Repsonse.Transmitfile(); Able to Save but cannot Open
Android multiple EditText with OnTextChangedListener
How to add a view behind other view in iOS
Superdry Color Picker not rendering on ICS correctly
Select the app that will load the map
Creating my first Mobile App and connecting it to a database
Java - Unable to stop runnable from main class
Is there a way to prefix Zend_Form element name?
php putenv() has stopped working鈥hat am I missing?
Convert JUnit test case to Selenium IDE html file?
another line split (powershell or other scripting tools under windows)
eGit Merge Resolution - Use Your Copy
Using SUM and UNIQUE to count occurrences of value within subset of a matrix
Dynamic finders return a new object different from anyone in the has_many collection锛�
Need to redirect to where user came from on session timeout
Symfony2 : Many-To-Many with a custom link table
鈥淥pen a file鈥�located in a network share from an html page?
:before and :after pseudo elements on html tag is wonky in Chrome
How do I handle object existence with QTP?
jQuery and XML: Is this the last element?
Preview of custom component in designer
Prism - How to import IRegionManager in ViewModel using MEF
Undefined reference errors in gcc when compiling on another machine
Same browser behavior under different OS versions
Draw Gradient Label
TabItem - how to change template and leave default style?
Regular expression to extract items from a string
Getting a strange error when trying to create InfoWindows in Google Maps V3
Trying to add a trigger to a button to change the button's Content property
IE9 javascript: wait until selection end
Does a boolean value in PHP take up only 1 bit of memory?
Vaadin Plugin in IntelliJ Idea
Bootstrap's Togglable Tabs - Removing outline / focus ?
SQL (Teradata) Select data
How can I test a custom DelegatingHandler in the ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API?
Given a user's latitude and longitude, I want to retrieve other users around me from the database. [duplicate]
ANTLR basic example in Java
Problems with HTTPclient and cookies
drawRect weird behaviour on faster devices
Ruby on Rails way
How to use Watir to close the 鈥淲ebpage trying to close this page鈥�message
Could external factors affect fancybox?
Is there a way to write the command itself to the output file?
How to tell static_assert that constexpr function arguments are const?
Is there a limit to the amount of text I throw at Lucene.NET
Using my own class in App to store pairs
Making Scons realise that my linker script has changed
refresh a part of the activity
Is there any online tool to generate cross platform (including IE6) box shadows?
what's the difference between try and class in java? [closed]
Code for mouse click
how to put a default view for a tabview in ios 5
time profiler on iOS device 鈥�mark specific moments?
Good sources of testing data for a bigram spellchecking algorithm?
Parse JSONArray data Exception from PHP script
The index value still get 0
Method to extract stat_smooth line fit
RequestFactoryEditorDriver getting edited data after flush
Using local Jar from signed applet
The maximal sum of a rectangular sub-array
What happens when an app earns less than $150 payout threshold? [closed]
find number in string with regex + xslt
First-chance exception with Intel Parallel Debugger Extension (libiomp5md)/IPP 7 and VS2005
Script# IDeferred vs Task [closed]
Predefined variables stored in database that variables can be accessed, changed, and shared
multiple table query
MySQL query optimization related to unified ID
Windows service error
TFS 2010 Build Process Template
scalate templates won`t work
Parse Error: unexpected T_DOUBLE_ARROW => foreach array assignment
How do I get a textbox value to be tied to the count of a List<int>()
Knockout Template Binding events
Using plain jquery / javascript to create a popup confirm box
Riak special chars in keys
command line utility to print statistics of numbers in linux
Handling jQuery + jQuery UI resources with maven
Using Devise Current User as default user in User Select box
Text not showing in sidebar in Chrome / Safari
Severals UIGestureRecognizer on a UIScrollView
How to disable direct access to directories in CakePhp?
Google OAuth token expiration
Where is BaseContext.xml specified in Spring?
In emacs, grep 鈥渆rlang source code鈥�search error
Tkinter Matplotlib, backend conflict?
CSS Pseudo Class Selectors
Flex launching pdf/doc file which is downloaded as ByteArray
Google search with textView from a button press in iOS
Compile a i386 library on ARM-Cortex Ubuntu distro
Good tools for versioning REST models for Java
The Doctype declaration is coming in 2nd line while the first line is empty space
javascript : can I somehow strong type function parameters?
Validation of a properties file loaded with Apache Configurations
Issue when moving from JQuery Mobile v1.0a4.1 to 1.0.1
Symfony2: Retrieve entity and modify it ==> SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '1-170' for key 'PRIMARY'
jaxb - how to map xsd files to URL to find them
Dapper and Oracle CRUD issues, how to?
How to implement a many-to-many relationship in PostgreSQL?
Simple Application for sending Keystroke in VB.NET
Creating a modal Dialog with Ruby/Tk
Load html files in TinyMce
Safari popup appears and links to my app in appstore
ICE Faces 3 and Spring Security Facelets Tag Library
SimpleXML parse get past colon PHP
CSS text-overflow in a table cell?
CakePHP / General HTML Email
What is the best API to generate editable merged letters and export them to word? [closed]
regarding integrating R into Web-applications
MonoTouch How To: Get Title/Subtitle from Selected Annotation, Set Custom Property, Use Event Object
Which features of C# 5.0 can be compiled to run on .net 4.0
Automatically sets second select field value
updating subtotal when products added to cart
max number of lines in a text file
Alternative to transaction lock
settings file can not be updated without recompiling
JPA 2.0 OneToOne Mapping Reference an Attribute
IE Rounded Corners
Why does iOS delay when saving Core Data via a UIManagedDocument?
applying specific theme to particular form in Drupal 7
Migrate SPATIAL data from Oracle to Postgresql
Creating an API only for my own mobile apps. Do I need OAuth?
difference between ListView and ArrayList [closed]
How to auto assign dates to buttons
PHP interprets string 鈥渃ash鈥�as zero
Calling a controller method from view
How do you make a picturebox that was made after pressing a button not visible when intersecting with a label?
Access private attribute Javascript OOP
Visual Studio Javascript / jQuery intellisense stopped working
How do I push a full screen view controller when the iPhone is rotated?
Windows Phone Memory Leak 90MB - only two static pages
How do I prevent a php form from deleting values during validation?
Consuming an ASP webservice with jQuery
ds, es register
Geometry shader receives extra point on origin
Seeking suggestions for data representation of a probability distribution
How to map something like this
In Objective C, are declared variables equal to nil?
Write Double value in numeric cell with specific format in Apache Poi 3.7
ruby-mplayer EventMachine not working
Programmatically enable MAC OSX Assistive Technologies?
dynamical operator javascript
jQuery mobile overlay theme semi transparent?
Mounting HFS+ Partition read/write [closed]
How to increase size of the points in ggplot2, similar to cex in base plots?
Removing an artifact from Maven Central
PyMongo doesn't iterate over collection
How to replace more strings in a variable?
Clear elements which are in the middle of the 3 column layout
Javascript Forloop withing Perl Not Working for Google Maps API to create Markers
ASP.NET Common Error Page Best Practises
Read integers from a text file and sort them into another text file and a binary file
PostgreSQL TO_DATE query issue
How to compare two XML elements from within a xsl:for-loop using XPath
MATLAB proxy could not be created in 180000 milliseconds
How to write a search pattern to include a space in findstr?
CakePHP find screwed up
Dimension-independent loop over boost::multi_array?
How to match '(' using a regex?
umbraco examine index rebuild exception
Text classification using SVM works with unigrams but not higher order n-grams
Having trouble with GREP and REGEX
What Access query criteria based on nullable form field will return what I need?
ListActivity, ListView and ListAdapter crashing Android application
MVC3 Why do I get 鈥淐hild actions are not allowed to perform redirect actions鈥�error?
Need to add 鈥渄irections to here鈥�link in infowindow
batch rewrite original file
How does set::find() work? Where I can find STL's detailed documentation?
save a selected custom TableViewCell in CoreData
Keeping CSS when dynamically creating checkboxes with JQuery/JQM
Odd Text Box Display
What's a good character to separate strings with leading white-spaces?
How to check lang attribute support in javascript?
How to check lang attribute support in javascript?
what data structure to use for range searches?
custom style - retrieve color attr in code - working well as long the color is not #ffffffff
Can not logout from my PHP page but I log out from facebook account using SDK
Backbone.js relations
BOD in WebsphereCommerce Version 7
MVVMLight - how to get a reference to the ViewModel in the View?
How to edit Settings.bundle in XCode 4.2
How to make ARGUMENTS optional in ColdFusion 8?
What is a type mismatch error JavaScript IE?
How to select one record per user?
Actionscript to Obj-C / Cocoa: How to represent BitmapData?
How to compare the value before split?
Cheapest way to wake up multiple waiting threads without blocking
PHP, jQuery Ajax and json return over a cross domain
Is it portable to have a stray semicolon in a class' declaration
Low-Memory Traversal of Database Table
django query for list with join
Java - Hot deployment
why uploaded zip file via ftp is smaller then original file? [duplicate]
Methods for Checking Business Rules
How to get ticks from QueryPerformanceCounter in C#?
Slow Loading of Hundreds of Images
Showing image in a DataGridViewImageColumn binding text-field
CodeIgniter 500 error
How to open Windows Explorer from SL app?
Disable webbrowser print popup dialog on IE
preg_match 鈥�com鈥�except a number of certain domains
Create horizontally and vertically scrollable table inside Terminal application with Python Urwid/NCurses
If URL equals this then do this
C#-PHP socket connection
Distinguishing the dev server from production efficiently for PHP
git checkout - how can I maintain timestamps when switching branches?
Just trying to install/configure symfony2
Export JasperReports query results
How to open individual files or projects with different tabs/spaces setting
Excel data validation reference spreadsheet location versus static list
How to know the y position of the Clicked Itemin a listview with regard to the screen in android
Change a for loop to execute functions on one row at a time
How would you create and traverse a hash of hashes (of depth n), whereby the values at depth n are integers?
Nodejs + ExpressJS + Jade + Post no render
using jquery not operator
Python UDP client Ephemeral Reception Port
How to validate whether the user has already logged in or not,to validate i use this line ([facebook isSessionValid]==NO) but always return NO
Static asset manager for Java webapps
How can I auto-correct a simple english sentence programmatically?
How to mock Restriction.eq( ) using Mockito
og:image Not Displaying When Updating Status (Add URL)
Set a json object property to HTML
Ignore emails that match a regexp in Postgres
ASP .NET MVC 3 + Views Folder + ASPX ViewPage
How to import and call a library project from an Eclipse ADT application project?
UIView's drawRect gets called multiple times after period of inactivity
Java: Create and put new file inside deployed webapplication on run time
Binding to object using multiple triggers
Fragment Activity goes null when another fragment is added
Masonry loses layout when you hit the 鈥渂ack鈥�button. Ok on refresh
What I have to do to OpenSSL extension work on my xampp (Windows)? :(
reverse django url to object, not view. possible?
why (void) is used while invoking function? [duplicate]
Sequential integration test with each transaction in a separate test method
Unable to func-eval using Mdbg due to 鈥渃ode is optimized鈥�exception
Use RIA services domain service without Query method
iOS Automation Tests: buttons' Label not recognized by Instruments
Disable IIS / ASP.NET 4.0 automatic friendly URLs
LIKE comparison with IN operator
SignalR: client disconnection
Checking for existence of hash key creates key
Set a default sort column in SlickGrid
Clean way to implement WPF ControlTemplate and respective triggers
Does Google index Web Apps with Ember JS?
Descending Order and Placement of Null in SQL Server
Draw multiple times from a single bitmap
Detect store with proxy saving failure
How can I extract symbols defined in a jar file using Delphi?
Internet Explorer crashes when loading signed ocx
About google map iOS
Jquery Image slider with data(images,title,description) being loaded from XML file
What is the term to describe this property of how lists work?
oauth with facebook
what is the equivalent of 'sequence' in xsd schema (but without ordering)
UITableView Static Cells How to limit rows displayed
Spring STS can't find META-INF/spring.schemas
String truncation when using PreparedStatement and SetString with SQL Server
In some windows, ctrl key will exit Flex app full screen mode
How to get javascript variable value in php
Read.table while using '#' as delimiter does not work?
Calling Java Apache StringUtils.join() from Groovy
Changing the Header information of a html page programmatically
Convert Char PK/FK to Varchar or RTRIM everywhere?
How to Select xml nodes SQL Server
Concurrency for a class with static methods and initialization method
LibTiff.NET append mode bug?
Displaying custom posts on a specific page in wordpress
How can I display the printer properties with C#
How to access a sql database from a widget application
Is this the best way to pull friends from Facebook?
If-Statement Help in PHP
ExtJS4 - Reconfiguring a grid in ASP.NET - JSON structure issue
Thousands of SELECT statements w/ LIKE searches on large text fields 鈥�how to improve performance?
Number of times a particular character appears in a string
UIAlertView kind of contradicts the UIActivityIndicator
Connecting GWT widget and JIRA
SendKeys.SendWait method in C#, emulating CTRL+C
mysql: please help me get rid of nested clauses
Unable to read all contacts from the android phone
HttpsURLConnection POST request of a large file throws IOException after several minutes
Migrating from Rails 2.3 to 3.2 over a long period
ODBC Command Does Not Accept Parameter
java - Fast parallel sort to put unsigned integers into order?
Deploying Ruby on rails applicaitons using GIT in AWS elastic beanstalk
jquery simple slider not working as meant too
Reading image files from computer in a Java program via shell script
Using has_one with condition to find related object,but how do you create the related object?
aspect ratio is changed using ffmpeg sameq and codec copy
how to draw a circle around the marker on google fusion tables?
How to edit the default instrument of an AUGraph?
jQuery: Let events run after each other(queue)
how to generate a 6 digit number - unique ID c++ code [duplicate]
My own strcpy function
Android - Layout inflating two elements in one xml
Is this over-eager loader object an example of a Proxy Pattern implementation?
Need the equation for Quadratic curve html5 canvas
Add a button to a column header in Telerik RadView
iOS - Log out of app
Google Earth placemark exclusion zone
How to call user defined function in LINQ in my visual C# web service for my android application?
is this the correct jsp/struts syntax?
SQL Server 2000 query that omits commas in resulting rows?
Why actually there is any need of WAR files in Tomcat?
Mysql derived table
Runtime Compilation of DLL for COM Interop
MQ maximum number of retries and backout threshold
generate a list of numbers using information from another list
Doxygen - how to end an attention block without newline
Cannot find Ruby or Rails in my computer after installing Heroku
d3.js changing style of diagonal line
jquery display fancybox when cookie has expired
webpy with nginx + mod_wsgi template file cannot be found
Visual Studio 11 Beta / IIS 7.5: Microsoft.ReportViewer.Common V11 not found
get jquery chained selector variables back to php form
C# Cache expire from config
Exclude null values from COUNT in array
jquery ajax form submit
Find C# code source for event handler from debugger?
Is this possible to let GDB recognise preprocessor symbols?
Incrementing Semaphore permits, in Java
Working with load and on function
defining a vector within a custom class
Ext JS insertAdjacentHTML null when extending Ext.tree.Panel
UserControl collection not marked as serializable
How to execute J2ME polish app in nokia sdk 1.1 emulator
How to show Multiple Address From Lat/Long to show in tableView?
Generic Invoke of WCF services
Structure as parameter in AfxBeginThread
how can I find what condition defaulted to true?
Automatically selecting the correct item in dropdown list
How can I run the emberjs tests on a webserver like nginx/apache?
How does WCF Client retain login session
ASP.NET checkbox value store in SQL Server
Comparing the value of a property in two instances
How to permanently change a system property in TeamCity 6 from a build step
Delicious API or Feed - pagination
How do I format a number as a string, so that zero is replaced by the empty string
Copy ssh files from ubuntu to Mac and access denied to github
Extract text from quotation marks in PHP
Set an JTextField's 禄disabledTextColor芦 to RED and disabled it setting 禄enabled芦 to false, but it still shows up GRAY
Renaming Fields with Rockmongo
Updating rows in order with SQL
iOS - Asynchronous Image Downloading
accelerator directives not working
progress bars for portfolio items
Clickable image in WebGrid inside a Controller (via Ajax )?
ANSI-C pow function and type casting
Why is Throwable.fillInStackTrace() method public? Why would someone use it?
Named Values of the ICatalogObject
Is there a way to manage imports of subclasses by inheritance
Triangular pyramid base triangle
Simple Groovy replace using regex
Symfony-2.0 vendors Apache
Opening many files in Eclipse with a script for formatting
How to exclude a controller action from authentication in Zend framework
MVC3 how to minimize the number of controllers
How to get a dump of all local variables?
Git diff between master and origin/master using Netbeans
OS X AppKit executable without Info.plist
RhodeCode failed to import extension hgcr-gui-qt
jQuery mobile: Pinch/Zoom/Scale Gesture - console.log('something');
iOS onTouchMove x or y axis
Error:- getting error while getting registration id for c2dm
basic mobile CMS to use with an app?
How to select only date part from SQL Server CE datetime column?
Table row beside each other
ajaxToolkit CalendarExtender
Accessing default Tomcat's and Axis2 page
Axis: getting java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file
Why aren't these lines getting covered by code coverage?
pl/sql using array elements in loop gives ORA-01722 error
MongoDB custom serializer implementation
Determining the direction of a turn?
MongoDB custom serializer implementation
Determining the direction of a turn?
Correct way to deploy play framework app to prod systems
Phpmyadmin blocks when executing a large query
ClientAbortException at application deployed at jboss with IE8 browser
How to set up multiple Oracle databases (schemas) with the same user?
expandable div in master page
How to return the generated image by phpThumb and not the original one with code appended?
Common EJB Client Jar for various modules under the same EAR
GAE Datastore querying by index
PhoneGap and Streaming Audio?
ffmpeg C++ and AVFormatContext
How to validate big xml against xsd schema?
CSS Textfield padding in different browsers?
Applying jQuery sortable only to selected elements
Read AppSettings from a secondary webconfig
How to change src of application/pdf using javascript?
the future of mysql community edition [closed]
How to set EditorPart header in SharePoint WebParts?
how can I sort properly with preg_match #2?
How can I sort by a table column in varying cases (Oracle)
Metadata doesn't appear
How to deploy my old zen cart site to localhost or another server?
CRM 2011 Remove unwanted menu entry
Detect that Windows Phone Scrollviewer has reached full scroll extent
Knockoutjs afterRender is not firing on native template
Best way to create an instance of run-time determined type [duplicate]
HTML/CSS: How to prevent Android and iPhone browsers from upscaling background images
Display wrong image in attribute fill in a raphaeljs shape
Getting number from a string in C#
Access vector type OpenCL
A java web application with struts2:Success.But
What is valid container?
mvc 4 bundling just jquery 1.7 results in 鈥渦nexpected token '('鈥�
How to get placemark icons from kml file in MKMapView?
Call servlet from Ajax
Adding an ORM to a Sinatra app; Is there an ideal one with less issues and good performance?
How can I make program1 is getting input from promram2 and program2 is getting input from terminal at the same time?
Java TreeMap within TreeMap - Identifier error?
How do I detect whether my live wallpaper is running in the preview/鈥淪et Wallpaper鈥�activity or on the homescreen
Creating a ProgressDialog for loading
SQL Server: Greatest-N-per-group expanded
how to change value of arguments in batch script
CAS Tomcat SSLHandshakeException
jQuery show/hide not working in CS Cart environment
Please help me understand this C++ parameter declaration with an argument
Load external js file to execute javascript code in IE devtool bar console
Event for Object Finalization or Garbage Collection
How to sync Azure SQL with Azure BLOB Storage?
difficulties in drupal with encoding
Finding matching items in parallel lists
Getting Value of the forms in jsp
Building a selectbox with a different style for include_blank in Rails
Using drawable resources
How many objects are created by the following code?
What is the best approach to calculating function limits?
Remove Trailing Slash from WordPress URL (The site also don't have www)
Generate XML from a class with JAVA
I have IE9 on Windows 7, need to check browser compatibility in older IE versions鈥�
Javascript plugin to read barcodes
Regarding udione's solution to the WebBrowser memory leak
Do I have to check whether a String object is null?
Spinning a jpg in html 5 canvas or css3
ASP.NET Changes in the sitemap file do not show up in the Design View for the Menu Control
update with same name to Alfresco
Best way to store an array of BitSet in database?
Change browser back button behaviour for my web app?
css: floating div affects content of non-floating div
Website works on Visual studio but Doesn't work on IIS(User Doesn't have permision)
How do I obtain an ID that allows me to tell difference instances of a class apart?
How to get the relative adress of a field in a structure dump. [C]
Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement vb2008
How to Recognise when user START & STOP speaking in android? (Voice Recognition in Android)
Application crashes(bad_alloc) because task_group leaks reserved memory
select multiple rows in one result row
Converting String to Message Object Android Application
How do I implement search for int values in hibernate search?
How do I repurpose a window's close button without affecting ALT+F4 or closing it in the taskbar?
Is it possible to keep static table reference in iis somehow so that each instance does not need to load?
Load partial view in a div MVC
Bash Scripting: Output multiple lines to one line
TYPO3: Using Regex in Typoscript?
Getting an ASP.Net application on an Apache Server
Sharing web application session with a web service
bash for-loop in script won't run as non-root cron script
SharePoint Item Edit Form (editform.aspx) keeps closing webparts - MOSS 2007
How to decide on port number between client and server communication on internet
Google AppEngine and Threaded Workers
jQuery Mobile: should I use pageBeforeShow or pageBeforeChange for last adjustments?
Is there an alternative to PHP's strip_tags()
Working With SFML, getting 鈥淯nresolved External Symbol鈥�Output
Jquery and JSON no result
P/Invoke from C#: Call functions of returned object
SQL: Join with substrings
ExtJS xtype registering
Workaround for C# generic attribute limitation
Python PyQt - QTableWidget, JSON, and emitSignal causing blank cells
SQL Server aliasing with column calculation
Can i Zoom form while it is Active
Ruby Constants and Nested Classes
Ruby Constants and Nested Classes
What is the probability of a string GUID's hashcode being odd or even?
Parsing HTML of a website is good or not
Ways to implement a JSON RESTful service in C/C++
Razor Tags in Included Javascript (in Separate File)?
Lucene to relational mapping for .NET
How Do I build the quick access menu in Magento
Back button breaks page in Chrome
SQL Server primary / foreign keys
How to find the error causing ora-06575?
logservice.fetch() is not returning anything
JQuery-Mobile Multiple Content roles
How do you choose specific id and time in SQL Server
AI88 textures bug on Cocos2D 1.1beta2 with TMX tile maps (Solved)
Pair class getPair method
How to get bitmap from URL in Blackberry
How to store Birthdate and Age so that Age can be updated daily in PHP/MySQL?
Binding to a Dictionary with an ObjectDataSource
getting full URI + extra #segment in Apache logs
How to intercept long press on UITextView without disabling context menu?
Is empty enum ( enum{}; ) portable?
In Google App Engine, is fetch(100) more expensive than fetch(20) where there are only 20 entities?
Subdomain created by PHP [duplicate]
SVG to JSON on server side?
WCF service from class library 鈥渧iew in browser鈥�command with https
Confused with web server [duplicate]
How to Expand All/Collapse All Using Adi Palaz's Nested Accordion
Is it possible to get bookmarks of the browser via Flash
JavaFX: Tooltip - Can't get tooltip's to show at all
Direct link to comments that are being loaded asynchronously?
Silverlight 5 - Require Elevated trust when running in browser
Segmentation fault & heap errors when using Remove to generate primes
Type mismatch Seq.unfold
MySQL generated UID
Alert Dialog Error - Android
powershell - extract file name and extension
Missing formatted_phone_number field in Google Places autocomplete API's getPlace Details response
TSQL recursion - max recursion error with duplitace values in table
Sharepoint 2010 Survey - Create questions from a list
How to do with this for fzero loop?
Perl Packer not operating as expected
Embed wordpress registration into homepage
String::push_back() does not push back
With Eclipse, errors in trying to Import previously Exported Android project, reports a workspace conflict
What is the proper way to check for null values?
MATLAB's hmmtrain assumes initial transition from state 1
Android : How to click listitem in listactivity with listadpater [closed]
Use of a RadInputManager (telerik)
Search algorithm (graph) in a single java file
Axapta.ExecuteStmt - Is it safe? [duplicate]
Axapta.ExecuteStmt - Is it safe? [duplicate]
Updating DbSet<T> item's value from the controller - C#, MVC, Code First
writeData causes sigabrt error
Set Text Box Masked Edit Extender Mask Type Dynamically
Shipping cost calculate
Visual Basic: Sub vs. Function and Module vs. Class
Language C - Get the Process owner
Configure log4j to send its logs to Splunk?
How to create Cocoa objects in C++?
Assembly language intro
jquery how to access imr src?
building a social network features using Zend and doctrine
UISwipeGestureRecognizer on one half of the view
Resolve links in include file
Start an osgi bundle failed with Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.core.runtime; bundle-version=鈥�.0.0鈥�
JMS and Weblogic Clustering
Build social graph of friends
Color Animation ContentPresenter
Strange Container Height Issue
scipy optimize - fmin Nelder-Mead simplex
How to create proxy class to pass the object to web service in Android
iPhone - How to modify a static library (.a file)
Rails 2 merging conditions for scope in model
Selenium - newbie getting older version to work before migration
can i use same pointer to call data from different exe file?
dreamhost with thumbs_up update RubyGems version dependency issue
URL for ajax not working properly in
How to secure a socket server with spring security?
express stop working - util is not defined
Rendering multiple .rdlc reports into a single PDF using PDFSharp
change vim status line while executing command
iOS - Download an HTML web page, search through the content and set text to a label based on query result
KML support in Google Earth for mobile
SQL update to allow null values
Gnu emacs window title default
Telerik RadComboBox only opens on the second click
Is there anything non-Flash based that can reliably detect cuepoints/events from a LIVE audio stream?
Set a type in VBA to nothing?
Access parent window from iframe (cross-domain)
How to add a custom metabox in the post add/edit screen for category choice?
Binding an XML node to a Tree view node
What TargetName to use when calling InitializeSecurityContext (Negotiate)?
twig: find out if I'm in a subroute of a mainroute
SQL Server stops when I right click on any table instance
Does the X-UA Compatible http header actually work for IE9?
jquery event fired when all the jquery.loads are completed?
Using jquery 1.4 or javascript how would I target a specific link using a variable
issues with ajax calls from js file in mvc 3
convenient slicing of DataFrames with datetime indexes in pandas
Synchronize MySQL time to system time
selectOneRadio component and Long value
require.js modules not loading properly
regex to redirect non www to www and subdomain to file
how to enable code-assist in Aptana 3.0.9 for javascript / jQuery
fb:login-button not showing up in Firefox, IE, or Opera - but works fine in Chrome
Error compiling c using gcc on AIX
How to compare if the configuration is different for IIS?
How do I use Hibernate in a dependency of a Grails project (IntelliJ Module dependency)?
Google App Engine Development and Production Environment Setup
Authorizing a preapproved_payment_key with active_paypal_adaptive_payment gem
Jquery animate on left with z-index
Can I save data to the internal storage on Android in a way that the user cannot delete it?
finding the rotation axis
Get the number of posts written by specific user in WordPress page
Is it possible to set the install mode in inno setup (32 or 64 bit)?
php form validation - pseudopassword instead of mail address and random number as unique identifier instead of mail address
Partial template specialization for variadic types and variadic argument packs expanded into outer type result in ambiguity
.htaccess help needed, not sure if .htaccess is being processed at all :/
How do you convert a String into a Boolean in ActionScript?
get current user uid from in flash (swf) object published on facebook wall like you tube movies
Debugging OoM Exception
Is there any SDK for yahoo oAuth for Blackberry playbook?
Store Html type in postgresql result in 'bytes'
Mapping multiple tables into a single Entity in Entity Framework
SQL query to find rows where 1 column value matches another column on another row
Using returned SELECT info in mySQL
How do I compile & use java-dbus 2.7 on windows?
Code compilation fails on Gild in Java
UITableView Activity Indicator the Apple way
Mail Intent doesn't show default Mail app
SSRS 2008 Break the column in different pages
Creating new facebook apps with graph api?
Entity Framework 4.3 Eager Loading Zero to many
facebook api (post) picture and source do not work
Inner and outer paths of a stroke
Unit Testing BI category of applications
iPhone App : MPMoviePlayer: PlayVideo in Landscape mode only
How do I keep security settings when I restore a database from another server
Android App - Java.Net.SocketException: No route to host
php-array printing error
Clean method declaration in java
Delete Gmail emails programmatically
VS: Dependency content files not picked up
MSCRM Sitemap link to .htm page. How do I pass parameters?
Can we put dependency among build steps in teamcity
jQuery Flexslider not loading everytime
Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004002 (E_NOINTERFACE)
Plot the Profile Deviance for a GLM fit in R
Using Stripes Interceptor to prevent access to other servlets
How to get the most recent file
I would like others to explain what is better load by file or leave on memory
creating dynamic page URLs with CI (routing) - a simple message board example
Remove all non-numeric characters except spaces
ID Workbench Generate XHTML from DITA with JAVASCRIPT
Remove Method from FragmentTransaction doesn't remove fragment from Container
ASP MVC 3 prevent multiple inserts on page refresh
SSRS Null Hidden Parameter in SharePoint Integrated Mode
Android: Filter Logcat by tag using a regex
How to get Events of Facebook Funpage via Open Graph - when I am NOT logged in? Is it possible?
MATLAB: how to locate the nth appeared number in a loop?
counting occurences in an array
Glassfish 3.1.2 with Infinispan 5.1.2
Regular expression to match all but certain characters in class
Logic in Unit Tests
using interop .word with
getting xml resource drawable to variable
Want to find any reference in any file to a certain string in linux [duplicate]
How to make Isapi Rewrite rules case-sensitive?
Change the order of columns
How to know when the model is destoyed automatically by a :dependent => :destroy in rails?
Select and update; SQL Server
MYSQL Order from another Table
about increasing heap size of JVM
Making two side by side div's heights equal
How does Java's Collections.sort overwrite the List to be sorted
Bit shifts and their logical operators
jQuery DatePicker Range not functioning correctly (jsfiddle included)
<on-start> Expression
Override Console browser host methods
SQL Query in Java - Unable to select two columns
Efficiently finding nearest point along a specific axis in 3D space
How to name RESTFUL resources in this case
Get icon from desktop shortcut [duplicate]
Avoid floating point precision issues
Pattern for writing Chart Components [closed]
Monitoring newly or updated events in HPSM 9.20 Web Services
Correct method to get installed application path by app. name in C#
Twitter Bootstrap PopOver only works on the first trigger
jQuery Replace part of string
Firewall blocking/unblocking a port [closed]
Roll up totals of an ObservableCollection<MyType> with a Linq expression
What's wrong with this MySQL Query
Using compression with C# webservice client in Visual Studio 2010
where do I place themes.xml?
Detect Mobile view in zend framework not happening?
Javascript Alert box is not showing
Jquery detect if keyboard key is held down
InternalError: Bad sparse switch magic - what that means?
Calling function with changing input parameters in a loop Matlab
Android seekbar solution
Seeking SQL syntax with errors using HAVING with assigned variable
How to split string that delimiters remain in the end of result?
php: Adding status 2
Response.Write parts of html
Iphone : How to get array value in didSelectRowAtIndexPath?
Separating a string into multiple lines in ColdFusion
WMI Hardware Addresses and IRQs
Assign class boolean value in Python
Floating elements on scroll
How to align checkbox list items vertically using sj:checkboxlist..?
Changing directory using php passthru()
how to create Entitlements.plist for push notification in XCODE 4.2?
401 with webclient https
Facebook merge registration c#/MVC3
How do you add additional developers to be part of your AWS account
Build WebServices layer on top of Drupal
Character encoding issues in Eclipse for Java using Webdriver
inline asm unknown
How to keep NSTimer alive?
how to make sure that the temporary jar file is accessible by the classloader
why is value not changing in rowdatabound
join or merge with overwrite in pandas
Sqlite Query to search in a combination of several columns concated to on string
how to get NeighboringCell Information(related to network info) in blackberry
Amazon AWS ProtocolException
How to send HTTPS synchronous request to server using SOAP web services
Using image for text in retina and non retina screen
CoreAudio PublicUtility on Xcode 4.3.1 iOS 5.1
Getting SUM and JOIN to cooperate in a specific query
Loaded from another DataContext?
Copy and paste text in python
Card Flip effect
Com. C# create type of com-object
Capture Complete LOGS In Android
Jquery Multiselect onblur method
Working out age of a person from input & date objects
Store & access database on remote server
JQuery Multi-Page control the first page displayed
Android :Video encoder
jQuery: Links in tree menu don't navigate, how to fix this?
How to make prev/next buttons visible when using minDate/maxDate in jQuery UI datepicker?
Passing args to aapt
rake assets:precompile not working on heroku
why when i use a string 鈥�amp;&鈥�it only shows 鈥�amp;鈥�on the form label
Insert records in table based on 'master' record in same table
Is there a way to not inherit CSS stylesheets for a widget?
cfc arguments struct is getting wrapped in another struct
Issue with the Connection String in Visual Studio Unit Test
Adding Timestamp to Database Table
Django - Generating Image from HTML [closed]
DateTime.Parse using culture en-us, despite web.config setting
How to disable a specific option in Jquery Autocomplete combox
How to do C++ style(indexed) nested loops in python?
How to store file-related information on user's filesystem
Can I use GPS in mobile phone in C#? [closed]
Populate New Column with Existing Column Based On Criteria
How do I ensure that a CSS file that's loaded during a partial-postback from an UpdatePanel is applied before JavaScript is executed?
LoaderCallbacks as a static inner class (to handle multiple Loaders with different data types returned)
wix XmlConfig - how to define loc variables?
Double.Parse not giving correct result
Good schema to delete database file in SQLiteOpenHelper.onDowngrade()
How do I make legends in Google Maps with a Google Fusion Tables Layer work?
Ruby validation based off of different field
Pass a function reference that has a variable as its name
programmatically execute Touch event in android
SUM week with Doctrine
Is it possible to create a file that is deleted when its (owning) process goes away?
Obj-C, can I use a different targets for my free and full version of my app with IAP?
Share dynamic link of web page on Facebook wall?
MonoTouch Dialog elements are not updating/repainting themselves
Jquery mobile: Need check box and collapsible content
simple regex case in python
Set text align to center in an Excel document using OpenXML with C#
Symfony2: Form specify range of Date
Shared data in Textview and maintain State of data can't work
Error when using node-http-proxy with expressjs
Which tools allow to modify and render a scene programmatically
How to redirect User to default launcher in an android app?
ASP.NET Treeview control always appending nodes to CheckedNodes list
Special characters in the input of hunspell are treated as space
enable pinch zoom on a single image/div when its dissable using viewport meta for the rest of the page
how to add multiple command bindings in wpf
Magento set custom template to render widget instance
scons: Link static library against another static library
Second DIV won't align, gets pushed down
Reading from socket inputstreams causing android UI to freeze
C++ operator destroys input variables
PartialView as HtmlHelper?
django code which runs event independent
Creating multi-column constraints depending on column value
MFC how to know a resizing of view is finished
DB Null conversion
How do I manually add a project to the build path of another project?
Android - why do two TextView elements line up side by side instead of one below the next?
C++ implicit type conversion with template
Post from facebook app to (fan) page - application has not enough permissions
UISrollView causes crash on simulated memory warning
A way to check if browser supports otf
generating calendar with given month and year
Monodroid putting parcelable objects to bundle
Monodroid putting parcelable objects to bundle
Create/Delete files on Timings
session null pointer in RichFaces
draw negative point in panel C#
Flex HTTPService.disconnect() what it's supposed to do?
how do i change my makefile for debug build?
Validating Strings with underscores using Regular Expressions
Android SIP stack - what to use?
How to match all characters 鈥�鈥�using regular expression?
Using MS Access as frontend of SQL Server [closed]
Calculate points around a sphere
Change Image of the Button on click of it in a listView in android
JDBC Ordeal: it shouldn't be that difficult (Partial Solved, New Errors)
How to set the coordinates of the X-axis in the chart?
richfaces 4 and prototype
Does primary key datatype affect performance? SQL Server 2008
Getting image width and height with jquery
R xts: .001 millisecond in index
How to delete files in a folder on hosting after 2 hours interval
Integrate Google Calendar with Java back-end on GAE
Create Array of Actual Objects C++
jQuery/AJAX - Load content into a div when button clicked?
javascript access db
Regular Expression for accepting phone numbers [duplicate]
Modifying the Installshield scripts programmatically using scripts
How do I write this cross apply query in LINQ-to-SQL?
ASP.NET WebApi - HttpClient - Method not found
opencv houghlines2 linelength is way to short
How could I guarantee that only one JobInstance of a job run at the same time?
Generate random certificates
SelectedIndexChanged not firing on any list control on live server
Get String from json with nested json object and nested json arrays with multiple json object, in Android
link_to delete post
AS3 9 slice scaling
Error While creating a C shared library with MATLAB to use in VS2010
Sencha Touch 2 kitchen sink like navigation
Image engine , How to access images in my pages in views
What would be a good regexp for identifying the 鈥渙riginal message鈥�prefix in gmail?
Problems with the date object
difference between RetePlus and Sequential execution mode in ilog jrules
Install flash component manually
Can I apply a condition in the where clause on a field i've selected trough an IF?
What is GLKMatrix4 in OpenGL (iPhone)?
What is the default AuthenticationManager in Spring-Security? How does it authenticate?
How to get the same width as the CSS media query checks against
load other classes with zend autoloader
Why aren't my foreign key reference properties reflecting the foreign key ID property values?
Can i modify setter getter in xx_Roo_JavaBean.aj through in spring-roo?
PHP array merge
PHP questionnaire strategy
EPiServer vs EPiServer with Page Type Builder
how to Update image in imageview?
Error in countdowntimer in android?
How to access a Image file in a Eclipse Project Folder
MatLab:Grouping non-zero values depending of values in another vector
Email Server for Bugzilla on Windows
OLE error C0000094
Howto transform a gem so I can use it with rails 3?
Permissions and Credentials [[AND OR]] not working with code snippet that checks database rather than session credentials
Scrollable layout
Screen keeps Loading forever
What could be a good disk intensive program
Change text property of all items in form
Value not persisting on Submit with validation error
Synchronize animation on multiple views
How do I filter out everything except words, numbers, and a few symbols in Java?
select items from listview
Servlet not loading on startup
Equivalent to log4j in Visual Basic
Zend Filter Striptags vs HTMLPurifier
Populating a list of data with random data
Upgrading DHTMLX to a new version
Couple of questions in node.js
security for eventmachine web service
Selected tab on TextMate almost un-noticeable
CMU-Sphinx : NullPointerException at recognizer.allocate()
How do I dynamically scale elements in a specific Javascript that only uses pixels?
Is there an easy way to copy the TDictionary content into another?
Selftracking Entities , attach only the entity itself without references
Fragment link not working
MonoGame - References to Microsoft.Phone assemblies
ios UISearchBar hide overlay & prevent hiding navigation & tabbar
GridView1: How to save the selected value from the dropdownlist and make it visible
How can we achieve animations in playN
How to create a custom metric using the sonar api
Use different icons for iphone 3gs & iphone 4 / 4s
BasicDataSource with JDBCTemplate not pooling connections as expected
Create Event C# SDK Failes - Getting (OAuthException) (#324) Missing or invalid image file
I don't understand this nested struct
Grizzly and Jersey standalone jar
Python-list in the query
Website's locales correctly crawled but badly displayed
Calls to properties inside non-intercepted methods are not forwarded to target object
IQueryable order by two or more properties
IFrame with dynamically set source
Word Translation by letter/vowels
Enumeration inheritance delphi
Show or dismiss a specific ViewController after performing an action
Xcode and iPhone SDK
linux server data recovery [closed]
linux server data recovery [closed]
mysql update query returning query empty
What's the most efficient way to parse incomplete XML messages over a stream?
Error with using search plugin for openfire in xcode
Item shifting slightly when hovering in IE7
JSON issue in Spring 3 and
Spring, Hibernate - TransactionException : Already have an associated managed connection
sort elements in Isotope container
handling multiple CALayer's drawing in a view
android (Service & PhoneStateListener) - service does restart but not working when app is killed by task manager, killer or shortage of memory
static int in c#
How to push data into a JSON variable
EditText view's text after maximum length
New versions of Sencha Touch
JDBC driver for oracle connectivity
How to override the admin template file in magento?
Resolve CSS links from alternate directory
Using javax.validation in GWT throws runtime error ClassNotFoundException
How to debug crash logs of the iOS application build from Titanium Studio
Array not carrying data forward
How to switch tab programmatically in an xcode 4.3 tab application
php: how to communicate with a background running PHP script?
image file upload with extjs 4 spring
A Query Copy from 1 table into another + Values
Makefile that compiles all cpp files in a directory into separate executable
How to return an array from jQuery ajax success function and use it in a loop?
$_GET ajax request encoding problems
need some correction in Typewriter effect in flash.
uploading image to mysql using php
Get current directory from the command prompt when calling a Java application
Cannot Execute Stored Procedure using JDBC
Embed MP3 Audio Files In Web Pages not woking in some machines
Embed Finder(MacOs) type functionality to my application
Firefox caches hidden inputs
Howto adjust the ipad viewport
gcc compiler for windows of less size
Amount of time required for cloning a partition in Unix [closed]
Does android.nfc package works with tablets
SVG funciri and System.Uri
Compund field database design
preg_replace - which of these words are causing problems?
MySql 鈥淪elect Where鈥�and C#
How can I optimize my program?
storing a byte array in web.config
Is it possible to define Magento layout updates on a per-store basis
connecting Android App to Microcontroller ?
how to call java object in javascript?
DTD definition for dynamically defined attributes
how to call a PHP web service from Node.js
How to allow capital letter,number in datagridview cell?
How could new WaitHandle [] return null? Or does it?
Access violation 0xc0000005 on exit with JNI Cygwin code on Windows XP
PHP take all combinations
SQL Server : can you limit access to only one table
Quickfix setting ResetSeqNumFlag
How does Google create the checkmark for its input checkboxes on the form for creating a new Google account?
DB2 JDBC Driver (Type 4) hangs on Execute()
SQL GROUP BY: intervals in continuity?
Best concurrency framework for low latency, high throughput data transfer on single machine
Deciding the number of tiers in an n-tiered application
GTK# treeview hierarchical data display
Extracting data from HTML-files with BeautifulSoup and Python
Moving controls onto a container in VS2010
Blackberry video thumbnail display prob
Creating a persistent life counter for a facebook game
links not working with onClick tracking code
How to get all the tables which I created using hsqldb runserver in standlone mode
Access 2007 and storing decimal value
Drawing and removing circle/bitmap on Canvas in Live Wallpaper
How to add the label box value in vb6
What happens when multiple Async calls occur before the delegates finish?
multiple 鈥淗TML鈥�tags in HTML file: how to separate CSS rules when classes and id's can be the same?
Is it possible to access the current browser url from a Facebook Page Tab iframe
How can we fetch Record in Magento?
f:ajax listener not fired. Unexpected behaviour
How to re-create the Github post-receive for a private server?
Non Uniform Dashed Border in Table Cells
Free open maps for embedding on an application
Grails remote field - paramName and params together
HTML format data display in UITextView
Run app for a long time in background
How to force treat MySQL Constraint Errors from Hibernate
Rails 3.2 - validate format of date
Jitter calculation in WIreshark
TypeError: expected a character buffer object - while trying to save integer to textfile
Override, extend or roll your own HttpException?
Validating a given date if it falls on a weekend
To display json on web browser
How can I change the device name? (adb devices)
JPA 2.0 IdClass field name mapping
JSF h:selectOneMenu trouble: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException Cannot convert 鈥渟tring鈥�of type class java.lang.String to interface java.util.List
Android How to stop database insertion process
How to get a parameter from a content page to the Site.Master page in ASP.NET?
Ruby on Rails warn [duplicate]
Selecting a subset of an array given logical vector in Fortran
Quickfix changing sequence number
Difference between SQL procedure and CLR procedure?
When I call a method from one class that was implemented in another, it only calls some of the method
Can I use before :all with capybara?
javascript exception code values
Difference between SQL procedure and CLR procedure?
When I call a method from one class that was implemented in another, it only calls some of the method
Can I use before :all with capybara?
javascript exception code values
TYPO3: Parse current url into variable
extJs column layout issue
Regex to handle images
Cache dropbox items in MVC razor. How to do that?
How do I make ActiveRecord::Schema.define not log to stdout?
Use Powershell to change password on login
jQuery Mobile lazy load list items
Does asmack has the extension jar similar to smackx?
Linq parser issue?
UIScrollView with custom layoutSubviews does not animate anymore
powershell execute appcmd with /IN < pathToFile
How to Connect to local mysql server while working on remote files?
set flag for sent and receive message androidn
CLR Trigger exception when try to communicate with a WCF service
jQuery load() function not working
Apache not processing encoded URLs with %3F
Live Javascript edit in Safari?
Asynctask progress dialog
use a javascript from embeded resource of a custom control on a page
Using FlurryAnalytics logEvent:withParameters
Wordpress WPMU Login consistency across multisite network
How to pass one overload of a method group?
Is it more performant to have rows or columns in sql?