How to improve Website Waiting time?
Applying a color filter to a Bitmap object
windows form load in c#
Get live data from a queue of ActiveMQ
How to convert LF to CR/LF using Scripting.FileSystemObject and TextStream?
py2exe doesn't import the os module?
How to overwrite a HashSet element in Java while iterating over it
explain 鈥�double value = Double.valueOf(fstNmElmntLst.item(k).getTextContent()); 鈥�
Google map application program crashes at the launch
How do i create a window that other windows inherit from?
how to append image with text from mysqldatabase in android
Starting Weka from command line through C#
Equivalent of intents in Android for Win 7.*
Find degree at intersection between vectors in convex polygon
how to link the class shown below with main activity
Get option value depending on other element
Android View.bringToFront() causes flicker
HTML divs grid - unwanted space between rows
Saving array text content in an created csv file in actionscript 3.0
Best way to interact with a client/server application through internet? [closed]
How to apply image effects like edge detection oncamera stream in Windows 8 app?
Linq to XML query returning empty List of a class
How to open a window from the same solution?
Scala manifest and instances
Difference between Neural Network and Evolutionary algorithm
How do you initialize an object in `new` action, then update it in `create`?
What's the proper way to compare a String to an enum value?
jquery fails in executing html( ), what is wrong?
how to pass parameters between cocoa applications
Add 2D matrix into 3D matrix
How to check field data type consistent during insert record using pdo mysql
Calendar gets saved successfully.but edit event force close error
Why is image_hash empty for some ad_creatives? Is it because it is expired?
SBJson - has memory leaks?
Using jdbc in android [closed]
Creating a dictionary with list of lists in Python
How to understand `Iteratee` in play2?
Hadoop Single Node installation on Windows 7
codeIgniter -How to access a text file from a model
Htaccess redirect is not working in my site
How to use cust or pointers in stream operator overloading function?
Flask extension like Flask-PyMongo: why I can't change the name of Collection?
What is the trick in covering GE Lat/Long back to x,y?
Implementing concurrency in Java EE Web application
generating matrix for a recurrence relation
How to remove the small of padding around the ListBoxItem?
compare 2 array contents in ruby
How do I determine what branch/tag I have checked out in git?
Query multiple table in one tooltips, order form
ListView updating automatically and adding only new data items
sort in ssis takes much time, if i do sort on ole db command condition split doesnt work
min-height and table cells
Kqemu Installation on Fedora 13
How can I store a function pointer in a structure?
Access data of a parent component from a child component in Sencha Touch 2
Use a personal program in Firebreath
What is proper way to handle mysql errors with php?
Search and replace on variable name within S-Expression (lexical scope)?
Can't connect Emulator to Google App Engine
One login for two projects in a solution
Unit Testing iOS within Xcode
autoload Fancybox image
How to continue processing after animation ended?
How to search for an image present in Sd card and make that image as default background for my application?
How to format USB mass storage programmatically in android
Why is this producing corrupted output? (ncurses menu)
Query through associations - Rails 3
Can I make a window not resize itself until the user lets go of the mouse button?
increment and decrement in program using two threads in java through synchronized blocks and methods
what is the advantage of including .c files?
In Rails, should I use the generators?
strange behavior when using devise: do not show flash message
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol
Can't get an objective-c object to respond to a message. What am I missing?
Compiling Perl for Performance
How to add a new in app purchase to a project which has already using inapp purchase in IPhone?
Can I place PHP config files securely in a publicly accessible folder?
saving photos taken to a specific folder
set mailto default handler in chrome with javascript
MySQL NDB Cluster Database Row locking in Java
how to include .h document in makefile
Pass a JSON array from PHP to Dynatree
installing llvm on snow leopard
Plupload upload file missing xsrf argument in tornado xsrf mode?
Pixastic javascript library is returning false in image tag when i am trying to use it in Windows 8 Metro Style app in javascript?
C++ STL Containers are unusable without exceptions, what can we do about this?
display custom fields automatically when a custom post type is displayed
javascript function stops being recognized
How does Inversion of Control help me?
memory location patterns on stack and heap
Security issues with PHP Sandbox
Upload image evenly into a directory structure
Saving imageRef from GLPaint creates completely black image
mysql table data to multidimensional array
Value can't be set in managedBean in jsf2 and tomcat6
Access Play! 2.0 configuration variables in application.conf?
how to Covert encoding UTF-8 String in Windows phone Application?
division 8086/8087 1/3 =3?
Objective-C regex replace hex bytes?
OperationFailure: database error when threading in MongoEngine/PyMongo
Flask-PyMongo: how come 鈥渟elf._Collection__database鈥�
NIO Pipe throws 鈥淏roken Pipe鈥漺hen I write to the Sink for no reason! How to debug?
Best way to implement sort asc or desc in rails
Set selected item from another source
In C, How to convert char* to hex
Is there a similar way like x ? y : z in R?
build-list (error - expects a procedure) Racket/Scheme
EF DataContext incompatible with datagrid use of EF? (VS11)
Getting a SIGABRT error in dismissModalViewController
Using symbol name as string literal in #define function macro
Plugin function 'is not defined' with drupal behaviors
Read jpg from file and upload/post to webserver in android
How does `operator delete` deallocate the memory block for node of LinkedList
UNIX Beginner: grep save to a file doesn't work
htaccess is not working
C++ lnk2005 error on two files with extern 鈥淐鈥� why?
.NET 4 Parallel.ForEach and PLINQ: can they overwhelm the thread pool and kill the app performance?
Troubles with CP1251 printed file from Word
Find duplicate audio files via meta-tags?
Is it possible to create a div that blurs anything that appears below it?
Why doesn't a HTTP reply from server specify the GET request to which the reply corresponds?
How do I limit a CouchApp's access to CouchDB's `_user` table?
How to get the new value of a textarea input field on paste?
how to work with drupal?
preg_replace for finding a string and changing multiple different strings in it
Formatting Currency(U.S) not working with data from Sql Server Database
How does Qt's model/view implementation work in the background?
MySQL Workbench model - assign database to new table placement?
how to use SharpSSH for Executing linux commands which prompts for additonal input?
Collapse columns by grouping variable (in base)
Building a auto-refreshing, nested List in EmberJS
Syntax error in SQL query
Issues Setting Value/Label Using DropKick Javascript
accessing itunes music data
java: run process by crontab
Haskell Snap: Executing an IO action within a handler?
array_combine usage or query error?
Can an ARM interrupt occur in mid-instruction?
How to get the preceding element?
qt QComboBox setView to QTreeView can not do setCurrentIndex
Android abd command
d3.js: correct way to tell if my selection caught any existing elements
How to combine short dragging and long press
Setup FTP in same IP but different ports?
qt QComboBox setView to QTreeView can not do setCurrentIndex
Android abd command
d3.js: correct way to tell if my selection caught any existing elements
How to combine short dragging and long press
Setup FTP in same IP but different ports?
Python read in string from file and split it into values [closed]
Conflict between apache 2.4.1 and 2.2.2? Mac OS Lion
Text encoding in ID3v2.3 tags
Set cursor color in an android webview
Java code, Being Secure
Output double quote to csv file from PHP
splash screen with loading indicator using storyboard
Haskell: Correct practice to specify version in source?
Downloading a torrent file with WebClient, results in corrupt file
ResultSet destroyed upon ObjectOutputStream .reset()
jQuery: Selecting Previous Element from Click Event In Loop
How to trace the source code in QT?
viewParam and the request scoped bean
Java IO: Reading text files as they are seen
SSIS: How to split excel cell value into SQL columns
Dependent method types and type-classes
Signing emails with DKIM in Node.js
Python 3.2 won't import cookielib
Casting HashMap Key Iterator to List Iterator
SQL Subqueries Issues
How to retrieve data from multiple tables by joining on keys ROR
when to use database to store session in PHP
setting line height for text element in raphael
deciding on a CMS system to build website
Converting Strings to JSON Convertable Arrays
Nasty error when initializing vector
MySQL2 prevent from Rails migration
How to handle missing ASP Membership Database for Deployment/Checkout?
Web Page Div Overlay For All Contents
Why doesn't an editable Cocoa text field cell draw a shadow?
Java SWT's equivalent of WPF's itemtemplate?
why does `<![endif]-->` appear on IE-rendered page?
.htaccess mod_rewrite 301 redirect with nested exceptions?
SHA1 error when using brew install
Python, BeautifulSoup - Parsing out a Tweet
iAd below UITableViewController inside UINavigationController
OpenAL on iPhone suddenly becomes really quiet
Is CSS3 box-flex working as intended in this example?
Is this 'background-position' line ambiguous?
Excel formula evaluation using Apache POI
Make Image Drop Shadow
How can I find all the combinations of elements in a set of arrays?
Is there a type of encryption with easy inmplementation in php that meets this criteria?
issue accessing array value in associative array
Generate cabal file with dependencies on foreign libs
Suppressing the request when running PHPUnit with Kohana 3.2
sendmail never send mail. Always deffered
c++ function pointer 'base'
How can I save a file in PHP to a directory higher than current?
Applying CQRS to Inventory Management
Deploy RoR to Heroku and Sqlite3 fails
Symmetrical encryption of data in a shared SQL database
TreeView SelectedItem behavior with TextBox children
extjs treepanel php json
How can I use the Typography.NumeralAlignment Property on a WP7 textblock?
Ruby - AD/LDAP auth - read user details
How to leverage geocoder distance function within SQL query through an association
Django select all
How to add a custom view to a XIB file defined view in monotouch
C++; eclipse linker error
Kind Signatures
regex expression for multiple matches for this=that in a string
WP7 Limit on Number of MediaElements
Using kCTLineBreakByCharWrapping for CTTypesetter?
add multiple behavior to viewingplatform java3d
Best Way To Design Database to Accommodate Indeterminate Number of Fields Per User?
ZipForge not working
NoClassDefFoundError when GoogleAnalyticsTracker.getInstance()
populating dynamically allocated array of strings?
How to lock aspect ratio of a gridLayout in Java?
My Activity state is lost upon device sleep (lock/unlock)
select non-existing pairs of ids in one MySQL statement
Facebook API on iPhone: How to compare two sets of returned status updates
Spawn a thread with Boost/C++ and let the parent thread die
Dropdownlist no show data
How can I check how much an element was scrolled using jQuery?
Regular expression to match Google Maps URLs
Tapestry5 Button Appearance
MYSQL select 3 results of each 鈥減age id鈥�
Add existing item in VS2010 project programmatically? [closed]
Rails Routing Issue - Uninitialized Constant Games
Can not return a value to the screen from method in Scriptlet
After CMake building solution file is not compiling
removing duplicate entries in sqlite3 database in a rails app
Extracting content from html tags
how to reposition dynamic UIViews (with fixed size) with orientation change on iPad
How can I tell if a YouTube video is embeddable before I try and load it?
js - set var = width of element with jquery
How to pair two elements in a list in the output?
Wheel spinner control for windows phone 7
Iframe overlapping div issue
Optional regex match for a group doesn't work
WordPress Display YouTube Video if Custom Field Contains YouTube ID
The constructor Restaurant.DBHelper(Restaurant) is undefined
string issue with addslashes
When inserting a new row, must I include the columns that are null in the query?
referencing a specified column in a table from another table in Rails
UINavigationController in a UITabBarController problems with view lifecycle
How do you capture and store a MeshEntry/P2P Endpoint from a CustomPeerResolverService?
Only accept certain file types during PHP file upload
ViewPager Fragments getting destroyed over time?
C - store hex equivalent of character
double-double precision floating point as sum of two doubles
How to click a specific row in tablewidget using a function in Pyqt?
Catch hibernate exceptions with errorpage handler?
Friends requests on external website not working
I am using $this in a class, but it keeps giving me Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context [duplicate]
How do I pass parameters to tests in an Automake input file?
Quaternion camera. How do I make it rotate correctly?
php not working with SQL; empty result
Can I get a stdout of basic MySQL commands in BASH?
Java - final variable requirement in OnClickListener
MVC Conditional Vallidation RequiredIf
Backbone.js - Filtering Collections versus multiple Collections
django newbie - varying template table style by day of the week
Django Form with extra information
Android text box with spinner-like dropdown
Create Files Through Racket
Whats is the best way to migrate folder and files structure from django1.3 to django1.4?
Play framework 2.0 - Ebean @OneToOne 鈥渦ser - details鈥�
RegEx anomalous behavior in a program
WayBack Machine stopped archiving my site, is there something wrong with my robots.txt?
how to update a combo box with a list of items
Skewed: a rotating camera in a simple CPU-based voxel raycaster/raytracer
Can't terminate gunicorn_django via Ctrl-C when invoked from a makefile
How can I create debian package (*.deb) from ruby application written with qt4?
Pydev, auto code format all files in an eclipse project
Store large amount of images on multiple servers
Adding a colorbar and a line to multiple imshow() plots
In PHP (or any language), Can 2 bitmasks be merged while maintaining 鈥渋dentity鈥�of orignal bits?
Percentage height of child in CSS
Override >> operator like int
Google maps SDK with new Intel Atom x86 emulator
c++ beginner errors, homework
Why does this C++ code output the result?
New to macintosh and want to port some of my Python code. What would be the equivelent of Windows Win32api?
Reacting to edittext preference after value is entered
Memory usage by images
cocos2d pixel collision detection
Regular Expression for matching words on each line except the first
can't use bundle install
Google apps API, is it possible to search the text of a presentation?
Rendering opengl es while performing a long cpu process on Android
Saxparser exception in Android
Design a Class Diagram
Design a Class Diagram
How to configure all loggers in an application
Auto populate data in pdfs
how to create a map base on the user coordinates?
GLSL Vertex Shader compiles with no display
c# task multi-queue throttling
Android notification adds duplicate to the Android notification sounds spinner
Errno 61 Connection refused & Errno 54 Connection reset by peer on Echo Server
Text Alignment in columns like newspapers (XAML)
SQL Error in query for 鈥渦ndefined鈥�column (?)
Python: How to refer to a digit in a string by its index?
Java JDBC First () in ResultSet is not working?
How to implement files in the main.cpp file?
Can I Use JQuery Mobile With EmberJS?
Saving Django ModelForms with Multiple Inheritance
C++11 and [] Bitmask Types
Determine if object is or derives from specific Type?
Java Code only working in debug mode
Android: How do you create an EditText feild in java class
Use forever-branches or directories for project related documentation, wireframes, designs, etc.?
Ajax post file identical codes but different request headers
Spring RssChannelHttpMessageConverter
Create an even shadow on a full-width element
CodeIgniter: difference between loading a helper in a controller file vs config
Yii Relations error Trying to get property of non-object
C++ Winsock Will Freeze Receiving Data
How do I make my modal window only show up once?
Given the content in a single field how do you perform a query that passes the value in a different field, in the same row?
Are Metro style apps managed or native and if native how can they run on both arm and x86?
Fetching Strings (Or Other Variables) From a CoreData Fetch Request?
Invalid controller using custom routes
PHP Form - continued issues
How do you get the struct file of the parent of another struct file in the Linux Kernel
What does <T> denote in C#
How to config: proxy for all ipv4 and no proxy for all ipv6
How can I get only the bottom most nodes of a particular type containing text with xpath?
Sending an MMS programatically to Metro PCS MMSC (via Nokia Implementation)
How do I sort posts by date and time?
Java, StaX simple code but get parse error, premature end of file
Creating two forms for submiting orthogonally distributed inputs without JavaScript
Android select in ListView and push button to select
DetachedCriteria setFetchMode associationPath - Hibernate
mySQL INSERT while making sure a specific column has one 鈥淵ES鈥�value and the rest 鈥淣O鈥�
Access forbidden for file on xampp server
How do I add draggable List Items from the result of a .ajax GET?
How to get ImageView left-aligned with java coding?
ListView selectedindexchanged
ActionBar is not working
Newbie at PHP: How can I fill out a form from values in an array?
Why do I have to overload operator== in POD types?
ListView selectedindexchanged
ActionBar is not working
Newbie at PHP: How can I fill out a form from values in an array?
Why do I have to overload operator== in POD types?
mcrypt, cannont decrypt a .jpg file but sucessfully encrypts using 鈥渨indows 7 cmd promt鈥�linux encypts/decypts all fine
Adding OnItemSelectedListener to Spinner
鈥淓rror in continuous_scale鈥�and 鈥渆rror in inherits鈥�ggplot2 & R 2.14.2
Scala/Hadoop: Specifying Context for Reducer
CoreData database syncing without iCloud?
how to trouble shoot CakePHP email component errors in Sign Me Up plugin
A->B->C->D Activity Flow
Can I access both MySQL and MongoDB with JPA?
Assigning multiple lines of a file to multiple variables using .readline() while in a 鈥渇or line in data鈥�loop
When exactly is the head of a Stream evaluated?
Match inner pattern. Multiline
porting network code to 64 bits
Android Start New Activity when AsynTask is finished
Java Desktop Application - Packaging
Flip upside down vertex shader (GLES)
rc.local on ubuntu on ec2 will not work
Is there any easy way to do modulus of 2^32 - 1 operation?
Pthread arguments
my.cnf php.ini for large sites
Queries with prepared statements in Android?
Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1 MonoTouch
php vs python forserver program [closed]
jQuery sortable container scroll div with overflow auto
Calling WinBUGS14 from R
Python infinite while loop inside a function
Why is it bad to type void main() in C++ [duplicate] how to order and query KeyValuePair data type
ListView not found in ViewPager View inflater implementation
GpsStatus.Listener registers only if GPS is on
How can I implement an AutoSize property to a Custom Control?
How to access web server through an ad-hoc connection? [closed]
Program doesnt want to read file
rails mysql server error 鈥渃ould not find gem鈥�
Make a div clickable in javascript
none of fink macports and homebrew useful on lion?
How to pass Scala enumeration from Java
cant upload an ssh key to github
php separate string by capitals
Network Monitoring devices for bandwidth tracking
Trying to understand Multiprocessing with main in python
Is it better to use Django's (Python's) built-in logging or try to create custom log messages to a database?
PHP: Defining the file Directory; xampp
Password Validation Regex for the rules mentioned below [closed]
ocaml memoization failed when applied to Fibonacci series
how to implement a distributed system for a monitoring platform
Image feed to youtube video service, app, or website?
Concatenating values in mysql where multiple rows in one table relate to one row in another table without displaying several rows
Can anyone show me how to do this without using loops?
Ruby process is at 100% after script ends, profiling, solution?
I don't understand this lesson about pointers
Adding Background Image to FlowCover
Excel DSum function multiple criteria
Questions regarding databases
Delphi - How do you generate an event when a user clicks outside modal dialog?
Where did the overload of DbQuery.Include() go that takes a lambda?
Exclude folder from htpasswd
Gnome Terminal PID
Re-enabling Submit after prevent default
remove element from list of strings?
Custom navigation bar in Xcode 4?
PHP: Remove all hyperlinks of specific domain from text
Flash builder 4.5 Grey background in Design Mode
Output label shows only part of what I want to display
What is an effective Awk/Nawk pattern for extracting path/filenames from input? [closed]
Scaffold haml generator with haml-rails, line break missing
Jquery .when and multiple .load
PHP: problems searching text in a file
Accessing sql 2008 database through visual studio 2010 C#
Java String.split() Regex
Does Scala Anorm String Replacement Sanitize Inputs?
How to measure an object's real size on the image?
Launch camera activity with alternate permissions
How to use Boost's intrusive_ptr effectively?
SVN error 鈥渘o such table: wcroot鈥�when trying to checkout a repo
How do I access the spec directory in Rails JS tests
Set eventual consistency (late commit) in MySQL
Get any line number of std:logic_error
How to block the flow, but keep the GUI responsive
trouble accessing working HTTPService from Android
Windows 7, wxpython, unknown font weight
Modal dialogs causing UI automation to hang
ASP.Net MVC4 Web Api with Help Page of WCF possible?
Perplexed by jvmti object allocation callback behavior
Variadic Template lambda expansion
2D convolution in python
Where is the best place for the f:metadata element?
Sphinx field-start and field-end extended2 search not working
Automatic simulate user inputs for testing forms?
ALSA callback (SIGIO handler) hangs sometimes somewhere in boost::posix_time::microsec_clock::local_time()
Sending data from hardcoded dropdwonlist to controller
WCF transaction rollback
Recursive binary search
Object doesn't support this property or method. Why?
list (or array) of RefClass object in Reference Class
Call a method from another class when shake is detected
Sending data from hardcoded dropdwonlist to controller
WCF transaction rollback
Recursive binary search
Object doesn't support this property or method. Why?
list (or array) of RefClass object in Reference Class
Call a method from another class when shake is detected
Should I set errno?
Renaming Android App eliminates it in some Searches in Market
ajaxsetup and specific callback
Apache 2.4.1 undefined reference to `SSLv2_client_method'
Creating an arbitrary waveform in MATLAB and downloading to arbitrary function generator (agilent AG33220A)
Temporary variable without backing bean?
pseudo selector breaks Colobox in IE9?
How do I forward output from X to multiple clients?
Fill each spinner row with two values from database
Django - using regex in to pass values
Deserialize webapi repsonse to mvc4 viewmodel in application
Click item in listbox and View details in multiline textbox
Lazy Fetching entities that are configured to use Eager Fetching
Installing lxml with python on a mac
Forward declaration and include
Stopping an event and reinstating after animation is finished w/Javascript/jQuery
How to render HABTM association?
c++ macro sideeffect
disable onclick ads with a content-script in Google Chrome
While loop trouble for a file reader?
Implementing my own HashSet class鈥�my add() logic seems faulty
Obj-C: NSError in initialiser
Android, How to disable repeate of background image in customized progressbar?
Recycling labels in for loop and releasing them
Questions for the cloud experts - OpenStack Hypertable?
Spring Persistence archive and entitymanager is null when accessing from web-application
java.sql.SQLException: General error
How can I lazily evaluate read-line to gather input?
Working with extended classes in PHP
jquery submit form breaks js window.history.back()
Simple WHERE clause for column name 'User ID'?
Terminate phone call in iOS
Formatting a string containing a number with comma separation
bigloo scheme 鈥渕ake test鈥�fails for pthreads
Is there another way to do repaint() in java?
jQuery change action from another change action
VC++ Can't Manipulate Forms
EXC_BAD_ACCESS error on call to dismissViewControllerAnimated:completion: (iOS5)
Using Python's os.path, how do I go up one directory?
How can I optimize this menu?
Accessing an element by multiple attribute in watir 1.5.3
How to handle Long and different formats in a Play! Scala form?
JSF SessionScoped managed bean - injection of spring bean is null after restarting server
Facebook photo upload using HTTP request in Java
Converting existing iPhone project to universal in MonoTouch?
Aloha Editor Video/Audio Plugin
Batch script .exe delete selection
Jquery selecting href with *=
Trouble using ZeroClipboard to copy text with zClip library
Facebook logout not working in ASP.NET MVC3
MyBatis @Select referencing select defined in mapper XML file
Binary vs Ternary Relationships
Trying to compare and print only members with Inactive status [closed]
Use semicolon in global-set-key for function in .emacs
Mysql Database Layout
JDOM getChilden not showing all children
subset rows with all / any columns larger than a specific value
Getting module a class is defined in without string manipulation
Weird input button issue IE
Time measuring in C and linux
Content loaded with jQuery ajax POST loses styling for a split second
How do I write a regex to find and replace in C# (Unicode/Localization) [duplicate]
Comparing CGPoint and image center property
Click event for newly added menu item
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException large number adding program
Multiple Forms in separate threads
channel factory null on debug?
Determine the process pidlistening on a certain port
Is there an inverse function to jQuery serialize?
Combining NLog and log4net
UIFileSharingEnabled use folders
Is the order of two same unordered_maps the same?
casting ints to str in Jinja2
How can I center an image of *unknown size* in a div, both vertically and horizontally?
Remove secured data from memory in java [duplicate]
iOS dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib
Why can I not use the namespace directive in c++ struct? [duplicate]
Railswhat to do about empty columns in my database? Throwing an error:ArgumentError: invalid value for Float(): 鈥溾�
Placing a div exactly above a moving div
Why does this variable disappear in a struct?
Comparing two select elements values
Css div proper alingment
sorting in ruby by second field
Google API , URL to site title
How to modify the structure of a production database with symfony 1.4
How do I select all text when clicking on a EditText view?
Efficient Multiplication of Varying-Length #s [Conceptual]
Scroll items at different speeds as page scrolls
What's the best way for an Android app to listen for incomming TCP/IP messages?
Camera focus distance WP7
Non-static inner object in class
PHP Excel Header
Objectify query to return a list of property values
Different file for different user [closed]
Do local cURL requests make a change on my allowed Bandwidth count?
Grails upgrade from 1.3.7 to 2.0.1 -
What's a better way to bind header checkbox to user control's datacontext?
Sort a list based on URL parameter (or sort nested domain model in query)
Provider field in connection string oledb
How to determine the largest and smallest of 3 integers
Logging recursively
Jquery - Getting 403 error when submitting form via ajax
Remove last character from wxPython wxTextCtrl?
I installed a TFS 2010 server, how do I log in + add more users?
Single Activity APP with ACTION_VIEW
Updating an editable tablemodel
Error shown even if directory already exists
Java : How to tint this PNG programmatically?
Most performant way to check onresize of dom object
How to get user's location from Google Account
How to design a database to efficiently support multiple key query?
Can't execute external process with PHP
named groups splitting regardless of position of match
Show a message on top of a UITableView
Some troubles with using sed and awk [closed]
array of typedef'd strings?
What is android:sharedUserLabel and what added value does it add on top of android:sharedUserID?
RegEx to match end of string
Best approach to do a chat iphone app with restkit
Simple: creating tables in database
bitwise bitmanipulation puzzle
Returning generic parameter with yield return
Is there a tool for checking minimum .NET framework version?
Ada compilation 鈥渄oes not contain expected unit鈥�
Searching MKMapview using JSON tends to return no results, or an incorrect one
Java datetime format convert
How does this definition of ArrowLoop.loop work?
Memory not being returned after function python call
Print stacktrace directly in errorpage?
SSIS:Moving .csv files from share folder to oledb destination on daily basis and sending email notification
Is log(n^2)'s asymptotic order larger than or equals to log(5n)
How to structure table for Distributed Change Control of a Row
C# String.Format and SpriteBatch.DrawString spacing issues
Switch statement with strings?
Android: Time stored in db is not the same as on phone
How to populate a nested generic list with struts2 OGNL?
The function is undefined. (recursion)
Looking for a generic `bisect` function
libgdx touchup and touchdragged not being called, but touchdown is
Python: Using ConfigObj to create a .py file
jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap function explanation
Why is it discouraged to directly instantiate the Dialog class?
PHP regular expression split
Protect DIV element from being deleted within TinyMCE
post a photo to friend's wall on facebook with android
Any way to guess the mime type on Delphi XE2?
blob in data module
convert pbm -> tiff -> tiffcp -> tiff2pdf . Getting 5mm page
HTML5/JSON : UTF-8 cant read proper characters from json
Gamemaker game freezing computer
How can I get KDevelop to recognize environment variables in Ubuntu?
Spring 3.1.1 java based configuration issue of FreeMarkerConfigurer
Does C allow parameter by address?
Rails render partial without entire html layout
Is it possible to run the task 鈥渟ymfony doctrine build --all鈥�on only one table?
Is it good practice to use getters in a view?
externalizing grails config into multiple properties files from environment variable
Lightweight UI Framework for JS/HTML5 Webkit-based mobile development with decent list performance
How do I set rotation on the Gamekit login banner in an iOS game?
Check interval contains number in R
Adding a static library to an XCode console application
Get path to iOS application based on name or bundle identifier
TTF webfont to desktop-useable TTF
Faraday (Ruby) Timeout Errors
xsbt skip tests in subproject unless running from within that project?
Javascript radiobutton works in FF and Chrome but not in IE
Sharing a variable between processes
How to read an http input stream
MPMoviePlayerController Play Live Stream
updating variable value javascript
WordPress show only one category, excerpts only, on a page
Oracle SQL sqlldr not importing correctly
How to delete SOLR indexed data by datetime field query with curl?
can't find a simple error when parsing with YACC
I want to add this constraint on my schema
Optimize like expression in sqlite database query
Wrong return type in method
Need help getting this regex right
Reading emails using IMAP in racket
C++: SIGSEGV on ToUnicode function (windows)
How to optimize foreach loop in PHP
GWT getUrl does not return image
PHP $_GET and $_POST are returning empty arrays--trying to paginate SQL data
using lxml and iterparse() to parse a big (+- 1Gb) XML file
Instant messaging ping
GWT - compile to html file
.NET doesn't read properly web.config?
Android how to get the color of LinearLayout 鈥渟tyle=鈥滰android:style/ButtonBar鈥溾�
Coding in x86 - compiler code generation
Simple PHP Contact Us Form, Image For Verification Not Showing - Any Ideas?
Javascript: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'addEventListener' of null
Does every namespace have a targetNamespace?
Do not create directory if already exists in php
Coding in x86 - compiler code generation
Simple PHP Contact Us Form, Image For Verification Not Showing - Any Ideas?
Javascript: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'addEventListener' of null
Does every namespace have a targetNamespace?
Do not create directory if already exists in php
Updating JTabbedPane components
How to tail a file using a NIO selector, in other words, as lines are added to the file a channel is selected so you can read the lines?
Lagging graphics in Java swing
Two Submit Buttons to Different Controller Form
Passing Access_Token from one activity to another
If globals are bad, why does every web framework use them?
Entity Framework 4.1 - Going crazy with the number of options
AVCaptureSession in modalviewcontroller on iOS5 with ARC
How to use sed to find and surround all words after an equals sign with quotation marks
Some scenario with WCF - am I thinking good and where to start?
Calculating the driving distance between two points using PHP only (Bing maps)
flex+bison in a php extension
Extending JavaScript?
loop of ajax calls - accessing loop counter?
Layered panels in Swing with custom painting
jQuery play/pause jQuery function
XOR of two short integers
Netty exception handling - Handler throws Exception, then what?
Delphi XE2 Run with debugging very slow
Android admob view set centered independent of orientation
Rails how to update records where column is nil for all records?
missing operator or semicolon error message
HttpServletResponse.SC_BAD_REQUEST signify?
how to sharelink on facebook as admin via an application?
FPtree on java canvas
Is it possible to call functions within a case statement?
Initialize values of array in a struct
How to prevent overlapping of text on bottom-aligned DIV element
Multi Layered Drop-up Menu Twitter Bootstrap
Google Maps APIv.3, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript
Filter and sort by different fields in Google App Engine
inheriting xdocument/xelement namespace issues (google contacts api)
Chrome Extension - CSS messes up on certain pages
Retreiving GUI Objects from another process
Does the GameEngine you plan to use need to be written in the same language you are programming the game in? [closed]
Return Validation Error back to jQuery dialog in MVC 3
How to decompress deflate stream (not gzip) using SharpZipLib?
Read excel via ADO.NET with SQL Server commands?
Why is a temporary variable required in foreach to be included in lambda expression?
How can I convert to a CSS Drop down menu
Set Image source from Callout Menu Flashbuilder?
C++: is the memory freed for the variable declared inside the loop
reports toolbar shows the next page and a question mark in the toolbar 鈥淧age Of鈥�
WP7 beta testing with ads
How to open the temporary directory in Java?
How to open the temporary directory in Java?
Solving a logic puzzle (Kuromasu, Where is black cells) in Prolog
PHP: How to Hide <br /> in Console
better options than manual dictionary for referencing the 'current task' that a method is being run inside?
CUDA Particle Update
Adding a UISwitch to the top of a UITableView to expand/collapse the lower UITableViewCell(s)
How to emulate iOS style dropdown menus with html, css, javascript/jquery?
How to change background color randomly in HTML with JavaScript?
XCode: UINavigationItem refuses to show
Xcode-Increment build number only during ARCHIVE?
ShowDialog() behind the parent window
Why cant I return a float 2-d array from a function to main class?
Fetch related Core Data objects in background? (to prevent UI freeze)
Is it safe to 鈥済it pull鈥�when my working tree and/or index is dirty?
MouseWheelListener block scroll
position:absolute within border-radius and overflow:hidden
PHP string concatenation error. Can anyone correct it?
PHP MySQL drop down list search
Javascript Program Syntax Error
Deploying a Symfony2 project
MimeDecode koi8r charset
Is long double useful in ANSI C?
easy sampling of vectors from a sparse matrix, and creating a new matrix from the sample (python)
SurfaceView, onDraw and postInvalidate() something wrong
failing miserably to run a wsgi application with mod_wsgi
foreach and section in smarty
is there a built-in python analog to unix 'wc' for sniffing a file?
API demo : what's this box called?
Make logo redirect to main page? (How to add hyperlink to image?)
sharing an object application wide
Animation Stickman
Cyrillic text does not show on error pages
Loading data into a uitableview in a uiviewcontroller
Smarty Templating-unable to get values from custom config file
how to properly define scopes in Datamapper
Inserting HTML in a UIWebView
Get Range to set first element as setStart
F# 3 support for WebSharper
Im getting an error in my class in Eclipse
Rails: 鈥淣oMethodError: undefined method `constructKDTree' for #<Class:0x00000104b1f760>鈥�
Binning column and getting corresponding values from other column in R
How can I capture the center portion of an uploaded image? (to make a thumbnail)
Setting a UIIImage object to a NSMutableDictionary not working for me
PHP with Jquery: Inernal Server error (500)
In Java, Strings are immutable, so what exactly happens when do this?
Three-level pom (company - project - module) - problems with module project(s)
Django UnboundLocalError
When does ADT set BuildConfig.DEBUG to false?
Regular Expression - Sed
INNODB cascade on delete and update
How much of an effect do large arrays have on efficiency?
onClick event doesn't fire if you move mouse
Java - Counting how many characters show up in another string
One big query vs. many small ones?
Can't install RMagick with rbenv
Offline Status of A friend
PDF Spec vs Acrobat creation (QuadPoints)
MySQL count maximum number of rows
[encoder encodeValuesOfObjCTypes - what do i put here?
Tomcat with datanucleus
Comparing variables in SQLite
side by side <div> and site centering
Difference of simple convex and simple non-convex polygon
Javascript NaN in IE but woks fine in Chrome, Firefox
Excel VBA Data Mining Real-Time Data from a Web Page that Refreshes Data
ViewPager + TabsAdapter + Fragment [duplicate]
Preventing XSS the right way
Java buffered reader and priority queue working together?
jpeg not supported by GD, any other way to convert jpeg images
Conditional rendering in Ruby on Rails
JUnit (Selenium WebDriver) to open in Chrome Browser
Sorting with AlphaFun
Finding the shortest path in a maze
UDP client bug - Unable to send data bytes
Paramiko - sftp client used to get last line of log file
Can ReSharper be trained to rename interface parameters?
Confused about drawables and bitmaps (Android)
Create child Window of another process's HWND? (e.g. screensaver preview)
tomcat url redirecting .local .com
Java/Scala obtain a Field reference in a typesafe way
Hover effect from outside menu [closed]
Get SmartGWT Canvas as HTML
OnSelectedIndexChanged not working first selection, but will on subsequent selections
filtering out FileUtils.cp_r
WP7 Custom applications OTA installation
Specific way of selecting a location on a google map
Need to convert exe file to JAR file
Mobile HTML5 video format, video size and FPS
PHP get form not receiving email
How do pocket calculators simplify fractions and keep imprecise numbers as fractions?
Why does this C program completely skip my input?
Is there a better way to code this in JavaScript and/or jQuery?
IList vs ICollection vs Collection
Advise on PHP reverse engineering tools [closed]
Excel spreedsheet empty cells
pre-loading .net DLLs - GAC, NGEN, LoadAssembly, & PrepareMethod
Null Pointer Exception in Try/Catch/Finally statement
How do I deploy a Zend Framework application to PHP Fog?
Visual Studio 2008 crashes when debugging
Better explanation of bson spec examples?
Test right time in alarm
Devise session resetting upon external source POSTing URL
Python GTK3 Treeview buttons
Opening A Local File / Folder From Within The Browser
How to submit a form using javascript?
Extra space with font change
Creating an instance in rails association
check if input is a number and if not return to input
Price range slider for my website
JPA, avoiding loading entities every time association is traversed
NHibernate multiple classes mapped to same table caching issue
How do you generate retina (iPad) friendly (progressive or interlaced) jpeg images with CarrierWave?
Lucene Unit Tests
Ionic Zip : Zip file creation from byte[]
How much of an effect can different operating systems have on displaying web pages?
Styling the default wordpress search box
Setting up cron job to pull HTTP request and create/cache file from results
Changing variable in another function in JavaScript
iOS: what's the best way to create a loop with multiple arguments/statements?
CompareValidator ValueToCompare
Send data to function
Python singleton attribute error
MySQL: Using Functions in a LIMIT clause
Between mysql statement not working
Seriazlizing arrays in Ajax for php
using regular expression for preg replace [closed]
IF Statement in MySQL, using THEN and ELSE
fatal error on java in playframework production mode [duplicate]
html background size
Integrating JSF 2 and JQuery Mobile
JavaScript code resulting from haze/haxenme compilation
improve linq call to make one db call
XPath compare one statement with multiple statements
Can I import sorted using from __future__ in Jython?
C++ callback system
MVC3 Large File-Uploader Issue
Java - Displaying directory contents based on search using recursion
How to improve this approach when I add a new object in a list?
HTTP Requests vs File Size?
Downloading blobs from blobstore in GAE without using class handlers [duplicate]
C++: Methods repeating themselves; DRY optimization needed
My program continously loop after reading nodes into linked list and displays only one node repeatedly. Can someone help me to correct this?
How to convert Arabic text to SAMPA phonetics?
combining MySQL query
can't access new database colum in code - MVC4
Why won't this simple backbone.js application not persist and read to localstorage?
How to bind property of a given item in a collection?
What is the right answer of -1 % 4?
Facebook Application using FQL
Google Chrome does not open the latest version of web app
Cannot save new Rails 3 ActiveRecord model
while loop in bash
Using sed to strip parentheses from a string
In an app, the user is allowed to use 1gb of space(save files etc). Can you see how much space the user is currently using? [duplicate]
HTML Extension not available in _LogOnPartial.cshtml (Razor)
Turn off alert message in Devise Rails
amazon dynamo db model
Ratings based user similarity algorithm example
How To make a small flash when a button is tapped?
Automatically download dependencies for haskell project?
Android, How to customise look and feel of progressbar?
Pointer address difference
Efficient way to search a SharePoint List
Throwing an exception in JavaScript?
difference between two date and display it in input by using php [duplicate]
Drag and Drop in Android before 3.0?
Tiles: Accessing Spring beans in JSP
What are ways to approach working with GeoTiffs on Android?
Javascript plugins not working (beside or not beside jquery)
Can anyone please explain the output of the program?
Android how to update list items with a while loop?
Rounded Corner single Dropdown menu with Hover functionality
C++ Window Scanner
How to change text/font color in reportlab.pdfgen
ruby array with subtraction
Framework similar to Spring Data JPA or Hades for CDI or EJB?
Ordering of coordinates
鈥淎 call to a PInvoke function has unbalanced the stack鈥�
Rails nested form for belongs_to
Capture mouse buttons
yacc reduce/reduce conflict
Saving images in SQLite file - Beginner
Using Python Gtk3 bindings without X11
jquery ui resizable a floating element.
Drupal 7 CCK feilds deconstruction from $content in node.tpl.php file
HTTP POST from desktop shortcut?
Theme assignment failing for jQuery Mobile on ASP.NET MVC 3
Dalvikvm Cant find imported Class (org.jivesoftware.smack.ConnectionConfiguration)
developing an app together
Many-Many self joining table
change grocery crud texteditor options to simple from advanced
Java :How Generic Erasure Works
In Visual C++/C#, can I compile a program such that it doesn't show a message box if it crashes?
Keeping HTML tags in Rails
NSMenu with 2 standard + variable number of NSMenuItems
Sometimes getting GPS location late i.e. more than one minute in android
How do I add a check interval to my code to change a div on a certain date?
Run executable from python such that it crashes without GUI or asking for user input
CreateDelegate refusing to create delegates for instance methods
Strange '#filenames#' from emacs
SSIS source fact table column lookup
Constructor invocation in the inherited class
IOS: AVAudioPlayer stop and play
LWUIT Painter : How to make an image the background?
Check if a parameter is null or empty in a stored procedure
How to configure gwt application on tomcat for debugging?
Making a page within a div refresh on a click
Problems with associations in Rails, adding many events to one group
How do I add a breakpoint in eclipse using pydev?
ASP.NET Expression: Accessing the Property of a Class
Python GUI (tkinter.ttk) application slow
Switching between two bluetooth headsets in windows 7
Get permanently the output from a shell command running in C++
Getting SIGABRT signal when I try to play a video (Objective-C)
visual studio extensibilty - How can I check if Silverlight debugging is enabled in an ASP.NET Web Site?
Python: store many regex matches in tuple?
Clever Next and Previous Buttons in jQuery
How to include data from another HTML to another without PHP
Asembly instruction mov register,[register][register]
Is there a way to send WhatsApp messages from desktop / server box?
How to store a command and options in separate variables in bash
Access array elements in a django template - 鈥渇ield not found error鈥�due to unicode referencing
Links inside rich textbox?
Disable Home Key
Gwt : How to not to fire a click event after focus?
Tuning Mathematical Parallel Codes
amazon and adsense referer urls
Sorting through mysql table and order by amount
How to filter data in RDLC report?
defining characters to ignore while matching strings C# [closed]
Two different sized hard-coded Arrays into One 2-Dimensional Vector
Google Api Client NoClassDefFoundError ApacheHttpTransport
Can this SQL constraint be written more simply?
Divide List to pieces of needed length
Multi-client multi instance centralised server using TCP protocol gaming system in Java
Multi Dem php string to array - comma seprated, colon seperated array
Cannot find file when using RecursiveDirectoryIterator
How to set a 鈥渃urrent鈥�window with JFrames?
Linked Image disappears on hover in Internet Explorer
how to get the network interface and its right ipv4 address?
SQLite query error with MATCH
How can i completely remove data from a git repository?
asp dropdownlist from xml geting innnertext of child ele
Looking for the source code of a hackable self-balancing binary search tree implementation in C++
How can I describe a table in Oracle without using the DESCRIBE command?
Processing the Paypal Reply
Script compatible with Firefox, but not with other browsers鈥�
Cordova apps hangs when started after exiting with back button when using jquery-mobile-1.1.0-rc1
Is it possible to read a raw text file without Context reference in an Android library project
JQuery .scrollTop in an if statement
Storing NULLABLE columns in the end of table-Oracle
UIPickerView - one component as image, the other as text
How to convert non palette transparent image to palette image?
How to pass down listing of files in directory from PHP to Android/Java
How to verify SQL queries in Android
jQuery redirect passing array
Non-realtime FFT analysis on audio file
How can I have a picture expand across the entire background?
Eventmachine gem -> block in spawn_threadpool
Taking method of the related model into a separate column of jqgrid
How to live stream video from iPhone to a Wowza server?
How can I delete a directory in a Zip file using .NET?
receiving string from c# to Java mistakes
Rotate elements by scrolling
UILocalNotification is supposed to repeat every weekday, but fires on weekends as well
How do i save a custom NSObject class to file?
how can i create this gallery more efficiently using jekyll & liquid?
regex in python is not working
AVAudioPlayer stop issue
rails 3: client_side_validations throwing alert on running unique validation
Accessing get/set methods for JavaScript property created using Object.create
verify NSURL which is getting from UIImagePickerController
No endpoint listening wcf/rest
Scroll event on iphone
error while opening a database in SQLite in android
Setting XMLHttpRequest.responseType forbidden all of a sudden?
GIF pictures on Facebook wall [closed]
SWT Sectioned Table & Scrolling
how to create a kindle newspaper like the The Times [closed]
Fast Java library for language detection of Tweets?
split comma separated list with commas embedded in quoted arguments in Perl
Handling text messages using a server
slideToggle on menu item not working
Converting 32-bit unsigned integer (big endian) to long and back
Submitting form via javascript
jquery toggle click exclude children links
Nokogiri + ERB tag out of ordering
Increase a div height automatically (100% parent) leaving a top and bottom margin?
Signed hex subtraction vs unsigned
Toggle KML Layers in Google Maps v3
Mathematica z-value mesh in plots
Showing facebook tab inside facebook ONLY
Communicating with Shell from Android Device
How to ignore CDATA tags?
How to auto-update javascript in chrome extensions
Git push origin master timed out
submit multiple values with radio button form
perf annotate doesn't always give output
Speeding up DB object creation in Ruby using Threads
Rails saving callback value with Mailchimp api
perf annotate doesn't always give output
Speeding up DB object creation in Ruby using Threads
Rails saving callback value with Mailchimp api
鈥渕ArrayAdapter cannot be resolved鈥�in Android bluetooth project.
Using SwingWorker and Timer to display time on a label?
Quit multithreaded/multi-process web server