CDN that provides Redirects?
Javascript Undefined String Property Truthiness
Unable to copy another model's attributes correctly?
Transparent areas PVR textures loading white in cocos2d
Is there an official or de-facto common URN NID for private unregulated use?
Add new field to jqGrid edit Dialog
I haven't been able to discover how to make a button submit a FORM ~ and ALSO, work as an <a> LINK
Geting last file uploaded out of a number of dir
Can one obtain the value being inserted with an auto increment pk?
Refresh view after app resumes from multitasking
Regex regular expression to remove lines which start with certain text
鈥淎utoconfig鈥�and 鈥淒aemon鈥�Tasks in Node.js
C# Rich text box highlight
How can i change the path to a specific folder
jQuery: making table cells content editable
JS - Remove a tag without deleting content
How to listen to HTTP requests and a serial channel in the same Python program?
Convert Int to Char Array
Grails NPE on all requests to controller until recompile without change to code
updating blackberry playbook app on store [closed]
Is it possible to check in/out files from a webserver with a FF-plugin or Chrome extension?
JQuery .load() does not load correctly
Is it possible to xcopy deploy the Microsoft ReportViewer web control?
no member function declared in class
IKVM changes to
Simulate key holding for a specified time
How to 'cut' on null?
(C++) SystemParametersInfo with SPI_SetMouse does not seem to change cursor speed
Reverse-printing single-linked list
Client / Server model Java
Whats the name for a javascript pattern with a variable that is assigned the return value of a function?
Image Rotation Horizontally
Prolog- return index of an element
does not loop and display the error message
MySQL query to count items by week for the current 52-weeks?
Pause between animations
managing Persistent Visual Data (event driven buttons and ImageViews) throughout Activities of an application
Immutable Collections that return a new view when modified
Long Polling and applicationDidEnterBackground:
Convert UTC date to user's timezone in email message
Can I qsub without source .bash_profile
Button, and A link both need to be clicked twice [closed]
Div goes to new line
How to write a 'generic' mergesort in Scala?
Which Java Collection is best for this scenario
Storing a 'Client' in a struct on Arduino
Match PHP socket SSL options in Perl
Non-authoratative Nameservers
Ruby: Filter Apache log for HTTP Status and the percentage of their occurrence
Is it Forbidden to Stream YouTube Video on Background? [closed]
How to download .zip file from web URL using Perl Script?
Undefined symbols for architecture armv
Duplicate packets in Java?
Can I make git diff only show the changed file names and line numbers?
How to escape quotes/apostrophe in php? [closed]
Trouble configuring a spring bean to accept a mule message or event
localstorage and rest webservice in sencha touch
AWS Backup Storage and Storgae from for rails application
Programming to an interface
What makes VS11 beta so fast? [closed]
Display columnar data with css display table-column
Is there a more succinct Linq expression for inserting a constant between every item in a list?
jEditable - Unable to do validation
Java generics, add all ints/vectors in a list
Data storage for financial analysis
Trying to use autoResize
(Solved) SyntaxError: no viable alternative at input 'return' 鈥�jython
ImportError: No Module named xlwt
Use MySQL with Xcode
鈥淪trict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference鈥�error
What is the function rem_pio2f() used by GCC?
Charting solution in iOS (native / Javascript)
How to save the selected MKAnnotation?
How to count the number of unique characters in a file?
how to loop javascipt for creating bubble popup form more than 1 content
Use System.Threading.Timer or Quartz in an ASP.NET
Multiple jQuery image galleries on one page
List<byte> and copying byte arrays?
Replacement for deprecated eregi [duplicate]
Host a WCF Service in a Application
Difference between gem versions on and github
Spring 3.1.1 java based configuration issue
Codeigniter controller and model with same name collison
Simple layout mock-up design tool?
Why ORA-03106 in an OCI program when SELECTing more than 1 row? 10g only, not 11g
Anchoring a box2d body
How can I get a web image dimension using SharePoint 2010 client object model?
AS3 with alivePDF Embedding Fonts - Unable to transcode .afm
Sending UTF 8 from iOS to PHP via POST
method to generate test data from real source database in oracle 11g
How to tag message of photo on facebook on android
Custom Validate single item in a list
adding content to a button click in wpf
C++ Abstract class Design
Mid-square hashing using bit-shift [closed]
What to Put in the Comments of a Method That Represents an Action?
Portable standard-syntax atomic operations library in C++
Auto-close modal window, or close on click
Xml declaration for deserialization
nmake appending to variables
Add prop to image HTML5
JSF f:ajax listener not called
MySQL count logins AND return latest login
MySQL tables relationship and the use of md5 hash
encrypt maven passwords within eclipse using m2e
Twitter OAuth update_profile_image
Use Recaptcha without unsafeWindow?
How to log from Javascript Module in Firefox extension
Going Over the Div Width?
Expression Engine remove index.php using .htaccess not working
accessing an attr_writer on a nested asstribute asset from a file uplaoded via form
Android image array folder change
Write to buffered graphics surface via pointer manupilation
NSFetchedResultsController delegate methods called infinite number of times upon insertNewObjectForEntityForName:inManagedObjectContext:
Can I use AdMob in android apps published on Amazon Appstore?
apache url rewrite not working but redirect works, why?
How do you find all modules and classes within a module, recursively?
Streaming from iCloud?
iOS app runs out of memory without receiving a low memory warning
How do I compile this project? (Gleed2D)
Duplicate content fixed by robots.txt?
Nested lazy for-comprehension
Pygame stuttering object
How do you make a template for a mixed bullet list in XSLT
Why does ArrayList use transient storage?
Running total column in SQLite
Changing X axis scale in Excel
Make Form Fields Optional with JavaScript Validation
combine two values identified by a name from two files
make AS3 for each loop dynamically know depth of iteration
I dont know how to fix this syntax error mvc Setting up dynamic Docking with Css
How to add hyperlinks to Text columns in Fusion Tables?
How can I dynamically change the color of an element in an SVG image in GTK?
How do I prevent auto-scrolling to the top in jQuery?
In a Ruby Class that Inherits from String, How do I Get 鈥�{my_string}鈥�with explicit .to_s - after saving custom CSS all widths are removed
How can I change the .NET framework used by LogiXML?
Displaying a list of pre-determined Geopoints
selected item ind dropdown when editing
Regarding EC2+MySQL vs. RDS for Wordpress
selected item ind dropdown when editing
Regarding EC2+MySQL vs. RDS for Wordpress
Vim: Columnvise Increment inside and outside?
What Makes a Method Thread-safe? What are the rules?
ASP.Net Web Project Using Default Login.aspx
error compiling android cm9 systemui.apk
鈥渟nake鈥�run error
Valum's File Uploader?
Change CCSpeed of action from a different class?
Unrecognized Selector Sent to Instance - UITableView and Restkit LoadObjects Options
create xml file from mysql data to slowly
What is the most efficient way to copy a two dimensional arrays of primitive type in java?
Is there a function in like re.findall but that returns dictionaries instead of tuples?
Preventing an incorrect address being assigned when updating/inserting data into CMS system
Rationalization in Clojure
How to maintain a communication between two classes?
Does anyone have good idea to deploy a complex distributed system? [closed]
How do I call different methods for different class-types in a generic message-receiver?
Looking for MinGW compatible dinput.h
HashSet in Java - Comparison and hashkeys
DataBind Listbox SubSelection in WPF
Core Data retrieve detailed information
Load and use perl module without knowing the module name but knowing the file name
css book on css box model, how block element width can get affected etc
Do i need Java for running hadoop in Amazon EC2?
SQL SERVER : having two where conditions in one update statement
Chef and Knife to bootstrap ec2 - OpenSSL::PKey::RSAError: private key needed.: no start line
custom setter method for shared nsdateformatter
Technical name for text between XML tags
IPython EDITOR defaulting to notepad instead of invoking IDLE [Windows]
error: conflicting types for 鈥榳hatever鈥�
Zip Files in PHP
Javascript named jump to anchor
How to populate production database (heroku) with development data? (Rails)
Need direction: saving form instances to local storage
Custom wordpress rewrite rule = reusable tags taxonomy?
MongoDB Node.js isn't only get null in response to getting data
Upload a document to a SharePoint list from Client Side Object Model
How do you use Coldfusion Builder 2 in a team environment using a common development server?
PDO Transaction rolling back when returning LastInsertID
php script not updating mysql row
Handle async SQLite database row adding
Hibernate join another joined table
Processing packets with unknown IPv6 extension headers
'Cannot redeclare class' error when trying to mock out dependencies in PHPUnit
Make an array of elements by class name, and show those elements sequentially on document ready
Get absolute path of django app
declare a vector of some unknown precision
I am trying to build my first site with a content management system and need some advice
C# Radio Buttons - Remove Auto-grouping (VS 2008 Designer)
Getting Top 20 checked in cities in the world [closed]
Dapper. IoC, Testing and Agatha mvc 4 on iis6: 鈥淭he page cannot be found鈥�
Weblogic 12c JSF don't call (ignore) @PostConstruct
Code Conversion Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.7/2.5 [closed]
C: Nicer syntax for generic data structures using void pointers?
MySQL: select from table excluding where parameter
jquery-ui datepicker: multiple input box mirroring
Change Password in PHP
Questions about the move assignment operator
How to define and run procedure/function using record?
Rails 3 - How can you sort an AR query result by doing math on attributes?
.net, windows application called from hotkey like google desktop
UIView perspective
Perl: Trim multi-line records
How to create a virtual directory underneath a folder in IIS using wix
Leiningen unable to run
Looking for example code to implement a SNMP table using AgentX
Asynchronously getting data instead of using initWithContentsOfURL
Azure: Deploy a file that is not part of the solution
Browser render issue in iframe inside SharePoint 2007
Mysql gem and Rails3 mvc dropdownlistfor Object reference not set to an instance of an object error
On the Kindle Fire, is it possible to get a user's email address?
jQuery ajax + responseText + Character encoding
How to find sum of values with LINQ
How can I install QT on Lion 10.7.3 with XCode 4.3 installed?
Populate Foreign Key with primary key from related table
Show Progress Using WebClient Download
Mysql select query, splitting column data conditionally into 2 new columns
How to add a control to a panel on a form from another user control
Javascript set variable with onclick
Archives from previous versions of Xcode in the Organizer
UIImagepickercontroller Not Selecting Image
format time & date
.Net Growing Memory Issue
Guice Generic class binding
Share picker like 鈥淪hare page鈥�in WP7 internet explorer
What are the modern tools for enginering an compiler? [closed]
C++ INET noob, segfault [closed]
How do I handle whitespace in filenames in a for loop?
ILoop w/ SBT 0.11
SQL Nested Where with Sums
Explicit conversion from integer to entity?
How can I debug my failure to push my Perloku app to Heroku?
PlayN + Eclipse not working. DependencyResolutionException
Caching large objects for web site
Links not highlighting in Android browser after CSS3 transition
Getting information form String
Javascript documentation generators like or YARD?
How to use interface members in expression
PHP File Download with Query String
limit return of list.where
How do I determine if a button is held before an AutoHotkey script is launched?
android & libgdx - disable blurry rendering
removing dashboard menu options for the user role editor
Assembly: Why does jumping to a label that returns via ret cause a segmentation fault?
c++ Using const in a copy constructor?
408 request timeout if web app is idle for about one minute
Open a file from a specific program from python
How do I safely rename my mac hardrive 鈥淢acintosh HD鈥� [closed]
jQuery click(function() not working but plain Javascript working just fine
Post to Facebook page using php
Has anyone been able to get FB.Canvas.setUrlHandler to work?
How to connect Visual Studio 2010 Express C# to SQL Server Express
Get the real size of a SVG/G element
Documentation String Stub, Python
jQuery: How do I set a variable on page load, on page resize destroy the variable, and then load a new variable?
Flex Spark DataGrid: ReferenceError #1069 in GridItemEditor
CSS: Last element on line
SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard failed to register SharePoint services - LocStringId parameter
Sort with tinysort and data attribute
std::bind and different signature of calling binded function
Using XSLT prepend element attribute to another attribute of another element
C# quickest two-way string shortening
How to implement a Core Data virtual attribute properly?
100% width for a field in a toolbar
Another PHP fatal error
How to put a Winform application inside installation kit?
Do some GPUs or drivers lack some of the glsl built-in functions?
CRUD operation sample or book
Change y-axis format of GWT Visualization from milliseconds to hr:min:sec
MVC3 How to pass and assign FK field from one model to another
How transactions influence read consistency for next non ancestor query in NDB
Removing items from a nested list Python
Serializing BufferedImage by Java Advanced Imaging API JAI
PHP MySQL encoding issue with XML
Convert List of Numbers to String Ranges
No exception of type AxisFault can be thrown; an exception type must be a subclass of Throwable
How to improve the speed of this SQL update query?
Changing the style of the standard android.R.layout options?
How to create that moveable UItextfield?
How to setAliasTexParameters of CCNode<CCRGBAProtocol>?
How to detect Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera browser?
In Java, what does object.class do?
MS Access SQL: select rows with the same order as IN clause
When does ajaxError get called if using $.ajax?
How do I get ASP.NET Web API to return JSON instead of XML using Chrome?
Linking c++ against boost in an R package
Conditionally change panel background with facet_grid?
Linking c++ against boost in an R package
Conditionally change panel background with facet_grid?
How to add a method to a superclass from a subclass in C++
How to check whether a specific substring exists in a string?
Better way to remove specific characters from perl string
C# ToDictionary lambda select index and element?
Passing the self parameter to a django callback
no scrolling with hashtag/bookmark
How to tweet from a local webpage
How to use forward slashes instead of a hash (#) in history.js?
are there requirements for Struts setters beyond variable name matching? [closed]
How to get the last dependency of a target?
Django ReportLab: using Drawing object to create PDF and return via Httpresponse
ASP.Net PreSendRequestHeaders unable to access session
foreach design idea [duplicate]
XSLT not displaying all results
Workflow Foundation 4 - IPrincipal lost when workflow resume from a delay activity
Lazy Loading in EF 5.0 beta 2 doesn't matter?
Is there a way to wipe an entire Neo4j database via the REST API?
jQuery on hover opacity
Event not triggered for UIButton in UIView in UITableViewCell
how do i use jQuery get the parent radcombobox control object from the checkbox click event?
is my understanding this visual basic program correct?
iOS Quartz Changing stroke color
HTML5 form with jQuery doesn't work on Chrome and Opera
Simple geocoding example that loads an arbitrary address
Oauth, Twitter, 401 Unauthorised
C# dynamic compilation and code generation
How do I create a horizontal repeater that has irregular height items that align to the top?
Pig script/command to filter a file on multiple strings
Rollover images, when clicked show movable pop up window
Why doesn't NetBeans IDE see the generated sources?
Use pipe of commands as argument for diff
pip search django produces time out error
Eclipse maven plugin getting HTTP 416 when retrieving jar
Get all permissions provided by given module via hook_permission()
Transformation into a table related to BI
Deploying Silverlight Business Application
At what email volume to use AMQP
Jquery select parent element, has() complications
Filtering datagrid based on data in rows, Flex
NoClassDefFoundError when running Instrumentation test with ant
Setting Socket Timeout?
Differences between database/entity framework and in memory lists when mocking in unit tests
Check for loaded sql object in Rails
Jquery mobile trigger create not updating slider button location
How can one eliminate redundant, repeated HTML tags via Javascript?
Qt Web Service post query
Java - How to load the full source of an HTML website
OData and Objective C
Java - How to load the full source of an HTML website
OData and Objective C
Is the backing field of a compiler generated event always guaranteed to use the same name as the event?
If at least one ocurrence of that echo this
Testing jquery change for simple checkbox function
A way to group table cells together in html?
Delete ClearCase development stream
Common.Logging for TraceSource
Using client side XSLT transformations in the HTML5 era
omap_udc.c g_hid.c hid gadget on beagleboard with angstrom linux
How to overcome FASTCGI Error?
base64_decode POST args to UTF8
How to remove multiple child nodes recursively without messing up the indices?
How to add a form load event (current not working)
Native app for a website/forum
iOS Math for a turret/cannon that rotates to follow a finger
can i know the Thread runnable class attributes in java?
JQuery $_POST and $_FILES array are empty
Facebook SDK doesn't load鈥ll.js GET failing
checking if svg element is inside the viewbox
How do I shrink a UIView with a drawing from iPad size to iPhone size?
Protecting images from direct access by checking current PHP session with mod_rewrite
how to add map entries to a synchronized/non synchronized map from a synchronized map java
maven-dependency-plugin unpack not being executed during phase
Why does my console application give a Win32 exception for the machine type when deployed?
How to access cisco connection on Win7 from Mac OS X on local network
Extract all html tag closed with a regex expresion
how do i reference a script contained within my wordpress child-theme folder?
Dapper. IDbConnection and IDbTransaction
Using different div tags in one line
log4j+commons-logging migration to Logback
Is it possible to detect a left-click on a right-click browser context menu?
how should data integrity be maintained in a situation where a foreign key relationship could be deleted
Is it possible to use 鈥�鈥�in a filename?
need to implement in razor a map control written aspx code
Android ICS x86 on VirtualBox with Internet Connection
Alternatives of file_get_contents to retrieve information from graph api
javascript: execute jquery code variables by the function
how to improve mysql query?
is there a way to speed up this python program? (short)
Protecting backend password in iOS app bundle
Where can I download Jtalk or Smalltalk for Javascript?
Haskell plugins package on Windows Not x86 PEi386 error
pattern for implementing undo/redo in clojure
What are the parameters sent to .fail in jQuery?
Enabling PHP Xdebug remote_enable causing 504 time-out every time
ProcessBuilder can't find file?!
jQuery toggle div if var equals value doesn't work
Drupal 7 - I have a content type that is not displayed when I try to Add Content
reshape data in r with repeated columns
Base64 in iPhone returning different result than other tools
which day of week given a date python
Infowindows on gmaps4rails only display on homepage
No results (status 500) when requesting placesAPI for places at rad > 2000m while rad <2000m brings many results
How to create a bool query with minimum_number_should_match when using queries saved as blocks
How to distribute leads from system evenly to two parties throughout day?
Class Design C# Casting
Beginning Java : passing to a constructor thru event listener
How to use fb_graph gem to post from app on my page wall?
write extracted Xml elements to Xml without additional tags
Python Choice for Message Bus Between Objects
Howto get 'custom web server' working? IIS7.5 VS2010 [duplicate]
Call to a member function xx() on a non-object (which is an object actually)
php delete links rows from mysql databse
MySql Php Applet Not connecting
Handling element collisions on importing/including XML schemas
URLClassLoader - Using an encrypted Jar
Datatables width not being set correctly
How to add multiple bindings to same dependency property in WPF?
How to reverse an array in Javascript?
random function in Java [closed]
JQuery: How to hide a div with a dynanically assigned ID
modifying xml node innertext and attributes value
Keep getting 'illegal tag 鈥渂ody鈥� on iFrame app
Removing .php from url's in the htaccess, not i can't install wordpress on a sub folder
jQuery stopPropagation()?
Css 鈥渧ertical鈥�Grid
How to animate the DIV to the center using jquery
jQuery loop function and start from beginning - flip function
How can I word wrap this list item in Firefox 11?
Keeping a struct as a value type - What types can I use / return?
WIX Installer Install in Multiple Locations then Patch
Parse a line using Pattern.compile
MS Deploy - deploy a folder to a website
How to deploy java (jar or war) onto Windows IIS
Array of derived type: select entry
accessing google apis in the new intel x86 android emulator
Memory leak using structs
OpenGLES: merging two masks (bitmaps)
Using GitBash -Installed gems?
Get translated country name from a 2 digit country code in Symfony2/Twig?
Google Maps Routes in MySQL
find duplicates in php bidimensional array
Heroku Django: Handling static files. Could not import settings 'my_django_app/'
Get amplitude of recorded sound with Python using SL4A
Reading webpages on Android Phone without html tags
See Capistrano previous revision timestamp
Compile Bootstrap 2 with Simpless [closed]
fetchedResultsController fetchedObjects returning an NSCFString instead of NSArray
Auto-generating Doctrine entities; custom parsing
Compile Bootstrap 2 with Simpless [closed]
fetchedResultsController fetchedObjects returning an NSCFString instead of NSArray
Auto-generating Doctrine entities; custom parsing
Couldn't find HOME environment
JSON Array field handling in Elephant-Bird UDF in PIG
How to get Summary statistics by group
wordpress session problems
Refering a page that called a particular page
option select in a table is not changing
NSMediaplayer status bar bug?
Core Data and Semi-Permanent Data
how to get all nodes and its attributes in XML with LINQ
Rails 3 AJAX Follow Button Different Controllers
rand() gives values which are very close to each other
Dynamic filename in mysqldump - date
jQuery when user clicks outside the form
Plotting output of kmeans(PyCluster impl)
request_denied when i include key=my_api_key
Core Data: NSManagedObjectContext, NSFetchResultsController, and UIManagedDocument
Using a Java Swing GUI, how can I run a Server Socket in the background and still use the GUI?
Cannot execute Nhibernate query
Syntax of require in the ClojureScript REPL
Preloading images for element states
How to add something after every number in a string in PYTHON?
Inline dropdown in form with bootstrap
Why doesn't GitHub preserve line breaks in AsciiDoc?
Django query to retrieve items that are selected as foreign keys?
Sorcery gem with has_one association
Non-integer ULP error?
Faster string comparision
Convert Thrift object to SHA1 digest
How do I draw squares on top of applications, get coordinates/size of the squares, and check to see if the image beneath the squares has changed?
Struts2 <s:url> / <s:param> tags outputting date parameter values that fail in type conversion
Poor look of a gtkmm program
AppEngine: gaierror when starting a task
expected 鈥榮truct matrix_t *鈥�but argument is of type 鈥榮truct matrix_t *鈥�?_? no difference
Split string into string array of single characters
Force update Diagnostic Configuration file under wad-control-container for Azure
Migrate data from DB2 to SQL Server - What's needed on DB2 side? [closed]
Updating Android SDKs (15 r 3) causes all built apks to crash when run
Memory exception in c++
Android how to exit infinte loop (checkbox and dialog)
Finding how closely a set of strings are related
Having a closure issue. Can't seem to resolve it. Please advise
Define Array in C
Combining 2 bytes
zooming image in viewflipper
Making UserControls accessible in WPF
How can I specify multiple address_space structs for an inode?
Replacing a Binary that is 鈥淩eady for Sale鈥�[closed]
Trouble installing pg gem
Stopwatch appears to jump 500碌s between iterations of a tight loop
How to process a RFC3339 date with Z and without Z?
EmberJs - IE8 not firing selectionBinding update
How to use delta milliseconds to do something every x milliseconds?
GWT testing with mockito
Viusal State for MouseOver doesn't work on WindowsPhone
nth-child and before
Select greater than ORACLE
How do i say 鈥減arty1 and party2 has same amount of votes鈥�else party1 has won the election
iOS UITableView Only Reloads Cell Data When Scrolling
long press gesture issue
Grouping events by year, month and then listing for each - PHP and MySQL
How to upload a Google Docs document in Haskell?
How to determine if a user is a member of a non-fixed sql database role
Unable to enable/disable validator in control embedded in UpdatePanel
Apex and salesforce
Ajaxing refresh to a div once added an 鈥淚tem鈥�
SSL configuration for fedex web service using command line
PHP MySql Table creation - So simple but not working. WHY?
MVC3 How to disable/enable ActionLink
Estimated Time Of Arrival
dropping duplicate foreign keys
MySQL non-error error over web interfaces but not on command line
Putting padding within the <a> inside an <li> element
In PHP, how do you guess the URL to a certain file, given her disk path?
How to get vim, jsctags, or ctags to treat a .js file as an .html file?
Whats the best way to design a database with a product of multiple variations?
Localized app choosing the wrong images
When is the savedInstanceState bundle actually used?
ASP.NET MVC3: Add element from list into a model's collection, from 鈥淓dit鈥�view
How to write out an array of objects in columns using JSTL
Issue in accessing the titleLabel of a group of buttons from an NSMutableArray
Issue with fixed header - no horizontal scroll
IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 7, Size: 7
prop=extracts not returning all extracts in the WikiMedia API
Android Bluetooth Discovery
How can I make the font bigger, just between the first and second headings? + ajax how can I
jQuery hover - mouseout event not working in IE8
Jquery Ajax ServerControl DropDownlist selected item after ajax call
Testing for prime numbers in java
Reading a file in java error
Hide or show textbox based on different tab page selection
Get more data from a relationship table using Yii
Android : Activity and Service communication
What is the difference between Memcache store() and add()?
remove old revision from svn server
How to set binary post body to HTTPSamplerProxy in jmeter?
Split a string with a lot of dividers
Check if one letter is in a string(word), and what posistion it is at?
JSF Composite component using a4j:repeat
displaying a background image in a Java Swing application
Appengine dev-mode doesn't start
How to handle callback urls for developing and debugging with Facebook authentication?
Return of the valid view from controller [closed]
Managing multiple dependency versions with OSGI/Maven
aspnet table row
Python: prevent %s substitution on a string
Making a simple calculator in Javascript using an Object
How to Install Colorama, Python
Generate a key that is consistent over time
Is there a sorting routine faster than qsort?
Overriding view location for Razor View Engine
How to print the GridView and Microsoft Charting Control directly or as a PDF?
print json data
html5 - drag and drop - not trigger a drop event
How to asynchronously queue (string) messages from one thread to another in .NET 2.0/3.5?
UIDatePicker not showing up in static tableView on iPad
Accessing child element using jQuery
chain callback using deferred and pipe
Starting AVAssetExportSession in the Background
Load image into existing Mat
Twitter callback Web Intents Javascript Events
force a request variable to certain value?
How to parse custom file in Android
How to dynamically resize an iframe in Fancybox 2?
altering a serializable class by adding static methods, java
Box2D in PlayN fails to report collision
Css change style of unorderded list?
File.Delete also deleted the wrong file
Calling Clojure 1.3 from Java
Async Task.WhenAll with timeout
How to check whether 鈥淔ile open鈥︹� window is open with javascript?
Is it possible to perform a linq query with string concatenation instead of identifiers?
Is there any specific time before android automatically closes the application?
can we convert a variable data into variable
Simple jQuery Image fade
Build and Array of Arrays from query result with <cfloop>
Access a running background thread VB.NET VS2008
including php file From a static class method
ASP.NET SPA with a legacy domain objects
Keeping a counter at each recursive call in OCaml
I need www to be linked [closed]
Retrieving dynamic checkbox values and label from strongly typed view in MVC3
Mac OS and iOS support for Integrated Windows Authentication & IIS
Libraries in SDK 17 - android
Passing a Value from PHP to Javascript Variable
Why is this where().first_or_create generating incorrect SQL in RSpec only?
ExpandedList inside a Fragment
Passing a Value from PHP to Javascript Variable
Why is this where().first_or_create generating incorrect SQL in RSpec only?
ExpandedList inside a Fragment
difference between the parameters in python [duplicate]
basic client server: Passing strings properly
How to build re-usable user control, within a user control in WPF?
ASP.NET: How to repopulate dynamically added controls to appease a dynamically added RequiredFieldValidator?
IE and Div heights
Open an Application .exe window inside another application
Alias, mod_rewrite or something else for shared php scripts?
How to transfer key-value pair on formAuthentication?
Explanation of CUDA C and C++
How to bitwise-and CFBitVector
Determining the equality of JSON-formatted objects in node.js
IllegalStateException when sending multipart mail from tomcat6
How is this named self-invoked function being passed an argument?
using a qsort to sort struct pointers by different variables
Externarlize ehcache.xml to use properties from external properties file
Win32 C/C++ add a button to desktop
c# memory leak in loop
Link Error with selfmade Lib
Using implode to generate csv file from mysql_query on joined tables, output gives fields duplicated?
How to avoid text set of button in designer
Rails3 devise / omniauth - password_required? and form_for :validate => true don't work together
Database Schema allowing for multiple login opportunities (Facebook-Connect, Oauth, OpenID, etc.) for the same account
Workaround for opacity on ipad?
Why is Chrome redirecting to URL of iframe onload?
Time-related information in directions from Google Maps API
Convert a hash string to a formatted number?
Define custom height for tab of Facebook application with iFrame
How to correct 鈥淭ypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable鈥�in recursive function?
managed Socket server component
Can i echo something between a sql query?
Get the last div in a row of floating divs
Exploiting the voice chat feature in Game Centre to create a Skype-like voip app?
PHP pagination, displaying only a few page links
ASP.NET What is this called using from keyword to loop through list
clarification with argparse in python 3.2 please
Hudson SCP file upload fails because I used ANT to rename the war file
C++ line output
Python PLY multiple rules
after restart onCreate is not called. why? how to fix?
Where to put the class model of representation?
webclient how to keep basic authorization when redirect
Android - Adding a header to a listview
Edit NSToolbarItem mousedown behaviour
Android PhoneGap Application breaking in landscape mode
Why is my EPL file being printed literally instead of interpreted by my Zebra LP2844?
SharePoint 2010 and Advanced Conditional Formating
how to import image into java class
How to set the title for X axis and Y axis for X-Y Scatter Plot in Excel
MongoDB Add extra embedded document instead of overwriting it
Background Resize to Browser, Not Fixed
Operations on Church Lists in Haskell
Is there a Map implementation with listeners for Java?
Bring to front window using its process name in C++
Unsupported operand type?
Get width and height of ImageView on orientation change
Trying to programmatically scroll a scrollviewer
running a script at linux startup
Prevent a control in accordion header from triggering accordion roll-up/down behaviour
jQuery Tools Tooltip: show on page load
VBA 2 Questions concerning variable scope and lifetime
Using ASIHTTPRequest to upload file to S3 with Content-MD5 header
find patern and append and replace it in file
Android - How can I view a sql database created in my app? I'm running it on the Android emulator in Eclipse
How to design a simple concurrent network graph (Java, Swing & JUNG)
Pass in javascript param in URL
jQuery 1.7.1: length function not working to get table tr count
Node console.log behavior and windows stdout
Web Services vs. REST APIs for Domino and XPages [closed]
add cssClass to CurrentNode in Navigation
Is it possible to have a C++ method accept either const char* and const wchar_t* as a parameter without overloading the method?
Links in iFrame tabs won't work in Facebook application in Timeline
CountDownLatch Synchronization
multifield form php issue
Using PHP to Seperate Results of a txt file
How determine if MSXML6 is installed in a system using delphi?
Redirect the output to two processes and merge
A customized object array sort in Java that does not sort
Need Java equvalent for 3DES decryption of PHP code
How to get the numbers of the last 6 months only using mysql (no php)
How to dynamically create a ARRAY based on a AJAX response?
Mysql query help. I need to make sure atleast one record is returning
Blackberry - unable to see values in debugger
Is it really worth using the WCF REST Service Application type in Visual Studio 2010?
Turn off escaping in Symfony 2 / twig
Remote connection to SQL Server 2005 Express instance (SQL Server 2000 is default instance on server)
Automatically refreshing a UILabel with the current date and time
Setting up Django settings for sphinx (documentation)
Is it possible, for an other client, to 'trust' a client in a network
Is there an equivalent to ASP.NET Web API in the Rails world?
PHP OOP core framework
how to disable/enable multiple checkboxes inside of a radcombobox using jquery?
SharePoint <button> elements perform an unwanted reload of the page
Paging design pattern for ajax application
What WinForms control corresponds to a VCL (Delphi) TControlBar?
Sorting records based on time which is nvarchar(max) type
Inserting a timestamp into a MySQL table
Errors when compiling first cython program
Trying to use Restkit on iOS - XCode
IE8 :after z-index
Safe 鈥淩emember me鈥�in Webapplication
How would I use a seperate Models only project with PetaPoco?
CMake still not working with OpenCV [duplicate]
Winsock recv not working after shutdown
How do you get the current keyboard state globally? (i.e. what keys are currently depressed regardless of if the inquiring application has focus)
Knockout and MVC3: Posting JSON to action, serializing twice? Can't convert to C# objects?
Persistent MySQL Query Results w/ PHP
Large database - Best way to display data on device?
How to check a distinct value exists (true/false) from the given multiple records in T-sql
Pivot Multiple Rows
Java File IO Write
How to get a Standard EXE and WinService EXE to communicate with each other?
Find a substring, replace a substring according the case
Layout Messes up with Different Simulators
Using RPC on same host without using XDr
TreeNodeBinding and linking issues editable popup message system
reading file php
Subgraph matching (JUNG)
MSBuild combine files
Different M2_HOME for a different Eclipse workspace
How to insert my HTML/template inside each <body> tag?
Can Doctrine be used with a Postgres DB & MSSQL DB at the same time?
Ruby - Set foreign key from global variable
Calling COM in C# from VBScript with Array
Cannot obtain metadata from WCF service hosted on local machine's IIS
Selenium Xpath issue verifying specific image at specific location - Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)
The AutofacServiceHost.Container static property must be set before services can be instantiated
.NET MVC 3 Deployment package missing references
grabbing apex:commandButton using jQuery
webgl adding projection doesnt display object
Conditional command execution within piped sequence of commands in bash
run main class of Maven project
Pass class to record
GWT Disappearing Charts Issue
How to call GM_xmlhttpRequest within a webpage?
Google Maps API v3: Custom overlay with canvas drawing not receiving events in safari
Why Is the .MaxStack Directive Optional in MSIL Code?
PHP mail function issue with hotmail?
How to view IndexedDB content in firefox
Running tests using the menu vs. shortcut keys
PHP GD Library cannot show picture
Javascript doesn't work for javascrip_inlcue-tag Rails 3.2.2
TeeChart data import from Excel
Android SQLite database database /data/data/鈥�(conn# 0) already closed
Rails fields_for parameters for a has_many relation don't yield an Array in params
Extracting values from an array of Deferreds
.click, Find next class element in parent, fade in, remove class. Repeat
PWide Char and String Confusion in Delphi trying to send Email
jscrollpane plugin is not working on Jquery AJAX made template
SIGCHLD Signal Processing
Use interactive python in pythonbrew
Table layout in android apps
R: How can I sum across variables, within cases, while counting NA as zero
How to create the function using Expression linq
android google maps on a webview
coldfusion arrayclear xml
What are some of the common steps for reducing JSON data size?
With java jdk 1.7 64-bit, a for loop using an int is 20+ times faster than a for loop with a long. Why?
My own z-buffer
List navigation
Call Lua script in xcode, an error occured
Visual Studio .NET Debugging: Test new code block using variables in existing stack trace when on breakpoint
How do I implement a set of qubits on my computer?
Flex set CSS class at runtime
How to install a Rails application when using RVM?
Django: Grab a set of objects from ID list (and sort by timestamp)
ASP.NET MVC3: Call a view and controller of another project
Are there any problems with this timezone approach?
Running multiple versions of the same app for comparison's sake
RESTful APIs must be stateless, but what about concurrency?
Creating user who can execute all standard reports but not change anything else
How to convert xml data in to sqlite database?
How do I handle a multi-type tree system in Java?
javascript date issue
strip a certain tag format from html using regex
Tomcat v7.0 Load Exception - Marking servlet ssi as unavailable
Previous form not clearing in time for new form
removing a list of columns from a data.frame using subset [duplicate]
Mock a function of an object created using a static method in PHP?
Triple Databound Dropdownlist binded to Gridveiw
PHP Odd time when adding
C - Bubble sort array of character strings, then apply to unsigned int array
Is it possible to call objective-c pushViewController from javascript
Storyboard: Changing the Root View of a UINavigation Controller Specified in a Storyboard
Java searching an array for repeating pattern
How to support different device targets in Corona application?
formating datetime field in progress-4gl
Moving Between Two Points Using Mouse
Tiling algorithm for recalculation position of vertexes
PHP getting the value of the highest dynamic select
Issue with using ksoap jar, when install my app on a real android device
How to determine if a specific module is loaded in linux kernel
How to delete box in Jquery Boxerui
CodeIgniter - uploading multiple files with one input
unit test a function calling RenderPartialViewToString on MVC 3
Is The Request Coming From An iframe?
How to get swap size in Linux from /proc/swaps?
Android Programming: Find the database key id from listview with checkbox. To do list / grocery list
executing a script from anywhere
C# to code (WPF, global hotkey implemetation)
How to have an 'if' within a loop? [closed]
Scala IDE for Eclipse compiler support
What is >> operator in c#
Return 205 鈥淩eset Content鈥�for RESTful partial update?
How can I reload a single activity with new data each time the activity is started?
Bytes in a unicode Python string
How can I do math with words in jQuery?
hash password before submit form
Do multiple Solr shards on a single machine improve performance?
SDL Tridion 2011 Event System - On Workflow Process Finish
System.Collections.Generic.List<Plate>' does not contain a definition for 'Time' and no extension method 'Time'
Microsoft Sync Framework Newbie - Argument Exception was unhandled
CSS: Fix div position
compare jsoup elements
How to get a reference to a Table in a tab/worksheet that isn't the active one
What is the most practical board representation for a magic bitboard move generation system?
jQuery: Side Dropdown menu?
AbstractTableModel tutorial [closed]
Strange Facebook 'Like' button behavior
Get current user in WinRT
Resetting table values through DateTime in Django
Is it better to have separate tables for articles & comments, or one table for both?
get and set cookie values in array position
Find SQL Server Tables that have two specified column names
Multiple Drop Down Query Filter
Fade in images after they have loaded
Batch - Script keeps prompting me to insert disc into drive G:
Tagcanvas with colorbox overlay is throwing IE9 into quirks mode?
dynamically added buttons (tooltips and text)
MATLAB MEX can't find standard library with XCode 4.3 (Mac)
Starting point for Dojo based offline-storage mobile app
modx 2.2.0-pl2 problems after clean install
Can not find child element of UL
Graphics glitches with JPanel's custom drawing with JButtons
Java org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Text typing has a -huge- delay
Facebook Error: An error occurred with app. Please try again later
For what is used and what technologies are related to /#!/ in some websites URL's [duplicate]
Binding parameters to postgres query in Perl using names
How and where to update RolePrincipal?
Json.Net fails to serialize to a stream, but works just fine serializing to a string
UIView has incorrect orientation
Is it possible to link a windows form in C#(preferable) or vc++ in an MFC Application in MSVC2010?
Redirecting to www inside a site foder
Intel Fortran Composer 2011 and Linux Mint 12
Xaml Editor in VB.Net Express / Visual Studio: Auto Completion Annoyance
IIS 7.5 hosted web service soap calls return http response
Unable to retrieve Facebook status messages that contain photos
ComponentQuery selector for child elements only
ViewModel constructors
Custom action in CakePHP ACL aros_acos
How to hide monthly active users for an app? Do not want to make this public
Dont want to trigger checkbox when page loads and checkbox is set
Android Live Wallpaper is blank on device
Making some part of each array string(elements) as bold by using JavaScript
parameter passing in a webservice with zend framework
How to convert a boolean expression from AND and OR to only NAND
python csv library always uses dos end-of-line character?
Creating Entity Model with Cross Referencing Table - EntityFramework 4.1
Create Excel Checklist from new weekly files?
Force Eclipse use only Java 1.4
PrimeFaces' Photocam : Showing Captured Image
pyramid: Inverse to add_notfound_view(append_slash=True)
Switching themes using wordpress plugin
With emacs, how to go to the pairing (balancing) parentheses
Using the $.extend plugin for jQuery on an undeclared variable
I'm seeing strange behavior in XNA when using MediaPlayer
How do I get notifications for commits to the framework?
SML tuples - Combination
Google Speech Recognition API on windows phone
row number based on field data
Twitter 鈥渉ash tags鈥� how do they work?
From a input field to a auto-suggest created div with (keyboard) down button
Creatin a custom web page
unbind('click') not working
Javascript OOP - jQuery calling 鈥渢his鈥�inside ajax request
Does MVC3 /.net4 have a method for unpacking a JSONified Javascript array into a C# array of strings?
How do I restrict users from setting focus to a specific cell? VB.NET
ios MKMapView in grey?
Creating a Vim-Style Command Line Interface
Commons FTPClient InputStream from multiple files in a single connection
Implementing interface properties in interfaces?
cant conver string to SimpleDateFormat
MySQL count from one table while joining another
Client side validation for my dropdown populated with enum values
Change the position of a Stylesheet in a Joomla site
Java-XML parsing for data
using namespace in C# from CLI/C++ class
Render a complex nested form with preopulated values from AJAX in Rails 3.2
Detect word wrap in contenteditable span
Determine Azure Web or Worker role? (Alternate: Determine if running in IIS?)
py2app picking up .git subdir of a package during build
Linq how to select only a small subset of a large result set?
C++ polymorphism with boost scoped_ptr
Should all linq which gets a database object be surrounded with a try catch?
Textbox's autocomplete in WebBrowser fires Deactivate event of the Form?
How to unset a _SESSION Variable that is an Array in PHP
How to unset a _SESSION Variable that is an Array in PHP
Nested embeddable - AttributeOverride for embeddable within embeddable
Can I use a property of the result of a function as a decorator?
Overlapping edges in graphviz
FreePascal beginners issue
jQuery Date Picker disable all days up to 7 days away
In HTML5 Video , how to play a small clip from a long video?
Android - set layout width dynamically for buttons
rfind implementation using find
Eval awk command with single quotes
IBM RAD 7.5 鈥�why does it take WebSphere so long to start / publish / republish / debug?
Why my code to set the checked state of a checkbox with query doesn't work?
using preferences objects to store external information to Rally
make 2 images overlap
cant stream from youtube
Hiding error messages in step by step form
Simpler/preferred way to iterate over two equal-length lists and append the max of each pair to a new list?
Placement Of JS Resource Via <r:external />
How do I create this simple MS word add-in?
Using contextMenu plugin with fileTree plugin without losing draggable support
why doesn't this sub-query seem to work?
How do I get the Mac OS X Firewall to permanently allow my iOS app?
Threading in Winforms, generate HTML report on completion of tasks
Require local file in PHPUnit
Retrieving data from SQL Server using LINQ [closed]
A way to make keyboard event queue both responsive and not take whole CPU power
Using different resolution presets with AVFoundation
Resetting all fields to initial state in C#.NET WinForms application
Mongoid where vs find when using id as criteria
Importing module in django installed with easy_install
Generate Recursive XML using SQL Server 2005
mod_rewrite keeps adding .html for files
Flash Player on Android Emulator
UNIX file change interval
How to use freetype library with php
UITabBarController and Storyboards
KnockoutJS Accessing an array of objects in a separate class
ATTACH limit > 10
How to get a username in Active Directory from a display name in C#?
XNA 4.0 Point Vertex Rendering
Vertically Center jQuery Accordion
Can this navigation be done completely in CSS
Unordered List Breaks Sticky Footer
Checking a function result for null values
User Interface Not Reflecting Changes i make
Java Socket BufferReader.readline get null
Galaxy Nexus: very slow sensor readings
XMLHttpRequest responseType = 鈥渏son鈥�giving error SYNTAX_ERR: DOM Exception 12
Remove item from basket [closed]
VB.NET ranking Excel columns based on a sort
multidimensional array output. Help me extract and loop through this mess please
Is try catch in a view bad practice?
How to cancel USSD need response
invalid breakpoint with xcode 4.3
Animate along bezierCurveTo or quadraticCurveTo
Comparing 2 lists consisting of dictionaries with unique keys in python
Page X of Y issue
Validation (CSS 3.0): 'text-overflow' is not a known CSS property name
MAGIC number in Android google io 2011 java source
Does a page's access token stay if I have offline access?
syncfusion context sensitive menu
jQuery loop function continuously - flip function
jQuery UI icons don't render correctly in table
Python regular expressions and CMD
Retrieving public posts from multiple Facebook pages at the same time using the Graph API
Loading WebControl inside other custom control: Load method is never fired
Broadcast UDP in Chrome Extensions
Can you Open/Save a Workbook with JExcel to an indefinite Path?
NetConnection.Connect.Rejected error when connectin to red5 server
dynamically changing image size in Canvas
char array to a string inside a struct
Luracast Restler .htaccess not rewriting requests with mod_rewrite enabled
php remove one item from array
how to set up a persistent connection with a DB server using Java?
Where does the following property in requestScope? 鈥渞equestScope.shouldRender鈥�
Collation sort with object
Is it possible to have 2 domains for 2 blogs on one server?
way to override borders when border-radius not supported
Grouping SQL query
Template Class C++ - exclude some types
undefined table data in codeigniter?
Increasing maximum number of open file descriptors in Matlab in Windows using fopen
Muliselect form validation
How to distinguish between DirectAudioDevice and PortMixer mixers?
SDL measuring text
insert different row after first two in mysql query
A tool to convert MATLAB code to Python
Facebook style image gallery
PHP: Streaming Images Outside of Webroot and Caching
SQL Query to LINQ conversion
Change color on many css elements with jquery
How to read registry resource string e.g. 鈥淍filename,resource鈥�
deal with multiple arrays being sent to jquery from php?
databinding and focus coordination
CakePHP: Access private folders after authentification
How does one kick off a timed sequence of events on the GUI thread in C#?
How can I find a plural needle in haystack with preg_match_all?
Cannot debug FireMonkey applications on OS X 10.7.3 with XE2 Update 4
Extracting an incremental update from a MySQL table
jqGrid JSON Mapping Error
Retrieve specific values from hashes within an array ruby rails
Change only one of multiple backgrounds on hover
Do I have to delete threads in Android
Change updatePeriodMillis from activity
Change TinyMCE input height from textarea height
ObjC - Problems with using an NSLog replacement?
find mode in a rolling window of a long sequence of data with duplicates
Check if mouse is over multiple elements in JQuery?
Fit slider image inside 950 pixels