IntelliJ: UBUNTU/linux how to open file with IntelliJ from shell
checking file exists or not by using javascript [closed]
how to work with next/prev clicks to get the next date in sequence [duplicate]
how to work with next/prev clicks to get the next date in sequence [duplicate]
emma-maven-plugin not honouring ordering of dependencies?
How to connect to windows azure in a C# project without the account ID in the code?
Is there a version of the PHP array that is pass-by-reference?
Call two function at a single function call
Problems getting JSON from .NET backend to GWT
Assign Method to Action<string>
python os.path.realpath not working properly
ShowModal on onAccept of TTCPServer causes the application to hang?
Looking for suggestions. Javascript object data to xls
Problems with subquery, field doesn't exist, but advantage is giving me results
Spinning wheel or 360 degree rotation wheel
What are ideal /etc/passwd file permissions?
jQuery form validation and ajax send and receive
f(n) = Sigma of I*Log(I) , where I=1 to Log(n) , equals what?
magento paypal 'PayPal response hasn't required fields.'
Using PostgreSQL, why doesn't Hibernate/JPA create cascade constraints?
Java logging framework that guarantees log rotation at midnight
iPhone Add(+) Button Action?
Currency format in window c#
Does apache or nginx must be installed before I can run my PHP files in browser?
How to request a url with non-unicode carachters on main domainname (not params) in Python?
鈥淣egativeArraySizeException鈥�- Custom Class Loader
Convert RSS pubDate Date to MM-DD-YY HH:MM
Detect right button - ANDROID PhoneGap
Log4net used in Windsor with locking Model
Pop up count down alert with images (android)
Column totals in Vim
Control the speed of uitableview insertRowsAtIndexPath animations
Programmatically send shipping/tracking mail
Some SVN tasks ..remote local sync etc
iphone - Push Notifications appear even after disabling them
Flip an array of Cellular Automata data into a music score (like WolframTones)
EF not loading related entities
Displaying Tab bar from second screen in iphone
The value of an empty list in function parameter, example here [duplicate]
Windows Phone 7 Connection with a wifi-enabled micro controller
Jquery slider with buttons
Multiplication Datetime * Double
How to convert bytearray into a zip file
C - consumer/producer appears deadlock when producer bigger than buffer size
Custom options Magento
Django localization with unnamed string arguments
How to implement user storage quotas using Amazon S3 as storage like dropbox does
displaying images and text from server database using json in android
JDBC: Double reading to retrieve correctly an XMLType through getAsciiStream()
C# dataset fails to update the SQL Server database table
MemoryCache save to file
Nested Forms Rails
Java Multithread ordered by parameter
What is the best and most flexible client side javascript file uploader to user with Rails 3.2
Arranging items in cycle using CSS and Jquery
Mysql SEC_TO_TIME without trailing seconds - Solution Found
What is the secure way to send javascript code as a POST Request?
PHP sever time convert to left hours count [closed]
PHP curl Issues with fopen vs $_FILES[鈥減hoto_file鈥漖[鈥渢mp_name鈥漖
How can I dynamically advance Rokbox slide?
What is wrong with fwrite or fputcsv
Is there anyway of fully securing a video online? [closed]
Filter date in grails
Is it possible to bind multiple controls to filter one NSArrayController?
Music for app development [closed]
If I run program with su, will not-exported variables be available for callee?
Edit Mode in Android Listview
How to reduce the execution time of the following query in Oracle?
Add files and folder to projects from Addin in Visual Studio 2010
Rspec: Stack level too deep whatever the test
Playback state of MPMusicPlayer giving wrong state
use Placeholder in Tomcats Server.xml
Error in urllib2 but not in urllib (Windows only)
In a Dictionary, How to convert a string into a list?
How to prevent command keys from being processed by hosting form when control has focus
Text wrap around image where image comes last in source. Liquid layout
User defined class in css
Displaying Navigation Menu on different pages in liferay?
Can I set parameter using NavigationContext.QueryString? (Windows Phone)
Can one bad app ruin whole iTunes Connect account?
TPL and Exception Handling
Twitter Widget disapears
Best api for generating graph [closed]
Load information only one time in ViewController
How does Windows know if there are 'known compatibility issues' with a program?
how to create empty database in ce and display it with datagridview
Weird error of compilation of template specialization of Singleton
How to highlight input words in autocomplete jquery ui
Default MasterPage its wrong, its takes from another web application
Does amazon have same API as google license for android apps?
Use single buildslave to service multiple buildmasters
Using if else within mysql query
How do I iterate through this JSON object in jQuery?
Execute test cases manually or individually in the Boost.Test UTF Connecting to dataset in a different project in the same solution
Handle POST request from XML HTTP in WCF
Effect of calling destructor of boost::lock's?
Need suggestion on Cassandra Keyspaces sample
Razor to render news and category, Multiple models
Selecting linked list from MySQL
Java why doesn't my calculation work on this code?
jQuery: Change dropdown select when checkbox is checked/unchecked
Wrong metakey in dialog boxes in PhpStorm and IntelliJ (Mac OS)
Java why doesn't my calculation work on this code?
jQuery: Change dropdown select when checkbox is checked/unchecked
Wrong metakey in dialog boxes in PhpStorm and IntelliJ (Mac OS)
Stored Procedure Output parameter returns null
How to run `play` in a 512M vps 鈥�it reports `Could not reserve enough space for object heap`?
Build a nested list using JSON
How to implement pull right to fresh while pulling the last page of a scrollview?
joomla pagination List Limit value
Find Install directory and working directory of VSTO Outlook Addin; or any Office Addin
How to loop a slideshow using .delay() and .queue()?
iPhone UITextView Highlighting On Tap Hold
PHP Sendmail not working on Windows Server 2003 (IIS)
Yii Fixtures Issue?
How to register listener without web.xml
Method [[UIApplication sharedApplication] scheduledLocalNotifications] gets count = 0
Basics of dynamic loading a drop down box
How to capture image of particular co-ordinates in iphone?
Concatenate more than 2 files wav in java [duplicate]
Open url in new tab using javascript without click an anchor
Downloading progress in AsyncTask android
Project dependency in ANT
Android ClassNotFoundException for HttpComponents
Use of 'dual' table using jdbc
How to prevent my MPMoviePlayerController from getting black when back from a webView containing a YouTube Video - iOS
Add Powershell commands to the pipeline
Present UINavigationBar + toolbar modally from UIScrollView
How to compile tcl/shell code (Hide original source code)
Creating a personalization engine with php
how do I solve symbol referencing linking errors?
JS Alert not showing when using Sharepoint list value
git submodule init ignore failed
iPhone how to write symbol on a label?
Rally: Canvas in a cell of a table
Python PIP: Does the order in which options are specified matter?
Checking page status programmatically
How to get the client certificate in jboss
Toggle in javascript - Div toggle possibility
How to remap colors in a DrawingBrush?
How to restore values of a activity when i move to next activity and come back again?
dynamic variable name in spring form:label
I want to get image size, width, height without uploading image
How to return the number of characters whose frequency is above a threshold
How to manage detailed description and links in google?
Visual Studio 2008 V 2005 Where's my Code?
鈥�(elementId + 鈥漘editor鈥� is null鈥�alert box appear while opening wysiwyg editor in magento
How can you apply distortions to a UIImage using OpenGL ES?
Need a login dialogue to open on pageload event
Windows service permissions
How do I configure OutputCache page attribute for varying querystring values?
Push Notifications not working for live tiles created programmatically
How to set advanced style on custom surface button
Connecting Oracle 8i and 11g from SSIS
Passing variables to a template file
phpmyadmin accessing IP's database, not localhost
How to get a filename and set it as a property in Ant?
Live voice chat with manipulated voice audio with RTMFP
Access global event object in Firefox
Internationalise nested JSF2 composite component
crossdomain issue with loading only SWF files from azure cloud storage blob
MYSQL generated dropdown list
Disable hardware acceleration, backward compatibility
MS Exchange fire external programme
error calling jquery webservice dotnetnuke
Moles exited with code -1002, how can I know what happen to it?
Split a textnode in the middle
CoffeeScript Private Class Instance Variables
database disjoint relationship described
Magento Pending/Approval System For Custom Module Just Like Review Module
Is it possible to disable target devices for the app?
How to get time and Date from datetime stamp
How I can pass values between pages? (Windows Phone)
WP7: How to save and restore a list box as image in phone memory
findingALL sublist
wxPython - Creating a button that produces a bitmap image within my TextCtrl panel
how to retrieve value from the SQLite database?
Dynamic object casting in Flex
A WCF Service Hosted as Windows Service throws timeout error
How should I create databases for subsites? [closed]
C# LINQ to Entities Select String confusion NotSupportedException
Getting Outlook .msg file contents with Objective-C
GCC - expected unqualified-id before 'sizeof' - IT++ 4.2 in Android NDK
why the same javascript can run with runscript commond, but not in getEval in RC
How to redesign the page Scroller?
Problems writing to file android
Testing two adjacent lines
Apply database schema changes without downtime
Play! 2.0 hangs on 鈥淎pplication Started (dev)鈥�after compile no errors
Why IPv6 allows a single interface with multiple addresses? [closed]
How to write BOM marker to a file in Ruby
How to display the contents of view while using iAd
Service in Android : Parcelable ArrayList between service and activity via Notification
How to round a float in F#?
Writing JSON data to a text file, data sent via .post jQuery to PHP file
JButton not Responding to Click Events
Can we add more than one item by using Item Template.?
changing domain url's with keeping google archive [closed]
Is it already possible to write 鈥渢ransform鈥�css property without prefix?
Invalid object name 'EventQueue' when I try to login to sitecore
jQuery add closing tag and then reopen when using .before()
Is it already possible to write 鈥渢ransform鈥�css property without prefix?
Invalid object name 'EventQueue' when I try to login to sitecore
jQuery add closing tag and then reopen when using .before()
how can i change Xunit option in hudson/jenkins
Is it possible to use new relic with php / ZF in development localy
OpenAL playback captured audio data c++
Libraries and their path require for the Jasper Reports
Listbox itemssource doesn't update with source
How can i convert ByteMatrix to Bitmap?
Compute the maximum-coverage path in an Occupancy Grid
Extjs4 Media Types
difference between communicate() and .stdin.write, or - python
Prevent duplication of data in mysql database when entering from php
phpmyadmin export function - compression
CorePlot date labels incorrect when plotting data without weekends/holidays
ADB rejected shell command (ls -l ): closed
Trying to get a choice in a drop-down to be selected with Form.initial
How to switch dynamic transactions with Spring?
Issue in achartengine jar file
VS 11 Unit Testing Frameworks [closed]
Magento - onePage checkout and SSL (HTTPS)
Test WCF with JSON Response
WsHttpBinding VS WS2007HttpBinding VS WSDualHttpBinding..?
Download mp3 and save as Ringtone
Python authentication cookies and django sessions
jquery chenge function not working on dropdown
issue with dispatch_async and async request
polymorphic has_many :through relationships
Add a Exe Reference To a Project From build event
Is there a custom WCF binding for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Dynamic Virtual Channels?
How to convert 3 lists into 1 3D Numpy array
What are the best modules in Drupal 7 to use for caching via Varnish, memcached, APC, etc? And is Pressflow still relevant in a D7 world?
struts.xml configuration limit
How to dynamic add Google analytics track code using php?
Remap vim :x to close buffer, only exiting if it is the last buffer
Create new list containing list x but not elements in list y that are the same as in list x - python
Why we Manage Structure on Stack and Classes on Heap
C# Windows Forms Threading: My form seems not to run as own thread
How to add malay language input type keyboard to android emulator?
simple jquery pagination (content slider)
UITextView delegate methods not firing
Why Runtime Blocked in Android 4.0/4.0.3?
How to merge two tables with having a common attribute?
how to split an InputStream/OutPutStream in android
one liner shell command for changing file creation date in windows
Progress SQL Explorer Tool does not start
Gzip compression of files in an umbraco solution
Android: change background of ImageButton dynamically and show it
insert using for in vb
Emptying a knockoutJS object
Improve android application performance
Which characters to quote is shell script assignment?
Use WebView instead of a UITextField to get benefits of HTML for easier fonts management
How to parse XML with jsoup
Should all my Python modules be explicitly importing the same base modules?
adding values using load data
AS3 Randomly load movieclip from library without repeatation
killBackgroundProcesses is not working
How To Create a Android App With ICS UI That Works With Gingerbread and Froyo?
Namespace Stopping XSLT Working
Using onClick in embedded LinearLayout
SQL Query UNION Performance
What does this snippet work? It uses session cookie
Camera view doesn't work on iPhone, works on another
Can't start HSQLDB ( Address already in use)
How did google get the outline for postcodes on maps?
Different national and international shipping rate in Satchmo?
end() iterator in associative containers
Read Mercurial Response from a Command Line
WebMatrix PHP socket_create causing 500 error
How to create a fortran dll and call it from visual studio?
Problems with cin::getline in CDT Builder
mysql view schema collation
Sometimes suddenly a subdomain cannot be found [closed]
Grinder - hit multiple urls using multiple threads from same process
PHP preg_match() - Regex to vague?
Overriding the power button in Android
Variable declared inside a for loop. How do I make this to a compile time error?
Resize image using only html and css
How to share cookies between and
How should I calculate 3 axis of 鈥渨orld coordinates鈥�from device motion?
fail to receive multicast packet in guest os
Optimise (MySQL) SELECT .. GROUP BY performance
how to zoom in/out cameraview and capture the same zoom in/out picture directly from cameraview?
Can't have my child row's element to the right side in my ExpandableListView
Non-Nullable DateTime in SQL Server with EF Code First
not able to display remote image in table view - appcelerator
How to get the second result from my SQL, and also keep the first result
Where to register event listener for selected/deselected options of MULTI SELECT?
Why can we use array with generic reference
Memory-mapped file misunderstanding?
Add button click event to button control generated from database
How to serialize only certains elements of a object?
Terelik DatePickerFor throwing exception on click of month name (eg March 2012) in the calendar
Empty path name is not legal in c# windows forms
How to redirect the console output into the GUI console view using eclipse plugin?
RTSP Protocol or HTML5 Video Tag?
Lazy loading exception when using JSF Converter (refering to a collection)
System.Net.NetworkInformation IPv4Mask not working in MonoTouch?
ImageView ArrayList gives NullPointerException
Timers and retransmissions in a UDP file transfer program (using low-level sockets)
How to get xml file name from query?
Invalid Win32 program with C runtime libs 2011 on WinXP
How do I limit a numeric setting?
Super for C++?
Javascript : call a C# function
search keyword and replace the text in xml file based on external xml file
Sencha Touch 2 Global Variables - Access everywhere
I have a third party lib, I have error LNK2019: unresolved external 鈥�How to investigate to fix it
Use different color for different values in drop down for excel files created
Class or function to format numbers using hash symbols
springSecurityService in resources.groovy grails file?
DisplayMode / DiplayMode Providers Issue Asp.Net MVC 4
Behat step definition sometimes executed, sometimes not
Post to facebook page without conecting to facebook in client-side
Setting Viewport width in Sencha Touch 2
How to create fluid trapezoid image with css?
Wine is extremely slow, how do I find out why?
How to improve (time) resolution of touches locationInView
Install Android APK Programmatically
How do you set multiple strings in XSL?
Find out whether the ougoing call is to a phone call or a data request
Retaining floating point values
Google Analytics inside facebook application
why is my sidebar massive on iPad/iPhone? [closed]
Bash: How to redirect the output of set of commands piped together to a file?
Resque Job: 鈥淐ould not create the Java virtual machine.鈥�
JQuery Excel export issue
run method of another class with parameter in separate thread
Is it necessary to implement IDisposable when using the Entity Framework in MVC?
Moving a div using mouse which is inside another div?
Adding different sized/shaped displaced NumPy matrices
How to pass variable from Java program to JSP page accessed via launched browser?
Probleme with visual studio and mvc3 project
How to calculate Log-likelihood similarity between user and item classified by tag using Mahout?
javascript append Div InnerElements to Image
how to use page load method call in mvc?
Proxying NHibernate Objects with Castle DynamicProxy swallows NH-Functionality
How can I convert canvas content to an image?
Is it standard to use jQuery AJAX in Zend framework
Error serializing value
shell script syntax error: unexpected end of file
is there a way to instantiate a class by name in java?
Strictly speaking, what can you do safely with a delegate on multiple threads?
Setting Friction Dynamically in AndEngine Box2d
how to detect two finger touch in emulator in android
python map dictionary to array
why does memory_order_relaxed and memory_order_seq_cst make no difference?
How to reference primary BC field in an Expression
Resteasy optional Path element
Search a pattern just between 2 other patterns
Ruby regex not ignoring whitespace
How do you get a CSS inset box shadow on front?
how to get a list of files using only the C standard library
how to work with Eclipse Source Code in Eclipse itself
Can I know the encoding for texts used in this website?
Possibility to get raw gps data from device
Multiple arguments in a redact program in haskell
Permanent changes with 鈥渙nclick鈥�handler?
Check in JDBC that a request execute correctly
How to get all process info in objective-c under iOS system?
how do i unit testing this method in visual studio
make: *** No rule to make target `all'. Stop
Unpredictable display of Facebook og:image
How can I get 鈥渢hor list鈥�to list methods in ruby class
how to share code between Unobtrusive JavaScript in rails
Zoomooz (jQuery plug-in) issue on long page
Open my Java application on local website (HTML)
getting different JSON response on iPhone, Android and on browser
Start intent to open google link just like the I am feeling lucky button
Entity Framework: Efficiently grouping by month
password reading
how to invoke methods of type 鈥淟IST鈥�in java
avoid switch block in a view
show context menu of notifyicon error
Python os.getenv on OSX (Django 1.4)
OTRS Attachment Uploader
Jquery returnfalse; not working
How to access resource file in worker role class
unable to connect to https site on via both code and native browser
Merge contact details with existing contact
Setting the value of a double attribute on NSManagedObject
How to specify which llinux process sent a specific email? [closed]
jsp - display tomcat configuration on jsp page
How to show an item with given index number in QComboBox?
Python per-seat license protection
WCF on IIS 7.0 Service Security Configuration Issue using Basic Authentication
How to enforce rule-based object ordering when inserting into a list
JavaScript Framework with HTML 5 and ASP.NET [closed]
How can I edit a text file in C in the easy way?
add method call to each method in a class
Fastest way to get User's unread Messages
The identity certificate for mdm profile could not be found
Create Like-Gate for page [closed]
Image cropped in rendering with GDI+
ssd capacity decrease after backup using system image? [closed]
Timestamp columns not stored as what timezone I desired
Executing shell commands from Scala REPL
egit not cloning submodules Recursively
Unload oci.dll from Biztalk execution
Can not Communicate with UI Thread
the meaningof ' ' using in #define
converting integers to binary
jQuery UI Map V3 - Localized response
Java Axis2 Webservice - worker thread
WCF REST upload file
How to configure Contentpresenter in nested ControlTemplate?
How to check if Attribute of entity is 鈥渟ecured鈥�only using crm 4.0 assemblies? (field level security)
How to bind a gridview with two different lists?
jquery impromptu overriding default width height of impromptu css for one instance
How to make Django create slug from unicode characters?
delay processing in java application
Application.Exit() and FormClosing event in
How to run PHP application out of localhost?
IntentService to Activity
Connecting to remote Glassfish hosted EJB
Storing email in keychain impossible (KeychainItemWrapper)
Linq method for creating a sequence of separate objects?
Python: Parsing Multiple .txt Files into a Single .csv File?
How can I set the default date format for Twig templates in Symfony2?
Check all CheckBoxes in GridView
Integrating stand alone applications inside codeigniter
JSF 2 - No way to do Required Inputs + Clear (Immediate) Button?
Javascript Closure for C# Custom Control
Embedded Glassfish and `imqcmd`
bash one-line conditional fails when using set -e
SQLite Group by Month
An efficient way to change this DOM structure in jQuery
How to resize mdichild form when the user press maximize button on the child form
How do i write update number of download bought function in controller of magento
I get no smart caret in Aptana Studio
Rows of UITableView inside UIScrollView don麓t interact when clicking beyond view bounds
Warp web service with a long lived resource (a file handle)
How does the CUDA warp scheduler issue 2 instructions at a time for a warp?
WAS 8.0(beta version) , unable to parse the MBean descriptor file
The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Negotiate'
How get name parent activity in child activity
Script doen't execute a code line - why?
merging records for sql table based on column data
Encrypting Data: 3DES or AES / Key and IV or Salt and Password
Error when trying to extract with DotNetZip
Simple HTML5 demo website [closed]
Javascript: Accessing superclass objects from nested class
P/Invoke in ASP.NET (Dll not found exception)
ScheduledExecutorService + beans
New android SDK 17 issue in my app?
Can I set-up Springsource ToolSuite (STS) or Eclipse to pick up my Network ID and password for Internet Access
Redirect or forward
Android Arabic Language
Android TextView gravity
Launch Portable Google Chrome with supplied parameters from flash drive on Mac OSX
domain validation issues
DataTable problems, why can't display NaN value
PayPal Adaptive Payments with Rails 3
Looking for a Comment System based on Wicket Framework
Jenkins ignores Clover stability targets
facebook integration iphone
how to kill previous tasks when a new asynctask is called
I can't get the right path in XPath
Load picture from SQL database C#
Java algorithm to put land coordinates to Google map format
Build a class that can be tested
Drag and drop rows in bounded datagridview
How to represent user input in sequence diagram?
Spring Java @DateTimeFormat
FileNotFoundException while running as Jar - Java
Effect of Private Memory In OpenCL
How to GROUP and choose lowest value in SQL
Emulate a broadcast in Android
.NET implementation: Double conversion in Math.Min(float, float)
Setting protocols and load life cycle
modify a line using sed
context mismatch error in Android
How to Dynamically Add JButton to JPanel?
How do i use Checkboxes in gridview to show data
How to Unit-Test JavaScript immediate functions with Jasmine / Chutzpah / JsTestDriver
How can I rewrite this URL using .htaccess
Web app and creation of schemas when registering users
How do I import this database correctly?
The value of where in Google Calendar is not saved
SSH2 PHP Extension
Is { w , w <> w^R } over the alphabet {0,1} a context-free language?
Jquery script for document preview?
Codeigniter: How can I create database driven URIs?
Copying of an array of objects to another Array without object reference in javascript(Deep copy)
Junit 3, start testing from a java method
How to pass dynamically generated IDs to s:url in Struts2?
Why is this android device enlarging text?
Want to run script file using system call in android NDK
Android video conferencing using Adobe Flex 4.5 and LCCS
ListView onClickListener() does not work after adding RadioButton
Accessing classes in the same C++ project
iPhone UITextField and UIButton in one grey frame
Why does the php garbage collection (gc) throw an error if SESSION and COOKIE data is used
Prevent textarea from clearing out when a new text is typed in
Loading indicator for starting javaScript web-application
how do I correctly override equals for inheritance in java?
How to use iis7
How to convert a .wmf format video file to .mp4 or avi. format?
JQuery Collapsable DIV losing functionality after re-creating HTML code
XSD validation based on XML content
Howcome refreshing my web app with F5 is extremely slow and hangs, while hitting enter on the address bar refreshes the page instantly?
Using Button and Tab simultaneously?
C# Select elements in list as List of string
JavaScript Asyn Returns Without Waiting For Response
tabbar custom images for iphone / ipad selection
Get value with MAX(date) from two table
Visual Studio 2010 errors in release mode
Add additional feature to Windows Explorer
How to create XML with XML::Twig containg a namespace declaration and prefixed names?
sum() function in sql doubles the amount when used with multiple table
How to Loop all tables in Sql Server using Java and extract the data
Hide Vim backups (*~) in Windows Explorer
Reading a file with headers and comments textscan
LinkedIn API: simple link to follow company
GWT. Add dominant css style to element without overriding native style
Using Google Closure's 鈥渃ompiler.jar鈥�in Google App Engine
Entity Framework - Marking entity as inactive when ref integrity stops record being deleted
Issue in IE7 probably z-index bug
Custom returnUrl on Node.js Passport's Google strategy
How to keep date data in a Struts form using html tags
Set default value in JAXB
Protocol error. Cannot find protocol declaration
UIManagedDocument + iCloud 鈥淏ig Picture鈥�
Auto complete textbox using web service
How I do to update data on many-to-many with WTForms and SQLAlchemy?
Retaining RouteData in Html.BeginForm()
No output for console application in Xcode
On form submit, file field clears in Internet Explorer 9
Windows 7 Localhost not working properly with XAMPP
I need to differentiate two touch events. How can I differentiate two events?
Calculate substraction by a specific quarter of year
C#: Confusion about Interfaces, Implementation and Inheritance
autocompletebox without highlighted border
In which filter does spring store the accessed url, before redirecting to the login page?
Tweepy with Django
how to know if PHP server is installed on my computer [closed]
Android Intellij cannot run program under Linux Mint
Rails MySQL and PostgreSQL order by number of associted items
TestNG 6.4 with ant creatin TestNG 6.3 Reports?
Python Tkinter Listbox
How can I find circular dependencies?
How to get the list of 鈥渏ar's鈥�used by an android application?
Can't load model for Codeigniter
PHP zip function
Broadcast error when adding ndarray and sparse matrix converted to dense in python
createBitmap() leads me into a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
cast the Parent object to Child object in C#
ffmpeg executed from Java's processbuilder does not return under windows 7
Why does this binary search tree cause a stack overflow?
How can I copy a file even if my Build fails from POM
Web to Desktop application
ET1 Enterprise Tablet Motorola Emulator Android
The type or namespace name 'ClientIDMode' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Web.UI' (are you missing an assembly reference?)
Obj-C, conditionally run code only if iOS5 is available?
How to get value between tags with sax contenthandler? Display Image from SQL
Text comparison by excluding array values
very strange behavior while getting data from db
android: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError setX on Drag Drop event
How does get_comment_permalink in Djano's comments framework work?
Masking process ID with name in UNIX (adding descriptive name to process ID )
How do I force SBT plugins and plugins to be downloaded through Nexus?
DataRow.Field<T>(string Column) throws invalid cast exception
would this be possible
display contact list with checkboxes?
resize image in div tag when broser resize
Add www prefix to URL centralized variables
How can I disable the normal submit on enter behavior on a text input and replace it with a function of my own?
How to organize C source file previously compiled by GCC Make and build them into an Xcode bundle? I have a Duplicate Symbol _main Error
Updating error using (ling to sql)
How to retrieve post vars sent by another page?
lucene: reopen indexreader after index
c++/MATLAB Mex binding
How to reset/uncheck radio button onclick event?
How to extend MVC3 Label and LabelFor HTML helpers?
Jquery multi submit event
How to find the main function's entry point of elf executable file without any symbolic information?
Android Orientation change by force when using ACTION_VIEW intent
changing bundle id of released app while releasing a new version
Multiple times validator calls for dynamically added content using unobtrusive
Doxygen html creation a table of contents page of all documentation pages and sections
how to do text wrapping for long text in text view on android
Gstreamer pipeline, videorate not working as intended
Drawing a cuboid with CSS
Indexing NumPy 2D array with another 2D array
How to change the background color of the button of softkeyboard
How to create a Stack Panel menu in Android SDK?
Restore NSManagedObject relationships in background threads
Nested properties enigma in Stripes
fluent nhibernate data is not persisting
Using NSTrackingArea in an NSView that is unattached to a window?
Message queue bad file descriptor error
sift features for 鈥渟imilar鈥�objects
Configuring Perforce scm into maven project to get latest changelist
How do I set the PATH in the PHPSESSID cookie?
PHP: Find a value in an array and return another value once found
Grails throws a 404 error when canceling a page request with a filter
String with special character is not displaying into email
jQuery select all elements that follow or preeced an element with a given class
write to status file fast
GIT repository from exported SVN
Joomla managed hosting? [closed]
how to remove linking or seprate id value from this link
How to ASP.NET Site and SQL Mirroring
how to highlight multi-line code blocks in geany
preg_replace all non-digit characters except + at start of string
which one is better for drag drop resizing moving
Pixelate transition in iOS
Openlayers switching map service provider
CSS not working right and in need of assistance
How to check if string/parameter is on URL and if not add it
Sql Server (breaking sting and doing operations in that order)
SSH onto server and execute command to dump database
Creating a Custom Event
Can't get several tiny_mce editors on a page, only one
Bookmark page with redirect on iOS
Add a custom build target macro directory for multiple solution
Monitoring Application for core dumps
looking for way to get mail to my application
Can i show the location name suggestions for AutoCompleteTextView from service in android?
Statefull button script blocks form submit?
Unable to load jQuery to Zend framework project
HTML decode ASP.NET MVC string
Responsive list and list items
Domain rewrites to a folder
PhoneGap - Flip only inner page
How to redirect a page without rewrite URL?
The c++ project compiled in MSVC2011 won't work in other system
In C# change visio Shape Position
In windows Java SecureRandom.generateSeed failed: Unexpected CryptoAPI failure
Hadoop Parsing filename java
Cocoa - finding out when an NSTabView has changed its tabs
Mapping local folder in Tomcat
va_list in C++ 64 Bits
How to know at runtime the jar in which a resource exists?
Percentage Widths & 1px Borders
Keywords in SQL script data causing problems when executing programmatically - C#
load bitmap object inside a specific html telerik control
java: Spring: How to transfer beans from one ClassPathXMLApplicationContext to another?
Save Created XML file with save dialogue box
How to send private message/access facebook chat in Koala ,Ruby on Rails
Abort a read() from another thread
get clicked model and add to other collection in backbone
Reading lines from two files in one while loop
How to install DWSScript
How to use review in our custom module?
GAE/J: how do I get a User object from the user-id? Alt: how come I can't set the nickname on a User object?
jquery fadeOut callback functions not working
How to cast a pointer (make it bigger)
Drag And Drop a panels in WebPage using javascript ,css, html
flex set border on dynamic added object?
Kerberos connection using HTTP Client
how to retrieve the data from google places xml in android project
undefined uploads using django cms cmsplugin_filer_file and cmsplugin_filer_image
Use of timed_wait from boost?
Google Maps V3: mouse xy position for custom popup clicking on marker, fromLatLngToContainerPixel
Wait for user touch inside while loop
Passing cookies from a page to another in php (or javascript)
Binding to a service from a library
Methods to Verify Cassandra Node Sync
How to get the drop down box value without submitting in php
AIR application on the menubar?
jQuery: how to know if input element has focus
How to show nextText/prevText in jQuery datepicker?
Parameter not being passed with SqlCommand [closed]
ExpandableListView cant automatically scroll
mongodb database with scala play 2.0 tutorial
Is there a way to avoid multiple nested select in this case?
php array_diff_assoc() gives wrong difference
Changing all files' extensions in a folder with one command on Windows
Android: AsyncQueryHandler and ContentProvider
fbconnect internal server error 500
How do I test a gem that modifies ActiveRecord with different DB's?
OracleCachedRowSetupdating data in memorywithout writing to database
How to change the byte array data from Android Camera into a Stream
When package dependant libraries in the 鈥渓ib鈥�folder of the hadoop job jar, ClassNotFoundException encountered
Calling C# from JAVA for mobile devices
Accessing main app's CanCan rules from within Rails 3.1 engine
If I return inside a with block is the file guaranteed to close?
backbone.js override contstructor
Suspending event listeners
Initializing Spring bean from static method from another Class?
Using csv as PowerShell script parameter
How to create a generic MVC3 editor template?
How to calculate Bitmap pixel size in Android
PHP functions: Call to a member function function() on a non-object [closed]
Is there any way of generating java.awt.Image out of an .xsd Schema?
Only allow single style to be applied to RichText element
Strange result strrpos php
Why pdf in iframe does not scale horizontally If iframe's width is more than 900px?
Documentation for creating Mock object
connecting to mysql in
I need help in building HTML Tables with SP Services(Jquery)
ASP .NET OnTextChanged event fires twice
Explanation on how this bit of code works
Showing Clipped Area of Html 5 Canvas while user dragging the canvas?
how to get Images from xmpp in android application
Finding sub matrix of a given matrix
Code crash with VS11 Beta
Scripts in screen window of their own without quitting when script completes
Linux C++ GUI programming tool [closed]
How to manage multiple events in a single method
Can I use .htaccess to prevent direct access to files on dynamic folders?
How to get data from serial port to usb on android application?
Tomcat 6 gets dumb/idle
draw string on CGContext buffer and pick texture data, but the data never changed, why?
Android progressdialog and asynktask conflict
Injecting into a list with Guice (or Spring)
Image slider using jQuery [closed]
SSH to Vagrant box in Windows?
Creating smooth lighting transitions using tiles in HTML5/JavaScript game
jQuery Validate: Traversing to particular element by class
Is there any standard gestures available for kinect?
Add text from textarea to a table with jquery
detect incoming url in php
AJAX Control with Drag and Drop Cells
PHP replace incorrectly formatted code
Static Methods Vs Non-Static Methods [duplicate]
Powershell Define Powershell Objects
File using multiple encoding
:-1: error: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status. Can anyone please tell why this error? [closed]
Extract sub- and superdiagonal of a matrix in R
Change url of a service reference using a config file
How to convert OpenGL code to WebGL
How to add custom loader in iphone
鈥淎pp Name must not contain the following characters鈥�
MEF DirectoryCatalog not override the Project References at time of Loading
Perforce p4 command line is not using same client as the one used in p4v
Adding image based on different Environments to which code is deployed
Autostart C++ win32 console application in XPe
how to implement business and bar code scanning in windows 8?
Async file downloader android
Update all fields in SQL table
Multiple Databases, or Tables with large content
Reading serialized C++ structs in C# using BinaryReader
Fetching href of a link
Which is a good way to achieve object persistence in php
scroll when specific time reaches in video player
Recursive functions
The style attribute for a static UITableViewCell is missing in story board editor
psql date_trunc issue
How to select unique representatives from partitions of Java HashSet
conditional checking on string.split
how to give the access rights to files to upload them on server?
CGPoint match failing
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '****' to data type int
Relational database w/ images for ios application
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '****' to data type int
Relational database w/ images for ios application
Zend Framework Error : The requested URL was not found
Is JavaScript more object-oriented than Java? [closed]
Tilting an Image in CUDA
Using ImagePickerController to get photo from library ok but navigating away then back to same view the image is gone
Validation of Email in PHP 5.2?
SQLiteReadOnlyDatabaseException: attempt to write a readonly database
How to create dialog on top of the button
Why won't this simple query work?
filter a tiff image to reduce its pixel numbers without changing its bit depth
How do I implement my Installer correctly
Check special character in string?
Access methods outside JQuey control
Where to start for Jruby on rails?
How to finish() the Activity on home button click in android?
How to get javascript value to rails variable?
define a page control as a jvcl dockserver.custom dock panel. is it possible?
update part of plist
Update substring in XML column SQL Server 2008
Get the parameter string in javascript using jquery
Switch between two javascript functions
How to implement a 'wait' state when using multi-threading in C#
How to check port availability in client-side JavaScript?
Facebook Timeline : Add customized Facebook App to Facebook Page
Retrieving time from a time server from flash (as3)
Databinding Exception Cannot format the value to the desired type hard to debug
Ipa file is not installing on Client's device
C# Namespace issue
Are there alternatives to invoke in WPF when passing data from a different thread?
Get Filename from Byte Array
Making Div tag resize according to browser size when using jquery.flashgallery to display the image gallery
Cast to a Specific Type at Runtime
should I have logic in my model class or other classes
Error handling and minimize script output to end-user
Is it possible two share a class loader in two apks which share the same process space in android?
See if a timestamp is between a specific hour
Windows Phone 7 background service
Controller Action Redirects from Derived Controller class
FB.login popup on mobile web doesn't auto close once logged in
MSBuild, deployment and impersonation
setting button border which already has a background color
Android: How to restrict upto two line in static layout on image
could not find deserializer for type : Error
html5 tags compatibility with .jsp file
Using C socket from Solaris on Ubuntu
intercepting the onload event fired by the browser in watir
Issue To fetch date format At Edit() In ASP.NET MVC 3
PHP txt file edit Issue
Highchart - Drilldown after chaging the type, approch differes.. is it correct way?
unresolved symbols reported by nm
About how nwak
how to call main activity within PreferenceActivity?
vba loop throws error
Does Selenium WebDriver support Safari?
Android:Clear the previous data and show in textview
Eclipse CDT not building project on header file change
ASP.NET 4.0 Mail using Gmail (Google Apps)
Java: spring: why AbstractBeanFactory doesnt allow to change the parent BeanFactory?
Changing string depending on Culture
Saving Binary inside an Array
How to estimate the amount of RAM it will take Encog to train a particular network with a particular sample set with Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm?
Creating Spree Extension
mongodb PHP extension not found?
File.Delete doesn't throw error when the file doesn't exist
Percentage width in css
Parsing the timestamp in a html file using Jsoup
How to start selenium browser with proxy
Difference between uri_for and uri_for_action
Binding to the value of, value(which is again the property) of property in XAML
Getting error while deploying code to production-->Previous load of class failed: qbdialer,insidesalessetup
Scroll Wheel Zooming on OpenLayers stops working with div set to overflow:auto
Linker error with Boost Serialization using a particular class in a test executable, but not in production executable
I-Report 4.1.1 exporting excel sheet issue
ShareKit 2.0: How to get notification of Sharer authorization?
Need to read/rip DVD to MPEG - what technology should I use?
MSYS Home folder in Windows
Should I override a template for a Django (comments) framework or do the customization inside my own templates?
How to change database without losing data?
FFT MATLAB code correct?
Segmentation Fault with Pointers in C++
How to store the result of a query into an sql variable
how does IPython's ? operator actually work?
How to move to the first word in the line in Emacs?
.Need to check whether the facebook user is atleast 3 months on facebook
Adding data source for jidea 11.0.2
How to control lots of java thread?
Showing details of place using Google Places API in Android
Android programe
Energy meter data read and write to display in serial port using COM
How to list all the empty directories using windows batch file?
Can add cookies to image control in WP7
SIP service to be used for incoming call
OpenMP with matrices and vectors
WHERE clause is not filtering in logical order
mysql custom order by
i want to redirect the my all webpage url
Algorithm to convert a double to a char array in Java (without using objects like Double.toString or StringBuilder)?
Add stuff to context in a django.views.generic.edit.CreateView
inner methods on attributes in respond_with
Parsing XML data to NSMutableArray iOS - iPhone
Whether any object created during a thread execution exists or not after thread is stopped?
java.text.ParseException: Unparseable number: 鈥溍ぢ⒚幻吤捗嬅吤嶁�
resize background in auto width div
Redraw custom NSTextField when bindings value changes?
Check for type in Python as wildcard
Pass Value of clicked button from one page to another page Input field
Insert, find-min(key) and delete(based on value) functionality in logN with STL containers?
JQuery animate maximum speed
System.MissingMethodException after adding an optional parameter
Sencha Touch - Dynamic creation of form fields using c#
Get background image from a image file by position in CSS
Is there any limitation of maximum number of servers which can connect to APNS with same SSL certificate?
How to use AND operator logic in Or Operator i cant solve it in interview?
How to modify the xml on onRequestscript() in SOAP UI
Catch android's back button press event when showint a dialog/spinner's list?
Sphinx claiming memory is too low and my ids are null
How and why This code is Thread Safe..?
Merging records from multiple rows in table sql server
grouping on solr
exception in Weblogic when i run my application?
CAS authentication for a glassfish 3.1 web app. What about authorization?
Getting textbox id of an applet without knowing it
Conditional Segue from UITableView to DetailView based on object state
CUDA 3.0 version compatibility with compiler option -arch=sm_12
How Java's ThreadPoolExecutor uses custom ThreadFactory?
Android default menu button is not visible
how i can change color of viewport region extjs 4?
Two users on same database giving different performance while running same test-case
how to apply different onclick action to each button in array of buttons in android
emacs (evil) binding to move selected lines over, inserting spaces
Want loading symbol until the storage process is completed in isolated storage
displaying images and text in list view using json
validation of textbox after using calendar
How PHP script can be called using Java Applet
Save image twice difrent sizes with php
can we have a nested html tag?
error expected primary-expression before 'char' [closed]
How to get the path of the dll within the function inside the dll in C#?
core data countByEnumeratingWithState:objects:count: error
Since when does Xcode no longer require forward method declarations and why?
What is a 鈥渕odule鈥�command in .Net world
How to filter objects by user id with tastypie?
Need help to change this c# code to Vb [closed]
How to parse and validate Domain & Subdomain roots in C#
create thumbnails with WWW::Mechanize::FireFox using Mozrepl - some debug attempts
How to know whether its a tablet or phone in android programmatically? [duplicate]
Mediaplayer and delay in playing
how to copy directory structure without actually copying the content into another directory
Avoid caching of the http responses
How can I ensure users are logged in before accessing the Kohana Userguide & API Browser?
jquery add row to table
How to get all anchors with attribute rel=鈥渘o鈥�using jquery
Create Screen Shot of web page that user is visting in our site
ASP.NET create printable forms
Highlight table row with some background color
Implementation of ACS in MetroApplications
Does Robots Meta Tag No Index remove indexed URL's
Visual Studio C++ compiler options: Why does /O2 define /Gs?
Selenium IDE, Selenium Client, Ruby, Rails 3, session maintenance
Using Google Maps geocoder from Python with urllib2
How to make application file permission with Java client server
Any way to 鈥渨arm start鈥�Android voice recognition?
Struts property file value not printing properly
How can Hibernate map this?
Structuring large controllers in Cocoa [closed]
Rails: what does schema.rb do?
How can I make this call to request in nodejs synchronous?
Table rows show/hide - remove()
How to read PDF bookmarks programmatically
What is the difference between object-oriented and document databases?
Insert into table from another table after sorting data of first table
Getting alert This comment has not yet been published to Facebook. Publish Comment
JS error while trying to perform filter actions in ext js grid
How to make javascript focus() method work in onBlur event for input text box?
Hiding and revealing Li's [closed]
How to refer to a CSS style using ASP.NET MVC?
Continued content slider in jQuery
Using class name I am firing a click event in jquery
how to create users and associate roles and provide authentication to the roles
How to use async task for manipulating the httppost android
How to get 鈥淧roject Id鈥�to create a Direct Link??
Android: Modify CursorAdapter without Changing Database?
a line from vhost setting
Magento Multi Store themes calling same login.phtml file
Modify cell content when row created in Rad grid
Problem with R Package arules
How to install java plugin on smartphones browsers [closed]
Can you proportionally resize an image with CSS (or JS/JQ) if width & height are already set in HTML
Android change number to primary number
xls to csv convertor
error in installing Xcode 3.2 on Snow Leopard
how to change the page number of the url in android
AlertDialog PositiveButton and NegativeButton trouble
Transfer files via ODATA
Sending json data to php web service
get positions form a Button in a List
Getting QUnit to run tests in order
window.applicationCache.status always 0 in firefox
using a helper method in the view rails 3
Batch insertion of records in cakephp
How to remove disabled attribute from textbox during run time
Moving from android to sencha-touch
Unexpected behaviour from load test
Group Dispatcher.Invoke in the same function
how to get the id of all HTML elements?
How can I print the data contained by a C++ Map while debugging using DBX
Coordinates of active window on the desktop with java
How to close JQuery dialog from within a loaded jsp page
Attribute that indicates is activerecord model in saving state?
how to create a multiple border on a img?
java swing -Create a button like carousel in java swing
how to break apart a search query
how to read id value from link in java
clean and build failed in netbeans
Detect cards/rectangles on white table with OpenCV in Python?
c# tree view, select the child node when select he parent node
Google play is not displaying the rating of my app nor I am able to search by its name
How to get Current Location Latitude and Langitude without Emulator Control?
Sending captured image from flash to page
Zoom in/out on multiple images in android
How can I parse the following string
How to set text of text view in another thread
MySQL UNION query with condition
mongodb service is not starting up
Cannot open older .xcodeproj file in XCode 4.3.2
XCode project template with custom framework
REST Codeigniter, jquery/ajax does not display response
iOS Change Cell border tint color
Looping from 1 to infinity in Python
get all document from all folder and subfolder from document library sharepoint 2010
Adding full permission for a image file in android.
Custom circle button
java swing- Possible to add JLabel next to application icon/title?
Django: verbose name for manytomanyfield in a modelform
how to display image beside twitter tweets of user
Calculate how wide text is?
Writing to remote database without using web service
Python loop dictionary items through a tkinter GUI using a button
Why don't we import css in a div?
Why is WCF service listening as PID 4 (SYSTEM) and not as the PID of the process hosting it?
ProgressDialog size doen't change after removing text
Backbone.js: urlRoot with http query string?
TFS2010 -Work item Search Popup is not Working
is this possible in re in python?
How to escape special element When convert xml file to java object use XStream