Criteria-API - Hibernate generates unwanted order by statement
Npgsql: Can it recognize ODBC espace sequences?
Binding Hyperlink to richtextblock in windows 8 Metro app
HTML un-styled is shown first and then changes to styled version, what could cause this?
Changing Joomla tables engine to InnoDB
Retrieving data from a relational database
Sencha Touch 2 button loose listener
Java leaking this in constructor [duplicate]
How to track custom events in paper_trail?
Lvalue required error with macro
How to gain a lost connection to server without restarting the Server, when a listener thread dies
Loading and unloading textures crashes the system
Which is the best approach for displaying multiple mysql rows in php? (fetch then display or fetch ALL then display)
custom network protocol for linux kernel
Can another parent close an asynchronous persistent connections
PHP header() called via AJAX not working properly
garbage collector and double allocated memory
How to override the Android ListView fast scroller appearance
How to record video in MPEG-2 TS output and ACC audio encoding format
Load events into calendar
ActiveScaffold gives stack too deep error; can not find any recursion
how to combine two arrays?
Tool to intercept RESTful webservices
Query is not working in Mysql
Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource [duplicate]
How receive a $_GET
Are all the files of the application deleted when application is updated? [duplicate]
Resize width of text box in datagrid during edit and fix datagrid cell width
Stopping the upload process if the upload limit I chose is exceeded
Modify a textview value in a custom listview after clicking
Why isn't there an array length function in C?
Memory leak Using NSData from URL
Head First JSP and Servlets book confusion [closed]
Facebook SSO not returning to my app iphone
Decoding 脛 脺 脰 in PHP and MySQL
css for dividers between list items
kvm balloon driver results in different total-memory then requested
Facebook JS SDK returns no results
Advantage / Disadvantage MemoryStream.Position or MemoryStream.Seek [duplicate]
ipython and pydev, tab-completion
Rake Abort---set_perference
If NOT equal to
Error rendering with GLSL framebuffer
looking for a file block level IO library [closed]
How to implement 鈥淎dd to favorites鈥�function in android listview
Loading data into webview from content provider causes memory leaks
C loop won't exit
ASP.NET MVC Forms Authentication multiple simultaneous logins
when the ajax loader is loaded the text and button below it moves upwards
PHP Heatmap - Large Value difference
Package manager for android application
connect to database from widget class
Why is using `<<-` frowned upon and how can I avoid it?
JBoss AS 7: How to clean up tmp?
Check for 24 hour mode or AM/PM mode, for use with UIDatePicker
up and down arrows javascript
What is the best way to force the client to reload webpage?
Git pulling depends on the current dir
how to draw a color wheel in iphone?
How do I stop the two jquery libraries from conflicting with each other?
UITableView style with background image
How to test for a blank line using cin
SimpleDateFormat not producing expected output
minimal positive number divisible to N
Inheritance recursion
Put content alongside h1
How to count the column
CSS menu center positioning
python list syntax
Login error user not activated
Activating a php file from another php file
When inflating a layout xml dynamically multiple times, how can I differentiate or identify the Button widgets?
Workflow Error: The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information
standard c++11 way to remove all pointers of a type
ASP.NET - Download File When File Name Contain Spaces
Does the compiler copy a std::string into stack while passing it to a function in C++?
Instantiate a derived class object, whose base class ctor is private
Regex pattern with a slash
table-cell - some kind of colspan?
Can i install / use nuget if my documents folder is on a shared drive?
NSWindow like Quicksilver
Changing button text of gridview
Combine DBGrid column values
my input type=file is not post by ajax or jquery
same javascript for multiple instances of user control not working
Submenus doesn't appear in the browser. I believe its something related to css positioning
Injecting Javascript in a page from a Chrome extension : concurrency issue?
Sip/VoIP library for Java or c# or
tcp_probe module does no output
Java HashMultiMap Storing Issue
Google Maps Direction service sometimes fails
SQL - Get child nodes and use 鈥渇or loop鈥�with XML datatype
SQL - Get child nodes and use 鈥渇or loop鈥�with XML datatype
Calling a web service from Javascript (passing parameters and returning dataset)
Java 8 : How can it precede Java 7's general adoption
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/hibernate/cfg/Configuration
C++ using std::accumulate to generate a map<int,int>
Android MD5 fingerprint
Associate Same Mdb java class to multiple queue in Ejb3 jboss 5.x server
Is this a Good Ajax-security practice?
Custom UITableViewCell Created Twice 鈥�Driving me mad
SQL android, creating multiple tables more information
How to find 鈥渕y鈥�lib directory?
Custom tabular editable data with Autocomplete
Unable to install JDK-7u3-windows-x64
鈥淒rag 'n' Drop鈥�game animation
Hot to disable buildnumber-maven-plugin through cmd
How to change the display view of the records and modified into a row
Is It Possible To Change The Font Colour of a TTabSheet Tab Caption
How do I programmatically convert a Keynote file to a PowerPoint?
Rails 3 + Transactions: how do they work?
HTML5, Codeigniter and history rewrite / refresh
Sql safe strings in java w/o prep'd statements
Ejb cache with singelton implementation
How to pause/play/stop a dynamically loaded SWF using SWFLoader component in Flex 4?
Why does Google use inline JavaScript and CSS? [closed]
how do you make a combobox use a string with multiple strings and text?
Suggestions for designing a search system for files stored in S3
ad hoc app failed to install on real iPad
xcode check if an NSArray exist and contains objects?
Using Network Resources for currency converter
How to iterate through a JSONObject (Java json-simple)
Proxy for selenium rc driver in java
Access violation?
SQL Server: Isolation level leaks across pooled connections
How do I obtain the value from first the row of a grouped part?
Disable keylistener in java
jQuery $.post() returns PHP code
debug error EXC_BAD_ACCESS in main.m
nginx clean url with seo friendly file names
Is it possible to compile nodejs project into single javascript file?
How do I save each sheet in an Excel 2010 workbook to separate CSV files with a macro?
Chrome Extension with XMLHttpRequest slow at launch
Show Model name in a template
`execute_non_query': Cannot add a NOT NULL column with default value NULL (DataObjects::SyntaxError)
Avoid recording errors and debug logs on CakePHP 2
Make similar text bold like Google
Lint for android in Eclipse gives wrong results
how can url be hidden in hyperlink when mouse hover
Adding TextArea and Colspan to dynamically created table row
PHP - Redirect only once
How Notifications Mechanism Works
Are there any jQueryMobil image sliders?
Find Html Inside a String Using Jquery
Fanycbox 1.3.4 ajax issue with ASP.NET MVC
How to restrict rotations of view based on selected tab (iPad)?
Reading one character at a time from a large string
OCaml: swapping elements in a list
Assembler - EQU calculate what?
groupBy with multiple test functions
Making the database.yml file work in Rails on OSX
send twitter status with geolcation using api
Cannibals and missionaries using IDDFS and GreedyBFS
Extend ActiveRecord::Base with two column getters
Proguard shrinks too much
When you make your iPhone app free from paid does it appear on the 'new' list?
ExtGWT StoreFilterField input doesn't react MVC3 entities, don't know how to count
How to check if canvas objects overlap each other
OpenSSL in C++ email client - server closes connection with TLSv1 Alert message
How to add smtp hotmail account to send mail
Send MMS in Android programmatically
How do I make a DIV stay at the top of the screen no matter ow far down the page my visitor scrolls?
textbox keyup event not working properly
List of byte[] to one big byte[] [duplicate]
Get array of values use JQuery? [duplicate]
load() not working in jquery
Inserts to indexed views
Export a html into PDF in PHP? [duplicate]
Java web service
getservletcontext in JSP fragment
Need C Compiler for Windows XP [duplicate]
OpenMP help on code
g++ library search failure
How to parse an empty JSON object without error in $.post callback
How to concatenate result column values to a single row?
How to use Renderer for TableHeader
Does variables with large integer values affect the performance of SMT? multivew control
Yii file upload issue
Return type really long expression
I need to validate and send feedback to a participating server. How can we add Netty request code channel.write() within handler code?
Where is the login for connection to base?
Should I build my own PyroCMS module鈥�
Auto trigger keyboard shortcut on web page load?
iOS - Create Database Schema (Run code only once)
Binding json data into store ubsing extjs
Debug VC++ app in command line
jQuery Masonry access internal method var
Porting Java/Mysql application from Linux to Windows
JAVA - Calling a method Inside a jframe from another class
Making more efficient use fork() and copy-on-write memory sharing
Setting background image by javafx code (not css)
Creating dynamic option tag using xml file in php
What generates notification for the naturalSize of a video in MPMoviePlayer?
Silverlight 5 web cam capture: Two capture sources on the same device
Does it make sense to use move semantics for operator+ and/or operator+=?
Android: ListView doesn't show anything on Tablet mode
CSS Centre Column - Clearing Error?
Propagate properties to parent control C#
BitTorrent protocol does not seem to match with reality
In BASH how can i find my system on active internet interface, what is the upload speed?
PHP SVG Check with fallback, possible?
can't convert nil into Hash
Post php variable from one file to another
Python preprocessing imports
Visual Studio 11 Web Test with different paths
Compiling multiple source directories with g++
How does OnMethodBoundaryAspect works?
Scala parsing mutually recursive functions for SML
php xmlrpc read
Using same id for multiple buttons
How do I get a plot to estimate the performance of my algorithm?
How can I revert pieces of a Git commit?
When to use volatile and synchronized
Calling jQuery search on tab click
iOS get current address name - mkplacemark?
show second level of sitemap in site navigation
java save file stack trace
Dependency management automation for client and server with node
How to edit FTP URLs to HTTP to make images display?
horizontal scroll in jquery mobile
Convert strings in a list to raw string for
Database choice for stock data [closed]
How to close the drop down list from my custom spinner?
htpasswd on wordpress
How join in linq to nhibernate
Corona Lua Questions
Rails 3.2, jQuery 1.7.1 link to assets/images broken
Send an e-mail to PayPal buyer
SQL query involving NULL values
Flash Builder 4.6 - Releasing build 鈥淓rror occured while packaging the application鈥�
How to Json Parsing In asp .net
How do I release the value I want to return?
Facebook API 鈥淢ethod in protocol not implemented鈥�
Stored Function in Oracle not Inserting Values into the desired table
How do i remove gmail authentication ?
resampling data in 2 subset to eqully
Android video capture by giving control to built-in video support
How to indent multi-line in vim/gvim?
Client validation did not work on a very simple example
How to edit a ChildCollection of a Model?
How to put both customview and linearlayout in same xml file
How do I swap one div with another on a certain time
css3 / html5 / jQuery - Ticker
total row count in iReport
How to read accents using Zend_Mail_Storage_Imap
What extra data is stored in Series and DataFrame objects?
2 months on the week
How can I post and get a php variable
is this valid yaml?
How do you clone ( duplicate ) a MongoDB object in a collection of the same db?
How to use emberjs and internationalization
change icon when textview is clicked in widget
Tracking *maximum* memory usage by a Python function
How to insert multiple rows using variable in Oracle database through PHP?
if statement value position
How to create a stored function in MongoDB using the PHP driver
Page reloading in iPhone Application
Using intent into non activity class
How to use output cache programmatically for a particular user control?
gtk#, TreeView, CellRendererSpin: Spin buttons not visible & Custom CellRenderers
How can I move account information from default ASPNETDB.mdf to my MyBase.sdf? ASP.Net MVC3?
Unable to upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server2008 R2 RTM - Express with Advanced Services
Why SortedSet<T>.GetViewBetween isn't O(log N)?
32bit Python not working with sqlite3
Passing array of strings from c# to javascript
How does Facebook detect when a user receives a new message & make changes to the html?
pandas - get most recent value of a particular column indexed by another column (get maximum value of a particular column indexed by another column)
invalid lat-long comes in mapview
eclipse java annotation processing
Getting ExpatParser$ParseException?
Load url using click() jquery
Mysql table record limitations
How to know async request has completed response.
Adding new class in framework via SDK-Addon: NoClassDefFoundError
Changing datatype of a property
What permissions are required for 鈥淩un Script鈥�during a build phase?
apache hang on deadlock
python regex match querystring path
Red font in Firefox Page Source
Importing own file into Java class
Apple's SIPS tool on CentOS?
Initialization block with extends
Why is my auto scaling EC2 instance reported as 'out of service' by the load balancer?
Process Coredumped but does not look like illegal reference in a multithreaded program
SessionInvalid issue
ContextMenu item selection?
MonoAndroid : 鈥淔ound a conflict between鈥︹�
Code for finding string between 鈥溾� in a data structure
Displaying dynamic text based on drop down box selection
MonoAndroid : 鈥淔ound a conflict between鈥︹�
Code for finding string between 鈥溾� in a data structure
Displaying dynamic text based on drop down box selection
Embed Google Map with search bar
String Expression to be evaluated to number
Should I use polymorphism in javascript?
Determine active Page Object within Typo3
jQuery: Sortable nested but not continuous
What is the purpose of using the Boost.MPI library?
Find The MAX of SUM in MySQL
Open source Markdown processor
What is the best way to code the XNA Game Server for FPS game?
Android EditText loading late
How to set passord field value by url get variable in php or jquery
LINQ Query Issue DateTime conversion
Icon not showing Android
Specify height width of the view to support multiple screen sizes?
Activate CSS animation by jQuery?
I'm adding a combobox to someone's existing Swing code. What am I doing wrong here?
Dealing with image upload on server
How to extract points from a graph?
Populate an NSArray via an NSDictionary which is populated via a .plist
WP7 Read Write Xml in IsolatedStorage
Calling a procedure in Delphi
Update text file on web server using PHP
Fancybox is undefined
how to speed up this slow-motion jquery script with array and objects?
Key Bindings Fire Multiple Times when Holding Key
GWT: Showing PDF created as POST response
Openfeint posting scores issue in android
App force closes on adding admob in my xml file
error: template argument required for 'struct List'
Do you have to define controller helpers to get paths for new routes in rails?
CorePlot Pie Chart: How to hide X and Y axes?
GLSL Renderbuffer really required?
Appending an Iframe within an Iframe to a div using JQuery
Weka NominalToBinary makes test and training sets incompatible
Using Two JCalender for SWT Application
Is there such a thing as bidirectional maps in Scala?
doctrine unknown column
Vertical alignment for the page to 100% of height
simple html dom parser and <span>
Getting the size of the code segment of a DLL or EXE when loaded in memory
About: error C2065: 鈥淜INECT_LOCKED_RECT鈥�undeclared identifier
While executing rake db:create error occured
Draw partial image or clipping diagonally using Core Graphics
F# equivalent of LINQ Single
鈥淐an't get the viewWidth after the first layout鈥�error when adding an Android WebView to a LinearLayout programmatically
wxPython basic Cairo drawing by mouse drag
create a user in phpbb from c#
Composite grammar in Boost::Spirit
Testing interaction across multiple simultaneous browsers?
Javascript: Function in a freshly opened window is not found
Does JSF store my helper class, which is referenced in my ManageBean in the session too?
Django modelformset_factory invalid, return request.POST data to forms
Hadoop Configuration Physical Location
Create element and append value of input
How can i input only valid telephone number in input box?
Nodes() vs DescendantNodes() usages?
Basic spring issue : using @Autowired
Best way to handle selecting an account from a table and showing its details in a web application
Best practice to send javascript code (e.g. a function, not a complete file) to the browser?
How to show line numbers for a code block using JavaScript?
Constraints programming in java
Loop an Loop in an xml file?
Haskell: reading Pico
onclick calling two functions simultaneously?
not getting hidden values while postback of a button
How to do a javascript overlay on flash page after loading from html
Instantiating a new object. Not sure if this is correct?
Transfer data from Oracle table to text file
{if}{else} do not work properly in smarty
Comparing Same Float Values In C [duplicate]
Simple Form - Translating options of a input field
SQL Server order by syntax
Using Dropbox to synchronize files and having them backed up in version control
MySQL performance with update
Methods used in webservices are not static or final
Matlab, automatically delete the index variable after the execution of a loop
MySQL skip the inserting into database when duplicate data inserting [closed]
Gridview calculation with textbox
project with TabBar CRASHED when opened
In ExtJS dataview single select mode how can I clear item selection
VTK and CMake鈥�Not able to 鈥渃onfigure鈥�
Finding encryption algorithm from source and resulting string
Pointer to struct with offset
Does userControl1.Dispose() take care of all its disposable objects?
Nested template specialization results in 鈥淚llegal use of explicit template arguments鈥�
why Handler , Timer , only run once?
Geocoder without MapView
Undefined index error鈥�Adding new indexes to an existig array
sqlite3 unrecognized token error for ( md5 or sha1)
How to split string lines for twitter compose?
Django error when installing Graphite - settings.DATABASES is improperly configured. Please supply the ENGINE value
Coloring table rows - 3 rows, 3 different colors?
Why the Paperclip cause my WEBrick server collapse frequently?
Get string of type Mixed in sencha touch
Wait until function will done, then submit form
Null foreign key, in ManyToOne relation using hibernate [4.1.1] annotations
Get and replace text containig :: inside a div
glib gunichar and wchar_t
# anchor not working
Are there any free cloud databases to store small data? [closed]
Dynamically changing android preference's widgetlayout resource
racket/scheme web monitoring program crash always
how to change GWT TEXTBOX Border color
JavaScript to get text input value
robots.txt - Prevent crawling of mobile site and what write in the meta tag?
How can i increase the search display rate of my app in Android Market?
CSS sprites, assigning class names
Why do we get the build error 鈥渆rror C2065: 'ostringstream' : undeclared identifier鈥�& How to fix this?
What's the use of 鈥渆num鈥�in Java? [duplicate]
data structure many-to-many(3way) relationship
Strange nullPointerException error - database related
Flash Emulation library - Trapping memory write access
Simple conversion to edgelist with R?
How to handle master-detail with STI
How do I upgrade multisite drupal 6 to 7
How to get the using apps by user using Facebook API [duplicate]
Can't create d3d device
3rdParty cookies issue when using crossdomain ajax
How to change the system time of an Ubuntu server in command line as a non-root user?
XCode: Disappear from compile sources
Database cleaning at regular intervals
Zend default route masks invalid module
What's the advantage of using jQuery UI instead of Twitter Bootstrap V2?
Navigation bar event issue
Interrupted Quartz Trigger does not resume
what's wrong with my steps,why there is no output?
Can inline constructors use initialization lists in C++?
Sort Core Data results on a string attributes length
table layout in java
iOS FBRequest success delegate method
Displaying and hiding an MPMoviePlayerController
鈥淥verscroll鈥�a tableview
is there a way to define flags in java and run code only if those flags are defined?
Handle when drawing of polygons is complete in google maps api v3
Scientific Computing :: OpenMP or Pthreads
extjs message show combobox
Ajax Popupextender to Display a UserControl?
Regular expression to validate New Zealand phone numbers
Check if a character in a string is a 1 or a 0
ASP.NET MVC Service locator to inject dependencies into a web handler
HTML Background
JSF composite component and f:convertNumber
row-major 3-D array address
Determine, store and print all integers within given range
iPhone - saving digits in code = smaller binary?
Rails 3.2, nested resource, uninitialized constant
How to check if Tomcat Web Application is running and redirect to another server if there is an error?
Rails 3.2, nested resource, uninitialized constant
How to check if Tomcat Web Application is running and redirect to another server if there is an error?
Approach for storing circa and actual dates in genealogy data model
compile in Netbeans 7.1
Program with Python that can read from a file, need to output number of character after line1 and recurrence of a character
C, how to transfer sqlite3 database handle
My webrole.cs can't seem to find a connection string
Social network htacess redirect
How to create image CvSeq
Upvote Downvote interaction without login
what is .netrwhist?
git write and read access without beeing user of server
SQL Server Management Studio For VS2010
how to interpolate recursive search in zsh
Creating classes and using them into project
SQL Server CE 4.0 Local Cache Agent?! EF Support?
Mod_Rewrite Rule Conflict Drving me Crazy
Database race conditions
ASP.NET (or IIS?) behavior on concurrent requests
Google API missing
Drupal 7: Graphics included with custom module is denied access
Android How can i play shoutcast AAC, AAC+, MP3 in MediaPlayer for Android 2.3 and above?
Update/Tweak installed Google Chrome Extension for local file access
setSelection is causing weird behavior with ListView
Why button does not reflect Action' NAME property?
How do you disable <script> elements using JavaScript
Change PHP script to printing file for Each 2000 line out from a array
Tackling Google Rate limiting APIs using Tor?
Android 4.0.3 emulator has no su
Nodejs Testing. How to avoid Race Conditions?
Make image draggable but fit exactly parent containment
How do you properly extend a WPFService in CINCH V2?
Which layout should I use?
How to send private message to user using
Formatting HTML lists
How to fetch NULL values in Mysql through joins?
Removing ccLabelBMFONT And Placing New one at the same palce from another Class
Check if user liked page or not
Error when binding gridview data to a datatable
How to draw a rectangle using a mouse in C# (emgucv)?
How can I do a 'where' clause in Linux shell?
fwrite if file doesn't exist?
Mysql. Should i use id?
CSS: Have 2 bits of text on same line, aligned left and right?
Compilation error - inline code
django hello world not showing
Flipping a function's argument order in Python
How to add a widget as an icon when install android app
how to do it and what's the meaning in magento?
function for creating dropdown menue in wordpress
ruby rails - undefined local variable or method `new_user_session_path'
Java: wait first frame while retriving data from second frame then on hitting on close button and control also come to the frist frame
Does WCF message level security mean I can ignore SSL?
Data comes from list but does not seen onto the page
MySQL: Query two tables simultaneously
Bar code scanner APK file not works fine in LG Optimus me and LG Optimus Pro mobiles
How can I handle an event when pressed Start button (Windows Phone)
how does a python program tell if it's being run within emacs?
Getting error on Using ALTER CHANGE in MySql
how to set combobox id from the store data received in extjs 4
UITextView maximum length
insert query in sqlite in android
Are all uncaught exceptions fatal in PHP?
HeidiSQL like Windows software but WITH zip/gzip export and import ability. Is there any?
Java network programming InetAddress objects
The size of void
Using mvcContrib with nhibernate
JDK7 translucency + jframe + jcombobox
Oracle Trigger error PL/SQL: ORA-00913: too many values
UITableView background view on iOS 4
the AES+ECB in Windows Phone 7
How to ignore characters on a MYSQL SELECT LIKE %鈥�
how to copy custom properties when making clone
&, &amp, &amp; All behave similarly in html. How and why?
TMemo descendant with empty lines
Facebook Connect with ASP.NET C#
regex's multi-match?
how to determine if a shell script file is sourced in bash
script inside jquery mobile collapsible fire twice
Auto completed text view to filter the items present in the arraylist in android
JTableCombo Values Not Changing on runtime
how to get fields of a table as column header in sql query? [closed]
How to partially merge commits in order from a diverged branch?
selected value multicolumn combobox c# dektop application
Using shared_ptr in multihtreading code
Using list names as names for sheets using XLConnect
Google App engine says:鈥�Over quota error---logservice.Read() required more quota
Hidden iCarousel Item reflection effect
Matching and removing an item from ArrayList
Sending an img file using Python
Converting SQL to Doctrine DBAL or createQuery()
Database not working when deploying application to hosting - connection string
std::find() backwards on C-style array?
How to manage movieclip button controls sound on main timeline?
How to store path to a node in JTree?
Does Android 4.0.3 support SIP?
log4net dont create log file on windows server 2003
php url to absolute function now work with spaces and arabic chars
self completing code
regular expression in javascript? [duplicate]
Custom post metabox with upload file button
How to add attribute when onclick event in browse for file
Strange behavior when using devise: do not redirect to root_path after sign up
onBlur Event on multiple textfields
Real-time APIs for Windows Embedded Compact
Twitter Integration in my application
Android 4.0.3 getting local IP
Xml not generated properly
How to bind XMLListCollection into Model?
App Rejected for iCloud Backup Flagging
xsd typing options
header() php not working
Php: Concatenate string into all array items
map and reduce queries in couchdb
Json RPC jquery ajax call
difference between using MULTIPLE 'id' and 'class' attributes in HTML and CSS
How to add validation to a form [closed]
jQuery, undefined function if used in a different function
how to retrive the images from mysql database using json in Android
(OpenGL 3.1 - 4.2) Objects take up all of the screen space
get H1 from divs and make a sidebar Link menu
Cygwin Python 2.7 package
iOS GMGridView how to reuse GMGridViewCell cells?
PHPExcel - creating multiple sheets by iteration
mail send using c# but data has to fetch from other html page
How to use Hash Tables (dictionaries) in MATLAB?
Java Network Data Exchange Architecture
How to switch the radio station with javascript
compiling my project with boost::regex linked as static
CAkePHP ajax pagination issue with firefox
I can't get the login session with Facebook SDK 3.1.1
Where is my loop going wrong?
on mouse up change button
UITextField in UITableViewCell
Public functions vs Functions in CodeIgniter
How can I put a multiple calculation in a vim text document?
Pointing ASP.Net Client to same service on another server
JQUERY HASH + how pass extra variables
My Update manager not update in debian
Post in PHP and
How to add default value to django-markitup widget?
perl on win2003 (strawberry perl) - how to get current bandwidth usage?
Read retry on Azure Table
Hide id from url in rails
QAbstactTableModel insert at top
Android :unable to play video
Rotate a set of logfiles named file, file.0, file.1, etc. in shell script
Something seems wrong with the layout, JButton showing unexpected behaviour at resize of the window
android: google map, location is not showing while genrating signed keystore
Something seems wrong with the layout, JButton showing unexpected behaviour at resize of the window
android: google map, location is not showing while genrating signed keystore
Convert Screen contents to Doc format and then let user download that doc on phone
Codeigniter: Creating helper and global message arrays for feedback & errors mvc resource cannot be found controller
how to pipe stdout to browser in Mono Apache MVC2 application
Drupal 7: how to restrict file access to specific user roles
function not being called, using jquery .delegate
how to make the screen rerender again?
How would I extract a SQL count from the following schema?
Boost::regex_match fails
Where do I find the latest Google Docs API with the source code of the samples?
ZF2: how to implement different configs for production, staging etc?
Windows command/commands to FIND file and COPY it to certain location or directory where batch file was launched from
Logical Time Display in android
How can I concat a new string inside a local variable?
How to get last insertd id in SQL Server 2005? [duplicate]
How to notifiy users about an Android App update?
why does this function object not need the specified?
Naming convention for Class with prefix domain name? [closed]
Best practice to protect windows form with a password /journal app with password protection)?
Update project running on the cluster
Getting name of last folder from maven ${project.basedir}
twitter API response : possibly_sensitive content
Queue for Binary Tree BFS
List of synonyms : What request to use
Create a dock like application using C# and wpf
Android Bluetooth: Service Discovery Failed, connection to Desktop/Laptop
What is a simple, testable, cross platform C++ GUI?
getElementsByTagName within an element javascript
Find duplicate records in a table using SQL Server
Eliminate the exception
How to fix the connection.session issue
How to display alert message after inserting data into database?
Add or remove time from a countdown
Response from Server using Jquery and Ajax
running through a loop and find a condition that match
Pop Activity From Stack onResume
how to match a string constructed by given sub strings by regular expression in C#
Rewrite rule in htaccess for mobile version
sql query -join to get the following result
How does javascript look up a member of an object through its prototype chain?
Selecting data from multiple tables, where a specific table does not contain any identifiable columns?
Using Custom Google Map in my Web App is legal or not?
Data grouping into weekly,monthly by user
Creating a leaderboard (ranked list of members) in MySQL with nested queries
Java System.out.print formatting
mv equivalent rsync command [closed]
Jquery behaves differently
Perl/lighttpd regex
what causes a scene's schedule to run even after the scene is replaced?
Rails accepting terms before creation
Prototype cells in xcode dont show after i run the app in simulator
Manipulating 80 bits datatype in C
Is there something wrong with my date code?
How can I replace newlines/line breaks with spaces in javascript?
Implementing Decrease Key with STL heap in O(logn) time
Homing/Chasing Algorithm
Toasts in AndEngine Scenes
About setbinding in canvas
Working with python dictionaries
multiple f:ajax calls in multiple h:selectOneMenu
the correct way to delete object in an array for node.js?
How to use QuickFIX in QtCreator?
Android - Source code for phonegap cordova.jar
What do square brackets mean in array initialization in C?
How to make facebook comment on website synchronize with facebook business page?
Creating Haskell shared libraries on OS X
Uncalled header issue
mysql: order by nearest id
Pass parameter from view to controller
linux build system tool
Linux internal memory representation
DateTimePicker in Windows Applications
Java Distributed Application - Message Passing
Optimal way to animate multiple divs
Jquery- How to control animate function on button click?
type of service field set of ip for voice
How to play an encrypted media file-IOS-iPhone?
Getting error while implementing a simple sorting program in Mapreduce with zero reduce nodes
Parse a HTML table using Ruby, Nokogiri omitting the column headers
Controlling position: 2 XIBs using 2 instances of NSWINdowController
How To Deploy .NET Web Project in IIS
How to remove the prefix of a table for a Django model?
c++ library for MPI-distributed containers
Do I need to link a .h and .m file if using the storyboard?
MASM problems with inpout32.dll
Physics Engine Spring Bug
Correct way to handle PLSQL exceptions in Java
Facebook authentication in sencha touch 1.1
The best way to check duplicated url in Python?
use of `&` keyword in PHP [duplicate]
How to calculate wait time in Unix? (Based on /usr/bin/time)
How to have SQL Server generate a sequential primary key?
code error in java class
How do I enable intellisense for Expression Blend 4 trial version?
hash table vs. linear list
How to fix a corrupted project?
How to save table column sqlite3 values in an array
DXT texture compression?
How to save table column sqlite3 values in an array
DXT texture compression?
PHP/regex : Script to create filenames with dashes instead of spaces
Taking a value from json array using jquery
Nested attributes and interacting with form hash and setting the user_id to
Saving the title of a button so it can be accessed in another view (Objective-C)
Border for svg elements
Scalable System Architecture/Design for Reading/Parsing Files
strip_tags function not working for <p> something</p>
MVC3 Session timeout after 10 seconds
Scala - make custom types covariant
git commit queue tool
PHP json_decode brings back null
In Django, how do I write a where users/self/ is the same as users/<pk>/, where <pk> is your logged in user pk?
MPMoviePlayer error loading file
Writing C++ intended to be called from C#?
how to round a double to n decimals? [duplicate]
BASH script to *create* filenames with spaces from filenames with 鈥�20鈥�
KOHANA Themes - how to set theme in K3
iphone Emoji icons are not displayed
Common internet file system
Single Page Application ASP.NET MVC 4 Authorization
Java code reads xml DTD viewer [closed]
How to add search bar under navigation bar and create a actionsheet by clicking on search bar
SQL - Multiple many-to-many relations filtering SELECT
How to store a string through out my windows form app
how to extract string of letters聽and聽numbers greater than 4 characters long using regex?
How to reload my view in iOS
image display according to coordinate needed in html
How to refer a particular TD in the first row of TBODY and change the class of the same row using Jquery?
100% width in css without the doesn't depend on browser size
How to implement authentication in WebService [closed]
Is it possible to use extened ASCII characters in BAT file?
How to use $mysqli->result inside while loop?
Mysql Indexing and Joins
Mysql select a field value or its inverse (bis)
Variables contain values but in action they equals NULL
Specified cast is not valid.(DBF file)
How to combine repositories into a single one in Bazaar?
Hide the span with a class name jquery
Cannot change page in Android 4.0.3 (JQueryMobile + PhoneGap)
Collision detection for Tiny Wings-esque Windows Phone game?
How do you put the content of a BufferedReader into a String?
Bind a Gridview on Selected Index Change Event using Ajax
controller in spring for form handling
Sort multidimensional array (PHP) - date complications and counting
How to set persistent storage for curl cookies?
How we are assigning values to GLFloat to draw a line in iPhone app?
how to use overloaded std::less for std::map
Copy table from SQL Server 2008 to MS Access 2007
Why my query is slower if a date column is in the SELECT part of my query?
Flat file database vs SQLite for fulltext search PHP
stack size from proc/pid/maps in C
how do i do this SQL query
can I download iOS SDK 4.3 without Xcode?
Mod Rewrite Rule not matching certain words
How to add jquery lightbox to content added to page via ajax?
error: expected ',' or '鈥� before numeric constant
gwt beginner- where to put code that will be purely server side code eg. listener
Using glGetFloatv to retrieve the modelview matrix in pyglet
User input in prolog
dealing with itextsharp XMLWorkerHelper.ParseXHTML strict behavior
Compile error with Arduino ADK + Android + Processing Example
How can I create a new gesture keyboard [closed]
SYN receives RST,ACK very frequently
JVM GC demote object to eden space?
Non-exhaustive patterns in function internals
Xcode / Objective-C Facebook Delegate Attempt
Group only when there are more than 2 similar rows?
Resolution vs. Dimensions when Supporting Multiple Resolutions
Are there Adobe AIR commands / methods that require administrative privilege to execute?
JQTouch and handling geolocation and dynamic AJAX requests to PHP
Sound output buffer flush
Best way to properly name files within zip archive
Bundle exec rake db:migrate does not work (and neither does rake db:migrate), Ubuntu
What are some good books about job scheduling algorithms? [closed]
How do I skip a user causing a Koala::Facebook::APIError: OAuthException in a block?
Merging Text Nodes Together After Inserting Span
App crashed when trying to change UITextView.text
Draw a gradient filled polygon to use in a selector
about function 鈥済et directions鈥�in Google map android
MySQL group by day with datetime mixing same dates from different months
Reference column in mysql where clause by its index
Pair equal operator overloading for inserting into set
How to convert jQuery object to XML/HTML?
Integrated CMS Based Off Model for Rails
Magento Recurring Payments - Multiple Billing Cycles Configuration
php include file issue using document root
Python RE expert needed
Linked-List file input, cant stop with EOF
Python - Looping an Input [duplicate]
Is it possible to download a large database using mysql query
Create MFC DLL from C/C++ (VS 2010) code to be used by C# WCF web service
Problems installing Echo Nest Remix API on Mac?
Issue with Map view delegate method 'mapView:regionDidChange:' do not call
Secured data client side cache?
GNAT GPS isn't recognizing changes I've made to my code
How to set CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to compile pycrypto
Is there any kind of hack to turn off GC execution until free memory is approaching zero?
Hibernate managed by Spring
XSS Protection in a Sinatra App
Does my program to solve a math equation have any mistakes? [closed]
Am I on the right track? [closed]
Metaprogramming: Where does method dispatch look when we call an instance method that is defined inside a class method?
JTextPane Filling Applet Box
AS3 - Adding an external .swf preloader when using null loader
RSS update via sms
How to access Xcode user define build settings from run script in build phase?
Smarty: string variable contains brackets
creating setup c#
RSA Encryption forceclosing before generating public/private keys
Is there a GC in Java that does not introduce latency (stop-the-world) by perhaps running 100% concurrently?
javascript in html head, innerhtml not working?
SMACK custom XML Extension's attribute GONE
php reload page with diffrent parameter in the url using php_self
validate a shopping cart
sorting values of python dict using sorted builtin function
Github - uploading files
hex to base 62 conversion for URL shortening
Floating point exception without traceback in python GTK
how to get maven release:prepare to put tagged release in tags folder?
Is there a Windows API to set 16-byte array atomically?
conceptual explanation of the red5 java class structure
Telerik MVC Extension Grid: How to get filterBy JavaScript to work?
How to queue up a set of raw audio files from bash
assembly nasm integer to binary [closed]
Collecting user specific data from other opened tabs
Custom mail send from joomla
Android PagerView between Activities
How come I can .hide() but not .show() in jQuery?
typedef variable in C++
How to create a menu bar item that will launch an app?
Eclipse exits automatically
Missing Play! compiler error page, no data returned
how to remove/omit file attribute from the dired buffer?
Passing single runnable object to multiple thread constructors [duplicate]
How to determine the proper weights for metric scores
maven release:prepare FAILS due to 1.7 svn working copy (expects 1.6)
passing int value as a parameter in thread constructor in java
Get class of cloned element jquery
Change current Timezone in C++ (i.e. GMT+2) and get current seconds on Windows
PHP Zend_Gdata_Spreadsheets update multiple cells in a batch?
Size of EBP Register on the Stack?
Python Mysql Update Execute Command
Gmail Signature Settings
skip an element using next() [closed]
list<int> showing null
How to programmatically intercept the GC to print information to my log
Script for Creating Copies of Word documents in SQL Server R2 Integration services
DataGrid to Excel?
textview.setText() in ListView causing force close
NuGet Crashes VS2010 Ultimate
How to make NSMutableArray and NSDictionary display results in UI
Updating a NSMutableArray in new viewController that's pushed onto the stack
Derby and NetBeans - errors with 鈥渃onnection鈥�
Why might my execution path not enter my constructor
What is the size of ( variable = &anotherVar )
F# Specification Symbolic Operator VS Symbolic Keyword
random 16-digit number function in Java [closed]
How to run / install xcodebuild?
UIBarbuttonItemStyle - CLLocation
.fadein not working on server (working locally)
Java Regex - Using String's replaceAll method to replace newlines
How do I create a custom wordpress slideshow plugin?
Jquery Horizontal Sliding tab mechanism
css code is removed when I tried to pass it through jquery and ajax
how to change high-lighting color for python #comment in Vim?
Servlet instances across multiple mappings
Perl string concatenation overlaying strings
How to update transform matrix (NewtonGameDyanmics/OpenGL)?
Node.js Creating and Deleting a File Recursively
no such file to load 鈥�readline (Load Error)
HTML5 Speech recognition 鈥�is there a way to set what the user is expected to say dynamically? (Using custom Grammars)
What is the Correct way to enable JQuery Code Hinting and Completion in Aptana Studio 3?
Cannot get principal id on my Spock test
Use function after generated by extraction from Coq to Ocaml
How to verify an email address really exists by sending a mail in java
Wordpress breacks pure CSS hover slider
passthru not working in pdftk
Showing Auto-generated primary key on JSP
Check whether a constructor calls another constructor
Explode array elements into comma-separated arguments (Node.js)
What is a specialization diagram and what is its use?
Pack files assets into apk?
Plotting in R won't plot type = 鈥渓鈥�
How to protect a SaaS application where the novelty is client-side?
Spring 3 JPA: LazyInitializationException despite @Transactional Service Method
when should I go for procedure or function in PL/SQL?
reading fprintf while the program is running
Xcode Instruments and persistent allocations
How to print formatted text from a web server with confirmation of successful printing?
Django: Django generated sql query causes error
PHP - Get a diff report with positions of insertions in text
how to get the unchecked value from checkbox?
Opengl: Use single channel texture as alpha channel to display text
how to get html source from url string? scheme/racket
multiple threading and persistence best practices
Colorama for Python, Not returning colored print lines on Windows
Efficient approach for constant modification of text
how to get html source from url string? scheme/racket
multiple threading and persistence best practices
Colorama for Python, Not returning colored print lines on Windows
Efficient approach for constant modification of text
retrieving the ID from a selected drop down list box in ruby on rails
Using unordered_map on array of doubles
Is the javascript import statement enough to get CurvyCorners working, or do I have to add more?
How to combine loops or how to implement many loops into glib main loop?
Using statement to create then destroy buttons in C#
Sending Location Updates to Server In Android
How to reuse hashing function of string class for custom class in unordered map?
Is it possible to render dust.js templates synchronously?
trying to set SDL up on Code Blocks
How does solr work with data split into different services and therefore not synchronously available?
talking to an OLE Automation (IDispatch) server from PowerShell
Haskell Print while in recursion?
How to refresh my HttpWebRequest
How to go this url
how do i create the small round delete buttons in interface builder?
Should jruby-complete.jar come with rubygems?
Checkout multiple projects at SVN
Writing VB.NET Windows Forms Application using CodeDom
Arrays and Searching Them
ASP.NET MVC 3 Requirements
How to check whether a field has been declared or not?
The least amount of code possible for this MySQL query?
Facebook PHP-SDK doesn't unset SESSION if user revokes application permissions
Java Template and Containers
Passing URL in Codeigniter URL segment
Reverse Shopping Script
Facebook login not properly being recognized once returning to app
Error when doing 鈥渕vn gae:run鈥�using Spring Roo on Google App Engine with GWT
Getting ANDROID_ID Trying to understand the java
Opening new Android project Error
using qrcode to login a website php
String Array Keeps Printing Last Entry in C
Avoid permutations when searching for coincident data
Setting Height to 100% Not Working and Unknown CSS Change
Smarty: accessing a dynamically generated array?
how can I implement 鈥渂oundary feedback鈥�on android?
Validating my application using VALIDATE in xcode - Beginner
OpenCart simple paypal checkout
can鈥檛 debug in qt sdk 1.2-during startup program exited with code 0x0
Center the logo (Vertical/Horizontal)
Primary key of owning side as a join column
Use video DOM to pause and play .mp4 onmouseover/onmouseout
Nginx does not accept URL as parameter in Sinatra Heroku app
Quicksand: Cached Images disappear after sorting in Chrome
Trying to change the background color of cell generated from a loop of JSON data using jQuery
How to implement a modal form that can be used throughout entire Rails application?
Sqlite3 - Update table using Python code - syntax error near %s
Get Document By Id using CouchDB and Backbone
Are arrays variable-length by default on C?
Set Popping (Python)
c++: stl hash compilation issues
Writing form data in a jquery-ui modal popup box to a database
Make a Firefox add-on to inject some DIVs and add styles. That's it
PhoneGap + WP7: how to use a plugin
Passign code as a function parameter instead of declaring a callback
Looping forward items in an array
How do I pass custom parameters using a Hadoop MapReduce Configuration object?
Place Name into Latitude and Longitude
Controlling Python PLY lexer states from parser
Sequential JQuery Functions
BlockingCollection, race condition?
Export XML to SQL Database (Complicated XML)
jQuery .show/.hide/.toggle Not Working in Certain Circumstances
Javascript : How to define an array of booleans with 60 elements in it [closed]
How can I wrap my JSON action result in a <textarea>
Entity Framework 4.1 Performance in Cloud based SQL Server
Android GUI stack performance metrics
Oracle Sql: how to substract rows from one table from another only once
Using an ABRecordRef @property triggers EXC_BAD_ACCESS
Attempting to use table view in ios, getting error
Java - Is it possible to programmatically determine if the Windows antivirus solution is up to date?
using a vector in a muti-threaded application
What's the meaning for object's monitor in java? Why use this word?
maven docbook plugin content not allowed in prolog
Use CreateProcess with enviroment variables set via a bat file
phantom reads in InnoDB, MyISAM and other engines
How to change Xcode4.3 Organizer's repository names
Wordpress: Dynamic Sorting of Content when a Button / Link is clicked
Dapper. Paging
How to add a subview to a UINavigation Controller without losing navigation bar?
Does git rm remove all history of a file?
Loop thru a list and stop when the first string is found
Dispatcher::applyFilter _callable - passing message to redirected page
codeignter with wordpress
Dev-C++ gives '&' referance syntax error
MySQL How to do Operations on Time like 30:47 (30 minutes and 47 seconds)
鈥淭ypeError: object of type 'NoneType' has no len()鈥�after logging in to Webapp2 Auth sample code
How to send XML POST request using Apache HttpClient?
Correct terms and words for sections and parts of selectors
how to skip and break a loop in R
EventProvider ActivityId in a call context using AppFabric
(void?) in DrRacket
syslog with strings?
Java EE 6 WebService and CDI injection
Order By on date field starting in a middle point of the dates range
Rails: retrieving image from Facebook after Omniauth login with Devise
Order By on date field starting in a middle point of the dates range
Rails: retrieving image from Facebook after Omniauth login with Devise
Most standard way to set configuration settings in a Class Library
Specifying left join conditions using rails include syntax
Insert into parent-child tables in SQL Server
sudo ./starling start works well but sudo service starling start fails
MySQL error #1064
Rotate a Triangle around its center with JavaScript