where to get the Java7 from IBM for windows [closed]
wordpress htaccess issue
T-SQL how to count the number of duplicate rows then print the outcome?
passing data from a windows form to a xaml.cs file
How to convert iqueryable<string> to string in linq?
what's the mean of async-supported in servlet configure file web.xml?
Continuum as a Jenkins replacement?
SQL - need a query to get most recent message in each thread that a user is part of
BaseAdapter: set hasStableIds() to false?
STS launch issue on Mac
setting the lable value of one page from another in wpf
I want to get the id for div which is display block from last to first div?
animate view as serial pages
.NET Scalable Pub/Sub service implementation
Every Derive table must have its own alias in mysql
How to fetch data from a Nested Array according a key in a array
Google App Engine java blobstore service with spring
Grails - render Map from controller via Ajax using JSON
How to delete rows in a datatable using javascript?
Custom Transaction implementation - Threading and Locks
how to setup a tcplistener in windows services c#
How to decode encrypted soap messages with PHP
How do I add a link from the Django admin page of one object to the admin page of a related object?
Why is my image uploader crashing over a resolution threshold of 2900 x 2176?
how to solve 鈥済enerating map in other device through APK鈥�in android
Aptana 3 - No assist for <?php ?>
Query fetch returning 'Array'
select menu item reset to default fails
view move circulation
Is there a 鈥渟imple鈥�way a Java Application can throttle bandwidth to a specified limit?
Why is my buffer overflow attempt segfaulting?
sql injection in integer field
MySQL join and subquery from the join
How to capture magnetic swipe data using headphone jack on Android?
Utilizing Jquery to count the number of elements?
Modify existing WCF communication object
Uses of Extend Function in javascript
Interactive mosaic-like gallery with jquery
Abnormal behavior to avoid validation in Jsf components
How to use the older version of ruby 1.9.2
Drools integrated with spring faced with a xsd not found warning
Selecting random key and value sets from a Map in Java
A function builder in scheme
Creating a Web Service Client in Eclipse
trigger compilation error(insert)
Troubles with POSIX program using threads with gcc
Why am I getting error SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: ? How can I fix it?
Add INSERT IGNORE Statement to CAKEPHP saveAll method
OpenERP strange date time issue
Disallow viewing list items
Context-free, not-context-free, and regular grammars differentiation
How to check the process of sending mail using swiftmailer/ php?
Returning number of Items found when button clicked using jquery in JSF 2.0
Sorting solr results on the basis of user click?
scipy factorized error
How to get list of tweets while using Omni Auth authentication? (Ruby on Rails)
Trouble parsing a string containing a file
Can't access web application using tomcat
tomcat + spring mvc: trimSpaces
Unable to see Facebook permission page after few attempts
Understanding Postgres Log columns
Inconsistency in uninitialized boolean variable [duplicate]
Can set dynamic icon from XML in SimpleAdapter?
Understanding Postgres Log columns
Inconsistency in uninitialized boolean variable [duplicate]
Can set dynamic icon from XML in SimpleAdapter?
MySql selecting count of rows as extra column?
How to show result in textbox?
UITableView header that covers more than one section
iOS Audio Player - syncing files in left and right channels
How to pass array of arrays from javascript to a webservice?
Add create new link in Yii Framework drop down list
Filtering data from multiple tables
Advantage of OpenCL interoperability with OpenGL
UncaughtErrorEvent catching ErrorEvents but not thrown errors
UIAlertView comes after some time
Continuous data migration from mysql to Hbase
Vim/R @ Character in CSV
Delete emails using IMAP in android?
how to run app in background while phone is in any state [closed]
How to force removing of an app from an iDevice
how to make UI which support all devices without using xml in android?
Efficiently calculate word frequency in a string
How to get Json string from webpage by Objective C
Which HTMLElement property change generates DOMAttrModified?
Parse xml response text having cData in c#
Hibernate Concurrency issue in Java SE application
Node.js SlowBuffer detection
How to incorporate a (static) bootstrap template into rails asset pipeline?
Need a framework suggession [closed]
Android emulator hangs when exporting a dependent jar
selectable dialogbox
How to pass multiple parameters of same column to SP in sqlserver 2008?
jquery properties.. while clicking a tab it should not do anything..hw do i add this feature?
how to give click and double click together in advanced datagrid flex
How does a TransactionScope implementation work? What database support is required?
TextBlock Binding?
How can I dynamically create UIButtons with Cocoa Touch?
showing the result of the long term task in Ajax
How to calculate the rotation and scale from a view's transform property ?
Different Approaches to Derive Retail Prices?
LINQ to SQL SubmitChanges() not work to insert new record
Multiplexing string of numbers in python for the parallel port
How to use an excel data-set for a multi-line ggplot in R? [closed]
Scheme - What is wrong with my attempt to extend this declaration?
Is there a max recommended size on bundling/combining js files due to chunking or packet loss?
Content Provider and Image storage
What's wrong with my glOrtho? Negative zero instead of zero
About Linux Hugepage
Want to open mail setup in iphone whenever user doesnt have implemented any mail account in mail
Run two ongoing commands in bash script
while loop in MIPS
How can I link to a local image for a Google Chrome Extension?
How to Secure My Code
Error log for server
Need help to generate report in PDF or Doc using python
Automatically capture image when face is detected through Webcam
How can I extract FAST features from an image?
catch(鈥� swallowing all other catches in xcode llvm 3.0
how to get timezone offset for given day?
parsing HTML table using python - HTMLparser or lxml
Array mapping in php
Split a string in PowerShell
why Haskell can deduce [] type in this function
Goldbach's conjecture in Haskell (99 questions #40)
CloudMade geocoding cm_invokeOnMainThread unrecognized selector
ZedGraph X-axis scaling programatically
jquery/javascripts not loading in ruby on rails
Rails rake task to remove duplicate records
In a dialog, how can I stop a default pushbutton from taking focus when hitting enter in an edit control?
Alignment of three divs
How do detect if the selected image for upload is a valid image?
fopen doesn鈥檛 create file in the current directory
How To Create Dynamic more than one uiview with Marquee Effect in iphone
I need to Parse a XMLString using only serverside scripting
How to Check whether a user clicked 'Ok' or 'Cancel' while using Confirm() function?
File server works for first upload, but not second
Hibernate inconsistency
dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier UITableView two times
Sending Perl formatted output to less
ASP.net Grid paging with merged rows
Failed when query users in workspace via Rally Rest .net api
Java sublist not return a new instance of the list
jScrollPane Wordpress plugin - no idea how to use it
screenOrientation to fullsensor got error in Manifest
Are there any significance why most large-scale web apps use the combination of .Net and Java for their back-end or front-end systems?
Easy python program
How to concatenate stdin in to a pipe?
Javascript injections in my website
Regex to validate for Unique Well Identifier in rails
Restriction of the user in time for any action on a site
Change AJAX links after page load for crawlers?
PHP MySQL - Number of rows with column value between X and Y, is there a better way?
What is the maximum computational throughput gain on Azure?
Struts2 Convention Plugin Action Url
how to increase image size on mouse over function
Start querying on a certain row criteria
Android Database: Multiple Instances of one Database Table
Android - get allocated memory
remove margin from second div?
Code snippets in PhpStorm
Resizing CViewForm to fit available window of CFrame in SDI
How to manually select the DataGridviewComboBoxCell Value in CellContentClick Event?
Dropdown fadeout doesn't seem to work
Change form submission (enter to tab)
XML generation using PHP function
java swing JTable JProgressBar margin
How can I encapsulate the AddHandler and RemoveHandler in VB.NET?
Browser Locale in Playframework
tableview showing different color in different ios versions
How to start a windows service on local computer
mysql avoid displaying results twice from 2 conditions
How can I use a local method variable in a totally different method?
Error in building marmalade demo
Get the current working directory path in Perl
creating popup dialog like facebook android app
Sorting a dictionary by key then value (python)
Why doesn't this simple subquery work?
SQL - Converting MONTH extract from number to full month name
Android app using camera with android:screenOrientation=鈥渓andscape鈥�
Windows 8 Finance Application [closed]
Compile with a reference a dynamically loaded class
crossdomain.xml for jQuery?
Distinguish between click doubleclick and drag in Raphael element
Cannot call viewForAnnotation function in MapKit
Concatenate write parameters in C++
How to capture image hold event in android webview?
how to perform validation on textfield for phone number entered by user in iphone
asp.net mvc3 entity framework look up
Rail + Compass sprite generation gives wrong image path
How to publish and position an article in joomla 2.5
SQL multiple replace
How to output full list of comments under each post from mySQL DB?
AIR application Mouse.hide() not working
Web view from java desktop application
aspnet_regiis.exe not working?. Where i find the Download link?
Android : How to Parse KSOAP2 response
Validation of textbox with numbers using javascript
Top margin removable in Safari but not Firefox
How to use render a view in jquery Fancy Box Pop up
Figure out 10 most common words with more than 6 characters in a richtextbox [closed]
Could Ext JS use a store is not attached to grid to render the grid column?
Add UIButton programmatically from a IBAction
Create CRUD web app with Dreamweaver or other framework?
video playing in local system but now in intranet in remote system
How to customize push notification AlertView when app in background?
how to convert Bipartite Matching to Independent Set
Disable user edit in JTable
Socket server cannot accept data after set active mode 'once'
Launching firefox鈥�selenium)
getting class attribute of radio button in IE
Why does strcpy 鈥渨ork鈥�when writing to malloc'ed memory that is not large enough? [duplicate]
Simulate a series of button clicking in code and wait for effects to finish
C++ call child method from parent reference
Default height and width of inner forms
PHP int + float. Bug or default behavior?
HTML5 Presentation onslide load event
css in chrome only works after inspect element
Prevent Duplication of ga.js for Google Analytics (GA) and Google Website Optimizer (GWO)
How to write more than once to text file using PrintWriter
Sharing WCF Service Contracts with Unity
How do i fix this error? warning: implicit declaration of function 鈥榤ain_menu鈥�
iOS: Incorrect frame placement
Class Not Found Exception in WebLogic, Fine in TomCat
How to calculate distance between two coordinates in google map?
Retina & non-retina compatible UIImage stacking and positioning
Is it really necessary to create SQLite tables every time when app starts?
Database best practices - Status
Do AutoResetEvents/ManualResetEvents use a Win32 Semaphore or Mutex internally?
Considering proper way between stored procedure and C# business logic layer code
Transform (rotate) background image with jQuery?
Searching for free location in a huge memory space
Facebook Login Auth using HTTP on mobile with no browser
How to change the selected Radio button dynamically with jQuery
SharePoint 2007 : Target Audience Unable to Find AD Users
How to connect keyboard input and python app output to QPlainTextEdit and QTextBrowser
How to handle muti threading or parallel tasking using a console App
I don't want MySQL to sort the results found
Dup key add error on ZipFile object
Skip insert on duplicate entry in mysql
SSL Creation Algorithm [closed]
Ruby on Rails: Spree Rake DB:Bootstrap for Heroku Deploy - Uninitialized Constant Spree::Image
Run code on WinForms app close and computer shutdown?
DOM element addclass not working in IE7
Event Handling in Swing (Overriding it through a JFrame)
Sieve of Eratosthenes Scheme
how to select table with limit and return the outside limit into record named 'other' with MYSQL
How to select values in drop down using selenium selenium.select(鈥溾�,鈥溾�)?
Jquery hover can't change background when hover ul li?
iphone slow to recognize change of wifi access point
Can I use Visual Designer output without using xml while creating my addin?
CakePHP 1.3: ACL Issue with plugins
How can I create an audio stop button?
Java - Console on an Applet
How to get Names of Background Running Apps
Return string to VBA in MacOSX
amateur webhosting/xampp stuff
button click check?
android.widget.ListView cannot be cast to android.widget.TextView, using SQLite imported Database
SQL server SSIS OLEDB source to destination?
implementing an UPDATE on SELECT in Postgres
How can I get TOP photos from Flickr
Batch/CMD script to open website and enter a text in text box
merge all the elements in a list python
JMX: Standard ability to access file system where JVM is running
Matlab Returns 鈥淔AIL鈥�When Trying to Invert Matrix
Lag behaviour for mousedrag()?
Can't build nginx w/ TCP module, error 鈥渢arget `build', needed by `default'鈥�
Is there a way to dynamically render a hidden version of a django field in a template?
JSONP version of JQuery.load()
SQL Server View Execution Plan: Is WHERE OR the Same as UNION?
Can a Scala class extend multiple classes?
linking a servlet to jsp.
XmlReader is automatically appending a namespace to all elements, making nice clean linq queries impossible
Newline/Linefeed character validation XSD
Error with posting to a wall when a user creates a new post
ORM tool for sybase and .net framework 3.5
Passing values to windows calculator and obtaining value from C code
C++ substr and find_first_of [closed]
Call python code after creation of a model instance in the admin interface
Css3pie works completely on localhost but only partially on remote server
Showing which files matched a grep that is looking through all files from a collection
Is it possible to have an array of 'Super Class' objects in a class?
How can i run bash shell script from magento?
Algorithm for grouping related items
How to throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException?
css - per firebug - isn't working?
Heroku app doesn't work when create with the heroku CLI
Running a line in 1 hour intervals in python
WebView not recovering after reconnect to internet
Multiple drawables from the same resource image
C# .NET SQL Server 2008 Data vanished after insert or unchanged after edit
format String from a Pipe delimited string
Qt QTextEdit and Page Break Line
Git Renaming Issues
Python object is in list yet isn't?
Mock web responses in Rails
How windows phone app consume data from java webservice
Actionscript 3 reseting a game?
How to run selenium API with dot-net (using c#)
Rails 3 - Concerns with Modules or Classes
Counting how many times an integer is equal to itself, then calculating the percentage
Kinect hand waving gesture
how to set fillRect percentage
EF Cascade delete from two separate tables
Mysql rollback in sub-stored-procedure
inconsistent Rspec/Capybara tests
How can I read comments from a Zip file?
Android Opengl ES 2 Lag when application initially starts
Should WebRequest.CachePolicy work from code running within IIS?
In asp.net is there anyway to view whats in httpcontext.Cache? [duplicate]
How to bind click event for each button that in a listview?
Does the App Engine Conversion API for HTML to PDF support canvas or SVG?
Rails: Set creator of Entry
printing ' u0000' in Java
Using jquery to select just the main-nav on a Wordpress theme
checking of data existence
What is the object in Dictionary<string, object> when Deserializing Json using JavaScriptSerializer?
Too many parenthesis
Error in LINQ statement when building
How to discard graphics assets from device to minimise flash storage requirements?
using eclipse and maven, is there a quick way to mark all target and subfolder as derived?
Creating a constraint on multiple columns based upon the value of another column
Portable Eclipse and Google Plugins
How do I respect RESTful methods when using find_or_initialize_by in Rails 3.2?
finding a specific set of local minima
Iterate over a JSON response and get results into variables
How To Change XLS Column DataType Using .NET
Android: Finger paint with OpenGL
How can I detect if the user has double-clicked in pygame?
How get plot from nls in R?
How to configure default push on Heroku?
Constructor calling itself
Arbitrary looping in Django templating language
Excel: Omitting rows/columns from VBA macro
SQL Query - How to find out how which employees worked at more than one store
Create a slide effect in jQuery
Mass Insert Queries Into One
Is it possible to intercept/handle/parse the HTML inside of the body tags before the browser?
AVAudioRecorder doesn't record while screen is locked
Android stops suggesting words
Large file uploading
How to iterate over a vector data member from an overridden operator<<
How to access UI from CFRunLoopRun in ios
Tab delineated python 3 .txt file reading
Dreamweaver remove automatic padding on side of content container
Overriding equals/hashCode on cross referencing classes in Java causes StackOverflowError
Unknown column 'modules.modules_id' in 'on clause' [closed]
what's wrong with my android develop environment? [closed]
AUI in-built validator not working
TaskCompletionSource to represent Async
How to Generate PostgreSql queries from Oracle DB Backup File
Prevent a directory from being pushed in mercurial
Garbage Collecting Externally Loaded SWF Assets
Can't use variable in defining array value?
Should I use a CMS or not for an ecommerce website
FileServlet + call bean function
Is there any way to filter out bounce notification from other email?
Formatting 11/16/2002 12:00:00 PM to date time stamp in MySQL
Write a shell script to print a diamond figure [closed]
How to convert a byte array to Stream [duplicate]
CTEs not working when theres IF condition in the query
HTML and Javascript: getting full directory pathname using input file
HTML and Javascript: getting full directory pathname using input file
API Authentication for Sinatra
Applying changes in list preference
Session handling across tabs
How to catch the escape key that closes a YUI menu?
Is it possible to access a function local variable from outside of the function?
Ordering results from RavenDB
why disable one local interrupt or preemption can cause the whole system with 4 cpus unresponsive
Python's SQLAlchemy doesn't clean out the secondary (many-to-many) table?
Sparse matrix operations on CUDA
Getting the text value of the text field and passing that value to a label through a button click
jQuery 鈥淚f this image is found add this attribute to mtea tag鈥�
Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier
how to convert xls to xlsx
PHP: How to check if a node exists and if not using xpath?
Windows Service, need advice on how to start
Levenshtein Distance/string matching algorithm for phrases
Handling DB Locks When Multiple Application Servers Updates Data Simultaneously
svncommit msbuild task fails because the command line is too long
Animation Drawable gets automatically shrinks at the corners ?
Why isn't string comparison returning true? [duplicate]
What layout type should i use in android in order for my app to fit all screen sizes?
Can the html5 canvas give a screenshot to any dom element?
Hangs on Socket.Receive with no exception
boost shared_ptr casting to void*
copying data (packet payload) received over a network
Whats the difference between these two implementations of a Ruby function?
Adding Notifications to Android App
How to make the tab container take up 100% of the height
onmove event equivalent in jquery
Android recording video and transmit to a PC via Socket
Creating Application using AIDE and Exporting to Eclipse Cause some part of the APP to go missing
Spring @Transactional inheritance rules
How to open a text file in python and write only the first visible portion to the screen?
Federated claims-based authentication and single sign-on
How to use webservices with Axis2
guaranteeing print dimensions / layout for a dynamically generated html page
In HTML5, can I store data to the 'localstorage' directly from server?
Storing Rails notifications for the request
ASP.NET 4 Webforms Routing
Issue with column sizes using TableLayoutPanel
Gradle - exclude a dependency for a configuration, but not for an inheriting configuration
Single and double underscore difference in declaring @synthesize
c++ overloading and overriding resolving time
Drop , crop and resize images
How to correctly build an array
creatig a asynchronus request
Sanity Check for Training Phase of an Algorithm
Webkit not playing nice with youtube iframe embed
Phonegap inAppPurchaseManager iOS implementation
Setting a property to different values depending on user input
Redirecting On 'Like' in Facebook Application (IE7)
C: Program crashes before completing for loop
Make an installer for IE and firefox addons
Generating events from SQL server
Porting GnuTLS to Android
appengine - Restore to another appid
How to Search & replace in gvim the following pattern search
How do I correctly use .OrderBy() in this scenario
Could you suggest a simple pub/sub mechanism which works without configuration/installation?
C - Segmentation fault passing char pointer to a function
building a dom tree reading html using java
merge cells with same values in microsoft office interop excel
Stop Javascript and HTML from Loading From Cache
Assigning values to a key in a pointer to a record in C
Netty TCP Server that server multiple requests with just one socket connection
How do you split a string into a 2d array and access each grouping based on row?
multiple countdown timers inside uitableview
How to include a user component to LWUIT 1.5 GUI Builder?
javafx 2.0 TitledPane how to change the title text to image+text
SFML Crash on App.Clear()
App works completely different in review [closed]
Why MySQL return 0 result of in my query MATCH?
difference between ff and filehash package in R [closed]
How to convert 鈥�?鈥�from Perl Regex to c# regex
XSLT for-each with complex condition
wix: upgrade didn't remove the earlier product from ARP
join matching columns in a data.frame or data.table
Gmp mpf_pow_ui function
asp.net user control does no render when using https, works fine under http
easiest way to connect paypal to my own shopping kart [closed]
Getting a NullPointerException on seemingly good code?
I need to override backbone.sync to allow PUT methods
Android ProGuard Unable to access jarfile .. lib proguard.jar in IntelliJ 11.1
e.preventDefault not working in Firefox jumps to top of page on a target
How to know when a HID USB/Bluetooth device is connected in Cocoa?
What is the simplest way to refine a list's contents (words) based on character frequency and position? (C#)
Backbone.js: run validations and fire error events on set, but don't abort set if validations fail
What is the default font in Chinese enviroment?
Errors with SVN Server runs on Windows Server 2008 R2锛宑an鈥榯 connect to the SVN Server with TortoiseSVN client
Don't load the image until user scroll to there , possible?
What/where are the 鈥渜uote site鈥�options for z/OS FTP server?
NSTimer not firing the selector
HTML/JQuery: A div with a scrolling backgrounds that never ends?
Duplicate function calling in javascript
Initializing a Loader in an Activity
DataReader does not return value?
Objective C HTML Request
Simple SQL math operation gives incorrect results
ASP.NET MVC 4 WebApi Conditional MessageHandlers
segmentation fault while using gsl_rng_uniform
Another nested loop in R
Assign values from same table
How does PHPs custom sort function work?
Unexpected token error
HTML Elements wrapping on zoom in / out
Need clarification(help) with regular expression
Undefined index in Array
Easiest way to fail-fast on an empty attribute using EL?
Disconnect Call In-progress on android
Referencing the current user in Ruby on Rails
C++ multicast data feed filter
Java writing to directory only creates file
How can I get the the latitude longitude from touching screen
binary search in python weird behavior
slideToggle just barely expands
Make portions of input value read only
How to Represent this JavaScript class in Java to make JSON operations?
How to store history answer data in sql database?
RavenDB indexes error 鈥淐ould not find index named鈥�
Super Basic OpenFileDialog in C++/CLI is throwing error
PhoneGap iOS app noticeably slow?
jQuery Json + jQuery onChange
Manually writing built-in methods
Data not transferring properly between classes; results in NullPointerException
jQuery Modal + .show() and .hide()
How Do I Broadcast Json To Users via Node JS server?
MongoDB helper applications
Create a variable named from a string OR create a string from a variables name
Color Menu Chooser
Setting a property for a CCLayer in a CCScene
Clarification on custom init methods / pointers in general for objective c objects
why gdb even step into memcpy and other system functions?
How do you do custom validation on FileHelpers?
Can't construct generic type arguments, what to do instead? [duplicate]
Query select field on JqGrid edit form
How do I hide all my label tags in my jQuery Mobile site in an accessibility friendly way?
I'm having trouble applying a solution found in SO in my iOS app. Can someone show me the big picture?
Mixed Data Type in Excel, IMEX Doesn't Work
Manipulating php array
how to pass data through @selector upon custom button click?
SQLite Guide to Monotouch Development
str_replace() making wrong replacement
How to get this simple rails project to work on Heroku?
HttpWebRequest avoiding an error (500)
Can Javascript break mathematical rules? [closed]
Redirecting domain with index.php to a clean domain
Deserialize JSON object/map as generic Collection with Jackson
HTML 5 and JavaScript
Is Zend Framework standalone or part of PHP environment?
HTML 5 and JavaScript
Is Zend Framework standalone or part of PHP environment?
start common node in erlang shell
How to clean up persistent EJBs after Application Server crash?
Using awk how do I reprint a found pattern with a new line character?
Is it possible to create a dynamic regular expression in Ruby
Changing Hibernate PostgreSQLDialect to PostgreSQL82Dialect causes failed scheme generation
XNA Vector2 ambiguous issue with Farseer library
GCC 4.7, including <stdatomic.h>
1 sec connecting to mySQL
Valums file uploader issue
鈥淵ou broke Reddit鈥�when submitting new story
What to do if favorite open source library does not have a Nuget package
Displaying list of files and subfolders in datagridview?
Remove objects on disconnect socket.io
Any good book on Optimization for programmers? [closed]
Authorizing a user's action in a one page javascript application
Php - PRO and CON for streaming VS. writing /caching
Sort concurrentHash Map with threadsafty
Version control on google play
Python multithreading design suggestions
Windows Phone 7: Check if WiFi access point requires authentication
Simplest way to create drop down menu on a web page?
Which book is about JDK1.5+ Thread? [closed]
creating a timer for a level in iphone game
What Browser-Based Tools can I use to Check the Efficiency and Memory Usage Of My JavaScript Code?
How to use FubuMVC's DisplayFor with items of a child list on the model?
mobile application and database interaction design
Why does my one decryption method run way faster than another?
How to turn on 3G, Wifi or GPS in Android?
how to install keytool
Input argument 鈥渋p鈥�is undefined Error
SetWindowsHookEx HOOKPROC undeclared identifier
Stripping Audio From Vob Files through command prompt
jquery turning 鈥渙n鈥�and 鈥渙ff鈥�event handlers
Updating Flash text via ActionScript
Wordpress Caption as Fancybox title
Formatting a blog post in Flask / WTForms / Google App Engine
Cannot store value on PHP side using $_POST() in a variable but can easily store it in database
Why am I getting a nullpointerexception on .setOnTouchListener()?
iOS: return from pushed ViewController via delegate methods?
Is it possible to use @PrePersist and @PreUpdate with eBean and Play! 2.0?
Replace property in a xml file using ANT
What is the mechanism by which a session attribute passes from a filter to a servlet?
Is PNG preferred over JPEG for all image files on iOS?
DialogFragment onCreateView cannot display all the views
Compute NUM of days from UNION of time ranges (with DateTime::Span)
Best practice for async communication between services
How can I create a database using pymssql
What is the difference between factory and pipeline design patterns?
What is the difference between factory and pipeline design patterns?
what are the downsides of using javascript to build an entire webpage?
Comcast Internet intermittent connectivity issue Motorola SBG901
Creating a view from a union query
NSTimer requiring me to add it to a runloop
Technical aspects of creating a new credit type [closed]
Fork child and parent running separate code
installing sun-java6-jdk on ubuntu 10.04 64 bit os
Python fastest way to find values in big data
Mysql order by not working properly
In iOS, can I access the iTunes song list?
SPARQL: how to find similar strings?
dynamically resizing image?
nopCommerce 2.40 Admin Product - how to Add Product Documents (.pdf, .doc, .vss) in admin section
FacebookSignedRequest in the new v6 Facebook C# SDK
MVC3 map routes to static file structure
Looping JSON document, loading string into array then manipulating the document
How to matain a object pool in ASP.Net?
Another mysqld server running on port 3306 error [closed]
RSpec - Values not being set to user attributes properly
Multiple @NoBinding values
XNA 2D Collision Detection
I want my app to open pdf
Database design for selecting a main element from a list
How do I install a CakePHP plugin?
tinyMCE editor bar not showing up
User.IsOnline = true even after FormsAuthentication.SignOut()
MySQL delete all 鈥渃hild鈥�elements in a hierarchy
Why the ComponentCount property of my TGroupBox returns 0?
Library for in browser chat client like fb chat or gchat over the xmpp protocol?
Best way to do mouse picking on randomly generated tiles
Need help linking data from one model to another
Connecting to an Advantage Database with PHP on Windows
FileSystemWatcher on Threads
JQuery Element Display / Hiding and Control Flow
jQuery Mobile: Retain Data After Submit
More Advanced Blackberry Programming?
Is there a way to backup old iOS Simulators for future Xcode Mac App Store Updates?
mysql grant priveleges
How to replace document.getElementById('file-uploader') with jQuery?
Extending 3rd party class as Hadoop Writable with proxy
What causes IE8 to block some file downloads?
Actionscript 3.0 to have air take a screen shoot on the iDevice
Django - Choices vs Models (FKs)
Returned object modification java
Producer/consumer threads not working using pthread for DNS lookup
GAE AppStats shows no GQL queries
Setting anchor point of sprite to middle
Java - Reading in signed integers from a file
Sobel Function python opencv
How should Symfony2 bundles that use annotated controllers be extended?
Adding rows into Cursor manually
Incomplete type in c++
How to use the 鈥渓ibtomcrypt鈥�in C#
SlickGrid-rotated column headers
Vertical dropdown menu in jquery
How to improve my abstract factory pattern?
How to add new tables to NOPCommerce v2.4
Parse a JSON-formatted string in Pig
Spring MVC - WARN [PageNotFound] No mapping found for HTTP request with URI [/foo/bar/baz/rest] in DispatcherServlet with name 'spring-rest'
Issue with CSS working with Rails 3.2 and SASS
`sys.dont_write_bytecode` is True, but .pyc files are still generated
trying to set env var in jenkins star team plugin to use in build
Making a random number divisible by 10
Storing boost::bind functions in a std::map
Can't compare std::list iterator to list::back()?
Django model ManytoMany getters
AlertDialog Doesn't Appear on GoogleMap. Panic
Power Shell Web Scraping SSL/TSL Issue
Split string on character, except that doubled up character is an escape
Doing an integrity check in an array?
Sorting a csv object by dates in python
PHP - Sort Two Arrays The Same Way
Object Initializer force compile error
Understanding authentication in a Java Application Server
How can I tell if a value in one array is equal to a value in another array in Javascript?
Android 2.2. Portrait Camera Preview
Invalid selector sent to instance
How do halt repeating back slashes?
Fading modal window in jQuery
printf(), fprintf(), wprintf() and NSlog() won't print on XCode
Mac OS Keychain
error message with this line [closed]
html radio button add to database
How to trace if visitor already 鈥渓iked鈥�page via Facebook using JS only?
Accessing lower level data in JSON
two consecutive unions
Update with AddToSet not updating null value with MongoDB C#
Testing JPA entities using embeddableContainer for websphere application server 8.0
How do I configure the Android 4.0+ emulator to behave as a tablet?
Android: How to get an XML layout from a different contentview
Design page layout using CSS/Div like HTML table
On Click: Open a Pop-up Div on a Different Page
Changing the font size in a UIWebView
Why one can't download the web page of a tweet through an 鈥渉ttp-get鈥�request?
Merging two arrayLists into a new arrayList, with no duplicates and in order, in Java
UIWebView: Link to files in bundle and set a baseURL
ObjC - Resizing and Getting Window Dimensions
ObjC - Resizing and Getting Window Dimensions
python csv write only certain fieldnames, not all
jQuery Loop through multiple ul tags and set unique width based on li tags
Easiest way to get a crash dump from a customer? [duplicate]
Counting occurences in an array and sorting in Ruby on Rails
MySQL query doesn't work within PHP file
Generated query copy/pasted to shell returns results but no results in PHP
How programmatically move slider and content?
What is ++int in Java? [duplicate]
Eclipse Android SDK - error in building workspace
jQuery Flexslider 鈥�can't see navigational images (manualControl)
How do I create a regex to exclude 2, 102 and 103 [closed]
Modal tabs in story board
How to avoid using BouncyCastle as provider with jCryption
object literal used in inherited property changes all instances of the class
C++ testing for compile errors
Run a hadoop application written in java from php
Viewport3D Content does not fit into its boundaries when size changed or maximized
B+ tree print elements is order
python keyring download error
amcharts integration with Ruby on Rails: Using data from the database to populate the graph
Setting the selected value of a Select element in Handlebars
How to select between Call and Execution using a Combo Box in AspectJ
Create Jira issue for TeamCity build failures
mysql query with multiple groups?
Session etc in Java Servlets
Is it possible to identify the graphics program from the image?
Inserting and displaying image as BLOB file in SQLite
Only one editor per file in eclipse?
Jlist Limit Maximum Number Selected Elements
Access (.mdb) Database manipulation with jdbc
'Nesting too deep' error while retrieving JSON using HTTParty
Fastest Way to Make Website Responsive? [closed]
Can I retrieve the stored value x in a hashset given an object y where x.Equals(y)
how do i select the sibling of an input field
Yii relations: get data form another table
What are the effects of exponential runtime on a computer?
Undefined offset: 9, Undefined variable
What do the icons in Xcode 4's debug area variable list mean?
Push to gerrit using SourceTree
Expression priority? How this result happens?
Mysql Database in java: On the same date, there should not be the same ID Number?
Is there a limit on the number of followers we can access through the twitter API?
Function Calls for Dynamically Loaded Content
Heroku push fails repeatedly, appears to fail on installing Bonjour
Why does this batch script create seemingly random directories?
Rollback DML statement in pgAdmin
Does gevent have a 64-bit version?
Inserting an image multiple times based on difference between 2 numbers. PHP
How to use modules in Rails application
Freemarker page can't include css files
How to make sure every string from particular xml is translated in another xml in Android? Any good practices?
I'm getting duplicate rows when using Datatables plugin Jquery(driving me nuts!!!)
Does Diagnostics.TraceSource support buffered logging?
Preventing SQL injection asp.net in C# [closed]
iOS: Adding a Private Key to the devices KeyChain
Html Helper with special htmlattributes
Method returning object with executeFetchRequest
Using Data attributes With Data from an array
Chained Select with NO jQuery or Ajax
default/replacable values in Bread::Board
Override ClassNames function without Creating new class that extends ClassName
Google App Engine ndb equivalent for modelname_set (backreference property)
Django: Model scheme for moderators of user based topics?
What is the difference between int++ and ++int? [duplicate]
Remove array item and updating array index
Use only one method that accepts different typed parameters
JSON array returned from php script loops incorrectly
How To Fix C++ File Or Directory Program
R define dimensions of empty data frame
Custom Events and Threading
Dialog is displayed twice when the orientation is set to portrait in Android 3.1, but works fine in 3.2
Does Python have a way to pass arguments through a function
Annoying Ctrl+M issue parsing python files
Bash Job Control (Job ID and Process Group ID)
UItableview opening in Landscape: wrong width
Is it possible to add a column to an existing clustered index in sql server?
Does datatype really matter in payload?
Define DB Constraint
jQuery UI Selectmenu value set dynamically does not change visible selected value
Set-ADGroup cannot find group just created in same script (PowerShell)
Trying to use methods in basic circle program
Add control flow in SQL server Merge statement
How can I pass self to the unbound method of a separate class
Keyboard event.charCode is always 0
get post - wrong selection
Ruby on Rails: Voyeur gem never completes command due to ffmpeg hanging
running file from exchange powershell
What's the best way to model for various user access
Overloading operator in c++
Error when EditText is blank (unable to parse ' ' as integer)
Card trick Java
Should I use JSON or XML?
Calling a function from another extended class
TabHost android isn't working correctly
How do you clear a combo box in VB when pulling information from a database?
Add comment based on searched string in vim
Pygame: How would I go about setting a text object, BUT the text is meant to keep changing?
Revert system changes after apt-get upgrade on Linux Mint/Ubuntu
Get spatial points within radius using NHibernate Spatial
Pass a form field to a URL
Retrieving an entity from CRM 4.0
Ruby: Hexidecimal String to Binary String
How to code comma separated functions inside jQuery event, into CoffeeScript
UIPIckerView in UIActionSheet in a TabBarController
batch file for loop
CSS Text-Align Center not working items are appearing beneath eachother
Inconsolata Italic in MacVim
Deleting items from a structure
How to set the selection items for CComboBox to be the CString array all at once?
XML Schema enforce child elements without enforcing tag name
C#: Test if an object implements any of a list of interfaces?
Converting this date format to Unix Time in PHP
RUBY ON RAILS -Retrieve 鈥淟ikes鈥�from facebook api pages
Android emulator on 2.3.3 (level 10) won't rotate display with hw keyboard disabled
creating new elements with html5 data attributes defined in DOM
keyring for python 2.4
passing objects in WCF service
Netbeans 7.0, entering values with composite primary key
Java: Libraries within Libraries and Classpath Issues
Handle exit command executed by embedded Tcl runtime
How to convert a matrix to a raster file and how to calculate means across different regions in R
Is the html form 鈥渁ction=鈥�attribute still valid without a specific handler program?
How to create and initialize an array with another array?
Why is this DISTINCT/INNER JOIN/ORDER BY postgresql query so slow?
What does @ mean in Objective-C? [duplicate]
Prevent Diazo from escaping ampersands within an attribute
Apache: htaccess redirect
Zend Framework application served via ip address
Table getting deleted by Automatic Migration
NullPointerException in if-statement
How do you define a Experience Handler for Microsoft Tag in Android?
Priority Queue in C
Experience with using Java EE Restlet's TaskService in an application server?
Performance for conditionals, creating files, deleting them and others with the Linux Terminal
How to simply load variables to my dynamic text using flashvars on Actionscript 3?
Tomcat6 and Audited Objects on Ubuntu 10.04
How to validate the second character is not 鈥�鈥�
Random number based off of variable [closed]
add rows to jqgrid
Using separate persistence.xml files for production and test with Spring 3.1
How to make Screen Snake for Windows
XPath : Is it possible to return an empty String if elements are not present
How to test Google Analytics call with Jasmine after Facebook Like
Android save path and creating files
What is the most Pythonic way to interleave text file contents?
Time of creation of key in redis
Watir framework on a Dev machine?
Blending two images with PIL: Different sizes and different alpha transparency per row
How to save JSON event data from Fullcalendar in iCalendar format
How to save JSON event data from Fullcalendar in iCalendar format
Change style using children()
WPF or WinForms Media Player UI
fmap on functions in Haskell
Send data via serial port in cpp using com ports
RadioButton-CheckBox Combo
Cmd.exe process does not launch hidden after adding /C switch in process.startinfo.arguments
Maven project in IntelliJ just went all bad on me
Drupal Registration Form Custom Fields Disappear after OG upgrade (Related to drupal_render)
Problema usin fancybox with new images added through jQuery Append
mod-rewrite not working on live server
Do while loop repeats in C
Invalid literal for float(): 0.000001, how to fix error?
Undefined index notice
OpenMP and GSL RNG - Performance Issue - 4 threads implementation 10x slower than pure sequential one (quadcore CPU)
execute script with transaction in mysql
How to change property accessors on runtime
Chef client keeps reinstalling recipe
Using Draw in PIL/TKinter
How to get text to display centre of page on same line as a list
How to use xsd schema definition
Displaying international email characters over ssh correctly
How can I check to make sure a new password is a set length with C#?
return a string containing billion characters
How to create an instance of a class based solely on a filename (PHP)
Why do people continue to use data structures that allow overflows?
Using Jquery to get a shortened URL established through .htaccess
How do you read/parse a text file line by line using html/javascript?
Create a matrix from a function and two numeric data frames
Excel 2007 automatically starts debugger when showing dialog
Add image from URL in jPanel
TSQL: Convert varchar 'dd/mm/yy' to DATETIME
In jQuery how can I do an addClass followed by a fadeout?
google docs api only gets the first page of the powerpoint
How do I use Ruby to connect to a SQLite3 database outside of Rails as a scripting language
How to stop TestNG executioner when exception occures?
What units of power/energy consumption have Energy Levels in the Energy Instrument for an iOS app?
User customizable backgrounds in Rails 3 App
Drupal search module - rendered pages instead of nodes?
Selecting multiple associated records in single query mysql & php
PHP SoapClient set up for WSDLs with style document and body literal
ASP.net MVC View's Model vs ViewData.Model?
Round Robin Scheduling : Two different solutions - How is that possible?
Meaning of square brackets [] in MS-SQL table designer?
Can UILongPressGestureRecognizer and UISwipeGestureRecognizer be used together?
Internal server error for C/CGI file, Server error:鈥淧remature end of script headers鈥�
3D Image Transitioning in HTML5
multi picture upload in zend framework, how to?
New ASP.NET Bundling Features - How can i programmatically refresh a certain bundle?
Embed and a jquery slidedown鈥�why doesn't this work?
simple_form have form items appear in a row without a newline?
mobilesubstrate extension
How to create Random Geo-Points within a distance d from another Geo-point?
Applying IP rules to HTTP only (and not HTTPS) with .htaccess
jQuery toggle() issue
Android: republishing a .apk file to the store
Web Farm + XML file for data storage
Python front-end GUI for Linux
Using both Redis and MongoDB in Rails App
virtualenv bug?
Learning Ruby to use serverside to manage an existing database
Fast Count of Same Object within List
Adobe Air 3 on iOS: StageWebView viewport shrinks on double touch
Please Help Me Understand Scheme: No Arguments?
WP + Superfish: Parent Menu Item not keeping text-shadow while children are being hovered
Blurry painter effect using BitmapData
PHP - preg_match()
Eclipse won't create an Android project
ScrollLeft and ScrollTop on Ipad using animate chain (jQuery)
How to get result size from an SQL query and check size
Import? working with packages
Should the spacing between parent and child containers belong to parent or child?
Google Sites API - File Cabinets: Spaces and extension separator (.) are removed from file names
celeryd dead but subsys locked
Operations on 64bit words in 32bit system
How do I make a token parser in C?
Watch incoming queries with SQL Server 2008 r2
Calling delegate methods and calling selectors
Sorting XMLListCollection
How to connect stdin of a list of commands (with pipes) to one of those commands
Edit Sublime Text 2's default snippets
Rails, how to setup a foreign key to be auto assigned
How to change which language will be loaded in Android for debug purposes?
jQuery selectors: only link with images inside them
Inserting an image to ggplot2
How to temporary lock a database in mysql
Committing Android project to repository
Check something before django server starts
Trying to put a generic MyObj<T, U> into an IList where U can be different between objects
sharepoint xslt customization documentation
How to detect database type?
Light accumulation in deferred rendering
Passing an int from MasterView to DetailView in a UISplitViewController
std::forward of rvalue ref to lambda?
accessing elements in objectified XML
Getting Run-Time error when trying to Load a file : Vector subscript out of range?
Execute Mount commands via psexec window via batch file
How to manually focus a specific view?
Adding an image to a google drawing using c#
Adding an image to a google drawing using c#
Spannable Text in a TextView Not Responding to Animation
Android Print intent
Unique constraint on multiple fields in Doctrine MongoDB ODM in Symfony2
Ruby on Rails - filtered @ variable persisted between logins
fluent nhibernate query taking a long time to sort a mapped formula with paging
How can I re-assign an auto-increment primary key value?
ruby - why don't blocks inherit their caller's $SAFE level like methods?
Selenium IDE not finding xpath elements which contain variables during Run, but valid when editing/debugging
Structures with strings and input
Calculating rotation and translation matrices between two odometry positions for monocular linear triangulation
Is it possible to use a 9-slice image when loading an image from a file path using BitmapFactory
DocPolynom.m and the 'length' function in Matlab
jQuery If this image is found on page add this meta tag?
RestKit - Send added/edited/deleted objects after offline storage
Write to channel on Read Time out
How are the View's @Model, ViewDataDictionary, ViewData and ViewBag related with each other?
How can reset the values of a viewcontroller?
Rhodecode Repository Files
Snake segments to follow a head in a snake game
CSS Vertical align middle
HTTPBuilder set requestBody on GET method
UIPasteboard limit
War installation fails because Image Magic Home Environment Variable Isn't set (though I claim otherwise)
GPS V.S. accelerometer to calculate distance
ViewModel IEnum<> property is returning null(not binding) when contained in a partial view?
Change variable depending on how much you scroll
sql query selection
Is there a defined answer to whether hiding an H1 tag will get a site banned by Google?
Android SDK launch same instance of activity
How to use C# struct array initialization in C/C++ code?
Density plots comparing two columns in R
How to broadcast an event to an specific user with Pyramid and socketio
Javascript 360 degrees panorama
script to find 鈥渄eny鈥�ACE in ACLs, and remove it
Java regex expression with replace string method
Doctrine2: dynamic entity associations, many targetEntity mapped by one field
Using Google App Engine NDB and Fixture(s)
PIG Store function: storing only certain fields is possible?
Importing modules in Python - best practice
can't remove the last element in an ObservableList
Is it possible to create a high-priority thread with a regular JVM, one that wil not be preempted by any other thread?
how can i make gevent application exit immediately after any exception?
Looping through view Model properties in a View
jqGrid - missing data when copying to grid in Grouping mode
CSS How to center link elements within a div
Knockout.js 鈥�understanding foreach and with
Exposing a Ajax Enabled WCF Service to C# code
tables with multiple varbinary columns
How do I view Android application specific cache?
mySQL If statement
How wise is to keep a user sessions record inside the application context?
Basic CHMOD restriction [closed]
jar bundle and its classpath in ServiceMix-karaf
Looping through coordinates, adding new coordinates
C++ Socket Receiving Erroneous Commands, not intended ones
Unexpected Behavior of Math.Floor(double) and Math.Ceiling(double)
How can I simplify multivariable for loop with parallel variables?
Sort different groups using different sort orders in solr
Mysql and PHP inbox update
Tuning Netty on 32 Core / 10Gbit Hosts
Ruby on Rails Tutorial 7.2.2 : rspec failure : action 'create' could not be found for UsersController
NPE while accessing a primitive type (double) of instantiated and constructor-configured immutable object. (no autoboxing or reflection involved)
Nested models and forms with has one through relationship in Rails
Simple C++ web server with php support
Object assignment via iterator in Java
Android app structure: DLC via in-app billing
Replacing multiple images with their src attribute using JavaScript
Boost.Asio deadline_timer not working as expected
PHP proc_open problems on windows
Forcing Tile Styling on Google Maps API for Javascript V3
Rails 3.2 - Query Performance (Postgres)
UITableview Indexing with 1 section
Skip first element in 鈥渇or each鈥�loop?
HTML onClick event does not fire
Why is document.body null in my javascript?
Finding out which drive was booted in x86 bootloader
ComboBox2 changes on ComboBox1 change - using LINQ EF Winform C#
How do I set a currency string value to a UITextField, preserving encoding?
Roottols usage. To do or not?
styling icons markers - fusion tables
JQuery Add Value of 2 input boxes to a third
Rails - count foreign key records
LinkedIn-J does not return educations
RoR migration mysql2 gem
A good drupal Theme Editor
PHP: multilingual website on subdomains w/o many copies of public_html