MTG MYSQL Table error with add_meta_data not properly functioning
Add field to list view inside FeatureUpgrading - how to identity the list view
Blackberry: PhoneListener does not persist
Running shell scripts from Cake PHP
How to access the original video using UIImagePickerController or other alternative methods?
hr css not showing in Firefox 11
How can I get SimpleForm to include a script tag once when a custom input is used?
PHP interpreter gets undefined constant OCI_COMMIT_ON_SUCCESS with ADODB
javascript/jQuery grouping elements
HTML form - wont update Mysql database using PHP
Update row based on associative array $key = column $value=value
Making sure Prototype.js code runs for AJAX content?
MySQL server has gone away error in delayed_job task
spring, how to read in all properties for my bean
setting relationship to nil results in immediate persistance
How to specify Apache Commons Mail content-type in a single method?
ido-mode binding masked by global-set-key
Using Inheritance in C# to share functions
SMS and Email Security
Calling a class method from form with no relation to class
Which is the best way to name namespace when company's name has a hyphen? [closed]
When does mysql_real_escape_string know which db server is in charge at the moment?
C structure and file handling newb - struggling
Android open database if it's not open already
How to create a durable subscriber for topic on Jboss 5?
Replace nulls values in sql using select statement?
How to run video in android?
Pinging / getting MAC address from IP, ignoring ARP cache
What is the best way to get a semi long unique id (non sequential) key for Database objects
Grails ORM to point data type in PostgreSQL
Clear Images from external JS file
JQuery datepicker - how to change max date on a specific start date?
Reusing views on multiple activites in Android
EF 4.1 and two-level object inserts fail
Optimizing CSS for IE: Shadows via absolutely positioned divs [closed]
Only first attachment is sended through php mailer
NSMutableURLRequest adding extra information to the body, making Content-Length incorrect
Remove horizontal lines (ggplot2)
Issue with Yahoo Sports API
XML editing inside a Perl script
Is there a Twitter unfollow JavaScript event similiar to the follow event or a way to make it happen?
Is there a Python equivalent to the 'which' command
Publishing failures into Fusion Tables - Has Oauth 1.0 access token lifetime been reduced?
SQL Server - Insert into with select and union - duplicates being inserted
copying a cell from one table to another in mysql
Distance between a point and several locations
How to Handle a Long List of Tabs [closed]
Adding data to binary tree
Delete first X lines from a file PHP
What does $ do when using JQuery?
What does $ do when using JQuery?
How can I show an Icon and a String in a JList in Java?
unable to compile pacman(ArchLinux package manager) in ubuntu
Are 鈥渕essages鈥�and 鈥渆vents鈥�equivalent in iOS programming?
no entry point found in windows dll while using regsvr32
Build 32-bit Qt on 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Undefined function or method for input arguments of type 'uint8'.
Add custom language - localization
IList implementation testing [duplicate]
HttpCore 4 - Encoding / Charset
How to get the closest single row after a specific datetime index using Python Pandas
Custom swipe animation (Tilt, Card Deck, 3D, etc.)
Android Message Queue Per Thread or Per Handler
VB6 and Delphi - TStringList is free by VB
Margin-right doesn't work on width 100%
Javascript will not combine these together
Eclipse randomly makes changes to my code
Designing a DB backed application in a functional style
Is there any generics type that implements QueryInterface?
Using File.AppendAllText causes a 鈥淧rocess cannot access the file, already in use鈥�error
multiple threads adding elements to one list. why are there always fewer items in the list than expected?
copy sqlite database to Data folder
Collapse/Expand item which is not below header (jQuery Collapse)
Retrieve only needed info from MySQl or Filter it once retrieved in Jquery?
How to form a grid using UITableview?
Does a PUT URL really need to specify a resource
jQuery UI draggable on form elements
jquery accordion jump and open to a specific section
Obj-C, using ifndef and target parameters to only printf debug lines?
Setting up existing membership with mvc4
trying to run two parts of program second part can't input string
Why is the main function not running in the REPL?
Android Signed APK not showing Googlemap
Excel: Change multiple formulae at once?
prototype: show a element when scroll page pased 800px
Non-XNA game into Games?
KnockoutJS ObservableArray data grouping
Duplicate columns when using EmbeddedId with a ManyToOne mapping with Ebean
How to get a Application specific Google Map api key
Calculating the day time and night time between two dates
Is there any way to make a probabilistic constant time equality check on collection types?
What are the advantages of running Powershell instead VBScript? [closed]
Multi Tenant SaaS Reference Application
CodeIgniter select data and count
Strong-typing for strings or other sealed classes
How to check existence of an input argument for R functions
Use jquery to add params to video code
time delayed redirect?
sql declare variable string and use in where clause [closed]
OpenGL with glTexCoord - Images with many tiles could get tedious?
OpenGL with glTexCoord - Images with many tiles could get tedious?
LINQ-to-Json or String-to-Json
Cannot disable cookie in outgoing http request in Mule 3.2
WWW::Mechanize::Firefox: debugging-attempt to stop print() on unopened filehandle
Difference between and getString(
How to make control that is Hidden by default show up in the Visual Studio 2010 WPF designer?
php order of execution
Target parent div containing iframe from iframe
Verification Displaying 0000 Only on PHP Contact Us Form
Dealing with very long running rake task
why doesn't String.contains() return true in this case?
access webservice as odbc layer?
why is this for loop affecting a variable outside loop?
How to 鈥渃opy parallel鈥�using ArcObjects, which ESRI namespace 鈥渃opy parallel鈥�belong to?
Calling Monitor.TryEnter without Monitor.Exit at timer elapsed callback shows unexpected behavior
Round BigDecimal to the nearest integral value
Netbeans & GlassFish Server 3.1.2
Strange errors in mustEqual in Specs2
xceed datagridcontrol for wpf - how to style inactiveselectionbackground property?
chrome extension about browser action
Getting following error?
jPlayer with Playlist: Any way to preload?
What changes when a file is saved in Kedit for windows that the unix2dos command doesn't do?
How do i split a string from a csv file to a partiqular format in php?
How to change XAML value using C#?
Unity IoC: How to scan/resolve for plugins/types in a folder
Image as Back Button in Navigationview
Emacs ECB Alternative
mod rewrite .htaccess URL redirect
Activerecord + WebServices
How do I limit the number of characters shown in an XML record in
Auto Scrolling in LWUIT Container
ASP.NET page level variable
can't leave my app
Scala/Akka Socket Server IterateeRef syntax
Is it okay to change a ListView's adapter dynamically?
MVC convention rules - model binding - theory
What is a Stack Trace? [duplicate]
Safari extension send message to a specific tab
Inserting row alternatively in an excel sheet
Get num of ROWS in other table
Add Reusable WFFM form with base fields to Insert Options
Managing dev/staging/production on DynamoDB?
mysql timestamp selecting older records
TabControl - databinding TabItem order
Two 鈥淐alendar鈥�entries listed on iPad - can't write to calendar using EventKit
XNA - Culling Performance Issue
Accessing pieces of bitmaps inside a movieclip
How do I actually get the response of an async web request from outside the method?
鈥淥bject reference not set to an object鈥�when starting out with Cassette
cloning a select list which is dynamically created
Grails Spring Security Plugin Password issue
Xcode storyboard: Why does the iPad storyboard show iPhone sized views?
Objective-C, Need help creating an AVAudioPlayer singleton
One liner to rename bunch of files
heroku push tutorials confusing
Why does this stored procedure return an empty set?
Changing Value of XAML Color with respect to other XAML Color?
Websphre portal does not startup
NullPointerException within OnClick() on db fetch
multiple file upload codeigniter
PHP mysql real escape using update
Publish/record to FMS4.5 leaves small gap at beginning of video
Get a PHP tag in JSON data?
MPI in C and pointer transmissions
Priority event-based Dispatcher with a TypedActor
Why can't I initialize a static variable with a non literal value?
How to run JSHint on files with Django template markup in them?
uksort by multiple array elements
Convert binary from ms access into Image for Imagelist
How to relatively position a div within a div? [closed]
Oracle WebLogic Server is 鈥淪topped鈥�and yet I can't start it in Eclipse
Solr and eXist-db integration
Convert .3DS or .OBJ files to .MD2
How can I display two colorboxes (popup windows)?
OpenBravo POS Sales Tax
Effective Mass URL Forwarding
Is there a way to programmatically check if some specific mobileconfig has been activated?
retriving error from mysql
How to get styled language/country code from the Java Locale
Easiest way to add short animated images/videos to WPF
Calling a soap web service from Microsoft CRM plugin
Why are leading digits in alpha-numeric string are converted to Eastern Arabic digits?
Is there a tool to strip off code under switches defined?
Html5 - Callback when media is ready on iPad wont work
First call to fgets in SplFileObject doesn't advance file key
Can I use UnityCOntainer in View's codebehind ? (MVVM)
Play audio from tableview and advance to next file in list
with set :deploy_via, :remote_cache not working set :keep_releases, 5
SQL Server 2008 memory bottlenecks
SGE script: print to file during execution (not just at the end)?
process file to 'staggered' format
How to declare a attribute id in XML
Set Custom Metadata to Files of any Type
How do you list every letter from a-z in jstl
How to index the Values property of C# Dictionary
Having trouble displaying an Applet
Is it 鈥渙k鈥�to commit to detached head after resolving conflicts when rebasing with TortoiseGit?
Dispatcher.BeginInvoke always return DispatcherOperationStatus.Pending status
I am trying to implement in my Dataset LIKE but it isn't working
I want to send a notification from my PHP application to my android app
pass untruncated string in AJAX parameter
Recursion and appending to lists
SSRS 2008 referenced assembly returning incorrect value
javac -classpath not doing the trick
Changing A Text Field Based On Selected Options
gridview: How to get a value from database cell of the current edited row?
Send Link Skype by mail
trying to have characters generate on screen and walk to a location [closed]
UITableView has blank space below, can't remove
php rating script. how to adapt for different article_ids
Strange situation give error: 鈥淭he application bundle does not contain a valid identifier.鈥�
Is there a plugin for multi-select with ordering feature?
Android: Render HTML not supported by Html.fromText
How do I hide this drop down menu using javascript/jquery when any area outside of it is clicked?
zero or negative values not being posted to database [closed]
Is there a way to attach a profiler in Netbeans on a Tomcat 7 server?
C++: Passing pointer to template class around in C
Rails 3.2.1: why is iterating through a hash in controller method fetching only last key-value pair?
Implications of Lazy<T> and threadsafe false
Possible to auto height child div? (not 100% of parent)
Scala / Clojure interop works on a PC but fails on another with java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
unable to call method
coffeescript looping through array and adding values
How to change image folders with mod_rewrite?
Python C-API: Using `PySequence_Length` with dictionaries
Using composition instead of inheritance
TeamCity doesn't copy all referenced libraries
How to apply MVC concept in Spring (non-web application)
jQuery: Get option innerHTML of first option with value set in HTML select tag
designing of python command line apps
Get Emacs to ignore contents of Sexpr{} command in Sweave document to prevent incorrect $-based syntax highlighting
mac temp files in xampp server
C#/ and click on javascript don't work
$pull modifier equivalent in PHP driver?
Are CRC cards still used for designing your system?
Set selected index on Dropdownlist in Telerik MVC Grid
How to get annotation like support when my service layer is in another module?
Check against multiple duplicate records
Rating system for multiple models in Application
how to make an element draggable via jquery not ui
DictReader fieldnames vs csv reader first row
FedEx Freight API Error: 鈥淎ccount and meter number aren't consistent鈥�
Non-pageview testing in Google Website Optimiser not showing any results
Calling a getter from another class in a class
how to run animated images in android?
Exception while creating web service in Eclipse
Scrapy spider not found error
error in encrypting image with RSA
Android: returns garbage
Android: returns garbage
Is extending a singleton class wrong?
Runnable to be run every second only runs once in Fragment onCreateView()
NSOperation inside NSOperationQueue not being executed
How can I ignore build failures in Jenkins that are due to version control connection issues
How to sum values from array of objects
Make NSButton blue (default)
What is Id parameter on CoreService2010Client Localize method
Data(timestamp).toLocaleString always return current date
How to access to the user session in Deadbolt2 Handler
PHP counter for multiple variables for website
Maven3 profile with custom enforcer rule, is it possible?
Form is not navigating to another page
How to have multiple instance of Service in Android
Prevent photoswipe from ever hiding the toolbar
Painting by touchscreen skips (discontiguous lines)
How can I navigate to a page from a dialog window?
Facebook: iframe not resizing in firefox
How do I refer to a method overload using a dynamic type in C# XML comments?
Search implementation across multiple columns
Jquery Animation Issue
mysqli_store_result() vs. mysqli_use_result()
HTTPUrlConnection Issues on Android
Can the browser invalidate (valid) cache item if it's disk cache is full?
Display scrolling text message
Why should some methods be invoked only from the main application thread?
How to make an NSControl (e.g., NSTokenField) ignore mouse events
Excel VBA array from data
How can I stop random sampling in random-forest using OpenCV?
Can the .NET Range and StringLength attributes be used outside of MVC applications?
IsChecked property in Firemonkey TListbox not returning correct result?
Infragistics WebDataGrid Checkbox checked then page change = Async req failed
Migrate passwords from Drupal 7 to Django
Popover Segue Crashes When Called Programmatically
Initializer-string for char array is too long
Form to select id before passing it to 'new' form in Rails
Jquery Mobile onSearch event handler
Can I create Java-classes from C/C++ only?
Create remove div over <area>
What is the most effective way to test if a string contains another one in MSSQL?
How do you use caret ('^') to exclude files/folders only once in PCRE Regex syntax?
Creating a seperate persists maven module, but I need HibernateDaoSupport?
integrating java web apps from development to production
How to choose between process and threads [duplicate]
How do I pass a url into an repeater from an XML source?
Does instantiating multiple mysqli objects in a single PHP script get optimized?
Is this how header/implementation files work?
How do I add a column with 鈥淜EY鈥�index not 鈥減rimary key鈥�in SQLite
JQueryUI DatePicker inside html iFrame doesn't expand past the frame
Entity Framework 5.0 Beta - will a DbContext code generation template be provided?
Declaring and changing the data in a C string based on conditions?
Which spam corpus I can use in NLTK?
Python - Find similar things in all dictionary values
Convert Java method to Scala method
Reading file contents and appending a string to it - SQL Errors and mysql errors
Entity Framwork Code First: How to load associated objects from within an object
how to get a specific class object
IceCast on Windows server 2008R2
Making OpenLDAP FIPS 140-2 Validated
Why are non-static class variables initialiized at runtime and not compile time in Java
how can I change the 鈥済et鈥�and 鈥渟et鈥�on a Model Property?
TableLayout width not setting
GridView with specific columns?
how to join tables sql server
PostgreSQL dblink with named connections
Eclipse plugin developed under Helios doesn't show in Juno
How to read some specific columns in a file?
Uploading .bmp image using CodeIgniter's upload library 0 width and height
Onclick Javascript Coding
ListBoxItem selection on MouseLeftButtonUp
Where is any WebClient on XCode on iPad
Basic python string formatting.
Gzip with web.config IIS 7.5 doesn't work
Digitalclock runtime error when trying to change font
Jquery Custom Rules Validation with Depends and Param Properties
How to achieve the last letter without letter-spacing in a text input field?
Netbeans issues Error code -1, SQL state 42Z93 when trying to execute a CREATE TABLE sql command
Make headless browser stop loading page
How do I convert this to JavaScript from PHP?
How to force cdecl on variadic function
How can I force gcc to use custom implementations of newlibc implemented functions?
Google Maps API V3 - Polygon SMOOTHED edges
MS Access SQL IIF optimization
CSS - Can't override style for WordPress' 'Continue Reading' text
how to compare date from access database with date in texbox in vb
Java Swing - Keeping reasonable dimensions on different screens
jQuery Dialog button within form causes POST
VB.Net 401 Unauthorized HTTP Web Request
Sync multiple MediaItems
Problems with SSL (port 443) and FB
Google Map in SSRS Report
PaymentsDemo in playn-samples fails with 鈥渋ss is missing鈥�
Virtualenv for multiple users or groups
Change the cursor to an hour glass using python in Gtk3
XSLT: Parse comma separated text from an attribute
jquery draggable div stays enabled after mouse leaves iframe
Android Emulator SDK cannot access internet - web page not available. DNS not resolving; IP Address of URL works
Paypal payments processing on website [closed]
Return false and rollback in after_save callback
With ARC why use @properties anymore?
Adding multiple values as a single entry into an NSMutableArray and retrieving it
Hadoop MultipleOutputs.addNamedOutput throws 鈥渃annot find symbol鈥�
Does XPathDocument use the memory stream it is constructed with after construction?
Update data on WCF through SQL server
Searching a directory for files
Opengl 2D performance tips
Limits on JSON returned by WCF data services (or IIS 7.5?)
Is it possible to set the color and other controls for a literal control in code in
trigger link in CListView from dropdownlist
Best tool to fire 10,000+ browser instances on a Test Box
Sort multidimensional array who has index
Creating custom SAML token
Unable to implement UIPopoverController delegation
Filling DataGrid Columns w/ Excel Data in VB
Clearcase Deliver - Display element log
Multiple Songs in a jQuery Slideshow using jPlayer
can you add plugins to a phonegap build project?
ARC, worth it or not?
String manipulation in Excel sheet formula
JQuery Autocomplete results override by the frame
Omnet: How to extract data from CMessage
How can I check for the presence of an attribute in XML/JSON using RSpec?
TFS 2010 and VS 2010 Professional - viewing code coverage results of team build?
Android: Including some jars, Play says 鈥淣ative Libraries Required鈥�
How do I extract a value from a string in java that has been retrieved from a C# REST service
Google Chrome: modifying the source code and sending custom AJAX requests?
How can Apple review locked game levels for App Store approval? [closed]
SQL Unknown number of attributes
Storing data on user's phone
How to insert string with single quote in Mysql & Oracle database?
Priority of the unary operations
CoffeeScript classes - loop through array of inherited objects
Echo line to a file on windows with a unix linebreak
Pass a generic List to a JSP tag
How to reload external javascript on page change using jquery mobile?
Hack to implement something like ARB_texture_float when it isn't supported?
Stream post URL security option
HTML - Mobile Layout - Scroll Position After Orientation Change
Where can I get the last version of WURFL under GPL?
Changing static variable in application thread has no effect
Jquery's Chosen plugin with Chained plugin and select box
A way to implement partial classes in java
Bootstrap twitter CSS fails in gmail
Removing SWIG Generated Getter/Setters from Structure Java Class web.config error 鈥淚t is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level鈥�
WCF with EntityFramework
Storing and retrieving process control block
PHP 'while' loop or 'if' statement in another 'while' loop?
What is the correct way to specify a JavaScript regular expression that will match a period at the end of a line?
Box2D: can't get b2RevoluteJoint to work properly
Org-mode table cells fontification
HTTP request constantly returns 500 error, suspect header fields are responsible
How do i compute derivative using Numpy?
Hidden field, safe using?
Problems updating password in rails
Sourcery CodeBench ARM Cortex-M vector table implementation
Getting 鈥淐S0103: The name 'ViewBag' does not exist in the current context鈥�when deploying MVC3 remotely [closed]
QMessageBox; button layouts
BIRT report charts are not visible in browser
Usage of std::shared_ptr
How to tell which GUI was used to provide the correct service? (Java client / server)
CoreText - Spaces not wrapping?
Add a rectangle to ListBox
R: igraph, community detection, edge.betweenness method, count/list members of each community?
How do I display HTML elements that span the width of the page inside width-restricted elements?
Adding to an element in an ArrayList in Java? MVC 3 EntityType 'PaMap' has no key defined
update trigger using mysql
Integration Testing an OpenJPA Data Access Object or Service Facade?
.Settings file (.NET), working with a sub
Using JAXB to marshal/unmarshal lists of named key-value pairs
Field Name in Jackson parser Error Message
phonegap - single html will really work for all platforms?
Ruby Gem works on commandline and irb - fails when run as ruby script or via Java Process
nofollow in forums? [closed]
Convert text to HPGL (plotter) vector coordinates
RabbitMQ consume one message if exists and quit
how do i install beautiful soup for python on my mac? see error
How to sell a not self-developed app
Apache Mod_Rewrite Scenario
Using Eigen Library with OpenCV 2.3.1
Javascript closure and pre post function handlers
echo / batch redirect to file automatically appends space?
Rails - Get json from two models - Format the json
How to make an SWF read result from a PHP?
JQuery ui , dialog can't be centered
testing in the console
How to identify the user logged via Facebook api?
multiple shorten url's issue
iOS DOxygen adding docSet to Xcode Documents
How to handle autoresizing on UIButton elements which has been created dynamically
What's the status of my git submodule, and how can I clean it up?
Get http reponse body using pear in php code
Is there an efficient method to convert numpy.ndarray to list?
I'm looking for an alternative solution for common HTML contact form on the client's side
SqlCommand CommandTimeout is not working
Phonegap: Photo not uploading
Form submitter bot [closed]
SqlCommand CommandTimeout is not working
Phonegap: Photo not uploading
Form submitter bot [closed]
How can I make a Symfony2 form return an array of entities?
Unix grep command outputs garbage
Is the Current Location/Compass heading button available in the iOS sdk?
Umbraco Contour not inheriting workflow step
A managed subview of UITableView
Need to create a specific database in android
Recursive java method, get mother, grand mother, great grand mother and so on
postgresql: creating database in a specified location
jQuery animate current list items
Code Styling in phpStorm: from if(a==b){ to if (a == b) { on Enter, is it possible?
Eclipse-Java: where to put file for Read purpose
Java: UTF-8 and BOM
Scope in jQuery(javascript)
Posting to facebook timeline from an external site
Get last inserted ID return from a insert/update query
jquery change css property on wildcard
Very Basic jQuery usage: using $(this) or var
Loading External RubyGems on GoDaddy (Shared Server)
Spinner animation during long operations
UrlRewriting rule does not work
WiFi-Direct : How to Connect and interact with peers programmatically without user intervention?
Strange Git fail on pull
Phonegap Barcode Scanner Plugin and jQuery integration
PHP $_SESSION error when posting to the database
Dynamic Intent in Notification Library
How can I use Morphia to map a non-annotated pojo?
libgdx on android: egl ERROR 12292
WYSIWYG recommendations for my Rails app
XML parsing into a custom dialog
Parsing configure file with same section name in python
Objective C - Completion blocks and view controllers being popped off stack
Different setter behavior between DbContext and ObjectContext
JAVA Wildcard Capture Error with an array of generic stacks
Where the performance delay will be happening application? Database? Citrix? To identify the performance delay
Annotation details after detail disclosure pressed?
Mac OSX ATI Driver crash [closed]
c++ weird segmentation fault
Simplest way to draw a tile-map in WPF
Previewing documents in SharePoint 2010
MySQL query to list records with a count later related records
The operator * is undefined for the argument type(s) double, Point2D.Double
Having trouble cleaning up my code
Oracle Row Limit
iphone - play audio stream in background
Django, UserChangeForm errors
Accessing the original untransformed data after applying a DataTransformer?
Visual Studio restarts when having 2 elementHosts
Main layout doesn't catch onTouchListener
Running four short and seprate programs in one C file
MySQL/PHP: Rendering out subcategories from database upon click
How gwt events work on low level
creating object using constructor
Get json data via ajax
Arabic font in django-tinymce
Python trig in degrees
cuda and double-precision floating-point arithmetics
What does a 'int' in parenthesis mean when giving a value to an int?
webservice enum
PHP Deamon Script
OpenGL and OOP program structure
Java Array Creation and Array Name Change
aweber form submission on backend via ajax
How do I limit the number of records shown in an XML feed in
Java: Why separate class must be private
How to search on subclass attribute with a JPA CriteriaQuery?
SEO and magic numbers in URL
How to properly decode accented characters for display
What is the better way to implement a perfect hash function for an iOS app?
how to deploy these two endpoints in CXF so both work
Memory leaks while parsing json string using SBJSon library
FTP Client for android? [duplicate]
git - copy all files from one branch to arbitrary folder in current branch, unstaged
How should I use a hibernated DAO in my application?
Sort input is working backwards
Is there a way to use CSS -transform and not affect children elements
Problems with Silverlight Toolkit in WP7
Is extra space allocated for variant records?
Hibernate: Build a list of Unique Strings - not entities
SQL Server loop and insert in sql
Hibernate SessionFactory bean without Spring
SelectList with Mechanize in Ruby
Preload the Image in the webbrowser ofwindows phone
MVC Entity Framework connection string references other project
What is a good Django app for scheduled reminders send to users by email
How do I override the ProductName property at installtime?
Photo Coordinates Vs. World coordinates
Linq query with left join having multiple tables
Comparing strings to user input with Javascript
insert link id as form value on click using jquery
Converting Rackspace Cloud Files CDN URLs from HTTP to HTTPS
buildr - share profiles.yaml file across projects
Converting a multidimensional array into another multidimensional array but with a different structure
PDF to PCL converter for iOS?
Installing xCode on Mac 10.7.2 - I need to know the version of xcode
Tooltip constructed with container do not display text
How to write format to fscanf in matlab to it could be read correctly?
Why (and how) is Python rounding this math equation? [closed]
updating twitter status from an application using oauth and twython
TeamCity: Test connection failed due to I/O-Exception
Making a calender in PHP but can't get it into a grid
session timeout message popup before 5mins of actual session timeout?
Splicing an element in the middle of an associative array
Rails 3.1 Filter 'Created_At' field
loading page through AJAX
Netty ClientBootstrap SSL Handshake Terminates--Channel/ClientBootstrap closing?
Android Why is my application not available on some compatible devices?
Validate VML in HTML emails using C#
alarm and date comparison
How to start: comet programming with Java [closed]
feedback form in iOS app - allowed?
How can I ignore optional parameter error on MSBuild 3.5
Counting size of string with regular expression Javascript
Current time in an image?
Assign multiple css classes to a table element in Rails
Getting the most recent record of a group
Java: NotifyObserver and DeadLock in thread
c# fill datatable with multiple queries mysql database
Linux C++ linker /usr/bin/ld
eclipse metadata refresh without opening eclipse
Trying to position children according to where their parents are [closed]
Sum of elements in list in Prolog
Prepare code to programmatically create SQLite database - exporting template
jQuery POST values to PHP script
Rails 2.3.5 to 3.2.2 erb issue
IE7 - how do you make a message bubble work?
Alignment of text relative to background image and outer container
C- Socket : Programming a Client/Server-Application to send a file
SWF files not working on IPhone/IPad [closed]
Jquery Click() Error - Out of stack space
How to let the user set a username during registration with Django social-auth?
Are default values supported in Oracle for columns with char semantics?
Cannot access shared folder on windows server from windows 7
How come I got repeated portions in my XML builder?
How to add 鈥淸more鈥鈥�at end of text in android app
sql like query fullname from three columns
jQuery smooth page transition with preloader
set selected field when define with 'type' => 'select' in magento
ImageMagick compare shell script seems to hang
How to create a custom ReusableDbContext
GLSL Shaders not working on OSX Lion MacBook Pro
Adapters with Entity framework (C#)
Google Maps distance matrix working with JSON and PHP and pulling data out of JSON
Integrating MVC and ASP.Net
How to approach a rails complex nested model form (with Ajax)
Adding a Varying Array (VARRAY) in MySQL
configure reporting in TFS 2010
How do I put a ClientAccessPolicy.xml file in the root directory of VS11's Local STS?
Adding a Varying Array (VARRAY) in MySQL
configure reporting in TFS 2010
How do I put a ClientAccessPolicy.xml file in the root directory of VS11's Local STS?
Idiomatic way to collect & report multiple exceptions in Python
How to get a clean homebrew ruby install?
Can't add libraries to Eclipse Java project
How do I separate workers into pools of jobs with delayed job + heroku?
Xcode Validate process and App Store app approval
Adding json data into UITableView
Automatic save() for Nested Objects in PLAY! JPA
Two Javascript functions one window.onload = Custom.init; and one window.onload = function() {
Submitting project source into Mercurial repository
Getting package versions on upgrade of apk
StaX's isRepairingNamespaces feature generates a prefix different to 'xml' for the XML namespace
Google Maps County & Postcode Borders in Javascript API 3
Can't access Javascript Object property
Upshot.js Remote Data Source Example
Difference between color and colorscheme in `.vimrc`
javascript onblur and onfocus events in iPad Safari
Hibernate repeated column exception - 'username' declared twice for one-to-many related entities
Perl hex string to binary string
How to automate interaction with Windows file explorer using Robot Framework?
How to stop Eclipse from splitting annotations into new lines
Keep session in subsequent Java calls to Play 2.0's fakeRequest
SQL [Error]: There was an error parsing the query. [ Token line number = 1,Token line offset = 44,Token in error = - ]
IE 7/8 javascript sorting error 鈥淣umber Expected鈥�
Error in serialize the data using Marshal.load()
Core Data ordering with a UITableView and NSOrderedSet
why do I get so many errors in release mode WP7
MVC3 DbExtensions.Include Method Null Values
Is there a a way to call jquery functions dynamically from a .NET dll or class library?
Casting string to type-safe-enum using user-defined conversion
Dynamic Twitter bootstrap tooltips for jQuery UI Slider
javascript function in <s:if
Sum all records after last no good
Classic ASP updating data via AJAX
Powershell - hash table from an array
Not able to use monkey talk of gorillalogic
jquery $.post() vs $.get()
Queries in Linq
Gah! Trying to reset Core Data. Works every second time?
LINQ to Entities, 鈥淎n object with the same key already exists in the ObjectStateManager鈥︹�
Should I store the type of an inherited class as its property rather than use `as` or `is`?
Update Magento index for one or more specific products
How to Hide Details With a View in SQL Server 2008
How to include newline on objective-c when reading from resource string
DataGrid is not redrawing when ItemsSource property changes
Rows being repeated in ListView
Find button in bindingNavigator c#
Maven - Configure an always run post execution job
Faster alternative to Get-ChildItem -Recurse
Git download branch to local machine
SetText at fixed rate
Printing newline in MIPS
Android activity finish update previous activity
php code for checkbox html form
Remove Space for Ticks or Decrease Line Height for Labels in R Barplots
Is it possible to override ONE axis of a CSS background-position using CSS?
Replace/Change item in python set
SaveFileDialog exception in my WPF app
Converting float to Decimal, incorrectly losing precision
google geocode vai ajax with jsonp, giving an error
I still Can't do a second commit in github
Drag And Drop a panels in WebPage using javascript ,css, html
How do I test if numbers are in a list in an if statement?
How can I make a google map marker and shadow bounce together?
JQuery. Different keyboard events for same object
Unable to set custom attribute for sales_flat_order table
I want to create an Activity in android in which a image appears randomly on screen for short time [closed]
Log : How to get a email whenever there is a Exception inside Log
Database content in UTF-8 but show in ISO-8859-1 webpage
Binding a TextBlock to a Window's Property
Query tables and columns based on table data
Qt check file signature validity
Nose: How to write a decorator to skip certain tests?
鈥淎ction Helper by name Layout not found鈥�thrown when trying to run PHPUnit controller test
How to remove blank line created in the XML file after deleting a particular atrribute
Debugging Multiple Solutions in VS2010
php stop form from posting
Apache Licensed component in android app
Crystal Reports formula field not working when command field is zero
axis2 : employ inheritance for codegenerated request/response objects
What does _AVrfpGetProcessName do?
check disabling of dns caching in Android
DescriptorException 鈥淢issing class indicator field from database row鈥�exception when unmarshalling XML using EclipseLink JAXB (MOXy)
is the SMS sender the network provider or SMS provider?
Trying to get a long running function to run in background using cakephp and bash shell script
Drush can't update : Cannot redeclare system_help
R, removing everything but html tags from a Corpus
Beginner mvc where to call methods
google maps redraws after clicking back button
Entity Framework 4.3 with MVC on Edit doesn't save complex object
Streaming CSV Download from Rails 3.2 app
My SharePoint Content Type does not appear
(jquery) change nested same html tag to other bbcode tag
Selecting a node from within an XML document?
Rails is not connecting to remote mongo db through SSH tunnelling
C# Passing reference type directly vs out parameter
how to import the database to mysql under linux?
Grails: sort order on one-to-many relationship not working
how to import the database to mysql under linux?
Grails: sort order on one-to-many relationship not working
Jquery: How to assign a JSON value to a function call
Missing nodesForXPath error checking?
Relational Algebra check for error
Rails: Questions about migrations
How to customize ASP.Net textbox with some read only non editable characters?
Cocos2d game: nothing is visible on real device
Performance tuning with CONNECT BY LEVEL in query
Strange CSS behaviour, cannot see what is taking the space up
Magento product and category pages return magento 404
test runs with eclipse but not with maven
Data from the quotation of U.S. dollars and value of shares, where to look? [closed]
Using Service Bus to send messages from a Web Role to all other Web Roles
primefaces radio button remains 鈥渃hecked鈥�with jquery
Using SimpleDB NextToken when records in query are updated
background-color: white in IE7 appears transparent
mongodb : search an array of hashes
Invoking the post action of JSP (which uses Spring MVC) from the PHP form
CakePHP delete() model method failing
Dynamically tiling a background to fit around the content within.
infinite loop with jQuery .stop()
Why won't this for loop work for iterating through unix time?
MagneticField property of CMDeviceMotion incorrect?
How can a add acl rules for Oracle 11g to allow pl/sql upload file
Why do I get the error 鈥淴 is not a member of Y鈥�even though X is a friend of Y?
Exchange EWS get BCC Recipients
Percona, MariaDB, MongoDB, Couchbase and other Alternatives [closed]
Swap/Reorder records
Where is Ivy repository for xuggle-utils.jar?
Altering multidimensional array
how does Spring (DI) help in development by wiring the components?
Auto increment SQL function
Exception with CC .Net 1.6.789.1 - Cannot Start process because a file name has not been provided
get number of used channels
How to remove div backgrounds?
Xcode 4 FLTK 1.3.0 undefined architecture x86_64
Wrap 32 bit dll for 64 bit operating system
Firefox fails to post form when upload file > 500kb using gwtupload
CSS Positioning anchor inside li vertically aligned
Looking for e-commerce SaaS for remote add to cart and custom product option
Convert JSON from Rest Service to an Array
field not showing up in on section of report
Program received signal EXC_BAD_ACCESS : Simple Navigation
Prevent redirect on form submission and use the POST variables in php
Migrating from wordpress to django without losing pagerank
parsing a string to get a number and getting different results
jQuery Tools Tabs Nested Control?
Can I specify a schedule job using PHP?
Instantiating a COM and ATL type
Event-based JOb scheduling
Play! Framework [1.2.4] - accepting audio/xwav Content-Type via wami-recorder
Replace in Regex Match
check if a hiddenfield contains more text other than commas with regular expression
Does enabling SSL require more than just turning it on?
Android: Fail to add a button in a custom dialog
CASE vs Multiple UPDATE queries for large data sets - Performance
Using jQuery to find an attribute, then only do the function based on the attribute
Edit Saved Microsoft Word Document in C#/
WinForms ElementHost Error
Issue with saving canvas data to an array
Custom Profile duplicates user information
android how to know if i have location available
960 grid and compass
How to avoid spam filter when sending email as someone else
Not able to deploy EJB in WebLogic server 12c
System.BadImageFormatException caused by NUnit project
Loop within Loop causing undesired output
How come I can't access this json object?
Tabs stop working in colorbox
Method design decision; when to throw an exception?
Why do Hadoop have different communication mechanisms for inter-datanode and datanode-namenode communication?
The UIButtonBarItems and UIPopovercontroller references in UISplitViewController delegate methods
Signed/unsigned situation when converting c# to java
Empty result when querying likes of friends
How do I implement a File or Directory filter script in install4j actions, and why does install4j not allow wildcards?
Oracle use index in where
How to change the title bar height of spark.components.Panel?
Change profile for Websphere portal server
Adding three months to a date in PHP
Web service response - type pdf
Break text into even line lengths with CSS only
Turning a Browser into an Application [closed]
Alternative to eval() in javascript for a deep function [duplicate]
Econding/char escaping on large SQL Statement in Python with Mysqldb
Does OpenUDID persist even if you have removed the app?
SaveFileDialog bug in WPF
How to quickly broadcast information with a XBee to other XBee?
PropertyChanged for nested class structure
How do I create a jquery function that will override my css hover while javascript is enabled?
Compile a .NET2.0 DLL from .NET4.0
Jquery tabs cookie use existing script
Android Robotium NoClassDefFoundError
Netbeans: Transferring Maven Repository index: Central - stuck at 0%
Magento, i need define first product image as thumbnail
SQL: How to get COUNT when using EXCEPT
WIX Minor Upgrade File Update Without Changing Version Number?
Backbone add event
Common practice how to deal with Integer overflows?
How to uniquely identify a client in a web (PHP) application
Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals in an array
How to return my LINQ query result as a particular object
How Many Android App Stores to Submit 鈥�
Smoothness of contour lines in contourplot
DTO POCO conversion
Problems with UDP socket
VBO + glBufferData crash when size too high
How do I enable password protect for a page in - IIS
Low memory notifications in Windows CE
How can I use an enum class in a boolean context?
How to send emails from django App in Google App Engine
Bit operation: obtain a single bit in a number
Chart to deal with about 1000 datapoints
Calling a Javascript API from an NPAPI DLL
Magento: Multiple custom contact forms
How to Call a Variable from another Function within the same Object?
iOS app default tint color for table cell selection
How to adjust grid in Django's fieldset.html
SSL Identity Certificate to run an HTTPS Server on iOS
Unable to click the button with Selenium RC using CSS selectors
Standard naming convention for shaders
How do I call the split function in awk to split a string on 鈥� .鈥�
Adding std::bind placeholders to function arguments
Add cell to bottom of UITableView in iOS
Google YouTube API Refresh Token not being sent
Posting app-generated comments on Facebook page using Java
Why does running a 2nd reader with the first readers read() run faster then running it on it's own readers read?
How can I make sure a urlRequest is successful in as3
Magic The Gathering Mysql table how to call a function within an echo that is within a php script
Pan&Zoom with AS3 over a captured image with Cam
Ruby: extract features of a Stack from the Array class
File Structure as seen by remote Server using VB.Net
Liferay 5.2: extending BaseFriendlyURLMapper, populateParams() method not triggered
std vector erase and push_back
Why is my SurfaceScrollViewer not drag-scrolling?
Calculating and putting all possibilities of 36 nCr 10 in a list in Python
Using an 鈥渁pproximate鈥�STL map
change quantity in shopping cart
Import JavaScript files - PhoneGap
How restart memcached from PHP
String indices before and after transformation
how to crop svg image with imagick in php?
Report Builder: Can I link to a specific part of a report?
Django: how to get a dictionary with a related object as key from a querydict
How to send each node of an XML file to a new line when i copy it to a richTextbox?
Open CMS Structured content Unmarshalling XML document failed. Reason: null Nested exception: null
How would I write to memory?
Array calculating min, max, and average output: min, max, and average
Signing requests with python-oauth2 [closed]
Reading from file in c++
Prevent saving the shipping address in Magento on checkout
Is explicitly calling base()in derived constructors optional?
uploading a file with Struts2 (the web server which I use is Tomcat 7)
button skin not showing up with addElement();
WebAPI: HttpClient response string model binding
how can i get the max (or min) value in a vector? c++
OpenID alternative for MSN
VB.NET Accessing Class Variables in Dictionary
add an image field to wordpress category
Cruise Control .Net exception writing msbuild-results.xml
Jquery change .text(something) then bring back
Safely check if an EJB exists or prevent rollback if it doesn't
fancybox content margin-left
C++ pointers memory usage
Optimized FFT and mathematics for AT91SAM9 ARM processor Linux userspace program
perform preg match
Javascript string manipulation and innerHtml
error with insert into from mysql
Is it bad practice to use iFrames on many websites so clients can use our purchase forms?
How to change the properties of a ps or an pds
Running multiple Catalyst apps through Apache
MediaElement: how to simultaneously play same sound?
how do I set up rounding_method with the Ruby Money gem?
OpenSSL install issue to MAC
Is there an add-on or extension to emulate touch events?
Array of structure contiguous in memory
installing ADT plugin 17
Java Sound refresh Lines list after attaching a microphone
mysqli connection in GLOBALS array - error
opening a new form dialog on a seperate thread
a href=鈥�鈥�linking to my index instead of just using my desired jquery function because of base href
resize div but keep dimensions
Retrieve values from JSON string in PHP side
RMySQL, fetch errors - RS-DBI driver warning: (error while fetching rows)
shell script comparison of values
Hugs `/` vs. Type Inference
Integrate Facebook within an application and show activity on my web site?
Add atomic doubles
Using the GAE MapReduce API for Java, how do you collect output from the mapper?
IIS: Blank Sites created with Name SITE_XX
DataSet Select Where Condition
JTable cell returning null
Reading(?) escape chars
ASP - Removing Double quotes from a string
Rails - How do I pull in associated model data into a controller json call?
Any JPanel restrictions in Java?
Fading out a div and refreshing the page using jQuery [closed]
What is the replacement for the Datastore Admin for GAE
Mercurial: list 鈥渉g diff鈥�files
Tracking Java thread creation and lifetime
How to grab a pki certificate with Jersey / Spring?
DevExpress Silverlight Chart CustomPalette
ASP.NET - VB.NET - Retrieving record from MS-Access database
Access to Message Queuing system is denied
Unzip Function in Telerik RadFileExplorer not working
Time complexity on Hash Map Resizing
Facebook Share Dialog
Excel RTD-Formatting C++ or C#?
init method and 鈥淥bject with a +0 retain count returned to caller where a +1 (owning) retain count is expected鈥�- false positive?
Is there a better approach for this custom Formtastic input in Rails?
using variables to call variables
What is the best option to get data from website for android application?
Cannot insert data using Listview
Can I remap vim's `gf` command to follow Yii's path aliases?
How to create threads dynamically? [closed]
Jquery datepicker with date optional
MEF Composition When Application Is On A Network Share
regular expression for phone number written with letters
Pop a client form byclicking an button
RTC source control error message - The location referenced by property 鈥渃鈥�does not exist
google maps pan to
postgresql serial4 type auto incrementation on an insert into
Removing images from screen in android
Find View that is the firstresponder
jqGrid warning alert resize
Hiding Table Rows based on value selected in multiselectBOx
C++ map definition basics
Generating notification when the copy of text occurs
MVC3 access control
HTML Select Form Keep Drop Down Values PHP
how to create a bundled runnable jar using Ant
Implementing ListView with BaseAdapter fetching data from DB
If function is executed then鈥�Extend a function
OpenGL Text Engine
android - so many problems with the expansion library
Unreliable results using onbeforeunload
jquery ajax builtn variables
What is the most efficient way to update a table during a merge operation?
Parsing libconfig files in PHP
Unix audio system API
Jquery tablesorter plugin: trying to sort 2 index same time
Private Chrome extensions for business intranet
Adding points to horizontal boxplots
Individual classes on PHP rows
how merge two arrays in this case to hash with ruby?
Separate downloader class (separate thread) accessed by different activities
how to generate the dependency between files automatically?
how do I get the day of the week using NSDate and show using NSLog in iOS? [duplicate]
Show only some posts
OpenJPA 1 - sequence table not being created
Show only some posts
OpenJPA 1 - sequence table not being created
How to distribute 鈥渟tatically compiled 鈥�Python application with dependencies
Bubble sort object by any property?
What is the advantage of loading AVPlayerItem with an AVURLAsset than a URL
Solr faceted search performance recommendations
Avoiding circular calling (and StackOverflowException) with WinForm ListView
Is there an easy way for a newbie to allow Point to accept doubles or is there any alternative?
PHP Excel read xlsx format
Codeigniter Datamapper set Object attributes from Post Data
jquery ajax call returns php file contents
glDrawArrays drawing random point at origin?
selecting specific rows etc. using ddply
Multiple DataBases using Hibernate in Annotation Style
slideIn and slideOut reduces width of component
Storing a list of values in Cassandra
WCF Service Sharing Types
convert string to image
How to send a JavaScript function to C++, and call it later
How can I use CONTAINS() when the variable is sometimes null or empty string?
To use Selenium web driver or selenium RC
How to get enum when i have just a short display name?
Access sql statement with multiple sums and joins
Facebook PHP SDK - Questions about accessing information / logging out
What makes visual studio's designer kick in for design time support
Emacs: manage email passwords in Gnus
How to externalize TestNG/Junit tests (run them sparatly) from a Maven project?
Flash Player crashes while creating a NetConnection
Split a build into multiple outputs while maintaining webservice folder structure
How to group by date and name in SQL
How to unscope Devise queries when finding user on database
Very Strange behavior Of UIDatePicker On device and simulator
how to change path to site-packages dir in easy_install
access dlopen flags
Bluetooth ToggleButton not checking state
firefox password autocomplete not working
What's the difference between process.cwd() vs __dirname?
automatic generated XML sitemap for Weblication
Why getting the AssumptionViolatedException? Junit 4.8.2
Horizontal slide show photo gallery IOS5
GIT Return back push
Non consumable in-app purchse using MKstorekit4?
Magento, load 鈥淐ustom Options鈥�without clicking on associated tab
Link with background image
Drawing SysML/UML diagrams in javascript
Selecting Max or Min Results
Flash not working in IE8, inside of HTML5 video Tag
To what extent does the number of shaders in memory affect performance?
Service class null pointer
Check if specified PID is currently running using PHP - Possible without using ps / etc?