Show everything before a match
use of synchronized method in affable bean shopping cart
aspx page load slow
Extract a particular line of text from wrapped text cell
Tabbar like effect with Jquery
Align div in browser bottom
Extjs 4.0 tree panel
Understanding Python's iterator, iterable, and iteration protocols 鈥�what exactly are they?
How to create a delete stored procedure making sure it cannot be deleted when it has affiliated records in another table
C++ for loop array assignment. Getting junk returned
Customized Vertical Tab bars in iphone
ExtDirectSpring Router URL?
How do you debug django templates?
Change media volumn while play music
SSRS, Split Value Field before passing to main query
how to show applets on smartphone devices
Dynamically add rows with jQuery autocomplete
bootstrap modal disappear immediately after showing
Creating a file under nested folder in Sharepoint
Dynamic Text size change according to tablet
SQL server linked server to oracle 8000 limit
Force <div> to fill all available vertical space
I need help in uploading a file to a folder on my server and then adding the file details to a database
fastest packing of data in Python (and Java)
Unable to import java class file into jsp
error: initializer element is not constant
Why do these NSNotifications repeat?
C# dictionary with few different values
how to query two different databases(on different servers) in a hql or jpql query?
Two-dimensional list in Python?
2D game development [closed]
how to update xml file from another xml file dynamically?
Cookies not being saved in cURL C++, such a simple and clean code example won't work
focusing fields using tabs in richfaces
Hibernate Getting Output from a Generic Cursor
Android : View and hide included layouts in relative layout
Issue with chrome in MVC application of calling Index multiple times Sencha Touch 2.0
Ruby on Rails: Switch from test_unit to rspec
two UINavigationControllers in same viewcontroller
Command Prompt cant open file in Python26 Scripts
ajax jquery php: w3school example jquery ajax post not displaying suggestion
The type or namespace name 'NUnit' could not be found
Fetch all email-id of contact list of iphone in to the iphone app
jTweetsAnywhere for HTML5+PhoneGap
Binding to NSUserDefaults that Contains an Array of Dictionaries
Forwarding jsp from controller
Two functions in a recursive functions?
Error setting SMTP deliveryMethod
Access to Notification center using Phonegap
iPad's orientation not working when I use its view's bounds property
Nearest neighbor and pattern recognition with Haskell
Nearest neighbor and pattern recognition with Haskell
Generating Stats from Datagridview rows
Navigate to contact's profile
Setting output of a program to pipe in Python 2.6.6
How to enable php extensions and database support?
Using CSort in Yii
Activity does not call onActivityResult
Pattern prefix-function computation in Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithm
How to hide compiling message in Makefile?
Are the Unix compilers too lax or is MSVC 2005 missing a trick?
GWT CssResource throws NPE
JAVA DB: Shutdown Derby does not work
On hover only display child element with common class
Is gl_FragData[0] always a color buffer?
Not getting selected value from drop down box
What's the difference between String.Count and String.Length?
Issuing Github commands on Git Bash when not connected to the internet
How change build options in netbeans
Query for the work to be done soon
actionbar sherlock replace home icon with dropdown icon or remove it completely
finding the widest columns
Monkey patching C extension in Python
How to Alias a query in SP and use the result throughout the Procedure
Calling foursquare userless api from the command line
ActionMailer method call returning nil in module while rspec testing
Is it possible to turn off bluetooth when the battery level is below 40%?
Register OCX at Current User Registry
Re enabling disable full html in Drupal 7
Vertical TabbarController (or TabBar)?
java session filters
object reference not set to an instance of an object In dataset
How to check whether file already in use C# Win CE 6
how to kill asynctask if the task is out of view?
In what order does user space code execute?
RaphaelJS display only one active state
Why 'git ls-files' is not shown on tab completion?
Why do Loader objects kill bitmapdata draw();?
How to alert(date) with jquery?
How to expose an EJB 3.1 as a REST Web Service?
How to Make a non primary key field to auto increment in Hibernate 3.3 with MySql [closed]
ASN.1 Java Compiler
Deploying multiple same EJB with different persistance
easy python program, not easy for me
RESTful Authentication with Tornado
The Fast Fourier Transform Transform of Image Processing
How to extract the session object from a session id?
Click event is working outside the button
multiple ViewControllers (containerView? childView? instance of viewController?)
Scope of class member within conditional if
How to single-out a cell in a table?
Why does Google Page-Speed say that elements need compressing, when they already are compressed?
mysql joins - how to find all children that belongs to ALL parents
How to autosize a ModalWindow in wicket which is depend on content
Why is writeSTRef faster than if expression?
Redirecting from mobile website to googlemaps
Target named 鈥淕oogle API鈥�not found in Eclipse
encryption in javascript and decryption in using C# [closed]
How to get this simple ruby app to run on Heroku?
iPhone - adding custom MKAnnotation to MapView does not get added
Facebook iOS SDK - in-app auth dialog terms/privacy policy links lead to dead end
When to use query_cache in MySQL?
What should I use instead of the deprecated UISegmentedControlStyleBezeled in iOS5.1?
Take music files on memory card using phonegap for android music player
android not getting editText value at run time in inner class
Select a cloumn from given condition which is not the column name
PHP mail function not sending mail [closed]
Add SCM to an Xcode project but meet an authentication issue
Trouble drawing multiple JLabels
Disadvantages of separating JavaScript Codes?
Setting the field values to be returned to Splunk server using java
What is the purpose of this string argument in a JavaScript function?
Add Button.Content and the click event doen't fire any more on WP7
base class, inheritate class sizeof()
Android : how to create a button over Bitmap dynamically or OVERLAYING button?
Sencha Touch 1.1 - Display PDF in Panel
How to style email body in php [duplicate]
How to read the ms word file as html in phpge
dynamic checkbox insertion, jquery onchange event lost
Prevent authentication prompt when configuring a new Exchange Online email profile using Redemption
Redefining field names in PHP from a JavaScript Function
Appcelerator Titanium - a basic UI property works on android but not on iphone?
jQuery $.post Submission Doubling After Each POST
how to store file path in Solr when using TikaEntityProcessor
web.config location does not work in MVC3
Access php multidimensional array key based on a variable string
How to show just a single result
How can I convert regular angles into isometric angles?
MVC + FormsAuthentication: Return URL for POST action with AuthorizeAttribute
Remove Span's White Spaces Completly (Squish it) at Top and Bottom
Metamorphs Messing Up CSS in Ember.js Views
Can I serialize a ruby Digest::SHA1 instance object?
Ajax.BeginForm(new AjaxOptions {}) Exceptions
How to access .db file from android device using phonegap 1.5.0
javascript's function not working second time
Making a JList scroll to the end of it's elements
Ruby :tzinfo: localtime for other jurisdictions including time zone offset & daylight savings policy
image upload in codeigniter
abstract get value from different input types
Does PHP handle new timezones such as New Zealand's UTC + 14:00?
display image whose link is in database
Linq - Unexpected uniqueness constraint-type behaviour occurring
How to make nested queries in MongoDb that works like nested Sql select queries
Create battery widget for Android in phonegap
struts2 Message resources values Split
Log a message send to nil?
How can I make a Visual Studio CListCtrl modifiable like a CEdit by a user from the GUI?
Need drag and drop a view in icarousel
How to make flash work with PhantomJS?
Linux shell jobs api for Java
C++ List Index Query
Working with JUnit Framework
user interface to search database
Parse Args that aren't declared
Is this assembly code generated complete?
how to modify url in zend framework?
Compiler Error With Binary Tree Copy Constructor
No syntax highlighting after Vim session restore in Terminal
Get form id using jQuery plugin ajaxForm and upload progress bar
How can I quickly determine all subviews (UIViews) that intersect with a rect?
Converting datetime.time() intho the same format as time.time()
Propagating QueryString parameter in RedirectToAction calls
What version of doctrine-mongodb-odm should I use with Symfony2 v2.0.12?
Drag And Drop a panels in WebPage using jquery ,css, html
add archive into my menu in wordpress
Fast Insertion in MySQL Table from php
Mips single precision (involving newtons method)
Unable to Deploy SQLCLR Project
Position Image Sprite with CSS on a button
Why aren't fixed-point types included in C99?
How to get proper alignment when printing to file
javascript freezeing ie8
dynamic <img> refresh with javascript
PHP Regex Replace Image SRC Attribute
Extract all data with same key from the dictionary into another array
database search function on an HTML page possible?
Want to set a proxy flag (just like apache) in NGINX
call a powerpoint macro with arguments from batch
WPF Datagrid Headers
new MyFunction() vs. new(MyFunction)
Can PiCloud hold FORTRAN code? (website hosted by GAE)
Why does Wicket make a page stateful if it links to a CSS stylesheet?
Why is this throwing up an error?
$(this).dialog is not a function
Segue from a scrollview
TableView crashing when trying to be loaded by a different class
Is it possiable to have an unsigned ByteBuffer in java?
Struts 2 and Tiles with Netbeans
How to choose the selector type while using many classes in jquery?
simple json dumps function with unicode
How to access the View inside the DataTemplate from Code behind
Why Twisted resource.Resource execute render() twice?
jquery pageinit not firing
How to swap a route's action and param id around
Cocoa - finding out when a window has been closed, minimized or tabbed
Entity query select top1
Tools can be used for converting TSQL Server 2005 stored procedures to understandable flowchart or similar things?
Using Hibernate with SQL Server 2008
Name or find the existing name for this geometric concept
About SelectNext procedure in Delphi XE2
EC2 machine ubuntu reinstall
Password protect directories when accessed from external IPs using Apache
Error unterminated string literal when using php javascript?
BFS to check if a graph is bipartite in c++
Windows Service code gives threading error when using Pywin32 / PyInstaller
Getting resources from jars in an Applet's cache
Auto refresh in PHP
What level of expertise would this interview item suggest? unset foo; echo bar , read foo; echo $foo [closed]
Querying based on available partial data of nested document (in morphia, mongoDB)
How to compile a python tk GUI application to run from a terminal window in Unix/Linux
With Xcode 4.2 remove a view from navcontroller then push a new view?
Pass query strings to jQuery load
Easiest way to enumerate utf-8 string
How to determine minimum time required to update a peer server bounded in master-master replication in MSSQL [closed]
Is there a replacement for the clearaudit tool provided by ClearCase?
File association and Icon Update do not work in flex builder
Grammar written using Antlr in java
Moxi getting locked
Is it possible to create an engine yard instance without a database?
Path not added to $PATH variable when executing a command
How can i drag a CCSprite with velocity/speed in cocos2d by using CCTouchMoved?
Gathering entropy in web apps to create (more) secure random numbers
SVG is rendered with a line through the middle in Chrome
Using navigation properties in LINQ query causes problems such as relationship multiplicity
Display all images in a folder without testing for file exist
how to skip update shopping cart option in magento?
Session variable not getting displayed
OpenGL performance for 10,000 static cubes
using javascript in c# not working
Setlocale function for strptime - locale strings I would love to know
How to implement a scheduled job at specific date in Play 2.0?
Visual Basic 6 installer for x64 bit machine
double click on node in Force Directed Graph, theJit
How to cache a PHP generated dynamic page AND include the Open Graphic Meta info
Problems with calling a JS function
Adding parameters to QueryString from ActionFilter
Modal view not showing up
How to draw CGGradient with specific color?
Calculating Logarithms with Python
Generate authentication code for accessing Mercurial
Marshalling array of structs vs classes
how get dynamically droppable div id
pyqt identify a client socket and send response data only to it
Redirect google bots only
Issue with Backbone's hash style url without relative paths
Dojo - Dijit Dialog
How to select documents in couchdb that are within a time duration?
Set background-image css to the featured image in wordpress using jQuery
Sharepoint 2010: Using Infopath form to set parameters of multiple excel web parts
How to Import database, update products that have changed, delete products that have been removed
Why does javascript/jquery execute in all browsers but IE?
Fetching data from server to iPhone sdk
Google maps error Uncaught syntax error: Unexpected token )
Checking whether an NSConcreteMutableData instance is empty
How to move an element styled by CSS stylesheet?
object reference not set to an instance of an object C#
How can i set association between comment model and Users.User model?
Can't update Xcode 4.2. Error: please consult var/log/install.log for more details?
Android Widget inflate layout Performance and Memory
In legacy application: Implementing new module using struts as controller
MySQL + CodeIgniter + Click Tracking Unique & Total CLicks
VHDL compiler exiting error
Perl size of first recieving packet(s)
IFTweetLabel RegexKitLite Center Text
What is the real purpose of application.ini
Error unterminated string literal when using php mysql?
Drupal REST server, multipart/form-data image upload issue from iOS App using ASIHTTPRequest
I am writing eMMC driver in linux and access the IOCTL from JNI application. It is failed with error code 13(Permission denied)
Multi-semicolon Line Endings: Acceptable?
C# UTF7Encoding for first bracket ' { '
What is the difference between Routes.Add and MapRoute?
getting 鈥渘o repository found at鈥︹� error when placing my plugin into Eclipse's dropins directory
Custom editing functionality for SharePoint web parts
How would I go about counting the number of consonants in a word? python
Do Paypal recurring payments have unique txn_ids?
findbugs report wrong line number and suppress error?
Filter datagridview using datetimepicker?
Need assistance with basic sql query
I want to change the current wallpaper to another one programatically in android.Is it possible? [duplicate]
How can i create a buffer without using malloc() in linux kernel?
How can I make a WHERE clause only apply to the right table in a left join?
Solr Fuzzy Search for similar words
Making custom widget on Gtk with Transparency
Generic BinaryReader
UITextField ignoring inputDelegate鈥�
Working with SIP and VOIP
MySQL: reorder rows from file association
Corona SDK: fill up a bar from left to right
what does -1.#IND000 mean in visual studio debug window?
Possible to turn the Alert to HTML page?
Limiting view of index, but allowing edit in CakePHP?
Is there a way to test for a scrollbar with just CSS?
Getting YouTube views with Backbone.js
insert mysql record with table format in a string then echo in a html [closed]
Java Switch Statement - Is 鈥渙r鈥�鈥渁nd鈥�possible?
How to validate a user request from iPhone is an authenticated Facebook user?
IOS Static Table with Custom Cell only draws a random cell
Shared Memory Allocation on GPU (Static or Dynamic)
Get parent category for product page Opencart
Ruby if else syntax
d2: get full count of units in core.time.Duration
Indexing with boolean arrays into multidimensional arrays using numpy
How do I customize Django's comments form?
How to remove a layout that was added using addContentView()?
Aid needed in optimizing the following pseudocode
Event handlers are not selectable in my Visual Studio 2010 installation [closed]
Post data in Objective C using Json
Checking null in LinQ
In grails how can I let the transactionManager is mongoTransactionManager?
3hr Time delay between a button press
rails create action in multiple forms
How does ActiveSupport do month sums?
URL for Key Filter on document list view in SharePoint 2010
Issue with cookies / expiring session
See if NSBezierPath(s) make a certain shape or pattern
Is there a better way to re-write a BCD_counter in VHDL code with less 鈥渋f-statement鈥�
Setting camera-plane interposition so that plane projection fits 2d rectangle
Best Practice code and issues
Cannot use string offset as an array
Save_and_open_page is blank in cucumber / capybara but not in rspec request spec
Arrays in webservices - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
how can I invoke setjmp on ubuntu 11.10?
Working with a Custom Image Grid
finding inversions of a number array using divide and conquer
Backbone.js multiple delegateEvents for view
Youtube browser based upload API, which channel it goes to? where is the video key?
HttpGet for with BBC news rss feed
Where can I find good D3 event and dispatch examples?
How can I catch all exceptions in IOS 5?
Cookies counter php
DateTime Validation - force to enter time
Capture keystrokes for a game (python)
How do I get list of all classes conform to certain protocol in XCode 4?
URL for H2 DB console on Play! 2.0
using hg revert to revert a group of files in Mercurial
UILabel changing position
How to input numbers into a cell of a table?
How can I use APIs to transmit speech data of a voice call in a iOS application?
Single PHP File I need to Run as CGI [closed]
forcing double tap in code
Using a recursive method to find the smallest element in a subtree given the root: what am I doing wrong here?
How to display the list of user's friends in Facebook php?
Table character encoding - exception in application
Calling JS functions from Href
Algorithm for multicriterial arrangement
Resource bundle at server-side for internationale
Differences between software testing processes and techniques?
Java process that invoke pkzip taking long time to zip
Are you allowed to nest a link inside of a link?
how to create a crossword style grid / large number of divs or other?
SQL Items within the Last Day
Is it possible to set a variable equal to a function without using an enclosure?
Sieve of Eratosthenes c++ implementation error
how to send mu-law (G.711) codec wav file on a network SIP phone and play there
notifyDataSetChanged() not working in ListFragment
How to hide the id pass from controller in rails?
how would I combine these two queries?
Take User Textbox Input (numbers) put into defined array size and output?
Why doesn't my button's opacity change on hover?
Progress bar fails when loaded second time
Overloaded function templates with reference parameters
use netty developing a game ,please help me?
WCF 4, JSONP, and jQuery cause parsererror
Is there a way to close a Web browser that is already opened in Python?
Are there any open source libraries of C functions available for cperf and cace?
How can I skip the permissions dialog for Facebook's iOS single sign on?
Use Javascript/Jquery to to strip down a dynamic URL
MD2 Hash Padding
JCheckbox - ActionListener and ItemListener?
can NHibernate use database index in a QueryOver?
Unrecognized selector sent to instance (typecast issue?)
Ninject, Parallel.ForEach and InThreadScope()
Android: Inserting batch data (one time) using SQLite
How to save a textarea data into a html file?
Browser busy indicator when loading data
Membership and role authentication to use customized table
Cumulative decoder/encoder
PHP Wont Extract zip file on windows ER_OPEN
Poor animation performance transitioning to UIViewController (via UINavigationController) and not sure why
Optimizing CTE to return descendants at certain level of parent-child hierarchy
String manipulation algorithm
Change Text in TextView Box when Button is pressed
Can SQL return information about different conditions evaluated in a query? Or should I break into multiple queries?
JSON Decode to UTF-8
Android - Prevent UI elements from being selected by trackball
Why am I getting this error Notice: Undefined index: host
How to make recessed button in CSS
Samsung Galaxy Note - why KeyEvent.KEYCODE_FORWARD_DEL events are generated when its stylus touches/releases the screen?
How Eclipse check available plugin in some environment?
Python classes and unittest [closed]
Cleaning text for regex [duplicate]
jQuery animate() doesn't work, but css() does
keyboard tracker to identify when desktop games or Paint is opened
Can I get the Contents in Android System's Back Stack?
Grab Value of Second Term using jQuery UI Autocomplete
Programmatically firing a client-side event
jQuery: Running multiple datepicker's on dynamically created inputs
What are the differences between 鈥減rivate鈥� 鈥減ublic鈥� and 鈥減rotected methods鈥�
Detect Application Start
How to get a fixed amount of results per row?
Issues with an Array in an ArrayList, Java
Windows Phone 7 + Add multiple values in one key in isolated storage.
Visual Studio html tag formatting
What is the &= operator for in Java
Ruby - in UTC [duplicate]
Upgrade to ASP.NET MVC 4 Causes Exception in EditorTemplate
left and right border are not taking whole screen
Primefaces menubar menuitem Width
Packing float into vec4 - how does this code work?
Android unable to register external jars
Search through a haskell list
Android Video Camera : still picture
How do I create a view model for a populated drop down list in ASP.NET MVC 3
How to insert data into database using EditText?
What's the different between 鈥淸]鈥�and 鈥淸[]]鈥�[duplicate]
jquery match regex
Valums file-uploader doesn't work under Internet Explorer 9
multiple social network in single API file
javascript unary issue firebug
Is parallel_do_feeder thread safe?
H264 Video + Speex Audio streaming through RTP?
Create top bar notification ios/iphone [closed]
Why does System.out.println(-1<<32)=-1 in Java?
For Loop for NSDate
Adding text from edit text field into an email
why is this rsync command is not syncing?
HTML Canvas fails to drawImage
what's wrong with exception handling
linking to a shared library that has soft-links to it
How to add an encoder for socket appender
simple R project
Image upload form works for some but not others?
Warning: mdecrypt_generic() [function.mdecrypt-generic]: An empty string was passed in C: wamp www enc chatting.php on line 46
How to test a NoSQL database system
Responsive website not working in Firefox
jQuery Mobile PhoneGap XML parsing ( iOS )
Use firebug to show me which rails template is being serverd
how to add/replace a syscall to hp-ux (hp unix) 11iv3?
Pre-fill a UITextView detected email
How to add a document type to a new XML file in C#
sed insert after ONLY the first line match?
鈥淐ompass Interference鈥�message even after navigator.compass.clearWatch
android folder error with no error in contents
Debugging Java Program. using Netbeans IDE 7.1
Capturing global key presses with java.awt.Toolkit
CSS rollover working on one page, but not another
Learning WinAPI - Advice for Beginner [duplicate]
move element up without causing an overlap?
Why is my input not creating a folder?
Is view email context menu customizable in outlook 2007 add-in?
Android: Prevent installation on tablets
access boost multi-index container in without iterator
dropdownlist for validation on number fields
IE7 would not follow JQuery link
boost:asio IPv4 address and UDP comms
Changing Edit-text status to password programmatically
Tracking video plays
Jquery or JS: How to check for invalid chars on a string?
Data structure for collection of strings with prefix and suffix queries
How is Auto-Suggestions implemented in Android? [closed]
template typedef c++0x
limit drag of multiple divs within respective container divs - jquery draggable
How to set SelectItem Foreground in LongListSelector
why it can be 鈥渂ad file number鈥�when i write to socket
How do you tell if a word is in alphabetical order in python?
About dynamic array construction in C++
Android: Text from first TextView overflow into second TextView
Another 鈥渪鈥�does not name a type error
Changing the color of an array of Images and display them using jQuery or CSS
onbeforeunload - bind to selective events
Location from WiFi Data
Click and transfer to another Collection in Backbone.js
Disable System.out for speed in Java
How to combine these two arrays in one foreach loop in PHP?
JavaScript, no idea what I am doing
Setting my base class with cache class
is there putAll like method for dict in python?
How can I package an 鈥渆xternal鈥�text file into an elisp module?
Grab specific info from database with PHP/MySQL [closed]
Return All Values that Contain a Specific String using Oracle
Can't find the error in this form
Print into output window in Komodo [duplicate]
RaphaelJS huge slowdowns in IE8 when editing attr() and text() (fill, stroke, weight) of elements
How to zoom at particular point in google maps added to uiwebview?
Displaying the content of a file with jQuery and HTML5 file API
Cython: ImportError: No module named 'myModule': how to call a cython module containing a cimport to another cython nodule?
On server processing
Capturing outgoing traffic from localhost MAMP using Wireshark
CSS multiple text-decoration
Overlapped message named pipe, ERROR_MORE_DATA and CancelIoEx
cygwin screen session problems through php
cygwin screen session problems through php
Finding current Location when the application is running in background is not working
How to read a text char by char and line by line on c++?
DirectShow .NET custom graph
how to use the struct defined in a .c file in another file
jQuery validation using values in array
Devise models run before_save multiple times?
I am having trouble exiting my infinite loop in pygame
Floating div not in expected location when positioned using CSS left & top with absolute positioning
Can't access service Windows 7 self-hosted WCF app on a non-domain
Calculate time elapsed between pressing the same button twice MVC google analytics on every page
Form Validation Constraints with sub-objects in Play
Error 310: Staging failed deploying - Grails app in Cloud Foundry
How are light weight threads scheduled by the linux kernel on a multichip multicore SMP system?
I need help getting this program to properly print my outputs
How to execute simultaneous PHP CLI scripts in Mac
Android: Emulator won't open menu in app
Good Online SVN [closed]
WCF Odata Service w3wp Process Memory Creap
Connection pooling
How to delete rows from a table using an SQLAlchemy query without ORM?
How to set in the java code?
Enabling touch mode for edittext to enter numbers into it
MySQL cannot connect
i want python to open a wesite and then refresh it or reopen it a sertain amount of times
How can a restart a loop in an animation?
Concatenating large files, piping, and a bonus
Memory management in Forth
Advice extracting //td text and numbers
How to bucket a time stamp in 5 minute intervals in python
Get char at a defined location in a string in C
Foreach returns only first letter of an array element?
NSRunLoop working OK on Simulator, Crashes iDevice
Override ProcessCmdKey C#
Cannot remove viewstate hidden field
SQL to select set of 10 records that collectively best fulfill a criterion
How do I zoom on a canvas?
Can individual methods implement Asynctask?
LinqPad Member Description (鈥淨uick Info鈥� NOT Show up
Display concatenated column in a pivot query result
C Problem with Compiler?
C: Subscripted value is neither array nor Pointer
Looping through array and removing items, without breaking for loop
Passing SAML Token to WCF service from Asp.Net
How do I parse an RSS feed for display without creating nodes, etc
Find Out If a Function has been Called
Add view above and below a ListView
how to execute a function before each new request is submitted to a controller in grails
Disassembling Simple Hello World program
Unable to multi-thread a scalable method
How to reference a long class name with spaces in CSS?
64 bit assembly on Mac OS X runtime errors: 鈥渄yld: no writable segment鈥�and 鈥淭race/BPT trap鈥�
Weird C Compiler, getting an error 鈥渓d: duplicate symbol _main鈥�
Sprites and sharing UIImage between UIImageViews
Rails validation if a conditon is met
Setters vs Overloaded constructors in Java
Does Grails has domain.find-by鈥�option 鈥�select鈥�to limit column like rails?
How to return value from new object instance method declaration (nested)?
XSLT/XPath : excluding nodes from what was selected
How to set TableModel as DataSource in an empty iReport (NetBeans 7.1)
Apache doesn't load PHP MySQL extension but IIS does
Playing sound on Metro XAudio2 and windows metro throws exception
Non greedy regular expressions in Ruby: pty and expect
How to properly add and use D3 Events?
Filling in gaps in multi dimensional array
How to re-initialise jQuery bxSlider when resizing?
drupal wont open - gives a parse error
How can I change mapView mapType from within a partial curl?
Getting innerHTML contains extra <br> tag, is this normal?
Pass Javascript Variable to PHP POST [duplicate]
for loop only returning the last word in a list of many words
Spring @Autowired OK on JUnit, NPE on main class
What are these weird boxes in Eclipse/Aptana Studio
In ASIHttpRequest CFReadStreamOpen((CFReadStreamRef)[self readStream])) doesn't send data
What does this scheme-val do?
needed object from disposed class?
Grails - multiple joins shows redundant data in the list view
weird behavior of JS functions in an if statement, WHY?
How to POST to WebAPI via C# Win8 Metro CP
Cocos2D kazmath/kazmath.h file not found
JAVA: Substitute one color with another using ColorModel
Is it bad practice to add interaction to elements not created for interaction?
Data-structure of Pairs where each value (in pair) Maps to other value?
SQL Azure HierarchyId support?
Delay a java program
Why I can't use two threads holding the same socket in Java?
How to get the session's contents when cookie was disabled
Extract a Time data from a table and put it into TimeSpan
Visual Studio 2010 Post-Build Event : Passing Current FlavorToBuild
Is it possible to extend a non-static inner class in Java?
Recreating old Wordpress pages as HTML by passing variables
The best way to include a file across multiple files in PHP (for inheritance)
PHP code to modify a URL
custom selectionStyle color for uitableviewcell
error in compiling the RTMP plugin for FlowPlayer
jQuery Cycle Error: Cannot read property 'cycleW' of undefined
How to use mod-python module with Apache to send requests to python programme
How to validate existing invalid model via nested attributes?
Issue with google spreadsheets function
Dysfunctional jQuery datepicker
django+south: migrate command doesn't create table in the database
Does calling setOnClickListener from multiple classes result in only one callback?
Layout problems using base font size in IE6/7 - the em/px bug
CSS to match the last match of a selector?
Listener in primefaces, which component to use?
alias_attribute and devise causing stack level too deep error
Best practice to version a database
Multiple definition of a function in C/C++ code
git merge result cannot be read by diff tool
How to save an Excel file via VB 2010 without any dialogs (such as 鈥渟ave as鈥�
Execute a list of threads
How do I create user account by chef-solo?
issues with deploying rails servers to multiple hosts
After change usrname 鈥渞oot鈥�to 鈥�鈥�, I can't connect to mysql server any more
UIAlertView - choose from options
SQL query (Postgres) works normally, but not through ActiveRecord
correct way define an association so that i can alter data through the association
Optimizing NSNumber numberWithInt:
Get stream of new Facebook likes for your application
ffmpeg av_register_all() not working?
Skipping If statement
why is LaTeX / pdflatex compiler so 'funky' with multiple compiles necessary and bogus error messages, etc, compared to c++? [closed]
Trying to display time component ie hour and minute of a date
My Recurring Task doesn't get called
Having trouble comparing strings in file to an array of strings inputted by user in C
Configure commands for using mysqlnd
Pause command not working in .bat script
TinyTDS connection issues and return from SQL server 2008
hta using vbscript - paths and other text with spaces, represented as variables, in another line of code
Error in running my Python Script
Asterisk blocking RTP H264 packets
Can I flatten out an object hierarchy in the Locals window?
php database connection?
SQL query result with left join and resulting array with PHP
Linux find files with string and print last access time
PHP Prevent URL Tampering
Run 鈥減assenger start鈥�from within a shell script?
Rotating a 2D object drawn with OpenGL
Opening a URL using the native PlayBook browser from an Android-based application
Android: How to Resume Application/Activity from BroadcastReceiver? sometimes returns nothing
TF30167 Error trying to create new team project in VS 11 and TFS 11
Sending HTML and format it in the email
How do I avoid the implicit sequence on the id field during rails migration
jQuery content fade in and navigation bar bounce in
Anonymous functions referencing local variables in python
How to use the value of an html element in Ruby embedded code
CATiledLayer clears all tiles when scrolling ONLY on Retina
What is the AT&T syntax postfix for opcodes?
What is the AT&T syntax postfix for opcodes?
filterable jquery-ui-map google map
Integer incrementation crashes application
How to order by same column 2x?
Keep a lock on a folder name so it can't be recreated
Catching ArgumentTypeError exception from custom action
node.js and application not running
How to mark up your C# object to Deserialize this XML
Starting a new thread from inside a thread
How to shrink wrap main content on centered 3 column faux layout with sticky footer
Storing certain parts of a string
jQuery: Apply CSS to parent DIV
N-Queens, Java using LinkedList Stack
Get range days of week
Pushing onto an STL stack is pass by reference, but does the stack make a copy of the value?
Launching background process in RIA service
Search within documents in Sharepoint 2010
how do I use memcpy() function?
How to implement the UI like android google market
boost version conflict between statically linked library and dynamically library?
C++ string substitution with the string format operator
Having reading numbers from a *.txt file in C++ using fstream
uitableview cell selection style
Footer menu list to open up not down, jsfiddle included
sql query to get the last N trading days, not including weekends and holidays
Select duplicates from a single row?
Automatic rescaling of images to a smaller preview window on web page
Android RESTful Web application using Zend Framework
Prevent spam from my form
having some issue with swfobject.js version 1.5
rtfd/.webarchive on *nix
UIApplicationDelegate Functions in Other Classes
Override touch animation while showsTouchWhenHighlighted is TRUE
VBA-Loop with some worksheets
How to update webpage when you back from the redirected page?
A better way to restart/reload Gunicorn (via Upstart) after 'git pull'ing my Django projects
A number which is just the odd (or even) bits of another number
Trying to find a more efficent way to filter files
How to drag an element with z-index < 0
Why the CMD/Cygwin shell does not return after WinExec?
how to add more colums in mysql query
Content script triggered for omnibox
Trying to write data in a Plist - almost there
how to design ViewModel
Record audio in C++ with best compression regardless of quality [closed]
Why do I get 鈥渃annot allocate an array of constant size 0鈥� [duplicate]
Appearance of Menu Items with website loading
Using base.html.twig as the default layout in Symfony2 in a DRY way
Converting a value to 2 decimal places within jQuery [duplicate]
Share views and code between iPhone apps
Getting and setting style not working?
two questions about orientation change
Rails How to use FactoryGirl in Seeds.rb?
Converting ascii characters back to uni-code in Coldfusion
How can I implement autocompletion in a multiline <textarea>?
Function type specialisation in Haskell
iOS - Linker Error, Duplicate Symbol
Bash Script to setup Github on Rackspace Cloud Sites
Writing regex with certain pattern sed/awk/perl
Downloading win32 for mac [closed]
Getting SuperInterfaces in java
SquishIt ForceRelease in MVC3 Doesn't Properly Minify JQuery Plugins
Wrapping text in HTML such that the next line becomes longer
methods / tools for combing through css to find which style is being overwritten by what rule?
Calling to a multi-level array for interchangeable meta boxes [WordPress]
PHP openssl_public_encrypt 鈥渒ey parameter is not a valid key鈥�
Map tasks get stuck while scanning hbase
2 images in header - flow issue
Selecting more than 1 text box to check if it is empty
Code generation for an object
shuffle algorithm with only random 0, 1
How can I get the opposite of WHERE id IN (鈥�?
css-container border should be take full screen
Create a homescreen widget gui programmaticly
Making one http request with Netty
How can I include conversion from LESS to CSS in my ANT build file without including an extra Rhino .jar?
Disabling links using Javascript
Receiving and processing emails in application
MVC3 pattern - content versioning options
Android httpservice and ajax
Dropdownlist without postback when autopostback must set to true (code's included)
Trying to deploy tomcat server through Intellij IDEA and getting a weird missing server.xml error
Activator.CreateInstance with inherited class not in the same project
php database update not working
Correct SQLServer statement
ActiveMQ: Correct config with both Queues (with concurrent consumers) and Topics
Basic UIMA with SOLR
How do you change SubSonic 3's connection string on the fly?
How to call a certain classes methods (inheritance)
Delete file at location using Java
What's the difference between JPA and Hibernate?
bash: syntax error using (( 鈥�var鈥�== 鈥渟tring鈥�)) for comparisons
ColdFusion Uptime Monitor Script
Append Query That Also Selects A Lookup Table Value Based On Text Parsing?
Google Maps, Passing in an Array of Lat and Lng for Markers?
How to find out what the first view controller that gets loaded in an iPhone app is?
How to tell if loadUrl() was called DIRECTLY or as a result of touching a link?
Automate assignment of multiple values from the $_POST variable
Adorner not showing up
MySQL Stored Procedure with variable number of paramters combining select statements
Backbone this confusion
Django forms and set initial value to logged in user?
Antlr syntactic predicate no matching
Web Application Activation , Computer, Local Server
Drupal password authentication in symfony (yes, chew that!)
Binding one button to two events with Tkinter
c macro for setting bits
team foundation error in VS 2010
Coffee script path.exists deprecated notice from node.js
Git master branch in one repository and another branch on another private repository
How to get the first occurrence of a tag using SImple HTML DOM Parser
iOS Facebook SDK isSessionValid returning null
Multi-threaded time-based call hierarchy
jQuery on() doesn't work with mobile Safari
Cross platform authentication using ASP.NET Web API
How do I make this trigger work?
Google maps v3 info window opening outside map viewport
OpenCobol compiler switch to allow duplcate data/paragraph names
android import error
Javascript automatic type conversion is causing problems in my iPhone automator script
iPhone - Change bundle identifier
Playlist not loading on HTML5 player
Convert a 1X9 array to a 9X1
Get img src from input box into a div
python how to use imp.find_module or alternative
Map and Reduce Monad for Clojure鈥�What about a Juxt Monad?
c++ class refers to each other
Comparing two 2-Dimensional lists
jQuery: Finding and hiding single parent link in nested list menu within Div - using contains();
PHP - MYSQL Concat not working [closed]
Display a grid of thumbnails lazily like in SlickGrid's DataView
Generating derived key from a password stored in a SecureString
Ldap search in net-ldap Ruby Rails [closed]
Creating a Windows Service for Windows 8 to use TCP/IP as soon as booted
How to get ENTIRE image from UIWebView including offscreen content
OS starts killing processes when multi-threaded python process runs
Create a dictionary from text file
Numerical integration using Simpson's Rule on discrete data
How to redirect old directory to new one on IIS
Print web form - yii framework
What does determinant equals to one mean in the transformation matrix? [closed]
Only display tasks that belong to the current_user in the index action?
Is it possible to change a locale at runtime in Java?
Web app architecture advice
would it ever make sense to modify a reference to a const char* passed in as a parameter to a method?
Clear previously set headers php
Create outlook message with attachment using
Is there a better pathfinding algorithm than A* when you have multiple sources and multiple destinations?
OS161 : TLB miss on Load
Create Mirror Table with Castle Activerecord
Java: Get a class from an external .jar
ifstream fail bit being set unsure why
FactoryGirl not resetting for new column names
Play! error overloaded method value mapping with alternatives?
MVC3 JsonSerializer finds mysterious circular references?
How do I preserve physical sizes between different iThings in Open GL?
Adding Objects An existing Array
PHP add quotes to array for json_decode
Honeycomb Hardware Acceleration doesn't seem to work with setColorFilter
How to prevent navigation when app is recovering from Tombstone?
Is there a unix command line utilty for 'mapping' by line?
unwanted space after a div that had top: -7
FB Login Button and Comments Issues
How to refer same namespace in XAML file?
What would be the kernel equivalent macro to memset?
debugging celery + django stack
Programmatic waiting in web application for web service response
I'm getting SIGABRT when I try to load a video (objective-c)
lib's for all browser webkit support [closed]
Regexs in Ruby getting filename
How would I implement code in a .h file into the main.cpp file?
vlcj not displaying the video
What variable dictates position of non-focused elements in the roundabout plugin?
Passing XML markers to Google Map
Best method to compress JSON string in term of performance and compress radio
Android Full Width ICS style Minimalist Bottom ButtonsViews
Why was an app secret not required for this Facebook app to work?
Object instance is overwriting the other instance but I cant see why
How can I change the color of the rectangle in the overview map (Google Maps v3)?
mysql query speed. why query from memory tables with tmp table slower than direct select?
Overriding Node.js HTTP parser
Payflow Gateway to Pay Customers
Issues with unsigned char return value and +=
loop jSON value in jquery
Pointers to columns of 2D array
How to make pages on scrollview rotate automatically?
Compiling a boost test with Cmake
Why parallel/concurrent access to graphAPI to speed up retrieval of data (say 鈥渓ikes鈥� fails sometimes
Create a callback function within a custom jQuery function
how do i write the following sql query in Lambda expression
Hover over an image in div
Problems with cos and sin in Android
How can Accurev GUI functionality be extended?
Visual Studio C# 2010 Express: Windows service template missing?
Broken Pipe Error causes streaming Elastic MapReduce job on AWS to fail
Select first item in ComboBox when it becomes visible
clean up the system in linux
How does PHP's eval() count line numbers?
When does rehashing occur for unordered associative containers?
force to close message when I make multiple clicks on button
force to close message when I make multiple clicks on button
smartly recognize phone numbers and text (international numbers included)
How to determine where a mouse exits an image
Is it possible to delete a pasteboard that was originally labeled persistent?
How to upload pictures in android emulator 2.3.3?
spring multipart file upload form validation
GWT module 'xyz' may need to be (re)compiled [duplicate]
PDO insert query slowing the site down
Video can play in UIWebIView using href but not using <video> tag
jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 RC1 Modifying HREF for AJAX Posts in iOS Safari
UISwitch Resets when scrolling TableView
Geotagged dbpedia sparql query - want to include abstract in result set
Using Static IP in HttpWebRequest.Create() with ASP.NET
Getting notification of screen resolution changes on Mac
Android: center Textview in extended Layout
How do get class variable within an event handler with 鈥渢his鈥�
Java web app, with plugin framework and ability to connect to source for updates
call a function with the tail of the callee's arguments list
Where is the memory leak coming from?
ASP.NET web site hosted on Azure is authenticating for every 3-4 minutes in the background
Crystal reports multiple rows in group section
Unable to unmarshall XML using Jaxb and XMLPath
The underlying provider failed on Open Entity Framework when WCF Service to TCP/IP
Fortran: output format dependent on a variable
how should i 鈥渃lean鈥�UIScrollView from content i added by code?
What is the best GC and memory configuration for a real-time system that wants to minimize GC latency on a regular Sun/Oracle Hotspot JVM?
models seem to stack up after clicking them with backbone.js
jquery Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token -
How does one find the index of an object in a list whose x and y position value match a given x and y
Mvc3 Antiforgery token multi tabs
Addclass for period of time on Jquery
Missing part of the image when taking screenshot while supporting Retina Display
$('body').addClass('done') does not seem to have any effect
How can I update a Jtextarea once? (mysql side-?)
How to use SQL Server CE table indexing - is it worth doing for this query?
Why Try/Catch doesn't work in phpredis connect function?
detect browser viewport using javascript
using md5 and salt with j security check
How to convert YYYY-DD-MM hh:mm:ss to YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss? [duplicate]
gather dba_users information in Oracle database when connected as a user
How do I get Haml to stop from evaluating #{var} values inside <pre> <code> tags?
dropdownlist SelectedIndexChanged event changes the values of other textboxes
Firefox destroying header and adding random characters
Flex 3: Convert Plain text editor to Rich Text Editor
How do I push div wrapper if floating sidebar taller than it
Dashed lines for a google line chart
Changing 2 dimensional list to a 1 dimensional [duplicate]
Pass string to a service from activity
sum numbers in textarea with PHP
EF Using generic and specific repositories
Oracle stored proc call returning exception ORA-06550 with PLS-00103
UIPageControl + UIAppearance
Cycle through query windows SSMS 2008 RC
REST - How would a PUT request handle auto-incremented resource identifiers
My iPhone app crashes on Load before AppDelegate finishes Loading
prettyPhoto changepicturecallback data
Indexing an array with a tuple
How can I sort the JSON output using JSON.NET?
Search engines/algorithms to find closest continuous (floating point) sampled signal?
Why can't I retrieve the value for parameters of type out or ref using Type.InvokeMember?
How to specialize a given template for a template
How does the browser plugin Disconnect work?
mysql - cant specify target table for update in from clause
How to store user meta data when using GKPlayer / Gamekit
Need Help in Expiration of access Token in FB API
鈥淯nsatisfiedLinkError鈥�appears when 鈥渄ynamic_cast鈥�is used in Android NDK
XML deserialization C# array
One click - two functions
Arduino Uno - Max Sensors
Using different fillStyles in the same string?
How to make variable available everywhere in Java without parameters
Replace Window rootViewController with another view controller using Storyboard
Customizing Seam3 internationalization Messages
removing duplicate integers from an array in C
Select in php with the clause WHERE
Cmd window to close after opening process with .bat
Most efficient const char* comparison being case insensitive
Load drupal view into right margin with ajax
Convenient method for statically rendering 3d shapes into image files
Is this a GCC bug when using -falign-loops option?
How to keep RTSP session alive?
$(document).ready(function() is not working when i press browser back button [duplicate]
Can't understand the value assumed by a variable outside the do loop in fortran
Program Permissions
how to add http header such as basic auth when retry the message from the JMS store using schedulemessageforwardprocessor?
Want to overwrite value on textbox when highlighted due to tabbing
bit shift operation does not return expected result
put a var within string within array
Analyzing a Sequence of Images using PIL/Tkinter
How to draw an anti-aliased bezier curve in raster?
How to to split jQuery UI accordion in 2 columns
activity indicator animation from cell selection
Improve this URL regex to handle # hashes correctly
How to deploy Rails app (like redmine) on load-balanced PHP server?
getCookie IE issue
Authentication issue with the Desire2Learn GettingStarted sample site
sed multiline pygmentize
Strange Exception from HRESULT: 0x80030102 (STG_E_REVERTED) error
How can I run a make table query against an Access DB using ADO?
best-case and worst-case running times in theta notation
best-case and worst-case running times in theta notation
button in expandable listview android
Undefined Array in Perl
log4j to logback(migration)
how can i know the URI or full path from a bluetooth received file? Android SDK
Symfony authentication - can't get past login page in production
Digit only TextField with a unique decimal point in Javascript
How to replace all the punctuation except double quotes using RegExp
Flash AS2: Opening other SWFs using Relative Paths on a networked drive
Sending bulk 鈥淲eekly Digest鈥�email from Rails 3 application
tastypie and django test cases
iOS: Is it possible to open NSURLRequest directly in Safari?
.htaccess redirect with parameters
VoiceOver reads labels on previous view in iPhone app? bug?
Java - Dynamically insert username and password in loop when reading from file
iPhone iOS how to save/serialize UIView on the screen?
javascript array converted to a php array?
How to find substring containing @ symbol in iOS
Netty, throttling HTTP requests, is it possible to hold them open for long periods of time from the server side?
Computing descriptive statistics with MySQL without a GROUP BY statement
Dropdown box representing a method call on a string
What is WebKitErrorDomain error code 204?
Where to store mobile data (largescale project)?
Send_blob in GAE
Can't locate .js (or .css) files from a .jsp page
Fixing the 鈥渞uby installation is missing psych鈥�error?
object is undefined, don't know why
How to query database from JavaScript using Ajax and PHP correctly?
mysql incremental change
What is the dll file name of the standard c library on windows?
How to set cookie to not allow another submission of form?
Using list preference in Android
SSLSocket sends blank messages when running from different computer
How to have multiple paths display URL as root
Storing Date in Core Data
pg_query returns nothing
Viewing from hprof dumps
How to split PowerPoint presentation file into files with one slide in each file
linq to sql sub-select
Advice for replacing img tags with text in Ruby?
Application design / architecture
Shell script to parse CSV to an XML query?
jQuery Mobile back button on external link causing strange issue
Automatically convert Scala code to Java code
What ring does qemu execute in?
Storing / Extracting images from database with php
SegFault when delete []
MacVim is inserting Windows style newlines all of a sudden, how on earth is that happening? [closed]