Safely passing read-only data to a new thread
SQL CASE expression returning sets based on multiple modes for null and not null
Footer at bottom of browser except when I scroll
R + Apache? Interactive R graphs and fast collaboration over internet
special characters missing
Does cluetip work on a link at the top right of a page?
Android: appropriate usage of the options menu
make a header full width for browsers
Handling document relationships with T[] instead of T using RavenDB
FileNotFoundException thrown when WinCE tries to find message text for another exception in .NET CF 2.0
How to program the simple task of switching tabs
Symfony2: How to modify the current user's entity using a form?
Sorting an array of objects by a child's attribute
For each loop for a past quiz
Why am I getting a 鈥淐 compiler cannot create executables鈥�(successfully written C code prior to this and compiles that)?
Outlook truncating images
Smarty Tags PHP isset statement
Populate a tableview with contacts from the addressbook in Xcode 4.3
Firefox not passing values from an input text field to a javascript function
Error in call child window function in parent window
html comments in css?
Mysql Query for getting first instance of a element
Find match in callback string - jQuery
Is there a new version of Zend_Tool for ZF2?
How can I get desired queries with these 3 tables [closed]
Is there a standard way to serve pre-gzipped assets in Rails 3.2 on Heroku Cedar?
iPad3 web app splash screen not working in landscape mode
MYSql with alias issue
Visual Studio 2005 does not break on unhandled exceptions, instead vshost crashes
MKPinAnnotationView - different actions in different Pins
MKPinAnnotationView - different actions in different Pins
Need assistance retrieving all the tasks for a HierarchicalRequirement using the .NET Rest API
Matplotlib artist to stay same size when zoomed in but ALSO move with panning?
beginner: django json cache-control IE progressbar
Json Array not properly generated
Can I pass 鈥渢his鈥�as a parameter to another function in javascript
Access form_tag submitted params
Is there any way to disable the beforeSend event for a single ajax call?
Publication on facebook App --> OK but invisible on facebook page
Targeting clicked div with jquery
What's the simplest way to deploy a Grails-generated WAR file?
Android: How to programmatically make an Activity Window transluscent?
How can I upgrade to Autoconf 2.6.2 or higher on Mac OS X 10.6?
Aggregating MoreLikeThis Results in RavenDB
Rails 3 - save few models with foreign keys in same time
Updating/Refreshing a Gridview once a row has been deleted Using UpdatePanel. ASP.NET C# AJAX
Direct2D gradient along geometry path
Trying to create a 3 dimensional vector in c++
How to submit a Quote (') sign in SQL
Mysterious data type conversion to another data type error
How to upload file on GAE with GWT?
dynamic content not loading with jquery mobile
exit edit mode and update nav bar items
Android screen size compatibility
Elisp: How to delete an element from an association list with string key
Accessing user roles client side
I need to loop through rows and check checkbox in a datagrid in silverlight
productions for Sable CC parser generator
Event with locked / hidden wall? how? deprecated? hidden parameter?
Running Functions From a Library File
Can I pull content from a specific webpage in objective c?
How to 4 line from current line in VBScript
Telerik MVC controls still loading jQuery Validation even after setting it not to
Is there an 鈥渋nfinite dictionary鈥�in Python?
filling UITableView with JSON data won't work
GlassFish hosting service for a website [closed]
C assembly programming
How to import an image based on a variable value or value-of result
Relative Positioning pushes Link Text down
iPhone - get data from YAJLiOS parser
Can I filter message from a window in a different thread?
Cancellable threading.Timer in Python
Upgrading phpmyadmin (and other packages) on Debian Squeeze
connection pooling: retrieve lost DB connection
Integrate Stanford NER in my application/ call web service
Crontab with Ruby script returning error code 1
Searching through a BST
How to run mobile version of a website?
How can I retrieve the sub domain in a servlet? Does spring have any helpers
php fetching mysql table date not outputting numbers
Django MPTT get related objects
Can I recreate a temp table after dropping it?
Cross-domain response.redirect with URL rewrite rules and SSL certificate
PHP Root namespace
hibernate annotations : Could not find a setter for property empty in class java.util.Set
(Internal)CA signed certificate on WebLogic &same CA cert(public key) on my machine. Browser still doesn't trust
zend framework layouts
SplashScreen for Flash
java: newbie on indexing object arrays
How do I set any layout(width,height) for tv?
How to find a class instance in a running JVM
Sending printer specific commands
Can't do reverse DNS lookup on Android
Difference of data per day
Default Focus and Keyboard to EditText in Android AlertDialog
Django - ChoiceField Spanning Multiple Forms
Rails, MongoID and embedded relations
Draw a tree with Qt
Is there standard Option or Nullable class in Java?
How to work with SVN 1.7 repositories using Netbeans 7.1?
Plese write a solution for a prolog task
Can you use canvas.getContext('3d')? If yes, how?
how to display the spinner selected values to text view in another activity
eventDrop in Full calendar jquery
Making JSF pages always responsive & functional even after the view state is lost
Send email alert when mySQL field equals a value
Android Dialog with custom layout squishing components together
Maven: Making Jars With Dependencies: Example From Book Doesn't Work
Ruby: stack level too deep (SystemStackError) implementing merge sort with inversions counting
EF many-to-many madness
mysql/rails spreadsheet url parsing
ASP.NET Accessing Interface methods, query on how method contents are called
Adding users to AD using LDAP
css 3d animation, how?
swapping vector element with a pointer from one derived class to another
Is there a way to allow only unique values in a column of an Infragistics UltraWinGrid?
Mysql find date range
TCP Server : 鈥淥nly one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted.鈥�
How to use XSLT to transform an XML feed?
Monitor changes in user entry
rails 3 mongoid and countries gem
How to move sub-headings to under other headings in emacs org-mode
How to print a FlowDocument on a single page with different page sizes?
How can I do consecutive destructive addition/subtraction?
Navigation Bar set to be invisible, but when back button is clicked it appears
Trying to insert a digital signature line in a docx file
Action works with POST, but not with GET (query string)
Django permalink not working for blog app
Selecting multiple radio buttons
Convert from unsigned char array to double
How to retrieve token from acs using client certificate?
Java compile-time class resolution
Handling multiple threads that need UI access
Linux, how to execute an executable / non-executable file?
How can I communicate with the Kronos API?
Passing Values from php web page to javascript variable
How do I grab an Image or bitmap from the android camera using c#
Missing table borders in FF
Accessing private field in Java class from another class
jQuery AJAX requests time out after first request
How to add *.a files into repository using svnX?
Using .trigger() on a dynamically created element
setTimeout and setInterval not working as expected
eBay PHP HTTP POST Request?
Show a clock during execution of script
How do you loop a thread?
How can I cast or convert the result of two unix time data types to int in mySQL
GCD Dispatched Operation Not Running When App is Placed in Background
Alternatives to appearance proxy for Table Cells' UILabel setFont
How do I define a method which can accept different sequences of arguments?
How to turn off iPhone keypad for a specified input field on web page
Android DialogFragment fails in 2.3, works in 2.2 and 4.0.3
progressBar and refresh webview combination android
How I get a Set<Object> using QueryDSL?
Can't render primefaces components
Android VideoView Error 1,0
Linux, Eclipse CDT run as su
First python screen scraping and smtp script won't evaluate properly
Combining jquery functions - on() hover/mouseenter/mouseleave
Transfering a dynamically allocated matrix in a method of a class in C++
How can I remove trailing whitespace only on changed lines in a pre-commit git hook?
When clicked on a Button, the application is force closed
OOP vs JavaScript
Git push is set 'upstream' in conf, but want to use 'matching' occasionally
Cache Simulator in Java, Implementing Data Block
making a patcher / downloading and running exe files silent
Click to populate Canvas Backgound with an Image?
Finding records not in a join 鈥�Efficiently
Shell script to recursively rename filenames with special characters escaped?
Creating a collection of SelectListItem with LINQ
How to force a delegate type to not hold any information?
Converting NSMutableArray to Array of custom objects in sudzc
Java Battleships Issues
.NET: Serializing object to a file from a 3rd party assembly (to make Selenium WebDriver faster)
Kadane algorithm, first, shortest, positive subarray
What is the lookup time complexity of HashSet<T>(IEqualityComparer<T>)?
Finding Member Position in a JS Object
How to load sprites in cocos2d correctly?
Color banding only on Android 4.0+
'name' AR attribute returning class name and id not working
How do I set the name of the stored procedure in the database using StoredProcedure after creating
retrieving the client source port on a HTTPD -> Tomcat setting
MySQL how can I achieve this query?
Trello API: determine when a card changed lists?
Best practices for exposing types over the web
send data from iphone to azure
Eclipse code runs fine, jar not
WMPLib: player.mediaCollection.getAll().count is always 0
Installing older version of php5-postgresql using Macports
Problems with SerialPort class in .NET
How can I use sftp and mput with Python?
How to set placeholders on UITableView rows?
STL library vs JCF framework
Send POST request using CURL command and retrieve using PHP
differentiate mkvirtualenv and mkproject for virturalenvwrapper
Is there a faster way to check blocks of IPs with PHP
Delphi - how do I find out which modal dialog has focus and bring it to the front?
How to stretch the image in ImageView?
Celery design help: how to prevent concurrently executing tasks
C++ variable can be accessed in constructor, but not in function
Purpose of mediaPlaybackAllowsAirPlay property on UIWebView
Which OOP pattern to use to 鈥渢rigger鈥�application events
Is 鈥渞esource/1/edit鈥�RESTful?
Can I invoke the doGet method and retrieve information from a servlet?
Form validation, error placement boolean
How should one maintain a database connection in an ASP.NET MVC application?
schema or reference for maven-metadata.xml in maven 3 (specifically for <latest/>, <release/>)?
Can SoundManager2 use Flash as a backup for the same sounds if HTML5 is not available?
WebRequest not responding on IIS 6
Remove single quotation character from string c++
Finalize calling class method
鈥渢agNameFormat鈥�property is not applied in Maven Release plugin
SQL Server last called stored procedures with parameters
Silverlight as a desktop app?
How to tell if Flash AS3 is running in desktop or mobile browser
Representing that a Property Is Different from Another Object
C#. How to inject multiple instances of a dependency inside an object?
ggplot2 Color Scale Over Affected by Outliers
OpenDs db location
dynamic minimum spanning tree
Trying to create browser within a browser - using AJAX to browse a site without actually redirecting, but running into recursive problems. Help?
C2DM - error response from Google endpoint: MismatchSenderId
Set value of a NSDictionary in a NSDictionary
Page ready not firing on ajax load more posts
No data returned when SSL enabled for REST server in services module
Calculate angle (gradient) from a vector with x-axis
Regular Expression to strip away single quotes and preserve apostrophes
Common HTTPclient and proxy
Extjs 4 drag and drop proxy z-index issue
Creating a board game with javascript [closed]
Canvas Translate Routine to Move Along a Hexagonal Path
dereferencing iterator causes 'can not convert' error when it seems it shouldn't
Async web processing using Goliath
When i encrypt a file, how can prevent the file's icon from being encrypted?
Finding and replacing words with asterisks, in a text file output
Remove an amount from a string - Javascript
Convert SQL Server 2008 to MySQL
Comparing string to other strings sequencially
Link to top of the page in HTML whilst not refreshing the page
How can I save network credentials to the Windows credentials cache/vault?
Keeping a Jquery script from breaking others
How to save timestamp and user in comments column
Extract variable number of columns for a matrix
Upload and process KML file in Google AppEngine
Object.destroy generates ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
How to connect to MySQL using PHP/MySQLi and SSL?
Why does the root never change and why am I getting a bad access error?
A thread-safe template context processor in Django?
Webmethods :can we remove an element from the documentList while looping through it
Can Dynamic LINQ be made compatible with Entity Complex Types?
DbDataController in MVC4 UpdateEntity failing
Java GUI application?
issue to pass w3c validator [duplicate]
Grails: updating hibernate after externally loading data
When application close, will DB connection close instantly?
How to accept an arraylist into a method
Anyone have code examples for storing web sessions in mysql for cherrypy 3.2.2?
JS Reveal/Hide toggle
Git: How to revert my local branch to the remote branch state?
C++ docking windows
Adjusting padding to fit [closed]
Boot a native OS on the harddisk as a virtual machine
Can the web host disable meta tag redirection
Many alternative Fortran interfaces to single C function with iso_c_bindings
Login to appengine from android client
Overriding a Cufon Font
segment fault in realloc() on loop
Why do I get a Matlab Builder NE exception with supposedly supported toolbox?
Find and replace text in Powerpoint 2010 from Excel 2010 with VBA
setting margins on relative layout doesnt work
MySQL Clustering. Update of database at Data & SQL Nodes
How to modify my strpos statement to target only the exact string
Metro design on my projects
SQL Command not properly ended?
JavaScript variable value to PHP variable
Error on Android's rawQuery()
How to implement a fault-tolerant web client?
PHP New line will NOT print
RequireJS define Browser Race Condition
Stumped right off the bat with GAE Python
PHP New line will NOT print
RequireJS define Browser Race Condition
Stumped right off the bat with GAE Python
Devise separate sign out for two different models
Invalid access error when trying to access a pointer to an object in a vector
Should an event publisher clone the data passed in the EventArgs to prevent subscribers from changing the data?
How to show all privileges from a user in oracle
RoR: instances variables within controller methods
Can I not use Global vars in R? [duplicate]
ORM, CRUD and inserting records with many to many relations using FuelPHP
Why is my rich:dataTable not rendering?
Reverse Engineer a program working as a webservice, the future? [closed]
how to create and open the hyperlink in code?
Incompr茅hensible crash
How to get two objects each from an ajax call and compare them?
Floating point rounding
DataGridView Cell Alignment Won't Work
Wildcard error in iteration of a bash script - Shell
iOS augmented reality library with simple 鈥渆vents鈥�system
how to make firefox or any other xulrunner based app float above all other windows in mac 10.6 and above?
Deleting the set substring from string
Cin until end of input
How to create a Flex image with transparent border and rounded corners?
How to install C++11 C++0x header files on Redhat Enterprise
Cannot send email to receipients outside local network on Exchange server with
3D Ellipsoid out of discrete units
Importing .js disables jQuery Mobile CSS styles
Summarize the list into a comma-separated string
masstransit semver error on rake build
Visual Studio 2005 assert fires, bad call stack [closed]
SoapSender & SoapEnvelope
IE8 Post Body Becomes Empty after form submission
Getting package name from application name in android [duplicate]
How to do a special shuffle function in php
PHP How to echo the result of a fetch outside a while-loop
still got nothing after can display documentation in Documentation, appledoc
Keep two files in sync in the same SVN repository?
iOS OTA Distribution 鈥渦nable to download鈥�immediately upon clicking the link
Dynamic content layout structure with PHP/MySQL
Segue not being performed ios
Problems Binding MouseDoubleClick via M-V-MV Design Pattern
How to merge the result of this 2 queries in mysql server
Django - CheckboxSelectMultiple without list?
How to get the package name where error is triggered in Oracle Forms 6i
How to update nested data from a PUT request
php form doesn't work on IE
How Can I Use ojAlgo To Solve Quadratic Programming (QP) in Java?
Error obfuscating .jar used by a project library
Why don't all the readline shortcuts work in psql (or IRB, or the Rails console)?
creating a public repo with submodules
Why does AudioServicesCreateSystemSoundID throw an exception internally but return 0 as an error code?
Slow load facebook canvas app when click on links (if target top)
Flex SQLite Display SUM() result
Unusual C++ linker error - 'Defined in discarded section'
Multiple JavaScript Issue
Toolbar sethidden=TRUE, sethidden=FALSE
How to pull a branch deletion in git?
Can I do a JSONP request with POST?
setting the missing values of dictionary with default value python
htmlentities on all text nodes of XHTML doc
Symfony2 UniqueEntity validation constraint as concatenation?
scrollable div inside container
Warning 1264 Out of range value adjusted for column (datetime column)
is there a better way to test this method?
Android Google maps get current location not working
generics with IL?
Is it safe to use constructor attribute to set X's error handler?
ICSharpCode.Decompiler + Mono.Cecil -> How to generate code for a single method?
Store external page source in Javascript variable?
Toggle menu issue
Permission to save database [duplicate]
HTML5 Audio tag on Safarihas a delay
Rails 3 - save few models which belongs to each other by nested attributes
Varchar datatype as primary key in in many-to-many relationship
opencv accessing color element of CV_32FC3 BGR cv::Mat
Why am I getting error Undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass with Ruby on Rails?
sql calling custom function - tsql
Can multiple C# apps use one App.Config file?
python: reading subprocess output in threads
Javascript onblur affect from text box input to iframe?
In Struts2 Interceptors getting exception on an instance variable that is properly get/set in the interceptor
stop bouncing markers after all markers load
default_style not working in Paperclip on Rails 3.2.1
Create chamfer radius natively with CSS3
Is there a built in type in C# that contains a bool and a string for static method return?
Symfony2: assetic declared twice in deps
Compiling (javac) a UTF8 encoded Java source code with a BOM
Weird linker error gcc when following simple kernel tutorial
Conditionally run the methods of a class on a separate thread
What is wrong with this JSON string? Using Rails and ActiveSupport to decode
UIScrollView and Cocos2D 2.0
PHP memcached session expires out of the blue
In Django, when setting db_index to false for a field or removing 'db_index=True', does the index for the field get removed?
Jquery .data(), how to retrieve elements with matching values?
Conceptually, how does database sharding differ from a federation
confusing OPTIONAL - disappearing records
how to use event.addListener with multiple street view panormas
How to inject spring beans into spock test
Android Location Manager returning null pointer Exception
public field of a class not visible in its subclass [duplicate]
What are uses for reflection? (e.g the Java Reflection API) [duplicate]
How to wrap a 鈥渄iv鈥�tag around a polygon in an SVG using jQuery
iPhone - sqlite not working after updating table
Simplest way to get a relational, persistent, SQL-type database done in Java
How to simulate disabled button with custom button tag?
Removing/Adding a specific variable from an object inside javascript array?
FusionTables deprecating numeric table ids
Play! framework form binding error
Rewrite rules not firing for rules matching multiple instance methods
html5 audio: play sounds 鈥渋nstantly鈥�on ipad when clicked?
What is Parse Tree cache object type in sql server
I'm trying to insert data with contentValues to my sqlite database with android
JQGrid post data during edit
Nested web browser?
DirectX in C++ how to render a different texture on two objects
Composite key being saved as null
Calculate one <td> x another <td> in jQuery
Rails Sessions and SiteMinder/SSO
Displaying ajax response using coldfusion and jquery
Convert an array into an arraylist [duplicate]
check box click event is not working
Get image to float to the right of a number of divs
How to display users facebook news feed after retriving with graph API graphically (not as array) ??
AJAX polling and looping
Reading parameters in an SDL Tridion 2011 publish dialog extension
need starting point on an ORDER BY
Windows phone app test on difference devices
iOS 5.0 - Pass NSMutableArray from Helper Class to View Controller
Best way to split a vector into two smaller arrays?
WPF DataGrid two-way source binding to List<DataClass> programmatically
What is the difference between theses two methods in roleprovider?
Fill a list from a generator
Silverlight ContextMenu was not found
Lambda Expression to filter a list of list of items
Rails 3: Chaining `has_many` relations with conditions on the last table, without excessive queries
Displaying raw text in HTML like a text editor
Using classes from gwt-search.jar
Python searching a dataset
what is the best way to show menu with mvc?
How to setenv based on sed results (for gnome-keyring-daemon)
javascript add number of input fields equal to the number of months
How to get all href values 鈥嬧�in an html page using PHP [closed]
default namespace for an ASP.NET project in vs2008
Whats the equivalent to String鈥�in scala
How to add opencv window in pygtk?
What is the best way to let access to physical files in ASP.NET MVC3
Why are checkmarks not being displayed when UITableView.allowsMultipleSelection is enabled?
continuous image swap while mouse is hovering
Can't write PCM data to wav file
SQL Server split CSV into multiple rows
continuous image swap while mouse is hovering
Can't write PCM data to wav file
SQL Server split CSV into multiple rows
Not receiving final data from stream
Using the correct third party 32bit or 64bit assembly
How can I make an exact replica of a UIComponent? (iPad)
Javadoc not Found [duplicate]
Codeigniter/Facebook SDK logic about login
xmpp client with server ejabberd
Jquery cycling through array - there must be a better way
how to get approval status field value in sharepoint client object model
Why does my command not execute immediately unless I use MessageBox.Show()?
Why do enum permissions often have 0, 1, 2, 4 values?
Packet corruption and UDP
How to pass variable from background_page to tab in Google Chrome extension
Entity Framework vs. ADO.NET [closed]
how to prevent double trigger between touch and mouse events
Format ptime object for string output
jQuery load() not passing complete string in url
GridBagLayout not showing JTextArea, and showing panel in center
update delete listview items
How to add an icon to an existing exe file (without an icon by default)?
.Click work with id? [closed]
Design tabhost in Eclipse
Why should I never use 0 in a flag enum [duplicate]
wrong encoding with JSF input
Perform an assignment and an operation using a ternary operator + && in Objective-C?
Why urlfetch can't download HackerNews RSS-feed (DownloadError: ApplicationError: 2)?
Rails 3.1 Pass Parameter from View to controller
PHP site doesn't validate with W3C, due to PHPSESSID
Struts2 - The requested list key 'Products' could not be resolved
How do I make a git branch's upstream reference be read-only?
PopupWindow from ListView's setOnItemClickListener not shown
How to disable if observableArray array has no matching index with Knockout JS
Simplest Visual Studio That Supports C# and F#
How to use Twitter-Bootstrap hover popover with Rails
Trigger in SQL Server 2008 R2
jquery.tokeninput required
Does Select-Object modify the input?
want to make relations(between Event and Files)
Rails Webbrick simultaneous connections are they supposed to stack?
Deserialize array values to form using jquery.deserialize
Windows Batch file error: 'unexpected at this time' error
Keyboard focus for flash on all browsers
Modal window not being dismissed
Serialization of Parallel integers file not generated automatically Eclipse [duplicate]
why am i seeing the close button twice when using cluetip
prevent scrolling during html5 canvas touchmove event
boost::thread compilation error
JTree drop index between nodes
Saving formatted date strings to the database in Rails3?
Android cant reach 鈥渟etOnClickListener鈥�method by using getMethod ,getMethods,getDeclaredMethod
How to assign stringid (dynamic) using strings.xml
HTML5 localStorage loading user-input variable
After pushing to a review repository, 鈥渁bort: can't rebase immutable changeset鈥�on rebase
How do I get / retrieve my REST data using ember-data?
can skype uri get my contact list?
Using userid/role in SSRS report
How to add html to the page inside a Razor if statement in a foreach?
fusiontables limits
Editing a bitmap in Android 2.3
JSF: Disable submit button after click and before submit
Hardware-accelerated Bing Maps鈥�not accelerated?
SMTP tunnel forwarding
Activity Indicator is not showing with SVProgressHUD
Connecting application to a google store
Why does the output of each printf in this code vary? [duplicate]
Drag&Drop list that sets model properties based on order?
How do I get position x and y from jQuery ui draggable?
How to use accordion using telerik control
Hpple implementation/Unrecognized selector
How could I tie Rails user authentication/authorization to existing permissions within a MySQL database server?
UITableView on DetailView of SplitView doesn't load it's data
Verify string presence in encrypted database
AIR file too big, breaks during installation
Fields overflow in IE on windows only
What Does MixPanel Offer that I can't get on Google Analytics?
Filter drop-down options w/ jQuery
Working with Named Pipes in WCF, PipeException thrown?
PHP Mail HTML Comment Form Variables
How do I determine if a Field in stores integers?
Export X509Certificate2 to byte array with the Private key
How to specify whitespace in findstr on Windows?
Subqueries to JOIN while keeping logic
How can I change the layout manager of my JFrame after startup?
How Vector<Vector> Receipt used as JasperReports DataSource with Java?
What programming languages, skills, i should learn to get a good programmer job [closed]
Add values to array via foreach
PHP HTTP Header end (or detect CR LF)
command expansion: how to convince eshell I'm not trying to execute an elisp expression?
How do I replace ActiveX functionality with HTML5
Object has no attribute - Pyramid
Secure Java from reverse-engineering using industry grade encryption
Failed to create object of derived class in some cases
Javascript add operation [duplicate]
mvc3 passing paramter from view to jquery
Handling listbox item selected
Revoke Celery task with SQS
jQuery - Add and Remove class
This jQuery block creates a strange loop by some error
Clojure : loading dependencies at the REPL
Issue with Android libraries and project
build multiple projects and clean multiple projects in a single build file with ANT
C# MAF Activate AddIn without locking dll
How can I find the euclidean 鈥渮one鈥�that a point on a 2D graph falls on?
Need a Context-Free grammar with 5 times as many of one character as the other
how do I pass a variable from one script to another
returning back to same page if validation fails in grails
Selective Virtualization in WP7 Listbox with VirtualizingStackPanel
Matlab - how to create a subclass of dataset class keeping the dataset parameter constructor
Adding image file check security to Valums Ajax Uploader
Rally software cardboard with only a iteration dropdown and defects cards
JPA/Hibernate inheritance while loading: IllegalArgumentException, try to set wrong subclass
ios block w/self = endless loop
How can I selectively access elements returned by a Perl subroutine?
EF 4.3.1 Migrations - Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string
EJB 3 CMT How to rollback first transaction without rollback sub-transactions?
Using decorated models in Cucumber
Does conditional logic work under the default knockout.js 2.0 template engine?
Name of this algorithm, and is there a numpy/scipy implementation of it?
GWT text with different colors
how do I easily test the case where my C# application can't find an external assembly?
How to return true with a recursive function
32-bit Windows service writing to the 64-bit registry. (AutoAdminLogon Keys)
Drop lowest input from Array?
Text to Speech(TTS) JAVA API for mobile/blackberry applications
How to skip quotes from code igniter active record update in order to use if condition in update?
Knockout JS: Increase a property value
Python String Literals and Escape Sequence
GIT : how to create a patch without commit
Issue with SQL Plus
Facebook JS - FB.api() only posts message, not media attachment
Easiest way to scrap webpages to save to .csv
Render mail in html page
How can I set the AppData folder for a new process?
Highlighting text with str_ireplace()
jQuery: $.post doesn't get 200 response from server inside click event
Server-side word automation
storing files on iCloud and distributing them to all app users
Sprite example from AndEngine's example project, looks pixelated when imported to my own project
Why Windows C++ muti-threading IOPS is much faster than IOMeter?
Android: 3 TextViews, middle one should be vertically centered
Getting an NSwindow from Air extension
Caching dynamic images loaded via PHP/AJAX/JSON/jQuery
Wordpress order asc by custom metabox not working
Authentication with Facebook (PHP SDK) and Codeigniter
Is there any way to delay Qt QEvent?
OpenLayers - Updating initialize method of Class call
Xcelsius XML Data connection using .aspx page Error #2032
Xcelsius XML Data connection using .aspx page Error #2032
Rails: Run code before ActiveRecord model retrieval
Dictionary get method behaviour
classic asp server.transfer error
User-Defined UML Data Types in Visio 2010
Graphical utility for defining a relational database structure for Java
Timer function in c# ATM simulator
Transaction across 2 databases, hibernate + JPA in a standalone java application
Combine scripts to reduce HTTP requests 鈥�Invasion Of The Body Switchers
Need help to understand accelerometer code
EWS: How to get the appointment info of a resource (room) which was added to a meeting?
How to differ mouseout/leave events by side on jquery?
How to upload multiple files with caption for each file in ASP.NET
Issue Presenting View modally after a UISplitView loads
The fastest large queue mechanism for read/write
How do I get weblogic to pick up login module jaas.config from inside ear file?
how to get coordinates of the center of the viewed area in google maps using Google Maps JavaScript API v3
How to get XML via Jsoup with element im:image?
Using state_machine
Is it possible to include all Thrust headers at once?
For each loop for extracting data
Restricting access to static files in Django/Nginx
how can I set the xaml content in viewmodel
Adding 'install_requires' to when making a python package
Implementing non member functions
Best of both worlds: python packaging for a game
Adding Power Point Slide Show To Page
2-legged OAuth Security for RestFul API for Jersey
Python String 鈥淢odifiers鈥�
MVC Code First Connection String. I changed it. How do I reinitialize the database?
How to get Reachability Notifications in iOS in Background when dropping Wi-Fi network?
Retrieve bounce notification / report in php
Better way to align bottom right
How do you use RightJS widgets within an existing JQuery app?
Doctrine2 - Inheritance mapping, querying sub-classes
NSURLConnection on device changes protocol from https to http
JavaScript validation for Symfony 2 forms
404 on Wordpress post permalinks
Adding a property to list<T> at runtime
Malformed AJAX request? Where's the issue?
2's complement data representation
How do I restart an android emulator?
How to gently drag panel from offscreen like JetBlue iPhone app
Debug Azure application without using Azure Storage Emulator
Joining two NodeLists in required way
Using VBOs/IBOs in OpenGL ES 2.0 on Android
Dumping Microsoft SQL database to file using command line
Complete step-by-step example of using jQuery Mobile's 鈥渟lider鈥�widget?
HTML/ CSS/ DropDown onClick alteration
Returning values from a custom dialog view
HTML/ CSS/ DropDown onClick alteration
Returning values from a custom dialog view
Xcode Organizer - The service is invalid
How to stop unloading the page?
Display context menu when item is right clicked in DataGridViewComboBoxCell when in edit mode
How to sort an array of items as numbers?
Gnuplot: Plotting from a data file
Metro App Certification
Unsorted list: load images or divs on demand
How would I prevent JQuery from selecting more than 1 level of children dom elements?
Python NameError, works fine on other machines
I have two files that have the same character (' n' or 10 in ASCII) but display differently. Why is this?
how to remove data from hashtable for a particular date
make a URL short
Ternary Expression with Interfaces as a Base Class
From XCode 4.2 to 4.3, new ViewController class .m files are defined differently. Why?
Rails: Modify URL in view and refresh with that new value
Is this nasty recursion possible in T-SQL?
how to put same two attribute a HTML element?
Need help figuring out a LINQ query w/ EF
Crafting Rails Chapter 7: MultiJson::DecodeError - 756: unexpected token at '鈥淰alidation failed: %{errors}鈥�:
Building web services in 2012. What SOAP version to choose? [closed]
c++ command line with system calls
How do the GUI toolkits communicate with the window managers on Linux?
List<Map<String, String>> vs List<? extends Map<String, String>>
<A>nchor's href being overridden by containing <div>'s onclick
PIL, im.getdata() returns tuple of different sizes
.click function .load not working
left brace 鈥渰鈥�error in c++
Get database path
Force lost focus
How do you extract hierarchical data from XML into multidimensional arrays with Javascript/jQuery?
Linq - getting a value from a string
Specifying Package Name When Using Maven to Generate Java from WSDL
File upload size issue in
How to filter on multiple SubItems in ObjectListView
How to traverse multiple many to many associations in activerecord
Round to the nearest 500, Python
iPad app landscape launches root view controller with portrait dimension
TFS Override the latest change
Android: Layout Files Margin/Padding Shortcuts
Wordpress page slug conflicts with media library item
How do I put items into a const vector?
Count text fields T-SQL
How to avoid malicious requests vulnerability
htaccess redirect to https if https is original destination
KnockoutJs How can I get the `if` binding to work inside of a template block?
PhP/HTML play button
Multi language GUI - internationalization
Entity Framework Navigable Property Not Set to Instance of Object?
Cannot insert html code to an array
Most efficient way to swap two array values in Perl
How to change facebook login button with my custom image
Android adding Listener with resources to many buttons
Using KMZ Files in Google Maps
How can I group Client Entities in MS Dynamics
form_tag after success Rails 3
Git tab autocompletion is useless, can I turn it off or optimize it?
c# Thread.Sleep() into Timer
Rails 2.3 - How to make all URL's end with a forward slash 鈥�鈥�character?
SSRS matrix report issue with multiple column group
Aidl 鈥渓inking鈥� license compatibility issues?
Callback from delegate to sender results in EXC_BAD_ACCESS error
How to convert pdf text that uses embedded fonts c#
Android Screenshot API with dialogs and toasts, who is their parent?
Return Tuple<bool, string> instead of throwing exception()?
Taking each item in a list and writing them on a text file
Is it possible to directly reference a many-to-many table using entity framework, code first
update DataGrid when JsonRestStore has new data
Show or hide a div using Javascript and/or CSS?
How to avoid memory leak in handler?
remove all items from hastable collecton
iOS Trouble applying animation to UISearchBar
how to manipulate photos from album on iPhone?
How do I resolve Python site-package dependency?
play framework NoClassDefFoundError
difference maven build in same pom file.
Popup on gridview cell hover
Converting Where from LINQ clause to dynamic LINQ
How to use jQuery to check whether the first letter of a label element is a * and if it is, change it s colour?
Automatic login to JSF application on revisits, after once logged in
How to set environment variables and call a perl script with parameters in python subprocess.popen?
How to track any object creation in Java since freeMemory() only reports long-lived objects?
objective-c can't assign NSURL property to subclassed NSObject
Xcode save a PDF as Image?
advance z-index with positioning drop-down menu over higher div z-index
Normalizing IP addresses
what actually is scripting language? [closed]
Windows Server AppFabric Custom Configuration Provider Issues
Cocoa: POSTing a (very) large file
Oracle - Select the latest distinct record from table
Can you make <label> tags keyboard-focusable in Safari/Chrome/old Firefox?
cannot pass dos path and to preserve it in cygwin command line
AppiRater - properties and update of app
Generic constraints that allow Type to be 2 different classes
convert char array to enum array?
While scrolling jquery iphone
RoR : button instead of link_to does not go to the same page
What is the `<>` symbol in brightscript?
Manually login into website with Typheous
RoR : button instead of link_to does not go to the same page
What is the `<>` symbol in brightscript?
Manually login into website with Typheous
Session Variable Size Increase in PHP Mysql Codeigniter app
WCF service dual impersonation?
How do I reference the current instance in the c'tor in F#?
changing SharedPreferences default value in app update
jquery focus didn't work
value in AR model - how to check all scenarios
Does we cache web service in java?
how to use switch?
NSXmlParser parse XML
How to apply security on a folder using web.config file?
mongoid_taggable not working
zodb: database conflict fail
Where is Apple's talking robot Cocoa demo?
Android : ListView cell seems to draw incorrectly
What should be my PHP instruments now, in 2012? [closed]
Rvm: Cannot uninstall bundler 1.1.0
How to debug ARC deleting an object when it shouldn't
sentry, raven and django celery
How do you run Web Tests during a Team Build (for TFS 2010)?
Scaling with AChartEngine
Font size too big in ie9
Should I use data for autocomplete from xml files directly or upload to GAE datastore?
Entity framework pipeline
Creating a generic Numeric class in C++
interestOps throws IllegalArgumentException
How do I get the hot spot from a .cur file in objective c on MAC Cocoa?
Python program erroring out with 鈥渕aximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a python object鈥�
How can I display this image at its original size, but only display it within a specific element? [closed]
How to link 2 versions of libc in to the same application? Membership.ValidateUser() Can it be more specific?
using backtracking to find word in a matrix
android and googlemaps in webview
JTextArea - maintain clipboard functionality after setting TransferHandler 3.5 namespace of website?
ArrayList unexpected out of boundary result
Parse string to valid php object
Bindingsource sort by column value, datagridview
js does not work - Controller and js file
Detect all clicks from within a WinForms MainMenu Control
What is wrong with this simple F# block?
Increasing file size upload in WP (already tried to edit php.ini and .htaccess)
How to get models in separate file?
git tag vs. release/beta branches?
email notification for sent or not
Android - How to make two Async calls in one Activity?
Gstreamer fluid rtp (MPEG2 TS) playback
Parse email to unique text
How to get element and html from js function with jquery
How do I get the maximum value in a comma separated field in MySQL?
Is there any way to look up the controller and method names from a request in Play Framework 2.0
Placement of Business Logic in MVC
iphone - Can't find the 鈥渄eveloper鈥�tab after updating to iOS 5.1
How to create a collection class containing list of abstract elements
How to call a certain method in each action method of all controller classes in Magento?
why eclipse open another emulator?
htaccss redirection
Draw a sprite over the CameraCaptureTask in WP7 (XNA or Silverlight)
.NET Bitmap Object
Python multi-threading: How to keep daemon thread running
Scala library to convert numbers (Int, Long, Double) to/from Array[Byte]
Control datetime format on MySQL dump/import
Why does accessing my NSMutableArray become faster once I've added more objects to it?
Boost Filesystem 鈥�enumerating devices?
floating point list generator [duplicate]
Find how high up the camera is looking with a rotation Matrix
GDB: backtrace full, in HEX
Good Practice for Templated Classes and Handling Unwanted Type Declarations
Enable all textfields in UITableViewCell when in Edit mode
DFS java pathfinding problems
PHP Get dimensions of images in dir
What does C#'s Marshal.ReadInt32(IntPtr) mean in Delphi?
Problems with calling an assembly function from C
Entity Framework generates a second left join in a one-to-one (optional/required) relationship
Can Drupal be used as a shell for custom web apps?
SQLite3::SQLException: ambiguous column name: id: SELECTDISTINCT id FROM 鈥渢ickets鈥�
How to use RedirectToAction while passing view model to a view with different route
How to transload a file from URL to Amazon S3 [closed]
How to get list of strings from string using a pattern?
How would you tell Django to return ImageField.url (not relative path) when serializing a model?
Good Engine for Multi-Tenant, Multi-User Web Applications [closed]
Scroll bar does not move when sorting options in MultiSelect
Dynamically add or remove input box in jquery
UITableView Cell Image Gets Larger On Click
Why am I not able to run reloadData?
Is there a cleaner way to filter by key's value?
How to track any object instantiation on my JVM with Runtime.freeMemory() and GC
How to set preferIPv4Stack property for JNLP app?
I must be a heretic for wanting a C# browser with both NewWindow2 and GetElementsByTagName
Strange behavior when setting rails version in environment.rb
Single referrer traffic .htaccess
PHP charset issue
String replace with regex
Transferring text from iFRAME to a textarea using js or jqry
how to include javax.jms.* in eclipse?
Rails 3 - Factory girl gem - belongs_to and has_one relation
External web resources without subdirectories
Dynamically Generated Telerik MVC3 Grid - Add Checkboxes
call a javascript function inside<script=鈥渢ext/javascript鈥�src=鈥�example.js鈥�gt;
Print preview is repeating tfoot on each page
Is it possible to add an offset of text to the UITextView?
Reversed datapoints on Flot graph data
How to work with different file formats in carrierwave
About junit test suite [duplicate]
Flex error Server.Acknowledge.Failed: Didn't receive an acknowledge message
UVa_11151(Longest Palindrome)
PECL OAuth library for PHP - Works in browser, cant compile manually
Android: Weird crash on Activity Launch. To do with XML layout ordering
understanding ruby class attributes, using accessor macros and self
Array Formula using Large Excel
Is there an equivalent of partial application for return values?
bubble sort a character array in alphabetic order in c
Absolute first time using scheme, Simple list manipulation
Constructor not being called when creating logger java
localtime.js not working on elements created after ajax
action script 3 class & mxml file
Multiple monitors code testing
How to delete all files stored by a previous version of iPhone app?
Script to find text datatypes in SQL Server
Zend Application from Sub directory getting Zend layout links working correctly
Best practice for language-independent strings
Public site with wildcat certificate for testing
Bukkit saving player inventory
Resources$NotFoundException in built-in Android resource?
converting from HTML to Wordpress.. not sure why CSS styling was lost/isn't working?
404 Custom error IIS setup
GDB corrupted stack frame - How to debug?
Licensing code written in proprietary language
Grails Melody plugin no longer logs SQL calls as of grails 2.0
linux command tail hangs on large file, what is the alternative?
ActiveMQ 5, JBoss 7 and XA transactions
Why is my Rails mountable engine not loading helper methods correctly?
Issue with Read Character by Character of a String : JAVA
'Like' application API
Line breaks in XML not showing in browser but OK in view source
How to make a CSS scroll follow div stop follow at a position
mysql table coumn data type cannot be changed
Bash script doesn't run on bootup
How can I port this PHP line to Java?
How to Locate Alignment Marks in an Image
sqlite TEXT column name same as value bug
How to display the content of note with evernote api
placing div in an anchor in mvc 3
Formatting URLs with PHP / Apache Server
What is the correct way to use oozie to write to multiple output streams for a mapreduce job?
Startup Broadcast Receiver Not Running At Startup
How to automate login to Google API to get OAuth 2.0 token to access known user account
DDD: MailService.SendNotificationToUser() or User.Notify()?
DDD: MailService.SendNotificationToUser() or User.Notify()?
vectorization of a text file
Print UITableView that has content off screen?
SVM in OpenCV: Visual Studio 2008 reported error wrongly (or is it right?)
fstream not working when I install the app
ruby does not look beyond the first rescue code?
How to extract all values from an enum an add them to a List<String>
Multi-module Zend Application
mvc 3 session and authorizeAttribute
App icon not changing after updating App
Dygraphs library: Access to non-visible data in highlightCallback function possible?
How to eliminate the excessive HTTP requests when using pinterest 鈥減in it鈥�buttons?
Denormalized data modeling with Siena
Windows.GetRValue accepts cardinals but TColor is integer
In Rails, how can I use three collection selects to add 3 has_many values?
Issue in attribute for on h:outputLabel inside ui:repeat
Publishing an App on Google Play [closed]
Browser back-button when a list of values selection
.NET XML web service returned collection as array
How to move forms, classes or other code files to a subfolder?
SQL: Check constraint depends on other tables
regular expression to allow only 1 dash
Image 360潞 with Jquery Reel: extra steps per loop?
Scrapy + Eclipse PyDev : how to setup the debugger?
wget not working properly. [closed]
Creating a mutlidimensional array in PHP
RTE text to email
sql query regarding insert seq no?
MFMessageComposeController Issue
How to user TryUpdateModel on a web service
How to implement the Javascript mediator (publish-subscribe) pattern
Compute levels of a variable during subsetting using ddply
complex thinking on simple java challenge, how can i fix it?
aws-s3 gem install error- bittorrent.rb
Bug in CTFrameGetLineOrigins?
UISearchBar on iPad table view disappearing below navigation controller bar
Save files to device only my application can see
Change radio buttons image in jQuery UI
Facebook android SDK and App Distribution and Deep Linking
Test Redcarpet Markdown helper
PHP Upload Video
Are there any 'Google Code Prettify' Alternatives that automate syntaxhighlighting?
sections in assembly language program
鈥淐ould not find schema information for element鈥�- warning message, what does it mean?
JQuery Accordion style change when open
ruby on rails, replace last character if it is a * sign
How to get Grails application name within Config.groovy?
Objective-c get day of week in number starting with Monday, NOT Sunday
Add component in Grid
SelectedIndex of a DataGridViewComboBoxCell? VB.NET
What does the .htaccess should containt in Cakephp 2.0.6 app hosted in godaddy?
use a relative path in requirements.txt to install a tar.gz file with pip
jQuery mobile swipe spamming and animation
WCF Service - Preventing errors being passed to client
How to implement a command history on a telnet client? (up/down arrows)
Project reference dll --> FileLoadException
mod_rewrite- matching everything after domain
Eclipse editors synchronization
calling a method using self results in error
interfacing: simplified
Symfony Factory Service Not Passing Arguments
UI Application using Spring MVC for web browser, android, iphone device
What's the fastest way to create 1GB file filled with zeros in C/C++?
Java EE 6: Target Unreachable, identifier 'helloBean' resolved to null
How to sort following list
Polymorphic relationships and counter cache
Spring JdbcTemplate batchUpdate handling exceptions
How does Custom Role Provider work?
whats the best practice to implement social share buttons on a website?
CMake: Get the complete representation of a path minus relative elements
LINQ get parent with most children
Send array of struct containing an array over DBus using glib
How to generalise access to DbSet<TEntity> members of a DbContext?
Jquery slider fading and flipping randomly instead of just fading
Zend_Form how to put <a> behind input text?
鈥淎pple Mach-O linker command failed with exit code 1鈥�
Insert resize and relocate image using a microsoft word macro
createServerSocket error
Python sax to lxml for 80+GB XML
Facebook access token confusion wth Javascript SDK
Ruby hash of hash of hash
500 Internal Server Error instead of: 404 - Not Found
Modify UIStepper autorepeat behaviour
Include form data in the middle of 鈥渁ction鈥�attribute
PHP Excel Calculate Formulas
Add record to grid ext js 3.4
CQ5 Library Component Duplicating, Not Overwriting in Apps folder
Entity Exception : the underlying provider failed to open
Javascript API not working for Chrome or Safari on JW Player 5.9
Font embedding and .htaccess in Firefox
Fast solution to Subset sum
Auto generate doctest output with Sphinx extension
Reading a json file from local path by bufferedReader to construct a html file
Python: Process/Thread Monitoring
Is there a way to screen scrape a directory listing?
Google Maps Embed into Site without Popup window
Prototypejs and Socket.IO
Execute a piece of code only after all web services are called
Would this predicate work ? this came on my quiz to find the position of element X in a data structure called list
Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap
How can I run a method Asynchronously with spring?
Error calling method on parent viewcontroller from modal window
How do I retrieve data with MySQL such that I won't be getting duplicate values in a single column?
swi-prolog predicate doesn't work
JMeter: Can I create a 鈥渦niversal鈥�counter that is updated across runs & saves?
Generate a colour scheme from a single colour
Get object from container that was injected in dependency?
cakePHP illegal offset type
MySQL: Temporary incremental column
MySQL parameters as fields, columns etc
Hashing a String to a Numeric Value in PostgresSQL
setTimeout not working in Chrome
Can you select several sub items in an array with [ ]? [duplicate]
is there an api for the new york mta subway/bus/train etc?
IllegalValue when reading .uml file with eclipse MDT UML2
How do I select multiple non-consecutive options from an html multiple select using just the keyboard in chrome? [closed]
Super Mario grows effect in AndEngine
dom name for a textarea
Regex for validating multiple E-Mail-Addresses
Using TFS Build Extensions 2010 Azure in TFS Build Process Templates