LINQ throwing Query nested too deeply exception
Facebook. Comment Plugin. Dark scheme styles problems
Using Custom function in Sub routine. Look at each cell within range, apply custom function
How do I use static methods within EL?
Android disable BroadcastReceiver when app is shut down
click() apply on image to change video in display div [closed]
Google - Access Request page
Customizing an ASP.NET MVC 2 site after deployment
Ruby and Twitter What is the correct way to post for multiple accounts?
How to return a value from a Map with a method?
ActionScript - FlashMediaServer. Application on server side
How to show Time on DropDownList from Date on database?
Where to put the call web service to feed Table View
Android: Tracking user authentication
Entity Framework - Complex Query Best Practice
Paginating with ajax (jquery) - big database
How do I bind dropdownlists that are dynamically loaded with Ajax
garbage collector for JFrame's object
Filtering on multiple associations and optional where clauses
Manipulate pixels in QGraphcisPixmapItem
Mark a .CSV file if it has been read
Errors on Open-Source Document
iphone-dev: Abort a dispatch_queue [duplicate]
Smack on Android, getting error code=鈥�04鈥�remote-server-not-found while sending packets/message between two users via local Openfire server
SSRS indicator sizing
td style in repeater won't output bound value (鈥淭his is not a scriptlet. Will output as plain text鈥�
How to get another table column in my table?
android xml parsing, check id and read corresponding value
How assure that gnome-terminal is displaying the correct hostname on window title?
Amazon MapReduce best practices for logs analysis
Change the destination href of an img element by copying the img element src and changing it in jQuery
MySQL Insertions continuing after the script has been closed
Can emulators show an Android app's details page?
UITable view interface builder creation
MySql Command mysqldump not executing?
Facebook API definitions explained
adding textview values in asynchtask
Can ruby create a regular windows32 DLL?
what should be the htaccess code for category and subcategory
BlackBerry - Attribute Entry-Point-Icon: file cannot be found
Can we use dhtmlxscheduler in
How to merge multidimensional arrays in php
What's the right way to make new methods available to views from a Rails Gem?
Remove the last character typed in UItextfield
CLinkColumn and filter
SVG xml:base attribute not working in IE9
How can I parse a String and return an Enum value in Apex Code?
Radio button background goes white in Windows Chrome when using -webkit-backface-visibility. Any workarounds?
Fork and dynamic library interaction
Unlocking Developer ID version of app if Mac App Store version is present on system
value returned by cv.keywait() is not the character code
How can I display moving object in google maps api 3
iOS 鈥�Are UITableViewCell reuseIdentifiers global?
How to get the page id when user removed my application from page
Using language files combined with PHP variables set on the page
Need .Net-library to convert math formulas to an image
Multiple node inserts for an XML column in TSQL
HashMultiMap save repetitive keys bindings on background?
Drupal 7 hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() Submit
Perform date range query from a single column control table (SQL Server)
ios applicationwillenterbackground not being called
Array in array in array
Cancel an option pane
How I play youtube videos in videoview?
Perl File Test for Text -T and PDFs
Illegal XML character
Send a mail with an attachement coming from a filestream column
Carousel library for android
Nhibernate with 4.0
Setting playback device by executing a batch file / powershell script
How to add padding to JCombobox
Less than function in SML
in php, switching to another page then to the current page without losing the field values in the current page
Paging is not working, using JsonRest with EnhancedGrid
How to parse xml file for marker locations and plot on map
ASP.NET MVC with Knockout and Web API: does it make sense?
Navigating through months, weeks or days too quickly causes errors
Setting the Finder label from Cocoa
SQLite returned error code 1 = no column
CreateUserWizard : how store data in own database and table?
HR tag is it possible to create one in javascript
Time Picker with 00:00:00 AM/PM format with seconds in android [closed]
jQuery UI datepicker not opening to previously selected date if format doesn't include day
How to change the image on UIScrollView
How to Display byte image on the page dynamically?
Android - Drag 'n' Drop - Fatal Exception
How can i Load and save pdf on iPhone simulator 5.0
Can I use a function as parameter?
Generics with extends
CorePlot CPT Color Apply Not All Color RGB Values MVC 3 website initial page load get progressively slower
zend framework multiple input file upload
Web service problems in J2ME for Micromax and Samsung
Discover SQL Server procedure default parameters using SYS or INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables
Creating apps on facebook automatically
Droplets and the Mac OS X Sandbox
What is wrong with this PostgreSQL statement?
Android Cannot make a static reference to the non-static method showToast(String) from the type LoginActivity
Send large data to mobile device over web service
update ListFragment
SQLite3 query takes a lot of time, how would you do it?
jacoco + tomcat = jacoco.exec, Reporting zero coverage. Help.
Disable integrated windows security while browsing on localhost
Entity Framework invalid connection string when under load
Using Twitter with oEmbed as blog [closed]
How to select from a table in a different database in SQL Server 2008
Collision Detection - Any Language
Time profiler between a certain range of time?
IIS7 - Blocking IP addresses not working [closed]
IAR Embedded Workbench MSP430 and *.lib files linking
has Datamapper any analog to rails sexy validations?
Add objects to NSMutableArray
Should I use Java for a custom Swing component designed for a clojure app?
Replace of XKeycodeToKeysym
Can GNU make handle filenames with spaces?
Can鈥檛 find variable __doPostBack
How to smoothen the Parallax Scrolling with Swipe Gesture
Reuse change password from auth User
Ruby JSON issue
Writing a proper timestamp for string date
Tridion pagination - getting the total number of results
How to send an object of custom class from Android to Java Server?
How to use git to sync multiple projects?
How to perform Undo operations on drawing lines in Android?
How to install product only once on 64-bit OS?
Count the number of dynamically generated pages
how to redirect domain according to country IP address
ExtJS: how to insert a record of a store into another store?
How do I use HttpPost or get to obtain the body result from this website?
Time Period (Window) implementation using java + spring
Skip the Ruby on Rails validation
Image Comparison using openCv
Search array key from form post and get sub array
Error installing psycopg2 on python 2.6
3 table inner join with django
Geocoding autocomplete bias not working
What's the algorithm for faceted search?
ELMAH Exceptions in 3-layer application
ELMAH Exceptions in 3-layer application
how to make spaces in sb.append?
Suspend process if writing at a specific address
Restarting Application using broadcast - Android
How can I make my button to do something in Fragments,ViewPager
Ivy 2.0 - ivy.xml with duplicate child element
Any good library which provides functionality like vector and matrix operation? [closed]
not disaplying validation error when i am using preRenderView
Hide / show div toggle
Implementing real time queue in iOS client
How do I select & cycle through only listboxes in VB (ignoring all other controls)?
Debugging Symbols Lost When Linking?
Implementing equals & hashcode for ArrayList.contains() not working
Invalid identifier in Oracle SQL procedure
dbmigrator not detecting migrations
setting an immutable bitmap image gives errors?
MySQL - First row is RANDOM, all others are sorted DESC (How To)
can't get value out of array
Django: Record with max element
Coredata Migration, mapping table appending string and accessing different entity
EF Code First to SQL Azure
SSRS Report Parameter IsHidden value
Change scale without changing size in Flex
undefined() used as a function
C++ Making an Array with Custom Key and Value or something alike
Powershell foreach loop for a complex dictionary is incorrect
Launching an application as an impersonated user
GetSubRect(roi).Convert<Bgr, Byte>() throws an exeption
Display:none when rotating smartphone
Haskell: 鈥淩eading鈥�ByteString
How to check if an application is present in /system/app folder?
Jquery Validation:Print zero in textbox when submit button clicked using class
remove duplicated array values in a function PHP
PHP: Remove a line from a string
I need to cache XML data and upload it when iPhone is back in coverage area
Can't uncheck RadioButton if it's in its own group?
Using EJS how do I insert a value if it exists
Style inheritance in Android
How can I detect wrapping with javascript?
Having issues with individual <li> backgrounds and CSS3 transitions [closed]
iOS5 storyboard UIPageViewController
Override OnCancel button in MFC/Visual C++
Jasper reports date conversion
disabling items of a combo editor depending on a value in the grid
which of these two methods is better for SAML architecture
Android- How to find Safari Version used in Webview
Android wheel picker
Program execution taking almost same usertime on CPU as well as GPU?
Using jquery: Show an ajax-loading gif for each image being loaded until the that indivisual image is loaded fully
Create a read-only folder in sdcard in android
Using jquery: Show an ajax-loading gif for each image being loaded until the that indivisual image is loaded fully
Create a read-only folder in sdcard in android
HTTP expire date and IIS 7.0 enabled, but not working
How to replace the nth column/field in a comma-separated string using sed/awk?
Silverlight 4: forbid isolated storage removal via clientaccesspolicy.xml
wordpress firstpost for category
Date compare validator doesn't work
javascruipt menu hover active
java read 200mb file, when load in memory, how much memory will need?
use a json file to retrieve json object from server and display data in table jquery on() mousedown/up is not giving the dom specified by selector
How to check if the markers in a google map are not behind any custom controls in the Map
jQuery .load() function only gets called once
An array of booleans in javascript [closed]
Enlarge DIV tag
Getting random element from ruby array (your solution)?
Pass arguments with page.evaluate
how to delay google crawling until page is ready
Changing just one of the dependencies in a large graph of dependencies in an ioc container for testing purposes
Alternate of win32 framework for windowing system on windows
Need help while using the ScaleGestureDetector in android
Why doesn't Java allow recursion in constructor? [closed]
How to get active perspective name in Eclipse plugin development
Getting FS0035 => Construct is deprecated
WCF and JSON binding
Oracle - Unable to drop tables does nothing in jquery mobile?
Brief Explanation of C Supersets?
altering response in struts2 using filter
Discover DB2 procedure default parameters using SYSCAT tables
C++ associative container with two search criteria
jQuery: Uncaught SyntaxError
Redirect category and subcategory SEO friendly
Jar-file issue with ADT r17
Sphinx Index doesnot work when running in development
Need Suggestion on Design Pattern
Highest ancestor in a TreeView as commandparameter
Easiest way to merge these arrays vertically
To call servlet from javascript function, called on onClick event without redicting page to link in 'href'
Why do you have to submit twice before jQuery Validate submitHandler is triggered?
Validation of registration form with AJAX and JSON
When should you use IEnumerable and GetEnumerator?
Static sidebar in a list view
Check if file/folder exist within bundle/project
connection has a remote Database
CSS Transition works on Chrome but not in firefox or Safari?
Programmatically set selected item in a WPF combobox
In what form an void pointer can be sent via pipe to another process in a different process address space
Yii: How to create 2 input fieds by 1 table field?
Java - When we request GC for information or request to clean GC. Does it clean to all or it cleans by whom it was executed?
open a new text field on selection of any of last 3 checkbox in a Drop Down Multiple Checkbox
How to get custom attribute value from an XMPP XML message?
Subscribing to 鈥渃hildrenAdded鈥�event in jQuery
Strange Queue<T>.Enqueue(T item) code
SQL Group By issues
LightSwitch - Conditional formatting of data in a row / cell
Code block + literal in custom control
particular one table header color java swing
Synchronous / asynchronous nature of browser rendering and javascript execution client not receiving messages from server
Sql query result
Problems with circular dependency
GetMember vs GetField performance in C#
How to call web service using client certificates / mutual authentication?
MVC: Nearly all my content is generated in the model, should I use the view for miscellaneous content?
Updating NSManagedObjects via userInfo
Static Type Binding Vs Dynamic Type Binding
TextBox filling in C#
How to remove directory recursively?
How to select distinct records on the table
Selenium Webdriver 2.20 .net Client, Issue with dependencies?
Pass a Put or a Delete. Hbase and Hadoop
How to have @RunAs work in a @Webservice without principal?
How to create Domino document in Outlook without lotus client install?
Starting with Marmalade [closed]
Does anyone know the correct path to access the xml-files, images,鈥�from OLAT or how to use/access files between 2 servers
SQL Server Text datatype or Varchar(max) creates databases that are too large
android: how to see items that i pick on ListView (more than one)
Regex for Markdown Table Syntax?
Includes & Forward Declaration in C++
Abort vs. Cancel Button: When do I use Abort, when Cancel?
How to save a downloaded file as Read-only in iOs
interfacing vhand 2.0 data glove with mirage arcane head mounted display [closed]
Detecting the Javascript Function which is called
How can I specify Bindings for Command and CommandParameter within a Style?
Loop on properties values in Generic List<T>
Zend multidb connection is failing
How to make keywords filtering queries in Rails 3?
How do I use ETag / If-Match with multiple items
Java.lang.Process redirect errorstream to /dev/null
Stop user from progressing in a multi-step jQuery form if datepicker value is blank
Path object transformation bug on Android 4?
Balanced Binary Trees Depth
EhLib DBGridEh Scrolling Troubles
Stop Hibernate from updating existing records
How to change mouse pointer to hour glass on button click in web application?
Ensure tests for a form those test in PHP concurs with the Javascript code
Can I supply negative values to IntConstraintOccurrence?
Timespan.Hour, returns from the range of -23 to 23 why is it a int32?
Cairgrom ModuleLoader memory leaks?
Axis generating nil on a non null Array
PHP: 'method doesnt exist', but it does
How to remember XMLStreamReader position in xml with STAX
Add IDataErrorInfo to entities
How to set drop down list DataTextField to display two data property fields?
Logout of my app if logged out of facebook app
OpenGL stencil test does not work
POST cURL request to REST API sending
How to: Using a custom class as a Map parameter
django-ajax json response
How to check if a program is installed on system using coldfusion
Call to remote JVM using cmd script
How to prevent anonymous users from accessing a file using forms authentication?
AS3 Array object showing up by ordering
Change the color of a seekbar on onProgressChanged
How can I use ruby code to check for presence of a color (where color code is in hexadecimal format) on the webpage
inserting returned data ie7& ie8 issue with .html()
How is the INotifyPropertChanged event is handled in listener
Bing Map Silverlight control can't pan when user clicks on UIElement (Tunnelling Bubbling)
How to get all size attributes from html code using regular expression
Qt creator Screen navigation
Stored procedure import data from view
Fieldset per form or fieldset per field group?
Redirect embedded video from WebView to standalone player / Play in fullscreen when in landscape mode
Is there a component to automatically create a config form?
IE9 Developer Tools - Remote Diagnostics
Rails 3 - get full error message for one field
calling method with NSDictionary (userInfo)
How do you write to the OSX System keychain?
How to replace this if/else statement with bitwise operations?
R: plot circle with radius = 1 and angle 0-2pi in polar -coordinates?
With adobe echosign, can a library document be used as a template?
Java: accessing a List of Strings as an InputStream
Mobile switcher and theme switcher gets conflict
How to get value of XML element containing a namespace prefix using XDocument?
Sending Email through C# winform application
Perform a task every day even if running only in background
Copy table from one server to another using select statement
Calculate a checksum for a string
MongoExport converts ISO date to numeric values
Javascript to jQuery conversion need
Retrieving members from clusters (leafs)
Why does 鈥渨indow = window.parent;鈥�create an infinite loop?
web application Java EE and CSV files
using beautifulsoup 4 for xml causes strange behaviour (memory issues?)
Show hidden div based of any value contained in the input field
Twitter Bootstrap Themeroller [closed]
How to toggle visibility of NSSplitView subView + hide Pane Splitter divider?
Java OOP: how subclass-object use method from superclass (that method has been Override)
smooth auto scroll by using javascript
How to toggle visibility of NSSplitView subView + hide Pane Splitter divider?
Java OOP: how subclass-object use method from superclass (that method has been Override)
smooth auto scroll by using javascript
Have backbone.js reroute me to the login page and fire the action
Linq GroupBy TakeWhile?
OE/AM Synchronisation
What are the benefits of Reflection? [closed]
Apache CXF - validation of generated classes before sending to the API (in backing bean or where?)
UItextField Delegate not working
How to toggle visibility of NSView + Resize sibling view
Convert response from server (JSON object) to string in extjs
How to loop through multidimensional arrays and perform queries accordingly?
Where or when is it the right time to call the setMessageListener method on a TopicSubscriber?
How to check in PyMongo is connection is still alive?
TinyMCE and Firefox 11
Which $VARIABLES can be passed to an external tool from git-gui?
c++ mp3 library [closed]
Creating SplitView in Xcode 4.2
Adding two large binary numbers
Why isn't there a Guid.IsNullOrEmpty() method
SIGTRAP despite no set breakpoints; hidden hardware breakpoint?
push Segue in ios 5 not working
result tree fragment to node-set: generic approach for all xsl engines
Rotating images makes ui slow
How to get max and min value with other column's values in excel?
PJAX on RightJS
Self hosted WCF console output from service
Quartz Composer iterator patch possible bug?
CSS3 animation repeat transform effect
Jquery, codeigniter 2.1 issue with file upload
is a back button really needed?
scrolling menu bar in iphone
How to acess jvm default KeyStore?
Efficiency when running through a result set
API for xlsx processing
installing opencv2.1 on ubuntu gives error
Persistance of primefaces components in Spring Webflow
Type Safety warning
How to solve the overlapping of the controls each other belonging to two different panes
Event not getting fired
simplexml_load_file not loading file
Projection, flattening out structure
EXC_BAD_ACCESS at [self.tableView reloadData]
Deployment error: injecting Spring bean in JSF ApplicationScoped bean with eager=true gives error in glassfish
issue with mobile validation in cake php
Reading unknown number of structs from file - C
modx revo: how to read content of document, but redirect when visited?
Progress Bar without Windows Button
Website plugins C# [closed]
Eclipse ADT plugin update error occurred when updating from ADT 16 to ADT 17.
How can I fix 鈥淐onversion from SOAP failed鈥�fault while consuming mainframe web service in VB .Net web service?
How to implement the sql 鈥�鈥�in EF?
Pagination and filtering values in Javascript
.htaccess RewriteRule with Multiple Variables taken from the URL
Access namespace of calling module
c# async object
Return value in SQL Server stored procedure
Expand text field when text gets close to the end
BundleContext is null in unit tests using pax-exam
Adding Datetimes in MySQL
Should an interface-based method invoke that uses 鈥渄ynamic鈥�still obey C# method resolution rules?
Give an arguments to main
Facebook comment like box and share button mysteriously disappeared
equal height columns
JSONP not being fetched by browser on Android 2.2.2 using jQuery
Add DLL to WPF Application by code
pod2html: Linking to Other Files
Apache/Tomcat/Jetty/Nginx performance on EC2
How to deal with characters such as 鈥滎瓲鈥�in Ruby
How to display UItableView as in a Panel
centering a 900px wide element with background orange on the left and white on the right
ExtJS 4 - Dynamic Model Fields
How to add dropdown box , with hyperlinks, in Sharepoint 2010 Site
Instance of a structure
How to add Listview in tab activity?
Ruby chunked encoding client
Spring redirect requst mapping
WPF Bar chart that updates according to database changes
issue with static block returning categories for magento 1.6.2
Best Option for GOOGLE MAPS API response (XML,JSON, KML)
How do I add multiple conditions for a breakpoint in eclipse helios?
Chrome extension: background.js doesn't take the new values from localStorage
Rewrite condition to check if not two URLs
Magento ignore special price for certain stores/different getFinalPrice on list and view
Get emails from html source
TabHost and Android 4.0 ICS
CALayer scale animation for layer size starting from bottom left to top right
Twitter Streaming API (filter method) - limitations
Styled UITableViewCell (trying to copy Facebook iPhone App Look) [duplicate]
Get Informix/NHibernate Session ID from IIS connection pooling
get index from an array of hashes
Issue in rotation in OpenGL
magento multiple store views
Unique array in Mongoose
C# Bitmap Cross Correlation Algorithm Performance Issues
binary generated, but it's show grey window instead my image
Pausing/muting background music in iOS
MySQL (involving arrays) Table Suggestion Needed
Get option's value by text
making sure my thumbnail description is always aligned to the middle of my thumbnail?
Difference between thread safe and async-signal safe
Trying to write a file to a different directory using fopen()
Comparing two IEnumerable to detect changes
how to know what ReceiveBufferSize to set?
XAML data binding, object does not match target type
C++ nested namespace alias possible?
Java SE framework and architecture?
How to save order of creation of fragments on Rotating device?
Use gtk.Spinner in python thread ?
Set the variable to another variable in the for statement
Setting start of week to monday - datefirst has no effect
JSON API response approach - how to send responses while not maintaining connection
Invoke a method of ActiveX control with Reflection
jqGrid fill up from stored procedure + SQL Server 2008 + MVC (without using model) 鈥�Updated with sample code for better understanding
C++: A must-have default superclass constructor for inheritance?
Delete file after downloading - PHP
Advanced search engine for MySQL that doesn't require unique INT and covers multiple tables
Updating Table Field With An Array In PHP
OLAP cube - PHP and MongoDB
Can't load javascript using CDN
Footer in position fixed with Jquery slideUp needs fluidity
Cannot Send Tweet popup appears
Ogre3D: Rotation relative to custom center point
Qos(qWAVE API) for Multicast strange behavior
Multi-objective optimization method needed
Rotating Image in Android using matrix
Cocos2d previous scenes [self schedule] is not stopping running! as it should when replacing another scene
Android hide EditText when webView scrolled
Facebook 'send' dialog to multiple friends
URL Encryption : Good or Bad
how to get specific elements from a const boost::multi_array
How to enable the close window button here?
Custom http headers with JsonRest Store (dojo)
Clean url vs Queried strings - Web service request from my iOS Client
Override System Property in Java (without code)
Keep in-app-purchases downloading when iPhone sleeps
how to concatenate string and number in prolog?
Test globally distributed web application
Sending Mail works from Perl but not from Java
Struts 2 FreeMarker Template Error stack.findValue('top') is undefined
Android Arabic text aligment
DATEADD and BETWEEN not working
Update custom type property inside data context
UIDatePicker with 2 Textfields (from/until date) can't set the right date at 鈥渦ntil鈥漷extfield
How to create a custom validator in smartGWT?
Dojo - how to submit data using a Dialog form
how to parse this html data into php array?
Strange Exception on DataBind of drop down list
Updating Firebird DB every timer's tick in C#
SQL insert slow on 1 million rows
javascript document.createElement function?
sbt Task classpath
Change orientation at runtime
ASP.NET MVC Skip action execution from an ActionFilter
Is there a way to compile FF add-on code
Facebook Pop up issue - iOS
Wizard with jQuery accordion, previous / next buttons
Restrict SDC agent connections to Restlet SDC server
Is is possible to have transparent background image?
Is it wrong to access TreeViewItems in WPF鈥檚 TreeView?
How can I read the coordinates of a button?
Android 4.0 - Youtubestyled Tabhost - How is that possible?
Implicit cast operator and the equality operator
How to handle hardcoded stuffs in database and coding
Facebook api request handling
Jquery Events Triggering after others
how to make a rounded corners for an image in image view using XML layout in android
Make cross domain json request to a server I dont have access to in JavaScript
Avoid MySQL Injection replacing single and double quotes
Selecting all checkboxes and storing the names of selected checkbox in session. PHP,Javascript
HTML 5 form validation using checkValidity doesn't show default red/orange border
ListView - select index only programmatically
Issue with shared preference
Attribute available before_type_cast but nil when accessed directly
AJAX response showing nothing for different domains
How to resize curses pad?
Custom Control with Localization Support in WP7
How do I cancel a segue that is connected to an UIButton
Vaadin and Dependency Injection Frameworks
android 鈥渓ayout_alignParentBottom鈥�in relative layout
This is a Perl script to grep a pattern entered from docx files. Please anybody, please point out my mistakes to make it work?
Distributed Java best method for client callback method
Set Maven's pluginGroups at Command Line
How to render html content in django templates from feed articles parsed by feedparser
Issues regarding Javascript on IE8
Why does local variable inside foreach loop conflict with variable declared outside the loop?
The beginning to create DB using the SQLiteOpenHelper in Android
What is the term for an object that can produce events?
HTML properties without quotation marks?
Why doesn't the font setting work in gvim?
PHP - Get the value by key in a multi-dimension array
Questions on unit testing of private methods
How can I query by property type rather than type name using LINQ?
Will adding a full text index in PostgreSQL speed up my regular queries which use LIKE?
Validating read-only date field on multi-stage jquery form
IF statement inside ActionPerformed method in JAVA
Read Multiframe DICOM images using ITK
jQueryUI autocomplete won't allow me to continue typing whilst it is busy searching initial set of characters
Ruby - cant load bundler
Check on Array offset in php
PHP User already exist check
Play custom formats with C# SoundPlayer class
Not getting NHibernate Cascade Delete Orphan working with Automapping
How does RTC source control keep track of projects?
Equivalent of getBoundsZoomLevel() in gmaps api 3
ManagedObjectContexts in different Threads - Different object references
How to resolve, Gwt Compile error: refers to missing type 鈥渃lassname鈥�in my playN project?
can singleton class in java act as a cache mechanism?
Getting undefined symbol error while dynamic loading of shared library
BitTorrent Peer Wire messages in C++
Windows Identity Foundation - Programmatically Sign In on RP for SSO
How to hide/remove the scrollbar in UIScrollview in iPhone? [duplicate]
Interface does not contain a definition for method
Converting SVG with custom fonts to PNG using ImageMagick
Rotating a control on its rightmost bottom point
SNMP oids corresponding to CLI command
No PHP module file after installing SOAP
android is my application still running?
How to add action to the disabled elements via JQuery?
IPad Game Time Manager
Python pickle : Can't pickle <class 'interpnd.LinearNDInterpolator'>: it's not found as interpnd.LinearNDInterpolator
How to retain special characters in file names when converting from SVN to Mercurial (Windows)?
Manually add data to a Java ResultSet
Impossible to add a webpart to a Gantt view of a list
NSTimer not worked When I scroll The WebView
MVC 3 EF - Adding new record using existing data
Invalid MIME Message AWS SES is rejecting it due to invalid MIME message
images are not set on screen properly?
How do I prevent Quality loss in the beginning of a video?
response with a addCookie() and send Redirect()
Google Geocoding API error: You are over your quota
Comment system with twitter and facebook login. Like pinterest
Location of projects in eclipse that are not in the workspace
Android application working with locked screen
jquery hover not working in chrome
how to deny delete/rename/move root(or other) node(s) in jsTree?
Problems in adding data to ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.StructuredName
Error connecting to a site over SSL
Fetch an array of photos from wordpress gallery
How to convert PHP JSON to C# object
jQuery Character search
jquery tabs with ExtJs
SugarCRM rest endpoints
MVC & Jquery validation: Disabled Dropdownlists gets validate, how can make it not happen
Register type with no namespace in web.config
how windows media player call third-party Decoder MFT?
ASP.NET GridView doesn't save update in database
produce (one) release executable
easy_install networkx
Css rule to select children of the same element
Long delay before socket close
GWT: tap/click on iPad Safari last too long
Facebook Like NewsFeed
Static FBML tab - Dialog() stopped working
python app packaged for distribution
how to convert a float to a decimal so i can display it in a numeric up down
Two models and carrierwave
require.js: require.config paths optimization
Dynamic and gapless playlist of videos
Stored Proc: Loop with math
How can I performance tunning on that javascript code? (JQuery selector based)
css cursor issue
ajax-php request in the same page
JFrames and JDialogs sometimes open up behind their parent windows but have focus
Error using Entity Enhancement with Eclipse, openJPA, Tomcat and OracleDB
Where can I get test suits or test cases for jquery itself?
Table view showing duplicate values
Colour contrast for large areas of colour
C# convert XtraGrid to Image
SOLR facet with prefix and filters
iPhone cron (task execution in specified time)
How to create HTML elements dynamically in a popup window?
Function Pointer in c++
Xsd.exe or Svcutil.exe to convert XSD schema to a class
XML literals format Date
how to encrypt/decrypt message for as3
How to Set Paging in DataList control in
Why is auto_increment 鈥渟pelled鈥�with an underscore? [closed]
Can't launch using from RubyMine
Negative margin and scrollbars
iPhone background files downloading
jQuery Tools Scrollable on touch disable vertical scroll
How to run a batch file keeping the console window hidden?
Display Data according to the selecttion of the selected option from the auto complete
How to get view from background service in android?
simple return in java class
How to Store the Fields of Collection Objects in MySql Database
Convert geo:0,0?q= format to GeoPoint
Upload audio (music files) from iphone to server
WiX call app on uninstall before User prompt 鈥渃lose manually鈥�
How to handle AskTimeoutException?
Why does my JTable redraw get a stack overflow when I select the first row?
Setting AVPlayerLayer VideoGravity works on Simulator, not on iPad
How to create an Odata Service using PHP?
apache not start
Exception being thrown when adding an item to a ListCollectionView
Why raising a tuple works if first element is an Exception?
R/GIS: Subset SpatialLinesDataFrame by coordinates [duplicate]
Pass javascript variable into php code
Titanium Android: Images and Memory
Get items from HTML list using
Do I need to add a disclaimer to my app? Or is a warning page at app start possible/needed? [closed]
Only return first 20 results of JSON data passed by $.ajax?
Touch Resize Panel in GWT
VS 2010 - TFS Restrict Checking without Attaching Task , BUG
focus on a textfield the background is not changing colour
How to create a XY chart in Java which reads data from two variables?
NHibernate Select N+1 and Recursive
Crm 2011 outlook client - Set regarding mandatory
KnockoutJs - how to use datatables with existing bound table
connect to a server program using CSocket
Best way to store game data on iPhone?
Changing the Progress bar 鈥淟oading鈥︹� message in the SSRS Reports after clicking 鈥淰iew Report鈥�button
Order by field in cakephp
Instantly check Internet connectivity
Session State will not update
password.present? analog Datamapper
how to use throw exception in mysql database connect
Kill Linux process just ran
Android app that uses image recognition technology
JPA entity to SQL
Is it safe to use NSManagedObject objectID: use as PK for record filtering, joining tables and etc?
Modify SQL statement generated by Linq to Entity
Does the Visual Studio 2010/11 Beta Portable Class Library Project support INotifyPropertyChanged?
Trouble with linking
determing the width and height in AppMobi XDK
How to store a class object into Internal Memory Storage using serializable?
VB Clear Scripting.Dictionary object
Providing a LIMIT param in Django query without taking a slice of a QuerySet
C# Populate DataGrid having ComboBox, CheckBox and TextBox
Getting exception with Pattern recognition algorithm SURF, SIFT in OpenCV for ANDROID
Fail2ban random restarts when banning ip
Getting the value of a key in an AttributeCollection using LINQ
The HIPI api : does it process 1 image per map task?
How to get tagged articles?
Issues with using curl in shell script
Full Text Search in Bing API
using ajax for cross domain call inserting header info
Java SWING - How to put my functionality under my tabs?
pg_restore toc error
Loading store with params
Multi-part form not working
MySQL complex indexes
About return in C++
jQuery step by step form variables
How to disable EditText's keyboard and cursor functions..?
How can I filter rectangle areas in an OpenCv image by color?
styling a horizontal dropdown menu
Can an SqlConnection be initially opened?
Customized HTML check box with labels
Can an SqlConnection be initially opened?
Customized HTML check box with labels
Why is the object always empty?
Device: force orientation landscape (Phonegap JQueryMobile)
Spring liquibase changeset file updating
Deauthorize App from Twitter iOS5 [Accounts Api]
I want to create several static html pages from my PHP content using a wwwcopy script
What are the differences between Bigloo and ECL from an embedding standpoint?
Two android apps with same logic but different styles
How to get the event when a picker view stopped scrolling
Encode array of images exception
Changing href of a link when another link is clicked (with JQuery)
wordpress. How to create approving of new users?
C++ class instantiation theory
LDAP query to enumerate of all users of the subgroups of a group
Android : orientation issue
Preventing update loops for multiple databases using CDC
Glimpse disappears on exception
how sync song into iphone use itunes com interface [closed]
message script does't show in webpage
Adding object properties to a Java web service: do old WCF clients need to update service references?
Converting a String to Date and raising an exception when given String is invalid
urllib2 proxy does not work with tor
Android SDK download fails
Actionscript 3 compare two MovieClips
Java - How can i make my application long run stable so that it does not hiccups, freeze?
How to update the text(single view) in listview via service android
Getting the icon representing a process with
exponential value conversion to decimal value using php
Why is AddRange faster than using a foreach loop?
Whats meaning of 鈥淓XPORT_SYMBOL鈥�in Linux kernel code?
Tomcat configuartion in Intellij Idea
Get tags from URL segment
Is it possible to check if the name of the sheets is around?
jQuery cycle - start (from the beginning) on hover, stop on hoverout
List not scrolling
Mongodb : multiple specific collections or one 鈥渟tore-it-all鈥�collection for performance / indexing
google places api how to get
How to lock back button
Equivelant to rindex for lists in Python [duplicate]
Android: how to execute this for loop fast as now it is?
Intent from notification
swf loaded into QtWebKit
sending collection with object into another List
Dealing with Optional ListBox values in Spring MVC
H.264 ( over RTP ) - Videoframes / Reference Frames?
Connecting Android to live Website for database calls
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Application.Documents.Open(鈥淐: doc.doc鈥� not open
Accessing more than one model deep relationships in Lithium
PHP Imagepng output does not shown in the browser
Is there any jquery plugin which act like gridview of
creating a horizontal colored strip using css
Properties in Spring, accessing within Java app
Fallback to stdout if no file name provided
Realstudio (2011 4.2) Date in Milliseconds
Get the value of runtime added controls
SQLite3 Concatenation Query Fails for some reason
Why does our generated PDF with interactive forms show differently in Adobe Reader and other PDF viewers?
Is there a jQuery slider / slideshow plugin that employs css3 animations when they're available?
EF & Summary auto generation
Area plot gives strange error when plotting the same code for a 2nd time
How to adjust Ext Panels side by side?
page-break-inside: avoid - not working in Chrome
Disallow 鈥�/鈥�in a regular expression (javascript)
How to update table with value from another table
Objective-C. Using blocks to reduce amount of code?
Regex split string on multiple separators with quotes
Where should one use WatiN DomContainer class?
SQL Server - Create a New ID 鈥済roup by column鈥�
Possible to auto-generate llvm c++ api code from LLVM-IR?
Can it use DataBase from Assets - WITHOUT doing a copy?
How to parse arguments for XML using lxml module
JSF: ordered list and inplace editing
Validating a Form With jQuery in Database.. Number Fields Break
Is it possible to programmatically power on/off the 3V3?
How to insert many unique rows via INSERT in mysql?
ERROR with my Ubuntu: Cannot open the disk 'D: My Documents My Virtual Machines Ubuntu Ubuntu-1.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on
Wrong when scroll listview with adapter
How to extract messages from the dashboeard in Mirth?
mysql data sorting according to the time interval
Mixing copied and typed code in geany
http Headers influencing Caching - Tutorial / Documentation
MySQL select before after row
Music Album Upload in PHP [closed]
groovy generic fluent builder
Ruby on Rails: String with variable parsing
Naming multiple plots with original name in R
How is the datatype of type parameter decided in covariance and contravariance?
vim line operations (e.g., dd) on wrapped text
Issues with echoing array contents
javascript blur on images
Quality loss in digital photography
EXC_BAD_ACCESS(code=2) on [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init]
Calling Oracle function that returns type from C#
How to make actionscript interact with c++ in win32 window?
Get relational data ordered
Delete database file from assets folder
Understanding Googlebots AJAX crawling
PgSql with PHP: Issues Regarding Arrangement
Strange behaviour with modified input type=鈥渇ile鈥�
Is using Java assertions appropriate for verifying JPA implementation
AAC-LC format and RTP
Interactive legend in Visiblox chart
Why is FindBugs ignoring my check for null?
Clean way to set MapTypeControlOptions in runtime
Using a hint with jQuery on h:inputText in JSF
Multiple instances of solution explorer in Visual Studio 2010
No row returned from db - but there are records to be returned
Incompatible types?
How to copy a file from local desktop to a server file system
What is this CSS selector? [class*=鈥渟pan鈥漖
PHP MySQL - limit query result by time difference
issue with videoPlayer in iphone-titanium
What is the difference in [ ] and ( ) in SQL?
jQuery cycle plugin, customizing the pager tabbing
Pass an Array of arbitrary arguments to a method invoked via reflection
Hadoop Installation with Hostname Failed
Problems with a big form (50 elements or so) in wpf
jQueryMobile script runs twice on each pageload
PHP Mod_rewrite
ID Select ,select statement
Garageband menu like animation
Replace/delete key3.db in Firefox profile from an extension
Finish activity behaviour depends on setOrientationScreen
how to delete file in joomla2.5
pipe 鈥渓ess鈥�content out, when 鈥渓ess鈥�get content from stdin
Having trouble with logic for a drink recipe database
my 3 tiers website keeps freezing using cUrl
jQuery can't use $.ajax on Dynamically loaded content
Tracking download count of iphone application from AdWords
Showing a progress dialog for a Chrome extension that interacts with an NPAPI plugin
routing error in my console after installing ckeditor
Zeroing ALAssetRepresentation after saving image captured via UIImagePickerController in iOS5
Incorrect formula?
Create Activity above tabHost
In dojo, How to get the input data from TextArea after submitting
memory allocation for static variable in non-static class in .net
Where did FacebookOAuthClient go?
How to upload database(php)?
re.sub 鈥�-)鈥�failed
MVC 4 WebAPI controllers splitted by Areas [duplicate]
How To Send WhereClause To EXEC in SQL Server
Problems reading from Microsoft Messaging Queues in C#
How to ignore characters and read only integers in a c file
Error for System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel while debugging windows azure project in local environment
Memory management in a custom UIViewController
How to keep focus on control intact while AJAX fills DropDown?
Android animation flickers
How to get the Oracle external table 鈥渄ump file鈥�without doing 鈥淐REAT TABLE鈥�
SQL Case Statement trouble
use of globalstorage is deprecated. please use localstorage instead
Why isAnnotationPresent(Id.class) is not working for the class file
How can I use different color schema between vim and gvim
Wrong to use AJAX?
JList pre/post rendering hook?
Converting a string to a char array
Delaunay triangulation from convex hull
Show keyboard in contenteditable UIWebView programmatically
Simple way to track mouse coordinates while moving over HTML5 canvas
I want to delete row in repeater
Mod_rewrite for
Reachability error when added into another project
PHP @ variables
Javascript replace function clarification
Database integrity: manage it in DB or App Logic?
Defining an enum ivar in cocoa
CreateProcessAsUser fails in Windows 7 after 7 invocations
Unable to configure Qt for static building
select an entry with specified id, and also one entry before and after with the same foreign key value [closed]
MailTo using Browser Options in new window IE 8
How to maintain space between table and header in SSRS?
Storing constant data: python module v. the datastore
Shortcut for instantiating an Excel object?
Hbase Hadoop cluster.. java.lang.NoSuchMethodExceptio
Releasing a unplugged virtual Serial Port
How to Automatic Update Enterprise App without user interaction
Django - MultiValueField Impementation
My android app crashes after getting killed by task manager , How to resolve that?
Making a cookie accessible in different tab?
Handling object method function calls in setTimeout (javascript)?
Log user activities in ROR
Where can I find a reference where all RichFaces attributes of every component are explained?
Jquery SetTimeout issue (I know posts already exists鈥�
Allocating device numbers
jquery-mobile css breaks on page load
SurfaceView implements Runnable - Thread does not start
How to erase draw lines i using canvas in Android?
how to avoid empty string while updating user form fields in the database using spring and hibernate
Storyboard viewcontroller resize
TABLE border collapse style and TD border style issue for IE9
MySQL stored procedure does not work
鈥淢in in Select statement鈥�or DMin(). Which one is preferable?
SQL Modeling Follower/Followed Relationships For Social Networking
Create Custom control with Event click
How to check if form field is empty using PHP
find session state for all users in ASP.NET
.change does not work for select tag
Extending HTML5 tags collection
FindStr isn't work correct
How do I encode characters using UTF-8 in a QR code using Zxing project?
.change does not work for select tag
Extending HTML5 tags collection
FindStr isn't work correct
How do I encode characters using UTF-8 in a QR code using Zxing project?
Exception Handling in Spring MVC 3 to Show a Custom Error Page for Invalid URL
I want to retrive javascript function mentioned in script tag using nokogiri gem in ruby
Use variable value as variable name in function
Ajax sending data to php
Find and list duplicates in Python list
Where is a good place to work on accounts/profile in Django with the Django registration app?
How to setup for jQuery-File-Upload? How to implement the upload handler?
C# call java.exe and get result from cmd wrong
Sending a post request with HTML comment via AJAX issue
How can i disable iphone camera auto-flash function?
Reading lines from a file and selecting a python
Read file returns empty results when application is set to auto startup on desktop login
InvalidOperationException when checking CaptureSource.State
How to restart/resume my background activity?
deleting elements of a vector
MVC bind explicit properties
What is the best way to support multiple android devices when loading images from the web?
Jinja2 translation of links
GCC: Break compilation on 鈥渃ontrol reaches end of non-void function鈥�
Reload page on Javascript Browser Back Button click
Distributing powershell script (.ps1) to computers, from java app on server
Installing ADT and how to add AVD
What could cause Safari to reject secure SSL websocket ws://?
What to Consider when deciding whether to replicate or to distribute in order to support scalability?
Could not find the main class. Program will exit
List methods in Java class from JNI
Is there a way to catch typos when writing CoffeeScript
鈥淕enerics鈥�in Objective-C to do a RangeValidator?
Segregating Tuxedo services per server (performance considerations)
Getting unescaped servlet path from a HttpRequest object
How to limit user to input only numbers?
Electricity Management in iOS or Android
iOS: CoreData Exception when updating data
What is the corresponding PHP curl setttings for curl -i -k -H 'Content-type: text/xml' -d' for posting an xml file
LDAP command to delete all users attached to a group
simple Jquery code issue
GWT: How to put event in queue (equivalent to Swing invokeLater())?
Python dictionary keys(which are class objects) comparison with multiple comparer
Does getting a Cell id of mobile device will work to get accurate posiiton of mobile phone in j2me
About lower bound in Scala
preg_replace replace a prefix with a suffix plus itself
Run-Time Error for TableViewDataSource file is separated
Can I ask for permissions to go beyond Facebook's rate limiting?
What's the best way to handle unfinished items in an agile sprint branch?
Making a cookie accessible in localhost?
Jquery/Javascript refactoring basics
Paypal variables for Buy Now
Is there any pattern in this sequence?
ASP.NET MVC4 Remember login password using cookies - Secure way?
Sublime Text - show open files on the left
JavaScript Equality Operator
IE10 XML does not get formatted inside iframe
Placing Menu Button Next to Task Switcher on ICS, rather than as an Over Flow in the ActionBar
Exploring data dictionary tables usage in Oracle?
Destructor call
Android Spinner and ListView with ALL item
How to decide a Primary Key from an Entity Collection programmatically
Git says my repository is up-to-date but actually it is not
sencha designer 2 disadvatages for MVC apps
Dynamic section in JSF
Problems in Jquery rotator with setInterval
vsto - determine a word document if created from blank document or open from an existing document
Android voice command
C++ vector of set gives segmentation fault after performing push_back
Limit command mode mappings to start of commands
Display Custom options of simple associated products in Configurable products of Magento
How to backup Sql Database Programmatically in C#
How to store a list of sets of three strings?
Process Name is Disabled on VS 2010 Debug / Attach to process
css issue, outer div does not get inner ones' height
Android emulator isn't starting
Performance in PHP and MySQL
ID3082: The request scope is not valid or is unsupported
error in data retieving sqlserver table
Show dynamic li with jquery mobile style in Ajax call
Could xsl:variable be defined twice with same name
Urllib.urlopen() works on SSLv3 urls with Python 2.6.6 on 1 machine, but not with 2.6.7/2.7.2 on another
TRUNCATE TABLE query unable to execute in SSIS because of foreign key
Transfer Strings as .txt over FTP on iPhone
How to show external html / web pages inside android app?
A bit lost with ILMerge
conversion ActiveX to NPAPI
move all files and folders in a folder to another?
modalViewController: properties and variables
Subversion merge info, how important is it?
Getting BIOS Serial Number without WMI
how create a box like this in css3 [closed]
call a method in a block?
Amazon S3 with flowplayer [closed]
spring jsf facelets and rest - i want them all but have mapping problems
MathJax rendering blurry
Integrate Photo Gallery + iphone
SSIS append rows with new constraints [closed]
how to give label custom font family name without its size
upload image on server after submit in c#?
detect phone locale
upload image on server after submit in c#?
detect phone locale
Relation between System.Object class and Structs
Antiderivatives in C
Printing the IFrame document in IE9
Oracle NVARCHAR2(Max) using nhibernate 2.1
session and cookie not working
Batch file to compare two different files having different data
tssr> & 8=f23' as String C#
Implementing video calling feature using facetime, (can't back to the application when call ended)
Lambdaj class casting
thread spin off failures after invoking native call