How to access controls in other class
jquery touch punch - draggable on ipad [closed]
Accessing a ListView item's text from Contextual Action Bar
Setting a value inside an array designated by a named property
How does jQuery have asynchronous functions?
NSInvocation and super
Managing useful duplicate files in Git
$.ajax call for Kohana 3.2 controller returns 404
Jquery Cycle plug-in is not working as I expected
Iphone Lock Screen
css - what does a.extra indicate?
Java UDP packet size alignment
Floated Div Overflow Scroll Browser
Search inside a file inside a JAR
How can I make this loop assign to half of the vector instead of the entire vector?
How can I create a oauth (REST) API ( like twitter or foursquare ) using django?
What exact class does Java use for arrays and how to instantiate it in Scala?
MySQL: get MAX or GREATEST of several columns, but with NULL fields
UIPickerView empty with data source as JSON array
Writing data to excel files, MATLAB
Connect with OleDbConnection
knockout.js, jquery-ui, button click and param
Why can I not use a 鈥渃onstant鈥�within a switch statement within scope?
Is there a Regex suggester
Why does DebugActiveProcessStop crash my debugging app?
Load iPad and iPhone Views on single files
What is the right time to throw an exception in an API?
Setting a value inside an array
Change Polyline Color Dynamically
webViewDidStartLoad Request URL Not Set to URL Being Loaded
Win32 api different classes per window?
Garbage image from xcomposite pixmap
Datagrid SelectedItem Multibinding
Rails fixtures with a ruby script
Click event listener for dynamic/moving anchors
Change namespace of a DOM node before/during/after import
Any well know/productivity Apps using Monotouch/Monodroid [closed]
stxxl Assertion `it != root_node_.end()' failed
Execute an rspec stub at runtime instead of at stub declaration?
experienced issue with expressjs/nodejs after updating connect
Twitter gem & Rails 3 - TypeError: can't convert Pathname into String
Using JQuery to animate a div to hide after set time but then able to access by a button to show/hide
Having trouble with recursive methods in c#
RubyMine 4 debugger: need a reference to a high-level 鈥渉ow to鈥�guide
How do I use AutoHotkey PostMessage to send WM_WININICHANGE to Program Manager?
Accepting values from dynamically created form elements with Zend Framework
Will Apple reject the app if UIStatusBarForegroundView is used as string
android ndk-gdb fails to load symbols
SmtpClient time-out on Web. Works in .EXE
kml loading fails in different browsers - javascript / geoxml3 /google maps
bash output command not found
Use jquery to update a dynamic hidden date field so that displayed field can show a user-friendly date
jQuery UI widget 'change' event
Use SaveChanges on Entity Model for Entity with releation
Run python unit tests as an option of the program
PHP displaying page views for gallery style pages
ComboBox.ObjectCollection doesn't update if the new value's string representation is case-insensitively equal to the current value
Vibration after touch the screen
no rewrite by htaccess
Sending POST data in form with CakePHP redirecting from www to non-www
Reading a file in FreePascal
Passing a delegate to the WPF WebBrowser.InvokeScript method
Site login is Oauth consumer, should web api be an Oauth provider?
Start a fragment via Intent within a Fragment
S3 preauth timeouts seem to be off
Ebean, how to query result from table Customer_Product but order by product.category in table Product
CSS Overflow Inheritance
Uploading Text File to Input in Html/JS
Animating a glow in Raphael.js
django non-rel rollback
Client side JavaScript best practices
Yii - Modifing html generated by CListView
adding 30 minutes to date [closed]
Getting farthest (oldest) ancestor by class name with Prototype
Poset iteration order / custom iterator implementation for a partially ordered set
What are the best javascript array library/utility/extensions? [closed]
Disable LOV button in Web PL*SQL (javascript, Oracle, HTML)
How can you emulate recursion with a stack?
How can I crawl a page for data as if it's logged in if I have the login credentials?
Multimedia content in xml
How to handle the error: NativeStart.main(String[]) line: not available [native method] in Android
Using XSLT to make XAML file
More efficient method of getting Directory size
bundle install circular dependencies
clearing page cache on Rails production server
show echo from php using ajaxForm plugin
ektorp couchdb IllegalStateException content consumed
Best way to add filter to URL in .NET MVC
What are the options for creating an object model that need caching using entity framework and postsharp?
Import a Powershell Module on a Remote Server in a C# Runspace
How to add a couple of million documents to RavenDB - Embedded
How to use max statement
Semaphore never signals in unit testing (dispatch_get_main_que() never runs?)
Adding to a sorted linked list
jQuery style class not working
Fade in and out multiple times
iOS Custom Input View located at an arbitrary location on the screen?
/usr/bin/ruby vs. rvm
Delete a redirect in wordpress database
Apache and Node.js on the Same Server
Load very large file in prefuse
ajax auto complete extender not working right, VB.Net
disable the Security>Local Intranet>enable protected mode from the code
Delete element from multidimensional array based on key in C
Passing objects between UITableViews
How do I model bind this?
Does my URL violate RFC 3986 (or others)
How to parse large amount of data passed to kernel module through /proc file?
HttpWebRequest request with 鈥�鈥�in the API URL
set up session lifetime in php
Java - JTable - Set a cell to not allow editing
Average of SQL divide
Java variable with unique value per user
PostgreSQL - do transactions ensure atomicity?
What anti/pattern involves repeatedly passing around the same parameters?
CRM 2011 Multiple Instances on Same SQL Server
SQL Server 2008 Threaded Comment System - What's More Efficient?
PHP return value to div value
Not getting Window Procedure messages after hooking WH_CALLWNDPROC
Javascript : resize window not working in Firefox
SignalR: Connection must be started before data can be sent. Call .start() before .send()
WCF OperationContract that takes a base class
fields and exclude in tastypie
PhoneGap and Joomla web service
In Android how do I change the default application for a particular intent programmatically?
jQuery FullCalendar - Limit the number of event on a day with a more button [duplicate]
testing method which create a new thread and result we get from event ( NUnit 2.6 )
WP7_Barcode_Library could not be found
How to Use Copy Append Function in AS400 to Copy Append More Screens (VBScript)?
LINQ ForEach Statement
CSS Alignment - Limiting repeat-x
How can I have multiple parameter packs in a variadic template?
Delegate method invocation via ILGenerator failed with 鈥淯nable to import a global method or field from a different module.鈥�
Reading byte array are inconsistent with writing byte array into File
Assignment algorithm: how can I overcome this situation?
How do I use scale_colour_manual?
presentViewController:animated:completion display issues in new ios 5.1 UISplitViewController
Best way to check if UITableViewCell is completely visible
Explain some javascript code
Github pages adding random tags to my posts
Remove iPhone detection on Wordpress login page
How to incorporate SVN and confluence
iOS UITableView reloadData only refreshes table the second time I call my reload function
unwanted indention level after C# attribute in Vim
Execute jQuery Function on change and page load?
Add Keys and Values to RouteData when using MVCContrib to unit test MVC 3 controllers and Views membership and role provider
2002 code request.url.tostring is not printing
jQuery Tools: How to open/close accordion section?
Test if architectures are correct when building app in XCode before upload
Does the standard require that objects in automatic storage have the correct alignment for any type (e.g. as malloc does)?
weird segmentation fault and valgrind analysis
How to traverse multiple node sets in parallel using XSL?
Minimum map marker interval equation
How to implement visitor pattern in javascript?
how fast in fps can an iphone take screenshots?
Dojo Stateful watch method firing before value is actually set
Send a image via curl
not understanding rest
How can I query memcached with php to get a list of all its keys in storage?
What is the maximum allowable size for a declaration on the stack?
Attr in fancybox
PHPDocumentor optional arguments
Passing mySQL Link Identifier in a Session Variable
What smart pointer type do I need if I want to release the memory when re-pointing the pointer?
Constant conditions in if statements
How to extract substring from this string?
How do I make Resharper respect capitals in camelcase code completion?
PostgreSQL Trigger Exception
Euler 43 - is there a monad to help write this list comprehension?
Creating Remote GIT server on OSX Client ( Snow Leopard ) to sync with XCode 4 local GIT Repo [closed]
Is this a possible bug in 'activerecord-jdbc-adapter' when trying to eager load?
API for some modules in C++
How do I load dynamic location data into a dictionary object/array?
Replace Value with 225 if Result of Calculation is Less Than 225
How can I get the KeyCode associated to a given KeySym?
How to make TabWidget change Intents by using if statement
How to access variable from main, java
Conditional Statement with CallBack Not Fireing
how to overshadow page?
Velocity Plugin for Hudson/Jenkins?
How does the JavaScript sort function work(as an algorithm)?
iOS P2P Bluetooth Data Management issue
Android: Device Administration Application
Button Bounce on PropertyChange
Removing an element form XML file in PHP
Regular expression to get everything between <a and </a> containing my url
Need help debugging why a shared library fails to load. Android NDK
Gutter Width on jQuery Masonry / Isotope not working
Publishing test results to build after running manual test in MS Test Manager
How to determine the texture memory limits for an Android device in code?
Good project with spring-mvc and hibernate
When is the DOM ready after a jQuery ajax call?
Sterling database not persist on Windows phone
Extract values from a list of IO actions
where does window.somedata gets stored
Using Git via command line is buggy, but bash works fine?
Java Scanner Advise
IPathVariableManager.validateValue(URI) returns null
Use rails_xss on only certain pages
Typo when calling subref dies with `Not a GLOB reference`
How to use J2eePreAuthenticatedProcessingFilter and a custom authentication provider?
Is it possible to scan Entities in jar files using JPA and hibernate
Detect and handle needing to login for wifi
Bitmap out of range error
GL_CULL_FACE makes all objects disappear
How to copy empty directories with apache commons io?
How To:Debugging Rails 3.1.x app(Ruby 1.9.3) on Aptana Studio3 in Ubuntu
Unit testing interface implementations, how to do it?
Android java.lang.NullPointerException with OnClickListener
Need to host the webcam output to some web site
Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame鈥omains, protocols and ports must match [closed]
Default class for form elements
How to map Zend_Db_Table_Row object to Zend_Form_Element_Select options (optial way)
Can I use JSON values to set a profile image using Dragonfly in a Rails app?
Accessing WebScriptObject with MonoTouch
python unicode regex
Java Date strange behaviour
Custom SWIG Wrapping to Handle Nested C Structures
Webkit columns find range of visible text
x264 Faster decode speed
What is the equivalent of boost::variant in std c++?
Paypal Adaptive Payments Fee Calculation
Image not uploading
Linq Outer Join on object array
changing css class model using JavaScript
Turn value into singular row
How do I get the time in seconds from epoch in javascript?
Load images from URL in list view adapter
Recalculate Google Maps Direction if take the wrong lane
Why won't this program work?
Outputting WordPress custom post type content by custom taxonomy and sorting that content
Kohana 3 ORM missing NOT_WHERE?
Rails Something is Wrong鈥�(noob)
Debugging created by py2exe without access to original source
Delay switching view changes
Perl regex to output lines not containing a character
bookmarklet popup: generate divs via JS, or iframe?
failed to push some refs to
js gallery not working in IE8
How does powershell process return types/objects from an externally loaded DLL?
Arduino C++, odd array behavior
Prevent YUI Compressor from stripping space preceding !important
How to cancel a recurring payment with django-merchant?
Put while loop into a string
TSQL round to half decimals
Add fields to NSMutableURLRequest
jQuery.load() on an MVC 3 partial view only calls the server once (not a rebind issue)
Converting a 2D rotation matrix into a Euler angle
iOS AFNetworking (AFJSONRequestOperation) works in debug but not release mode
dynamic drop down - user selection used for table creation. Is it possible?
Is open().read() safe?
Store locator using Google Maps API and no database?
How do I use MiniProfiler with a single page web app / REST backend?
Is it possible to combine REST and Non REST actions and resources from a Non REST partial form?
Trapping HANDLE creation in WOW64
Huge Bitmaps causing ANR in android
How to url-encode only non-ASCII symbols of URL in PHP, but leave reserved symbols un-encoded?
-post-build not a dependency for -do-debug but is for release
Dynamically Create Link Javascript
Evaluate a string as PHP code?
Localizable assets in Android
Check for different time than start time
AccessControlException when starting embedded Tomcat from Java Webstart
SQLite foreign key constraints
ASP.NET:finding html controls in server side afther adding them programmitcly
Why can't I detect a wifi SSID with unicode characters on Android?
sql select from where
Can Eclipse the Organize Import (ctrl+shift+o) command's handling of static imports be modified?
Developing app/game just for retina iphone
Using Fiddler as a Reverse Proxy
Android - How to make a non-debug .apk file?
Traverse a recursive structure and add data to second last node
Hiding GridView columsn in 2.0
Poor performance / speed of regex with lookahead
Differences between `import module` and `from package import module`
JavaScript overloading with a callback
How to increase space between edges (splines) and nodes in graphviz?
PHP array is not getting the data from mysqli query but the query works in PHPmyadmin
Updated SDK version, getting ClassNotFoundException:
Outlook Script To Check for Text In Body
How to give post parameter into sql where
Bugzilla webservices using php soapclient - Error - wrong version
Trying to update multiple rows, data loads, just doesn't update
How to load an XML file from a remote site
Delegate method occasionally not called
Get Active Directory User Context from AD username string - use with IsInRole()
JavaScript String split method delimiter
Rename Array Keys
How to add transition to height, to block with height:auto?
jquery delay only works on one element
Identify binary columns
Error connecting to SQL Server 2008 R2 Express
How to pivot table with T-SQL?
php with readline support compiled for windows web app using knockout for validation
using jQuery Select previous td text
Cannot implicitly convert type System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection<> to System.Collections.Generic.List<>
Django_facebook raises KeyError with facebook App_ID
Can I add code to the default constructor and another dilemma
Connect to mysql with java app of pc client
Restoring data without recreating MySQL Tables
Oracle PL/SQL: choosing the update/merge column dynamically
Preventing 2^n - 1 conditionals in XSL 1.0
While Loops in Ruby and Converting to a Function
IE8: 鈥渓n.innerHTML is either null or not an object鈥�
DFS Backtracking with java
Android: Theme Holo previous version
iphone app pass object array to .net SOAP webservice as parameter not recognizable
How to authorize a set of controllers without placing the annotation on each one?
Qt 4.7.4: Is there a way to find out the status of CAPS LOCK?
error: 鈥渟tore address not aligned on word boundary鈥�
Correlated subquery performance
What messages does windows sends to USB ports when starting up or shuting down
Jquery blinking title
umbraco - xslt transformation of xml file retrieved from web site
SQL Server: Could not find prepared statement with handle 10 from query analizer
what does wrapping a jQuery object in $( ) do?
Entities sometimes load and sometimes don't load
Prevent UITableViewCell.backgroundView From Resizing Image On Orientation Change
Ext.js 4.x Dock-able window as tab
How to allow users to edit another user麓s account in a Drupal6 site, when and only when the first user did create the second user?
Locking a process in Java
JSF & Primefaces NoClassDefFoundError
How to solve 鈥淭his operation is not supported by the cache.鈥�for NHibernate cache in Azure?
A starting point to create a web service?
BASH version related issue
select item from dropdown
li and a:hover css
Is it better to store data locally or load from the web
java hashtable contains weirdness
button that creates a copy of itself
Iphone App Testing Error - STComposeString & SenTestCase Error
How can I change the Toast notification on Kindle Fire to be white text on black background?
Fastest way to access this object
MPMoviePlayerController Works in Simulator, But Not On Device
There is a way to index information on different tables in MySQL
Coop program dilemma
How to get file size in ANSI C without fseek and ftell?
SelectCommand doesn't work when ControlParameter is not given
@font face not working in firefox
CakePHP: force lowercase action names?
How does one cshtml call a function in another cshtml?
Eclipse loads but gives an error 鈥渋nitializing java tooling鈥�
git : How to uncomment the default commit message text? [duplicate]
Custom form region in Outlook - certain buttons are disabled
Versioning of media types in OpenRasta
How to design a comment system using Entity Framework? [closed]
Undefined references appears when including iostream
CodeIgniter 鈥渟ess_time_to_update鈥�and Indy Cookies
How does the cluster module work in Node.js?
Hyperlinks in wx.html-How to navigate inside the same html page
Working with Selected Fields of a Model in a View in Razor
How to set a placeholder in drupal 7 on a login form
Simple PHP mongoDB Username and Password Check for site
ARM NEON debugging for Android NDK
Memory consumption of a boost ptr_map of class A as key and vectors of pointers as value B
Emacs Python: Echoing, Hooks and Org-mode
PHP Combine results from query into one string
Problems Determining Correct Orientation Using ALAssetOrientation and UIImageOrientation
Swing / More than one Applet in the same JVM
Javascript: Using a timestamp as a temporary ID # VS Using a counter as a temporary ID #
MySQL - Why such different performance with timestamps in these 2 queries?
How do I get my ViewController background to show up in a half-curl transition?
jQuery: get url in success function
Events for Inertial Scrolling on Mobile Safari
Algorithm for kerning divs
How to serialize derived classes in a Xml?
Rails - Backround process, where to place 鈥渧iew鈥�related logic?
Wiring beans based on property file
sort datatable by a field
Image not showing in java applet
Render a UserControl to an Image with a different size then the one at which it is displayed?
Refreshing page with Query String
What is the Javascript code to open this link in a New window?
Displaying route details from direction render marker in Google map v3
Resize ListBox not resizing its items
wcf XMLserialization inconsistency with DateTime with GMT offset
Install Anywhere 2011 - Disabled Field
display text during IBAction in objective-c
Excel VBA - Values Not Returning From Function
sql query date difference between two dates
Merge multiple flv files - runtime
Simple custom play button for several songs in HTML
How to stop a for loop?
OpenGL ES 2.0 loading dynamic textures
Select elements that have data-validate atrribute
Getting a property value out of a dictionary using KVC
jQuery Mobile page load events delegated javascript fires twice
Android - openContactPhotoInputStream returns NULL for all contact photo IDs
How to resolve 鈥渞edefinition of enumerator鈥�errors from separate objc frameworks
Rails 3 Mailer and Delayed Job & Heroku
Tsung Distributed Client Load Testing - Simple HTTP Requests
Finding Max/Min values in a linked list
Efficient way of taking Logarithm function in a sparse matrix
Rails Active Record - How to model a user/profile scenario
Get FB User when authenticating to Facebook via Send Button
Print: producing no output
Credits: Sorry, but we're having trouble processing your payment. You have not been charged for this transaction
JavaScript REGEX: give me everything except what is between this pattern
Why is this simple scala code taking so much memory and finally crashing? (Play framework 2.0)
git: remove 2nd commit
Why is IE8 not showing my <img> wrapped in a <h1> and <a> tag?
Machine learning - Helmholtz Machine implementation
How much does speed decrease with called argument size? (C/C++)
Linkbutton Eventhandler dont working in Gridview
magento product attributes and removing them from backend
Riak Map/Reduce enableForSearch() error
How to place a longitude variable into a NSURL?
Getting error : vector iterator incompatible
Embedded and free DB alternative to SQLite, Firebird and SQL Server CE [closed]
unable to parse xml data
inconsistent results when timing a process
Using SQLiteHelper. Retrieve Integer at position Row 2 Column 3, and assign a variable named 鈥淒ansAge鈥�to it, within an activity.
What's the best way to assign a value to variable that's 鈥渇alse鈥�in perl
OnClick vertical navigation
set and play system sound in IOS5 with ARC
Removing glyphs/characters from a Font in Java
try catch issue with deadlock
Java - Executing commands into a batch file
mootools Request class and CORS
How to speed up sqlite search through over 500,000 rows of international characters
Eclipse project with file resources that I'd like to write out on application start
Check if multiple user ids are friends with a particular person
__str__ and single vs double quote behavior in Python
Proper syntax for SAS macro date in Oracle query
Setting speed factor in a timer class?
Model Validation to allow only aplhabet charecters in textbox
Sync framework does not sync imported data
I need to make a global array in C with a size inputted by the user
How do you use colspan and rowspan in HTML tables?
jQuery Ajax for ASP.NET .ascx control
rails_3_question :as => why is my /posts/new routing to posts/show after setting up a slug
Website Reviews - Dynamically Displaying an image of the front of other websites
insert current time into table
smartgwt beginner- how to display xml entered in text area into tree
How to save images in Android?
TCL/TK error message doesn't help. Can some help me, please
check if audio system is in use
REST-ful connection utilizing cURL header issues
Simple MySQL SELECT with PDO
iOS online radio streaming questions
jQuery - adding dynamic data to a event binding
PHPUnit: what does 'Attribute' refer to?
Alfresco Share Customization: Display author name instead of modified by
Export SQL Server database from MySQL import
Having trouble with getJSONObject method
Why does Chrome send user credentials with preflighed CORS request?
How to tell if an AIX machine is running on a power7 cpu?
Where is PropertyChanged?
SharpZipLib to compress a string
Google Chrome sending If-Modified-Since header inappropriately
How do I remove the application name when running a grails app in development mode?
islower function to output boolean value of 0 or 1 depending on input
ActionScript 3.0: Class Relationships
Modals are immediately closed with Bootstrap CSS
Can't find mistake. The value spontaneously changes
java EJB: The import javax.ejb cannot be resolved
Suggestion for rails app to receive and process emails for trouble-tickets
Run a method before each Action in MVC3
PHP Paypal API not working
Select list of IDs from one table and delete all IDs from a second table in SQL Server
Emacs Indentation Function
Defining Scopes between multiple JQuery plugins on Same page
update using increments in mysql return duplicate key error
Start HTML5 <Audio> at random position
c++ multicast feed
Using Dependency Injection at runtime after class instantiation
Can I 鈥渦pdate鈥�ASP UpdateProgress when performing Asyc. Downloads?
Apply an array to a Constructor function in Javascript? [duplicate]
c# insert into mysql multiple varibles
Delete_from and delete
Dynamic Form in GWT
TinyMce with Facebox
QTextEdit how to keep currently selected text line at the same position on the screen
unity - intecepting class calls with several interfaces
Why does my ajax call fail when an almost identical one succeeds?
Objective-C set default value for a property
Firefox doesn't show dynamically added Silverlight 5 control
Changing windows server starting program with vbscript: works in 2003, fails in 2000
LDAP Search 鈥�Bad Filter
Mod_Rewrite and Clean URLs Partially Working
App missing on android market for Tablets
How to use GIT PULL from the command line?
cant get my listbox to display objects
How to have an icon next to text on an icon
RequireJS configuration for jQuery
Firebug Lite in IE suppressing console.log statements?
Read data from .xls and .ods files
Python: What is the easiest way to convert from time.time() value to time.strftime() value?
Facebook App Advanced Settings
Position H1 below H2 on Page, but above it in Markup
Does spreading traffic across content improve performance or server load?
Python Regex Passive Groups and Lookbehind
Java: 2D world collision detection code bug
Eclipse is not launching
Is there a dropdown listbox that uses pictures instead of text?
Downloading all Jersey OSGi Bundle dependancies automatically
How to change UI of application to match OS behavior in Android
understanding VT100/ANSI terminals
MySQL JOIN with results from single table
Heroku always runs assets:precompile with the production environment for Rails 3.2
what is -O- option means for wget?
Jquery validation password strength uppercase and lowercase
What traversal of tree will give me the right result
smartgwt beginner- how to show a text area within a tab, then execute some javascript code in it
C#-winforms :EXE runs only those machines in that Visual Studio installed
C++: Throwing a derived class by reference does not work when catching base class
Determine non-convex hull of collection of line segments
EF 4.3.1 Migration Exception - AlterColumn defaultValueSql creates same default constraint name for different tables
Version Control Client Server Applications
How do I detect focus loss from a text edit object?
Can a gridpane automatically resize it's objects to fit? Trying to set a max_width and max_height to a grid and have it resize content. JavaFX
Can I consume one variadic template parameter while building a new one?
Where to define MySQL character sets
find control in page
How to stop, pause, cancel a thread in java
How to code tag cloud in Ltihium without HABTM?
how to draw uiprogressview into UIView subclass?
Hide address bar in mobile Safari when scrolling (touchOverflow)
function boost::filesystem::complete being reported as possible memory leak by valgrind
Django - How can I display a photo saved in ImageField?
Where does a Blackberry Torch stores the current wallpaper image?
Multiple like buttons showing same count on a page, iFrame issue?
What is the VTable's method pointers order if class implements more than 1 interface?
Populating values in django-admin based on a foreign key selection 鈥�Again
Read a csv into a multidimensional array in Matlab
Query to delete data from table names listed in a table
Decoding UDP Streams with LibAV: Insufficient Buffer Size
Not creating unique models? Backbone.js
Can you give me a hand with my Update trigger? It looks like it should work
How to detect if there no internet connection
RegEx Help (13 length digit, ends in specific digits)
Check for data on boost::asio socket before read? Or should I use async_read()?
Check-ToolButton. I need an Event before showing the menu
Merging files (cat) in each-folder Unix
Adding Property To System.ApplicationException WithOut Using Inheritance
MySQL. Creating an index for 鈥淥R鈥�queries
source.ImageOpened event never triggers
Rest Webservices for Sharepoint 2007
Referencing a dll in C#
Assembler - loop with ECX
Interface not reloaded after returning to app from BACK press
How deal with issue in JSF where values are not submitted for fields intially marked as Disabled?
Is ther a good workaround for GCC's 鈥渟orry, unimplemented: cannot expand 鈥楴EXT 鈥︹� into a fixed-length argument list鈥�error? [duplicate]
Caliburn Micro Custom Event Conventions
regex for address validation
How to support multiple languages with cocos2d-x?
Quiz. Condition without condition keyword?
URL location differences in script between one host to another
how to rate popularity of person across the world? [closed]
Error Architecture Framework Adobe Flex 4.0
Destructor Constructor calls
joomla site showing restricted access
How to pass blank textbox value as null to binded datetime
Converting DataTable to list
Session is null when calling a web service in ASP.NET C#
Failed to generate SQL instance
ASP.Net Membership principalpermission issues
How to generate WSDL from SOAP message sample
Disabling enter key for selected submit buttons within a form
Learning iOS MapKit - multiple pins on map from NSDictionary
Searching for file in directories recursively
SQL Server 2005 insert xml version and namespace at start of xml doc
鈥淭his Account lacks sufficient permissions鈥�DocuSign
Javascript - Set Text When Accordion Expands/Collapses
MySQL How do I create this subquery?
Copy Folder (w/contents) from bundle to Documents directory - iOS
Including both Tweet Button and Profile Widget on the same page
floats clearing when they shouldn鈥檛
Inter-Process synchronization with mutex and semaphore
session fixation - delete session after login and make a new session - but user is then not loged in anymore
opengl widget library for ios
jQuery Mobile grid layout
Run Bluetooth application on Virtual Device Simulator
Filter options of one SELECT control according to another SELECT control options with
labeling data in SVM opencv c++
Updating Plesk: How do I save a file to my virtual server's hard drive?
NSURLConnection to pull text from website only gets some of the data
Why does firebug change the behavior of a website when debugging?
Automatically load associated rows
Change background color of HTML <area> tag
type signature between function and class
Object Clone Shallow copy doesn't change variable
ruby - how to parse this LinkedIn's hash?
Multi level drop down menu without css hover effects jquery
wait4 and waitpid not returning the correct state
while trying to create a migration, I keep getting 鈥淐an't find executable rails鈥�
Using RSpec how can I test the results of a rescue exception block
Null color during start up
Rails Devise not keeping https on sign in/out
Update the Speed/Duration of a Rotation in a Storyboard
How can i setup load_and_authorize_resource through a habtm association?
ComboBox's SelectedItem is unexpectedly set to null before actual value
looping and closure
Menu of header is not on the gray bar in IE
Truncating Strings from a column name
Charlieplexing with Arduino
Why can't the server recognize what the client is sending?
Convert array from php to javascript?
How can you add to the arguments of a function in javascript
PHP foreach using an array sent via an ajax request failing. Correct data sent to function
Trying to use a function in Data.Map.hs but it says not in scope 鈥�Is it because of #if defined(TESTING)
stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString on UIWebView not working
Display the selected item, not the number
Vs2010 Proxy, where's the code
Can I stop the source url for images and links from appearing lower left screen?
How to format MarkLogic results when exported to a CSV file
Get Unicode point of NSString and put that into another NSString
How to get pdf file bookmarks using c#
What must one put in a SQL statement for an auto generated field?
How to access EJB on remote server?
Php script doesn't connect to joomla database
Jquery accordion menu with image expander/collapser
Converting 1 BYTE to int value from 00..FF to 0..255
File Transfer in Android on WiFi using TCP causes the app to crash if file size is too big
C# Form / Access Database insert row with 鈥渁utonumber鈥�field
HG abort on permitted file?
Render page to string in Wicket 1.5
Entity's id as constructor argument or through a setter method?
Missing Method Exception - Signature parameter is long, called with an int
Rx Observable - Chaining
javascript HTML get value
Not able to access images folder inside a module
Combined order with association in Rails 3
UITableView inside UIView with first cell static
Is this a javascript closure?
GCD network requests failing on iOS 4
Understanding TDD and Interface Properties
google chrome console 鈥淔ailed to load resource鈥�problems
iOS - Twitter like contact selection
Translate JMonkey Tutorial to JRuby
Correct way for parsing JSON objects containing arrays in Java Servlets (with Gson for example)
Why can I set [enumerability and] writability of unconfigurable property descriptors?
jQuery plugin to parse tweets from multiple users
What is the best way to implement a fully AJAX single page app in rails?
How can I parse the first JSON object on a stream in JS
How do I create a correctly scaled x-axis?
Can I define the celery queue property on a Task at runtime?
DotNetNuke - Opening and closing trees
Selection in ListBox on an Excel worksheet goes blank everytime I do something, why?
Java decimal to binary int array
Best way to make a C++ software package and C# package access same enumeration/constant ints
Access Dancer Log object?
Is it possible to run arbitrary Java code in the Activity's onCreate method for a Flash project?
When reopening an application, how do I restore the zoomed state without causing problems?
Strange 鈥渉alf to even鈥�rounding in different languages [closed]
Is there an Excel formula that, given the ending cell, returns the starting cell of a block of data?
Rails using Rspec to test ---> ActionView::MissingTemplate:
Know when polyline path variable change
rails 3.1 display records based on locale
Accentuation in pages are behaving differently
How to open a div with slideUp in jquery
PHP Array into mysql select Statement
Unknown Member Error
De-compressing a ZIP file using Java
NCrunch - Don't Build/Run when editing .js files
Adding annotation pin in mapview depending on cell chosen
Does this CSS technique have a name? [closed]
Calling startService generates a NULL pointer exception
send email via Magento
Android phone or Android tablet detection by http headers
How do you generically add a view to the current activity in Android?
SQL Server concatenation of records with aggregate function in select statement
Can set primary key in SQL Server Management Studio
How do I force a newline in a cell on a 鈥�鈥�delimiter in jqGrid?
GAE full text search with 鈥渄id you mean鈥�feature
Linux kernel 3.3 apps on Android
creating full text index error
C Identifier Expected?
vertical scrollable CCLayerColor issue
How do I start WebSphere 6.x admin service without starting my apps?
GroupBy clarification
WebService serialization and xsi:type attribute
Hibernate.initialize() doesn't seem to work on lazy loaded Collections
iOS4 Implementation of -[NSURLConnection sendAsynchronousRequest:queue:completionHandler:]?
How to sum items in a table if their FK appears more than once?
Shiro in a multi-threaded environment
Running Drools rules on Google App Engine
jquery math make 0.0 got to 0.00 etc
What is the border type of the digichat login button?
html5 window.localStorage.getItemItem get keys that start with
Why does this inner function return undefined?
Why does changing the where clause on this criteria reduce the execution time so drastically?
Are winapi handles global?
Resizable mask for resizable UIView with fixed transparency borders
UIPopOver, UITextView and automatic resizing
Is HTML5 Web Workers for a page or across pages
why when I try to insert an image attachment along with a post does wp_get_attachment_url give me a very wrong file path?
How to parse string from the last space in a dynamic string
Save media query in variable
android camera release error from PreviewCallback
how to remove content from page in php
How do I allocate fixed size two dimensional arrays in a struct?
Java Regex to list [closed]
C# Logging when an app doesn't load due to missing DLLS
Creating a form programmatically in ASP Net
Using backbonejs view, what is the best way to attach an 鈥渙nload鈥�event to an image tag?
fast way of counting bits in python
Disable NSView mousedown
How to publish multiple live streams on FMS with the same metadata?
C++ can find error
special HTML elements within a textarea
Clean get of 32 bit source code onto a 64 bit machine. Precautions?
Change UINavigationBar Color for One View Controller
'If' statement doesn't return what it's meant to
Is there a way to know if a user has liked an object on facebook?
Issue with loading Images using DevIL and Visual Studio 2010
indexof exactvalue match
Flex: get path of image to transcode
Bit operation instead of if for copying bit maps
how to handle input redirection
Printing with EPL via PHP: Storing Images
Perl equivlent to this Python code
More powerful than a DFA but less than a DPDA [closed]
How to catch the IOException 鈥淐onnection reset by peer鈥�
How to eliminate and show only non-duplicate records (MySQL)
Showing Loading Animation While Page Is Loading
In python, how can I be notified when another thread is started(alive) and avoid busy waiting
get ItemsControl in ItemCollection CollectionChanged event
XSD nested element
Within IAM, can I restrict a group of users to access/launch/terminate only certain EC2 AMIs or instances?
cube structure view controllers
Getting Data That Function Had That Threw An Exception IErrorHandler
Android: How to access xml resources from within an inflated custom component
How to trim image in the web-browser using js and save it on server then?
App still referencing previous version of assembly
How may I make circular thumbnails using the paperclip gem?
how do you send mutiple records to dynamic textboxs in flash as3
What is the easiest way to execute git commands in the work tree when it is separate from git repo
How to make a monolithic jar.file?
UIImage vs NSImage: Drawing to an off screen image in iOS
ASP.NET 4 Returns a 500 error
In CoffeeScript, is there an 'official' way to interpolate a string at run-time instead of when compiled?
Advice on Hierarchical MySQL Database Design
Is HTML5 compatible with C#?
UIImage vs NSImage: Drawing to an off screen image in iOS
ASP.NET 4 Returns a 500 error
In CoffeeScript, is there an 'official' way to interpolate a string at run-time instead of when compiled?
Advice on Hierarchical MySQL Database Design
Is HTML5 compatible with C#?
Confusion in assigning form values for input type text
calling a javascript function based on php, php in javascripy
JQueryMobile Fading NavBar
android 4.0 Dialog gets canceled when touched outside of dialog window
Show text portion in instead of numerical of enum in column
Regex javascript remove _ -
Issues trying to get Index Location in IList
Python and Windows shell namespace extensions
jQuery UI preventing the attempted sort of a connected list based on an arbitrary condition
changed doctype and the project is failing
Can I use a range of values in a single switch?
How do I increase the priority of a TCP packet in Delphi?
Error: stack level too deep (SystemStackError)
Authentication with ASP.NET Web API [duplicate]
How to use a value that is specified in a function call as a 鈥渧ariable鈥�
is there a way to check if iframe has error message or not after loading a page?
How to Properly Update TextViews in the UI in Android?
iphone - Making a MKMap black and white
mysql dynamic sql using IN
Check for negative numbers in Jquery Validation plugin
Deserialize JSON to ArrayList<POJO> using Jackson
How to remove .meta extension of Red5 audio file?
Need syntax to carry jquery filled field value to next form
strncpy char string issue when adding length
How to set DPI in Android VM?
How to search for Server Exchange or Server Authentication type certficates installed on host computer using PowerShell?
Attributes of virtual base class methods/members in C# Class Inheritance
KeyStoreException: getting null key
Creating a user login function for a database in SQL using Python, pgdb, PostgreSQL
SQL Server: Calculate Percentile Rank using NTILE?
Mage_Core_Exception with message 'Cannot retrieve entity config: sales/Array'
Property cannot be found on forward class object?
Wanted to Close ActiveMq Connection
Bookmark deletion using xml
SQLite CURRENT_TIMESTAMP always 1970-01-01
How to find and remove line from file in Unix?
The textfield displayed a value which is the calculate result from an action, how to bind the value to core data
Login wih the same login_check Sonata User bundle and Sonata admin bundle
Cross-Site Scripting and Web Parameter Tampering prevention in Playframework
Printing Numpy array without any extra notation
Writing top 10 scores to file
Why does exec(escapeshellcmd(鈥渞m -rf /var/www/temp/storage/$userId/鈥�) remove the parent directory when the php file runs in the background?
ASP.NET MVC Web Application with SQL Azure (To Do List Tutorial) 鈥�error when deploying to production
using Excel OnKey without overriding default key behavior
How do I handle multiple asserts within a single Python unittest?
If or function pointers in fortran
Trouble with different SQL Server versions
Leveraging Ember with Enyo?
HtDP / Chpt. 5: How do I use 鈥渟ymbol=?鈥� (Scheme)
How to center a JLabel in a JPanel?
SQL join three tables (one is relational table)
phpunit file not found afer install via pear
Configuring logging for ActiveMQ 5.5 on Tomcat 6 with web app using SLF4j and logback
How to handle Domain Entity validation before it's persisted?
jQuery dataTables overwrites the SQL-statement ORDER BY
Encrypt stack trace on a website, any library to do so? [closed]
Return list of files in directory from Jekyll plugin?
How do I debug and deploy locally with IIS?
jQuery : Detect when element is scrolled to
How to fetch connections of a user from LinkedIn IN PHP? [closed]
Enable drag and drop UITableViewCell without 鈥渟etEditing:鈥�method
Rotate, Scale and Move functionality using as3
Only One Combobox Databinding Can Be Handled In The Form Load Event
PHP for email contact form
PHP include prevent having to back track directory
Default value for combo box
JAXB Marshaller - How do I suppress xmlns namespace attributes?
jqueryui accordian losing bindings on Knockout visible change
All possible directions in which body can move in some closed space
Python task:defining Rect in pygame
How do I mask Facebook graph api URLs for pictures?
How to use zcat with regex in perl?
How can I get custom class variables to display onString() value when debugging?
OnMouseOver Image Issue within Menu
Every time I open my project I have to create virtual directories
Android nullpointerexception at .indexOf()
Better Design to access XmlBeanFactory with Spring
Compiling ASP.NET
Changing color of label based on text it holds
Flex Get the tab Index
jQuery Mobile 301 Redirect Issues
FOSRest gives fatal error in symfony 2
fatal error C1027 while building Boost 1.49.0
redirect upon login
application shutdown for unknown reason
If statement inside nested 'for' loops is evaluating only once - python
Passing an array to Google Charts API via AJAX
excel bva code to send command to usb printer
Pip install Matplotlib error with virtualenv
Mapping a string (key) to an XML schema (value)
Sed replace entire line with replacement
Crystal Reports Formula Field Issue
Difference between ABC and WSDL (WCF)
Lucene: how to boost some specific field
objective-c - Create an UIImage with Core Graphics
Sending an instance Callback as a function pointer results in 鈥渢his鈥�being 鈥渘ull鈥�in C#
IP Classes, What is and what isn't possible? [closed]
Windows service threading with looping and WCF
What are the alternatives to SWT TabFolder?
In sql is there another way to clear temp db and its log other than restarting the service?
Setting disassembly flavour to Intel in LLDB
Store special character in database table sql server
Configure activity: Widget only runs after rerunning it from Eclipse
Preventing script execution on ajax load pages with jQuery
Search for single quoted grep strings?
Android file canRead() is always false on SD card
Why are my two MD5 hashing methods producing different hashes?
How to get the next complete string after the match using grep?
Ext JS 4.0 GridPanel CellEditing plugin breaks when multiple columns inserted
xml and php getting tag elements with certain element and outputting
curl cookie jar negative val
Can an `if` statement have more than one `then` statements?
Graphs for Big O notation
how can i parse a json that contains Geo-coordinates?
Interrupting the Agile iterations process to revamp presentation layer. [closed]
Is there any limit that application state can store ??
Locale troubles
Using awk to fill in SQL Dates
Cannot debug nor inspect external gems in RubyMine 4.0
set img src from already loaded to browser src without querying a host for this again with jquery
Why do we compare at most 7 points in closest pair algorithm?
Handling SUDZC's response result-NSMutableArray
How does windows assign Display Device names? (eg . DISPLAY1) and determine display ports?
sales tax calculation (city limits vs not in city limits)
Checking parent if child checked
Unexpected output from list.append() [duplicate]
How can I check if a reuse identifier has been registered with a UITableView already?
UITableviewcell drawing empty cells
read paragraphs of text, get next lines using StreamReader
strip non-numeric values is not working
Background color not fading
jQuery render datepicker and text underneath in a dialog box
PHP ibm_db2 how to change CONN_CODEPAGE to 1208
Whats the best way to have RESTful URLs and still track pageview counts using analytics?
System Close Button surfaces in custom window chrome when ResizeMode is set to NoResize
iOS: Timer or Local Notification for everyday repetitive action
iOS UI Automation deactivateAppForDuration failure
PHP Class Constants Array Cast
Error while creating a list to populate a combo box
Rotate animation on x-axis
installing ADT 17 on windows 7 and eclipse indigo, Everything works fine but there is no Android type project in New Project
Correct way to use fluent syntax in jQuery
I'd like to force a 502 or 504 error [closed]
How to detect corner or edge which started resizing from AIR NativeWindowBoundsEvent?
MySql Syntax Error From AutoGenerated Creation
Serving lesscss stylesheets
Efficiently drawing large number of polygons with OpenGL?
referencing a button in a tabbedpane [duplicate]
Using Web::Scraper
HTML5 cache manifest index.html not loading linked files
Python WMI query for Windows services with StartMode of 鈥淎utomatic (Delayed Start)鈥�
preg_match compilation failed: missing parenthesis
lxml.html and Unicode: Extract Links
$(document).ready() - How it is being executed?
How to handle 3D voxels efficiently?
.NET 3.5 application High CPU usage indicated by mscorwks.dll InitializeFusion
Connect Titanium Studio to remote git repository
Knockoutjs click and edit field not updating observable
How to loop through days of week
PHP Preg-Replace: 鈥渁 period with numbers on each side鈥�
How can I ask for users to input a password before downloading a autogenerated file from my server?
Unable to open 2.0 zip archive [closed]
How can I get VS2008 to use debug version of DLL instead of running it from System32?
ReferenceProperty failed to be resolved 鈥�App Engine
Cycling through an array of form elements
Looping through sub folders not working Unix
Yii Bootstrap Extension IE8 active navigation bug
Using ADD, SUB, MULT, and DIV to place certain values into boxes?
HTML5 - window.localStorage retrieve data
My SharePoint 2010 SSRS Data Sources are being disabled, and I can't figure out why
How do I handle Models and the await() function in Play 1.2.x?
Looking for a way to have all functions send output to another function
How can I read data from a USB Flash Drive?
JavaScript Object.prototype Access Private Values
Stepping between spherical coords (OpenGL, C++, GLUT)
C# Regex to replace invalid character to make it as perfect float number
Computer-Unique Integer
How to serialize an object to an NSDictionary?
(GDI) AlphaBlend
create dynamically web user control from a simple cs file (not aspx.cs ) in
R and Groovy 鈥撀爄s there any common ground, typical interaction? [closed]
Android: is there a way to apply a right-margin span within an edittext?
Creating a Textbox dynamically in for loop
Find Javascript function definition in Chrome
Facebook Apps: App is set as 810px wide in app options, but on the page itself it's still 520px
how to set a p tag inside a div and the div tag inside a td tag
How to parallelize my bash script for use with `find` without facing race conditions?
objective-c - using a boolean value from one class in another class
PHP Session - Multiple Users With 1 IP
Ruby Version Manager broke my $PATH
c++ boost mpl/fusion vectors dynamic push_back
using as3svgrendererlib in flash cs 5.5
How to toggle the google-maps autocomplete on and off?
Liferay document library API - help required for a beginner
My script works fine, but I'm confused about why I have to use utf8_decode()
My script works fine, but I'm confused about why I have to use utf8_decode()
Stop a parameterized test suite in JUnit
Heroku , how to read router logs
Accepting only UTF8 letters with preg_match
Computing Maximum Concurrent Workgroups
Production Rake Tasks Don't Recognize My Models
WiX - validating a path that is not the installation directory?
Android - Draw badges on MenuItems
Apache+Passenger Optimization Questions?
PHP : Bind Cookie set on Subdomain to Main Domain and all Subdomains
Turn visual studio project testfixtures into nunit dll
C# XML list deserialization; no exception thrown, but no objects deserialized
JQuery execution on window resize?
Sencha Touch - How to make panels accessible from an URL
C++ Private Functions: Whether to pass class member variable by function parameter, or not
How should __nonzero__ be implemented using the Python C-API?
Passing a php value to javascript [duplicate]
How would be the most efficient method to manage page themes on a MVC framework?
understanding pmap output
How can I maximize a window across multiple monitors?
Jquery quicksand not scaling
How does Facebooks new fullscreen photo viewer work?
How exactly is a form closed/disposed?
js using object literals for var replacement
How to turn off /*!12345 鈥�*/ in mysqldump
Java EE 6: JSF 2 with html pages instead of xhtml
Given a org.w3c.dom.Element, how do I find an Element within that given an xpath string?
Foreach not working in a while loop?
Can I find a javascript tag/element using Capybara?
Assigning object IDs with rails
Wifi and Ethernet at the same time
What is the fundmental difference between MongoDB / NoSQL which allows faster aggregation (MapReduce) compared to MySQL
Merging collections using LINQ while overriding rows with same ID
all.moments function weird outcome
Generate a probability distribution from a histogram with two peaks
NHibernate 3.1 nested where clause using LINQ doesn't create proper SQL
Abstract class: Which exception should I throw when child classes aren't implemented correctly?
fgrep matching literal 鈥�鈥�
String overflowing when concatting
Print a string of fibonacci recursively in c#
Configuring the backBarButtonItem of a View Controller's Navigation Item in a Storyboard
Open custom Android url scheme from Asp .Net throws error using Response.Redirect but not with hyperlink click
read line by line from a socket buffer
Simple Press Wordpress plugin problems
Count number of letters-numbers in an UTF8 string?
How to get hyperlink ids in another html file
problems downloading openjdk on gumstix
iOS WebTryThreadLock crash
Why is average disk seek time one-third of the full access time?
need same font size for upper and lower case
SSRS ReportViewer 2010 reports an error in Internet Explorer when ASP.NET application runs under partial trust
What is CvMatchShapes returning?
Can we disable JVM HeartBeat or prevent it from killing my applet
Complex number addition using structure
Using a Windows executable within a Ruby gem
Gloss effect for retina and not for low resolution
GWT Editor Framework, what is the correct Editor Interface to provides Editor support to this complex use case
How to get all arguments of a callback function
Why does the same html page take 25 sec to load on one server and 2 sec to load on another?
Run a php script multiple times
OutputWriter Java or Android
How to reference a database registry of a domain table on C# code?
Is there any function call to restart web application in
CSS3 navigation hyperlinks skew