Finish activity
playing a sequence of Clips with a delay between them
how to convert dynamic contents of html page to pdf
How to fish movements from right to left and left to right direction in same time using OpenGL?
Issue with jQuery when fetching data using .load()
What's the best format for an Android game for optimal performance?
Neither JWPlayer nor FlowPlayer will play a .swf video properly
create a sub url in sitemap
Standard practice for treating derived members in a derived class
Disabled Check Box Loses Value When Saving
Create a UDF accept a CSV string and return a Table in DB2 to be used in a Stored Proc for Bulk Insert
Serialize Custom Principal object
Nested switch alternative
How to access complex array of hashes
Concatenating strings with
calling display method for int array from main method
microsoft teamfoundation GAC assembly, same version/key but different content
incorrect seletion in Itemrenderer with checkbox
Very easy to solve issue with SimpleXML. What i'm doing wrong?
data structure for range search (revisited)
How to combine Storyboards in XAML?
Which javascript library to use (no JQuery) [closed]
How to revert a single file in Xcode 4 using SVN
Determining the distance between the top of the page and the bottom of a div
SAX XML File Parsing (JAVA)
ListView with fixed image
OMA DRM implementation in .NET
How to specify font text to 10 points instead of 10 pixels in raphael.js?
Seq.groupBy: preserve original order
Forking child processes on file system events in perl
How do i get my CSV file?
Pattern to create polymorphic objects with dependency constraint
Is it okay to write dispose method for a class?
Getting data out of Typo3
Pattern to create polymorphic objects with dependency constraint
Is it okay to write dispose method for a class?
Getting data out of Typo3
What's the fastest way to do a right circular bit shift on a byte array
Do email forms need to be santized before sending?
How to access the fields of a test class with in an Rule in JUnit
Normalizing a field using a single UPDATE in MySQL
Using Java 7 CommonDataSource with Scala
How do I make this piece of code incorporating functions, for and while-loops run well?
is it possible to BackgroundWorker will wait to another?
Is G++ smart enough to optimize this out?
Why does Java allow 鈥減ublic static final鈥�in nested classes for simple types and not arrays? [duplicate]
detect a device using batch file
Android sqlite index on android 2.3
Increase the value of a number in an element every x milliseconds
Java : Char vs String byte size .
Save all scons Variables not just specified ones (save defaults)
jQuery: Displaying text dependent on dropdown value
GitHub add users to work together on repo鈥�
Android It is possible to change the MediaController graphics?
Proper handling of context data in libaio callbacks?
What does the macro ((void(*)())0)() mean?
Combining Fields when using LIKE operator in SQL
Dependency Injection won't work on Tomcat 7 using Jersey and OpenWebBeans
IOS - animation not responding
python: 'str' object is not callable?
Getting Polygons to display multiple variables using a stripped color scheme in ArcMap
How to convert plain text hyperlink to html hyperlink in java?
Force URL to open in tab in IE7
Right click menu then item pointing to a class
Is it realistic to use a CDN with low traffic numbers?
R/GIS: How to subset a shapefile by a lat-long bounding box?
.NET Application with SQL Server deployed to Azure?
Getting the value of contentScript variable and displaying it in popup.html: Chrome Extension
How to list content of field in bash
Server-side verification of Android Market Licensing responses with PHP
Stopping jQuery Autocomplete when field focus is lost
pushState causing Chrome to get stuck 鈥淲aiting鈥�for ajax call to complete?
Pass a single data column to a method
MongoDB query array containing search text
.htaccess allow access to files only from includes
Profiling .NET applications with Stopwatch
Other ways to update UI from thread in C#
How to add jquery mobile loading mask
jquery mobile - loading spin wheel keep appearing
Umbraco - SSL certificate
Should an interface method return a custom object?
When is using a reference better than a pointer? [duplicate]
鈥淪erver not found error 鈥�while making HTTPS call from wp7
Type-casting in C for standard function
Calling a .NET web service from java 1.4
Grails application behind https
iOS installing IPA file : app disappear at 100% with no message
How create proxy class from wsdl?
Sleep() function usage
add array object and remove array object in javascript?
Gyroscope does not show any drift
Problems setting database character set using mysqladmin
I can't seem to check a value in a particular column of a datatable. Why?
Change OSMDroid tiles path
How to detect if user Did not allow location update
InstallShield: How can single custom actions be tested?
gethostbyaddr returns 0
IsDirty using INotifyPropertyChanged for EF entity
IntelliJ: Viewing diff of all changed files between local and a git commit/branch
How can you find out where your EC2 user data script is failing?
鈥淎ccess is denied鈥�when using mapped URL to Login.aspx
Apply background color of specific cells in smartgwt ListGrid
Creating additonal step on jquery step by step form
iOS Core Data how to properly compare string text using predicates?
Cruise Control.Net Failing But nAnt Builds When Done Manually
ubuntu 11.10 login goes back to splash screen
Accessing canvas in Flowplayer
Debugging C .dll files from a C# application
JavaScript error: 鈥渋s not a function鈥�
Compiling DotNetOpenAuth from github sources
Rails 3 - My message instead of strange validation message of nested_attributes model
Powershell - filtering for unique values
An Extremely Strange Javascript Behavior: onLoad and $(document).ready()
bash tar error doesn't create tar.gz
I can't seem to get the Fancy Box to work in IE7
Run service every 24 hours and stop after 5 times android code
Disable Facebook Like button's 鈥淧ost to Facebook鈥�popup [duplicate]
Write a certain hex pattern to a file from bash
XML to XSD - Plugin [closed]
Xpages MobileControls and Categorized View
Ajax calls to webmethod in aspx page for flexigrid
How can I force Rails to always use the texts from de.yml regardless of user locale?
AbstractTransactionalJUnit4SpringContextTests http request
Magic Square recursion infinte loop java
Is there a best way to avoid execution of process more than once in Oracle?
mvn sonar:sonar do not use <libraries> in pom.xml
Can you write a C# Excel add-in with Visual Studio 2010 for the Mac?
C# Code Coverage with Selenium
Codeigniter 2.1, php 5.3, Oracle & MySQL
Flash player security settings
Hide/show div based on form input filed
Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<decimal>' to 'decimal'
How to scroll within a textbox when the parent screen also needs to be scrolled
Google Plus not reading from meta tags
Session atrribute is missing a List
i need to make an input that looks like this button
jQuery div transition
How to force grid to propagate value to datasource immediately on change?
Socket.IO with RabbitMQ?
Why don't std::atomic<integral> specializations provide multiplication and division assignment operators?
How to solve the 'Segmentation fault' when hybrid programming of C & Python?
How to left join or inner join a table itself
can we store shared preference on SD CARD - creation in HttpServletRequest and Spring Security
symfony2 adjacency list model use with Forms
Cannot parse XML using Xpath
calling web service from jquery
EF difference between ctx.Object.Select and obj.Select
How do I implement EDSDK's EdsSetProgressCallback function properly?
Normal.dotm being used by a different process?
ajax call doesnt return the data from external JS file
Representing a giant matrix/table
ColdFusion 8 + MSSQL 2005 and CLOB datatype on resultset
Update one table using data from another table - Oracle
iconv any encoding to UTF-8
JS regex name pattern
Substrings in Javascript with substr()
How to classify real continuous data for WEKA
How to make a javascript alert NOT say the name of the page?
how to insert into stl set?
c3p0 Connection Pool not closing connections
How to use an XML Schema to validate @ResponseBody marshalled by JAXB
Error when attaching depth/stencil buffer to the framebuffer
Stop windows phone 7 from automatically formatting phone numbers
Convention Based Dependency Injection with Ninject 3.0.0
simplify boolean expression [closed]
Pulling class elements into an array and then summing them up
rails semi-complex STI with ancestry data model planning the routes and controllers
Chrome Inspector: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL
iPhone: smooth scroll through the UITableView
Creating a loading image while ajax function loads [duplicate]
API Feed and 鈥渕agic鈥�description and image
Java Generics: Multiple Inheritance in Bounded Type Parameters <T extends A & I>
authorised access to externally hosted files
NetBeans Java code completion is way too eager to please
Are 2D transforms hardware accelerated in Mobile Safari?
RSpec fixtures not loading
How can I remove a UIView by the user tapping or swiping anywhere else?
Disable form auto submit on button click
How come a file doesn't get written until I stop the program?
jQuery UI draggable/droppable flicker
Good Practice for reusing unit test on different functions in Python
Drupal views - Show no exposed filter options when no results come from view
Add 2 or more field to value member of C# coding
Good Practice for reusing unit test on different functions in Python
Drupal views - Show no exposed filter options when no results come from view
Add 2 or more field to value member of C# coding
SVN externals repo 鈥渋s already locked鈥�on update
How to iterate through table and collect in three different arrays values from that fields?
Still confused by Java Timestamps etc with MySQL
Toast after email intent message
File-Stream is being used by another process
Get process id of a running metro app
GWT polluting global Javascript namespace
unable to access a method variable which is out of same file
Programmatically bind enum type to combobox
Strange compiler error during ShareKit integration
Testing my controller with Spock
fgetcsv - Perform function on first column value?
What does the followin dashed and filled arrow mean in this Java UML diagram?
require lang file in MVC php
Show records in one row for an ID from multiple columns/rows with null values
C++ delete[] crashes
ios how simulate back button in a ViewController
Access to calendar from gwt
Printing int[] array from a display method
Perl Command line - perl -pi -e
Is it function overloading or overriding?
Determining if XScale is present in a safe way
Working with Google Cloud Print
The address size length of the accept function in <sys/socket.h>
How does simplexml handle elements that are prefixed?
using a access data base to save data from a web site(nickname,pass,awnsers,replys,ect) [closed]
Shared Resources Between PHP Children 'Threads'
Scailing for MySQL Queries (Straight_Join vs Inner Join)
Displaying a custom view in a layout
how to Split String By in java
Batch-file to run executable on time interval
Apache mod_rewrite rules ignored when request uri contains known extension
xsl:sort with apply-templates not sorting
What's wrong with my PL/SQL function?
Why is this dictionary not emptied when the function is called again? [duplicate]
Regular Expression for finding HTML tags leaves empty tags behind in PHP
Gem appears to be a reserved word in builder
Android 4.0 - problems
Haskell class Num not contained in Ord?
Use UINavigationController or ContentController?
working with two vectors - remove duplicates and merging
std::vector of std::weak_ptr and std::find
Android锛欶ailure delivering result ResultInfo
iFrame And URL with &amp; (ampersand)
How to determine a sub movieclip position related to the stage?
Hosting a Windows service
C# Replace last letters with another in a String
ChangeListener is not firing
Zip files to archive from SQL Server Agent job
Find the result in one MySQL Query
SolrHTMLEntityManager Java Heap Out of Memory
C# foreach memory cache and string memory optimization
Android: Pass an Object into a CustomDialog?
Indexing documents to elasticsearch using nodejs
No such file or directory - /dev/null (Errno::ENOENT)
What is a faster way to log events using Webservices
How to add Javascript in WordPress Posts using Custom Fields
How do you extract number of current date in Cocoa?
How can I exclude an object from my array so a foreach loop avoids it?
Constantly scroll text up within a div
iOS application secure client side data storage?
Need to set the value of the select box to the selected value and retrieve it each time when you visit the page
Accessing mySQL DB through a Java/jersey REST Resource
WP7 controls: When to set VisualState after recovering from Tombstone?
Available options for the ACTION_WEB_SEARCH RecognizerIntent
How to get row index by entity key in a dynamically built query using Entity Framework
how to use IcePush to update client's display?
Grouping many to many choices by type in form
Using old web reference class with new web service?
MissingResourceException in Tomcat but not in Java EE Server
css classes not working
HtmlSelectOneRadio click twice to trigger Valuechangeevent listener
How to determine if a string is a Mathematical statement in PHP?
Windows.Forms: Activate an application that is already running in right FormWindowState
Why is Apple's documentation of NSURLConnectionDelegate protocol reference seemingly missing stuff?
Why is accept() system call not accepting new connection until closing the previous connection socket
Is the following explanation/reason correct for distinction between inline and block-level elements in HTML
BlackBerry Recording Video Saves file of 0KB
MVC datasets with viewbags
Mysql update table with select using group by
Multiple Datasources with the same model
Open CL clEnqueueReadBuffer execute time
Building ActiveMQ-CPP with MinGW?
Printf: differences in Java's and C's implementation
OpenCL Client Side Requirements
Android-SDK r17 ruins working projects
How to display a 'form in div' in alert box?
Any Markdown-to-WikiMarkup converter available?
Is hashCode() used any where?
external lisp code indenter
Google Analytics: Paid Search Visits higher than Clicks
C# - How to add a reference do system.numerics.dll
WebClient on WP7 - Throw 鈥淎 request with this method cannot have a request body鈥�
Dynamic background height when using float elements
Pointers Homework
Warning: When only one parameter is given, it must be an array
Is this the correct way to integrate a ViewScoped and RequestScoped bean?
Visual Basic conditional statements in a MessageBox
Castle Windsor not able to ResolveAll when interface is behind 2 abstract base classes
How to get smooth corner radius on a non square Objective C UIImageView
Zend Validate Email Address and Deep MX Checking
Optimizations by compiler in a recursive program
How to include a document in my C# project?
How do I create an RSS feed of content from an external website
Interface-implementing anonymous class in C#? [duplicate]
Assigning properties on class dependencies
Xcode 4.3.1 installed, 鈥渕issing SDK鈥�issue
jQuery-ui sortable placeholder not working in firefox:
Why is this ALTER TABLE MYSQL query not executing(returning false)? The syntax appears correct
javascript error: Expected 'html' and instead saw 'script'
Crystal reports formula for multiple scenarios
What can be used instead of MockMvc (sprint-mvc-test)?
R match rownames from different dataframe columns and replace with 1(if match) and 0(if no match)
android ListView size of every child
How can I get the default web with vbscript on IIS/Windows 7?
setting datagridview values from another thread - cross thread operation IS valid
Sorting mysql varchar column with where condition
How to determine which activity started a service?
How to add and use a resource from a custom package/component in Delphi?
how to create thread in rails model using rubyinline and c
Transform requests of url with no www string
Unable to do same effect for five canvas element
Multiple Constraint Types or check what type the Generic is?
How to mouse over rows to display full text with VBA or Macros? Microsoft Access 2007
ProgressDialog wont go away! Nullpointer exception
Group a (sometimes non consecutive) period of days in Oracle SQL
xCode 4.3.2 crashed on opening .xib
Having trouble populating the FilteringSelect (dojo)
How to convert this string check from PHP into AS3?
Django static Files
Unambiguous Grammar
WCF Call during Service OnShutDown()
Storing Sentence in Database
How to get the tables used by a query with OdbcConnection and c#
How can I change region for role after initial deployment at Azure?
Why is this animate marginTop function is not working like I expect?
Nlog database target - to use keepConnection or not?
Multiple $elemMatch expressions for matching array values using $all in MongoDB?
mongodb java driver query with regexp number fields
How to initialize properties in ViewModel From events in IEventAggregator?
Why is nginx responding to any domain name?
Is this a subdomain domain that work with CDNs?
What's the general way to get sub string with pattern in Obj-c?
Windows Azure Servicebus Token Provider was unable to provide token, but returned an empty message
Mysql progressively update rows with single query
ItemizedOverlay with only one call to populate();
Can you get all entities of a model in appengine and not a gqlquery
Is this a subdomain domain that work with CDNs?
What's the general way to get sub string with pattern in Obj-c?
Windows Azure Servicebus Token Provider was unable to provide token, but returned an empty message
Mysql progressively update rows with single query
ItemizedOverlay with only one call to populate();
Can you get all entities of a model in appengine and not a gqlquery
solr commands then commit
SQL server CE Update Not working with nvarchar as PK
Debug Maven plugin under Eclipse
MS SQL database schema change without data loss
JAX WS webservice receives null parameters when part accessor elements are qualified with namespaces
Add action to a JButton created by another JButton
Delphi - System.Copy good practices
div remains visible after the page reloads
Creating a loading image while ajax loads
When To Use reduce Or Instead Use pmap
Backbone.js - how to have the bookmark not change if visiting to a new one fails
Understanding Canvas & KineticJS layer clearing
Setting class and method variables in the application_controller
Trying to replace a substring of a string with another substring
when fadeTo completes, fade divs back in with new color (rgba)
How to remove the 鈥� r t t鈥�escape characters from XmlReader
Return SAML Token with custom class from MVC4 WebApi STS
C++ - How to use template typedef workaround in declaration of function?
Creating minimal LaTeX syntax from reStructuredText with docutils
Why doesn't R allow $ operator on atomic vectors?
How do I refresh my ListView after the Activity launched by 鈥渘ew Intent(ContactsContract.Intents.Insert.ACTION)鈥�finishes?
CakePHP Auth prevents access to a controller
Trying to modify a builder to style text in DataAnnotation Attribute [Display(Name=鈥淭ext鈥�]
display image devexpress gridview, is this a rocket science?
Emit HTML from a WCF service using a behavior?
How to obtain result from a website using Http in android
Coupons for In-app Billing
How can repair this error? 鈥渏ava.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException鈥�
Outlook 2007+ Cast Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection.Item to Outlook.mailItem when TypeOf Item = Outlook.mailItem
I'm passing around some functions an element using the 鈥渢his鈥�keyword and the 鈥渃all鈥�method
New to SSRS (Filters)
Android: using viewfliper with dynamic no of slides, number of slides can vary
javascript object that randomly rotates
open a url in applescript
How to derect Errors via Soupsession or SoupMessage Signals?
Request for Date Display Solution
Play Framework: PersistenceException: The type is not a registered entity? (Ebean)
Adding a sectioned tableview - Beginner
Program counter not advancing
Passing grails select value in actionSubmit to Javascript method
Usercontrol Datasource?
How can i code my java code to make PHP exec command store answer?
Find out whether celery task exists
Makefile define variable using if
For storing people in MySQL (or any DB) - multiple tables or just one?
ssh portforwarding unix
I can't draw a table in a section in Infopath
Ransack with sort_link for nested resources
PHP 5.3 not recognizing Native Client to connect to MS SQL
Using Data in a Tree in an addRow() function
Class Design: Car and Road
Rewrite Url with same page name in different folder
scons adding --prefix option
QuantLib+SWIG+C# 4.0+Visual Studio 2010: TypeInitializationException
adding style to jquery dialog buttons
Xcode 4 gcc failure on Archive build: skips precompile step? (also after cleanup)
Overloaded functions, redefinitions, C2371 and C2556 C++
How to get an RDF file from a SPARQL endpoint?
call extended class variable in parent in ECJ
How to get shipping costs of an order with Amazon MWS Api?
Aligning text in a table with CSS
In numpy, how can I assign an array of size N to a larger array with a boolean mask
Set focus to element
Symfony2- Login Form appears again after logged in
Compilation time in Visual Studio
error: expected unqualified-id before '<' token (Template compilation issue)
Cannot load file when browsing website from a computer different from the server
Eclipse - ACRA jar file not recognised
Creating a second rendering context for a window
Load time of hitting cache server (nginx/squid) is greater than hitting Glassfish directly when I load test with upto 10,000 users on jmeter. Why?
CPTXYGraph inside UIScrollView
unable to access the value from xaml.cs to scheduletaskagent.cs in windows phone 7.1 application
Set multiple textview android in single listview
How does DB2 react without the functional based Index
WIF passive federation with custom load balancer in place
jQuery select option, change html content. What am i doing wrong?
Where can I find documentation on using HoneyComb's up button?
I am using jquery validator, and need help writing my own addMethod( name, method, message,) to valid a promotional code?
Transfer object collection between client and server
How to retrieve values from a XML file in iphone? [duplicate]
Youtube iframe embedded video not working (black screen)
Bind the Thickness BO <=> UserControl
Android ExpandableListView - Looking for a tutorial [closed]
Typecasting DXVA2_Fixed32 to Float in C++
Is it possible to create a cross platform app using phonegap to sync files between different devices?
Doctrine 2.0 Orx not allowed
How do I run an AndroidDriver test with Junit?
My Launch Configurations are not being added to the Launch Configuration Type I created
Java Projects With Junit Test cases [closed]
Netbeans PHP configuration on Ubuntu
How != and == operators work on Integers in Java?
Simple exec program in linux
How to write tests using Watin & SpecFlow that are not tightly coupled to your HTML markup?
Sharepoint SPWeb - MasterUrl vs CustomMasterUrl [closed]
mySQL - how to switch column values- 'short' to 'long' and 'long' to 'short'
How can I check if a word is a reserved keyword in Sybase (can't be used as column name)?
Assembly - shr instruction turn on carry flag?
JS function to count rows in SQLite table
Facebook comment shows to much white space after JQuery shows it in Chrome
What DNS entry should I configure to use domain name without www?
Email Validation in javasript
How to handle new versions of frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap
How to increase the the size of columns of DataTable before filling it with too much huge strings or values from the cells of excell
Make a copy of a Joomla site to a new folder on the same database?
How to see the detail memory usage in Windows? [closed]
Mongoose.js: Find user by username LIKE value
Load resque worker without rails environment?
prepareForSegue is not passing values through to new view
Is it possible to import an external bean configuration xml file into resources.groovy?
Post XML Data to a web service using C#
Instantiation in extended classes
why cc 鈥渞eal time鈥�>> 鈥渞eal time鈥�
Passing multiple Eval parameters to a JavaScript function from ASPX
Restlet brings back null in android but not Java SE
jquery group every 3rd div
Is there a way to guarantee resize event fires AFTER orientationchange event (jQuery Mobile, JavaScript)?
C# results into Access DB - 鈥淎dditional information: Data type mismatch in criteria expression.鈥�
Yammer API - attachments upload
One-to-many hibernate mapping: related collection is empty
Custom Html Elements addon by Ryan Fait (multiple selects)
Rails define controller as root controller
python: How do I know what type of exception occured?
ajax jquery refresh the data from the database
How do you create an application-specific intent filter for a Mifare card? (Android)
Using a pointer or not
Using path wildcards in git log
Set Height Programmatically for a Single UITableViewCell?
XML Parser from SQLite DB that sends a record to another app Android
HashMap doesn't provide values in the order in which added them
Extend async tasks from base class
Retreiving JSON with jquery and php
Make winforms application run on other computer
Taking ownership of autorelease objects by using retain?
Adding a right click menu to an item
Disabling and Enabling Single Sign On in Facebook as Required
Bash/shell error running perl -e 'use [module]': Can't find string terminator 鈥�鈥�anywhere before EOF at -e line 1
Correct architecture and tutorial for mobile offline towards GAE synchronisation
Android launcher not started
Delimiting tokens containing wildcards and alternate endings with ANTLR
Add some div's with text over NivoSlider slides
Apache SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length
Input field properties for select field?
Viewing .pgm images in Matlab
ViewController's view not showing in NSBox with cocoa Mac
Input field properties for select field?
Viewing .pgm images in Matlab
ViewController's view not showing in NSBox with cocoa Mac
MFMailComposer sending attached image size increased
Skip lein uberjar when sources are unchanged?
Firebug Command Line History
Can i prevent the keyboard to push things up when it's shown
Is this the right way to use 鈥渁t鈥�closure in Geb
Checking if a variable is of data type double
Standard name for (filter p xs, filter (not.p) xs)
OpenGL 4.2 use same texture as image and as sampler
Android scroll view - need to scroll when keyboard is shown - although data is less than 1 page
Is there a way to know if a user changes the Default 鈥淎ctivity Privacy鈥�for your FB app
Javascript Function to add/remove fields
Has my link register gone wrong?
How to replace a javascript variable's value to a form field?
Routing doesn't work in my application
Can I cast an unknown object to an interface so I can access its properties in C#?
Android 2.2 Live Streaming not working on real device but works in emulator
Set HTTP Request 鈥淐ontent-Type鈥�
Ubuntu exce Maven Plugin
CSV Field Mapping GUI
What is the correct way to set up apache RewriteMap to pull from a Database? (PHP/APACHE/MYSQL)
Windows Aero - Programmatically Disabling Visual Effects
Taking a string of numbers and inserting + and - operators
Is there a java command that can close a primefaces overlay panel?
禄unterminated string literal芦 error after copying script
Tab characters no longer work in Delphi XE2 message dialogs - alternatives?
project with wsdl2objc not compiling
How to pass an argument to an argument when executing a shell command from Xcode?
Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context on Database instance
My WP7 Client application does not call the wcf on IIS
Release build issue
Wordpress XML-RPC publishing in AS3
boost::transform_iterator doesn't work with std::bind( &Pair::first, _1 )?
Removing items in Jagged array using index
ajax post data error [object HTMLCollection]
Django caching and spatial queries
Python remove last character of string if its a letter
Setting the classpath for JAR files
XSLT: :result-document
Replace forward slash 鈥� 鈥�character in JavaScript string?
PHP DomParser getting option name and value from xml tag
Unable to install Android SDK 17 [duplicate]
Flex - how to switch to another SWC theme at run time?
Issue with loading 200+ list box items in windows phone 7
Using ucwords for non-english characters
Write data fast to a remote database
Beagleboard: Erased NAND flash and now not booting
Javascript order on which functions are being called
how can I identify the type of object at runtime?
Issue with Socket Streams in Java 鈥淭elnet鈥�Code?
How to statically set JMX port (not rmi-registry) in glassfish 3.1?
UIPopoverController iOS 5.1 strange space when adding UINavigationController
Using @synchronized(self) { 鈥β爙聽in class-function
Resolving a 'both added' merge conflict in git?
html5 and webservices versus mvc3
How show image from bytes?
Change PKG_CONFIG_PATH of pkg-config in MinGW
Android: Saving screen state (Beginner)
Multiple Database connections in a LINQ to SQL DataContext
Checking if directory is protected
how to retrieve photos from Facebook
Jquery syntax error
mobylette rails gem - detect iPad
How to unit test grails domain class that has a relational mapping?
detect scroll to bottom of a DIV
How to change the height BETWEEN sections in GROUPED UITableView?
MS Word 2010 (VSTO) programmatically change page color
Get Uploading Process RAILS/JS
adhoc wireless java game development
Create a action link inside a ASP.NET MVC 3 form
How Can I make Iframe to load Fast?
ChildBrowser plugin for iPhone showing about:blank page
How do I handle dynamically-sized lists of controls in Play 2.0?
Requesting facebook permissions on tab page
finding locations within a particular distance using db2
Java DFS Backtracking in an adjacency matrix
Creating and accessing sheets in excel using java jxl
Creating a filter to capture all URLs
Autoload function from lib folder
google maps api, change icon triggers mouseover event
Adobe PDF Reader keeps opening previously read document
What is wrong with this producer consumer code?
INSERT query with subquery: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
Windows explorer get unresponsive while application is calling web service
Spring security authorization
MS Excel localization issue for 鈥渦nion鈥�operator in formulas
GTK+ App process not killed
Is there a way to unimport or hide the base libs?
Using Cufon outside the canvas associated to Fabric.js
Android - IOException Error In Log
Reading the stdout from slave nodes with ipcluster
Accessing array better via numeric or associative key?
create a corpus with a single file (webpage)
Please help me fix this crash on Windows XP and any version of IE
NSFileVersion's unresolvedConflictVersionsOfItemAtURL: behaviour
Expressionengine 2 Login screen on Front Page
how to check the duplicate entry in sql
Triggering change events in a loop results in loss events
Is it possible to restyle a picture after getting uploaded in paperclip?
Insert null in Sqlite table
How to renew Provisioning Profile for iOS Enterprise Dev Licence
LibreOffice/OpenOffice 鈥渒inda portable / static鈥�installation on FreeBSD (webhost)?
How to use external Dll in Air Native Extension?
Add element into array java
Google Docs Spreadsheet, Send Email And Order Values
EWS - how do I find all incomplete tasks?
Sorting/Alphabetizing C++ methods in Eclipse (not in outline, in the code)
Can't deploy to Heroku the app with RJB gem
SQL cross tab pivot query
how to create multiple textbox with a list of objects
The correct way to hide a polyline?
Object out of scope in deferred?
Running Java in while loop shell
Add mailto: with jQuery?
How can I model this data in PHP?
Android onDestroy Error
How to create an empty delegate using Expression Trees?
How do I check if rmdir returns EEXIST or ENOTEMPTY?
Interface inheritance and derived classes
Deploying Java Web Project to Google App Engine
UIButton that's created programmatically crashing when method called
Get radio buttons from enum in MVC2
loading xml in flash created from standard text tool with utf-8 chars
Retrieving data from Facebook graph API using F#
Filling and iterating over a hash of arrays in Perl
count number of set bits in integer
Big performance difference between using class with static functions vs instantiated class?
Formulating a MySql join query with aggregates
how to know which link was clicked(if it is same for every row) and parse data for that row
Javascript -> Check/Uncheck gridview's checkboxes(ChildCheckbox) based on repeater's checkbox(ParentCheckbox)
embed font with iTextSharp
Hibernate force timestamp to persist/load as UTC
Android: how to decrypt an openssl encrypted file with RSA key?
Cancelling a PendingIntent
Getting query-string after two consecutive HttpGET
Visual Basic - Converting a URI to show as a string in a status bar
Insert Data into MySQL
Inserting Events into Google Calendar is creating duplicates (php)
How to launch command line version of app from command line programmatically?
How to make sure API requests come from our mobile (ios/android) app?
Android Tab Custom Style Bug
Detect application foreground event
Stored Procedure Function Import vs Entity Framework Code First
submit onclick better suggestion
Latest ADT updates (2012-03-21) break my Android projects
URL filter with str_replace
Regex Fetching Various results with regex_search
NSString format like html tag <sup>
How programmatically change BIOS time setting?
Restore maven plugin for a project on eclipse
Relative size with font tag in html: Relative to whom?
How to create a constructor in a sencha touch model?
Linq how to cast to real object
rake db:migrate will giving me the error
Custom Cursor Adapter in Android
An Error for installing AVR development platform for mac
what layer would you implement a Java web service
Single ASP.NET MVC application using multiple databases
JStree bad icons from tree
Preview Images using fileupload
What's your 'no framework' Java framework? [closed]
Rails console limits text output. How do I get to see it all?
Is it possible to hide a callback mechanism in a single method?
Should EJBs be instance variables and marked as transient in JSF Managed Beans?
Perform keyword search using PHP
Can't Group By an internal alias?
Trim an mp3 file?
Using .append() with click() every time on div
Inline on Foreignkey a module further
Application resource styles issue (with Prism)
Dynamically changing icon [QT/c++]
Determine the device by which the image is captured
Python Selenium (waiting for frame, element lookups)
Swing - can't switch language in Windows with modal JDialog
Search Field, clear default text on focus - FF 3.6?
Uploading videos to YouTube using WordPress
How to get the real width in IE7 with jquery of elements overflow hidden
string tokenization in C++ including delimiter characters
UIButton title hides on click of it
Upload File to the Dropbox public folder using the iphoneSDK
SharePoint custom TaxonomyField
Importance of order of elements in SOAP Header
SQL - Function to get next due date (or past due date)
getting bash script to echo the command being executed
iOS Screenshot/App Recording Techniques
How to retrieve digital signature information (name, date, 鈥� with ItextSharp
AS3 variable, access throughout app?
how to calculate total time taken by for loop [closed]
Allocating global memory
How to Focus inthe First Cell of a Newly-Added Row in a dojox.grid.DataGrid
How can I create a UISplitViewController in my tab bar application (iPad)?
DOM check a node exist with html content
More bottom level soap xml parsing
Injecting ApplicationContext into Wicket Component with @SpringBean fails
Recursion: how to get all the (sub)edges for a certain node?
Disable programmatically noise suppression mic on iPhone 4/4S
Is html 5 canvas hardware accelerated on android chrome beta?
Virtual Machine Acceleration for Android Emulator
鈥�' 鈥�removes previous field data
Getting the output value from another function in c
JavaScript is not executed when inserted in DOM with jQuery
Testing actual in-app purchases; locking gmail acct access?
GridView: how to delete from database a value from the selected row and dropdownlist = value from database?
SYN and SYN+ACK not blocked by firewall
Getting 鈥淓rror: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040E2F 鈥�when running SpImport
Where is WCF transaction state stored?
Geocoder Gem - Ruby On Rails - Foreign Key ( belongs_to )
Upload Images On Twitter Using PHP
Php Symbol display
Set NSIndexPath programmatically
Perl non-greedy Regex
How to remove Child control from its Parent without affecting Visibility
Difference between 鈥減rogram counter鈥�and 鈥渟tart address鈥�
Debug android app when screen off
OAuth Java connection on continues streaming
Customizable GUI controls in separate project
Check if a directory is a (file system) root
Can't run app on iPhone 4.2.1 with Xcode 4.3.1 and IOS
cvNamedWindow always segfaults
multiple mongo update operator in a single statement?
How to make Python web application private?
Exposing Spring beans in a JSP file
create XML doc from SQL query
How to solve Joomla 1.5 Error 鈥淚llegal variable _files or _env or _get or _post or _cookie or _server or _session or globals passed to script.鈥�
Is this still a verification test on a Mock?
Where from to download drivers for lenovo x61s?
iPhone How to sort Plist data and How to sorted data Display On UITableView
RSpec - Mock ampersand-symbol parameters
flashing current point on line chart using AchartEngine
python regex ignoring text
Image won't appear in crystal reports
DataSnapXE2 has bugs , DataSnap2010 is okay
cocos2d sprite collision detection
how to open help file in executable jar
Trying to install Selfsigned Cert on my WP7 Emulator
AutoMapper Object Collections not mapping
YAGO class hirearchy in DBpedia
Why do I get a PHPDoc warning in PhpStorm over this code
c circular buffer with constant time delay for mpeg-ts
REST Get/ PostStandards
Add class to an element based on placement with JavaScript/jQuery
Arrange html element in circle with css and jquery
double pointer and how to modify the pointer in the function
accessing report check box in module (ms access)
How to retrieve value of input type in a dynamic table
how update occurs in mysql memcached ndb cluster
Replace text with regular expressions under certain condition
.change() on all textboxes and textarea
P2P Isolation Prevention
Overriding default mock property value
loop through a dynamic form and panel and check if radio buttons check or not
Two fields in jQuery autocomplete
Is it possible to mock out a .NET HttpWebResponse?
Python: How to read a data file with uneven number of columns
Bluetooth power consumption on Android
Any good mobile technology backend reference book [closed]
spring rmi java 1.4 and java 1.5
Send list of object from view to controller on submit
How to force HTTPS using a web.config file
ASP.NET Securing a Login page for a cms
Create write once Fields in Sharepoint
Function in Oracle to Get time along with a Display Message :)
Sending all info to ajax
How to parse this text into a date format
Why won't my applet run on computers without JDK?
Why does the .Net Dictionary look like it is sorted? [duplicate]
Is there a javascripit/jquery implementation of a day-calendar scheduler like
Android: How to register a passive LocationListener in the Manifest?
how to pass a function as an argument value in jdbc preparedStatement, CallableStatement or Spring-jdbc StoredProcedure?
Printing HTML page
php oci_execute pattern for sql
How to force Facebook app to ask for permissions?
jQuery Dropdown Menu goes away when mouseout
Using Magento API v/s plain MySQL
Get Line Index of Textbox from Drag and Drop Point
Javascript: Benchmarking to get operations per second capabilities of PC
GROUP BY clause - too many results
Getting NPE on an Instantiated Array of booleans [closed]
Perform JavaScript on submit of form
Insert more than one item from a belongs_to association using nested forms
How can i get selected image uri from sdcard in tab activity?
java : How to deal with an array of values received in this case?
How can i SendMessage to Internet Explorer 9 with WinAPI
Open a modal/pop up form in Sharepoint 2010 with controls in it
Functional equivalent to the concurrent multimap
How to route logging messages from the multiprocessing module to a file?
How can i find the IP address of the machine that created a capture in wireshark
Queries from Diffrent Tables How to Join Suggest PLease (PHP)(SQL)
HTML5 Anyway to include a submit button directly into a input type=鈥渢ext鈥�
android listview message among two different layouts
Mongo custom multikey sorting
Hibernate case in Where statement
How would I use jquery to re-display a hidden div that holds error messages in a new position with error messages shown 1 at a time?
SmartGWT ComboBoxItem - item in Combo is not marked in the pick list
How to write all build details in a text file
Java - Constants class design
Ebay .net Api - Get buyer's reviews
Replace 0s with NA in tables
Service DependencyInjection in Symfony2
SVN Protocol for fast local checkouts
Using .append() with click()
jQuery appear on scroll
Generate collaboration diagrams for structures with simple type members
Path Error running CakePHP's 鈥渃ake鈥�console utility in Windows
Android Video Camera : NullPointerException prepareVideoRecorder
Regarding foreach loop and arraylist
interact jade agents with jsp pages
uWSGI keepalive
Sync web directories between load balanced servers
How to delete selected row by delete button in datagrid [duplicate]
how to import and edit C++ code in eclipse using ndk?
mandelbrot image creation using pthread
GLSL vectors questions
How can I convert xfunction Pointer to Java array?
Python Grammar Template in ANTLR Java
Moving Data from one table to another
XPATH - how to select this part of the text?
One producer, two consumers acting on one 'queue' produced by producer
Selecting values from a DOM / XML using Jquery selectors
How to pass multiple values through command argument in
Did I correctly implement PSNR calculation code in Matlab?
Any way for embedding image in text without using UIWebView
Pyquery锛�I'm using pyquery ,the HTTP_REFFER is required in this page,How can i do with it?
NSURLConnection not giving error with internet connection disabled? Is there a way to 鈥渄isable鈥�the browser's back button after loggin out?
jsonexception of type org.json.JSONObject cannot be converted to JSONArray
Predicate in Map or Reduce (RavenDb)?
Blackberry Bold ToolTip Issue
Break a string to table
Apple In-App Purchasing without StoreKit?
iPhone: Is there a way to exit from the MPMoviePlayerController before the video ends?
how to build a VSNET 2008 application using MSBUILD with Administrator rights
How to use methods in MVC 3 aspx engineand how to use Repeater control in mvc 3?
Remove a data from a node
Wrap a tag around plain html text
Selecting random data when no data is returned in SQLite
Filter by id for multiple data in Django
rake db:create the error
Negative numbers in Zmod?
CUDA and if and else if
Displaying a temporary page while processing a GET request
hide an inputfield?
Replace icon pin by text label in annotation?
What happens to the attribute when a page reloads?
Playing Video from app cache inside a directory
exposing C# methods to unmanaged
How long is a 255-byte string in the context of HTTP requests?
C# How to implement flag messaging system between two methods in a business logic class of a WCF app?
Generic extension method for automapper
How to change the language of a WebDriver?
Is there a way to make DBUnit 鈥淒elete All鈥�for all tables prior to inserting required rows
Output logging in Java
Ruby example to access google shopping api using GAN publisher id
Android: start service when date and time setting is changed by user
WCF distributed transactions with load balancing
jQuery CORS request not working when sending Range request
Sort vector of class
Error : Parameterized query 'INSERT INTO Altitude (DataID, Height) VALUES (@ID, @Height) ' expects a parameter value which was not supplied
Error: Additional information: Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list
Sonata (Admin/User/DoctrineORMAdmin) Bundle: Weird issue when creating user groups
Customize ADFS SignIn Page using Querystring parameter
How do I get query for products added in last 30 days (HSQLDB)
XML error when trying to read string from preferences in android
Why can't zc.buildout find pyconfig.h?
nested if vs loop condition
View.getWidth returns 2 different values randomly
Managing eclipse when installed on shared location ('/opt/eclipse' folder)
How to use UTF-8 with tomcat
.Net Memcache with Touch and GetAndTouch Implementation
Python unicode write to file crashes in command line but not in IDE
Regex in C++ to fetch from a regex expression a string in any part of the text
EntityFramework 4, DbSet and ObjectContext
Can i SET a serverVariables in .NET
How to identify shapes in Canvas?
Add different text depending on URL with javascript
Dynamicly editing html declaration javascript
RSA signing and verification with C#,BouncyCastle and imported RSA key - Working Python example and non-working C# code sample inside
Sending an html email with an image in GAE
MySQL Workbench - alter database query (Local Connection Database)
Rails isolated tests running under rails env
Creating and accessing JMS message queue from EJB3 and JBoss5
storing images while download the .apk in sdcard?
How to paste source code to vim without error format?
How to resolve instance of consumer when felix is embedded
Scale image to fit div
SQL scalar variable value between and
How to Stretch an image by dragging its sides in Adobe flex?
Python object composition - accessing a method from the class that called it
Encoding error in JavaScript asset in Rails
External swf is playing when preloader does not complete
Possible to achieve a 鈥渃ut鈥�image look using only CSS3?
window.resize fail when using Modernizr and Zepto
Word automation dynamic bookmarks
PluginManager undefined in cordova js
-webkit-gradient in table causes border lines in Android
Substring html tag using Javascript
How can I know what are the value I have posted in php?
IntelliJ increase Scalatest Heap space
IntelliJ increase Scalatest Heap space
Signalr 404 on IIS 7
How to check in PyMongo if collection exists and if exists empty (remove all from collection)?
adding this as parameter to function in jquery
Database design: Where to store account balance? [duplicate]
Integration tests fails on Linux, not on Windows
Why is 鈥渢his鈥�in an anonymous function undefined when using strict?
Symfony2/Doctrine2 One-To-Many same object twice
J2ME TextBox not editable
awk: using escape characters in for statement
reference not working as expected in try catch
How to log or handle original payload message in Mule
Any product for quick deployment of a Facebook app to show Activity stream?
Parsing sqlexception error messages
assign cell to coordinates in a 3 by 3 grid
vbscript error: expected statement (do until)
How to add another text box to WP_Widget_Text
Parsing XHTML with XPATH using Microsoft.XMLHTTP in VBScript
python pattern matching numbers
Properly handling a 404 File not found request
[s]ftp - does any client support merge on upload conflict?
Linq Query, Where Contains
JNIEXPORT: getIplImageFromIntArray compile error
How to tab through components?
Column 'AuctionStatus' cannot be used in an IF UPDATE clause because it is a computed column
C: For loop acting REALLY strangely with scanf
How to check with JS if flash is installed, or not?
Android: Custom region map
Using Automator or Applescript or both to recursively print documents to PDF
Checking a Checkbox after checking another one (TreeView)
Not able delete to node 'parameter' of xml file
Datagrid inside another datagrid
Activity within a service [closed]
Is dispatch_sync(dispatch_get_global_queue(xxx), task) sync or async
Nesting a layout within a layout
Temporally disable first-chance exceptions
Storing unused class data members on disk
Webbrowser flicker issue
should changing the parent of a listbox change the selected index?
Jquery Returing HTML as a object or array
require_once() function unable to include functions()
Mac application how to add Store Kit
How to push a file on a phone running Android 4.0.3?
OpenCV for Android: Autofocus native camera
Backbone.js singular Models not in collection
CSS :before and :first combined
JQuery - Iterate over a subset of tds starting after a found class
How to link to another library in Xcode?
Matlab fails to read JAR resources
Encryption of password to store into database
JavaScript Socket connection to port 43 (whois)
How to cast an object to UnderlyingSystemType class dynamically?
How can I show duplicate rows using MySQL 鈥淟IKE鈥�
EclipseLink Native API not working with SQLserver
How do I configure clang_complete for linux kernel module development?
Unable to reference external file using PhoneGap Build
Applying Binary Search Trees to find Moore Neighbours
How to assert that a function does not raise an exception
How do you drop a shadow of an objects/path in SVG using Raphael?
MySql - Where are the pending processes?
Magento Featured-Products extension debugging (shows all products instead of collection)
Saving graph into MySQL database
Comparing an Array with another using NSPredicate
How to check if 'select' has some options?
Select a portion of an image and retrieve its coordinates with jQuery
Hudson - windows batch script not running properly
hyperlink on every row of mysql data
How to register a class that has `Func<>` as parameter?
Reading JQuery data sent from Ajax in Java Servlet
Javascript Code Not showing on External Websites
Jquery load.() issue
sharing variables between 2 different software modules in c
How to adjust ExtJS window width according to its content?
For Each UPDATE, INSERT Elsewhere Stored Procedure
How can i create a Floating Button Using jQuery and CSS?
If nothing sent to STDOUT in last x minutes, how to raise an error
Vertical align in CSS, no heights known
Pattern for Java ConcurrentHashMap of Sets
Remote connect to clearDB heroku database
Django standalone script in buildout env
Comparing python tuples to find values also found in the previous and next tuples
jQuery: is there a generic way to obtain a map of element attributes?
Using textboxes within userform to define variables?
Common simple data storage interface for Android, J2ME and PC
Knockout js template, filter first element of observable array
WatiN throws error when using SpecRun
Tridion: Binary components do not get deployed when published in bulk
How do I copy elements in 2 linkedlist into an new linkedlist
C/C++ for Python programmer
Crazy need to ENABLE cross site scripting
Adding totals from two unrelated MySQL queries
Converting integer from 0 to 255 ( 1 byte ) into NSDATA
Close Telerik radgridview custom Filter Control
C# Why the running time of a method is not the same?
How to make info collected in an application persistent in iOS/iPhone?
Graph not following orientation
How to add annotation in mkmapview
Installing .jad file on blackberry got error 907 invalid/missing cod file
Coda slider does not increse height in run time
trying to run a .jar file in command prompt
Is there a way to asset pipeline assets to s3 when pushing to heroku?
.NET C/C++ P/INVOKE exception
ActiveAdmin doesn't work on model
How to call Windows services created with .NET?
XML::Simple, XML nodes turned into value of 'name' nodes
鈥淚f folder isn't empty鈥�
Seekbar - How can i unlink SecondaryProgress and Progress?
How to install SecureSocial Module in Play 2.0 framework
How to delete all documents with safe mode?
Sharing Enterprise Library Database Cache between Multiple Applications
Application Crashed on Device when after install via Enterprise Distribution method
Symfony 2 Gregwar captcha_code doesn't exist exception
Clustering and heatmap in R
Proxy Authentication Required with cURL
Rails current_user best practice
How can I find (and eliminate) all unreferenced fields declared in an interface?