java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01002: fetch out of sequence
Multiplying a Complex Double with a Double in Haskell
IE8 SSL Cert Problems while other browsers work like a charm deployment issue [closed]
Remove column from specific table with JQuery
Customize empty cells in a table view
What is the best way To make a Follow button Like Twitter Follow button
UITextView to be resized with contentsize after pinch gesture of another view
Add a link to a image with HtmlAgilityPack in Windows Phone
Completion handler for UINavigationController 鈥減ushViewController:animated鈥�
Session expire design pattern
Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.IO.Stream' to 'Java.IO.InputStream'
Phonegap input type password field focus
JDBC batch creation in Sybase
Why does `to_json` on DataMapper objects and collections cause infinite queries?
Tridion: Unable to load .Net dll while publishing
issue with trigger in ms sql server?
python: find only common key-value pairs of several dicts: dict intersection
OSGi services architecture: creation of service at request of consumer
Change iPython QtConsole settings
Best practice for defining multiple traits that add behaviour to classes that implement a particular trait
Replace useless parts of code
WCF Make a POST request with a parameters
How to install RunSnakeRun on OSX
in php how to load states onchange
Javascript/css working in IE 8 [duplicate]
facebook api and android
Android: iteration over SD card directories causes hang
Is there a jQuery Plug-in that simulates Facebook tours?
node.js form elements array
NATURAL JOIN on large tables in dbs
Conversion of JSON object to C# object
Loading jquery UI in FF 11 give error:: 鈥淭ypeError: a is undefined鈥�
JQuery.Post() call to mvc controller from magento onepage checkout
Detect backspace and del on 鈥渋nput鈥�event?
Setting a Sheet and cell as variable
Change Html block with Jquery
Set autofit ratio for row height
custom joomla site, layout of a page
How to have accordion type of menu?
How to deal with landscape orientation prior to child view navigation
Passing any control as an argument of function
How to handle dynamic ID in HTML
R: remove multiple rows based on missing values in fewer rows
Create custom section tree from .sitemap file
How to set password for Inbox or any other folder in gmail?
Android: open fire xmpp
Inserting a $ in the replace string in a regular espression
How to add Tridion site in Internet Information Services(IIS) Manager?
How to get hostname in freemarker template?
calling a webservice from scheduled task agent class in windows phone 7.1
Internet Explorer's CSS rules limits
Retrieve Arraylist to String Variable
Is there a way to know what are all the tables changed
Display ListPopupWindow on most left of the screen
Passing a WebService to a different class in flex
CUDA: Why are bitwise operators sometimes faster than logical operators?
ImageButtons In GrdView Different Screen Sizes
Jquery hover on elements with children
Check DLL for Windows API Level
Sending quiz answers using a php form
OpenGL: gluUnProject returns wrong coordinates
Django: checking request user against object.owner
Not-an-exception exception in Java?
IE8 and IE9 jquery show() function doesn't work correctly
BinaryFormatter.Deserialize HeaderHandler capture return value
data flow visualisation with real-time data
Successful FPGA application for HPC, e.g. on a cluster with InfiniBand backbone?
view and print a pdf file in jsp
iOS - Is it better to use getter/setter methods directly or properties
transforming to linq [closed]
Proper exception handling when invoking WCF callback method
rails habtm: return associated records but with exclusive match
'validates_uniqueness_of' - how to get error message
How can i inner join a subquery in JPQL
Java UDP STUN Hole Punching with DatagramSocket
Java+Spring: Can i upload file if I have path without HttpRequest?
How is it possible to typecast a refection Field into another object?
Oracle SQL developer how to display NULL value of the foreign key
Custom serialization of a String as the attribute of a XML node in JAXB
My code won't insert into db [closed]
vim taglist: show class members as a respective class tag subtree
How reload (refresh) styles of an element (using cufon font) using jquery
How to provide permission to the other 3rd party APK read/write files in my own APK
How to pull (null) records in Access database
firefox asking for authentication automatically
Clang error: ambiguous conversion for static_cast
Storing multiple checklist data in MySQL using PHP
PHP dates & day counting
Oracle-Apex Tree more than three layers
Add primary key to PostgreSQL table only if it does not exist
Android NDK: Poor native code debugging performance - any solutions?
Multiple instances of DataNucleus' JDO in same JVM
custom footer module for opencart v1.5.2.1
How to keep a clean browser history in a backbone.js app?
Customizing comments in wordpress theme (shaken grid premium 212)
Image Stacking onto eachother onLayout Android
xml:base in JAXB
console application works only from vs2010
Map Zotero fields using Dublin Core
Box2D : Angry Bird like Pulley System
Convert a MatrixTransform3D into Transform3DGroup
Equality of functions in Haskell
How to group the subtotal in the report
Playing a Movie from MPMediaItem (iPad/IOS5)
what kind of vulnerably scan is this?
php: call_user_func not working as expected [closed]
How to check more column values at a time in sqlserver 2008?
Remove the second row in x-axe of Chart
RavenDb: Join data with index
Make awk use character classes
Blocking/disabling JavaFX 2 WebView right click
How to make 鈥渃onnection鈥�between two mixers in Java?
Which color values can be used for GradientDrawable
UIPanGestureRecognizer in iOS 4.3 not working
Email Notifications on Calendar Events in Alfresco
REST passing Parameters with Java
powershell: displaying array data next to string data?
Listviews text-font
Cookie law on age verification
How to increase speed while getting Images and text from database?
Can't send exceptions from my WCF application
How to word wrap the header column in Slickgrids
Semantic Grid with Bootstrap + LESS Mixins 驴 HOW?
Show Win32 popup menu with PNG icons from resources
Javascript cookie to store radio button arrays
FTP upload file to distant server with CURL and PHP uploads a blank file
How to show all the other results after Group By
TChart Error series is not being displayed correctly
can I use sprite image in 960 grid system?
binary operations on flags enumeration
When inserting log events the TimeCreated field is not accurate enough
Where can I get Android 1.5 (cupcake) source code?
Is there a confirm dialog with preview button upon delete in RCP Application?
Android: which UI element size unit to use (if dp not working)
JSON-RPC.NET for windows phone
Core dump utility for .NET
Add column without down time
How to redirect output of external utility to the bottom area of gVim on Windows?
realloc not working
Thin & Sinatra not taking port
Registers and Private Buffer
Check if iOS app is live in app store
Replacing the attract app in Surface v2
How to get an access token using C# SDK mvc code first. make dropdown required
Save and recall user highlighted selection in text area
Zend catches all exceptions before me?
Permissions not getting carried over when visiting a new page while using facebook's php sdk
Zero-length matches in Java Regex
Sort listview with array adapter
Sass interpolation issue
Cannot deploy Java EE application referencing other EJB module
jQuery using .text('£') but it outputs that as a string, what am I doing wrong?
Android Chat-App ListView not working
Notification using pending intent
Live Filtering in Ruby on Rails
Live Filtering in Ruby on Rails
how to update Result folder of Catalyst after change in database
NSString overflows its buffer and app crashed. Debugger doesn't see any stack trace information. But why?
How do you create prepared statements with the mysql2 gem?
Select rows matching calculation
Java Swing load file into JEditorPane
AliasMatch and RegEx
dynamic global value replacement in javascript
Separate comma separated values from mysql table
Joining multiple tables in Doctrine2
jquery replace submit button
making running mean of numbers in a row
Sending Email through HTML/C# [closed]
Php create zip file (from post attachments wordpress)
Should one use forward declarations instead of includes wherever possible?
How to hover over an image using capybara and selenium
How do I parse the toc.ncx file within an ePub document and display its hierarchy?
reference to element inserted by document.write
Running a three node riak cluster using a homebrew installation
How can a class know that its super class is Object?
How can I solve this strange MySQL locking behavior in a Python Thread?
Can we convert XDP to PDF using PHP?
How to enable or disable java console
Directory.GetFiles sort by date
How solve consumer/producer task using semaphores
Invoking brill tagger through C#
How and what to test by using respectively Cucumber and Rspec?
managing page scroll on jquery append data
How to use self and this combined in a static class?
ToolTips for Disabled Elements (Button) in GWT
setting default permissions for new files - CentOS 6.0
How to make pushpin draggable over the map in bingmap wpf
Keep only a-z and underscore characters
Vim scroll setting overridden
Run a query on a query in mysql
Excel: How do I group data based on count of duplicate values in a certain column
Delphi XE2 VCL styles tutorial - how to change the style at runtime
Use External Jar files web app/ Stratos Live
how to fix this undefined variable
Generate 1D barcode in Android [closed]
How can we stream swf content?
include jar in ant compilation android- command line linux
Zend Framework View Helper - how to get it to work
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: The user must supply a JDBC connection
How to go back in browser's history with physical back button?
Telerik's RadAjaxManager: all user controls are refreshed
install4j deploy no jar file
How to get Java version instead of HotSpot VM version in MANIFEST.MF file?
Convert string to currency format without casting to numerical value first
Year 0 gets corrupted
IllegalStateException: Can't change container ID of Fragment
How do I use Magento's collection objects
user get notification when postgresql database updated
With emberjs, how to extend the attributeBindings parameters from a parent view?
Socket accepts Multiple Clients, but i'm unable able to open the file
FB isn't getting right (thumbnail) image after a Like
Windows phone 7 localization miss <SupportedCultures> element
StyleCop 4.7 crashing in Visual Studio 2010
Read nested nodes in XML using Jquery
copy resources from jar into war with changed directory structure
Closing on a single window closes all the frames in java
iOS Overlay View - Masking UITableViewController with a view is partially masking UITableViewController
class and struct nesting
Autogenerate java classes for facebook Graph Api service
Insertion Failed:Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails
Generating a PRN File using java
Java card dealing program
How can I make an prototype ajax request with an array of values as a parameter?
jquery.viewport.js plugin targeting element
make new StackPanel from another StackPanel and not act as pointer
The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error. + when post method
MVC Action with Optional Parameters 鈥�which is better?
Edit file in ms-dos
Executing JavaScript functions in JSON using eval()
unexpected '@' in program
Android: Where is a large app's data stored?
Splitting filename and creating additional coloumn in the data frame to add the information from name
Opengl translation with glMultMatrixf
How do I programatically remove an application from an iphone device? [duplicate]
Weird Java behavior: How come adding doubles with EXACTLY two decimal places result to a double with MORE THAN two decimal places?
flex chart ColumnChart with duplicate entry is not visible
Why does OverlappingFileLockException happen when locking a file?
How do games handle NAT router problems?
Open Default mail account in Outlook 2010 in C#
How to identify system is up?
android - xml. Having difficulty lining up the elements in the way I'd like
python: decorate a class by defining the decorator as a class
Java static class members and Scala interoperability
Will LessPHP work on PHP 5.1.6?
teamcity building project Failed to start MSBuild.exe. Illegal characters in path
Implementation of a softmax activation function for neural networks
How can I add an image to an ical event in code?
How to get records from list view
jQuery Dialog model and links
different auth tokens for google account
How to prevent overlapping pushpins at the same geolocation with Bing Maps?
鈥淎ccess is denied鈥�in interrupt Write in JNA implementation of USB HID communication
convert this while loop to a more efficient while loop
Service unavailable error while building using Maven
Timer in c sharp [closed]
How to change timezone of Oracle 9i Database
Trouble in launching of firefox browser using selenium for MAC OS
Ray Tracing: Only use single ray instead of both reflection & refraction rays
Multiple Image Resizes at once in Codeigniter , won't work
Magento - browse 4 tier category tree
Unexpected behaviour in a Lotus Notes programmable table
Chrome-extension: Invoke page script by injection
Android layoutdisplay ,layout over layout.
TCPDF not catching PHP variables via jQuery
In Android User Interface Button not set Text?
erlang slave:start/2 connection refused
Auto complete JQuery line separator
several statements in lambda
Converting string to date looses an hour
Can`t change AD password from c# code, throw exceptions
NFC Handover WIFI + Encryption
Can I setup VS10 to notify me when a build was unexpected interrupted?
C# apidoc typed viewer
Android library / adding a native C file as library to android project
JSF 2.0; Validator tag 鈥渄isabled鈥�depends on value from page
How to create a light oval-shaped CSS3 shadow
Bash boolean expression and its value assignement
Magento - Show all items including tax on Paypal order summary
HTTP Request Failed without a specific reason
I'm receiving 鈥淐ollection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.鈥�during foreach
Android how to do Video chat between two devices?
Websphere can't find my tag lib descriptor at runtime (occurs infrequently)
MVVM Light casting messages
Getting the IP address of client or getting the information(SSID) of Clients connected to Hotspot Android (after Tethering)
why cant PHP Tap into localstorage?
Difference between ER diagram and EER diagram
Return data from AJAX call?
Call a function only if a value is neither null nor undefined
What is wrong in this make file?
Incrementally handling twitter's streaming api using apache httpclient?
NSSet gains NSStrings for no reason
PHP MySQL create query to search multiple tables
Excel VBA: How to set properties of unknown object in array to null?
Ajax posting a form returns undefined error
jQuery function chaining unrelated objects
ajax post multi checkbox
Activity has leaked window/ BadToken Exception?
how to check in JavaScript if a url variable is empty?
how to set checkbox on jtable?
Export wizard gives error [closed]
Split ranges with different numbers of rows in one sheet into separate sheets based the value of one columns values
appledoc Exception: at least one directory
Cannot store data to session
Parsing text to multiple columns
How to selectively remove line breaks from URLs
Adding an entire album as an individual playlist (subscribe to album as playlist)
JSF. URL rewriting solution needed
jQuery Descendant Selectors and Multiple Selectors
How to display modelforms from dropdown menu django
Delphi indy Remote host UDP client/server
Javascript go top page button
No 'IIS 7 Deployment Handler' in Web Deploy Installer (MSI)
Android views and custom orientation change, what's the best way to handle?
How to apply a Django patch?
Mockito testing events
how to post a form data to controller using GET method in codeigniter
How to change WPF ComboBox SelectedText BackGround Color?
What is the 'client' parameter in google places API
Vaadin table with column widths according to the content width
Measuring network trafic in C#
Programmatically update app
Error on <serviceHostingEnvironment multipleSiteBindingsEnabled=鈥渢rue鈥�> while publish on IIS
Finding out input devices connected to the system through an ASP.NET webpage
Set ViewModel property when a TextBox is focused
printing HABTM results
Safari extension context menu item command event is firing twice
How to change the input focus on a tablet with js?
retrieving rows from a column in sqlite
ExtJS4 store, filter 1 field by multiple values
syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting keyword_end
git post-receive not working correctly
Odd object movement
Python Does Not Read Entire Text File
Permission to access classes in Java WebStart
Using bonecp as Tomcat 5.5 datasource
jQueryUI Dialog with Ajax Form Won't Close with $(this).dialog(鈥渃lose鈥�;
php, Mysql query to create a dropdown menu
AD testing tool
Indented SelectList Items
Very large look up table C++ - can I avoid typing the whole thing out?
Django - Specifying default attr for Custom widget
WordPress - MultiSite: Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again
need to assign a global as a pointer and use it in lua
PDO SQL - Update query issue
read input in an Eclipse RCP application
Plot a graph of Time vs RSSI for a 433Mhz RF ASK Receiver
JSF 1.2 with Primefaces 3.1
Java, how to kill process on object destroy
Sencha-touch list does not show data
passing JS array to controller's action
EditText - keyboard doesn't appear on focus
How do i make my code Know if i am calling pre increment or post increment operator[duplicate]
Using webservice in Windows Phone 7 Silverlight application
Is there any query for Cassandra as same as SQL:LIKE Condition?
A WCF Service Method can be executed in the UI thread as with a StandardOleMarshalObject?
A WCF Service Method can be executed in the UI thread as with a StandardOleMarshalObject? : How to deny a page to be accesed by users and set permissions?
How to set JDesktopPane size
fixed headers in table, html
Configuring JNotify on Mac OS X
Best practice for Chef, ec2, knife and reducing the time to boot and ami in the event of a failover
Hibernate @ManyToOne annotation create table to store relation
Force One of Two Method Implementations In A Child Class
How to generate an iPA file using only development certificate in iPhone?
Removing item from cart - php
XSLT Error with output String manipulation
Make a backup before the database is dropped by DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges
Working with NfcAdapter and IsoDep
Arbitrarily nesting some attributes in rabl
How do i run the python 'sdist' command from within a python automated script without using subprocess?
How to convert code into static library in xcode 4x
Incorrect encoding after redirecting `dir` output to a file
FlashBuilder Flex project, nested .swcs cause 'multiply defined' conflicts
Drupal 7 - Moderators list on the forum page
Explicitly print CSRF token field instead of form_rest(form)?
Enabling Persistence of WCF Workflow Service
Fast per-column summation. Possible?
TinyMCE : How to assign textbox value on code behind?
Confusion about __get__ and __call__ in python
How to use net user with c#
Upgrade my safari browser in iphone iOS SDK [closed]
Background Image for UINavigationcontroller
Cakephp doesn't work after installing php5-curl package
MSTest results in success when no tests are found
Remove extended function
How can i use real back button functionallty in my back button programmatically?
Could somebody explaine difference between two queries?
Can't run a simple Scala programme
Search range of Numbers (using real numbers in the search)
Why are AND instructions generated?
Apache Solr: Faceted Search on multivalued fields
Hide / Show menu code not working after postback
Devolping Eclipse Plugin. Create Subcategory in plugin.xml
Why is implicit transformation of numerical types inconsistent between 鈥渇or/comprehension鈥�expressions compared to(!) assignment operations?
How to run 2 ear files on jboss 7 with different configurations
Threading in wpf GUI thread is too slow
How do I get the local IP address of the server using PHP?
AS: if statement evaluating incorrectly
Interactive Maps in Wp7
what is the alternative of the checkboxes in android?
rake resque:work fails with simple example
Whats the scope of activeMQ producers, Consumers, Sessions, Connection
Instantiate class from class type
Variable Variables in Multi-Level objects
SSRS Report Manager Exporting to Excel Pagenames
SSRS Report Manager Exporting to Excel Pagenames
Code Conversion - MFC C++ to a VSTO Excel Addin in C#
Correlated sub queries in MYSQL
Installing OpenCL on linux without root rights [closed]
Please suggest best practices for decomposing a user story in TDD way [closed]
How To Fetch the value Section wise in UItableview?
Equinox start error (console bundle is missed)
AVAssetWriter can't create m4a file on iPhone 3G
Flex Spark Textinput prevents component to be collected by GC
retrieve objects own tag [duplicate]
Datagridview Refresh window c# desktop application
trigger signal of QToolButton autorepeat the action
How to apply sequence order in trigger?
Unable to load C++ DLL in .NET with /OPT:NOREF
VBA to prevent a change event from triggering if another change event triggers
which one is faster/better strcasecmp() or equal to operator?
NHibernate profiler doesnt fetch my sessions
Ending Thread which wait for click
How can we integrate SQL Server Management Studio 2008 with TFS 2010?
Any way to create Cache using remotecachemanger on a remote server?
How to run a downloaded Java and Maven Project
SEO friendly for multiple page with multiple parameter
mysqldump without interrupting live production INSERT
Pin Toggle button style
How to continue a SWF rendering whilst off screen?
Opening a file from ListView on a MouseDoubleClick event
Convert excel column alphabet (e.g. AA) to number (e.g., 25)
Deserialization of JSON webservice in Android
where to put the file in case of JSP
How to access tcp header details?
PS1='$PWD $ ' doesnt work from shell script
which one to read first to develop mobile application [closed]
Creating external pthreads with pthread's .text received remotely
how to force my app NOT to use the 3g data proxy setting
How to insert a Word document file in an exixsting Word document using Java
intellij idea: how to find all instance creation of a class
including external jsp file inside velocity template
What does this Ghostscript error message mean?
Jquery: convert html to array
Converting a line of code to be compatible with storyboards in XCode 4.3
carrierwave + mini_magick gems = not an image error
GIF Animation not working in Windows Form
s:Group and loading image
Data to be inserted by SSIS
Install IE 8 on a Virtual Box VM?
JPA Specification DDD - Advanced topic
string to list conversion in python
Passing parameter to a javascript function, which contains a '-'
NullPointerExceprion at recursive method
Need algorithm suggestions for flight routings charts- How to remove the background grid?
PHP MySQL Chinese UTF-8 Issue
Cakephp language translation not printing value
TextArea as Log uses information from another class
Accessing a resource from within the same resource dictionary in WPF
Openmp 'shared鈥�is not valid for 鈥�pragma omp
Try, catch : doing something if the TRY completed successfully
Embed youtube player at 720p
SourceSafe, how to change user name I use it to login in to the file repository?
tool/suggestions for web application performance test monitoring
Detecting programatically if an app is being desintalled ios
Scheduling and publishing replacement pages in a CMS
UnsatisfiedLinkError when using JNI?
running .jar on eclipse
generate unique username (omniauth + devise)
Eclipse warns 鈥渧ariable is not used鈥�on an abstract class?
Is it possible to use text-overflow: ellipsis on a button element?
How do we type in Telugu in android? Is it supported? [closed]
Read & Store cookies created in WebView
Gesture Detection with more Items android
Java - Bring the dead thread back to alive
Read XML using Jquery
How to add fireshot addons?
How to run a function on each of array elements in Javascript
How to know what image is used when looking at the webpage
nginx subdomain configuration
RegExp in C# to find a 鈥�number)鈥�expression
jQuery modal dialog opens not modal at first time
鈥淐ould not determine the dependencies鈥�warning in VB.NET?
where is Eclipse PTI update site gone - down?
javax.naming.NamingException, Tomcat7 and Struts2 can't access to DB resource via JNDI
how to set renderer to checkbox on jtable for row?
Problems with displaying JSON data I got from a server
overloaded [] operator for both accessing and setting a value (C++)
Image Resize Issue in
Converting Object[]arrayInteger to an int[] arrayInt
How can I use html5 cache manifest with CakePHP?
Create sub folders in the controller without Areas
Replacing DIV with CKeditor
Jersey Response.seeOther() not giving HTTP 303 status code
How to send acknowledgment from server to client using netty?
Using rails3-jquery-autocomplete to avoid duplicate entries?
Change the line after text element in a report
How to record audio in android?
clearing :active pseudo-class on current element with JavaScript
Import Custom Work Item Type To ALL TFS Projects
Can't create rounded corners Dialog (Android-Eclipse)
Displaying data in Listbox in VB
New Page with controller in prestashop redirects to home page
How to change android:layout_alignParentRight runtime by java code
Loop through an array retrieved from a hash table
Deleting hundreds of entities from Azure Table Storage
Javascript's getTime() function shows incorrect values?
Date picker don't show proper date
Document describing Lua 5.2 implementation?
Working with the same sprites using Cocos2d
Present UIViewController
How to access to a shared resource with a windows service using local system user?
retrieve folders names only from a zip file with php?
HTML 5 - sessionStorage - values overlap across pages in same domain
Why is ImageMagick not converting EPS to PNG correctly (Not retaining color)
Ruby 1.9 + Net::FTP => Encoding::UndefinedConversionError
Customizing Vaadin bean property to table cell transformation
Asp.Net4 Javascript/jquery Minification Error
DB2 loginTimeout support
Conditional Model Validation
git push fatal: unable to create thread: Resource temporarily unavailable
Add a pre-populated table to sqlite database in android without losing existing data
Return Ajax Link in modal pop-up window
writting a http response (text file ) to a string
How to synchronize between transactions
Android : how to capture a image of GPS location
Issue in using calendar component - primefaces 3.1
Show in a UML class diagram that an aggregation is a subset of another
Color a part of Text in drop down list
Python variable value in quotes
OpenGL Multitexture - Second texture operation has no effect
how to add function to a JSON
Older code can't get a handle on a DLL
Numerical differentiation using 9 data points
Get Content-Type from cURL
How to include a php file from webroot inside a ctp file in cake php?
String formatting for inserting values into Db
Reverse constant lookup
Apple Store publishing payment [closed]
Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK Error on Generate Wrapper parameter is incorrect
Issue with javascript onkeydown - event.which give characters in upper case only
which is the best way to submit a form in php
PowerPoint COM Component Security Issue - IIS vs Web Development Server
Why can't i call a method to the parent activity from a fragment?
How to custom UIViewAnimationCurve like CAMediaTimingFunction's functionWithControlPoints
get data between two date time cells
XML parsing in JAVA, transformation from one Schema to other
Is is possible to use django's GEOSGeometry as an independent product
Notify condition variable from boost::timed_wait only works once
@Transactional does not work on getters of @Entitiy-annotated classes [closed]
how to set vertical height in order to prevent overflow ona floated span?
Recipe Finder with PHP and MySQL based on Ingredients
ExtJS 3.4 add button at the bottom of a grid
Referencing a GWT project from another GWT one - Problems
Referencing a GWT project from another GWT one - Problems
css menu moving when bold
Test-Driven Development in .NET (TDD) VS2010
Qt Application For Nokia N9 鈥�drawing anti-aliasing doesn't work
HOw to get index on click of particlular annotation pin in iphone
Searching XML For Data via php
new type of xcode 4.3.2 error in creating a project with date picker or grouped tableview
Status QUERY_OVER_LIMIT received as response from google maps API v3
Continuous build system for Qt
How to display latest appcfg upload date/time in GAE-app?
Symfony 1.4, Doctrine (Doctrine::HYDRATE_ARRAY non-multiple)
NetGroup.postToAllNeighbors does nothing
.net 4 MemoryCache leak?
Has any one found solution for Problems paint CCSprite and ccLayer after OpenGL?
Dynamically retriving data is not visible from Print Preview
J4L ocr setup in linux
Sort sub elements of array
Adding more sense to jquery auto suggestions
Is there a unique tool that displays results of both programming language and database in only one interface(gui)?
is there any way to simplify this double conditional clauses structure?
Wrong image & tekst Facebook Like Button
How can I reload only part of page
notify_url no longer working
IE8+, when submitting form with jQuery it does not post data with it
glibc memory corruption with libmysqlcppconn prepared statement
how to check whether two matrixes are identical in OpenCV
Can't access my database file into application
make button enabled when input field is correct using Watermark
What does the message 鈥渟hutdown via gdm鈥�mean?
AJAX Not Functionality Not Working On Web Works API?
Renderscript error
Parse Issue in AppDelegate.h
django pod report tool insert with blank pages
MySQL Correlated sub queries
Not getting response from java card of type = 1 or B
How to display child categories only last updated post?
Updating a custom CursorAdapter performing a request inside getView fails
Is it possible to check cell value length in datagridview while typing?
Using apache on mac - NOT the built in one
Chained Selectfields 鈥�Sencha Touch 2.0
Levenshtein distance algorithm leaks memory in Python
Birt report viewer not working in IE9
Inno setup cannot launch exe
Onclick display in the same page or same tab
Google.API.Translate.Translator.Translate method causing proble
php setlocale - no locale for azeri language
How can we move the QS asked in lync IM an expert to my organizations sharepoint 2010 portal?
How to create folder structure in SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 using Core Service
scatter plot Highlighted points using Core-plot in iphone
UISeachBar detect when user press Search button
Does ExecutorService.shutDown() cancel existing tasks?
MonoTouch: Playing sound
C++ struct constructor error
Programatically inserting rows where field value is SQL statement
Create new dataset removing variables with high inflation factors
Handling test data when going from running Selenium tests in series to parallel
Not able to view the picture using camera API in android - screen is blank
Plsql to spell number (currency) to Italian currency without hardcoded the translation number
Handling Quartz job exception so that it runs its next normal turn without it being refired immediately or dropped
Most common week days query
Sencha - Disabling Sencha Events
Variable in Bash Script that keeps it value from the last time running
DirectX 鈥�is there an analogue of DirectDraw surface Flip()?
how to replace specific values in a vector? c++
Setting log scale within pairs()
Image Glow on Mouse Hover?
Difference between and myClassInsance.getProperty()?
Interactive rebase without changing branching point?
Android SDK fails to work (eclipse)
C# surface 2 DataSource
Method For Checking Image Pixel Intensities
Confused log_trace function
Issue with UIImagePickerControllerEditedImage
dbpedia SPARQL query to get certain value's for a given city
How to keep rollingY consistent when user flips over iDevice while in landscape mode?
Changing background color on touchevent on relative layout
Golang, net.TCPConn, SetReadTimeout?
How can I auto scale EC2 instances with system data collected by the Sensu framework?
PHP Validation of date format using regex
.NET 3.5 Dispose Registry Key
compile ejb 2.0 in weblogic 10.3
plupload upload directory target dir creation
Uploadify - Change temp name to time and upload - PHP
How to create aliases for all files in a directory?
What is the order of the Constructors in this Java Code?
Calling url on base of incoming url
Check which JTextField is going to get focus
Resource failing to load with yepnope.js
com.thoughtworks.selenium.Seleniumexception : Error : xpath=(//a[contains(text(),'Employee Registration')])[2] not found
Rails and Mailgun send CSV doesn't work
custom node.js addon can be built but not able to include
Installation of custom made shared library files/ Or any alternatives to it
iisnode - IIS7.5: 405 Method not allowed when performing PUT request
Which kind of view is that? - IOS5 [closed]
Focus not working as expected in ListView
No handler found for request error while using ParameterHandlerMapping
Play framework - how to fix UnsupportedClassVersionError on JRE 6?
shopping cart observer
DB2 sql stored procedure: host-variable can't be used in dynamic sql statement (SQL0312N)
refresh view of fragment in my case
DB2 sql stored procedure: host-variable can't be used in dynamic sql statement (SQL0312N)
refresh view of fragment in my case
Jquery mobile and mouseover event
Webchat: Flash or Java or HTML5 or other?
Working with empty Doctrine 2 Association Objects
delete lines in a files using sed [duplicate]
Internet Explorer retrieves empty data with jQuery ajax()
How to install Homebrew on Mac OSX Snow Leopard?
Preserve zoom settings in interactive navigation of matplotlib figure
Iphone, phone gap, childbrowser and email functionality
ExtJS 4: Prevent changing tab using TabBar
how create dynamic columns using tables data in sql server 2008?
how to connect points after identifying them in cvgoodfeaturesTotrack
not able to deserialize from xml file into an object in c# 3.0 WCF service
why does exports and require() create a global variable?
Copy xml with xslt skipping top level nodes
ASP.NET - How to remove dynamically added Gridviews from Asp:Panel
get RGB-YCbCr components of image
Android - Scrolling text in main activity (marquee_forever) gets initialized when internal fragment changes
Console input java. Parsing a string
XML parser/converter [closed]
鈥淐annot Find Symbol鈥�exception in Eclipse
Getting 鈥�1111 - Invalid use of group function鈥�without using GROUP in MySQL
Put Core Data values in an array
How to correctly wrap multiple command calls in bash?
JAXB unmarshaling XmlJavaTypeAdapter
Android - Disabling 3G and Enabling 2G
How to select the textbox in data template
Add product type filter in grid in Magento admin
Intersection of GridLines and line chart y-axis value
Sql Server execution plan, cost of non-clustered index scan
Custom TabItem header with text and image - not sure how to proceeed
AM chart does not draw straight line in graph
RSS-reader feed updates when app is suspended
How to set focus to h:inputText inside rich:dataTable as one column after pressing a4j:commandButton like (+) in footer of rich:dataTable?
How to store array value in sqlite in iphone
Set default usercontrol property value in
When to use merge() before save()?
android connect to mysql database directly using mysql-connector
Can the same sqlcmd.exe used for any db back up
How to delete a 鈥淩ecurly鈥�account completely from ruby api
Why does my JQuery .after() inserts code before the element?
Copying stuff from InDesign to Flash via Illustrator programmatically
flash fallback video black screen - no video, only audio media element
JBPM - difference between aync and exclusive actions
Select siblings between two nodes
Backbone: special encoding during save
JavaFX 2 and CSS classes
Extracting I-Frames from H264 in MPEG-TS in C
get & set the caret (cursor) position in a contenteditable div
Keep footer down with dynamic content
jasmine-maven-plugin and require-js result in path issues
Use Icon via CSS Class in jQuery Mobile
Cant instantiate class- p:filedownload called before f:setPropertyActionListener
callbacks DownloadStringAsync is completed to display information
Assigning Color(Struct) object by reference instead of value
Checking for NaN presence in a container
Android: How to get a list of installed activities, as they appear in launcher, without duplicates
Do i have to syncronize socket.send?
Joomla - page rendering control
Android: alignment of images according to device size?
Dealing with different resolutions when building a gallery
How to get Pearson麓s correlation with a matrix in Matlab
How to set BlackBerry 9900 Simulator's NFC Options?
How can i find the timestamp for the next starting minute?
Android memory spiking
how to work with multiple database
How to fix linker error 鈥�Undefined symbols for architecture i386 from: 鈥漘current_task鈥�鈥�
How to simulate browser timeout of ajax request?
Webdriver stops responding while getting response from server, FireFox
CSS styling input [type=鈥�?鈥漖 for select lists [duplicate]
How do I integrate Google Login under a Cake PHP framework
How to notify user at specific event?
wxPython, PyQwt or C# for plotting graph and manually drawing lines on plot
Debugging drops out at the point of an error (Visual Studio)
Why Tomcat library folder WEB-INF/lib is empty?
Java: static factory method and thread safe
Passing dynamic value as a key to Map in JSF 2.0
Making one helper function for ByteBuffer allocation android OpenGL ES
EJB3.0 @EJB annotation in Manged Bean JSF2 Websphere 7 impossible?
Open source program that can reference a converted image to the html
Windows forms gui encoding vs2005
How to Create MULTIPLE bundles in iPhone Application?
ClassNotFound exception when using admob jar in my android project?
Doing a fuse with a boolean
How do I write a batch script that copies one directory to another, replaces old files?
Android - Update a contact in the phone book
Using NSURLCredentialPersistenceForSession while request and then clearing the credentials on logout still persist the cerdentials.
drag polygon overlay - leaflet open source map API
ctrl+c not sending SIGKILL to process
new Canvas(bitmap) crashs on galaxy s but works on nexus
C# code to start selenium-server on remote machine
I need help to profile my code [closed]
Whats the correct code for Microsoft.Practices.TransientFaultHandling.RetryPolicy?
Expander header text is showing as 鈥淪ystem.Windows.FrameworkElementFactory鈥�in Combobox
how to close application in ios? [duplicate]
Entity framework - select nullable join property
how to switch between views by tap in sencha touch 2.0.0
Records duplicated in Crystal Report after integrated with application
displays only last image and text in a listview using base adapter in android
Circle Rotation onTouch
Copying 2D arrays in CUDA
How to bring app to foreground programmatically
UITableViewController to UITabBarController's DetailViewController
getting a curious NullPointerException when i want to switch from an Activity to a MapActivity
ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1 C# DAL create/add objects and access by key
eliminate unwanted output using awk and sed
How to get Internet IP from struct sockaddr (not router IP)?
Visio ActiveDocument.Close() error using C#
BackgroundImage repeat + rounded corners
Converting Longitude & Latitude to X Y on a map
PHP Regex negative look behind assertion, preg_replace_callback
str_replace only replace specific occurence?
Project not under version control - Imported from EGit repo
preg_match all to grab all script tag contents to array
Java Index Array Out of Bounds Exception
How do I use openssl.exe in bin directory windows plesk?
Language of date
Explicit value for identity column error on insert with nHibernate relationship
c recursive function passing through char array
How is screen rotation achieved in terms of battery life? SQL error Must Declare the Scalar Variable
Parsing XML in BlackBerry java plug-in
JQuery doesn't support postmessage event?
android jars. How to build them?
Inserting a value in a column in SSIS
Plot parametric mean in R
why delegate must be static?
How to use task factory with my existing code in c#?
How to set value in x axis label in achartengine
Why is programming to abstract classes instead of interfaces wrong?
iPhone: Open view 鈥渋n and out鈥�by pulling an image/button from the bottom
java path independency
Control Fancybox2 overlay fadeIn speed
Nested relationships for normalized db structure in FuelPHP ORM
App submission to itunes connect adding notes/login-details for reviewers?
How display an alert/ (Rating alert) just before app going to close/ backward in iphone objectivec
Android Can we add a footer view to a content view
My shell has to interpret the double quote
how to block a mobile number call and message receiving in android application development?
How to scroll UITableView background view when scroll the table
executing javascript code inside Android 鈥渏ava鈥�application
C#/ : List reinitialized inexplicably
self.navigationController pushViewController:SomeViewController animated:YES is not giving the correct view after the orientation changed
How can I catch an Exception triggered by databound Control?
Using CollectionAssert.Contains against a collection
Spring AOP: passing target to Aspect
Decorator and decorated classes are in different bean archives
Is it a bad practice to expose DB internal IDs in URLs?
Ignore null Tag during marshiling xml using JAXB
How to install and run compass with rvm and gem?
filepermisson problems using ZipArchive in php
google map zoom controls not displaying correctly [duplicate]
tomcat 7 Spring 3.1 Eclipselink 2.3
Is there any possibility to overlay images in canvas?
Oledb on wcf has some issues with large excel files?
CakePHP 2 $this->Html->script order
Silence when adding kAudioUnitSubType_MultiChannelMixer to AUGraph
SIP channel format. Asterisk
How do avoid showing only 鈥溾�鈥�when stringing a block of text
Making simple phylogenetic dendrogram (tree) from a list of species
i am working with zend queue i wrote a piece of code in bootstrap its showing an error can anyone help me
How to generate number between 1-99 from existing mysql table column?
Loading .obj mesh with OpenGL ES and XCode
How to create printf effect in PowerShell
Need help traking down Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'list' was corrupted
Settings breakpoints inside callbacks on Spotify's dev tools often crashes the app
C sharp code to fetch WMI information
Displaying PDFs in Android Browser
Reading from queue delivers always wrong value
getting embedded video's URL using javascript
How to Use Memcache with Javascript?
Warning: The Command Line Tools for Xcode don't appear to be installed; most ports will likely fail to build [closed]
Convert varchar(32) to bigint
Define Variable type dynamically in stored procedures in DB2
Quartz scheduleJob function is not working properly
How to display ListView in table form in android
Opening subpage of CHM-Help C#
Solr: Multiple Schema with Multiple Cores
Disable automatic screen lock in iOS 5.1
Ensure single instance of a WPF application : Difficulty restoring the already running application to the foreground
OleDB Can't Retrieve Rows With Different DataType
Bind an attribute to an other existing attribute
Filtering through several SQL searches to build a single array - need pointers
Pulling in 'like' url data from open graph
fadein() and fadeout() using with setinterval()
Excluding namespaces from XML
Send email with ASP but first use external JS file to validate form fields
populating a spinner manually file
Running a Java program inside a JPanel
How to configure BOSH over XMPP in tigase?
jQuery: Get value from multiple fields and show in text field
Executing PHP function from JSON
Why ms excel is very slow over VPN connection?
how to test download and upload speed wifi/3g?
Software and data dependencies graph tools
Layout weight not changing in xml
Scala - Supertype of a type parameter
Taylor Series Expansion for exp(x)/sin(x) in Fortran
Multiple SSL certificates Apache2
Android : Move sms to sd card programmatically
Failed to access Tomcat started by Eclipse
how to convert JSONString to Javascript Object
block a particular number?
Definition mx.formatters.DateFormatter could not be found in Flash CS4?
Check width of a column and adjust accordingly
Populating a table with CRUD functionalities
Log firing of triggers in postgres 9.1
ajax post success parse json
Is Apple charging publishers of free applications? [closed]
passing json objects to a custom jquery plugin. Bad practise?
get a mutating url with javascript
how to set video preview size of AVCaptureDevice?
INotifyPropertyChanged does not notify UI
Device Token incorrect with Urban Airship?
iOS Memory Management/Persistence Issue
What causes coldfusion.document.spi.DocumentExportException: java.lang.NullPointerException issue?
How do scopes and thread locals work in (V8's) C++?
PyDev / Aptana Studio 3 organize import order
NodeJS mysql query returns empty result
transforming a thread blocking to non thread blocking in f#
Set Ajax ConfirmButtonExtender ConfirmText value dynamically
Can Fragments use XML to define their layout?
Checkbox confirm message - Remain checked if false
trigger a click on a anchor link
How to setup a TAGS file (etags) for multiple git projects?
In VIM, how to join next line when current line does not end with space
Extending an attribute by adding a property
How do I convert a reference to a pointer correctly?
How to Place the background image scroll upwards while editing (adjustPan/adjustResize)
How to move captured image in PhoneGap to a folder in sdcard
No memory fill using a ld linker script
Can an standalone / external C++ executable or JavaScript create cookies for Firefox?
C# ReaderWriterLockSlim Best Practice to Avoid Recursion
PhpStorm and JavaScript: list of functions in code embedded in PHP
android dependency on resource variable names
How can i deploy an window based phone application without sdk
How to set Sitecore Droptree source to the item itself
Set foreign key constraints off in PHPUnit/DBUnit
htaccess RewriteRule confusion
Good Java code to read for purposes of learning? [closed]
Handling Async Request in ASP.NET MVC
Rails 3, how to get the value of select tag item with dynamic parameter name?
format collection in backbone.js
PHP sessions default timeout
CoreAVC and Java
How to get Client Machine's Mac Address in a Web application
merge 2 collections, prefer items of the second collection
Using UIKit can you wrap a uiimage?
how to get HTTP response headers and body after POST request using curl
JasperReports export CSV, empty output
Javascript: Accessing properties of keys of a Hashtable
How to get time and Date from datetime stamp in php
Google indexing multiple subdomains IIS server
unpad NSData from decrypt on ios
standard ml add elements in a custom datatype
what is difference between $('.classname') and $.find('.classname')
How to parse date having MM/dd format in java
getting error 鈥淭he value undefined cannot be converted to a number鈥�when creating CF Date
Differences between C# async and Java ExecutorService
Is it possible render the scene in background thread in Android & OpengGL ES 2.0
Java WebDriver wait for page to load
Why has Spring duplicate fields in Authentication and UserDetails?
jQuery - Unable to filter links of a div
Is there c++ function that replace xml Special Character with their escape sequence?
DefaultHttpClient keep alive connection on multiple requests
Loadbalancer should choose nodes by their capabilities (in terms of services)
Swipe Gestures For Android Flex+AIR App
Jquery+PHP+Mysql: Change value of input field from change on Select Box
What's the meaning of the tilde icon [~] at the Xcode's source control SCM status indication?
Citrix wfapi/mfcom working example
how to pass properties to spring junit test configuration
ASP.NET MVC 3 Video.Flash helper not working
Return row number within user-defined range rather than absolute row number
Delegate for jQuery 1.3.2
How to priotize packets using tc and cgroups
How to use different symbols in dotplot based on vector values
pattern matching UNIX
how to display the checked elements from a listview - android
Could not find RubyGem rails (>= 0) (Gem::LoadError)
Removing first value from a PHP array [closed]
Cannot import data from excel 2003 to database using openrowset function
Execute jQuery function just for one time
Disable Trigger On A Single Insert Statement
Show Covering Tests for NCover
For a Viewbased project, how to add a 鈥渘ew view鈥�to an 鈥渆xisting view鈥�so that the new view should open left to right
Variable variable, building an array variable
Disable web.xml validation in Ant
Modify SSDL runtime for ADO.NET and Entity Framework
Map puppet path to absolute path
Two like buttons on one url
Selection lost with mouse drag and concurrent update in JTable
searching with XPath and php
using if binding inside foreach (KnockoutJS)
Android Game Engine Development
Use REST Web Service for refactoring a PHP application with a unfirm database structure?
how to send string as parameter in batch file function?
Reduce calls of DBI::common::Fetch (Perl)
how fetch the address bar value with '+'sign?
Google Chrome believes 7-zip sfx archive is a virus
Solving picture puzzle with python
MapView with Overlay has performance issues
TBB concurrent_queue, how unsafe is unsafe_size?
How to prevent or queue calls to the JBoss server before it finishes initializing everything?
How to update ntext datacolumn with another column with ntext value
TTNavigator reboot app inside
UITableViewCell with accessory
Problems with ComboBox bound to static xml ressource that viewmodel does not know of
Override colorbox onClose
Creating a new Cookie in PHP based on existing Cookie data
Interpret strings as packed binary data in C++
Converting values of SQL Database into a String Array
How to configure NHibernate logging with log4net in code, not in xml file?
Absolute Positioning with jQuery UI dialogs
extract vector image from a pdf file [closed]
how to remove sitemap.aspx in dnn6
Error 404 on GWT RPC
hibernate creating not neccessary insert statements
OSGi Equinox: howto add protocol handler for LDAP?
Class Variables Not Staying Set (PHP)
Change the CSS class of an input on validation error with razor
why would i unit test bussiness layer in MVP
Render CoreGraphics to OpenGL texture on IOS
How to make page returns JSON data?
Buffer object and image buffer object in OpenCL
How to pin to start menu using PowerShell
Tests on Sencha Touch
DomainCollectionView unit test
New generated PDF is not shown in webView using google docs viewer using android
how to cleanup after Rake::PackageTask and how to redirect its output?
how to run eclipse android emulator via visual studio
Bottom DockPanel for Image control
Is there anyway to close iphone app just like user press the menu key?
Convert RAW to JPEG (
DOS BAT Command: Verifying SQL PLUS SQL Query
Nhibernate LINQ casts long to integer
what exception can I use for general network problems?
Why do arithmetic results differ when `expr` is nested in Tcl?
c# workflow variable
How to merge multiple Range objects, into one, for use as Chart source
Why my merge sort in python exceeded maximum recursion depth?