how to select and automatically click on the particular link on the basis of its id/name
Put Greendroid actionbar on the bottom
Print date from timestamp value
why C clock() returns 0
LightCore ServiceLocator with multiple registration on the same contract
How to simulate message redelivery in AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE JMS Session Scenario?
generating axis2 webservice client jar
javascript no library support DOM manipulation as shown by jQuery equivlent
Padding between cluster boundaries and nodes when using Graphviz and neato
How can we intialize new google.maps.places.Autocomplete(Input, Options); for two text boxes in same page?
How to return value from javascript confirm box written in scriptmanager.registerclientscript in
YouTube Video not playing correctly after after toggling the player's visibility
How to open a PHP project in Sonar code review tool?
WPF form in VSTO Outlook Add-In - data entry issues
How can I inspect the attributes of a target property using Value Injector?
Keypress event of aspxMemo control
Increasing the performance of visualising overlapping segments
How to call java method in javascript in sencha?
How can I use fragments, now that TabActivity is deprecated?
Configurable Comet servlet with Spring MVC Web User Control [closed]
What are the differences between declaring a KnockoutJS model with self-invoking function?
System.NullReferenceException when binding WPFToolkit chart
Access an existing copy of jQuery on the target page
How to remove frame header from a Window in ExtJS?
RoboCopy from Local Machine to Fileshare using Process.Start() throws access denied error
How to query Prolog through Javascript?
JNI:Using Wrapper Types for primitive data types to simulate passing by pointers in C++
Identify rows which are identical in 2 different tables
How to make fuzz testing for projects
Working with many to many association
Android java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
How to preselect an option in this case?
Update complete table, interchange columns
mySQL Transaction in Java: Using results from queries in a transaction?
libvirt java bindings. Cannot modify devices
'Invalid redirect_uri' while login with facebook account
If statement using == gives unexpected result
How do I set the default location of the user.config file?
List view back to top postion after updating data in arrayadapter
replace   characters that are hidden in text
How to get videos link from a given URL in C/C++
Can Dapper return values from a SQL function?
Can't change table design in SQL Server 2008
haskell : making a superclass of Num
TextView android:ellipsize=鈥渆nd鈥�issue
Net::SSH::Win32Perl hangs
How to read a random line from a file in java
Oracle Statement not complete
How to optimize MySQL Querys
ASP.NET 2.0 Custom Client Side Validation not working in Internet Explorer
how can i get images and names from mysql database into a listview
Bluetooth headset playthrough in Mac OSx
Find contours of objects on photo
UIWebView over an UIView gets UIView alpha value
get user input through file to java program in eclipseIDE
Unable to Destroy Android Activity on Back button pressed
Load as3 into as2 work only on _root
PHP MySql - SELECT where similar_text()>x
deserialize xml in complex object
MPMoviePlayerViewController not showing volume slider?
Is it possible to develop an extension that manipulates Chrome Dev Tools?
How to save large files in mysql database
Horizontal auto-scroll of text in a TextBlock
How to use cache expire?
Python for Apache: Sometimes Python error, sometimes file not found. Depends on content file
the use of XMLString::release( XMLCh ** buf)
Robocopy Parameters Options
Shell script loop over filenames from 0000 to 1500
getbbox method from python image library (PIL) not working
AES256 Encryption/Decryption speed
X509 certificate error for HTTPS on BizTalk
Is it possible to add a 鈥渃heck if previous鈥�column to a view?
Where to store app configuration data that needs to be overwritten?
Metering Camera - Android
Check if children elements (images) are loaded before executing?
PHP Resize image gives black background
php: dividing a multitable select into several objects / object structure
have radio button on list item
What should I do with the database when I create a course in PHP with Moodle?
How to configure JIRA with ViewVC URLs to view the changes made to repository
How to call Wcfwebapi webservice in javascript/Ajax
Code to Download file
How to submit a select menu without a submit button? [closed]
Magento Web Service 鈥減roduct.info鈥�error: Product not exists
Create mysql user and group [windows]
Making a web site available only for a specified time
Error 500 when trying to search a keyword
accessing shockwave player using httpclient
Convert HTML To pdf using itextsharp in
Displaying result using frame
closure in loop:variable declared in loop not being properly presetting into handler function, when bind an event listener
how to filter data from xml file for displaying only selected as nodes in treeview
How do i restrict the user only to read the entities, if I am using remote api?
get Special characters in Local push notification alert body [duplicate]
how can I change marker options without using marker = new google.maps.Marker
modrewrite in subfolder
Backbonejs: updating subviews and views when needed upon route navigation
How to Prevent Html Formatted data parsing through JAXB
Why do major websites not pass W3C validation properly? [closed]
Wordpress - Custom 鈥減lugin鈥�that displays on a Page
jQuery, AJAX, Form is loaded?
Fields_for Nested Model Rails 3.2.2
using jax-ws web services through android phone-gap application
Uploading to Dropbox using Sharpbox API
How to get content to show in a block?
libtool failed with exit code 1
How to delete thumbnails of deleted images in android?
click event on bitmap field gives exception :manager. replace :newField already has a manager
鈥淭op鈥�output is truncated when redirect to file ?
Reversing IQueryable based on passed property for sorting logic
Not getting checkbox event for javascript in ascx control
Placement new for contiguous memory
WPF moduls / plugins in own AppDomain - framework support?
regular expression for checking attributes in an html tag
How do I place a subview in front of the keyboard?
What is the correct way to stream an index page to a client?
setDownloadProgressDelegate of ASIHTTPRequest not working
getting data of submitted file using jquery ajax and handling It with ModelForm
Libraries in Arduino IDE 1.0
Different Message Board Portlet on different page in Liferay 5.2.3
iPad3 high resolution retina display issue
Using a CALayer to display an alpha mapped image
build error: none of the 12 overloads could convert all the argument types
insert image at span position
AdWhirl SDK IOException in fetchConfig() - returning null json
Inventory database for point of sale (any x for 拢x)
Can realtive paths be used for @font-face src?
How to add Customized View in UIAlertView
Calling method with attribute value in C#
MySQL Trigger - Copy A Row From Active Table To Archive Table
CodeIgniter ionAuth library - cannot get the user object?
Eclipse-PDT: Type recognition on autocomplete?
nvcc --ptxas-options=-v (register and memory usage) ERROR
php soap header assistence [duplicate]
Changing filters from Select to simple input
django-lfs version conflict
How do I call a function within the same class as a callback of preg_replace_callback?
Incorrect syntax error message
Is it possible to add a facebook like button on a Java application?
Android ListView, OnListItemClick, find row id?
.replace(' ', '-') will only replace first whitespace
using kendo ui grid on backbone,require,underscore and kendo
Should Singleton pattern be used for Android MediaPlayer
Cannot detect Facebook like for a page
Triggered @mention Autocomplete like Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Parsing Proguard Dump file
Error message when trying to write a xlsx.-file with R
how to get modified content as android layout xml file?
How do I configure Git in Xcode to work with BitBucket
Whats the new size of fb page tab?
Getting a URL text inside any browser using XLIB
watir-webdriver Modal Dialog error
Visual web part first time connection to CRM are wery slowly
WCF - pass user credentials without secure communication
CSS-property for numbers
Open Source C++ Software - as a learning source for C++ beginner [closed]
how to clear node custom field cache in drupal 7
Is there any power mode selection feature for nvidia gpu?
Unit testing and DateTime behaviour explanation needed
Having trouble getting Fogbugz API response into a SimpleXML object
Emacs: How to change 鈥淢-x鈥�prompt to something else?
Using GetHostEntry in CF3.5 on WinCE 6.0 device
codeigniter active record where, or_where?
Soft delete of realtionships in nhibernate
PHP cookie proper way to redirect?
Unit test throws ArgumentOutOfRange from private accessor
how can I edit my current sublime text 2 theme?
Gradle project with only configuration and no sources
What does yield do in python 2.7? [duplicate]
how to make horizontalscrollview scroll-line invisible
__stdcall without any decoration
Cant see controls inside User Control in the VisualTreeHelper
Wild card in xcode
how to get current playback time in video.js
Alternative to CDATA for HTML
sqlite alternative for huge data lists?
Passing a string to a modal view
using one random engine for multi distributions in c++11
Using Middleman Tags
Where source code is the Qt SDK installer for linux?
how to call mdi form by function
addMouseListener to a program
jQuery dynamically increment variable name inside a for-loop
Marker detection Methods in Augmented Reality
differences in application/json and application/x-www-form-urlencoded
JQUERY to filter input in a textfield
Stop a event from being executed while other is happening
exception when executing sql command using sqlite in c# on windows phone
filter CoreData attributes to unique and show them on UITableView
Removing duplicate entries in a MySQL database
How to obtaining the querystring from the current URL with JavaScript? [duplicate]
UI development for windows (desktop + web application) and windows CE
Deploying C# application that uses DirectX assemblies
Processing multiple drag and dropped files fails when using regular expressions
Global attribute localization
Why GET parameter appears on URL but not in php script
Why GET parameter appears on URL but not in php script
Hard Boot Remotely
MongoDB - How does locking work for Map Reduce?
ASMX webservice doesn't return any result
jQuery Stick header on scroll
MonoTouch.Dialog how to get data from dialog
Design pattern to implement an iterative fallback mechanism
Dynamic Pagination in C#
Entity Framework, SaveChanges() doesnt work for specific entity
Galaxy Nexus, drawing a centered circle
How can I get jpg's to list in IIS as thumbnails instead of hyperlinks?
How to select 鈥淐ancel鈥�by default in confirm box when closing a browser tab
hide default navigation bar in navigation controller in ios 5
Supress jQuery error logging
Form not triggering javascript onsubmit event
How to know what keeps a node process from stopping?
Siena / Play / GAE parses boolean field wrong: 0 = true
How to attach source or JavaDoc in eclipse for any jar file e.g. JavaFX?
Difference between application/javascript and text/javascript
How can i Link prebuilt shared Library to Android NDK project?
creating textbox onfly with jquery
php find sum of two numbers in a dynamic array and see if they equal a given number
Android reading file from memory card limits to 10kb on samsung phones
How I change with Hibernate Validator?
magento set store id programatically
can't play video through rtsp
Problems using main.xml in Eclipse (Android)
Scala + Eclipse + WebServer = A web app
Android: Youtube Search Application for given Word
Unspecified error in JavaEdit.Set
MouseLeftButtonUp Error
Install template on joomla fails
Form won't save in Symfony2
Inherit be_acl pages permissions on complex TYPO3 installations
How to check if table column has given text?
set dynamic width with only CSS?
jQuery form animation on submission
Android X509Certificate usage
How to run multiple threads and await for complete all of them
Compact notation for functions in Map containers?
C++ Boost.serialization vs simple load/save
mingw java awt programmes not executing
How to Get 2 Return values in one Function
emacs rcs control with pseudo symlinks [closed]
Detecting browser cache by jQuery
k2 component not working in joomla 1.7.3
ASIHttp which funcion send data?
How to get a link from fb wall and post to my website?
UISegmentedControl does not respond on UIControlEventValueChanged in UIToolbar
How to send mail using Qt application(AUTH NTLM)
How to get a link from fb wall and post to my website?
UISegmentedControl does not respond on UIControlEventValueChanged in UIToolbar
How to send mail using Qt application(AUTH NTLM)
How to add touch events to a class?.. prefereably through jquery
How to pass data between pages with a normal link?
Rewrite rule in Apache/htaccess doesn't work
Makefile to Compile OpenCV Code in C++ on Ubuntu/Linux
Inherit attribute info of class in method
Encode Emoji icons
error generating java header file
Paypal IPN is not working in paypal account but its working correctly in sandbox
Is there a word wrap function for GD2 in php?
How to display local Indian languages in from unicode?
bltoolkit association with stored procedure execution
iPhone-Move UI Image view along a Bezier curve path
Share via (facebook, twitter鈥� on Android Phonegap APP
Stop Scrolling UIScrollView When Drawing its SubViews
Getting Size And Date Of Uploded File Using PHP
psycopg2 query parameter types
Run weka classifiers using Windows cmd line
Can I pass an object to a WebApi controller using WebClient
How do we find the programmatic name of a view's column?
OnRender and background superposition
Face Detection Asus TF201
adding more no of records using jquery
Optional properties when deserializing a DataContract/Serializable mish-mash
PHP redirect after form completed
Getting the MOTION data from Kinect for a BVH file
Deep Copying in Java
set style only to the option of select
Logging specific request header using spring security events
Sunspot Rails and Carrot2
Binding to the current item from within the ItemTemplate
Reading from a text file in android
is there a built-in feature to say a dict A contains another dict B?
The chrome <input type='range'> always higher then other html element
HTTP requests in transactions?
How to get number from Tile Notification
Is there a mark-up language to describe meanings?
OnClickListener to Spinner ? ??
Loading a RSS on my ASP.NET website can be very long (abnormally)
C# Conditional statement on List
returning items in a date range in sql
how to iterate plist when save the value dynamic created Textfield
Paypal subscription button
Running python script with TOR
how open/close options of 'select' when you click on anyone 'div'
generate new html files on server- grails
VBA Excel File System Object
How to approach performance benchmarking of large Java application with JMX?
User centered top list
Datatables server-side processing INNER JOIN or multiple tables
how to divide the events across different units in dhtmlx scheduler in
Javascript animation very slow in Android HTML5 website
How do I redefine target 鈥渃lean鈥�
What is SerialVersionUID in serialization in java? [duplicate]
I2C slave receiver on stm32f4
Turn complex type into entity without losing data
attribute selection+weka+Naive Bayes
Can I re-use the SOLR instance that comes with Tridion?
How can I change the default application locale from EN to some other language?
Prevent CheckBox Checked event from firing
Windows Phone developer developing for Browser
Why Mahout doesn't yet have Linear Regression
Faster implementation of more than one input in a single line (Java)
Replace word with number of times it was found
Netbeans : Auto Format : prevent it for a section of my code
How to trigger validationEngine with $.ajax submit?
can't access ec2 instance which is created by ruby aws-sdk lib using ssh?
How to use a variable in a LINQ to ENTITIES select statement?
Null Reference by a DataRow
Example on using getopt.pas
Hibernate deleting related tables using delete HQL?
My UITableView shows the same item on every row
finding the maximum cpu speed [closed]
logical OR in MySQL
JSF + JPA without EJB or Spring? [closed]
Mapping vim tab to with key to automatically open NERDTree
isValid method is not working when using file element in form in zend framework
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in SOLR
Updating location on map while user moving in Android
Recommended unittest framework / testrunner for Spotify Apps? [closed]
why javaScript jquery/ajax function is not calling by using onblur
Maven 3 Parallel Gmaven Sporadic failure
Very dynamic JDBC query in Mule
Design Decision for Creating/Exposing Webservices for thrid party
upcasting from derived to templated base in C++ [closed]
Service Stopes when I end application
popupcontrol extender in user control not working when control is used multiple times on a single page
C# XML Serializable Collection
Python : Can we use functions in .exp scripts? How to return the last expected line to another .py script?
IF ELSE Statement in SQL
Using Django CreateView to handle formset - It doesnt validate
jQuery load() overwrite
How to connect Trac Version 0.12 to SVN
Checking for OS in WIX Installer
Iesi.Collections official page [closed]
Jquery .html does not work
capture the change in .xml file dynamically in android
How to get the current appID from url?
Parsing Dates for from CSV for SQL
connection between called times of map() function and the number of map tasks emited in a MR Job
How use if condition for nullable boolean in linq to NHibernate
MySQL suffix indexes
How to pass values from MapOverlay
Concatenating strings into variable names
is it necessary that apps using alarm service must be installed in internal memory
drop down created with space
How to scroll the parent div when hovering on a child div and scrolling?
Vaadin starts multiple Application instances for single application
Activity Launch timeout has expired, giving up wake lock! and timeout for HistoryRecord
Problems changing label text
How to change css style in WatiN?
Execute php function in another part of code
python+mongoengine error, a int is not a int?
changing frames in flash as2
UItextView arabic text aligned to right
Android Jabber (XMPP) client [closed]
how to use httpcombiner in php [closed]
How to use IList.Contains() method to find an object
C# Replace xml attribute that already exists
Prevent bash from interpreting without quoting everything
Java PreparedStatement error
F# equivalent of SortedDictionary from C#
BeautyTips bad stroke rendering
ASP.NET MVC: how is this possible ? The parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter 'x'
How to create and maintain a partitioned view with last 7 days and archive records in SQL Server 2005?
SQL server to oracle linked server query error
Processing Barcode image with Delphi 6 using StretchDIBits - Missing Bar lines in the output
What is the Time and Space complexity of FP-Growth algorithm?
Objective-C ARC and passing C arrays of objects
How to represent a Fraction in binary
Row Notification from background (Windows Phone)
Client table with unknown number of mobile numbers, how to create form?
How to get a single column's values into an array
WP7 ObservableCollection sorting
What is the best performance of design for my tables?
DrRacket wont start
How do I find the maximum value of a field in MYSQL?
How do I create custom function in ssdl Entity Framework which accepts IQueryable as input parameter
Create java script array dynamically whose name is in java script string
select count(*) wrong result, cache or what?
Apache Mod_JK and Load Balancing
diffrence between MyItemizedOverlay and OverLay in Google Maps?
How to assign the text box value to a variable
Message Level Security in Rest Web services
Trying to get some values of an xml file with lxml in python
Control a robotic arm
Need XSLT for multi-line item
HTML5 WebSockets Only Work For Localhost
Trying to get some values of an xml file with lxml in python
Control a robotic arm
Need XSLT for multi-line item
HTML5 WebSockets Only Work For Localhost
Pass variable to a javascript function in a c# code
Cant see the UIActivityIndicatorView during Call to Server for data
Import existing table into SQLite and generating a scaffold command for Rails 3
Service Location Protocol (SLP) binding in Python
Is there a quicker way to set the selected value in a dropdown?
Elements are invisible on Blackberry OS5
finding the network pc name and the ip adress from on local server?
StringBuilder.Append for string array?
c# winforms : getting and using credentials to access a folder on another domain
Ant build and empty directories
Internet Explorer 9 Border radius and Layout Difference
How to find in a string like '{$formLocation}' the 'Location' part?
Scheduled Task returning 0x080070532
Access import into SQL server not importing first line
If debugable is set to false or true it changes nothing
jquery load new window where width is only what is needed
deviceQuery program -number of multiprocessors = 0
UITableViewDelegate not being called
Losing TextBox value when using UpdatePanel in ascx?
SAS Getting all the information from last month (01 - 28/29, 30, 31)?
TimeoutManager uses tryPutMVar to put nothing
Read android device total ammount of ram with /proc/meminfo
How do I use XmlSerializer to handle different namespace versions?
Magento flat catalog advice wanted
Sort a list of pairs of integers java
Remove empty directories and directories which contain only specific file (batch file)
Let windows decide how to open/run the file?
Better Solution Than Archetypes ReferenceField?
Would this c piece of code do what I intend it to do? [closed]
default values for IP_MULTICAST_IF
Delegation over Inherited object
backface-visibility behaviour differs between Chrome and Safari
Do I need to keep my access token secret
Java - Is calling the get method of an object slower than using a local object?
How to draw UML diagrams using Eclipse
php submit rating data without reload
HTML form variable value not passing over to PHP class in MVC configuration
REST, Json and NHibernate lazy loading
Apple Quick Time plugin working in chrome and not in other browsers
Validate Captcha
Socketstream(0.3) server-side code confusion
How to decrypt AES256 in web(ASP)
Is there a way to use out parameter as an optional parameter in C#? [duplicate]
Bind Xaml DataGrid to first item in sub-array
Select Table in php mysql According table's name
Some updates visible in public Facebook permalinks, not accessible in Open Graph?
Windows cmd wrapper bad communication with Clojure and Scala REPLs
minimizing a mobile application on exit button press
Android Market shows 鈥淭his item is not compatible with your device鈥�
Foreign iframe in my site is unclickable
Applications are expected to have a root view controller at the end of application launch?
Key ordering in arrays
XSLT Escape Character not working
Executing code upon creation of a javabean
KMP string matching algorithm:Auxillary array output
How does Toggle View of RTE in Mootools work
Android nad animation switch image
navbar color in Twitter Bootstrap
Symfony 2 service with multiple instances?
Stop Audio before Playing Video file
Dojo TabContainer vertical scroll or slide
Type 鈥�was not registered in the serializer (non web app)
How Can I insert unmatched row from one table to another alternative table?
How to set the first letter in a line to caps in notepad++
jQuery tokeninput generates multiple inputs for 1 input
Gwt. ClientBundle. Override default css style of widget
Android: parsing json with 'null' values using Gson
in-app purchase creation in apstore ?
Using pre-defined string for 鈥淧ath鈥�attribute in FileSystemWatcher Ajax AsyncFileUpload Issue
jQuery javascript not returning true/false properly
PHP - Edit last row in foreach
websql use select in to get rows from an array
Cleaning an inputstring containing binary junk to produce an ascii printable string
Jquery: get link by class or selector
File encoding format through command prompt : Windows
VideoView not supporting video in Android
how to find a point that is nearest to the most points when we have some Blocks in between! ( in array 2D - Snake Game)
How to match the values of two columns(same table) in diagonal and display the result when they don't match
How to convert list of intable strings to int
How to implement Facebook or Twitter login in Blackberry Playbook Application
How does the C# operator `??` works?
How to reach the WebContent folder from a web service method
Proper handling SQLite Database Corruption in android
Extract multiple occurences on the same line using sed/regex
fire an alert when a UILocalNotification is called
how to create an xml using xmlserializerin android app
a4j:commandbutton not allowing 鈥�lt;鈥�in rendered
How to determine type in a generic method in Java?
csrf and anti forgery token in MVC 2, dont want to validate ajax post
what is the use of ActivityManager.isUserAMonkey() method? [duplicate]
jQuery and ASP.NET controls visibility in code behind
Centering a lightbox - major is
Downloading pdf file and saving to SD card
SmartGwt causes exception in dev mode when I have separate gwt module for view objects
Oracle 11g procedure error with ftp packages
How to determine type in a generic method in Java?
csrf and anti forgery token in MVC 2, dont want to validate ajax post
what is the use of ActivityManager.isUserAMonkey() method? [duplicate]
jQuery and ASP.NET controls visibility in code behind
Centering a lightbox - major is
Downloading pdf file and saving to SD card
SmartGwt causes exception in dev mode when I have separate gwt module for view objects
Oracle 11g procedure error with ftp packages
How to enable Wpa or Wpa2 Security for Wifi hotspot with android phone? [closed]
latitude and longitude of a location that touched in Google Maps
How do I do like DataTable in Android-Java based application.
CGridView add another delete button with ajax post request
nested @commit_on_success in @commit_manually
Marc Gravell's Dynamic OrderBy works in one case but not in other
Why isn't the Code Analysis tab showing on my project properties in Visual Studio 2010 Premium?
how to increase the value of an integer in a string
Capturing touch events even while system is in sleep
I have a pictureBox1_MouseDown event and when i click the mouse left button it dosent work good
Querying associations with enum collections in Grails
How to copy the one Sharedpreference content to another
XoffLimit, XonLimit - what does it mean?
Error with Oracle trigger, invalid identifier
Xcode 4.3.1 install failure
Levenshtein distance for non-english languages
Batch-file backup in windows, recreating nested folders/files
Websphere Commerce 7 Customize service call
Undefined offset in PHP Class - wikipedia
WinExec Return 0x21, But what exactly it means?
Reference to UIButton inside a view
How change Height of iframe dynamicly when different pages loaded in it , by javascript
How can I get UILabel on a custom table view cell?
Why is the jquery resizer not showing any anchor points here?
Getting 鈥淒irections Not Available鈥�calling Google Maps with URLWithString
viewstate in causes error with my jquery stuff
Non-dynamic secondary sidebar not showing up at all
drop down list to change value on select
OS161 expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before error
SVN, Apache, Win7 x64 - where to find mod_dav_svn and mod_dav_auth?
referencing another field in a dozer custom field converter
Mvc3 validatios are not firing
How to detect incoming network transfers in windows (preferably in c#)
how to instantiate a spring bean using a classloader?
Using @DefaultValue with RESTEasy Client framework
Distance on Two Lat / Lngs in Ruby
Unread Push messages (Windows Phone)
css3 poor animation performance (Chrome only)
Shell script call from, standard output and missing separator error
How to get weblogic managed server listen port in runtime?
Double string.format
@FormParam only receives empty list/array (Apache Wink)
How can I disable / permanently hide the taskbar in Windows 7?
Build a menu from JSON
How do i re-instate the files from an old patch?
Can an activity receive an unordered broadcast(incoming call) intent before system's default receiver?
How to find the distance between a value and the subsequent occurrence of the same value in a vector?
JDBC 4 order by clause
JQUERY outline textfield to show error
How to decode special characters (blank square unreadable) in c#?
How to configure a right click menu in the Finder to hiden for some special data type file?
XMPP's IQ exchange between clients with Strophe
How to read a 3 int array to find middle and max numbers in Java?
BHO for capturing user clicks works fine in Windows other than Windows 7 Home Premium with IE9
What is the safest way to share objects PHP
Validation error with skype toolbar
Jahia 6.6 CMS - Write an own manager
Adding Custom Control Dynamically in c# application
Reusing initializer method when calling base constructor
ZODB equivalent of ordered dict (odict?)
Crypto++: load RSA PKCS#1 private key from memory
http request not break up path from querystring in some request
bsort implementation from programming pearls
Iphone app style count down improvement?
C# - Queue Management that that always run and Dequeing
Get the element on the element when onclick on the sub element by jquery
Good free tool for editing and merging XML [closed]
MongoDB Insert performance - Huge table with a couple of Indexes
Visual statechart editor for non-programmers, with limited conditions, events and actions
Call function in array (PHP)
How line break content become one line paragraph?
Git autocomplete in bash aliases?
Changing color of a particular item in imageview in android
jboss-serialization logger level not clear
Clear Part of overlay item in Google Maps in Android
Repository methods or aggregate root methods?
assertText error
Problems referencing com dlls in vs 2010
Memcache not working on PHP 5.3.10
User configurable TCP stream with Node.js
c++ checking an array for a specific range of values?
.net: Creating a chat application with UDP or TCP? and XMPP
PHP - Really fast way of detecting white space around an image?
How to display form action status message after successful deletion?
Regular Expression to match href link and replace it by a <b> </b>
Where can I set section index title size in UITableView?
Why do commands invoked by shortcuts never crash in MFC under Windows 7
how to remove anchor tag and make it text
Change datatemplate control (retangle fill) from codebehind (listbox)
heroku/cedar javascript not working
About auto complete and yasnippet in emacs
Why does this recursive method break in IE? using JSON
Log4net on IIS7,5 or other logger?
generate color triangle
Actionscript 3 error #1009 at global$init()
How to show date time in CET format in text box in SSRS?
SerialVersionUID field for static final variables
Photo Tag owner with Graph/FQL
Android Periodic GPS location updates with AlarmManager inside a Service
Illegal string offset Warning PHP
Actionscript 3.0 - incrementing a text file
How do I get the type of an atom in J?
Manual object mapping in entity
why the javascript variable doesn't change among function?
Is there a way to simulate an event in google maps?
Ruby on Rails: Preserve Checkbox States in html.erb
MVC and Mediator Pattern
SSIS 2008 failure when executing DTS 2000 packages through sql agent
DRY Models using Fluent NHibernate and ASP.NET MVC
FFmpeg output file format with no extension
I need compatible JavaScript code for document.createElementNS() in older versions of IE
Reading InputStream from Java Process
Tiff image pixel values reading using java
.NET and C++ interoperability
Calling main() belonging to a package
How many 鈥渂rains鈥�NSTableView's reloadData method have?
Moving records around from tables
Return parent taskID by using common table expression
Minimize application just like in Windows 7
Extract all the <script> tags from an HTML file and store that in an NSArray- Objective C
Python: Round to next predefined integer in list
Error on fitting the parameters of a stable distribution with R
Online tutorial for ASP.Net MVC with examples? [closed]
Issue To Select/Show DropDown Selected Value At Edit() In MVC 3
Domain Login,
Python doctest string escaping issue
vim LineNr and CursorLine colour configuration change
MYSQL DateTime Query to get values on the particular date
Best practice to sign InstallShield setup and include intermediate certificates
How to convert DateTime in Specific timezone?
Nhibernate take skip not producing correct sql
How best open xml, parse with xslt and show result in browser
how to keep image on button as selected on cell in iphone
How to calibrate a camera and a robot
Analyzing DATA in php or MYSQL?
Is it possible to change Google Maps offline background image?
Create std::stringbuf based on std::vector<char>
Number of new node in contenteditable div
Adding new item wizard (in 2 steps)
simple video chat using as3
htaccess rewrite pass two variables or one depending if both are available?
Soap 鈥淢issingId鈥�With PHP SOAPCLIENT
Safari extension first run and updates
Distributing extension module as source with setuptools
Android coding best practices/design patterns
Creating a CSS tree with divs
What is differenct run a program in Qt Creator and command prompt in Windows?
What is the best form event to dynamically load a user control? [closed]
cv::imwrite could not find a writer for the specified extension
Most common color in bitmap(data)
how set Image height and width from server ?
jQuery events for appended content using .on?
Is Infinispan.xml mandatory?
Is Forms Authentication Ticket safe enough?
Java - Reusing scalar methods on arrays of same objects
Design for a software project based on a CMS?
How to edit a WritableBitmap.BackBuffer in non UI thread?
Authentication in Java EE Application
Should the website main page be cached?
Added files to my Plist - I think I am almost there
Is `X x = x = X();` legal C++?
Get length of the textview and display the text accordingly
Is there an easy way to use x264 presets with ffmpeg in code?
how to get ajax data with jquery?
Check if a services is installed using C
cloud computing in android [closed]
Getting error while adding icloud in a app having core data
DLL encryption without using Obfuscator
Get and set position dynamically
Is it possible to open a .txt/.java file containing a class, and using reflection on it?
WCF client threads
Stop Android from Layouting all my Views
Perl - Assign variables to values of references
android xml layout, how to fill content to the entire screen, keeping the footer intact?
Apache2 connection pooling
have an issue with undefined function with nodejs and geddy
Orchard dynamic drop down menu
Setting full permission for a file in android
2 Eclipse versions with same workspace
MVC 3 routing issue
node.js doesn't send socket on disconnect event
grails templates - scaffolding controller
Android - BroadcastReceiver never called from AlarmManager
CSS positioning elements
Index tablee in SQLite
drag and drop objects
Responsive design change menu jquery (or css) effect on resize
iOS MVC: get view controller class from model?
How to add 鈥淓ncoding鈥�parameter to Word Document SaveAs function in VBS?
Stop count timediff after meet the criteria
Do you know an easy to install javascript chat? [closed]
PHP - Undefined Var - getting value from a MySQL db
post and receiving data using Jquery mvc 4
Presentation page before launching main activity
How to do some changes at server side using SOAP UI
List of core classes available by php5+?
Adjust size of element between two elements
How to display hidden characters by default (ZERO WIDTH SPACE ie. &#8203)
Hyperlink pdf on MUPDF
Find out the unicode script of a character
uploading docx in php works half the time
Using config.gem causes an error on RoR application start
Incorrect Syntax Near
Hibernate (/JPA) server-side paging and MS SQL Server
matching function for insert in sequenced indices of boost multi index
How to change the connection string in App.config file for .edmx in entity framework
SQLALCHEMY storing a list of string in a table
COnverting web app to ipad app(device detection/event handling)
Using scipy.weave.inline for fast 2D median filtering
Setting/Getting foreign key in Hibernate & Java
How to add Compass in option menu for Google map in Android
Calling JSONP webservice with C# in Windows Phone application
Building Abstract Syntax Tree
.htaccess goes wrong with specific hosting
Delete a point from your figure after plotting it
Check if Key Exists in NameValueCollection
jQuery not working in live environment
resteasy response
Entering a function into the dialog box of Deducer package
Can I use more than one sectionNameKeyPath in a fetchedResultsController?
Can anyone tell me what HTML.Action is and in what scenario is it used?
Job.Execute immediately triggers while scheduling the job with passed StartTimeUTC
Eclipse how to change default font for python code?
Enforce a certain class type for interface?
How to retrive value of xforms:select in orbeon forms on client side (in JavaScript)
How to run fat binaries on iOS 5.1 / iPhone 4
How to append a key value of dictionary to a list
SQL server [Join Query + Multiple Condition]
include external sqlite3 database to iPhone application
Is it possible to include reusable html/asp files?
How to navigate through elements in lxml?
Google Maps displaying old direction after new request
How to Render 2D Sprites with Deferred Shading
XML Parsing using a schema in C#
How to add item on second spinner on the based of first spinner?
Merge and bind two lists to a gridview
find first list item that matches criteria
VB Script to dump an SQL Server table to CSV
How do I find where a constant is defined in Ruby?
How to set focus on specific cell in datagridview after a validation error?
How to use self-defined structure in C++ Map
How I can logout throught Facebook application usign C#
Merge and bind two lists to a gridview
find first list item that matches criteria
VB Script to dump an SQL Server table to CSV
How do I find where a constant is defined in Ruby?
How to set focus on specific cell in datagridview after a validation error?
How to use self-defined structure in C++ Map
How I can logout throught Facebook application usign C#
How to configure hostname based ssl certificate on Heroku?
Getting a Wordpress widget instance from plugin
Alchemy cannot get the size of list
how do i take a screenshot of an android layout?
android app for visualizing real time data
print out female students only from the array
Communication between Clients
How to create custom Controller's action in Express.JS
index list error google app engine
> 60K inserts per second key value store to be used from Java
sorting NSArray of NSDictionaries using NSSortDescriptor not working
Apply css stylesheet to Firefox extension
Big Headache: CodeIgniter or custom made framework, what's your thoughts? [closed]
How to comprehend 鈥淭he聽variable聽does not聽participate聽in invariants聽with other聽state聽variables when using volatile keyword鈥�
VC# Studio Setup Project 2010: Set Prerequisite to .Net 2.0 or HIGHER?
Ensure correct write-back of SharedPreference
Sending Push Notification message to all users of my app (Windows Phone)
move a node and keep its old Id
How to access a filesystem in java?
String Peek( ) method in a Stack in java
jQuery multi-stage form animation when user clicks submit button
Why (and what influence does it have) one has to select type of project in xcode->mac os x-> command line tool?
Best practices in Working with strings in C++ [closed]
Application.LoadComponent() exits application - WP7
HttpURLConnection content length returns -1 on android 4.0
IllegalStateException from LocalSessionFactoryBuilder
How to stop an rtmp stream using stop button of samsung blu ray device
Get power state when Android app starts
Django: any standard way to add a javascript-powered Admin Site action?
Android how to export jar with resources?
Duplicate windows service, different name and location - will not start
coldfusion xmlsearch find multiple nodes
ROR many to many relationship
create the same effect on a text as the title of windows
Reporting Services Security - mixture of SQL Login and Windows Authentication
Datagrid bind in wpf with one static column and rest dynamic
Editing a row of data in a table using an id
Any library for clean code generation from i18n resource bundles?
How to do redirecting when a particular url is entered?
Blog missing after Orchard 1.4 upgrade
Pass Array or List of Images C#
jqGrid dataevent 'change' does not trigger
Can I show tooltip for a disabled command button in primefaces?
Pass Array or List of Images C#
jqGrid dataevent 'change' does not trigger
Can I show tooltip for a disabled command button in primefaces?
how to set the property of the ViewController before presenting it as presentModalViewController?
NFC tag not discovered
Android Gps location
NSString drawing vs. String as NSBezierPath drawing
Multiple row select with shift key using jqGridRender
php date & strtotime
iOS 鈥渞eal鈥�time for specific TimeZone while offline
Balancing a BST with weights
what is Ljava.lang.String;@
Adbe Air run time detection
Boot scripts on different distributions
How to Settext using plurals for search result?
Handle very large http download
jquery popup under input text plugin
How to go through a set of numbers with a single variable in a while-if statement
Replace entry in ArrayAdapter
text animation using jquery
How is object of serialized class created dynamically without calling the constructor when de-serialization in java?
How to track people of a CCTV video
Switching between forms
Prevent drag and drop outside of the current control (TreeNodes in a TreeView)
Display layout from service
Object reference issues with static instances
Getting JOIN and WHERE to work together
Cipher to generate URL safe ciphertext without encoding
What is the best way of calling an action method from another controller?
Is it correct to close TCP connection directly - without closing more high-level layer?
How to get total count in hibernate full text search?
Dynamic Select Box in Ruby on Rails
issue with jquery ajaxSetup in IE
Glowing text contour in android.
How to get records randomly from the oracle database?
Sorting file names by length of the file name
Compare two images using OpenCV in Android
Cannot Access Play! Internal Actor System
Android: requires unavailable shared library; failing
best practice for data transfer between view in navigation controller stack
Error Page is taking 25 to 35 % of cpu in Nopcommerce 2.40
Ansync thread from WCF RESTful Service
XSLT select value of if value in node exists
No connection to web service .net with Android Emulator
Visual C++ 2010: How do I tell the compiler that it requires a specific DLL?
Sorting columns inside a list alphabetically using jQuery?
Inkscape - Change SVG color using command line tool
Android : Why onClick method is not working?
Customizing ui-icon arrow of listview items
place floating divs ontop of each other
compiler errors when loading in XML data into flash
Better collapsed loop index computation
IDispatchMessageInspector does not release resources
WP Genesis framework : how to display the primary sidebar manually?
F# type constraints and overloading resolution
Handling 鈥淪ave/Close Event鈥�for
Is there a convention to name collection in Mongo Db?
Rounded check box using Jquery mobile
How can i do button on hold for two second call function1 if less then two second call function2?
How to run huge processing in background?
mod_rewrite from .php to .html for web crawlers
How can i run C binary (executable file) in Android from Android Shell
Limitations of string variable
How to pass a value from a controller method to an another?
How to link to specific page on website with custom tab
handling click on 3d or 2d figure in opengl
Format date on insert in mysql
How to backup and restore `ubersvn` data with command line? [closed]
Phonegap fire custom events on iOS
Java swing- Can I change the name on the tab when an event is fired?
Internal Storage access using emulator android
Getting find text (Ctrl+F) different highlighted text result
Bad performance in a 99% read-only NHibernate web application
Access violation - cannot write to location
Upload a file using selenium web driver in c#
What alphabetic labels in phone dialer mean?
How to Display the value of object in the combobox?
Should sockets for TCP/IP etc. be kept in a separate class? (Java)
Flash still scales elements even if NO_SCALE is set
java UnknownHostException
Send IP Address in email with node.js
Running update-database from Team City
How to set timeout in Java when reading from SerialPort?
Could not load file or assembly, where file exists
Recommendation for document based database / blob storage on windows machines
Drag & drop folders in Silverlight App
Overlay DIV - CakePHP
Custom form field in Symfony2, unwanted attribute inherited
Avoid hardcoding the debug mode; Warning in Android Manifest
table-column is not wrapping text
Retrieve date part from column
jQuery on mouseover do something on mouseout revert
DbConnection cannot be constructed
Hiding OAuth consumer secret in public github repository and other sensitive data
how to access header template value of datagrid
Dictionary with lock or Concurency Dictionary?
Repeated calls to image.png.Decode() leads to out of memory errors
MapReduce require all mappers to finish before combine stage
C++ and OpenCV in Visual Studio exited with code -1 (0xffffffff) error
dataGridView too Clever?
Hiding OAuth consumer secret in public github repository and other sensitive data
how to access header template value of datagrid
Dictionary with lock or Concurency Dictionary?
Repeated calls to image.png.Decode() leads to out of memory errors
MapReduce require all mappers to finish before combine stage
C++ and OpenCV in Visual Studio exited with code -1 (0xffffffff) error
dataGridView too Clever?
java thread visibility
How to show message for new posts before the posts div, but to load the new posts in that div?
content negotiation based on language in web.api
Cakephp routed url and pagination issue
Chrome switch 鈥渄isable-internal-flash鈥�does not disable Flash plugin
how to play a audio file dynamically in android
Expression Blend Path and TextBlock
Android hide system bar in android 3.1 [duplicate]
LayoutTransform animation on ScaleX and ScaleY is breaking binding with them
how to find out the size of a std::bitset at compile time
Get gps location of a photo
How save and use navigation context of current part of Panorama Page?
iOS app communicate with an app running in OSX via usb cable connection
How to make a web based file uploader which monitors a local folder
Qt database error due to QSqlQuery object scope
Handlebars.js misses JSON data
variable array + regular expression not working together?
Hibernate connectio exception
installation guideline for new progammers in team [closed]
Combining Hadoop MapReduce and database queries
How do you delete all spaces that is 2 char long or more in vim?
Why can't I handle NMI?
How to get value from multiple input fields on different class?
Sharepoint 2010 listview row color change
How can I keep PHP from updating dynamically a list of items after isset(POST['submit'])?
Android Vertex Array Objects?
Parsing date incorrectly
Connect MySQL - Java - MATLAB
Save JSon data in NSArray
Set value in textbox in external website when user clicks link on my website
Which Continuous integration programs support a good workflow for Windows Phone 7
How to release COM handle in .NET
GetSaveAsFilename method excel don't save my file
Running a Process (WITH GUI) on Windows XP Logon Screen (.NET / Pinvoke)
how to send HL7 message using mirth by reading data from my database
Can't find Pause button in Android Logcat
Using Jsoup (or other 3rd party jars) in android
How to specify resource library version in JSF2?
Separate array into many in a dynamic way? Obj-C
Making a big project ipad compatible [closed]
Is positioning lots of content blocks with position:relative sloppy coding?
Error while using AjaxToolKit Control 3.5
Android Implicit Intents with custom mimeType
How can we Validate Credit Card Numbers with White Spaces using Jquery? [duplicate]
Changing IP address via command line on Windows XP
Not able to retrieve the output on jsp page using tiles framework
Interop.Excel.Application ExportAsFixedFormat - Exception 0x800A03EC
Can I generate both Java bytecode AND source code using the same 鈥済enerator鈥�with ASM?
How to make photo album private in Facebook using C# SDK
Is there any elegant way to prevent a class from holding private data?
How can I interrogate the NHibernate class mappings to find out what entities could refer to another entity?
Multiplayer programming
Scope of variables in SQL Server procedure when using cursors
dijit.Tree : Handler expand/collapse event
SQL Nested Group By, First row
C++ operator overloads and destructors
How to get the access token from linkedIn
add selected row from a table to another table and then be able to undo it so it goes back to its before table with Jquery and MVC3
sql server 2008 R2 update is stuck with sos_scheduler_yield waittype
Servlet With HTML/Javascript Does Not Show Anything Outside My Network
error C2039: 'find' : is not a member of 'std'
Lnk error 2019 and 1120
Net::SSH::Perl hands without output
Deployment Configuration - Execute only new and changed Stored Procedures
MotionEvent operation in android
How to combine subarrays in a Cartesian configuration using mpi_gatherv
How to split sql argument list string?
jsf button close broswer page
onActivityResult received before login form
Calculate the relative position of another nearby Android phone
String (header file) missing error
Problems with inheritance using Less?
not able to create django projects
Difference between the default access specifier and protected access specifier in java
Raphael center of scale in transform method
How to allow ActiveX install prompt to display if installed ActiveX has older version
multiple facebook like buttons in a website
ImageView StartAnimation slows down the UI extremly
Python Subversion bindings which package nicely with `pip`?
Remove a child of root of XML using java
git shows that I deleted all the files in my repo and staged them for commit after I did a git pull. Why?
Can't find JavaFX runtime in my system
pass delegate from c# to c as function parameter
Sorting Array in php? [duplicate]
PHP SQL-Cache with serialize, optimization?
Code throws warning: Undefined index in GET array [duplicate]
How to skip the initialization when copying objects in python? [duplicate]
Validating range where minimum=maximum on jQuery slider
URI of an image stored in SQLite database
Samsung Galaxy Tab portrait orientation problems
How to curve a Mapview and shadow it's borders in iPhone?
Application exits immediately after startup while loading libraries without errors! :(
Like we can use _partials in Sass is there something like that for javascript?
URI of an image stored in SQLite database
Samsung Galaxy Tab portrait orientation problems