Cannot find ~/.hgrc file after Mercurial installation via MacPorts
Debugging Pattern (regex) failure in in Java (Android)
Per-table constants are not being substituted
Links to within page redefine page
Is this much escaping necessary?
No Activity found Exception
The spinner menu shows very long text, but not the triangle image
sqlite3 UPDATE generating nulls
Add the Numeric column values and inserting total in XSLT
Java Loop is not doing what It should be doing
How to filter over dates using a string?
Calling a javascript from a javascript
msi installer error for c# project
Twitter API access to similar_to functionality?
SBT cleanup hook in test
how to use json data in dojo
MVVM - hiding a control when bound property is not present
Post using jQuery from Form Open Tag
how can I make a connection to a database in the main function and then reference it from other functions
Querying A Datable Using Linq Returning Distinct Values
Receiving nameserver set by passing one NS
Rails/Mongoid database migrations
How to reduce invoking time of web services?
Can an Android AsyncTask doInBackground be synchronized to serialize the task execution?
Change text color in a table cell (if, else)
Compare a BLOB image to images stored as ORDImage using SQL/MM Still Image
Add/Remove text to input via form to store in database
gcc include order broken?
Getting and sorting from JSON on jqGrid
Imports and Depends
Jquery tabs width next and prev links
ChartArea Title Truncated
鈥淓ntitlement has value not permitted by a provisioning profile鈥� but it does not
How to insert default values record for a specific new primary key record?
SOAP PHP request error
CheckedTextView inside ListView: blinking issue upon selection
Sorting CouchDB data using couch-lucene
How do I determine which images in the source of a very large website are actually being used?
daylight saving time for display-time-world
HTML/CSS design for 100% width horizontal gradient effect
Doctrine 2 association inheritance with different classes
CameraRoll image to canvas using Phonegap
Testing For a null returned value
Google App Engine, Java Frameworks?
Same Origin Policy with My REST API
WIX 3.5 Multiple Instances Windows Service
Maven RPM Plugin accepting user input
jQuery function not working for IE9
Twitter-Bootstrap logo image on top of navbar
Filtering model data
echo to a file printing extra tabs
Using GD and ImageMagick together [closed]
it is possible to only move camera in opengl without redrawing the scene?
Reject signal seems to be emitted just once
Dragging on Rotated Android View
How do I use the Firebird dot net provider under Visual Studio 2005
Using adjaceny matrix to solve graph problems
Issue with lat and long accuracy, depending on the places
how we will cache webservice response in spring?
Android build fails when build with Eclipse
Google Maps API V3: Show the whole world
Confusion regarding Handling of Different Pointers by Compiler
Class Declaration causes Null Pointer Exception
drawing multiple filled arcs inside oval
Is there a way to write a bash function which aborts the whole execution, no matter how it is called?
Jquery Mobile: Disable Button Style Wise & Function Wise Button Until after an event occurrs
div always on top that is fixed to right and to left (2 images) except in one case. CSS
REST API, path variable vs request param
Is FEC-code needed for UDP?
2 errors configuring drupal in Ubuntu server 10.04
XCode debug wrong Target
Error by trying to push mapViewController
Google Analytics: Site Speed avarage always at 0.00
how to add the provisioning profile into the bundle ID list
Python: Use backquotes in command given to subprocess.Popen function
Connections gone after Upgrade Aptana Plugin to 3.0.9
thread lock in Python
Is it okay to call OracleConnection.Open() if the connection is already open?
android spinner custom rows
Suppressing warnings from `rvm install`
Alt key interrupts Stage Video
what is missing in SQL Server Express 2008?
How OpenUDID works
Eclipse XML formatting changes order of tags?
Unit Testing contents of error message?
How to overcome the issue of getting the login from a Facebook application?
Subgurim Maps control causing javascript errors (鈥淕Unload undefined鈥�
Faster ClearCase view labeling for Continuous Integration
Wordpress custom post not counting (always zero)
How to use aggregate SUM function on result of SUM in INNER JOIN?
How to get raw images to process in real-time
Filling related entity when querying repository
How to select a div#id that it's inside an iframe (from inside a plugin method)
How to query multiple rows involving a MAX?
Calling .NET web service from android with KSOAP2
Node.js object is not a function - module.exports
Changing host WinForm properties from ViewModel bound to ElementHost
maskedtextbox alignment
create a swing animation between JDialogs
How to find a duplicate of length 5 in a single array. Java
@Configurable with unit test causes error
Accessing Web.Config from a separate solution
How do I use CROSS APPLY in this situation?
Php file_get_contents() issue
How can I have a double Ajax request?
Master Page cannot be loaded in C# ASP.Net publish
Weird Rails ActiveModel::Errors: 鈥ust be greater than {{count}}
jsf 2 f:selectItem's key and value inverted when feeding from a map
d3.js treemap new data doesn't render
Optimise slow query
C# Downloading HTML from a website after logging in
php date string to timestamp - inverse_date()
Bing Maps, Finding Multiple Geocode Search Results (Did you mean: Functionality)
cdata in jax-ws / wsimport
Winforms: XML Error parsing entity name from sitemap
Fixing case object identity / pattern matching under serialization
ambiguity partial template specialization for member and member functions
Can GeoCoder getFromLocation method cause a NetworkOnMainThreadException to be thrown?
Direction between two geolocation points
MVVM DependencyProperty doesn't update when RaisePropertyChanged
How do I duplicate this JavaScript in C#
Getting Maven Version in Jenkins
ZipException while converting to dex with Ant, in eclipse it works ok
Mime type detection library for Java
How to convert Byte Array to Hexadecimal String in C++?
Why customize Emacs variable sgml-xml-mode in sgml-mode.el?
How to simulate interaction with console programmatically?
How to avoid the duplicate values in dropdown field in dynamically generated rows
User Agent on a url.getContent();
Is it ok to use action helpers not only for controllers?
FxCop and Code Analysis Rules
Generics: Inheriting from an abstract class that implements an interface
php include breaking
JRuby Net:Http get issue with unicode characters in response body
How to translate new object creation?
How can I make NetBeans run my Android project in the emulator?
error while trying to get access token from stackexchange API 2.0 if user not logged in
Lower image quality after paste two files
human_time from posts within a post
Uncaught ReferenceError: Handler is not defined
XMLHttpRequest is returning nothing?
Getting data to Android app from google app engine datastore
jQuery draggable in Firefox 11 returns XrayWrapper
why sed replace + redirection deletes my file?
How to take RadioButtonList.SelectedIndex in to an array of Ints?
Python Matplotlib Colormap
How to include a Servlet inside the post method of another Servlet?
Check duplicate using ko.observableArray
Ajax Enabled update progress bar on server.transfer
Is there an equivalent to transferTo for AsynchronousFileChannel?
INNO Setup Drivers already installed
SEO issues of htaccess 301 redirects
How can i do UDP Socket Programming in C [closed]
Submit a javascript form with PyQuery in Python
AnalogClock - changing hand-drawables every 30 minutes?
Can't compare two NSDates
placing links on background image
Response.Write - how do I get rid of the script now?
Calling PHP code inside the js block [closed]
How to avoid running tests multiple time whe integrating maven project to hudson/jenkins
iOS - unable to remove memory leak
Does V8 detect int variables and handle them more efficiently?
How do i invoke a java script function when clicking on command button in prime faces
monitoring google app engine logs and send an email
How to re-adjust content while resizing gnome-terminal?
Unmarshalling an XmlType for unit testing in Java
Scaling between servers
Want to know the number of times a value appears on a given date
Calling a PL/PGSQL Function with Nullable Parameters
using navigator.geolocation in UIWebView with local html file
Timers within Android Services?
POSTing to cross-domain REST service from within an XPage
Updating Model from the view
What are my hosting options for an app that needs tilestashe alongside a django app?
looking for a client side only web development framework
SQL - Where criteria to find names between A-F
Select box filled by json response using jquery and coldfusion
How to expose a method only to a special class of other assembly
How to add a calculated field to a drill report in SQL Server reporting services 2008
How do I combine Phong lighting with Fresnel dielectric reflection/transmission realistically?
How to use PyPy on Windows?
Join 2 arrays in object with repeated keys
backbone.js: Model event that fires when setting attributes to existing values?
NSButton Argument binding not working
How do I modify SQL table so that it includes a column with TRUE/FALSE values?
Identifying a running program in Windows
Lock on static object from within a delegate is not working
Caching query in SQLite?
how to implement NSLog to trace CGPoint coordinates
i want to display table in vba macro form
error calling msbuild from maven
jquery .data not visible in firebug?
multiple databases with Spring Data JPA
How to change google maps marker icon dynamically
How to pass variable parameter to template?
Post-variables only passed, when action=鈥溾� is empty
Can you control pinterest's 鈥渇ind image鈥�results?
How can I set the default page for https requests?
Automatically change font size for a streched image in a picturebox
Replacing a Div With Jquery - Screen Moves Oracle connection using TNS Name?
MonoTouch: Problems downloading and playing video from external URL
Html5 forms and offline storage in IPAD App
Best way to create user content management pages
Changing rotational point
Changing rotational point
Choosing the photo size in tumblr API
Doxygen: Partial Classes not supported?
Access table data when using PHP and MySQL
Error with NSJSONSerialization - Invalid type in JSON write (Menu)
MonoTouch Multiple Mapkit CLLocationCoordinate2D with Custom PIN Image
MySQL full text search plural/singular form of words
preg_replace youtube links - iframe embed
How to reference an objects id with a variable? [duplicate]
List members of a character class
mysql: create database like?
need help in C# and SQL [closed]
Control the focus blue rectangle
鈥淢odules鈥�in Repository Pattern
How to make F# infer common base type?
Google Text-To-Speech API
cut/paste behaves like copy/paste in Excel
Pull files from Android tablet for debugging purposes.
Jquery Masonry with fixed height
jquery setting the order of handlers
Which Twitter API should I use to extract large amounts of tweets for NLP research?
Sending multiple requests within an NSOperation subclass: sync or async pattern?
Forcing English as admin interface language on LinguaPlone sites
Highcharts Image click event
Hiding context menu
appendTo() animation
How to lock text boxes?
jquery not working until debugged using firebug
submitting webforms from multiple sites into my lead management system
VB.NET - Issue with looping through rows in a datagrid
ways to hide/show a div with a toggle in jQuery [closed]
Arbitrary process exit code in Linux
Adding logic to a sub form in Access?
MySQL - how to select id where min/max dates difference is more than 3 years
Breaking out of FOR in batch
Is there an easy way to create a custom dashboard for users of the Project Portal for TFS?
Sending notifications according to database value changes
What files from the debug folder needed for deployment?
How to make jQuery Mobile not manipulate the hash when displaying a dialog
How to use 鈥淩eSharper.ReSharper_SilentCleanupCode鈥�in a vs2010 macro?
How can I tell jenkins I do want the full error trace from a maven job?
What's the best way to store files on a remote host as they are created and remove the originals?
std::unique_ptr with custom deleter for win32 LocalFree
Which statement is more efficient?
why, in my case, the texture memory is slower than the global
C# async server using delegates for BeginInvoke
PyCrypto: Decrypt only with public key in file (no private+public key)
Regex: Finding URLs in background-image CSS, having trouble
Can't use a string in .m
Using the 鈥渉elp鈥�method in the immutable SCOPT (Scala) OptionParser (2.0.1)
How to put PHP image resource into Amazon Web Services?
LL(1) table-driven compilers with ANTLR or ANTLR3
VBA: Loop through criteria in an Excel filter?
jQuery click not working on a div whose parent is listening for a mousedown event
JBoss 7.1 and Seam 2.2 鈥�Caching?
C++ typedef enum and just enum [duplicate]
Google Calendar Booking System
How to use play!framwork in order to use a web service method with eclipse
UNIX Number Guessing Game - Logic Issue
Extend MapField for use with Custom Map webservice
Extract url data and image with php or Ajax or Jquery
Windows 7 - Shell Extension dll Initialize method called twice on explorer left pane
Using class methods as simple functions
c# foreach (property in object)鈥�Is there a simple way of doing this?
How to move from the end of the file to the beginning in c++
java decompilers [closed]
Deciding which to scroll, document.documentElement or document.body
MySQL - Select records that dont start with a letter?
Gridview: Get a value from cell of database data table where ID=rowEditIndex , how?
Controlling the order of SDL Tridion 2011 Custom Resolvers
How to batch fetch child-properites from a list of items?
SFTP with VB.NET - upload via server issue
making this mysql join code shorter
Mysql Many to Many relation Navicat Fail Constraint
Fancybox from iframe to parent
Recursive Java, Checking for conflicts between nodes
Defining Scala Function Differently [duplicate]
Create barplot R for coverage
CSS interactive map
Managing assets between desktop and device version in libgdx
Does 鈥淯nit Testing鈥�falls under white box or black box testing?
Capitalize entries using ASP.NET client side validation
put Soundcloud playlist onto website?
standard ml datatype function
OpenGL ES shader multi textures
How can one get local host address in Apache Camel
What software can I use to draw this figure? [closed]
FileSystemWatcher with lock on the event
SQL query takes way too long
EXTJS GridPanel and Column Data defaults
Google license validation suddenly failing on development device
Sorting time complexities
find_similar_region with rmagick GetProto<Type>() method throws a not implemented exception
OnFling and ImageView not working correctly
Symfony 1.4 - Accessing values from the parent of an embedded form in an instance of sfValidatorCallback
Why can iconv convert precomposed form but not decomposed form of 鈥溍夆� (from UTF-8 to CP1252)
encode app engine
How to send bulk data in url?
Product object is empty even after assigning it a value
How can I callback Tcl commands from different namespaces without explicitly qualifying?
CTreeView MFC; what do the following mean?TVIF_HANDLE TVIF_IMAGE TVIF_PARAM TVIF_TEXT
Issue creating a new user / schema in Oracle 11G instance
Actionscript 3, flash: Erasing area dynamically?
SQL Query Not being executed [closed]
Hide keyboard on any key press in iphone
Encrypt Web.Config value in packaged ASP.NET solution
Scroll bar is shown all wrong
How to filter XML tags, then write filtered tags in dynamically generated files
print array values separately
Bluetooth RFCOMM working on a computer, but forced to use virtual COM port on another
ASP.MVC Windows Authentication HTTP Error 401. The requested resource requires user authentication
Win32.DestroyIcon vs. Icon.Dispose
ASP.NET Viewstate with Safari 5.x
Selecting a cell in Excel based on variable containing the row number
How to pass the values (username and password) for HTTP basic authentication in php
PyQt - subclassing the QMainWindow to access Gui elements
SQL Server 2008: Update columns if its a null
Can you use List<List<struct>> to get around the 2gb object limit?
Confusion regarding a passage in the 鈥淜inds and some type-foo鈥�section of
select the bigger ball
How can I pass an expression to act on a single field in an anonymous type in LINQ
eval returning variable name instead of undefined. (javascript)
Does C have a concatenation operator?
Is it possible to add a custom button in Sharepoint 2010 Ribbon just for a specific page?
Deleting while iterating over a dictionary [duplicate]
Android to PHP API Security
Best practice with pyGTK and Builder XML files
Android : how to refresh TableLayout data while switching from one tab to other?
Making a selection box with custom div frame
Nivo Slider Glitch *Any Ideas?
Handling a streaming server
Auth Dialog doesn't work on Ticker and Timeline links
Accessing the place image from Google Places for iOS
connect to IPv4 mapped IPv6 address fails
Rewrite Url with out extention
Cannot Access Global PHP Variable in jQuery.ajax call in MediaWiki
How to split an expression using a RegEx.Match in C#
zend acl with extra url paramaters
Is it possible to use bpython as a full debugger?
undefined object from php json
Getting ArgumentNullException in designer window of Windows Phone projects.
Zend Framework - Router - Creating Aliases
How to load namespace System classes?
Little black 鈥�鈥�spaces?
Why is a SDL Tridion 2011 Custom Resolver called twice when publishing a Component?
Writing to a C# array from C with PInvoke
clone() method does not throw RuntimeException been called on object of class unimplemented Cloneable
How to decompose a Rails app into different small apps ecosystem
How to get sorted list of files by modified date that match a certain filename and print out part of text in unix shell?
Is it possible to get the word under the mouse cursor in a `<textarea>`?
library/language to create engineering drawings
Check if at least one checkbox is selected PER questio.n
Why does my Backbone model hasChanged() always return false?
choose solr documents where one field is great than another
How can i represent date using java language
Create two tables in sqlite3 database in Python
Get value of select option immediately jquery
Equivalent of Matlab 鈥渨hos鈥�command for Lua interpreter?
Using eclipses's FileFolderSelectionDialog
Dynamic Lambda Expression For Filtering
cant seem to pass params to constructor
Dynamics AX 2012 Label File Problems
advices for restful web service url design using only http get and post
How to reload/refresh a facebook like button when connecting to Facebook API via Javascript
How to keep number displayed when submitting the form to itself
Colorbox: Controlling order within rel group (gallery)
How to add information on button of toolbar?
sorting unique values in a php array
WFFM form POST and redirect
Interface from text selection tool (where copy/paste is)
how to improve this method using polymorphism+overloading so as to reduce IS (type check)?
Get percentage of a letter in python dictionary
PrimeFaces overrides my custom CSS style
C# visual Basics references not available
How publish my web site?
Trying to improve this query
Missing File application.h in gtkmm-3.0 on Ubuntu 11.10 Populate Combobox with comma separated values from an INI file
Perl Script - Can't locate Net/SSH/ in @INC
Python C module function argument reference counting
Cant dissmis email when attaching screenshot xcode 4.3
There is no extension able to load the configuration for 鈥渨eb_profiler鈥�
What is the method to record and calculate time?
Pass parameters to hive script using aws php sdk
Progressbar not showing when using Theme.NoTitleBar
Programmatically change input type of the EditText from PASSWORD to NORMAL & vice versa
JQuery switching application from 鈥渓ive鈥�to 鈥渙n鈥�method [duplicate]
Install File Using POM instead of commandline
How to get Python m2Crypto to work with virtualenv?
Multiple synchronized HTML 5 video on each other and remove on disconnect/behind, good idea?
update text on a page dynamically in response to event on another page in another window
CommandManager.InvalidateRequerySuggested() not working
jQuery resize on both sides
Searching contacts properly with Postgresql (Thomas or Tom, or misspellings)
How to trigger a memory warning
BLOB containing binary data retrieved using cx_Oracle returns partial content
Using google docs API in website
setValue() in IE7 throws an error
Error on Entity Framework .Add() that isn't making any sense
Multiple File upload with Shift + select all functionality
Parsing prices with Currency Symbol in Java
Is it possible to access NSURLCache in MonoTouch?
Calling a method correctly: (Java)
My program gives an Unhandled exception error whenever i try to initialize a Employer object, help me please
EditText hint not displaying
MySQL self-join with order by optimization
Images not loading properly
Codeiginiter array $data view
The method of having 2 models in 1 view, is it possible?
How to turn off magento error reporting magento/var/report/
Delete a field by position from a long line
playing audio file at specific position in python
how to extend facebook access token to 60 days
CDI classpath issue using maven and embedded glassfish
swfobject variable from ajax response
Business user add rows to wiki table
how to sened a request from servlets to another server
How can I reproduce this semi-random pixel background?
Update of Springframework-core in Maven is giving me a timeout
Facebook Open Graph from Rails Heroku
Spreadsheetgear Maintains Lock on File
Mallet: Topical N-grams
flatiron.js/plates partial templates?
How to remove style attribute only with DOMXPATH?
SpecFlow not listing NUnit in Tools->Options->SpecFlow->TestRunnerTool
jQuery TOOLS datepicker - open the calendar after click on the button
get each id in the div tag
Referencing another struct in a struct where the second struct also references the first one
loading properties file in init() of servlet without using context-param tag in web.xml
Enumerator for an alphabet in python
matching dissimilar strings in php
Java - Is there Java equivalent for C# new keyword in method signature? How I can replace final methods in Java?
Image redirecting and logging
Changing listview row color according to conditions
how can i tell if an application is written with CSLA 2.0 or CSLA 3.5 (or with some other version of CSLA)
IntelliJ doesn't work [duplicate]
Video capture and recording from a web page
CakePHP Notice (8): Undefined property: View::$Cookie [CORE/Cake/View/View.php, line 804]
Customized google maps marker icon not showing in partial view
Issue with AssociationSet in EF when changing target from .NET 4.0 to 3.5
Getting rid of duplicate system keychain in keychain list using jenkins launched as a mac osx slave through a StartupItem
What might cause the images from rendering properly in PDF generation?
Is it possible to determine if a UIImage is stretchable?
JQuery JSON-within-JSON parsing
Double requests for aspx pages, NTLM authentication request fails
is it possible get location when a iphone app is not working background
Reccomendations / advice needed for application technology set
java 3D rotation with quaternions
java 3D rotation with quaternions
How to use jnlp webstart and not cache the jar
Android - Formatting a TextView
Orderby and Linq
Using JQuery to prevent page refresh when user clicks submit on a search box inquiry or filter
Set Workbook Variable from Userform Combobox
How do I set the height of a div nested inside a float to be relative to window height?
Can i Have two different styles in one UIWebView in IOS 5
jQuery tabs in IE 9 not working properly [closed]
DropBox API: File Browser Examples?
const char* initialization
Using Moq can you verify a method call with an anonymous type?
Why do String hashes change?
mysql: fast group by with join
Submit checkbox values from a modal window to the html site in which it is embedded
How can I create my own validation rule in orbeon xforms?
create interactive elevated process from windows service and show to logged-on user
Get todays appointments from outlook with powershell: Unwanted results
SL4A Android x86 installation
How to free reallocated memory? C++
Error no route to host using expect while reading host user name and passwords from a csv file
validate_format_of string with 谩锚矛玫眉 in rails
Weird behaviour encountered using java.sql.TimeStamp and a mysql database
Is there a way to make a deform/collander form field read-only/disabled?
Getting the dijit for a typeAhead in XPages
CakePHP - trying to order posts by relevance to tags shared with main post and date created
Java database connection
Bing Map Longitude Latitude Data Binding
Get NSMutableArray index depending on an object's property?
In Android, preinstalled apps are always disable to uninstall?
build folder doesn't update in Eclipse
ProgressBar that updates as dictionary loads
Connecting to Oracle DB using Ruby
How to work with so many 3D arrays in function?
How can we set timeOut if dont know how long page loading will take
OJS-Location of configuration variable
Reading xmlAttribute from XmlElement in jaxB
Ajax file upload is not working when used the second time
Umbraco: URL re-writer
how to delete objects?
task based sequence manager in c# for Unity3D
jquery append not appending a styled icon properly
File.Move System.IO.IOException: 鈥淣o more connections can be made to this remote computer鈥︹�
How to write data driven tests using JUnit 3
andy ideas of where I can find good svg maps? [closed]
Give a 7 days grace period for paypal subscription
iOS app crash rate - background noise level?
How to find click position of the child in app widget (Remoteviews).?
Selectable <optgroup> in HTML <select> tag
Backbone collection/model best practice
MVC3 Appearing of confirmation message is increasing as geometric progression after each clicking
IF statment for variables in Action Script 3.0
MVC child - parent on the same page
Exclude a device from seeing the mobile version in an MVC 4 mobile application?
Extracting prices from html using jQuery
PHP passing variable in an array
Change Location and Name of Log file at runtime, based on GUID passed in QueryString
Unable to reach
Something other than libcurl
What is the process of creating a link that will expire using a specific key? [closed]
Prestashop webservice update price of a product
How to do string manipulation in SQL query
Wireless Oneway Broadcast Feasibility
Callback function in
Is it possible to create generic class with Type Parameter as Class<T>
algorithm - Bin-packing, arrange bins to pack n objects
Can't set datagrid's selected item after refreshing page
How to add CSS3 rounded corners with modernizr?
Support for Active directory with Advantage Database Server data dictionary?
Android combine Animations in one transformation
Blackberry: how to convert time from String in 鈥渉hhh:mm:ss.ss鈥�to 鈥渕m:ss鈥�formate
Access 2003 VBA / Sql Update TableA on count condition also in TableA
Extending the IntentService class
struts2 namespace name issue
Sharepoint 2007 Count Modifications View
Windsor - pulling Transient objects from the container
JQuery mobile: test offline
Rails: authentication through different domains
Working With / Migrating From Legacy MediaWiki Database [closed]
How do I access one entry in a mail merge document?
Whats the best way of linking/synchronising view models in Knockout?
Java / JPA - dynamically setting properties on an object / entity
Can Xcode ask / react to file changes outside of the IDE?
Localize Prism 4 Modules with .resx files
nested select statement with SUM
Need some help to translate query from createQuery() to queryBuilder()
MVC3 changes not saving when controlled disabled
Using PHP Function in JSON Data
Hover opacity effects with margins in css and .LESS
Capture Source change for Back/Forward buttons in a Frame
Need to manually start the google places autocomplete
Using SQL Server 2008 TIME column in class declaration
hibernate multiple records update in a single statement
Using MySQL unique index with good atomicity without raising errors
Joomla site hacked [closed]
wsdl2objc or sudzc with WCF message security
Web Service not detected?
How to guarantee the wiping of confidential data before it is garbage collected in Java?
Asp.Net Ajax controls documentation?
setting up a linux provider for Apple Push Notification Service (APNS)
How to join two tables when the ON clause is variable
Association_proxy with 0-n relations
Pandas Date converter
Creating a child facebook app with existing facebook app using facebook API
jstree get all child nodes of root
Is n not considered to be whitespace in grep?
Why does changing text in Raphael cancel events?
WCF Transactions: WSAtomicTransactionOctober2004 vs. WSAtomicTransaction11
How to prove that the socket connection timeout occurs within 60 seconds?
How to have 2 different xsd elements to be of same value if they are present
Easiest way to implement a true boost::asio::async_read_until
In Vb.Net, how to remove duplicate items but leave at least one of the duplicate items in the list?
Android: Google API MapView - setTraffic stopped working for eastern Europe
How do I convert a string to an array name (php)?
rewrite plugin in smarty 3 syntax
Jsoup and Android
HQL left join of un-related entities
Monotouch Check collision of two Frames
The Google Directions API 'access Denied'
BroadcastReceivers in ICS
Dynamically Generate UITableViews
Android: getString() from resources loses any tags in the string
google app engine, java: perform action before dev server is killed
Tokenising text using boost regex
play framework 2.0 localhost is not working
Interface drawing elements in Xcode 4 for iPhone?
Google Analytics - Tracking multiple websites (top-level domains)
mod_rewrite to correct directory rather than root directory
With many-to-many relationship, associated class data cannot be fetched with find method in doctrine and symfony2
How to access this attribute using jquery, given a div defined by this
Lightweight (& preferably free) Mac text editor that supports code formatting + syntax highlighting
Java regex String parse, trying to figure out a pattern
JSF Tomahawk tree2 - null pointer error on submit()?
Aligning Floated Elements with images and texts
PDO Last Insert ID always the right one?
Excel formula error on VBA
why does php extension development differ so much from c++ development?
How to include groovy test-sources in generated jar or sources-jar using Maven
Values in one field in a table from lookup in another table
Is this a good approach for building an image library in .NET?
jQuery Flot how to make an updating chart?
Quickly adding single pin to MKMapView?
correct approach for storing and display a state specific to Users
no GAE Backends has been created with valid backends.xml
How to return first few characters in a string by trimming last 8? (SQL Server 2008)
Is it in good style using html5 data attributes with javascript
Reporting Service Expression, how to get Customer.Company.Name?
PHP WebSocketServer can't connect to WebKit (Safari)
Is there an equivalent to mod_status for Tomcat?
Change datetime picker background color
Is there an equivalent to mod_status for Tomcat?
Change datetime picker background color
How to prevent this layout cycle?
Change softkeyboard in Android - works in simulator only
Getting 鈥淭ime since鈥�using preset time. (鈥�012-03-27 16:01:48 CEST鈥�
java Timezone setDefault effects
C# Timer for Millisecond Waits
Facebook App Authorisation
Cannot insert the data into the table using C# visual studio 2008
Finding combination of elements of a list [duplicate]
DatePickers on the FloatPanel
Eclipse debug stops on error even if I have try/catch
reporting services and custom datasource
How to determine if drive is external drive
FullCalendar - remove time axis in agenda view?
CppUTest examples build fails
how to adding tri-state checkbox in listview
Locally scoped begin-end declares (altering multiple triggers in a single transaction)
Group by with where condition in MongoDB
How do I change the path used in calling Jquery.js and Drupal.js files?
Requests with AJAX in a portlet (Liferay)
android - EditText typing is slow
pentaho log file configuration
How do you make a System.Linq.Expressions.Expression object containing a call to Any()
How to use regex with optional characters in python?
Images are too granular
Show/Hide content in a Gmail email body
Calculating position/dimensions causes CSS transition to occur
Google App Engine BlobstoreService java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space [closed]
Why is my BlackBerry exception getMessage() returning null?
CreateFile always override the specified file
advantages and disadvantages of ruby exception handling [closed]
Split a string into two parts
PhoneGap deviceready event not firing
Getting stock symbol from company name
How can I tell what is the http status code returned by a request to a url?
How to get same Columns from different tables
Most common hour query?
Packaging multi-platform multi-module maven project
What must I do to implement SQLite's rawQuery() method?
Database Table Design for storing yes, no, and quantity type responses to questions
Valgrind debug log: Invalid read of size 8
Is there a tutorial on how to use AREL or Reference document?
Can I get table names along with column names using .description() in Python's DB API?
Magento customer/session not working
error when send email
Mach-O Linker error Duplicate symbol _INIT_NAME in
IOS: UIPanGesture don't work on ios 4.3
Javascript and JQuery conflict
mysql_fetch_assoc equivalent for informix
mysql_fetch_assoc equivalent for informix
Eclipse + PyDev + Django 1.4 - Template directory problems
Beginning jasperReport/iReport with Grails
Suddenly can not connect to other PC's FMS after 1 month?
MVC validationSummary is not working [closed]
send the GeoPoint to another Activity
I want to paste regions and entire buffers of emacs source code [closed]
OpenTBS Mail merging .docx using PHP
TCP Keep Alive connection hosted in WCF
Submit checkbox state without a submit button
cakePHP saving All data with hasMany function
Ruby: file encryption/decryption with private/public keys
XML-based query extremely slow through ADO.NET, instant through SSMS
Imports: Should you, Shouldn't you, syntax and best practices [closed]
Q3support status in the next Qt release
Storing API data from requests in Rails App?
.tar.Z : no such file or directory When I try to JAR a file .. Why?
How to implement an app wide in-memory cache in HTML5?
Custom Alertview Button Action not calling
GWT Celltable : How to avoid entering particular value in particular cell of Celltable?
Subtype of shared data contract
choosing which domain account to use for sending email
Struts2 + REST plugin XML output
Visual Studio: How to show Overloads in IntelliSense?
PHP script inside Django template
How to retrieve url parameters from a jquery load function? [closed]
Should I change to scala to create a system with rewrite rules?
Strong parameters: Please explain the example
I get the following error when trying to run my application. There are no errors in the source code
How to setup a configSection in .net 4.0
SmsManager sending message twice on device using Android 4.0
Multidimensional Array in a Cell in a TableView
SQL: get latest (un)subscribeaction from table
How to avoid cascading error messages
How do I exit a FB app in PHP?
Entity Framework Code First Collection Mapping - FriendRequests
What is the sequence field in mdl_course_sections in the Moodle Database?
Linux CPU Usage Tools
How to call method with optional parameter list in JSF2 / EL 2.2
How can I list files modified within a directory yesterday via command line?
enum cannot be final?
returning one image on multiple data entries in freebase
how to store output of sql query in variable in batch script?
security:http and properties (Spring Security)
one to one relationship with hibernate
Open link in a new window with Capybara
Add few components into one view in Sencha Touch 2
Display image at the right side in the horizontal manager
SendMessage is causing script to hang
How to check if my request - response is encoded?
Setting the key on an Index for a Blob field using Doctrine2 annotations in Symfony2?
Python: Fetch data items from a web site
p4 add with apostrophes in the filename
Filter an array in Python3 / Numpy and return indices
Sending a XML message to JMS using C#
Can allocation tracker or heap analyzer help in tracing 'bitmap size exceeds VM budget' error?
Add JApplet to JFrame (or AWT Frame)
What are the correct parameter types for SetMolePublicInstance?
ExtJs and nested models
best way in linux to get usb device added notifications in c
Using COM components without registry
Does Nessus depend or use directory paths for determining versions?
call a method on a object list of the same class
Skip CSS transition with jQuery
Query multiple XML values
Immutable graph-like structures in Scala
Use Continuous Integration to modify .NET project file
jQuery UI sortable - table cells lose border while sorting
Set column type : categorized in a Domino view via java via NCSO.jar
Arabic characters issue
Finding content between multiple start and end tags using regular expression
Binding to and traversing through content delivered via Ajax
Images in IE8 are squeezed
MySQL - select a random entry per group with N total rows
Storing variables inside function Matlab
RESTful Web Serice on the Server-Side
How to deploy a multiple project solution to a production server
in R, how can I call a web service if I have WSDL description of it? (consume web service)
Mootools Script Working In Joomla 1.5, Not in 2.5?
oAuth2 Token validation/verification in Spring
Large POST data is corrupted when using Django/PyISAPIe/IIS
How can I check If I have access to window.opener?
Retrieving and storing data from SQLite or NSMutableArrays in an iphone application
iOS UILocalNotification - No delegate methods triggered when app is running in background and the icon is clicked upon notification
IP and subnet of users
Dividing a number into m parts uniformly randomly
Can hardware information by obtained on a device that interacts with a Java servlet?
how to export database in any excel spreedsheet or alternative
django + unicode constant errors
java generics: accepting a class or interface
JW Player Flex integration
WebServer on EC2 returns 503/404/nothing
How to track events in VB6
MySQL Error: Incorrect datetime value: '01/27/1989' for function str_to_date
Query for a table with big size of columns
Can EC2 instances in different regions communicate over their private IP addresses?
How to align about the colon in each line of text like movie credits often do
Efficient data pattern to store three related items for easy access
Getting the desugared part of a Scala for/comprehension expression?
Filter SQL Data to get latest for each alternate ID using MSSQL
In a Dunit project and exe version info is disabled, how do I get it back?
Performance impact when require-ing a file many times vs reusing it
DRY in C# code documentation on two interface variants
How do I Read a Local File INTO a webpage via Javascript or Jquery?
Asp net Bind() selectedvalue case sensitive
Test run failed: Instrumentation run failed due to 'Process crashed.' when testing multiple Android activity
To put a name at the top of a dropdown
Force a call in WP7
is Boost.Geometry mature enough?
Could not create the Java virtual machine
eclipse monitoring network trafic of android
Getting activity from context in android
How to let Git know that certain files in the single branch are branched from each other
Android NDK - Unable to use jstring, keeps crashing
Using precomputed kernel in libsvm causes it to get stuck
iPhone Generic bundle for application resources
Sencha Charts/Xcode: How to import an example project into Xcode and compile/run
Jquery for picture gallery
Yii - CGridView - add own attribute
Securing sensitive data inside C# source code?
Facebook SDK get albums and photos not working
xmlconvert string to date
conditional loading of stylesheet
Vaadin form validation in background thread?
LINQ to Create / Filter Object from Two Properties in HashSet
Best way to make a multiplayer game with both local and personal server?
Update record only if another column matches?
The method must override a superclass method
Windows Media Player UI not updating when sending commands with WMP SDK
CSS Browser Selectors
How to get a static property declared from another instance. c#
How to define a height of table with mpdf php class
Monitoring php Scripts through Gearman
How to change the timestamp of a bus service in Azure?
How to join array items with custom indexes in Javascript?
how do I play mp3 file?
Import SSJS script library using DXL in a database
Javascript UTC timestamp to Local Timezone
how tocall setInput() of ImageReader class?
Is XML a web oriented programming language? [closed]
Awk reverse both lines and words
knockoutjs - bindings with parameters triggered on load
How to cancel a task which is not performing any loop-based statements
How to exclude packages in sonar only for Cobertura but not for CheckStyle?
ViewModel vs. Partial Views on Summary/Front Page
Dynamic text background with padding at end of line break, character count
SQL. How should i write NOT LIKE statement
boost::enable_if_c does not seem to work [duplicate]
How to change the inner grid style based on the position in Parent Grid
jQuery: create multiple input fields on the basis of how many we select
Design: Website calling web services
Is it possible to avoid loading action_controller with Rails 3?
How can I find out if the target path for each symbolic link in the current directory actually exists?
controller#index method showing routing error
java generics: accepting an interface in Class<T>
How can I keep linefeed when parsing with TagSoup?
Print the number of digits before a decimal point
jQuery/Javascript splitting string calculation
Escape character in JPQL
Additional Icon in App Name/Lable
How to ignore if array(0) is null php
EF Code First: The Collection has been modified
Keeping session over pages
how to add alpha channel to bitmap
Retrieve an element by XPath/CSS from HTML
How to detect quad buffered stereo capability on Mac?
How to find @username in a string?
Possible to mirror iOS Safari Debug Console on a Mac, PC, or other device?
KeyboardNavigation.ControlTabNavigation Application Wide?
parsing data with regex in C#
How to consume a RESTful web service using browser technologies
Using ImageProcessingLog in AForge library
How to stop a spool file from getting deleted?
Unable to search with a particular field mentioned in schema.xml
checkbox validation using jquery
How page ranks are calculated in real time
Developing a plugin in Lighttpd
Django jsonresponse and ajax
Is it possible to use Solr to query multiple, lucene and non-lucene indexes
Web development environment with C++ in PHP manner [closed]
Select video in library
Java equivalent of .NET's Version class?
How to share a dependency that isn't in Clojars
Is there js function that replace xml Special Character with their escape sequence?
Configuration binding extension 'system.serviceModel/bindings/clearUsernameBinding' could not be found
How to load a data fixture with get_by_natural_key() on ContentType foreign key in Django?
Using negation in disabled attribute of h:selectBooleanCheckbox
Trying To Retrieve Messages With Clickatell Half Working
How to install a jar file from target to a specific location using maven?
copy a file from inside of a directory in a filelist
test for a missing resource in Sencha Touch
Java Client/Server Chat Program
MySQL table cache hit rate
How can we divided joomla template file in two sections?
NSIS: How to manually extract files during installation
Can we access xml elements in another xml?
Integrated SendGrid SMTP service,getting blank mail on yahoo and yopmail but receiving complete mail on gmail,hotmail and rediff
MVC3 Dropdown selection based on other Drop down value
How to read this xml tages using xslt to html
General failure building bootstrapper
Can we access xml elements in another xml?
Integrated SendGrid SMTP service,getting blank mail on yahoo and yopmail but receiving complete mail on gmail,hotmail and rediff
MVC3 Dropdown selection based on other Drop down value
How to read this xml tages using xslt to html
General failure building bootstrapper
urllib2 urlopen works very randomly
Changing coloumn names for all the files in the working directory
Get size of resized matplotlib plot window
Android. Scale image keeping its aspect ratio in background drawable
cloud9 / ACE ide on textarea disappear and cannot run properly
File upload progress bar with no server component?
PL SQL oracle instr function,anomalous behaviour
Prelink error: Layout error: section size too small for data
svn+ssh using Tortoise creates a separate ssh connection for each file 鈥�any way to consolidate?
SQLite slows down machine on bulk insert
ASP.Net MVC 3 ViewModel Data Annotations
jQuery methods in $.ajax success handler don't work
Augment XML with XML Schema
IOMMU Emulation and install with QEMU
Core Data error 133020: problems merging in a save:
How to get the current test filename from RSpec?
Perl script to make first 8 characters all caps but not the whole file name
SQL select * from column where year = 2010
Efficient algorithm for finding largest eigenpair of small general complex matrix
Change button function on press?
Monitoring IP phones with Zenoss 3.0 Core
jquery - repeat animation for X times
A few XmlElement attributes on a property C#
Passing parameters through OmniAuth
How do I make a change set in RTC (eclipse) re-editable?
SQL Server: 鈥渁 connection was successfully established with server鈥xisting connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.鈥�
Eclipse OracleOC4JStandalone (BC4J) JPA publish error - OracleOCIFailover
WebRequests in Chrome extensions
Bind IIS wildcard subdomain [closed]
Magento-Compare products Update immediately
Getting as much tweets associated to a day's trends as possible
I need a (preferably javascript) example of Google Url shortener Api
Image zooming with horizontal scrollview
Creating a sound in iOS
Android View Pager
Cookie to log in in Jsoup?
Eclipse/Android error: String types not allowed
How to play mp3 files in java [duplicate]
Add a item to eclipse package explorer's right-click menu
In PHP, is there a function like stristr, but for arrays?
DirectShow: IVMRWindowlessControl::SetVideoPosition stride(?)
Run Webapplication in Eclipse: don't open new Browser tab
registering reciver to filter that can not be found
LINQ WHERE method alters source collection
cucumber - RackTest isn't working on test that both Selenium and WebKit succeeded on
What is the standard way to write nested define statements (like in scheme) for clojure?
Jboss run with sudo
How to get the url response values in Asp.NET
Full encapsulation of the Entity Framework
Select string as number on Oracle
jQuery $('.classname').length fails, but $.find('.classname').length works, why?
how to pass a string value from one .m file to another .m file
Adding DataGrid re-sizing capability
Context switch using arm inline assembly
Confusion with collections of nested generics
AsyncTask with parameters of textview
Inconsistent Linkage in VS2010
Params list in Scala function. Can someone explain the code?
NHibernate session deletes two objects when supposed to delete one. Only delete method is giving me trouble
Creating an array from properties of objects in another array
how to avoid .net program startup crash when a dll is not registered?
How to redraw text on gradient background in pygame?
Can IE8 post cross-domain requests from HTTP to HTTPS?
Rails - how to make global object
How to separate interface from implementation
How to do a ClickOnce publish programmatically?
Creating j2me app that connectstofacebook ( not the swt project)
How to hide a control when it has an invalid binding
Adding key/value pairs to a dictionary
App.Config for Excel Automation Add-in
Filling BAPI import table parameter in EXCEL using VBA
remove table row and ajax call
python get headers only using urllib2
How to load low quality images first for faster downloading of website?
Building IE8+ add-on
Action<T> equivalent for properties
How do I change my mysql query to include rows for which the inner join cannot find a match?
jQuery only working on first event on page
How to prevent a user from changing the selected row in an EditorGrid
MVC with Objective-C. Where does formatting data for the view take place?
convert byte array to exception !! where am i wrong?
Create context menu without ListActivity
Google analytics in windows phone 7
xcode, control reaches end of non void function [duplicate]
Disable console logging in JWPlayer
Using image link to hide div
How to implement remember me feature? [duplicate]
Group by language in google analytics
More pythonic way to select only some elements from the sublists of a nested list
How to create a custom tool to generate code in Visual Studio 2010?
Android Camera : data intent returns null
How come forward declaration is not needed for friend class concept?
Oracle - ANSI Encoding - KS5601 Character Map
Cocoa - Error when importing a header file
How to use or expand environment variables in a command instantiated by CreateProcess?
How to use or expand environment variables in a command instantiated by CreateProcess?
Could somebody explain this error to me?
SQL Server Account Issue
Is it possible to set up proper workflow between two repos in git?
Android disable WebView Actionmode
Can we download selected .xml files from server to our sdcard? [closed]
WeakValueDictionary in python
How would one prevent MMAP from caching values?
Scroll overflow text into view
Unable to display Cyrillic symbols in curses
Converting WPF xaml to Silverlight xaml
htlm5 canvas and emberjs view
Search multiple variables php/mysqli
How do I control parameter sniffing and/or query hints in entity framework?
Using Take() with Anonymous type (DB2 Provider)
Why selenium does not provide any info with NoSuchElementException
background bug in IE8 when css box shadow is applied
how can i bind the button to data which is coming from db in gridview c#
select.poll ImportError when imported from celery
How to use a composite component with required but 鈥渞untime evaluated鈥�attributes
Isolating / sandboxing untrusted code in .NET appdomain
Query regarding IsPersistant param in FormAuthentication method
Skype4COM C++ event handling
Set AJAX content type header in request from IE
Why I am getting 鈥淭oo many fetch-failures鈥�every other day
Red black tree delete function
Joining the puzzle out of raw images
Is this a reliable way of counting occurrences with preg_match_all?
Header(location: 鈥� not completely working in webview on android
Wordpress template name and PHP
How to test a method calls an inherited method?
arrow keys are not functional in sqlplus
Rename Wildcard File in Visual Basic Script
Generate an ID based on Column Values
Why are interfaces not able to be marked as sealed?
How to show a child window on its parent?
How to change paddingLeft and paddingRight of spark.components.Button?
segfault on fgets鈥�sometimes
finding transformation between camera positions if the transformation between two images is known
php table data into an array then post and update database
C# Selecting a different method to the one expected with optional parameters and multiple levels of inheritance
Rotate PDFs using iText and org.w3c.dom.Document
Add button in grid
BeanFactoryAware?? How does it know which beanFactory to use?
Dedicated Linux hosting with Plesk