HABTM Form not submitting more than one value in rails
How to allow hyphens in htaccess rewrite?
Entity Framework 4.1 Foreign Key Mapping with conversion
Incrementing Counters in Azure Table
Global.asax event that has access to session state
Jquery each sort by value
c# datagridview sort autogenerated column long datetime
d2: difference between allocating array through new and assigning array literal
AssetsLibrary, how to enumerate all photos?
Doing a build when changes happen in either of two repositories AND a file system
Stop application from exiting
How can you verify an incoming Twilio sms?
How to design a class with 鈥渁nnotated鈥�fields?
Why can't I add a tuple to a list with the '+' operator in Python?
Most performant way to write, read and delete (not update) data to a SQL Server database in .net
What is a good naming convention for Periodic Snapshot Fact Tables?
Can't display a WSDL for a WCF service hosted in an ASP.NET MVC application
Function to number array elements outputs 鈥渦ndefined鈥�
url design: ways to hide pk/id from url
bash script rm cannot delete folder created by php mkdir
How to bind (redirect ?) NSLog's output to an IBOutlet, etc?
BDD - Cucumber: Is possible to disable Background logic for only one scenario in feature?
Scoping a CSS stylesheet to only one DIV via Nested Classes
How to affect the column order with Entity Framework Code First Migrations
What to use for .live() in the future? .delegate() does not work as expected
Fade In Div After Other Div is loaded
asymmetric HMAC
RailwayJS vs TowerJS [closed]
how to set an aspect on a constructor
Writing a parameterized test fails with: There was an error retrieving the parameters for the testcase: cause invalid value for parameterized field
Split string elements of a list with multiple separators/conditions. Any good Python library?
Kohana Sessions data does not persist across pages in chrome and IE browsers
boost::thread::thread(<unresolved overloaded function type>, int) - templated class member function
fstream and c_str() : c_str is not working
SQL Server INNER JOIN with nulls value and intersect
How to determine the color hue?
Cross-browser loading indication in Javascript
How do I get Putty to show color coding on git output?
Does Node.js really do the background I/O tasks asynchronously?
hook_nodeapi recusrion hell (calling node_save during update op)
Java: Declaring a multidimensional array without specifying the size of the array ( eg. new int[10][] )
LoopingSelector does not show?
How to run dev url directly on Andriod or iOS Simlator
How to make next and prev buttons to navigate through a list and trigger their functions?
How to position a View as Subview?
Recursive functions and lists appending/extending
how does asp.net mvc relate a view to a controller action?
vb.net, cannot call event directly
decoupling the URLConfs(Python/Django): current URL does not match any URL patter after ERROR
NSButton draw alternate image on click
NoSQL Technology for High Throughput Insert
Set value for DictionaryEntry
Handling minimized programs
Why is it true that 鈥渆very variable does not necessarily have a name鈥� [closed]
Percentage color hue recognition
Why won't Xcode save my change when I try to turn Autoresize Subviews to On/Yes/Checked?
Spring MVC custom errors and internationalization
Windows.Form topmost called from a workerthread doesnt work when ClickOnce is enabled and published
How to extract only certain tags from HTML document using PHP?
Pivot list data using LINQ
How to do commenting in emberjs script handlebars?
How to add layout within a layout in tabs [closed]
Creating and comparing dates from current week to a cell.innertext string value
Spring 3.1.1 SAXParseException with mvc:resources
Create a profile example with emberjs
Insert CLOB / BLOB values read from a File - maven - mybatis
DNS Redirect domain to subdomain [closed]
How to get the address of the return value of a function in C++
jQuery Animating Elements by Scrolling the page
How to make a correct 2d mesh-to-circle collision detection
Reusing Common Functions With Best Correct Approach c#
Making an SQLite ConnectionString portable
Delete Matching Braces in Visual Studio
Content-type is not working in jquery
Visual Studio Remote Debugging on Application Startup
Binding an AttachedProperty directly on a Window
Deleting unreferenced objects from a list
Cannot use ComboBox SelectedItem as BindingSource for cascaded ComboBox
rounded rectangle dashed lines
How do I stop the page from reloading when clicking on tabs? (jQuery)
String.replaceAll ignoring regex
Code::Blocks linker fails with 鈥淣o such file or directory鈥�message
What am i doing wrong with my C# looping
Creating Particle Bursts
Problems with 2 ContextMenus
Getting Title off current figure in MATLAB?
telnetlib read_until buffer size
Magento: Adding element to adminhtml form(Override object in core class)
How do I change the outer object's name using WCF?
Gridview select commandfield not firing in updatepanel
Why are certain Delphi SOAP RTL OpConvert.pas methods deprecated if they use a String instead of a Stream as their XML document type?
What scope to use in JSF 2.0 for Wizard pattern?
Android - Parsing xml with russian words(encoding)
Facebook Comments - Show ONLY comments needing moderation
Android Paths for real time charting
App Engine Python: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'Stock'
Custom @RequestParam return messages and conditional parameters
jquery infinite carousel auto-play needs to stop when press play on embedded video
Java - setFileFilter issue
Upgraded to php 5.3.10 and simpleXMLelement is broken
RSpec test won't pass. Validating for uniqueness with domain name
Can a Radius Server be configured to accept any username/password combination?
Asking for facebook app permissions in parts
Including a uri 鈥�user/sidebar鈥�page (Kohana Framework) in PHP
UIView animation animating more properties than I've asked it to
How do I get the return value of a execv?
MongoDB and complex query on ordered arrays
Using convention over configuration in Symfony2 controllers/views
Perl Proc::Simple returning the value for the background subroutine
Cross referencing nodes (php/mysql)
How to identify if a TreeTableNode in a JXTreeTable is hidden?
How to debug - Python CTypes causing *glibc detected*
Android button listener
Extracting a specific digit from an integer [closed]
JAVA ME Hello World
h2 text and bg color flowing while zooming; on Android/Android Emulator 2.2,2.3.3, using jQuery Mobile
Rails model error object passing between controllers
Exposing WCF as RESTful
OpenGL ES 2.0 - Array of vec2
activemq consumer seems to 鈥渁lways cache鈥�
How to test the destruction of session scoped beans in jUnit?
jdk1.6 memory layout
how to Reusing a cUrl context after doing a PUT request in PHP?
AJAX callback effects with jQuery
Best practice for temporary objects in RestKit with Core Data
rails trying to trouble shoot latency on my development machine - where can I see the web server request log?
Android Download Zip (That can change name on the server)
When setting a variable, my jQuery fails to work properly
SQL Server 2008 Database Engine doesn't connect
How to break always block in Verilog?
Does section 508 compliance require that every window have an initial (default) focus?
Why am I getting an ExecutionEngineException when attempting COM aggregation
Cant find config files in Jetty + Spring + Tiles deployement
How to get enums working in mvc4 with Entity Framework 5 Beta 2?
WWW::Mechanize::Firefox - allmost there - only a little regex error left
enthought python distribution wx
Utterly confused about loading SQLite data in Honeycomb (Android)
logged in user can access data of other users
Remove object from object graph while retaining integrity
use discriminator column in edm
in what cases memory is byte or word addressable and why
cakephp restful service
jsonp, just not working.. always error
Rhino Mocks - AssertWasCalled when one parameter is DateTime.Now
Align link text at top of image link using different CSS classes
Oracle Internals - varchar and garbage collection
check if method is contributing to permgen memory
Reorganize directory structure with Mercurial
Binding Label to a static string
View state on dropdown control
Getting FFProbe Information With Python
coldfusion cfc performance
JDK7 install problems
static page accept a object
Can't use string.Format() in Anonymous Type
How to suppress the MouseMove event in particular case?
Can you use MODI OCR to process checkboxes (non alpha non numeric characters/items)?
Connect or Express middleware to modify the response.body
Why aren't rounded corners behaving properly?
How to write sql statement to restore 11g oracle database user's password
*= operator in formula language in lotus notes
XQuery - Terse equivalent to 鈥渓et $a := foo(); if($a) then $a else 'default'鈥�
How to send unhandled keypresses to a particular input field?
What's the supported way of customizing the UIAlertView?
Setting virtual hosts in xampp linux for port other than 80(Debian 6.0.4)
Display issues with jquery-ui-map
How do you read in a 3 byte size value as an integer in c++?
Is compression/decompression of gzip data transparent in Hadoop/PIG?
Where pressed on bitmap
Reportlab doesn't process & and <
SoundCloud Custom Player/jQuery: remove track from list with beforeRender
Visual Studio extension installing
How can I write a VS macro that copies text between files?
The entity type List`1 is not part of the model for the current context
How does LINQ pagination statement actually executes against Oracle database?
XSLT - Having problems with &LT; in text output
What exactly can CoreBluetooth applications do whilst in the background?
PHP Commercial round currency
Signing Apps in Blackberry
obtaining the Windows Time Zone index when using TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones();
sql execute mulitple script files
Can we able to show the image of a product from another site [closed]
Issues when compiling iOS 5 app with Google Analytics/GANTracker
Is it possible to override a single textfield in Django admin?
Improve generic type checks (factory-ish pattern) to more SOLID oriented?
Rails - DB Relationships
Refreshing the information inside a div using jquery
Creating an array from multiple $.get calls
Ordering of category elements
Is it possible to create a form with input fields filling out all available space?
Is there any design pattern supports to call required methods automatically?
running installed web application
makefile: passing preprocessor through makefile to g++
clear workspace of GUI matlab
Code Igniter: Multiple Like Columns in Query
Force Close on Button Pressed
video behind image makes image opaque/de-saturated
Python Encoding Decoding for writing to a text file
Sharepoint ODATA API & how to authenticate using service account
rake db:migrate is not working
sdl unicode text
String measurement with Graphics.MeasureString
Getting a facebook name out of a fb id - file_get_contents() not working
Hhow to get a column cell value then addition with 1?
Limit number of rows returned from sqlite
which db to go for tiny data requirements
How to get rid of square brackets[] after editing and saving an XML file
Can Delphi VCL project be compiled to a browser plugin?
css spacing issues- overlap between posts?
Instantiating objects in python
ActivityNotFoundException when calling activity of another application
Serving IP Country based content, Subdomains and Google
CodeIgniter + App + App Updates with view customizations
Operator (*) Cannot be applied to operands of type 'object' and 'double'
Why are standard library function names different between Windows and Linux?
How can I load storyboard programmatically from class?
Show list of attachments using Paperclip in Rails Application
htaccess redirecting to index issue
CSS: Background in front of image - how to prevent it?
Converting the metadata of an image to JSON in Java
How to join using NHibernate QueryOver
Access to method list in current file (VS AddIn)
why is my jquery dialog ajax load pulling the entire page instead of the selector (div)?
Conditional tags around <html> as in html5boilerplate
An error is occuring with actionscript I am trying to embed into my flash file
Java Eclipse running project gives message searching for main types
Get String from value folder to class android
What is wrong with this map-reduce query on mongo?
HTML5/JavaScript: Store Dynamic Variable Name and Value in localStorage
Table view with image caching and 鈥減ull to update鈥�option
C# What should be key to cache results for different Hashsets
IoC container, check for errors at compile time
Wrapping data in a cell
Is there an alternative to joining 3 or more tables?
entity association in java
How do I get two list panels to resize properly (dynamic)
DataMapper one-to-many delete failing
Got url to fetch json data with username and password, how to secure it as javascript source shows username and password
SQL Server 2012 backward compatibility for backups with 2008 [closed]
Kohana 3.2 - Database search returns empty object
Tomcat at shutdown: WARNING: StandardServer.await: Invalid command 'SHUTDO' received
Scalaz : validating in a for-comprehension and logging
Weird line in <head> in Typo3
Fullscreen jQuery plugin
How Twitter make Facebook's access tokens timeless?
How to rotate an image with Buttons such as left and right using the Rotate Plugin
Conditions for JPA OneToMany collection
How do you convert an existing webforms application to a hybird webforms/mvc application?
jQuery Mobile 1.0.1 Google Maps doesn't show the map first time after Reload Refresh works
parent div scaling to content inside it
On UIGestureRecognizers, clarification needed
How to start activity after user 鈥渓ogin鈥�into Android?
Launch AlertDialog from Handler
Javascript no longer a scripting language? [closed]
PHP class instance to JSON
Is it possible to make a dynamic multidimensional-array?
jquery tooltip that will display over position:relative container
Rails 3 best way to write an IN clause in a scope?
Why can't I change the size of a html post text input?
Is this an abuse or misuse of typedef enum (using with UITableView with static content)
Unable to use web config transforms with securitySwitch. Possible workarounds?
Re-using HTML history state when browser previous/next buttons are clicked
What is the truth about the lock screen in android?
Does someone have a method to import HPLC chromatogram raw data?
How to delete last comma from comma separated words string in php?
PhoneGap Android Error-Message: 9 while fetching the SD Card
Deploy Sinatra app on Heroku
String comparison in if() follows wrong branch [duplicate]
Loading a Local Image for use in Windows 7 Phone App Testing
convert folder to application using ASP.NET
nginx php Class 鈥淗ttpRequest鈥�not found
apache server couldn't be started for jpa project
replace the top view with another view in an UINavigationController correctly
Way to automatically escape characters ('_',' ' etc) using knitr
Implementing log off in classic asp
How to get the date out of a given Timestamp without using any predefined functions?
Google Maps Driving Directions, change Stroke Color?
How can I change the default IComparer in an MVC project?
joomla 鈥渉ooks鈥�assistance
Do IntentService's started from BroadcastReceiver's create an instance of the Application class?
Execute a Batch File Which in Turn Starts a Process on a Remote Machine
How can I separate WordPress gallery thumbnails into categories?
Nested models of the same 'class' in the Backbone.js framework?
LinqPad: Error in a Linq to Sql group Query
Assign Variable Within Foreach Loop
Reverse unsigned to signed conversion in Java
Python matplotlib - formatting with meshgrid for user-defined function
Kinect object recognition
How to affect the maximizing area of other windows so that my AIR window is always shown?
Foreign key migration using django south
ExtJs infinite-scroll grid with ajax proxy
Remove Duplicates from ArrayList<ArrayList<String>> Object
What's wrong with my CMakeLists.txt file?
Dynamically populated jQuery Mobile Listview items with jQuery.tmpl do not get jQuery mobile styles
Why I can't return reference of typedef'd type
Tomcat webapp folder is ruined when putting a new war file
Bash equivalent of Windows' net helpmsg
First element of NSArray
Remove old items and loading new ones from listbox on pressing button
Close Java subprocess when calling program exits/crashes
What em i doing so wrong with my pagination?
Correct way to protect against failed memory allocations using new operator and 2D Array
How to make array from select returning more than one row
How to use binding in a WPF DataTemplate that is inside a Style
How to use binding in a WPF DataTemplate that is inside a Style
Python: stripping charactors from string including r n
Vim modifying a file if used with xxd
Is APN login information stored on SIM cards?
Clarification for include/require relative to calling script
image.onLoad 鈥�how should I keep data available until this triggers?
Pad numerical values in filename with three digit value using sed
NSData dataWithContentOfFile returning nil?
Selecting ONE radio out of many
MVC using .netCharting and ABCpdf
iOS: Saving A Picture In UIImageView
What is the URL option to display a Mobile XPage App with iPhone theme?
Silverlight ListBox Items beeing displayed in a different order thant the Items collection
HTACCESS Redirect ID Value [duplicate]
JUnit Test Suite for Selenium 2
Python messing up the scandinavian characters (脰 -> 脙)
How to include code samples in a WPF/Silverlight Component example application
Cross Browser Float Boxes
LEDA graph v/s Boost Graph library [closed]
C++ Linker Error with DirectX SDK
CPU Usage while running command in command line
EF multiple relationships between entities
How to get a char* from a PyObject which points to a string
Mobile HTML5 App - determining a users date/time preferences?
nameofrepo.git does not appear to be a git repository
Win API absolute beginnings - where to start? [closed]
Core Data NSSet returning empty array of objects
Glassfish JDBC + LDAP Realms
Scrolling down in windows phone 7 design pane in visual studio
Any reason not to trust ASP.NET AntiForgeryToken?
Binding Kendo Grid with Webservice
button and scroll view in the same layout
How to calculate the total iterations of a while loop when using PHP and MySQL?
How can I use SQL BETWEEN to compare two dates in a string to execute to sp_executesql?
Dynamically loading a non-class in ExtJS 4
Using PHP SoapClient, Trying to Chande XSD from http://localhost to http://mysite.com
How do I delete a table from a mysqldump
get folder structure using batch file
HTTP Post and Get to download CSV file - Error
Getting the string representation from CDbCriteria
mysql LOAD DATA INTOFILE ERROR 1064 42000 error line 1
maximum line length in python
Use function call result to initialize multiple members in C++03?
How to write a javascript button which contains data?
Where are the [ProgramFilesFolder][Manufaturer][ProductName] found?
Complex PHP Query
reading from console masm
Windows on-screen keyboard and java.awt.Robot mouse problems
Android ActionBar tabs set initially selected tab
Just how good is Android's ContactsContract.PhoneLookup class?
Remove from an Array of Structure;s
Problems with updating the version of an App via Xcode on iPhone
WinRT & Light Theme
how to display multiple markers with individual framecloud popups in openlayers?
How to preserve Mercurial subrepo remappings across clone/pull?
Facet Troubles with Elasticsearch on Query
MySQL/PHP Order By Multiple Columns with one at the top
PHPExcel can not import the excel file to database
Reading in 16 bits from a 32 bit register
iOS ShareKit custom protocol link not a hyperlink in facebook or twitter
Correct use of Popen in Python, or something alike
Why are my iOS app's session lengths 30 min + in Google Analytics?
Debug on windows Phone 7.1
which type of object to use for assigning several s4 class objects to it?
CSS Overflow Marquee-Line and Floating Divs
Padding on background image hover creating extra unwanted space
Teminal: -bash: 鈥榓lias: command not found
Order of $lt and $gt in MongoDB range query
Using an array in a different method
When hovering over child element, parent element thinks I'm doing mouseleave()
BuddyPress Wiki Component action on init not called
Python tkinter .pack/.pack_forget memory issue
Using Azure Compute to Replace Win2008 IIS server?
objects cannot be displayed sometimes
MVCContrib grid value is always null when HTML.ActionLink is clicked
Convert planar x/y to lat/long
How to set crlf endings in QtCreator on linux
disable days from datepicker
Compare strings in NSDictionary
How to dynamic loade pages and using IScroll
Multiple abilities for resource with cancan
Using search engines to get URLs
Send notifications from Java servlet to HTML pages
Copied resources using ant in eclipse not appearing in jar
Tapping TFS Checkin Event
Getting strange IP address from server call (PHP, Drupal)
Determine when an FTP uploaded file is ready for processing using FileSystemWatcher
PHP sprintf considered harmful?
Android game, local and online, with clients that can be used as servers, without duplicating code
calling a Javascript function in a Grid View update statement
Regex: match everything before image
Password Protecting a PDF Generated in AS3
Could you explain me how i get news tickers from facebook into my app?
CATiledLayer; high resolution bitmap scaling
Ignore JS Uncaught exceptions in browser
Can I tell the R plyr package to work in parallel by default?
ContextMenu in Windows Phone 7
OpenGL color index in frag shader?
How do I specify an IIS website to create a deployment package via visual studio
Trouble using NSFileManager to copy directory
Memory alignment for fast FFT in Python using shared arrrays
Multiple File Upload using JQuery and C#
How to check for white space input in python
Java - Logging in, I have a few ideas but need to complete them
Show ContextMenu and Convert Its Screenshot into Image
Google Map API for generating map [closed]
Fetching result from core data based on two attributes
No Andorid option found in Eclipse 3.6.1 Helios in Windows>Preferences
Ruby on rails -elasticsearch tire impoting existing db
adding dynamic properties and categorizing
Playing video when new view is loaded
Where in ViewController should UIGestureRecognizer be set up?
qmake doesn't detect variables correctly
Selecting duplicates
jQuery fadeOut does not work
Continuous deployment of IIS settings with MSDeploy
Why mouseover event not dispatching for polyline in google map?
Blackberry Phonegap/jQuery Mobile Select Menu
Using Azure Storage to Replace Win2008 File server?
Finding duplicate values in array. java [duplicate]
ViewModel property being painted as literal text
CSS rollover navigation
How to test a class that connects to a FTP server?
Change UITextField text right before editing when using custom UITableViewCell
Segmentation Fault With argv
Why does naming a file 'con.txt' in windows make Python write to console, not file?
Scala: Parsing matching token
Supplying an authentication token via HTTPComponents library
Typedef application in c++
MSP430 not able to handle double
jQuery Date picker control with Update panel
UIView transitionFromView:toView: isn't animating
HTML Element over Full Screen Flash Movie
Appear TableView when a view is touched
Manually adding entries into app.config for Oracle Stored proc for entity framework application
Jquery function not being executed
SQL Server and c# .net - split large table into two and bulk copying
NSMutableArray retain count
flot on android: how to fit the screen size
Why aren't my Rails tests seeing the contents of my in-memory SQLite3 database?
Dereferencing a list reference in hash element
How should I evaluate different data store components for Ember?
alter stored procedure to use snapshot isolation level
Mathjax loading issues
Best way to validate an IP address in Adobe Flex
Merge two activerecord models
How do I use cx_freeze?
Eclipse C++ for Mac unresolved errors
CMake Error - not able to open an input file?
CMake Error - not able to open an input file?
Best practice using NSLocalizedString
Other causes for EConvertError with StrToFloat() in Delphi 6 application?
Android SQLite: Insert data from one table to another: Checklist
How do I get MS LightSwitch to recognize my View?
How to create a period over period Measurement in MDX?
Rewrite all requests to a specific subdirectory to homepage [closed]
Infinite Scroll + .on() function trouble
PhoneGap, IOs & Vimeo
How do I connect the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the Android IOIO Microntroller Board?
Applet frameworks for access to local file system
Octal to Decimal in C
Run multiple SQL statements at once in PHP?
Populating a matrix with multiple columns from an existing matrix matched against a data frame
fixing input values and using them in the url of an ajax request
How do I get a specific part of a file path from a server name?
Error 1001: The Specified Service Already Exists. Cannot remove existing service
Getting key and value pairs from a dictionary
mysql_affect_rows is done by DDL or DML?
A custom attribute for setting whether a textbox is editable
Java / HTML : Submitting multi-line text through HTTP GET
Speed between two different queries
Rails complex queries from SQL to AREL
Multiplying two matrices with Java
optimizing sql query in nopcommerce
how do java frameworks relate to java platform
Is there, besides hunting for memory leaks, another situation where I should free all objects when destroying an application?
How to get current year in dotCMS?
IronPython 'execfile' Equivalent in C#
Excluding common element from list python [duplicate]
basic grid plugin for jquery
Cannot read from MSMQ on local machine
Is there a way to capture a user command to bash which was not found and do something with it?
Where is com.google.api.services.tasks.TasksRequest?
Show Certain form based on if logic
pygame won't blit inside function?
JqGrid Export to XML
Users can only update and delete objects tied to their account with tastypie
code Implementing SVG Marker
Updgrading database downloading it from a server
Easiest way to detect/remove unused `use` statements from PHP codebase
How do I set view/view model data template at runtime?
duplicate declaration of method dismissviewdidfinish
Smooth jagged lines drawn by user in HTML5 canvas app?
recording username into table from session with mysql and php
Multiple sliding divs on website
MVC2 site + Windows Authentication = 401 Not Authorized
viewing site from server
Attach div element to the bottom of page
How do I programmatically change ActionBar menuitem text colour?
GVIM - Crash during startup
what is the pitfall in using jquery on/off and trigger method on non-dom elements
Border Not Being Changed on Hover
How to Show the Related Content in another Div when an Image Clicked
php function to convert 鈥�4-05-2012鈥�to 04/05/2012?
java assembled binary varies depending of the order of the source files
JCarousel Supporting Multiple Carousels
Google Maps example does not work in IE7 & IE8
Is there a JSON query class/plugin/function?
Append Integer To String Bash Script OSX
How to transform array to comma separated words string? [duplicate]
php_imagick.dll is not loading on IIS 7.5 on windows server 2008 using plesk manager
Why HashMap internal work helper variables are int, which can be byte datatype
FlexUnit: Can I unit test File Upload?
How do I resolve the conflict of rules in this .htaccess file?
how does mpi_byte work?
Linq - How to get all children
Optional Character in PHP Regular Expression Replace
getting contents with tinyMCE?
Finding EXC_BAD_ACCESS, NSZombies not helping
How can you pin a header overtop of a UIScrollView that only scrolls in the x dimension?
Having trouble logging into facebook
(How) can I increase the quota limit of LocalStorage in Android WebView
Posting automatic updates on a Facebook Page as Page not user
Given a class and its friend class, are the latter's inner classes automatically friends to the former class?
Java Noob needs help - Type mismatch: cannot convert from String to int
Getting a user's iTunes Connect username?
WP7 SDK Pedometer
CanCan on permissions for record user belongs to
Adobe air mobile - softKeyboardType is not working when using skinClass to allow scrolling?
How to insert an item at the beginning of an ObservableCollection?
Memory of Java application started from Netbeans
Django: How to achieve logical mapping between form fields and model fields?
Github on Pull Request Merge do a POST to my app
MemoryMappedFiles.MemoryMappedFile.CreateFromFile won't extend a file under linux/mono
Show valve on textbox based on combobox selection
Test that a request was sent in a Rails controller
Gridview: Bind values from datatable to a column where control is dropdownlist but don't add them to dropdownlist
Captcha code validation not working
combinations of items in stages, allowing for overlaps
how to get cookies created in javascript
How to subset a flat contingency table in R without losing row & column names?
insert return data from SP to temp table
Prevent a ContextMenu from Hiding once Shown
How to get this attribute in a table using jquery? [duplicate]
How do I securely tie in my AS3/Flash project to a database?
Recursive algorithm on a cluster [closed]
How does this app access GMail?
xsl: passing variable into xsl file path
SQL composite key syntax
SQL composite key syntax
How to remove dot (.) character using a regex for email addresses of type 鈥渁bcd.efgh@xyz.com鈥�in java?
MySQL create table with select, alias column names
How to show a detailsview in jquery dialog after selecting record in gridview (all in the same page)
c++ timer , equivalent of .NET System.Threading.Timer
Introducing variables to Gson
python psycopg2 conditional insert statements
Cannot edit Manager field in Active Directory using LDAP in VB.Net
UIPageViewController transition speed / duration?
Elapse Timer Event
The Flush method of outputstream does nothing
how to add accessoryType to subview of tableviewcell
Wordpress alternate css file to working
How to close cmd window when using a batch file?
Mobile development(Android & iOS) beginner needs guidance
CSS Style not reaching edges
Detect if user is accessing my network (WIFI) using NodeJS
CSS background-image repeat on hover over anchor tag
How can I detect whether a type is a visible base of another type?
Loading an XML file when the tags are written in Greek doesn't work, why?
Grails services and Spring task scheduling
Does anyone know how to access this function: GenerateNewWindowLightbox(鈥淰iewer.aspx?documentID=鈥�+ 21, null, true, 鈥溾�);
Application Badge
Convert C# HashSet to F# Set
xCode 4.2 Assigning a UISwitch to one row of one section produces odd behaviors鈥�IOS
Slide listView Row onClick
Compiler errors in FlashDevelop which don't appear in Flash Builder?
Duplicates from a stream
Using cout to print starting from a specific place
SQLite3 Data rescue on Error: Database disk image is malformed
Literal text not recognized in if statement
Reuse ASP.NET MVC Views & Controller
Consequences of Dynamically rewriting a function in javascript?
Remove character from string in C
Can't Add Strongly-Typed View With Model From Referenced Assembly in ASP.NET MVC 3
java android string and integer functions dont work
Unit test for a protected attribute Rails
creating xml file with xml schema in java
Exporting JavaFX2 to Android
What is the difference between window, screen, and document in Javascript?
Persist PHP Session after closing browser
How can I segregate properties of DateTime?
How to convert vector to string in java?
deleting a row out of table view
Free implementation of Elgamal
How to get sharepoint site name based on GUID?
In a Cmdlet, how can I detect if the Debug flag is set?
real-time in context of a game
Appending Child Models to a Parent Model in Ember.js
How to improve this left join query
Authentication Failure with Zend_Auth and SME LDAP
How to insert objects in a vector efficiently and correctly
Getting original and modified content from a table with an audit trail
disabling ARC for .h files iphonesdk
Get own IP address in a java class invoked by a Session Bean
SQL query to add values of two columns containing null values?
鈥淐ould not concatenate to the buffer because it is not html safe鈥�during rspec test with Capybara
Dealing with NSDictionary content parsed from Flickr
Fast way to explicitly substitute parameters in an sp_executesql statement?
Highlight a Imagebutton to show notifications
tcp: why only second call to Socket.Receive(byte[]) returns data?
PHP: Remove empty array elements from a multidimensional array
how do i find an available port before bind the socket with the endpoint?
RVM see gems in gemset
Figuring out the text color based on background view color iOS
Elem does not name a type?
How to programmatically send an email from a Flash AIR MOBILE app
Custom macros for configuring a build in Visual C++
Error message customization in file upload
Rails form redirecting to 'new' action
Enlarging image in place with jquery animate only works in Firefox
Wanted: IE9 table cell ghost, alive and without JS
Does having an invisible ASP.NET control secure?
Error in using .NETLink in Mathematica to invoke Matlab
silverlight mailmessage embedde image is gray
JavaScript - populate drop down list with array
AJAX to Launch Server-Side Script
C# Threading - Reading and hashing multiple files concurrently, easiest method?
How can an NSCell detect the model key path it's bound to?
How can I iterate through tags with different identifiers with BeautifulSoup in Python
Long polling in node.js - how to 'timeout' the pending requests if no data is available?
How to submit formstack form using ruby?
Async call with await in HttpClient never returns
Add Background to Facebook Like Button on Sidebar
Or symbol for JavaScript object declaration
Merging Two JSON Documents Using Jackson
convert java object from sql to xml
Design Huge Integer Class
how to solve no such table while inserting exception in sqlite data base
Fill just some DataView columns with IEnumerable
Remove everything but alphabets from an String
Why don't woked Enable-Migrations?
Multiple linked 1-1 relations don't sync PKs as expected
Checking Run Time / Compile Time in a widget?
call of a class dynamically?
No-Javascript Detection Script + Redirect
ignore newline for finding a needle in haystack and preserve the text positions
How do I distinguish the index in a callback for an CButton array?
C++ count different numbers given
Error reading 'Cannot read property 'x' of undefined' in HTML5 Canvas code
jquery animate position - absolute vs relative
How do you upload files directly to S3 over SSL?
Rails app Case-sensitive URLs
How can I delete every Xth line in a text file?
wrapping a text file so that each line contain a maximum of 80 characters
Running out of tcp connection using httpclient?
Python GUI Toolkit for Text-Based Game?
Connect to SQL Server CE database with password
Updating to the head of a named branch in mercurial
Switch from design/xaml window to code file in visual studio 11 for WPF Application
Strange warnings from the linker (ld)
java how to check if file exists and open it?
Store dataset results in IList
XPath Query & HTML - Find Specific HREF's Within Anchor Tags
onfocus() fails on a cloned element
Inheritance EF Code-First
Update table for only changed fields
Ways of displaying exe icons in a ListView
Initializing long nested structures in C
.animate() to add margin
How to prevent error 鈥渃ode converter not found (UTF-8)鈥�
Cannot spawn application
Image in li tag as part of a jquery carousel are first show before they are part of the carousel?
Websockets on ipad, is there something extra that needs to be done?
how to create an event that finds out if date is greater than a month and returns value
Automation Testing tool for Ipad and safari using Java
QT - Place Buttons on Bottom Right
can a row in mysql reference itself?
Using mark of the web with MathML
Why Does the Form on this Page Only Work Once?
Get count CHAT message
Optional parameters with a stub in RhinoMock
RADIUS server rejects user through one AP, accepts through another
Log4j: Unable to send mail using Log4j SMTP Appenders
Lithium: Run filter after find() to format output
Android Emulator icon Does not show in Taskbar ,Why?
Have installed python3-BeautifulSoup-1:3.2.0-4.fc16 in Fedora 16 but can't use it
How to print a function definition in Bash?
How do I switch a CSS file in a user script before the page is rendered?
How to target Ajax Loaded Elements in Jquery Load Function
Spring can be used in Seam?
Multiple levels of authorization, not only role-based
tabbarcontroller and facebook api
Encryption using Crypto-js in Javascript, Decrypt in PHP with mcrypt?
Problems with no caching solutions and images
Error in jquery.handleErrors when using IE
convert iPhone app to universal app
My original Java Font Program - Skewed when using different letters?
Python networkx memory error on small dataset
Calling methods from task in Cakefile
Semantic web in the community [closed]
Adding RelativeLayout above a ListView
How to update a number without changing lines or placement of output
Does adding methods to a Java class boost the memory usage of its instances?
Overlapping content and elastic width issues CSS
Error whilst sending an email
What is best way to use image files in my project in C#
Are there any cases when it's preferable to use a plain old Thread object instead of one of the newer constructs?
Foreign Key mapping in Core Data
Duplicate component id in JSF
Can the order of fields/methods in generated WCF code be preserved?
Notify facebook application admin when comments are posted using social plugin
Use php to set cron jobs in Windows
Raising a 鈥渨arning鈥�status during SDL Tridion 2011 publishing
Shortcut to intel compiler directory to use in makefile
strange downloading error (wp7+skydrive api)
Accessing the object of another class with
Unable to load a CLR UDT in Sql Server using CREATE TYPE
Google Apps script : getting background color of text associated with checkbox to toggle between checked and unchecked states
Bitconverter Index was out of range
Is there a way to retrieve Heroku logs over HTTP?
randomly selecting items from an array python [duplicate]
HTML5 vs. jQuery Validate (For Inputs鈥�
Is there a way in MongoMapper to achieve similar behavior as AR's includes method?
How to get unseen/unread emails in the mailbox other than mail search technique
Aligning Text that is output to file? Columns
LL(1) table-driven (non-recursive) generator
Can dust.js templates be used in a CouchDB 鈥渟how鈥�function?
Is there an equivalent of 鈥渁fter_sign_in_path_for鈥�for user edit/commit?
May I use viewWillAppear instead of viewDidLoad for most of my initialization and setup?
Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute
Having trouble changing from One Line Text Box to Multiple Line Text Box
How can I get the UI thread to wait on a semaphore, but process additional dispatcher requests? (like what MessageBox.Show does natively)
Dynamically generated Button click not getting called?
What is wrong with this POST request with json on android?
What is this pattern?
asp.net load file class library
Can a network message be broadcasted over a UDP peer to peer connection?
BizTalk - how to map these two nodes to a repeating node?
Facebook image processing technique
Android Send password in email (hidden body?)
JQuery SmoothDivScroll works awkwardly
Load Rails app into existing HTML5 Page (using JQuery or iFrame)
Using VB.NET to copy Excel Range (a table) to body of Outlook email
svn import doesn't doesn't work properly
script tag executed twice when called from an animated div
MySQL MyISAM table index cardinality is zero
jQuery/javaScript : images don't load
Polymorphic has_many: through in rails
Thread safety for DirectShow filters that deliver output samples from a worker thread
SQL query to join results from two tables but also include rows that do not have counterparts in the other table?
Solr uses too much memory
option tag not shown in firefox
How to ignore spaces in mysqbl column?
LINQ .Select() Accessing parent properties?
Crystal Reports - keep together
RedirectMatch exclude sub domain [closed]
Can a URL have multiple parts of subdomain to it?
How can I prevent dojo javascript from being rendered from a custom control with rendered=false?
JavaScript - Results Displaying in IE but not Chrome or FF
.net - Accessing a pages global variables from a user control
Drawable.createFromPath is null
Techniques or tools to faciltate work in 2 o more versions of a same software
Protege: how to express 'not hasNext'?
How do i rewrite these math python functions in ruby?
Loading JSON data in jqGrid
pointer in c++ not showing proper values
Timthumb.php: internal image not found
htaccess URL rewrite rule for everything under a folder
My twitter button says 鈥淭weeten鈥�
BBC glow carousel: Error: glow.widgets is undefined
Passing objects using didSelectRowAtIndexPath:
Is there a way to control how the NServiceBus Distributor distributes messages?
Why this simple query is not working giving error
How to add a message to session when login is required in Spring security?
Make Google+ button ignore and div of images on a blog page
Why does Doxygen still executed pdftex despite `GENERATE_LATEX=NO`?
PresentViewController of custom size
How to secure WCF web services hosted from a Windows Service?
Styling Text in a Dialog List
Issue with suppressing errors in SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools)
Generate javascript method call code with ClojureScript macro?
鈥減re鈥�filled with characters with minimum width and automatic wrapping when resizing
Symfony form_errors(form) wrong field name, bug or my code is wrong?
wsdl2objc: ContractFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher
Entity Framework - Timeout during debugging (cannot open provider error)?
having trouble with winavr gcc in eclipse c/c++
Binding Radio button to an object in MVC 3 VB.net
How do I organize C# classes that inherit from one another, but also have properties that inherit from one another?
Restructuring object
How to view how a plain-text email client displays PHPMailer's AltBody?
Representation of C# Collections
drawing to a JPanel without inheritance
htaccess redirects from URLs on one domain to the root of another domain
Decoding a jpg in the background in WP7
Same session and session ID for different subdomains in Grails project - How can I do that?
rendering front-end of survey into an MVC app
Open website from within eclipse's internal browser?
How can my object be notified when its sheet is displayed?
How do I collapse 鈥渃hild activities鈥�
Linux Kernel MOdule
How can I pass an arbitrary object via a CloudQueueMessage?
CoreData Relationship Saving
How to load plugins in the new tab in mac vim?
How to foreach this kind of array using php
How to detect when a cookie is at capacity (via Javascript)
Shortcut for duplicating a line of code in Visual Studio 11
Android-How should I handle a thread when the screen is turned off by the user?
Is unnecessary error handling recommended in business logic? eg. Null check/Percentage limit check etc
execute function every x number of secods python
Yii- How to add urlManager Rules within a module?
C# Equivalent of Python's itertools.chain
Android - one singleton common activity/screens in application
How to apply different instantiations to the same name of object?
How to programmatically submit a filled form and scrap the resulting page?
SAP Business Object
Activity will not instantiate
ray on jruby, opengl
Convert string to file and send this image through email attachment
Sql Alchemy before-select event
JiBX Validation against a XSD Schema when unmarshalling to POJO
Is it okay to 鈥渁buse鈥�Mercurial's rename functionality to track movement of code blocks?
How can I use R.layout.emergency_dialer?
Creating a shell script programmatically in Windows and running it on a Linux system via cygwin?
PHP Joomla Creating a right-aligned root menu item
How do i apply this JSON to customize my Google Map
Adding 鈥渞elated pages鈥�to all pages (including views, module pages, etc.)
Can I use the Jar API in a web start app?
Error creating an AlertDialog in an onClick
LINQ, creating unique collection of a collection
display: block is not working in opera browser
PHP configuration OpenSSL
Asp.Net download file error when choosing 'Open' in IE9 [closed]
debugging php mssql stored procedure call
jQuery/JavaScript - event.target.id on Firefox
image draggable not working in parent containment
Operator 鈥渕easure鈥�in QCL (Quantum Computing Language)
How does streak.com create an integrated gmail experience?
Casting Objects in a list to a subclass
Call jQuery Function in a range of the page Height
Mime-type extension does not work with gmail app in iOS
Importing Netbeans project from 6.9 to 7.1
Ruby Net::SFTP transfer interrupt handling
Initializing arrays when using templates
Connecting to mysql using zend server
100 characters line marker in Visual Studio [duplicate]
Advice on falling function
Namespaced Doctrine entity name is misconstrued during parsing
Tomcat 6 only localhost returns 200, from another box via IP connects but returns 403?
Changing column header in SSRS doesn't show updated name when exporting to csv
MVC Ninject I Don't want to have reference to data layer but only to service layer
How to Increase Height,Width and Font of the face book like button
unix password service for storing plain-text password in php web application?
ASP.NET Web API return queryable DTOs?
Adding .png watermark on .jpg
Can't access database on HTC Amaze
Detecting similarity in two video files
C# Math.pow(x, 0.333)
Call Android service from Website?
How can I provide XML comments documentation without ruining readability within object browser?
Surveyor Gem to Render CSV - Template is missing
make a default password for password textboxes that can't be reproduced by the client
Update Query with INNER JOIN between tables in 2 different databases on 1 server
How to Play Backgroud Music using MonoTouch While App Running
Does it exist any function to dynamically create variables from the key value pair of an array?
Disallow twitter bootstrap modal window from closing
uninitialized constant Reservations meaning?
add a name attribute to a Ember.TextField?
Clarification of the exact function of NSNotificationCenter
CGLIB, Spring and injection by constructor
Making the parent private and the grandparent public for a class
syncfusion, context menu, allow multiple cell selections
SQL Query to select products from all categories of One Parent
Reading cookies from edu com domains
Using Ruby to connect to a Microsoft SOAP web service that requires a username, password and a security certificate (.cer file) to connect to it
Pasting with mouse-select in GNU Emacs
PHP MySQL Blog tags
Parsing nested xml with JQuery
Multiple format validations in Rails
Getting group by sum and total sum in a single query
Which query of the two is more efficient?
RoR selecting newest 鈥渄istinct by column鈥�rows
Download the GWT Developer Plugin For Firefox - cannot install plugin update
Tabbing from a choicebox to the next element in JavaFX
5th consecutive RestKit call not being sent
How to change the schema via connection string when connecting to Oracle using Entity Framework?
When should you let SurfaceView be drawn by UI-thread?
Outer margin in a CorePlot graph
boost::thread_group in C++11?
Get return url from HttpPost
Large MySQL Table daily updates?
Pass parameters from one jsp to another using post method
how is the string reverse function implemented in ruby [duplicate]
Zend Framework - Handle an application with users and members
Superfluous SFSB being created in Glassfish, thus leaking memory
Truetype ttf font and bitmap reprentation [closed]
SQL Server query error
Why doesn't HttpClient tear down properly between unit tests in grails
Declaration expected error for System.Xml.Linq.XDocument in VB.Net
semaphores in visual C++ [closed]
How do you ensure that a body background hex color overrides the color management values in webkit?
Using C# Dictionary to parse log file
Any risk of MySQL connections concurrency?
Saiku and Drupal
From variable to text
Unable to use member function inside a class
Can MySQL constrain based on a NULL value combined with an id?
Flex 4 app preloader takes several seconds to show up (loads quickly after that)
Creating live video streams dynamically
Changing local does not affect f:convertDateTime
Private APIs used in iPhone screen sharing app
Dynamically setting the height and position of dynamically generated UITableviews?
Transferring selenium into nunit
Make <li> fit the width of the <ul> using CSS
in /usr/lib/system/libcache.dylib, missing required architecture armv6
How do you store an int or other 鈥淐# value types鈥�on the heap (with C#)?
What values for RUBY_ENGINE correspond to which Ruby implementations?
Debugging postfix calculator
VB6 how to get the selected/checked control in a control array
EXPIRES in facebook - android
NSURL to access files on network share in Cocoa - Mac OS X
Errors when defining a subclass method for a final method
slickgrids with columns from dynamic json data
Adobe Air - Application updater
Ajax + servlet GET request issue
Android Emulator not working for Alarm Reminder program
What's the easiest-to-use software to write UML/C++?
find duplicates mysql up to number digits
UIImageView fit to width
Rails token fields has many through
Using gfortran with libraries
Split a file with conflict markers
JPasswordField returning some hash code converted into string type
How to get all IP of a Lan Network by Java and return it into an array (Non-blocking)? [duplicate]
MSBuild subtlety with item metadata?
PHP Security, Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
why this jquery code creates many copies of the 鈥淴-button鈥�
How to get minimum distance from point to polygon using openmap?
Go uses Go to parse itself?
How to get a constant expression after exit of switch()?
Select previous row mysql?
How to use container-managed security with SPNEGO and Kerberos?
HTTP GET request not working in java when HTTP is 1.1?
Selenium 2 chrome driver preferences java equivalent to RubyBindings
Running a Junit test remotely, as if it were running locally, using Eclipse
2D Array. Set all values to specific value
Increase size of TableView header
Doctrine2 Join SUM
Error while executing query using OPENDATASOURCE
Compile cpp without corresponding header
CSS Color Attribute
Multiplying two matrices in R
Facing difficulty while using BufferedInputStream inplace of Scanner
Sorting Datatable with linq with correct datatype of a column
How to statically dump all ObjC methods called in a Cocoa App?
QToolbar on mac could not be unified even after setting setUnifiedTitleAndToolBarOnMac flag
jquery datepicker adding custom button
Does ObjectContext.ExecuteStoreQuery iterate over the result set?
Service not starting after reboot
SharePoint 2010 - how to get list of stapled features for a site template / site definition?
Function with multiple signatures, tries to call private subclass instead of the more generic function
link keyboard input to custom application
restart sunspot solr when make a deploy with capistrano in rails 3.1
Is NULL always zero in C?
Java SWT Image and Transparency
Deserializing a complex XML [closed]
BBC slider works even if javascript off, how they do that?
Sharepoint date function in conditional formula
Barcode Scanner (Zxing) integration issue
How programmaticaly run another python script with other python version?
Delete an application from iOS device using Push Notification
add a subview to a not-showed uiview
Generate Unique ID (fingerprint) for PC .Net
Does anyone know of an OSX integrated shell plugin for eclipse?
Anyway to overcome the 5 custom icon urls per request?
Euro sign not showing up right in HTML
Sign a java applet with multiple certificates
Activity thread access
sqlite NULL_DISTINCT_FOR_UNIQUE setting for distinct NULL values in Unqiue Table constraint
Splitting a string by a regex in PHP
How to call javascript function of a web browser control of C#? [duplicate]
Error converting a HTTP POST response to JSON
Twig dynamic functions
jQuery bounce effect not working on list items like they should. Why?
How to check all variables are being used in a bash script?
MonoTouch - UIDevice.CurrentDevice.Name - UTF8
Partial application of functions inside a context manager (鈥渨ith ..鈥�
setting android SDK for MonoDevelop on apple
Pass UserId to the Model
Animation sinusoid in android
Apc user cache and php-fpm
Delete MySql rows, or mark 鈥渄ead鈥�
Using onafterprint in Chrome & Safari
Prevent image load errors going to the javascript console