How to get tagbar to work with js files
Android get Fragment width
Save Database field changes - best practices? Versioning, Loggable?
Why doesn't my StackPanel's background color stretch to fill the full width?
Disable function when search active with jQuery
Rendering equations with Doxygen and MathJax in CHM file
Fragments inside a Fragment [duplicate]
Lync 2010: Capturing message that the user sends in a conversation while not suppressing the UI
list Box Django Forms
Getting error trying to insert new variable into SQLite DB
Using System.arraycopy in Java
Building multi-module project from Maven into one war file
Communication between my Java Server and Local Client
Run a query in a MySQL stored procedure if a condition is true
New Model within ViewModel error on ID of 0
NSDate precision lost when transforming to NSNumber miliseconds
Exception thrown in @PostConstruct causes IllegalStateException in JSF 2.1
Facebook Payment dialogue not working
Open source zooming timeline library
is having millions of tables and millions of rows within them a common practice in MySQL database design?
Controling swf from another swf in different client computers
is using window.onload to execute an anonymous function the same base principle as the module pattern?
How to access js-variable in asp-markup from .js file (both executed on the same page)?
How to add a buttons to a MutableArray according to their tag number in objective-C?
PHP Installation fails in sapi/cli/php
Syncing application with email without storing email passwords
Uploadify and PHP move files issue
Match ${variable} occurrences in a text using regex
What is 鈥淥spReceiver鈥�all about?
Bind entity to gridview
How to escape colon (:) character while executing native SQL queries against an Informix database using NHibernate?
Magento CheckOut js validation error
How to use LiveGraph dynamically in my java program
CAKeyAnimation with CATransform3D
Unity3D Objects Positioning
How do I allow a single table cell to expand in a fixed table layout?
MVC3 passing data from jquery modal dialog to controler at load event
Assignment of a store to an existing datagrid
Web Page Audio Delete After Load
parse error on input 'else' on an If-Then-Let-Else statement (Haskell)
Using MySQL in Flask
Macro declaration
How can I 301 redirect specific subdomain URLs using .htaccess?
Working with preallocated arrays in Matlab's mex function
Log4J no appenders could be found
textarea focus/event propagation issues inside an infobox
Linux how to install mdump msend
UpdateProgress not displaying when button is clicked
Need advice on displaying (and/or converting) pdf files on the web
Can I use a view helper in my request spec, or am I Doing It Wrong?
python - beginner - integrating optparse in a program
What is the best way to manage users in ASP.NET MVC
MySQL - Group By one column and get the lowest value
making div contents scroll horizontally and not vertically
Can I merge the tags, branches, and trunks of two distinct subversion projects under a new parent project?
Rotate an Image while dragging using c++
setuptools dependency and import issue
The 鈥淐reateSilverlightAppManifest鈥�task was not given a value for the required parameter 鈥淪ilverlightRuntimeVersion鈥�
Rest EASY Path parameter
Unable to access weblogic admin console page
mule - how to run code on starting mule (server listener)
Is there a Windows API to programmatically Cut / Copy / Paste files via Windows Explorer?
JavaScript/VBA Automation: Changing the onclick attribute
Cannot get dynamic view to update in browser
Delete duplicate rows and keep one row
When node.ownerDocument is not window.document?
301 Redirect adding incorrect extra segments to a url
MYSQL PHP free datagrid, table editor?
Post web request to xml file
VB.Net how to read a compressed text file directly into an array of strings
Jquery on hover start sliding images
Is it possible to create a 'permanent' table from stored procedure results
Filter records from DBGrid using Data control and datasource in visual basic 6
How to delete file references from Textmate project permanently?
BitmapImage: Accessing closed StreamSource
The max function Null vs. Nullif(1, 1) as arguments in db2
Are custom elements valid HTML5?
Custom PDF Viewer in Android Application, requires a free or one time liscenced solution
Speed up ConvertToGrayScale method
Perl counting number of packets in a connection
Android Bluetooth - Connection Refused Unless Previously Paired/Repaired (Need a Fix)
Linq Checking if a subquery is empty without hitting remote database
zend autoloading abstract classes
JDBC (jTDS) and Mac OSX App with Xcode 4.3
How do access Bamboo project and global variables
Fixed position throwing of my headers centering unless I set width of header to 100% why?
Devise how to add signed in check in custom session controller?
Child Float Divs Breaking out of Parent Div
Turning a GIMP layout into a web page [closed]
How to store tweets from Twitter Streaming API in MySQL with SSH closed
How to store tweets from Twitter Streaming API in MySQL with SSH closed
Why filestream not closed by xmlreader
ASP.NET response after processing time
How to use IPython's system shell profile as your default shell (Windows 7 64-bit)
How do I download a web page and export to PDF using python [closed]
error in xml file
ValueChangeEvent for h:selectOneMenu in JSF causing Issue?
Generate JAXWS (Metro) WebService from WSDL
-[__NSCFDictionary JSONRepresentation]: unrecognized selector
Display label after page postback
Object Arrary throwing error on element type on ReDim
Reorder a master list with multiple sub lists
Maven JAX-WS WSGEN 鈥淐lass not found error鈥�
How to Return no.of hyperlinks and ids of whole web site [closed]
Check mark character prevents text color with UIColor
How to i set boundaries? android java
Visual Studio Guidance: Whats the right way since its 'outdated'?
UIView Infinite 360 degree rotation animation?
GSON custom serializer for Map with Enum keys
Securing an 鈥渙pen鈥�web service used by multiple mobile devices
How to make TypeMock Ignore All MessageBox
Why does this work? JNDI, Tomcat6
How do you add attributes to tags with Zen Coding Package in Sublime Text 2
Behavior of extension.onConnect, extension.connect and Port
Routing tricks/ Changes that will allow design to route
C# concatenation quicker
libxslt compilation error: undefined reference to `xmlXPathContextSetCache'
Visual Studio SDK - Handle File Save Event
Parsing file list for import into mySQL
How to backup PostgreSql database from browser in MVC2 application on Mono
VB6 ActiveX Image.picture property
Spotify Apps API: Detect offline mode
div float left鈥�when it wraps, it wraps all funky
How do I copy data from one windows app to another?
Address an ordered list the RESTful way
Remove controller_name from URL in Rails 3 and use custom string instead of id
Formatting Time 12 Hour Clock for MYSQL
twitter bootstrap text in navbar
Allowing Simplified Chinese Input
Adding item to startup script, and running as certain user?
Segmentation fault while sorting structure array made of pointer [duplicate]
Is it possible to have temp tables in a function?
The first UITableViewCell's accessary arrow is not showing
ASP.NET MVC Media With Fallback
get latest products using magento soap API
Exception on this line of code
VB.NET UserControl
Issue with default Sorting on Virtual Table & ViewerComparator
Soundclound embed failed in firefox
Replace a system application with your own modified application on android
Hosted Database v Cloud Database
Gameboy-like keys and D-Pad for Android
Graphing and comparing two data sets
Flex DropDownList dropDown displayObject is stays visible
TabHost: Execute methods in specific tab (OnTabChange)
Zend Dojo. Ajax submit dojo form
File I/O is incredibly slow in Eclipse debug mode
How to migrate a Mediawiki installation from Subversion (SVN) to Git
Invalid Request on YouTube video upload with Zend Gdata
Print a tree of pyparsing result
No Suitable application record were found. When Validating application - Beginner
xpath find location in document
When a class must have an interface? [closed]
How can I see the compile error-code number in Visual Studio Error List view?
Is there an API that would let my customers know when their friends are signed into my company webpage? [closed]
Is this a compiler bug or a programmer bug?
Issue with Running Guava
How to get all SolrNet query result info in JSON format?
Using a conditions hash in a has_many association
Return all links to photos in a flickr set
SQL Server Configuration Manager not found
why Google chart api option give me error named 鈥渦ncaught syntax error鈥�
Are objects passed by reference or value in JavaScript?
Mysql conditional to select a value or its inverse
JavaScript Gallery glitch (layers??)
Traffic shaping with tc is inaccurate with high bandwidth and delay
Rails 3 - Ruby running within JS if
Use jQuery to check if text equals an html special character
How to set up permissions after hg clone on remote server?
Php song upload
Joining on more than one Parameter
Installing packages on offline ArchLinux system [closed]
JQuery Animation Flashing
AutoMapper Threading Issue (Missing type map configuration or unsupported mapping)?
Is here a way iterate recursively on java bean in freemarker
Java cipher initialization costs
how can i make button delete one of the boxes?
How to extract an the last data from an file path php which has an <b> tag
Two consecutive &nbsp; are treated as on
DataForm remove the + & - in Silverlight 5
validating Android's authToken on third party server
Threading in PyQt
Passing data from layout to block controller using setData
Passing by const copy
Authenticating email address without being able to view email address
Change Event in Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word
How can i use gems-in-a-jar with embedded JRuby?
Expandable JTextArea
2D arrays in CUDA
Jersey: Returning 400 error instead of 500 when given invalid request body
calling methods in Spring configurations
How to know when the user is done typing on C# windows form textbox
Lift the fog of confusion over installs, or How to install libsndfile on OSX 10.7.3 Lion?
How can I make my Live Feed list update only on the active tab or update it when the tab becomes active again?
Cant find simple error in Delphi Insertion Sort algorithm
I need a function that describes a set of sequences of zeros and ones?
Center elemets of HorizontalScrollView when not enough to make it scroll
Application windows are expected to have a root view controller at the end of application launch
Recommended Mac SQLite IDEs? [closed]
Can a java object serialize itself?
Spring Transaction in JSF
Speeding up ajax/javascript, currently too much lag when retrieving data. There has to be a better way
Exchange WebService - Errorcode ErrorIncorrectUpdatePropertyCount when updateing contact
STL Container move selected elements
Is it possible to create an expression tree for dynamic if statements?
Is it possible to output a data stream to a PDF using ABCpdf?
Getting error: expression in new-declarator must have integral or enumeration type C++
thumbnail scroller inside div with AJAX
JavaSE: Using a singleton/static-only class to hold resources? Or what?
Visual Studio assembly reference version conflicts due to specific version being set to False
how can i get html image tag android?
How do I make forms in HTML with fields that change based on other field values
Can arguments be referenced in JavaScript using ColdFusion syntax?
Accessing the application.conf properties from java class with Play! 2.0
WInforms Combobox SelectionChangeCommitted event doesn't always change SelectedValue
A 鈥渟ource-less鈥�C++ idiom
Defer parsing of JavaScript in rails 3.1 with nginx and unicorn
Render Image Stored in Mongo (GridFS) with Node + Jade + Express
Why is the call to array_view::synchronize() so slow?
Write TestStand results through a .net application to an external database
Determine the User Who Starts A jBPM Workflow for OpenKM
Enabling Image Buttons when Radio Buttons are clicked is not working in ASPX
set symbol height in highchart
cannot invoke a HTTP delete method not deleting RoR
Ajax does not send the data to my php file
WIX Overwrite/Update Installer
Google Checkout callback issue
Is it possible to control Mixer.Info charset?
Display only content from one category in two rows / columns
Curses: problems with 鈥渘ewterm鈥�when calling it more then once
When to use preRenderView versus PostConstruct?
clsss within class , null reference exception, C#
How to update an approved open graph action?
JUnit: How to bundle @Test methods to a suite?
What is the default ADO.NET isolation level?
Using 鈥淚mport鈥�AS3
Spork initializing rails each time and running slowly
SQL Error adding constraint to table, ORA-01652 - unable to extend temp segment
Windows paging file size
how to split binary/post-data/html from a http response?
resultless android app..calculator always gives 0
XJC javaType adapter in complexType
Replace a ID Value (of a Foreign Key) In A View By Its Value
Game loading Javascript
How to properly use innerHTML
export to excel converting string to date
JSON to Java Objects, best practice for modeling the json stream
How to set a timer on a php script, output error msg, and kill script if n amount of time has passed?
Workflow with mercurial subrepositories
Given a finite set of sorted real numbers produce all possible subsets whose sum <= k
Embedded array as a Set (in the mathematica sense) in a mongo collection
Synchronizing And IO File
Jquery Select Just Select Elements and not its Options
Smooth go top action via CSS
Where is the 鈥渘o-action鈥�callback for navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition?
jquery image caption
How can i extract particular text from Lucene Index?
Grails: One Database and more than one application
PHP - extending SoapClient to handle SWA (SOAP with Attachment)
Firefox does not display URL while invoked from Python-Selenium
Symfony2: ArticleManagerService textbox scrollbar scroll event
default value of an select tag
Using django-storages and the s3boto backend, How do I add caching info to request headers for an image so browser will cache image?
Google map touch controls in Android App
Issue with Facebook SSO on iPhone
regular expression [closed]
Mootools: Traverse this.getParent() x amount of times to specific element
Facebook doesn't load CSS/JS
OpenCL code to work with both AMD/Nvidia
Create Global Variable for use in an IErrorHandler implementation
How to do Server side validation using Uploadify plugin?
ActiveRecord Table definition type for repeating count
Iteration Burndown chart for a specific user
Rails find with a condition of ID NOT IN, how to support a null value of a mapping?
In Lift, changing the way Menu.param behaves
What 鈥渢ools鈥�are needed to make a social browser game? [closed]
Fluent NHibernate: mapping a dictionary of lists
Python Search and Replace is duplicating replace string?
Android AlertDialog topPanel view pushes content off screen
parsing data from sudzc generated file objective-c?
Spring security roles
PHP a simple array sort
What are the rules for using 鈥淚nternal鈥�parameters in SSRS
Is Navigation to Objects (NOT URIs) with Navigation Framework in Silverlight (with MEF) possible?
Require.js build (r.js) with CDN jQuery isn't linking to the good jQuery path
Interrupting a database file shrink process in SSMS 2008
Can not compare string from document.write and php's string
Creating a batch file that runs a Command Prompt
How to retrieve Categories name and children ? Magento
Ruby Mechanize can't parse css selector with space in class name
Unable to start Sphinx searchd daemon due to already running searchd process, and it restarts just after killing it
Dont understand how a multi-line statement can be parsed without {} curly blocks
Fortran90 and size of arrays created in C++
Replace with RegEx and JavaScript
Is it a good practice to use abstract class an inner classes in C++
Can I override a hidden (but public) method and call its super method?
Expanding environment variables for command prompt
Is overriding Objective-C framework methods ever a good idea?
Custom macro for NSLocalizedString [duplicate]
Android Timetable schedule notification and update system
Cakephp HABTM associations
Django: Saving with 鈥淯nique Together鈥�and Deleting objects via inlineformset causes error pages
What is the time complexity of this multiplication algorithm?
Android: Saving boolean values to a database (Beginner)
Will faster frequency of polling bog down my page?
Regular Expression for last folder in path
Add 鈥�lang=en鈥�to the end of my links in WordPress
A non-blocking socket operation could not be completed immediately on send
what should i use for namespace on jquery widgets?
What about the Kinect SDK requires VS 2010?
netty udp, bind and send to other addresses
Not able to send UTF-8 email using delphi indy
PHP parse JSON from array
emit dataChanged(createIndex(1,1),createIndex(1,1)) results in many ::data invocations
Declaring a LinkedList in Java
Android XML parsing issue using DOM parser
Subtotal of Values in HTML Table
Output HTTP responses with Jersey Test Framework?
Multiplication large numbers in perl
Adding views to MPMoviePlayerController view after touching fullscreen button in control style MPMovieControlStyleEmbedded
Dead Button on Web Page (JavaScript/HTML)
Hide undefined for item.message
I get EXC_BAD_ACCESS when calling ABAddressBookRemoveRecord
Can't stop printing [closed]
Spring WS Configuration Wsdl11DestinationProvider Error
How to make Multiple requests in parallel to a webservice in C#
Error while creating a python binding
Why i cannot get the ajax values?
SQL Server Session State, web farm, and counting the sessions
What is the time and space complexity of a breadth first and depth first tree traversal?
Local analysis issue in Sonar Eclipse plugin
Credential connection doesn't work
The use of curly braces in variable names
Reading specific frames from video file with .NET (not necessarily in sequential order)
Implementing plugin architecture for iOS using Bundles
As3: Button only working in certain locations?
jQuery autcomplete not displaying
Regex: Find space before and after hyphenated words
How can I put frames inside frames using tkinter?
How can I put frames inside frames using tkinter?
PHP : Add Comma after every Word (Except Final)
How to return variables that have been set in MySQL back to PHP
Is log4j not thread safe after all?
Parsing string to Datetime object
draw places in MapView obtained from places api
IEnumerable - implementing using GetEnumerator from local variable
List all inbound links to a header in org-mode
Generate guid for a table without a loop
Flask-SQLAlchemy nullable=False
Passing of values from a class extending in Activity to class extending in SurfaceView
Visual Studio 2010, can simply including a new class trigger a release build bug?
Using Results Outside of dbContext in VB.NET
XCODE: Error reading plist: stream had too few bytes
Jquerytool dateinput dropdown change loses values
iOS ScrollView + Page Controller inside Navigation Controller: How to change title of the Navigation Bar for each page?
jQuery function - DIV container as parameter
Is it a bad idea to use Apache HTTPD to proxy tomcat
With Symfony2 how can I get the form validator to require at least one of a set of fields?
How to read a BLOB(Text) field using TpFIBQuery components from FibPlus
Rails - how to get find domain url in a layout
ASP.NET AJAX Auto-Complete using WebMethod?
how to create a new git repository from an existing one
MVC ExecuteQuery not a valid method on Context object
Data plotting iOS - CSV file
Sort opendir In Alphabetical Order
Get nearby hospitals or fire stations based on your location?
why does vs c++ 2010 compiler produce a different assembly code for similar function
Android: How do I enable/disable a Checkbox, depending on a Radio button being selected first
Load swiffy page as banner
Multimap clears
importing data from one database to other when schemas are different
Gestures and Rectangles
line breaks in textarea used in a MVC C# website app
How to iterate through a variable-column-length range in Excel using VBA
Apache2 + SSL + Django + wsgi
Infinite-scroll jQuery plugin keeps populating last page
JPA cascade remove
Validation error on associated factory when using FactoryGirl with RSpec
Find child element of list item
Optimization of python code for string duplicates search
Parse non standard form to standard form in java
CSS: Merging Div and Table Borders
Android custom progress dialog
Decorative pattern versus monkey-patching in Python
PHP timestamp - first day of the week
Echoing specific links and forms in PHP depending on whether a user is logged in or not
How do you use sphinx to search for urls
which android tablet i should buy for my development [closed]
Error in Adding radiobuttons to radiogroup in tableLayout in android programaticall/dynamically?
Why does Eclipse warn about Java 鈥渦nused variables鈥�but javac does not?
using ASTVisitor for custom queries
In the MVVM pattern, when do the model and the view communicate with each other directly?
Switch login in j_security_check
pecl oauth package installed but not reflected in phpinfo
how to verify the requesting server in php?
How to implement jquery/javascript notifications and count from database?
Trouble with WebView loading, Flash Builder 4.6
Multiple 'roles' in a model field?
Parse specified text from page with jericho html parser
How to correctly do CREATE INDEX with SQLite
Locking considerations for filling a ConcurrentDictionary with database values in C#
Zend_Form can't create element in loop
HornetQ exception in netty connection
Getting ghostly errors in SQL Server 2008
Getting 404 no endpoint listening error WCF 4.0 using Https basicHttpBinding over Transport security
Compare column value by group in crystal report
Menu buttons to be present in all the frames
VTK: Visualizing a rectangular parallelepiped
AutoScrollMinSize glitches on form Minimize/Maximize
Highchart in new window
鈥淣o Source Available鈥�- Visual Studio Debugging (even when symbols have loaded)
gridview deleting error EnableEventValidation=鈥渢rue鈥�but Invalid postback or callback argument error
Jquery resizable reset the drag handles
TypeError: A term is undefined?
Copy file from remote server or URL
Show Large Image in another DIV on Rollover of Thumb
iPad Safari iOS - SECURITY_ERR: Dom Exception 18 when accessing 鈥渄ocument.cookie鈥�
Move-Item while renaming files and 鈥渃leaning鈥�the file-name using regular expressions
Layout refactoring
using thread/block-safe collection to coordinate multiple asynchronous operations? (NSMutableArray or NSMutableSet)
Automatic XSD validation
Conditions in MySQL GROUP_CONCAT
Run Macro for any Active or Open Workbook?
hibernatation dilemma, many-to-many or one-to-many then many-to-one?
Agent is disconnected but TeamCity server showing connected
Add Javascript Object into another Javascript Object
How to test if a variable is contained in a list of integers with Ruby?
IDXGISwapChain::Present causes a driver crash and a device removal
PostgresSQL : terminating connection due to administrator command postgresql
Optimal way of writing an IF statement
JQuery Mobile scrollable list inside position:fixed element? (Sencha Touch behavior)
Javascript convert Math Notation into MathML notation
Where do I set 鈥淐ompany鈥�information for a Facebook App?
float works as an inline style but not when i move it to an external style sheet
What is the difference between an ERD and a Context data Model?
How to programmatically invoke the error function in $.getJSON?
Constructing a recursive compare with SQL
Wrong answer on AMD hardware using OpenCL
ARC project with delegate reference fails compiling
ARC project with delegate reference fails compiling
jQuery and modifiying a class
DevTools shows CSS rules being ignored: some help debugging?
iOS GPS Battery drain, how to make it less drain?
Multiple Source .cpp Files Problems
OS X Find in bash with regex digits d not producing expected results
Interface with mutiple implementations in OCaml
putting an hebrew at mysql
Dynamiclinq library with generic repository
How is global scoping done in F#
What kind of vibration sensor to measure the frequency of a baby's movements in a crib?
Iterate a list with unknown sublist inside in Python?
Trigger something only on the first of (potentially many) jQuery mouseup events
Post in Facebook wall using http post method
paramiko, isn't talking to ssh-agent. same behavior in fabric
cakephp displaying posted form data
XCode - Create an application without a window and paint directly on screen
Count total number of order item of each order in mysql
Drupal 7 Theme switching and content relevence
Why is the variable 'db' not read only?
regex catching multiline script tag inside html
鈥淟oop through鈥�data.table to calculate conditional averages
Why is this PHP comparison failing?
Prolog: declaring an operator
Can I rename Main.mxml?
Owner and permissions in debian
in python what is the difference between map(func,list) and [func(x) for x in list]
SalesForce on iOS login without using the SalesForce Webview?
Hibernate/SQL Retrieve records without returning the associations
Array.ICollection.Count Property in C#
How to affect the 鈥済race margin鈥�of map.fitBounds()
Count in oracle
Creating dynamic web forms on the client side
Creating a jump function
Pass a random number to a program in a script
sed, awk or perl: Pattern range match, print 45 lines then add record delimiter
Randomly assigned buttons
Can't Import XML to FileMaker Pro 11
I don't get the CheckboxFor html helper in mvc
RSS into a uitabbarcontroller
validation rule not working
web2py control form, show fields when select option
Can OpenStreetMaps do overlays in iOS like MKMapView?
Need help upgrading PEAR to install PHPUnit
FacebookWebContext.Current.IsAuthorized() always returns false in Page_Load in IE
HTACCESS and the [PT] flag ignoring part of passed through url?
xCode ios How to write a mutable array to a file on the desktop?
passing json on home page load
Why is viewForAnnotation unnecessarily fired many times when scrolling the mkmapview in the simulator?
C++ template function taking template class as parameter
C++ template function taking template class as parameter
Content viewer Android
LINQ to objects: Is there a way to pass to LINQ the accessor from which to get values?
Guidelines for adding foreign keys to database table - Oracle
marking the very end of the two whiskers in each boxplot in ggplot2 in R statistics
How can I write query to output this format in SQLite?
.NET Xml deserialization, issue/error with xsi:type attribute
Login button and auth dosnt work in Internet explorer [closed]
Can't install vim Tabular Plugin
How can I create a pop up like the one Google Calendar uses ?
Is there a way to have stroke for UIFont
Setting a file's icon in java
Facebook API How To Get All Pages I Like Without Pagination
PHP advice: To be or not to be Variable Variables [closed]
What technology can i use to run a method on a browser(client side) every time a user uploads a picture?
I'd like to know why a function executes fine when called from x but not when called from y
Validate link href attribute
Why won't images display on Logitech device?
Calling native functions from java without using JNI (using stack manipulation)
View .md file offline
Problems with AJAX call and phonegap
Cant add a variable to the database correctly
How to filter a set of 2D points moving in a certain way
android listview fonts change dynamically
Android App working on Emulator but crashes at launch on device
Is there any way to get the image of the first page of pdf file in c#?
Django Model - Cost of inheritance
Collision detection with bitmaps on SurfaceView's canvas in Android
Generator to Yield a List
If duck-typing in Python, should you test isinstance?
type-safe variadic functions with parameters of same type
How to MySQL DISTINCT(COUNT) Returning Same number of rows for different criteria?
How can you know when a specific part of an item drawn with a QStyledItemDelegate is hovered?
How to grey out a box in CSS
css web design on mobile devices
load .profile with proc_open()
Making JS buttons that toggle their image on click
table.filter.js #quickfind has to search in first column
How to get a value from an edited TextBox before a ListBox item is selected?
Css text Positioning
SQL Update with join
FTP Connection over sockets in wp7
Using JSP, is the deployment descriptor (web.xml) obsolete?
Relative path for a included file - ASP/HTML
Connecting to CJ API
Symfony2 service where put abstract manager
MVC Turbine routes not registering
Java+MySQL with JDBC connector mistake
How to get real-time update of model in Agility.js
jQuery $.position() acting different during the $(document).ready in chrome (webkit?)
automatically update .edmx file?
Can't run an SQL statement from within a C extension
WebGL drawing failure after mouse click
Would android-ndk be any help for NFC programming?
Data is to be returned from another method, than the one, a parallel thread returns it to
Unable to create Object Identity for class 鈥溾�鈥�since key is of an unsupported type
cherrypy throws Exception which causes Internal Server Error when using blocking gevent calls
Expand my class to get multiple users history
Javascript date comparison bug?
How can I ignore map property in NHibernate with setter
Is parsing XML on the main thread faster? Why?
Django - prevent custom context processors loading on every page
Grails action issure
Unable to implement JMS using ApacheMQ
Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration Mvc - Need help understanding how to display header content when user is authenticated / not authenticated
How to choose Xmax,min (range of weights) for a PSO-trained MLP Neural Network?
opendir php error with variables
update ListFragment when Activity finishes
How can I put axis on a .png file in java?
keep browser at bottom of page when using jquery to show a div
This SqlTransaction has completed; it is no longer usable. Entity Framework Code First
how to access to dependencies from maven-ant-plugin?
iOS - UITableViewCell not displaying check mark after being selected
Rails 3.2 and bootstrap - how do I create a inline form?
Eclipse - autoformatting of code
Attempting to programmatically crop a UIImage to many smaller ones. Should this section of my code work?
Nested Knockout.js templates not working in IE9
Collapsible Panel that increases it's id every time in my loop
Building a lemmatizer: speed optimization
Entity data querying and memory leak
display date of last database field update? (php, mysql)
PHP passing variable to URL
Generate valid infix arithmetic expression randomly
Returning distinct list of IDs existings in all subsets
VBScript and Windows Shell. How to detect window events
How do I post a itunes store receipt json object to a wcf service
Need help Using EL in javascript to get value from model
Is there a way to create a DOM object, given its rendered string?
Javascript - Cannot call method 'split' of null
MKMapView in presentModalView black
Pass element IDs into an array for POST form process
SurfaceView onDraw skips drawing
OCaml module types and separate compilation
Creating an interface to mock for C++ objects
Dictionary loading in background
How to Set or Increase Number of Persistent HTTP Connections in C#/.NET [duplicate]
What is wrong with my SQL [closed]
How I create dynamic static property in PHP class?
unable to GET data from bing api
How I create dynamic static property in PHP class?
unable to GET data from bing api
reference-ness doesn't stick with type in a template function
Exception when connecting to using EasyMail .Net 3.0 from QuikSoft
Drupal 7 - Add attributes to views anchors in theme/template file
What is the purpose of RecognizerIntent.DETAILS_META_DATA?
Making windows application visible to browser
How to make a phone call AND return to the original app afterwards
validating format video file with HttpPostedFileBase
Regex: negative look-ahead between two matches
Disable LFH in Windows?
How to store data or persist it across forms
How to make a custom Eclipse build?
lame.exe on all wavs in a folder with .bat
Jquery Smart Wizard freezing up
Nested Attributes for Mongoid has_one relationship
Typing Mathematic Charachters on a web page [duplicate]
Create a custom paypal variable so that it can be passed through to checkout
I18n.locale troubles when sorting datas from a table
calculation logic of 0.203125GB MongoDB database?
Update code from GitHub in Xcode4
Are there occasions when NHibernate won't return a proxy object?
How to open new jFrame dialogue and return to main interface?
JQuery Mobile - Select Menu - option too long
Updating value in DOM from Javascript with Ember.js
java quaternion 3D rotation implementation
Combobox displays correctly only locally
Search action in ReSTful rails model
ListView specify verticalScrollbarPosition in xml
How to create a complete custom form
Converting page contents into MS word in C#
Flex DateChooser - Display Current Date on Bottom of the Calendar
jQuery keydown keyup function fires every other time
C++ INET noob, what am I doing wrong?
C++ set search for pair element?
What method of authentication should I use with the Sorcery gem using a mobile application?
.NET random assembly is modified on disk
PhoneGap, ChildBrowser, & Printing
Alternative for T-SQL on date calculation for where clause
jquery event priority
Does replicate-rewrite-db have any real world application?
SQLite changes() pragma reports 0 rows changed in certain delete statements
which commit was cherry-picked?
how to load model on HMVC with CodeIgniter?
Twitter Bootstrap: Popover vs Tooltip?
Is there a way to create a preprocessor macro for a function?
MySQL - Delimiter error
Show Apple Alert Badge In APP Without APNS
Sudden, drastic changes in bounce rate. What could have caused this?
Returning an XML object after loading its data
Error #2173 when sending Gravity message
Is it possible to get a method's name as well as it's javadoc description and write it to a file with TestNG?
UIScrollView with UIButton : buttons appear only after scrolling
Role of number of db connections in application configuration [closed]
Social media button
JQ Toggle and STAY highlighted
Ormlite: Use generic as type for id
Peeking into MSMQ Before Committing and Receiving
How do I add a referral variable to an AddThis URL without resetting the count?
Store result of Google maps DistanceMatrix to list of origin-destination pairs
Nodejs communicate with C++ program?
checkbox does not retain its state
CSS3 rotate animation not working (jsFiddle)
Dynamically added stylesheet not showing up in IE Developer Tools
Spring using JNDI with Tomcat鈥�why do I need a META-INF/context.xml in my project
what are computational macros and syntax macros
Warning: mysql_connect(): Can't create TCP/IP socket (0)
Linux capabilities (setcap) seems to disable LD_LIBRARY_PATH
what is the right abstraction for compilation unit in LLVM?
EF, How to save and entity to DB without saving its navigation property?
How to assign different controller method to handle two fifferent forms on the same page
Stream MP4 Video From Seek Position in ASP.NET
Calling instance method to access IBOutlet instance from another class
jQuery/PHP Shopping Script
Why I got a ssh connection timeout error through wimax?
can't find template 鈥淐onsume Adapter Service鈥�
Link going to different url
Change in order for .each() in firefox and chrome
Can new type classes be created in Linq-to-Objects?
Recording sound using android emulator
Trying to use proccess.js and javascript in html
Pinned memory in Nvidia CUDA
Warning is not displayed in Xcode Issue Navigator
Javascript setDate Confusion
Grails 1.3.7 How to write directly to output stream w/o any buffering
What are the differences between mapping,binding and parsing?
Difficulty Establishing Connection With a Server in C# using TcpClient and Working with NetworkStreams
Load content with AJAX and Fancybox 1.3
Doesn't print out to file using fprintf with fork()
In jQuery Mobile, can you link to another local page and use a hash?
How to get the beginning part of note content with evernote api on iOS
JQuery UI without image files
Run under the SQL Server agent service account option is disabled in for snapshot agent
How to use the parentView.template in N nested children in EmberJS
logic behind catching a variable
Symfony2: No mapping file found named [duplicate]
how to match input field before save it in cakephp
javascript object when is it created
Entity Framework Dead Lock Victim on Read Only Statements
totally random timeouts after session_start() is called
Is an array considered as boolean true in php?
Deploying META-INF directory of a project listed in a Deployment Assembly
Want to learn Android development in DOTNET [closed]
Session class error that requires an encryption key in codeigniter
strange C# memory leak using GDI
Matlab: how to plot a text in 3D
Trying to display tweets, issues with JSON & Java
Submitting a form in Sencha Touch 2
C++ - chase a passage to NaN in optimization routine
Cross Browser Issues With Positioning HTML/CSS
Display two modal view controllers one after another with different transition styles between them
Having different jQuery UI version in one page
MATLAB error while evaluating uicontrol Callback
how to json parsing in android [closed]
Pythonic way to eval all octal values in a string as integers
What's the best way to use different SQL commands for unit testing only?
Fragment callbacks even though it is not part of UI
how to scroll the content inside of a fixed-height container?
Confused by Lisp Quoting
Division with Arrays
Fancybox - How to show 2 of them
Regex to remove single-line SQL comments (--)
Multiple ImageView holding Bitmaps in Android
selectionChanged is not called when text is selected in a QWebView C#
Style sheet in ASP not working in
When using Microsoft Test Manager 2010 with SfTS, can Acceptance Tests be reused for regression testing?
Can I unbox a string?
TabHost not displaying
Phone gap camera - is there a more powerful option?
How to scale text on a texture (quad object)?
Best database solution for Django on AWS
Why SQLite index is not speed up query?
Changing Remote Branch To Push To In Netbeans
javascript Object
iOS: Animating Incorrect Orientation at rootViewController?
Maven 3 build antrun issue with parent/child modules
How to use C++ standard smart pointers with Windows HANDLEs?
how to iterate in snap framework without cabal install
Java-Eclipse Package Recommendation [closed]
RichTextBox Selected Text Position
PHP: Get union of a string [duplicate]
Field vs Property. Optimisation of performance
How to round off decimals from string input and convert to int
Access VBA get Function to pass data to Sub for its Cancel property
Android ScrollView resets when SeekBar moves
vim Aligning inline comments
Why is this simple Solr highlighting attempt failing?
Razor MVC3 Routing/Navigation
(HTML) PNG on top of another PNG - possible to eliminate full transparency?
Generate valid ical file on linux
(HTML) PNG on top of another PNG - possible to eliminate full transparency?
Generate valid ical file on linux
What's the best way to write a 鈥�x AND y)OR(a AND b)鈥�where query in Rails?
Interpolate data using plyr in R
Post jQuery ajax form the same way as normal html form, breaking same-origin-policy
UIButton above animating CALayer
Is Delphi's Exit statement dangerous? [closed]
Is it possible to add tooltips to image's drawn on an HTML5 canvas?
Retrieve parameters from url with XPages
Java beans- return type
MySQL Trigger - Summarize changes in json formatted column
ClearCase Project / Stream setup
User.IsInRole vs Roles.IsUserInRole in AuthenticateRequest
How can I see if my app is visible to tablets and ICS in the Amazon Market
How do I set up an SQL table to efficiently and easily store multiple dates and times for single events?
Dynamically showing a control in JQuery Mobile
How do I build a precise formation of nested divs from a recursive query?
Which Microsoft Windows Service took periodic screenshots continuously and stored in a SQL Server Database?
SQL Server deadlock on disjoint sets
Comparison of Two MS word documents content using Macro coding
Java Inheritance : Error when @Override method
Fastest way to import millions of files in R?
SSIS Destination new table ntext
鈥淣o RequestCycle is currently set!鈥�exception when using icepush wicket integration and trying to call 'push()' from another class
How can I get the creation date of an Amazon S3 Blob?
coin flip program wont run
HTTP server using perl HTTP::Daemon - only works from the same computer the server is running on
Test if object is JKArray
Show and Hide a View Elegantly IOS issues
Date and Javascript
Using Webclient on Windows Ce;
QT GET Request Response different from the one you get from an ordinary browser
how to check socket request header is GET /path/file.html HTTP/1.0
Using SQLite created on another system
java regex to escape oracle sql special characters
How to blur without specific element why after a form is closed, class members still occupy memory?
Clang Const Qualified C++ Method
Building a dynamic row and cell using jquery
Magento upgrade 1.4.1 to 1.6.2 incomplete product data
Cell content overlaps when TableView Scroll
FancyBox get href for images via AJAX
Can't get java.util.logging to work with app launched via JNLP
Using the new Freebase API with the java client
ios NSDateFormatter in restkit
Particle Swarm Optimisation: dealing with uncertainty / imprecision in candidate solution fitness
Migration of JSF1.1 (MyFaces Implementation) with tiles into JSF2.0
MKPolygon from Point + Radius/Distance (iPhone SDK)
How to make the mysql MEMORY ENGINE store more data?
Difference between plot and polar in matlab
ColdFusion: Is there a way to get the dimensions of a video?
Android installation
Android Manifest File: App Supports Tablets, but is marked 鈥渘ot compatible鈥�in market?
JQuery .hide() ListBox option issues in Internet Explorer
Where is the bam portal
eclipse axis2 web service error
How to do a Second Commit in Github [closed]
android app future.usb.usbmanager
Real-time Java Specification
Android - Global variables modifyed by clones
Best practise propagating Unique Violation Exceptions to UI
Cascading SQL query in human readable form
Why doesn't the CommandParameter Change?
Sending data from html to php with ajax
Mobile webkit memory consumption
Making tablet-specific behavior. Is it SCREENLAYOUT_SIZE or me?
Average time in GC
How to Edit/Delete Data in MySQL database using servlet
Is it possible to use IF or CASE in sql FROM statement
Why function in same module is not accessable in ruby?
MySQL default character set
Errors saving images to database
C# - OOP - static method in class, which uses code that should only run once
Move all files in a directory to a local subdirectory in linux
SQL request to both group responses and retrieve only the last line of each
jQuery .toggle change z-index after animation instead of display: none
JQuery - How to suppress mouseleave event?
Exception raised when setting Trigger against ListBox
Enable graphic designer to use JSF GUI components?
How to implement a spam black list check in php?
Hadoop Map process gets stuck
jQuery .live only runs part of the function after the first time it runs
Copy and paste in Eclipse adds window newlines at the end of each pasted line
How to arrange Flex component to scroll properly
Translating from jsp to servlet in jsp?
Stop the touchstart performing too quick when scrolling
class inheritance activity -> vote
ASP.NET set div height to contain all data
How to get the WorkItem of an object in Workflow?
Delayed Job - Undefined method in production
When using Microsoft Test Manager 2010 with SfTS, how do QA engineers know what tests they have to run?
get value of function in json string
Calling a Web Service from MySQL?
Exclude regex bash script
How to create a gray overlay for a UIButton in touched state programmatically?
hotfix: Principal entity in an SQL application generates unnecessary updates - do it still effect EF 4.3.1?
Tabular information tableview or listview
How to execute a scalar user-defined function in EF
Debian: Find out CPU usage using bash
Add Custom Headers using HttpWebRequest
Tabular information tableview or listview
How to execute a scalar user-defined function in EF
Debian: Find out CPU usage using bash
Add Custom Headers using HttpWebRequest
NSNumberFormatter to show a maximum of 3 digits
Vertical alignment of bootstrap modal on mobiles
File icon overlay in java for windows
Nuget Powershell: how to add native dependencies? how to add files to a project inside a folder?
Romanization of Unicode text
Tool to convert layout dpi's for different screen densities
Natural sorting of PHP array in reverse and not preserving keys
How to jump to a specific debug point in the variable window of Netbeans
What's the best code for performance to check if a .net arraylist have two or more items with the same value?
Skip XML documentation files with Web Deploy
Legend is disappearing on HighCharts pie refreshing
Set selected index of an Android RadioGroup
Appending a header to all PHP files
Convert sparse matrice in list of list in python
Split string by non-alphabetic characters
When inserting with tableadapter in one form, how to refresh data in another?
jquery margin top
How to prevent a scrollview from scrolling to a webview after data is loaded?
Testing view rendering with mock objects in Zend Framework
emacs custom C++ compilation support
Spring data MongoDB example not working
Closing over the loop variable in Scala
How to convert multi tag elements from a source xml into each related group after the Muenchian grouping
php conditional anchor printing
Mutual SSL Authentication - Client and Server sides. Python -> Django/Twisted/Tornado
ruby http connection pool
using Ext.Ajax.request ,showing session timeout
Awk: substituting values in a column based on input from another file
How to redirect the output of a compiled matlab script?
How can i look at a controller property to assign a classBinding in EmberJS Dynamically
How many 301 Redirects do you need when moving your site?
A neat way to divide in two and reorder a list?
mapserver 5.4.2 fcgi error
Using this to change value within a nested function ($.get)
WPF throws an exception when trying out a simple character animation
Wix 3.5 Icons on a push button control
Any tool to document Delphi code, especially as regards data-bound controls? [closed]
Removing extra spaces from GridView item template
How to see the indexes on a table in mysql workbench?
Watermark with paperclip 2.7.0
Can't format my array properly following query
Java - bluetooth connectivity
.htaccess manipulate url (remove items form url) then redirect
Javascript regex, help me with match
Regex newline match
Setting values of an object's non-value members through reflection
Align part of an image
2 microsoft filters for gradient and shadow together via scss mixin
Can't mass-assign protected attributes. (attr_accessible is set)
System.IO.IOException ; unable to read data from the transport connection : An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Team Foundation Server merge not merging
When getting a list of properties (via reflection) can we exclude the ReadOnly ones?
Why reference variable of type object must be cast when use as other object type
best way to update object in one of many lists
Saving an xml document results in corrupt file
Copy and paste to sheet 2 based on column A conditional in sheet 1 not executing
When to_json is *almost* good enough
Is it possible for jQuery Mobile to show the hash in the first page it loads?
unbindService vs. stopService
How/where to store the current users login name?
JavaScript image handler
One title for multiplot in gnuplot
Building a site with Twig PHP Template Engine
Local class and function templates
how to display chm file in mvc web page
Code Igniter / Zend Server - model method not getting called
Activity Stops responding on Processing Data
Static content in website - while URL changes [closed]
background: none - how to enable with jQuery?
How do I automate instantiation of OWL ontological classes?
Can you create custom variables in paypals payment system?
Undefined Symbols inheritance
java restful web service image gallery
JQuery Accordion - Opening issues
How do you make a thread run it's contents, pause and repeat?
Jenkins CVS plugin does not detect changes
PHP verify correct time format in $value
sharing code across VS 2010 projects
Facebook custom login on Titanium mobile
Difference between handleRequestInternal and handleRequest
A concise way to generate an array of integers 1 to 100 in c#
Incrementing value in a Map (JAVA)
Fancybox is loading href outside of Page
Using IUnknown derived ATL COM object in .NET
Lock table while inserting
ASP.NET 4 Web Forms Using Routing - Application_Error Not Called on Error
Does the mysql CLI tool provide a way to display binary data in a console-friendly manner?
Python 2.7, WMI Unexpected COM Error -2147352567 Non-domain system connecting to domain system
Postgresql inserts stop at random number of records
Serial Driver start_tx() Operation Called Twice for a Single Write
Why does my FB.api request always produce an error response?
Android: Adding to App Database Not Working
Dynamic cast to generic type
Make UIViewController a singleton?
executing code from database
iPhone is there a way to allow a user to rate the app from within it?
Simple events backbone.js error
SQL statement only select items that appear less than twice
Launch image can't be deleted from Xcode project
How to deploy an application over the internet with JBoss AS 7
PHP Regex to get numbers before string with parentheses
What are hidden fields in a Clarion .TPS file?
Guava Import Issue
Compare similarity algorithms
SAS - Creating a Numbered Range List of character variables?
How to disable DEP on OSX Lion
iPhone ASIHTTPRequest how to continue request loading in the background, once the home key is tapped?
TreeNodeBinding issues
Deleting dynamic partition during installation of Window 7 [closed]
Button to clear textarea / textboxes of content
Simple Login Page
Inheritance in C#, what does where T: new()mean? [duplicate]
Enforce serializable session state access for InProc?
Check for number of files starting with some string
DataGrid SelectionChanged Event fire only for the first row in the DataGrid
Deploying JRuby war file to Tomcat in Windows
Fixed bottom margin
Setting 鈥淛AVA_OPTS鈥�globally on Windows
Having an issue with t-sql and case statement with and/where clause
How to divide an odd number to leave two integers?
Using a mask with an adaptive threshold?
Update existing notification
Is there any framework that works on Android and iPhone
Hibernate mapping where class has multiple rows on one table
Django: static files
How to check a value in a textbox and if it hasn't changed for 3 seconds do something, otherwise check again in 3 seconds?
Urls contain illegal characters are not mapping to controllers in Grails
How can I best _select_ which of the internal parameters to operate on?
How do I change the Bundle name of a Xcode project through command line?
SQL: How can I get the number of executed queries per database or hour or 鈥�
Is using 2 webservers (static/dinamic) an overkill to the website?
How to CheckConstraint in about the same way it is done on database server
Insert rows autoincrement on multiple columns
Suspend table constraints during SSIS import
MVC3: Windows group authentication via sql server?
What is name of default font used in PHP GD library?
Creating an android store
Annotation position is not updated as the series scrolls
Attribute binding using emberjs, handlebar, with jquery draggable
map predefined words in a string into a hash in perl
MVC - Switch View based on User Role
How to create a <div> row with one element that grabs extra space
Disabling id render in symfony form field
SSIS vs. .NET Numerical Precision
Ksoap exception in j2me
redirect_uri blocking ability to make intranet-based application
SSIS vs. .NET Numerical Precision
Ksoap exception in j2me
redirect_uri blocking ability to make intranet-based application
Find the MS Word Table that contain a specific text
Catch all .htaccess - only if nothing is found before
Running a large SQL statement and populating a gridview
Only import XML if it has been updated
Border and Padding width javascript
Security of 鈥渄eny form all鈥�vs. directory outside docroot
System Notifications For Users with PHP/MySQL