How to compile header, implementation, driver files
Tracking for subdomain with google
Getting stock graphs
鈥淚llegal instruction鈥�on basic assembly program - not even hello world - why is linking needed?
matlab fsolve changes in version 2012a
PLaying Youtube Live Videos with in the application
Error converting data type varchar to numeric
tortoisehg import module error
Anyone know how to proper use the nsIFilePicker ?
Oracle & WCF Data Service:No query results returned to DS until entire query completed
Adding new test with SenTestCase (new test not showing up in manage scheme)
What Big-O equation describes my search?
Response.write vs Document.write
tel: links from UIWebView
Efficient drawing of primitives in openGL ES 2.0
advantages of serializing data during db synchronization
iOS CoreData image problems when working from a backup
Error: No resource identifier found for attribute 'groupindicator' in package 'android'
Is it safe to share exported IntelliJ settings?
Redrawing GradientButton (Subclassed from UIButtons)
Embedded fonts not appearing in actionscript created textfields
Google search keywords
Is this a pointer? (And if so, how was it initialized?)
How to find barrier function's implementation?
Change Array from another class?
newbie simple example using VARRAY with JDBC and PL/SQL stored procedure
How do you resize a cloned jQuery UI element (image) can't detect 3G network in blackberry html5 app
How do I access the element delegated to in jQuery? [closed]
iReport: Getting multiple copies of table in detail band
htaccess url rewrite - multiple variables
JSF2.0 Resource library subfolder file retrieval
How to pass arguments to function of callable-iterator in python?
Matlab: how to plot 3D text ( not 2D as function text does)
Merging 2 collections
UI Automation - how to capture - record using javascript editor
How Do I Show A Live Video Feed On A C# Form?
Detect when an image fails to load in Javascript
SQL count returns error when no GROUP BY clause
Questions about setting the First Responder in Xcode
Using TeamCity to deploy SSRS 2008 R2 Reporting Projects
Injection of autowired dependencies failed while using @Transactional
iPhone - 2 instances of same App
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/struts/util/MessageResources [closed]
IO exception while reading/writing to file
Creating new upshot js entities
vlc gather used to concat 3 input files gives audio error ( no audio track present from inputs #2, #3 ) [closed]
Finding changed records in a database table
Why does this sequence of send/receive functions result in unpredictable receive/string behavior?
Update a subtable
How can I restrict which user can delete items in Amazon SimpleDB?
How do I apply a style to all buttons of an ASP.NET web page
How to connect to nethack from Node.js?
Socket close handler and proxy
Is it possible to create a WPF application in Visual Studio 2010 which can sync with Windows Mobile 6.1 devices?
how to kill the entire applicationexcept one activity in android
How can I stream audio from the microphone of an iPhone to a Mac/PC via sockets or a framework?
How can I get the sound that played when tapping the built-in textbox of windows phone?
How to call cv::updateMotionHistory() in OpenCV
Compressing sql rows for oracle 10g
Not able to prompt save dialog to dowload the zip file in MVC
The multi-part identifier 鈥淪ystem.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlInputText鈥�could not be bound [duplicate]
facebook 鈥渃ould not retrieve data from URL鈥�
How to Calculate Centroid
RavenDB - LINQ - Count() discrepancies
Utilizing Joomla user information
Selecting all elements within two xml tags
Get ALL DIV (Or any element) in a Page with jQuery
How to Display a Flash Message Immediately from Within a Controller Method
How to query facebook friends by city in FQL
How to create a information saving batch file by input on the running batch file
My Regex Doesn't Work As I Expected
How to solve these problems using MatLab [closed]
LINQ Select Modified Version From Datatable
Delete oldest files at full disk
Save UITextField inside of a UITableViewCell to NSMutableArray
Failed Plone 4.1.4 install: lxml build failed: libxml2:
Getting the correct Lua metamethod to be invoked (C-api)
Why am I getting this error, left of 'method' must have class/struct/union?
escape charaters with javascript
Apache httpd doesn't load .bashrc
Percentage to change div width in JS
Schedule a method to run once a day in Rails 3
What is the maximum size of a Post to Urban Airships 鈥淏atch Push鈥�
IIS Application does not use the credential provided by client in Windows Athentication mode
How do I make part of layer to disappear when it moves to certain part of the screen in cocos2d-x
how to use onclick methods on android
NavigationService in Silverlight 5
Error using file config when using cache?
Event delegation on iPhone/Android Causes Undesirable 'Click' UI Feedback
DbSet - Accessing Context [duplicate]
Looping through files for FileReader, output always contains last value from loop
Is it possible to emit a signal from the baseclass of a derived object using 鈥渢his鈥�
Jquery mobile datebox today button close on click
Should I stick only to AWS RDS Automated Backup or DB Snapshots?
Can't use parent class in nested class- even though nested class is defined afterwards
Using Feature Toggling and IoC in lieu of Branching Code 鈥�Good or Bad Idea?
C# Error with if statement using Eval
Rails - Conditional :disable_with on submit button for form
php foreach loop multidimensional array having issues
Navigate to another URL on browser close
strange behavior when compile multi controllers project
How does .NET ExecutionContext actually work?
Need an efficient Map or Set that does NOT produce any garbage when adding and removing
Can I make a 鈥渇allback鈥�serializer in Jackson?
SharedUserId access SharedPreferences
stop getline from discarding newline character
Updating a database automatically from a RSS Feed
Should ErrorCollector (which is part of JSR-303 functionality) in GWT 2.4 be redesigned?
Manipulating a process' main window in powershell
Move a table down for one line in a Word file
Hibernate entity isn't being persisted but can create table and query
PDF to XML for table format using c#
overflow-y:scroll allows the element to be scrolled in its parent element when user is selecting text
Transaction scope for 3 location
SharedPreferences vs. Private File
Return a 401 when unauthenticated in Play
jQuery append li generates new content on page but new link does not respond
How do i compile .jar with jre?
Storing any type or struct in an std::map
xcorr command in MATLAB
WP7 + HTML5 - How to prevent a canvas from being selected/highlighted
AUTH exception sometimes occured with jedis client, anyone can help me?
breaking long echoed array content at interval
Add components to JDialog
ClassNotFound when trying to implement AdMob banner
Hibernate hql return object
How to share common context between classes?
Fast screen captures for real-time processing
Detecting Private APIs
Working with jBoss and .war
Google DataStore - how to fetch data by ID/Name?
get paperclip attach url from custom find
Weblogic RegistryDocumentBuilderFactory JXDocumentBuilderFactory
Convert string to a large integer?
How to populate database with Cyrillic text
How to fake the file path when application reads a file on IOS-IPHONE?
How to prevent default tooltip showup in cross-browser manner?
Javascript function and submit information
Sort XML nodes in alphabetical order using XSL
Filling empty records through SELECT..INSERT statement
How to hide/show some form in ruby on rails?
Drawing a chart after a click of a button in google visualizaton
Display a table/list data dynamically in MVC3/Razor from a JsonResult?
Disable a textfield [duplicate]
nServiceBus : How do I make a non-transactional call to a database from within the context of a transactional operation
JMP instruction - Hex code
Combo-box loses selection after collection changes
Batch File to retrieve Local Area Connection Name in Windows XP
Issue in Webkit browsers with text-shadow in custom fonts
Google API and .NET Compact Framework
Implementing multiple views via GWT-platform?
Can someone help me with the parameters to the Android InputFilter 鈥渇ilter鈥�method? (plus regex)
Fixed margin at the bottom of the page
Compile error with Java generic types
Android Inject event to browser
how to JUDGE other program's result via cpp?
kryogenix sorttable - how to sort date columns that have empty cells
sleekxmpp threaded authentication
Preserve git --assume-unchanged files between branch checkouts
remove rows which have a specific attribute less than or equal to 0
Set custom timezone in Django/PostgreSQL (Indian Standard Time)
Regex replacing part of link [closed]
Setup Secure git repository on AWS
getImageData doesn't read right values & putImageData doesn't update the canvas
Imagick::thumbnailImage not accepting 4 parameters when it used to
How can I have Multi-line Form Labels in Sencha Touch?
Attempting to have an automatically resized UITableViewCell causes unknown error
How to prevent element from being blended/hardware accelerated
link to libmysqlclient in IDLE
extract the bit stream (0 and 1) of an object
How do i sort a view panel using the ftsearch method to sort like the view?
Compiling on the command line in Visual C++
Fix Html / Xhtml Markup Errors?
How to create an image column in a SQL Server table and retreive it in ASP.NET using VB
Search all existing functions for package dependencies?
OpenGL ES - Invalid qualifiers in global context error
Please help me with My script not giving an error nor posting form fields
Creating a moveable control out of scratch
cakephp - checking if session is set
In android is there any way to preserve SharedPreferences after an uninstall
Close Toggle Other open Divs
line breaks ignoring margins
remove / hide added backslashes from MySQL data
MYSQL Query Left Join
How do I append custom query strings to grails Resources using a mapper?
Android Emulator hangs at [2012-03-21 21:25:09 - <Project>] Waiting for HOME ('android.process.acore') to be launched
Changing Html.DisplayFor boolean checkbox MVC
Gallery of TextViews
Java: Data Structure Memory Estimates
Vertically aligning a checkbox
PHP security: risks in evaluating a user-entered string
MVC jquery Insert Code
mySQL two COUNTS in one query with 3 tables involved
Possibility of having Landscape and portrait orientation in same activity at different instance [closed]
Registry key permissions are not propagated to existing subkeys
One-file Makefile Problems: C++
How to turn on OpenMP when using Qt creator
Android load image from url in every 30 sec
iOS - UITableView with custom frame and custom cell to display UIPopOver from it
How to set overflow conditions in Assembly Langauge X86
Navigating jumplist in Vim with Tab mapped elsewhere
MySQL, PHP, Selecting ads for multiple spots in rotation and countng views
IIS Process Recycled When Thread Running
How to get a list of installed jenkins plugins with name and version pair?
Using picklist to generate an ArrayList and find matching values in database
Continuously checking for current time
Make link in Send Dialog to Facebook application?
App Engine - AttributeError: 'function' object has no attribute 'id'
Android filter preferences (mutual exclusion)
Received error response when Get a Facebook user's basic info
Why is math.factorial much slower in Python 2.x than 3.x?
Issue when submitting form data via JQuery UI Dialog to the server
PHP Menu Just Will Not Work As It Should [closed]
Adding unparsed entity declaration to XML using Java
How to make with twitter bootstrap tabs on hover instead of clicking?
Android Text To Speech Male Voice
Trouble shooting PHPUnit xdebug remote debugging with PHPStorm
Array contents not displaying well, when placed between certain lines of the code
How to store 7.3 billion rows of market data (optimized to be read)?
Annotate values above bars (ggplot faceted)
Pyramid: Custom 404 page returns as 鈥�00 OK鈥�
鈥�git' is not recognized as an internal鈥�blah blah even though the command works the first time
How to store and pull internally on android?
We need a mail client for sending notification emails via ActionMailer
Creating a 2D ArrayList from file
expected 鈥渋ndent鈥� got 鈥渙utdent鈥�
how to deal with visifire chart when a number of datapoints to display
Need to extract an integer from a filename string
min() function issues with very small negative values in a vector/array in R [closed]
CodeIgniter: 鈥淭he filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed.鈥�
Get first div containing the selection
Rails 3 - Access Scoping Chain to reuse
Data determined by URI
Turn off auto zoom in storyboard
Can I import a source folder from Eclipse into Flash Builder?
Why is Restlet unable to Register the JSON Converter?
In Powershell how can I check if all items from one array exist in a second array?
Recursive SQL JOIN without a Function or Cursor?
Using Java to turn Letters into numerical counterparts
Java - fire event when any property of object changes
HTML contenteditable lists: The first list item acts weirdly?
EnqueueNDRange Kernel Sequence
Inputting Customer.customerID into Advert.cutomerID using LinQ to Sql in MVC3 Razor
Javadoc-like info boxes for visual C++
DRY (refactor) this code that uses callbacks?
Can I flip the SDL buffer at an offset?
Concurrently and asynchronously write into a file with MSVC?
Brower Error when i run MVC3 application
mysql server overload due to many queries at once
Tracking memory usage of piped commands with valgrind
Retrieving a JOIN array from MySql
Which form control to use, for chat window
Map 鈥渋nt Triplets鈥�to int?
How to add something to the window title
QGraphicsItem - Follow the mouse cursor
Eclipse CDT convert a 鈥渘ormal folder鈥�to a 鈥渟ource folder鈥�or vice versa
Core data, validateForInsert: / validateForUpdate: create an entity even when they cancel
Updating objects and their relations using ORMLite
WCF WebHttp Services create proxy class
Rails 3.1 asset pipeline javascripts compiling, but not working in production (Heroku)
Facebook post to promotion wall dialog
AS3 Facebook canvas app - need to post image to friend's feed (wall) - can it be done?
Device simulation on COM port
Is it possible to merge or use multiple code analysis dictionary files?
split a comma, space, or semicolon separated string using regex
Opening dynamic link new window (but not popup) with JavaScript
VBScript create an array in function based on parameter
Django models - searching 鈥渂ackward鈥�ForeignKeys with and'd Q's
Recursively find all coin combinations that produces a specified amount
Origin of 鈥渨eird鈥�baudrates for serial communication [closed]
Comparing two vector strings for similarities C++
How can I retrieve the contents of a Tkinter Entry widget?
Rails admin with Sorcery
UISegmentedControl text programmatically
Extending jQuery ajax success globally
Using php proc_open() with multiple input streams. Preventing hangs
Using Web http services in android
Visual Web Developer 2010 - no intellisense and compiler doesn't pick up syntax errors
updating a TextView from another concurrent View
Chaining orX in Doctrine2 query builder
Subclass of UITableViewController will not fire didSelectRowAtIndexPath when it is contained in a subview, how can I fix this?
Smarter word-wrap in PHP for long words?
Manage code/build for Android app stores (Google/Amazon/etc)?
How do I make a UIWebView's content adjust to the iPhone screen size?
Simple add function to a adjacency matrix
Combine columns joined?
Trouble with updating DataRow in C#
MVC - The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties
Scala with maven-plugin can't find depenencies
XCode 4.3 codesign failed
APE - Ajax Push Engine
System.Diagnostics.Process.Start launching hyperlink excludes %20
jQuery appentTo and reset/reorder position function?
Digital clock how to create a digital clock with custom images for hours android
Moving text fields for keyboard with TPKeyboardAvoidingScrollView not working
Load PEM encoded private RSA key in Crypto++
Run part of a build script on a windows box and the rest on linux
Programmatically list intent-filters
MKMapView: Instead of Annotation Pin, a custom view
Hiding URL AddressBar on Android in Landscape Mode
Stack VS Heap with Classes
Ignore attrib Attribute error
Calling PHP webservice from Java script
An Entity Framework equivalent for .Net Compact Edition?
Merging 2 config files
Prefix route I want to create already exists as controllers
Silverlight 5 player to test Silverlight 4 apps safe?
include_root_in_json not working properly
Google Map Api V2, Customized Route marker
SYMFONY - Correctly setup PDO-MYSQL on os x 10.5
why does reverse() prepend a server path?
Finding all the objects that are pointing to a certain object? (python)
ruby exit tail and continue to next part of script from keypress
jQuery鈥攗se a cookie to remember menu position
SQL Server: Group DateTime into 5,15,30 and 60 minute intervals
How to get BCP to generate a Format File for importing fixed-width data into a SQL Server table?
Cannot implicitly convert type are you missing a cast? Arrays, Enumerators and Web services
Copying part of an array to another - Java
glDrawElements VAO/VBO crash on iOS
Prolog function iscontained?
FusionCharts XML Object Structure for Delphi?
Symfony weirdness, missing a trick
RegEx Start With Letter or Number 0
Haskell infinite loop with simply re-let action
Insertion sort in clojure throws StackOverFlow error
Does a Decision Network / Decision Forest take into account relationships between inputs
String generator is printing two identical coordinates
Retrieve marker coordinates in ARToolKit
Deleting Objects in Many to Many association with Hibernate and Java
Error: The app you are using is not responding. Please try again later
Retrieve marker coordinates in ARToolKit
Deleting Objects in Many to Many association with Hibernate and Java
Error: The app you are using is not responding. Please try again later
CSS, the height of my DIV must grow with the content, but with a constant growth (22px)
Getting objects from NSArray within another NSArray
Create unit tests for class library (no metro) vs11
Python Character Encoding
How can I open two different pylab figures from the same button from a wxpython gui?
simple php foreach loop help needed
Ext JS 4: Get TreeStore node by internalId
SQL join into array for each table
NSBundle preferredLocalizations doesn't return the most specific localization available
Need advice on how to change colors
How to deal with counting items by date in MySQL when the count for a given date increment is 0?
Facebook PHP-SDK or GET request on Graph API?
Need advice on using xsl choose with contains and substring
Getting slime-documentation's output as a string
Creating a generic scrapy spider
Show ProgressDialog Android
convert ruby String to Bignum
adjust ToolStripMenuItem dropdown size
Remove parent without an id or class using JQuery
dlopen() with dependencies between libraries
IE9 console gives no clues about js errors
How to detect onFling of widget on ScrollView?
jQuery refreshing a link after clicked
Finding CustomerID by matching Customer.UserName to Logged On User
TinyMCE - Set Editor Content
How to find bounding boxes for Geocode radius Searches
Slight solid line appearing in a CSS gradient? The gradient is not smooth
Web Sockets and Web Workers鈥�Literal?
List length in scheme
How to convert from binary to relocatable object file and back?
Display a value of an array
C#'s 鈥渨here T : type鈥�in C++ [duplicate]
Visual Studio solution format/syntax reference documentation
Are non-top-level functions members of any object?
Find element's width, not maxwidth
segue from allertview [closed]
A bunch of unclear things with the destructor in C++
AJAX fails with a 404鈥ut works anyway? What gives?
export table from one DB and import/merge into another DB with phpMyAdmin
Facebook FQL query to return all comments against an application [duplicate]
Accent with robot keypress
C++ delete [] - how to check if 鈥渁ll is deleted鈥�
SWT make impossible to close the org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Dialog window
grails form redirect gives 404, but url mapping works
jWYSIWYG set font color button
Compare voice input string and normal type string
Redirect Loop in PHP behind a Load Balancer with SSL
Best position for ie metatag triggering edge mode
Return best fit item from collection in C# 3.5 in just a line or two
mysql - copy entire row to from one table to another and add count(*) with conditions in one query
How can I allow editing in certain columns in a listview row in based on a value in another column of that row?
MongoDB find in array
List items are out of line, jump into line when hovered over (in safari)
C++ BaseAddress and entry point address
Haskell List of Data Type Sorting
How to get the common elements of the two sets in a Linked List?
Error message when using INSERT INTO
Can mysql_real_escape_string ALONE prevent all kinds of sql injection ? [duplicate]
Java - calling super class and using standard methods
running a bottle app from mod_wsgi handle results in maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object
jQuery conflict 1.6 and 1.7
Animated GIF in IE 8 stopping
Searching serialized data, using active record
How to auto-adjust font size of multiple JLabel based on container size in a smooth way?
Is it possible to select which projects PostSharp processes instead of telling it which to exlude?
Making a Team Build Workflow wait for an external event/input
C# web application - waiting for localhost
C# hybrid cli and win form app
Busy indicator in Windows Mobile 6.5 - .NET Compact Framework +winform c#
flash as3 and external text config file
How can i pass my two value through commandargument or another method in htmlgenericcontrol and c#?
Android game engine - which one is this? [closed]
position:absolute reduces width in IE7
Identifying a complex number
Extremely low FPS, what profiling application should I use to find performance issues?
How can I shorten this PHP if statement?
Save/Restore Selection with Rangy in ContentEditable Div
how do i write the query for a grouped time series with a second grouping (country)?
Array that Holds JButton Objects
Best way to include interactive external content in a page (JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery)
Tools or workflow for site with files behind web root or on other servers
Save state to SQLite table via custom adapter for items that have been bookmarked
Rewriting C# code to Java [closed]
Pthread Concepts
Java Glass Pain (that wasn't a typo)
how to prevent convert big numbers as varchar example 1444092 is 1.44409e+006
understanding RProperty IPC communication
Vertically align two pieces of text with different font-sizes using CSS
Difficulties implementing the JQuery Ui Slider
Recursive descent parser implementation
Ruby on Rails installation: config.gem not recognized
Regarding NSDateComponents TimeZone
AutoMapper and conditional mapping to null
Searching Multiple Tables (SQL)
customError mode = off not working on mvc 3
This method must be called with an app access_token
Embedded Python 2.7.2 Importing a module from a user-defined directory
Error: <f:ajax> contains an unknown id when used with composite:insertChildren
Using ViewBag from a different controller?
coding a tabular form in html
jQuery fisheye effect + mouse movement panning
navigating between page divs with select and jquery mobile
How to properly validate a user before displaying page in Rails
Detect UIImage using @2x file
Mapping and selecting at the same time
How to set memory breakpoint in Eclipse markups for search results pages
Multiple files in C++/QT drives me crazy
MySQL Query list
mouse movements in wpf
errors running cucumber on Mac OS X
Extracting values from a hash
Google+ theme catch partial update
jQuery: How can I wrap <a> and </a> tags around existing images in a div?
Memory used by a skeleton android app
Any way to preserve spaces in names when calling transform()?
Update DataGridView bound to DataTable
Foreign key navigation property naming convention alternatives
Compare two arrays and list items that don't match on a key
String split in MySQL using REPLACE and SUBSTRING_INDEX
Gaussian Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) of large numbers in Python
Unpack tuple into another tuple
Using WebView.Load() to read dynamic HTML with references to JS libraries?
X11 networking on linux
GoDaddy limit on file upload size on windows shared hosting
IronPython C# implicit operator does not work in python
does django models offer something similar to forms' clean_<fieldname>()?
Can I exclude source files from google app engine deploy in Java
how to get the second with php?
Sharing session variables in PHP between subdomains
jquery selector not working in IE6 due to uppercase id
Counting an event only every X days per subject (in an irregular time series)
Grid and image overlapping Border?
shared axes in scatter plots in matplotlib
Why does Firefox compute an element's width as 0 when it is set to 100% if an ancestor of the element has display: box?
Android running function repeatedly in IntentService
php explode all characters
On mouse over image in div changes
What is the best way to send Django 500 error email on Google App Engine?
JSF2.1 - Using AJAX in selectoneradio
Having trouble creating a button that calls strings from an array, OOP style
PowerShell script not executing bcp command properly
O(1) Delete operation
Can't Overload operator<< as member function
Embed Word Web App in site
What is the best gem for compacting and expanding? [closed]
Find all A^x in a given range
Heroku simple app python - virtualenv
Generate a movie file using AS3
Creating a relative path to a Database in for a library
Are there any good Javascript/Jquery thumbnail script equivalents to TimThimb (PHP)?
Portable Socket programming in C/C++ possible?
Why does my ko computed observable not update bound UI elements when its value changes? Is there a simple way to add a sound to a button click
starting memory of process
How do I get the HTTP response from a navigation to a page?
Recreating the look and feel of WP7 Metro UI using CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript
Is it practically good to put JS files at the bottom of webpage?
Does jQuery.on() work for elements that are added after the event handler is created?
Unobtrusive JavaScript event on auto-generated elements
AIR iOS app fails to install, error message: 鈥淎 signed resource has been added, modified, or deleted.鈥�
Is it possible to run Google Page speed from the command line?
Need to create a new RunTimeException for EmptyStacks
TypeError: superclass mismatch for class Word - Ruby
Service '' has zero application (non-infrastructure) endpoints
several tableviews in one view
Git patch file attached to Outlook email gets modified by it
C++ compiler errors in xamltypeinfo.g.cpp
XML error serializing DictionaryEntry[] property
Script to trim 7 columns to 5 ( csv file )
Trying to get prev-next rows with order by-left join
Are there any Rails gems/tools/templates to sandbox experimental features for split-testing?
ASP JQuery Ajax, checking a list with queries between sql process ended
scrollTo changes direction on window resize [closed]
fixed div overflows parent height
Good plugins for Firefox?
iframe on iOS (iPad) content cropping issue
Android and PHP - Do I need to use sessions?
Killing a thread after socket closed
What data type is a Range in Excel VBA?
Install APK on ICS through Eclipse
It is possible to cut parts of the shape Geometry away in three.js
error extracting element from an array. python
how to limit the numberproductshows of the category?
A column ID occurred more than once in the specification
Form upload errors in codeigniter
How do I translate a linq query to an extension method chain with lambda expressions?
How to change a into a byte array in c#
Changing the color of a BufferedImage
Finding the closest PMS color with a hex color?
What method you recommend for beginners in order to use a XML file as a database from Java? [closed]
Using d3 script in GWT application using JSNI
iOS - Photolibrary - ImageIO memory leak
Changing all zeros (if any) across all columns (in a table) to鈥�say 1
C++: How to make a vector that already contains elements [duplicate]
Hesitation in animation with jQuery slideToggle
mysql row locking via php
C++: How to make a vector that already contains elements [duplicate]
mysql row locking via php
javax.el.MethodNotFoundException: Method not found: TableBeanDetail@bd4053.onRowSelect()
How to do a Gaussian filtering in 3D
.gdbinit: how to access environment variables inside .gdbinit and inside gdb itself?
OpenCV find all significant edges along a line
Why Email, Username, PostalCode, etc as entities in GAE Datastore
autoplay videos in lightbox programs
Hiding and showing a subnav when clicked and adding and removing classes
Spawn many processes erlang
running and configuring rhoconnect as an instance on heroku
HTTP gzip encoding of html
How can I implement threads in this scenario?
python, default parameters/arguments for builtin open?
Dealing with backslashes in JavaScript, PHP and MSSQL
Possible to allow a uitableview to allow multiple and single selections?
(PHP) How to pass the previous INCLUDE / REQUIRE calls into child files?
How to expose semantic configuration
Hosted video - fullwidth preview on starred post?
Automatically stretch or shrink `<textField>` depending on text lenght?
Oracle SQL Inline NOT NULL named constraint
Testing execution code with RSpec
Understanding JTA in EJB: Not flushing
jQuery animate once when page load and show animated destination on rest of pages
UITableView keeps old cells on [self.tableView reloadData]
Access value in first cell of HTMLTableRowElement
Redirect all but one file in a directory via httpd.conf / htaccess
want to open USB port using java [closed]
SQLite Update columns only if value is not empty
Wrap SQL CONTAINS as an expression?
Wrong (C++) data types shown on Visual Studio 2005 Quick Watch for C# code
How to save a UIImage into progressive JPEG format in iOS?
Hibernate saveOrUpdate() doesn't seem to cascade creation and saving
Preference summary with current value throug custom EditTextPreference: how to get current value?
Get Method for LINQ-TO-SQL object
Rationale behind enum access semantics in C++
Is it OK to use DecimalSeparator to force Floattostr/Strtofloat functions to use a decimal point
MySQL SELECT / QUERY - How can I select all datarecords by a string independet of write art?
Optimisation of IIR filter
VB6 - converting string to double using specific culture?
How to convert datetime to timestamp using current timezone)
Unit Testing a Delegate Factory with Autofac
2D Plane in Artoolkit
WordPress theme developing
Can not send mail with the gmail smtp and the swift mailer
Returning const char*; how ugly is static?
Stop jQuery.ajax() from passing parameters with 鈥淿json鈥�as master parameter name?
Round Output to whole Number
selecting the 1st element in a series of elements with class attribute
fatal exception with getWritableDatabase
fatal exception with getWritableDatabase
Java Memory Saving Techniques?
How to get activity from my app with Facebook Graph API?
How to get a reference to the actor instance that runs a function?
Best way to model freindship relationship in couchdb
EF4 Unknown Column In Field List
Access 2007-Search Form does not return all values because of a blank field--Can't seem to find the LIKE that matches
Facebook Sharer.php - ignores URL QueryString
videos do not play when using curl in php
Multiple mutex locking strategies and why libraries don't use address comparison
SharedPreferences strage. getSharedPreferences not working
clojure: ExceptionInInitializerError in Namespace.<init> loading from a non-default classpath
Unable to set Reporting Services Parameters
Distinguish data received via POST and GET in Cherrypy
How to convert PCM audio to TrueSpeech using NAudio
Cumulative min on earlier versions of PostgreSQL
Troubles uninstalling oh-my-zsh?
Copy subset of xml input using xslt
override spring bean in a jar file
ViewController doesn't show until I quit and relaunch app
Django-mptt TreeManyToManyField not working?
Multiple arguments with cmd.exe via a C# Process
Cant delete a primary key table
Filtering SqlDataSource based on user
webScriptNameForSelector and javascript method with underscore
Index a query 鈥淲HERE a IN (1,2,3) AND b = 4鈥�
how to use interfaces of the base class?
Materialized Views: how can I find the number of updates, inserts, and deletes applied during refresh?
A webapp that uses Spring AMQP is that consired to be 1 client?
Can I declare a method with arguments with unknown types?
Setting margins on RelativeLayout doesnt work on Kindle Fire
Google Analytics & Event Trackers - how to get traffic source by event?
Postgres full text search with multiple columns, why concat in index and not at runtime?
Attach property to usercontrol and updating it at design time
How to exclude .java files from validation in Eclipse
Initializing a large two dimensional array in C
SQL filtering based on date
How to issue control-c / command-c via JavaScript on textarea onclick?
Comparing multiple values in an if statement - Ruby [closed]
Passing null alternative to Overloading
I am using the script to correctly position the anchor on the top. How do I properly position, from another page?
Delete an Entity Framework Entity that May or May Not Exist
mongo DB - All nodes secondary
Jquery bind click and hover, how to check if click
Cant run Python Views on Couchdb
how to load a page containing jQuery with ajax and keep the code functioning?
admincontroller using wrong helper for create action
Can't run sox commands via PHP shell_exec
Select only hovered elements instead of all matching elements
jQuery and Datatables fnServerParam not showing any love :/
how to search all children and children's children, etc of a parent div
Java and signals
UIDatePicker shows incorrect date for non-Gregorian calendar
why is my root element not showing property names
How to inject exif metadata into an image, without copying the image?
How do I add an option to the jQuery DropdownChecklist control (or to an html select, after databind)?
Executing external program in Java
git pull after forced update
SQL Server to send email notifying of data inserted into table - options?
Entity Framework linked list
Request Parameter order in Servlet Containers
ERROR 1115 when restoring stored procedure from MySQL dump file
Evaluating an object chain with selectors
Photoshop's Auto-Levels,Contrasts / Picasa's feeling lucky
how to make a link click show content of div using z-index?
recursive closures (function generator)
How do I print a string from kernel buffer? Am I using copy_from_user() right?
YouTube iFrame API .seekTo() not a method?
Unexpected results using STIntersect in SQL Server 2008
Scripts still loading for uninstalled plugins?
Change Bitmap Colour with function
Which maps I can use to track a fleet of vehicles?
filtering database results in android based on substring
C++ template code resulting in error with delete being called on an object that appearently wasn't properly allocated
get inner patterns recursively using regex c#
How to get coupons working in Zen Cart with the Google Checkout Plugin
WP7 XNA Game 'stutters' when music repeats
Overriding keyPressEvent in QTextEdit subclass
Is there any way to pop up a balloon on event? (chrome extension)
Why does Python's math.factorial not play nice with threads?
Backbone.js routes not firing
How do I get this script to NOT loop?
Managing 鈥渢his鈥�in event/callback driven JavaScript applications
as3 facebook app not asking for requested permissions
How can i allow opacity to a div and not the background image?
Postgres array as function input for where clause
Changing a specific char in a MySQL string
Calling calculus function from view in CakePhp?
how to bind mx4j to an ipaddress rather than localhost in jetty?
java - org.htmlparser.Parser , need to get whats between the h3's
How to extract this attribute using jQuery ($(this) puts it in an array/square brackets)
How can I preload resources for many activities in android?
Event handler access modifier MFC vs C# WinForms
Building and Separation of Query Logic in Linq /mvc4
Repeat image x number of times
Read/Write Files from the Content Provider
python, skype4py
Starting and Stopping chromedriver once per test session
.htaccess - RewriteRule
Devise with mobile mime type, 401 only displays flash message
Referencing image in assets from HTML not working
UITextField artifacts
CLR managed threads: lightweight vs heavy process
express.js not serving my image
How to do open generic decorator chaining with unity + UnityAutoRegistration
Install an exe via bat file if directory doesn't exist
Calling all title (& probably alt) attributes by jQuery - and CSS-ing them on hover?
java - write two files atomically
why do we have to pass a pointer to a pointer to cudaMalloc
Overlay Marker Points with ids on google maps api
An alternative to friend when overloading >>?
How browsers support JavaScript
ExpandableListView and checkboxes
Using a color vector in a multipanel xyplot in r
How to perform a sum of an int[] array
More Strings - strstr
VirtualBox Headless - Linux
Generate html table for a named tuple or raw_dict
SerializeJSON Only Returning First Two Records
JMeter imaps not working for gmail
Count and limit the number of files uploaded (HTML file input)
QT window ActivationChange event under linux
Apply function to every pair of columns in two matrices in MATLAB
What's wrong with this simple jquery plugin example?
object in 鈥渁pp_code鈥�OK in masterpage, but not contentpage. nullReferenceException. httpcontext.items
How many frames per second can we get on html5 video? [duplicate]
Implementing a mailing list in .NET
Grabbing Tumblr images and implementing the infinite scroll feature
iOS - Draw Within an Irregular Area
Why do i need to double tap screen to make my website looks okay?
Cygwin: unable to issue R CMD SHLIB foo.c
CSS horizontal nav list align text with image links vertically
do you have access to contents of iframe loading external website?
for loop, for radio buttons on a table
getJSON success handler not being invoked with no sign of errors
2 SSL, 3 web sites, 1 IP in IIS 7.5
Throttle multiple-user requests to external site PHP?
compilation error due to a header file which is available in a shared library while using g++
How can i synchronize a temp table and a normal table?
How to cleverly create an anonymous type from an IEnumerable<T>?
CreatePathNavigator with XDocument in C# (xml with linq)
Android 9 patch image not showing up when I use Button
Pure subroutines in Fortran - Compiler optimization
Returning An Unpacked Tuple
Spring - MVC - Sanitize URL before redisplaying to the user
Permanent SFTP Connection between two linux servers
Excel VBA create hyperlink to another sheet
Autohotkey hotkey handlers fall through/continue to lines below
Javascript doesn't execute because of AJAX in jQueryMobile
What is the best way to store images in App Engine Blob Storage?
Using sysschedules like table for events SQL Server
WP7 BarcodeManager - Invalid cross-thread access
Why is my command prompt getting stuck after I type ruby?
How to create a reference from one class passed to anoher?
Deserialize message from JSON to POJO using Jackson
weird array.length alternative syntax
Android iText PDF creation
Why FF says that window.event is undefined? (call function with added event listener)
how to elegantly merge two arrays in php, storing values in new keys
how to reactivate adsense and admob account
ORM create() behavior to automatically convert 鈥渇ile values鈥�to filename on database save
Random errors when doing asynchronous calls to Magento from Javascript
How can I build this simple C++/SWIG/C# project in Visual Studio 2010?
Just another web startup - platform comparison
Android dynamically created table - bad performance
Why does ruby stop me from capitalizing an argument in a rake task? [closed]
calling external web site pages from my web site
Why won't my UITableView recognize a Touch inside my UITableViewCell?
preg_split by backslash
Add custom column to User Model using rails Clearance gem
how to create table row and colums using setDecorators in zend php.
Open Graph object callback gets truncated. Is there a character limit?
Eclipse CDT: 'can't find a source file' while debugging
Issue with a block and waiting for it to finish
Add a 鈥淭arget Line鈥�to a Coldfusion 8 CFChart Bar Graph
Silverlight DataForm validation Custom Mandatory
page floating left in ie
Why am i able to do this in the console window.window.window.window and it returns window ?
beginner: django serializers.serialize
How to trigger only web.config tranformations via batch command in Jenkins
Toggle groups of radio buttons together
How to call a function and pass some arguments with multiprocessing
Using jQuery Autocomplete, when showing results, how can I start at a particular value?
Appropriately backing a case insensitive map
Git status picking up parent folder's files
jQuery Status Messages (Similar to Twitter)
Sliding (the same) image on/off the screen but without using any extra UIImageViews
What actually does the EntityManger.gettransaction.rollback method do?
In a .NET Remoting server application should my database connection object be static
Communication between ViewPager and current Fragment
Modification to existing .htaccess (using PHP)
Placeholder in UITextView label does not disapear
Android Not Creating/Reading File
Export / Import alert in SharePoint 2010?
Returning function variable error ~local variable 'user' referenced before assignment~, Python
Renaming a Stored Procedure which is in a package in Oracle 10g
Package 鈥楪eneR鈥�is not available
Print template typename at compile time
Running Multiple versions of jQuery at the same time
for-each and an ArrayList [closed]
Problems with dbm module under python 3 using Beaker
Error trying to use storedprocedure in Spring
Mask image with Jquery with height undefined
db.insert add values random?
Strange function result when accessing a DLL via ctypes?
Obtaining the object the java.lang.Class<T> object for a parameterized type without constructing the class in q_uestion?
How do I make Eclipse/ADT honor the nocompress tags I added to build.xml?
WebView does not want to lose Focus when Pressing D-Pad button - for Google TV
XCode Instruments: name threads
GeoTools/GDAL: Warning: Failed to load the kakadu native libs
Web scraping in PHP
While loop not working correctly
R- Create a single date from multiple columns
Subclass UIView not loading when initialized in main view
JBoss session bean pushing data to war app
Changing App's Icon: Works in Title Bar, but not in TaskBar or Start Menu
MySQL: any way to turn these N queries into fewer queries?
Android: SQLiteDatabase size
Define 16 bit integer in C
Extract files from zip file and retain mod date- Python 2.7.1 on Windows 7
How to iterate through html element and capture values for id and value using javascript
Mysql char vs varchar vs int storage
Prevent python performing string interpolation (replacement) with %s inside sqlite3 SQL block
What is the Most Efficient Way to Query for 鈥淪imilar鈥�Numeric Values?
How to handle release-es when using lots of sub-viewcontrollers?
compiler - platform differences
I think I'm being stupid鈥�but I can't get my JSON output properly
Add rows to CSV File in powershell
Slow first query after update to spelling dictionary
winbatch windows scripting language object oriented?
Dropbox upload file by python error
Access dialed phone number
Fastest method for fingerprinting an array (calculating a unique hash from an array of data)
How to encode System.Drawing.Bitmap to CCITT with C#?
Can a Java Applet Access Local File System
Run macro until the end of the file in Visual Studio
Filtered Lookup not working when View Selector set to Off
How do I get incoming request IP address in Java Play 1.2.4
I am getting this error, when i want to validate web service with out passing input values, Please let me know is.. there is any to handle this
Heroku app versioning like AppEngine
Best practice for deploying administration area in Java web application [closed]
Android Camera Degree Range
How do I submit a form to a database from an email?
How to continue execution of a try catch statement in java [duplicate]
hiding the TRibbon ScreenTipsWindow
relativelayout makes my button stop working
how to properly equate struct variables so all information is transferred from the source struct to the destination struct
Show/hide check boxes on checking a check box
C# Databound Listbox Refresh
MYSQL sum a colum and select the individual row that were summed
Entity framework, bindings are destroyed after schema update
django signals. how to create a unique dispatch id?
How can use order-by in codeigniter?
How to have multiple authentication cookies for a single app programmatically
Why do I need to make Random object static if I call it from the constructors?
Add a hyperlink to a datatable / gridview
How to list all binary file extensions within a directory tree?
using camera class in android in flex
BlueCove Client Doesn't Recognize PyBlueZ Service
SQL injection-proofing TextBoxes
Resolving concrete presenters based on abstract class using structuremap
Why is the well-known sticky footer script the way it is?
Suggestions needed for Powershell script flow
How to push working tree files to remote location on commit?
Lifetime of a Static class in a web context
UIPopoverController - SIGABRT when Presented
how do i stop NSTextField blocking right clicks for NSTableView rows?
Xcode from MonoTouch
Ugly WPF hotkey
php jquery update rows of a table when the value of input change
Is there a setting to force HTML edit mode in Eclipse
Jquery: Body background scrolling to the left?
What function and where is $this->getPriceHtml() located?
C# how to return from linq2sql query back to main
jqGrid password confirmation
Access Post Data After Saving Settings With Wordpress Settings API
UITableViewCell shows mixed fonts
Is there Binding functionality for Qt (or QtJambi) similar to WPF Binding?
$(鈥�id option鈥�.hide(); not working on safari/chrome?
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: startIndex cannot be larger than length of string
PhoneGap Application Performance evaluation
How to have Japanese characters displayed on a website
CustomXMLParts, Word, and Images
Copying files between servers (without using SCP)
How to get opcodes of a c program
Macro Without Space
Main View eliminates a filter after I create an element from a partial view
Runtime error printing string, even though it works fine in a function
onclick return and javascript
Translations WPF
How important to send Interleaved Vertex Data on ios
Trouble calling bash from within python
Python networkx graph: Do not draw old graph together with new graph
NodeJS stream pausing/resuming does not work with XMLHttpRequest, but works with curl?
In a C# public method, what does the `int` indicate apart from the type integer?
Array Dynamic Menu Logic?
How to use the JScrollPane in Java
android app create table questions
With two tabs open to site, can you tell which tab is active?
android app create table questions
With two tabs open to site, can you tell which tab is active?
How to obtain with PHP the last ID inserted if my primary key does not autoincrement
Why is my ASP.NET Button control not calling the appointed function?
Is there a JavaScript equivalent to a Java Jar or .NET DLL?
In the Lync LcsCdr database I am getting funky user names
Reversing XML nodes in perl
tikz and axes labels
Flash ActionScript 3 - Draw static 3D cube
Disconnect All Users of Room when 鈥淗ost鈥�Disconnects in Socket.IO
Django Field Choices
ActionFilter for Nhibernate Transaction Management is this an ok way to go
how to create json obj or array from div's id's?
afnetworking json into multi dimensional array
AtomicInteger vs synchronized getters/setters
Deleting columns in array with zeros
SugarCRM - Order contacts list by inactivity.
Haskell pattern matching the first, middle section, and last
How do I configure Solr search to get the best match?
C++, delegates, application crashes, unknown reason
Valid zip file in python
Is it wrong to use the fieldset tag without form tag?
Converting APK to JAR [duplicate]
How do I databind to a IGrouping in WPF?
Infinite loop of form submit using jquery event
Pygame drag background image
log4j create file on demand
Modifying items in ComboBox in Windows Forms
Android: Detect when a Horizontal Scroll View has stopped scolling
Any way to show image of a star instead of a RadioButton
Slick2d Animation not working
Lazy loading with RequestFactory
SQL Update with Case, either assign or do nothing
Why am I not getting any results using lxml.etree.parse and tree.xpath in django?
Get attribute based on simple HTML DOM
Using LB_INITSTORAGE with DeleteAllItems?
Location of STS directory on Eclipse plugin install
Setting up replication on MySQL, MySQL won't start
iPhone Protocol Delegate Passing Data
Getting value from text box with JS WYSIWYG editor
Looping through a show and hide function in jquery
Pass the same options to a jQuery function over and over
Android emulator for small screen device
Cannot inherit google.maps.Map V3 in my custom class (Javascript)
Getting a closed beta site w/ FB only Login to work with a Launchrock launding page
Java implementation Design issue
When enable php_pdo_mysql.dll pages stop working
NHibernate Map By Code - Many To Many - Two way navigation
mysql limit number of results for specific column
Recursion with Lists
How to get multiple outputs in ajax?
String Replacing HTML from String in PHP
Finding the total number of set-bits from 1 to n
Exception when making method calls in Pydev Jython console
Having diffculty getting to run in my iPhone
How to set product attribute in Magento programmatically?
run-time const to define array size [duplicate]
Selenium Element Not found even if Selenium populates the id
format to 2 decimal places before adding to array
Pausing setTimeout when .click (jQuery)
Serialization after object removal error (NetDataContractSerializer)
[Q]How to catch Error 404: SRVE0190E
Rewrite URL based on item name
checking for string element in javascript array
Test for Empty Subquery in Join
SQL - need a query to get all distinct message threads given a userID
Preventing kernel timeout on second cuda device (no screen attached)
Extending Python with MyClass
.NET Session - Persist session, even when the user closes the browser
Infuriating gap: How do you get rid of a gap between IMG and surrounding content
uninitialized constant errror in Ruby on Rails
Accepting TCP Connections from Exactly 2 IP Addresses
Deserialize XML to List<T> with XmlRootAttribute
How to restrict Scala method parameter to be classOf[Exception] or classOf[subtype of Exception]
Export from php to doc w/ styles
looking for managed hosting of SQL service with REST-ful JSON
Populate a new column in a dataframe with a lookup from a double matrix
How to create a Rally query for a custom field?
Pathfinding using DFS and java
How to output JSON array in HTML
C# Adding until no <value> left -For-loop
How to iterate over an array returned by a function in Java
Silverlight on Mac - how to debug a Memory Leak?
Click listener firing twice due to nested element
Android.Views.ViewStates.Gone in a CustomListAdapter causing unperdictable results
What is the difference between a Servlet Filter and a Servlet Context Listener?
Trigger the render of a combo box when the other's value is changed in JSF 1.2
Parsing XML to a google map to create multiple markers
Security vulnerability domains from user input, other than SQL statements? [closed]
PHP: Minify crypted value
Set control registers on all cores
Application hashing for updated versions of software
Communicating between cdi session contexts 鈥�with database, will proper cdi context be invoked?
positioning a div element relative to an image
How to get the updated List<Model> after user finished checkbox-selecting
Loading emulator after building source
Android XML Layout overlay
Does created_time allow you to bypass the 30 day limit on stream data?
Max value for a Multi-key Hash
Bash shell scripting syntactical issues: Target is not a directory?
Max value for a Multi-key Hash
Bash shell scripting syntactical issues: Target is not a directory?
label.text won't show the readline
How to check if a division with bcdiv() will produce a finite result?
What is wrong with my algorithm when calculating the sum of a series (x86 Assembly)?
JavaScript, Regex, add leading zero to ALL number contained in string
How do I write a linq to sql query to find records where field name can match one of dynamic number of strings?
Find the balance of transaction of each customer starting after last zero balance to latest balance
How can I acquire a disk's identifier on Windows?
Can android give force close without throwing an exception?
How to determine the length of a .gif animation in milliseconds
Rails 3 virtual attributes used in another Models controller
Referencing one java script library from another
get xStep in onOffsetsChanged in Live Wallpaper
<internal:lib/rubygems/custom_require>:29:in `require': no such file to load 鈥�active_support (LoadError
how to check if a number is a 64 bit integer
Python, how to unroll tuples in lambda?
Facebook SDK Javascript request dialog disappearing on receiver side
SQL query NOT formating data to MM/DD/YYYY