to make embedded Google Maps a static non clickable image?
How to show page loading spinner in my html page content using jquery mobile or jquery
Using execve() to write the ls program in UNIX
how to get email id of the person which are in my contact list in Android
How do we encode mysql special character in PhP?
Changing Page by Servlet in JSP
getting value from popup window