Login failed after Liferay version upgrade from 5.2.3 to 6.0
Math.Floor vs cast to an integral type in C#
Fixed Table in Winforms c#
Which event should I catch as I want to pass order No. to Observer.php in Magento?
table index suggestion
Execute JavaScript code inside Python/PyMongo map/reduce
Selenium - Unable to click or store a dynamically generated delete id
improve image application performance
Conversion from a Grid View to PDF file
How can I create the HMAC signature required to send Amazon SES emails via HTTP?
Actionscript 3, javascript not working in Firefox
simpleadapter seems to be empty - why?
Bad character when publish [duplicate]
Reverse the order of a Doctrine_Collection
how to create scripts to submit data on web pages that conatins php code
Annotation_raster does not work with scale_x_reverse
How to use CSS sprites within a responsive design
How to access individual 鈥渃olumns鈥�from retrieved element?
objective-c how to save variable name and value
Android geocoder Error which is not handled by try catch
execute php script with argument in phing
make sure the records should be unique base on SEQ number?
Jmeter : Help me out in Jmeter Server performance monitoring plugin
C# MVC 3 Razor - Call DisplayTemplate with DisplayTemplate
Why do I keep getting InvalidOperationException WP7
Membase cache expire policy
how to get list from a database where name = 鈥淓lephant鈥�in ios
Whats wrong with this sql statement?
InvalidCastException when creating a mailbox enabled user in active directory
UITableView not responding at first appearence
How to run an infinite loop in real time - Linux?
Why anonymous types have internal visibility in C#?
CSS - RGB or HEX for color [duplicate]
How to get this design with WPF?
How to make the django-tables2 render all the column headers to text not the links
JAXB default values from xsd when generating beans with xjc
Implementing an end point enumerator
Jquery.cookies help needs
WP7: Deserializing JSON to C# objects while skipping wrapper classes
In objective-C (ios) ,Has anybody used singleton instance?
Java notify(), notifyAll() and wait() methods [duplicate]
Azure default Service Definition values
C# Undo/Redo with trees and threading
Filling space left by uneven sized floated elements
Abstract static methods in Scala
Does any change in any file inside bin folder cause application recycle in ASP.NET web application?
Wordpress sidebar widget gets disabled on updating link in the MySQL database
jQuery - How can I stop appending connect to an element selected by class?
why is Active Record firing extra query when I use Includes method to fetch data
Close file explorer window from MFC application
NInject and NHibernate, sitting in a tree
Java DatagramSocket stops responding under heavy network load
How to fix: Object must be an array of primitives. Parameter name: src
Call a REST API in PHP
Is there a way to create a custom UIButton that play sound on press event?
Find all resource with specific extension from jar programmatically
XPATH: multiple negations in for-each
How to programmatically find the locks held by all threads
how to enable files api in salesforce integration project?
Spring security login process not working
Get photos from photo table that has been liked by the current user, using FQL
PHP foreach multiple values
Working with multiple wpf windows using c#
sql get count of month
How do you make reference to the next row using R, without looping?
C++: Default values in class member
I am trying to retrieve entity based on some condition through firstordefault method but it will not return appropriate result
All the paths between 2 nodes in graph
selectedNode=null in trees inside accordionPanel
Why does the capacity change to 112 in the following example?
What gem should I use in order to have all the translations in the DB?
Android xml parsing missing tags
Send multiple http requests to a web service
Maven build [WARNING] we have a duplicate class
Symfony2 .htaccess issue
how to get number of rows updated and inserted from mysql
How can I get web service method being called by HttpContext?
How can I get web service method being called by HttpContext?
Maven repository for PayPal java API
ios UIImage reveal over another UIImage animation
Paypal Website Payment Pro with asp.net
How to create a MultiColumn treeview like this in C# Winforms app? [closed]
Facebook javascript sdk working without ssl
How to access test artifacts from Jenkins if test fails
Using Projections in JPA 2
Changing my backbone.js router
iphone application crashes only in device and when profiling with instruments
Android support for flash
Release android app within java source code
Python PHP Like string concatenation
how they are orgonized together?
Show modalpanel conditional validation JSF
Visual Studio 2010 - Uninstall NuGet
SQL Server error 515
Anonymous types in Spring.Net
Hibernate config connection pool size
Importing FIles with Extension .sqlite into R
How does Content and Product Staging in Magento Enterprise work?
setting up a new ios project with phonegap 1.5
How to add a tick mark to a slider if it cannot inherit QSlider
Yii how to highlight the current menu item
haar classifiers exchange
How to access a Coherence cache with the same name across multiple clusters?
Core Audio memory issues
android detect distance from router
Run JasperReports Server in IIS
Designing UI for a Google Chrome extension
WCF post method implementation
Printf stops terminal from working
HTML customized select [closed]
what's the native utf encoding for CFString in OSX?
py2exe and matplotlib: error with backends
Window.print is not printing the whole page
Programmatically fill the JVM Permanent Generation (PermGen) memory region
Do we need to deploy binaries + (pdb files + xml file)?
Adding Facebook log in button - can't retrieve email address on server side
sniff sql data over network
How to connect to a Lotus Notes Database without Password dialog via C API
Using CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls a good way of blocking cross threading errors?
Calling ExecutorService.shutdown in a dynamic thread number
g++4.4: iostream move semantics
android: Web Console(24359): Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token if at about:blank:334
jQuery unload event
special characters inserted in https json return string
AlertDialog changing look of font (size, colour, align)
Send UIButtons touch down the the table?
How to create a reference to the main activity via a tabhost
Why data type is needed in pointer declaration?
PHP color code gone in aptana 3?
Inno Setup Read value from .ini
Jquery get text value of option on change
python how to get re to ignore parentheses in raw text
Webstart runs with wrong version of JRE
How to Call the Constructor of MainScreen once the popupscreen closes
Nested SQL statements in Typoscript
cmd to powershell connection
Errors compiling kingate on ubuntu11.04
Core Plot - bar chart with average horizontal line
Count the no of times an image is pressed/tapped [closed]
which database does java supports by default
Regex not allow chars [ and ]
Is it better to use MSMQ or a webservice for logging?
Error when connect to database mysql?
MVC 3 Can't pass string as a View's model?
SproutCore nested ListView's (SC.ListView)
Moving the HelpLibrary to a different location
passing item properties to main window with events in qt
Is there any way I can avoid pagination in legends of a google visualisation chart and show all the lines in two lines in a single page?
Open Source Zeemote driver for Android?
Get the parent node of an HTML block with javascript
Converting the type information supplied by upshot js to that required by JSON.NET in a web api submit
how logout from facebook using facebook-java-api in java web application?
Fast windows console printing
A successor to InstallJammer?
Visual Basic: Force a form to implement certain methods
PHP: How to check whether a library has been properly installed and enabled?
HTML/PHP/JS Select multiple file and upload via FTP
Serialisation interface
AES Base64 256 bit Encryption and Decryption with key in Objective C
Compact database file like solution for storing small information with php
jQuery smoothly transition from default image to another image then another
Controlling JAX-WS wsdlLocation attribute value's (absolute path) with jaxws-maven-plugin
C# in Windows Application Closing or Exit
vss is not working properly
How to log values from enums with the prepocessor to a file
MStest timeout includes TestInitialise
Naudio sound normalize
ASP.NET - Discarding Changes on Button Click
play video from data in File object
How to emulate C logic and syntax in a template engine (preprocessor)?
Draw outline with core-graphics
Searching for a string in XML
LIBDBUSMENU-GTK-CRITICAL on exiting RCP application under Ubuntu 11.10
extJS portal issue
Drupal - Render a sub view/partial within template
Why does jProfiler show Unsafe.park/unpark as using CPU cycles?
Place variable literally in JSON
Why does jProfiler show Unsafe.park/unpark as using CPU cycles?
Place variable literally in JSON
How to set different templates path using zend framework?
What settings in my mmap code sets all the files data to zero?
Image Maps name attribute with XHTML+RDFa 1.0 doctype
Comparing decimals consistently with its scale
Contacts Contract account type in android
how to play local video file?
Underscore templating - changing token markers
Using regex to filter out guid's in string
C++ library for image data acquisition and temporal pixel analysing
ObjectDataSource requires paging parameters for SelectCountMethod
Wrapping up a BIG C++ project in an iOS static library: dependencies, stripping & hiding
Import com.google.api.client.* cannot be resolved
Russian Character encoding with IMAP
stackoverflowerror when resume an activity at the second time
finding/checking element exists in array
Php finding word before a positive/negative word
How to disable web page's default scroll effect on iOS' Safari?
Versioning Static Resources with Struts2 and Maven
Highcharts : x-Axis alignment to column chart
ivar and property release in dealloc
PopUP Javascript menu
android : MalformedURLException: Protocol not found
SELECT Sql Query joins the same table twice [closed]
Is there any sleep function in flex?
Constructor and initialization of custom classes/objects
Grid component for ASP.NET MVC 4
Copying specific column from one workbook to another after comparing with another
Can i use unlike and 鈥渋n鈥�in one query?
Timestamp deviation Java vs Javascript for old dates (3600secs)
In my stored procedure I have 4 different tables select query I have to store this all table data in c# List<>
xpath searching with php
Switch case and generics checking
MySQL query output a value a hour (controlled by timestamp column)
How to reduce compression rate on the cover image? [closed]
two text elements on same line on zend form [closed]
How Collection.sort in is implemented?
Converting C# Razor view syntax to VB.net
Viewstate does not persist after postback
Titanium Android: View not attached to window manager chrash
Macro to copy and paste column by column from one sheet into master sheet by header to maintain growing data
How we can return dataset to Iphone app by using WCF
HQL 鈥渆xists鈥�generates invalid SQL
Validation Binding on First Load
Imageloader only loading images in list after listitem has gone off screen
Songs imported from ipod Library not working for iOS 5.1 but Works fine for 5.0 and later OS
How to retain style change of an element across postback?
Display **Start or End Error Message** with dates values using mysql
OutOfMemory with YUV->RGB C-Function
Wrong class path while deploying JASIG CAS in JBOSS 7
How to create AVAsset from an Image
Convert Predicate<T> to Expression<Func<T, bool>>
Query posts based on custom field in wordpress
Can not set Sorted ASC Index on primary key field in oracle
Why do people use Heroku when AWS is present? What's distinguishing about Heroku
Drag and drop functionality of android
sencha touch 2 list 100% height
Catching a vbscript error from c# (the vbscriot executed from c#)
script within a Makefile to find out path to a toolchain genericaly
Remove a library from the defaults that are loaded (Visual Studios 2010 c# System.Linq)
Pass multiple values from radio button
how to create a jsrender or jquery template library
Handling ReadTimeoutHandler time out
JPA: How to perform a LIKE with a NUMBER column in a static JPA MetaModel?
How to add OnTouchListener to listview items?
Regular expression: match all untill a certain word (PHP)
Get NGINX to serve .gz compressed asset files with unicorn
How to draw a plain (non tranparent) line?
ResourceManager and not supported platform
How to see invocation in Xcode
How to make image link in paragraph text in database driven UI
How do I reference a namespace to be used in immediate or quickwatch?
Refactoring exercises in Java
Tooltip for fullcalendar in year view
Google App Engine Task Queue Fetch Statistics fail
WebAPI: Deserialize URI parameter to poco action parameter
Access correct Tab using URL
How can I refactor this code out?
Is synchronization within an HttpSession feasible?
Access 2007 form displaying only some records
VB.net - CDATE rsData
Convert php date to objective-c
why xml file is no working with executable le jar
Can I write a automatic user message into FB Share window?
Where I can find startupApacheTomcat7.txt?
Split a string consisting into leading numbers and everything after that
MvcHtmlString.ToHtmlString() not encoding HTML?
Evaluate code once the view is rendered in rails
EditField And Buttonfield On same Line
How to add list view row on the top if list view has dynamic data getting from server in android [closed]
Unable To See Master Pages While Adding A Page In The Project
Changing languages while running iPad app
Differences between SQLite and MySQL - login and security
.toggle function not working correctly
How to fail my Ant build if findBugs target find bugs
Performance based on length of 鈥渢erms鈥�
how to first load an image in webpage
Should Agile user stories always be from the end-user's perspective?
If & is not found at the end then replace everything
If & is not found at the end then replace everything
How to debug this 鈥淎pplication tried to push a nil view controller on target鈥�error?
Python-mysql: when to explicitly rollback a transaction
optimize SELECT query, knowing that we are dealing with a limited range
How to stop annoying window security popup?
Monitoring progress in synchronous XMLHttpRequest calls
Save changed NSManagmentObject to core data Fails
how to send mails with a .Net app, via Outlook
Swing and Threads
Draw image as trapezium with C#
Query in XML using .net (need help)
Wifi Available , Connected And Required User Authentication
getoutputmediafileuri method is not accessible?
Tweet button and infoWindow
Sencha Touch in Android 4.0
Https JSON return issue
Pivot data in SQL Server
Entity Framework Timeout Error
Query columns based on datetime in Cassandra
Need to import data in various cells from multiple sheets, based on text typed in a reference cell in MS Excel
missing specflow templates in VS 2008
mod_rewrite espression for multi client application
Identifying country by IP address
asp.net request url don't return #, and data after #
Header files not found
Javascript object method returning undefined?
how to find all objects (class objects/structs) of a C++ executable
IOS: use a .png to colour in a view
json encode and replacement for JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE
CL Editor - Syntax Highlighting - PHP
Add a Contact To Google SystemGroup Python
How to explain following terms (Cursor, Context, DatabaseHelper)
Get the designed image size
Good C++ library for HTTPS connection ? Certificate is signed by a certificate autority
AS3 - how to change speed of FLVPlayBack
Losing grip when dragging NSView
Fire Button click event during onsubmit
ASP.net webforms data annotations - is using dynamic data needed?
Persist window Screen for dynamic ID
difference between select count(*) and select count(fieldName) [duplicate]
applying different filters
CFUUIDCreate UUID changes constantly
Quartz.NET Misfire if server down
i have three buttons in a one layout and i want to show diffrent view
Output breaking in child Process by nodejs
Infinite Scrolling Gallery View with text description
refresh div content with json result from js function
Android : exception handling
Screen orientation not working in android GingerBread
window.opener.close() is not working
Procedure or function 'usp_ClientHistoryItem' expects parameter '@iReturnTripRef', which was not supplied
OpenJPA 2.2.1 java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException
python 2.7 encoding decoding
How to and why to use Salesforce and Zksforce for iOS development
Storing blobs in external location using built-in CoreData option
Is there any cookie system on samsung smart tv
What is the right order of insertion/deletion/modification on dataset?
Does JavaScript Date object recognises the input datestring as UTC time or local time?
Jenkins - execute a script before building, then have the user confirm to build
How to change dynamically the value of a label in MVC 3?
PHP: Call to undefined function gzdecode()
Can I use System.Xml 2.0 in a .NET 4.0 project?
mod rewrite for zend framework with 2 public folders
SQL Subquery and joins
Static linkage usage in c++ linux: do I need to recompile everything each time I change library?
2 params in C# not compiling
How to match new lines in awk?
Why won't my UIButton work?
Using a hidden input value to show or hide elements
search an element in the array of objects
no hover over text in ie/jquery
How can you check when a uiview has appeared on screen/finished drawing?
Draw a irregular polygon on iphone
LabeledPieChart: Style overrides DataTemplate
mysql undo query or function
Is there any possibility to control the iphone's/android's flashlight through as3?
html 5 tag not supporting on below ie9?
Determine the type of array element in php
Javascript event keypress check for Char Code
Image localization not working
border around text input in a html form
Web resources filtering with Maven war plugin does not work in Eclipse with m2e
php, static method overloading
Need to overwrite theme CSS
Why does HasMany().WithMany() generates wrong (?) schema
how do I use google analytics for my J2ME application
Taking large (1 million) number of substring (100 character wide) reads from a long string (3 million characters)
why does eclipse autoformat blockcode inconsistently?
OpenCL configuration settings
Best way to modify a custom configuration file via web interface?
Android SQLiteException: No Such Column
Wifi native with metro style app (Windows 8)
Retrieving data from sq lite when the button is clicked
Drop Down in every rows of a Rally Table
How to get request parameter in cxf webservice
how do i configure applicationcontext.xml in eclipse
Can I use native video player and facebook share button in one activity?
stop Jquery validations for Cancel button
Using slash in MySQL database
Alternative for UIPicker
Transitory BindingExpression errors changing the viewmodel
Detect event object in ie7
How to load existing .db file in HTML5
SVN Netbeans - Resolve conflicts - keep both versions
AES-128 Encryption with Base64 Encoding doesn't act the same in Java and PHP with longer strings
how save the properties of android controls?
Access, After Insert and the missing ID
iTunes Connect - in app purchases
how do I add text to a button?
submit form from <div> html value in codeigneter
Cross platform HTML select control
Run a function for a few times , each time a variable will increase its value
push notifications on all 3 platforms (android,ios,windows phone) [closed]
Screen shot of C# code file
Show confirmation and redirection on same time
HTML not displaying correctly in some e-mail clients
Titanium: Why is the callback for startActivityForResult not happening?
How can I make a linearlayout scrollTo smoothly?
Htc Desire won't recognize that it's usb connected [closed]
Open Save DialogBox Window (Desktop application)
Memory consumption of images in iOS Web Application
TYPO3 extension key
Using '-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch' hides content while scrolling/dragging
VM Aborting Error - Android
Firefox is duplicating all of my mysql_query's
Is there any harm to having a duplicate index in Postgresql?
Filling a DataTable
here im getting Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <.why is it so
Delete a line drawn by abline() [closed]
Couchdb -> Using the Couchbeam
Inserting NULL to SQL DB from C# DbCommand
Assembly language - Stack machine
Use curl and key-file (crt, der, txt)
While and if statements not evaluating correctly
mouse over zoom not working in magento
Moved my drupal 7 site to a new server, can't log in
Towerjs frontend and rails backend?
What is the difference between square brackets and parentheses in a regex?
Does ffmpeg play the entire video file to extract image
why it dosen't work in Python regular expresion
get name of a variable or parameter [duplicate]
GAE: How is it possible to access data/files that are stored in the GAE Blobstore by an external Web Service that is not deployed on GAE using Java
Porting C code to Arduino Platform (Errors in struct and typedef definitions) [closed]
Get Date List from weeknumber c#
Using regular expresion to find the value after the period in a url
PHP Query based on 'select' values
Is it possible for a Facebook page to access the ID's of every user who 'likes' that page using Facebook Connect for iOS?
php array division / explode
Testing methods called from another method [duplicate]
How to interface with SaxParser code after RESTClient returned XML data?
How to retrieve the model name within the table class in symfony 1.4?
Screen orientation and values in manifest.xml
Life Cycle / Flow control in content Provider?
how to detect new text in a webpage [closed]
How can i hide a TinyMCE contol bar if the field is inactive?
Tree w/multiple Roots
ASP.NET OLTP App - creating new version of records
window without parameters
get next value in php array
How to find the child control's IsEnabled property in ListBoxItem for Trigger
Is it possible to use parallel_for and concurrent_vector for organizing asynchronous island GA algorithm?
Github commit, diff does not show changes
How can I get the actual IP in a linux machine from Java
Powerbuilder Datawindow Error
How to save ALAsset song/Audio file to User's Directory
VS 2010 Setup Project requirements
How can I achieve installing apks from server like android market?
jquery animate, cant get it to work
json_encode with option JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE [closed]
How to set the value of a form item based on selected value?
jQuery.holdReady(false) - errors when invoked
how to make the brush smooth without lines in the middle
hide radio button from the spinner selected value
Does Number of cores affect execution time
How to add a new link in Active scaffold rails 3
eclipselink without persistence.xml
What is the role of .s files in a C project?
Saving setting to the App.Config, using an ICommand or not?
Java Security Framework with OAuth
wcf hide methods
Magento stock and inventory extension? [closed]
Changing a URL in MySQL
how to sum colum row by row [closed]
Working out how many days old a person is?
Query two db using group by and display detail information
Update a column to have primary key
Array of references
Getter Setter Method in different java file
Adobe AIR runtime compatibility
Download image from URL using php code?
jquery+php captcha plugin
Why does CheckStyle suggest that I use a final method?
Building JavaFX 2.0 App on Mac, deploying on Windows
Android ContentProvider Uri Matching
makin an image black and white / grayscale in html
What sense could have this code?
TinyMCE table control is to big, how can i show it as menu?
converting HTML for handheld
How can we change the questions and options without changing text view and layout
Moq - mock.Object.MyMethod mocking does not work
Extjs GridPanel, method Save()?
Bad CPU type in executable
Android: AIDL parameter receiving null
Multiple Window with C++ with Qt4
Always positioning my jQuery tooltip in the center of the parent container
Line spacing for different FontSizes in WPF RichtextBox
Selecting a CTools Plugin in Drupal 7
Structuring a playframework application
Is it possible to use RIA Services and EntityFramework.Migrations together in a project?
Serialize SelectListItem and binding
JPA using `Enum` as an `@Id` with `@IdClass`
access html label using keyboard and make it readable using screen reader software
Hide background graphics on inserting a new slide to a presentation programmatically
send facebook message using mobile application on Qt
Is there any Objective-C equivalent for 鈥淏uffer鈥�class in Java?
ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished (ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished)
Install multiple version of Vim, and make each use different .vimrc file, respectively
What do angle brackets after a class name mean in a variable declaration?
How can I get data after click on text with AJAX jquery?
Wrong redirect after login to confluence homepage in stead of my app (using crowd)
Primefaces p:poll tag
How to intercept out-of-proc desktop STA COM to STA COM communication or reference counting decrementing?
null pointer Exception openOrCreateDatabase Android
Convert/Convert-back Matplotlib graph to image to store in mongodb document
Using the chart control storage with session but the image doesn't display
memory optimizing List<int[]>
Missing Return Statement - int[]
How to upload to Dropbox Public folder and get public URL?
how can I show Loading Div with respect to the control I have clicked?
Asyntask: why update UI Thread in doInbackground will meet error?
Possible to Insert Table Row that doesn't have any columns?
Understanding how MySQL fetches data with same user id
GoLang: Nested properties for structs with unknown property names?
how to get the id of the last div, appended with ajax, with jquery?
How to call a GwtServiceImpl Servlet from external application?
Struts : How to use function:substring in <bean:write> tag
Android ContentProvider calls bursts of setNotificationUri() to CursorAdapter when many rows are inserted with a batch operation
Writing Rails Gems: Proper way to add to existing rails modules?
php logic on a system shopping cart and session value management
Can't convert a list of strings to floats
Process start & end on button click
Does a foreign key constraint automatically disallow nulls?
Not able to get the checkboxlist using javascript
App hangs on futex_wait_queue_me() every a couple of minutes
Removing dynamically created component causes error
Naive Bayes Runtime Under Weka Experiment Environment
Responsive Grid Breaking when viewed on mobile device in landscape format
How to show entire page in a Pop up(Jquery) [closed]
How to use PEAR with suPHP on DireactAdmin server?
NSCoding, NSData, UIImages and performance
How to use PEAR with suPHP on DireactAdmin server?
NSCoding, NSData, UIImages and performance
Is EditorDriver.setConstraintViolations supposed to propagate EditorError-s to child editors?
procedure to convert the dates in ms access(vb code requir
GAE+Java: Hook textbox to input, div to output
python/numpy: Using own data structure with np.allclose() ? Where to look for the requirements / what are they?
UITapGestureRecognizer partially works on UIImageView inside UITableViewCell
Scheduling a Task using Alarm Manager in Android
SmtpClient with Gmail
Arrays and random value
How does JavaScript split() work in this case
info needed about soap over smtp
Comparison between signed and unsigned warning
assign a function in a loop
Combining Two Regular Expressions
How can I vertically align a div to the viewport while horizontally aligning it to the document?
XmlWriter leave element open
How can I disable the vertical scrolling of a NSScrollView ?
Just html/js or a mix with server sided code?
PHP APC Cache Doesn't works 100%
Rails 3.1 and Jquery
SSActiveToolBars Infragistics control freeze on vb6 citrix environment
nginx - shorter proxy_pass configuration
How to track File Upload in struts2?
Scheme lambda reduction improvement
How to empty the <ul> in the nest <li> using jquery
Import excel file return null for existing data
how transfer image file from server to another server by asp.net3.5
Creating portable Bundles with extendable entities in Symfony2
What embedded OS is suitable for fujitsu FM3 family microcontroller? (ARM Cortex M3)
How to customize emacs in python-mode to highlight corresponding bracket for a half-second?
how to make organization chart in iphone
Why active session spike is seen on Oracle database to get the table and index DDL
Ignore some javascript validations MVC3
How can I edit JS from browser?
Fetch numbers directly using MySQL C API
Component to draw in a chart and gain data points from the drawing
How to handle JMS-Session timeout using HornetQ?
Using resource file as data sources in visual studio
shell script which copies a file from a particular location(UNIX server) to a remote location(windows server)
How to put all inputs and label to divs using the Zend Form Decorator?
Form styling, what's good
Ria Service And OOB : check if service is reachable, MEF not importing my views
PSI - Statusing Web Service - Results not as expected
PhoneGap - Forcing Landscape orientation
Paypal API recurring payments
HTML5 email input cannot assign ID and RUNAT=鈥淪erver鈥�ASP.NET 4
Facebook API: How to acquire access_token server-side and use it client-side?
where can I find a good example of using linq & lambda expressions to generate dynamic where and orderby sql?
PHP / MySQL query - if current time/date is in schedule
Inserting one week (seven sparate days) and some other data into database using a for loop and PDO
Querying over many to many field
Cannot update document in PyMongo
jquery fullcalendar send custom parameter and refresh calendar with JSON
How to create custom SEO-friendly URLs in OpenCart?
Memory leaking issues in iOS 5 SDK project with ARC enabled code
ListView line filling half screen
Log4cplus minimal locking
Can alexa toolbar watch popups? [closed]
Why this JS function does't not work when it calls by selenium.getEval()
Can't access GET Parameter
Accessing Stratoes dataservice server form application
Monodevelop crashes on Windows using nunit test due to , character
XML to HTML problems
QList for touch-points not being created, 鈥淎 data abort exception has occurred鈥�
Android :Why the Activity is in onPause?
use of dynamic array in android
Width issues using HTML select within a DIV using IE
Increasing mass import speed to MS SQL 2008 database from client application
Application crashes with 'exc_bad_access' when comes to foreground from background
Use XML code in string.format
How to say 鈥渁ny_instance鈥�鈥渟hould_receive鈥�any number of times in RSpec
Copy every file of entire directory structure into one folder
Clock sync for Windows Phone? [closed]
Equivalent of Load method for NHibernate IStatelessSession
Makefile for opening programs
Simple Concatenation in C
NoSQL and AppFabric with Azure
How to consume ajax enabled wcf service in multilayer project
return list called from one class into another
Ball Animation in Swing
Sending image from flash to XML file
How to see if a plugin is already installed with Perl
cached view losing its events
Generate Random Number Array from a bigger array?
How to get value of a <input> by clicking another <input> in same <tr> different <td>
Delphi XE: Where is my TValue.Equals()?
For a template: error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int
Numerical result out of range
Can I exclude a div tag/tr tag get update inside a updatepanel?
JSON from Adjacency list?
Could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS: how to enable TLS on windows server 2008
Can i use dojotype and onServerClick at the same time?
Can I Use Append and Load function in Jquery at thesame time?
Reading pop3 mails using OpenPop.Net
jQuery facebox not working with Dynamic Drive Ajaxtabs
MySQL errror: 150
finding DateOFBirth From Age
how to give alert if the app is already installed in android
MySQL errror: 150
finding DateOFBirth From Age
how to give alert if the app is already installed in android
A Scala method defined over two equal abstract types
Bullet or number is placed at bottom of ListItem in WPF RichTextBox
Java join() method
Mathematica, efficient way to compare dates
Cocos2d or Box2d?
Choice for WCF Service Hosting with IIS or Self Hosting with Windows Service
write two msg simultenously in eclipse workbench status line
Is there a typed collection tool in Python?
Minimum system requirements to run webGL?
Setting a default src to img element
PHP: exec Yuicompressor.jar so slow
upload images and texts to server [closed]
Finding the range of the '.text' section of a process with a known pid
HTML5 + JavaScript To Flash?
What type of feed does Nature Magazine use?
cURL / wp_remote_post: won't work in wordpress plugin
Run command with sudo
@synthesize feathers = _feathers? [duplicate]
JAR issue on Windows 2003
Building Android project to different packages
While Statement in Objective-C
ComboBox in a DataGrid Cell in WPF MVVM
Display detail data from mysql using group by
Jquery select options not disabling
Twitter Bootstrap Buttons don't respond to top css element
Change DenyHosts report: Call external command from Python
Intersection between two Arcs? (arc = distance between pair of angles)
PHP-XML : Trying to get property of non-object
PHP - What is the meaning of this syntax?
SSRS customized pie chart color
how can i retrieve navigation history on android programmatically?
ffmpeg series of image overlay at specific interval?
Using a for loop with objects to print out properties of each unique object
How to sum columns for a selected range using VBA?
<f:selectItems> JSF tag custom tooltip attribute
Receiving attachment from gmail using imap
window.print function in IE
How to synchronize two threads with a BOOL variable?
Best way to upload a file onto internet for free [closed]
Grails db-migration table already exists
Do we have indepth NFC tutorial with code samples to identify and connect to Type A, Type B, and FeliCa technologies?
How to format one word in jTextArea() if it is spelt wrong?
Which header shall I use? XMLHTTPRequest header or SOAP header?
Solr number of fields in a document
Functions not returning correct value in DLL
Place a transparent surface view over a map
Detecting Client's and Server's IP address
C++ operator ++ and pointers
string comparison doesnt work In VB.NET
Is it possible to run Facebook application on mulitple domains?
SQL Server division query
Passing control object to method
Document.write(variable.toDateString); not working
Practical limitations with assemblies not marked as CLS compliant?
Delete several characters in an NSString
MongoDB preallocate space for document in capped collection
can not register a reciver for Sent SMS
How to keep the selected item?
Auto save joomla article for client
鈥淣ext鈥�Button disabled until values are selected and typed in DropDownLists and Textboxes in MVC?
How to add in .as with a package int MXML
Like button likes Facebook Auto Created Page rather than my Own Facebook Fanpage
Use of byte arrays and hex values in Cryptography
Does Android have any way to detect cyanogenmod and its version?
Missing Assembly Reference while using NATUPNPLib in .NET 3.5
check if file exists without opening it c++ on Xcode 4
How do I choose and 鈥渁pply鈥�software licensing to my software product? [closed]
What is the best way to store single non-repeating data to a database?
handle sharp after query string in asp.net mvc
how to change xml dynamically in java?
Security steps to be taken care while file uploads, as its said to be vulnerable when kept in root?
is it wise to use 3 ports for a server application?
How to split an array after that to update it and make a new array
Calculating natural logarithm and exponent by core C for Embedded System
Dictionary enumeration order
Using Dreamweaver to manage Heroku?
Using new query as an alias
Fetch Website Source Based On Client Computer Rather Than Server in ASP.NET
Simple way to setup PHP/MySQL in OS X?
Which type of caching can be used in this scenario
How to get value from textbox in Jquery modal box
How to call a local service in mvc portlet?
javascript for checkbox checked
Good Libraries to provide html5 and CSS3 features
How to best store a timestamp or date in a database?
Different ways to avoid naming conflicts with jQuery?
Calling webservice asp.net from Android
Why is constructing PDO connection slow?
is android emulator firewall safe from firewall(e.g all internet logs will go in encrypted form)?
VB6 Application Compiled files
DKIM signatures to Rails application using Amazon SES
Covert string to hexdecimal string with format 鈥� x.. x..鈥�
Table Creation in Xcode for Iphone
UILocalNotification doesn't play a specific sound
Use OpenGL Bitmap Fonts to put text onto the screen
Nested Json as input in POST method
iphone - Application behaving differently after some time in background
Use OpenGL Bitmap Fonts to put text onto the screen
Nested Json as input in POST method
iphone - Application behaving differently after some time in background
Django filter with annotate
When to use short?
How to Avoid Used by another process When Used File.Copy in C#
multi column group in mysql
Annoying encoding screen appears in VB .NET
how to return requestCode from child activity to parent activity in default back button click
Use existing DLL in iOS app through mono framework
How to optimize this code to create document libraries
i have Webgrid in razor engine when i perform grid function grid is postbacking to first page
Disable last option to be checked in Jquery Multiselect
Homebrew install permissions issue
difference between ldr and ldr.w
Calling a namespaced class with Rails constantize inflector
How to get action of form using jquery?
Passing id of selected dropdown option to Controller
dovecot root password
Load Excel sheet into DataTable but only the first 256 chars per cell are imported,
Change layout in controller depending on url
Write to custom section in app.config .Net
Graph edge traversal algorithm, some edges required, some optional
XStream double underline handling (Java)
Django OneToOneField - in which model should I put it?
Different Results Of Report Generation In IReport preview And Using Jasperreports API
How to create Notebook in ipad app [closed]
Is tornado.database asynchronous or not?
invoking android 4.0.3 from deep sleep
ndk-build not calling function properly
Flat file data to multiple send ports biztalk 2010
gimp brush folder error
Is FILTER_VALIDATE_URL being too strict?
hide source error (lines of code) when throwing exception
to access camera view and capture image in ios5 which framework is used?
Set PHP variable value from a Javascript Variable value without refresh [duplicate]
SQLite is typeless?
How to use standard dict / list iterators with python gtk GenericTreeModel?
C++: Cast object to array
layout management in android
Invoke external jar file from POM
UIButton can not show until i click her super view
Delete first N rows in android sqlite database
Style the standard modal window with css?
Java: Not able to print on TextArea from other class
Can nsIAlertsService be persistent?
Child thread not starting
How to add textures to the image (draw them on top of it) in Cocos2d-iphone
C++ portable NaN for win32/Unix
Generate dummy files in bash
Using python dictionary as a temporary in-memory key-value database?
asp.net equivalent of simple php code
Creating Plain format pages using asp.net?
Replace & char in php [closed]
MVC 3 razor DropDown for foreign keys and new Items
Losing udp packets, ok, but not like this?
Hide and skip shipping, payment method in magento in backend
Check to see if the application has closed
Javascript error Facebook 鈥淯nexpected token /鈥�in russian version of all.js
Using Custom Validator in Zend Framework
PhoneGap 1.4 + Sencha Touch 2 iPhone app submit to app store error
multithread doesn't improve the performance but make it even slower
Knockout.js mapping not binding child models
Solr number of documents processed and max docs different?
how to recursively call same code in same function each time
Change the language of iOS virtual keyboard 鈥減revious鈥� 鈥渘ext鈥� 鈥渄one鈥�buttons
Efficient forwarding HTTP requests with an IHttpAsyncHandler
Google with oauth 2
XML based image gallery in ios development help needed
Entity Framework with EntityDataSource throws MetadataException when installed on Windows 2008 server
Error while using selenium over Xvfb (headless)
Proper way to call a WCF service using jQuery?
How to make an android phone act as Contactless smart card?
key char ovveride method throws illegalStateException on blackberry simulator
How to find the distance between a point and a parabola in code
How can I use SSHJ to stream a file via SCP?
Why is my simpledialog2 not working in my jQuery Mobile snippet?
Combining Header files for a library
Add event handler to HTML element using javascript
Authentication and session management in iOS
Rails - Setting time_zone dynamically as per user selection
custom DownloadManager but initialization it fail
How to get XML data posted by CURL in codeigniter?
Equivalent of Ruby method_missing in Objective C / iOS
How can I extend the explorer context menu with QT?
using subquery in between operator
Floating modal window under a button
onServerClick doesn't work in asp.net
Android testing - start with clean database for every test
Xbmc Database Path
how to connect two people in your website
how to grab content from google plus business page?
jQuery : How to check if NO option was explicitly selected in a select box
how to change the media element source according to listbox item
How to make query fast
Base64 encoder library download assitance
How to get gmail username into asp.net page
Reading from a file in C# without the newline character
If I use Vaadin to develop a web app, can I sell the app without source code provided?
issue while sending mail using php mailer
Reading from a file in C# without the newline character
If I use Vaadin to develop a web app, can I sell the app without source code provided?
issue while sending mail using php mailer
how to open new window and filtering gridview
Setting parameters in jsp and in servlets
Debugging techniques without debugging tools
How do you get a reference or instance of the Activity that launched the IME?
Vertical alignment of items in a navigation bar with HTML + CSS
htaccess redirect domain to new folder
Game engine: coordinate system and sprite rotation
Run easy_install as a shell script
Refinery CMS with Thinking Sphinx
when i resize the window, some gap is coming besides of expanded div
how to access nth level hierarchy of xml using only XSL
Populate List<Objects> From Mvc 3 view
Verification of User Entered Google map URL
dynamically changing the listview based on the values entered into the textbox
Length of Strings regarding XOR operation for byte array
Using Irony for custom language design in .Net 2.0
paperclip custom path and url for polymorphic associations
tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath: message sent to deallocated instance
how convert ILIST<string> to ILIST <object> at C#? [closed]
Facebook Posting a url to page
Python : UI Image Wipe, compare two images
How to modify Xcode 4 Project to be Machine independent like Visual Studio or Eclipse behave
Curl Object to URL Generation
scrollview and linearlayout weird view [duplicate]
Selenium - How to test video
Indesign javascript code not working
Intent object instantiation parameters
Indy - Know when modem has sent a RESET [RST] flag
jQuery toggle show Issue
JSF 2.0; Navigation between ViewScope and RequestScrope throws ViewExpiredException
Facebook FQLproblem with javascript sdk
Cocos2d (iOS) + SneakyInput. The best way to handle joystick (joypad) events?
check if window is open and opens a new window only for once?
PHP template engine - single class
Regular expression Range with decimal 0.1 - 7.0
SQL function CONTAINS() does not return expected results?
trying to understand Spring's @RunWith, @ContextConfiguration; and ANT
Replacing instructions in LLVM
ASP.NET C# - How to retain value after Response.Redirect
Difference between File.renameTo and Files.move: Which is faster?
how to turn jquery object into usable html?
Vertically centre the contents of a DIV in jQuery Mobile
How to empty an array?
How do i call bash script function using exec function by passing parameter in php?
gwt guice injecting remote servlet. Error 404 not found
iPhone : Memory Management
What's the license of the web video/audio player of mediaelement.js?
error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'TessBaseAPI' with no type?
Using coefficient of variation in aggregate R
Using an PhaseListener to intercept the rendering phase
Reserved word in column name - insert into MySQL [duplicate]
Getting cursor position and terminal size in linux terminal
Including external JSP file to JSP in WebContent
resources for unit testing broad cast receiver [closed]
solutions for creating the servermodel for titanium apps
How to change the speed of ELCSlider
Jquery at wordpress admin
Android error on unused column
js, img and link tag of src with an addition query parameter
C basics, const unsigned char* to integer or bool
iPad MPMoviePlayerController iOS 5.1 issue in UISplitView
how to check if the tag contains sepcfic string in xslt
Text-align behaves differently when a span is blocked+absolutely-positioned
IDA does not show symbol information
onkeypress event is not working in opera mini
Handling updates and deletes with ViewModels in MVC3
DOMException for when trying to add a node
Many to many on the same table with additional columns
How to Access WebRole data from .aspx page?
i am trying to select data from table & put that data in table format on webpage by using Listview but i got error
MPEG-4 Part 2 had some awesome face- and body- motion concepts, but they disappeared in MPEG-4 Part 10 (H.264). Why?
Google Feed API Giving Wrong Result
How to use sed to replace string
telerik:RadEditor ViewPaths http folder
handling different charsets in xml
How to return the position of a document, relative to the collection in MongoDB ( scalable )
how to develop android app with asp c# [closed]
Apex unit test sees no data
Add a identification using php if file name exist in folder?
Lucene: how to assign and/or search
Flex - statically embedding of assets file weight?
Android Sax Parser not handling empty tags properly
How to apply backbone router for full path, not a hash
How to get Excel Template path from VSTO project
Finding the primary key field for Hibernate entity
How to make images rounded corner when uploading image with MiniMagick
Computing averages by groups with R
How to generate acces token on Facebook through iPhone app
ContextMenu Showing at left top corner of the Desktop for the first time
Rails routing to update a model without passing an :id
Using Quartz to schedule a Job
authenticate and chatting in facebook using xmpp protocol
NetBeans with NBAndroid - cannot find symbol setContentView(R.layout.main);
Insert a new table into a word document who contains already two tables
How can I avoid a cross-reference between 2 Objects?
Matching an integer to an array to grab the value?
Error while loading crystal report form in winforms
Removing spry validation on an input in javascript
How can I reliably take away the new lines in a javascript string?
Dialog hangs when called from event
extJs (Hbox issue)
How can I change the working directory when I run a script with ant sshexec in Jenkins?
EJB/JPA batch process exception management
Get Music Image
XSL table output with mod
Saving DLL file resouces to a database
Can a client using JMS in springs receive messges from a server that implements JMS without springs?
How to get parameter in jquery ajax?
How to extend Class::Multimethods::Pure to recognise Moose Roles?
show images on tabelview that are come from webservice
Using webdriver to see if an element exists WITHOUT throwing an exception?
what's the difference between gcc __sync_bool_compare_and_swap and cmpxchg?
JOptionPane.showInputDialog() in GWT
Sending two request for a 404 file
Is there a way to have python dict literals evaluated as ordered dicts?
Marking sent messages as read in Gnus over IMAP
Facebook graph api for getting user facebook fan page list
Is MomentApp Still under active development [closed]
Error in installing app through iphone configuration utility
Cannot move /tmp/hsperfdata_hadoop
GET Facebook wall posts of admin
select query is not worrking in my wordpress
stdcall required on import function?
count the no of sundays between two dates in db2
How to disable edittext after click on radio button?
Silverlight, Play Video stream from IP camera in Silverlight Media Element
Ftp site browsing in mobile phones [closed]
.ashx HTTP handler unable to write image from network share to HTTP response
Equivalent of Python code in C#?
ARC warning: Implicit declaration of function 'DLog' is invalid in C99
Insert custom annotation in java 'field' using annotate plugin + JAXB (upon xsd -> java)
How to set time interval to button_click in C# windows form application
Multi Threading and graphics
Zend Framework is not sending mail on production but it sends perfectly from localhost
In Unix using shell to rename multiple files
Is Wi-fi direct connection possible within iOS devices and among wifi-direct enabled devices?
how i can implement paypal Delayed Chained adaptive payment integration.
Copy data from an Excel sheet to different files
Synthesizing the interface of T required by a class template
How to select with a binary field ? (php,mysql)
Keep file restricted from opening it by anyone
Switching from https to http
JQM how to add A background Image to a Themeroller template
Invalid Response while while calling jQuery.ajax in C# .NET
hand cursor css on the selected text IE8
What's wrong with this async Task method?
Converting C code to Java Code:sscanf
__import__ or import_module vs import when chaining multiple django settings files
UIWebView zooming
( was unexpected at this time - batch script
jQuery UI draggable is not working on newly created DOM element
Drawing a circle on a lineshape in c#
mysql large number of rows query
How to access classes in java
How to change the style of menus dynamically using jquery/javascript?
how to extend registration fields without modifying joomla core files
How to detect samba locked files programmatically?
perl remote execution error
Layout in Zend framework
MdotM failure with adwhirl
How can i list all name when it matches anywhere in the string?
Beginner exception handling issue
jQuery PUT/POST ajax CORS requests with no data arguments
Is there a way to get the type of an exception in Haskell?
How to handle cleanup of my viewmodels when i remove the view from call stack
Report Viewer showing blank for particular report file (rdlc) on Staging Server
How null element is treated by list and map in Java
Determine character encoding in Ruby 1.9.3
Why showing error message while opening .xls file
How to call spinner in tab Activity?