How to setup page length in inches over command for printer epson lx300 [closed]
XML parser suddenly chokes on previous parsed latin characters half way through file
show results if it matches any of the conditions?
PHP output to JS to render as HTML
OutOfMemory error for Java SSL server on SunOS
Derived class using the wrong method
How to reload authorities on user update with Spring Security
Using EventAggregator to communicate between WPF in ElementHost and host WinForm
Recording and later playing back DOM changes in Firefox?
How to load a client side file and load it in some table
Increase the width of the bars while using jfreechart
Strange situation with QThread QT3
UIPageView - Controlling Page Turn Speed
jQuery draggable table row resizes table in Chrome
LSH Libraries in Java
Copy two columns to another table, one is a primary key
How to create an IPA on XCode 4.3.2
Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts issue in Production Environment c# web application on phonegap
Layout android activity
grabbing title with jquery
Is there a connection string property to specify size of binary or text data ADO.NET for SQL Server?
NLTK error
JQuery Ajax Firing multiple times from a single request
Which properties are necessary for a class to be accepted by a VB6 Controls collection?
GXT 2.2 - MessageBox button constants
pass an object from C# to C++ using C++/CLI or convert Object^ to Object
DirectShow .Net AddSourceFilter Release file
SQL Server 2012: performance columnstore index vs B-tree
Sum In Correlated SubQuery in MySQL - Using Same Table
how to check if a url has a substring
Accessing an enum from within a class, both of which are in the same namespace
Saving USSwitch to CoreData
Android app is published, but not visible anywhere in Google Play
MYSQL - failed to acquire exclusive database access
Join including count
How to set Terrain View in Map View in android?
javascript, traversing html tree: iframe
Create new array value for each html element in php
How to make ruler always be shown in Sublime text 2?
Is it possible to use Pig streaming (StreamToPig) in a way that handles multiple lines as a single input tuple?
MS SQL 2008 - How do I convert xml value into a collection of rows from a ms sql table?
Creating UserControls with ViewModels in WPF
TimeZone change to UTC while updating the Appointment
Creating Vocabulary in python
Android: How can i change the Build Target of one class
Link textboxes to search [closed]
Pass parameter to a webservice using ksoap2?
Datagridview in C# - custom sorting of column
jQuery/MVC3 function html onclick only working once
High Volume MongoDB with Twitter Streaming API, Ruby on Rails, Heroku setup
what is the best solution socket or net remoting or wcf in mini dbms
PHP $_POST value being lost when using JS .insertAfter()
Python range() with negative strides
Rotation with Pixastic
Determine why or how RHEL 5.6 /root/bin folder being emptied?
Textarea protection against mysql injection- PHP
good software practice - get and set methods
java threading, what's wrong with my code
google maps: update image overlay
java threading, what's wrong with my code
google maps: update image overlay
If I have a table that has 100 fields does that indicate bad database design?
Unicorn.rb configuration depending on environment
loop to create validation scripts for 10 forms
how to check efficiently if variable has declared
Eclipse, how to run multiple ant-targets
Visual Studio Indicator/Icon
Google USB Package isn't showing in SDK Mananger
jScrollPane setup
function in the function's parameter
Netbios name without samba [closed]
Why output content with a redirect?
DOMXpath query on query
C# coalesce operator Throws
how to handle with writing to pdf file chinese characters
GWT run on External Server
One SQLiteConnection per thread?
cocos2d load random image from sprite sheet
impossible to read $_SESSION vars on PHP facebook app
Dispatching a mouse event to an element that is visually 鈥渂ehind鈥�the receiving element
iPhone VOIP in background
first python program need a bit of help writing to file
Can you port a DirectX game to Google Native Client?
ack not do recursive grep
Use Java Script to get latest 2 tweeties?
Unified distance measure to use in different implementations of OpenCV feature matching?
Run Shell Script file On Android Embedded Device using System function in Android NDK
Which data types for genetic algorithms in Python?
Multiple instances of a wpf user control all use the same viewmodel
How fast is thread local variable access on Linux
Jquery Plugin doesn't work with Ajax
Parsing positional record file with n-level hierarchy using FileHelper library
How to select values from temp table and pass them as parameter to SP
print an array of input elements on a page using watir-webdriver
Escape a text for javascript from resource bundle
R: use of 鈥渨here鈥�to select rows by matching an element from a list
Logback: Multiple Property Sources
Rotate a sphere from coord1 to coord2, where will coord3 be?
execl - No memory available to program now (OS X / XCode / C++)
gwt beginner- error could not find any host pages in project'
One web app accessing different databases with the same structure
Is running a ExecutorService inside a SwingWorker a good practice?
twitter prevent url when tweet contains dots? [closed]
Form Displaying thank you message even when not submitting
uint32_t alignment on 64-bit?
How to: Driving Directions, Zoom in on a part when first loaded, with Google Maps?
Assertion failure error in objective c
Under what circumstances do zeromq sockets drop or fail to deliver messages?
How to generate statistics on article views last week
Moving a character within an array on a html page using php, jquery and onkeydown events
Stopping a Poco::Thread for Unit Tests
Create a space environment with no gravity, Box2d or not?
How to sell ebook on site using Wordpress so that users can download it on the spot? [closed]
ipad: Crash out of application is not generating an exception?
JPA - how to annotate id so it's autoincrements without SEQUENCE table?
Rails error: 鈥渃omparison of User with User failed鈥�
Django: user-profiles and user-registration 鈥�use the bitbucket modules or django's current 1.3 release?
Change local storage location in refinerycms for uploaded files
Custom field in backend with new extensions
How to make queries to a WCF service with EF model / data first
Why would one use the ,= operator on a boolean value in C#?
MVVM WPF Scientific application with dialogs
compare cpuusage value using shell script
Get data from a controller in another controller
have form act as a simple redirect (HTML/PhoneGap)
Wrap Image jquery and javascript
See Hibernate鈥檚 query parameters when using Logback
Chrome history bug maybe - doing PRG, and when navigating again to the same form - no history entry is added
How to bind 2 ASPxGridLookup located in ASPxGridViewEditFormTemplate while ASPxGridView is in EditForm
Build tools for multiple mobile platforms
SQL: Querying Counts on Field Values in a Single Table
knockout+jqm weird checkbox issue
Warnings ASIHttpRequest
PHP search array in array
Joomla 2.5 and Global Configuration admin page
Keeping android browser open with a service
.htaccess and wordpress: trying to add folder to special rewrite
Strip p and span tags from HTML content and re-format the HTML so that p tags are used properly?
jquery prevent redirect until after animation
Load/Append images into galleria dynamically 鈥渋n steps鈥�
Spring MVC @ExceptionHandler method in controller never being invoked
cvs rlog not working as expected against a branch
CMake project compiling fine SHARED libs but not with STATIC libs
what is the right emberjs way to switch between various filtering options?
Better Html Builder in java
Backbone.js : change not firing on model.change()
Is it possible to use same DLL for clients using both Windows and Linux
Mixing C++ and Objective C
Which algorithms can be used for generating timetables/schedules?
Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint + PIA
Impersonating a Windows user
rails development environment circular dependency error
WCF Client - How to process or ignore a MustUnderstand header element?
Gracefully handle expired HttpSession in Spring WebFlow
Using environment variables in Monodevelop with MonoTouch
how to pass the result of asynctask onpostexecute method into the parent activity android
Need advices considering coding with MONO-TOUCH
WP7 TouchPanel Gesture Handling
How do I print the queries executed by django .save() method?
Postgres - Get data from each alias
OpenSSL and AES
Gedit: function, array, object, 鈥�block wrapping
Bounding box for button is effecting rotation animation
Eclipse PDT : obtaining the source code behind an ASTNode
make automatic update [closed]
Don't know why XML Schema isn't well-formed?
Autohotkey to put the selected text in smart quotes
MySQL Join table and get results that don't exist in one
Hibernate. ClassicQueryTranslatorFactory vs ASTQueryTranslatorFactory
Why does {10 + '1'} + 10 equal 10? [duplicate]
Create usercontrol at runtime
How can I avoid asking twitter to grant access for my app everytime the user signs in to my website?
Step and Mongodb driver @ Nodejs
How to load contents to an existing div with jquery load() without removing the divs existing contents
I need a way of checking a URL is valid given an input
php svn class svn_fs_make_dir ( resource $root , string $path )
Sql prepared statement not executing
what jquery code to find and place text when website is running?
Creating a Foreign Key in Django Model
Jquery .span refresh onclick
How can I search for words in between html tags in PHP?
android - copying files from asset folder
Is my multithreading technique wrong?
Adding Paypal Pay Now button in Android app
How to Import Dirty Excel through c# having data truncation type guessing
C++ exception safety paranoia: how much is too much?
How can I extract an MDB file's table contents to text in C#?
Having more than one form in one page. How to validate it then? CakePHP
Using ASP.NET with windows workflow foundation
While downloading an HTML file show a static text and running points (Loading. .. 鈥�
Is there a way to get C++ source compiled into a binary so gdb can see it?
PHP - Eclipse PDT require_once on linked folder
Convert JSON into uri-encoded string
powershell embedded c# using ObservableCollection
Sign script in Linux for SSH access [closed]
Equinox.log for Eclipse Juno?
How to optimize this linq query? (with OrderBy and ThenBy)
How make sqlite with entity framework 鈥渆mbedded solution鈥�
How does git-svn handle line endings?
Android - best practice to re-publish an android app?
Issue in loading JSP page using JQuery-struts -ajax
Using existing data with Liquibase?
How do I name a Rails ruby file whose class name has numbers?
Show a wordpress page in Facebook Page as a Site, using app_data paremeter
WebDAV on IIS 7.5 with SSL (self signed) - Windows can't connect - Mac can only mount it readonly
How do I update a column in a table in MySQL using EclipseLink?
PlayFramework request to Google Places API
PHP Random String Generator鈥�not so random
Send and receive TCP data in ruby
Android- I want to set the visibilty of a textView in a listview row on clicking the button in the same listrow
Can anyone tell me why this haml code does not displays anything
Injecting non managed classes with CDI?
HTML and register mark in Outlook 2010/2007
Does Cygwin overwrite the windows command line?
Eclipse ADT 17 causes memory leaks when editing layout UI?
Qt: Custom QListView and live controls
visual studio 6 鈥渇ind all references鈥�
How can I remove a symbol from a shared object?
Validate File size before upload
How can I determine whether one list is contained in another, in the same order (in Java)?
How does j_security_check works in weblogic?
toJson(Map(鈥渟uccess鈥�>true, 鈥渕essage鈥�>str)) can't be compiled in play2
Django - Form not valid but no error
iOS application integration with pinterest [closed]
c read() with pipe stays idle
commonsware locationpoller
HTML written in vi not updating in browser
access javascript variable into the .ashx page
how to create XML Doc in ios
Preparation for app release with coredata
Find the count of duplicate items in a C# List
OpenGL ES 2.0 Buffer Setup
Compiling PostGIS for PostgreSQL 9.1 on Mac
French Characters in CSV
A program running my python module always returns a syntax error on the first line after a while loop
How to disable DTD fetching using JAXB2.0
how to make scroll event for listview
MYSQL Match example not working. Is 鈥淪pa鈥�a stopword?
How to get the current ul li's length in javascript , when i tried to sort them?
How do I store information securely on android device?
C++ function, what default value can I give for an object?
XmlDeserialization of geo:point
Jersey application fails to return JSON representation for a simple POJO
Inheriting from classes without virtual destructors
Dynamic FieldName for GridViewDataTextColumn (<%# Eval(鈥�%>)
General Mathematics (lol) / C#: Need a certain method [closed]
Changing numberOfComponentsInPickerView
Generate Textfield as per number given by user in java [closed]
Visual C# - Rendering images from form?
How to create open close navigation in jquery [closed]
Pickling a 鈥渋nterned鈥�object
Django haystack serving incorrect searched URLS
retrieving database result [closed]
Testing complex GUI [closed]
TFSBuildServiceHost service not running on TFS 2010 after updates to application tier
Nested Structured Numpy Array
TreeGrid in jqGrid not working properly
JQuery how to show, hide divs like scrollingwith mousedown() and mouseup()
how to correctly format values coming from a loop
Inventory System Java and Powershell
sql log file growing too big
Custom Constraint in Symfony 2 not being loaded
How Convert hex ip from Java?
Heroku Error H10 (App crashed)
DBPedia: What's the meaning of '__1' (double underscores) in URIs?
Bcp stored procedure not writing file to disk
How can I find Saturdays and Sundays in A given month?
How can i display the article of a specific user according to the number of views of this article?
Local Size Error in NDRangeKernel function in OpenCL
Nested Transactions in ADO.NET
Animating the first element of a PrimeFaces Datatable
CLLocationManager freeze my app when returning from background state?
Single handler for 9 buttons (gtkmm-2, libsigc++)
Is Microphone class supported on any Android?
Share via Google+..dialog complete action with shown
Check if jar file is loaded?
what's the default value of char?
Replacing c# function bij Jquery not working without knowing how to troubleshoot
Clear dropdownlist with JQuery
Spring Security Not working with Bookmarking/Adding the link to Favorite
position of drawable inside edittext
Using Teradata macros from Entity Framework?
PHP proc_open on windows
PHP && or if else statement not working correctly
iOS Core Data managed object update not persisted to sqlite db
Getting the OS version of a network terminal (JAVA)
Get the total length of samples of audio in Flash
Regex Regular expression in c#
Trying to pass a JSON object to C# using AJAX and JQuery
turn on the switched off phone programatically and send a message at a particular time.Is it possible?
html making an email fit across multiple mobile devices
connection current state is connecting error message
Need help solving runtime polymorphism using templates
how to use regex class for string maniplations
Structure for recurring unlimited voting contests
How to submit values from a view?
Make UserControl 鈥渟lide out鈥�from a side of a screen? when accessing a URL
TF237121: Cannot complete the operation. An unexpected error occurred
How to write pretty permalinks using nginx and php
FORWARD_NULL after derefencing null?
Multiple line tool tip in wpf using c#
Thread local pointer pointing to a non-thread local data
How to pull email from LDAP into web application
Errors on entity framework when using Membership.GetUser()
Pygame collision between player and block
New Apex Code from WSDL
How to open google map in my XML Layout in android
New Apex Code from WSDL
How to open google map in my XML Layout in android
Php SoapClient stream_context option
Searching a List of Tuples in Parallel
What does 鈥�)V鈥�mean in a class signature?
NoSuchMethod when trying to create a SPARQL query with jena
Inherited Properties not working
Adding points to a geom_tile layer in ggplot2
Java and 2 threads
mapping pid to qdbus service numbers after launching
How to filter SSAS data on the server?
AS3 - SharedObject over https
CSS: How to make a div block *not* take space in its parent container
Letting a non devise_invitable model invite a devise_invitable model
Checking to see if a mailbox is on a specifc database (syntax error!)
How do i check after .hover has started in jQuery that the mouse is still hovering?
how to get the count of number of true values in Arraylist java
Allow only specific users to login using everyauth
devise+omniauth devise helper like current_user,user_signed_in? not working
find an item in xml file
Get context inside LocationListener
How to Configure App.config file in c#
Is there a way to disable copy paste for editor column in devexpress xtraGrid?
How to parse identically named XML elements as Array in Ruby?
Are advanced VHDL configurations ever used in real life?
FFMpeg crashes on decoding MJpeg
how to get dialed mobile number in my application? [duplicate]
How to create service listening to the clipboard
jar conflicts version commons-configuration
PHP count value in array
Viewstate corruption with VS2010 Web Performance Tests How to change index of array that contains data?
C# as user interface calling Prolog as reasoning module
What are alternative cache solutions to Output Cache in MVC3? [closed]
Django forms: cannot call form.clean
How to create a form from a json file in extjs
Unity Resolve<Interface1<Interface2>> issues
Installer is not showing all the permissions I request (Android)
error updating partial in rails
System.OutOfMemoryException asp net MVC
ruby access to timesten
How to delete a string in a file with ANSI C?
Result Set is closed error when referencing table via JPA (Websphere and DB2)
Fogbugz EBS: should I stop my clock when working on non-fogbugz tasks?
CorePlot stipes filling
ExtJs: Does store need to be removed forcefully once the grid using it is destroyed?
Seeing more of comment
Multiply TimeSpan in .NET
Search feature in Code Ignitor using YUI
Qt slot connection not working under child Dialog
How to batch rename in windows with python
How to maintain the order of a JSONObject
Invalid path with ui:include
Change to Rake tasks and argument structure in Rails 3.2?
To check if array consist of only elements from another array, VB.NET
Doctrine 2.2 proxies classname
How to create programmatically DocumentType in Umbraco 5
With APC installed, XDebug still shows requires take several MB of memory
How can I validate number in wicket 1.5.3?
security - folder 775 on a web server
Rich Text Field lost link reference doclink Lotus
Creating navigation based application with xcode 4.3.1
Of people who took at least one ride, what's the average number of metro lines they rode?
Using broadcast receiver to invoke an application via SMS
Using SurfaceTexture in combination with RenderScript
Formatting hexadecimal Number in Javascript
How to detect screen rotation through 180 degrees from landscape to landscape orientation?
Spring-data-jpa, Hibernate wrong SQL query returns null instead of Exception
Bypassing authentication on Symfony2 鈥渨elcome鈥�page
New Image not Rendering in Rails 3.1
How to fire event handler only for the specific control in foreach loop
Is it possible to merge UI Controls on MS Coded UI Tests?
C# select specific row from HashSet
Enums as dropdown list in Primfaces
Java - log4j XML Configuration for appending Server Name
sql injection not working
Nodes not getting Colored as per graphml
Apache Basic Authentication using FilesMatch within DirectoryMatch
create dynamic upload path for uploadify using php GET data
Is it possible to get the column header text in extjs 4?
Ant copy task ignoring files
Road map to Success in Google Code Jam [closed]
How to setup Google Analytics Goal for ajax form submissions
Private methods and fields
Regex Java Discrepancy
GWT MVP - How to architect the application
LINQPad DB2 Support
jQuery v1.6.1 is not working with JSON parse
blend exception
Hibernate Criteria problems with order by and joins
Is there an easy way to find duplicated text in resource files within Visual Studio 2010
Variables and Less CSS, would this be possible or how can I achieve something similar?
Alternative for using system() in C++ to prevent firing new processes
Validation of numbers with decimal values in textbox using javascript
XSL- XPath expression to filter
Possible attack attempt on webserver, how to decode the requests to find out?
Unable to log events using Spring and Clojure
equal_range on one key, lower/upper bound on another in boost multi_index_container composite_key
kernel 3.3 panic-dump by root_fs unpack
kernel 3.3 panic-dump by root_fs unpack
Dynamic xml to Java object?
Trying to use the firebird embedded server - Specified server type is not correct
optimized static padding for strassen's odd matrices
How to get the difference between now and a different date (in minutes) using ksh (or another shell script)?
Handling namespace changes with TypeNameHandling.All
In jQuery How Would You Increment the Year based on Month selected from a Dropdown
What is the difference between calling a script from a shell/Terminal and using Java Processes?
CSS 3 text shadow in IE
converting images to dds on linux command line
about django HttpResponsePermanentRedirect to android market URL doesn't work
Is there a way of providing a final transform method when chaining operations (like map reduce) in underscore.js?
CodeIgniter: Passing fields to user_profiles database with Tank_auth
Enabling flags (Wall, pedantic) for C/C++ compilation within Eclipse
Creating a static view in WPF that won't get initialized every time
HQL new list creation and order by count
Weird symbol during preview
Programmatically add Views inside a (Linear)Layout (that is inside a ScrollView)
Model design and LINQ query [closed]
Fade effect with timer?
Prevent refreshing if the popup is opened
Converting C code to Java:Pointers
How to avoid NullPointerException in ArrayList with 2 threads
TRAC milestone recovery
Catching 鈥淓nter Key鈥�works with IE but not Firefox - used in Cognos
How to nest a parent form in its child form?
VBA module that runs other modules (solved)
Episerver LinkItemCollection not visible to users
Office 2007/2010 Custom Ribbon UI How to Change TAB Color XML TAG
Customize OOTB Table of Content Web Part
Read property from POM into java code
How can I read the Series.Color during runtime when using a ChartColorPalette?
Select current time 鈥渘ow ()鈥漚nd convert it to GMT 0
JavaScript - Reading from dropdown box
how to parse attribute onclick, which contains return function. javascript
Can a virtualfield be based upon linked data in cakephp?
How to create new table with duplicated contacts
All browsers work in different ways in determining the positions
Spinner inside custom ListView freezes on returning from another activity
Cannot find class in classpath issue with TESTNG
SQL Syntax - having clause?
In Eclipse, how can I show generic type constraints in Javadocs?
oracle Jdbc update statement return zero
Uploading Files in GWT without GAE and Apache Commons
Unique id shared between multiple tables sql 2008
Blackberry: how to change size of font at browser field on OS 5.0?
unable to connect to sql server 2008 from VS 2010
how to get sum and count from this result set?
Gmail is ignoring my HTML emails
sending photo from Android aplication to server side
mysqli_free_result(), Returning A Warning
jboss 7 logger write the same data to two different files
Transport Layer Security (TLS) Examples?
Sharing a queue among several processes
get list e-mail list from database and send mail to all from php script without using any api
What's the minimum I should install in oreder to be able to run/create a web service with c#? [closed]
Create a dictionary of non-contradicting items from a list of dictionaries
Implement interface member 'System.Collections.IEnumerable.GetEnumerator()'
request_camera cannot be resolved to a variable
Ctrl+left mouse button multiple copy lines of code like Word in Notepad++?
Screen Coordinates With CGAffineTransform
sql database index doesn't work
Adding new variables to variable array
Converting hex to int64 in PHP
Create custom return types when wrapping a web service in an adapter?
CouchDB: Querying Many-To-Many 鈥淩elationship鈥�
Can't get column with format date in dataset to database
One activity, many contents
Identical query with same data which uses DATEDIFF fails in one and passes in one
Qt suppress Database errors
What does it mean when a Type name is 鈥淿Closure$__1鈥�
@Html.EditorFor send empty array on post
Extracting values from IRanges objects in R/Bioconductor
How to fit PDF file horizontally in an iframe?
CSS issue not working in FireFox
ASP.NET JQuery AJAX POST returns data but within a 401 response
Is DevExpress MemoEdit Control much heavier than TextEdit?
Disable multithreaded building per module
Block SMS in Objective C for IPhone and access them in MY App
Need a visual control to visualise logical 鈥淎 follows B鈥�or 鈥淎 depends on B and C鈥�and such relationships
Can give me an example that when should use UIElement.UpdateLayout()?
Symbol(s) not found for architecture i386 - MCPConnection
JavaScript Frameworks similar to Cappuccino
Converting A Json Format Output to an Excel
Regex with 鈥渞鈥�read from file doesn't work correctly
Error updating BIT field in SQL database (using PHP PDO driver)
Methode invocation with timer in windows forms
ruby gem for news parsing snippets
Android linking more than one xml to java class file
saving data in array codeginiter
Search Facebook Check-ins at given place
Load markers to google map from json php
MongoDB Log Levels
Active Admin is having problems signing in when after_sign_in_path_for (devise) in my app
VC++ provides default 'delete' operator for each class if it is not defined
.NET UdpClient and Winsock Interoperability Issue
how can i run this program when clicking the button in java?
Unicode display issues (UnicodeEncodeError) via 鈥渉eroku run python鈥�
Outputting unicode text to an RTF file in python
Eclipse : Where to put NDK reference? Native Development is missing?
Smooth-Div-Scroll and iPad
Selling anonymous aggregate Facebook data
How can I quickly create Javadoc links to elements in Eclipse?
Unit testing - stubbing an SqlDataReader
Two-way data binding in DataTemplate via TemplateSelector
Django - Autopopulate non blank form field
Custom Tags doing something at the beginning and end
Updation of java encrytion standards from DESede to AES
include a jquery drop down box below mysql results
Copying C++ Map into key and value vectors
How to rewrite LINQ Any() to make it suitable for .NET 3.5
Delete duplicate rows from DB table [duplicate]
Programatically uploading picture to Facebook Page's album
Use jQuery to find and replace multiple words on the page [duplicate]
Downloading and zipping files that were uploaded to S3 with CarrierWave
How to remove from a List some items? C#
Getting the Host name of a Local IP address (java)
Complex JSON parsing in android - Multi objects and arrays
Can I use RE-Captcha with Wicket?
Open dynamically generated PDF in Tab or iframe
Galleria resize stop working at load()
Which app do I need to display facebook feed?
how to unit test a NSURLConnection Delegate?
HTML why do buttons in forms send data?
unique_ptr with an API that expects raw pointers?
Thinking Sphinx type integer with has_many association
Missing extra Cronjob in MODx Revo 2.2.0 while DitsNews 0.2.0 alpha3 depends on it?
Automatic load a Listener in PHPUnit
alignment issue nested ordered list containing containing different font size
How to uniquely identify a user, before updating just their info in the database -
Ubuntu LAMP with Zend directory structure for web hosting
Python program not accepting decimal raw input
Fetching data using Python & lxml
cocos2d animation sprite
Printing an element from a list in Haskell
Push ViewController on Top of TabBarController
Float an NSView above a window being used by DVDPlayback framework
Get hold of Foo[].class given Foo.class
vbs error-trapping on folder-listing
XSLT For-Each Wrapping every nth item in a div
Zuul Remake in Java HashMap Issue
Teradata: How can I drop a foreign key constraint from a table?
Validating mac app store receipt in Server
is there a reason why <script> has to have a separate closing tag?
What is the Unity 2 replacement for <typeConfig />?
How to check different value keys in a dictionary concurrently using list comprehensions
MySQL script with parameters
Lucene Index - single term and phrase querying
Lucene Index - single term and phrase querying
Jquery validation- assigning group in html markup
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.hibernate.engine.SessionFactoryImplementor
Converting text to Datetime in specific format
php organize divs while cycle
IIS SMTP some mails had been lost
How can I do inplace editing (-i) with perl on windows?
Inheritance. Call child class function from parent class
Can Resharper create a method directly in an existing region?
XSLT Gouping, for-each and implicated loop. How to eliminate duplicates?
PHP: json decode limits
How to allow blank spaces in an attribute assigned as primary key?
re-use of code for showing the active link of menu
html rendering unescaped characters as escaped
MS Excel : COM class factory for component with CLSID {00024500-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
Sip authentication --response value
CSS 3 items vertically aligned {left, center, right} floating
rotate (orbit) node around another object (javafx-2)
NullPointerException for ArrayAdapter during setAdapter step in android [duplicate]
Octave basics: How to assign variables from a vector
Detecting which selected item (in a ListView multicolumn) spawned the ContextMenu (Android)
Force portrait mode in camera
excel vba sql server data import 鈥渢ype mismatch error鈥�
Edit invisible rows for UITableViewCells
System() in perl
AvalancheImagineBundle creating simple thumbs doesn't work
android ImageView subclass dosen't show properly
PhoneGap or Flex
Getting an unexpected answer from this clock() function in C
Stop script within forked process
Radgrid: Change extracted values on update command for automatic updates
Unsigned Short override
Get all comments on a public Facebook post
Clamp Rectangle inside larger Rectangle
Access 2000 Report 鈥�alternate row color
How decode url to windows-1251 in python
Star rating with two GET
uilabel not autoshrinking text to fit label size
c++ parsing arguments in an exception class [closed]
PhoneGap - Android I have a scroll that automatically goes to the top. Why?
AIDE and Eclipse Project Error
Consecutive reads of slave device - Best solution?
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IE7 shadow-filter + absolute positioned div outside parent content hidden
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nivoSlider undefined resources
EXC_BAD_ACCESS pointing me an arm line of code
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Paypal PDT AutoReturn
IdFtp.List throws socket-error #10054 occasionally
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Detecting the javascript method which is executed in webview
Get alias of unicode symbols
touchesMoved continued point?
Unable to load gem during runtime - cannot load such file
How to compare two tar files in bash without using temporary files?
How can I express access-control through a REST-style service?
Output from a PDO statement
Disabling ability to change the sort-order of a sorted OpenFaces Datatable
use of RIA Service project's DLL in Window service
converting html to pdf through javascript
Android share option
Why is the program showing a 404 error.. The HTML page when clicked
How does the shutdown work in executors?
Read php generated XML file with ajax & output to html using javascript
Calling a server side function using a javascript
Ticketing system with PHP
Programmatically Knowing the App name using WiFi
Error 127 make file error using qt plugin
Fastcgi app blocking on FCGX_Finish_r in combination with apache
Unknown Type of data to return in linq to xml query
How do I concatenate cells and add extra text?
Django switch database dynamically
What is the fastest way to sort some sort of list in c++?
Specifying database names in SQL Server in queries 2008
Programatic manipulation of Google Map API keys
Serial Port Open Issue in C#
Google Maps API V3 Markers Not Showing
NETWORK SERVICE permission for database
Symfony (Doctrine) : accessing nestedset root element
UIProgressView with multiple asynchronous NSURLConnection in iOs
Detect & Differentiate Clipboard Events (Cut,Copy and Paste)
Why is UI object null when I manually trigger a sortable event?
batch to run java, can't find class
Include header file in C curiosity
`static`, `extern`, `const` in header file
openrdf-sesame database / triplestore in eclipse wtp project with tomcat
How do i add a button in an Actioncolumn in extjs
Map key generate issue on android
can't figure out what is the issue of not accessing to session in PHP using include();
Crash when is no internet connection
Crash when is no internet connection
Integration os phonegap in xcode 4.2 IOS SDK
Yii - setdefault in form from GET
Spring MVC 3, Interceptor on all excluding some defined paths
Android OutOfMemoryError while using multiple images
How to use a project as a library in another project?
Microsoft MVC 4, APIController and a proper RESTful login Web Service
Can an interface require a property, but not specify a required type?
User Parameter in a Work Item Query
iTunes In App Purchases and the User Dialog
How to localize a DatePicker?
C++ on Unix: Differences in threading libraries?
Does a Hibernate transaction rollback delete 鈥渟ession.flush()鈥漞d entities?
VB big block of text?
Why is RestKit doubling my base url?
Is it possible to flip a div with css3 on an android
Wcf Json Post works in VS but not in IIS 7.5
youtube reproduction list-like horizontal list jQuery, CSS or Javascript
How to avoid normalization of rational numbers in boost?
With Hibernate validation, can I query the entity being validated?
operator '.' cannot be applied to lambda expression
MSSQL mirroring error 1499
Python: import cx_Oracle ImportError: No module named cx_Oracle error is thown
html page direct
How to generate the F# type signature similar to FSI in my own code?
Application cache only when users want it?
search the history for the all tables that are created by a user
Complex SQL Querying: Two queries within the same table?
checking Network Status while running the app in android ConnectionString in secure way
How to close/cancel/dismiss a System Dialog programmatically (Android)
Weak References in python
How to get a difference between two dates? [duplicate]
Create instance of an unknown class in Objective-C
PHP and backslashes in strings
intelligent multi-dependent drop-down in excel?
Why Internet Explorer checkbox accepts double click but changing state only once?
Orientation of a navigationController in a TabBarController doesn't work like it should
Not displaying data from mysql
Create custom workflow map in Win Forms or MVC
Twitterizer throwing a File Load Exception due to file or assembly of Newtown.Json
How to remove a part of a string with variable?
Automatically see high-level instructions when stopped by breakpoint in GDB?
What is the advised way to populate a persistent collection with the results of a query in mongo?
Open activity using a expand animation
Vague WCF Error on client side when processing a large object graph
Simple MySQL if query syntax
Assembly and bootloaders
LINQ Query Issue, Sequence contains no elements
New date format from Twitter
How do I get the Class from a bean that is going through an AOP Proxy?
django Error when upload the file from the admin panel
excluding certain subfolders in vbs
Is there any extension for Google Chrome that would let me use the find function (CTRL+F) over multiple tabs?
Client Stub generated using Axis2 encoding xml data in SOAP:Body
Callback File System and 鈥渘o jnicbfs in java.library.path鈥�error
Function-pointer to comparison operator
Can a pure j2me app be developed to access facebook
Horizontal and Vertical scroll not work for bitmapfield in blackberry application
set background colour for table when the page loads
WPF Ribbon control with custom RibbonMenuItem
find the phone number based on name - android
Entity Framework Code First: How to seed a database for unit testing
Classic ASP cookies removed upon leaving the page or terminating the page
Email publisher in CruiseControl fails with no logging
Is ASP.NET Web Forms source code available for download anywhere?
what are the alternatives for php://input and $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA when file_get_contents and always_populate_raw_post_data are disabled
WatiN Error : could not load file or assembly
jQuery datepicker multi-month mode duplicate weeks
GWT fileupload, file not being sent in the POST
CSS issue with border colors
Order by condition HQL
Linq2Entities CompiledQuery for query that uses joins
Javascript onload and onunload
Obtain rooftop geocode address accuracy
Connecting Excel 2010 VBA to Oracle using 11g client
Can we increase the height of Toast notification in WP7
How to add a field in edit post page inside Publish box in Wordpress?
How to query comma delimited field of table to see if number is within the field
manipulate marshaller in jax-ws
Old line disappears when I draw new line
Changing content of iframe dynamicallly
Setting a Spring bean class name using a SpEL expression and PropertyPlaceHolder
How to write LINQ statement for XmlAttributeCollection?
Why 鈥渄p-to-pixel鈥�ratio changes with the screen density, but not necessarily in direct proportion
Compressing multiple JavaScript files into separate files
mysqldump not executing through PHP
Temporary ASP.NET Files Missing
Mootools Element clone
ASP.Net MVC 3 Unit of Work Disposal
Can't get proper JSON response from API
SQL CE 4 vs Files on a website
Single socket connection with multiple logical data streams (differentiating packets)
Management in case a user's birthday is secret
Finalizing a Cursor that has not been deactivated or closed
Data binding with Java
Windows Schedulded Tasks. Run on startup and restart every sunday evening
Unity 2.1 - Resolve generic type from non-generic interface?
Haskell Assignment - direction needed to split a String into words
Google+ API Yet? [duplicate]
Java running bash command while feeding it input and getting output
How to select rows in which column two and three are not equal to each other and to 0 or 1?(with awk)
Cannot use javahl nor command line svn client with ant 1.7.1 on window 2008 server
Sqlalchemy remote database session refresh/flush issue
Canvas strokeStyle thickness
Need help dynamically updating a view mvc3
tcpTransport + encryption + compression + windows authentication
Wordpress keeps 鈥渃leaning鈥�my post format html
How to open a window after a button click in extjs
Inotify dynamically index new folders
Cocoa Interface Builder - Number Formatter Bug?
Android - Update a contact
ViewPager - get a partial view of the next page
applying z-index to a :pseudo element
Design approach to use in Android when several activities need to connect to a service
Marshalling List<T> with Jersey and JAXB
Private Constructor on POCO entity preventing Eager Loding
Dropdown multilevel hover issue in IE, firefox
Source control system to branch by user instead of version
Why is Default constructor called in virtual inheritance?
Flushing the cache for benchmarking in PostgreSQL 9.1
how to create array with same dimension as another array in SAS
XML mappings from a database
Highlight a cell in JTable via custom table model
Concurrency error with CoreData and one-to-many relationship
when several tasks call same delegate how to understand the source?
Liferay Message Board 鈥淯ser Profile Picture鈥�hide option?
Securing my LINQ to SQL connection string
GPE support for app engine 1.6.4?
python set intersection with object sets
How to check if MethodDeclaration belongs to inner class
Save and returning newly created object while employing Service and Entity Framework 4.1?
Compressing string data returned from a web method call using gzip and headers
ios pass values during a segue to another view
Create a txt file if its not exist and if it exist write a line with C#
Is it possible to fit sites to iPad/iPhone without media queries, viewports, additional scripts?
Alternative for Excel pivotTable in c#
Is it possible to have a UIPanGesture and UISwipeGesture together?
How to sort list of date object?
Spring Data JPA : Creating an abstract repository
Why tochesBegan is not working in UITableView?
Lua table indexing issues between strings and integers
TFS - Create a branch from local working copy
BroadcastReceiver doesn't stop a thread
How to load my properties file?
How to have tab bar in the navigation?
Linux group quota for root user? [closed]
Is it possible to create own authentication without standard classes and namespaces?
jQuery UL Tabs duplicate navigation?
Python fcntl does not lock as expected
Maven SoapUI plugin - how to execute 2 SoapUI test projects during Maven's lifecycle
What does this statement return?
Pseudo-elements ignored by FireFox
MVVM data persistence in Silverlight
Should I unregister NSNotification both in viewDidUnload and dealloc?
Calling a function declared in iframe and set on parent page
jquery ui and simpledialog2 problems
Referencing classes from an VC++ .EXE project from a unit tests .EXE project
Set dynamic JLabel text in a JDialog by timer
Difference between Vaadin getContent.addComponent() and addComponent()?
How to build a homepage android application?
See More with javascript
Simplify repeating jQuery code
javascript function is not called
(My)SQL: SELECT first number not taken in series of numbers, similar to MAX()
remove all the files of zero size in specified directory [closed]
Detect when security lock is on screen
How to stretch TabBar items to width of TabBar?
Is there a way to hash a html dom element for use in a map?
How to add up one by one
Reverse order of words in a sentence without using built in functions
Pattern for a specified character
Unzip and save files using as3?
Why Heroku don't use the good manifest.yml
Is there a tool to generate SDDL (Security Descriptor Definition Language) strings?
Eclipse autocompletion for Runnable working but not for Thread
How to create a 鈥渄istinct鈥�queue in Azure?
Creating a folder from my application to the other application in android
Text rotation in Java2D
Compilation error when using boost::posix_time
Changing values within a very large collection (10,000)
RequireJS - Applying Constructors To Modules
Find jvm from Java
How to get Firefox working with Selenium WebDriver on Mac OSX
UInt16[] to EMGU image in C#
How to create JasperReport object from compiled .jasper file?
access the values present in a table cells using jquery in IE7
-[__NSArrayM objectForKey:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance Error in Objective c
How to use subquery in delete/update query in mysql
How to save cURL response into a file?
Django and haystack with whoosh
Removing options from select with regex in jQuery
how to make picture_buttons in a mobile website is it possible?
Reload table view not working
Step into project classes while debugging
How to set the width of the website?
Codeigniter, Ion auth, html emails
How to check all checkboxes checked or not in a panel in
Locking sqlite file on NFS filesystem possible?
Determine whether two Git branches have diverged
Google Maps API 3 - map loading in Firefox (v11)/IE (v9) but not Chrome (v17)
Handling Character count for twitter post which includes URL
Vertical Selection Using Jquery
Javascript object get key by value
ios Who invoked that segue?
Common misconception : Files have an EOF char at their end
Custom contour plot in MATLAB
Getting multiple check box results in POST with php
How to move logs from console to a file?
Unable to open AJAX using Jmeter proxy setting
PHP 5.3: fgetcsv and missing letters
Twitter Callback Issue Using Titanium OAuth Client for Android
plist xml file to html /pdf format on mac
How to change variables value while debugging with LLVM in XCode?
Cancelling query during truncate
Not able to enable the Billing for the new app-id
Core Plot Graph Label steps
Start Cygwin process from Java
How to preserve 鈥渰0}鈥�after two string.Format calls [duplicate]
add/remove List<> items selected in a ListBox
Getting Facebook User in Asp .Net
Delay after pressing a button
Quickfix contains tag
Determine if website developed with Django
C# project NOT being rebuilt after modifications and starting Debug
May pointer to members circumvent the access level of a member?
In Emacs, is there a way to auto-complete only from one specified buffer?
Model creation for User User collanborative filtering
Looking for CSS parser in Scala
detect arabic input in Edittext
鈥淐OLUMNS_UPDATED鈥�in SQLite triggers
Asynchronous message passing in .NET
android java A* Pathfinding help needed
Does java.util.Random implementation differ between JREs or platforms?
Storing html tags within an xsl varable
Android - after publishing an app, how long before it is searchable?
RoR: Get file (attachment) name/location
Getting section filtering to xml attribute
How can I increase an image's resolution without it getting pixelated?
C++ Builder XE cant succesfully convert project from BCB6
Windows 8 navigation, passing an URI as parameter
Run outputType library project
Changing user within python shell
how to get php to display the 2nd value of the array
c++ using 鈥渋ndexing鈥�over a 2D matrix, under this structure
How to fill my hidden fields with IDs from my tables with Jquery
Looks like java inner static class, but apparently it's not (I don't get it, how is this possible?)
Display swf into a native window
Add link to text - with the text in the link
is it possible in blackberry to post to facebook wall using access token?
Active record has_many association for one model having two types of values
jstree checkbox manipulation
Duplicate item in dropdown list
Jquery progress bar color change
jquery override $.post success callback per form after initial general bind?
How can I optimize my search?
Weird Dynamic SQL in VBA Heisenbug [closed]
Converter doesn't work - Miles to km - km to miles (if function does not execute else part correctly)
How to configure Hudson to search all Sonar configuration files?
Eclipse: imported project doesn't update
MySQL date formats - difficulty Inserting a date
鈥淏ad system call: 12鈥�crashes when using a static framework on iOS with IPA-deployment (not Xcode run)
Class Structure in ActionScript
How to build a dynamic calendar in MVC 3 ?
Show launch image until webView load
How to minify/obfuscate a bash script
Is mysql_query thread-safe if I init one mysql connection per thread?
Reading special characters from FoxPro using OLEDB
cannot insert background image in table in html
Setting locale, and string module in Python
django-registration: Cannot translate email and subject
WCF Self tracking entities behavior
Storing selected emails from outlook in SQL Server by forwarding
Hide some options for configurable products
Use JS to change <form> from remote to non-remote in Rails 3, HAML
Three20 TabStrip
How to add a css to a view in the Controler?
How to deal with an array of equal values and max function?
How do I disable code generation in my test plugin?
Selecting a value to decode hex string in PDF
NSPredicate against NSArray in iphone
How to Generate a JavaDoc for a Android Library Project that includes the Already available documentation of the jar that the library project is using
Unable to obtain Matrix in C [closed]
CakePHP searchable tags
moving from hibernate to openjpa: Errors encountered while resolving metadata
commons httpclient - Adding query string parameters to GET/POST request
How to convert enum names to string in c
Best practice when implementing copyWithZone:
How to detach child_process from a node.js one?
Effective way to allocate and delete memory using smart pointer in C++
Display time in current locale using Calendar
ANT - retrieving the current task name
Adding new input field to product insert form Opencart
longest duplicated string from programming pearls
How to Implement a server side push with Java spring JSF and jquery in a Web application
List modification in a loop
Displaying data in Gridview in VB
Set a property in XAML to a function
jquery -preload single large animated gif
adding textboxes from php table
Active admin overwrite index view
How can I use the Callback result in WCF?
Change GWT SubMenu Popup Location
fusion table query
Issues with setting some different font for UILabel
How can I get the localized date units?
Finding neighbouring cells in haskell
Abnormal alexa ranking score
A good way to implement a REST API in C#
Making dynamic forms (the best approach)
Generic constraints and Expression type evaluation
What is best way to structure code for git merging
Cython error message: Buffer has wrong number of dimensions (expected 1, got 2)
APNS ERROR: Unable to connect to 'ssl://
Python: using re.sub to replace multiple substring multiple times
removing redundancy in a perl hash
a4j:commandButton action not firing in rich:popupPanel Richfaces 4 JSF 2
TextBox with validation loses ErrorTemplate on tab change
How to use geb in groovy shell
What does training image mean in openCV?
Modal dialog doesn't get focus
required field validator change css of textbox
Get Ids of Checked Checkboxes in MVC3
Ajax with jquery mysterious failure
Silverlight dynamic bulk file download application
Excel: Search and mark substrings in a column without writing a macro
HTTP streaming on Heroku (upload lots of data)
Segmentation fault occurs in the program sometimes, but not always. How do I correct it?
KeyGenerator exception with RC4 algorithm
How to get the thrown exception using Assert.That, 脿 la Assert.Throws<T>
NServiceBus and remote input queues with an MSMQ cluster
Shading Cells using Apache POI
Netbeans groovy 1.8 support
How load testing is done
Finding issue in compiling a query
The concept behind 3d faking a 2d scene in the Drawn PC Casual game
How do I bind to the preferred size of a ListView?
鈥淐annot redirect after HTTP headers have been sent.鈥�When returning HttpResponseMessage with HttpStatusCode.Unauthorized
read arabic characters from text files in PHP
Dyamic vs Static Polymorphism in C++ : which is preferable?