if-clause doesnt work [duplicate]
Solr / Lucene: Filter to Convert 鈥淲ord-Numbers鈥�to Numbers
MAKEINTRESOURCE returning bad pointers for resource ID's
How to fetch data from two tables in sql
I need code for FOREACH loop or for loop for four variables
Subtle error when using temporaries to get iterators to a STL container: how to avoid it?
Cannot get correct IP for user using PHP
Maximum file size of JPEG image with known dimensions
Django switch from sqlite3 to Postgresql issues
Celery expires - Rise exception
Using a custom DLL in Silverlight
attempt to free memory causes error
Apycom Jquery menu not working fine
Separating suffixes using a dictionary
Unwanted faded images in IE8
Spring Security+JSF ROLE-driven rendering of page components(link etc.) best practice
Keydown for special chars like 枚眉盲 fires 2 times and ouputs char without ' 篓 '
Knockout.js and Testing with QUNIT OBject Error
Check online status on Lync User
Textbox filling repeated char to the width of the control
htacess - how to allow multiple ips to access the site
WCF routing script
Arrange in increasing order of their Big Oh Complexity
IDNA does not round-trip
BCP ignore the trigger, what can I do?
my iPad app kills wifi until minimized
emacs lisp - eval unexpectedly different than eval-print-last-sexp
Scala: companion object purpose [duplicate]
Scala: companion object purpose [duplicate]
Selenium grid unable to run the demo test
Horizontal scrollbar not working
magento - retrieve all children categories given a category id
How to show post update time like facebook and twitter?
Xcode Icon dimensions don't meet size requirements
fix the image size oncustom tabelview I am using the cell.imageview property
Multiple Encryption with Bouncycastle
How to pass data for datetime type in google visulization api server side data population
Add leading zero only if exist with php
Entity Framework 4.3 Migration bug with existing database
Google Chrome options like sliding panel
Modifying arrays in Haskell and remembering indices
Set time value into data frame cell
Date Diff Function Assistance in Tableau
@Grab annotation working from JSR 223
鈥淯nable to determine upstream SVN information from working tree history鈥�
ExtJs validation Grid
Could not find an implementation of the query pattern Error
How to Attach Behavior to Image Wrapped in an 'A Tag'
Regular expression which will support forward slashes and fullstops
Focus inside a select with javascript?
CakePHP , Controller::flash() does not redirect
How to use the indexes in a list within the subprocess module?
How to solve the maximum lenght error( it is too long ) in sql query c#
Nesting properties inside a tag in Ksoap2
How to specify the thousands and decimal separator used by GWT's NumberFormat
Having the button raise click event even if it is disabled in jquery
Passing data from activity A to B : Application Stopped Unexpectedly
How to indent method paramaters in a method definition
jQuery fadeOut() Only Works Once
WPF Grid and focus of controls inside it
Retrieve only one image with Html.ImageGetter?
Implementing Google Analytics for iOS
Stored procedure parameter with XML query in MSSQL gives 鈥渁rgument must be string literal鈥�
Get a value of checked checkbox into a button from a Gridview
PHP preg_replace replacing numbers along with special chars
How to evaluate a HTML DOM object (like 鈥渄ocument鈥� in RubyRacer
Nested loops in coffeescript
Document oriented services in JAX-WS
Class won't compile in Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse
Fetching all data from an Entity and printing only displays the last record
Mapping the world on ggplot2
Hibernate SessionFactory: can't instantiate bean
How can I prevent Lion to display the Do you want to restore your windows after a crash
Adding Year To FB Timeline Automatically [closed]
100% page height using JS not working on certain pages
Overwrite auto generated css
Get Contact's TFS Project
Is there an API / LIB to remove JavaScript in the JavaBackend?
Get next number at insert, reset to 0 at new year
What is the point of Kernel#select in Ruby?
Automated comparison of XML files?
qr code redirect for google play on device or desktop
Blackberry field padding
How to read a .doc file into a byte[] array?
Format to represent a tree or node graph
Arduino C++ destructor?
Return Count Grouped By Category With Item Containing That Category
Iterate xml values(wikimapia)
how to show only two rows of data in the listview of android
Strange result from DecryptByPassphrase
CodeIgniter DataMapper ORM include_related always returning first row in database table
Showing Summary of variables/Methods in java
css table issue
Minimal enclosing sphere - derive from OBB?
How to store dynamically generated view in cache in MVC3 web application?
Open map with safari or maps
Disable Spring Security programmatically
what is a single-valued association in hibernate?
CompareTo/Sorting 2D array of Strings AND Integers
How to trigger a signal / hook on edit of a specific page?
Shall I define index (A) and index (B), or index (A, B), or both?
HippoMocks - How to mock Win32 API Function
Delete n characters from string ending to make it a string with exact length
Can we pass multiple options for UIView's transitionWithView:duration:options:animations:completion: method?
How to add a TableView Controller as a subView to a UIViewController without using IB?
Rails reading a Serialized object of N records
jScrollPane not working with twitter profile feed
How to use jQuery variable in Html with ASP MVC 3
Is it possible to program Android to act as physical USB keyboard?
How can I prevent search value in pagination in CakePHP
Uploaded an image using `file_put_contents` with 0 bytes (empty)?
Getting a type of value from binding class without converter
Start Application Before Windows Shell Starts Up?
jQuery - Keyboard Enter to behave as a - click on a label button?
htaccess wildcard redirect
Ajax call not returning data from php file
MediaElement.JS & setCurrentTime() for an iPad
How to redesign an EAV table
How to view the git history of a project and revert to an older commit?
RatingBars and listeners in Android
Aligning dropdown menu list with menu bar
tomcat-maven-plugin ignores my <warFile>-def in configuration
Java generics: Functional-like max()
Share one iOS Developer Account between programmers
dates before 1950 equate future date
PHP Slim framework - multiple HTTP methods
Problems deleting several rows from SQLite Database
Export from XML file to PostgreSQL
Export from XML file to PostgreSQL
Mysql Query Top 5 Services based on Sales
Upgrading Lotus Domino from 8.5.2 to 8.5.3, custom template broken
How to map a oracle defined user types to JPA entity using hibernate?
How to write a function to Generate String like A0001, A0002, ..A9999,鈥�AA0001, AA9999,鈥�AZ0001, AZ9999,
Generating a desired GUID in C#
ASP Upload Component - Classic ASP
Saving an audio file in documents directory
I cannot get my PHP Form Validation working
Index mismatch error when performing 'git svn fetch'
why is this quick sort not sorting
How to express in LINQ, an SQL OrderBy clause over two fields
how to send email in simplest way using ruby and rails
Errors in moving from Eclipse (Indigo EE) to IntelliJ IDEA
How to start Different Activity from Different Notification using Urban Airship Android
Int values not marshalling properly between managed and unmanged code
Users, Groups and Tags database design
T4 Editor for Visual Studio 11 beta?
Reading facebook direct messages
How to set Startofweek in highcharts api
How to display address in gmaps4rails_infowindow Rails 3.2.1
ADO .NET Entity Framework inheritance modelling
How to read a Byte array property in Jersey Web Service?
How to change a string to a int number in C++? [duplicate]
Adding more then just the Action and Object text to ticker, need to add a note
Hibernate search failover arhitecture
Saving Data on Parent Window from a Child Window?
How to move PictureBox in C#?
Regex is not validating date correctly
Castle Windsor - passing Type as constructor parameter
Load MultiFrame Icons
unexpected end of file: elements not closed VB xmlreader: Parse?
htmlagility pack fails to fetch localhosted page
Sending facebook direct messages
OpenGL/GLSL - implementation of texture filtering
How do you install Groovy and Grails plugins for Eclipse/STS without direct internet access?
Moving files using VBscript
IE7 and jQuery .html / .empty / .css not firing
Painting label text with a reveal / fade-in effect
Android Arabic date display in TextView
How can I get Microsoft Document Explorer, which is missing from my Delphi installation?
Integration tests through Facebook's authentication
how can I regulate an Opacity of ApplicationBar
Prevent form data from being cached, and re-accessing with back button
DataGridTextColumn doesn't allow to enter 鈥渄ouble鈥�value
Changing individual tab style in flex
Performance penalty for shipping release build with .pdb files?
Graph drawing algorithm
Just another jquery newbie, passing and receive params
Geocoding api over query limit
Regex is not matching in the way that I want to
Ion auth, calling methods?
ASP.NET: Insert Multiple Values from a Dropdownlist into Database
I didn't check the Targeted for iPad option when creating a View Controller. How can I fix my UIView to be targeted for iPad devices using XCode 4.2?
Jquery check if element exist and if conditon
How do I pan a map so all markers are always visible when a div partially covers the map? (Google Maps API v3)
jQuery DataTables add rows dynamically removes some initialization
How to capture user action on browser by Java code?
deselecting a column by name, R
How to properly close Qt when loaded as a shared library?
How can I debug Run-time error '438' for object written with win32com and python 2.4.0 (2.7.2)?
Offering discounts to specific customers via coupons in IOS App Store
How to write a division & remainder code in MIPS?
Need Reference to Object For Class CTOR (before Object is built)
Why this regular expression dead halfway?
Comparing Radio Button List's SelectedIndex to SelectedIndex[0] or Selectedindex[1]
animated progress bar by script for IE8
Deserialize Java LinkedList
Restrict user from entering search string start with wildcard using custom validator
Clustered index selection with Django
jquery ui ajax tab - reload tab, or change tab location?
Android big concern for me 鈥渇orce close鈥�
Is it possible to track a file from inside .hg directory inside hg?
Jaspersoft iReport - how to set number of reducers for Hive query?
Cassandra - crash with 鈥渇ree() invalid pointer鈥�
Can I use groovy in play framework's application.conf?
JsonArray with items not having id's
.htaccess General Rule for all Pagination
CSS3 Responsive Layout - which method can i select?
DataTable to Excel Export Through Response Object
How to find names of all collections using PyMongo?
android launch from eclipse not working properly without error message
Setting color in a row of a Jtable
Hibernate persiste but not add FK in children
onSaveInstanceState limit?
Navigation menu alignment with css
fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals in c++
Using GNU GPL script on website
Batch queries for DomainContext with RIA services
Eclipse RCP & Hibernate Entity Mapping - class not found
Trying to use priority queue and do not understand comparators
Check if cookie expired in iPhone
Alternative to xlrd, xlwt and xlutils in python
prism - Unable to set binding for HeaderTemplate of TabItem
how to replicate between two databases in the same couchdb instance
make part of an image transparent using PorterDuffXfermode
How to enable Closure Compiler's minification feature in Play 2.0
Return Elements that are not in the other XML
Getting data from the Info plist
sequential mandelbrot image creation
Normalizing audio, how to convert a float array to a byte array?
How can I exclude a specific part of a URL in MVC2?
How to remove and add tabs under product information in the admin panel?
php GET form action in the same php file
how to get started with aspects in c# [closed]
what is difference between lazy=鈥渢rue鈥�and fetch=鈥渟elect鈥�in hibernate?
UserControl property 鈥渞elay鈥�between internal controls and viewmodel; does not feel/work right
Delete query is not working form java application
Short IF ELSE syntax in objective C
Exception interpretation of Bad version number in .class?
css menu or script don't work on ie
TFS build run custom code
Transition for images in wp7
How can I dynamically create only the facebook comments textarea without the actual comments?
how to handle multiple namespaces with different URI in XSD
Treeview doubleclick event
Adding numbering to documents in Xpages
jQuery bound window events and AJAX content
Merged Bitmap images is not shown in phone But can see on pc in Android?
Escaping values automatically apache2/php
custom Expendable List view child
Component is constantly refreshing (repainting)
MVC3 Doesn't accept cookie
How to use interface properties with CodeFirst
Hibernate batching unexpected behavior
Can't handle an uploaded file exceeding maxrequestlength
Testing that one model 鈥渂elongs_to鈥�another model
VS11 Beta Solution Navigator 鈥淥pen鈥� 鈥淓dited鈥� 鈥淯nsaved鈥�
Crystal Report won't appear in Crystal ReportViewer
Accessing drupal database using JSON web service
SQL - Get next value of isIdentity column
Issue with new version of application for BlackBerry App World
Transactions Not Starting using Spring and JPA in Tomcat
Android OpenCV Edge Detection
JQuery jquery-1.7.1.min.js live() deprecated use on()
destruction of container of QGlyphRuns fails
JAX-WS: Using argument in method from another class annotation
Using HttpGet returning complete HTML code
Webfont character missing in Chrome 17
Resource mapping Spring framework 3
Writing logs to file
Executing and External Powershell Command from Ruby
JSF (and PrimeFaces) How to pass parameter to a method in ManagedBean
Tallying occurances or subquery mess
IncompatibleRemoteServiceException while using RPC in GWT
Issue with Uncompressing the .7z file in the Android evn
NullPointerException when calling data.getData inside OnActivityResult()?
Pausing CALayer animation with an animation with a delay
Send Email in Android using the default android app(Builtin Email application)
RichTextBox - check if a linbreak was deleted
how to download files from browser over bonjour
Dropdown in templated column for ultrawebgrid does not function properly
Why does all data go away when restarting Neo4j?
Dynamic templatetag
jQuery - type 'home' do something (keyup)
RegFree COM working from C#, NOT working from VBA
How to enumerate Extjs grids in a form
Onchange input event isn't fired on jquery
Not catching on key up event
Problems when calling $.Ajax in Firefox and Chrome in a cross domain call
jquery - equivalent to Prototype.js' 鈥渕atch鈥�function
Sip Profile Building:Android
Visual Studio - Prevent F11 from starting the debugger
BlackBerry stream audio/STOP Stream
The difference of `InputStream``DataInputStream` and `BufferedInputStream`in java?[closed]
JPA Hibernate - Mapping MySQL Composite keys to JPA (Hibernate) entities
Terminate a thread from a web request which was created by other web request
How to collect data results in pytest usingt junitxml?
Android Video from camera
hiccup code not responding without (do (html5 at each level
Android - ListView not updating barprogress (sometimes)
Android - TabScreen orientation causes all my screens to be reset? [duplicate]
How to use anchors in Spotify apps?
Inserting a striped line onto an Excel chart through COM Interop
What is meant by metadata in android?
doctrine 2: how to use datatype long?
WMI - Performance Data NonAnonymousUsersPerSec
JSLint - problems importing packages
HTTP authentication with Apache HTTP Components: force sending of challenge
font face troubles.. not sure why it won't work?
why App crashes getting data from Dictionary?
EventHandler for Appointments and Contacts in Outlook
More than one channel in BlazeDS
RSA Decryption in iPhone using public key
How to observe bookmarks tagged by a specific tag on Delicious via API/Feed?
git clone repo to a remote machine
How to get the resolution of image in iphone programmatically?
Need to modify this export macro for text tab delimited output
why does a function that added to delegate needs to be static?
Using colon (':') when sending OctetString through SNMP
Use pnorm from Rmath.h with Rcpp
Floating menu div css
HABTM link tables not taking isolate_namespace value in mountable engine
Adding two gesture recognizers to one UIView coses 鈥渇ailed with exit code 255鈥�
Why I can't read any character in this Python code
Decompile app IOS to get source code - Objective C
How to copy a license file which is placed with the setup.msi to target directory (setup created with msifactory)
Implementing a timeout property on Stream Read
How Can I Add a Scrollbar (Jscrollpane) to a Fixed layout (centered 2 columns + header, 100% height) Column
Can I assign the value of a RegEx group to another one?
Can I assign the value of a RegEx group to another one?
Show current time on page in real ticks format using Rails and change with every second
How do I generate a number in the range between 0.3 < X < 0.7 with netlogo
(Capybara) access modal window
.NET Free memory usage (how to prevent overallocation / release memory to the OS)
Is it possible manage a transaction between two class mediator?
How to programmatically check if microphone is used or not on iPhone
jQuery initial onchange event by loop
Android socket port control
Using .htaccess file for the mobile version of a site
Save the data entered in textfields,date picker,etc in a view(page) to a Uitableview
Paypal mobile styling
Does the developer payload persist when RESTORE_TRANSACTIONS is called in Google in-app billing?
Flickering when drawing bitmaps with canvas in Android
Can I create a selector with multiple elements using Jquery closest()
Session info inside Facebook app page is different than the same page but on my website (hosting the app)
convert function return from 鈥榮td::vector<QString>鈥�to 鈥楺Variant鈥�
Append to text file using PrintStream
Show earliest reservations where books are available
boost::asio ssl linking error
How to extract picklist ids (as well as values) using Salesforce API?
Why might COM automation of Word from within a console application run as a scheduled task work on my development machine but hang on another?
z-index / border related issue with nav menu
making clean url with htaccess
Javascript Regular Expression for CSS
org.jboss.netty.channel.ChannelFuture.awaitUninterruptibly() hangs when closing a channel using SSL/TLS
taglib call to managedbean call
Why are images in SVGs not always loaded from the application cache when previously cached on the iPad?
Date command does not follow Linux specifications (Mac OS X Lion)
About Learning and Using SQL Statements [closed]
What is AsyncManager.OutstandingOperations?
ExtJS Portal layout issue (auto height/width of internal elements)
How to use Dialog class in j2me
Using Google Maps API in Web Application
incompatible character encodings with kaminari
MVC3 Telerik Treeview Add HTML Elements(Button) to each node
erroneous character fixing of strings in c#
qt4 scons including a uic file in variant_dir
Different types in a single shared memory
Where to put code for model entity classes in GWT using GAE
UIWbView multiple URL loading with UIProgressView in iPhone SDK
Need to close dialog on opening of any other dialog on click of flot bar chart
Robust pthread mutexes - portability across platforms
Need help to setup dynamic values in a Wysiwyg Editor
Create pdf in proper format
Two UITableView on single screen
Upshot setFilter
CA1303, DoNotPassLiteralsAsLocalizedParameters, but I'm actually not
How to set the max pool size or connection size for BasicDataSource in Spring Framework
List in class with pointers [closed]
鈥淪uspected Fraud鈥�status after compeleting the payment in magento?
VBA Images lost when inserting one word document into another
Capturing screenshots with python in windows and linux
How can I add exactly 1 millisecond?
Do I need to add synchronization to this code?
add certificate to IIS 6.0
Convert string to date
return a specific bit as boolean from a byte value
maven properties plugin : strange behavior when running 鈥渕vn deploy鈥�
URL Auto-Redirection
How do I use selectAndWait in Selenium IDE?
Numeric conversion
JSpeex Decoding not working
How to create a time-driven trigger in postgresql
How to make a cell of spreadsheet to expand automatically on exporting file from website to PC? [closed]
mvc 4 bundle and minification - not getting 304 (not modified) when I refresh
Read image in hadoop
Is it possible to use asp.net Dynamic Data with EF + Repository pattern
Facebook Request Dialog on Website
Google Maps Polygon Outer Fill
Set document.getElementById to variable
Combining two LINQ queries into one
very basic regex scenario works different than my expectation on libstdc++-v3
Android - ListView with Images
Can already started Android Service receive NFC tag in the form of Intent?
Associations' traversal direction
What is the best architecture we can use for a Netty Client Application?
Set size of InlineUIContainer?
save jquery drag and drop position relative to parent DIV?
Unsupported operand types error / Carriage return - PHP
Iterating over an array in packages
Passing Javascript variable to href
Android checkable context menu not remembering checked
How to kill a 3rd-party application?
How can you synchronise the position of multiple PanoramaItems?
Added functionality broke my tests - very simple logic too
How to test if a string is JSON or not?
Binding in ItemTemplate on KeyValuePair not working
jquery bxslider slider with custom pager - auto play not adding active class to pager?
How to remove the active admin sign-up link?
Checkbox OnCheckedChange in expandablelist childs
How to import opencv libraries into eclipse using windows
Update Database without refresh
JQuery append array value to each list item
NullPointer exception on finding controls, even after view is shown
java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Float cannot be cast to java.lang.String
redirect Access rules with Yii
Wrap each element with html using jQuery
Web Security practical testing resources
HTML <frame> SRC-attribute - use html-code instead of URL
em's not working on iPhone Browser
saving fragment state actionbar tab
Html5 native datepicker, on change
ROC curve from the result of a classification or clustering
Bug in NSFileManager (instance method is traversing symbolic link)
Truncating a stream of unknown length x bytes from the end? (.NET)
jQuery selecting adjacent element
Change the content of a <td> using Prototype?
Joomla caching error messages
Need to schedule a method excecution in asp .net
How to determine if HTML Control is being displayed in page?
TinyMce editor issue in google chrome
Optimize SQL Query having SUM and COUNT functions
Play socket-streamed h.264 movie on iOS using AVFoundation
Updating a XML file using Qt DOM
About Devise customize sign_up
Combine LinQ queries
Sending image to server: http POST vs custom tcp protocol
Is there a way to globally change title of all navigtion bar back button to 鈥淏ack鈥�
Edittext line number and currentline cursor position.
Ending a Python Script
Merge edges and fill areas
how to get the min maven.target.version out of the dependency tree
Remove timestamp from GWT logger
Why do Url.Action and Request.Url.Host return 鈥渓ocalhost鈥�
Do i need server for autorenuable in app purchase
Resume music after pause Phonegap
unable to run the cronjob in ruby on rails using whenever gem
Gracefully stopping servlets before Jetty closes connections
Redirect to action of controller using ajax call
ajax calendar extender multiple popup buttons handling
how to populate text area with database value before form load in drupal 7?
Windows 8 Metro app (XAML) - How to set a default startup language?
Need help in tweaking enum lists
Name of this idiom? myFont.setWidth(20).setStyle(Style.BOLD).setX().setY().setZ() (鈥�
Django forms {% ssi %} dont play nicely
How to handle special chars in parameter values?
How does inlining work in LLVM?
how to access array objects diffrently and dynamically
Populating a layout using a table from OBDC
Text indexing library in C/C++
To select a specific column from a table using php postgres
UI Sortable (Hidden Containers)
Java ClassLoader: load same class twice
Java: Passing an Enumeration to a Method
dynamic fitness function for genetic algorithm
How does AJAX handle multiples instances of a variable?
Compilers that support C11
which free tools can I use to generate the program dependence graph for c codes
Oracle external table with dba's directory
Access pages with forms authentication from c#
Deserialize Object using JDBC stored w/ JPA
Display X509Certificate with chain elements not in certificate store
Select from mysql database where columns contains PHP
MySQL: IF statement used with SUM
vector.push_back() crashes
Android: how to set the chart engine title to two lines?
How to keep data in-row in SQL Server
ID3D10Texture2D scroll contents
Supporting different revisions of XML format with Python LXML
Null pointer exception when using ItemizedOverlay with MapView
Tips for page navigation for a new web programmer in asp.net
SELECT onChange event
Simple PHP Script to Implemet a Counter to track number of software installation
Is there an in-build function to add the created at date to a document in couchDB?
Enlarge and save image from UIView to photo album
Calculate trajectory given a coordinate and angle
Finding a match in two sets of synchronized lists
Reachability iOS 5.1 (iPad)
How do I programmatically query a DbSet in a DbContext?
How to set height of FrameLayout dynamically [closed]
WaveInEvent sample event frequency
Difference between $0 and $SHELL
android sockets with a connect screen, that opens a new screen if a successful connection occurs
MFC SysLink Control
How to get the correct value from SerialPort.BytesToRead?
getopts printing help when no cmd. line argument was matched
How to write user-mode NAT without any binding port?
How to close Pdf files from C#
Winforms: Update label on Form from another class
Kohana 2 Custom 404 error pages
PHPUnit configuration file and auto_prepend_file
how to try SourceMaps with GWT?
100% Width Creating Horizontal Scroll Bar
Custom Dialog for Force Closed Android
plot every n-th label in the legend in gnuplot
WCF HTTP 504 Error
How do I use a back reference in the cmd executed by :g?
Is it possible to use an object's attribute value to decide access?
Symfony2 - Custom Query in Entity Repo doesn't seem to return expected results
imagebutton inside a listview
Adding elements to an array using key/value in PHP?
Get parameter from static context in axis2
Push Notification, alert message not receiving on iPhone
Could not initialize proxy - no Session session.LOAD and EVICT
WRT compiling source code on a Mac, what is ldd?
Datagrid to ObservableCollection Binding Doesn't Update grid
How to balance an existing random binary search tree (BST) using an array (in Java)?
Reading Attributes from XML
jQuery: How to let a callback function just run once
Java displays some text every 5 seconds (on a loop)
make another Jquery AJAX call in error case of existing AJAX call
Handling old data in new app versions in ANDROID鈥�
How to develop add-in for vs2010 which show errorlist using popupbox?
Prevent ruby selenium-webdriver dismissing alerts when raising UnhandledAlertError
listview dynamic message using Flags
running phpmyadmin on centOS - forbidden error (403)
How to get all timezones list in Qt?
C++ fstream reading and writing to file
keep first 2 words and the last word from a sentence
SELECT REPLACE on every column
reduce/reduce conflicts using ocamlyacc
Transfering data from WF to its host process (thread)
how to use FileSystemWatcher to change cache data?
should we always use a EJB to implement a webservice? are there any other ways?
How to conditionally redirect depending on login name in ASP.NET C# framework 4
Sort-Merge two Datasets: which approach is faster?
Is it possible to add cell comments on xlwt? [duplicate]
WCF service access for redunancy (failover)
How to call the Twitter Search widget through an AJAX call
Accessing HttpServletResponse object in a normal Java class from Spring
Jquery Data Table paging issues
WCF proxy connection open causes errors
Syntax and Sample Usage of Generics in C11
SSPI/LSA Authentication
Getting NSInternalInconsistencyException on default locale when performing i18n
How to call JavaScript from Mono's WebKitSharp?
Receive Multiple JMS Messages in a single transaction using MDP
How to get dependencies of classes, voids, etc from java source code?
How to configure apache to allow overlapping locations (for svn and websvn)
AABB - AABB Collision response (sliding)
Dynamic width for report in ireport 4.0.1
how to list out all the logged on users in a web application using jsp,servlets
Flash CS5 - how to keep multiple files open in tabs?
How do I get my jQuery to be run every time a page is loaded, even from the cache?
jQuery getScript not working in Android WebView when using Local Assets/HTML/Resources
Encode Imagefile to 64BaseBinary Format in android
JSF insert object in session only when user logges in
App Engine & Spring Security: Concurrent sessions
Report Builder: Add dictionary like page index in page header
java DateFormat gives weird format result
Get field value before update
redraw function with g containers
Display of div is not working during postback?
Oracle Driver Error - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Inject the Servlet object in a CDI pojo on glassfish
how to create a css attribute swapper between two elements?
Workflow logging using Log4J
SelectNodes with XPath ignoring cases
how to prevent focus event in IE when mousedown happens
SoundCloud's connect with Facebook not working in iOS
How to access the remote server for storing and retrieving files through android
-[__NSCFString objectAtIndex:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance
How can I change the amount of time the default screen appears in an iPhone app?
How does BitConverter.ToInt64 handles a byte arry with 32 bytes (a 256 bit hash from SHA256Managed)
Context menu icon not appearing in Google Chrome
Adding a search bar and search display controller to a map view?
Using an 'entity type number' within the record ID to identify the Entity
Image Comparison of logos
Attach multiple image in email from asset in android
Gallery displays Force Close Error
how to use monkey patching helper in devise in password controller to change after_sending_reset_password_instructions_path_for
Ada: throwing wrong exception when opening a non-existent file
Jquery UI sortable - perform action BEFORE start event fires
Can't strip whitespaces from within a string? [duplicate]
expose an Access database on a Linux web server
storing software information locally
List View inside a Scroll View
Can not retrieve Birth Date from Address Book & show in table view cell in iphone
Symfony 1.4 - embedForm - new objects
How to read file and send to other URL
strange behaviour by .htaccess
Can not push changes after using git reset --hard
Will a C# library for the xbox kinect work for the windows kinect SDK?
How to set overlay image on ListviewItem in virtual mode
JQuery get text start with an element
count maximum number of edges
Trouble using onPause() method
Error in making custom application part of android Operating System
implement backBarButtonItem to send message to delegate before
Why is foreman gem ignoring the PORT environment variable?
How to Android Holo Theme style dialog box buttons
IDocumentQueryListener - appending to every query
Code First Entity Framework Many-to-Many relationships
Keep gridview rows order sorted by jquery after post back
OpenGl render direcly to bitmap (without any view)
assigning Object refferences and performance
GPS sentences offline parser for windows/linux plaform- free c code
How should I structure my mvc 3 app in this situation?
add a value to login form joomla 2.5
Java ORM, Can a java bean be mapped to a view
How do I clear an array of a structure in C, and then free that memory?
How to call a custom service from other plugins in liferay?
SBJSON parsing issue with large JSON file
Finding polygons within an undirected Graph
Changing behavior of TaxonomyFieldDriver
iPhone App with places rating and comments
Making user mandatorily fill a dialog box
Multiple appender in same Log4net file
Overriding the webBrowser click event
Overriding the webBrowser click event
Unable to build GWT project in NetBeans
How to design a sequential hash-like function
Cannot get Array.indexOf method to work in Javascript
Dojo / Dijit BorderContainer in Dijit.Dialog
refer to the calling object
Any good tutorials for the open source 3d frameworks like cocos3d? [closed]
is htdocs a good place to put my very protected scripts in? [duplicate]
How to add second table in database in sqlite?
window does not popup before process start -> tried sleep() method, but 鈥渇ails鈥�
What is the faces-config.xml.jsfdia file for?
JavaScript - if URL doesn't have a #hash? [duplicate]
How can I set a delayOut timer for the jQuery tooltip plugin?
SQLite python does not update table
Private Key authentication failed error in Eclipse for openshift
Swing Component Event Handlers
Resize Blob image before saving in Play Framework
How to make a dhcp server listen for broadcast requests in a virtual box vm
How to test Production Push Notification
C : Search functionality in Linked List
Rounding up the values in a crystal reports cross tab
UIView renderInContex specific position
A simple http request on android, no idea why get error
htaccess multi redirect
In nested gridview the table corresponding to child Gridview is not rendered in html
Using JIRA labels
setOnclickListener() on Button inside a ListView
how to convert list items into respective dict in python/mongodb/elementTree
Strange behavior using if statement
How to enable the IRQ on the other core?
Clicking on a textbox in firefox doesn't give focus
.NET XML web service, consuming class not able to access web service class
framework for creating local environment for native libraries
Django database model: fields depending on the type of the object
JSR-303 Bean Validation annotate multiple fields
Get path and Distance from my current location to user input location
I can't undo changes to some resources in RTC, because they're 鈥渙ut of sync with the file system鈥� Help please :(
FB api - pull number of unread message from page's mailbox
What's the difference between the different Magento session types
Javascript method to navigate to other url [duplicate]
ruby rack rpc server/client example
How to return results from node mysql
SUBQUERY in NSPredicate and NSInvalidArgumentException
jQuery is duplicating created elements in DOM
Retrieving Email contacts from Hotmail
How to create triggers which accepts external parameters in SQL Server?
Extended access token from Facebook not working properly
commandButton issue in JSF
jQuery Multiple Select Filter :first
jQuery/Javascript Invalid left-hand side in assignment
jQuery/Javascript Invalid left-hand side in assignment
Create object from string
Has any image size limitation for image send to mail in ios application?
best way to replicate the threaded conversation UI in twitter
Which exe is used In Visual Studio 2010 to run unit test dll
typoscript: build URL from Page-ID and GET Parameters
Android : Stop Sync to Gmail, allow all rest apps to sync
iPhone facebook sdk shows Valid session even when I logged out through Facebook app
Why is reduce stuck at 16%?
Establishing connection with local SQL Server database file
multithread running on difference processes or same process?
Correct loadView implementation
draw image from isolated storage in xna?
Dynamics AX: how to filter a report?
Hibernate DB2 revoke STATEMENTs for User
How to copy file from one directory to another using native code in Android?
enum.valueOf(String name) missing from Javadoc 1.5 and 1.6
C++ Strings adding at the start and at the end
How to create an instance of a type defined in a Web Site Project (App_Code) from another library
Sorting very large amount of data in SQL Server 2005
Why is the enter key behaving like the tab key?
Difference between ptrace(PTRACE_PEEKUSER) and ptrace(PTRACE_PEEKDATA)?
How to format a datetime to GMT irrespective of regional settings?
How to make a select query on a many to many relation using linq? [duplicate]
Uneeded session info at the end of url
C++ function crashes on call ( class constructor )
individual image / icon google maps api
SQL Server query returning Xml and Html
Eclipse formatter: can it ignore annotations?
Can I create a dialog box as seen in Blackberry using pure J2ME package
Align textview columns vertically when using custom adaptor / layoutinflator
What is the state of a Lock after Deserialization
database optimization issue
Wrong Calculation Magento shopping cart price rules
How to create switching button in jQuery
Infix to Postfix to Output (Postfix Calculator) using stacks
Expand and collapse static table view
audio preloader Jquery
Python JSON encoder
Set JPanel background transparent, setOpaque() doesn't let me paint
How to display route beteen two latitude and longitude with custom name?
NUnit: test with NO expected exception
Shared Preferences get lost after shutting down device or killing the app
Is there a workaround to having a link with fixed height and centered on the container?
ASP.NET button server side logic not being executed after javascript
The first column in TreeGrid(ext.net) is always centered, so there is no indents. How to fixed it?
C: Getting user input , storing , continueing then displaying last 50 inputs
Alphabetically sort a generic list of objects using a specified property
Can anyone explain the concept of Action and ActionForm?
how to determine when the device has low memory on Android
With knockoutjs and a template, how can I get the value of an input when the user presses enter?
Why does this prolog function in my belief base fail to execute in 2apl?
Error in getting message for c2dm
Instance method '-addOperation:waitUntilFinished:' not found (return type defaults to 'id')
How to pass a parameter to TeamCity Test Runner?
Add two top borders to a table row with CSS
Basic encrypt() and decrypt() function
Request with Array of Objects (complextype) in Android using KSOAP
Is it possible to change css animation width javascript?
wix XmlConfig syntax
MusicPlayer issues in Android (Beginner)
How can I parameterize an Eclipse generated make file
Android Media Player Prepare failed Error
Fade effect on jquery step by step form
How many files does the java compiler create?
Dynamically loading xaml files via .cs
How to get the location ids of nearby places in a FB app?
IndexOutOfRange Exception when trying to save() / insert with nHibernate
DateTime string format last digit of year
.hgignore doesn't work
StackPanel within a StackPanel alignment not right
Failed to compile HTTP-Live-Video-Stream-Segmenter-and-Distributor
Refraction vector not normalized
Running gnuplot from Matlab under Linux
adding a like button for fbconnect in native iOS application
Setting of max_executing time?
Getting child elements not to wrap inside overflow hidden div
Programmatically setting the width of a grid column with * in WPF
How to monitor the values in a Dictionary in the Excel VBA watch window?
VAT calculation聽when聽using聽pricing聽including taxes
File dialogue in asp.net
Get the current ringer volume value in iOS?
ld: library not found for -lz
JQuery's $(鈥�div鈥�.html() opens new page
Find the type of file
update files from local to remote with git and capistrano
exact string to getJSON and callback=?
JQuery only adding to children of odd even index
JSON with JRuby - Not parsing the result in UTF-8
Security Exception while accessing gmails?
MSXML node.clode method does not work as expected
Remote images from server for PhoneGap application [closed]
Delete row if table exists SQL
jQuery UI Draggable-Droppable overflow:visible
selenium webdriver Java: improve 鈥渋f else鈥�performance?
Navigation bar back button method
Delayed text color change in Swing text field
Ratingbar component display more than specified number of stars in android
Naming conventions for destructive vs. non-destructive methods in Javascript
Is there a known issue with Code First default mapping on a table with 'Statuses' suffix
Is there a known issue with Code First default mapping on a table with 'Statuses' suffix
How to inspect objects in Netbeans debugger and x-debug
Loading Google Map using geocode
Validating Listbox MVVM
App crash on third NSTimer iteration (Xcode 4.3, iOS 4.3)
OpenCV (C++) using SIFT descriptors increases the number of detected features?
What are the best pratices for doing http requests within an eclipse plugin?
only fetch one node element value in xml parsing?
delete everything before last comma
How To Display A Bubble When Tap On Marker
Auto Login using j_security_check in tomcat
INNER JOIN code calculated value with SELECT statement
Change initial page to be shown in ViewPagerIndicator
Using abstract list functions to iterate over a list of functions in Scheme
Phonegap/ Android (java) - Moving a pre-populated SQLite Database + assets folder
How to define the WP_QUERY class in an external php file?
File Accessing(Deleting/Opening) in Android 3.0 and above
JavaScript BlockStatement confusion
NSKeyedUnarchiver unarchiveObjectWithData crashes - No way to catch the exception?
red black tree balancing?
how to access files in apple photostream
Initialising fields inline or within constructor
XML Schema declare a root
how to display the selected node from the treeview in the textbox?
google visualization geomap
What are options to deploy and manage wcf applications centralized way?
What's the best way to use possessive pronouns in the Feed Dialog with the JavaScript SDK?
GWT: Margin by Anchor
Remove EOL spaces of selection only if there are
Detect first record of a select clause in Typoscript
Options for implementing publish subscribe architectural pattern using HTTP
Create a photo viewer control in wp7
DELETE with qsqlquery
ListView within fragment cant save scroll position
How do I set the scroller to invisible in a mobile skin
Changing the View Without Navigating
how to use existing Sip Stack libraries in android application?
How to allow user to practice alphabet on canvas in Android?
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'html' of undefined
OpenOffice writer - programmatically updating tables with cell formulas
Padding right for img only
on page load clone first image from collection of photos
Changing the language of a page on clicking a link
How to reference css and .js files with absolute urls [closed]
activityindicator animating in navigationBar
Plotting data frame column values as facet columns
how to float a DIV over FLASH without control over the embedding
Media player not playing any sound
Facebook link_stat click_count remains zero
iscroll not working in phonegap?how to use iscroll in phonegap
iscroll not working in phonegap?how to use iscroll in phonegap
Cocoa: Do I need to initialize value transformers for use in IB?
Pixel per square foot
How to use Hive jobs with Azkaban?
Why is Xcode 4.3.1 putting red strikethrough through this protected variable?
The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message:
How to migrate Play Framework 1.x project to 2.0
B tree class implementation: expression must have constant values?
Can a JSON response not have 鈥渟tringified鈥�values?
CodeIgniter Cookies are not working in IE8
How to disable the history in a CDHTMLDialog alternatively prevent from beeing used?
Performance: single or multiple jar?
looping to read multiple files from different folders of a hierarchy
RMI working before restart, not working afterwards - no security manager
Httpd file permission on Apache server
How to retrieve a value from database on click event and display it in HTML5 using (jqtouch+database+jquery)
Javascript regex for validation of a text box
How to safely run unreliable piece of code?
How the number of connections of a usenet provider change something? [closed]
Passing an object received from an input stream to another class
MySQL Sum grouping issue
How much overhead creates making many functions in groovy
Menu strip c# from csv file
blackberry eclipse show device folders
iOS coredata using existing SQLite?
Passing maps with different value types to a function in C++
http://protofunc.com/jme/ media player, how to synchronize 2 time sliders (when manually moved)
Pass data from a Node.js server to a socket.io app
How to reduce the height of the tabs? [closed]
PHP Visibility with Magic Methods __get & __set
sharing variables between running applications in C#
Crossdomain post with easyXDM
Reorganize directory structure MVC ExtJs 4 App
ExtJS3 - preventing overwriting of models that have not properly loaded
pymongo as_class and son manipulation
Apache mod_rewrite .htaccess rules not matching - escaped characters
jQuery: Resizing an image after loading - resizing already works, but is not triggered
Rebind a RadGrid from a RadWindow
It is possible to use SimpleXML for Android in commercial apps?
Jquery - Change text from label
Key/Value database for storing binary data
List filtering comes back as 0, but it shouldn't
ios newsstand behaviour when a remote nofication is received whilst on 3G (not wifi)
Using 'AND' in SQL WHERE clause for the same filed
Backbone/Underscore sortBy is not sorting collection
Attempting to access private variable via __get() method returns null
Get part of array and append the values
What system function and cp command return in C/Linux
Backbone - reading template data from DOM in View
Getting exc_bad_access in UITableViewController while getting object from NSMutableArray
Render content from string/database and generate links with twig
Primefaces :radioButton inside a ui:repeat
Who can i mark my combobox on my application startup
How to add a file in a zip using SharpZibLib in c#
Integer to Float but addProximityAlert not working
Plone and Dexterity: default values for 鈥渞elation鈥�field
ALSA re-enter to callback during callback execution
OpenID authentication with Nancy
Combine two bitmap and save as jpg format in android?
Multilevel Associative array in java like php
Jasper-Report server-side saving
ValidationSummary for server side errors is not working
how to save the facebook password/access token for login
LINQ: Evaluating a function where array elements are matched by index
how to get content of webpage designed in asp.net using php?
Prune empty merge commits from history in Git repository
Prevent double form submissions
How to not replace when preceded with some characters using String's replaceAll
Grundy's game extended to more than two heaps
View is not rotating
How to listen on browser requests (proxy, addon鈥�?
How to show a div after postback on a button click?
How does the current working draft c++ differ from the current standard
which gmail account should be used for requesting registration Id to implement push notification using c2dm?
Jerky scrolling on flash (safari 5.0.5 and firefox 9.0.1)
How to change part of a whole layout by keeping other part constant
declaring static global functions in header files
Powerpoint 2010 C# VSTO: Adding an HTML element to a slide, keeping its original format
How to use timer and input random numbers in java?
A simple png library for use in a c++ win32 tile-based game engine
Getting exception while using validator framework in struts
Powershell EnableFILESTREAM does not effect
Can I execute update queries dealing with BLOB using Ant's SQL task?
Grepping non printable characters by Cygwin
From select to update Oracle Sql
In SQL, is there something like: WHERE x = ANY_VALUE?
Creating a function to grab data from an Oracle database (array by ID)
Is there a pre-existing function or code I can use to compute a TCP segment checksum in a POSIX program
What other options apart from C2DM to use a web server to configure android app?
how to read with jackson json an array of this type:
strtod doesnt set errno on wrong input
Why does casting object's address to same class as this points to results in another object value?
XML Schema can I use unique when using ref?
Azure, Download the site to a local development environment?
How can I tell which column is matching in a multi column FTS CONTAINSTABLE search?
how to select all list items except for the first and last using CSS only?
composite key associations in rails 3
How do I add values to semi-complex JSON object?
Using getters as model properties
Select all tr except last and first ones with .on()
Asp.Net MVC: Fill a model property from a ActionFilterAttribute OnActionExecuting
SIP: how to know, for which REFER the NOTIFY came?
bring legend to the front in gnuplot
send email to multiple recepients
How to view IndexedDB content in chrome?
Trouble with understanding JavaScript syntax of chosen plugin, need advice
Undefined reference to pthread_create
What does lma mean?
Find all paths in a graph with DFS
Joomla - Custom component url rewrite
Issue using Git with Visual Studio
how call a function with parameters in eax and esi. gcc c++
How to make UIActionsheet recognize which button was most recently pushed?
Why isn't the size of a record equal to the sum of the sizes of its fields?
sharepoint unique columns and empty values
Marker Bit In RTP for Voice Samples for codec like AMR and G729
UITableView Flicker Effect
How to parse pdf file using python [duplicate]
how to disable Screen unlock security options while reset password policy is enforced by device administrator [closed]
what is a good java framework for building server applications? [closed]
Storing website content: database or file?
How do you declare a type alias in a scala constructor?
Ruby isn't upgraded on mac? [duplicate]
Can you add additonal metadata via data annotations to a base model property from a child model?
How to Dragging and dropping HTML table row to another position(In Jsp) and save the new position (values) also in database(MySql)?
Add a page browser to front-end extension
Retrieve values from SQLite database
devise registration with nested attributes is not creating association
Setter not found in overridden tag
Naudio - putting audio stream into values [-1,1]
Create an EVENT SOURCE using web setup project
How to wait for file scanning finished before starting the launcher app
A probleme of calculting the diffrence between many dates
SVM in OpenCV: low accuracy OCR with RBF kernel
url encoding in xmlhttprequest
Modifying database value before passing it to the view
What is promotional codes in ios sdk ? why we use them?
ListBox insert items in color
Fit ARIMA model
Setting my Contact form to auto-fill from the Company ID
Get image color code's in RGB mode using php
Can I search countries by country_code in AdWords API v201109?
How to get specified files using SVN?
How is texture data accessed on the GPU in OpenGL?
Simple SSL - what do I need to do to make my ajax'd login SSL secure
Common layout with different design parts for each controller in ASP MVC 4
Why this can occure: 鈥渇ailed to open stream: Permission denied/鈥�
Scroll ListView on Intent
Assign class variables in a do block with ruby?
When adding a selection listener to the Eclipse RCP Workbench how are you supposed to know the ID to use?
Assign class variables in a do block with ruby?
When adding a selection listener to the Eclipse RCP Workbench how are you supposed to know the ID to use?
Listener on tabPanel in GWT
info re: add/remove methods in stringLists
iPhone - bluetooth on SDK 5.1
presentModalViewController is not working on device iOs 4.0.1 jailbroken
MacPorts: switching between postgresql90-server and postgresql91-server
Hitting the Button More Than Once - PHP
ruby non-blocking line read
Dynamically Creating a Cascaded RadCombo User Control
when switching between tabs in android
fetching amount of views out of youtube api XSLT
How to use Form classes in Symfony2
Sharepoint central not opening
MySQL group by with where clause with having count greater than 1
MySQL Query with Wordpress Meta values
How to Identify the Document is in Inbox/Draft/Sent in Lotus Notes Using Notes API?
Asp.net charts- multiple y values
Best way to store / structure mysql world country, states, districts, cities鈥�
how to give a page curl animation on a click event of ImageButton
Is is safe to use requestAnimationFrame in real projects?
how to custom acts_as_taggable_on?