accesing object method obj C
How to disable unicode in Delphi xe2
What is an efficient way to parse a list of strings in Python?
What is a HP StorageWorks MSA P2000 Default Credentials vulnerability
heightForRowAtIndexPath row index does not match cellForRowAtIndexPath row index
PHP/Symfony - how do I pass javascript variable to PHP script
ant build error after exporting with eclipse
How do I change the License Key on a PrePidded installation of Visual Studio 2010
How can I append/concatenate BLOB data to a BLOB column using update?
Implement a Rails API
Custom php code in joomla 2.5 component
How to test Google Analytics track event for Mobile Applications?
how to know input's scrollLeft in firefox
Passing json object to python using angularjs
iOS dynamically load new cell to the bottom of a tableview
MKStoreKit not storing purchased Products
Convert timestamp (database) to DateTime (C#) [closed]
Performing a search within my site
Convert SQL column from seconds to iTunes compatible time format for podcast using PHP
Error: MySQL gem installation
SQL: constraint enforcing at least one && maximum one for each key
HTTPContext.Current.User.Identity.Name not working inside a control?
QTestLib - Verifying non-const reference arguments
How to read through collection in chunks by 1000?
Commerce server thread abort
TDD approach for developed source code
Unique IP per celeryd instance on single machine?
Getting Error while deploying to App Engine
How do I get my Domain Controllers to sync with a correct external time source?
Creating an ASP.NET Treeview with multiple levels
No iphone simulator folder in home library > Application support
Multiplication of matrices. Performance [closed]
how to merge all avi file in a folder using c#
Proper way to autogenerate footer in Django based on models
How can I create repeatable fields for a models child relations in Yii?
WPF DockPanel - order controls
Format value from EF property?
Flipping an image in kineticJS?
JCL logging in Glassfish via SLF4j
Rapid App Prototyping Tools for Android and iOS [closed]
update vs. insert
Returning Key matching Value 鈥�Adding Constraint
I am not able to insert text area values
Improving my quadtree design?
List of tuples to just list using map haskell
Are POST variables from an HTTPS POST logged by IIS?
Invert CSS3 Transform Matrix
Zooming property to my Description page
Extend jquery $(this)
QT Webkit seems oblivious to new wireless network connection
Core graphics - Seams show on diagonally joined sides
Using Ptrace to track the location of files being opened
Best pracice to initialize a web application in oop (no framework)
How to implement an image gallery (local images)
how to manipulate ul brackets
Generate a makefile to include in the deliverable
Using Weld with Liferay 6.1 CE / Jboss
JSON Error - object cannot be resolved to a variable
PHP Search through CSV File
global variables javascript, java, php, all languages
Android Thread Launched from Button
Inserting map into database using hibernate
How to get DataGridEditAction.cancel
DragonFire SDK Access violation
JSF 2.0 Ajax Exception Handling
Multi Level XML to Flat XML using XSLT
jQuery/JS method chaining
parse JSON .I have server response [duplicate]
JQuery flicker when animating opacity, and opacity reaches 1
Cross domain session for multilingual site hosted on different server
In as3 adjusting brightness of the shape is not working via coding
center a triangle
Find first argument in map
serialized object stores to database partially
dojo Filtering Select not working Properly
how to turn off auto-something (but seemingly not auto-complete or auto-correct) in excel 2010
Adding data to a dynamic DataGrid in WPF
Exception while sending broadcast in Android
Play time event
Custom Logging mechanism: Master Operation with n-Operation Details or Child operations
Multi Dimensional array - Maintaining data integrity
Sending extra, non-model data in a save request with backbone.js?
鈥渟tart鈥�cannot be resolved to a variable
How to use ListView from class1 in class2 in android project?
How to import BitmapTextureAtlas in AndEngine in android
Jquery interrupt Javascript work during load jquery-1.7.1.min.js
creating a strikethrough text in Android?
undefined method `run' for main:Object (NoMethodError) Sinatra
Spine javascript unable to unbind proxied callbacks
Unsepcified Error Internet Explorer (jsJac)
HQL - select count from select
How to handle octet-stream coming from XMLHttpRequest
SQL Server 2008 - Database Design Query
Android loop bytecode comparison
INotifyPropertyChanged for static variable
How to build pgmagick under pythonbrew on OS X?
how to remove quote from forfiles variables
Entity Framework not working when in separate project from MVC3 web application project
javascript atob returning 'String contains an invalid character'
Hibernate named queries and startup performances
How to I keep the original file datetimes while using Mercurial?
Process under FreeBSD 9.0 hangs in uninterruptable sleep with apparently no syscall (empty wchan)
perl thread dies after detach
expr / awk / sed: get git directory name from repo URL
Safe to use Component.repaint() outside EDT?
how to use StatusCallback url in twilio
Dynamically replace method implementation on an object in Ruby
Suggestion for generation Drupal block views
serialized the Ajax returned result in Jquery
Is the Win32_Processor and Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration WMI methods available in Windows 8?
relative search in lucene (not geo-sptial search)
Why is a listview on Android (Java) stuttering when the other thread is busy?
Splitting a string which contain multiple symbols to get specific values
redirect facebook app to canvas url if host url is hit directly
Localize Type Validation in MVC3 + Razor
sql table desgin
change layout of the activity at run time in android
Using mailboxer gem with heroku --cedar
Android AlphabetIndexer English and Hebrew(Unicode) togather
How To call Window Authentication url in Sharepoint 2010?
getting data from dynamic schema
Why is count(*) returning multiple results in this subquery (postgresql)?
Encompassing object attributes with HTML and return in JSON
Find and Replace all within nsstring
Ruby String to_time broken?
drupal table update query not working
I can't send my model in my controller
Android app software design about handling data repository
Executing js files in node
Tutorials or Examples of a PHP Queue System for Social Sharing
Matching Approximate String Keys in a Map
Special char key pressed event called to often
Knockout JS and large models
Search in metavalue which is an array
Http Post not working with Windows 7
Is this little Doctrine2 dynamic SQL enough safe of injection?
Node.js - Empty file written, but why?
Change the content title of the page
jQuery hashchange how to do?
Overriding methods in Unity3d
Collecting different values in a single input field [closed]
cannot reach my inner breakpoint
Sharepoint View Grouping - performance
ajaxForm doesn't create html element
CF-ORM How to map these fields/tables
how to restore the page URL in Jquery Mobile?
Where is the Heap created by JIT (C#)
Make the LEFT part of the site scroll down automaticaly with the scrollbar
Kohana 3.2 ORM PDO: 鈥淭he property id does not exist鈥�on Model. Bug?
Inner shadow for navigation controller in split view controller
Integrating Jquery and Django
Yii framework explanation
Statement failed, SQLSTATE = -922 my_database.gdb is not a valid database
Python object hierarchy; Referencing an owner instance?
Image as TabIndicator
jQuery Validate two fields from one or another section
Calculate distance between 2 set of lon and lat
C floating point number notation
MPMoviePlayerViewController can't set current playback time
jquery plugin event only applies to last item
Crazy looking Google Maps Infowindow
Convert html to rails helpers
鈥渟ize_t鈥�as type parameter, cast warning not reproduced
Zend Framework , Trouble with paths
Firefox 'Open new tab' on JTabbedPane
How to manage transactions with the SerialPort?
apart from using the add references is there any to add the references to the project in VS2008 or 2010
C# Replace is causing Object Reference Not Found error
SNMPWALK is not closing the session (memory runs full)
Monitor for gestures from non-view-controller class
How to check content type of input (xls) file in C#?
SNMPWALK is not closing the session (memory runs full)
Monitor for gestures from non-view-controller class
How to check content type of input (xls) file in C#?
Adding navigation controller to custom designed table view which have calender view
Problems with PHPDOCX Charts & Images
Loading multiple maps libraries with javascript
Django model structure in my project
iPhone/iPad change pitch/tempo in realtime
All possible combinations from a hash of arrays in Ruby
How to pass a model from a PartialView to a Controller
how to modify the attribute values of action elements in eclipse plugin
joomla template index.php with jquery
Using HL7 message to insert data in my SQL Server
Creating a sectioned listview
Java reflection - get generic method from non-generic class
how to parse JSON string with value as array
Where to put needed initialization code when using Dependency Injection?
Resource files, string.Format and placeholders in .NET
CSS help - aligning megamenu
Android layout orientation
Ecore SCA MetaModel
Drawing in window while resizing leaves Unpainted border
Getting the address of an rvalue
return int[] not IEnumerable<int[]> in LinqToXml
Python XX instance has no attribute YY
How to get the registration id for c2dm
computing element-wise averages from matrices
Computing eigenvalues on CUDA
What鈥檚 the correct/best approach to have multiple unrelated App Domains associated to a Facebook application?
Removing HTML comments from DOM
UITableView limit scrolling speed OR UITableView limit number of rows to be scrolled
how to change the UI based on the settings of a segmented control
Alternative to SimpleXML to use in commercial apps?
Storing a string with many types of characters
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-complex-type.2.4.c: The matching wildcard is strict
How do i handle if a NodeSelect is nill in C#
Does Restlet support batch processing?
Find the URL of the current web application
Jenkins CI - clean wsdl2java code
Send byte array from ms sql database to android through webservice
C#: can labels be used instead of numbers with String.Format?
Exception code: 0xe0434f4d
How to call a non-generic static extension method with parameters using Reflection
Save cURL content result into a string in C++
Visual Studio shortcut for 鈥渜uick fix鈥�
Upload Video into youtube channel through PHP script [closed]
When to use subpaint() and super.paint() method for Manager class in Blackberry
How to extend uilabel height as per content?
ASP server stats for html pages
Firefox (still) doesn`t print divs positioned absolutely?
Meaning of keyword 鈥渢his鈥�in jQuery Vs MVC
jquery .contents method?
How to change Html tags using jQuery (or anything else)?
Resource not found when trying to invoke web service method?
output statictext while processing python
Oracle: How can I find tablespace fragmentation?
how do I parallelize a simple python loop?
dist-packages and sys.path
Where should I start in choosing and implementing a MVC 3 user/role system?
need sticky header and footer when content is too large
Opposite of 鈥渟vn up鈥�
iPhone web app not reading stylesheet
Send email html form
Control input of SQLite attribute to date format only.
Could not find a method onClick(View) in the activity
How can I make image in text box with no-repeat
Getting arg to work in a varag function in Lua 5.2 (integrated in Delphi)
Creating Custom Keyboard like emoji
How to get notification for audio streaming status from AVPlayer?
CometD demo on JBoss 6
Why we have to define a const static member that is initialized within a class
Spring mvc interceptor addObject
How to correctly redirect to the facebook page tab URL after authorization
Undefined reference linker error while using id3lib library in a C++ application
Multithreading issue on collection
Loading an image into UIImage asynchronously
Creating Merge Tag Dynamically in Android
PostgeSQL lo_import and how to get the resulting OID into an UPDATE command?
github http clone returns 'did you run git update-server-info on the server'
Delphi synapse UDP client/server
troubles with running SlimDX C# application on Windows XP machine
How to convert date and time in SQL Server
ASP.Net - Input String not in a correct format
How to get the innnerhtml of a div using jQuery [closed]
When writing to httpResponse, does the response have a size limit?
Getting Data from a Http Request, then use the data in a listview?
Displaying results of perform find in a portal
7za compress batch of files using deflate compression
Replace every line in a file, one by one, with python
Clearing temp ASP.NET files on application restart
Error 1774 in SQL Server
Retrieve data from infopath form to nintex workflow
GWT: FileUpload Browse Button styling
Windows 7: network not ready (blue circle is spinning)
Scala while loop returns Unit all the time
Mysql Multiple Subquery Limit
what is different between - method and + method in Objective C?
Generational Garbage collection Vs Garbage collection in .NET
how to Highlight being read words in text to speech
How to write a Linq to entity statement, using sql not in operator [duplicate]
How to verify a partial mock has a base method invoked with args using ocmock?
How to save image server side when send from javascript
Count divs with jquery and output
PHP echo received in Xcode. Are there hidden characters?
What is the minimum number of bytes that should be used to encrypt 4 bytes with AES-128?
Javascript Touch Object
Append favicon to Class name
Access denied error while attaching files
Testing an inheriting C# class
Cannot connect to the Sharepoint Site from Visual Studio 2010
Strange Crash issue as:- Dispatch queue:
pic24 debugger mode does not work
Templatize the friendship in C++
how i remove unneeded background under roundedborder?
php regular expression removing mso tag
Locating Nearest Places JSON response in Google Map
Servlet exception using CDI with Jboss Weld
HTML5 / JS - check that application is offline
Remove Icon part of AdvancedDataGrid Header in Flex
How can i get a complete list including nested relations?
Mysql concurrency: what happens if a locked table is accessed?
initalizing two pointers to same value in 鈥渇or鈥�loop
can't fill a list with HibernateTemplate
Checking password match returns 鈥淧asswords match鈥�when both fields are empty
cakephp query with multiple joins
How to achieve select for update when using IQToolKit with MySQL
How to use #ifdef entities as part of functions in header files
Convert and convert back datetime in Django
LINQ-to-Entity query optimization
can you please interpret this regular expression
StackOverflowException in c# when no local variable in the function
Count the number of transactions in sql
Git rebase -i not in terminal / only works with sudo
Validating script pasted in a field
How to use outer join in below example?
UITableView select added/edited row after reload (with sections)
How to add a value to an object's array dynamically?
facebook logout not working
EasyMock issue using addThrow to expect Exception
how is the code for showing the random image on the screen?
git track, ignore, delete, untrack
Clicks/touch not working on ListView
JMeter how to NOT fail 500 Internal Server Errors
Windows/Linux rosetta stone for C++ development?
Calling WebService in Window Service
More than one location provider at same time
How can I integrate Bugzilla issues with issue tracking in TortoiseHg?
CUDA using host array to device array
What is a derivative of the activation function used for in backpropagation?
knitr: how to set package options depending on output type
CUDA using host array to device array
What is a derivative of the activation function used for in backpropagation?
knitr: how to set package options depending on output type
htaccess redirect all pages with ?= to /
RequestDumperValve or RequestDumperFilter that obscures sensitive parameters
Parse XML that contains more than one attribute
Wordpress Whiteboard Framework Query
Why auth.logout is called after auth.login?
iOS loading local images from path
ChildBrowser Phonegap not working
MapReduce field names (MongoDB)
duplicating html selectbox through javascript DOM issue
How to convert GPS points to Screen Pixels with Overlay?
copy rows with special condition
convert Arabic numerical to English
Change the background image 鈥渙n click鈥�with jQuery
Scala source files not recognized by compiler in Eclipse
Combining async code with syncronous frameworks
See raw JSON in RavenDB with RunInMemory
Superclass mismatch, Struct, reloading and Spork
Remove some part of an array in Java
Set Width of Mvc Telerik Tabstrip According to content
Jquery: Select with option to add new elements
How can i Unit Test a single [Test] method in MonoDevelop?
Magento authentication bound to a store view
why turning off Zend community edition Optimizer+ doesn't have effect on this?
will_paginate + Infinite Scroll plugin - doesn't display 鈥淟oading鈥�message
sending multiple messages in android continously
Ninject - What is the correct way to set up bindings in the domain model layer of an N-Tier MVC3 application?
How to do autocomplete in listview via texbox?
Paperclip to s3 quickly and without
What happens if I reset a std::shared_ptr to itself
Why doesn't passing Nil to foldLeft work?
Java threads deadlock example
Module Object is Not Callable
Using a string builder, i've read a file.. How do i find if the given string is present in the file or not?
How to convert mysql data base table data in json using php
The standard 16 colors supported with the Windows VGA palette鈥�but transparent
IIS Windows Authentication Rejecting Some Users
Passing a vector object to Matlab trough Mex routine
Array initiliazation
Mutiselection in treeview silverlight
read streaming videos from Android code
CaretIndex inside Textbox
can we change class on iframe src page?
JQuerymobile icons are wrong positioned
Page doesn't load if JavaScript file is missing
passing parameter from main report to subReport According To Row in JasperSoft iReport [duplicate]
MySQL create view from concat value
Why are both these scala pattern matching extractor calls valid syntax?
MySQL create view from concat value
Why are both these scala pattern matching extractor calls valid syntax?
Out of Memory while showing an image in a JPanel swing
HTTP request payload mapping to class in Spring
Moq and Moq Contrib Versions
Get sender PID from DBUS
Apache Axis2 Web service : Gzip resquet and response
Scope issue while calling Backbone.js functions with jquery.aop
if a div that contain a specific text, how can i cancel the parent div jquery
How to render desktop icons in Windows XP
PHP Zend OpenID provider and DotNetOpenAuth OpenID relying party error
Make Fixed Header Scroll Horizontal
Gesture recognizers on subviews don't seem to work
General compare of 2 cells
WordPress 鈥�Plug-In To Assign Images To Users/Clients?
image editing in ios [closed]
Problems UIGlassButton on ios5.1
Detect incoming NotificationCenter notification on iOS
OCR batch processing tiff to text
Filter an html table bound to a MySQL table by date
how do I define the [] method for accessing class members in a ruby class?
flex netconnect ( Property onTest not found on and there is no default value )
Escape $(鈥渉tml鈥�.ajaxError() in one of the $.ajax() call
Programmatically set the resolution of image in iphone?
How to write reusable code for Database in Android [closed]
Widget preview with pre-3.0 sdk target
Why can I not chain logical comparisons in an if statement?
Java, How to refresh JTable in one frame from another frame
How to know when external swf is loaded?
mysql join with precedence
How does a simple calculator with parentheses work?
Mysql - deleting duplicates
Getting associated models with $this->Auth in Cakephp
How to create like design using jquery
Please htlp me to add datepicker(Jquery Ui)
How to make basic game networking
How to Mock ILogger / ILoggerService using Moq
How to connect my Windows phone to TV?
How to execute PHPUnit?
Creating an Contact for Lync 2010 Manually
Grouping data slows query despite 25% decrease in the number of results
Use variable to store and output attributes
On Button Click how to increment counter and show in textview
Wordpress redirect on password to certain page
How can I make Aptana/Eclipse replace selected text with quotes?
PHP character remove in string
numpy ndarray hashability
Unit test delegate action is called
Trigger click one by one down a list - plus toggle all
Is it possible to run bash shells in a Smalltalk Workspace? [duplicate]
CakePHP Select Box Value Not Right After Order By
Buttons from navigation bar don t appear since I create CustomNavigationBar
AVPlayer Observer never called for an invalid URL
Get Web.config value through jquery
iPhone : mkv/mka parsing libraries
Datastructure to map Class objects to values while considering superclasses?
Doctrine entity one-to-many relationship saves foreign key as NULL
Problems running Pocketsphinx demo project, segmentation fault?
Enable search for hidden columns in jqGrid
How to get authorized user object in django-tastypie
Generate Jasper report with subreport from java
Typeclasses and subtyping
Simultaneous record/playing with OpenAL using threads
Conversion to PDF
How can I create new list from existing list?
AR app - detect round objects
Handling DB connection errors in Cakephp
why the url in the browser doesn't change when the request is forwarded to another page?
Store mysql subquery in a variable
SQL Server 2005: Using select in case statement - Preventing multiple connections from a client
Error in storing member function as function pointers in C++
WCF Service authentication and authorization
Passage: usage example
Push Notifications and Services for iOS
Change color-depth in FFMpeg
Problems with encrypt/decrypt between Android and PHP
Accessing getters using dot notation in Obj-C
VB.NET MS PowerPoint Slide Background
no Anti aliasing in Input textfield in AIR for iOS
Return 'undefined' variable from a function
WPF control for image manipulation
convert from websocket to jSON string or plain string in Javascript
How to compare the string in C++?
On git, I checked out a previous commit and now can't find my later commits
Updating value from servlet with pubnub and jquery/javascript during page load
unregister c2dm
How to update the keystore property at runtime with a newly uploaded keystore file?
Change debugging target device (emulator/hardware)?
how to addClass and removeClass in an anchor
Can't install PackETH on Fedora 8
which is the best way to create multilingual facebook landing page?
Display All Song From the SD card Genre Wise
UI implementation of personal messaging limits
Can I read from a file descriptor on one thread while writing from another?
links not working in ipad /iphone
List all constants from a unit
Visio C# DoubleClick
DrawDynamic Shapes
Train voice recognition
Difference between [object Object] and [object HtmlDivElement]. Div play with jQuery
How to obtain reliable insert times in Cassandra?
fields_for and has_many_through
How to check if array indexes are empty and if so check the next?
Hibernate Batch Processing Using Native SQL
WPS Parameters Wifi NFC and Android
Syntax of ([theEvent modifierFlags] & NSCommandKeyMask) is not clear
Sencha-Touch : Include html file in Panel Items? (Resolved)
TextBlock as big as a capital letter (ignoring font ascender/descender)
Postgres equivalent to Sql Servers @@DBTS
Catching exceptions in happstack-lite handler
Remove all items inside linearlayout
compare multidimensional arrays and delete duplicates
Android decrypt and play mp4 at runtime
Django model field with database column
Programming puzzle related to binary search
Safari 5.1.4 printing two pages for blank html file
How does one create a div that uses iconCls to draw icons?
Enabling wildcard subdomains for all domains on cPanel
iPad bookmarklet not popping up
9patch keep seeing the balck lines
prototype Lightbox doesn't work with jquery code
Where is my php.ini file?
How hashmap behaves in below scenario?
Custom Menu Items in Delphi XE2 (Design Time)
Remember me in jsp login page, getting Error #2154
ClassCastException on JBoss deploy
i keep getting 鈥淓rror converting data type nvarchar to int鈥�on asp application but works fine in desktop application
Jomsocial content/article pages
how to create htaccess for website
Qt - dynamically add QLineEdit in a panel
JavaScript create use backup array
Using abstract classes in Matlab (without properties)
How to create a photo slide-show in a PictureBox?
Export/import stack trace in VS2010
Finding the Current Row Being Edited in an asp:GridView using jQuery
AS3 Trouble accessing ComboBox selectedItem inside MC
How can I use a single bitmap for many icons in an imagelist? (without splitting it to multiple files)
how placement new works in c++? [duplicate]
Domain Security Group based Windows authentication
Getting started with wicket andHibernate
Microsoft Access 2010 - Filtering by a caculated field in a query-based report
How can I create two different isntance of connection to Facebook?
specific motion tween stop & resume
Finding anchor with PHP simple html dom parser [duplicate]
Display and Print RDL report without reportViewer control in page
List as graph in prolog
Optimise use of Profile data
ContactPicker.PickSingleContactAsync Windows 8 C# usage
add swipe effect for the jquery fancybox lightbox [closed]
How do I make SignalR work inside _Layout.cshtml?
Is it safe to cache security information?
Calling hangs when I set the stdout
allocate more than 1 GB memory on 32 bit XP
Under Onclick event trying to change activity
Finish multiple activities without animation
C# format DateTime to 24 hours time
SlidingDrawer handle not visible
How to change View while we touch any annotation
iOS Compare Value of Label
A point of style with try/catch
Silverlight Designer not finding custom controls
Why is background not being applied to UITableView on iPad?
Filtering Certutil.exe output for non-autoenrolling certificates
Reading a certificate file(.cer) from sd card in android
Removing a specific page from custom cache output provider in
Updating Prerequisite (*.prq) Files
Android passing a method return to a function
get_query_var('cat') not working with permalinks
Calculate amount of $ before fees - PHP
Return part of a function in javascript
Deployment in IBM Websphere 7 cluster with nodes with High availability
Make a 鈥渓i鈥�invisible in masterpage
python adding new methods to built-in types
Coloring a Polygon
Exporting data to XML to be opened in Excel
how to redirecte to particular tab?
particle effects?
How to sum column of type string in footer?
Accesstoken not available after reopening website
Configure JNDI for Tibco EMS in Tomcat
Java RMI app works fine from XP, but refuses connection from Windows 7
Convert 24 Hour Time in to 12 Hour Time in Java
Completely Removing dataframe rows in R. Stop table() returning 0 for removed data
C Undefined reference
WinDbg: Regarding output of dt command
why isEqualToString Gives unexpected result in ios5 with storyboard app?
Internet not working on VM with Ubuntu Server 10.04.4 LTS [closed]
IE View Source unable to find the dynamic value binded through jQuery Ajax calls
How to post to a form which has type=鈥渇ile鈥�[duplicate]
python: How to use json.dumps on windows?
call an Oracle function that do an insert/update from PHP?
Writing out a list of linkbuttons dynamically with c#
Renaming virtual directory in IIS 5.1
How to use multiple select with jQuery?
Calling a soaplib method running on python in Java
鈥淯nrecognized selector sent to instance鈥�error
<title></title> tag occours two time on Page
Akka disable logging to sysout
Azure MVC 3 Project - What is the default Admin account password
How to know when an exception is thrown
is there any sample code for uploading Photo to flickr?
C,C++ CPU usage and memory usage of processes in all platforms + available network downlink bandwidth for current time
System.currentTimeMillis() in android?
xcode passing variables between views
Element 'tr' cannot be nested within element 'tr'
how to ensure the mutex shared by each thread averagely
Dealing with content-type when uploading via amazon
Login with Google account on my web-site
鈥淯nsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL鈥︹� with local files
Drawing circle with unique color near checkboxes
Bootstrap: wider input field
Do I need to make some changes in core-data model, when I make my app compatible to ios 5?
Using AppleScript to clean up Address Book behaves weirdly when it comes to social profiles
Rows to Columns SQL Server
update not working in sqlite in android
Dependable views in Ember
Python: signal.pause() equivalent on Windows
Using plugin built-in translations in a CakePHP application
Yahoo YUI library CustomEvent class - subscribe() and fire()
How to fork a non github repo to github without cloning to my system?
How can i transfer an image through facebook chat application in android?
How to get the value from the disabled drop down list in php?
import duplicates in android contacts
onPause() Android
Action Script Issue
Implement zoom functionality in layout having images
JQuery toggle() function
php $_POST array: what in java?
How to get the request parameters in symfony2
Apple annual testing device limit
JSF 2.0 Execute javascript on FacesContext.responseComplete()
Can anyone explain this behaviour of Visual Studio's Javascript intellisense?
Output cache in MVC
How to play audio on website without quicktime?
Check if value is in dropdown list and disable it in Jquery
Private variable accessed by private method in javascript
In Python, allowing subsequent code to be executed after Tkinter dialog is shown
How to jump immediately to callback in jQuery?
Private network p2p files updates
sending a javascript value to php with xmlhttp
Is it possible to calculate web site traffic size with Chromium browser?
Getting image name of iphone photo library
Using pointer functions to emulate member functions in C structs
Android ListView / ListFragment force single line in row (Java code)
How to use overlapping floating div's?
node.js console.log throws me undefined
Creating a report in java using xml as datasource
How to render XML document to iframe?
CSS cleaner for firefox 10.0.X
AS2: removeMovieClip() not working
Force mod_proxy to preserve some response headers
What nice free web api for Drug reference can I use? [closed]
Creating a block of text with Silverlight
How do I make a ListFragment occupy only the top half of the screen
Can CoffeeScript Be Translated into This Piece of JavaScript?
How can eax store return value of which size is bigger than 4 bytes?
Executing same BackgroundWorker several times depending on condition?
Database Updating and images retrieving from the sd card in android
the each function
Retreive value from model into view ib MVC 3
Persisting Android Launch Intents?
Is it possible to have a WCF 3.5 client with WCF 4.0 server and NetTCPBinding?
Core Data and 10 000 audio files
Chrome is stretching the height of my max-width image
Solving a triangle using the Law of Cosines
List information aggregation
timeline new comments count php
Generics and casting to the right type
Increasing 5MB Storage Limit in Chrome
Jquery access body within html and convert to json fails
a .net application deployment issue. is thinapp a solution?
Html5 localstorage between two pages
strong / weak / retain / unsafe_unretained / assign
addins for outlook 64 bit machine
How can I make this database schema better?
.net mvc 3: CreateEdit view not working
How to get data from mysql data base and display in table view in iphone app [closed]
CQRS/EventStore: How are failures to deliver events handled?
GAE Java API Channel
How to insert a method inside a LINQ lambda extension method
finding chars distance in StringBuilder
How to handle events in nested iframe?
Emacs Tramp w/ pscp/plink on Windows
How to select whole text of a textbox in ipad safari browser?
How to terminate process in (windows phone 7)
鈥渋tems list鈥�or 鈥渋tem list鈥�
Embedded FleetDB with Clojure 1.3
JQuery $.each returns only the first item of JSON
Foreach children() SimpleXML doesn't give me full structure
Load Image at runtime from resource in WPF
PHP SQL - Advanced delete query
Is Quartz2D or OpenGL more appropriate in my situation
Build.xml issue
How to set values to array when async webservice responce is called
Build Error in developing C and MYSQL application
Java EE web application asynchronous login in Glassfish 3.1.1
How Can i Check Full text search catalog available in SQL with SCRIPT?
Android external camera options - overlay on top of video stream, no middleman server/router
Virus/malware modifying .htaccess on Joomla CMS website
Video Playlist in Android [closed]
Windows Phone 7 App Slows down in Wi-Fi than 3G or LAN
Force close when repeating image from gallery [closed]
What is the exact use of var keyword? [duplicate]
Why my AutoComplete control is not call?
Not Null Property Exception with JPA onetoone mapping
How to invalidate entity framework 4 internal cache
django json loop
JSP tag which shortens iffing null attributes
Google dropdownlist (select -> option) [closed]
Function with variable number of arguments
How to detect parent class fields
Basic User Management, For Custom Site
Rave reports. generate data page number limit
PostgreSQL string(255) limit - Rails, Ruby and Heroku
Read less info of apk file with aapt tool
Get Current System Time And After That Want To add 30 minutes in That Time
MVC3 Compare attribute and nested object properties
custom fields in csv
Regular expression help for replacing elements of urls within dynamic content
Using media query to manage media item picker selected collections?
removing a temp table in SQL server?
App widget button to trigger onUpdate
Need ORM for JOIN MongoDB collections
Silverlight control's input validation
how to check if a file ( video) is already in ALAssetsLibrary (photo album ) before saving it?
Iphone Zxing: QR code scanning code not working in Release build
iOS application stuck for minutes before becoming active
ASP.NET ListView - total value (sum) for a column
鈥淪ECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18鈥�is thrown when chrome extension use 鈥淓ventSrouce鈥�is initialized
open the new template window within c# addin in word 2007/2010
play and record- AudioSessionSetProperty..?
php cli on linux not working
.NET equivalent of curl to upload a file to REST API?
Automatically submitting an form with javascript
How to show My App icon in settings screen of my iPad
how to get nook simple touch's device id?
jQuery - Textarea auto grow plugin cross-browser compatible
How to show date selection Menu In HTML?
Sudzc for Magento web services
Best way to run a Perl script from weblogic Java EE application
A little bit complicated releasing issue for my custom alert view having UITextField
Direct conversion from YCbCr to CIE L* a* b*
Formatting jquery timeline?
Download file without javascript
Is there a prob not to free the stream?
query byte[] in petapoco
Partially rendering datatable
MVC 4, Upshot entities cyclic references
Crypto stream: read data error
Jasmine compatibility with jQuery Mobile
VIM: Skip a word for visual selection
How to get Email Notifications on Every upload in Alfresco
Joomla: Three different Layouts on Home Page With different Modules Positioned
Framework for database manipulation
Setting up a sharer
Redirection code not working
Setting Custom error message with CarrierWave
large json data return issue
int foo (int argc, 鈥� vs int foo() vs int foo(void) in C
Javascript and HTML5 parenting
How to prevent my app from making a new instance mvc httpcontext access options
jQuery stopwatch
What column definition should be used for Facebook application identifier
PHP Pear Package Depndencies Issue
Deploying spring application to weblogic with oracle forms
Get a list of URLs from file and make a numbered array
Not able to see the .class files in eclipse after configuring the Jadeclipse plugin
which file is responsible for display product on home page in virtuemart
Hide a JButton (image) after click
Auto focus does not work on every Android phone
Re-distributing RTSP stream with Windows Media Services
How can I modify this function to take into account 鈥渕onths鈥�and 鈥測ears鈥�
Does Django send the signal pre_init/post_init when instances are loaded by a QuerySet?
sparql query returning nothing
update query not working in sqlite in android
How to properly set up DNS SPF records?
Locality of Reference - English explanation for equidistant locality
spring-social-vkontakte problems with authorizationCode
How do i create a delete button on every row using the SlickGrid plugin?
GUI drawing in background Thread MacOS
Memory leaks are coming even though object released when parsing facebook response string in fbgraph api
jquery ajax always get error
special scroll bar design using css3 or tricks
Tons of git commits after pulling down a remote branch
Azure SDK - Unable to start Tomcat from Azure SDK
Disable site collection feature selectively at web level
The Model in GWTP - raising changed events
Scraping with Nokogiri to Create an Object from Model
Git: Create a remote branch that tracks remote master
How to collapse function body in Visual Studio 2010 editor?
Arabic and JavaMail Issue
Who should have responsibility for populating data on usercontrol?
Propose correct design for method with just different return types
Jsf2.0 forwarding page error without parameter
Mobile safari,tap and hold a link,it will show a gray shadow,how to disable it?
How to imitate cross-browser $(document).ready() behavior without JQuery [duplicate]
Format Date: Start with YEAR:: 2012/03/20 10:49:18 AM [duplicate]
tempfile error due to R parallel package
perl get ouput in a file along with STDERR and STDOUT
Configuring Postfix relayhost [closed]
Compatible command for pkg-config 鈥揷flags gtk+-2.0鈥�and 鈥榩kg-config 鈥搇ibs gtk+-2.0 gthread-2.0 for arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-gcc
Cannot send message to openfire server
Removing similar rows in SAS
When dojo.js loaded via ajax multiple times get Error: defineAlreadyDefined
Report viewer losing parameters when clicking 'back'
How to make funcunit close the new browser window after tests
Center Image in WebView
ASP MVC Change the browser language?
Inserting data from a DataGridView to a database
std::fstream read file on Windows C++
BATCH - IF Statements using Variables for File Path
How to use gravatars in pinax?
Check .length before applying substr()?
Popup block under FireFox
PieChart with Labels
Sencha Touch 2 or DHTMLX Touch
Is it possible to remotely get IMEI for a usb connected Symbian cellphone, on Windows?
What is suitable location for creating sqlite file?
How To: Convert anonymous method to VB.NET
Android Rar, zip libraries
Nested associations failing on save
Facebook like button counter reset
iphone - Crash logs not symbolicated Xcode 4.2
Update the same table in the trigger
Get Classes from File
Setup Sharekit's share button with UIButton, not UIBarButton
PHP create a dbf file format for export
Piwik custom plugin development / JQPlot (specifically: seriesPicker in Piwik 1.7.1)
Tf command login issue
Is it possible to force validation with the MembershipProvider.ValidateUser?
coreplot - always same plot
What data format conversion can be done by java sound API?
IdHttpServer form caption not updating
Tridion 2009 - Determine who published a page
Not getting the type safety of generics and when to use generics
Read GPS data from devices and store in db
Retrieve SSL certificate fields in the didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge
how to view next image in imageview?
Raise an event in VB.NET
css3 columns without cutting paragraphs
Columns order issue with dataGridView in C#
How to use the same connection datasource on Tomcat and Glassfish?
Download specific rows from database as csv file in struts
how to design progress bar similar to range bar in mobiles
Azure Diagnostics - runtime def vs. wadcfg
How to find TFS Label by Date in my project (Visual Studio Team System 2008)
How to use the same connection datasource on Tomcat and Glassfish?
Download specific rows from database as csv file in struts
how to design progress bar similar to range bar in mobiles
Azure Diagnostics - runtime def vs. wadcfg
How to find TFS Label by Date in my project (Visual Studio Team System 2008)
Umbraco 5 setup. Access to the path is denied
JPA @Jointable does not create column for id
How can i get object using his handle in Matlab?
While looping in mysqli prepared statement
silverlight 5 signing xap file
iOS camera's image rotation got in AS3
Removing alerts in a word document that is inside a web browser in c#
Why use NuGet over installing libraries directly on my machine
Liferay: what is the default approach for logging in Liferay?
how to get the difference between old value and new value in ruby
OpenGL ES 1.1 Color over Font Texture
Issue with code autocompletion / syntax highlighting in XCode 4.x
What are row, page and table locks? And when they are acquired?
Popup window using Javascript
Build/Package Android application with rake?
making a get request to .json URI in java and receiving its contents
How do I display a bitmap image in my Wpf window using only XAML?
UITextViewDataDetectorType Phone Number
Django- How to Exclude parent class' fields
How do you encapsulate a MonoTouch.Dialog view into a view controller?
Devise User Registration with Javascript Login
鈥淔olding鈥�a SVG region
How to make a Javascript collision?
Plesk RCP API Subdomain with different home
How to emulate mouse hover with Capybara
Concurrent processing of messages with strict order
Not able to get rid of Status Bar in my android app. Have tried all the suggested(working) solutions in SO
PHP shorthand IF with two variables in the first part
Replace templates in strings by array values
AMFPHP with Flex 4 - Do we really need services-config.xml
what is the test attribute?
Is it possible to map a map<String,List<Entity>> in JPA?
Tcl: How to eval statements to fill in default args at call time
Sending a structure to a database
Converting C++ project from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2010
MySql - How to monitore 鈥渁ctivty鈥�when mysql seems to be 鈥渙verloaded鈥�
Bullet proof jquery image loading routine
forbid arc in created project
checkboxes in using c#
How to calculate and use latest updated object in Ruby on Rails?
convert a complex structure to byte array in c#
Need to retrieve data from cookie that holds the logged on client
How to upload a file to a folder location in drupal module?
Quotation marks in PHP / JS / DOM console app pausing and staying open
Drupal 7 jcarousel not showing images correctly
Search caching in cakephp [closed]
Integrating jquery-mobile with struts2
Renren for iOS SDK user permisssions
Get and Iterate through Controls from a TabItem?
Java access misunderstanding
How to get searchString in ASP.NET with jqGrid
Get font properties of pdf text with pdfbox
Android adb permission error
Calculate moving averages in SQL
Calling external DLL from network drive on Windows 7
arithmetic operations on enum values
Cross Domain Ajax Login (Same server)
pageinit and jquery ajax call
Javascript activity dimensions
Refer a friend functionallity for a website in OOP
ASP.NET component in ColorBox closes after postback
Access SOAP from behind proxy
Defining entity in Hibernate 4
Webservice with java android
Strange delay in positioning a div in jQuery drag and drop
How to resize image in ASP.NET (with C#) application in optimizable way?
Querying for admins (hosts) of a Facebook event
Set style on individual Vaadin tree item
Nested, infinite dictionary in python
Shared memory synchronization with semaphores
how to write on border of edit text
Android robotium number of runs
Liquid markup in Java/Scala
Android - Face feature detection
ImportError: No module named testing with z3c.form.testing imports
deformed text of UIPickerView
how to draw line around a UITableView
The header color should change to some other color
IPhone+performselector in background
SQL/Oracle 10g - Issue with triggers
UITableView subview appearing over cells
increasing decreasing sequence
mono android database
Google Maps regional based clustering
makeshift javascript function causing wierd behavior when animating html,body
Can't delete row from tableview
What is the best way to change from polling to events?
I need to modify an existing query to return records created after a certain date
Is it possible to have Nhibernate prevent a 鈥淪QLDateTime overflow鈥�exception when querying the database?
Compiling issue
phonegap android play selected youtube animations for kids
How to show an alert when user click on the browser back button?
Mono WebBrowser solution for Gtk# based project (on Mac OS)
Form sometimes won't hide despite being in finally block
Using php-code in html鈥�in php
Paypal subscription is getting active multiple times
image from sqlite db and html in uiwebview
CarrierWave not saving upload after form redisplay
How to avoid delay in synchronous web service call in Spotify application?
rails active record: update a table with join
David Persson's Media Plugin in Cakephp 2.0.x
RandomAccessFile - returning null string
lxml in python, parse from url
C# DataGridView Dynamic Context Menus
Android and colors
c++ set<> of class objects. Using own comparer giving JUNK of errors from functional, xtree etc
jQuery: Grab textContent From Child Element
Can someone please explain this java generics syntax?
How to change the key of a sonar project while preserving the analysis history
Perl script to capture stderr and stdout of command executed in back-quotes
Displaying Twitter Live search results in two columns
FFmpeg's -bt (Bitrate Tolerance) options鈥�
Java EE Scheduler Task using EJB Timers
Issue with Google Places API - INVALID REQUEST
spring aspectj pointcut on logging with slf4j
Confusion in calling function (jQuery UI)
Can't flip CGImage
FF Javascript Styling issue with text box [closed]
In-process communication between wars in the same container
css higher z-index appears under lower one
More efficient way of updating an attribute on a product, Magento
the Dot Character got encode when encoding a URL by coldfusion
Should I use a HTML5 tag for my search?
C++ compatibility for lightweight web servers
Json Passing in iphone
Load Mof/XMI files into Eclipse via EMF
Missing the last letter off of referring keywords
jQuery UI slider doesn't show
core-data consistency error
effective and pretty string conditions in Java
How to select in jQuery siblings without going on a lower level
sorting is not working [closed]
Can we ad-hoc distribute MAC App?
Howto pass a class name as a variable to another class in ruby
Simulate disk out of space exception
how to schedule an expiration time when the last user leaves the conference asterisk
Spring Autowiring stopped working on GAE
Add domain string to validation messages in CakePHP models
What is sharedUserId in Android, and how is it used?
Revert to previous local version on github
jQuery show/hide on select box - dynamic values
Finding lines missing a bracket
How to log out user from facebook application, but maintain login from facebook
poedit fails with 鈥淯pdating the catalog failed鈥�
poedit fails with 鈥淯pdating the catalog failed鈥�
INSERT statement does not work [closed]
sql truncate date to only hour / minute
How to do find memory leaks for Android application with valgrind
lwuit flashbacklight
is it possible to select one checkbox and deselect the other checkbox? (VBA required)
How do I parse a log line in Java delimited by keywords?
Hpricot / nokogiri - Parse SVG / XML file to get colors used
Extract numbers from a string using Birt Scripting
Selecting distinct JOIN table data in CakePHP
In progress wheel in Dojo
What is the reason to support autobean wrapping in gwt
Load Different headers for Specific Posts in wordpress according to their Category
Broadcast receiver onReceive() never called
Dynamically importing Python modules
How to stop loading images in UIWebView?
integration tests and UI changes
Poblem when display the sqlite database values in Android Listview
No Endpoint mapping found using annotation driven Spring WS with dynamic wsdl and JAXB
How to get city name by ip in google map?
Dynamically created input field using jquery is disabled
Adding a calendar with ACCOUNT_TYPE_LOCAL to Android 4 makes its calendar crash
How do I populate a plist into a UITableView - ios
How to copy text to clipboard from textbox in c# Web application
execute shell command (c)
Trouble jquery ui hover to fetch data from database
ASP.NET time not formatting properly
How to fix this foor loop error in (windows phone)