jquery Switch images on hover
Assembler & C - translate C's code to assembler
Updating cloned elements in javascript?
Android textwatcher count down
Alignment problems in Firefox
What could a good file storage solution would be using Glassfish and Neo4J?
Rally Time Entry Item query?
Class SolrServer Not Updating
Forms authentication using different login pages for different parts of app
Doctrine 2 choking on Postgres table columns
public anonymous inner class in Java
How to check if the sum of some records equals the difference between two other records in t-sql?
Open the same div on the next page using jQuery or JavaScript to remember
What is wrong with this code?
Knockout with MVC3: Knockout Model won't post collection data?
Jboss 4.2.2 java.rmi.ExportException
ExtJS grid filtering - activating two at the same time
How to have a mobile version of a MVC website
Can't get pack Uri to work
Crash on private method of UIAlertView
Prevent blocking popups that appear with facebook SDK
cant find image child node jquery
how to make a set of array in java?
Jquery Cycle - php includes
Python server-client relationship over network problems
Sort Datatable in vb.net with linq by Column index
Emulate iPhone app within another app?
mysql select, sum, group by date when you have epoch or sysmillis for a time stamp
get the time difference?
Android animated live wallpaper [closed]
File path is working in NetBeans but not in built JAR file
How can I make my 404 PHP Error Page appear in IIS6?
Proper Path reference for multiBinding converter parameter with combobox control
Browser Back-Button jump to last location (like maps.google.com)
What's the fastest way to iterate over a CvMat in Python using OpenCV?
Tab data lost on selected item changed MVVM
How can I pass environment variables to Apache via nginx proxypass?
Accessing codeigniter session variables inside javascript [closed]
how can i check if a node exists in jstree
multiple sliders with the same options all in one function?
How to improve cmuSphinx's accuracy?
How to cleanly unbind a service if there is no 鈥渆xit()鈥�method
How to get a symmetrical TwoWay binding?
Reflection/refraction with chromatic aberration - eye correction
Xcode 4.3 / iOS 5.1
Manual constructor chaining with dojo : argument issue
Any way to ignore Possible Null Reference Exception warnings when using Assert statements?
Share entities between multi-projects
Prolog : Operator Expected
Color Dodge Blend Bitmap
Defining a 鈥減ass-through鈥�style in Actionscript
Setting up an UIActivityIndicatorView for the UITableViewController programmatically
Recent Files List
Add text to QPlainTextEdit in PyQT (the result is a status log)
How can I extract a substring up to the first digit?
Client & Server read and write on the same socket
Java expression optimization
Sorting a dictionary by value with linq in vb.net
css - div parent not ok , height remains 0px
Google Reader api mark all news from a specific source as read! I've the request
scope in routes.rb not properly working in connection with get
php comparing value from database with one in a textbox
how to get current uilabel text from uiscroll view runtime
psake msbuild error
Set up a cURL to call a REST API
Add legend to jQuery datepicker
Back button on Navigation controller dont stop video streaming (IOS)
Generation of X509 with OpenSSL [closed]
Extract URL's from a website?
Draw Image and ImageObserver in Java Applet
RavenDb expectation of performance to query documents that number in the millions
Go to each white space in a string. C#
nested quotes in haml
WordPress Custom Post Type
PHP convert $_POST values to string
BeautifulSoup HTMLParseError
Selection option in PhoneGap not working proper
custom data-attribute in asp.net Linkbutton
selenium webdriver sendkeys issue on IE - frame moves/shifts
Javascript RegEx to validate file name pattern
Creating a zip archive from a folder and preserving structure with Node.js
How to change the font of the textfield in a table view
How do I change font family of RichTextBox without modifying previous text?
Diagnosing garbage collection (or other kind of interruption)
creating thumbnails without saving them
winform in console application
Get/retrieve one field value of many under the same value of another column
Devise Invitable optional custom message
How to download XML with RestClient?
How to draw a border around a texture using GLSL
sock.recv() is taking too much time to execute in the python code
Login Form in C# windows Presentation Foundation
How do I add a namespace to the default winforms template in visual Visual Studio 2010?
PowerShell, BizTalk and changing Host Instance configuration
NH spatial and Fluent Mapping
Ajax string length limit?
yii camel case class filenames in linux
Making a <script> work as soon as it is appended to body?
Is it safe to do a const cast here?
Schedule posts on Facebook page with PHP SDK
how to ping a server port with php?
OptimisticConcurrencyException with System.Web.Providers
Mockito : how to verify method was called on an object created within a method?
NGinx - Count requests for a particular URL pattern
How to speed up Xpath performance in SQL Server when searching for an element with specific text
Android service closes after 10 seconds
Call method, when activity unbinds service
How write tests for Grails delete() methods
I can't use Paypal IPN on my Hosting, how to solve this?
PHP Merge jpeg on top of png with alpha transparency
How to refactor test code together with production code?
iOS Push Notifications- How to specify alert and badge with NO sound?
How can I group by regex value of a column in jQgrid?
What could cause the JVM to lock up mouse click and keyboard input for a machine?
Who provided the C header file? [closed]
Preventing a ListView from automatically horizontally scrolling when new items are added
.NET Debug continues after breaking stopping
why IrreversibleMigration occurs?
MQ PCF: How do I determine the associated Managed Queue for a Durable Subscription?
C# console get key stroke
Is a website without authentication vulnerable to CSRF?
C# technique for generating anonymous delegates that share same closure variable
Sql view very slow executing
postgresql - count (no null values) of each column in a table
How to enable or disable submit button depending on ratio value?
How to use gridView in Mvc without adding form runat server?
Issue (prob Authentication) Connecting to TFS 2008 via a Website
Strange expression
Ant/build.xml functionality ignored since Netbeans 7.1 (for PHP project)
Can one PHP-document receive input from 2 clients?
Unknown protocol error when using git-svn over HTTPS through a proxy server
Generating a pdf of long tables with reportlab
remove duplicate elements
(Django) How to use distinct() function?
How to disable EditText's ability to recive copied text?
Is it possible to override the Accounts & Sync 'Remove Account' functionality
jqGrid ondblClickRow and onRightClickRow events not firing
how to use append after load. jquery
Javascript: When should I use function_name.apply ?
Javascript: When should I use function_name.apply ?
Getting 'Multipart must have Atom and media part' error when trying to upload a photo with metadata to Picasa
List all web-browsers installed on a Windows machine
Group posts by date in Wordpress
Java: Convert From Scanner to JOptionPane
How to run Java my project with eclipse
Multiple applications per web role
Is there a PHP base for aiding in hosting things like client preview images, videos, and etc? [closed]
NoClassDefFoundError: Changes in project import from sdk rev 15 to sdk rev 17?
jquery add/remove styles/classes
Use filter in jQuery
click() event jquery
WCF Application & WCF Service Library understanding
News Item Ctegorization
JPA Hibernate bidirectional relation
Error messages not working on one model, when validation fails
Creating My Own Double-Click Functionality
Compiling Qt 4.7.4 With X11 Embed support
spa upshot how to access grandparent entity?
MATLAB: extracting data from structure and placing into custom size matrix
Character replacement takes very much time in a string
Get schema name from a properties file
Struts 2 validation issues - no action mapped for util.js and validation.js
Can an Attribute be set only on the Setter of an Auto-Implemented Property?
Weird width of UITableViewCell
git fetch not update my local repository
Changing a uilabel text at different time intervals
Where does ExtJS Action fit into MVC pattern
In PHP, how can I migrate Selenium RC to WebDriver?
find median in a fixed-size moving window along a long sequence of data
Silex: error handlers for specific exception types
WcfSvcHost throws LoaderException when attaching to IIS7 process, but everything seems to work?
What can a ClickOnce application in an Internet Zone sandbox expect to get away with?
reducing response size
Change content of WPF Window
How can I trap the user in inputdlg()
How to Cut a ImageView to a subimage in the range of four specified points
How can I configure TortoiseHg Workbench to use the --subrepos switch
Scroll a div 30px when anchor clicked
Stretch the form so it takes up the whole A4 Paper
How Can an Attribute Class Reference the Instance that Uses It?
ASP.NET MVC 3 unobtrusive validation failing
Reliable messaging over TCP in node.js
Google Search returns 503 error for complicated search queries
MS Project Server 2010, JS Grid OnSingleCellClick event not raised in IE9 if not in compatibility mode
Linq without foreach?
close tab after printing Firefox/Chrome (content is application/pdf)
Need a regular expression to substitute left for right and right for left
How to restrict number of characters that can be entered in HTML5 number input field on iPhone
Is it possible to move in-page style sheet to <head> section using regex replacement?
Is this possible to lazily query the database with mongoengine (python)?
Best way to mobilise a Wordpress website? (No plugins)
Regular expression for optional commas with a 6 character limit
SiteProfileNotAvailable error
PHP/MySQL poll - no repeat voting based on IP
cookie domain getting changed, only one cookie with '.' one without
How can I remove shared variables from legacy code
C# https login and download file
JQuery jsession cookie is not sent to a server
CSS3 transition scale but not translation
mouseDown: in a custom NSTextField inside an NSTableView
Insert current date/time using now() in a field using MySQL/PHP
Grit commit_diff shows reverse diff
Form works in IE fails in Firefox
Why is the division result between two integers truncated?
Machine.Fakes how to test virtual method implementation?
WebDriver get time to load element using implicitlyWait
build node-set variable from result tree fragment using <xsl:choose>
rake paperclip:refresh not working on heroku
Do not call Dispose of parts in dispose MEF
Mongrel does not use the full CPU power on Windows 2003 server
Encoding::CompatibilityError when searching with tire / elasticsearch
Best way to remove duplicate characters from a string?
How to set initial view options for PDF documents (exporting from MS Word)
TinyXML2/C++ - Insert an element
Getting simple JAX-RS/CXF POST example to work
MySQL column mismatch error on very basic query
Unit testing rendered Json with JsonBuilder in Grails
How to insert only edited values in table
selecting certain rows in a data frame [duplicate]
db2 and oracle coexistence into a web application
Rails migration assumes a relationship where there is none
Why user private function?
How to sort a List<dynamic> containing ExpandoObjects
The client WCF cannot connect to the server WCF without having the server certificate on local machine
PHP detect closures [duplicate]
Java / parse Object and load its fields into JTree
Using IIterable
MongoDB count very slow
How to position a Rectangle in Embedded Silverlight?
Javascript RegExp Works in online testers, but not on actual page
pygtk notebook page close memory leak
Flex Mobile Gesture event : how to slide between 2 views like Google+ Mobile?
鈥淪ystem.Workflow.Runtime.Hosting.PersistenceException鈥�Custom SharePoint Sequential workflow
twitter Bootstrap Scrollspy highlight final element
Why does a reverse proxy rewrite rule stop working when System.Web.Routing is active?
GridControl (GridView) returns no rows
how to send complex type via ksoap2-android to wcf service ? - how to configure wcf service?
ModelMetadata.Watermark and MVC View Models
How to get keypress of the star above the numbers
how to plot on a smaller scale
Rails UJS link_to :remote does AJAX GET and normal <a href> GET
Can someone help me in jquery addition?
Installing lighttpd in CentOS 6.0
How to trigger crossbrowser FOCUS an a element with a neat outline?
Eclipselink OneToMany Merge Deletes Relations
Findstr getting response to variable
Validating 0-0 people on step by step jquery form
Restkit json error response msg from server
Back button on pages with tabs
BoneCP is reporting unclosed connections but I'm using try-with-resource everywhere I get a new connection
How to make a count timer C#
Elisp: call start-process with a path that includes a space
Rendering Performance Issue IE8
Symfony2 : Where to place code running for all routes?
Why does drawImage perform so much faster in Safari than Chrome or Firefox?
How to add custom log handler to Google App Engine?
Why does a web app access through an SSLVPN gateway not work?
Way to determine array that has most items?
How to select all DN's in a OU
Manipulating output string in c#
Web page in iOS Address book
Netty, problems with custom handler for HTTP PUT requests 鈥渃annot send more responses than requests鈥�
鈥渟tick鈥�jobs to the master
Best way to get rows between specific month
Zend - plugin not found in the registry
PyCharm, Django: zero code coverage
jQuery: binding an element to another element
What implications are involved in password change over the phone? [closed]
Mysql: Counting a matching bulk between two sets of values within multiple tables?
objective-c - NSDateFormatter returns wrong date
Can I override a method in RSpec for just one argument call
Be able to send an email to an email address, and have that appear on a web page
Setting up a repeater with dd-wrt
Controller method that does not return any view
How can i get the @@IDENTITY returned from a INSERT from MySQL (2008) using C# [duplicate]
Block a4j:support call when the input value is empty
Detect EOF between two images transmitted by bluetooth
How to selectively forbid deleting of tasks in SharePoint 2010?
maximum blocks possible in cuda
How to change Spring to use Datasource from Tomcat vs BasicDataSource?
break; does not work properly
How to set folder permission to read only in android [duplicate]
Parsing culture info in .NET
RESTful ASP.NET MVC3 Routing
How to write鈥済reatest n per group鈥�type query, but with additional conditions?
freebase city regions above neighborhood
low-pass filter in opencv
execCommand insertHTML breaks stored window.getSelection()
Does there exists a Dot.Net 4.5 Async Timer
execCommand insertHTML breaks stored window.getSelection()
Does there exists a Dot.Net 4.5 Async Timer
Binary flags for functions in php
jQuery Mobile mailto - cancel email stays in mail app
CSS form ie7 bug with margin left and float
How to disable 鈥渁uto panning鈥�when dragging a marker near edge of Google Maps?
Custom Django Backend to add an object to a user upon activation (or registration)
Python: how to define __new__ for MutableSequence derived class?
Indexed Property Error: Must be Qualified and Arguments Explicitly Supplied
How to view foxpro registries using php
awk count number of fields and add accordingly
Ebean + Play 2.0 Queries
How to create mysql event inside a procedure or trigger?
Reference GitHub file in jsFiddle
How to add insert a value into a picker in Sencha Touch?
Clean up Play-framework based project
MYSQL UNION - using a mysql string function?
getting number only from 10.0 or 2
Chrome extension with Youtube API showing inconsistent results
Is RTF text empty
Magento Customer Wizard Registration
SQL Query Adding All Customers even if they don't have any sales
jQuery animate lineHeight - relative property gives weird result
Reading from a *.txt file in a loop [closed]
How to databind JQuery Mobile with Knockout and Upshot
How to code in java to run unix shell script which use rSync internally in windows environment using cygwin?
Pass multiple objects to view through controller
How to detect OutOfMemoryError via JMX
SNMP4j + responsePdu arrival time
Is it possible to cast an object to System.Windows.DataObject.DataStore.DataStoreEntry?
Disable CSRF protection on Forms with Silex
how to judge which object to be synchronized in java thread?
is possible to read image from remote server using in binary mode using javascript or phonegap?
PostgreSQL drop role fails because of default privileges
how to resize a ul, div p in jquery
Overloaded std::ostream operator<< not called, stream gets variable address instead of the object
translating a Map to another
cakephp 'inList' validation not working
How to change text in the Alert in Flex
Using a function to create an instance of a class based on the type passed through
Strange behaviour when using BlendMode 鈥渆rase鈥�in flash AS3
Telerik text selection
apache2 - ssl virtual host does not execute cgi scripts [closed]
contact form - email a copy to submitter?
Android ksoap2 - Using 2 methods from same web-service, in the same activity
Get browser download path with javascript
How keep NSTimer when application entering background?
injecting files into a git repository without doing a checkout
Create my own text based data storage
How to replace characters between two anchors?
How to get weeks between two dates
How to use assertRaises in a trial test case using inlineCallbacks
Is there any equivalent of c++ std::next_permutation() in c# 2.0?
Start virtual machine with Qemu (Command line)
How to implement erb partials in a non rails app?
Bash script to rename files to ensure the dash has spaces on both sides
Get values and ID of dynamically generated textfields in a table
jquery appear on scroll and each element after each other
jquery to find a span by title and add a class to it. In SharePoint
convert struct handle from managed into unmanaged C++/CLI
calculating and displaying numbers in java
zend framework issue with gdata api
querying a database based on a dynamic amount of conditions
Embed php functions from another file in WSO/PHP service operation
Sharing variables between differents DLL but in the same process/EXE
xpages Mobile Date Picker
Implementing a DSL on .NET
AJAX and PHP prevent tampering with functions
Google not followed after phpbb 2.0 upgrade to phpbb3
Search for matching lines and combind the output on a single line
SQL Server function return different select statement based on the parameter
What is the order of clearing elements from std::list?
Loop thru all specific form field
Convert the Font size in inch
How to get an array of random number in Fortran
Trying to connect to database in Java DB netbeans?
html input padding overflows in Internet Explorer
g++ combining libraries
Connector/C++ - Necessary libraries + Error
What happens with delayed result instructions on branch in ARM assembly?
How to set an array property to a new initialised array in one line
Android loop service every 5 seconds and boot on startup
How do I turn a list of tuples into a dictionary while keeping redundant values?
Why is Linq2Sql creating a new connection for every sproc call and keeping it open?
Adb dosent see my htc device
How to calculate cost of an order on an online menu in javascript
Using LIKE with a list
Can't show error message after failed spring mvc form validation
VBA: Initialize object with values?
CSS :after input does not seem to work
Apply calculation to a 2d array in vb.net
how can I catch characters till , with Regex?
Unknown build error
Error: The following exception occurred creating the MEF composition container
How to post to NSNotificationCenter regarding bool state?
Convert from Base64 String to PNG File
Cannot run function on divs created with ajax JSONP
formatting a table in CSS
ZUUIRevealController leaks memory?
How to insert only new and/or updated lines into another file
ZUUIRevealController leaks memory?
How to insert only new and/or updated lines into another file
FullCalendar: Set a Default Date on Add New Event
Maven and Eclipse - DON'T download dependency
Internet Explorer BHO add onclick event
alphanumeric row stored as text excel 2007
Zend_Gdata exception.
How to catch a stack trace from jvm.dll?
Set background from value
Why no runtime error when clearly writing over array bounds?
Flushed step return code in jcl
php single curl works but multi curl doesn't work?
Editable region in a custom control
How to handle multiple similar projects with jira
XOR Hex String in JAVA of different length
still getting LazyInitializationException even after using spring OpenSessionInViewFilter
What impact does object mutability have on scope in python?
What are the advantages of Python 3's new format specification syntax over the old one used by the `%` operator? [closed]
Table widths/div not correct
RoR (2.3) Tracking changes of children in a variable
Why does this SQL Server transaction always fail and how to fix the stored procedure structure?
Given a list of events in a day, how would I calculate instead the gaps between those events?
Access violation writing location鈥�Where is the bug? (Veitch diagram)
How to convert from VimOutliner to Markdown?
Use Strict : How to test it?
Database doesn't get created
idiom for comparing knockout observables
How can I get rid of this self-calling function?
Lotus Domino - HTTP Web Server Error - Entry Not Found In Index
Insert image to database with FileUpload
FileInputStream vs ClassPathResource vs getResourceAsStream and file integrity
Create a file if one doesn't exist - C
How does the android build system handle java libraries which load native shared libraries
duplicate admin inline in django
Stacking image views with overlapping
Why does reducing the font-size of a SPAN element inside a paragraph increase the height of the paragraph?
Import .pyd file in google app engine?
plist - NSMutableDictionary - 0x0
excel charts to powerpoint vba
Executing a Quartz.NET job from a separate assembly
How to Map a CSV or Tab Delimited File to MySQL Multi-Table Database
How can I assign a variable from a static property using Expression Trees?
Step by step form keeps adding extra values to end result when user goes back
Panel not hiding properly
Is there a library that would produce a string that would hash (SHA1) to a given input?
netty websockets hornetq 2.2.5 fails with latest chrome on Sec-WebSocket-Accept header
How display and edit HTML in iOS
use ruby Net::SSH to read a remote file via sudo
Emacs solarized theme issue
Mysql LEFT JOIN of three tables returns to many Rows
Bug in org.jboss.netty.buffer.ChannelBufferInputStream.available()?
Java: How to keep my application functioning properly even If I'm having a game open while it's running at the background
why cant emacs 24 find a custom theme I added?
Still having problems with GridViews
add selected row from a table to another table with Jquery and MVC3
issues with CSS alignment
How to put HTML into Slickgrid cell?
How do i get the difference in two lists in C#?
How do I add a set of strings to an Entity?
Android opera suppots url but not default webview .. how to over come?
Wrap an a tag around a link in a tweet with php
gridview's javascript return wrong value
Undertermined Javascript Error
What happens when shared MemoryAwareThreadPoolExecutor's threshold is reached?
MediaPlayer streams MP3 in emulator, but not on device
How to add .jar file to the Java Code
Get dates for last quarter and this quarter through Javascript
How to create a function for subsetting data where the arguments passed to it vary
JAVA equivalent to Javascript REGEX
Binding primefaces dataTable with org.primefaces.component.datatable.DataTable;
Is there any bug using both Spock and Spring Security plugin in same project?
Rewrite a file with PHP using HTML form
Google TV with microphone
Set the title of the UINavigationBar
Constructor creates multiple variables, how to return them through other methods?
Augmented reality in iOS 5 VS. iOS 4 - Textures not load after deployment
less compiler doubles everything
Android JSON parsing error
Layout: bottom bar + scrollview over it that start from top
PHP and preg_match Regex to pull number with decimal out of string
Choosing right timer for scheduler
find PDF coordinates
binding a key and programming input to anything.el
Hadoop MultipleOutPutFormat and Join Query
Java network game: How to list available servers?
Cron expression - every 2 minutes between 6 and 21:28
play framework in heroku with maven
Error while accessing array of String. (java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException)
How make a position from data array?
How to make dynamic states and add buttons to it in Flex using NOT MXML but Actionscript?
jScrollPane - Vertical scrollbar does not 'grow' with content
Moving Spring Application from Glassfish to Tomcat
How to show Help View at startup without User Input in Eclipse Ganymede?
Executing logic before save or validation with EF Code-First Models
How can I overcome different DOM for Webkit/Mozilla when trying to navigate it programmatically?
Find & instantiate annotated Scala classes in a specified package
SQL Permissions Conundrum
What params on string block (<<-BLOCK, param1, param2) means?
NSIS SQL connection
javacv sample program not running in eclipse?
jquery - Im having some issues with the click events
Using HTML5 on nodejs and Images
Performance / capacity statistics for web2py?
Display asp:ValidationSummary messages in other languages (Hebrew)
Color reference in <item>-Tag, inside <layer-list>
How to get the Total Total-Time for a method using VisualVM
Web service authentication issue - using openam j2ee agent 3
Is replacing the value of a member variable thread safe?
Facebook and Twitter official buttons: over-ride CSS to display inline and float right?
Client-server communication on same machine via file or socket
PhP Login/Register system
Hex bytearray to string
keep table from database while upgrade android
Fancybox2: horizontal transitions instead of vertical - how?
iOS How to refresh ScrollView when its model change?
Non-repeating Quartz Jobs with Crontrigger?
MVC Validation for US phone number (000)-000-0000 or 000-000-0000
Count group by using mysql
Datanucleus autoCreateSchema issue (contradictory error messages)
How to apply am additional html class to all select tags rendered by simple_form
Using LINQ vs SQL for Filtering Collection
Magento override abstract block
How to use my global Application class method inside a thread
Server error when I try to log on sitecore desktop
Continue to play audio even if the screen is locked
Telerik Mega Menu not working with jquery1.7 in IE
Read post requests from computer
Abstract Factory and Factory pattern in DbProviderFactory ADO.Net?
how do you mark a block/column in powerShell ISE?
Play 2.0: Push a URL parameter to the view
css3 transition delay of specific attribute
GUI programing with WxPython, drag and drop problems
How to import a customized Ribbon to Excel
Default servlet mapping for different deployment environments
change div content when parent page is different?
dismissModalViewControllerAnimated works but not releasing memory (ARC enabled )
Windows user impersonation .NET
Show Message Box when application is in background
How to get SPSite from a full page url
EF 4.3 Many to Many Relation and Junction Table Update
MVVM Patttern: BindingExpression path error: 'Data' property not found on 'object'
Android Itemized Overlay Alert Dialog Variable Conundrum
Saving Personal.xls automatically
Ebean in Play 2.0 - No join on the generated query
How to display a PDF stream in a browser using javascript
PHP variables and query
ASP.NET WebService call queuing
How to get Quartz jobs running in a multi-ApplicationContext environment?
find and change ::123:: text inside a textbox into an image
How to use AVX/pclmulqdq on Mac OS X Lion
sql query for alphanumeric ID in hex
C# Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word
Subclass - Arguments From Superclass
How to parse XML string with Prototype?
Is it possible to use New Relic with GAE/J?
get Container.ItemIndex in code behind
The differences between broadcast receiver and activity
Given an array of booleans, what is the most efficient way to select the index of a random TRUE value?
Adding django-socketio to existing Apache/mod_wsgi/Django site
validate xml file using xsd in C#.. How much does it actually validate?
SELECT statement filtering by time of day
rails has_one of a has_many association
Access Azure Development Server From VM?
insert only time in oracle [closed]
VLC player cannot play network stream from the vlcj StreamHttp sample application
How implement the Back Link to the page from which comes from
UIImagePickerController custom overlay preview taken photo
SQL - How to verify that at least 1 keyword from a list of keywords exists in a field
ie8 javascript stop script can i use settimeout to break up execution and avoid error
How to Remove selected item Plist dictionary from UItableview cell
HyperSQL case insensitive delimited identifiers
Errors in launching an android application
sqlite db in iphone app error: no such table
knowledge based Q-A system not giving most appropriate answer
need an explaination for a term in iphone [closed]
how is this add method supposed to add 2 numbers if it only accepts 1 parameter?
Is there a way to tell WebBrowser component C# not to alter the original HTML?
Unity Application Block: Exception occurred while resolving: BadImageFormatException
Breadcrumbs/Views in Drupal
Creating a list based on a list definition template
How to get image type with RMagick?
error: forward declaration of struct
CSS Overflow and No Wrap Issue
Exclude files and directories from XCode 4 PhoneGap Build
Run Commands on remote Servers from a Webapplication
why I can't change text in JLabel from public static void main?
Filling a screen with 3 divs
Effect of encrypted data in campaign URLs on SEO
Sanitized/Structured output of enumchildwindows API
Allow focus change in RadGridView when a cell has an error
Solved: What's the equivalent of Aspose.Pdf.Kit.PdfPrivilege in the 鈥渕erged鈥�version of Aspose (6.x)
insert 1 row with a lot of columns using an array in Perl DBI
get gmail Xoauthtoken ,access gmail mails?
Remove parent element of a multidimensional array?
Building a dynamic radio button list in jQuery Mobile, but not getting any click events
Disable nyromodal from opening a modal if opener is disabled on the fly
Best Way to Stage WAR file for Deployment
Why VS2010 don't save toolbar
Magento: How to get SQL query of Product load?
incompatible pointer type warning
Best Way to Stage WAR file for Deployment
Why VS2010 don't save toolbar
Magento: How to get SQL query of Product load?
incompatible pointer type warning
php javascript delete individual row
Calling DbContext.Set<T>().Include() is not querying the included properties?
DevExpress grids how to turn off sorting of columns
How to write unit test with assertions in within the testet method?
Does the iPad 3 Retina displays the image @2x as if in iPhone Retina Display
FQL Get All Comments and Likes On User Photos
Extract string literals that are not internationalized?
Load whole page
Best way to code CSS3 Shadows?
PHP Closures - How do I call a class function with $this
C++ Eclipse CDT How to add gcc 4.6.3
How can I fix this screen > php > No screen session found
How can i apply CSS to print?
C++ string and Arduino String. How to combine them?
/dev/ttyS0 does not open in ubuntu 12.04 beta
Weka printing sparse arff file
MPTT tree to menu
iOS: How to create a bitmap from binary data and save it on the device as image?
Search form submit by enter and image button?
condition in criteria in yii framework php
invalidHandler on next button with jQuery validation plugin
Unable to set an icon in a listview
When building android project with ant debug command, my apk has the word debug attached to the name. How i change it?
how to convert from LPWSTR to 'const char*'
Strange global variable behaviour, once variable name is changed issue disappears
sending a php variable to onclick event
css reset under a particular div
How to paste texts into columns side by side with word
Can only iterate over an array or an instance of java.lang.Iterable
Instagram API. 鈥淯nable to reach callback url鈥�
JAVA: Run program with HK when not in focus
Overflowed return value warning in Coverity
Error al conectar con localhost
Save in Drupal 6 administration very slow
WGS84 buildings to Collada tile
Android 4.0 ActionBar design-choice confusion
Python: import a lib with a non-py extenson
php one variable on different pages [closed]
Safari - Store to Database
Alloy model an algebraic group
16bit/32bit x86
gRaphael pie chart dynamic size
Calling XMLHTTPRequest from outside javascript
Blackberry BitmapField focus-unfocus prob
How to search for objects without certain tags?
Prevent an app crash due to a slow connection when retrieving a remote file
using eclipse's proxy settings for maven's dependency solving
How to declare variable number of template arguments?
calling systems setting Activity from service?
rewrite for almost everything under /
Convert C# lambda expression to VB
Adding Git notes to a blob
Setting an AD user active by default (on creation)
match names with unicode chars
Android emulator: how to find out if hardware virtualization feature is used?
Python module that allows mouse movements in DirectX
HTML Texture in Unity or OpenGL ES for Android and iOS
Android: Nothing happens when setting alarm with AlarmManager?
How NSSet compares values in array to remove duplicates when using SetWithArray
Visually Group the Results of a SELECT Statement
Custom navigation bar for the 鈥淢ore鈥�View Controller in a UITabBarController
Collecting elements from an enumerable using LINQ
What's the price of using c# in a commercial website [closed]
Regular Expressions (php)- match blocks of non alphanumerical charactors
Guaranteed atomic move of folder
Reducing seek times when reading many small files
accessing user's gmail inbox using google oauth2.0 API
Yield Return Over Child Objects
Jquery SVG transformation strange behavior
How to get to the maximum value before executing code in C#?
Which MongoDB library to use for a stand-alone PHP project with Symfony?
RVM keeps installing the same rails version on different gemset
error : word automation
Why is a namespaced and nested route generating a URL which results in a routing error?
Library andenginephysicsbox2dextension not found
write NSMutableString to file
Core data, bindings, NSArrayController and table views - how to generate a view of a core data context
How to create simple PHP array? Name the key and the value [closed]
In app purchase confussion in IPhone?
Automatic texture mapping of orthographic pictures
How to convert a mathematical expression tree to its reduced form?
Get Facebook Likes and Events of non-friends
AES encrypt/decrypt on Android doesn't run
How to add a logging filter to WebBroker Application?
Should HTML 5 semantic markup be used for styling at all?
Error on terminal start
execute a trigger when I create a table
How to recall the username previously entered in another activity
Query database in Application_BeginRequest (Global.asax)
Add to custom class in Python
Can NLogC.dll be used with .NET Frameworks prior to 4.0?
sequential numbering of rows
Combres, compress and combine .js and .css files
How to manage community documentation of open source software
Using DLLs in VBScript
Filtering a Backbone.js collection by index
Convert numbered lists text to nested HTML lists
How to check in mysql that normalized table is ok or not in mysql
Spring MVC annotated controller methods, unable to 鈥渇ind鈥�method for DELETE operation
JBoss-provided libraries in Maven-managed Java EE app
Object's Key Does Not Match the Corresponding Property in the ObjectContext
String range alternative in vb.net
What conversions are taking place here?
Button in preference file
.NumberFormat sometimes returns the wrong value with dates and times
How to check data connection
Renamingan Excel Sheet Name in Matlab
Use case for jQuery Global Ajax Event Handlers?
How to use namespaces in Asp.Net c# Project?
Oracle Data Modeler: add initial data to tables
How to structure backbone.js so it returns template + data and ( login-based reroute in mind )
How can I get a picture, attached to a message in facebook, using facebook API
listview with dynamic data from xmpp
Notice: Undefined index on SqlWalker.php
Android: how to show the user which view is active
Using selenuim webdriver to get login to popup via click
Google Maps API v2 - Huge gap at bottom of infoWindow
Add to 鈥渙pen recent files鈥�
Display live HTML/Javascript demo in web page embedded
how can i decrement an int column of a SQLite table
SqlTransaction after catch transaction connection is null
Adding 'Featured Imgs' to my Wordpress Slider / rotate through?
VRML plugin for Firefox on Ubuntu
IF statement in Batch Script
overloaded assignment operator - char pointers not copying correctly
SQLite sorting on field in union
How can I paginate data from different database's table in cakephp?
What is the simplest way to create a weight matrix bases on how frequent each element appear in the matrix?
Region finding based on VTK polylines
how can I use 鈥渋mpdp鈥�command importing .dmp data with port number?
How Can I write to a file in a password protected directory?
Getting a list of running processes and killing a specific process
Initialize variables in one time with map containing nested IndexedSeq
Data Aggregation - Daily SQL Script vs Data Warehouse
Dojo Radio button group linedirection?
How do I test a class that takes a factory?
How to best manage twitter avatars?
Correctly detecting a swipe on a GridView placed inside a ViewPager in Android
Android WebView doesn't support this URL 鈥�how can i get the exact view like webpage
Xcode 4.3.1 displays incorrect variables when debugging
Like to reveal the content help?
Hibernate map enum to varchar
Passing non constant argument to constant parameter
Send string to XMPP MuC participants without using 鈥淢essage鈥�object
Like to reveal the content help?
Hibernate map enum to varchar
Passing non constant argument to constant parameter
Send string to XMPP MuC participants without using 鈥淢essage鈥�object
Warden :renew option
How to get an image using IHTMLSelectionObject?
Calculate days of the week from Monday to Saturday
Change C# user control layout in windows forms development
Heap Space Exception on Downloading a File
Editor Template in a post call is not passing model correctly
increase a value while uibutton is kept pressing in iphone
Given Products, each with multiple Versions, what is the preferred/best way to support custom attributes at the Product/Version level in my Django app
WCF Service client config generated wrong
Map-like function to return multiple values on each iteration in the loop
How to cancel an Android AsyncTask after a certain amount of time? (Eg. 10 seconds)
Height of containing div with overflow-y: hidden not expanding with content
Is it possible to store a list of values in boost interval_map?
Trying to read a BLOB as an InputStream but getting Connection Closed error. Spring3 getJdbcTemplate()
R, programmatically give name of column
Capistrano first deploy doens't work due to missing development.log file
Errors 0xC0000005 and 0x80000002 in Windows CE in pure managed code
How to add gif and tiff support to TJvDBImage?
pass objects from C# to C++ getting 鈥渃annot use this indirection鈥�
PHP ini parsing error
visualization tool for mobile (tablet)
String manipulation - getting value after the last position of a char
How to add a image after input value? [closed]
Should we release a delegate in the dealloc method?
PHP having issues saving 鈥渓arge鈥�files
Set Textbox value to last month
Are there any pitfalls for making an event handling method static?
Assembler - How to pass integer to printf?
Android - Can you have multiple apps publishing the same intent?
Expected class-name before 鈥榹鈥�token
Nested objects and collection size
Problems with my javascript, I dont want to validate <select> tags that are disabled
Change font colour in Microsoft Chart Control
Magento - Add global product attribute
MassTransit binary serialized messages are not handled correctly
TextView not scrolling Smoothly
Native android 4.0 pdf reader
IIS issue with CSS (asp.NET)
Customize dialog which has single-choice list items
SQL server row with relative value?
Mysql second level queries
winforms panels overlapping bugged
while loop in java BlockingQueue implementation
MSQL creating a table which automatically updates with data from other tables
Locale changes every other page load
Best way to add methods to a Class in execution time
Make an external link to an iFrame in a webpage
鈥淐OM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used鈥�error
InApp Purchase Clarification
Getting Data from web server in background in objective-C
Setup a shared ivy repository
(re)implement dynamic_cast
Link 3 values/types in C# [closed]
How can I add a JMenuItem that closes my Java-program?
How to pick second column from a PetaPoco query result?
Alternative for link_to_remote's :update in rails3
Add Atom Link in REST Service
Extracting time from POSIXct
Jquery typing letters as mobile keyboard
Hindi Marathi font on Android
How do I remove a file reference in Xcode?
How to send an email using C#?
Trigger url when confluence page is changed
How to insert code snippet for Debug.WriteLine(); in Visual Studio?
Does ready event fire when page-turn
Running rake task from within war file
EF Code first existing SQL Azure Database
Running a script from Java
Torrent library allowing downloading separate file pieces
Using Response Flush in WebControl
Changing position of div using its Id in javascript
Decrypt Rijndael 256 (from PhP) encoded text in java with little information
Raphael - find bounding box of text BEFORE printing
How to write a shell script that indents all files C/C++ files in the current directory?
Cannot receive Image over TCP socket?
What to do with HTTP 412 (Precondition Failed) - The device is in an inactive state
OpenSource iCarousel in my app
Software in the Loop mode with Modelica
clearcase appends weird stuff
Android RSS Feed
RSA encryption by supplying modulus and exponent
How can I replace and multiply dimensions of img tags in Perl or Ruby?
Relative path to Entity in getRepository()
Dealing with time periods in Rails 3.1
CakePHP - How to retrieve deeply associated data?
Chrome Doesn't Accept jQuery Symbol ($)
Tomcat do not redeploy modified JSP?
Knockout.js Select value binding to object
How do I create an auto backup feature in my Netbeans platform based Java application?
Has someone used async ctp in production
How to determine if Python script was run via command line?
Access web service in an IP V6 server from an IP V4 client
Issue with resize event and iPhone
hbase.cluster.distributed set to true but it says false
Strange behaviours of the String's contains and replaceAll methods with special characters
Restrict tab order to a single user control
Intermediate Code as a result of OpenMP pragmas
How to connect multiple socket.io clients to different URLs in Node.js?
jquerytools tooltip with content from an AJAX call?
Finding the Location of a Button in a Table
hide layouts when softkeyaboard is open
How to get position of scroll indicator ?
Writing an excel sheet with dynamic background colors in Ruby
Access WCF service through a Windows Phone
lib commonCrypto not available for iOS simulator?
onclick vs. onfocus - Input text select behaviour differs. Why?
Wp7 source of location data
How to Best Decode Special Characters in a String for SEO Purposes using PHP
HTTPS request in Python
How to #define identifier with whitespace
Launch Activity from another Application Android [duplicate]
Modify the 鈥淎dd Colleague鈥�panel (QuickLinkDialogForm.aspx) in Sharepoint
EF Code First 4.3 Self Referencing Zero to Many
Caching possible values of a function constructed at runtime
CSS fixing of search box
Change option DHCP/BOOTP in dhcp reservation
image compression in php
Dynamically configuring a task in a parent build.gradle
Custom sorting method of QTableView?
Best solution for mobile app <-> Rails app authorization/authentication
Hibernate NOT IN subquery on junction table
return id from database after insert
A copy of one depot path into two different workspace locations
Why is for(;;){鈥 an infinite loop? [duplicate]
Setting the size of a Canvas
GWT + Postgres tutorial
Insert value in SQL Server table
Caching repository object or data results selectively
Pressing the magnifying glass icon on a UiTableView Index
How to access values displayed in a php dropdownlist populated from a mysql database
Git number of commits per author on all branches
Javascript date and/or time picker
How can I conditionally replace tokens in a config file with Capistrano or Phing?
Android sqlite (Database) Coulmn missing error
iOS: How to persent a modalview as the UIPopover style
how to route subdomain to another Server
Display classes of which exists in an string of number
小orrect closing tcp connection throw java
How can I tell Maven to add the dependencies of my war on the test classpath?
Searching and counting files in directories and subdirectories [BASH]
Caching web pages with high-frequently changing elements
Getting java.lang.IllegalStateException: unread block data
Firebug throwing excessive script errors during normal browsing
JMockit behaviour when mocking same class multiple times using @Mocked
Referring to programmatically created button and it's click event
ContentObserver - just can't believe what I have read
jBPM5 configuring email service task
Generating XML from multiple classes?
Java - How to get videoid attribute using YouTube Data API
Bleeding scroll bars on OSX Lion
Separating a string by the first occurrence of a separator
client certificate not sent with the soap call
Add php database to java script file
How to convert an image to gray scale?
C++ how to ensure when using virtual inheritance that it calls the inherited and not the base function
Elements leak out of center column when zooming
Subset sum for exactly k integers?
Record is losing its store
Fatal application error not caught by MadExcept
Replace special characters before the file is uploaded using PHP
Ruby unit tests: run some code after each failed test
Document-based-like application + updating fields/menus/etc when switching document?
Why can I navigate to a page via browser's back button though cache = disabled?
Heroku compilation arguments
files don't contain c extensions
SQL Server AVG function to return NULL if all values are NULL
Android - OnTouch repeat action
Marmalade SDK Simulator error: Couldn't initialize Direct Draw
Archiving data in SQL Server
will there be an issue to have window.load 'within' a document.ready?
jquery popup find true top
Incorrect Order Status Magento 1.6
Ninject constructor parameter depending on context
Why is CUPS not returning my default printer?
Graphviz node ranking programmatically
Handling openfeint when offline in Unity Android
Working example of custom css to iframe
hosting server's Unable to load dynamic library error
Is there any method to iterate a map with Handlebars.js?
Filter var for calling a shellscript with system on php
Why got E2BIG after calling msgrcv on SunOS, but same codes work fine on linux?
How can i pass my imagebutton values to c# function
Extjs 3.4 Tree Grid default sort by a specified column
generics with super
Ruby on Rails produces 500 internal-server-error in test environment, but log doesn麓t show the error
Send a POST method from liferay portlet
Can I log into separate Eclipse consoles with logback or something?
Java File IO Exceptions
How do we achieve that our application also can move to SDCard?
Read/Write Excel with java based API - vogella
How to save more than one people in an Entity (CoreData)
Add additional changesets prior to changeset 0 (zero)?
Is JavaFX a choice for Dynamic GUI for desktop or standalone applications? [closed]
vertically and horizontally aligning two inline divs inside another div鈥�and collapsing them nicely
Notepad++: block comment not working
sending an email with an embedded Image
Add additional changesets prior to changeset 0 (zero)?
Is JavaFX a choice for Dynamic GUI for desktop or standalone applications? [closed]
vertically and horizontally aligning two inline divs inside another div鈥�and collapsing them nicely
Notepad++: block comment not working
sending an email with an embedded Image
how objects values are retained when we drain the pool at the end of run loop
Why Argument Dependent Lookup doesn't work with function template dynamic_pointer_cast
scipy linkage format
PostgreSQL, Rails 3 - how to add new foreign key in associations?
Is there any way to register a callback for deletions in a capped collection in Mongo?
Create a picture on Android
Access localhost from external source [closed]
LLDP chassis ID origin
Pattern or antipattern: Using property of value as key in Dictionary/Hashmap
Zend Form not working properly, can't understand the concept of documentation
Javascript + CSS: Converting from absolute positioned elements to CSS Transforms (left, top, width, height to translateX, translateY, scale)
Passing data between views with a UITabBarController when using storyboards
Disable Button on click
Hide URL in browser on Android 2.3 using HTML/javascript
How to access application resource file outside war file in struts2 application
achartengine - Android
JavaScript along with the HTML file is not running in UIWebView
Div width 100%, more than browser width [closed]
Can I add multiple editors on one admin page in wordpress. I need this if any idea then please instruct me
Rails app hosted on heroku: Error R12 (Exit timeout)
Android: Bluetooth printing
How do I lock down an Access database on macro-disabled systems?
poset iteration implementation correctness
Xcode 4.3.1 import files to new project
Joomla K2 - Displaying an item's extra field data elsewhere on the site
How can I open a JSON file in JavaScript without jQuery?
check if number string contains decimal?
[Python-Webservice]: How to return and consume on XML format on Flask
MSBuild + .dbproj
Request for member 鈥榤Car鈥�in 鈥榯his鈥� which is of non-class type 鈥榦wner* const鈥�
Anybody recognize this script?
custom facebook like button in flash(actionscript)
How to extract information about exact company through Yahoo! local
Windows, Git and Jenkins
ExtJs fieldLabel not showing in tabPanel
Problems using extensions in tel: hyperlinks on Android 4
How to pass values to defined template from views.py in Django-python
Implementing a custom RazorViewEngine
TF command-line tool: Compare local sourcecode files with shelved TFS files
Error when converting git repo to mercurial using hg convert
prevent watir-webdriver running chrome as a first run
Git Reset - remotes/origin/master not in sync with local master
Exclude Entity fields from updating process in forms Symfony2
select box append with js variable
Error Using the boolean
Zxing in portrait causes picture to be compressed and scanning to slow or fail
How to set window.name property from within Http Handler?
Recursively get data from Lists in LISP
JPA fetch vs joins. Are joins deprecated?
How is the @Me TFS query variable derived?
PHP text/plain result + Character set
jQuery datepicker hover output date
Is it possible to get MySQL to compute values from two different rows from the same table?
How can I remove the green strip in the GreenDroid theme?
How to validate the date time in datepicker?
Redbean and Yii conflict?