Would I just use a do while loop?
run zenity from php
how to setup tomcat and eclipse for centralized evironment
Float an ImageView next to multiple TextView elements
How can I insert a clickable submenu to explorer?
issue with setw() and ofstream
Easiest way to create simple 3d ios app
dynamic binding of chart from database in VS2010 in C#
using unix timestamp generate timedelta for babel's format_timedelta
Can I use tagit with twitter bootstrap?
Dynamically add classes to Guice through reflection
What is the Python freeze process?
Servlet getParameter
Loading animation during JavaScript sort
How do I sort a dictionary of results into a list of strings by date order of part of the strings (in python)
Setting the discriminator dynamically in Doctrine2
sqlncli10 Native SQL Provider?
Spring @Valid validator not invoked properly (Roo, Hibernate)
How do I run my Django testcase multiple times?
POST with JSON body consumed by RESTeasy - HTTP 100
How to read binary data from socket with Apache MINA?
error: constructor Player in class Player cannot be applied to given types;
Tile map Collision Detection
A 鈥渞ound鈥漞d number multiplied by 0.01 results in x.y00000000000001 and not x.y?
RaisePostBackEvent not firing for user control
Yii limit on related model while querying
Installing php_apc.dll on wampserver
PHP force browser downloading image, Facebook like
Regex Split String at particular word pattern
what is best way to animate a bezier curve in ios5?
Android SQLite 鈥渘o such table鈥�exception
How to add a option to a select box in the correct position dynamically?
How to replicate this button in CSS
Having trouble with getFilteredRows using Google Chart API dashboard
how can I convert mysql result into JSON object using php
Is it possible to run git-fast-export remotely
Datacontext of usercontrol is null
Questions about django thread safety
C# XNA 2D trail effect optimization
Regex Replacing Characters with HTML Tags
pushd popd global directory stack?
Jasperreports time series chart timePeriod Expression
Hadoop reduce concatenating current value with previous values
Ruby modify a hash value in a Array using gsub
Anonymous User: You are not authorized to access this page. Permissions OK [closed]
How to show the dropdown blank when one of the option from the otehr dropdown is selected?
To read an Excel file with ASP.Net Excel must be installed on the server?
Store a 鈥渞outine鈥�which, given some input, generates a 3d model
Recommended way to manage a company's open sourced projects (esp on Github)? [closed]
In place randomized selection algorithm
Execute Stored procedure with 2 parameters from VBA (Excel)
How to write a C program of two bodies exerting a gravitational force on each other? [closed]
response from file hosting service
Breaking nicely into an additional div without using extensive javascript?
Cannot play any file with JMStudio after installing fobs4jmf or jffmpeg
Rails GET not translating slugged id with extra parameters
zend_search_lucene rebuild index
ASP.NET Web API (Self Host) + Ninject - Default Bindings
Run APK file in Eclipse
Android: Google SSO - OAuth or AccountManager? Or both?
hex to bin converter
facebook public posts filtered by country
facebook public posts filtered by country
How can I check if an input contains whitespaces or apostrphes in jquery
Parsing data to a serialized arrayproduces scalar value warnings and fatal string offset
SQL rows to 2 columns
Using .htaccess to redirect obsolete browsers
using Explicit Interface Implementation
Python child process limits
weka .net ikvm -> why loading a csv file is so slow?
Is an ASP.net MVC View a 鈥渃lass鈥�
Python long listing directory (ls -l), ls *
Upload file to Amazon S3 and assign callback for percentage uploaded
Undefined index and unable to modify headers already sent [duplicate]
How to query from nearest shard/replica set
Comparing one ArrayList to another ArrayList using boolean method in java
how do i set environment variables in invokeprocess in TFS 2010
SQL execution plans - Estimated plan seems to be more accurate than Actual plan
WHILE loop and data entry
How can one make an associative array with objects as values in processing?
Google Chrome Cancels 4xx Client Error Response
What is a frozen Python module?
Image transformation for Kinect game
home web/file server
How does JQuery do animations?
Why does assignment to an element of an AVX-Vector-wrapper-class-object-array provoke access violation errors?
jQuery // var theHeight = window height minus 50px?
any ruby library that produces a nice 鈥済auge鈥�graph image that doesn't require javascript?
How can I use another Color Picker without preferenceActivity?
How to convert GMP C parameter convention into something more natural?
How to 'send to back/front' or in other words change 'priority' of textures?
How many threads does the JVM fork when it is started?
Why does disabling a submit button prevent my on submit event handler from being triggered, and how do I work around this?
boost::serialization with member function and free function
Javascript How to auto submit
Django logged in user in models.py or signal handler
Doctrine many-to-many relationship wants to create a table twice when I create a migration
PHP mail slowdown is hanging the page
Multiple Git accounts
What type of search algorithm does Google use for their Hash tables? [closed]
Specifying multiple files when compiling from C++ to LLVM IR using clang
Understanding Asterisk Server features
Javascript: explain the meaning of :Number after a function declaration?
Illegal characters in path exception using trunkUrl in CruiceControl Config file
Security of private messages in a chat server [closed]
Generate .net dll wrapper around existing .net library
Java threads to do different tasks?
Why is my magnifying glass not following the mouse?
C# WinForms messed up control positions?
T9 synonyms in java implementation
Google Maps V3 not loading (Asked & Answered)
Is it valid to have a <section> tag inside another <section> tag?
Is it valid to have a <section> tag inside another <section> tag?
Linking two frames in java
Run Time Error '1004': Select method of Range Class failed VBA 2003
Method to return an array
Is there any way to find the resized height/width of an image inside of a UIImageView with AspectFit set?
Button Screen Change in Android Mono using delegates
Don't style parent element on hover
bits to string python
Posting ScoreLoop score in Facebook
MySQL multiple joins to same table
Resource interpeted as Document but transferred with MIME type application/pdf
How can I use another classes variables in a java class?
Java close TCP/IP connection
Android scrollview hiding top content in layout
Importing a module into python with a period in the path
Facebook api with monotouch
Disadvantages of modifying layout based on screen width as detected by javascript
java.io.IOException: Job failed
See if part of data is lazy in clojure
Error with multiprocessing, atexit and global data
Slow sql execution under Oracle connection from Weblogic controlled data source
warning: dereferencing 鈥榲oid *鈥�pointer
Postgresql pgstartup.log file issues
issue refreshing uibutton in scrollview
vb.net How to prevent modeless form from being blocked by modal tool dialog in ArcMap?
Add a point in the map without going back to a controller or reloading the page
Android edittext with Hebrew (Right-to-Left) text right align
TwitteR, ROAuth and Windows: register OK, but certificate verify failed
Get the store ID for multi store setup with opencart
Drag and Drop swap complete object not just innertext
LINQ - update a field within where clause
How do I get property names of a type using a lambda expression and anonymous type?
Replace in a list of lists in scheme
My first vps! Where to start? [closed]
Java thread simple queue
Group By that chains back and forth across two fields
why my swype doesn't work if imageView is Clickable
Groovy InputStream reading closure hanging
Should class.getPackage() return manifest.mf information for an unpacked manifest?
iPhone SDK: Get a Forwarded URL
Hough transform in MATLAB without using hough function
Need to convert DB2 query to TSQL
Fancybox Recursion Error
id not changing correctly
How do I refer to a 鈥渢his鈥�class member in a function parameter?
Creating SQLite trigger via NHibernate
Determine if there are conflicts in set
Getting mulitple columns for Group By from CAse-When-Then
Kill a child process that has detached from the shell
jQuery Mobile (1.1): disable hiding of a fixed navbar
Dapper.NET documentation?
Advantages of Azure WorkerRole vs. starting a new thread
SDL Tridion GUI extension add deck page from extension configuration file
importing c project from linux filesystem to windows - case sensitivity issues
HTML - Seeing more comment break all table
XCode 4.2: Tracking Down Deallocated NSString
Simulate turn sequence in turn-based game with one human player
Gradient a Parallelogram
Two Color Scales for geom_line in ggplot2
Hashtable with limited size?
OutParameter and Resultset using PHP and MySQL
json DeserializeObject exception
Intersected, buffered polygon - ArcGIS API for Silverlight
OpenGL no drawing happens
Where do I gain something with asynchronous stream copy in .net
How do you call a specific method on a list of instances (using map)?
Connecting to remote SQL Server
Suppress onbeforeunload in remote iframe
How to change the hibernate entity cache configuration at run time
How can I let PHPMyAdmin accepts foreign language?
Dynamic sql with output parameter syntax clarity needed
PHP Youtube: View Count/Time Duration stamp on the thumbnail mechanism
Correct way to raise an exception in an ASP.NET MVC 4 ActionFilterAttribute
StructureMap not resolving controller instances in MVC3 application
How do I disassemble raw MIPS code?
How can I get input right when it is typed in Haskell?
pthread other than wait and signal
Blackberry socket connection - application hangs on acceptAndOpen()
Trying to make simple minesweeper game in python
How to draw a smooth line through a set of points using Bezier curves?
storing issue: all goes well but the script stores not at the intended place
While statement help (PHP)
Restarting daemon built in Ruby on Rails
Add file to a specific svn repository
.NET Membership.GetUser() null in ie9 and safari when embedded in iframe
(OpenGL 3.1 - 4.2) Dynamic Uniform Arrays?
PhP Get Data Not being assigned to Variable
SQLAlchemy and paging
ListView DataTemplate, ControlTemplate and Style
android textview size huge
NSFileHandle and removing a section of bytes
How to load bootstrapped models in Backbone.js while using AMD (require.js)
Viewstate of UserControl failing to load after migrating 2.0 to 4.0
onResumeGame() NullPointerException when using AndEngine
Change widget placement?
CoffeeScript compiler API
what does compare to string here mean?
How to remember viewstate after redirecting?
What kind of parameter should a web-service function that accepts a json string from a jquery ajax call have?
iOS - Objective-C - How to stop NSThread, when it's waiting?
Managing 3D resources (samplers, specifically)
4 bit multiplication with a 4-bit adder
Sending SMS with AT Commands on Mac OS X
How do I retrieve from a Parcel a CharSequence that was saved using TextUtils.writeToParcel(鈥�?
Spring 3.1 LDAP Authentication Process:鈥淏ad Credentials鈥�msg When Credentials Are Good
Are there default OIDs for snmp4j AgentX subagents?
Reading association extras
EF 4.1 Cascading in two directions between entities with two relationships
How to show another button by clicking a button?
GAE initialization recommended practice
Regular Expression library for Borland Builder 6.0
Looping through an animation backwards AS3
How to capture watch folder deletion events
No parameterless constructor object defined
Microsoft Access error: 鈥淏ecause of your security settings and current security policy, this control is disabled鈥�
Composite pattern for file and folder structure with parent reference in C#
JBoss AS 7 with two webapps on different http ports?
How to install specific .egg pieces with easy_install
how can i put this php code as a smarty code?
android project break point hitting in the class file instead of source code file
change css classes of element added to DOM at runtime
Superglobals: PHP security
Rails 3 Select Box helper, how to add custom options at the bottom that are static
Why do I error out when trying to retrieve a result set with DotConnect components?
Ignore characters
Dead Roo Project (Unresponsive Shell)
getting user input and storing it in hex
PHP Upgrade to 5.3.8 on Network Solutions causing 404: Page not found
Centering an image on screen using CSS - Random Screen/Image dimensions
Making MSUnit behave as Web Application running on IIS
Symfony2 entity field type alternatives to 鈥減roperty鈥�or 鈥淿_toString()鈥�
jquery .css(鈥渂order-color鈥� does not return anything
Where are the old rails docs? Specifically, I want v2.3.14
deny a text field to inhert Jquery.ui CSS
Yahoo! Messenger API limit expire time
Bread::Board service B depends on accessor on service A object
bootstrap-sass: Undefined variable: 鈥�baseLineHeight鈥�
php cURL cookie saving empty
Nan with Python 2.5 on Windows
Building JSONObjects with method Put
Winforms control hosted in IE - Https and setting to not save encrypted content
Opencart extremely slow loading speed
Keeping database-oriented test suites uptodate
Changed Launch10=shell.exe to another value鈥�what now?
How to ensure a Celery task is Preventing overlapping Celery task executions
Fullcalendar not showing March 31st events
Reading table from a crude text file in R
ios why are my objects still alive?
.NET Remoting - Multiple Channel Register on Client
How to map two components of the same type with Fluent NHibernate AutoMap Conventions
Empty div height issues under IE
Using FOR loops to put data into ref arrays
Reading a TableRow cell value and returning an integer
Python - Matplotlib - Plotting incomplete data on chart
sql timediff function
UTF-8 decoding error in Python
Property with method?
How to create views from a 360 degree panorama. (like street view)
Is it possible to invert an arbitrary lambda in Python?
How do I use this? public <R extends IPCMessage> R sendAndGetResponse(IPCMessage msg)
Vim keeps defaulting to soft-tabs when working with .haml files
Struggling with regex in javascript to take a matched part of a string and use that to replace another part
Startup code not running?
padding on the left twitter bootstrap
How to center this link text vertically when the anchor contains an image
Hide/remove ListPreference from PreferenceScreen
How can I make a legend in ggplot2 with one point entry and one line entry?
How to copy multiple files from a different directory using cp?
Devise authentication using custom SessionsController
I installed mysql 5.1 from the official site, but am having issues
How to debug hadoop mapreduce jobs from eclipse?
Rails: elegant way to get user_agent in a before/after callback?
if select then insert in SQL
Path issue in ajax ,in a wordpress site
How to pass custom event arg after user clicks a context menu's toolstrip item
Shape drawable as background, a line at the bottom
Trace Rspec's get request routing in controller action spec
How to get a SQL Server stored procedure return value using pyodbc?
How come HTML5 video plays inconsistently in Firefox 11?
How does writing block in I/O multiplexing?
R Is there a way to do thresholding in linear regression?
LightBox bug on opening
Javascript Snippets in Visual Studio 2008
How to use Linear correlation to compare images using MATLAB
Python Metaprogramming of Descriptors: How to add descriptor after class definition?
Mocking LDAP connection for PHPUnit Test Suite
how loop through return ajax data using jquery?
Including JS in head or immediately after opening body tag
Where can I find WcfTestClient.exe (part of Visual Studio) [closed]
Regenerate fixture test files in Rails
How to set individual actions for array items?
Install apk on multiple android devices
SQL Server Express - Incorrect Syntax near ','
Accessing NSDictionary in Singleton Class w/o Creating Copies
How can I query elasticsearch for only one type of record?
Rails 3.2 streaming
Connecting App Delegate to Controller Class
Regex for minimun number of characters
Image upload from android app
fullScreen Camera Preview without distortion/stretching
Image upload from android app
Error 1111: mysql on trigger from insert
NoClassDefFoundError: FixedStepPhysicsWorld
PYTHONPATH for Textmate2?
Set operation: how to filter a collection based on a COMBINED set of ints
How to get the maximum number of a particular length
How does the InstallAllUsers option work?
XDoclet Ant Tasks Not Respecting force=鈥渢rue鈥�Attribute
Access-Control Origin HTTP header on WSO2 ESB Out
How do you open .mat files in Octave?
FileNet Visual Workflo on Windows 7 - performance degradation resolution?
How to calculate iteratively the running weighted average so that last values to weight most?
Finding the path of my documents folder in iOS
Moving text within a string to the end
APEX 3.2 Javascript Function Confirmation for 'Cancel' button
How can I add a JSON object to a scoped variable in Java?
Open urls in BlueJ
Centering Label Vertically in UINavigationBar TitleView
jQuery Validation Plugin 1.9.0 - How can I submit by link click rather than submit button?
Am I using Html.Raw() safely?
php include wont show my content in the php file
Excel: Paste Special > Adding a 鈥渂lank鈥�cell with VBA
C++ function not returning properly: string destructor being called
How can I pick a good magic/type number for ioctl?
Java console application clean up
SaveAs2 For Word 2010 not working with Client PC having Word 2007
Configure my model so that a field can reference many different types of classes
How can I add rows to a collection list in my Model?
The difference between $* and $@ [duplicate]
How do I install mysql 5.1 for my set up? (ideally using brew)
Can a class inherit from both System.Web.UI.Page and System.Web.UI.UserControl?
how to locate the built product (app) in Xcode 4x programmatically
How to get a matched word, not a line
Xcode horizontal ScrollView
Getting Buttons to Disappear and Reapper
SQL Reporting Services horizontal line above subtotal
Error Remapping EF Code First TPH Discriminator
Converting 鈥�954-4740-4491-4414鈥�to 鈥�9:54:47:40:44:91:44:14鈥�using Regular Expressions
assignment and reference initialization from a temporary
Boost.Test on 64-bit Windows
Deploy Play Scala app on Heroku
Ruby Arrays: select(), collect(), and map()
Swapping and recomputing giving different results
error installing waitr in ubuntu 11.10
Is it possible to use the built in multiselect functionality in jqGrid TreeGrids?
Partial Match Search Takes More time in MarkLogic
Updating ImageVIew in widget Android
GIT list of new/modified/deleted files
Android Graphics Effects
Control Report Permission Based on Parameters in Reporting Services
Aligning Font-Width across 3 Major Browsers
User session keeps expiring
R legend issue, symbols of points are masked by lines
Downloading ASP.NET [closed]
wkhtmltopdf with full page background image
How can I tell if my JComponent is receiving repaint calls from software?
How can I improve performance when adding something to every Grid 'cell'
DST Causing +1 hour time difference in GCal Events
Escape filenames for applescript
[Wordpress][Nextgen Gallery] How reorder admin menu position
Import .cvs file into .mdf?
Using haml & sass with Wordpress
How can I read complex numbers from a file to a matrix in C?
bootstrap popover content setting
H2: Supplying an init script via full path (Windows 7)
Efficient way of getting listing of files in large filesystem
How to specify to validate this situation with generics?
gitolite and file permissions
Increasing duration of image scaling animation (CGAffineTransformMakeScale)
Default values for constructor arguments in a library project
Using Controlled Embedded Browser in SWT
Disable/Change IntelliJ IDE splash screen
Error inserting Full XML in SQL Server 2008 using Entity Framework
Iterating through a list being modified by another thread
R template for evolutionary algorithms?
Set a UITabBarController delegate in a UIStoryboard
Invert bitwise shift operator / power of two
Menu Bar with Hover Sub-Categories?
MySQL: Select row from table which name is specified in a field of another table
Magento: Adding simple products from a bundle to separate lines in the cart
What is the best library to work with archives [closed]
How to comment/document an override in C#?
ExtJs: best practices to handle images saving/retrieval
How to implement custom Tab Host in Android
Unresolved external symbol due to VC9 compiler symbol name mismatch
cellForRowAtIndexPath not called for all sections
View Model IEnumerable<> property is coming back null (not binding) from post method?
android app piracy prevention [closed]
django media not loading
Android: Is there a way to make facebook.dialog less ugly? - Screenshot attached
How do you create a recursive function in a nested xml - PHP
setting the value of a select form with jquery
Get Prime Number records in Oracle using ROWNUM
Why does guava Multimap.values() return a flat collection instead of a collection of collections?
jQuery animate rearranges siblings until animation is complete. How can I stop it?
Can I access specific key values in dictionary from django template?
determining frequency in given time in java [closed]
Change font/typeface when button is pressed
How to 鈥渇ollow鈥�individual transaction in logs (Java EE)
How to pass a const char* pointer to fts_open()
How to 鈥渇ollow鈥�individual transaction in logs (Java EE)
How to pass a const char* pointer to fts_open()
Ordering of files during the mergesort
How to update client's schedule using HTML5 Server Sent Events
Mapping being cleared by seemingly unrelated code?
How to use current version of opengl in cygwin?
Writing Objects members to Parcels
ignoring 鈥渘ot in list鈥�when remove element in python list
How to store while loop results in 2 arrays depending on post type in wordpress
Why can't I print anything with __toString() in PHP?
Android C2DM sender id
Exception in Apache StringUtils
How to avoid lines between multiple touches?
MYSQL - Update using while loop
Chrome extension code vs Content scripts vs Injected scripts
Seam 3 Scheduling
nginx and php-fpm eventually serves 500 error for single site
OpenMp and Shared Memory definition
parallel code execution python2.7 ndb
move image with jquery
How to add a matrix of OvalShapes to the window?
Generic syntax symbol <~> [duplicate]
Can you sneak an 鈥渋nsert鈥�into a 鈥渟elect鈥�statement?
Visual C++ Linker Error 2019
Can I have a C++ map where multiple keys reference the value without using pointers?
INLINE Pragma in combination with type classes
$.post not working in IE
jquery/javascript convert a plain text message into a text input field
Varnish cache: What's the meaning of the connection:request ratio in varnishstat
Waiting progress bar while downloading Excelfile in asp.net?
location path settings not working on IIS 7.5 which led to images not show up on login page
Applet Web service client, with Eclipse Indigo using Apache CXF,
PHP Finding the difference between dates [duplicate]
Can't get NLog to work
Cannot figure out onMouseOver
noob: add 2 strings from json to custom listadapter
Program help: Grocery Line simulation in Java
How to convert or apply transformations to a string bound to a gridviewcolumn in WPF
User Profile Synchronization Service - STARTING
Handle a function taking a lot of time Threading
Dojo inheritance not working when base class is delegating?
Parse a local XML file and store in sqlite database in Android
Why does adding a child element to my entity framework try and insert a new parent?
text/plain vs text/javascript
how to load json result on grid after struts2 form submission
Facebook asking for permissions and authentication
How to allocate one ID to another and show this in HTML
How to check if a TextView contains a certain string
Remote control a windows-ce device on the network
Download a Html5 canvas element as an image with the file extension with Javascript
Force send ctrl+c to the active Window
Javascript: Out of scope?
Audio will not play when awakened from sleep mode (android)
Pandaboard GPIO banks unmmaped from memory
Is there an ASP.NET component that can be used to browse newsgroups and index newsgroups?
Rally, Infopath, and SharePoint
Passing Variable from Node.js Server to Client
returning a Resultset slows down program
How to assign value to variable from a string split in groovy?
How to display text in a WPF GridView that contains carriage returns
How can i pick out the word after a string?
import .doc files to wordpress
Licensing a closed source library that is free to use
Resque with Rails 3 + Heroku + RedisToGo giving Postgresql error
Can a single font style defined in <body> produce other font styles when the content is edited?
JSON parse error using gson
SignedXml.CheckSignature throws exception: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: name
Is possible to change the price of an In App purchase after the Application is approved?
Submitting a form via Ajax issue
Android .xml designing
Prolog evaluating how two lists compare to eachother
Show in AllDay slot even if event.allDay = false;
SQL -> LINQ (C#)
MFMailComposeViewController leaks?
Performance of ReceiveAsync vs. BeginReceive
Is it possible to ignore/throw out received data in MPI_Allgather?
display textboxes centered inside a skewed rectangle
Get values from element in a Web User Control from the parent page
sqlalchemy queries not fetching right data
how can i get the value of hidden field in grid view?
Compress existing XPS document
jquery/Javascript syntax
Set text above image in TextView using HTML
How to retrieve query string from url of content loaded into a dojo tab container?
Cannot make a thumbnail of the uploaded image with php
Build Fail : aspnet_client system_web 4_0_30319
How can I merge Shelve files/databases?
How do I close colorbox iframe with javascript?
Python's `fromtimestamp` does a discrete jump
JQuery.animate() moving divs at different speeds on some browsers
Binding a DataTrigger to the IsChecked property of a checkbox
Selecting records by group each having the max date respectively
Repeated NAK seem to overwrite payload
Can I close() PipedInputStream, create new one and all with the same PipedInputStream?
How do I test authlogic in rspec?
Storing a font on WebLogic Server for use in a PDF
C++ in Linux: In what forked-task context should a timer callback execute?
How can I redirect_to a specific div on a page that has been hidden and now needs to be shown
Cakephp - default route redirection issue
Codeigniter Migrations + Multiple Tables + One Migration File Per Table
How can I redirect_to a specific div on a page that has been hidden and now needs to be shown
Cakephp - default route redirection issue
Codeigniter Migrations + Multiple Tables + One Migration File Per Table
Adding Images to a ListView
How to reference Activity from different package?
Does negative int number from exception indicates more than just a number?
Automated 鈥渇ix鈥�for Java codebase with only generic `catch (Exception e)`
Bat file to copy a file everyday with the time stamp
Vagrant Chef Recipe Checksum Calculations
Slanted video in openCV
DAO access recordset not updating
MySQL Error Code 1166. Incorrect column name
Write Desktop Application with HTML Frontend
Find next date value in the column
FadeIn new URL with Jquery
Devise edit account information
How to call web service from flex
JTable remove row by clicking a cell with a custom DeleteCellEditor from the same JTable
Creating a scatter-plot with series from row values, and XY values from two other rows
different PYSTARTUP variables for different python installations
PHP POST not working
How to create update/draw loop appropriately with android opengl?
How to run QNX Actionscript project on desktop Flash player
How can I tie lists, scalars and vectors together in this Python assignment?
Is it possible for an app to be decompiled?
How should I store this data in a Java enum?
DOM xpath breaks quotation marks
Backbone JS complex model fetch
Multithreading and Serial Ports
Convert Object to NameValueCollection
Android retain AsyncTask state/progress
Put the name of a file in a String[] array
Canvas ratio size
Symfony - Admin generator filters
How to program an array of Semaphores in Java?
See more with span control
How to control the orange highlight around html input controls in Android web browser?
How can I change the color of a UITextField clearButton?
iOS DHCP Request
HttpModule not receiving cookies on IIS 6
PHP Listing dates as month ABBR
How to play two mp4-files after each other without noticeable lag -in C/C++
Rails 3.2 Query - .exists?
Cocos2D 2.0 OpenGL errors?
SQL LIMIT doesn't work as excepted
UIView not Initialized from Storyboard Segue
Java Error 'else' without 'if'
Preventing a method from being overridden in C#
freopen not writing to the specified file
Zend session seems to be restarted on each page load
the iterator is printing till 48 when argument supplied is 1
float the div when reducing the windows screen size
HierarchicalDataTemplate for self referencing table
Direct X using C++, I am recieving an access violation when finding a technique in my FX file
Java read file 鈥�File/Directory not found
Moving LED Display software [closed]
Play 2.0 Java: Can't pass List into template
Processing an excel sheet with password
Print all of the possible combinations with numbers [closed]
Qt threading does not seem to share equally over cores
servlet-mapping attribute in web.xml for a project not residing on top-level in webapps
How to deal with modules spread out across directories?
Python MYSQLdb Update Statement generated from XML failing [closed]
Overwriting abstract method in partial class
What's wrong here? [closed]
How to copy a row in an SQL table, insert it into the same table, and append 鈥�Copy鈥�to the end of the name?
Is there some way to edit multiple rows simultaneously in XCode 4?
File = open() using date in file name error out, Python
C# read ifc / BIM file serilialize - deserialize
trying to mouseover on a div to activate fadein of another div
Handle to 鈥淐opy鈥�& 鈥淒efine鈥�Popover Menu Items
Passing in a new value to each key using Python's `dict.fromkeys`
What is an example of the simplest possible Socket.io example?
How to set both min and max size for an ImageView in Android
Making a JTable have undo functions using the Netbeans Platform
Insert/Update rows in a table from flat file
Dynamically added controls not appearing where expected
Adding functionality to interfaces/classes through C# attributes?
How to set a drawText in a SurfaceView
Is this a bug? Decimal property not getting deserialized from JSON string (.NET MVC)
logging proxy activity in nginx
simpleCart(js) Adding form input validation to email checkout submit
How the address translation(virt->phy) is performed when CPU requires an address above 0xC0000000?
ASMX webservice - return JSON instead of XML
How do hide an element that is a children of tabl'es cell <td>?
How to add value to specific form's input through jQuery
Wordpress WP-E-Commerce plugin. Need to create category loop
pop up on hover to img
Listview is not showing in emulator
margin inside the edit text in android
xpath conditional checking of XML data point
Android - How to parse String to Number with both comma or point as decimal separator
combobox / DB error?
how do I use a custom NSView in the menu bar loaded from a nib
OS X App Development Framework
Translating SQL joins on foreign keys to R data.table syntax
One SQL query instead of three sql queries
Can I render HTML in django without sending a response?
How to output a UTF16 encoded file as ascii (or UTF8) on the powershell command prompt?
Outputting Binary data in PHP
How to output a UTF16 encoded file as ascii (or UTF8) on the powershell command prompt?
Outputting Binary data in PHP
ExpressionEngine -> Template inclusion(s)
Choosing between Imagemagick & GD for thumbnail creation
Unable to remove all line breaks from string in PHP
jQuery infield labels plugin not working with ASP.NET project
c# update attribute via reference or method
jQuery delegate issue in Firefox 11
error running builder in GaeNature, Google App Engine in Eclipse
Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array - parsing string from JSON response
C++ Singelton Class Vs Namespaces Vs Public Static Variables
difference between '/author' and 'author' in XPath query
Trouble with looping and conditionals in C
What is the difference betwen AsyncWrapper and BufferingWrapper in NLog v2?
How do I prevent browsers from using an old cached index.html?
Open Twitter settings from app in iOS 5.1
How can I get multiple Jenkins builds to work from one local git repo?
DataContractJsonSerializer.ReadObject(Stream stream): Can I read more than one object?
signed exe coming up with publisher unknown with makecert
Google Analytics API: Two results for same dimension values?
Database combine two queries into one
Accessing a Dynamically Named Object Property
handling http calls from within an EJB transaction
Showing duplicate links with magic fields wordpress
array manipulation idea
What is wrong with my AJAX jQuery function?
how to make a right join using LINQ to SQL & C#
Call a clientsideevent from another clientsideevent
Edit a Model with an input. ValueError
Audit info in base class
asp.net mvc4 won't properly deserialize and bind Dictionary<string,List<CustomType>> from json
Error MSB4018: The 鈥淐reateRiaClientFilesTask鈥�task failed unexpectedly - Attempted to access an unloaded AppDomain
grouped loess scores
Why won't my SOAP XML response deserialize in C#?
Can't get effect working in ControlTemplate
Boost Library Import Into Metatrader (MT4) Script File
Define class attribute for django model
YUI equivalent to silmScroll, a minimal scrollbar
do condition variables have queues?
Javascript event delegation, handling parents of clicked elements?
I can't pin down the semantics for this JRadioButton functionality
How to embed Unicode Supplementary Private Use characters in CSS generated content?
Change MKPinAnnotationView AFTER inital drop
How can I get a specific Neo4j node using Neo4jClient
InstallShield 2012: have installscript msi project execute a MSI file that it just installed
Django passing json objects to jquery
In Excel how can I automatically change the data a user enters? (Using VBA / Macro)
How to access values in XML
How do I return a relevant image from a JSON request?
JQuery .toggle() is not working on IE9 with select options
ios push notification retrieve message for later display
Jquery JScrollPane under FF 10 miscomputing content height during initialise()
ChannelFactory with WebHttpBinding always POSTs while executing a ServiceContract OperationContract
How instruct to the Delphi IDE refresh the modified syntax highlight colors using OTA (Open Tools API)?
The difference between 鈥�鈥�and 鈥淚N鈥�/ 鈥淣OT IN鈥�and 鈥淢INUS鈥�
Pythonic and efficient way of defining multiple regexes for use over many iterations
Display the mathematical difference between the title of 2 checkbox elements
Using of rvalue references in c++11
Get corresponding value from json key in python
Configure the Mercurial Keyword Extension to produce Subversion Keywords
html redirects getting blocked while using varnish
How would I allow an application running on Tomcat access to a network directory?
What decides whether RegisterTypeLib writes to win32 or win64?
How to import resources from a library project?
Measuring performance of android browser
How to Redirect Slash at the end of my domain?
Call F# function that has a function parameter from C#
how to monitor a device with SNMP
Java Servlet 3.0 and @webservlet
Python List Indexes
obtain values 鈥嬧�of a vector java reflection
doodle on UIView - ios development
xml common practice and removing groups
Unselect ListView-items that are not in the field-of-view
Solr get calculated distance while using dismax
How do I execute piped output?
Caching large amounts of content with PHP + MySQL
How to implement a navigation button in JSF 2.0 that doesnt do any validations of anything on the current page?
OpenGL Matrix Stack
Use of text() function when using xPath in dom4j
Websphere LoginModule
Solr Facet Multiple Words with Comma Separated Values
RadFileExplorer Loading while uploading
Update my database from Select result
mapping list of string into hierarchical structure of objects
jQuery Mobile - 鈥渋n-page鈥�dialog popup
Tail Recursive counting function in Scheme
Establish a socket connection Iphone with Server example from Ray Wunderlich
Optimizing the damerau version of the levenshtein algorithm to better than O(n*m)
Executing two php variables in mysql where query
radio button, checkbox or something else?
Determine visibility / real z-index of html elements
Lync & Remote Desktop Connections
Is WebKit inline transform hardware accelerated?
asp.net repeater data after postback
copying string from one string pointer array to another
Get Google Page main photo?
What is the difference between this XML layout and corresponding Java layout?
How to generate SDP file from FFMPEG
ajax field insert without loading second page bug
How to make divs clickable on a jQuery sliding menu
How to structure a server-side datasource that returns JSON objects?
boost::spirit with non-standard (non-string) input stream
Basic CSS selector syntax, combining multiple ids and classes [closed]
replace true/false in datagridview columns
When to use a new variable vs string interpolation?
.htaccess mod_rewrite won't skip RewriteRule with [S]
Delegate all method calls on a model to an association
Remove unused materials from 3DS-Max meshes
Tracking email responses
Where can I find audio noise cancellation algorithms? [closed]
Sending and receiving data between python and tcl
WCF REST Service with Generic Collection
Why does this bizarre behavior with add-member on built-in types in Powershell happen?
MySQL: How to reference on two columns on the same table?
File Transfer XMPP using smack api (receive listener doesnt get request)
jquery if checkbox value = 2 selected
ontimeupdate with YouTube API
SqlDataSource filter on conditional dropdownlist values
How can I write this efficiently without using loop in Matlab?
Implementation of OnTimeChangedListener in Android HoneyComb TimePickerDialog for setting timeduration
TinyMCE paste tab delimited information
Generate XML file in TYPO3 using typoscript only
HTML5 Canvas Example Screenshots
prolog function returning memory locations instead of values
Unix code wanted to copy template file and replace strings in template file in the copied files
android listAdapter :get data with cursor or arraylist
Create a wildcard DNS entry in Windows Server 2008?
Overriding Default Primitive Type Handling in Json.Net
How can I change the placeholder color of a UITextField?
MAMP finds the MySql but my web page doesn't
How do I use a delegate other than ToString to show an object's value while debugging?
Blurry text on EditText on SonyEricsson phones - Android
AnkhSVN Commit failed . File not found
Why does my jQuery Mobile footer appear and then disappear when a user clicks the background?
Query Takes 30 seconds long
Execute relative path executable in bash script
save bitmap from custom view that has an animation going on via the onDraw method
Select certain MySQL fields and display them using php
Why Wild Cards can't be used in generic class & method declaration?
JavaScript to evaluate simple math string like 5*1.2 (eval/white-list?)
I want to make a control builder program when I add my custom control to the winform - VB.NET, VS2008
Why does not C# documentation XML generator work correctly for COM-imported interfaces?
Onclick button timeout javascript
asp.net menu control hide items if longer than page width
JNDI lookup failing when looking up JMS queue in WebLogic 10.3.5
ASP.NET MVC 3 Unobtrusive Jquery Validate not showing custom error messages more than once
how to programmatically detect a new file in a sharepoint shared folder
How do I create tags like stackoverflow? [closed]
EntiyManager CreateQuery Hangs
How can I get around Adobe AIR strict JavaScript sandboxing?
Can REST be used instead of URL Rewrite in CF10?
How can I modify code of all files in folders [closed]
Top Enterprise Level CMS not platform specific
Iterate through an array of arbitrary dimension
Trying to insert a linked featured image into the content
In ExtJS 4, how to retan grid value after drag and drop between grids?
asp.net 4.0 project the server tag is not well formed compilation error
Where can I find the OCaml Option module?
How to theme views fields in Drupal 7 correctly
How do I separate an integer into separate digits in an array in JavaScript?
How to use the @TableGenerator annotation for a non-PK id
perl parsing json value [closed]
css browser pixel rounding / overflow hidden with percentages
need to filter and make list in haskell [closed]
Cocoa NSBrowser and CFURLEnumeratorCreateDirectoryURL
Load Records From EF Data Model in Custom/Predefined Order Using LINQ
Custom Layout With Android ViewPager
Webview in Activity Group crashing on dialogs
how to test if a div contains another div
How do I present a HABTM relationship with a drop-down menu in a form and have an option to add more?
Photos App Animation Advice
How can I see removed files using Git?
invalid values for current date are returned when trying to get the date in鈥�EEEE MMM d, yyyy鈥�format
Imagemagik and php imagecopy doesn't preserve transparency
Looking for a ticket style system to track news tips [closed]
Powershell Cmdlet: Determine actual filepath of file in local directory
Intellectual Property for Wii? [closed]
What happens if a Javascript event-listener is called and target element is missing?
Loggly performance [closed]
fragments and mapView
XMPP python: Send a private message to one of several users logged on with the same jid
Property Navigation Reference in EF
File Upload php syntax error
Node.js - OAuth through external HTTP-Proxy
commandLink action call failes in ui:repeat compinent
Using the latest source of ASP.NET MVC4 RC1 in a project
Google android mapview lat long to topixel projection issue
Dynamically creating objects and clicking one of the objects
getting an array from another file in C
Timer: canceling running task
What could cause duplicate records to be created by Rails?
how to get windows authenticated user guid from internal asp web application?
Input file scanner works in IDE not in jar on other computers
Flot X axis (Cannot output date)
php preg_match a date format 鈥測yyy-MM鈥�
Use drop down list as query string
APC causing an HTTP 500 error code under symfony executed through php5-cgi
Use different authorize attributes for controllers to access the same logic from different environments
Log4net log in developer machine, but in test server doesn't log
Is it safe to strip stuff out of *.Designer.cs files?
yepnope loading js twice [duplicate]
how to push UIViewController from UITableView
How do I check if a user left the 'input' or 'raw_input' prompt empty?
Mongoose update multiple geospacial index with no limit
Strange error (could not find method) on Android 1.6 only
How to write an Android Database query where a DB column is equal to a string?
Difficulty passing struct through pthread_create
odata filering of complex types
OpenGL, how to use depthbuffer from framebuffer as usual depth buffer
ASP.Net: Building up model data in steps (MVC3)
How can I unsquash the buttons within my alertDialog?
camera freezes after picture taken on galaxy 7inch tab but not 10inch
Alignment of button is not coming proper in right side and size of right component is too much
Android UI editor/display bug
Adding Seconds to DateTime with a Valid Double Results in ArgumentOutOfRangeException
ASP.NET 鈥渁ccess is denied鈥�error accessing UNC path
Fancybox content size issue
actionscript 3 position textfield N pixels from bottom or 90% from top
How to Consume Facebook JSON using Jersey Client
Building a dropdown list from an array
String literals causing small memory leak?
convert a result set with flat column structure into hierarchical data structure
Rewriting query to prevent multiple calls to a function
Sort and remove (unused) using statements Roslyn script/code?
iTunes artwork data as html image
IE 9 is blowing up my design [closed]
missing manage attribute sets in magento
Scala: How can I get an escaped representation of a string?
Using regexp with sphinx
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'encode' with lxml-python
Dynamic load css with CakePHP on a Page
EF Migrations, Output Text to Nuget Console
Alpha compositing wrong when rendering to QGLFrameBufferObject vs screen
objective c string encoding issue
Mono interop: Loading 32bit shared library does not work on my 64bit system
Apache startup fails with php_imagick extension, but loads after running php_info
Check version of OS then issue a command if the correct version
iOS UIImage being rotated when after going through CIFilter
Function chaining with different return values?
Links to a Hangout session
Active Index of tabview not getting updated automatically
how to implement Checkboxes in MVC 3?
Accidentally specified weird sql query. What happened?
Add column in a table mapped using hibernate, without losing existing data
Dynamic select boxes based on previous choice
Disable button for X minutes
gridview with many pages returned not maintaining scroll position
How to store package-specific settings in R: options() vs. ReferenceClasses
User settings lost during ClickOnce upgrade after I renewed our code-signing certificate
How to store package-specific settings in R: options() vs. ReferenceClasses
User settings lost during ClickOnce upgrade after I renewed our code-signing certificate
Zend_Session and Expiration
How to convert an array into a hash, with variable names mapped as keys in Perl?
If with Find not working as intended
sqlite in android not recognizing new column I added
Search doesn't work in ListActivity
the most efficient way to separate string
Lync 2010 API - Suppress Toast and Conversation Window
How can I update a MySQL natural key while avoiding duplicate foreign keys?
Use Java to send simulated Windows keyboard events to a C program that uses SDL
Many different popups needed; Is it better to use one abstracted popup to handle every scenario
block some part of web page to be indexed
How to 鈥済ive users the ability to turn sharing off/on globally鈥�
writing contents of list to one file in R
Cakephp - keep selected value for dropdownlist after submit
How use .Count() in LINQ To SQL?
Using Scanner.next() to split a String set into an ArrayList
converting javascript to exe, WScript has not been declared
I had to hit submit button more than once to make the form work, (result load into colorbox popup)
Login challenge missing after migrating asp website from .net 2.0 to 4.0
JQuery How to hide a specific radio button item in Radio Button List
overloading non-member conversion to bool operator
Inner join the same column of a table to multiple tables
Issue with cookie, cookie is lost after closing browser
Adding Timestamps To Packet Payload with TCPREPLAY
Authenticate LDAP user via SQL Server 2008
How to get user's tweets with scribe?
sql query return null
Knockout.js print index of object in foreach
Best way to view/monitor TCP/IP sockets from IE, Firefox, and/or Chrome?
List comprehension and simplifying code
How do I test if my MySQL update query was successful in Code Igniter?
facebook share link 鈥渇acebook URL requested a HTTP redirect, but it could not be followed.鈥�
CLEditor, pasting content as text functionality in main window
Redirecting IE 6 and 7 users to a specific folder using .htaccess
Invoke ActionListener of Backing Component in Composite Component
Given a list of Tuples, return a new list of the first values of the tuples
outputing dictionary optimally
NSDate and time interval issues
Having trouble connecting to a MySQL database in php
String formatting to a specific format using string formatter [duplicate]
Jsoup can't open html page
Combine two matrices with respect to primary key in Matlab
InstallShield 2012: need to show oracle connection dialog instead of SQL Server
Round Robin Scheduling : What happens when all jobs arrive at the same time?
Rapidly updating image with Data URI causes caching, memory leak
How can I shrink my contextMenu?
How to download a file in javascript or jquery from a webmethod that is in byte[]?
Devise, CanCan + Cantango
How to download a file in javascript or jquery from a webmethod that is in byte[]?
Devise, CanCan + Cantango
MongoDB timeout when query includes !==
SSRS -> Using code function to create my query dynamically, how do I get at my data (put data into table)?
Android broadcastreceiver static registering problems
How to add all the rows of a column into a variable?
Issue with Disjunction in DetachedCriteria
Pass a php var to jQuery Function
Configuring Spring MVC controller to send file to client
.click event on li plus link redirect
Mongo Multiple Update with php
Are clearTimeout and clearInterval the same?
iOS: Playing audio in silent mode [duplicate]
contenteditable nested browser differences
How can I catch the exception if IPV6 address is passed
Explosion particle effect
Why does Android need a Virtual Machine(DVM)?
Creating a new wireshark file with certan packets removed
How to implement generic php exception handler
Packet manipulation with Pcap.net project
Does ReflectionClass::getProperties() also get properties of the parent?
ListView Dividers and Non-Clickable Items
ddms heap view for hello world 8MB+ allocated
Issue in Dynamically loading VB user control (Register at HKCU) in browser
With scala, can I unapply a tuple and then run a map over it?
Issues with WCF and SOAP WS-Security PlainText Username (No SSL)
What is the proper process for ICMP echo request/reply on unreachable destinations?
Get value of key in arbitrary dictionary of unknown depth
Not all images are displaying first time in my scrolling div
Jquery: How to modify items from inner to outer?
Android - enable USB tethering programmatically - there is an app that did it for 2.3
My mysql connection returns on error?
.NET Transaction Structure
How to implement Observer Pattern in PHP with global scope and persistance
custom title bar linked with mutiple activites
ashx file for download from Master page menu item?
Hadoop: Easy way to have object as output value without Writable interface
(RESOLVED)Variable for unique ids in JavaScript function
Java Mail API - 鈥淒o not Forward鈥�permission setting
C# Database Application [closed]
Converting a image to a quadtree
is begin..end in OCaml syntactic sugar?
Is it possible create/edit an excel macro from python?
SQL Server - Calculating Percentage Change with 0 CASE
How do I successfully integrate a second database with Django South?
Update an ASP.NET page with Duplex WCF Service Call Result
JPA Foreign Key is Null
Parameters across different controller in webflow -Grails
devoloper drupal manual [closed]
Go to app button
Namespacing models in a Rails application
fstream .open() Win32
C# propertyGrid miscellaneous questions about properties
Excel VBA Error while pasting data to new sheet
cycle() an image_tag
No Response from AFJSONRequestOperation
Append image with jQuery producing a 404 error
How do I make a select list of time from 00:00 to 23:55 without DST?
Problems running executable jar with dependencies
php security with Joomla
Extension method vs static method precedence
Wordpress User Levels in numbers?
How to build a syntax highlighter and Indentation?
Using string.compare in a linq query where clause
xcode simulator crashing xcode when trying to run app
Refresh Google Search Results for My Site
FxCop vs. Visual Studio Code Analysis
What is the use of jquery.mobile.structure-1.0.css in jquery mobile
What is the preferred way to load a model object for a 鈥渟how鈥�action?
hide an element if one of the siblings is empty
Source Control: Supporting multiple versions of a software
Changing volume for one alarm sound only on Android
code not working after upgrading to jdeveloper 11g
Deploy custom files to mobile device during build
Why LocalPrintServer.GetDefaultPrintQueue() fails on machines in domain
Mac Authentication php?
How to link to texts inside para
Object Declaration in if Condition -logic break pointin vb.net
Workflow 4 service to spawn (send & receive) multiple workflow services in parallel
How do you convert a Java long to an *unsigned* base-X String (and back)?
R: Rearrange matrix into three columns
How do I send the correct headers for my Captcha code? [duplicate]
Git unexpectedly ignoring files excluded in .gitignore
MediaStore.Audio.Media.DATA is empty for files on USB-Drive
Mvc Mini Profiler requests for files with and without RouteBasePath
confusion about $and operation
Convert null to string
SQL Server 2008: How to get a Detail ID when doing a multi-column GROUP BY and HAVING