Conditional Click Method not working
How inherit DataContext?
Android custom list adapter implement listeners
What kind of model & controller should I use in ASP MVC 3, if I want a dynamic dropdown from db?
Is there a way to automatically add extensions to a file using QFileDialog on Linux
BlackBerry supported image effect
Date type fields in Rails scaffold generator
Solve performance issue with WPF application [closed]
How to access another class using C#(in unity3d)?
Standard SQL boolean operator IS vs. equals (=) operator
SELECT values from TableA (and TableB if exists)
Settings losing value after changing through settings app
Scala boolean function abstraction
clear method in an array
How to embed one window in another win32 window?
Only playing Spritely animation on mouseover
jQuery UI Tab, set tab passive and active
Javascript autoPlay Slideshow
Customizable images for an iphone SDK
MVC actual controller vs filterContext.Controller
jQuery - jScrollPane doesn't show the scrollbars
rake db:create will giving me the error
stack frame align to different size?
Hide certain labels on embedded google map?
jquery autocomplete textbox does not work with master & content pages in ASP.NET
Textbox 'popup' display on mouseover/hover for CSS/Javascript
Should entity objects be exposed by the repository?
OnModelCreating vs DataAnnotations for Database Configuration
Rails 3 ActiveRecord update not working
Howto inject simple config parameters to beans using Guice?
Can I reuse a Spring MVC View instance?
Java, keep global database session in swing application
Binary Serialization vs. use of WCF
How do I prevent Android taking a screenshot when my app goes to the background?
Does createRoute method support lat/Lng in Mapquest?
two select query in one stored procedure
creat an instance of user control in cs class that is not a code behind of aspx page
Symfony2 Twig and XSL
Output non-utf8 symbols to console
How to make the dialog appear at the center of the bar using flot?
Call history, SMS history, Email history in iOS [duplicate]
Autosize GridViewColumns programmatically by content
reference as class member variable without initialization
Is there a performance hit in SSJS when using @Functions?
jQuery delay post data into div
Collaborative text editor
Using private ACLs with CloudFront?
How to zoom in/out only any one particular cell of a table view not the whole table?
Android Lint report for my project only, excluding library projects?
MySQL count from two tables
OpenGL ES: glOrtho() shows object, but gluPerspective() doesn't
Performance of In-place permutation with std::move
How to disable Caching, Autofill and History in Webview
WiX close application before uninstall - close open applications message
Why is my object not a member of package <root> if it's in a separate source file?
Link to PDF from menu
how i can window over the gridpanel?
Problems with a method imported from a SDK library
Flurry events not showing up at all
Difference of JApplet File Types In Netbeans
How to remove the unverified server popup in AIR?
How to add CheckBox to a specific ListView
Force downloading an image via php script works but the image only opens in paint not photoshop
Callback URL in oauthConsumer Component of cakephp
Configure RowGateway and Adapter using Zend Di
.NET assembly binding redirection when new version become signed but previous not
Is this SAML SSO implementation correct?
PHP curl on Linux: what is the difference to curl on windows?
Shared Application
In-line annotations give syntax errors
Tmux borders are drawn with dashed lines; how can I change them to continuous lines?
DateTime.Parse with a custom DateTimeFormatInfo throws an exception
Access an object attribute from the Hashmap
getting minimum value in a recordset field without Looping
Mute microphone on Windows 7
VBA to get values from a listbox on a spreadsheet in Excel
How to convert image to byte array and convert back byte array to image
Over-release an object and the app does not crash
Focus on form field after animation
Android send file/data from application through Bluetooth to the PC/printer/scanner/another device
play-framework [2.0] - changing the models breaks my views
Directory structure for large number of files
Replace data in XML File in Java
Replace data in XML File in Java
Clear GUI forms when created through spring as a singleton bean
Performance of Styles in ResourceDictionary
django model inheritance: create a subclass using existing super class
Jade Library- Agent mobility between containers
301 redirect only on specific url whilst using seo friendly rewrite
CSS Background-Image refuses to display in ASP.Net MVC
Delete cookie from a servlet response
Button inside UITableViewCell - how do i find out what cell it's inside?
Android 2.3.4 FTDI D2xx Driver for TTL-232R
GetWindow() method in White fails on Win 7, 32bit
How to persist @ManyToMany relation - duplicate entry or detached entity
Implement code which launch measure periodically
Accessing URL helpers in routes.rb
c# why can't we override static property ? (how can high level classes call base class method with high level data)
Accessing MySQL with Toad via SSH
Easiest way to get element parent
What is Twitter's definition of an URL?
c++ new inplace under win32 API (visual studio 2010 express)
How to ad iphone event from windows app? Is this possible at all?
Want to make an Grid with Images and fill them from a List of Uri's
Where is BuildConfig.DEBUG?
Pdf Rendering in Android within app [closed]
UNC sharing error in windows
Joining 3 tables to get only two rows
How to find out the new language set by user?
Capturing the SOAP body from a WCF service
How can I call an MVC FileContentResult by Jquery and get it to prompt the user to save on it's return?
How do I use MAMP, SVN Server, and the SVN client all on the same machine?
How to Perform Fastest Redirection? [closed]
generate sequence with squares, cubes and factorials of natural numbers
Jquery replace using regex
SSRS postback on date selection
Absolute path with header location
Storing an array and objects into another Array
Can't find folder or file created with Android App with windows file exlorer
Twitter login in android application and post a tweet for diffrent users
how to implement server push (push technology) either http or windows sockets [closed]
Am I posting to Facebook correctly?
SIP command not found
How to keep the serial number to stay with the sequence in a html table with dynamic add/remove?
How to select and unselect a li item using jquery?
broken old release capistrano, how use new release?
Rails 3.2.2 - has_many through
Really simple(?) jquery/json mistake? A syntax error and advice for output needen
Embed Adobe Air app in iOS objective C app
Titanium Mobile SDK: ScrollView.scrollTo is delayed
Why should i use Serialization instead of File I/O in java
Changing the size of a div with a class?
Find last day the password changed in shadow file
jQuery loop code automatically..ajax?
How to use Multi-Value Attributes (MVA) and facets together in Thinking Sphinx?
Messagebox from master page
how to get CURL values inside mvc3?
How to apply indices I got from one row to other rows in matlab?
CLR Stored Procedure needs a Sql Server execution thread
stacked line/area graph in matplotlib
use two different control-event on UIButton
ASP.NET Browser definition files
Can't select an annotation?
What is the CSS for repeating images in body
users drop marker and get link that will open the map there
Bootstrap 2.0.2 - input-append whitespace
Techniques for keeping data in the cache, locality?
didUpdateToLocation called multiple
JQuery UI Slider - Possible to set a list of pre-determined values to choose from?
what is the best approach to notify per email the user when an event occurs - django
Alternative to Apatar for scripted data migration
solving SIGABRT error in cocos2d code
Javascript and Remotipart - Why does single quotes vs double quotes matter?
visual studio 2010 express + win sdk = cannot open input file 'kernel32.lib'
NullPointerException from Spring's LocalSessionFactoryBuilder
jquery background color change on button click
IE and !important - why isnt it working?
How to stream video, with MediaElement, from a database, in chunks
Memory consumption of a parallel Scala Stream
There is an error in XML document (1, 41)
Is tcp listener and tcp server same thing in c#?
Application keeps device on (partial wake lock)
MDM Over-The-Air Enrollment
How to get poster size in Excel Macro
Using variable containing colon, ':,' as a selector
How to get events in X11 child window?
php add multiple input fields to mysql
How to show combobox before page load in javascript or PHP?
Exception while Parsing Hexadecimal to Short in Java
JQuery scroll function issue on IPhone
How to delete Cookie before redirect to other page in javascript?
User Interface Layout in c#
counting + sum values in each group to give total for each group
At which point do you decide to stop supporting older browsers?
Setting data to the elem using jquery.tmpl
Server-Client connection in GameKit
How to get information from callback after user succesfully authorizing my tweeter app?
Throw an exception or Assert.Fail if prerequisite to tests are not met
Framework to help implement high resolution images, vector graphics for web
Ruby gem for consuming Webservices wsdl with xsd:import
Django : login() within Sign In form clean() or in the view ?
how to check what javacript function have been called in firebug
django: double file upload: js and html
Python namespace packages on Ubuntu 11 with setuptools 0.6c11
Getting percentage value from seek bar?
C# Compiler Smart Compilation
Changing color to staus bar
g++ compiler option to warn about type conversions with ublas::bounded_vector
How to implement pointers in Python? (or any similar solution else)
How to configure mule https-connector to consume webservice?
Can I fetch position of mobile device in j2me having no GPS service using information from cell tower
Difference between Cache,Session,Application,View in ASP.Net
Adding columns with awk. What is wrong with this awk command?
How to display continously the image position while it is moving?
getting high resolution photos that were posted on a page wall/feed
error in jQuery Post: Could not convert JavaScript argument
SQL query to update table columns where input parameters are not Null?
How to share Image file/linkvia ShareKit using Phonegap for iPad
slideshow using a servlet
cobertua instrumenting class
Does Open Graph work only for users with enabled timeline?
SQL To get Distinct Name and Number from table
How to escape a NSString to prevent SQLInjection with Core Data
Mac, safari, background-position:fixed and iframe?
Dropping object between classes
how can i read data from xl sheet or csv based on indentation
sqlite query failing - no such column
jQuery - why is attribute not being removed? .removeAttr
using Bluetooth in android Emulator
how to build parent-child data table in excel?
How to pass a variable from view to controller in codeigniter
Ruby State machine - subtract from symbol?
Microsoft Sync Framework. sdf file not syncing with server
Prevent application from being terminated? (forever-running application)
Levenshtein algorithm with custom character mapping
Send erlang binary to browser
How do you pass a NotesDocument / NotesViewEntry Collection into a Custom Control via custom property?
maintain cookie for browser even when user session is expired in django
Calculating recurrence of events using DateTime in C#
Color Blind a c++ program
I'm looking for an algorithm do distribute values among placeholders with different weights
Saving Castle Windsor configuration to file
Rounded corners not working (in android emulator)
How to query for files in GridFS and return only the last uploaded version
Extract values from Javascript Array
Including JMS with mac os x Lion and eclipse / sts
SOAPUI Extract data from SOAP Response and use in REST request
Depth map (2d+z) algorithm or software
Separating data from different months in Google Analytics
How to configure application directories within the Visual Studio web sever?
ScriptManager not found by UpdatePanel if loaded in BasePage
Android based application development in c#
REST related query- for use in Java web app
Expandable listview group indicator change automatically when it get focused
Regex - multiple matches
UITableViewCell UILineBreakMode when cell.numberOfLines is 0
Expression templates vs. hand-written code
$.extend functionality doesn't seem to work properly
SQL query joining rows with same value
Can't receive mail from gmail
Custom popup message
An easy way with Twitter API to get the list of Followings for a very large list of users?
JNA: key listener + JFrame
Is it possible to make a login programitically to twitter in android
How to set JScrollPane to show only a sepecific amount of rows
Why does a read(2) call on Linux spend several milliseconds more than what is spent on disk IO?
hibernate: LazyInitializationException using netbeans and JSF
Sorting the database result after search
Need to split Timestamps into separate days
Scaffold and Array type column
How to fix this Madvertise SocketTimeoutException?
Determining NLog is running asynchronously
MVC3 en-GB dates in Get
how to convert an app from plists to core data
Does SDL Tridion CMS authenticate user鈥檚 credentials every time a user does an activity on the CME?
Delete files after upload to PyPi
jquery ajax does not parse json on failure
Error when using mix function in LESS in rails
create REST webservices in Symfony 2.0
How to install OpenCV in Linaro Android on Pandaboard
Command out of sync when i run stored procedure! using mysqli driver
Facebook Open Graph API - action-type & object-type of another application (foursquare)
is it easy to adapt the Actionscript so that you can get multiple flips?
Intermittent WCF activation errors
Why does this program go in endless loop?
iPad javascript scrolling
Can I use MPI_Probe to probe messsages sent by a collective operation?
Android tools r17 x86 emulator - why can't I create an x86 AVD?
How does CSS works under the hood? [closed]
Filtering with joined tables
How to declare a warning on field with AspectJ
Soql query to get all related contacts of an account in an opportunity
system out output for double numbers in a java program
How to display jasper resport in jsp
how to remember the last path when insert files into Listbox
Unable to load mongo extension
Programaticaly triggering the privileges dialog under a Lazarus application on Ubuntu
Changing the color of one row dynamically in datalist
Data conversion over sliding window protocol, C
Background Position Variable not working
Binary File To SQL Database Apache Camel
Google places api - adding additional details after place added
HTML5/Jquery - What is the correct way to preload audio?
HTML5/Jquery - What is the correct way to preload audio?
Recover cut off characters in MySQL
Optimization issue
Want to align the text from the rightside..(UITextALignmentRight)
Navigation Controller Toolbar Buttons issue - Xcode
Show selected option in HTML Select menu after page has been reloaded in CakePHP
ASP.NET Security: Deny Anonymous access to login page
Checking for a pattern in a string in JAVA 鈥�.1.7B-2鈥�
Blackberry xml settings from resources to data folders
500-error when adding a picture
Treeview events with Attached Command Behavior
Using javascript regex to fix the following
change default page in war file
use alias only once in bashrc
Authorize Attribute with multiple Role Providers
My browser is not showing up in the default list
How do I set a gradient on a marker in a Microsoft Chart Controls Bubble chart?
WCF ObjectDisposedException Safe Handle has been released / ASP.NET MVC3 Client / Threading
Shape corners with negative radius in Android
How to get comments' 'likes' in detailed format like posts are having in php
How to show the annotations in a mapView
Writing a file from StreamReader stream
query isotope filter add selected css
Texture feature extraction using Gray Level Cooccurence Matrix
Contact Form to output HTML email - Data not being entered in the email
Remove .php extension (explicitly written) for friendly URL [closed]
how to create an import page to import contacts from an e-mail address using php? [closed]
Ajax success function is not calling jQuery
How to log error 500 in wcf applications
In iOS, Is it possible to add a font to the app during runtime?
Ad and Adfree android app on market but overwrite on phone
Loading in and animating content with jQuery is jumpy
Incrementing numbers starting from 0000
What should I do to call audioPlayerDidFinishPlaying:
ObjectDisposedException in web service
GLSL texture coordinate to absolute pixel?
Detect pending system shutdown with cocoa
List text box in paramaters of function
Convert Lockbox2 cipher text to Lockbox3 cipher text
Error accessing jQuery(window).height() in jasmine while running tests in maven
How to execute Multiple Return types Oracle Procedure with Hibernate?
Link To Specific Option Values
Why the OUTPUT statement while inserting into the table inside the IF clause returns null on second column?
jQuery form validation with checkboxes
Querying persistent objects by attributes on their relations using ORMLite.
Blackberry prob with FIELD_BOTTOM in HorizontalFieldManager
Forbid object changes outside of a transaction
ASP.NET MVC help needed
HTML Parsing using Python
Opencv cvSetImageROI coordinate issue
selecting particular month as default in calendar extender
Why does Mercurial sometimes allow merging with an ancestor?
Write to serial adapter in C
In asp.Net, writing code in the control tag generates compile error
Postgresql column reference 鈥渋d鈥�is ambiguous
Remove all Ul'sthat does not contain a custom attribute
Add circle overlay to marker with checkboxes
Getting a web part HTML id, in a web part page, using javascript
Object does not support property or method 芦 _get_eventHandlerList 禄
javascript shortest regex formating account number
mysqldump with ssh connection in shell script
Winsock Programming
ActionBarSherlock library cannot find onActionModeStarted() - And 256 similar errors
Dynamic create rows and colum with the help of PHP and HTML
ASIHTTPRequest sdk 5.1
Return values from database in original datatypes (Kohana ORM)
Appending the arrow image if finding the parent nav item with children.
variable = Class from Dictionary reset/clear var after use
can't get subscribers with fql query
How does Tridion CME pick specific AD-LDAP from a domain containing many AD-LDAP?
Why create method keeps on producing nil key value pair?
Android PagerAdapter destroyItem(), caches for a while when using fragments
Dealing with Unity's Global Menu and Overlay Scrollbars under Free Pascal/Lazarus
Adobe AIR Android App 50MB limit
Android action from Url
Launching an application from onreceive of BroadcastReceiver in Android
How to use GWT JsArray to create nested arrays
Conversion for WebM file format using FFMPEG
vbscript using date() to get todays date issue
How to copy & paste file in phone Gap using javascript
Deployment options in a restricted environment [closed]
Perl, using Mechanize to navigate webpages
Which is better? Java Development or Webworks?
Missing Values in Weka --
What is the difference between mvc2 and mvc3 template in visual studio?
Android - Call an xml layout file in a class that extends View
In PostSharp is it possible to modify the value of a single argument to a method?
how to update table in sqlite?
Handle large delimited text files in VBA
Parameter casting in reflections in C# VS2010
Wicket and embedded jetty - classNotFoundException
creating a new node in jstree
Premium memberships within ExpressionEngine?
billing system with multiple profile PHP MYSQL
Visually check for image duplicates and corrupted images in PHP or Python
Is there a way to send sms from Android mobile phone to a server?
Best data combination to ensure web user uniqueness?
C# : Proper 鈥渋f - elseif鈥�formatting [closed]
Batch Scripting - FOR and IF
Error while trying to launch tomcat.bat
How do I get the model field value based on a selected foreign key in Django?
Generic factory method in Spring DI
Any workaround for : context.sleep.Where(o=>o.clientDateTime.TimeOfDay>new TimeSpan(18,0,0)).ToList();
Encoding Data in JSON
Replace Emoticons
Deleting a chlid object from a collection with MVC3 Entity Framework 4.3 Code First
[AS3]Randomly do something without repeat
Server does not respond to concurrent requests in HTTP/1.1 Client using Java
Android socket always ending in timeout
std::vector is missing in eclipse on the windows paltform
Jquery to grey-out parts of the web page
Working with integer values in UDPGet
How to replace Java Semaphore's acquire and release with Java monitors synchronized, wait and notify(All)
c# COM object & 鈥淭he value of ESP was not properly saved across a function call鈥︹�
GAE datastore strange bloat
Are boost ptime's always UTC?
Is it possible to associate Unique constraint with a Check constraint?
Hide footer if website scrolls, display it if it doesn't
preventing files from being downloaded, printing, coping [closed]
To make a primary key in one class as foreign key in another class using mapping file of nhibernate
Searchlogic - searching for exact match
-webkit-transform: No effect and background turns white
URLTrigger plugin. Need examples for TXT-RegEx or XML-XPath
Global variable with jquery
Enable an Active Directory user with LDAP/Java
Not to wait for a certain command to end execution;
xcode 4.3 - storyboard - iAd keeps moving
Does anybody know the new dimensions for Timeline App icons?
Idiomatically accessing json objects with clojurescript
Does redefining attributeGroup with itself have any effect?
Unable to upload large files on FTP using Apache commons-net-3.1
How absolute path can be changed dynamically?
ObjectInputStream : StreamCorruptedException
Liferay on JBoss AS 7.1 [closed]
Can the android API be used to intercept and read operator messages (USSD messages)?
ColdFusion singleton object pool
What am I getting wrong in this Jquery code, wishing to select an element where attribute is equal to particular value
tab-slide-out 1.4.1 add a link or button to toggle open/close
Linux wget file output
RegEx replace wrong symbols C#
Stringtemplate low performance in comparison to Velocity and Mvel
How can I merge PDF files (or PS if not possible) such that every file will begin in a odd page?
Sections without cells in uitableview
Android Master Layout Templating
tooltip flickers(or)jumps in jquery tipsy.js
Using '?' as placeholder withFlask and SQLite3 yields OperationalError.
Is this possible to render youtube link with iframe on Twitter?
launching an application in iphone device is failed [closed]
Spring Mongo - Accessing repository interface methods from my custom repository implementation
How does MySQL fulltext search work?
Spring Mongo - Accessing repository interface methods from my custom repository implementation
How does MySQL fulltext search work?
alert message displaying while refresh the browser using pageregisterstartupscript
how to redirect to an external URL using POST in grails
How to move a li item from one list to another on a double click?
Spring Security Login via DWR (Direct Web Remoting)
Calling POST method from Wcf service item - which path?
jQuery get child element that the mouse is currently hovering over
Inputting Data from user in AndEngine Scene
Mysql select with priority on a column in an OR-statement
Assign value to session variable using javascript
Can solr return function values (not solr score or document fields)?
NHibernate query strategies in web applications
Multiline string issue
Why does adb fail with Failure [INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES]?
Java inheritace [closed]
Tricky if statement
Curl json script
Making two sites appear as single domain
jQuery - form validation
Rails: additional info with 40x through Ajax?
How to save HashMap in XML file and getting it back in android?
Facebook requests
Android facebook sdk Profile feed
Splunk - Searching capabilities how powerful is it?
Portal chart view issue
Why a strange signed request in Facebook API?
How do I connect to access database using java at runtime? [duplicate]
Select from table where there's multiple entries in one row
Button or TextBlock design as in the iPhone [closed]
If 鈥淧art[Digits].rar鈥�Exists In Filename
jQuery Mobile - intercept paypal form submit
Inserting & removing rows in a MySQL database without multiple queries
UIActivityIndicatorView animation issue
Javascript : Loading images via Javascript
Proximity Sensor is not working in iPhone 4 device
refresh button is not able to refresh UIView in monotouch iPad
MVC3 VB: Sort by date and time
User input table that takes percentages?
This may slow down the debug session, how can I overcome this?
Move the View like tableViewcell
Difference between ScrollView and ListView
Gson NoClassDefFoundError after ADT and SDK Tools update to v17
Maximum number of systems in a LAN
RuntimeError (symbol table overflow (symbol _one_time_conditions.))
How to fix 鈥渋naccessible due to its protection level鈥�error in winform?
I don't fully understand scrollRectToVisible when I'm using contentInset
Datamapper's analog to find_by_ method
Magento Custom Module Helper Not Found
how can i display a message in the first screen of an android phone?
how can i display a message in the first screen of an android phone?
Template inheritance in C++
How to add different menu item in different tabview?
How can I establish the difference between two HEX colours?
Extjs document click event
Overlay two postscript files (command line approach)?
Meta data changing
@Service and @Autowired null exception when used the second time
HTML5 Offline App files using the Cache Manifest is never updated
get URL from xml in to Flash AS3
How to Add dynamic textfiledvalue on tag using plist
Hide VS2010 Navigation Bar At The Top Of The Text Editor
Calling a function from within another function in PHP, but get error Using $this when not in object context
Qt3 on Windows?
Facebook like button shows wrong like count (very low some periods)
Need clarifications on cookies and sessions
Null as value in HttpRuntime.Cache.Add
Bug in .Net's LINQ, or me missing something?
Get image from web to UIImageView don't works
Boolean PHP MySQL And OR Not Search
Data binding to EF entities or to ViewModel
Progress bar while downloading
Navigation Controller loading twice, how to resolve this?
Pointer assignment in C++. (Pointer to a pointer to pointer is on the LHS)
eunit test for timeout
100% child divs are on different rows
one way audio scenario
What does 鈥渃ompiler.mobile鈥�to mxmlc actually do?
Can an Ant task execute tasks from other build scripts without importing?
Import classes from folder
How to test PHP PDO Singleton Class?
NSTimer Pause/ resume leak
Keep object ids between two debugging sessions
WCF Authentication doesn't prompt for credentials
c# how can i call click event of image button in html generic control?
EntityFramework update partial model
Why use 0d_ in DiffOrig in Vim?
ListView Translate Animation Within relative layout, Listview not shown fully when the animation is done
how to merge two server codes written in php
rails3.1 - appending queries to an activerecord object
django admin list_filter too long
PostgreSQL: Performance implication of LIKE query when operating on a subset of full table
php default include folder
I want extract string
How to create a floating menu with a sub menu
How to create a button that spawns a movable image? iOS 5
Passing javascript parameter from codebehind error
How to extend an EMF-based model with listeners for use in a GEF editor?
Filtering Order Reports in Magento to show which brand's products were sold
Is it possible to implement deferred shading in WebGL?
downloading gmail emails
how to reload simple_captcha image
Change on.('click') to hover on window resize
JUNIT runner Not able to identify the class name
Routing not working properly on cake
CRM 2011 Dialog with Dynamic Advanced Find
Adding 30 minutes to Date causes it to go back 30 minutes
User authentication issue
got anyway i set class inside repeater datarow find by data ID when do postback?
I cant display multiple results (even though the same exact code has worked for me in the past)
Kernel Modules Develop
jquery to add a language link if on certain url
Change url after loading a view in codeigniter [duplicate]
bash fails to parse quoted string output from backtic expression
Model returned to controller by edit view is always null
Restart tomcat through webapp
How can i get date like this one Fri, 01 Oct 22:26:23 +0200 2011
Difference in Windows Cryptography Service between VC++ 6.0 and VS 2008
Not able to get custom jquery plugin to work
Play Framework super Class
LDAP-Search in 2 organizational units
How to set optional parameter to default without passing it?
Downloading images and songs from server URL
Umbraco : Active directory implementation
Lucene's MultiSearcher vs IndexSearcher with MultiReader
Tiled CCSprite draw Assert error
using CALL with escape sequence ^
DbArithmeticExpression arguments must have a numeric common type
Javascript animation with CSS anchor link
Create new workspace
DirectShow Jerky Video Playback at Speed
Maven: Sibling inheritance
Android, custom content provider
set width to float div
Retrieve only a part of remote URL in AJAX
What to do with annotations after setting metadata-complete=鈥渢rue鈥�(which resolved slow Tomcat 7 start-up)?
Oracle SQL: How to do a hierarchy and for each 鈥渓eaf鈥�do a select to another table
C# Date and Time Function [closed]
Ad Hoc Testing preparing for beta test
prevent data being loaded everytime in DialogFragment
why does boost mpl set allow non-unique types
Facebook javascript SDK FB.login is not working in Facebook iFrame
Debug with Embedded Felix
work with CI and ZEND class
C# code to run weka classifier
Java WebStart does not see the parameters in the first run
Non-blocking Runonce Entry?
How to reduce the size of magnifier in as3 via coding
Efficiency of gettext : in-memory translation
resubmit the form in php
manage session on different server and re use parameter from jsp include page to main page
Why is a CPU branch instruction slow?
How to get PHP to return JSON for inline form submission?
How to start inbuilt activities of Android
How can I override class attribute access in python?
Make a form like windows 7 Move File form with DevExpress
Stop animation on button click over image
UDP works on Android 2.3 but not on Android 2.2
Confused with object-c memory management
How to move PHP script from svn repository to document root
how to capture disparity images using openkinect in python?
SlidingDrawer in Android
topic regarding POSIX thread
Not showing Dynamic table cell height in Grouped Table View iphone
Close the application instead of going back to previous activity
How to pass username and password via REST call securely?
Confused about memset
how to separate strings from descending xml nodes get by to_literal function from xml::xmllib module in perl?
Backbone route to /
Datagridview FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex not working at the bottom of the grid
Play Framework: Impletementing WSDL2Java
Hibernate Search issues on VMWare ESXi?
PHP - Mysql date conversion
cannot install linux ic on Linux redhat 6 virtual machine on windows hyper-v
Meta Tags In Body
Android strict dependency checks in SDK 17
Numpy : how to increment values of an indexed array? [duplicate]
Visual Sourc Safe: How to take the code backup?
specify different layouts for portrait and landscape orientations?
retrieve logout time without logout
Best practice: very long running polling processes in Javascript?
How to allow a user to upload images in an album of a page via facebook app?
Stop animation on button click
copying a java treemap of treemap using putAll()
Format The NSNumber in Objective C
Activity started even it have the tag android:protectionLevel=鈥渟ignature鈥�
XSLT - make xsl:analyze-string return string instead of sequence of strings?
What is the q=0.01 $.getJSON adds to the request header?
how to install redmine 0.8.2 on ubuntu 11.10
Is this understanding on INTERFACES correct? [duplicate]
Enable shortcodes in a wordpress theme
windows authentication error (only with a lot of data)
Watin cannot launch IE9
how to override class, or undeclare class or redeclare a Class in python?
How to remove Excel file headers C#, Oledb
jquery Isotope Custom Layout: masonry bottom
Do browsers render canvas elements that are not inside the viewport?
Android - How to tap ListView item programmatically
Setting an ID as an Integer with C#
Do browsers render canvas elements that are not inside the viewport?
Android - How to tap ListView item programmatically
Setting an ID as an Integer with C#
set proxy To hide my IP address for scraping the webpage using scrapy
Ajax Authorization Request headers fails again and again
How to make activity indicator view to appear in such way, that it will not overlap controls?
Convert hexadecimal string to its numerical values in C# [duplicate]
Using logback-access with Google App Engine (GAE)
What technologies are used in a seemingly 'live' data driven website?
Extracting links inside <div>'s with HTML::TokeParser & URI
Using a database value in a LESS file in Rails
sending a $_SESSION array to my class and attempting to get the value fro it in a for loop .php
Double parameter with 2 digits after dot in strings.xml?
How to download a image to a drawable folder from a url?
SAS writing file using variables line with line holding and loop
calculate time difference
Technique to validate foreign keys, MVC web application, MySQL
Missing gem watir?
Run command from different server using ssh2_exec() - php
How to represent a Zoo in Object Oriented?
Save value of query
Iphone remove sub view
C++ : Creating a parametrized pointer from a string
Density plot by subgroups
how to make a sticky footer
VS2010 Disable outlining in xaml, (or disable outlining completely)
can we create html tags using eval method in javascript
How to make wxPython work?
How to get count of named parameters in a powershell script?
How to rowCount a null data
Difference between mkdir() and mkdirs() in java for [closed]
Shell script using java wrapper
Logged in user's email address
BlackBerry - 9860 shows app in small window - not using whole screen
Checkstyle AbstractClassName check: Reasons for flagging classes ending with 鈥淔actory鈥�
sqlite 鈥淪ELECT鈥�in iPhone programing
ClassNotFound Error when running Java .class file in Ubuntu terminal
tcp packet arrivat at the application?
Entity Framework: Naming conventions/suggestions for EDMX file and entity class?
Can I sign JAR files using existing certificate in certificate store?
WebBrowser control inside android layout
VB script: if file exists then run if not then end
unable to receive ACTION_TIME_CHANGED intent
Parameterless constructor error when calling action method
Load DataTemplate from file or string in windowsphone
Using newly declared variable in initialization (int x = x+1)?
View with two entities
Flickering/blinking of JDialog as notification
Icloud Sync between 2 app having different app identifier
jQuery UI sortable is not sorting when ul is empty
Json in windows phone 7 using url with user name and password
Configuring services / service factories in Equinox
How to send a pointer (pointing a doubleArray) from c++ code to C# code using DllImport (and from C# to C++)?
How to clear ResourceBundle cache
Override spring @ExceptionHandler methods
Magento: Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->load($id) not working
Spring autowire and prototype scope
Don't keep Activity in cache with TabLayout
Information about video.MultimediaFileWriter
NearestPoint does not work with points very close to axis
Is there a list of differences in the syntax to create a database with mySQL and SQLite?
Export table in hbase
How to add and fetch theValue From dynamically created textfiled with tag from Plist
Running Scipy on Heroku
How can I best use the Tridion Broker as the single source of content for multiple web sites?
Artifactory Snapshot filename handling
Find any of the list element present in given string
Trim/excerpt content in expressionengine
html code using a php if-statement [closed]
Compress MS word docx documents using barcode fonts in PHP scipt
GPS in j2me enabled mobiles
Intercepting hyperlink event in C# for Visio add-in
Python CSV Writer trimming leading zeros
Regexp to match only n occurrences of a char in a string
Encryption through C# & Decryption through SQL Server 2008 for ASP.NET app
Django admin - how to get all registered models in templatetag?
Is it possible to connect the like button to a poll
Display image inside DevExpress MVC GridView
XML parse for special characters containing in Element
Windows - Remove specific lines from a very large text file
Box shadow in IE 8 without Active X
Euler paths DFS implementation
Harvesting projects with Heat missing KeyPath
Eclipse Memory Analyser,but always shows An internal error occurred?
Magento product view template based on category
Warning message on Insert or update
Referencing a previous row value for an arithmetic calculation in SQL Server 2008 R2
Promise of 'Nothing' is never completed?
Open sqlite database under root
ADK DemoKit - RT-ADK connection Trouble 鈥�USB disconnected
uploaded file not saved to the webcontent directory
Maximum Data Length in a MySQL field
Button Clicking feature using LWP:Useragent module in perl
Restoring image from the full spectrum data by means of fftw3
Cannot login to local database using web service
FBConnect login, share with a webview?
Conflict while using svn in subclipse
How to make NSRunLoop work inside a separate thread?
Stop / terminate rails generator
Search an entire database table with multiple fields using php
What is the best way to implement REST with Spring security?
Order of buttons in navigator.notification.confirm in PhoneGap framework
try/catch exceptions [duplicate]
onActivityForResult() is not called in the activity in tabs
Get from ByteBuffer to byte[] does not write to byte[]
The TextBox.text value is empty even though something has been entered
MySQL equivalence vs. updates
Using Dropbox API to upload a file with Android
Sum of numeric field checkboxes in gridview
Django - Prevent date range overlapping
How to copy a file from unix AIX server to remote windows machine?
What does queryCommandValue(鈥淔ontSize鈥� return?
Undefined reference in Windows with QT, QTcreator and mingw32
How to store a JPG remote file into the phone internalMemory/sdcard?
JLabel word wrapping of string with no spaces
how to create an object from a different scope
Get WCF server raw response in svcutil generated proxy class
Create a new Copy of graph in java
Please some one explain spring -security integration with CAS.I am not able to understand [duplicate]
Code compiles in Visual Studio 2010 but shouldn't compile at all
Not able to connect mysql db by toad on linux server which it is easily connected by putty or linux terminal?
Understanding why the extends arrow points in the opposite direction
Manage Handlers in Android?
Allow only 鈥淪elect鈥�statement for queries executed through PHP
servlet filter for url rewriting makes gwt page getting 404
changing the background color of a item in checkbox list
Is it possible to read Relax NG xml inXSLT?
Can't update command line tools because Xcode tells me I don't have access to them
convert 16 bit images to 8 bit with custom gamma level using matlab
coreplot 2 plots in graph
stdio inclusion in a header file
How to implement a clipboard in C
Oracle database check reservation with SQL
how tcp stack distinguish close and shutdown?
Where should i place methods that map my ViewModel?
STL algorithm to find all tuples with first element within a range
accessing json in jquery template
scipy.special import issue
Drag & Drop modyfiing polygon shape by moving vertices in C#
Query works too slow when there is no results. How to improve it?
Informix + SQLAlchemy looking for table that doesn't exist
Jaxb XML binding file generator from annotations?
How does a rangeiterator implemented in Python?
Passing argument to a web application from tomcat 6.0.35
Redirct_to in application controller caused infinte loop
SSL Certificate Match Error while calling Google Places API
Virtual Host with WAMP
E_ALL doesn't report parse error?
Get URL of video stored on sdcard
Data Formatting after fetching from mysql database
How does Partitioning Tables affect stored procedures and functions?
C++ function returning const char *
how to use in statement in mysqldb
I can't get this error fixed : conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value
Mongodb start up error
GWT TextBox value change handler
Internet Explorer (7/8) fails to loop through javascript array
How to create and append PushPins to map using ArcGis API?
Playing video in android directly from server
Why is -didDeselectRowAtIndexPath not being called?
Santize input for xml
How to list all streams (also live streams) in Flash Media Server?
Sparkxx Enterprise Architect - Sequence Diagram. How do I write one message to multiple database tables
Redis: phpRedis client connections increase until they reach 11-12
How to use database and php webservice in iphone using phonegap? [closed]
Is safari box model different from other browsers and if so, how to resolve it?
Using functions and PDO to check if account exists
Memoize decorators failing to memoize (when not using decorator syntax)
JSP file upload with modified filename
Why I am not able to connect to remote SQL Server from website whereas it is connecting from SQL Server Management Studio
parseKml() error
android text view not updating
Excel Columns listing [closed] - ignoring null fields
Binding RadListView client Side
php get curl posted data
Adding application launch option (checkbox) to installations
How to get latest order No. from onepageController.php in checkout module in Magento?
I cant call web service in j2me app
calling javascript method on onclick and onkeypress events
XSLT counting position and group items accordingly
Can't get correct value from a column in JTable
which is the best practices for exposing entity or DTO to view in mvc3?
Compare nginx+Apache+mod_wsgi vs nginx+uWSGI?
Iterating an associative array without the use of foreach loop and causing memory leaks
GlassFish as windows service
Union of dict objects in Python [duplicate]
how do i use socket.send method in this program?
How do I set the details column using Paypal's subscription buttons?
WCF Dictionary implementing IXmlSerializable
How to iterate over children with for-loop
Is it better to collect all test files into one folder, or just let them distribute everywhere? [closed]
clear editText input after saving info to database
What's the meaning of IO actions within pure functions?
draw a short path betweent 2 point in map
MD5 of the apk for that app?
TypeError: Result of expression ' 鈥減age鈥�)' [undefined] is not an object - in jquery mobile
how can I convert string to binary data using .net
Using Linkedin to signin into my iPhone native application
JBoss AS 7 update system property via cli
Connection string for opening linked table Access -> SQL server (vba)
pass an anonymous type to my ASP.NET MVC view
Generate Dynamic Update Statement via TSQL
Where clause, column alias
jQuery in parent window doesnt work after calling it from iFrame
How can i set svg images as button images in ios sdk?
What's the purpose: api.jar + impl.jar + bundle.jar?
api v 3 google maps selecting cities
How to compare external password with DotNetNuke encrypted one?
Jquery Webcam Plugin
鈥淔B is not defined鈥�in Internet explorer (Facebook API)
how to use records as parameters in stored function
SvnPlot - Ignore directory/filetype in LOC statistics
Get attributes of model in backbone.js
Timezoneoffset error when daylightsaving in effect in iOS
Difference between oncreatecontextmenu and onLongClickListener
How to pass data while using get method in xdr
Python to parser a web page's images URLs
List files that contains telephone numbers in a unix directory
Using pointers with unions, arrays and functions
regular expression for getting update string is not getting
Spring mvc:resources and location with template variable
integrating migs payment gateway with php website
WCF service fails on Windows Server 2003/IIS6 - The underlying connection was closed
Script to rename and copy files to a new directory.
Control reaches end of non-void function
Create the global variable in jquery
number of elements meeting criteria in columns with NA values in R
Displaying imageView near the LinearLayout
How to know which radiobutton was clicked when ok button is clicked in alertdialog?
Graphical application.config editor?
supportsWeakPointers vs objc_arc_weak_unavailable
Assignment of values in a array index
How can I set chosen font in textview
Cannot set IDENTITY_INSERT in batch
Create files in the shared folder using the ip address
Url Pattern from RouteTable in MVC?
How to provide a function for the other program to call it?
Magento: add icons to the menu-links in your Account-dashboard
How to pass argument to a REST method
Dynamic Form Generation with Symfony2
How to get test Layar for Testing iphone layar app?
Mongoid or/any_of unexpected behaviour
Combining two FOR commands (/f /l) in a batch file
Linux Kernel config file maintenance [closed]
R - Concurrent Programming
How to integrate Flingo-API in Android
Use Coderay with Liquid include?
Remote SSH command execution hangs in ruby using Net::SSH for a particular command
iPhone 3Gs iOS 5.0.1 get Recieved memory warning error and crash the app
iPhone 3Gs iOS 5.0.1 get Recieved memory warning error and crash the app
Binding a port < 1024 for non root user in Java
Xcode 4.2 not running my app after rebuilding MacBook (Snow Leopard)
fragment handling screen orientation with tabs in actionbar
Zooming uiscrollview also zoom anoher one
Polymorphism in oop
ServiceMix NMR + Camel Route
What is the effect of using HTML tags that are invalid according to the doctype?
NSFetchRequest, Filter by object ID
Size of object serialized in File
How to dissect HTML-as-string to obtain its elements attributes with C#?
Cocoa: Stopping the field editor from auto-completing on space key
Custom Animation in Raphael.js
Dragonfly: How to set max image size?
How is the tk funktion 鈥渢kwait window name鈥�used in Ruby?
Matching String regex with Optional (foobar)
How can I pass Json data to autocomplete sourece variable
Store RichTextBox data in SQL Server?
GitHub: ssh -T -> Permission denied (publickey). [Windows 7]
iOS UIButton image contentMode flickering on TouchUpInside
DateTime.TryParseExact parses the month in my date incorrectly as January
What are the default Backbone events?
how to avoid spikes when loading webView
How can i implement a background 鈥淭imer鈥�in PHP of my page that checks something every X time
Android Webview private browsing
Google Closure Javascript testing, disable autodiscover tests
Create new ClassLoader to reload Class
Table in a tooltip when hovering over the icon
Posting page with dynamic image on Facebook
Is it possible to get the country code of a user from Facebook's Graph API?
The correct way to do nested SQL queries using SQL server and PHP
SQL: get all column records with same id
After adding a row in to the repeater , when i refersh page , again that row is being repaeted in datable .. how to solve this?
Conversion operator implemented with static_cast
htaccess force redirect based on cookie not working for sub-directories
Customize silverlight combobox component
How to get product custom options in Magento website, when I have used getBlockSingleton method to get product view details?
Java Android socket works on Computer, not phone [closed]
java - Best way to display object properties
Implementing GridView Event - Selecting A Row
XCode 4 beeps when entering brackets
Generate sequence diagram not from running code
setCompoundDrawables with RemoteViews
iphone - How does Whatsapp separate notifications?
Windows Phone 7 Access Sms inbox
Why is MySQL InnoDB insert so slow?
Prevent date converting in VBA
Loop to add extra column works but not when in a function
android application object [closed]
R barplot TRUE/FALSE condition table
R barplot TRUE/FALSE condition table
Model to create threaded comments on Google Appengine with Python
How to implement TextWatcher for SearchDialog
No available plugins for templates
Drawing polygons in canvas with the mouse: coord issue when the div is included in the design of the site
Advantage of Using Theme & Skin File over CSS in asp.Net
Background color for Jqplot pie chart
How to capture the hide keyboard event on iOS using JavaScript
Java: How cursor automatically move from one TextField to other
PHP sorting results
call VBA macro from different computer over network
Google Reader API Listing feed from a single tag or category
GWT upload file doesn't work
Width issue from
Feedback from tapping UIBUtton in code?
Significance of backlinks in code [closed]
Create HTML File with commandline
Error in replacing object of array with emptystring
How to open a pdf on the iPad from an AIR for iOS app
How should I prepare my repository for future patches?
WHERE NOT EXISTS multiple conditions
Improve query to select (birth)dates that are within x days from now (future and past)
Android锛歍ext in the TextView
Handling all subtypes of a supertype
Is there an equivalent vor CS1591 (Missing XML comment) in visual Basic.NET?
Practical way of sending a message to a group of connected clients
Retrieve complex parameter from view Rails 3.1
php : variable value not saved in db
dynamically creating window form according to data returned from dataset (C#)
munmap performance on Linux
How to remove local git history after a commit?
Exception while executing a small program in Hibernate 3.2.5
CodeIgniter - cannot execute procedure with couple UPDATE statements
Java Struts program crash when unzipping file in linux
Getting the names of executing functions in javascript
Java multiple buttons coordinates
Promise<Result> replace Job?
tooltip function of highcharts through gson in java?
Deleting record with lowest ID
Understanding jQuery Rails Gem and rails.js
Illegal mix of collations (utf8_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_unicode_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation '=' in MySQL Stored Procedure
Getting a Google Form in an IFrame with Auto Height
How should I go about Devise user registration from an Android form?
sending an void pointer from c++ exe to dll via named pipe
How to use boost regular expression to parse matlab range?
running background process at certain interval with different foreground process in java
Profiling a long-running Python Server
Python BeautifulSoup - Different results with find and findAll
Android - Split text in columns
openlayers: cloudmade layer has slightly different projection than bing or osm
Is this possible to edit embedded resources in Qt application?
How to delete all git aliases at once?
Android - how to check if in app purchase has already been done?
Making a Database query 鈥淚ntelligent鈥�
How to chop up a string with LINQ
Finding the cause of Style problems
How to set JRE for ANT right in console parameter, not in Eclipse
how to install the oauth in php
How to produce a self contained Ruby 鈥渆xecutable鈥�
What is the best way to work with email attachments automatically?
scala-io, moving file from tmpfs too slow
What's the evaluation order of conditional expression in Python?
enum type practical use [duplicate]
Making an whole app invisible even from application manager also in android
How to convert jar to OSGi bundle using eclipse and bndtools
Available Tennis Court Interface in MVC 3: Errors and Questions
Acer Aspire One D270 netbook as a main coding machine for Java, PHP and C++ [closed]