Add comments to code with regex in visual studio
Textbox shrinks when window dragging with arrow icon
How to implement two-finger tap gesture in WP7?
GWT - Strophe XMPP client
assign each thread a cpu core
MySQL - Finding Max Date for each User [duplicate]
Can you use Python to search a csv for a value?
appending object in dictionary after changing it
Delete thumbnail by id
pg_dump version mismatch in Rails
convert java application to a jar file
jQuery LightBox- Disable lightbox on a particular image
CGContextAddLineToPoint: no current point
What do thegcc assembly output labels signify?
Loading CSJS in a theme?
Sorting a double Linked List in Java
How can I stop Full screen video after I resize it?
LinkedIn API 鈥淔ollow a Company鈥�using IN.API.Raw
Decoding content:encoden XML Content in a ios app
CakePH hasMany not Saving
Why android SQLite can store double value(java 8 bytes) into float column
Passing function as parameter via link jQuery
How to make a custom Dialog which will display once a day
Verilog gated clock source in Xilinx
XAConnectionFactory not bound in jboss
Get Https content in http
Steps To deploy Android APK file into Android Market? [duplicate]
Creating an ASP.Net MVC3 ActionLink with an area
Trouble inserting to DOM child views in Backbone.js
Writing array of Struct to a binary file
If and Else If Execution
How to run the service from 8 AM to 8 PM everyday in Android
Recording from Mic and Exporting / POSTing it as FLAC format? - Desktop AIR, AS3, Flex
using $.get() to reference an RSS Feed
Auto space after symbol when user typing into input
JNI getmethodID returns NULL only in ICS but not in Gingerbread
const char * to vector<unsigned char> Initalisation
find command with exec in python subprocess gives error
How to make devise RegistrationsController to show sign_up page only if user is already signed in?
Installing symfony on a production sever with PHPsuexec installed yields 500 internal server errors [duplicate]
How to upload & crop image using jquery/javascript? [closed]
Comparison of make and nmake for perl module installation
jquery if conditon?
Best practices for Ruby on Rails *feature* deployment? [closed]
Changing UI according to text size in wp7
Connecting SQL Azure with Android
Can nHibernate work with SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5?
Decode audio using libavcodec and play using libAO?
Trying to understand why AJAX objects added into DOM return undefined
regular expression meaning
Authentication cookie with subdomains
Java/Android: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError while building a JSON object
extJs (set height and width) in percentage
Update age column in MySQL
how to catch status in a variable? [closed]
How do i use threading in this program?
Activity becomes undeliverable as folder in it was delivered. What could be the remedy?
Wordpress: Shortcodes
expects parameter '@ID', which was not supplied?
AppFuse PassWord Management in struts framework
Sharing buildout-cache/eggs across several UNIX users
custom UITableViewCell Class dealloc not called
jQuery .live() + Date Picker + Pretty Photo fails to trigger in IE
Allow only numbers and dot in script
Receive http $_POST and feed into SimpleXML
JFreeChart - How to improve the labels in a pie chart
How to set string render method for a class in Python
Source code of getcontext and setcontext
Two application servers on one web server?
Appcelerator titanium push Notification using C2DM?
ValidationSummary for display validation error messages
What is the best way to handle not well formatted JSON string?
unit testing receiver class
Wicket download link
OO design of Books and Tags
Slim SyntaxError
UIToolbar above custom UIPickerView not receiving touches
how the decimal digits is decided in ToString(CultureInfo.NumberFormat)
Load images from NSURL async with RestKit
Best Buffer Size
Unable to locate JDBC data source
Error about padding occurs during my attempt to decrypt string data from a FileStream using Rijndael
How to overlap views in RelativeLayout, dynamically?
universal xcode 3.2.6 Landscape mode by default
thread for method with return value in C#
Passing text value from one Button to another Button
鈥渢ail -f鈥�makes disk full?
PHP youtube api error
Protect database content from being 'sniffed' out (Ajax)
Adding custom properties in CodedUI Test builder
How to fetch data from two tables info using php [closed]
json to java object convertion [duplicate]
C# Winforms - How to run exe file in other system
Basic socket programming in iOS simulator
How to pick </html> </body> tags
Grails Custom Authentication Provider
Exporting data from python to glade gui
How to check for number of requests completed in ASINetworkQueue
PHP/HTML Tidy: anchor-as-name = no doesn't seem to work?
Show/Hide Divs W/ Pure JQuery via Links
iPhone simulator not found
SASS is not working properly. Trying to set prefixes for values of css property
Get specific Content from Web page to Android
Google maps v2 end date
Trying to compile mahout but getting error - Cannot execute mojo: resources. Build is not using pom.xml
Inheritance, composition, or something else--should I subclass a utility class in my tests?
Debugging javascript in ascx control
Font not Displaying correctly in Reporting service
run a function on each page
How does strace read the file name of system call sys_open?
Joining threads confusion
Web Services developed using netbeans - how to return objects of java classes in a web service program
I need to develop a common push notification server using java web technologies
MVC3 with SQL Server 2005 in
iPhone error 鈥淣sUrlConnetionInternalConnection_WithConnectionDisconnectFromConnection鈥�
Sql Query Task in SSIS
How to Maintain FileUpload Control鈥檚 State after PostBack
Immutability property in java
Passing string to C++ from .NET with Japanese version of OS
What is the difference between CAO and SAO in Remoting?
Are there any Sass code formatters?
How can I use getimagesize() with $_FILES['']?
cant read phone contacts
Is it possible to create a multiprocess UI in .net?
how convert bytes to structure in python?
Replicate Flash Cube Rotation in CSS: Preserve correct perspective
Polymorphic addition in C++
Selenium Webdriver is finding hidden values too
FullTextSearch in MYSql
What books are Available for OpenLayers? [closed]
Can't Get value from database in
music player in android phonegap?
How to make this format of array in PHP?
increase and decrease a alpha value in a for loop dynamically
Getting Error while trying to Index SVN Repository
select related data for custom list filter
Stress testing a webpage
How do I get a Sencha controller to respond to a swipe event in a view?
Prevent users to click RadioButton
Main AppDelegate not getting called in universal application for iphone
Log4J - determine if logger cannot write to file system
cakePHP 1.3 : Rendeing Issue by Using Ajax
How to integrate imagekit with S3
image smoothing in opengl?
WP7 and WCF Services: Fast app switching
how do i know whether my html link is clicked or not from Servlet?
ListView always on top
Data in global Variable is not accessible on other page in javascript
How to make complex charts using Raphael
Can we rename 鈥淐hildren鈥�node in extjs tree
Crontab for Codeigniter
Canvas Deburring Algorithm
parsing nested XML in android
Android Read-Only File System Error
Blackberry - Consume .Net Soap Service
Save all the key pressed in a textarea and sent it to a PHP server?
Resizing Google Maps api v3 DIV with jquery - tiles not refreshing properly
why the Form Object is still live when variable goes out of scope?
How to detect user input character in UITextView
Enforcing PEP-8'ish formatting in Github commits
FixedThreadPool not parallel enough
Unit Testing a c# project which uses native code
ASP .Net MVC 3: Unit testing controller actions
Updating Cross references in Microsoft word
Building v8 on Mac with a 'missing Makefile-x64' error
FragmentPagerAdapter troubles and woes: Constructor Undefined
Blackberry. Showing hindi text?
Toast String display object instead of Text
Lucene Stemmer packages download
Conversion of ByteCode to XML file
How to 鈥渞ewrite鈥�SHOUTcast stream IP
Variable is treated as a string in JavaScript
How to create profile links
how can i add custom statusbar in flex 4
How to Accept Files With Specified content type accross the Operating system
One time insert, multiple reads into SQLite Android app
josso bypasses javax.servlet.Filter when redirect to back_to page
Enable image upload tab in ckeditor
Java - Most efficient method of doubling image size?
VB.Net Properly shutdown an asynchronous socket server running on a background worker
Clojure : Are symbols standard data type to pass between functions from different clj fies?
Doctrine2 migrations and moveing column to different entity
tomcat in eclipse - startup failed due to previous errors
How to access the Contacts Folder in Lotus Notes Using Lotus Notes Java API
get memory space in c#
Query to find given number belongs to any range in the given table
How to fix CSRF in the HTTP protocol spec?
Sorting and matching
Why does LINQ-to-EF render certain 鈥淐ontains鈥�as two separate JOINs? [duplicate]
import 鈥渃ocos2d.h鈥�works in some files, but not all
Highlighting lines in validation
Domain Mapping in WPMU
creating thread or parallel programming for multiple dropdown boxes populated by SQL Server
Selenium1 - Commands are failing in Mac - Safari5 on HTTPS page
Using JSON.parse for accessing a json file
iOS presenting modal and navigation controller based views
Auto SnapBack with scrollviewer on WP7
how to filter list in c# with lambda expression?
Getting ADB to work in Ubuntu
free(temp) pointer frees head pointer in linked list-How to retain pointer to origin of list
AJAX Not Responding
Jquery click event is not fired every time on all LI element of UL tag
Why SmartGWT does not have Paginated Grid?
Where is the point at which adding additional cores or CPUs doesn鈥檛 improve the performance at all?
Scala perf: Why is this Scala app 30x slower than the equivalent Java app?
How can I find the current directory location of my servlet in grails controller? (or java servlet)
Exception-鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException: Module 'null' not found 鈥�in Java-Struts 1.3
JAXB Element mapping
Fill div with a php script via Ajax call?
Add class depending on cookies after a div is generated from .load
How to make resharper re-evaluate its assembly reference highlighting
how to set different message on application startup in android?
Perl nested loops
WCF: Is it possible to specify default client configuration settings in the service's Web.config?
how to solve JXL error : Unable to recognize OLE stream
Which Binding to use for https and Non .NET clients
Sencha 2 -need help for cf json data (for eg:CFJSONReader )
How to add List<> values to gridview?
Efficient implementation of natural logarithm (ln) and exponentiation
How to get cursor position in a Edittext
Cannot install mongodb by npm on Win7
Slow query execution time
YouTube iframe embeds are not working on my iPhone and iPad 3
parse JSON in objectiveC (SBJSON) objects and arrays
Passing Image Captured Using Flash To Page
getting error in updating a field
How to search nearest google markers?
What program could i code to freeze/hang my program to test watchdog timer?
iPad undo button (a-la Keynote and other apps)
How to using intents to view calendar data?
SkyDrive API for Android [closed]
how to store dynamically generated pages in html?
Resolving Nested JSON issue using Spring-Hibernate
symfony and entity manager
Haskell Yahoo Finance Command Line Tool
android ACTION_VIDEO_CAPTURE not storing video
how to fetch json data and store it in an array in iphone app and access it
Permissions required to run 'ALTER DATABASE SET SINGLE_USER' statement on SQL Server 2008
On running FTP script on Solaris I am getting error 鈥淣o space left on device鈥�
measure issue with custom view with multi-line text
textContent not working in IE. Need a generic code sample
Jquery Full Calendar json event source syntax
With maven - clean package, xml source files are not included in classpath
How to make APK that can launch my Robotium test?
PHP Serialize Function - Adding serialized data to mysql and then fetch and display
Usage of select() for timeout
How to show the last link in cakephp
regular expression that convert html anchor in to wiki anchor syntax
Count with if condition in mysql query
Creating a stub server for iOS (Mocking NSUrlConnection)
Use variables entered in login page usable in multiple pages?
Performance of dynamically loading elements using javascipt?
How to run cron script alternately 30 minutes every minute
Unit-testing client-server interaction in Twisted
How to empty or clear heap memory dynamically in my code
getdata function for a structure is not reading in all data
Hide UITableView search bar
unable to handle 鈥渢itle鈥�attribute of html control
Knife - ERROR: Must pass an FQDN or ip to bootstrap
Performance issues using H2 DB in embedded mode with heavy load of data in database
Flex 4.5 Error 1120: Access of undefined property. but i have created the variable. what's wrong?
how to show modal popup window in opera using javascript
printing the values in transport_header in skb
Dictionary lookup vs Array lookup; Array llocation vs dictionary allocation
Trouble animating CCLabelTTF using opacity property
how to format the text or change the font size inside pushpin in bingmaps ajax
Android project vanished from Eclipse
Replace strings in columns from a list
SIM Applet development
Disabled CheckBox reacts to mouseclick after enabling
Getting date & time values from date time picker in Blackberry
Unable to insert 250MB byte array onto remote SQL Server
Can't find Dashcode after installing Xcode 4 on brand new MacBook
How is the Dynamic Data Delete Command handled?
how to track changes before commiting in git
How to save & retrieve image in Database from PictureBox control in windows Forms (VB.NET)
Issue in adding html tags to .append() jquery .xhtml
C: File parsing without losing white space
spawning multiple python processes/daemons of same name (different args)
how can we use unitedinternet.portal.selenium.utils in selenium 2 or webdrivers
How to make a call in iphone? [duplicate]
Ref attribute or Type attribute in XSD
Dynamic floating bubbles..using Jquery
How do I implement multiplication and division in MIPS assembly without using the built in instructions?
Custom PHP Sort?
Can't find [WebInvoke] and [WebGet]
Could not load file or assembly 'Oracle.DataAccess' in 64 bit machine
cutting a wav file into segments
Zend - 鈥淎n error occurred鈥�[closed]
How do I get this Django CSS to render properly in my production environment?
Custom Control is not rendered in WP7.1
How do I call a function by string without using reflection?
How can I shutdown thread not in use?
How to find out the Big Oh complexity in a function
Postgres 9.0 linux command to windows command conversion
Flex Embedding Roboto Font - Transcoding error?
SQL Query select * if <this> but not if <condition>
fetching list of races
Making a row uneditable in Matlab GUI
Inno Installer Doesn't Uninstall any files
Why do I get this error? - Use of undeclared identifier 'AppDelegate'
How to stop backgroundworker
How to insert more rows in the tableview at the same time?
What might be wrong with this C in Unix code
matlab: random combination of matrices
Large image slider as background to main section of website?
SAML request and response in JAVA
Making a webpage with mostly javascript/dojo in django?
security lock for my app
jQuery Mobile URL converting hash (#) to %23 on Android browser
Embed php in html to keep text in text box after user submits a value
Joomla 25 (beez_20) template changes not having any affect
how to determine size of an html element of a webpage for phone and tablet
onCreate of Content Provider
Ubuntu 11.04 does not detect my tata photon + [closed]
SQL Server 2005 How to Find the user who has all books
Confirm() always return true? [closed]
Android ormlite Multi-table mapping
Arval SQLException: FATAL: sorry, too many clients already in postgres
Trying to follow URL and then download image
Why does Scrapy crawl only one page?
Specializing a class for iterators convertable to pointers
System.StackOverflowException , when get set Properties are used?
Skinning a button in Flex through document states
track the execution time of a method in
Sweep warnings when using ggbiplot to plot FactoMineR's PCA object
UIPageViewController and UIScrollView
android application crashes when opening csv file in activity
Populate <select> dynamically from a database
Serialization and pointers Java
deleting a blob from MySQL DB
dijit.byId on DOJO 1.7.2
Simple Symbol Resolution Error in Clojure
Encoding an std::string in C++
Send SMS via intent
Running two tomcat on a single port
What are the design advantages hash-like saving vs incremental
IInternetBindInfoEx - When IE/Urlmon asks for it?
Objective C : UIButton image with NSArray in a random order
How To Ensure A CheckBox Is Checked Using Javascript
CSS transition in Firefox
Querying all phone numbers of a contact (SOLVED)
TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, list found
When do i need to dispose a (server-client) objects?
how to catch exceptions and continue the processing in Java
TortiseSVN 1.7 How do you turn on modified files make their parent folder modified?
Fluent Nhibernate entity referenced in multiple has many relationships: Cascade delete not working
How to get query text only in Zend Search Lucene
ObjectiveC Category and speed in execution and typing
How to cross compile tesseract ocr engine for iphone?
Rails FormBuilderInstance.object properties
Xcode dynamic library linking: How to properly set run paths, search paths, and install names
Excel VBA - SQL 2008 drop temp tables
I am using FusionCharts. Now how to Implement FusionWidgets(AngularGauge) in iPAD?
How do I get the XML attributes?
Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 Unable to relay WinForms
Ruby Google Adwords Api OAuth verification failure
Autocompute using ajax values provided in the database onchange
Sencha: Store proxy chain
Unit Test Event Handler
How to handle exception with PhpExcel?
How to nest attributes in form using devise without getting HashWithIndifferentAccess error?
Handling blocks in Minecraft-style terrain (d3d/c++)
How to get the date object
Selenium 2.20.0 waitForText - No Go
cakephp tcpd error: Some data has already been output to browser, can't send PDF file on remote server
Applying a function to the edges of a multidimensional array in R
inverting positive CGFloat to negative value
SharedPreferences and TimePickerDialog
Linux kernel headers' organization
Set apache redirect from http to https for a specific url
Query to reflect actual significant change in data
Linq implicity typed range variable
Comparing two dates for past or not in rails 3.1 app
Combobox CompositeCollection
How can I catch an exception in an enhanced for loop and restart the process for this loop?
Firefox extension and nsIMutationObserver
Production server not recognizing Symfony folder path
Red Tube API (Method getVideoEmbedCode)
making jquery tabs point to differnt urls
File not found exception using http connection
What makes PDO safer than normal mysql?
Member Access Design (Accessing a member of a member)
ul moves on table
Catch Disk out of space exception in SqlServer.Management.Smo.Backup
joomla-php mysql not updating a record with data from previous query
Accelerometer code
Ajax with Jquery - Callback not executing
Problems using CNG and BCRYPT_KDF_SP80056A_CONCAT KDF
How to programmingly draw a etched line to use as separators in plain tableview
pregmatch not working as intended
SQLite in Android How to update a specific row
How to solve Reporting Services's error
session_id not working with session_name
Editing css in a settings page for a web based program on Android
how to read y4m video(get the frames) file in matlab
Count how many duplicate characters two strings have
How to view outline of a custom UIView in a Storyboard?
How can I get current date and time in HTML and format it?
panel data in R
Saving check box selection without POST
Automatically Restart PHP Script on Exit
Error Deploying to Heroku with Rails 3.2.1 / Mongoid
How to delete mutil indents in Emacs Haml mode?
Tool for analyzing matlab source codes
MVC3 - Client Side Validation Not Working After Implementing Service and Repository Layer
Basic understanding of preventing sql inject in codeigniter
Parse HTML and show result
error when many users use web portal: only one usage of each socket address
How can I display a string in a cell from a function returning a double
Can parallel insert statements in sql lead to deadlock?
c choose tag with display tag table
MySQL Error 1136:Column count does not match value count at row 1
How do I dynamically create column in a SQL view using a Select statement?
Is there a logical difference between 'not ==' and '!= (without is)
Wrong output from php function Mysql
reading out large array from a linux kernel module
Group several same value field into a single cell
AsyncTask doesn't invoke onPostExecute()
ImageView - have height match width?
How to generate JAR with dependent libs?
Why does the Maven Flyway Plugin Fail to Migrate My Hsqldb database?
preg_replace() regex to match relative url() paths in CSS files
Custom Fonts CSS - Error
Producer Consumer in Java with a UI Toggle
Silverlight Change image source nested inside button
QT C++ function with optional parameter for strings
Android ImageView Is Not Displaying Image?
Extracting information from context-free phrase structure output from Stanford Parser
how to know the actual downloads of an iPhone app? [closed]
Kinect coordinates new SDK
Qt widgets not showing up in main window
How to access Mongo database keys to render values in Haml view with MongoMapper in Sinatra?
openGL resolution settings, screen behaving unexplainably
VIsual Studio 2010 Holding onto WCF service reference Passwords?
elisp: boundp in let
Detect if a number is unique in a mySQL / PHP Database
How does appoint the members of a type will be serialization at run-time?
What is Sample Size in Apdex?
鈥淶oom鈥�a browser window/view with JavaScript?
Using Drag and Drop to determine identities?
Custom Font rendering issue using wkhtmltoimage
Make UIPopoverController NOT resign on outside touch?
need mechanism to detect client connections to portable hotspot
What is mapload in google maps?
Mod Rewrite on Subdirectories
can you have multiple transactions occur inside one session in nhibernate? And is it a bad idea?
postgres copy with row delimiter
How can I change the timezone in mysql using PHPMyAdmin without admin permission
json combobox mysql
How to use org-mode file as google code description?
c# populating and using the value from a combo box with MySQL in a Windows Form Application
iphone popToRootViewControllerAnimated, its animated paramter setting issue
Return index of a table in Lua
MySql search columns and joined columns for text and order by count of columns joined
Using JQuery editInPlace on Ajax injected HTML
return a list of element from a list in OCaml
Initial openLDAP Configuration
Why reading disk more frequently makes each read more fast on Linux? QPS1 vs. 50
Python Selenium
Setting UIMenuController arrow direction not working
SSRS different first page header
Sencha Touch 1.1 - Two column layout in hbox creates a <div> of height 0px causing subsequent panels to overlap its content
what is 鈥淪ASS鈥�short for?
Pyramid how to handle an xhr.abort()
Amazon S3 bucket policy for public restrictions only
css how to implement multi-line text field using div with ellipsis [duplicate]
How would I convert this MySQL Data Into This XML String (PHP)?
How to get correct time zone offset in Rails 2.3?
What is the difference in 鈥淧rocessing by Contoller#method as */*鈥�and 鈥淧rocessing by BillsController#show as HTML鈥�
cakephp js helper ajax: email id doesn't display name in input text box
Passing parameters to jQuery function via link
Datatables jquery plugin - setting defaults
how to use .change to disable select
Abstract class and constructor how clr prevents object creation? [closed]
How can I use Twitter Bootstrap, MVC and Visual Studio together?
Is there any way to reset :after/:before CSS rules for an element?
System design for matching closest registered store based on zip code?
Displaying Action Mailer variable in view returns 鈥渘il鈥�
Reload view using data from map
鈥渄atabase configuration does not specify adapter鈥�error with PG gem in Rails 3.2
Qt connect two signals together using QueuedConnection
Foreach loop array and stdclass object, getting values
Get larger (non-thumbnail) image for Facebook Graph Link object
Get the Largest Number in a mySQL Database in PHP
C++ subsequent files fail to open after first file
Java Printing to Dragon Console [closed]
MEMORY_ACCESS_VIOLATION when Release COM Pointer - JNI call to DLL
Winforms DateTimePicker set default text and/or value
鈥淓ither this application has not configured its Mobile Web URL or the URL could not be verified as owned by the application鈥�error
Joomla blank screen after moving servers
Rails: Block particular Actions based on format
git removing a file on merge from staging
Sending parameter value from a string to byte[] in SQL Server 2008
getAuthToken not working is ICS
How do I create a sharepoint video gallery based on List data?
How does jquery mobile hide mobile safari's addressbar?
Dynamic EC2 Bucket Options for Fog/Carrierwave
Service Broker Queue Custom Reports
Creating a color palette, <img> or <div> or <canvas>?
undefined method `reorder' for #<Array:0x007fee740c1b78>
Java server to Android client object Serialization
How can I size a Ext.field.TextArea to be exactly the size of the text with no scrollbars?
Pass variable number of params without call_user_func_array()
Python Consonant/Vowel Permutations
Sandcastle documentation xml code example displaying without carriage returns
stl sort comparison class function
Displaying column for custom taxonomy on custom post type admin page
How to show the compiled css from a .less file in the browser?
how to reassemble tcp and decode http info in c code?
HTML helper class method not working
Lost: Getting a fully rendered view via Ajax in ASP.NET MVC3 / jQuery
I need help getting the JQuery Function slideDown to work in my code
WebMatrix Giving 404 with UrlRouting
how to analyze the binary data of these h.264 packets and organize a h.264 stream to decode them use ffmpeg?
XSLT dependencies across OSGI Bundles
PhoneGap Media Windows Phone 7
What are limitations/issues with the 鈥� columns css framework鈥�approach? [closed]
Why is this radio button not getting checked?
Implication of Facebook offline_access deprecation
how to use for each with mustache javascript?
MSMQ - message queuing has not been installed on this computer
What are the criteria for choosing a sorting algorithm?
how to call front camera as default when use android provider MediaStore
Query how many times a link been shared from a time
polish notation evaluate function
getText() vs getPassword()
why can't we use webview for remote view in app widget?
Google Docs API: cannot set document title
Accessing database for mobile web applications
Does Hadoop split the keys into several reducer pools?
How can I allow these characters to be saved in Postgresql using Ruby?
CheckBox inside CheckedTextView
Textmate : how to complete word use ESC in multi tabs?
Setting my model with Backbone.js
The Invulnerable XMLException
Bind event to AJAX populated list items
HTML cache manifest prevents browser from loading ressources
Simple MVC Pager
How to create a LinkedIn page
SQL Update, same query, different results each time
How to save the JSON data to the database
When to use LEFT JOIN and when to use INNER JOIN?
Create POST request to tumblr
Update to table joined on composite key
C2DM not being send- No subject alternative DNS name matching found
Using data input from pop-up page to current with partial refresh
CSS Transitions with :before and :after pseudo elements
Query domain controllers & NTP servers time w32tm /monitor format output
Connection between mmap user call to mmap kernel call
Working with google maps api
PHP: Help redirecting a user based on url redirect in database
How to include a video in my apps intro?
Web page can load in a desktop browser but not in mobile Safari nor a UIWebView
Simple Data Entry form in Via Relational Table
jQuery - How to check if an element is an array or single
Applying A List of Functions to a Number
How to ignore space after comments when calculating indent level in Vim
repo does not create a tracking branch but git clone does
SQLite Set max rows or just update the same one?
How can I know request destination?
Hibernate Event Listeners not called after using Merging Persistence Unit Manager
Transpose Row to Column using SQL Server
Collation conflict in SQL
Windows Phone AutoCompleteBox was not found
MVC 3 dataannotations validation working with custom jQuery validation
Backbone.js progress bar while fetching collection
How a Combobox with the csOwnerDrawFixed Style can behave like the csDropDown style?
PHP / IIS7/ MS-SQL support
Matlab Contradictory Rank for Matrix
Ensuring database consistency
jQuery webcam add-on that works on iOS Safari?
Array of Char = Exception in thread 鈥淎WT-EventQueue-0鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException
How to change Azure local deploy port - tcp to http?
_taccess() function used for DVD-ROM in WinXP and Win7
_taccess() function used for DVD-ROM in WinXP and Win7
How to query documents using 鈥淿id鈥�field in Java mongodb driver?
Changing TextView Style Android applications
Uncaught exception handler not called
How do I fix phpdoc creating unusable filenames
repeater row highlight does not persist after postback
Create Labels or UIViews that will go through the main view
Where is the first destruction come from?
How do I create persistent sessions in PHP?
How to display Android Dialog and keyboard at the same time
Javascript breakpoint setting in Chrome Developer Tools
Musical Scores API for Android and IOS?
Loading only visible areas of a large image in cocos2d
Making a Maze in Java?
Remove a django field from PyAMF ClassAlias
Best practice for concatenation in SQL Server?
Chrome and it's handling of %s
Use Roboto font for earlier devices
Which framework for multi-tenant SaaS
What does this python code do?
Speed up UIPageViewController
How can an object be created without calling the constructor in C++?
Qt / C++ - Converting raw binary data and display it as an image (i.e. QImage)
How to automatically add extra condition to all Models in Rails?
To count no of clicks on hyperlink
Is there a way to use MATLAB function handles in MEX files without the mexCallMATLAB function
Java 鈥渟ynchronized鈥�in object class or in calling class
Best practice for keeping JS at bottom of page using componentized modules
Working on a program to manage assets and their locations. (C#/.NET)
SQL Server 2005 Finding the user [duplicate]
How to using simple_form association no data
A search aspx page return slow
Keep getting nil from dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier?
Xcode: UIPickerView Change Individual Row Background Color
When to override objective c getters
PHP namespaces - Instantiate new object or call function directly?
Rails 3 - Devise IP based authentication
valign=鈥渢op鈥�not working in one cell
When to instantiate DbContext in WebForms page lifecycle?
select and input copied into one input for posting
How do sockets work, and what should I know about connecting through a router?
Wordpress Photo gallery using external images
Location.HorizontalAccuracy too bad when getting location from background
ant replacetoken with multiple jar file names
Replacing configuration frameworks, looking for an alternative
Vertical font alignment between Firefox and Chrome
Logical operators issue
Bullet Physics memory use on large changing worlds with many triangle meshes
Regex 鈥淯rl鈥�outside comments
elegant way to print 鈥�=== middle justified title ====鈥�in python
Interactive Google Map with search functionality
Flash QuickBox2d skinMc.gotoAndPlay(1);
Can I work in the repository in a single user Mercurial workflow?
Keychain Access Oddness?
How to initialize onclick method before ModalPopupExtender take place?
SQL Server : DDL trigger, controlling table creation
How to set maxlength for multiline TextBox?
how to preserve parameter values after powershell function?
Member methods, modules, class variables and their scopes鈥�Trying to figure out how to use them all
Saving a list each time it changes
Why does this regexp throw a javascript error
How can I SUM two different selections passed to model?
how to get voice wake-up on Android
Defining two classes inside a class, and accessing its members
Use properties of user supplied object, if it exists, otherwise use defaults
ASP.NET: Use ID from query against a SQL Server view used in a GridView to control DetailsView that queries a table
.Net How to load a ViewModel with fields that don't exist in the database?
Jquery heavy concatenation
Powershell: How to use Format-Table with XML data
Grails: HTTPBuilder stopped working suddenly
Select random GPS points with minimum distance [closed]
cannot load HelloWorld example in phonegap android
Grails: refresh dependencies
Algorithm for moving dots (period) within an email address
How many bytes does an stateless class have?
instance variable in another class
Confusion regarding std::transform - converting std::map's value_type::second to a std::vector
Rails 3 path parameters not part of params
External Accessory Framework鈥ADemo issue
comparing array subscripts in LLVM
Android ArrayAdapter Style
About db connection in Yii
How to add an attribute and remove the attribute with an onchange event?
rails 3.2.2 (or 3.2.1) + Postgresql 9.1.3 + Ubuntu 11.10 Connection error
Unable to create new directory using NSFileManager with with the owner as `root`
How do you rate Confluence for its wiki, community, and Q&A functionality?
can't close previous frame to see well new frame java
C: 2 different headers define struct udphdr. How to tell GCC to choose one?
filter methods in a controller
Error Searching Sharepoint via CMIS using C#
Using the Time data type in Postgres with a Microsoft Access Front-end
Stop NSDictionary from sorting its items
Visual Studio 2010 Local Machine-Project Specific Properties
Zend Framework - how to rewrite url to seo friendly url
UIWebView ScalesToFit and AspectFit in iOS4
Installing easy_install, NOT SO EASY
sql compact deployment 32 vs 64 bit files
Using an Association Proxy for a collection
How to turn on smart screen filter using powershell?
Ruby - Search and collect files in all directorys
Unexpected behaviour with UIViewAnimationOptionBeginFromCurrentState
Bind or column index out of range, querying sqlite android table Error
Draw New Circle on Bitmap Android
call powershell function with parameters
How to send message to individual client in node.js using only Net module(not
nHibernate collection lazy=鈥渆xtra鈥�- why would we not use it?
Mysql Relations related row not updating correctly
Properties are initiated with an invalid address
iPhone headset play button click
Python Mechanize, click a <li> link?
What is Halver or halfer equation, in regards to Geology/maps I think?
Rewrite blog URL in WordPress without subcategories
Can I disable autorotation animations and still get rotation notifications?
Android power off screen destroys app when landscaped
Joomla custom component adding browse button
Using a C# windows form with MySQL, what is the best way to sanitise the user data.
Making a window (with no system controls) smaller than the system minimum?
How can I speed up UIView snapshotting?
Ping Command and Domains
How to store a series of arrays
Why doesn't IntelliSense 'know' about my datatable?
GetFocus on a ComboBox in a dialog
How can I resolve http-conduit issue with Yesod 10.2?
How do 'and' and 'or' act with non-boolean values in Python?
masking part of a contourf plot in matplotlib
Looking for a dictionary based .NET text compression library
Control flash with javascript when different domains?
Custom logging macro not accepting multiple arguments
How to write jpql for entity + a count off that entity?
Rspec make sure we ended up at correct path
Migrating data from MongoDB to SQL Server, performance degrades over time
Neural Network--significantly uneven training progress across all input vectors
Memory leakage when moving from DiffArray to Data.Vector [Solved]
Can't append to an appended element using jQuery
form sql to return bool to c#
NSTextField won't accept input after displaying once
HTML Form to Javascript Array/JSON [closed]
Can double slashes on comments produce unexpected errors?
How to detect overflow conditions in Assembly Langauge X86
How to group SQL instances in arrays
Good practice for multi-threading
HTML5 Drag and Drop using Selenium Webdriver for Ruby
Text in docx (OpenXML SDK generated) uneditable
Get a point inside the polygon
rpart node assigment
How to remove certain characters from a variable? (Python)
.NET and allowing predefined shapes to be dragged and dropped
Lightweight Rails 3 WYSIWYG editor
What does a >> mean in Go language?
Programmatically find a moved file by the old name
Can't Write Streamed Data To SD Card Of My Galaxy S2 Using MonoDroid via Visual Studio
Search directory of .htm files, outputting files that do NOT contain a certain string
Custom JBoss DataSorurce password encryption?
How to simplify an ocunit assertion that contains NSUInteger?
SQL. How to manage operator GROUP BY
Local host for Sencha app development
Are Oauth consumer tokens and secrets user specific?
How would you localize names of fields of a class in GWT?
auto run js check user name availability after user has stopped typing just doesn't work
Distributed database - Eventual Consistency Implications
How to use libxml2 with python on osx lion?
SQlite - eval not working with attached database
Distinct query with sum operator not working?
WindowsError: Error 2 The system cannot find the file specified
How can I git add a file without changing the current working directory?
Using Boost and Xcode 4.3
Does the Spring Formatting SPI require the use of JSP tags or what?
Image Processing Basics DFT
How can I get the results of this mathematical expression? [closed]
Java writing libraries
Rails has many through error
Is there a speedup associated with freeing up arrays that are only used within a MEX file
pressing on the arrows keys shoots two Keyboard interrupts ? ( int 09h )
Dividing a string at various punctuation marks using split()
Expand and Animate Div Vertically and Horizontally
SQLite: group_concat() multiple columns
Fast Infix Searching
setAttribs to element class
need help to understand his database relationship
Reusing multiple variables within a WHERE clause
getBetween two strings on a specific page?
Why are these registers pushed to stack?
Maven - Detect Multiple Versions of the Same Dependency
Can't merge two arraylists
鈥淚nput string was not in a correct format.鈥�C#
How to compare two visio files and report difference between them?
std::enable_if, template specialization and inheritance
CakeEmail debug
Modify javascript to trigger on :checked instead of :hover 鈥�hoverizr
How can I get the same results as apply_filters('the_content) without using that tag / filter?
Getting an array of files into a java class
Lithium - How to get the number of fetched rows?
Python memory management
fopen not able to open a writable file when using nvcc
Javascript that reads another one and, based on the second, will do something
regex as tokenizer - string beginning with delimiter
Change the formatting when creating a new class in Flash CS5
LessCss duplicated domain when interpolating?
How do I change a static variable within a function?
Mysql JOIN for items and tags
How to install pip in a new python installation
Set Expires header for an existing S3 object using AWS Java SDK
find xml element based on its attribute and change its value
Strange character in textoutput when piping from tasklist command WIN7
Simple CSS Menu issues
Settings position properties
Perform Update Of Latest (Min) And Get Back Key
pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR: column 鈥渪鈥�does not exist LINE 2: SET name=x
convert tab/space delimited lines into nested array
Cakephp naming convention for table name
MVC.Net, Ajax.BeginForm, jQuery, and IE8
Django ajax error response best practice
MFC C++ put a 1000 MS sleep on main thread?
How to mark .jar file as excluded from publish/export structure?
Implementing nth1 list operation in SWI prolog
Remove last comma or prevent it from being printed at all MySQL/PHP
Source code of pig in CDH3 Vmware image
liquibase updateSQL
defaulting a field value
Jquery Hover change image and show box
Can't debug or modify Windows 8 Greyscale filter example
ORM EntitySave() - ids for this class must be manually assigned before calling save()
Finding the nearest common superclass (or superinterface) of a collection of classes
Event is raised continuously, slows down code. How to handle it with threads?
My regular expression isn't working in grep
mysql not using index created even after use index and force index
Extract duplicate values from a dictionary
I want to make a Facebook widget to use at an event
Customize double click for text box
Interactively split diff
How do I show a table inside a CTabItem using the SWT
Get value from column using a column name string c#
PROCEDURE Warning: execution completed with warning
Error on send Dialog: Attachment Unavailable
Make Closure Compiler strip log function usages
Android service that never die
GWT DisclosurePanel remove vertical line
No such file or directory - git ls-files
An efficient compiler compiles to the exact same result every time? [closed]
SQL Find accounts with no collection activity in the last 45 days
What's the meaning of this syntax ?> <?php
Copy data from one table into other table in MYSQL
linux + virtualenv + pip using some system packages
C#. Checkboxes become unchecked
Rails - Determine what properties on an object are set by a setter
Regular Expression, searching code in Dreamweaver
Create ko.observableArray from JSON Object in knockout
simpleCart(js) Select Option Validation
why is this the output of the following loop?
php echo variable without quotes around it
How to use two jQuery UI Autocomplete Widgets on one input element?
A linear-time algorithm for finding the longest distance between two nodes in a free tree?
Advantages Creating a viewcontroller in IB vs calling a view controller progrmatically [duplicate]
Keeping a SortedSet of objects based on a property
How to insert moving menu bar in Wordpress?
getting values from a byte
Not able to get sessions to work using python 2.6 on OS X
Pass image from HTML via Android javascript interface
Embed javascript in GWT
How to keep data associated with MKAnnotation from being lost after a callout pops up and user taps disclosure button?
What's a valid HTML5 document?
Database design - limiting linked records
CakePHP validation on => 'create', on => 'update'
How to detect in Android whether UID from NFC tag is random?
What is wrong with my C++ merge sort program?
Android 2.3.4 - Http Live Streaming
math function passed through a list
Aa icon for font menu on Android
Android Eclipse DDMS - Can't pull file from rooted device
How to create a custom control with INamingContainer?
How bind ENUM type by number in PDO
Java JAXB - howto use generated beans
Space ship simulator guidance computer targeting with concentric indicator squares
How to know if AdMob ad has been loaded
LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method System.ObjectCompareObjectEqual
Multi-Threading and Asynchronous sockets in python
ExtJS Streaming through WCF basicHttp Service
Many-to-Many but sourced from multiple tables
accessing cookies from helper
Creating a recursive function to return integers of the result of an xor operation [closed]
C memory issue with char*
python checksum verification of two large files
Django application under apache+wsgi getting exception: 'mod_wsgi.Log' object has no attribute 'name'
check header type content-url
Used a thread to get file name/path, but can't get the page to automatically update when the dialog closes
Can't access non-default handler in actionbean?
sort NSArray alphabetically, but local language should be first and then all other
Capitalize the first word outputted from MySQL only
WM_COPYDATA: Can the receiver modify the COPYDATASTRUCT contents?
JBoss as RMI client
How can i resize UITableViewCell for how much text that i have? [duplicate]
How can I get cell tower data for all cell towers from all network providers in range?
scala - yield syntax
Xcode Converting a string of equation to math equation
Creating a view for a many-to-many with additional properties
jQuery UI remove element when dropped into a div using .droppable
Unable to remove a URL rewrite from IIS7
C++ simple files compilation using 鈥済cc鈥�compiler
RSpec Request Spec Testing Model Attribute
MySQL tables relation in Qt Model/View Programming
trouble mixing jquery and js
MySQL: Normalization and Table Join for a Tags Feature
Programmatically scan dropbox public folder
Pause thread make it free to do other things and continue after a specific time in java?
I have an Error with my books example code
Is it possible to use a script or a program to force-read a protected file off the disk?
Create a menu item and link it to a third-party url?
c++ Visual Studio, 'vc_attributes::YesNoMaybe' : 'enum' type redefinition error
Sending bulk emails with attachment paths in database
How to create a 2D 鈥減erspective鈥�trapezoid view in OpenGL?
Using dbCreate option 鈥渧alidate鈥�
Generic stack in objective-c without nsmutablearrays? [closed] mvc Jquery Tab work fine in IE but not in Firefox or Chrome
Data model help for MVC
FB Timeline App Height Stuck at 800px
Best way to create a rounded corener button with a background that has a repeating bitmap.
RestKit putObject not working with Rails model
Count rows in many text files and get the total rows
Creating Relationships between MySql tables
move up a frame, debug R environment
How can you use the FIND command on a text file that uses CR but not LF?
Deploying symfony 1.4 site on the production server
How would I get a value between 0 and 1 depending on positive/negative input?
git commit do not make it to the remote server
Minitest issue
Why do Facebook API calls reset the connection only in my development environment?
how to load classes from a jar file and store it in an arraylist
IOS: Unable to access properties and methods on presentingViewController from presentedViewController
Background processes for user facing jobs?
How can I make my JFrame background change colors wildly?
displayobject depth
XPath Classic ASP
JFileChooser vs JDialog vs FileDialog
display xml response using jaxb
How to call doPost() from my action bean?
How can I get the final printed output of a text file that contains control characters?
Can't locate object method 鈥渁m_pm_abbreviated鈥�via package 鈥淒ateTime::Locale::en鈥�
Increase a certain time by a day?
adding hits in short url script
table join with count() condition
DJANGO: Validation error not displaying in form
hibernate.cfg.xml mapping resources
Changing attributes of cloned svg element
Running a simulator build using apple script
CMake Finding Libraries on Wrong Path
How do I sort an Array with coffeescript?
How to convert Ant property into Ant resource?
Edit build definition error message
Groovy compiler calling wrong overloaded java method
EF Association, Extra Column
Extracting Number and Name from String [r]
Mobiscroll date picker inside ChocolatechipUI popover?
Creating Python daemon - 'module' object has no attribute 'DaemonContext'
get raw touch data from Wacom touchpad
Caching Tweets on iOS
Change TextBox contents on state change
setinterval or settimeout for google map v3
making your own pow()
SQL Server SP 'Incorrect syntax' error using variable
What's a good way to automate uneditable PowerShell scripts?
Can I automate the migration of a static HTML site to WordPress?
how can you see whether a row is updated in a updateable gridview?
Varnish 302 redirects to backend
How to use Factory pattern with an Interface
how do i setup a floating point render targets with libgdx?
JQuery UI selectable plugin - Multiple mouse drag selection and unselect option
PHP fedex for web services zip code error
Insert trigger copy row to another duplicate table SQL Server 2008
PyOpenSSL convert certificate object to .pem file
How to use C/Obj-C variadic function in MacRuby?
Making the right choice between node.js and ape server
I would like to confirm my answer
RedirectMatch 403 鈥�Need to have an exception for 1 URL in .htaccess
jquery working on body but not on other elements
How to communicate from class library
Removing or skipping an image from an Image array if it fails to load?
Checking for user selected range or cancellation
How to run OSX Character Viewer from Java Swing app
Link 2 Databases on 1 Sql Server
Definitive version of Phonegap tutorial for Android
Javascript RenRen API
how soon is `__del__` called after reference count drops to zero?
Thread-local storage in kernel mode?
intent-filter does not go to the Android system
Parallelizing using openmp with 4 for loops
Sending Data from iOS to java socket server and recognizes the message
select from doesnt seem to work [duplicate]
Properly terminating a multi-threaded Windows console application
making a query more efficient
Matlab homework - cell arrays and windows dialogs
CSV parsing in Java: how do I split this token?
Is there a more terse/elegant way to format the following Social Security Number like String with or without Groovy?
Code-First with existing empty database
Storing & Retrieving HTML Strings for Dynamic Pages in UIWebView
error handling in YACC
鈥淎pp_Name鈥�Could not be downloaded due to an error (500)?
Minimizing latency w/ web-based, live audio capture and broadcast
Memory consumption of a pointer to vector of pointers
Is it possible to set a reference to an AsyncTask to null in onPostExecute()?
Wrong string formatting when using encoded unicode strings
how to uninstall dxwebsetup on Windows Server 2008?
How do I get Aptana Plugin for Eclipse to validate against CSS3, rather than CSS2?
assistance with using the 拢 symbol in php echo [duplicate]
Retrieving list of Foursquare venue items with picture
How to debug webapp users' sessions being randomly switched on a corporate LAN?
Connection pool with possible severed connections
SQL. The intricate JOIN between two tables
Joining 3 Tables With Where Criteria
Possible PHP scope issue with file include?
'testArray was not declared in this scope'
Pass list of ints from JavaScript to C# 鈥�I get the list, but it is empty; form data isn't structured properly?
node.js simply does not run
incorrect height in Chrome when 鈥�webkit-appearance: none鈥�and value=鈥溾� on <input> tag
How to use SSRS to retrieve HTML snippets with embedded images the easy way
How to convert String format dates to Date format dates?
TSQL: Matching multiple values in single column to a distinct foreign key
Make custom label control resize
which sorting algorithm is fast on structure arrays with unique elements in c [closed]
Data Sampling based on a field
ArcGIS - Is there a way to proxy a specific map service with token based authentication?
How to do do multiple selects using data from a previous query?
How does one include a view file from a helper function in Code Igniter?
can weakref not evaluate to None even though no non-weak references point to an object?
Switched from Firefox to HTMLUnit in watir-webdriver. Now all my tests fail. How can I start tracking down why?