Working with Generic Types in Java(comparing and sum using the same type)
runat=鈥渟erver鈥�div causes System.Web.HttpException when accessed from control collection
Most efficient way to join fields in a dynamic table structure
maybe final obstacle for my couchbase?
character to integer conversion in fortran
Rails 3 Nesting
Location of compiled Android
Windows version of wcswidth_l
Python download multiple files in a loop
jqgrid multiselect issue
how do I make a bbcode to parse url tags into links?
Where is the KeyChain data stored?
Django : How to exclude form field if the user is staff?
Remove selected date from a month calendar control
Playing video in full screen when user rotates to landscape and then programmatically rotating back when video stops
NSBundleDidLoadNotification: iTunes File Sharing feature
Jquery, calculate sum of fields (dynamic)
Semi-complicated result set in sql query
Tools to help parallelize H.264?
C# empty arraylist string arrays and pass them as parameters
How important are the Enterprise Java Beans in Java EE? [closed]
Is there a hotkey in Eclipse to 鈥淥pen declared type鈥�
setuptools command for
How do you view new sequence ownership information in Postgres after using ALTER SEQUENCE?
how to query a database using mongoose in node.js
Phrases MySQL in two languages
File_get_contents, PHP, MySQL Insert Issue
Use Regex to INSERT text before and after a string pattern occurance
Getting a value from a command prompt command using python
How to use RDLC Switch Expression
GWT : Do I make event and event handler class?
How do I target only Internet Explorer 10 for certain situations like Internet Explorer-specific CSS or Internet Explorer-specific JavaScript code?
Programmatically know which .NET textbox to use? Multiple Textboxes with number attached to the end
Image map / custom shaped clickable regions in WPF - WP7
How to synchronize microphysics.js between clients?
How do we add custom properties to a VMWare VM using the vCloud Java API?
SQL aggregate functions and Group By
Set the value to ID of the element on click event by jquery
Initiate downloads with a Javascript function
Locating smaller images within grayscale image - Computer Vision
NSPredicate predicateWithFormat with object that changes over time
Converting an IP address to binary values (Java)
Sort an array by the last couple characters of its values?
xCode 4.3 crashes on pause or breakpoint
Auto sizing font for WordPress Navigation menu
Mathjax - How to show preloader while math is typesetted?
Audio capture in Android
how to custom sort in mongoose?
windows phone mvvm with sensors
Spring avoiding beans:beans and writing beans instead?
Use Open XML to read already opened Word documents?
Test for letters only in javascript validation
How to modify value in unorderedmap?
How does Java go about evaluating something like this step by step? [duplicate]
Error with constexpr(gcc) - error: a brace-enclosed initializer is not allowed here before '{' token
How to use Clang to translate from C++ to another language
How can I load a Page using Codeigniter controller?
Changing Color Themes Emacs 24 鈥�order matters
How to update XCode 4.3.2 Compiler
Getting all instantiated javascript objects and updating values
Hadoop: Task Tracker won't start
Apache Shiro integration and Netty ExecutionHandler/OrderedMemoryAwareThreadPoolExecutor
fetchedResultsController best practices for getting entities with predicate
Need a good way using Delphi to 'rotate' (pivot?) data in a flat table
What is the more efficient way to edit this code to avoid killing performance?
Linker error with MPI_Type_create_resized
ShareKit method swizzling in Lion / Xcode 4.3.1?
PHP include not working from other directory
hash index on text file
Find Same Values Between 2 ArrayList And Return As Another ArrayList
How does Google determine the hash for search terms?
When is it semantically correct to use the hr element?
Render Iusse ,Using Async startAsync() in Grails 2.0.1
Unexpected bash assignment result using tr command
Adding a colum to databound DevExpress ASPxTreeList
Is 鈥淔ields.Include鈥�required when defining custom fields in a select?
MySQL date formats - difficulty querying on a date
Javascript .length incorrect in IE
add additional properties to NSManagedObject with secondary .h .m files
nginx and workaround
Partial view is not rendering within the main view it's contained (instead it's rendered in it's own page)?
Rails 3 : (Devise + Omniauthable) Facebook app_request return query string parameter how I can grab it?
Possible to make browser not remove   characters
Javascript to save textarea to file as UTF-8
how do you stop an ActionListener from remembering previous events
Recording synthesized text-to-speech to a file in Python
Get one value from array output?
Is it bad practice to access S4 objects slots directly using @?
Why can an array can be initialized with a variable as length in java?
Quickly seek a location in a file
Building a dynamic QR code/URL in my MVC3 application to point at the Google API
Unable to delete searched value
In clojure, when should we use a monad instead of a macro and vice-versa?
Javahelp viewers (or alternatives)
ComboBox.ObjectCollection property for a user control?
C++ ifstream will not open any files
How to make sure multiple instances won't have data not sync problems?
ASP.NET MVC 3 URL.Action mapped to incorrect Route
Why won't this Yii validator work?
Binding in Converter?
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token } debugging in Chrome
Determine if an number (encoded as a string) will fit in a 64-bit integer in C++?
Xcode 4.3.2 compiler settings crashing xcode [closed]
Codeigniter URL Dilemma
Returning a C string in a DLL method
Find out if old facebook access token was valid
Comic Sans on our website
Jquery web service request for IE7 > and Safari
NSManagedObject isn't being recognized for syntax highlighting or code completion
Value adjusted in multiple arrays
Entity Framework 4.3.1 how to create associations
Is 鈥淧EAR::Mail_Queue鈥�effective in extensive sending of e-mail?
How does one make an array in my game1 class public
listview scrolls to top on delete
NAudio MeteringSampleProvider not firing events?
Checking for private APIs from xCode
Correct syntax for SSRS Nested IIf needed
Plone CMS - multiple domains? user permissions? [closed]
How to create related models within a form in rails
PHP list issue ( Undefined offset: )
UINavigationController pop several layers
Select portion of input/string instead of all of it
Java - associate an attribute with a logical preposition
does 鈥渘ew XML(鈥�鈥�throws a typeError if the input is not an xml
Octal to Decimal multidigit in C
Why is Firefox cutting off the text in my <input type=鈥渢ext鈥�>?
Why is [foo view] behaving differently than foo.view in my code?
Direct Mapped Cache using Blocks
IOS 5 - Cocos2d and UIKit push and pop UIView causing 鈥渇ailed to call context鈥�
Load a file a Lift boot?
Is it possible to speed up crosstool-ng builds once errors have occured?
jquery Autcomplete how can I always show the renderMenu regardless if there are source matches?
Text in Scrollview won't match parent height
Drawing in C# winform is fairly slow
Hyperlink display image in ASP.NET Datalist
Reverse Http Post operation from Server to Mobile devices
What's the simplest way to create a score counter and leaderboard for my android app game?
WITH(nolock) in every SELECT - NHibernate
Wild card search in SQL
Getting cells by coordinate
Django form validation is failing
flash object not displaying in safari
Thumbnail show issue
Dynamic Crystal Report using VS2010
jQuery shuffle the div blocks in bad order
Any services that lets users create an account - for ios apps?
Preventing check boxes from being checked/unchecked
What happens when a null collection is queried with LINQ query syntax? [closed]
State object once and retrieve multiple attributes
Is it possible to use non-imported packages in a package vignette?
Macvim, color schema disappear after closing the second to last tab
Drupal 7: Adding a 'Add New Listing' (Create Content) Link on Local Tasks Menu
Dynamic variable length inside a structure C
Wondering how to read in objects from .dat file
Insert Row without shifting formulas down
Insert Row without shifting formulas down
change form action with radio buttons
Code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK 'iOS5.1'
How to add actions to multiple JButtons en JTextfields with inner ActionListener classes?
Passing String value to SQL bigint column
Disabling Gzip Input Decompression in AWS Elastic Map Reduce
ADL fails when there are lambda arguments?
xcode 4.3.2 prompted me to change debuggers
Avoid text flowing around picture
How to display a something from an EditText?
How do I efficiently select unique row/record data from 2 mysql tables and return one merged result, ordered by timestamp?
Not working: indexing the words in a file in a dict by first letter
rspec shows negative time
getting a fresh data object in Apache Cayenne
I face differences on IE and chrome
How to add an additional data member 鈥渘umber鈥�to Account class?
how to define two types referring to each other in OCaml?
java swing: Is it possible change color of a specific string variable?
adding records, editing deleting
Return values when using Delegate with sendAndLoad in a AS2 class file
jquery fullcalendar click callback after loading
Best way to pass a multidimensional array to PHP to save to database?
How to insert into different db columns from log4j message
Setting up Proxy for adding special anti-phishing detection headers
how to upload a file in java [duplicate]
how to get rid of 'confirm' link which is shown when someone clicks on fb-like button?
Can filter a date but cannot filter a datetime?
For loops and inputing data?
Unexpected semaphore behavior, threads executing beyond sem_wait()
Three.js detect webgl support and fallback to regular canvas
Internal Server Error 500 when there should be 鈥渏ust鈥�a php error
Looking for a specific web (and mobile?) development environment
C++ Win32 Wininet Causing Lags or My Code?
Multiplication with NULL and empty column values in SQL and multiplication with different Data types
Many-to-many relation on User table in Django
in morphia how to query and return a field based on two other integer fields are same or not
App is force closing (Admob)?
PHPmailer sending mail to spam in hotmail. how to fix?
Weighted random number generation in R
ASP.NET Repeater inside UpdatePanel, need to create PostBackTrigger
Java - Handle data type mismatch and continue program
Use sed and wget to retrieve links only
How to get a PNG (alpha channel) screenshot of Gtk window?
Image within a div, both have onclick events, can I reverse the bubble?
onNewIntent() will not fire until phone is awake
Dropdown jQuery Menu with these effects?
How to return an iterator over even numbers, given an iterator over a list of integers?
Bind DataTemplate to 'outside' property
Mongo: querying for values nested in child arrays where keys are variable
Xcode memory leaks?
QTableView QStandardItemModel revert or undo user entry
Setting a class member var from a dictionary object
How to get the character set used for numbers in a Delphi 6 program based on locale?
Arrays in Assembly
LayoutTransformer in silverlight not working
Automatically ctrl-w w to vimrc
Declaring multidimensional array for mysql_fetch_assoc
Calling a procedure for a fetch of a cursor
How to merge a list of dict to one dict
Getting rid of duplicate entries in a rails sqlite database
Adding a new virtual device support in VirtualBox
Pegz Game C# - Help Getting Started
Is there a way to get INFORMIX-SQL 4.10 to run natively under Windows XP and higher?
wamp django apache error
How to make pulse around image in a website?
how foursquare determine a user location?
what are CSV formats for excel, ms sql server flat file, and mysql csv format and its limitations?
SQL query to read a user's stream
plot multiple qqplot from list of dataframe and export into multiple pdf but only got 1 plot?
What happens in JavaScript if I never call a callback?
Twitter bootstrap scrollable modal
Iterate Through Binary Headers
Using a constructor in Java
Error with Sign Up PHP page
jquery selectors, how does 鈥渁+b+c+d鈥�get interpretted [closed]
IF condition in mysql script
How should you approach recursion?
Recommendations for a development board for embedded programming [duplicate]
Divide Foreach into threads sample
Jquery UI disable dynamic tabs
SQL - Get results from table 1 but count all matching results from 2, 3 & 4
Dynamic Page transitions
Downloading an eclipse plugin (without installing it)
Access to a Session object
PHPUnit and Kohana Request object
boost-python example doesn't link under clang-darwin toolset
Running a PHP file on XAMPP versus on php command line
c# Get Altitude at position
Programmatically generating printer-friendly output
Do Javascript event handlers block?
documentation for jQuery AjaxUpload()?
How to check for Vertical and diagonal Win in Java 2d array Tic Tac Toe
Matching one character inside longer limited string in RegEx/XSD
UIGestures vs manual control
GPS and Time Activated Push Notifications
Ruby 1.8.7 vs 1.9* String[Fixnum] differences
disable options in the List JSF 2
json to c++ struct
Refresh Page Without Screen Going Blank?
How a plugin AMD-application can communicate with a Host non-AMD application?
Search and Replace within a string
fortran goto scope
Enable USB debugging on Android
How to pass back binded model from view to (non-httppost) controller method
Mocha: How to add expectation of a method when there are multiple invocations with different parameters
Example for Int 13/AH=03h interupt assembly
Java3d on Eclipse(OSX Lion) access restriction
Dapper: dynamic OrderBy(鈥渃olumnName鈥� from Query(鈥淭SQL鈥� 鈥�, commandType: CommandType.StoredProcedure)
Linq to EF Dynamic Search with multiple properties
Activity won't open
Determine if a parameter/variableis a (鈥渋s_a?鈥� lambda?
In XPages Mobile App, can you clear viewScope variables between page changes?
How do I check if an array element exists?
Javascript error in syntax? [closed]
How to trigger SPLIT's and DROP's when sharding in SQL Azure
re.findall regex hangs or very slow
.NET Application for XML and SQL Server Integration
Rails 2.3.8: Could not find RubyGem bundler
Getting the mapping for a permutation in MATLAB
Parse JSON for clean, pure text of the description in Google News feed
the application openwnn (process has stopped unexpectedly
Prevent `mouseMovedEvent` callback from processing the movement? Or globally hide cursor momentarily?
Save Silverlight webcam image (ImageSource) to Server
Maximum socket Connection with epoll
SignalR: Troubleshooting Suggestions for 404 Response at Connection() time
How to pass a block as the parameter of an if statement?
Jquery Malsup Form Plugin errors in IE for file upload
MySQL Redundant indexes alternative?
check for event midway through running while loop?
Need a 鈥淪imple鈥�excel macro to find bottom cell in a column, create a range and copy it
SSRS 2008 Column Visibility Expression Evaluates to true, column not visible
what is the best php editor? [closed]
jQuery or JS: Select input fields with 2 level brackets?
I have a UIImageView in a UITableView Header. How can I get the exact y/x coordinates of that UIImageView at any time?
Storing Chinese, Korean, English, etc in MS SQL through SQL Express
JScrollPane+Canvas: rendering issue
Android - arrays of arrays
Lightbox2 and ScrollTo not working
How do I get the full URI (i.e. not 鈥渟treamwrapped鈥� for a Drupal node field in a single request to the Services module?
Alternative to Modulo operator
FileHelpers CSV timespan
MKMapView maximal value for distance?
Implementing an intersection with linked-list stacks.
jsf 2.1.7 bug FacesFileNotFoundException instead of http status code 404
Custom FormsAuthenticationTicket validation
jQuery Post and IE8
Click and keydown at same time for draggable jQuery event?
How to map xml (objects) to methods in Objective-C?
Selecting certain row information from MySql after joining tables
Error unique index mysql
Error unique index mysql
iOS asset path from Core Data used in HTML img tag
Parsing HTML form data
Deleting records in adotable with certain criteria
printing by the css
Initialising a C++ Reference - why not using the adress-of operator?
MySQL is not showing any error messages
check string for equality with multiple options
Fetch XML of Distance Matrix API (google) on iPhone
Submitting form GET with multiple same name elements results in long querystring
Convert C# Object to and from Varbinary using Linq to SQL
Unexpected initCause behaviour I cannot overcome
Running a sequence of methods
PySide: Removing a widget from a layout
What temporal patterns exist for neo4j or graph databases?
Domain model to ViewModel and back again using repository pattern and Entity Framework in MVC3
testing REST web services in soapUI
System.InvalidOperationException: Nullable object must have a value. Linq to sql
Going from a for loop to a list comprehension
span delegate click - can not click above disabled checkbox
Uncaught module xhr not found cordova-1.5.0.js
How can I make a global have a unique number?
Not understanding Classes, Modules, and the class << self method
Android - setVisibility results in java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
Random redirect failure google app engine
Is there a way to suppress Growl notifications when all the specs pass in guard-rspec?
Mongoid, scope if a value is set?
pure JavaScript equivalent to jQuery's $.ready() how to call a function when the page/dom is ready for it
Autofac with F#
C++ - Error Creating a Pyramid with a Recursive Function
Regex issue. Not sure how to define step definition for (Then) in scenario
String was not recognised as valid datetime format. - C#
Bing maps binding to DataBase Silverlight
When adding a second item to my stackpane, the first item loses its Event/MouseOn. Why? How can I fix? JavaFX
Evaluating and comparing a variable to key pairs of a Dictionary
wordpress plugin with custom theme
How can I add number formats in Qt's model/view framework?
LWJGL/OpenGL Disable Smoothing Textures When 鈥淶oomed In鈥�
Mobilink with MySQL on Linux
Assemble a date and time concatenation that can be read by an hour and minute difference equation
Struts2 - Cross domain redirect using POST method
What is the most efficient way to keep track of unique downloaded files in a Python program?
Fullscreen resolution on Android for libgdx games
improving mysql performance
Should the Paperclip 3 file 鈥減aperclip_attachments.yml鈥�be included or omitted from Git commits?
Can not install WOLips Goodies Eclipse Plugin on CentOS 6
How to do AJAX POST in Django 1.0 without cross-site request forgery error?
C# How can I used a string to reference a pre-existing variable by the same name?
How to create a archive list from an array of dates in php [duplicate]
Can I support VoiceOver in my Cocos2D-iPhone Game?
Verbatim Text in Doxia APT Table
How do you change the code example font size in LaTeX PDF output with sphinx?
Remove a text box, python
networking technologies other than sockets
Idempotent git rebase fails with spurious conflicts?
android klling an activity maybe prevent me from force close
In Mongoose (mongodb node.js), how to update existing values and insert missing, without removing unspecified values?
Stop user from navigating away after entering data on form elements loaded via ajax
Can't start new application RoR, using Cygwin on Windows
.htaccess https redirect for a single page (using relative urls)
Creating an WPF MDI window class
How to refresh a div content in javascript when the page has not loaded completely?
join criteria with group
What is the appropriate Rspec syntax
PHP script with PostgreSQL commands returning NULL for JSon data
Blackberry Playbook - app in development hangs every second time it is run
Method Call when section of table View changed
how to fully uninstall cocos2d [duplicate]
GetURLSegments return false on List (document library) URL
Illustrator ExtendScript set FILL opacity of selection
Having trouble with Javascript autocomplete library when getting data with getJSON
Is there any way to push back a vector into a vector? c++
Selecting text between comment tags with jquery
facebook iframe cross domain cookies issue on safari
Array with UIImageView elements - setImageWithURL
display items in grid?
Types don't match for creating a CLR Stored Procedure
Debug mode breaks when setting addAspxExtension to true
Swallow touches, unless touching a child of my current layer
Stream thread Null pointer error
What impact does the Android build target have on the final APK?
How to pass timeout by reference? Or a better way to implement?
Rails 3 Atom Feed
Assembly Language Error
cloud scripting through browser and evaluate python on server
Multiple Bean Instances in Spring
Android AVD unable to notice JmDNS services
Java: Trying to get the percentage of integers, how to round up?
jQuery class selector not working in this function
鈥渃ould not find a part of the path鈥�DownloadFile
How To Upload A File On A Client Machine To My Server With JS, HTML, ETC?
SVprogressHUD mask not fulling whole view
IMAP 鈥淥ver Quota鈥�specific scripting
loading xml application context ioexception spring
Profiling C++ threads with clock()
Inherited template class member tests fine in chain constructor, but is 鈥渓ost鈥�thereafter
Start debugger in c++ code
Different behaviour using unidirectional or bidirectional relation
JSON + 3des encrypt dosen't work
Chrome Extension - Autorun
鈥淎dd friend鈥�from Facebook page
Get request.session from a class-based generic view
Determine if a UL has 1 or more LI within
What is Flex written in and how would someone go about learning to contribute to Apache Flex?
Where can I find/download LWUIT Themes
db index file implementation
No java command with OpenJDK installation
Parsing multiple XML fragments with STaX
find min value of a vector and assign the correspoding string
How to write contents of a rails database to external file
Query, each row was granted a number of times in the second column(sql, oracle)
WAMP virtual host AllowOverrides All throwing 500 error
Dynamic Pointcut expression.
Image swaping with click on <tr>
In backbone.js how to update a view with new model data while maintaining the sorted order without a complete render
Mercurial ignoring a file and I don't know why
org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException within Transaction
Calling function after .load (Jquery)
Class interaction
How to determine if two cuboids intersect or not (Including contain)
Hibernate Configuration Error (Cannot find declaration of element 'hibernate-configuration')
Placing every character on a new line
jquery multiple click events over animated div
Solr : Search for implicitly related documents via shared fields
Python download a file
Interop, Native DLL and Visual Studio build process
Increasing the performance and usability of Facebook's FQL
check service is running or not
Format String .NET C# [closed]
How to optimize mp4 video for playback as smooth as possible in browser (HTML5)
perl regex - how to eval memory group in a variable
PHP MySQL update only updating one row
JavaScript statement execution order
PHP socket UDP communication
C++11 auto and size_type
Nservicebus move Timeout Message across different boxes
Jumping Bitmaps
Create a COM object given a path to the exe using PowerShell
how to escape single quote in awk inside printf
How to make a multi vector in C++
How do I mimic the default template used for a WPF control?
Parsing xdot draw attributes with pyparsing
How do I manipulate powershell's location stack with a forth-like swap operation?
Need to mirror/duplicate a window in a another window under WPF
Android: ActionBar Item Animation
Initialize an array of int with a range of numbers
How to get column names with Saxon EE SQL Extension
Is there a way to get the uid of the other end of a unix socket connection
Improving word match (look ahead?) algorithm performance
Prevent radio buttons from losing checked state when updating name attribute via JavaScript
How do I safely sign and encrypt a message with kerberos?
Linking python GUI to MySQL database
Optimize dependent loops openmp
Handling long edit lists in XMLStarlet
what's the best approach to converting a single file macruby script to a full app?
how to properly pull from main repo, update local files, then push changes to own repo?
Programmatically create JMS objects in Glassfish 3.1.2
FB:comments getting height getting 鈥渦nhealthily鈥�cut
RxJS: Recursive list of observables and single observer
Can a screen reader be 鈥渓ocked鈥�within a DIV element?
How do I implement In App Purchases when using Cocos2d and Box2d?
Group QRadioButtons in rows from a QTableWidget
Halt app execution immediately
Using Facebook Integration Without Redirection in iOS
Replacing text after 鈥�鈥�
Overriding Base Class XMLElement Names
Unable to sign out in a Rails app, using Devise gem, no route matches /users/sign_out
Call of regedit and copies silently fail on Vista/7 with admin privileges?
Cannot allocate memory on Popen commands
rails integration testing issues
C# DLLImport causing too many IO operations
pie chart animation with arbitrary areas (with progress) without flash
VB ms word macro: convert an embedded HTML link into plain text
Subtract values within same coluomn of n rows in Matlab
Slow querying with stored procedure when querying newer records
Good way to change an object's prototype to change results of instanceof?
Tap UIButton to create another UIButton programmatically
jquery slider with pause on hover
Get Prettified JSON from MVC 3 JsonResult
fb->api me feed post - Youtube video, can't see the thumbnail
SQLCop tests for tSQLt
Will installing PhoneGap 1.5 (Cordova) in XCode affect existing 1.0 apps?
Create a Java class that will retrieve the resource of any URL (using the HTTP protocol) and save the contents as seen by the browser, to a file
Can i do Authentication with Active Directory in C# with MVC 3?
What makes this snippet not a strict quine?
Pinax: I can't login to django admin are, but i know the login details
Setting Backbone Route to Accept N Parameters
Most efficient way to create a path in zookeeper where root elements of the path may or may not exist?
how safe it is to change AppleLanguages property
How to do HTML/CSS form helpers/popover
Loading resource from a jar in a Web Application
Jquery Slidetoggle multiple sliding divs
Sort array in PHP by value and maintain index association
Trouble with 鈥淯ncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <鈥�
Unable to get value of the property 'click': object is null or undefined
Redraw (invalidate) on menu click
How do i properly position absolute divs within twitters bootstrap css framework
jQuery: Wait till multiple GET requests are successully processed
Using Classic ASP to post XML data to a web service - Server won't pick up the string
Android getting selected spinner text
Excel interop - Get hyperlink from cell with hyperlink formula used
Limiting regex match
What's the difference between a 5$/mo and a 20$/mo web hosting? [closed]
add new mib master agent
jQuery Mobile site with multiple files
How to secure php file for cron tasks only?
adding subviews to TTPhotoview of TTPhotoViewController
backgroundView/backgroundColor on UITableView in iOS5.1
Accents submit with jquery ajax request and codeigniter
Issue in setting the socket server
jQuery disable enable event handler of link
Splitting datetime into various sections
Using String Array in HashMap, Java
Why does flex resource tag not support localization?
How can I addConnection between two points indexes?
Unresolved external when building C++ Template Class
Play sound from background
WMI Win32_Process creating process that can not remotely initialize CUDA
iOS 5.1 Core Data Memory Leak
Save blob using a stream from EJB to database (in a memory efficient way)
Mac - keeping an application always in the foreground - how?
JavaScript handling of forms, how does this array notation work?
TSQL Multiple uses of Table defined by WITH
javascript / d3 - passing parameters to a function
How to plot a graph of 3 lines, where one vector holds the y axis and a 3 by X matrix holds the values of the 3 lines?
Web design issue with images in template and page editors
How to compute sum of a field in all the rows from an alias
ATK4 How to set up custom formatters?
Rewrite sub-domain url on web.config
UINavigationController inside of a block
Filter information on a chat iframe that's never fully loaded
Tree to list (updated)
How can I automate making variables from an object global?
Cannot figure out how to get Circle class to work
Combine list data in R using Merge?
Convert XML to String and append to page
Parse HTML table with PHP
Removing cout statement causing segmentation fault
opengl fragment shader conditional statement not triggered
Find Which Object NSUndoManager is Acting On
Any built-in way to do checkmark on the left and detail disclosure on the right, like in Wi-fi settings?
MySQL - Delete dependent foreign keys
Are there any good articles or tips about the Nginx resolver module?
Android Database last updated
How to determine if strings are equal in Objective C?
print to cout from embedded python
Clear all items from a table in Sqlite3 IPHONE? supported? DROP TABLE? DELETE FROM TABLA_1? [duplicate]
Simple OpenGL example with Cocoa
HTML5 video tag unreliable on iOS
jQuery/JSON/PHP object to C# method
Facebook Video Plays and Photo views
cmake include_directories order AFTER/BEFORE
error: encodeBase64() not defined for class
How to provide data files for android unit tests
How to add a confirmation message for comments using both Django's built-in framework?
What is the difference between Pan and Swipe in iOS?
How to work inArray in jQuery?
Use Feed dialog of Facebook API - Iphone
How do I specify custom comparator for the 鈥渋n鈥�keyword in Python?
What is the idiomatic way to install a Debian package using Chef?
Require a class to be instanced in C#?
Displaying all table names in php from MySQL database
Join Two Tables and then Group By
Dll injection code
.htaccess: Image Redirect
PDB Files won't load for some projects
Trying to get mvc resources to serve my static resources
How can I have my installer write to the HKCU registry tree?
Multiple script tags variable conflict?
how to add admin to Devise in Rails/Mongoid user class?
How to reorder boolean logic to short circuit faster?
What's the difference between Github and Nuget? [closed]
Updating a list of lists
DirectX 10 Screen Capture for Battlefield 3
Nested IIF or SWITCH Statement syntax needed correctly
The yuicompressor-maven-plugin seems to be ignoring my in exclude/include option
javascript: chrome click()
How to hide a parameter that can't be changed (Crystal)?
HTML attribute 鈥渢arget鈥�in links: browsing context
Deploying MPI application on Windows Azure
Why is this code giving an 鈥渦nreachable code鈥�error?
How turn off 鈥渞eplace url鈥�in Pjax
How do I get the user in Djano test?
Conditional or unconditional request via HTTPS to another subdomain?
IUnitOfWork how to use - best practice
Parse JSON YQL Output with jQuery append to IDs
Differentiation between views when using UItouch
MySQL string comparison
OnLoadEnd called multiple times from Chromum Embedded Framework
android: Best way to draw on an ImageView?
coldfusion server monitor jvm snapshots
Can't extend my Controller
How to test if a double is an integer
Symfony2 - Fatal error with Bundles
Oracle JDBC ojdbc6 Jar as a Maven Dependency
session gets lost after form submit
problems with sig handling of SIGSEGV
Advice on using crontab with bash
What is the notation used in references called?
Facebook Application Safari issue [redirecting to index.php]
NSSortDescriptor not sorting integers correctly
Unable to infer generic type with optional parameters
Can UITextFields defined in a view controller's xib be used in UITableViewCells?
additional variable into php array output?
C: Issue with mathematic results when using input and arrays.
Ruby replace string with captured regex pattern
Write to Sampler Result from BSF post-processor in jMeter
jQuery UI .button error: htmlfile: Unexpected call to method or property access
Using Java remove unbalanced/unpartnered paranthesis
How to make your Android App pretty for release.
Openlayers 2.11 and Jquery Mobile 1.0.1 are not working together
pusherchat-rails deploing to heroku
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo
jQuery create element with attribute differences
Do the new C# 5.0 'async' and 'await' keywords use multiple cores?
php how to view class varable in script?
JApplet cannot find XML file as an InputStream
Record 44KHz audio from bluetooth?
Linux find files with string and replace
One model to many views
Cucumber correct step definition file
What conditions will cause an iOS app to be shut down by the OS besides high memory usage?
Live Thumbnails/Large Image
JavaScript scoping and choosing names for foreach indices
How to add a sort order to a MySQL closure table representing a many-to-many relationship?
htaccess File need two RewriteRules
Maven - delegate plugin execution to submodule
Facebook iOS SDK is not working on device (requires valid redirect URI) but in simulator
Group Json attributes in Jquery
Failing HTTPS requests
How do I make a function that works with a jquery deferred object behave like a synchronous function?
How to get notified of UITableViewCell move start and end
Is there an easier/shorter way to filter this kind of code in Django's template?
Authenticating when using a subdomain route
Transformation order in rendering a SVG marker
Questionnaire Wizard in MVC3
Android google maps not responding properly after returning from Wireless and Settings started from Intent
Connect to database made in XAMPP via C#
Python - Passing urls vs. an HTTPResponse object
nodejs Error: listen EADDRINUSE
trying to get all Facebook pages of movies or TV shows
Can i configure emacs to use gdb like a graphical debugger?
After switching to building different flavors in parallel, we intermittently see build failures due to CreateLabel failure
global.asax to check for files in a folder and copy if the folder is empty
Ruby on Rails server error
Call a library uploaded in PiCloud from GAE?
DefaultDirName of an application with changed name in Innosetup
Difficulty creating Outlook 2010 Add-In
extjs store id from server
Python insert text after last match in search
Is JUNG's DirectedSparseGraph serializable?
Device Orientation not working firefox
Jena: how to query data from model?
Taking picture and geotag it
INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY and is Use-Library necessary for library projects
MVC with Razor creating drop down list
Java, How to specify absolute value and square roots
error with merge.xts
Notice: Use of undefined constant
Send subgrid data back with initial grid data in jqGrid
C function skips if statements in do while loop and executes the last if only, but doesn't in second IDENTICAL function [duplicate]
Creating a Custom NSSlider Based Off of QuickTIme X's Trim UI
Generate Dynamic Css
Android - Storing files in computer
Grid of Labels Bind Content
Stretch out empty DIV 100% and get height of it
heroku rollback didn't update the HEAD remote branch, did it?
How to make the outer element's width match the width of its contents?
Can't POST JSON to server using Netty
how to use python parse xml doc which contains character鈥�&鈥�
Trying to create a somewhat generic query method
How to switch https traffic from 1 web server to another one. IPTABLES issue
Almost there with recursion. One last thing
Never merge specific folder into any other branches?
Java Swing 2D animation [closed]
Select rowid from multiple tables
Mass Updates to SQL Server 2008 database using .Net Application - most performant method
jQuery( elementArray) - only selects children of array items
How to parse the ksoap2 response returned from web service in android development?
jquery post date time
Rearrange list view items in SimpleCursorAdapter
What's the CSS selector selenium code for the radio button?
iOS - Weird character breaking my drawInRect: method
Programmatically scroll ListView
Hyperlink image
EOF end of file error when running PrivatePub.publish_to
Insert into mysql from gridview getting null exceptions
Web request using Sears API
R: igraph, matching members of a 鈥渒nown鈥�cluster to members of observed clusters returning a %match
Vertically align to a dynamic height from another div?
How do I override input[type=鈥渢ext鈥漖 for Html.TextBoxFor?
鈥淪hared鈥�GWT module
How can I check whether the device is connected to a Power supply, USB or to a Dock
PHP Lithium: Sorting an Embedded Object Array
How to find all 'SVN working copies' on Win XP
Is possible iterate over all classes inside a package with Reflection?
Python: correct way to log to the same file from different modules
Copy ASP.Net Membership Provider from .MDF File to SQL Database
.NET STA Com Object from MTA apartment
vhdl ram module and use of registers
Trying to understand how this is being called on the UI Thread
Conditions in Where Clauses based on a flag
Capybara and Rspec: correct way to use within() and have_selector() together?
How do I make wget save 4xx response?
Unique constraint across different classes/tables (TABLE PER SUBCLASS)
domain mapping for my own site
changing a variable in a string javascript
How to find the underyling element associated with a TreeViewItem
Jquery $.post doesnt work on chrome
Add data to an existing Place? Or add new Place with same address?
Including External Assets to the APK
Joomla - Pulling in articles to an external website through RSS or other method?
Making 5 mysql queries into 1
updating data source in bootstrap typehead in javascript
Git pull suddenly stopped working, troubleshooting 鈥淩epository not found鈥�
Java loading an external class in runtime
C compiler structure optimisation
What are the rules dictating the inheritance of static variables in Java?
A reduce function (for many set unions) in C++
GIT - Where did I branch from?
SQL Server - ISNULL not working on Update Query
iOS: LLDB multiline breakpoint commands don't work as expected
SQL query distinct not working
In Rails how do I display only the value of a hash item within an array?
OpenGL 3.x .obj loader with ADS Phong 鈥渧einy-looking鈥�sphere
Datatables export(TableTools) after filter/search
The best practise when to use PHP exception handling
In Clojure, is it possible to combine memoization and tail call optimization?
Black screen when i run my application on the device
JAVA push from server to clients
Dynamics GP eConnect: get data (as opposed to create/update)?
uninstalling mysql gems
UIPopover dismiss behavior different between iOS SDK 5.0 and SDK 5.1
how to represent graph data strucutre using edge list in OCaml?
What __future__ features should I import in Python v2.6.2?
How to add limit clause using content provider
css: class that blends a color into existing background color?
Xcode 4.3.2 bypass code signing
code being inserted
What does a high line coverage, but low block coverage indicate?
Cross reference another table before import?
Correct Structure for Python Project Containing a Package and Scripts?
How to call method from another class
Query - row based table
Distributed multimap based on HBase and Hadoop MapReduce
Get current notifications android
List of keys or separate model?
WCF - Post JSON object containing an array MVC 3 Edit/Delete issue
Django admin console - Parse string to DateField
Can't assign multiple Buttons to UINavigationItem when using Storyboard with iOS 5
Get entity have max association
Conditional jQuery/js addClass script
node.js timers - singleton pattern?
How do I append a section containing multiple elements using jQuery?
How do you store a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) as JSON?
Pass TextBox.Value to Modal Form Label.Text OnClick
PHP not able to grab url variable after loading content through ajax
how to reload page in JavaScript to display new list
Will i get C2DM registration IDs when refreshed..?
Node push Variables dynamic
cor.test function using apply for iterating x and y vectors
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE - semicolon [closed]
Finding page table and page directory for a new process (after a context switch)
Using Entities in JSF
How can I get a python script to find the right Tortoise.exe if I have multiple Tortoise clients (Git, SVN) installed?
ClassNotFoundException when I run my own code on Hadoop
Setting a Type's Property values from dynamic UI controls
Catching MessageBox result
xtype in Extjs4 creates same id
Style for an InputPrompt is crashing Visual Studio
VHDL Unknown identifier 鈥渟igned鈥�in numeric_std
cannot enable html text field. IE 8 issue. firefox works fine
float / background-color / padding ie6 bug
match a dataframe to a list of dataframe and add a new variable to the list in R
Can One IIS WebSite host multiple Web Applications of different ASP.NET versions?
PHP - Change MS Word special characters (^l , ^p , ^s) to 鈥�鈥�
dynamically adding options to select list
How do I add an intent-filter to a Flex android project manifest?
How would one make knockout-js templates css media query aware?
Implementing a GSM Modem for SMS
Elegance and Performance: When to use redundant lists for queries?
concerning updating img element classes in Javascript
PInvokeStackImbalance exception when using IntPtr in .NET 4? (Works in .NET 3.5)
High resolution video preview Youtube
Firefox and TinyMCE 3.4.9 won't play nice together
Move Google Maps Center
Keys on Google App Engine are ordered
How do I look for a record in an array and then update the balance?
Join sum from same date
Is NULL is indeed zero in c++? [closed]
Why is my thread stopping due to an uncaught exception?
Calling header in a for loop
MySQL query: update for set of keys
Links to my WP Blog suddenly will not show images on my Facebook. No changes in code, what is the issue?
Code a button that changes the underlying code of your program
How should I store a password salt?
HttpURLConnection getting Invalid XML response
How can I grant Team Project access to all users?
How can I grant Team Project access to all users?
Postgres trigger works for INSERT, not for DELETE
Pinterest style listview or gridview in android [duplicate]
Having problems with adoTable
jQuery: How to assign the right ID to a button dynamically
aggregate function on separate table
COPY CSV files, then analyze? step by step?
getting rid of trailing output
Seemingly useful and unusable parent property
How to insert entries into different tables from one page?
Define the visual property for an object that extends FrameworkElement in Windows Phone
Problems copying file to home directory PHP
Scrollbars are covering portions of iPad Retina Screenshots from Simulator
JSON object undefined
Writing external class to push the log messages from MemoryHandler buffer
Updating integer values of a dictionary in python
VirtualBox settings
Get key value from xml string 2 dimensional
What exactly is the 鈥渋nformation鈥�that dapper caches?
.Net COM Interop get running COM instance and assign it to RCW
How can I install Trigram module for Postgresql installed through homebrew?
Singleton or Service for socket connection
How to use twitter bootstrap with bootstrap-sass in rails app?
Use a particular register for a variable in LLVM
Difficulty in Haskell with recursive tuple function
sl4j error in weblogic when deploying grails application war
How to calculate the distance between two locations with ASP.NET?
MPTT - How can I pass extra data for each node to the template?
Vector size changes after pressing button in QT
Getting EXC_BAD_ACCESS in iOS 4 using dispatch_once, not in iOS 5
I can't position to a specific page of jqgrid
Cannot convert 'double (*)[5]' to 'double' in return
usb disk write latency (windows)
iOS duplicate/zombie view controller being referenced
Merge Multiple Excel Files on one Master File based on a Common Column
Google Chrome extension - Webdb or IndexDB
Is it safe to shift 1-based numbering to 0-based numbering by subtracting 1 if unsigned integers are used?
validate that checkbox is required for a textbox
How to display a pop-up message box from a driver (kernel mode)?
Java Server Trouble: cant change from 鈥渓ocalhost鈥�
How do I setup a shared R package directory on a server?
Xpath - selecting attributes based on its element name
Ajax pagination with primefaces dataList and URL parameter
MySQL Query Optimisation
How to Update ObservableCollection with a new thread and access its items from another UserControl?
Best way to support functionality for previous iOS versions and deprecated methods
Mapping of ViewModel with SelectList in MVC3
How do I Pythonically print a list with formatting?
Ruby #select, but only select a certain number
jqgrid editable dropdown's width is set to a minimal value in IE8
return PDF in ajax request
What http status codes should I set myself, and in what situations?
Processes use different IPs for the same hostname
what does it mean 鈥減rivate xxxxxxx鈥�in visual studio ArcObjects using c#?
Python: interrupting urllib2.urlopen() with SIGTERM
in Matlab: best fit a 3D plot inside a figure
How to pass variable parameters to an XPages SSJS function?
YouTube API: How to obtain text of Related videos, given a video's URL?
Unable to set label justification when label text uses pango markup
JAXB - Jersey- JSON - Generic Collection Serialization:
C#,Visual Studio 2010 , Git and AppHarbor
Calling Haskell from Node.JS
phpadmin hangs while executing known good query (local WAMP server)
Function to math library not being called
ostream problems
Computer Vision application(+web interface) for face detection and recognition from database
Ping network and get mac addres
Calling a class function from a Vector instead of an Array
Qt: How to draw a dummy line edit control
Accepting Command-Line Arguments into a Ruby Script
Maven: How To Keep A Dependency Out?
Space After New Lines in RichTextBox
Instance is disposed for shared resource when navigate back from barcode scan view
string to a dom document in java
Adding MOQ to a .NET 4.0 project is not possible
Gridview cell value on RowCommand
How is C# event handling implemented?
Android Emulator Testing With Local Zend Server
Posting java code on Highlight issues and lost indentation
Find and Replace string and what's following it
jQuery form.submit() unresponsive script error
OAuth: HTTP 401 Status when trying to get access token to LinkedIn
UISplitviewController and UINavigationController
How to align columns with multiple Tkinter checkbuttons?
Ext.Create returning classes that are already instantiated
jQuery Conflict(?) when Adding & Removing li Elements
looking for specific WYSIWYG editor functionality. Recommendations?
Why is my Back Reference in my Regular Expression Not Working?
Interactive ListView
I need to parse through a string and pull out information to input into a database
Linq2Sql custom mapping
Two almost identical OneToOne in Entity, custom join annotation
Cannot sign in with google app engine plugin
Matrix and vector multiplication optimization algorithm
Inserting dashes in ISBNs using grep (in BBEdit)
html5 alternative to Jakarta ECS (or similar tools)?
How to output dynamic arrays values form container array in c++?
Button Click automatically not triggering
How convert byte[] to InputStream? [duplicate]
How to save the answers to this questionnaire on Heroku?
Core Data Migration - Table Already Exists
Transforming tree nodes with levels to row list
Would PHP traits be a good solution
Setting the SelectedIndex on ComboBox
Is there a way to see a track of one single file (out of all other files) on github?
Trying to automatically send an inline and/or attachment with mail() from a html form, but keep getting binary string
Is it possible to use proguard with Grails
Is there any notification that gets sent when the Keyboard changes (like from NumberPad to Default)
Parameter Passing Between Android and JNI
How to order dynamic structures in java
getAllBookmarks in firefox
Upload large video from website with Android device
Audio hosting platform / Server-side software
Writing a Replace Regex
quick sort using partitioning technique
Format binding value with c#
Has anyone ever switched between ORM solutions during development?
Highlighting words in the textview that matches from my database values [closed]
Setting the DisplayFormURL of a CalendarView item, SPCalendarView control
Using xlrd to obtain floating point numbers from xls
Merge multiple column rows into a single cell
gmaps4rails default setting to Terrain view by default
Why does my WIF logout not log me out of all RP web sites?
How to match a space at the beginning of the expression python?
Javascript does not load on alternate URL unless it is in a file
鈥淐ompile with /main to specify the type that contains the entry point.鈥�
Save an already created object in session
OCaml + Menhir Compiling/Writing
Can anyone recommend a current, effective captcha solution?
two cloned select box not loaded if i remove alert
Function not defining variable in PHP
Pickle alternatives
Freebase api python
if row equals 2 thru 10 - VERY EASY PHP
IIS 7 output caching for modules
Reading and Writing to a plist file
Click a link, highlight input field
Remove invalid data and split xml
SQL Server restrict user to selected stored procedures only
Pass parameters to button touch event
Can you change the Visual Effects Performance Settings from an application?
@font-face not working
Running jQuery on a mobile browser but not on a desktop browser
How can I increase the performance of watir-webdriver automated scripts
Log a Windows user into a remote computer
lm predict won't predict
Embedding Templates in the Header File Based On Categories
Php with Mysql , Query not working
PHP Singleton Database Query
How do I calculate the total space used in a program?
Save QNetworkReply
Convert RGB to RGBA
Opposite of finish()
Concatenate variable in string bash
Remove tag and content in between using REGEX/PHP
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: how do I fix this error?
how to access form states inside an ajax callback function
How to use an PDF viewer in Flex mobile
Run code on console close?
Does spring-security 3.1 support spring-security-oauth (for oauth2)? Is there a reference?
Automaticly copy images from site
Keeping a NSMutableArray full of custom objects availble through whole class
Updating JxTreeTable when model changes
Is there any way for a class within a war to access the META-INF from it's ear?
Possible Thread issues when looping MPMoviePlayerController video
How does yui3 io-form return failure or success?
WCF: how to ensure if an updated was successful?
How do I make the text in this link bold?
How to strip specific tags and specific attributes from a string?
Rspec tests unable to show successful situations
Using an interface as the model type of a partial view + data annotations
How do I investigate WCF giving 400 bad request over GET?
Error on Updating Table in Sqlite
Select all colums from a table and some from another using left join
NFC payment demo with Samsung Nexus
Java: Painting multiple objects to one frame
Redirect non www to www rule causing issue for files
UISearchBar implemented with Storyboards
Google Anymote Discovery Identification String
passing variable to PHP through javascript [duplicate]
Big-O notation how to work through it php or javascript
iOS - UUID generation throwing a strange exception
Load Content If IE or Not IE
NullPointerException integrating Closure Compiler API in Java code
Application hangs when debugging on iOS 3.1.3 device with Xcode 4.3.2
link with onclick and _dopostback and jquery click event
Multi Column RDLC report, with the data flowing from Right to Left
SELECT statement with OR and AND succeeds when database isn't fully populated, fails when it is.
WP7 - VisualTreeHelper to loop through all ListBox Items
Effectively stopping an NSTimer in Monotouch when new view controller pushed
MySQL - Complex COUNT Query
UIWebView in tabbed application (Xcode)
Why is my sprite image broken [x] but also displaying showing the image?