PING times out after an hour
blocks in views and refactor in rails
Android: Cannot access other app's SharedPreference
Ajax and controller relationship
jQuery order json list from php?
Unable to run a jsp page containing jstl tags. says..Unable to read TLD 鈥淢ETA-INF/c.tld鈥�
TypoScript conditions : how to avoid cache tables growth?
JQuery - Find textbox values within a table through $.each loop
File not writeable even though permissions are 777
How to turn on IE9 Compatibility View programmatically in Javascript
Symfony2: log even more verbose, when error occures
mySQL - JOINS and ORDER BY one/zero/null value
How to upload one sigle image with ajax (jQuery)
Android: Force close onclick button listview
How do I invalidate a single entry from springmodules method cache?
Google navigation on a html5 Android app
Difference in usage of function sleep() and [[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] runUntilDate]
Does call logs register the sim serial number from which the calls where made from?
Generate a PDF view with data for printing
DropDownList and UpdatePanel - changing selection with keyboard do not cause postback
Resize the iframe in tumblr frame work
Pass values among build scripts in apache ANT
How to encode cyrillic characters for URL and then decode them?
IIS 7 URL Rewrite returns blank pages for child requests
How to disable CheckedListBox but enable scrolling winforms
Is it beneficial to inline all JavaScript when deploying a website
Graphviz not working with php 5.3.2
Protocol redirection upon RenderRequest
Invert nested dictionaries in f#Map<'a,Map<'b,'T>>)-> Map<'b,Map<'a,'T>>
How to deploy the same web application twice on WebLogic 11g?
Conversion to dalvik format failed with error 1 with adt r17
Encoding a Web Form in JSON
Encoding a Web Form in JSON
MySQL Trigger doesn't know default value
Symfony2 : Authentication with Active directory
google.visualisation.DataTable() merge rows
smoke effect in the ogre3d
Expecting NEWLINE in ANTLR
How to add a custom column to Magento's 鈥淢anage Customers鈥�view
Display IplImage as Android Bitmap
changing class name of a link in jquery
populating headers fields in skb
How can I trigger an action from a tab bar item?
How to use module in Guile? `$ guile copy.scm; ERROR: no code for module (gnome-2)`
WCF data push to flash client without RTMP
Incremental Loads in SSIS
Regex for the django form field
Adding python module to python path, afterwards importing it does fail, how come?
Submiting form with jquery
javascript alternative to sed script
I can't get out of the iframe inside iframe using watir-webdriver
Best practice for tightly coupled classes for an API
Soap Serialization/Deserialization on Windows Phone 7
Selenium grid newbie questions
How to setup up a prerequisite in installer?
redirect non-www to www with correct URL params
How do I set EditText background and ellipsize attributes via @style?
Passing A Variable To SQL
Can any SQL-Azure DB be hosted by Windows Azure Marketplace/DataMarket?
Aramex API integration
Executing JS/jQ before images fully load
How to give verticalscrollbar for spark TextArea in flex4 using actionscript
SSLSocket in Tomcat Spring
Display HTML content in a new tab from global.html in Safari Extension
I am getting following error while running my code
value in the password field with out entering the value
geom_boxplot() from ggplot2 : forcing an empty level to appear
What's the better way to store custom logic code blocks configurable for each client in a multitenant architecture
Any way to programmatically get the FPS of a video?
Using JWebUnit behind a proxy
Writing .NET based REST service - with thread pool and Singleton
Pick day, month and year out file.lastModified();
Reading from json, insert checkbox: selector checkbox doesnt work
Multithreading - Killing a Thread and all its child processes
Can we access the LocationManager class to use it with MonoDroid?
replace two consecutive spaces with one space in c [duplicate]
How to prevent eclipse from deploying test classes on Tomcat?
newInstance failed: no <init> error in android program development
Using , without putting in an array
How to start a process and make it 'independent'
JNI freeing up memory
About NHibernate session manager
NSTextField insertText:@鈥溾� doesn't work & Xcode doesn't recognize Label
output function was empty after being created to print out data
Getting Query of a Model You are Going to Save Magento
How to find out why compiled GWT app doesn't initialize but works in hosted mode?
Why would we need to lock a process's address space in RAM?
fopen() can't write with error 鈥淗TTP wrapper does not support writeable connections鈥�
animation through css3 transition
Capturing frame of external swf and SecurityDomain
Internal compiler error : segmentation fault with g++4.3.5
scp failure: Unauthorized access is prohibited
Problems upgrading to Xcode 4.3
NHibernate should always write NULL instead of empty string
Wrapping a java command line application with launch4j and maven
Tomcat 7 slow startup in JSF 2 project
Maven Hibernate3 Plugin: Want to generate hibernate.cfg.xml incuding annotated classes
Create a simple proxy using Sockets
How to have one DataSet be used by multiple DataSources
Multi-browser Selenium/web driver testing with Play Framework
Is there js plugin convert the matrix parameter to css3 transform property?
SQL defining duration using foreign key
combine table in jquery
what is generating the large gap in the site?
Running assembly in AppDomain using specific permissions
loacal database in windows phone 7.1
Can we trick Python for Cygwin as being on the win32 platform? (to install PyBluez)
Stop animation of multiple UIActivityIndicatorView
data flow in computer networks
Get the higher result(s) from a questionnaire with jQuery
updating view from thread errors
How to change mouse cursor icon?
Customized Spring Security without Spring MVC
Create custom sounds and vibrations in iOS?
Functionality When Hiding Div Not Working Correctly
Google chrome extension read on page sequest
What's the difference b/w __raw_readl/__raw_writel and readl/writel in linux kernel?
Jquery Select last field having Value greater than Zero
iphone - How to track events with Google Analytics EasyTracker?
Integrate Facebook to Xcode 4.3
Restkit and deadlock
jquery fancybox pop customize?
Writing cell array into a text file
Transparent view overlay for drawing
jQuery mobile 1.1RC - using the loader/spinner in header
JQuery invoke click based on css properties
Geographic distributed application - basic decisions
Is saving data in SQLite as BLOB, a good programming practice?
How to send any Serializable object to the client side in GWT
PHP or JS calendar that is capable of importing calendar data like ics or csv files from outlook
Handling DBNull exception in
Did anybody do any research on average size of iPhone Game at App Store?
PHP or JS calendar that is capable of importing calendar data like ics or csv files from outlook
Handling DBNull exception in
Did anybody do any research on average size of iPhone Game at App Store?
What should I use? UTF8 or UTF16?
newbie: flex netstream how to get my code stream and recieve netstreams correctly?
Google place api maximum result 10?
Flash Actionscript3: A layer having multiple layer masks
How to upload zip file to OpenStack Swift with Tsung?
Vertical tab using menu control and css in
How to pause/disable UILongPressGestureRecognizer on a UITableViewCell while in editmode
How to pass a value that is after colon in Watir
Android- draw a line on touch - error on event
Cant hide UITabBar when pressing a specific tab [Tab Bar Application]-template
How to add app icon to project using Xcode 4.3.1
How to change the value of a global variable in a PL/SQL package dynamically?
Localization of windows form c#
Google Maps JS API v3 marker color
Scala using final static variable
how to access table inside a table using jquery
Java for return phone keypads
iOS 5.1 UISplitviewcontroller not allow presentModalViewController from RootViewController
How to deal with this situation in Nginx?
jQuery: How to use a jQuery-plugin in receive-function of jquery-sortable
Android - Not updating GUI onResume
My login scripts working fine on localserver but it not working on live server
.php files are not associated with Zend Studio
is it possible for VBA to detect the error and give a prompt that data not available instead of giving error message?
How to represent a time table from 1-12 with java sysout?
What is the most efficient query to get all friends' events in Facebook?
Jquery validation and dynamically add /delete input box set
How to extend multiple utility classes
Ruby strength and usage [closed]
How to create a request to a URL and write the response to the page
what does 鈥渆rror : a nonstatic member reference must be relative to a specific object鈥�mean?
MonoDevelop - code window colour scheme
Binding ComboBox Text property using a converter
process Tracing tools in linux
Two Git branch names pointing to the same branch?
Error generating final archive: Found duplicate file for APK: res/drawable-ldpi/ic_launcher.png
Facebook Credit Implementation is not working
Web documentation system for products? [closed]
document.getElementById(); does not work for third time
Logback : append log message to outputstream appender
ServiceStack service URL in client and server
How can I cast an object as another in java? 鈥渏avafx.scene.Group cannot be cast to javafx.scene.shape.Rectangle鈥�
Checking for invalid values in methods
SQL Server transaction and SELECT statement
generating Random numbers using rand()
displaying context menu for list items
CoreBluetooth read NSData
can not add data from dropdown to table
How to specify culture info/locale in SQL?
getting updated distribute via pip requirements file
activerecord : database default value not taking effect
Check if XML coloumn in EF contains specific value
Some download troubles in Android
Current record is being used by another user in SQL Server
How do I add TabWidget and FrameLayout to TabHost, manually?
Windows Azure Toolkit for android
How to tag a friend in message with a photo-uploading
Display single item in listbox
Cocoa: Crash in _NSDisplayOperationStack; Need Guidance
Automatically generate RSS feeds
how to get ntp time from through javascript
Out of Memory Error in android due to Heap Size Increasing
Reading through a table row by row in SQL Server 2000
How to use Dropbox SDK with proxy in Ruby
Change desktop icon in code
Why using multiple factory classes?
boost::phoenix3 comma operator
Int vs Double and divide by zero exception
Apache POI read xlsx file without changing format
Archive file can't find the identifier name
How to get data type of ms-access database table columns using with oledb command?
Comparing values from httpclient to a String Android
Accessing Earthquake API in Android. UnknownHostException
Horizontal Progress bar with two colors which changes alternatively based on the timer
VBA/MySQL issue using ODBC connector
How to Consume a Secure Soap Web service (Axis2 + Rampart)
Setting and Changing the SQL Server Collation
Spring 3 and JSON possible to convert manually?
How to resolve Azure 鈥淲indows logins are not supported in this version of SQL Server鈥�
Find missing element by comparing 2 2D-Arrays in Javascript
How do I increase the distance between the text and the image in an Android TabActivity?
Event in Datagrid inquiry
Login and registration form
Running an Ant task before Debug in Eclipse
Creating a web service in PHP
Gnuplot incremental filename using macro
jQuery Android pinch zoom
Building analytics for a custom application - would an open analytics framework (like piwik or owa) be the solution?
How to Move up and down in ASP.NET Gridview Using Arrow Keys
Compress and decompress chunk of bytes in inputstream
How to show the diff panel when li click
Performance Issue - How to display very large text file in j2me
html5 canvas tag - 2d context rendering not working
Android facebook graph request
Display message to user on ItemCommand event
setTimeout does not start the function
emacs mode-specific custom key bindings: local-set-key vs define-key
setTimeout does not start the function
emacs mode-specific custom key bindings: local-set-key vs define-key
Image Showing Through Hidden DIV?
core image filter apply
Drag animation for the images
How to check document write or update is completed?
Detecting hard coded label text in PHP application
Socket. Packets stay in queue when I need them
Downlaoding file from server
How to check if certain properties of an object are not empty in C#
Issues in uploading images to folder
Render equation to .png file using Python
CustomAdapter with different row types explanations
Load another page on an UIWebView when user swipes left
url rewrite using routers with multiple parameter
Simple way to get all visible items in the QListView
Url Display on web and database [closed]
Before deleting a row in repeater , i want to do validation asking that, are sure you want to delete..?How can i do this?
How do I make this serial config code configurable?
Javascript Hide Jquery Form
SVN: best practice for versioning you live server?
how to filter mysql data with first letters
use of defining symbols in linker script
How to clone with git extension?
Tomcat Memory Leak Using Struts2 xwork
How to overlay an image on top of a pdfviewer embeded into html page?
Best way to read error messages from a Log4Net log file
how to add google translate on goldendict?
Where can I find release notes of magento enterprise edition version 1.11?
Python: short coordinate function unexpectedly changes incoming argument value
How can I optimize my Linq query?
ViewPager starting from the right
CakePHP: Containable behaviour how to restrict the same tables field
How to find duplicated data in the same table using script
how to create an msi file from outlook addin 2007?
download and upload a binary file in javascript
Remote PHP Debugging with Netbeans and XDebug
Is there any difference between using dispatch_sync and writing code in-line(non-block without dispatch_sync)?
Extracting a regex from a set of strings
ADFS understanding possibilities
Return an array without creating a variable
EnumProcesses linker error in Dev-C++
php re-evaluate included files
Webbit websocket ws:// connection works but wss:// handshake fails silently without any error?
is it possible Two or more email provider for one domain?
OpenGL ES2.0 glitches on framebuffer texture
Basic start with Visual Studio C# and SQL Compact (connect, select, insert)?
How to play local audio/video files in all iPhone and iPad versions from with in our PhoneGap application?
what are the industry standard set of tools used for SYSTEM SOFTWARE development
Excel 2007. can u please guide me on my requirement. merge into single Row [closed]
Single user license - Minitab
stream music with java
track facebook logout
Catastrophic failure on IIS Web Service when calling a COM method
Will this Java service make use of the command prompt?
AVAudioPlayer initialization & memory management
Joomla 2.5 retrieve new registered ID of user
how to check connectivity between a specfic neighbor of a node to all other neighbors without using node itself
Facebook - How to Upload Photo Via URL?
How to Write & Read Data into Excel in [closed]
Proxy PAC file: change proxy every set time interval?
Difference betwen Visitor pattern & Double Dispatch
extJS tabs not displaying in portal layout
Can't attach add source code to a jar file in Maven Dependency
Fastest algorithm to compute (a^(2^N))%m?
I/O Error:Cannot open resource, while importing python file from the different directory
When a site uses @font-face is that font stored locally?
Making MKAnnotation pin from an Array, viewForAnnotation method not called?
Creating xls file with too many sheets using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel
Process stops without creating core dump on OpenVZ Container
The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties
Duplicate items in GridView widget
Pan event for Google Maps?
trace logout time using HttpSessionBindingListeners
Order of function calling
How to print html to pdf? [closed]
using Ajax to post part of the HTML page
how to get number of connection (the count ) to particular host from tcpdump using wireshark
xcode command line compilation
Image processing: Soft-Light algorithm like Photoshop
How to restrict the touchesBegan and touchesEnded to one touch only?
Java scaling Image
Does storing a comma separated list in a database take a lot of memory space?
How to maintain page index information such as radiobuttonlist after navigating to next page?
Excel VBA: Assign keyboard shortcut to run procedure
How to use findAndModify in php and mongodb
Change .jar name in MacOS dock in Eclipse?
calling js function in Icefaces
How to make clone of JotForm?
How to prevent fancybox onClosed event
Issues With Adwhirl(Admob+Inmobi+..)
GAE Google AppEngine - How to handle subdomain in-app routing in Python27 threadsafe?
GSM modem used to receive SMS hangs for no apparent reason
Advance search system in web pages
Show ubuntu (linux) notifications with Qt
href call in javascript
Which programming language to use with Heroku?
XNA 3.1 Movement Collision Issue
Why won't my php lines work in my html file?
coburtura link with marathon
Python import works in interpreter, doesn't work in script Numpy/Matplotlib
To bring the IE window in front of the Screen
GWT SimplePager LastButton issue
include tag in android manifest xml
Howto split up multiple joins and conditions
Array object doesn't retain it's data
Getting a checked node value in a treeview control is not working
flask static files in redhat openshift cloud
pip install from a gitosis
How to make the scrolling faster in UITableView when the table has thousands of rows?
Concurrecy In Static Classes
How to display wordpress post quarterly?
How to connect with the server to git?
EF 4.3 Inheritance using the existing base
Override the default behavior of Backspace in AutoCompleteTextView
How to get keys and values separately from List<KeyValuePair<Type,object>>?
How to Get Response From HttpClient in Android 4.0
Massive list in c# & wpf
Finding non-expiring keys in Redis
Execute multiple commands on remote machine
How to add checkbox and label in the same cell of datagridview?
Groovy programming
What is the Best Way to do Mobile & Server Sync?
Stop Current Thread Issue
https API error
Count days between given Start date and End date
How to integrate CAS authentication with spring security?
Spring MVC with jquery autocomplete not returning the result
How can I get Mocha's Unicode output to display properly in a Windows console?
how do you make an s3 url expire when it is clicked
Qt QList<QString> serialization for database
Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC - Error working with Excel and C#
Usage of Date/Time Configuration Options
Including external libraries to Qt
Connecting phpmyadmin and BlackBerry application (Eclipse)
How to delete an event in Google agenda with CURL?
read file with Phpass with Codeigniter
getting the path to an app by app id in an osx shell
Showing something other than ID in scaffold Cakephp
an int data plus $('input').val(),the result is a string?! not a number
jQuery and Using Enter Key on Button Element Instead of / As well as Spacebar
What is a postgresql's query to solve these quite complicated steps?
Facebook app Publish on admin wall JSSDK
Create .class file from .java file - J2ME
Image Display not showing in Custom Spinner Adapter
How to develop a custom input method on IOS platform
Unable to generate an explicit migration in entity framework
Display CakePHP Validation Errors in ExtJs 4 Form?
DateModified in Windows displays rounded off Time values - C#
Django Sitemaps : Get only pages of the current website
What is the 3rd param in jQuery.proxy used for?
How to make CDateTimeCtrl have a string as default value?
Is it possible to use template with composite component in JSF 2?
Flask and OpenLayers
How to move a control in a form with by keyboard?
Passing variable from javascript to href and jQuery.on()
two parameters to jquery function
Like keyword issue in mysql
including one html file into another [closed]
How to convert executable jar to text file.?
Does JavaScript support partial function application?
How to call jquery event from other event
Why does my program produce different results on Windows and Linux, about file reading with ifstream?
Razor views: Intellisense not working with C# 3 for class libraries
How to Use the SAXparser to send an XML request and parse the response
Dynamically added link button click event does not execute
Compass and SASS or Less and?
Where to handle DB exceptions in Entity Framework and repository pattern
storing of db file in android [closed]
get a name from a string
Consuming IIS Hosted WCF Application with multiple endpoints
How to create a hyperlink in a column in telerik grid
Edittext disappears when i change screen orientation?
how to add Zoom in/out functionality on bitmapfield?
Need Architecture advice on Azure based GPS logger application
TabControl always resized to the selected tab items?
What do these Fortran (90) statements do? [closed]
PHP conditional statement to show a field
Does the use of the computer while benchmarking have an influence on the benchmark results?
Simple OCR app using android camera [duplicate]
How to change the Linux kernel swap daemon (kswapd) timeout?
Passing HTML INPUT field ID to PHP completion program in jQuery Autocomplete
Meaning of complex C syntax [duplicate]
How to blur image edges using javascript
how to create a plugin for internet explorer8 or above?
How to assign $smarty object to to php function?
Spider monkey : Why JS array is not inheriting default properties like length, splice etc
Premature death of directory traversal script in PHP
Could not find a base address that matches scheme https for the endpoint with binding WebHttpBinding. Registered base address schemes are [http]
Music Player in TabBar Application
PHP : Not able to show retrieved value from database into dropdown which is assigned a php variable
Anyway to override/manipulate the Bookmark Page Action dialog box?
how to redirect all dynamic urls to home page using .htaccess [closed]
How do I see the python doc on linux?
How to embed images dynamically into a table?
if-clause addings empty MVC4 - Internal Server 500 error - Only when published
Why do I get a segfault since my application was compiled for 64 bits?
IPv6 Validation and Ipv4 Validation in JavaScript
if-clause addings empty MVC4 - Internal Server 500 error - Only when published
Why do I get a segfault since my application was compiled for 64 bits?
IPv6 Validation and Ipv4 Validation in JavaScript
Using NSDate and NSDate components to calc time between 2 dates (Max 6 days, 23 hrs, 59 min, 59sec in the future)
How to call MVC ActionResult when there's an update from the database
It is related to PHP and css for wordpress blog
Routing issue in nopCommerce 2.2
Very strange - %i didn't work for integer, %d did?
Sorting of <select> options has on page load generated ones sorting differently then client side added options?
A thread was hanged on Method), anyone know what happend?
Should I do this with tables or divs?
How to stop ORBIS CMS from automatically inserting <p> tags
Knockoutjs afterMove event not firing for nested observable array
Google Places - Autocomplete box - Bring suggestions to foreground
Serialization Fail on list of lists using DataContractSerializer
Device not accepting incoming connection in J2Me Bluetooth?
how to display images without repeatition from array in objective-c?
how to do runtime bean deployement and destroy a bean in spring ioc container?
reset input type text using javascript?
How to get path of file selected using MPMediaPickerController?
MySQL - Can you retrieve the default value of a column?
Whats the difference between defining an object and set it's properties in javascript
how do I compare 2 functions in javascript
Parsing PostgreSQL CSV Log
changing gcc version in cmake breaks my library links
Does ProgrammableWeb itself have a web-service API?
how can i display a single record in 2 rows by using Yii CGridView?
How to set pre-requisites requirement into a installer in C#?
Writing to the database in a dialog based application created in MFC using ODBC
Geeting data from post in PHP and insert into table [closed]
PHP converting String to Integer and knowing when value is not Integer in String format
To open new Excel sheet from Silverlight
interface with base class and derived class to achieve multiple inheritance
Why column count is 0 for GridView
PHP - Convert RGB values to CMYK percentages
qml displaying listdata with heading
Convert querystring from/to object
Schedule a report to send email to different employees based on employee ids
iPhone/iPad : table view scroll crash in ipad
Image upload and download
Force to close when run code with Vitamio lib
Remote project with Zend Studio editor
Asterisk Call Answered in Perl AGI no Call Logs
PHP Adjacency List to Nested Array
Having difficulty installing rvm 1.9.3 with xcode 4.3.2
Important DONT's for a good android app design(Beginner/Novice Level)?
Failed to create a 'System.Char' from the text '#' in WP7.1
Spring annotations and XML configuration
iOS Settings Bundle Editable
Passing the argument of an action in link_to rails 3
How do you set up carrierwave with S3 to use s3_access
I had follow someone code samples and try apply to my HighChart program but I can't get it work at all
Adding icon on arraylist
What should I look for when buying a Windows Phone 7 handset for development? [closed]
performance of parameterised SQL
Adding variable in HTML tag in Servlet
Does WebBrowser.DocumentText as well contains all frame documents text?
GNUPG how to encrypt file without it's original extension in the name?
Applying low-level keyboard hooks with Python and SetWindowsHookExA
How to programmatically adjust z order of Views
In PHP is it possible to inspect content of a Zip file without extracting its content first?
MATLAB string handling
What's the purpose of Riak secondary index data type?
SWIG Java Retaining Class information of the objects bouncing from C++
backend services for App building on Azure
Missing 'debug' command from Play 2.0 installed from Typesafe
Flex popup issue with keyboard key like C,V,X,A key
How to switch style sheets dynamically using jquery?
Retrieving Regex matched pattern
Identifying duplicate columns in an R data frame
Anything similar to a parent view with sub-views in flex 4.6?
Sampling rate of Android accelerometer
jquery validate and multiple selectbox
Testing undefined variables in javascript/ possible javascript bug?
Can i save comment info in my Jar file(generated by Ant)?
WebServer IP address is displaying in encrypted form
Django Template Logic To Add Time To Timestamp Variable?
MongoDB & PHP get only product that matches barcode
Facebook Comments Moderation Issue
Execl VBA: Any tips and/or suggestions for migrating from MSSOAPLib to MSXML2?
unable to login with the credentials of user who does not have an appid for facebook application in silverlight
Xml Serialization Sequence Issue - but why?
Download servlet throwing java heap space exception
Is there a product that provides private messaging ala Facebook Messages/Twitter DMs?
how to use ajax methods in content pages
Eclipse - Why does Azure deployment take so long
Partially update page on fileupload in javascript
Facebook API - what kind of authentication is needed now to query a page's tagged posts?
Facebook Score API calls from Android not displaying high scores on Timeline/ticker
delta-import for using multiple table in solr
Footer Div CSS background color Gone in IE8
Sorting collection wrt to date
jexcel not working
Webservice response not coming from $.ajax or $post in javascript
Resource Id for Text View error while attaching image
Identifier is too long when inserting a blob
clean url not working with in a sub folder
Resolving MySQL Deadlock issue
rendering object obtained using document.getElementById
Multiple Files Upload using single file tag Struts 2
x-webkit-speech, how to auto click the mic icon to record many words automatically?
Updated SDK Tools and ADT to 17 and now getting VerifyErrors
button into tooltip using qtip plugin doesn't work
MySQL master-master replication between database running on 3 different server
How to check the selected item in listview
how to save the modified content of android content view?
Why won't this simple messagebox work?
Create a logger in .Net having Throttling mode functionality
Detect pic taken in Android using Tasker app
compiling wget with static linking, self compiled (open)ssl library linking issue
JavaScript - Clicking specific anchored tags, randomly
Sending a post request to localhost
How to block connections to a port opened by my applicaiton?
iOS: Couldn't link HTML string loaded from sqlite db with images in bundl
How to authenticate linkedin users with java using scribe in xPages
Which Search and Comparison Options should I use to search Chinese characters?
Geting Text Object Attributes in Autocad with Python
backbone persistence retrieve the data from the server but doesn't fill collection and models
How to check whether the given object is object or Array in JSON string
compatibility mode issue in IE 9
Using one loop to print out two data structures using Iterator pattern java
Node.js client connection and Azure Transaction billing cost
can't use a python site-package pygraphics
iterator tag of struts2
send push notifications between phones
Unable to show RSS in UIWebView
ruby - search and match files with regular expression
Websockets and external API
PHP regex for validating currency
Is there any way to force firefox to a certain geometry without a window manager?
How to apply css on every 2nd child using nth-child() with jquery
How to programmatically check if an application has hang in VB.NET
How to upload file on server with file name which is given from client side
Update/modify object retrieved from dojo datastore/JsonRestStore
Upload file to server from android 11
how to display div over another div after click of the other div?
Issue in showing activity on change of screen orientaion
PHP Parse stdclass object
How do I properly mix C# code within JavaScript, using Razor view engine. I wish to include or omit Javascript based on a value in ViewBag
Is UIFont thread safe?
Get image form folder and store in feature image directly code
Detect if there are to more pages to use $.post using jQuery
Why mmap() is faster than sequential IO? [duplicate]
How to combine two queries in a foreach loop in PHP?
Javascript scope of this in Subscriber pattern
Difference between Atom Service and REST Service
Communicating between ruby and java
How to bring facebook,twitter,linkedin chat in to one java application? [closed]
How to integrate 3rd party merchant payment gateway in ubercart
PHP: Limit execution time per function
BST from two unsorted array
android Data Storage requirement
Don't allow refresh webpage
Objective-C Naming Conventions - A Clarification
wp7 preload silverlight page
Libraries for making Eclipse plugin development easier?
I want to publish comment on different facebook pages from my site, is it possible?
Loading existing Sqlite database into memory for fast computation
Using where codition in foreach loop in php
Parent child relationship in django
rss doesn't show unicode instead arabic text in title tag
Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::AddAddress() in PHP mailer
Processing structured data into a database from a giant text file using PHP?
malayalam(south indian language) font not displaying in reporting service
mod_rewrite existing directory
Is It possible to rename hosted service of windows azure
How to Design a Layout which Support for most resolutions? [duplicate]
how to add listview in listview in android?
GetVersionEx under Windows 8
Only one windows should be open at once in WPF?
how do i prevent scroll down in javascript?
What are these numbers (ASCII or ?)?
Creating a custom button in ASP.NET MVC (not buttons for Create, Read, Update, Delete)
Display Matched String By Click On Particular Alphbet
develop on another mac
how I remove loading icon extjs 4?
Synchronising multiple entries in HTML select box shows different results in different browsers
adding a function to c++ shared library in linux is not getting done
play progressive videos that is not safe for streaming on Android
How to I get the directory in Express with Node.js
MPMediaPickerController select song not play [closed]
String in HashMap equality
Visual C# or Visual C++ [closed]
is it possible to fetch all the lastrowids after executemany insert in mysqldb?
put axis index on OpenCV histogram
Hibernate - Getting exception : maximum number of processes (550) exceeded
How to Unmount / Remove Engine?
Php sessiontimeout problems
xstream , how to hide hide the filed name of a class but display the value of the field (Java)
in Java I have to take array and use that value to increment one time and decrement two times using threads
how to get cell value in a cell table using GWT
no class definition found conversationlist
Is it possible Android preferences broken?
Twitter login clarification
How to publish MSHTHML.dll and SHDOCVW.dll to Azure
MonoTouch: UITabBar overlaps UITableView
Hash function for 3 shorts
Getting a List<String> from XML using JAXB (Moxy)
How to publish MSHTHML.dll and SHDOCVW.dll to Azure
MonoTouch: UITabBar overlaps UITableView
Hash function for 3 shorts
Getting a List<String> from XML using JAXB (Moxy)
How to execute mysql code with semicolon in php?
How to display a progressbar while connecting with server in android ?
is python str.split() inconsistent?
Changing URL in VisualSVN
PHP Checking backwards in a loop, and writing conditions to avoid consecutive values with array_rand()
Asynchronous Rest Service
Matlab - how to retrieve the exact parameter list of the function call as a string inside the function?
Missed my private signing file for Android
Android xmpp buddy status error
Nested ASP.NET pages can't access each other's Session variables
Using PHP to search a MySQL database and return paged results
Python: How to save Python Dict Values to SQLite Model?
Get the site status - up or down
Adding a button with innerHTML property
Not a pointer, Cannot dereference
File finder Java program : Homework [closed]
When running Robotium test, how can I close the low battery dialog?
Embedding a NoSQL DB into an MVC web application
Andengine- autoparallaxbackground- change speed of background
Adding ActionBar in HTML pages using PhoneGap in android
Check size of object when read from file
Basic client/server sample code works in iOS simulator but not on device
WCF method returning JSON / XML objects not working
stringstream errors c++
Optimization with Constraints
SQL query find for how many days are there blog entries
generating constraints edges randomly for generating an constrained delaunay triangulation
How Drupal 6 module 鈥淲ebform Protected Downloads鈥�Configured
Display images in spinner placed in res folder
How do I remove partial duplicates from an unsorted list in Python?
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D$Double while trying to parse a pdf page to image using pdfrenderer
Sql identical query but showing different Result
How to not let google map group addresses together?
how to use ISynchronizeInvoke to communicate with a device?
Gallery onClick
Interesting 鈥済etElementById() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)鈥� sometimes it occurs. Can someone explain it?
What is the canonical way to animate views over a fixed background?
Java Scanner won't 鈥渇inish鈥�reading input
How to fix call to undefined function prepare() in PDO?
Ruby - Iterate over array and create a three column, x rows table
rejectValue message parameters
activerecord 3.2.2 association issues with multiple connections
FullCalendar and MySQL 鈥�Optimize my Query
Complexity of Multi Stage graph
How to normalize this table
Images are not coming in phone gap [closed]
Mapping Extra Attribute in a Join Table JPA 2
Do I need to release @dynamic variable set with OBJC_ASSOCIATION_RETAIN_NONATOMIC?
Alternatives to java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentSkipListSet
Thresholding document images
creating and maintaining local repository ActiveState Perl
Line break and also getting space in HL7 message
Concatenate a table name from a variable in a FROM clause
Showing the ProgressDialog while opening the Website
How to like a page on fanpage on facebook without a mouse
Infile incomplete type error
How to sort list items for Date field value (Apex, Salesforce)
qlabel centering
Writing to file across activities in append mode in android
How to turn object.__dict__ into the object itself again?
find number in a string xslt
How to include file as resource in Xcode programmatically during build?
How to echo an array in PHP?
order of expandablelistview items changing on scroll
Deployment of Custom Timer job in Sharepoint 2010 causes error
How I can use videoview from rtmp? [closed]
Return values and output matrices from cvStereoCalibrate
How do Ruby programmers do type checking?
WebView Text Selection
Ruby on Rails: How to validate a model without Active Record?
How do I avoid duplicate rows for create (POST) in Django-Tastypie?
Convert int[] array to short[] array in Java
Using Eclipse Papyrus in RCP
How to instruct Ajax Minifier to remove console.log from javascript
Flash CS5 Font Inconsistencies Across Windows/OSX
Why Easymock throws error for a nicemock?
php removing item/variable from php array using button
jquery .on function?
null pointer when setText of a EditText
Relative and Absolute paths of all files
XSD for XML's with list of different and reorder types
implementing transaction scope
Ruby - cant load gems with 鈥渞equired鈥� cant run rails
Selecting a set of three distinct objects
Changing background theme
file transfer through bluetooth
Does JRebel work with embedded application servers? (IntelliJ)
Compile errors with linked files in C++
How to convert utf8 string to unicode code point in PHP? [duplicate]
Storing variable not working in IE 9, 64 Bit OS
Creating WAR uisng Netbeans
iPhone App Button To Go To App Store and Leave a Review
how to ssh into a remote host and execute a command immediately
Trouble Processing 鈥渏avax/xml/XMLConstants.class鈥�
Is it possible to place a loader image inside an iframe while its loading its content?
Difference between WSDL document and WSDL contract
Having issues with checking if function already exists
how to run file associated application from console linux
Formating issue when trying to use Png files for background wrapper
Check IIS is installed and running
How do you release an MPMoviePlayerViewController after playback finishes?
Convert WordPress to Jekyll has a error of Ruby MySQL
Not Able To Post Image From My Form Using Ajax updater() of prototype.js
javascript entire page fly in and out effect?
find files not equal to pattern [closed]
loading data from json in sencha
How to show multiple Pushpins in same coordinates in bingmap?
Issue with caching for non view methods in MVC3
How can I know user speed scrolling with UIScrollView ??
Viewing SQLite data on an Android tablet - SQLite Database Browser
How do I make an iframe 100% height of a containing div in Firefox?
SQL Server - Any better alternative to improve performance of a lengthy transaction with lot of inserts?
Having issues with displaying data retrieved from a MySQL database with PHP
Buttons created through jquery don't respond to clicks
Ruby on Rails application deployment on multiple servers
Getting mysql gem working with ruby-1.9.3 on rvm
possible global variable issue?
How to update database on which replication is configured?
Where to place message and log events using PoEAA
Finding a Needle (object) in a Haystack (parent object) Entity Framework 4
Upgraded to SDK version 17, now libraries don't link correctly
overriding java.util.HashMap.get() method
JS won't execute properly via AJAX call
onCreate and Initialization in Android
Listen notification from some local event
Cakephp relationships not working
How Reduce Disk read write overhead?
I would like to help implement a self-relationship in Code First
System.String Formatting
Spring MVC url-mapping
HTML & CSS references jump out of my Tomcat context
how to identify if a string is a number and if it is, convert it to an int? (C++) [duplicate]
PHP regex - capture the remainder of a string
What is the best using for show loading message when request is performing in iPhone app [closed]
creating method or wait()/notify() in android game
Redirect saving POST parameters using HTTP
SQL GROUP BY a repeating ID throwing - ( not contained in either an aggregate function )
Can QueryPerformanceCounter() or Stopwatch.GetTimestamp() return the same value in subsequent calls?
How to catch exception in BCP process in SQL Server 2008?
jsoup multi element output
Range is too large Python
Can someone help me convert this AutoFac registration to Windsor?
Same Rightscript used multiple times on a ServerTemplate with different inputs
OpenID integration with Rails application
Is there a way to prevent username caching in the SDK login?
Castle dependency injection Lifestyle
Tracking client system ip address
is C2DM an Overkill or Unreliable for this? not working with YUI3 in IE8
Extracting Tuple from Bag in PIG
Origin http://localhost:1716 is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin
Custom ComboBox with Horizontal line in DropDown
jboss searchable cache
adding triples in 4store
hibernate and spring dao
elgg database connection
How can I get a Button's text in JavaFX if the Button is being read as a Node? Looping through Group/VBox of Buttons. Returns it as Nodes
Debugging libpng-1.2.46-2 Fedora Core 16 鈥�.PNG first 8 bits not getting past libpng
Duplicated region servers shown in HBase master status
Problems in the Address Assignment
datetime dataannotation not working
performing batch actions on model associated objects
Extensible toolkits or approaches to sniffing file formats from messy data?
Are there different .net CLRs for x86 and x64?
Using a before filter or staying in the controller?
codeigniter controller function issue
Pluck in Python
SDL Software Rendering VS. OpenGL: Compatability And Performance
Exception in thread 鈥淎WT-EventQueue-0鈥�java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
Custom subviews on UITableViewCell and scrolling issue
Finding out how often a phrase is used on facebook
[activexobject] - opening an file located at another computer in the network in internet explorer
hard to understand this macro [closed]
How to Show New Line command in text box?
Encryption using Ant algorithms
Error in getting provisioning certificate for iOS development
Comparator for TreeBag to sort by the number of occurrences
Thread is being Stopped
How should I import Powerflex functions for use in C#?
silence a compiler warning about releasing a CGMutablePathRef object
How do I use C to terminate a process on a remote computer?
Passing data to user control in MVVM pattern
Bing map in jQuery dialog not displaying correctly in IE8/9 only
String concatenation in SE 4.1 SELECT statement
In-app auto-renewing subscriptions: Change term/length?
Stopping a service passed through Notification Intent
Client Side Moxi case?
Apple Push Certificate - Invalid Certificate Signing Request
how to resign UIAlertview on textFileldShouldReturn?
Running native mongodb commands in rails
Out of memory (allocated 539754496) (tried to allocate 18446744073709551615 bytes)
Inline content causes server side programming to run each time? [closed]
Transposing a text file in Haskell
How to round corners of images?
how to send rest data using httppost in android
Rails / Heroku Novice: App doesn't start (state: crashed for Xm) [closed]
Loop Design: Counting & Subsequent Code Duplication
Removing time from a Date object?
How to get accurate width without horizontal scrollbar?
How do I construct an object of a derived class in a method whose argument is a base class in Java?
how to align div dynamically after deleting one using javascript
PHP array not updating
Zend Youtube API's $videoEntry->getVideoId() doesn't return the video ID
search 4-5 bytes sequence in big file
Setting MPMoviePlayerController orientation without MPMoviePlayerViewController
Naming a $_SESSION var from $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] keeps mysteriously naming the page 鈥渂lank.gif鈥�
Favicon showing blank in Firefox using html5
Finding difference of two plots in C#
Show real-time contents of a file in powershell
Working with SQLite database and Camera API in android
Ruby Rack on Phusion NoMethod Error for Table Name
Oracle 11g connectivity with java in Netbeans 7.1
How to detect motion on android device
Retrive values from SQLite database
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: provider==null
how to unset empty arrays in php?
How to set JFrame or JPanel Background Image in Eclipse Helios
Balancing out MYSQL select statements
Android ListView items loose listener if too many items added
How to reference an offsite web service from code
'Find' button which can count the number of rows in a table, which consist of DateTime
MaskedTextBox positioning issue - WP7.1
How to use Multi-pane layouts with ViewPager
Record through two microphones simultaneously
VB NET class is recognized in VS, but I get a 'Type is Undefined' error on build
Most Efficient Alternative Method of Storing Settings for iPhone Apps
SQL Query to Extract Timestamp Difference
Hacking Contact Form 7 with shadowbox popup in Wordpress
How maven pom.xml file convert configurations into system properties?
C# OleDB - Oracle Stored Procedure not returning data
better solution to gui code?
How to call Socket Send and Receive multiple times without closing the socket?
Eclipse: How to install Java programming support after installing Eclipse Javascript version
JS, return something friendly than undefined
Algorithm to extract 2 levels down
Handling onNewIntent for FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK
Can't bind jQuery selectors to anything but document - Rails 3.2
background image position in IE
pulling data from an array (last defined data overwrites all others)
Flexible Array Member (Zero Length Array) [duplicate]
Moving Image from top to bottom in android
how to set the previous date become inactive in UI dtaepicker
Building a newsletter from python/django
iPhone iOS how to make UIScrollView work with UIRotationGestureRecognizer when zooming is enabled?
Copying buffer contents of different data types
SQL Server - copy data across tables , but copy the data only when it match with a specific column name
Parsing JSON data from classic asp server?
Unable to remove Autofocus in ui-dialog
silverlight crossdomain issue in https
I am having trouble to display the json variables from jquery autocomplete
32 bit operating system but x64 processor?
Why are all single words in php strings
'JSON' is null or not an object' error in classic ASP
Ways to save Backbone.js model data?
ADO.NET Entity framework model Performance
Select top n records from each category within same table
How to replace by localhost link ? Android
auto re-size div on mouse over
XSLT: Remove namespace prefix from elements
Compare between objects of two different pairs
MinGW - Libs not found when using ./configure for a makefile
Mocked object doesn't have all properties shown in Intellisense - in one project but has them in the other
Passing streaming of Http response to a web page using node.js
Loading a file into main memory
how does android store and run programs
PHPMySql array insertion to table
Deep association relating to top-level model?
Android Multitouch - Irregular Finger Tracking
Failed OAuth Using gtm-oauth2 for Instagram
Writing a Lisp macro with nested quasiquoting
NetBeans 6.9: C++ Console App.: Arguments not seen in debug mode
Stroke is being applied to both Text and Shadow
Expressing Loop Iterations as a function of n
php session and mysql update
about out of memory Exception
How can I align my objects AND set spacing between each other? Programming in JavaFX and Java
Automatic incrementation with format string
How to copy watched javascript variable in Chrome?
Java jsch and remote file transfer
Add values to a view with JSON and Backbone.js
d Oracle connection couldnot open error from
Remove of duplicate strings from very big text file
Implementing Twitter Bootstrap Modal
Can I Use Multiple Preprocessors on Rails Views?
How do I get a list of fields in a generic sObject?
getting WA when I try to submit mkbudget spoj
Why is it necessary to close standard input/output/error when writing a daemon?
Update or Select into ORACLE
Sencha touch: Are events not propagated down?
getting gps position after taking photo
PSI : How to determine if Resource Plan in Project Server 2010 is checked out in c#?
Filtering sensitive data with VCR
What is the best way to track internal referrals with php?
Merge multiple RRDs over time
How to cast java.lang.Object to a specific type in Scala?
How do I format code on my own website?
CodeIgniter - Model cannot access global variables in CodeIgniter
Automatic tests for phonegap plugins
How can I compare a string variable to a string in xcode? [duplicate]
Quality of PostgreSQL's random() function?
Android 4.0 emulator default widget height
Blocks in pure ERB / Erubis
Playing mp3s in C# not using MediaPlayer or XACT
JavaFX: How to make my custom component use all available space from parent layout?
Find next box class and close it
stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString Reference Local File
Multiple Page Core Text Parser (Single Column)
More than one index field in self.prepared_data
Background image JFrame with content
Search between two dates using Lucene.Net
Does each SelectionKey (or SelectionKeyImpl) have a unique identifier (id) that I can use?
issue with a for loop in smalltalk
Why is the xml simple module in perl not outputing the expected format?
How to add extra device to provisioning profile (error)
Shellcode in C - What does this mean?
Simple open source filter for php mysql
json webservices not work after deployed to production
Requsting a specific address for the new operator
Testing a Doctrine2 Entity with assertEquals results in fatal out-of-memory error
Problems with Rails console
clicking 'back' from an iframe changes parent window
Pointer to Function Return
How to add parameters to a Sqllitecommand
Can multiple android views be stored in the same .xml file without belonging to the same parent?
Append Child - Document Error 8
Coordinates to Grid Box Number
How do you parse non-standard form function?
Writing efficient code. Handling large number of rows in mysql table
Best way to handle dates possible having single or double digits for month/days [closed]
鈥渂ranch/tag鈥�through Tortoise SVN dialog is forbidden
Read console input using pygame
鈥渦nable to find valid certification path to requested target鈥�when I post a https request to a URL
what does (node *) NULL mean in C?
How to convert String to Time and insert it MySQL
best way to target the parent div - javascript
for each only running once
Where I can find full documentation for android ndk?
Add bytes with type casting, Java
How data is stored in memory beyond 0s and 1s?
How can I know that a user really login using OpenID or just pasting the URL from the previous login?
Clear input when data is entered into another input
object is null in the session attribute map when accessed from servlet filter
How to hide the code of firefox extension
Relative coordinate calculation in custom map
How to handle loading error in jquery Tab?
Rails database/model architecture conventions
SED: Inserting an existing pattern, to several other places on the same line
Why does jQuery Mobile Simple Dialogue freeze when users click too fast?
CSS Rollover Working But Link Is Not
Cygwin shell doesn't execute .bashrc
Resize the components of the frame in full-screen mode
The underlying connection was closed: The server committed a protocol violation. FTP
How can I launch an external website in JQuery Mobile without leaving the app?
Efficient way to convert delimiter separated string to numpy array
Style item name not being recognized despite being used in Android's own styles.xml
INotifyPropertyChanged Implemented now what?
Using PIL to analyze a video frame by frame
Display view above status bar?
Line height in fpdf multicell
Is there any way to mock this function with Jasmine or Sinon?
How to move iPhone keyboard down like in [duplicate]
IE (9/8) bug is it just me?
Unable to get response using REST WebApi PutAsync when performing a chunked file upload