IEEE 802.11 packet capture using java
tcp: where is the 3way handshake implemented
Spring MVC - URL display in browser and Encoding support
How to format the output of the javascript function date() ? [duplicate]
How to check if IsNumeric [duplicate]
Multirow subselect as parameter to `execute using`
Is it possible to override ActionScript's Stage.scaleMode property with the embed HTML tag?
Android Asyntask: Use weak reference for context to avoid device rotate screen
suitable Embedded system to be used for image processing and gps/gsm
Unable to access connect-mongo's prototyped functions
LoadUrl in PhoneGap and Android
OPC DA client library for Objective-C
C# Crashing if no input for string Array
inconsistencies with display in IE 8
Scala's lazy arguments: How do they work?
How can I get jquery slideshow to resize to 100% width when I resize browser?
How to change listview items?
-[CALayer setNeedsDisplayInRect:] causes the whole layer to be redrawn
Why does using a callback cause so much overhead compared to
ASP .NET + IIS + Crystal Reports + Load report failed
What machine learning algorithm for this simple optimisation? [closed]
Thread difficulties in WPF
Optional Argument from a User C++
Network folder browser service
How to populate <form:select> with List<String>?
How to access newly saved related objects in Datamapper ORM
Should Symfony2 ACL be used for checking ownership in SaaS?
regular expression to match all domain names except admin / www / mail
Matlab system call
Unable to retrieve data from SQLite using PHP
Do you know how to slide content like it was a cinematography reel with Jquery?
RSS Feed iPhone using Storyboard iOS 5
ASP.NET - Nested Repeaters
setting focus to a child window with JavaScript
URL rewrite with PHP & MySQL and htaccess
Any way to style text contained in DataAnnotation Attribute [Display(Name = 鈥淭ext鈥�]?
how to specify OUTPUT_FORMAT_MPEG2TS on android device
Is it possible to use Backbone.sync to connect to cometd?
What are .a and .so files?
custom php api with json_encode & json_decode not returning json string
web service modify return value
how to make vim vundle install plugin to another path
Load a page while on another page
Search Dialog won't appear with TabHost implementation
Is generator-like querying of a database by sqlalchemy possible?
Get a string that represents a user's CanCan abilities
Abstraction of the column name with nhibernate
Cant load JSON file
Newbie, cant use scanf() to parse input, simple code included
Django: Can a middleware signal listener manipulate a request object?
visual studio timer problems
F# - Need help converting this to use a threadpool
Replacing MVC's built in User objects with Facebook Connect
Why is JUnit 4 on Android not working?
JPA JoinColumn Annotation
ASP.NET - Uploadify works in IE, not in FF (Auth Cookies
Running Pure Django Projects on Google App Engine - sample zip - django-1.3.1
jqGrid Ajax validation inside beforeSubmit
Is there a aggregate FUN option to count occurrences?
Drawing waveform of audio on iOS without using AVAudioPlayer
Lookup an activeMQ destination from Spring
Read arrays from plist in xCode 4.3.1
ACRA generates report crashes in Continuous loop
Saving a file generated by AJAX script
How correctly wake up process inside interrupt handlers
Extract files from zip folder and store these files in blobstore
MySQL Replication - Trigger wont replicate to slave
My android alarms are being cancelled, and not by me
Powershell: Using the SharePoint API, GetLocalizedString doesnt return anything
ASP.NET Authentication cookies (Web Farm)
Standard Way of Storing User Preferences on Client via Web Application
How to check custom system requirements before installation
Javascript function with default not required values
Parse JSON not working android
Tomcat 6.0.35 Windows 32b Service useSystemProxies
unable to save PHP objects in mongodb
How to use same connection for two queries in Spring?
How to free the memory of a Layout and all his children views?
Getting PHP parse error regarding required drop-down menu item selection in basic contact form
Ajax Printing Database Records to Multiple Fields
What is the C++ equivalent of .net's currentProcess.MainModule?
Counting XML based on date conditionals with xslt
QTimer singleShot use the activator
how do i stop my database from re inserting items already inserted manually?
Set values from 0 to n in SQL
GDB: Print files that are recognised
Java: difference between strong/soft/weak/phantom reference
Set dropdown item selected MVC
Intent Filters creating a new instance each time?
SQL Server: Selecting DateTime and grouping by Date
RSpec did nothing after rails upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1
iOS AdHoc OTA Distribution - Do I need to rebuild and redistribute every time I provision a device?
MySQL group by week
javascript peformance on string concatenation
Fastest way to store char[][] in shared preferences
How to include double quote( ) in regular expression
Loadable Kernel Module & Notification Manager
Scala aux cons type parameter workaround
Extract Random Filename Substring to Variable Output in Bash Script for FTP push and archive script
uwsgi web app with cron tasks?
Insert data to database after validation
Visual Studio can't recognize DNN's DnnFilePicker
How do I mail the error context? (Make a string of it)
image.onError event never fires, but image isn't valid data - need a work around
jQueryUI autocomplete 'select' does not work on mouse click but works on key events
'clickable' drop down menu css
How to schedule a quartz job on all 'workers'?
PHP / MySQL site using caching. What makes this work most of the time?
How to create a gantt chart using .net report viewer?
Is there a way to combine PDFs in pdf.js?
Save data in Users/NAME/Roaming/AppData?
MS Dynamics NAV XML Namespace is set automatically
error when setting up Rstudio with Nginx proxy server
get data from table cell ID
How to change text to something else based on the current URL?
CLR implementation of virtual method calls to interface members
Get date/time having facebook format
how to define <element-collection> for a List<String> field?
Obscure JavaScript syntax
MVC another controler or view?
FOSUserBundle render multidimensional user data
Comparing old variable value to new value in a while-statement?
NoMethodError for *_path
Why does PostgreSQL complain about timestamp '0000-00-00 00:00:00'?
Binding to an IValueConverter in Silverlight
SimpleCursorAdapter won't work because of missing _id
Express / / Node Multiple Applications Within One Process
How to use cp (Copy) command in system function in native C code on Android
IntegerUpDown Binding Issue
GLKit Memory Leak copywithZone
UIButton got his default text when clicked
Understanding how to implement once-only lisp macro
Pretty formatting HTML5 output
How do you manage dependencies in Javascript libraries
Text as Image in Android
JQuery UI - Set minTime on timepicker based on other timepicker value
Is there a SurfacePopup control in Surface 2?
Is there a way to use PHP to check whether my mail content is spam?
Xpath Query for HTML5 article tags
Adding changes listeners in Grails' GORM
GWT Security regarding XSS
Symfony2 Bundles in Models
stringByAppendingString nil argument error in landscape but not portrait
PL/MySQL does it exist?
how to not blocking loop in windows form
Change item of Datagridviewcombobox programmatically VB.NET
How to fold all blocks below certain level in emacs org-mode?
JSLINT: Bad escapement
Check to determine if userA has access to fileB (PHP)
How do I disable jQuery dialog child elements from resizing independently?
Can a GAE app access Cloud Storage RESTful API without the OAuth dance?
Java alternative for android development [duplicate]
SQL Server 2008: Store a date in nvarchar field
Selection indicator not showing in picker view inside an action sheet
PHP gettext for Lemonstand
Conversion between InputStream and BufferedImage
no response from jquery .on('hide', function
Implementing jquery step by step from onto HTML page
Win CE 6.0 run-time image after booting turns black screen
Where to find Microsoft.Web.Mvc dll for MVC 1.0
PHP ADOdb Active Record :: Replace() bug ( or feature? )
Change the backgorund color according to mouse movement
Missing Project in the Java Build Path - Projects settings
memcached with load (鈥渘ode鈥� balancers in linode
Web frontend to my Powershell scripts for helpdesk
OpenGL Android: X axis is mysteriously flipped
Problems with Coldfusion Form Submissions
PHP/MySQL query find string in field
Facebook Like Button Causing Horizontal Scrollbar
Can I hide the ToolTipText for a Slider Bar?
Validate checkbox on the client with FluentValidation/MVC 3
RequireJS Optimizer and VS 2010 Itegration
Can BerkeleyDB in perl handle a hash of hashes of hashes (up to n)?
Methods to see result fo a code change faster
In mac 10.6 and above, How to disable ctrl+fn+f4 in kiosk mode?
How to sort a JSON array with PHP
Background worker cancelation
passing clientID to javascript and extracting a value, clarification
Gradient Colors for Label in LWUIT
Gradient Colors for Label in LWUIT
How to create virtual cube in mondrian cube framework?
Facebook Getting picture from file server and upload it to fan page photo album
Cannot connect my rails app to Oracle
UITableView only shows data from JSON when I scroll up and down
objective-c How to prevent an action while a thread is being executed
How to change XML parent tags
I want to run JBoss 4.2.3 and JBoss 5.1 on the same machine simultaneously
Should I be using a Matrix to scale a Bitmap to screen size?
I want to display a result of `ADSTech` with the help ofLIKE statement
Content-Range header and resumable uploads
CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'. A database with the same name exists
Create SQL parameters programmatically
SQL: alias on field at time of creation
Control the number of subprocesses using to call external commands in python
read csv and write binary
Networked clients in java [closed]
Combining select expressions of the same input type
Core graphics on Retina display with 3D Transform
Why @AfterClass called after tests from another classes?
Post to Fanpage as Fanpage it self
Sencha Touch 2 鈥淭ouchStyle鈥�Example
Need help in Dashboard in Android
Why does String.split need pipe delimiter to be escaped?
canny edge detector in java
Android: Weird openStream on 4.0 ICS
Rails Eager Load and Limit
A potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client (:)
rails g scaffold for existing model and DB table
Can't read CurrentUser certificates from X509Store
Click / place object in map and get a circular selecion around it
Network routing depending URL Alias
Page height and width of a PDF
prepend with jquery 'feedback messages'
embed google maps with search and locator functionality in drupal 7..?
PHP MD5 Password Encryption and DB Entry
How would I generate an HTML form based on table data from two different tables using PHP?
How can I determine ALL 'key/keyref' constraint violations of an XML document with its XSD using JAXP(xerces)
OS-X Linux intercept process call
using celery with pyramid and mod_wsgi
Fill dropdown menu according to onchange action PHP
Storyboard warning: prototype table cells must have reuse identifiers
Where to store images on a filesystem on webserver
Datagrid expander (from grouping) header
Archive app with Xcode 4.3.1 gives pngcrush caught libpng error:
Cakephp Authentication not working in Internet Explorer 8 and Chrome
django paypal_ipn table does not exist
Python socket to replace netcat in OpenTSDB
is getPerspectiveTransform broken in opencv python2 wrapper?
jcarousel width issue VB programmatically add multiple buttons with unique events
Facing Exception with Web service [closed]
SVN branches a for common engine
Using virtualenv with legacy Django projects
What's the best way to introduce additional attributes to XML documents used for Java properties?
How to skip application_controller calls only when within a certain namespace (ActiveAdmin)
Multiple generic repositories in unitofwork?
DOM Selectors in jQuery for elements that do not have ID or CLASS name tags
jquery 1.7.1 鈥渙n鈥�function does not work with regular javascript event trigger
iOS App Memory vs Device Memory
I'm having en error when I try to fetch the argument of an activeRecord object in a view in rails 2.3.11
Lamba Probe equivalent for Tomcat 7
why do we use to connect to local web server instead of using computer ip address in android client
How to get XADatasource from a DB2 database hosted on Websphere 6.1
Can't render list to div without title, Sencha-Touch 2.0
php move array elements by keys range
Unable to debug native using Sequoyah?
jqGrid TreeView nesting issue
MVC4 Web API for web development and possibly mobile
Saving to binary/serialization java
CorePlot - Set y-Axis range to include all data points
type-punned warning
Java string to JSON and visa versa
Pattern not escaping characters
Avoiding MapView Pin-Clumping?
Cross Domain Ajax post request in IE
Overlay div over image and fit the width
sprintf with dynamic amount of params
Test OAuth2 request in rspec test with oauth-plugin gem
How to call an object created in a module
Tablerate Shipping not working in magento 1.6.2 when coupon code applied
dataWithContentsOfURL vs NSURLConnection
iOS: 鈥淩aw鈥�glDrawArrays vs VBO + glUniform
Javascript window.onload issue in SharePoint 2010
multicore with plyr, MC
ContainsValue VB
load javascript via $.ajax with headers
PHP IF Statement how can I write it more elegant and effective
How to optimize gradle build performance regarding build duration and RAM usage?
Where is addEventListener specced for DOM 2 HTML?
Uploadify not uploading
MATLAB: Disable network adapter
Call different layouts based on function call
How to Invoke Child Function when Deriving from Parent with identical virtual function
Find value of the last NOT NULL column in each row of a table in SQL
embed DLL in MFC C++ EXE?
Hide images out of viewport
Get value from DOM in iframe (not parent page)
Fast, Efficient Processing of HTTP Requests On Multiple Threads in .NET
Executing Javascript on Selecting Gridview Row then executing a Database query based on confirmation
Redirect Rule in htaccess
Lithium - Find tree based on relationships
How to add custom metadata to OpenCV/numpy image?
Trying to access sms.db with sqlite3
Page not found in Mura
client side folder [closed]
How to add extra menu item while tapping for long time on a contact of phonebook?
why is an img in a h2 causing extra top padding in the other display:table divs
SWT.WebKit doesn't load: No More Handles - [Safari must be installed to use a SWT.WEBKIT-style Browser]
Getting error C3352 (specified function doesn't match delegate type), even though function seems to match delegate type
creating a list of path in f#
How to use a language other than english, but still use NSLocalizedString with english?
Is it possible to enable ws-atomic transactions with Self Signed Certs?
WebViewClient - onPageStarted() vs shouldOverrideUrlLoading()?
Android Spinner text color
How do I create an IiPhone/iPad app which targets iOS 4.3 and later?
WCF Defining Interface Contract in WSDL
How to test if a remote server is down for maintenance even though there may be a redirect to a maintenance page?
C# DataTable Count Number Of Rows In A Range
How do you convert a CASE WHEN & SUM in SQL to Linq To SQL
Add two Command Buttons to Solution Explorer Context Menu - Visual Studion Add In
Android: CellID not available on all carriers?
reading string from socket error-connection reset error
How do I call a non-static method from another class in a non-static method? (java)
SQL select MAX to find single record of a group
Why fixed element gets out of viewport on zoom-in (iPad)?
Dialog on Exit
Grouping two columns in mysql
Error converting data types when importing from Excel to SQL Server 2008
How to update cookie value without page refresh using jQuery?
how do i override the url-pattern in a struts servlet mapping?
Trying to incrementally animate 鈥渕arginTop鈥�with jQuery, but it resets each time. Why?
Why doesn't linq to xml recognize my the attributes in my XML file?
Ruby Modulo Division
Cannot run web application because Tomcat cannot open stacktrace.log
Request.params is gone in Play Framework 2.0
Change value of AutoCompleteTextView
how to explicitly plot y axis with python
How to search on multiple strings entered in single text box in mvc3
Joining two strings so that their common suffix and prefix are merged
Blank Spaces also Bind When Binding a Dropdown list
Faces Navigation not really working in JSF2
how to overwrite a parameter default value in SSRS?
Hibernate Cache not hit
Simulate dropped packets on Linux, based on protocol (UDP, TCP etc)
Adding Tables Rows and Cells Dynamically Using Javascript
Verifying SSL certificate failing with Kohana
How to get the number of DOM elements used in a web page
Time Availability Mysql Query Check
Does changing the data rate of a line suppose to increase throughput?
How to store SMS with smslib?
SQL and GridView
Page associated with a 鈥渓ike鈥�button on external site isn't in list of Facebook Pages in FB
Why does manually implementing a hash tag give a performance boost to my queries?
SQLiteDiskIOException: disk I/O error when creating database
SyncProvider for new account are disabled by default
Java weak reference: when GC collect object
Useing Ant to build a Jar file WITH COMMENT
excel code to insert data in the first unused column
Direct3D app runs fine if Windows Explorer is running, slows down terribly otherwise
how to set shadow for round image(css)
GAE wait response from other source
Is it a good way to make design fit for smartphones? [closed]
facebook login is not working in all android device
IronPython implementing interface Properties
Is it possible to put CSS @media rules inline?
Caching on UIWebView and Google Chrome -Weird
OpenGL issue on Galaxy S
Heroku replacing UTF-8 bytes with 锟�(0xEF 0xBF 0xBD)
JQuery slider refocuses page on tab rotation
Random Access File Write Ending Up With Extra Spaces Java
Pass an id attribute to from with rails 3.2
Show space in JTextField
Use ProgressDialog in an AsyncTask class
Android Broadcast receiver: Registering receiver in java code vs manifest
Wordpress is always on page 1 even though I navigate to second page
Apple MDM CSR Signing fails on Signature validation
Django unique=True except for blank values
Design Time Bindings Visual Studio 2010 vs Visual Studio 2008
Can I right-justify a div element without using absolute positioning?
Change the background color of the first row in Helper WebGrid MVC without JQuery
fadeIn as callback function after fadeOut doenst work as expected
open new window from a list
Zend navigation menu set class appears across both calls
Illegal access exception while sharing Global data
Validate Extended Validation(EV) of SSL certificate using JSSE
ASP.NET - Retrieve image URLs from database and show them in repeater
Flex: Menu/Submenu navigation for iPad
How to create a namedtuple and print the data as html output
MySQL Time Zones
How to debug Dependency Injection Bugs in Extbase?
Detecting duplicate files
KEY_ENTER Handler RootPanel GWT
youtube protocol [closed]
How to display y axis with pyplot? [duplicate]
REGEX pattern to increment a counter on replacements
JQuery Galleria alignment in Firefox
Running Ajax on Page within a DIV
Why code inside Generic functions ignores overloaded == operator
Why code inside Generic functions ignores overloaded == operator
jQuery get height in pixels
How do you divide a property with linq expression
Android Play YouTube API URL [duplicate]
how to render rails static 404, 500 error pages without site layout?
IIS reverses web site settings when stopping
excluding lists that have more than one x
cocos2d group identical strings
Why isn't ipfw correctly limiting the bandwidth [Mac OSX]? [closed]
GET-POINTER-VALUE - Unix behaivor?
HTML5: which is better - using a character entity vs using a character directly?
ExtJS: how to make a custom modal window with MessageBox buttons?
Do I have a naming convention issue or a code issue? [closed]
wmic temperature
Writing 3d array into a file with different order
Localization Update in Cocoa
UIPopoverController presentPopoverFromBarButtonItem:鈥�Off-Center
MediaElement takes too much time during loading
Android Interface 鈥�Restrict TextViews to a Scrollbox
named scope - wrong number of bind variables
Updating duplicate values;
wait for databinding before changing imagebutton image
iOS - Is it possible that [NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:url] would return only part of the bytes of the content?
javascript sorting array of objects by date
Issue in ICalendar Iphone Exporting with ASP
Segue with identifier vs without identifier
Phpnative response writer in Solr 4.0?
Script on IE8 is not working
How do I make the return type of a method generic?
How to handle custom objects in WebService with wsdl.exe
MVC 3.0 cannot route a url with double dots at the end
What's wrong with this php zip/image uploader?
Looking for a programming language for dummies [closed]
What's the relation between 32/64-bit application, OS and processor?
Import an .m file
My QWidget is always 鈥渋nvisible鈥�although it's 鈥渁lwaysOnTop鈥�
flex logging works when initiated from brower but not from tools like loadrunner
Can the ClearCase Eclipse plug-in circumvent the need to run CC on a compatible Linux kernel?
What are project scoped Ant variables in Eclipse?
Can I use predictive text on jqgrid during form editing or adding?
How to accelerate multiple redirects?
dynamically add another item using jquery?
Changing nvarchar fields fails in SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2 with weird message
Android app force closes, please help me spot the error
How to a run a php script in the background without causing the browser to show a loading animation?
Is there a kind of function in Flex like 鈥渋nput()鈥�in Python?
can't create a paremeterless constructor for a UserControl
Is volatile fine with this kind of usage?
Event handler not firing after button removed C#
consolidating data frames in R
New VisualVM 1.3.4 install hangs on 鈥淐omputing description鈥�
Vector movement with respect to rotation
VS2010 - remove files that are not in solution
qml compatibility for touch,touch n type and type devices
subclassing nssegmentedcontrol?
take only one record of select
Parsing remote xml in php with simpleXML
Untangle Django (How should I start going at a lot of legacy code of several years with django that started in 0.97)
Are email addresses case sensitive? [closed]
Different floating point answers with different number of processes
WCF Error Types cannot be registered with service open
how to save highscore for each level
App Relative path to physical path in ASP.NET
Disable Android Secondary Progress Bar
JOptionPane showInputDialog position
Stepping through Visual Studio Debugger with F10/F11 behaves like F5 (Run)
Drawing vectors to a canvas and associating elements in those vectors?
Conflict between Play and Rewind buttons for updating viewcontrollers
jQueryMobile shows wrong height() value
Unit testing a class with autowired notation using Junit and EasyMock?
jquery toggle parent parent li?
Const member function when operation has clear side effects
SQL: Feeding SELECT output to LIKE
How do I apply meta programming to simplify my controllers?
jQuery append running twice by itself, multiple append, double append
retrieve the path of a saved image causes crash
How to replace all instances of a function call in c++?
Call function in another View controller
Cache for Java with transactions
Tools to determine video orientation
iOS 5: Positioning Bar Button Item in a toolbar with Xcode/Storyboard
How to host an application in facebook
How can I have a seamless code push (why does Page._fPageLayoutChanged matter)?
Cannot format code in in vim with %= 鈥�result is E488: Trailing characters
Android Progress dialog for multiple progresses
JSONArray - how to display using javascript (jsp)
Trying to get primefaces dataExporter to show value of link instead of url
Element with Overflow:auto affected by Floating Element
Preventing 鈥渨arning: toplevel constant B referenced by A::B鈥�with namespaced classes in Rails
Canvas blurry after drawing rotated canvas
When commiting projects should I include .project & .classpath?
How do I get a range or array for every minute in a day in Ruby 1.9.3?
What am I missing? Chaining promises in jQuery and Dojo
iOS: NSPredicate for Custom object as attribute
php mysql request db date each reload
How to use link_to_function
How to run method that will execute before hydrate in django-tastypie
jQuery.dynatree.js - JS Error in IE 8, Unknown Runtime Error Line 320 char 8
how to use appledoc to generate an Apple-like documentations
how to use appledoc to generate an Apple-like documentations
[android]how to get 4 buttons at the bottom and each 2 button is beside each other
Click once deployment -will a lower version get downloaded?
Problems Dropdown Menu compatibility
Android: Best way of handling continuous pulling from server?
Facebook debugger : Response 206
Blue Selector - iPhone
MVC 3 Razor Dropdown Change Simple Javascript
jQuery in iFrame to hide a div - RsData / Cleaning up code
ASP.NET:Get data into Radiobuttonlist from database
heroku run returns 鈥渘o route to host鈥�error
Use of html in textarea not working correct
Xcode, getting unused Variable message
How do these fit together : Silverlight, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Web Services?
HR Migration: how do the keys change
What technology is required for sites like and
Does INSERT INTO 鈥�SELECT 鈥�always match fields by ordinal position?
jQuery how to add class to specific div's
References between versions . NET Framework
Trigger event only after repaint in Java Swing?
How to format datagridview when filling with linq2sql query
WF4 SendReply to Receive in another activity
Table Within Div Firefox vs Chrome
Is there an easy way to merge two ordered sequences using LINQ?
Package does not exist when importing JAR file
iOS: multiple NSTimer instances using the same view - do I need to use multithreading?
xml parsing in firefox not working
cudaMemcpyDeviceToHost error in basic example
Keyword-Label-Value style configuration file parsing library for C
best way to bind/trigger events
Merge multiple queries by single row and order over all
JQuery not working on all pages of Internet Explorer
JQGrid create dropdown cell with values depended from row id
Why is Spring @Transactional returning old data and how can I get it to return up-to-date data?
Set value of input
dynamically cloning a LinearLayout in android?
Downgrade an Xcode 4.3 project to 4.1
Using PostedFile.InputStream twice
Application with two windows
Get image type, PHP
Sorting an array of hashes in ruby
Find all occurences of a key in nested python dictionaries and lists
Transition, Listbox move left animation
What's the best way to handle initialization errors in Play! Framework 2.0?
Seam Export Datatable in Excel format
$_SESSION is registering but cleaning after that
iPad Safari scrolling causes HTML elements to disappear and reappear with a delay
What does firefox safe mode do?
force a program to run minimized
PHP: get array value as in Python?
If web app works fine in Safari, why also test it in iOS simulator?
Why does the window not pop up?
Problems with NSMutableArray
getaddrinfo() returns for remote host
How can I get to include the CSS for syntax highlighting?
How can I restore a window of a program minimized into tray [duplicate]
directory name too long pl/sql
MVC3 ActionLink change language and keep same parameters
Spring MVC 3.0.6 Getting hold of the controller and action name
Cannot find crtn.o, linking 32 bit code on 64 bit system
Facebook share displays specialchars (忙酶氓) as 锟�
What platform Swing / JavaFX / JSF? [closed]
VBA: Decrease iterations of loop after an array item has been deleted?
Cant create Excel file using OLEDB C#
Where is the Friend access modifier intended to be used?
PugiXML C++ getting content of an element (or a tag)
Linking to @see tag from within javadoc comment
Wordpress jQuery to PHP data transfer
JQuery to hide items in a ListBox
How to calculate the listview Item height at run time and set all items with same height in android?
Is this the best I can do with my SQL Server query that pulls data from multiple table?
MOXy JAXB: how to map several XML tag elements to the same JAVA bean property
Javascript multidimensional array syntax: what am I doing wrong?
Zend Framework project some pages are showing application error for docrine queries on webhost but works fine on localhost
Profiling, Leaks tool causes instruments to crash
Temporary created during python list iteration?
Class not found exception when trying to create web service client
SEO Microdata (data-vocabulary, ) and HTML5
Modify the SQL result
What's the right way to apply stylesheet on a class derived from QPushButton?
jquery getting name of span in links
Efficient way to check for a M2M intersection in Django?
copy task in Cakefile
How can we skip the registration form / part / step of Virtuemart 1.1.9
File's Owner Icon
getting a crash in map destructor stl_map.h while deleting class member map
Timer function / on change function for XML feed (Phongeap HTML5 Android App)
Queue suggestions for deferred execution for a one-off task
Hibernate/Spring HibernateTemplate.findByCriteria(Deatched Criteria dc) executes a sql update on view
Java EE HTTP Servlets
In SQL (Tsql) what's a good way to check mutually exclusive options are correct
Splitting a vector/array in R
How to git svn fetch + rebase in one operation?
Fixed left and right arrow buttons at the either side of the horizontal scrollview
Scale image fixed amount based on highest of width or height
C++ File adding
jqplot - Limiting point labels displayed to just 1 series
R/XLL: Interface to call XLL method in R
News Feed via Graph API 'outdated'
32bit - 64 bit mediaelement webbrowser conflict
How to build diagonal matrix witch list comprehension
Use jquery to re-populate form with JSON data
I'm trying to send sms to mobile via c# coding for my project but its not working for me
PHP MySql - How to prioritize a process
Waiting for a jquery .each() loop to finish
Oracle: PLSQL query with relaxable where condition - elegant way to realize
Media queries and 2 column layout: arbitrary positioning
Most performant way of querying database with JDBC?
DAO Unit testing
How can I draw range of delivery on Google Map?
CMS or framework or manual, what to choose for small scale site?
Populate a javascript array with links of a specific class
Scale Image from current size and not from original size
what Exception will be thrown when select a MySQL record that is locked with 鈥淔OR UPDATE鈥�
Git - show history of a file? [duplicate]
Realtime application - alternative for (node.js)
Foursquare Push Notification
What is a web service endpoint?
Tab control switching tabs when scrolling horizontally in a tab page
jQuery CouchDB request returns 鈥渃reated鈥�but document not added to database
MS Access Report 鈥減er detail鈥�formatting and accessing in VBA
Disabling Windows Mobile taskbar, but enabling camera
Jquery fadein/out of overlay covering input box: input fields sit on top of overlay until animation completes
Issues with OdbcDataReader
How to check if date (from date picker) is between two other dates ? objective-c
restoring git repository from bundle backup
Looking for books on JTAPI (Java Telephony API)
ScriptManager fixed by ToolkitScriptManager
copy sharepoint top navigation bar to another site collection
Trouble sending email using Powershell
bash script permissions listing
IIS Server and Spring.NET object instantiation failed
Getting stock graphs from yahoo finance
Locking error in sqlite using c#
Use of HTML5 history for full AJAX navigation
replaceall REGEX in java
Modifying jQuery plugin
ExtJS4 - Iterate through Store in Grid
Show tagged images from facebook on website?
Android - WiFi API for Android 2.2 or 2.3
Wordpress search field affecting custom query
UITableView and custom cells
Sublime Text 2: How do I change the color that the row number is highlighted?
Facebook SDK Javascript and PHP
are automatic playlists possible?
what regex must i use to split this?
Java networking using threads, when one client leaves the other cannot communicate to the server
Activate PHP Session when click on a link
HTTPS SSL Self-Signed Certificate with CA Certificate issue
HTTPS SSL Self-Signed Certificate with CA Certificate issue
Changing structure of Ruby proc/block
Android certificate (can not install app by using apk file)
Authentication from ASP.NET web app to ASP.NET web service to SQL Server
Loop through for each key in Multi key dictionary
PHP MySQL query against changing database
How can I deploy a WAR in an embedded Jetty 8?
Using json2.js inside classic ASP
Android MapView Pointer blink Effect
Rewrite sql query to Zend_Db_Select
Make ExtJS center item of border layout scroll horizontally
ODP.NET memory leak when using UDT:s
clojure: Efficiently determining if a string begins with any prefix in a collection
PHP: How to read the current date/time from the server, not from php.ini
Is it best to pass an open SqlConnection as a parameter, or call a new one in each method?
How can I bind this jQuery event to a hover of a HTML element?
Get AttributeOptions from Magento via SOAP-API V2
XSLT - Generate easier xml structure to avoid grouping
android ubuntu application home automation
Intellij gwt - war exploded artifact
How to implement 鈥渙r鈥�in request?
Monotouch and Hackintosh
Change url in php after reloading a page
Incrementing Maven Project Version with Jenkins/Git
Modernizr, HTML5 and a blank web page in Internet Explorer
How do you programmatically add ListItems to DropDownList in ASP.NET?
JS & concurrency issues?
Sonatype Nexus not recognizing exisiting jars in remote repo
How to import in Java Python subclasses that use abstract methods of other classes?
Get checked and unchecked checkboxes value
RabbitMQ How to set up producer and client environment?
Reusable Components for iOS
MFC date time picker zero value
Why are reads from CouchDB so slow? (1.5MB/s or thereabouts)
How can I check if a user is connected from a view, using the Secure module
facebook sdk shows error
How main() function inside a shared object (.so) is taken care of by linker subscription reneval reminders
Ajax PHP and Cookie and Redirect
Jsoup links extraction
How to add a header field to the request?
JIRA JQL - search for issues where custom field does not exist
PHP and the Strategy pattern. Undefined variable when trying to set a property in the constructor
Exit message on specific link off site
Android - need assistance with basic syntax
Subclassing contollers, and when to call super
How to assign integer values to characters without adding asciis in Python
Complex number in C
How to use a parameterised method as an action method in struts2?
C2DM - HttpsURLConnection is not supported by Google App Engine's Java runtime environment
C# Code to Abstract Syntax Tree in Java
Entity Framework - Is it possible to load a navigation property of a collection of entities?
Multiple HTTP Requests /w Single Socket
the reuse of subclass of UITableViewCell
Wordpress options being randomly lost
Submitting form on pressing enter when focus is on TextArea?
Basic authentication for Ajax and Jersey web service
iOS TableSearch example code:How to init the segmented control which is under the Searchbar and display it
Does the DateTime automatically adjusts the hours for daylight savings in windows phone?
Modfiying my CorePlot code to put dates on X axis
Trying to send a http get request from a php file to a server and receive a http response
Forbidden 403 - cached in squid proxy?
Redo cardlayout-application into MVC architecture
How to query raven db for nservicebus subscriptions
In Roboguice, where can I find @ContentView?
Add a delete photo option PHP
Java, Play2.0,')' expected but '=' found play
$_POST max array size
Do tapjoy commercial campain and get Pro version app?
select where x in y with varying lengths
Change y position of a UITabBarItem
CFAJAXPROXY is putting script into the head tag, not between the open and close head tags
Node doesn't see packages, errors with paths
gtalk(XMPP) initial response not always contain a <stream:features>
WordPress: How to display notice in admin panel, on Plugin Activation?
maven test hangs
how to create a RadioButton in Datatable plugin Jquery?
How to get the current application name from a context processor?
Xcode crash when trying to compile Unity3d app to device
Download expansion files on tablet
opening an embedded html in an external browser in C#
Visual Studio 2010 Rename Project and cause Namespacing to correspond
running per application unittests from django admin
Generating random background for a game
Add validation rule to a class without using the form validation?
Focusing a picture with locked background
MouseWheel event in WindowsFormsHost
鈥渟hadow鈥�left behind by drop-down menu, Chrome only [closed]
Render simple html to a canvas
variable inside variable in a PHP function?
How do I get Liferay's Javascript PortletURL module to work with friendly URL mappings?
Loading an embedded map from website to java application
How can you set a DIV to use 100% of the remaining space in its parent container?
Try to output to the screen about 100 objects from database
How to send email in background process?
miniXML parsing C API
SpecFlow tests does not work in OrchardCMS 1.4
BlackBerry: how to send messages (pin, mail, sms) to multiple subscribers automatically?
What happen in DELETE on an entity node of a list in JPA?
Can't get json result on my phonegap page
Get value from combobox
Formatting any string to string 鈥測yyy/MM/dd鈥�[duplicate]
How to sum a number of rows based on a value in a different cell?
How to use python's import function properly __import__()
Error: variable is not a CFArray
Eclipse 4.x - Solarized CSS theme
Netbeans sFTP Sync - Bidirectional reconciliation
Why is my Javascript not valid?
Is there any ability to enable Hyper-V role on Hyper-V virtual machine?
Creating instances of a class that is derived in a different assembly
grep only text files
check to see if a control has been hidden with .hide
requirejs, two classes in one file
Serialize list of objects to Json, with Jackson & Spring-MVC
product customization with extra price in magento
Simple Django Admin App - How to track file versions
Prototype inner wrap
Q (kdb+): Create a table with a character vector
py2exe executable doesn't start
Sharepoint Logging - Trace Severity
File ownership under 鈥淧rogram Files鈥�in Windows
Getting an answer from a page postback with HTML JS
Maze solving algorithm. Complex mazes function returns nothing, yet throws an error during comparison?
AS3/Flex Performance - new ArrayList vs. ArrayList.removeAll()
Entity to Model and foreign key objects
Reading event logs saved to XML format from .Net
iOS 5 Picker View update based on selection?
Time a piece of java code in production.
Textarea is not editable (not readonly) in IE
How can i add properties to a facebook application dialog?
Fullcalendar : How to reliably get reference to HTML element for date box on which external element was dropped
jQuery queue animation speeds up after stop and restart
Using a curl command in a while loop
java : mapping the Values from Enumeration to Object
IOS: Default properties values
Looking for a JQUERY plugin for conference mapping//planner
JQGrid select change event not firing
Powershell variable preceded by = does not evaluate
nullpointer on PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(getBaseContext());
how to set touch event only on specified View
Regular Expression with a NOT match
IE and Chrome calculating CSS padding differently
android: onRetainNonConfigurationInstance and how to make changes to what鈥檚 saved between apk updates?
C# WinForms Expression Builder Linq
My project is expecting a dll in the bin but it can't find it
Passing form name and form object names to functions
I'm creating a ModelBinder. What do I do to change the way it binds the property from the model back to the client on EditorFor?
Ruby: Append text to the 2nd line of a file
WSO2 WS Security Password only without certificate possible?
General exception handling without global.asax file
Got the message 鈥淲ARNING: under normal conditions, _fillInQueueWithExtraSpace:..鈥�and MPMoviePlayer rotation not work in iPad IOS 5.1
A 鈥渟trange鈥�(maybe 鈥渆xtreme鈥�or 鈥渃razy鈥� approach to test by using Cucumber
Java Generics, is <C> equal to <T>?
Android - Rotate Admob view 90 degrees?
Subversion commit failed - how to solve?
Is it possible to debug PhpUnit tests with --process-isolation option?
How to configure wampserver for spatialite
Is it sometimes okay to use service locator pattern in a domain class?
Prototype: observing 2 elements and pass different parameters?
reverse week_ref calculation back to date
Loading Javascript in webview
CSS Style Javascript
showing a message dialog only once , when application is launched for the first time in android
How to detect end-of-file when using open/read?
Best practice for enforcing type safety in polymorphic inheritance hierarchies
find files on remote machine
Magento - Setting up multiple stores in admin panel
Semantic markup for responsive docblocks
Client-Server - Identical model
Euler depth first search algorithm
Keyboard not animating
Cannot get lines of small length to show up in plot
Java platform SE has stopped working when client(android) calls the server
Creating gems with app assets
How image are handle by the browser and how to save them without reloading?
鈥渦ninitialized constant Syck::Syck鈥�
Best technique to use memset() in C
jQuery - how to alter Datepicker settings after it has been initialized
Dependency Injection and project structure for Console applications
Moving gif animated file loses animation with imagegif
change typed chars with android softkeyboard
Practical reasons for 小hurch Encoding
LR Parser reduce/reduce (YACC, etc.)
jQuery drop down auto-suggest divs - to disappear after user clicks outside of an input field which calls that divs?
MCV3 Entity Framework 4 Code First: Editting Users Multiple Emails
Android how to find the outgoing call has been attended
SNMP NoSuchInstance Exception
Using the Kinect SDK, how do I 鈥渞ecord鈥�infrared signals?
IronPython getting function name at runtime
Display the dialogue box after checking condition in prime-faces java
unix: merge files based on column value
how to get rid of 脗 character in html form
How to stop an click event once it has the element has been clicked and then restore it when something else is clicked
jQuery Accordion struck behavior on expand
How to edit quantity display on Magento checkout page
using sorted, sort or equivalent with QuerySet objects
Any Libraries or Examples of Natural Language Generation in C#?
Start Application Before Windows Shell Starts Up?
Mobile Futon on android not working, why?
How to test read/write filesystem permissions of directory Oracle?
Printing the contents of a fetchrequest [duplicate]
Get image from Grid view
How I can get window size and position in extjs?
Text datatype doesn't perform well in where clause
WSO2 ESB and Websocket
PHP Downloaded File Content Shows HTML Form
ORA-01446 - cannot select ROWID from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc
Setting WindowState to Maximized causes window to appear too early
Why does this blocking socket read return zero and no error?
Rest based web services
Hibernate/Oracle/Spring: java.sql.SQLException: Protocol violation
save TextField content in an custom dynamic tableView
XNA Game Application without installer
Calculating the vertex normals of a quad
store.fetch is not a function (dojo)
Timing individual build tests in Visual Studio
ColdFusion/Javascript Escape Single Quote
Determine if a location is mocked or not
Compare two folders and copy/link unique entries to a new folder
Oracle JDBC: Resuming a Database Change Notification Registration
Select a wireless network in an iPad app
Programmatically start Jetty in debug mode in a Junit4 context
Does scons know in which directory a SConscript file resides?
How cast type int with atoi() to Int32
run a jar file (generated by ant) in command line
Appending linq query of xdocument to list
System Crash When Overriding shouldInterceptRequest in WebViewClient
Assigning legend in for-loop Matlab
Spring MVC Controller Not Found
How to display the values of the arguments passed from another application in our current application
How do I determine whether a Criteria instance already has a Subcriteria?
Why wont this code count characters?
Using Selenium to test internet explorer in different document modes
iPhone forms, where do you put your validation?
returning value out of ButtonGroup()
MySQL ORDER BY two clauses
Transforming polynomials to a normalized form
Replace text with JavaScript
VB.NET - Image compression
Schedule an insert into NSMutableArray
How to dynamically sort data by arbitrary column(s)
Save byte[] stream as PDF file
Why am I still receiving data even after NetworkStream.EndRead returns 0 bytes?
Query DTO objects through WCF with linq to sql backend
What's wrong with this jquery animation function?
Multiple document update issue in mongodb
Does the .Net Compact Edition 3.5 support the Entity Framework?
Dealing with Int32.MinValue and NULL when executing Oracle Stored Procedure
django sekizai {% addtoblock %} tag is not working properly
update record in rails
Erlang + Apple Push notification [Issue with invalid token]
Android Accessibility Support?
nLog missing log data
Jquery autocomplete submission form
How to disable meta refresh tag in Google Chrome
getting file not found error in ios
Disable Directory Listing in IIS
What is the recommended way to normalize data during an import from CSV/Excel in ASP.NET (MVC)?
Backup script: How to keep the last N entries?
Why there is a copy before assign?
Java, how can I reset JTextField
How to find out the concurrent users or connections on HAProxy server?
Send back cookie in a request
Move div in next line using css
ConcurrentModificationException when adding inside a foreach loop in ArrayList
RegEx to find first Tab in each line in a block of text
Animation of moon phases
intensity slicing opencv (with the kinect)
How can I add a custom node into Navigation Pane of the Standard file open/save dialog?
Is it possible to use a condition with count on a has_many relation?
How does mySQL GROUP BY and SELECT DISTINCT() Affect Data Output on identical values?
spring mvc dynamic on change dropdown to other dropdown
GZipStream machine dependence
Extends UserManager in Symfony2 with FOSUserBundle
uploaded link from Fog 1.2.0 not working
Static Variable Instances and AppDomains, what is happening?
How can I reference static properties in defined in global.asax from within my WCF service?
Python Mysql TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable
how to display dicom image in matlab?
Query set of number of related objects
TextView Background Resource
XPages Mobile Controls - how to program the Back button
Java mail getting delay
How make output png file in JavaPlot
ASP.NET SQL SessionState or Custom solution?
Single-pass Read and Validate XML vs referenced XSD in C#
maven test don't run tests
Reduce the size of an image in java
Bootstrap Layout Problems
How can I save a specified number of lines from R's history to a file?
Image to byte[], Convert and ConvertBack
Control background not displaying the way I want
Converting a ldap date
Change words in application depending on language setting
Exclude dash (-) from word separators in vi
How do I evaluate data annotations on a model during an HtmlHelper extension?
Custom parameters in URL for show action
Appending audio files on android 4.0
TableView delegate method called only after a second cell is selected
File.canWrite is not working as per expectations
memory allocation inside a CUDA kernel
What's the right way to model an extension point that should have only one active implementation?
Issues with Update Panel
is there a way to reuse the socket addersses in C++/Linux
Is it possible to override static functions in an object module (gcc, ld, x86, objcopy)?
ASP.NET Label text align
Issue with a Process using '&&'
Matching optional String regex
Linq-SQL error on Silverlight project
ServiceStack Authorization - Access Route Information
Pass a GET parameter to a JavaScript function?
Storing .Net ArrayList in database
How do I override / add to the method_missing while maintaining searchlogic functionality?
Drupal: How do I pass profile tokens to user profile page?
<select> change event not fired when using keyboard
Facebook wall post response is blank screen in webview stuck in XD_proxy.php
Problems with twain, morena and citrix
master page link's background colour is changing in Internet explorer but not working in Mozilla Firefox
jdbc 4 connection rollback autoincrement issue
Dynamic array, dynamic constructor
Switch off UTF escaping in JsonBuilder
Can anyone figure out why my jquery function slide up and down is not working properly on my first li tag?
Mac Sandboxing and Temp files
WCF on IIS with SSL, not working for me
Get file from the specified path
Select blog articles by tag
Create a Blackberry application with a webview (webapi) on OS 4.5
How to get the Binding element of a collection inside an item template in WPF?
Camera not responding
Funky pagecreate issue with jQueryMobile
Powershell - keep set number of backup files
Standard way to prompt user approval Ruby?
How to atomically negate an std::atomic_bool?
jquery form validation
How can I display a text file within a bash script?
Parse Smarty template without triggering calls to user plugins
Symfony 1.4: Merging values from multiple settings.yml files
Plot multidimensional array in Matlab
Get value of checked radio button in radio button list
LWUIT ComboBox: Class as the Items
Lifecycle Callback Issue When Extending FOSUserBundle User Entity
STI: user has multiple child class ids.( I want the user has only one of the child class id)
ActionScript 3 .replace() only replaces first instance
Page cannot be null error custom MOSS 2007 Webpart
Is there an official (or common) file extention or suffix for deflated files?
Covariance and Contravariance in C#
How to create sql connection with c# code behind, access the sql server then conditionally redirect?
Connecting a remote touchpad to an Android system
ZXING example app not working
Controlling Multithreading in Objective C
Is there an R package or function that generate Levey-Jennings chart?
Generate a random number with max, min and mean (average) in Matlab
C# pre-populating textarea from database
What's the difference between a facebook and
Send Ctrl Alt Del through INPUT Structure doesn't work?
In XSLT, How do I split the text content of an element into lines?
Use static or singleton classes instead of System.Web.HttpRuntime.Cache?
Simulation threads conflict even when started by different proccesses
is there a dataProviderChange event for dropdownlist?
Webview masking onclick events
Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': Expected hex 0x in '{0xdddddddd, etc}'
stackoverflow URL rewrite
MATLAB hide datacursor box when using datacursor
Preventing Memory Fragmentation in Polymorphic Container
Moving a fixed width table inside a fixed width div
Is Google plus API still read-only?
Custom exception handler
Memory Leak with an XMLHttpRequest and setInterval
Fastest way to load images into a UIView?
How to read plain text from .doc and .docx document and display in Flex3 text area