How to link urls in firefox textbox
Check if at least one record have a given attribute set to true
Limit maximum image width on web broswer
Action Script 3.0 Score Counter
how to compare two lists using C#?
Best way to get the TFS URL
Ada: Writing output numbers in a file separated by a tab
Using jqgrid to perform crud over users table
Multiple buttons and multiple listeners doing various operations Java Swing
Change button background image on hover/click using a template
DirectX Camera to follow based on 3D Model's world Matrix?
Read Call Log on Mono for Android
Translating SQL into relational algebra
What is the most convenient way to pretty print HTTP responses in the Webkit debugger?
nxt-py no backends error
Why can you only #define an NSString constant in a header file?
Can sitebricks be configured to not say 鈥淪itebricks received a null reply from the resource鈥︹�?
Excel: How to convert text to number formats for multiple workbooks
Convert NumPy array to cvMat cv2
Django Apache2 mod_wsgi flatpages admin not working
chemical formulas for drupal like mathjax
Custom UIViewController Transition?
How to get the parent object in PHP, from OUTSIDE the object itself?
javascriptserilizer not serializing properly
modifier key combination input
Convert NetworkCredentials to a PSCredential?
awk syntax errors with double star **
Using mysql_fetch_assoc twice in a single PHP script
Is there List type that can be Enumerated while it is Changing?
Cancel button in form
Using handlebars or markdown to output a model property
C# File and Directory iteration, possible to do both at one?
Issue with date increment
Byte to Character Conversion for a Telnet Stream
How to add text at the end of a line in UNIX
Is there an Open Source Version of Facebook Ads manager?
Copy files and folder to WEB-INF using Ant
Mongoose not updating embedded document
Dynamic Data Binding?
How do I determine the actual height of a HTML DOM element independent of the height specified in CSS?
How to implement an app expires when I send a remote signal?
Copy Dir with Php in Client's PC
Hibernate Could not parse mapping document from resource
Mapping a property to a new instance of a class using AutoMapper
Jpa many-to-many relation to same entity with extra columns
How to build an API without sensible field using Doctrine2?
Persistent objects and Dependancy Injection
php executing shell command gives random output in only in heavy use mode
Deploying Rails on dreamhost shared server
Webkit, letter-spacing issues with webfonts
iOS: What's the best way to display a string that has a portion of it in a different color?
MongoDB indexing (ensureIndex)
Can't build cabal package due to ambiguous Prelude
can't get Ajax to work with a keyed api
SQL Select within a WHERE clause
Change text on hover, then return to the previous text
ExpressionEngine If no categories results, show nothing
What could possibly break an app during update through the iOS App Store?
Android: choosing between two languages without 鈥渓ocale鈥�
Info.plist key strings - defined in the SDK, or do I have to create them?
Sequent's NFC Platform
Info.plist key strings - defined in the SDK, or do I have to create them?
Sequent's NFC Platform
Managing multiple Bluetooth connections in Android
system(perl -pi -e) for XML editing [duplicate]
Grouping and summarizing in Matlab
VB.NET DataGridView load data from a background worker and SQLDataReader
File.Copy in Parallel.ForEach
Android virtual device
JSF 2.0 - Embed html into the XHTML page
How to display a list of files downloaded by my app? [duplicate]
Get Incorrect Spelled words from microsoft word
Can anyone explain this bizarre JS behavior concerning string concatenation?
Button handlers in XAML
ASPX Button - nothing happens
UITableViewController is blank after receiving a memory warning
Perl Net::SSH2 hangs at channel()
Realtime UI synchronization library for browsers [closed]
Why doesn't the alert execute?
Is it possible to import a compiled python file?
ResponseText or something dosen't work using Titanium
Checking if Google Analytics has (asynchronously) finished tracking my page
how to detect click in row selection column in jqgrid in beforeSelectRow
Cleared spaces between php still receive warning
JAXB custom binding with interface
ANdroid SQLite not working in separate classes
VB.NET 2010 command line program needs file to be in same directory?
Excel Send As Attachment is sending cached version of file
How to read properties file in Dynamic Web applicaiton
Wordpress comments.php Change php output if variable is true
XNA Vector math: explanation of code (different Vector2D, same movement on screen)
Make the last item's view in SimpleCursorAdapter different?
Best way to transfer files from Xyboard to Ubuntu
EXTJS4 MVC structure
Jquery elements that pull from a database and send form to email
iOS: popToRootViewController for presentViewControllers architecture
E.KeyCode and Regex in VB.NET
xcode segmentedcontrol title - How to style the title
MySQL Sort UK Postcodes
Generating Random Latin Square Continuous Loop
Simulate key press on an Android device
how to host a version control on my own website
C# close standard out
Convert 3D point to 2D point coordinate system and versa
Compiler can't find the class JpegBitmapEncoder in WP7
Regex: Extract a single named match from two values separated by inbetween characters?
What is the proper use of extern and static?
Ajax UpdatePanel w/large Dropdown - lag-time when posting
MySQL ROUND function using round half down instead of half up
load https website with php
A better T-SQL solution for merging sets?
Oracle DB (Intranet) ->(DMZ) Data Replication through a unidirectional Firewall
StringEscapeUtils for character escape
json_decode return null when a value is empty
Selectivizr :first-of-type and nth-of-type not working in IE8
Is there something similar to 鈥渒eypad鈥�without using 鈥淐urses鈥�
Can I use joomla!/wordpress to build my website?
jQuery UI datepicker binding
Separate word Regex Ruby
PHP backend, Java front end. Is this possible?
The Alphabet and Recursion
Sampling small data frame from a big dataframe
FParsec Reactive Example
How can you make sure a username won't conflict with an existing route?
How to import data in the right monthly order using list.files
Reading from SQLite - FMDB - Beginner
Refrences break console app from running on other machines
Solr MoreLikeThis query matches newline characters
Assert outside a try/catch in obj-c
Array of 1 couple of integers
JVectormap zoom in by code
Software good practices - set and get methods
ffmpeg to extract audio from video
Prestsashop one page checkout - Error: updateCartSummary is not defined
Command line application running as a windows service. Getting error 1053
property list - file name and save
jquerymobile remove hidden pages
How can I rebase changes from an upstream branch's parent periodically without it trying to include changes that are already in my branch?
How to understand python slicing with a negative k index?
Ruby Debug: Skip Rails Code
Is there a parser that interprets colon and comma notation?
Reload page right before submit a form
cascading use namespace in php with child classes
how can i add items which are checked to arraylistin Gridview c#
jQuery script conflicting in IE
GC.SuppressFinalize performance compared to non-finalizable object
Image from isolated storage
Using RectVisible on Windows Forms Control
Java - Printing an empty square using nested loops
how to set variable on previous page back to 1
php string to associative array
What is a good logging library for real-time systems (fast with no object creation)?
jquery textbox value not showing in IE9
Android Drawing on Multiple Canvas Multiple Activities
couchdb mobilefuton pouchdb
Canvas to PhotoLibrary [Phonegap]
tabhost and listview sqlite database cause leak
Objective C allocate primitive c array instance variable on class intialisation
Blurry Image On iphone Jquery Mobile
Regular Expression Searching Matching One Word but Not Another
Adding links to jQgrid and open in new window
Maven build 3x as slow on OSX
operator overloading for manipulators
Call js.erb file on html request (normal page load)
How to reference EJBs from another EJB in Oracle Workshop for WebLogic?
Does it make sense to use FRP (reactive-banana in particular) for a turn based ascii game?
Getting value of next node using jQuery
ffmpeg AVFrame get full decoded data to char*
bash script running from cronjob command not found
on() method does not work as live()
How does one hide label tags in jQuery Mobile forms in an accessibility-friendly way?
MPI programming issue with MPI_Gather
How to receive message from 'any' channel in PROMELA/SPIN
Internationalization based on system locale in applications in C++
How to prevent MYSQL GROUP BY from collapsing NULL values into a single row
IEnumerable<T> somehow gets transformed to EntitySet<T>
Calling a method in a FACTORY class when application is closed/disposed without using Application's Dispose() method
batch procedure, when to commit transactions?
Redirect returning users to specific page
Default dialog transition 'none' is still giving me 'pop' transition
cakePHP complex find query
Different Color to each side in Border in WPF XAML?
How to set the default ToString() on a locally created PSObject?
ASP.NET validation not working inside ASP FormView
Php: I need to insert one & within my mysql database
have to click twice to trigger Backbone router in IE 6
Deep Copy and Shallow Copy
How to select multiple elements with jQuery
How do you add, 鈥渞ounds鈥�to a function like hash_hmac()?
how to write a JSP page that received data from an XML RESTful web service?
Compile-time vs. Run-time, in Java and C#
Text-overflow on a div containing php echo?
Debugging issue in Eclipse IDE/Weblogic Server
SSL iframe in and SSL page from a different domain
Creating a mathematical expression from nested loops
Javascript Reg Ex Matching
Flash - How to build exclusively for ipad?
Error on Visual C++ Forms, Simple MessageBox and assign text from textfield to string
Using glutPassiveMotionFunc(); in GLUT
Slider working on iOS not Android
tinyMCE - I need to limit width/height of text entered
Using a FK as the descriminator in an inheritance mapping
Using jsf.ajax.request from Javascript to do AJAX calls in JSF 2.0
Using conditionals with variable strings in python
YQL or Yahoo Boss related web searches/keywords
How can I refer to a function not by name in its definition in python?
How can we use Holo Theme(supported in android 4.x) in android 2.3
How to suppress a call to a dll to open warning dialog box in
Client found response content type of 'application/octet-stream', but expected 'text/xml'
How to suppress a call to a dll to open warning dialog box in
Client found response content type of 'application/octet-stream', but expected 'text/xml'
mysql insert into if not exists from seperate table
I need some help designing an array
NSJSONSerialization not creating mutable containers
How can I authenticate a user with Devise and Android using username/password?
how to enable/disable the dropdowns by selecting either of the dropdows below?
null pointer exception-parsing json with gson android 2.2
Use Python script to check whether or not a program is hung/crashed in Windows? Also, Pipes
The Jquery-ui datepicker custom display 鈥渢he field must be a valid date鈥�
鈥淐annot modify header information鈥�warning
Radio button list and label not lining up
Posting an image to fan page album using Facebook API
XML Serialization with Different Subclasses
Switch has been removed from the Perl 5.14? what should I do?
Coding standards for C++ and C# [closed]
Rails how to request url except url params?
RFID reader standards
OpenGL texture coordinates confusion
initWithContentsOfURL:error: returns (null) when the contents are special characters
Besides reinstalling Eclipse 32 bit is there a way around using a -d32 flag on a JVM from a mac with os x 10.6.8?
Access 2003: Keep first of duplicate records and delete the rest
Adding fields on the fly
Smooth animation using drawRect: and UIPanGestureRecognizer
MySQL: delete a row ignoring foreign key constraint
How to Retrieve Values of A Dynamically Created Control's Child Controls on PostBack?
PHP - Loop thru recordset and fire event each n rows
htaccess, Redirect all requests to https://
Serial port and checkboxes updating
Splitting string into chars and then back to string
Python/Numpy - Save Array with Column AND Row Titles
java Regular Expression to extract page title
Where to store frequently used functions in a OOP correct way
Max recommended size of external JSON object in JavaScript
Should I use parameters in template scripting to control the output, or a separate specialized template?
Maven - Reading a property from an external properties file
Pass Parameters Between Windows
Where can I find a library that parses source code and is able to extract the scope of where your cursor is currently in the code?
How can I disable SQUID:UnusedProtectedMethod in Sonar for a class or method?
Reload contents of multiples DataTable's
How to publish website in IIS 7, in place of Default Web Site?
How to bound JVM with a fixed memory limit?
Ninject Conventions with multiple Froms
Should I use <h:outputText> to print static text?
ios signal SIGABRT - [<UIViewController 0x681be50> setValue:forUndefinedKey:]
Getting error when I'm trying to hash in SQL
Select doubles using nth-child() in CSS3
Java - Reasons for Allowing null as a HashMap Key?
UITableViewCell set style programmatically
Binding to an inner list with bindingbeans on a jTable
Adding event hovertext in fullcalendar
stop start connector within my code
IIS Not Serving PHP pages
How to save an XML file to disk with python?
How do I style a dropdown list in an ActionBar in Honeycomb?
Sorting list having itemBean by date?
Getting Google App Engine and Google Maps API v3 talking
Best-practise: lazy-loading or getting ALL properties
Initialize child models at model creation
GWT FocusPanel adds input field in firefox
Call NSLog from CocoaTouch Library
Javascript .match plus jQuery keyup(), double match and strange behaviour
Android Audio remote controls
ANDROID - Numeric keyboard
How to simulate data from a logit model
importing and exporting database
Windsor Logging Facility with Custom Log4Net configuration
MySQL update column from table B to table A
Encountering NullPointerException when trying to add polynoms
Stretch panel with splitter
Sphinx: ImportError when trying to autodoc a package
How to loop through xml values in a batch cmd
ie9/CSS: Flyout menu not working in ie9, but looks great in Firefox/Chrome
How to create a new process with a lower Integrity Level (IL)?
Bootstrap Switching to Sass Javascript Error
Communication between Java Servlet and Java client
Pushing a floating <div> down instead of beside another float above it using CSS
Cleaning a large text file
FileNotFoundException when loading my-project.core with an external dependency
Sending multiple messages through only one SocketChannel
How to refresh Android ListView in ViewPager?
Inventory System Class Layout
Tab app - how to make associations between page / client
Regexp match every string that has 1 DOT in it and ends not with .com /.net /.org
Accept and Return file to/from C# WebService
GD Thumbnails not functioning on larger file sizes
Distribute Sql Server database alongside jar file
Type of a wildcard object without using 鈥渋nstanceof鈥�
Convert CMSampleBufferRef to video
How to make a AJAX request while a tab is not open
OSGi bundle with ThreadPoolTaskExecutor does not shut down gracefully
PHP: How to sort the characters in a string?
Click events not working in Rails view
How can I keep a logo over two different intersecting divs?
Can I hide/disable some In-app purchases until a purchase occurs? [closed]
How to group a period of time into yearly periods ? (split timespan into yearly periods)
Supress json quotes in views
Calling a Fortran .pyd file from Python and have 0.0 return
Google Maps Lat/Long finder script
Git - How to simultaneously add a file to .gitignore and still keep it in Git / the remote repo?
How to group a period of time into yearly periods ? (split timespan into yearly periods)
Supress json quotes in views
Calling a Fortran .pyd file from Python and have 0.0 return
Google Maps Lat/Long finder script
Git - How to simultaneously add a file to .gitignore and still keep it in Git / the remote repo?
xCode app hit counter
Big sized main is going to make program slow?
How to load a property file in a Jar when the loader util is a different jar
What would be the coding for Cyclic rotation in PHP?
Extended search and replace in MySQL Database
How to show ProgressBar while waiting for HttpRespons?
MAMP Local w/ Multiple Magento Stores
PHP fgetcsv() search and overwrite file
Splitting n weighted objects in m disjoint sets such that maximum of sum of objects in a all sets is minimal
How to select and update from the same table in Msaccess 2007
HTML Templating options in C# for generating markup from data
Creating Javascript array from ajax results from database
How can I sort an array of strings alphabetically when the strings contains 氓盲枚?
Activity Manager Task list order is wrong on Galaxy S Ii
how to implement java.lang.Classloader getResources()?
Using CursorLoader to query SQLite DB and populate AutoCompleteTextView
convert javascript number to css value 鈥�maximum number of trailing decimals
MATLAB: Using lsim to High Pass Filter a wavread audio file
Appending date to filename in windows batch
Is it possible to draw a pentagon knowing only one side of the shape? [closed]
mysqli: anywhere to find errnos
Select Top and Last rows in a table (SQL server)
Cakephp 2.0: Change select item text with FormHelper without modifying ID
OpenCL global memory fetches
Google Earth Plugin Context Menu
Write a web browser for Android
Making Parametrized Queries Work with both SQL Server and Oracle
WMDC emulator connection issues
SQL Having clause [closed]
Why does ThreadPoolExecutor reduce threads below corePoolSize after the keepAliveTime?
Custom output folder in eclipse without another source folder
Two dimensional object array return type - NSubstitute
How can I use an IBAction from inside my controller to draw a circle in my custom view?
resolution in android
Find final world coordinates from model matrix or quaternion
Large Graph Representation in C++
Just how strong exactly is CakePHP's ACL Component?
How to use UISwipeGestureRecognizer on UIButton?
Will not update record in database
Noob SQL Inserting and selecting in same query
Silverlight Storyboard with multiple ColorAnimations
add two drawable into EditText
T-SQL XML Value/Nodes functions + XML Cast
Oracle Backup and restore constraints to allow changing a column type
How do I use the mouseenter and mouseleave events?
NHibernate bi-directional association
sorting by date an array of bean having date member
Check radio buttons from dynamic form
Can i connect two differents application authentication with c# in mvc3 [closed]
Get Specific version of a deleted file in TFS
inbuilt web-browser for netbeans like in eclipse
should not include
SQL issue with a function
Automatically reconnecting asynchronous socket client
Does OCI (Oracle Call Interface) use COM (Component Object Model)?
Two Select Drop down boxes, the first updates the second NO AJAX
What does #{$$} inside a double quoted string in Ruby on Rails ?
How to include Session component in the model? CakePHP
Adding CSS to default Google Chrome printing
Creating RPM file using rpmbuild, but wrong files being picked up
Joomla module not showing
Android - Eclipse - What does docUri mean?
Custom Sorting on Custom Field in Django
Elasticsearch fuzzy matching optimization for huge server/server cluster
android layouts and exporting a jar
When using Core Services, how do you Localize or UnLocalize a component without a fatal error when the item is already in that state?
Can I modify the sql generated by Entity Framework before it's executed?
Google Reader Archive feed not valid xml?
Creating quiz with one page that determines outcome (no access to database or php, needs to be in javascript/html/etc.)
git and time stamps for elements [duplicate]
C++ namespace in a separate file used by others
django view error: more than one row returned by a subquery used as an expression
faster or more memory efficient than array of hashtable
C++ Fill a vector with another vector
Hash Change Events Keep Scroll State
Calling method with variable arguments from JSF 2.0
Concatenate string literal with char literal
How do I let my matplotlib plot go beyond the axes?
App with multiple .action.MAIN
Data trending across table
Post-Redirect-Get with Internet Explorer
How are npm packages managed in nodester?
Public Members vs Constructor of a Class in C#?
.NET performance from Matlab
EF 4.1 Insert/Update Logic Best Practices
MenuItemLocator unable to find shell
Connect to Juggernaut with Ruby
Do While Loop skipping statements
How to call BProlog goal from a C program?
CodeIgniter 2.x sessions and Internet Explorer
ajax conditional if statements loading pages
Getting a 2D array from a function that returns an int c++
ASP.NET - VB.NET - Updating MS_Access table
Auto resize DataGrid column to content
Chrome/WebKit creating a solid bar when using background, border-radius, and top/bottom borders
How to get a 鈥渞andom鈥�number in OpenCL
Passing string arguments into functions via for loops
ASMX Web Service Blocked by Sessions
Using itextsharp and MVC to display a range of PDF pages in a web page
Center image in container element with fixed size (CSS, HTML)
This is an invalid script resource request. ~/scriptresource.axd
Determing PID of CGI Script on Windows
Avoiding javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException for resource bundle lookups in jsf 2.1 + spring 3
Need to install opencl for CPU and GPU platforms?
Redirect SQL Server's events from std Application log into a custom one
Sending Email to my gmail account
Vimscript - Programmatically get colors from colorscheme
Connecting to SDL Tridion WebDAV via Windows Explorer (Windows 2008 R2)
Call ServeHandler from main function
jQuery UI Calendar setDate persistent on PostBack ASP.Net
Can I set up my server to automatically pull updates from a branch when new commits come in?
Is server-side code in 'Single file aspx' compiled into a single dll in Web Application type of project?
Is it necessary/advisable to check if an eventHandler exists before trying to remove it?
I can't get my Month, Day, Year dropdown lists to work from my ASP.NET MVC3 ViewModel
Injecting IUnitOfWork into IRepository constructor
Blank screen after phone call
MSXML : Invalid Class String
How to disable input-prediction and alphabetical input-correction for the Windows Phone?
How to randomly select multiple rows satisfying certain conditions from a MySQL table?
Javascript new Date object from String, Different results on IE and FF
Calling a component method from controller CakePHP 2.0
not to load a page if not inside an iframe in php
Horizontal Stackpanel Fill Parent Control
How to detach a input element from Place autosuggestion in Google Places API
How can I execute code in a custom control based on public properties only once?
Profiling virtual machine (vitualbox) running a rails app
How to use Spring.Net with Silverlight-enabled WCF Services?
Automake/autoconf configuration to install as SUID
How to SendInput the following string: { color{red} TO-DO}
Different layout for orientation AND screen size - Android
SSL Certificate - Certification Path in browser different from Certificate Chain File
MVC3, RavenDb, Web Publishing, and Source Control
How to make wp7-ish entry forms?
Java - thread doesn't start
UIView transform
RSpec testing a method that uses a form builder element
Understanding .Net 4.0 features in terms of other technologies
Is there a way to force mongodb to store certain index in ram?
Find and replace string within a specific string with regex in visual studio
Casting on run time using implicit con version
How to add a single colobar that will show the data from 2 different subplot
Error in repeating table sum in InfoPath
Show controls while HTML5 video is playing
select query with wildcard not working in QT
WP7 InvokeScript error
How to add a single colobar that will show the data from 2 different subplot
Error in repeating table sum in InfoPath
Show controls while HTML5 video is playing
select query with wildcard not working in QT
WP7 InvokeScript error
Why can't I compare getActionCommand() with a matching String value?
What is the main usage of Java NIO Buffer classes?
php codeigniter and new valum ajax upload
How to display a Textview in the lock screen?
regex regular expression to match most of URLs needs improvement
preventing xss in jquery, php, mysql in some examples - please advice
XSLT formatting HTML Input
Update field with jquery don't update observable
鈥淚nput string was not in a correct format.鈥�calling int.Parse on a SQL Statement
Why the zero-length character always remains at the end of the source string for java regex pattern a?
MissingMethodException showing up on save action
outputting a list in order of shortest word to longest word (python) [duplicate]
Is this instruction wrong? (movabs %al,0xe400000000004049)
Oracle Instant Client and Entity Framework trouble with configuration
Blueimp [Error TypeError: '0' is null or not an object] error
Magento fill cart from external script with different storeviews
how to implement unregisterForRemoteNotifications in ios
jsTree expands nodes based on the ordering of the initially_selected arguement?
Left Join works with table but fails with query
Rails precompile error in CSS
Can you find my .asmx?
Resolving IDL Warning MIDL2471: Some attributes and/or data types in the idl can not be represented in the type library
SOS JobScheduler build from source on AIX 6.1
perforce web client throws error 鈥淧4CHARSET must be set in order to connect to a unicode server鈥�
Encryption in iPhone with 3DES
Django and Haystack IntegerField converts to list on return
Pass object reference to menu item selection handler
SQL Query - SELECT distinct IDs with 2 extra column
Is there Valgrind Memcheck like tool for windows to debug use after free errors?
Securely posting and then printing JavaScript tags
Instead Trigger or Calculated Column? which is better?
Can an if/else statement be used with a click function in jQuery?
Parsing xml data in ruby using rexml
Updated ways to embed a PDF file in a page, since 2008?
mysql_fetch_assoc() Issue [duplicate]
Iphone app is not responsive for some time after phonecall made from app (with webview) finishes
what is the maximum number of responses a places request will return?
FileSize in Multiple Attachments
What does 鈥渙m鈥�in means?
Android overriding newView() and bindView() issue
Can't remove a fragment from FrameLayout?
Printing via Google Cloud Print
Message does not reach MSMQ when made transactional
Use the php that comes with zend server from the command line on Mac
iOS: Converting An Image To PNG To Allow For Saving
Can not add more than 3 objects to a NSMutableSet
Move sprite in AndEngine Without digitalonscreencontrol
Sending audio across a network using PortAudio
Encrypt password in C source code
Mobile Toggle Menu - How to Push Content outside the view of the viewport?
Convert @@IDENTITYto uniqueidentifier in sql [closed]
Set focus to hyperlink
Hot-spot through the WI-Fi card [closed]
Algorithm dynamic program
variable auto in C [duplicate]
JQuery. Autosuggest. Keydown event in switch statement
python parallel map ( with global data
Control in UpdatePanel loses value
Prevent DataGrid Groups collapsing on sort?
Android device name == 鈥淏lueZ鈥�
HTML Tag in XML`
Amber Smalltalk - Creating a single .js file for deployment
Is it reasonable to stuff 1000 ids into a SELECT 鈥�WHERE 鈥�IN (鈥� query on Postgres? [duplicate]
Processing MSMQ Message in Windows Service
How to get the body of post request in Scalatra?
UILabel - Color specific characters
How to reconnect to a persistence unit after an oracle Database failure
Django with argument **kwargs [duplicate]
Is There a .Net Memory Profiler that will track all allocations on the Large Object Heap?
Repeating sequences in a single matlab plot
a number of log4j config questions
No line numbers in ASP.NET server errors
Ruby global scope
Hiding and displaying information based on section
How to access this data?
How do I call MVC Controller from with Javascript function
symbol lookup error undefined symbol
Simple java test library to validate generated tags
Two-way databinding in .NET does not work, even with INotifyPropertyChanged objects
Navigation bar won't hide
Reason for the behavior of the reluctunt quantifier ?? in java regex
PHP/Mysql putting array in to mysql Db
Continuous Integration with Grails
Is it safe to use the same CookieContainer across multiple HttpWebRequests?
A single sql query to return as multiple tables in a dataset
Why does my stored procedure execute all selects regardless of condition logic?
Does Facebook collect the tax for Credits Transactions?
How to place markup after the submit button in drupal 7?
How to loop 3 dimension array using foreach PHP
how to add an event to my slider code
Setting instance variables directly?
comparing custom template tag within if tag
Pattern match for string using regex in xslt
Break from regex loop in Perl
Screen Suddenly Turns Black
getResource(鈥�some.jar鈥� returns null, although 鈥渟ome.jar鈥�exists in getURLs()
how to deploy / deployment django projects / application with aptana to webserver apache wsgi
Accessing properties of drawable shapes through code
3 dots java title border
I cannot get decimal after doing a simple division math
Pattern for DNF Function (javascript regular expression)
R - List of lists as input argument in a function
Referencing current dialog in ExtJS from a CQ5 component dialog
PyODBC outputting improper UTF-16
Can I use 鈥渋f not exists鈥�to insert a row if the row is not already present in sql server?
C# conditional appearance of properties in propertyGrid when editing multiple objects
Receiving Alarms in Android
Intersection in sqlite3 in Python
Get userID in
Custom WinForm with MessageBox Icon and Sound
Rails Pagination - first page items amount
Backbone.js model.get() returning 'undefined' even though I can see the attributes in console.log
Spring 3 JNDI look up in glassfish3
Join two un-related tables using JPA EntityManager
Passing file descriptor from one program to another on the same host using UNIX sockets
Excel 2010 VBA 鈥淚nvalid Procedure Call or Argument鈥�error in regex function
Inserting 鈥渂ad鈥�data into a SQL database?
How to find time of day or range in TIMESTAMP column
Combine two texts that share a PATTERN using bash code
get all the text of elemets using XSLT irespective of the tags
Youtube videos link result on website search engine
how to get current url in code behind? [duplicate]
How to clear the backbone localstorage
Loading Resources with the Context Loader fails with a NullPointerException
Software to view BLOB data for SQL Server
How much Ruby do I have to cover in order to start learning Sinatra
Passing Variable from Windows form to Modal
ARC - are gesture recognizers and KVOs handled when UIViewController is set to nil?
Run background process in Sinatra
Play sounds in a firefox extension [duplicate]
how to implement voice call using bluetooth in and only in java?
jQuery: get div-width after document is ready and rendered
Get link_stats for many..MANY urls
in-app-purchase updating application
Detecting modifications of UDP or TCP packets
Having trouble defining a map for stock dividends
Call nbtstat command from PHP (64-bit OS)
How to stop adding a number when it reaches its limit
How to specify name in Django mail?
Generating the same MD5 hash in Java
Nested Sortable plugin consistently crashes browsers
RestKit OAuth 2 Password Authentication Flow
Use AS3 to parse XML node attribute that has a colon
Gwt Tomcat Deploy : Just Does Nothing
How to specify name in Django mail?
Generating the same MD5 hash in Java
Nested Sortable plugin consistently crashes browsers
RestKit OAuth 2 Password Authentication Flow
Use AS3 to parse XML node attribute that has a colon
Gwt Tomcat Deploy : Just Does Nothing
Something is incorrectly set when try to start new thread
Select optimised random results from a sub query
Change Label Text
Delete items from listview
Perl: Creating ZIP archive whilst ignoring pathnames
Detect termination of Citrix session launched by kiosk application
How to (properly) cache AutomationElements for future use?
jQuery String to Downloaded file
nfs mount authentication failure
Running PHP code on certain Drupal nodes
posix pipe as a work queue
Using require.js with jasmine to load scripts returning 404
Accessing Ajax Response Data
<command-line>:0:11: warning: extra tokens at end of #undef directive [enabled by default]
How to remove the Share/Embed/Info screen in JW Player
Stop Google from javascript execution
Need CURL request to fool server into thinking flash is installed
redirecting all dynamic urls to index page
PHP MySQL: Take highest values from multiple categories and write an array?
SQLAlchemy update if unique key exists
way to remove comma from format of windows edit control? (C++)
Java occasional SSLHandshakeException
How can I use vector graphics (defined in XAML) as the image of a Ribbon menu item?
Google Map API v3 off center if reloaded (not the usual 'resize' thing)
Facebook user access token vs application access token vs page access token
Backbone.js or Ember.js with Ruby on Rails
Joining using a series field
What is purpose of label attribute in JSF commandbutton?
Ruby self and puts
@XmlElementWrapper with a generic List and inheritance
Javascript/css in IE8
Using style from another assembly in Metro aplication
How to change the active Page in Visio through JACOB Library
Foreign Key not linking correctly
How to parse the response stored as string from httppost
Adding a field to a registration form in my forum --how to alter the database?
ASP.NET MVC 3 unobtrusive validation onError not called after view model fails to validate on server side
change encoding when using class with remote scripting in c#
Access to a function declared within an anonymous function?
Android custom dialog wrong dimensions
RestKit skipping mapping my object
Android - do I need to run zipAlign after I run jarSigner?
Can't pass variable from JQuery AJAX to C# code behind
Mocking generic number of consecutive responses from partial mock with Mockito
Move 'Result Info' And 'Powered by Google' to the bottom of Google Custom Search's results page?
Using UIImageOrientation to Save UIImage Correctly in Landscape Mode
Is there a way to create an SVN user with no access to log?
How do i see the current javascript running with chrome inspector?
Troublesome Wice::WiceGridArgumentError
Connecting NULL points in Highstock charts
Magento global attributes not saving globally
Unresolved external symbol _IID_IDXGIFactory
How do I get the types and values of an array of const?
Query AD from sql server 2008 Description field gives error
how do i display a loading animation on initial load while listview is populating?
update webgrid on dropdownlist post back mvc
How do I turn off validation when parsing well-formed XML using DocumentBuilder.parse?
Center text on a bitmap
Flex Mobile: Different filenames for Android/iOS
Changing ListView selected item
Changing position of sublists of a dropdown menu
iOS: PNG file cannot pakaged in the .app package
HABTM find, how to filter the results
php get date -1 month
How can I populate a select list with time?
Loading tableview images from URL in background causes duplicates
WCF without adding service reference in vb
RewriteCond Simple Issue
jQuery Modal Dialogs and MVC3 Partial Views
Yet another C++ Object initialization interrogation
How do I use setTmpFile() method of phpcrawl class?
Twitter boostrap.less in Express
Jquery - error message disappears on form submit
VFP sql prepass
Parsing XML Text with jQuery
Redirect Users based on IP Address , Apache / htaccess
A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found,etc
Are message and function prototypes no longer necessary in clang 3?
Python - Controlling Tor
Rails javascript_include_tag cache with dynamic paths
tomcat and
duplicate sites one wordpress one flash
Google maps - not sure why I am always getting the first infowindow
Disable numpy fancy indexing and assignment?
This WCF Service returns a TIFF image - how do I set the filename of the image it returns?
Python: format multitline strings with variables
How does SQLite handle huge databases?
shift an array and insert a new element at given position using memcpy
Using timer with ProgressDialog
Run application in separate session?
how to access in jquery parent parents class?
sending information from scripting side to flash video player
How can I separately retrieve the HTML that's before and after a child element inside a parent element?
Retrieving All the values of an XML document in javascript
c# structural comparison of hashsets of int arrays
Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference
Using SHA256 encrypting algorithm on Windows Phone 7
Third argument in 鈥減rocess.start()鈥�method C#?
How to add JFace table to Eclipse RCP New Project Wizard
Running a mysql query multiple times using values from an array in the WHERE clause
ejabberd: retrieve chat history from mysql db
Glimpse client side tool not appearing after setup on ASP.NET MVC 3 Site
performance evaluation for a php web project
libmysqlclient.18.dylib image not found when using MySQL from Django on OS X
How do I use regular expressions in between the CSS Selenium Selector code?
building a sitemap.xml in clojure?
PHP / Mongo DB : How to sort by a specific array attribute
primefaces trying to add a p:message for validation errors and p:growl for success messages
Passing information dosn't work with intents
Code behind not being imported when migrating package
changing the primefaces header style of panel component
How to kill child_process in node.js?
Unable to connect to ssl:// (Connection timed out)
Referencing resource files from a razor view
How to convert object to object[]
Select odd/even child divs
Sane ways to do a .spec file for insane big software
Fix compiled MVC ASP.NET site without the original code to compile
Reduce Margin of Button when the button is focused
use asp:LinkButton in umbraco
Disabling Textarea from CSS
base 64 encoding: ascii character to be used
EF: Adding new item in a collection and notifying all other collections that new item is added
Rails nested resources and paths
How to support Android Tablet Screen Sizes? [duplicate]
Core Bluetooth - constant RSSI updates of in-range devices
Is it possible for python to format an email it sends?
Getting value of a dynamically created select
scope of autorelease pool
How to limit thumb gallery display of blueimp jquery file upload per user or IP?
ActiveRecrod - has_many :through, :dependent => :destroy sql is not correct
Selective django/jquery form submission
How to create a custom route matching pattern in rails 3
How to detect back button -vs- GoBack() in WP7 app
Using objective-c in linux
Namespace error with spring data neo4j
How to get rid of this Message 鈥淎 script on this page is causing your web browser to run slowly鈥�
bash for i in {1..$1} doesn't work as expected
Serialize in C# - with own format?
Access VBA unable to create table
AsyncTask does not seem to work really async
Wrap a link to all images inside a div with jquery
node.js express app.get and
Why has the Eclipse Debugger/Emulator disconnected from my app?
In Python, is set.pop() threadsafe?
Double subtraction precision issue
Add node at end of linked list in c
How to define relative / cross-platform screenshot paths in Selenium IDE?
Setting cursor position in a contentEditable div - cross browser
App Engine NDB alternative for db.StringListProperty
Need to Add copied Text from the above line in a file to the following line where it has to be placed
Open sqlite in readonly directly from assets
SQL - message schema - need to find an existing message thread given a set of users
Legitimate uses of ReferenceEquals()
scrollTop off by 1 pixel in Firefox
Test if collections.Mapping is equal to other mapping, or dict
KnockoutJS: cannot update the option value
Failed opening required 'Zend/Config/Exception.php'
GMaven project from mvn archetype:generate doesn't `mvn compile`
How to handle serialization when using a worker thread from wicket?
Is there a command for inserting a line of characters in Sublime Text 2?
Do I need a SIP Server / Registrar to implement a SIP intercom system?
HTML2PDF in PHP - convert utilities & scripts - examples & demos
How do I install the SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) without its 鈥渙ptional鈥�dependencies?
Python - number of digits in exponent
Set focus on textbox using javascript
how to tell if it's using zsh or bash
SlickGrid vertical scroll bar not displaying properly unless the filter is displayed/hidden to re-size the viewport
system call in python
How to style the string of a ListView added programmatically?
Convert Double Matrix To HSV in Matlab
ExtJS Grid or Telerik MVC Grid: Bind only updated/changed data (per cell)
Attribute restrictions on C# generics
Is there any way to connect to Microsoft Project Server via a C# Application?
Get object details from clrstack output in windbg
C# threading Method Name expected error
PHP Class Logic, OOP, Validate API in each class?
SELECT WHERE id ='123' ,, other_col = other_call
jQuery mobile issue only on iOS, when showing movies
Include JQuery UI, now ocupload plugin doesn't work
SQL Server Reporting Services VS rdlc and the ReportViewer
Why is AutoMapper failing due to mappings in unrelated models?
Python - urlretrieve for entire web page
Sudden compilation error during maven release
ASP.NET mvc 2 app crashed on Windows 2008 R2 64 server
Is it possible to globalize an instance which has been declared in a Class?
STORE output to a single CSV?
Correct RESTful URL convention for application service calls?
Implementing WebdriverBackedSelenium in Python
dojo 鈥淥bject does not support this action 鈥�in IE
Javafx 2.0 arabic text Incorrect Order
Function detect in Features2d
Actionscript 3.0 Embed Font - Text Not Appearing
Delphi 7 / Indy 9 app not connecting to Apache via SSL
jquery ui button icon not centered in firefox
GWT 'xyz' Project : Generate war/xyz folder
Android database error and for some reason cannot update cell in table?
C# VS2010 and Crystal Reports
HTTP_REFERER not displaying anything
Where are the scan settings stored on ce 5.0 MC9090? They are not in the registry that I can see
How can I add two unix timestamps together?
Android tablet will not let me install more than one app at a time
.jar won't run when launched from C# program
Multi sparse matrices handling with SQL
displaying jpg in html via ajax
How do I combine jquery validation plugin and rails ajax object creation
To see all the components in a form
403 forbidden error cgi
Valgrind complains on string.append(string)
Using LocalMessageSender synchronously
Can I improve jQuery performance by combining all events of same type into one handler?
Tool to explain C statements containing bitwise operators
Google Maps API - Default cursor type
facebook sharer extra parameters, define where to share
Find and Replace more than 1 word?
How to upgrade a 2007 Excel Workbook application from .xls to .xlsx?
How to read 鈥済d:image鈥�element from an Atom feed using ROME
jQuery cycle - control with mousewheel? (How to prevent mousewheel from continuously cycling?)
QStackedWidget equivalent for Java Swing
how to view git notes attached to blob objects in eGIT
How would I normalize this table
matlab compiled program execute code on close
Abnormal termination of backup process due to the lesser available space in the hardisk for the backup file
How to send a large xml file through sockets
How to query the number of view counts for a post in Wordpress JetPack?
How to stretch input field to full width?
Trouble running waitress as a service on Windows Server 2003
Storing content and assigning to named zone in Orchard 1.4
How do I make a score label increase in cocos2d
Custom UserControl/List View Control in WPF
Logging based on levels on log4j
google server-to-server authenticated request returns forbidden 403
What is a reference cycle in python?
mysql-python build LNK errors
C++ programming try catch
Race condition caused by cursors persisted to temp files - is it possible
How to align baselines of text in UILabels with different font sizes on iOS?
replacing specific lines belows the line containing a certain string using sed inplace editing in linux
What are common places to put your delegates?
ios convert NSString with special chars to const char
Auto-updating version info of C++/CLI project
GC.Collect versus Marshal.ReleaseComObject and RCW
Java: what would be a suggested way of controlling verbosity (diagnostic messaging) level in a package?
Can we use the string data type in C++ within kernels
Can we use the string data type in C++ within kernels
Will releasing an array also release its elements?
How to Move A Ruby On Rail Website To New Server
Window opened with showDialog, TextBlock is showing underneath window instead of text
How to remove the readonly status from a cloned ActiveRecord model?
Can I upload an entire folder with php? [duplicate]
How to write a potentially huge InputStream to File?
Get Indexes by coumn name
DocType Definitions?
only to increment when the row is not empty
Conditional Sorting
NHibernate QueryOver Conversion Error On DB2 Date Type
Facebook Application, needs to post to users feed AND the page for the Application developer, possible?
JavaScript: history.back() in two frames on the same web page
TextBox with CurrencyFormat and PropertyChanged trigger doesn't accept text right
Get reference to originating object in event handler in Backbone.js
How to override symfony password check to be able to check against multiple types of hashes
setting border-radius of a div containing a .swf file
get all implementations of an api
Eclipse link web projects java build path
phonegap - using external site as app - facebook login
UIScrollViews and Dynamically Creating Pages
ADF Faces and jQuery integration
optimization of creating a form [closed]
OSGI service binder in Eclipse Virgo
Are 鈥減rotected鈥�and 鈥減ublic鈥�visibilities useless for class fields?
Why does debugging a C# project display C++/CLI symbols?
Bash fg command with pipeline
SQL begin end print
Map flags enum property to separate table
wpf 3d with lots of models
common authentication logic in membership
Manually retrieve Wordpress posts with category/tags for JSON
Refresh wallpaper in win7 via command line
Pinning a Java executable (with launch4j) to the Windows 7 taskbar
How do I get Rails ActiveRecord to generate optimized SQL?
Vim - search and replace all characters passed a space in each line
C# WCF using messages from client
How to make an image unclickable inside a html table?
Send int value to PC from Android
How to configure jboss 7 to write logs to different folder
LINQ Where statement in collection
WCF binding configuration apply only as default but as named it fails
64-Bit DLL: difference in results for VS2008 Releas and Debug configuration
how one can calculate a weight average price after a group by?
how can I view the execution plan of a mongoose.js query
posting multipart form from php online ( everything ok on localhost )
Export/Import Settings in Visual Studio .NET?
SQL Anywhere/ASP.NET - using SQLDataSource with output parameter
Google Maps V3 API map doesn't center correctly
Google Maps V3 API map doesn't center correctly
Twitter bootstrap modal is opening in front of form
Django coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, found
SQL Server Agent Jobs Priorities
Calling a templatized member function: Help me understand a code snippet from another StackOverflow posting
backbone handle sessions expiring
How to measure performance differences of query in oracle
How to read XML file in Encoding utf-8
UIImageView, setClipsToBounds and how my images are losing their head
Link to deliver a mailer in Rails 3
How to get current application state from wsadmin console for WebSphere 7.0
How to make custom button of MessageDialog not to close dialog when clicked, in RCP application?
Are there benefits to quick-exiting a method or constructor?
Server Update Process Design Patterns
Excel: Convert mass text to a number and maintain fixed length?
String.Concat inefficient code?
Find all links *without* a class
C _fullpath() returning bad path
Finding specific elements with jQuery
window.location with relative url
AVPlayer Stream status
how to set input and output parameters in arcobjects using c#, which call python script?
Compute the area covered by cards randomly put on a table
Using JQuery Validation with JQuery Notification plugin
How to compare all the cells of DataGridView - C#
Pull audience members from database
Can't update add-ons in Android Development Toolkit
Not able to search by name using Map quest COMMUNITY EDITION (Licensed Data) API
List of most popular Android phones?
DataMapper CodeIgniter Relation One to One
Apply Seq module operations to a subtype while keeping original type in f#
Safari extension injected script/webpage interaction
Mockito upgrade causes null pointer problems
Attaching events to controllers in a telrik template column
Google map api - autocomplete (japanese)
How to proceed from login screen to the next screen? JPanel, JFrame?
Does LINQ Where clause honor order?
how to respond to an ajax call in before_filter
Web service proxy filter implementation
Targetting multi-level array [PHP]
Custom MemberShip Provider, override Create User
AS3 - Avoid Two Buttons being pressed Simultaneously
A way for multiple websites to communicate
Any way to synchronize all premise databases in one go through 'Sql Azure Sync Group'?
matplotlib plot small image without resampling
Python Download File halts when packets loss occurs
Escape user input in windows batch file
UIWebView not loading
How do I animate an element to swing in CSS3?
Use custom keyboard for two different views
ASP.NET Health Monitoring in IIS 7.5 Integrated Mode
What is the bundle identifier of apple's default applications in iOS?
The Server did not provide a meaningful reply , this might be caused by a contract mismatch, a premature session shutdown or an internal server error
exclude underscore from alpha numeric regex
C# Override DefaultValue attribute?
How is a # intepreted in a Guid/UNIQUEIDENTIFIER (SQL Server)
iPhone Creating a Custom logging Class
Bad Css Design causing third party menu to mess the images and LI tags
uiswitch button in cocos2d
Flashlog.txt not getting appended
String to NSDate then back to string
dynamically extending <ul> in jquerymobile loses format
MVC 4 ModelBinder
Change focus to next input field when max length is reached
Why local variables are final?
Get extra and modified file from git repository?
Calling Objective-C method from C++ function?
How to delete a javascript object item by value?
How do I connect to my database using a web app and Jetty Runner?
Java spring security - intercept subdomain url for different login?
XML Parsing - CDATA
Android - app's activity stopped, started for unknown reason
Hibernate Sequence Combined With Insert Statements Not Working
Build automation for iPad 3 Retina App
Microsoft Property Usage Guidelines
How to see difference between WMA and WMV file with magic number detection?
Test templates and variables used in Tornadoweb
XML returned from URL not being parsed correctly
ParaView crashes when loading a large ASCII VTK file
CSS Fonts: Howto convert multiple TTF files into one file?
Can't find required NSURLConnection delegate methods in Apple's developer documentation. Why?
How to detect single touch as well as multi-touch in onTouchEvent()
Getting Inconsistent Facebook Like Counters on Website 鈥淩ecommend This Site鈥�Button Clicks and 鈥淪hare This Story鈥�Button Clicks
How to add .java files to MonoDroid project
HTML5 Drag and drop only working in Google Chrome
XML Access to Joomla web service
Can't display data from a Webservice into UITableView (ASIHTTPRequest)
Get started with Crypto++
CoreGraphics Gradient not shown on iOS4