LdapAuth in cakephp 2.0
Is there any linux tool can find the process trace of a python program?
Android - 2 ListView in same row
UndoRedo.Manager and JCheckBox
No-Reference Image Sharpness Assessment algorithm implementation
How to sum column values with python
Executing local script/command on remote server
remove extra query parameters from jQGrid for RESTFul webservice
Layout and disabled function
CPU vs Memory usage (theory)
Intersection between two concave polygons in given direction
Primefaces, activeindex listener not calling in multiple tabs
InputBox function in assembly
Image in GWT menubar instead of text
Java Objects monitors
ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor show dialog
python find differing elements in list
Adjust scrollview dynamically
Jquery get/post
textbox focus not working in android device using JavaScript and phonegap
Drag Drop an Image in a Canvase in WP7?
How to improve Nhibernate performance on paginated queries over an object graph
How to show Owner of Defect in Rally
When are advantages using stored procedure over hard coded query?
How to print a Arraylist of Strings in Jasper 4.5.1 using Struts plugin
Friend function access the private members of class defined in static library
Detect jQuery tab collapse event
wxWidgets and converting to and from unicode code points
Junit 3, get data from tests
Specific cross-join query
svn hangs resolving conflict in Cygwin
android: connect custom list to database
Inner join in Zend framework
jQuery not working on ie7/8
ExtJS 3.3.1 - How to get each element in an array in Ext.Template
UITableView driven by two NSFetchedResultsControllers with common results
How do I query 鈥淪ize on disk鈥�file information?
Safe data transfer from Android JNI C++ function to java Class
GeoCoder returns different long/lat identifier for geometry-location value
Measure local sockets speed?
Custom list: upper half not clickable
Why is my span stripped out
ChangingIME Language in java swing application
What is the best practice to implement site search in Static ASP.NET website?
vi - how to generate a number sequence?
Difference between window.location and location.href
Adding attribute in database which is added in datamodel in iPhone
Reading binary data (image data type) from SQL database and inflate it, Matlab vs. Python
How do I create a reusable custom control and use it in storyboard?
Developing/deploying MVC areas independently
Linux device driver's used minor numbers
Bind data to dropdownlist on 'onfocus' event
Radio Knob Slider (jQuery)
Remove default styles for extension tx_felogin_pi1
Call XML items through flash based on date
Binding in ItemTemplate in ResourceDictionary
Sharepoint Replicator activity doesn't stop
iOS high ping time
Creating an XML file using Schema
Android RAM usage goes up when loading a map in the webview
Coding the same in LINQ when you have the SQL in good old SQL
Update row with self reference in a sub query
Codeigniter & HTML5 - Trying to Upload Multiple Images at Once
image quality while making thumbnail
Trying to save file in Android, SDCard not installed or path is incorrect in Emulator
Regular expression for only allow numbers and must end with '#' sign [closed]
FireBreath: CreateProcess() --> Error calling method on NPObject
Jsch - Multiple channels per session
ListBox inside ListBox and selectedItem / Events
C# Word Interop - Spell Checking in a Certain Language
tumblr javascript embed with css skin
Dojo Toolkit: how to escape an HTML string?
Using Sonar Web Service Java client
codeigniter and adding stylesheets
error C2275 : illegal use of this type as an expression
Find out binary dependencies of gem
How to create Criteria on field that can be null?
Elegant detection of ActivityIndicator start/stop Animating
Spring security, ssl ldap and no certificate
How to use jcurses from groovy
Draggable cancel triggering blur event
put iframe inside a canvas element in HTML5
How to make iPhone Camera less sensitive to movement
How to check whether ASP.NET 4.0 registered on IIS 7.5
wkhtmltopdf/wicked_pdf : some external pictures are not displayed
Finding diff between current and last versions?
Jquery form onchange select values changing
javascript retrieve date like the users local date in windows tray
Multiple java socket connections
Stat and file not modified in last minutes
Entity Framework 鈥淓nable-Migrations鈥�command generates Configurations.cs file encoded in ANSI. Why?
MySQL warning I can't shake
Bash - copy string in position X to end of line
Multithreaded calculation in excel is slow
StackoverflowException while using SqlDependencies with Ef Framework
iOS version to be consider when developing iPhone/iPad applications
The biggest drawback of MonoTouch [closed]
Partitioning DB tables in MySQL
Objective C - How to implement custom callback method but enforce specific parameter?
Log4net SmtpAppender configuration to receive chunks of log
How to use Ext.net control in MVC 3?
How to send a URL request as 'Referer'
JQuery Sort of an array with 3 elements
MVVM ViewModel to View Communication
is there any way to make a webview running android 4.0 perform at an acceptable level?
switch buffer settings using python-mode in emacs?
Python / C++ - difference in precision
Proper way to inherit UITableViewController?
Possible GDI Leak when ReDrawing CButton's
java File.listFiles() on Windows OS not logically sequential
Performance measure of BufferedReader Vs BufferedInputStream
PHP: How to download multiple files without using cURL and/or Zip?
Creating a TFS workspace - MinGW compatibility issue
Content-Length for dynamically resized image PHP
debugging signals in a django application on a production server
jenkins can't archive the debug apk
Is there a way to know if a field extends java.awt.Component?
ZfcUser setup issue
Paging/Sorting not working on web grid used in Partial View
iOS StoreKit returns invalidProductIdentifiers after upgrading app in sandbox
Can other applications monitor/access my apps internal memory after rooting
Installation setup in Visual Studio 2010 more than one project output
C++ Need Help Overloading += for a MyString Class
Assigning defined function to an object attribute in javascript
OpenGL flow camera in a stadium, how?
Multiple WHERE clause for same Columns in TSQL
Android-Phonegap-Jquery Mobile: form submit does not work 2nd time
How to convert 2 D array to 1 D array in PHP
Top drop down navigation menu displaying the child of the last menu item on right side instead on left side?
Are Birth and Death as Events modeled as events or attributes of profile in Genealogy
Google contacts API is ignoring the userDefinedField setting
install dependencies automatically when user install software (.Net)
SQLite: detect if a rowid exists
Socket.io not working in the net
jQuery Mobile: Modify DOM when fully loaded to make page 100% in height
Error on Adding controls to the table in ASP.Net
Java sql char prepared statement
Cleanup after all junit tests
how to get the id of the given row text in android from database
Are Qt's signals and slots a form of publish-subscribe?
image thumbnailer creating a black background
How do we upsert data to Saleforce in IOS?
iframe html tag does not work on Debian 6 [SOLVED]
Getting SIGABRT with ASINetworkQueue due to Threading
ASP.NET Login & Security
Nested Templates in JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX
Entity Framework with NuGet - Import-Module error in init.ps1
Is it possible to use many image slices to achieve `background-size: cover` effect?
Retrieve Inner XML in WCF from XMLHTTP POST Request
How to set the upload size in apache commons upload
PHP adding up MD5 hashes?
How do I setup annotations for JOINED inheritance with composite PK in hibernate?
jQuery: live change event on IE7
The current identity (NT AUTHORITY NETWORK SERVICE) error
Localizing DevExpress
Replace all instances of a character in multiple elements
How to execute a MySql query?
How to group, find min and count count of grouped records
Rendering Layout for specific actions
Python itertools.product reorder the generation
Which is the best way to remove middle element of associative array in PHP?
Forcing a change in orientation when switching between tabs. (objective c)
Application runs faster in eclipse
Initializing fields in constructor - initializer list vs constructor body
Which template shows the words 鈥淪ite administration鈥�under the colored horizontal banner in Django's admin page?
Don't display item in templatefield in filtering
Wordpress Mailchimp Success Message Customization?
How to add/subtract Hue, Brigtness or Saturation of a hexadecimal RGB color, using SASS?
How to make the app install another app inside them and execute the new installed app in IOS
File permission issues in android
TDD concept in rails
How to update translation yaml files without deploy?
Python IDLE syntax coloring (highlighting) of print inconsistent?
WCF Service hosted on IIS is not working
Android image click in horizontal page view
Using Securimage's PHP Captcha script in a 508 accessible application
how to limit search result count or set timeout in haystack with whoosh?
mysql multiple joins with conditions on multiple table query performance
Real-Time API is return null value
Using memory mapped file to compensate for out of memory c#
@Model annotation and MVC
MonoTouch application build
Matching and storing multiple strings in one string with regular expressions and PHP
Webmatrix error when creating new site from folder 鈥淢ACHINE/REDIRECTION鈥�
Mining the Social Web example1-6: List comprehension
clojure - ordered pairwise combination of 2 lists
Windows Phone - get location of Image
PHP preg_split get rid of trailing spaces in just one line?
How to handle internet connection interruption on iOS using CFNetwork?
Google Places Checkin POST request in Python
How to add an image in the last page of pdf using iText?
18 hours Cron Issue
Extract values from array in order to replace the default numerical key
How to overwrite Twitter Bootstrap navbar-inner class
Extension Methods in T4
How updateEvent
jquery .live('click',function(event) work only once when page loads
p4v how to sync workspace files only
Binding with checkbox (select all)
How to kill the session from Unique sessionID?
How to find the number of methods in the class
How to access flashplayer using GET method Httpclient
How to select last inserted row by id?
Adding XLS file in a sheet next to the existing sheets in excel
Using the fade function in less for CSS
What is the perferred way to customize the form variable from a class-based Generic View in Django?
How does one make an object move with arrow keys?
how to bind animation object to field in blackberry?
Maven Fatal Error on struts2-archetype-blank
EXIF fraction calculation
Exporting XLS into DataTable - Rows Unsorted
Unable to join 6 tables with out any primary or foreign keys - Out of memory
Liferay: Inter-browser session
vertical-align text within a textarea
Get the x Least Significant Bits from a String in Python
Issue with Google chart within Sencha Touch Carousel
How can i get list of all files with their paths in c
ResignFirstResponder in ABNewPersonViewController after editing
Asp.net Multilanguage websites 鈥�separate directories vs URL routing
Retrieve only a part of a string in python
how can validate a value exists or not in database using jquery in spring Hibernate framework?
Facebook API: Best practices when using a load balancer
jQuery: fadeToggle() show / hide text of link not change
Understanding Django model inheritance quirks
batch get current directory without drive letter
Left padding a string to sort accordingly
What is the difference between undef and define <MACRO> 0?
Dealing with internationalization and form submission errors
Jquery bind events: blur, focus not working in mvc4
Exception in Destructor (c#)?
Visual Studio: Unable to add to the Web site鈥�Unable to add file鈥�Access is denied Error 550
Node.js http.get as a function
How to deny ip address automatically by parsing nginx log file
jsvideo html5 trouble on iis
get the largest number from url in php?
Android Different screen
Java Version Compatibility Issue
WIX: copy file to custom dir in another partition
Prevent CSS being overwriten
How to add prerequisites for JRE using Wix Installer?
IntentService Not found
Seam carving energy calculation method and seam finding
Why does Math.round(0.49999999999999994) return 1
Ganglia fails communicate between meta and monitored nodes
MKMapView Placing a pin on a country using its name
I want to Dynamically access SQLite result set?
Programmatically determine the device node for my hardware connected to a USB port [duplicate]
Where is mistake? [closed]
What lightbox script does Jezebel (Gawker Media) use?
How to detect URL and redirect to 404 if it contains script tag
How can I list module's dependencies, including those needed only during testing?
how to add an offset to and offset
Python argparse & Unix piping to arguments
How to add my app into the google local search?
Trigger event not getting called
hide DIV when user clicks outside of it on iPhone/iPad/mobile safari
what impact will it does on site performance if .htaccess file is loaded with hundred's of URL redirection..?
Getting display device output type with DirectX
set interval() not showing number one by one
How to reproduce mysql error 2013
Installing SQL server 2005 if SQL Server 2008 is installed
Resetting session timeout
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it(selenium)
How do i accept multiple clients on this program?
URL validation error
how to copy array to array
NSTimer stops due to Game Center
How to remove the top and bottom padding which gets automatically created in div tags
How to create a Download Manager Using HttpClient in Android?
Setting control text in parent form from modal popup
How to change the weight size of a fragment in android?
Passing value from jsf pop up window to parent window
How does a class member gets updated automatically in a Sub routine / function even if I pass in ByVal in VB.NET?
XML with collections and XmlSerializer
Notice: Undefined index: pre in C: wamp www blog news.php on line 164
How to Create a Table like the below
Adobe AIR and iPhone - how it works?
JAXB and different versions of the class
Protect Java EE webpage
Silverlight DomainCollectionView in VB.NET
Where to put code of 鈥渟mart request鈥�do database in rails application?
How to get file from documents directory which is in iphone app
Cocos2D Help: How to synthesize a 2D array object of NSMutableArray?
Refresh textview when thread is sleeping
PHP associative multidimentional array - print only selected keys
stop php execution instead of just a php script in codeigniter
How to take print out of WPF window stackpanel
getElementById Where Element is dynamically created at runtime
Questions about using forkpty to create pseudo terminal to ssh in C
Lof K2Scroller Module
Create and User User Define Function in edmx
Phone Gap camera orientation
Out of Memory with ListView
Compile time check whether a base class is 鈥渋nterface鈥�
jQuery quicksand dynamically replace values?
Configure Ant to Use GNU Tar on Mac
Temporarily storing array of invisible div elements
Write large data to file caching issue
PreAuthentication with Spring Security -> Based on URL parameters
Can you combine keyword argument expansion with regular keyword arguments?
How to draw a circle in silverlight using coordinates?
HTML 5 offline applicatin failed to load cached resource
Questions from the second chapter of the dragon book
Filesystemwatcher double entries
How to dynamically cut short an mp3 file in php [duplicate]
PHP-AJAX call in the same php file-duplicated page
jQuery optimizing access to attributes for hover event
Facebook server-side authentication: I cannot display an OAuth dialog as a popup instead as a page
how to solve Invalid length for a Base-64 char array?
How to store many file handles so that we can close it at a later stage
iOS background music problems [duplicate]
How to populate a SQLite database with data from a xml file?
in place partition does not work for duplicate elements
Animation and active button
Use window.location in If condition to toggle between CSS files
iOS - Getting CFReadStream/CFWriteStream from a socket
path of temporary file
An error occurred when verifying security for the message when client try to consume WCF
Is there any free C# component class to provide means for C# code to load IronRuby code from files? [closed]
AQGridView background image
Switch service contract implementation at runtime in WCF
Getting working time details of ms project schedule saved as ms-access mdb file?
Java XML importNode function not working as expected
using Android Google Maps API to display a Heat Map layer
window.opener is null in firefox
how to use Regular Expression for address field validation, where i need to only alphabets, numbers and certain symbols(not all symbols) [closed]
What is the difference between update and insert in NHibernate?
Struts2 : The requested list key could not be resolved Error
How do I add elements to the DOM and then refer to those added elements in Javascript/JQuery?
How to call template with parameter(with default vvalue) in xsl file?
Dependency of war looks for a file in the classpath
Count number of lines in a wrapped cell through vba
Generate next number automatically in JtextField
Creating a view with notch at the edge in iPhone
Is there a way to use/bring up a console when viewing templates (using Django Debug Toolbar)?
Blackberry: Verificattion error when using Library project as External Jar
header image left:0 - float with browser resize - but stop after aligned with page div element
Getting data from the end
sql server how to display data which is in the month of august?
Jquery -Validating Upload file size
SOAP, http web service requests and url
Why Google provides JSON, but i can't use them
Capture and upload photo to php server from Android [duplicate]
How can I retrieve the output of a programmatically invoked Javadoc doclet from the caller?
I need help testing NServiceBus.Send(command).Register(delegate) in a MVC 4 Web API service call
ASP.NET using md5 to authenticate users
What's wrong with the Java code below?
How to add in Admob ads on top inside a videoview using XML?
Certified SSL connection is not safe?
An strange python 鈥渋f鈥�syntax error
why there is no 鈥淯se Core Data鈥�check box with Tabbed Applicaion template
How can lock be List itself when iterating a SynchronizedList?
How to animate an Arc? [duplicate]
glDrawArrays(GL_POINTS, 0, vertexCount); draws only one point
Unable to play .avi file in video light box
Copy character values from character array variable to character (string) variable
Why is #import Foundation.h widespread in Objective-C but individual imports are typical in Java
open google search page
Where to close a TcpClient member
Fill Column of existing data table
explicitly lock row while updating record in mysql
How to use interface builder for advanced editing of components?
How to change the image of WPF datagrid row depending on binding value
creating audio interface like MMDevice Interface for window server 2008/R2
C# parse timestampwith format 鈥測yyyMMdd HH:mm:SS.ms鈥�
matching sorted arrays in loop php
Search and display in gridview
A Wordpress gallery for all types of media?
C# Regex.replace Pattern needed
Sencha Touch 2 read tree structure from json
Call shell file from bean shell file
Is there any limitation for number of frames used for gif image in wp7
r strucchange package: error numeric 'envir' arg not of length one
Memory leaks discovered in main.m
PHP how to display contents of another page from a function() using return
How can I display a waiting progress bar before the application started on an IPhone
Java <-> C# Socket: cant receive messages
How to insert into Table in Oracle 10g from Text file using PLSQL program?
Countdown timer image changes the audio sound should change in iphone
Is there an O(n) algorithm to generate a prefix-less array for an positive integer array?
How does compiler works and Makefile comes to play in case of forward declaration
How to add a ZedGraph programmatically?
Error in Create Team Project From Visual Studio 2008 for TFS 2010
Detect First Time User
Checkbox with Jquery map function?
Resize thumb in seekbar
Executing Async prepared statements in PHP with postgreSQL and ignoring its results
Move and remove Listbox item to another listbox using jQuery
Event Observer is not working in multiple store
Searching for a row with a certain insert value, then comparing a value in that row with an insert value
Testing Spring components using multiple ApplicationContexts
Apache RewriteCond not fully working
Rails creating more than one row from a single form
NSArray Removeallobject error in ios
Can't Oracle infer these queries are identical - very different execution plan generated
sort a unique list of string in reverse chronological order
How to check which radio button is checked in data list?
AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile not working properly
about catransition
JQuery active menu Issue while using filters
deploying WPF application to IIS: 鈥淒eployment and application do not have matching security zones.鈥�
Dom xml Parsing in android
ASN.1 encoded file
use webservice datatype in referenced assembly
SSIS 2008 no possible to execute DTS 2000 package
Error : multiple definition
Is there any way to stop background thread without process kill in Android?
How to get Last record from Sqlite?
static class member of class's own type [duplicate]
Working with the registry on 64 bit system. framework 2.0
Why does this mysql function keep returning zero value?
SurfFeatureDetector and creating an empty mask with Mat()
Apply different CSS to different jQuery datepickers
How do i use Core Data between classes?
how to add attribute in json object?
Returning the fetched data from a ajax call to another function
adding navigation bar to detailview and tableview
How to clear a table in hbase?
Python - What's the use of if True:?
How to create a pdf using webservice
How to keep a winform responsive while a heavy painting is underway
android image size with mdpi ldip hdpi xdpi
c#,mvc,backbone, timer
Mail composer to front
Where can I find my sqlite3 database file in my mac?
ko.observableArray() not adding elements
Python efficient way to compare list item with partial item from other list
Multi-dimensional array to key/value dictionary; returned from function, no control structures
system.arraycopy is copying the whole array instead of just a chunk?
UIImagePickerController causes crash on ios5
Does not 'check-sat' support Boolean function as assumption?
How to insert data in database using checkboxes?
How to access two Ids in one css selector
selenium RC and Flow control
Meaning of %04X in C and how to write the same in java
UISearchBar full screen
IPHONE: How to crosscompile teserract ocr 3.01 and how to use it in my app in iphone?
use of strcat function
Is there any clean way of Converting a multilevel hash to string
Liferay Message Board thread by default view permission to user?
Clone not working properly in jquery drag/drop
How can we limit # of visible items in drop-down select tag in a form?
In Excel, what formula can I use to repeat text in one cell, for a specified amount of times in consecutive rows?
open HTML content in android tablet in web view
find out the String is url [duplicate]
Remove a perticular div of specific text
Deconstructor, Dispose don't know what to use
Changing laucher Icons and setting full permission for a file
could not upload any thing other than jpg
how to limit fields or get particular field in GetFeatureInfo request?
Gallery Displaying Force Close for more than 4 images
When can an AggregateException contain more than 1 inner exception?
I want to learn DirectShow & MediaFoundation programming right from basics. Help needed on learning resources (Website links, etc..)
delete query not working fine with timestamp
Dictionary-based Auto-suggestions in Android IME
Browser.EXTRA_APPLICATION_ID do not work in the tablet. Do you know other work around to reuse the tab of Browser.apk?
Google Analytics - Data Feed Query Explorer [closed]
how to check checkboxes whether they are empty or not
Android : Not able to change the text color of a button programmatically
PHP: Youtube latest video feed php code mechanism
how to embed Video from Live website in Android app
RequestFailed method throws error after I popViewControllerAnimated:YES
Sorting strings in MATLAB like Windows 7 sorts filenames in explorer (respecting numerals mid-string)
What does build automatically do for a maven project in eclipse?
How to check if Controller already exists when already configured route using Codeigniter?
How to increase page performance in Asp.net c#
How to compare two instances' contents in C#?
Using STL within the Mac 10.5 SDK
how to synchronize between cuda kernel function?
Checkboxes onclick not working on IE and iphones
Enabling kannada font on the buttons
C# bitwise manipulation for generating unique number
iOS - GameKit get list of matches in progress?
What is wrong with following C code [duplicate]
how to make the path have 鈥�鈥�
How to get total value on dynamic value?
jquery tooltip and json request help needed
Android path to resource inside package
opening a file which has date in a formatted manner and get that date to compare
Overlay Password Field in Android app with phonegap
Better way to use data set in C#
is this route possible?
Which method is best for C program runs in Android [closed]
Android Keyboard (Input) method for german language
Suggest a design pattern forapplication using JSF , EJB 3.0
MYSQL pulling two column from one table using JOIN
How to pass input from command line to junit maven test program
Loading screen blackberry [duplicate]
Build java library with resources
TestFlight with 1000 users
is it necessary that all data of one form should go into one table?
How can I pass multiple user ids for 鈥渢o鈥�field on Facebook Message API
latest version of Entity framework vs NHibernate
Slickgrids with dynamic json data
Finding the array indexes of objects on screen
Publish two types of field information on same column in ASP.Net grid view
PEAR Mail, SMTP Sessions for Newsletters?
Pulling notification center on my app
PHP - AJAX - why is file access sequential - No Sessions
How to parse data from the string buffer using sax parser android
Not getting the current GPS values
Stream Corrupted Exception When calling Jasper Report
model mapping issue with the sub array for grid panel extjs 4
OpenCV cvWriteFrame , cvWriteToAVI
Connect and Express utils
QuartzCore Leak
How to check data existence using ajax
jQuery animate the line-height and font-size
opencv installation errors when trying to make
javascript how to run the same function onLoad and onChange
Ucfirst Returing Incorrect Result
error after adding a getter method in domain class
Programmatically checking checkbox in a gridview
Error when adding user-defined control to a form.
Finding the number of days and time between 2 dates/times in excel
From TypeDataset to Entity framework
Create popup with auto width and height
What is JSR and what's its use?
How can I sort by date in ms access 2007?
ASP.Net MVC - Questions regarding databases, models & views
How to convert pdf file into byte array,retrieve byte array into pdf file in flex desktop application?
Scons not building simple D program in OSX
How to wire Model View and Controller using Spring
While click on Reset (UIButton) Application is Closed
Draw a Rectangle and then draw a scale down Rectangle inside previous Rectangle
Javascript count of array elements
Is it possible to generate real Java code with Dresden OCL Toolkit?
Summation of concated fields in MySQL
UILocalNotification - Need to vibrate for a longer duration during the alert / notification
Custom android spinner/picker
Draw2d Figure Rotate
wordpress plugin installation
OpenGL LWJGL re-sizable textured cube
Advance Searching, PHP & MySQL
To write robust C program, how do you avoid too many different free () combinations?
How to generate reports in android based on user input
How do I read numbers only from an array that has numbers and letters using C?
Selecting popular tags without duplicate posts in Wordpress
How to add favicon in rails 3.2
Is there a way to make table fields protected in Yii models to enforce getter/setters in the model?
jquery - how to make sure only one event execute the result
MySql Soft delete
UML, Design Pattern, or Boost
CSS: Centering text element in relation to floated image
Ruby string comparison against regex capture
What is the desirable log format for Flume's hbase() sink?
Unable to remotely login to one domain from another, although there is a trust created between them
Team Foundation Server TFSConfig recover
Convert Lotus Notes RichText to PDF programmatically
Filter array using NSPredicate and obtains new object composed by some elements in the query
Custom keyboard shortcuts on iOS apps
HTML5 video player Query
outputcache mvc3 only logged out user caching
Value type create on Stack and reference type create on heap
add css properties in using jquery
jpeg to h.263 or another video format
Ninject Dependency Injection with Asp.Net MVC3 or MVC4
Zend Based REST URI for POST and PUT methods
Recording AJAX requests and Pop ups using Jmeter or Badboy
Trouble connecting to the database
How to internationalize the UITextField placeholder property value string in interface builder itself?
How to make uppercase while doing <xsl:copy-of select=鈥�/*鈥�>
Stack overflow on an OCaml recursive solution to the knight's shortest path on chess board puzzle
Huge static data in SQLite in iOS - iPhone
Regular Expression match in javascript
jquery Ajax cakephp: email not fetching and displaying corresponding name from database
custom setter for double
Example database schemas for different db types
Yii Framework Tutorial - file not found
Combine two MySql databases, ORDER by date, But have different format
Browser.EXTRA_APPLICATION_ID not working in ICS
forms authentication with sql server 2008 database questions
Cannot run compiled java class, error: Class names are only accepted if annotation processing is explicitly requested
how to get 30 days from Todays
html 5 video element
GUI to take inputs and generate Cron expression for quartz
CUDA error message : unspecified launch failure
Any visualization tools for HyperTable namespaces?
Changing the background image based on user selection which applies to entire application
JBoss 6 jna tmp files not deleted
C# form dataset get data after child form closes
WMI: Win32_DiskDrive to get total sector on the physical disk drive
calling a function from another location on a button click event
how to structure a compound index in mongodb
How to start new activity in same tab?
Android MediaRecorder Class: Does the setOutputFile() method append data to the existing file?
Apply list_entry to task_struct
how to handle devise's authenticate_user! with ajax call?
JasperReports: Error during execution
using linq with mysql database in vb.net
Arduino encoder interrupts corrupting serial data
I am not able to get text field value in to next tab viewController. I am using TabBarController with two tabs
Are these saml request-response good enough?
How to test upload with Carrierwave + FactoryGirl
Is it possible to debug java source files in eclipse
Perforce Labels : Does perforce allow diff across labels in different branches
Facebook API for IOS
find command search only non hidden directories
How to create a regular expression to match non-consecutive characters?
how to set database content as a message on application startup?
When I run the app I get an bind or index column out of range SQL exception
VBP file tags value
Cmmunication between server and mobile app
Creating events with the Facebook Graph API
Fatal error: No matching function for overloaded
How Do i use array_push in foreach loop PHP?
Google maps API V3 - Two location with markers on same map
Android: Call listener manually from java code
Getting the content of a table from a Word Template in XML using Java
How to implement `tail` command using CL?
Kohana 3 - Rendering image
Get xml node with filter
Three.js as background of website possible?
Does core data create a SQLite database file automatically?
Uploading audio to Facebook
how to make a 10X6 grid with each cell filled with a text view in android?
not getting the correct sum - openmp
Facebook logout not working properly through the Facebook Connect iPhone API
Is it possible to check if a TCP connection disconnected without writing to it?
Displaying default image
apps that uses dual core processor
Objective-C - Factory to return a given class type?
What data is stored in the index file of mysql
How to change an environment variable and apply to all windows in a tmux session
Android and iOS app sharing class diagram
CultureTypes in WP7
StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when using Hibernate
Button is not take its properties?
after catching 鈥淚nterruptedException鈥� why 鈥淭hread.currentThread().isInterrupted()鈥�s value is false?
want to convert RSS to html using only javascript
HTML encoding at Jboss / Apache level for handling XSS cross site scripting
Numerical integration, Runge-Kutta, RK4 in game design
log(1+x) is to log1p as log(1-x) is to?
Memcache in node.js is returning object with varying size
building, sending, and deserializing a json object that contains arrays
how to convert a double into int to use it as argument in usleep?
How do I write a jQuery plugin method that accepts a callback function?
How to get windows path with backslash from elisp
how to call stored function with mybatis
javax.xml.ws.soap.SOAPFaultException: Could not send Message - at JaxWsClientProxy.invoke - caused by HTTP response code: 401 for URL
Android - NFC reading and writing locally
CALayer Border is appearing above subview (Z-order related, I think)
Rendering CALayer in context uses large amounts of memory
Issues querying Access '07 database in C#
could not execute a stored procedure(using DAAB) from a client(aspx page) to a wcf service
Node (Express) request body empty
SDL/OpenGL floating point exception
How to add Exception to route with :any in CodeIgniter?
How do i add searchbar to my splitViewController in ipad
Charge based on size - d3 force layout
PhoneGap + jQuery Mobile + cakePHP
jQuery - Reset var / Refresh var on window resize
How do I make a new grid?
Java inheritance vs polymorphism
Snow Leopard Automator: Trying to create a workflow for converting Excel Files
Optimize MySQL database query
best way to compare file contents containing non ascii chars using unix shell
CRM 2011 KeyNotFoundException exception
How to make custom facebook design page? [closed]
why am i getting an error that reads 鈥渟ubscript requires array or pointer type鈥�I am trying to read my array to see if its an operand
Store Image in .resx as byte[] rather than Bitmap
Overloading comparison operators for a MyString class
CPU usage for Android app on ADB Shell and Trace files are dfifferent
listview inside jQuery dialog does not update/delete
Using anonymous type in lambda to map or partially clone any number of an object's properties
converting timestamp to nanoseconds
can we display the total of calculatorform example in a new window? the new window opens with a pushbutton present on main window?
converting a css menu to multilevel css menu
activerelation limitation in real situation [closed]
php select value and update value
resizing an image with php and imagemagick take too much time
Why doesn't this work? OOP novice
using c++ to call remote python ssh script and revisit it later
Anchor links are not all pointing to their name counterparts
URL Rewriting for profile view
When do we need to call java.sql.Connection.rollback()?
How does one refer to the game1 class's variables in XNA
Django tagging select_related
CSS: reposition element on hover state but maintain clickable area position
Maintaining user controls public property state across postbacks
why this XPATH query is not working?
How to get if multiples part of strings are in a single row
Using GLM's UnProject
Error sending email when I click on a link in phonegap
Removing items from jCarousel by index
How to create listview for displaying sender receiver messages using baseadapter?
Soap get arguments with wrong order in twisted
can a Heroku worker job with external socket connection run in parallel?
Tablesorter can not update table columns
Core-data vs SQLite [closed]
Unit Testing - Use of Structuremap with MOQ
object reference not set to an instance of an object in c# [duplicate]
Mobile application not working properly
Sorting in Jsp or business logic?
Do I misunderstand joins?
Wordpress Plugin requirement
Display bike routes on Android MapView
Does the Perl default variable $_ or @_ behave differently on OS X to linux using split?
overlay pop up box using jquery1.6.1..?
General MongoDb database design and index performance - one or many collections?
try to buffer overflow value allocated by malloc()
Excel sheet cells to different sheets
Python module for date manipulation
How to use frames in windows phone?
sed - search in one file the contents of another
Overloading new operator and inheritance
Declaring variables in .h file
How to fetch data according to time
How to insert hyphen between letters instead of line-break?
How to set default values such that form shows default values after navigations and selections in ms access 2007?
C++ pointer 鈥渆rror: double free or corruption (out)鈥�
How to Unit Test a method that has fileName as a Parameter
When an certain error is raised I want to close my WCF Service host
iphone locking all functionality except calling [closed]
Selecting an node by attribute with Goutte / Symfony CssSelector component
How to force a hyperlink to show the open/save dialog box instead of opening it in browser?
MySQL Database Indexing Performance Issue
Need advice on how to best deal with the storing/unboxing of different types in a list and what is more optimal in my case
Can I have a variable type as a input parameter for a stored procedure in MySQL?
Zoom issue in webbrowser windows phone 7
Grails Resources Order
How to store in a a textValue
Stack of Objects 鈥渃annot find symbol鈥�when calling method
can't trigger blur event
Is this mySQL trigger syntax correct?
I want to display selected item from file upload in asp:image?
XML Transformation framework suggestions?
MYSQL: Easiest way to update fields between 2 tables
fetch filename along with values into excel sheet
Scala timestamp/date zero argument constructor?
jQuery UI position widget bug?
Identify SharePoint Foundation or SharePoint 2010
I am looking for advanced resources on customizing MVC3 editor templates
Java - Hashing/Encryption Across Servers
Confused by the % sign and other things in disassembly
SAML response digest?
Django saving manytomanyfield on signal?
objective-c: when to autorelease an nsnumber object when not using alloc
bash script error possibly related to length of filename (actually I don't know what's wrong)
Display checkbox best_in_place ruby gem
How to set the background of navigationbar in ios5 (Retina)?
Parallax: Converting a point on a layer to other parallax layers' coordinate space
Unable to connect to any of the specified mysql hosts exception while connecting from .NET
How to close a jquery dialog box when a submit button is clicked(Submit button is residing inside the dialog box)
Reading Client Certificate in Servlet
High CPU usage while using Saxon library
error while doing serialization
jQuery insertAfter with movement animation?
Render Javascript Data
How to check multiple checkboxes in the datagridview using C#
Get current ZoomControlStyle being used by Google Maps
${BASH_SOURCE[0]} equivalent in zsh?
as3 MouseDown Timer
ssh2.so unable to load on CentOS 5
How to extract part of variable into another variable in shell script
error in creating custom layout while listview using base adapter in android
In a Java method that takes an Object argument, how can you access fields that only exist for instances of specific classes?
How to create an InputTextBox in visual c++ form
Read pixel colors in android
Using arrays for updates in visual basic
In PlayN Graphics interface, what's the difference between height and screenHeight methods?
prevent access to a specific view in cakephp
Wordpress theme mangled on Mobile Safari
php class function wrapper
For loop with array unexpected identifier
jQuery window load at specific point
Access HTC wm6.5 camera using .NET
array of buttons in grid using WPF
CUDA threads are time sliced. What does this mean?
Clojure let allows multiple bindings with the same name
Camera button on UIImagePickerController is randomly disbled
getting user input into a class statically in C++
VisualSVN commit-hook add revision to a file in the repo
Data structure for large geographical based coordinates?
single output file containing multiple columns
What does ' actually mean in PHP Syntax?
Java Graphics.drawString doesn't always work
query about installing Python package
Publishing Facebook Graph actions that reference more than one object
Storing model (e.g., lm) in list changes its class
how to make large image clickable on different different image part
Setting a default image
How to change the position of RadioGroup
PHP: Database Connection Class - Won't Connect
Efficient way to iterate over list of files
How to upload and Get image using Base64 Binary Encoding in MVC3?
What is this Javascript 鈥渞equire鈥�
Passing Delegate Methods Across Classes/Files
How much memory should a typical android application use?
How to set up jQuery to launch PrettyPhoto on anchor click
SQL Server mirroring connection doesnt work
Copying prototypes requires a new object? javascript
Java generated images can't be use in code that generated them?
Adding Index via HTTP Get in Apache SOLR
Cascading select
JavaScript Synchronous Ajax Request Idiosyncrasies
IPython not available in PyDev console
Arduino can't read Serial properly
Should I continue to rely on code generation to generate my models and CRUD?
Is there anyway to Extract the Particular User's Contacts Using the user's nsf file?
Caching with static sites - nanoc
Percolating up a C++ leftist heap results in seg fault
How to Use Web Services in Android Application? [closed]
JQuery Swap Color of a table cell
Parent class inheritance of child class functions
dynamically build and populate table with php array
How does Node.js choose random ports?
How do I set up Robolectric in IntelliJ?
Acitvity Indicator doesnt show up in ios 5 but it is visible in ios 4
Tramp mode in emacs using ssh config
How to Encode URL Contains Unicode Characters with PHP
Java Collections: List<Animal> tiger = new ArrayList<Tiger>() WRONG
How to update several widgets with different data per widget
Android : Bitmap : How to save canvas with green background in android?
How to get the line count of a large file, at least 5G
What are the known or expected impact of using Php/Querypath crawler on a target web server, and how can it be kept to a minimum?
Input multiple answer in SPSS
Is there an property value named invisible?
How to trigger a hidden UIButton's event in the action of a UIBarButtonItem
Handling mobile/landline phone calls/conference through my PC
Ajax form handling in django admin
`play run` and `play dist` have different home pages?
Common Pattern to Initialize A Singleton On A Background Thread
iOS Enterprise developer Account: get device token
How to convert string to integer?
Send attachment/Download file from Symfony action
Why is FF on OS X losing jQuery-UI in click event handler?
How to initialize arrays in web service client
Django template: string automatically got truncated by white space in input value
SQL query to retrive data from two tables based on below condition
How to display any of 50 small images stored locally with application in a single dedicated folder
Ajax call does not execute PHP function
Different ways to debug a web2py application
BASH: send SIGTSTP signal (ctrl+z)
Page slide without Jquery? [closed]
NSKeyedArchiver init not called
Drag block element from one point to another inside ContentEditable div
What is the meaning of - 鈥淎ny disclosure, copying, or distribution of this message, or the taking of any action based on it, is strictly prohibited.鈥�[closed]
For which cases following algorithm for counting inversions using merge sort will fail
Force CL-Lex to read whole word
Is '#!/usr/bin/python' in front of every Python script a must? [duplicate]
meta method inject on Grails Controller
Layout and its Child
How to make a UITableView row grow dynamically with the user modified content
Memory Leak in iOS 5.1
Strange behavior in LLDB when printing a double type struct member
Excel Format is not like relation in CGridView
django: create object from constructor or model form
AS3 Published SWF is flickering
Insert line break in wrapped cell through vba code
OnItemClickListener was not work with the checkbox?
How to make Javascript Execute after AJAX is called
How to add text to a photo in PHP? [closed]
ajax is producing [object object]?
Spring Security integration with WSO2 Identity Server
Python tkinter text tags
Tab twice to move over Silverlight ComboBox
How to make an array for all LinearLayouts from main.xml?
How to make an array for all LinearLayouts from main.xml?
Python IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied
JCR create single file, link from different nodes
Bouncing Ball program Would like ball to reappear at top and come down again
How to create a view that returns a 2x2 (or NxN) matrix of results
Git tag release version?
Displaying stackOverflow API JSON data using Flask
Redis: Excluding values from sorted set based on hash field value
LinQ related , filtering result from a Dictionary Object
HTTPS web request failing
Python multiprocessing + subprocess issues
Changing IEnumerable<object> into DataRow[]
executing action from a button in an XML layout through Dialog in Android
CUDA doesn't work as expected?
openGL Creating texture atlas at run time?
connect to a remote server using ajax.. android app
Can we apply Quad-Tree to a non-square rectangle?
Save/Convert .doc as .html using Visual Studio 2010 Express
How to use a random string for the window title bar?
Python random sports schedule generator
Does mybatis support stored procedures that return more than 1 result sets?
How to pass variables in and out of AsyncTasks?
Flex Application Framework: PureMVC vs Mate, which is better in productivity
Error converting data type nvarchar to datetime?
android EditText blends into background
Trying to show the map direction tracing instead of the list of directions in google maps (Xcode)
Clear way of using XPath to find elements which contain a given child element?
Web scraper replacing some characters with question marks
How can I tell `ConcurrentDictionary.GetOrAdd` to not add a value?
facebook ios sdk build fails on device, works on simulator
WebService Client in Java
issue with .htaccess
Fullcalendar JSON events custom start/end date
iOS - Developing multiplayer games using GameCenter?
Database Design: One to many of different types
RoR: Large Project Management. Need help from RoR Seniors that have worked on large projects
view scroll when key boards appears ios
http client got bad request page from google
PIG how to count a number of rows in alias
How do I write SQL to get objects
Session and get method in hibernate
How I can add more than 12 tabs to my facebook fan page
previousLocationInView, clarification needed
Internet Explorer behavior as Mozilla Firefox or Chrome
Iframe / Javascript Check if Youtube Video Ends
Could not execute server name along with query
Symfony Doctrine Query to calculate rank after a group by subquery
javascript event binding performance on huge list
Modify TableAdapter Commands at Runtime
How to include html page in another?
Java Explain: why String immutable make StringBuffer MORE efficient
How can I choose the number of lines of a text box? (*not* the height)
Scrollable left column w/ 100% remaining screen height, scroll issue
Column not updating when tried to update a value of type varchar
Simple python server similar to SimpleHTTPServer but with PHP support?
Error 鈥淒ata provided to an operation does not meet requirements鈥�when trying to add data to indexedDB
exchange view animation
Is it possible to use only function on 鈥渁ction鈥�in form?
R - Vector/ Array Addition
How to get a screen reader to stop reading and read different content
How to convert signed to unsigned char in OpenCL?
how to use jquery to do a series of position changes on divs
How can solve the SIGABRT in UITableView when calling the 鈥渄eleteRowsAtIndexPaths鈥�
errors using unix('who') in matlab
jQuery scrollTop() for navigation
MySQL 5.1 Inserting/Selecting Data in Wrong Order
How to test that method should raise different types of exceptions?
How can I extract the displayed text from a QTableWidgetItem?
Migrating data from MongoDB to SQL Server, query speed become more and more slow
Why is the stored value always erased in my program
Got a stuck with windows phone 7 emulator
How to set NegativeButton of AlertDialog.Builder unclickable
Hosting CLR and programmatically providing app.config?
Javascript returning string on what should be a shorthand boolean test
Reflection Casting and Overloaded Method Dispatching in Java
Why is url_for returning /assets for undefined routes?
The type or namespace name 'SqlServer' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.Synchronization.Data'
Accessing asp page from Java
Why Not open the dialog box
dojo.image.Gallery does not work with addOnLoad?
build a dom tree reading html using java
Custom user profile in Wordpress
Javascript works in Firefox, Chrome and Safari but not in IE
How to programmatically drop a file on a Windows app?
adobe flash builder 4.6 keeps showing 鈥渘ot responding鈥�previously did not happen. why is that the case?
How to load a multi page template in jquery mobile
Knockout foreach binding inside a binding (array within an array)
Performing Heavy Crunching On a Table Without Affecting the Table
I want to know about how to draw a line between two nodes. .
Reading Chinese character from .csv file in C/C++
Database tables: One-to-many of different types
How to make a child div to grow to full screen using CSS?
How can I replace the onclick action (with regex) using javascript / jQuery?
Only upload image if image inserted 鈥渕ultiple image upload鈥�
iPhone App that stores data from the web
How to create trigger which increment colum value after inserting the row?
Optimal solution for massive number of requests on one database table
CheckBox select in ListView
How to reduce the height and width of progress dialog?
Creating a Rails Music Player App (something like Rdio)
Creating a Rails Music Player App (something like Rdio)
regex and file read line in autohotley
how to hide a tag which contains 鈥渢ext鈥�as the title
tag for UIBarButtonItem
Refreshing certain part of page in wordpress
linker error of clang on mingw32
WinDbg to analyze the crash dump doesn't work on the local pc
can we have multiple aliases for a Domain Class Attribute in grails
How to show multi <input> in a row with jquerymobile
Prewitt filter in Matlab
How to count data rows in jqgrid and prevent display if a threshold is exceeded
run multiple instance of racket program [closed]
Where should one instantiate a global object in Code Igniter?
Creating a 鈥渟potlight search鈥�in PHP
C while loop - code won't work
C extern variable access
How to circumvent the 鈥渇oreground lock timeout鈥�to activate my window?
Get UIInterfaceOrientation when just one is supported
How to rewrite this method of getting a generic repository to use generics
php only allow access to a certain file?
Repository pattern: Limitation, purpose , and benefits
Having trouble selecting a sprite to draw randomly
Android TextView setText without ID
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range. error in a shortest path algorithm
Image Rotation not working in IE or FF
Calendar based on available dates
C++ Error Code C1004
How to make sure a video has been viewed
Merge lines matching a regex from another file
JFrame not opening when a button is clicked
Are there any libraries in QT -for desktop- that utilize OpenStreetMap ?
can't move mouse at the same time as keydown python?
How to do push segue through a button from one view controller to another?
How to track all Google+ +1 button clicks in one place with trackers other than google analytics?
How to apply jQuery fade effect after validation?
Looking for a java library that has implemented Binary Tree
How to write a regex that includes `abc` or `bcd` but not `diy` in one line
Implementing HW Alpha Test in HLSL
ProtoBuff.NET WCF - Incorrect wire-type error on client
How to add a uiimagepickerview custom overlay
Where does nginx store the rewrite_log?
CSS Layout issue