OSL-3.0 Licensed code use in commercial product
Saving location to android app at installation time
JQuery how to pass space in value?
Deleting a file using a link in php
OSL-3.0 Licensed code use in commercial product
Saving location to android app at installation time
JQuery how to pass space in value?
Deleting a file using a link in php
declare a classmember in another
cant redirect with Barcode in phondegap and JQuery
how to show Time in 12 hours format in iphone
What are the (unadvertised) Delphi XE2 Starter Edition limitations (if any)?
Load and adapt Report from a jasper file instead JRXML file
How does the command 鈥渃d WSMan: localhost shell鈥�work? How can I reproduce it?
How to release memory whilst navigating web documents using a Windows.Forms.WebBrowser control
JavaScript regexp get a word between texts
I Need to Average mm:ss.000
Complex Database table design
How to call another function within the current function when both have same names but different signature?
Taking a heap dump on already crashed system
How to use BatchAsync to get pictures id of all albums on facebook with C#
How do you join two tables in Doctrine2 using Query Builder if the table relationships are not setup?
Can't get spaces in my SQL statement
How to bind drop event for two connected lists
C# to VB.NET Framework 4 parallel programming [closed]
Junit create report without ant/maven
Why would I want to use unicorn or thin instead of WEBrick for development purposes?
Keypress to change frames in As2
rackup cannot load activerecord [duplicate]
Entering values to a dialogbox from windows scripting languages like vbs or WSh
Subversion tree conflicts when attempting to merge near identical branch
How to dump sinatra rack test exceptions to console?
Raw sockets in Android
is it possible to instatiate abstract class providing the rest of the implementation in place?
Core plot: unable to get legend titles in barchart
URL to MPMediaItem
Database callins for SQLite on android
How to implement cloud computing and generate token in php?
blackberry image processing [closed]
Could 鈥淲in32_Processor ProcessorID鈥�attribute change value with no hardware modifications
Keeping anchor bookmark in the page without moving to the bookmark
Permissions to edit deployed files on amazon ec2 (beanstalk)
C#wrong subtraction? 12.345 - 12 = 0.345000000000001 [closed]
How do I use regex in ABAP to search for a specific string?
Access error on wamp
nodejs load file
form not submitting again after returning false in jquery
Aggregate root and instances creation of child entities
matching multibyte utf8 characters in mongodb regular expression
Weird float behavior for li w/images
How to map a collection with one extra column in an intermediate table
Facebook Posting Limits
update sql statement with unknown name/amount of params
Compare SQL groups against eachother
SQL - Impersonate SYSTEM_USER
Converting SQLite to HTML?
Google Rich Snippets Warnings
Limitations on amount of rows in MySQL
How do you round up to nearest multiple of a given factor with floating point numbers?
Jquery plugin to collapse ul/li
Partial caching of custom WebControls
self join plus another join
Detect line breaks in textarea using javascript
Generic methods and optional arguments
Anti Sql injection Library C# Asp.NET
Retrieve tweets based on twitter list name
How to check that Proxy enabled or not
Powershell - Navigation thru array within an array
RequireJS - Managing Modules Centrally
Parse a JSON file with jQuery?
Finding out IP from client's FTP, so I can make a remote mySQL connection [closed]
jQuery get selector string from an object
Images are not fitting in the Motorola Razr 4.7 screen
HTML5 SSE get updated records from database
Combine two dictionaries and remove duplicates in python
most efficient way to debug on Blackberry device?
3D similarity transformation in Meshlab or other
Does it help page load speed to place script after body?
Getting error on TabHost
Mapping MySQL Tables through EF is (erroneously) showing Navigation Properties
Running MS Access saved query from c#
CAn i Call a MVC POST controller method in jquery
System.AccessViolation due to Marshal.StructureToPtr
C pipe() returns error after a certain number of calls
The status of the MQFTE agent is in problemm state. What is the reason for it and how can this be rectified?
Eclipse inserts a new line in android xml files
Can we install two Mysql's with different port on single pc?
Get array of property value of each object in another array without a for loop
Testing Abilities with Cancan when a token is involved
XML parsing of some special characters using SAX parser in Android
Calculating the angle on a bouncing back ball
How to use keystore in Java to store private key?
assign asp page variable value to php variable
base-uri not returning uri of source document
How to type cast in F#?
Pointers in boost::intrusive::splay_set
iOS: How to draw a wedge?
JSF2.0 email custom validation error Named Object not found
Mongodb - use of $ , updating a value in a sub-array
dynamically updating ContentPlaceHolder from hyperlinks
MySQL Optimization for Social Friends Graph (Group By Friends)
Create a UINavigationController iOS app without using storyboards with Xcode 4.3.2
checking outerHTML to verify an attribute exists before returning
How to create non standard @property with custom parameters in iOS?
jQuery $(this) inside eval
ExtJS learning tutorials. Cant create window
bash: Search/replace for strings matching ${FOO}-style patterns literally
SVN to GIT migration failed using svn2git
How do convert a block unsigned char* memory to a block of [signed] char* memory?
SetInterval timing to change the cell color
Import flat file to MS SQL Server 2008 automatically
Upload error #2038 [closed]
Android Google Play Market offers and services for developers [closed]
Kadane's algorithm to find subarray with the maximum sum [duplicate]
Conditional Association with Entity Framework
Need some help in parsing this XML in J2ME platform
Why to Wrap HTML code in PHP tags [closed]
Tool for .NET like Yahoo Pipes
Check if object declared const
java quartz scheduler fire a new job immediately
Reading multiple files in a directory starting from a specific row
HTML & PHP - included page is messed up as <a> tag is in the code ( IE9 )
mysql left join with condition on table1
opengl won't render desired output after switching from glTranslatef to gluLookAt
Add enclosing class to Eclipse template
What is the best way to create a login on iOS to MySQL database?
How to get interface's ipv6 address using libnet?
show GPS location with WP7 on a panel?
updating Solr from Lucene Index
If I kill script running script running java?
Creating thumbnail images with C#
Block text entry in a RichTexBox in Silverlight
Sql Server 2008R2 enterprise with data encryption - backup and restore
Android: Saving music state (beginner)
C++ File input and output:cannot input
check if validation group is valid without firing validation Client Side
Java hashcode of string from 0-1
Compile time check of whether a method defined as virtual
Click menu item on Mac OSX Lion using AppleScript
which database is suitable for heavy load- viz thousands of users simultaneously using my app- Dynamo DB/MongoDB/SQL Azure/other?
Symfony2: How to redirect on a specific page when user is not allowed to access a url pattern
Count n days, skipping specified dates
Is it safe for multiple users to use a Git repo on a shared network drive?
Java Neuroph framework and GPS data clusterization
Is it possible to implement Google's Place on a custom map on my website?
Beginner in iphone ,Making a pdf,what am i doing wrong
popup window code
Drawing an image in android
How to eliminate hexadecimal values and rename the tags in XML document
Webbrowser control ignores FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION reg entry
Eclipse Graphical Layout does not load images
CakePHP-2.0.4: How can i create a form to save records for has many through relation?
Setting 鈥渢itle鈥�attribute on <xp:selectItem> in a Combo Box
How to access Tridion controls in code behind?
Second apple developer account using the same mac
How do you find the deepest node (steps) - Xpath - php - xml -
How do I host a Powershell script or app so it's accessible via WSManConnectionInfo? (like Office 365)
how to use binding from a grid to an HTML template?
How to use a javaScript variable in a table layout?
Proper Declaration of Classes Inherited from Template Class
Jquery passing parameter to function not working properly
PDE + org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra
Android - Service - On Start Command Called only once
How to run a program and know its PID in Linux?
MultiDiscriminator column in Hibernate inheritance hierarchy
LDAP Query to list all users of a certain group
Is there any way to connect to the Facebook chat service without using the XMPP protocol?
get/read raw post data from php://input using CURL and not using file_get_contents
NO URL IS SET - error in jqGrid (Add, Delete dialog)
Input arguments of Z3_benchmark_to_smtlib_string()
Adding icons to my buttons on a jQuery dialog
how to call cross-domain web api using ajax?
How can I get the contents of a Google Spreadsheet as CSV data in the simplest way imaginable?
Is a left outer join the same thing as a left join? [duplicate]
mysql to CSV with column names on first row inserted dynamically
Replacing a specific column of a file with the column of another file using sed in linux
Rails 3.2 UJS -> Can it grab the ID for me for a dynamic URL?
Android facebook sdk how to implement new features
jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 RC 1 鈥淓rror loading page鈥�on NavBar click
VB(A) Error when COM-DLL tries to instance NET-DLL object
How to pass textbox value to JavaScript?
mysqld_safe command starts then stalls OSX Lion
Linking to a boost library in a Cocoa Application
Data truncating after 255 characters when inserting into dataset from Excel but no issue when populating DataTable
C++ clearing cin buffer when using GetAsyncKeyState()
How to apply jquery function to each instance
What are the dependencies of com.android.settings(ICS)
IE7 and TinyMCE with Plone
Pass parameter from ASP.Net MVC 3 to ASP.Net Webform
Append some attributes in couchdb's userCtx
volatile and const pointer
Text from selected item in DropDownList asp.net
Django-oembed Flash media z-index is not working.
Not Able To Identify ASP.Net Image Button in QTP 10
Django-jchat url include error
qooxdoo qx.data.Array replace
How to enter text in a textfield by giving single space at the begining of the field?
on contact insert get Contact_ID
Understanding legacy C++ #define
What is the good DB structure to store dynamic checkbox values?
Customizing UITabBarController by hiding the tabbar. Bad idea ?
Combining service and repository layers
Comparing 鈥淐onsecutive鈥�Rows in Ms Access
FacesMessages haven't been displayed
Understanding legacy C++ #define
What is the good DB structure to store dynamic checkbox values?
Customizing UITabBarController by hiding the tabbar. Bad idea ?
Combining service and repository layers
Comparing 鈥淐onsecutive鈥�Rows in Ms Access
FacesMessages haven't been displayed
how to make a dynamic three dimensional array where only the first dimension is the dynamic one in c
Compare memory footprint of alternative implementations
Auto-share link when enter site?
I need sugestions about database problems
How to know in which line SSIS failed to parse the data from a flat file
Shell script current directory?
WCF Windows Authentication silverlight login screen
Django RawIdWidget with checkboxes
Visual Studio 2003 GUI in japanese
OutOfMemoryException when creating multiple byte arrays
can't save @RelationshipEntity
how do you escape output with custom TUMBLR html themes
Centering a ul submenu
Popup image after clicking submit
How to Return Only Certain Columns of a List When using the SharePoint Web Service?
blob storage of image type
Table name with special characters in Omnis database file
XNA Menu Not Working
How do I write my own web page benchmarking code similar to Visual Studio 2010 Web Performance Testing
.Net Obfuscator Problems
C operators precedence [duplicate]
SmartGwt : How to provide xml data to TreeGrid-DataSource?
Transform an xml to xml using XSLT
Error while consuming wcf web service using Java + Metro client in Netbeans 7.1
Display an image from external url using phonegap/jquery for android
android Mediarecorder send videostream over bluetooth
Categorize the approximate shape of an array of Points in 3D Space
c# .net - windows application
Is it wrong to use php debug_backtrace to get argument from caller function?
Is there a pattern or gem for saving options in a serialized column
Android Activity losing state (scroll position and text entered into forms) when starting another activity
SQL get data from different databases
Shopping cart functionality, updating and clearing fields
Css the buttons of a imageslider
bc and it's ibase/obase options:
What's wrong with my PDO/MySQL syntax?
Capture some of the iphone screen
Silverlight BusyIndicator Background Colour
Merge pdf files with PDFBox using cmd
ASP.NET MVC: How to reliably get the real URL of the current request?
Strange glitch with CSS and Uploadify's hideButton
Multiple reads with Network LocationProvider
I need Show x and y axis major and minor line and points showing in Scatterplot on Core-plot
What is the cause of the odd behaviour of the bitwise operator in the following code?
Create a widget not reliant on a DOM element
Java loading and unloading .java files dynamically, garbage collection?
how to freeze the datagrid column in WPF
How to get the Subject key Identifier from a certificate
Facebook Graph API: cannot retrieve non-friend's public posts from a friend's feed
Chrome changing background image position
innerhtml firefox not working with Doc type
Multi line title with dynamic content on Fancybox 2?
Ignore case sensitivity and whitespace in query
How to implement the communication between Thread and AsyncTask
DWR with Google app engine
How does a server farm handle a database?
How to set server to run the perl script in鈥渞oot-directory/sub-directory/cgi-bin鈥�from 鈥渞oot-directory/cgi-bin鈥�in Ubuntu 10.04?
JSR330 DI vs. Spring DI
Multiple file upload with paperclip using rails3
Updating sdk got NoClassDefFoundErrorfor zxing
Working with Github clones and local repos: Cloud9 IDE
Is this kind of string truncation in c causing memory leaks?
How to run some task after application window is created and visible?
How to duplicate a C macro?
removing thousand separator in R [closed]
How to efficiently render double buffered window without any tearing effect?
Android is not appear in panel in windows(preferences)
forward declaration of class in c++ [duplicate]
Webbroswer TypeError in Python
Microsoft doesn't follow UseGenericEventHandlersInstances FxCop rule
Finding numbers whose digits sum to a prime
IE8 max-height in percentage?
Libraries to create this type of chart?
Display Busy on pointer on mouse until the page loads completely [duplicate]
Android socket connection takes too long
WP7: Where is SQLite db file Stored/Located?
Find Second largest number in array at most n+log鈧�n)鈭� comparisons
Undefined reference to CreateProcessWithLogonW
SBT, Jetty and Servlet 3.0
Preloaded database with core data
Error Importing SSL certificate : Not an X.509 Certificate
Zend_Date: wrong results on DST change day
log4net ThreadContext default value
css padding and dimensions
what time format is this?
Construction of 5 level tree structure in python
javascript inside php
MVC3: Submit string - parse fails on IE and Chrome
ImportError: No module named ldap (Windows XP)
PHP: $_POST/$_COOKIE to variables
c# ASP - call dictionary without re adding its contents each time
Installing a Cygwin compiled Python module in my Windows installation
Regular expression to return all characters between two special characters
How can I hide show fields in Active Admin
append a file to zip using TrueZip
Icons not change after delete
js, parse var back to its parent
Google App Engine - does instance hours include upload / download time by HTTP client to server?
Shopping cart php mysql
Chrome and IE9 not centering text on button
Calling activity method from extended view class in Android
Tell NHibernate to execute an Insert-Statement
Dependecy Property Auto update (Datetime with timer)
Drop down menu disappears when hovering over embedded video in IE
Can any one explain briefly about the link analysis in nutch
Customising tooltip in geocharts
Convert Bash script to Perl/VBS/any other windows compatible language [closed]
eclipse add command button to property view
Many to Many relationship display
Must call associate() before calling activate()
InvocationContext.proceed() exceptions?
How to see XAML code of WinWindow in UITestControl
How to get DB2 Table details using C#
Android project referencing 鈥渘ormal鈥�java project in eclipse since sdk tools update 17
How to round a double to two decimal places in Java?
Refining the result of mysql query result
Avoid css styles applying to child elements
can I create a provider that will return a new object each time get is called
Execute method on android notification click
android: when i connect my listview to database i lost the styling
Mapping large files using MapViewOfFile
iPhone - Static libraries, purpose of 鈥淐opy Headers鈥�
Network Diagram, Word etc
In rake, how to create a package that contains a file but renames it inside the package
Make Fake Preloader Move Slower
Displaying XML data in HTML Table?
Eclipse - how can I handle EL 2.2 concat in xhtml?
Error 22 when scanning for available WiFi-Networks using CoreWLAN
Ruby/Rails: Appending to a proc?
uninitialized constant Reservations
Get Http Response
ManagementObjectSearcher error
How to refresh a GridView in Extjs?
Row selection with multiple p:dataTable
WPF window maximizing fully
How to use AT command to detect phone line is busy
NSTextField setStringValue: append strings to NSTextField
Magento Product images doesn't show up in admin
Mystery of Points in XAML
How to do encryption using AES in Openssl
Can we make a class copy constructor virtual in C++
QPainter::drawImage when QPoint is not (0,0)
Is it possible to download video from youtube from my iPhone application? [duplicate]
Reading (with Filesystem.FileGet) VB6 record file (written with Put) with C#
Deadlock in fetch routine
JButton's ActionListener
display contact list using a list view with checkboxes
How do I hide a matrix column?
Which one is better approach window.parent.location.href or window.top.location
Java frequency analysis performance
can i use GROUP_CONCAT to update table?
About Spring Transaction Manager
process.start doesn't work in Azure web role
Unaccent string in bash script (RHEL)
Search longest pattern in byte array in C#
LISP: Order items of a list in ascending order
Android Youtube disable captions or subtitles [duplicate]
How can i install paramiko module?
how to check UIControl class orientation?
Parsing form with HTML Agility Pack
Order by more than one column with mysql
How to solve this error : src-resolve: Cannot resolve the name 'j2ee:descriptionType' to a(n) 'type definition' component.?
ASPX auth cookie expiration time is always 30 minutes
Setup and Deployment does not want to uninstall older version and install new version
Strange PageDown behaviour in presence of folds
How to prevent double posting on Facebook?
How to move captured image taken by Android phone to another folder using Phonegap
C Char pointers
Disable Key Gesture For TabControl in MVVM
OpenGL custom navigation/selection
Does a GPU which supports CUDA also support OpenCL? [closed]
no video media player
How to create Grouped UItableviewAlphabetically
NSInvalidArgumentException error occurs when calling setDelegate
MS Word Document Operations are not working with IIS
Accessing two databases using Data Reader
Why to use enum to map type table in hibernate?
Certainty meaning in Duine framework
Can you recognize an infinite list in a Haskell program? [duplicate]
Android: Difference in appearance
can't find correct FAST-SURF matches when using openCV for android
FB Connect API - cannot get friends email id
Sinatra: access to optional parameter
Position after resizing
UIButton not working inside UIScrollView
How do I grant myself admin access to a local SQL Server instance?
select query with join is selecting data slowly from database in android
Using asmx file for uploading image from iphone
Open modal box by jquery onchange of select optuon
Objective-c filter link from a tag in a NSString
Running multi-queries in MySQL (for SphinxQL)
About sql query
unset embeded forms in symfony
How to realize browser-to-browser communication (allowed server as bridge) without Flash/Java?
Background image in android application
PL/SQL check SQL excution if it went OK or not?
How to Customize index using code first? [duplicate]
Assets path issue with S3
Android - Issue with a ListView
automatic generated forms ,workflows
How to Get WebMethod's Return of String[][] in Android KSOAP2 Client
Only a limited amount of pins are being displayed in mobile device compared to PC
Oracle 11g ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL)
porting long hex encoding from java to javascript
I unable to show javascript prompt on window phone emulator/device Web-Browser
How to create temporary files on linux that will automatically clean up after themselves no matter what?
Why does redirect happen before my jquery click event is fired for a html anchor element?
How to have List Objects retained in the model on HttpPost?
How does operator binding work in this Python example?
how to display & hide window in matlab GUI?
How to get multi-thread response from WebClient DownloadDataAsync, (or alternative)?
How to add multiple gridviews to a scrollview in android java?
how to move xmlns to envelope WCF
Bitmaps stretching when i turn to Landscape orientation
loading fstreams into a std::vector in c++
Pyramid (Python): Override default error view
c# MVC3 Binding IEnumerable Model to table
Lucene: Retrieve score of a certain tuple?
DBpedia SPARQL - getting image and resource link of other artists?
Prevent the assigned success handler depending on the content of the loaded file
PHP Secure Authentication Which Lives Forever
Blackberry signing application in blackberry device?
show server time using php and jquery ajax
parse text file and remove commas inside double quotes
Perl: Unexpected $_ behaviour
how should I invoke super.hashcode with google guava hashCode()
How to Stop hibernate from recursively loading the entities
xsd restriction how to negate a matching string
Setinterval Changing the color of a cell
Is there a way to use local variables across modules?
Is there any library for generating ods/xlsx documents?
Which version of mysql do I need to be able to use clustering? 5.1.61 or 5.5鈥�
maximum number of locations in Google Static Maps API
CFMessagePort and sandboxing
form validation as required
PHP: Notice: 鈥淯ndefined index鈥�when using $_SESSION
Is it possible to refresh the view of a Fragment
Android to PC connection via USB
A Simple JSF execution
jsf with richfaces 3, ajax4jsf not working
When I show Game Over Dialog, I get an error 鈥淐an't create handler inside thread has not called Looper.prepare()鈥�
Apache2 + OpenSSL, Certificate CA
ERROR: query has no destination for result data
C++ constructor & destructor order
cleditor content riddled with <span> tags
Boost math (ibeta_inv function) not thread safe?
How do I get tabbed column data to line up in a RichTextBox by wrapping column data too wide to fit
BizTalk BAM - How do I track splitted messages
Practical differences between control flow graph and call (flow?) graph?
I want to track complete information about the usage of my android application
Using Library Project in Eclipse, not updating latest changes
proper way to redirect domain to another domain in apache
GridView doesn't show Linq to Object Result
How to call web service with basic authentication in flex
Contitional enable an alternative assignment operator
WGET on Windows through PHP exec() doesn't work
How to write data to a specified memory address on jailbroken iOS system?
Why My Provisioning Profiles are active in dev apples site and inactive in Xcode?
C# .NET 4.0 - windows deployment for multiple applications
Align specific inline li to center of ul
value is not stored automatically in the database after executing the script
Gridview thumbnails disappear after a while
how can I use a JS function to change an element style in the page
Change the SKU is not possible, what should i do instead?
Collection is not a function or Collection is not a constructor in Backbone
Best practise for storing multilingual strings
layout folder changes issue
Zend Framework route for generic pages?
How to force every Browser to set the Form-Data to it's actual values
Reading strange unicode character in Java?
Show an info window (tooltip or popup) through jQuery
Scheme / Simple Recursion Questions
VS 2010 C++ - Conversion Errors
What gacutil.exe should I use?
How to change audio files of Radcaptcha in Dotnetnuke
How to use Dr Watson debugging tool
Math with NSNumbers and ints
Will deserialized delegate work properly , in case of GC being compacted the Heap?
Trying to add files to a branch
Upload a photo using UIWebView
Ruby 1.9.3 - Net::IMAP list and status methods response very slow
How can I use Shiro SSO
Linq filter by several enumerators
Downloading the xcode documentation failed
Rails - where to put data files?
How to remove an entry from ispell private dictionary?
Get first two lines of text from a wraped cell in excel
Advanced search architecture advice neeeded
C# add items to ImageListBoxControl
Wait 1 second inside a listener?
ViewState in asp.net?
check if websocket server is down
JS code not working for ajax loaded views
sqlldr import data,
C# add items to ImageListBoxControl
Wait 1 second inside a listener?
ViewState in asp.net?
check if websocket server is down
JS code not working for ajax loaded views
sqlldr import data,
JQueryUI Droppable position with clone helper enabled
Memory error solutions in Python
redirecting to a page url in php
Searching for substrings in Java
Reverse bob jenkins hash function
Lambda to get sum and single value from same child
Cocos2D Box2D errors?
Difference between unlink and file.remove
EmberJS good way of accessing child views from event handler
Check if facetime is enabled on the device
SOAP tester: Two declarations cause a collision in the ObjectFactory class
return multiple values in python without breaking previous code
urlrewriting subdomain -> infinite loop
Joomla 1.7 - blank administator page
OnChange attribute on custom DropDownList not being rendered
which overloaded method would it use?
How to achieve mixin or trait kind of behaviour in Objective C?
Need math formulas for IPP GMM-functions. Like ippsLogGaussMixture_32f_D2() and others
Windows Azure asp .Net f/w
How to add two Google charts on the one page?
Send identifiable 鈥渉eader鈥�via Selenium HTML for Log Files
Display selected results from MYSQL generated dropdown list
Compiling Botan 1.10.1: undefined namespaces
SystemStackError in Ruby Exception Handling using Aquarium(Aspect Oriented Programming)
unity container - intercept instance creation
Form validation with javascript and php
Compiler warnings and -(void)forwardInvocation:(NSInvocation *)iInvocation
java.util.collection return from webservice
Why would Hibernate not create my tables when @GenerateValue added to Entities?
Windows Phone test fails
unresolved external symbol __imp__wcsstr
What happens with Win32 IO Completion Port and synchronous appearing IO?
NoClassDefFoundException after Android SDK Update
Convert From Geopoint To String
Azure InputEndpoints block my tcp ports
Scalability Analysis on GPU
Attachments added through JavaScript function are not sent
How to check the size of the sub-folder for a folder inside a Amazon S3 bucket
how to get a fullscreen modal from within an iframe
View JSON file in Browser
how to trigger a button in HTML using python?
CCMenuItemLabelAndSprite and CCSprite from CCSpriteBatchNode
WPF and SlimDX (DirectX 11) interop
jQuery fixed position resizeable list?
How to upload related entities via MVC4 upshot
Store some fields from PIG to Hbase
List of PHP default functions
Why is this Ruby code executing when test fails?
Function to generate Random letters
How do I link to an article on another web in TWiki?
301 redirect vs canonical links?
Displaying utf8 on flash?
Find user count accessing MSMQ
How to implement roles in web application
C# Console/Server access to web site
run two commands in one windows cmd line, one command is SET command
Behavior of Scala for/comprehension implicit transformation of numerical types?
set fps of sprite animation in android
Capturing signatures in an iOS app
Resizing BitmapData in ActionScript 3
Pre-Generate Views for EF Code First
Calculate hours ago using server time in php without any other date
Django Admin actions select issue
Modularized architecture for ExtJS?
deleting the appended data - jquery
Mercurial: change tag from local to global
Configure Spring Security with Weblogic LDAP authenticator
passing a Class that extends another Class
Crash issue for [NSString stringWithFormat:]
Widget used in GWT showcase left menu
PEAR2 - Mbox not installing correctly
Error in json parsing- zend framework
Understanding $ in Haskell
Java Buffer to string array
Dynamic selection box contents not rendering in header when using Tiles2 with SpringMVC
Getting Language of Windows Startup Messages
jQuery .load(), I don't want to bind response to a selector
Retrieving data from jdbc
How make Yii condition on Many_Many relations
log4j : Configuring Email when error occurs in log4j.properties file not working .
Skipping parameters in callback function
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
Is there a tool to extract documentation/comments from CommonJS or node.JS modules?
How to store large JSON String in cookie using PHP
Organising JSON data based on time stamp. Help would be great
How to use Rspec with Rails (or how to use it correctly)
Java WebService thread creation
Confusion over Haskell 鈥淣othing鈥�value
Delete registy key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER
Why is the Scala for-loop (and internals) NumericRange restricted to Int size and how to elaborate the functionality?
How to make a field required on razor view?
how can i initialize class object with parameters?
How to remain in same user profile
Freeing memory allocated from placement new
When return a local char array why strcpy worked but string constructor failed?
Adding row to Datalist
How should I progressively enhance this content with JavaScript?
Loop parallelism in java
Why are types found on an imported namepace but not on a fully qualified namespace after retargeting the framework?
Looking for special datastructure to map ini based configuration file
AnkhSVN client side pre-commit hook
documentBuilder: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process
How do i remove root folder name from URL?
change images by clicking left and right
migrating from mysql to oracle9i.Equivalent create table syntax
Windows registry textual format?
How to get POSTED data in php script?
sending email in asp.net via local host server
NHibrnate Mapping
JQuery UI Autocomplete mutiple, Need to call on textbox keyup event
Plot of undirected igraph shows gaps between edge and vertex on one end of edge
Stop file download in wp7
fix the orientation of the image + iphone
jquery addclass is adding a class but it's not being displayed
Why is powershell adding additional parameters to Web Service Method Signatures
Is it okay to use 鈥渁 = new type(鈥�;鈥�where type is a small struct in routines
REST API Framework. Recommended behavior for invalid querystring parameter
What is nmake equivalent of 'configure --prefix=DIR && make all install '?
simplejson documentation?
jQuery Dialog scroll to element in dialog
text display starting from bottom up qt
gcc compiling error on Solaris 10
datetime.parseexact returns wrong month
remoteIO how to play it?
StringField is defined as unique, but duplicates are saved silently
Calculating a lot of Lat/Lngs to a set of 2000 Lat/Lngs in Ruby
mvc 3 windows authentification doesn`t work
jquery - contents or ajax -getting external webpage and filtering it
A non-changeable VMWare image
The way to send duplicate email to the user?
Doctrine2 throwing an Exception in Symfony2
PHP jquery ajax onclick?
Debug on Server side
Generating random 'su doku' type matrices in MATLAB
creation on stub/proxy classes from wsdl at compilation time
Correctly encoded string gets decoded when pushed into window.location.hash
RequireJs text plugin doesn't appear to be loading template into DOM
Spring installation with Eclipse
Mediaplayer error (-19,0) after repeated plays
String.equals() argument ordering
How to Use Graph API directly inside an Android Application
When to use 鈥渄elete鈥�
Why my index page is shown at google search engin?
Android: Changing the actions of the Back button
Slickgrid resize works in Firefox, doesn't work in Chrome
Why doesn't this background animate?
need to add carriage returns after each xml element (php)
jquery: maintain aspect ratio whilst resizing a background image
Using NUnit to test for any type of exception
Set string as variable name [duplicate]
How does Apache AVRO serialize (large) data-structures
defmacro not defined in ClojureScript?
CSS: How do I get my 鈥渟end鈥�button to line up (move up) and size up (scale) properly?
iOS Convert Hex value
Control spinner after click button
isInIframe Detection in Javascript
Get the username from the session in ASP MVC 3
Compiling VLC2.0 with Intel Compiler - invalid use of __builtin_va_arg_pack
Objective c - SQLite selecting random row with another value
video tag of html5
Spinner Minimum Time Delay Jquery
Input date Jan 03 but returns Jan 02, why?
Spinner Android Widget size
how to build grails applications to be accessible offline
ASP.NET: How to get user local time at Page_Load
Difference between reverse ajax and normal ajax
Is it possible to break code-behind into multiple partial files?
How to find the Angle from pitch, roll and yaw?
Select multiple rows from distinct <column>
Save and restore last window size in C++
How to create html files with incoming data from a server in Android?
Do I really need reliable sessions for my services? (description inside)
How to add hours and mins with a time in sybase
Overlap while scrolling in WebView
IIS test GET on website link
Add link in custom post-type - Wordpress
Print number of keys in Redis
iCalendar (RFC5545) recurrence rule multiple times a day
Can I detect conflicts when writing to Cassandra?
How to submit a form which contains mysql generated dropdown lists
`play dist`, the `main.css` returns 404
Zend Framework setNoRender into plugin
Deploy a maven site into Alfresco through FTP
What does 鈥渃ostly鈥�mean in terms of software operations?
How to pre select all values of input control by default in ireport
Update main form after closing secundary form?
iCarousel (Coverflow) with table view
J2ME keyRepeated is not working
How do I remove a certain word in brackets in PHP?
How do I remove a Tcl procedure?
How to override basic authentication in selenium2 chrome driver?
iphone app with two UITableViewControllers side by side
Old styles information are present after getStylesheets().clear()
dynamically changing the size of string array keeping contents same
Checking whether a converter has already been registered
Simplest way to flatten document to a view in RavenDB
Loading Vimeo video using jQuery + ajax
Error in AJAX form submit using Jquery
Where should I reference Microsoft.ManagementConsole.dll from?
Get the value of var in JSTL - Scriptlet
Count records for every month in a year
PHP / MySQL auto update clients
Backbone.js view events are not firing
Storing data in Ram
Stop the Screen Locking when power button is pressed [duplicate]
Failed build while collecting changes from other repository
fixed headers for webgrid, asp.net mvc3 razor
adding items in the second column of listview control
How can I quickly search all included header files in a project for a specific function or macro?
Fluent NHibernate - how to create table-per-subclass mapping using a discriminator?
Rails 3 nesting objects creation
Required parameters based on other parameters
鈥淐ould not find the main class鈥�in Java Salesforce application
Is it a security risk to have your database details in a php file accessable via the browser?
PHP base64_encode not working in javascript
get the user who sent application request
Spring annotations for factory method
Volume Control Not Working in my App
Creating huge high-resolution Bitmap bigger than 23k x 23k
.wav sound file stored on server does NOT play when Loaded in web application
tomcat server : Is Tomcat server must be restarted everyday?
Special characters displaying incorrectly with html entities
tell iTerm to open several ssh session
Suggest some good Lightbox jquery which supports .avi file [closed]
Which of these two for loops is more efficient in terms of time and cache performance
TFS 2010 User moved to new domain before server - TfsConfig identities /change not working - options?
How to find the next 4 days from the current day using javascript
How to compare in MS Chart with historical data
Android: Why i am not able to play sound on button click after some clicks?
How to send events from HTML running inside a UIWebView to native Objective-C code?
Item is being inserted twice (into both subtrees). cause is unknown
How do I create a shell script to log in to an oracle database and run a stored procedure
bash; removing any of a set of suffixes
Jquery live success ajax?
Unable to send variable from flash(parent) to loaded flex swf(child)?
update a specific field on all rows of a table with about 50000 records
fancybox inline with parameter
The Document Information Panel was unable to load
sniff ssthresh using libpcap
After setting record to dirty, store commits all fields
Stop reloading on post a form with JQuery
Escaped Input Data in Zend_Framework
Drag Image in HTML5 Canvas with defined Boundaries
ASP.NET MVC Code first: Multiplicity is not valid in Role in relationship
ASP.NET MVC Code first: Multiplicity is not valid in Role in relationship
reinterpret_cast and virtual between unrelated types
Regular expression in mySQL
Slow query ordering by a column in a joined table
Calling .net dll function from actionscript
Count with multiple conditions in Rails
ObjectiveC Sorting Array [closed]
how to increas gravity for xy direction using corona?
Custom FindBugs check, to detect method call & variables in Scope
how to make a timeline using html, css, javascript ??
MVC Razor - How to submit form to itself
Split a vector by given values of an another vector
Python, finance/accounting and nested data
Changing the background color dynamically using 鈥�css()鈥�method jquery
deleting and creating new child collection in Nhibernate in same session
char array to object array
DrawingVisual Mouse Up Event
Streaming download From WCF To android, Use Json, Rest or soap?
Adding fb:admin to D7 theme head?
What RegEx in JavaScript would replace a token surrounded by either W and/or anchors (^ and/or $)?
Registering generic decorators in Windsor
Transparency of images in Outlook 2007/2010 and LotusNotes
Finishing an activity from BroadcastReceiver - Android [duplicate]
Neglecting Tables while PDF extraction
How can i check array in if loop in android?
Check if one regex covers another regex
How to dynamically set java memory size in bash?
Jquery datepicker format date not working
Display a user's profile name and image through the Facebook instance for iOS
C# : How to convert a string to securestring explicitly
Python, a sum() issue
How to bench software on multiple graphic cards with cluster
Logging good practice
running weka classifiers using C#
How to post to a facebook users wall using the php api with the access token and curl?
Programmatically set image and text on UIButton
How to get the selected row ids sorted according to index in jqgrid?
Which webkit qt version compiles on kubuntu 11.10
How To Get Multi-Part Form Data Boundary Type
How can I get the resultcode from an activity?
html to pdf from bash with unicode (UTF-8) support
I honestly have no clue how to formulate this pass-by-reference conundrum
C++ Copy 32-bit Integer into byte array
How to Configure: Window Azure Load Balancing between instances?
How do you use the results and suggestions from globalsearch in your own View?
TypeError: B2() takes exactly 1 argument (0 given)鈥hy does it matter if the function is called exactly as named or with a variable
separate vimrc into two file?
How to count occurrences of a character in a String in java
How to correctly fork an open-source library?
Android: Recaive wrong values from DDMS
How to get posts from wall as facebook feed
Working with dynamic variable names in EL
SWT: Minimizing child shells on Mac OS
CakePHP 2.1 Authentication: AclExtras does not populate acos table
Select rows not in another table for each condition of a field in the other table
Get width of div with columns
How can I disable publishing of binary files to the TFS DB?
Difference between sizeof(str -1) and sizeof(str) -1?
Xcode GCDAsyncSocket telnet connection
how to compile c program on linux that runs on windows
Hosted version of Twitter Bootstrap (maybe Google?) [closed]
Add lightbox-like control to Excel
jquery ajax query is executed twice
Submit Contact form asynchronous and show Result in a Modal like fancy box using PHP
Print without opening PDF at client/browser with printer configuration window
how i fit image in region of viewport extjs 4?
scons: Unnecessarily rebuilds files during the first time-stamp only build
How can we change session state of a website from one state to another
How to create Scrollview programmatically?
Inserting new row at the specified index in html
linq to ienumerable where child ienumerable
Many browsers are needed but it takes too much memory
clock cycle count wth GCC
Hibernate throws PK violation error
Doctrine: override man-to-many leftjoin condition
ow to upload a video from a web application to youtube using php [closed]
Unknown escape sequence warning when using ' /'
How to show a image background when button is scelected or clicked
If statement in Batch file MS-DOS
C/C++ logging facility that supports conditional function calls depending on log-level
Easy way to Git squash?
verify folder content
How to create a JSF table with checkboxes?
How can i write a JUNIT of a private function which is returning boolean?
How to create a view Based on dataBase Fields in asp.net mvc3
How to setup MSBuild to name Project.dll instead od Project.vcxproj.dll in TeamCity?
like is posting the url with_escaped_fragmet
Sqlite Database Load Fails - Issue with sqlite prepare statement - iPhone - xCode 4.3.1
Change locale in application level in my case
Selected Value for MySQL generated Drop Down List
Enable field which is by default disabled
fopen: failed to open stream: Invalid argument
array of strings as property in C#
MySql Query Optimisation
Querying columns that don't exist, doesn't fail
Validating and retaining state of a dynamic checkboxes
How does android source code work?
nth-child issue with jquery accordion with odd/ even rows
Multiplayer-Game Network Protocol
What is good practice when writing a node.js module
How I can retrieve MutualFriends using FQL.?
close () was never explicitly called on database. can any one please help me
How to insert data from database into Jquery script
Replace Fragment onItemClick with ViewPager as its container
How to call class methods in the iOS simulator with lldb?
Underlying connection was closed issue with C#.net and WordPress
xsd restriction and attribute
How to create a simple prefix index in Java?
perform sequential transaction using ejb2 stateless session bean
How to display all the images in a folder with HTML, python and cherrypy
showing numbers in qtablewidgetitem with comma and while using the sortingenabled of qtablewidget
Socket programming - what is happening in call to accept()
Access ListBox.SelectedItems from another thread
how to create different tables for every row in a table.
How to print out Java jvm memory use for debugging purposes?
iPhone Timer Frequency
java regex match any string, specific string , any string, specific string and any string
Xcode integration in Jenkins - permission denied
Android resource loading (icons and strings) at runtime
Taking a tree and making a list
What's the recommended solution/technology to this use case?
Sphinx Search - Returning unique results only possible?
Redirecting with htaccess using similar rules
Problems connecting to a local MySQL database using C# and .NET 2.0
Sql server order by value not by field name
count for a specific key within documents
Google map not shown in .net img
How can I reduce the memory footprint of a minimal Linux process
retrieving information about graphics card output and monitors in C++
Jar file for S40 series
Stretch canvas to grid
Find the colour of a pixel at a given location without importing non-standard libraries
ASP.NET MVC - create a new Model or use a Entity framework class
how to get the difference between time which is in the form of string
JPA: Criteria Query - Get the latest records
Iterative Solver Library in Fortran
Creating Notification On A Variable Change
Where should I be storing my templates for backbone.js?
mysqldump compression
powershell: find results in an array
Multiple downloading of files wihtout locking the UI in ios
iter with foreach
get component variables values into main application
Accessing localhost of PC from USB connected Android mobile device
QRadioButton Array issue
CurrentUICulture MVC change
Using Adobe AIR captive runtime, the resulting .exe file exits immediately without error鈥�Has anybody experienced this as well?
Unexpected results getting contents of spotify playlist
XML invalid Character !.
photoswipe kills selectbox on android 2.3.x
Linkbutton click event does not work inside gridview
How to read the Proxy settings? [closed]
jasper report subreprot variable in main report as it change
jquery validation multiple checkbox
Junit classpath in ant: problems with dirset
Android Market programmatically get exact number of downloads
How to check if it's still in Vim shell mode
Ruby - digest authentication for soap and byte arrays
Why doesn't sprintf() work in this case?
Getting value from NSDictionary to NSMutableArray
Customizing chromium source code to create a custom browser for android
Adding A Dynamic Link In Php
Looking for async C++ SSH library
Grab Youtube video-ID from XML element
importing project samples in Xcode [closed]
Negative exponent with NumPy array operand
Sorting Select box with jQuery
'Open In' functionality after downloading document?
Openssl implementation of improved sha1 hashing
XAML Border vs Rectangle
Programmatically integrate an audio file in a MS Word document in c# [closed]
Get an element by index in jquery
How can I simulate a (Google App Engine) High Replication datastore on a local dev machine?
Memory Issue while reading video frames iPhone
Write Dictionary which has Objects to file
Swing forward and back animation jQuery
Java: create temp file and replace with original
as3 Number precision
Object oriented Operations PHP
Fetch parameters in any order
Precompiled Handlebars templates in Backbone with Requirejs?
Combobox in sencha touch
Error: templated copy constructor calls itself
C# tree data structure, making output
Changing tor identity inside python script:
No lauch activity found
deepcopy does not respect metaclass
marquee should start from the middle?
Response error in submitting a form using jquery ajax
Hibernate : Reading hbm.xml
Boost asio and winhttp
How to create dynamically Resizable shapes in javafx?
Can CouchDB handle thousands of separate databases?
Is there any URL info / meta data webservice API?
Python: Convert unicode string to MM/DD/YYYY
iOS - Cached data used by ALAssetsLibrary is not updated
Delphi and TIdTCPServer.OnExecute: How to correctly merge data
JQuery slideDowns stop when an onclick is clicked too fast
Best key-value-store for my node.js service
Best key-value-store for my node.js service
Control the string order with regex
replace only part of string witg preg_replace
Convert Java AWT code to Android
Disable symfony 2 csrf token protection on ajax submit
Draw changeable text with CDC::DrawText
Add new instance view controller - IOS5
JPA Unknown Source
Compile openCV with CMake: set architecture and optimization flags
Advanced Data Grid support in Dojo
how to customize bar button but keep the segue?
Putting content:encoded in RSS feed using ROME
How to line up labels and read-only fields in a Bootstrap form
Is it possible to create an Area within an Area?
Create a Web Grid using Javascript
How to make an auto expand div / span, like a table?
Java Dependency Management
changing content-type of response from php page using RewriteEngine
tinymce resizing with jquery
How can I have log4net help me log structured data inside %message?
Connecting remotely to an Exchange Server?
What's more 鈥渆xpensive鈥� Creating a too big ArrayList or upsizing an ArrayList?
SmartGwt - Excel like cell based focus in SmartGwt
Find the two longest strings from a list ,, or the second longest list in PYTHON
Jquery templates, escape 鈥�{鈥鈥�
Call python from javascript [duplicate]
Azure Table Storage: Order by
Ord function implementation in Delphi
CREATE command denied to user锛�
Can't set CALayer frame
check if checkbox is checked javascript
Inject Javascript to a website using Apache
ggplot2: plotting order of factors within a geom
Way to figure out the flow of javascript function with the help of firebug or IE 8 debugger or chrome debugger?
Ninject/MVC3 Custom Model Binder - Error activating
Date conversion from string to timestamp using php
Storing permalinks in the database or building on-the-fly
Agents in Haskell or functional languages?
In python, how to break list of strings into list of list of strings?
SharePoint Security: Claim Security Lifetime not working for IP-STS
OpenCV close window with mouse issue
Get length of record field of type array
Continuous page refresh causes Firefox to increase memory consumption on windows
.htaccess conflicting
percentage of installed base
Fatal exception: main android eclipse