selecting all rows from a database using JPAin WebSphere
Is it possible to show button states in Eclipse Android Gui builder?
Use custom font issue
Type.GetInterfaces() for declared interfaces only
What is the current preferred method for enumerating the globals in a namespace?
panel event not working (sencha touch)
Why does AspNetCompatibilityRequirementsMode.Allowed fix this error?
Adobe FDF (PDF Form) Submit Button - to Another Frame?
eclipse auto open 鈥渨eb browser鈥�when run war on tomcat server
check if user member of a group
UISplitViewController won't present modal view controller
Best Option for Calculating Logical Equation?
Will running Products and Technology Configuration Wizard > repair on one farm server make whole farm unavailable?
Articles about Django project structure
Dynamic array of forms in php and html
Ruby case statement with regexe matching
How print group footer at bottom of page with Digital-Metaphors Report Builder
Click On TreeView Item Opens Window?
Knockout Mapping Plugin with RequireJS : Uncaught Error: Mismatched anonymous define() module
sqlcmd with jQuery in the insert statements
What is the easiest way to set custom binary data messages in Java?
Calling NSLog from C++: 鈥淔ormat string is not a string literal (potentially insecure)鈥�
border&grid layouts
Command-line tool to group textual data according to a group key
Columns and rows in SPARQL query result DataView - Cant apply filter
Reduce HTTP requests - HTML cache
鈥�NET Security's Levels鈥�in C#, ASP.NET [closed]
I want to Pivot data into a crosstab but need to exclude dummy data put in with 99s
Android Toast Context Conundrum
Install 2nd android device on windows xp
JQuery .text does not appear in browser, only in firebug, does not get POSTed
Getting the InnerHtml of an HTMLTable c#
AIX 6.1: CORE DUMP - GDB 鈥渢hread apply all bt full鈥�returns NOTHING?
Implementing An Algorithm to Compute PI
MPI use more cpus cost more time
Automatically clean up PF_UNIX sockets on process exit?
PhoneGap File Transfer Image submit form
When and where should I drain the NSAutoreleasePool?
How to run mod_php and fastcgi side-by-side?
How to covert svg to eps in ghostscript
Inspecting django unittest errors in pdb
How to fix apt-get update in Debian Lenny so that PostgreSql 9.1 can installed
Lost in the generics and reflection sauce
Flash Modulus Glitch?
how do you switch columns and rows in a gridview
JTable won't refresh
How to terminate a log in [closed]
objective-c: returning data from server
Update an object from another object using a loop
Mapping C# DateTime to SQL Server datetimeoffset using Nhibernate
AS3 play sounds in an array in a sequence
Repeated Game Center Welcome Banners
Python unicode behaviour in Google App Engine
Navigation Controller - add custom nav bar item to all views
Passing Pointer of Two Dimensional Object Array to method
Using NSUndoManager with prepareWithInvocationTarget, Gestures and Objects
What database system to use? (EAV with FK?)
How can I fix this small issue when making rounded tab links?
Getting floating point exception while trying to use div in assembly
Sort filenames based on dependencies
Changing thread priority using JNI call in Java
Get statuses/show/ from twitter Api using OAuth call
Proxy settings for .NET WebBrowser
c2dm device unregistered automatically
Spelling errors in commit and what to do if 鈥渁head by 1 commit鈥�
Could not find a storyboard named 'MainStoryboard_iPhone'
jQuery - slideDown / slideUp two separate Div's from one button?
How to set the pagename equal to the category name in Wordpress
Perl keyword require is giving strange outcome
Cocos2d: Emitted particles do not pan correctly with screen
Homescreen/launcher with Monodroid crash
GMap.NET - placing GMapControl in UserControl and then UserControl on Form yields MissingMethodException
trying to eliminate replies and retweets in the twitter widget
add button in a gridview dynamically populate: event click not fire
Weird Chrome Rendering Issue. Possible Bug?
Is it possible to specify (anchor or match) in a regular expression
how to find the webwork framework version
How to set Panel.ZIndex or other attached properties via DataTrigger?
Mixing secured users and visitors on the same site
TVOUT With iOS in Landscape mode
How to setup NServiceBus and Log4Net to save to a file (without profiles)
Zend with Oracle: Queries not working properly
Checkbox in Rails 3.1 using Jquery
Qt Play the same video in five Phonon::VideoWidget
Can't convert DateTime format from MM/dd/yyyy to yyyy-MM-dd
onmouseover and canvas, not continuous
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the upstart script or forever script in a context of running node.js scripts ??
Wicket ChoiceFilteredPropertyColumn<T, Boolean> with NullValid (ConversionException)
PHP IDE with design view
Returning XML from a Web Service
Rails idiom for .present? and .any?
Delphi internet hook
PHP multidimensional array: increase key if last of sub-array
How to check that current time is in USA timezone
why are the sub menus displayed correctly in firefox but not chrome
Printing an Array as an Unordered List
simple menu selection and bubbling working unexpectedly
Where can I set auto-import=鈥渇alse鈥�for hyperjaxb?
Efficiently Update a List of Cursor and insert into collection in Casbah
Replace words in TextView with a smooth scale transition
Easiest Way To block a website programmatically [closed]
Javascript array search and remove string?
how to speed up enumerate for numpy array / how to enumerate over numpy array efficiently?
MySql.Data in GAC, still SecurityException
How to set state_selected for initially selected item in gallery
Image button that is sized in percentage
Not getting resource file from DefaultModelBinder.ResourceClassKey
Timing of using both a JQuery and an ASP.NET OnSelectedIndexChanged event handler
hide border if div is above
Cannot convert active mq pooled connection factory to javax.jms.connectionfactory
Moved repository. Do I use SVN switch, SVN relocate or something else all together
How can site A use an xml file on Site B if both are on the same physical server
How would one get the dialogue from a GMap embed centered?
How do you remove the PowerShell requirement that scripts and executables be preceded by 鈥� 鈥�
Android SeekBar set progress value
firefox not showing table borders correctly
Onload function for an iframe inside another iframe
Need help getting output from Telnet to array in Perl
SQL Transactions using PHP failure
Creating HTML from a DataTable using C#
Route to static file in Play! 2.0
blackberry - How to retrieve a unique identifier for a device?
hg-git: delete remote branch?
Add NuGet package without its dependencies
PHP How to use a property declared in another method?
Java: critical error- couldn't get class's Field in a Phidget project
IE7 and Firefox relative path resolving mismatch
How to block javascript:// as url parameter
How to better concurrently process commands in a subversion-like system?
Jquery bind copy issue
How to insert spaces/tabs in text using HTML/CSS?
How to be advised when android has internet connection
How to load https in WebView in Android 2.1
How to disable Windows Installer logging?
Image Manipulation, won't display transformed image
pointer to a va_list in amd64 ABI
Why does my BULK INSERT code skip (ignore) the 1st row?
Tell Maven to exclude a file ONLY for SELECTED dependencies
Rewrite program from Console to WinForms
Groovy's java.util.Date or Java's java.util.Date?
How do I reference XML objects inside of XML objects in PHP?
Creating logout such that no back action takes place in JSP
Zimbra Java Client - Getting Started?
Multiple json objects using a single xhrget call(dojo)
apply drop shadow to border-top only?
Codeigniter Message: Undefined property: stdClass
1 = 1 returns False in T-SQL - Why?
How can I get notified when Android arrayadapter is being scrolled?
How do I run a Ruby Gem?
Can Apache ProxyPass deny specific patterns?
Running a VBScript from an MSI installation
how to build a subversion service?
ajax error jqXHR.status
How can I 'pad out' a CSV file in bash?
Facebook Graph API checkins
How can I disable or demote ReSharper's 鈥淎dd 'xyz' to the abbreviations list?鈥�[closed]
C# assign by reference
Clean up DirectShow Graph - DirectShow graph is not stopping
Volume Control in a mostly Silent iOS app
Change background color of added tableview cell
SWT StyledText Widget - WhiteSpace Painting
Exception in Thread Main. NullPointException
LINQ insert ignoring default values, what about stored procedures?
How to map a hibernate entity to another with constants
Testing for presence of UTF-8 character in JQuery string failing
Topic Exchange with Celery and RabbitMQ
How to display data based on what the user input in the search form?
Watchr doesn't use the colors from Turn
Return types and multiple inheritance?
Where is $title set in drupal views files?
jQuery keydown event disable
Java EE dynamic web application development
Animation in Java Desktop Application like google chrome
separate sessions
Determining max number v(G) of independent edges in graph G
How to create a Scala custom validator with Play2?
does bash support word boundary regular expressions?
XSL help printing variables from multiple nodes on a single row
hide notification area progress bar in android when 100% is completed
Headers already sent when using MakeGood plugin [duplicate]
How to send a RichTextBox as parameter?
Why is this line of code giving me an error? [closed]
how does one test javascript interactions such as drawing with mouse in html5 canvas
xcode 4.3 - storyboard - iAd
Selecting a Random Subset in SQL (Sybase Server IQ)
login and register screen in silverlight using wcf web service
Is there a compilation of device-specific bugs for Android devices?
Single threaded shared pointer for simple inclusion in large project
How to disable the 鈥淐hromium didn't shut down correctly鈥�message? Chromium 17, Ubuntu 10.04 [closed]
What's wrong with my Gems? Terminal doesn't reconize them
python set changes element order?
Use of global variables in static methods
Example to implement TimePicker in Android DialogFragment in Android 3.0
Is There a Tornado Equivalent of SimpleHTTPServer?
Spring RequestMapping not working for PUTs to base url
how to trigger a custom event in jQuery, pass the original event and data
Qt Model-View data and model in separate thread
PHP Mongo Query NOT NULL
Java OBJECT to JSONObject
creating event for IB
PHP : How to wait for a file written by an external script to exist
What it means that ActivePython 鈥渋ncludes openssl鈥�
Problems referencing WSDL2Java generated classes
Null value posting to MVC action with jQuery
Many-to-many relationship on parent/child form is limiting data entry
PHP sessions logging in and logging out
GC Tuning - preventing a Full GC
minimizing dfa in python
Selected property in SelectListItem never works (DropDownListFor)
Copy object using 'extend' turns the integer property to string
why do people always talk about Adobe AIR and Flex on the same breath? how about non-Flex AIR apps using older Flash components?
Saving a list of lists in an object file in Java
Get the Google ID used in an in-app billing purchase
Grails db-migration plugin
Unable to attach multiple entities for insertion (An object with the same key already exists in the ObjectStateManager)
JRuby : Rails : Warbler - How to distribute executable scripts within the war file
Can multiple REST calls participate in a distributed transaction?
Build error when using VS 11, .NET 4.5 and Entity Framework
'Dash'-like popup interface. How? Objective-C and Python [closed]
jquery datepicker reopening in IE9
Actionsheet instead of segue when clicking on uitableviewcell
Allow trailing slash for Symfony2 route without params?
How to load Arabic csv to MYSQL
HQL difference of timestamps in Oracle
Setting an integer value before loop
md5 hash confusion
Why the sql query do not execute?
Any built in object.AsType<T>
Big number of pushbuttons and smart checking which is checked
Quickly query a table if it contains a key (DynamoDB and Java)
Instanciate new object under object
Send a url between 2 NFC devices
Wrap columns in listView in Android?
How does fgetc work internally
QObject::deleteLater() when pointer is zero
checking if a directory is created or not, fails?
Can't play short sound using Audioservices
Azure based GPS Data Logger and Map Viewer
CheckBox_Tag in Rails
Facebook API replace new line in JSON
Maven webapp - Exclude java resources from jar derived from a webapp
how to use scala api document?
Rhino Security port to Entity Framework
Having a rough time decided on FLOAT, DOUBLE, or DECIMAL
Android - adapter code does not compile
trying to get a 'Search Bar and Display Controller' to repopulate a table view
Error creating Facebook test user
Android java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
change a field and port mysql table data via script ?
Why is IIS not returning my error result when the request doesn't come from localhost?
Jquery mobile form response page does not download content from pageinit until refresh of page
Node.js lsof - many open DB connections
ASP AJAX TABS Sys.InvalidOperationException ERROR
Use offline stylesheets in WevVIew
Float left combined with center element
javascript, regex parse string content in curly brackets
How to bind to DatagridView Tooltip instead of Textbox?
How to focus away from an EditText?
How do I select user id, first and last name directly from Wordpress database?
How to get Windows domain name?
Count the number of occurrences of a special symbol
GD2 library in PHP not installing
PHP and JSON get followers count
Handling events from file menu
vecLib cblas_sgemm documentation wrong?
Entity Framework Code 1st & Razor Not Generating DropDowns for FK fields
Duplex web service in Java
Python Modulus Giving String Formatting Errors
XSLT Retrieving First Unique Value
Handle Profile Creation in a Restful Way
table drop in ms sql server with ms sql server management studio
Change HTML/CSS from ASP(C# or VB) code
need pop3 open source code for IOS
Python producer/consumer blocking indefinitely
Looking for Example Embedded Linux HID Device Code
Create Lite version of my app with MonoTouch
Rails 3 friendship model : how to ignore a friend request?
How can I determine the distance of an object to the right browser window border
Serialization array of custom objects iOS
Hachoir Python Implementation on Blackberry
TabItem - how to access element in custom HeaderTemplate from TabItem Style Trigger
Run method asynchronously in
Setting Shell Environment Variables from Within a Process from Java on Linux
Graph with too many points
How can I make WPF ListView items available to narrator?
Jquery UI : Negative margin cut div on effect
Is it a good idea to mix Moustache/Handlebars Templating with HAML?
css only - Table overflow with fixed header
how to implement HashCode() for a node containing only reference to next node?
automating a script in several stages or several times
How do Apache httpd and Tomcat work together?
Should I use thin or unicorn on Heroku Cedar
Whats the most efficient way to continuously update and track the score of an object?
Qooxdoo Access Dynamic Properties from another class?
How do I add three labels to a frame using Grid Bag Layout?
Sencha Touch 1.x, how to create a container with two components using hbox
VisualStudio Multi project Templates
How to read a variable from a AJAX response string that is inside a <script> tag?
Change animation depending if next or previous button is clicked
Validate person without value in date column
Testing if outlook is installed with C# exception-handling
How get selected option from ListPreference?
Pycharm 2.0 - How to disconnect a Django project from SVN?
DBus - How can I list all services (bus name) in the system bus?
Ajax ModalPopupExtender - Set scrollbars if the browser is too small [duplicate]
Why does closing a nested child dialog also close the parent dialog?
Call Back button from service Android (system-wide)
search time with index > without index
PHP count and sum preg_matches
How To Properly Configure Ninject.Extensions.Logging.Log4Net in my MVC3 project
Return False / Stop jQuery Function on click
android: (bad)low image quality in layout background
Ada: reading from a file
UIDocumentsInteractionController shows iBooks but doesn't open it
jQuery listen globally for custom event
Creating generic MongoDb helper class in C# 4.0
Subversion - Compare two text files with custom extension
Python: how fast are slices and merging of arrays? [closed]
insert array into MySQL DB (unexpected T_STRING)
What is considered a 鈥渓arge鈥�Flex application? [closed]
Google Authentication Process
python mysqldb single row/column returned tuple value
Dynamic Where Clause - Some variables not passing
How to eliminate first two numbers of a digit and how to get last 6 digits in mysql query?
Is it possible to use the MVC3 AntiForgeryToken from a non-MVC3 client (and use it in a SignalR hub)?
How can i append an item more than once at the same time in Python?
Race Condition with Static Class?
Why is this valid C
JavaScript function if url has hash tag and user has just navigated forward or back with browser?
How can I grab http requests sent by any Desktop Application?
Multiple JQuery actions based on timer
Component returned failure code: 0x805e0006 error
Vim autocmd to apply a user defined command to multiple specific (by filetype) tabpages?
SoapUI Mock integrated in Maven test
PreferenceScreen themed with honeycomb theme
How to convert an application from an IIS7.0 website back to a virtual directory
implement/import map location functionality in php
Facebook OGP image not working in timeline
SQL Syntax Error - creating new database
What is the worst case complexity for bucket sort?
Using an IN clause with LINQ-to-SQL's ExecuteQuery
cell.detailTextLabel.text is NULL
What should I be using for an XML parser in my Android App?
how to learn about ILGenerator programming?
matchmakerViewController:didFindMatch: does not get called to invited player?
I want to use a non-static object variable as a default method argument [duplicate]
Does changing webBrowser settings affect Internet Explorer?
How to add google maps to google search results?
How can I create properties in Visual studio 2010 ultimate modeling project?
PHP Echo and Includes
Java Null Pointer Exception for JDBC Connection
Compiler for actionscript 3 on Linux?
Leniently handling conversion exceptions (skip/ignore) using mongo spring-data
Why is the address where the stack begins predictable enough to allow repeatable exploitation but appears to be unpredictable?
Positioning two buttons away from one another in a tablelayout
How to replace elements of a matrix by an another matrix in MATLAB?
To insert a value in foreign key in mvc3 nihibernate
In jQuery how can I show content previously appended without appending again?
What does parameter $tv_sec or $tv_usec as a parameter do?
J2ME Combo key press (multiple keys at once)
In-Memory script cache backend in zend framework
How can I sort an NSMutableArray containing NSDictionary's by numeric values?
Are there any dependencies for nodejs on unix?
issue with fixed center footer using 960gs in IE and firefox
MySQL - 0 or 1 character select query
Regex: Exclude match
Node.js BDD. Cucumber, gherkin, or cucumis?
Storing images in filesystem is breaking the files. Is there a better way to write this? Why do I get broken files?
WCF Callback for choosing SSL Client Cert
Start Windows Service with Java
How to know if the language of web page is English or not?
Akka for simulations
Am I using Lists correctly?
Thick title bar window in cocoa, similar to iTunes
object stream to canvas
Hardcodet.Wpf.TaskbarNotification Blank Duplicate system tray icon
Android USB Credit Card Reader
Entity Framework 4.3 data migrations: non-existing database
How can I know if Google Visualization is loaded
Trying to output data with a signal event handler is not working
Using viewport to have mobile friendly websites
user defined minor tics in gnuplot
Entityframework port from model first to code first
OCaml: unexpected exception with Unix.getlogin when stdin redirected
How to use Mongo $pop?
transparent activity make other activities background black
How to record the video using camera preview on TextureView
JAXB returning a JAXBElement instead of root element
access a char pointer in a struct C++ and allocate memory
Order of $ and ^ in vim. Is it reversed?
Understanding this code
responsive layers with css
how to parse nested xml?
iOS eBook app creator / maker
Force UIViewController orientation
MS excel 2010 using average formula with filter data
How can I list all available printer drivers like the Add Printer Wizard in C#?
Returning both a value and a query in a stored procedure [closed]
What's the syntax to inherit documentation from another indexer?
No interaction with Facebook iOS SDK dialog after switching to thread?
Image compression and resize in Java
WiX installing SQLServerSpatial.dll and SQL Server 2008 R2?
Error from CALayerArray in tableView
How do I refresh the values on an object in Django?
NHibernate criteria queries - How to chain logical operators
VS2010 and preventing certain Exceptions being caught by the IDE
Excel Interop - How to change named range
Updating columns in row in sequence after one cell is changed
Remove equal item from java list
Why a method scope parameter value is messed up when the same name instance level static field is declared in a class
List of currently loaded node.js modules?
Regex detect Iphone App User agent (not web browser from Iphone) in Ruby
Build List From Functions In Haskell
How to catch 鈥淐ould not make HTTP request鈥�exception when connect with evernote server
Mail Server Integration Component
Animating images in HTML5 and canvas
Regex to match everything but a single digit
CSS positioning query
I don't get it why this Javascript runs once in Firefox and Explorer, but 3 times in Opera
Elisp ido mode with history for a list fo symbols
Testing if your web browser does support SPDY
storing data at remote server using php
need .htaccess RewriteRule advise
Unable to execute an oracle update statement within perl
How to run shell script with live feedback from PHP?
Adapting a HTML/CSS dropdown menu to multi-level
Writing a template for XSLT Copy-Of to transform a message with differences. How?
Subtract displaced mask using OpenCV
Listview selects mutliple items when clicked
android Service updating activity
Select random function
Error in running a Web project via Eclipse (deployed to tomcat)
Can I implement instance count monitoring using TVirtualMethodInterceptor?
Getting attributes from arrays of objects in NumPy
LDAP how to modify attribute _name_
Mysql order date by the m/h/s
Fastest method for determining all substrings of existing string
Safari prints extra pages
Guidance on how to use blocking actor?
std::set::iterator conversion error [closed]
Custom RSS feed in Magento
Displaying data from multiple models on home page?
Reading From File in Java and Null Pointer Exception
Java GUI. Ellipse instead of rectangle
QScrollArea's elements aren't redrawn
OpenGL ES 2.0 Losing Image Quality
Fixed sized multidimensional array arguments
Checkstyle error on Unix only
Grab data from address bar and show it on page
mysqldump and flush tables with read locks
JQuery preventDefault() but still add the fragment path to the URL without navigating to the fragment
Unble to copy using zclip
Does this ReaderWriterLockSlim locking pattern look right?
Binding DB value to drop down (using editor template) issue
Cloud9 installation issue
EJB JNDI with Glassfish
Arithmetic overflow, identifying what columns and rows?
(rails) script/plugin install - what does it means?
Error regarding ActiveAdmin in Ruby on Rails when customizing the menu
readinto() replacement?
Grouping Python dictionaries in hierachical form
Organizing an array into a nested array with PHP
JavaScript: Can I declare a variable by querying which function is called? (Newbie)
Why does java have an interpreter? and not a compiler? [closed]
MySQL, PHP Relative search results / Optimization
Using GMP for Cryptography: how to get random numbers?
Trying to make PHP mssql but make returns fatal error
tinymce media plugin
objective-c: creating a server method
Getting started with Play 2.0 鈥�Cannot find symbol: play.db.jpa.Model
Absolutely Positioned Elements Do Not Animate with Jquery SlideToggle in ie7
encrypt data with untrusted certificate on ios
Using Forms authentication with remote auth system?
Opening FileChoose鈥媟 Dialog
Can I create my own php.ini file?
Fix Postfix Authentication for Sendgrid? [closed]
Javascript variable scope inside ajax function
How can i make my script center img in div
Internal Link Force scroll to top of page
Can't get data from vector inside another vector
Chrome without the chrome?
ASP.NET:flickr PhotosSetMeta problems
SwingX JXTable: use ColorHighlighter to color rows based on a 鈥渞ow object鈥�
How to trigger a share operation with windows 8
Take a screenshot of a whole View
How to take care of DST while comparing time values in C#
Automatic Core Data migration fails on Mac OS X 10.5 but not on 10.6 or 10.7
show process name and pid in Debian
Shopping cart framework that supports multiple vendors?
does glRotate in OpenGL rotate the camera or rotate the world axis or rotate the model object?
Data structure for attributes changing based on datetime?
Spring.NET - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
What is HTTP Status code 000?
Android GLSL fragment shader on NVIDIA tegra2
Passenger Unexpected error in mod_passenger: Cannot connect to Unix socket
algorithm to calculate portfolio weights with negative returns?
is it possible to place an element over flash that has wmode=window in chrome?
Remote Procedure Call using DCE (Distributed Computing Environment) [closed]
Why does MFC C++ CString(const char*) completely changing const char* value?
EclipseLink JPA enhancer
known API to write Bean/ResultSet into CSV file
SQLite3 AttachDatabase command won't work
no instance of overloaded function 鈥淎fxBeginThread鈥�matches the argument list
Primefaces Panel
Valid google account OAuth 2 token in Android
Uploading multiple photos returns OAuthException for some of them
nopCommerce 2.40 Admin Product Edit Addition
Check If Cakephp update changes a variable in update
Calling a base ctor after a child ctor
additional button(s) to navigation bar in MonoTouch
Login system from different domains
jQuery and JavaScript inside infowindow of Google Maps API V3
Is it possible to use HTML to submit some data and read it in android application?
DOM strange issue with javascript object
Android: Logging or exception stack trace on real device
HTML/JS Form with calculations then output result as PDF
Reference related issue compiling with Visual Studio 2008 but not with g++
python: problems with a list of class objects: All items are the same [duplicate]
Specify command parameters for shortcut in Setup project
Limit ip access by creating a new browser?
how to get vertex after transformation
how to get vertex after transformation
setRightBarButtonItems iOS5 not working
Perl pipe open issue with ' in command
How can I make the container 鈥渟hrink-wrap鈥�in IE7 when I'm floating children both left and right?
鈥渃lose all鈥�equivalent for HeatMap plots
How do I substitute dynamic parameter values to T4MVC using razor?
Python MySQL On Mac OS X Lion
Data is not pulling from mysql db into php app - textarea field issue - maybe?
How do I get the projects to build in the active Visual Studio configuration?
Different behaviours for two different submit buttons?
Get creation date for the file with SharpSvn
Android: Splash Screen re-opens app to second page even if app is quit during splash screen
Two Android libraries duplicate the same jar - Ant build error
Attempting to create shopping cart remove button
Foreign Key constraint issue
VS 2010 remote debugger breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document
Use custom locale in devise emails
using the $.post function in jquery
Python in TextMate - run script in IDLE?
why optimizations passes doesn't work without mem2reg?
How to use a textarea to get the csv file /delimited data?
Cancel TimerTask on application crash
Which should be the list of ignored words for the Naive Bayesian Classifier?
a* search. adding movement cost from initial position
PHP not displaying MYSQL result
Keeping selection upon updating UITableView via reloadData
Tokenizing and parsing a text file (edit decision list ASCII text file) Objective C
sub eax,0 - does it do anything?
Is there a way to query what other apps are on a device
The Telerik RadGrid's height doesn't grow with the MasterTableView
Best way to play simple sound effect in iOS
Greasemonkey @require does not work in Chrome
What would be a good approach to check a lot of websites if they have a code installed? [closed]
Pay someone to review code [closed]
AFNetworking - iOS Getting JSON When PHP Prints It
Binding multiple rows and columns for WHERE IN clause in PostgreSQL
How can LinearLayout transfer onPressed event to its child elements?
How to merge changes from one child managed object context to another via a parent MOC?
Is there a way to restrict a string to be ASCII only in XSD?
iPad touchstart firing twice
how we can have SlidesJS's Pager to JQuery Cycle
Chrome Extensions in Gmail, autosave removes it
serialize obfuscated class C#
find: -printf: unknown option [duplicate]
Find a path algorithm in a graph using java
Android FFmpeg video lag
How to use setGravity(Gravity.VERTICAL_GRAVITY_MASK)
HttpWebResponse.ReadTimeout - Timeouts not supported?
Blackberry Map Field is Blank?
ToString back again to color (Visual basic 2008)
Kerberos configuration in jBoss AS 7.1
fire all events that are subscribed to a specific event handler
grundy's game dividing a pile into two unequal piles
How to get actual (not original) height of a CSS-rotated element
Send message to all connected machines using Delphi using UDP or other low level technique?
HTML How do we give path of images used relatively? [closed]
how frequently iPad app (build using PhoneGap) can refresh itself?
Loading a .csv file into dictionary, I keep getting the error 鈥渃annot convert from 'string[]' to 'string'鈥�
Iframe cookies in safari
Differences between new + save and create
load google and facebook to iFrame
Setting min-width - jQuery
Javascript onClick wont execute unless clicked twice
Open source database for POS application [closed]
Interpolation/creating new length/time scale of signal/array
How can I make LIs push their siblings to the same height?
Looking for examples/cases where mutiple interface inheritance (not implementation) is necessary
Thread not interrupting
Using designer-defined IDs versus auto-gen ones
OOP Modelled Objects in a Database Driven App?
Hibernate recursive fetch join not recursively fetching all children
How to write Linq (or lambda) statement to produce all element that are NOT IN (or NOT EXIST)
How to encode multi audio streams with different options at the same time using ffmpeg
Publishing to local subscribers with NServiceBus
js code works for one variable(?), how to make it work for many? [closed]
WCF Service Interface, when I had a DataSet all my Generic types break
iOS - Create custom UILabel and add them to UIView
Left and Right Indent in Same SSRS Expression
In MySQL why isn't my NULL value being compared to correctly?
svndumpfilter --drop-empty-revs keeps padding revision
Private APIs used in my project - Beginner
add a Callback function to a plugin (colorPicker)
Why can not I be cast?
Reporting services how to allow pdf only
Which http testing tool to use for Load-Balancing?
What strategies can I use to avoid 'top-of-list' defaults for non-nullable lookup fields in MVC3?
Regex with whole word and optional first character
Doctrine 2 MongoDB get child records of object
I am trying to get jQzoom to work
How to find the minimum cost?
get image list from folder in php and populate image src tags
Javascript RegEx How To
Will Err.Number perisist across if statements in VBScript
Find time slots in table depending on column value
Using existing Page as App page
How to write data into Excel file?
How to reload tableView in titanium?
How to remove title from RichTextEditor control in Flash?
How display image in html while limit access to those?
Updating Time in Local Storage
Initialization methods
Running bash script from java
Size of object serialized
How to Create a Class(es) for storing multi-level data?
Django - Render after POST Request
Can we alias a class name the way we do in namespaces?
Open Xcode 4.3.1 in 32bit mode
Accessibility of JavaScript on small screen mobile devices?
how to fake html content to unit test a method
Indexeddb: search using wildcards
Hosting Problems using SpeechLib
Can anyone tell me which ajax varibale responsible for database update in this code?
Two CSS Files Defining Same Class - Cross Browser Behavior? [duplicate]
Why does my form still submit when my javascript function returns false?
Android - How to place a button on a specific position on different screen densities with XML
IOC vs New guidelines
in_array does not seem to work while inside a function
Sokoban in Haskell? [closed]
Python: Serial Transmission
Wordpress posts go to homepage
Access to a method of an abstract class in Camel Context version (2.9.1) with Spring DSL
Automatic on screen keyboard on textbox focus (touch oriented application) [closed]
Preselect records on load in jqgrid
Return Last ID (IDENTITY) On Insert row VB.NET MySQL
Using 3D view filp on android - no onClick after the flip
Installing Google Earth Enterprise - 鈥淓rror While Loading Shared Libraries:鈥�Can Not Open Shared Object File: No Such File or Directory
What's the proper way to handle concurrency exceptions in EventStore?
PhoneGap and OAuth2
Is it safe for multiple threads to read from a Lookup<TKey, TElement>?
How can I call a function when the mouse is no longer over a nav link?
jQuery .index() returns a negative number
Obscure Compile Errors - 'Does not implement' and 'cannot override鈥�鈥oes not have an overridable accessor.'
The remote end hung up unexpectedly
Using make for cross platform compilation
OpenGL: Weird transparency blending result
Wireshark - How do I filter just traffic from visual studio?
rich:popupPanel hide resets scrollbars
How can I use levelplot to show data only at observed indices?
AssetManager and native code
javascript invalid regular expression
how to use index of awk for loop in the regular expression
How to author an Internet protocol?
How do i retrieve matched string of a paragraph using php
Android sqlite table name ' character
Where Dashcode wire the button click handler?
How to generate a n-dimensional 鈥渋dentity matrix鈥�
TWTweetComposeViewController a strange indentation on top
How to copy a canvas into a bitmap
FileStream constructor and default buffer size
Send XMPP message to LDAP group
Send XMPP message to LDAP group
Android Find All locations within a given distance
dynamic links / dropdown menu
sort rows in datagrid in reverse order
Importing Maxmind CSV into SQL Server
Protocol declaration not being found
How to customize data serialization based on content in WCF?
removing `u` character in python output
Actionscript 3 - fl.controls.UIScrollBar - setting scrollPosition does not work
What is the 鈥淐ontent-Length鈥�in regards to this URL
If any textbox on page is changed, call function
Map out SQL Server 2008 usage? (from logs)
Checkbox and Ajax
DATE function in Oracle
python 3 passing value from function to main
php format html output in a single line
jQuery draggable image, stop dragging when mouse out of bounds(div)
int[] array (sort lowest to highest)
wp email publishing with custom content type?
Sending data to Mysql through a showpromt in javascript
How do I use jQuery to return a record from an XML file where the node name is duplicated?
paperclips in NatTable
Customized View to xml
HttpListener not listening outside of host computer?
Is there a local documentation viewer? [closed]
Getting location type by coordinates
Why cannot symbol be exported from static library?
Loop in Fortran from a list
sign twitter rest request with oauth token
Is there a way to do an Upload Progress Indicator for CarrierWave / Fog?
Why is getattr() so much slower than self.__dict__.get()?
C++ Explicit Conversion Constructor
Cannot populate object hierarchy when using Reactive extensions
How to create a Debian package for my Java Web Application? Can I inject configuration settings into javascript?
Office development with Visual Studio 2010 (VSTO), things to consider
How can I link labels in a SelectCheckBoxes component in Visualforce?
iOS how to find the screen position of the side scroll bar in a tableView
PBEwithMD5andDES in C#
How to use UIScrollView with ViewControllers from Storyboard
Integrate Doctrine Extensions into my ZF / Doctrine 2 project
Coffeescript/cake on Windows: Cakefile can't be found
Windows service status
What causes 鈥淐omplexObject could not be found鈥�error in Silverlight RIA project?
Rounding a value contained within a CString
howto connect to as400 with PHP
How to use regex for field validation on whole string?
Encrypted connection without SSLStream?
Any *normal* way to use direct rendermode for mobile application in Flash Builder 4.6?
Django model migrate two tables
Register tabStateChange event via javascript in CRM 2011
ShellExecute print verb fails to print from 32 bit app on 64 bit windows
jquery color picker error
What does `const` behind a function header mean?
Excel VBA, How to select rows based on data in a column?
Is it possible to add a mercurial or git extension inside a repository?
how to work with stopPropagation
How can I make this better
How to make a pattern 鈥渇ixed鈥�in Raphael.js / IE?
Java 6: How return instance of Object of same type as Class passed in?
How to install a SSL certificate from into GlassFish v3
PHP: hungarian character in XML
How to add SQL Server 2008 admin
Does sed -n '1s/pattern/substitute/p' parse the whole file or quit after line 1?
How to end execution of a block in Ruby?
JQuery hover on last element in hierarchy
Tool to convert a Java Swing application into applet
Java, how to refres JTable
MongoDB not equal to
ExtJs 4 custom Ext.toolbar.Paging
ASP Noob needing support for vimeo/youtube
jQuery Mobile transition easing on iPad
Merge one row to all in a single data step
How to make XSD in any order
Inefficient use of string concatenation
Integrating PHP into a Java Dynamic Web Project (Eclipse)
Rename the first instance of a cell one thing but then the next another?
Check if an option exist in select element without JQuery?
Experimenting with encryption when storing passwords with PHP into MySQL
searchBar textDidChange is called two times when search field taped in UISearchBar
Having issues with plotting Polar data on a DateTime X Axis
How do I bind TabControl ContextMenu Command?
Gmt php or UTC C# equivalence through SOAP
XtraReports v.10.2: VerticalContentSplitting does not affect XRLabel
Query of queries and CAST as date
Color style/scheme for IntellJ IDEA
How do I allow ipad access to local IIS ports?
How to set response header in JAX-RS so that Chinese chars are displayed properly within the custom generated file
What is the difference between == and =:= in Erlang when used with terms in general?
How to call the non-specialized version of the templated function QList::operator<<
how to use perl regular expression to capture a particular text line
Calling java function from C
Static caching for PHP (Apache)?
Detect touch coordinates on a sinle UIImageview
making code change that affects the method name.
patterns of parallel programming; which pattern to choose!?
In what file is a my struct defined in?
PHP Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/website/public_html/facebook/fbclogin.php on line 57 [duplicate]
How to write SQL IsNull() in Linq? [duplicate]
How are the datanodes communicates with each other in Hadoop?
The memcache extension must be loaded for using this backend
How do I save a string in the session with Spring MVC?
How can I change the forecolor / backcolor of a disabled numeric updown?
PHP - Detect the incoming url requesting php page from another source/url
Give a RSA public key from a java applet hosted in a web page to a PHP script
Get the value of dropdown from parent with in a iframe using jQuery
Always install to 鈥淧rogram Files鈥�(also on x64)?
System stop responding and throws yami i/o error
How to create the Jquery Template input data dynamically
Obscure 'does not implement' compile error
Check if a string is a palindrome
want to Disable GPS setting through my app
jQuery ajax - Absolute URL's and error handling
I need a Wordpress folder to NOT be case sensitive without writing 200 redirects
The type or namespace name 'EventHandler' does not exist in the namespace 'Windows.UI.Xaml'
How to create Eclipse Project via Command Line or similiar solution?
MySQL Calculating Percentage of Matches
How to wrap a C++ factory method in a Python __init__ function using SWIG
strange 48 byte leaks in app using ABPeoplePickerNavigationController and Core Data
Is it possible to find out which USB port a MIDI device is connected to in portmidi / pyportmidi
Core Data lightweight migration crashes after App update
JQuery Mobile equivalent to Android ViewPager
Can anyone help resolve 鈥渘ewSensor_AllFramesReady does not exist in current context鈥�using Kinect and C#?
Reading Phone SIM card data in Android
iOS: Playing video that needs authentication works in QuickLook but not in MPMoviePlayerViewController
Two SQL queries into one query
Escaping strings for gsub
MVC3 Drop Down or ListBox with dynamic check boxes
Unable to read WSDL from service
How do you perform boolean operations over all elements of an array and mix the result together?
bulk invite in Magento
Anonymous object with one argument cannot be declared
Why does my DataGridview refuse to refresh?
Approach to save ajax requests in jQuery pending user action
AIR create local SQLite db from downloaded schema file
using sqlite in BroadcastReceiver
Tab App Position Value On Fan Pages Is No Longer Used/Working On Facebook New Layout
Vim: run some command when editing specific file
Reserved character codes in Unicode
Multiple instances of web browser control using different proxies
How to make VariableSized GridView Item?
Save Data to SQLite database
How can I manually remove a blob object from a tree in Git?
Mysqli and OCI8 activation on Redhat Linux
Style elements according to attribute value in javascript
localStorage and Javascript Object with arrays, save Issue
passing values between composite controls
Distributing a hsqldb database for use
ExtJS, oneToMany relationship and nested table
Magento Retrieve update_time for CMS pages in Magento
Linux command not working
Writing iPhone apps with PhoneGap, Appcelerator etc
C++: How to call a synchronous library call asynchronously?
django-tinymce in django-admin popup window display blank
Unrecognized selector when swipe
Using Tomcat to prevent concurrent User session from same PC
Making getter, setter using String type Array [closed]
ActiveAdmin custom filter with HBTM associations
3 dimensional array retrieve values
How to check if a string starts with one of several prefixes?
Shape not shown
XARGS, GREP and GNU parallel
What SCM to use to keep track of application and system configuration files?
Return a sublist based on member variable or mapping function
Comma Missing When Converting From xls to csv
Easily change service reference endpoints and local vars per server build automated
node.js/ disappearing variable
Does the standard Html.DisplayTextFor() no HTML encoding?
How can I interactively debug exceptions in Python using something besides IDLE?
Compressing VARCHAR in SQL 2008/12 - not seeing results
MVC 4 Models with many-to-many produces an error Object graph for type contains cycles and cannot be serialized
Duplicate entry for key 'PRIMARY'
android diasble EditText but not able to bring back to life
Is it with Curses possible, to print to STDERR instead of STDOUT?
SQL query: Selecting an entry from one table and adding values from another
How to know who is the parent in a Grails hasMany relationship?
Google App Engine and backends: how to configure it on development server?
Tool to construct 3D maze for the iPhone?
has_many record insertion
Efficient methods to store 2D array/table of data in a SQL database for quick access from php
Struggling to use a regex function to find a link in a string
how to change the font size using jquery from the dropdown list
How to set #encoding: utf-8 in Rails globally
PHP MySQL Name Score separation system
How to unit test KeyNotFoundException without assigning dictionary value
multiple parameter 鈥淚N鈥�prepared statement
Internal kernel structures cannot be allocated error?
Data from view to different controller
Background worker, updated version - how does old process exit?
Capturing special key presses (shift, alt) of the Soft / OnScreen keyboard
Copy constructor with 2 argument
Trouble binding list of objects to Datagrid .Net WebForms
Trouble to publish action
Random ascii char's appearing
How to refresh/reload embed of application/pdf?
Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged with ObservableCollection
Program loop in Python 2.7
MS EXCEL VBA - I need to import a worksheet from one excel file to another
Django: how to disable locale in admin app
Removing multiple properties
How to update a pull request
another 鈥渮-index not working鈥�in IE > 7, cannot find answer after research
Sub Directorys with owssvr.dll in sharepoint
Matlab 2-D sorting
Numpy accumulating one array in another using index array
Java doesn't support multiple inheritance but implicitly every class in java extends Object and allows one more
SignalR + Dependency Injection Questions
Code Resuable HTML UI elements PHP
Django template passing a template variable into cut filter
IronPython: Dynamically assign python named parameters from .net's Dictionary
mDNSResponder Errors on iOS
Why aren't my custom post fields aren't showing up in the view?
convert html ordered list to xml
How do i implement a cancel-button in a Custom Dialog without AlertDialog?
Ruby on Rails - Creating a form for a collection of objects that have no parent
Android : How to retrieve a file downloaded with com.commonsware.cwac.cache.WebImageCache in order to post it on facebook wall
Debug a released app
C++: Rotate vector around normal of plane
Xcode autocomplete crossed out?
Curl PHP - strange internal server error
SQL Query to find unique values across multiple groups
How to obtain the database schema from a Sybase ASA 11 Database
feature an item based on the date
How to decide when the method should be called
getAbsolutePath() displays nothing?
System.Diagnostics Debug Class Missing? [closed]
ListView with an array
ASP.NET MVC 3: Can you create an ActionFilter that accesses request parameters BEFORE they are modified to fit an Action Method signature
Better way to accomplish Nested SQL Query?
Best ORM to use without a PHP framework?
What solutions do we have to read and display Autocad DWG files on Android?
Adding a UIKeyboard when a text field is clicked
how can i convert a javascript variable to a java string variable
Backbone.js event after view.render() is finished
Why Delphi IDE also Contains .NET Code instead of just Object Pascal [duplicate]
A convenient way to see data added to an element via jQuery .data()
Set an Image object as a div background image using javascript
c2dm cant open keycharmap file
Passing view parameter through backing bean
session data is not pass (php)
jQuerify Grease Monkey script not working for jQuery dependent scripts on page?
JSP Forward sends the request to the forwarder
Java - two grids side by side
Run a TestNG test instance
PHP Multidimensional Look for key=>value and return key?
Spring Integration Gateway with no arguments
Read/write data from COM port in Android
Flowplayer getTime as a float
Looking for a good Emacs C++ tagging
android notifyDataSetChanged() deletes original data in the list
changing mouse events to touch events
iOS CoreLocation CLGeocoder giving incomplete UK postcode
Spring MVC 3.1 - Namespace error
Getting the contents between td tag using Regular expression
java shortcuts to Pojos?
CodeIgniter losing session information
Paypal Express Checkout Language - How to set it in Drupal 7 - Ubercart 3
Restoring scroll event using JavaScript doesn't work
How slow is John Resig's JavaScript Templating Engine? [closed]
selecting and identifying a subset of elements based on criteria
RefineryCMS - Page Templates of Page-Parts possible?
How can I get the character at the cursor in a C# console application?
ActionBarSherlock and FragmentTabsPager
Number format specifier scheme
Ignore .classpath file while sync CVS in eclipse
How to autogenerate/add/edit makefiles to a Makefile Project with Existing Code
Routing error with an action while converting routes from rails2 to rails3
Rewrite old .aspx path to new MVC path
Hook into Spree routing
How do I convert this Informix nested join to a tsql nested join?
UIPickerView seems to be leaking each time I rotate a component
Foreign Key Failure
Incjet touch event from service on Android
mercurial repo on windows share accessing from ubuntu - permission denied
How to record mixed string and number results in a loop?
Efficiently filter data in a table-valued parameter in a stored procedure
How to install smart card applet into blackberry embedded secure element
why super.getClass() in a subclass returns subclass name
Use jQuery to toggle dynamic search results
Difference in seconds between two TDateTime variables
Friendly URLs EasyPHP
Custom return type declarations
Absolute z-index issue in IE when expand hidden content
Extending modules in module pattern in javascript
Percents off by one pixel in Webkit
How to make a transition to the specific slide, JQuery cicle plugn
How do I add an editable combobox to a System.Windows.Forms.PropertyGrid?
Navigate with Get parameters not getting all params
Issue creating files on BlackBerry Playbook in android app?
How to count using LEFT JOIN?
jpcap compilation/installation failing on Gumstix
Attribute selector on image fails in IE7
DataTemplate trigger does not work
Windows 8 Metro open website / mailto C#
find_or_initialize_by not setting primary key (:id)
Saving changed values from PrimeFaces inplace
Customise the creation of a gin managed object or creating two different instances of the same class
R spell checker / tokenizer
Bresenham's circle algorithm in 3-D?
Billingservice Android - No signature
Converting a row of cv::Mat to std::vector
If statement with jquery
Can I implement lazy loading with jqGrid?
Twisted - Simple file completed event for FTP server
imap fetch return {6} {15}
How to make an inner join between 2 table with JPA
Smooth color grading given start and end color
How to extract and copy data annotations from one class to another (collection of properties)
Using FSCheck generators
Project reference not working in VisualStudio2010
Random GUID in Java (A different format)
Calculate value in textbox and display result in corresponding label
Hibernate/JPA @Version and @Generated causing StaleObjectStateException
IOS: color with a pattern image
Dundas Dashboards Charts
How to set default value for new attribute of an Entity when update CoreData Model Version
How to execute Linux command on Android/Java with low priority?
Can I hot-deploy apps into Tomcat?
Get an array of category ids in wordpress?
New to AJAX and need some clarification
How is a SyncAdapter triggered by the system?
SQL Server 2008 query - paging from JSF
Enabling the second and third dropdownlistfor based on the value of first dropdownlistfor in MVC
Communication between C++ and C# in a metro app
Numeric Collection Name Remove
Why is my value comparison returning false when the values are the same?