How to use decrement operator on a static variable in a class
Unlocking tables if thread is lost
Why am I unable to declare a vector global variable?
WCF wsHttpBinding UserName client credentials exceptions
WP7 allow orientation change but not the background image
How to enable Ping(ICMP) on Azure
MIPS Assembly Language Stack Pointer Merge Sort
Flex Mobile : How to skin view?
Logging my step by step code lines in ASP.NET 4?
Save object states in .data or attr - Performance vs CSS?
IE9: loading swf files takes very long
android layout with header, scrollview and footer, footer comes up with keyboard
Server Error in '/' Application MVC3
Selecting unique display names from the following query
Stored procedure with JSON input to create a table definition
PHP retrieving database row counts and executing a file
Find all tables in html using BeautifulSoup
How to use joda time with JPA (eclipselink)?
How to open Dialer Activity from a webviewclient?
Is there any Scheduler control for Vb.Net?
Tests are running on my Ubuntu pc, but not on my Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3, Ruby 1.9.3, Rails 3.2.1
Tests are running on my Ubuntu pc, but not on my Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3, Ruby 1.9.3, Rails 3.2.1
Facebook graph api picture id returns false
Porting Rhino Security to Entity Framework - Why is it not there already?
How to change formatting of part of a sentence?
Batch script - redirecting - possible file lock?
Pass by reference behavior from ncurses
The child view does not rotate from landscape to portrait and visa versa
Save and Load UISwitch state in TableView
build bottom toolbar in HTML and display it on IPHONE
Mat (logic) operator '>=' in OpenCV 2.3
To read an image from Android Emulator
closing http session from other thread
MySQL and PHP - logical condition grouping of linked entities
10,000 + records on html to render quickly
How to disable the copy,past,select,selected all, in safari when I making a Web app?
Two dropdown in a page ( conflict )
UIView create a inner shadow
Converting html webpage into a pdf page(pdf file which user will download)
ERROR 鈥渃annot convert 'float' to 'float鈥�鈥︹�
How to set UIScreen Brightness Using UISlider in iOS4 from Setting.bundle
c++ set<> of class objects. Using own comparer giving error: C2804: binary 'operator <' has too many parameters
Ancestors rebuild from parent id
How can I check in my bashrc if an alias was already set
How to pick random numbers from pot with some winning numbers?
catch DB exception in JSF+EJB application
page curl animation of Webview in android
Knowing which <li> item is selected using PHP and mySQL
ViewPager access inflated view items
Should Python library modules start with #!/usr/bin/env python?
mongodb with short life cycle
UITextField hiding behind keyboard
Accessibility of data member in member function before declaration of data member
JQuery SlideDown and SlideUp within nested DIV tags
Plone email out errors from error_log [duplicate]
Need a custom library for Base 64 URL Safe encoding / decoding
Generate site.xml from existing update site
Which geo service (if any) can return lat-long of the city center and the city radius given the name of a city?
Coding style: Tools to autoformat existing php files automatically?
Blender export to Three.js
If Grid has particular value & Highlight it on form load
MYSQL filter table by related options table with grouped records
Can I get the branch of phone if it sends a message or make a call to me?
Retaining mutable variables in blocks without causing retain cycles in Objective-C
why could my website be 'loading' twice?
Back to top with Jquery Mobile
What's the Best Way to handle file and image loading exceptions?
Is there a possibility to delay a WCF service response without blocking a worker thread
How to handle a listbox keydown event in the viewmodel to delete listItems?
Postgres - array for loop
OnTap and LongPressListener in MapView
Can't send object to SOAP Web Service
Is it navigation style possible in WordPress?
Session timeout not working
Polymorphic behavior with link_to
IronRuby Hash to C# Dictionary
Creating an ActiveX-Control that only provides functions to be called via javascript. Best way to do it?
How to get notification when phone vibrates?
Ksoap backward result
Knockout.js templating - 鈥渟kip鈥�a loop?
How to remove the border around (UITableView) grouped textfields
What is the rationale for requiring data URIs to be Base64 encoded?
Switch between two partial views which are in the same position
Create various APK with various icons and splashscreens
Sorting an XML-doc after simplexml_load_file
xcode 4.3.1 UITabBarController add more UIViewController
Errors while running clsurf
Make seo friendly permalinks(replacing cyrrilic or other non latin chars with latin chars) in Wordpress
Alternatives to PreferenceFragment with android-support-v4
Add thousands seperator to double in c#
Dashboard activities next url throws an error
Linq to Xml, '+' operation inside query expression
Linq vs Lambda-Expressions query execution and 鈥� AS [C1]鈥�meening in executed query
Adjust(Resize) the Copy/Paste action bar context menu on ICS phones/tablets
VirtualTreeView: Check if node is visible
Setting Corners in View [duplicate]
Override/Disable Authorization in ASP.NET MVC 3
getting the c00ce514 error in IE when attemping to load a swf file
gwt asyncCallback with ArrayList<SomeClass> fails when retrieving data
How to close the socket associated with current HttpClient instance? [closed]
Remove a commit from remote git history which I don't have locally
What Communication Protocol does Hyper Terminal Use?
How to get month and year from the date
Why are they not saying 鈥測our password is wrong鈥�
PHP phar possible usage
Compare and Sort String in array list
Execution block error
log4net: Logging works only in the Mainclass
Create zip from multiple files in memory
Will a thread get garbage collected if a thread in java is running and I do not own any Thread references to it
Javascript event listeners
Use runtime optimized Javascript
How can I change the twistie icon in view control?
How to ask IdP for user attributes in SAML
Iframe without src - Can I do it?
Load order of objects in Python pickle
Refactoring/renaming Ocean Workstep derivative classes
Run a query and make it suitable for coding
Getting the values of the parameters passed to the method while handling exception with Spring AOP
Push some data to Lua call function
ASP.NET MVC 3 multiple Models to single Form using DB
file to queue product
Force CompareString to compare accented characters in the first pass?
Ellipsis lists [鈥 and concatenating a list to itself in Python
Drupal 7, Get values of an Entity Reference in a Field Collection
get href of button and img
Trying to sort repeater rows with this jquery
FaceBook like not working properly
Todo list or bug tracking solution in MVC
Convert: Postscript delegate failed
SDL Tridion 2009: Creating components through TOM API (via Interop) fails
simple coffeescript web page
Focus wrongly preserved by Lion
jQuery Button not getting clicked
Download pdf file from php
How to strip a text file into a single line, and then split that into a relevant list in python?
how to make rxvt start as fullscreen?
Global suppression class file for Fxcop
Setting value in an array via reflection
how to call another view by Listeners function in sencha touch
getAddressesHtmlSelect() Change - Magento
php:How to make hierarchy of 115 levels with the different level access privileges at each level.
When adding new Entity with existing referenced entity, EF 4.1 is tring to insert the existing referenced entity to the view
Access GridView inside another GridView from code-behind
Can't marry GIN and custom bean validator in GWT application (compiler error)
How to get Hudson to show details of git repository changes?
Converting SHA1 hash Hex string to decimals using objective C on iPhone
Is it necessary to clearBatch and cancel if connected to Oracle?
Can I disable internet sharing while personal hostpot is running?
Controlling Windows Firewall in C# for Windows 7 and Xp Sp3
MediaRecorder does not record video only recording audio
can i display video call as a part of my android application?
Synchronize two ListView positions when you scroll from both list views Android
how to communicate with the usb port
How to enable multiple TinyMCE in the same form
JCA ManagedConnection lifecycle
WCF Service Not Updating (Multi project, same solution)
Sql Query with Date range
How to find and replace the first match of a BASH variable in a file, when the replacement contains backslashes?
JAVA + Scan document [closed]
Datastore Viewer - Server Error
iPad 3 - no memory warning? [duplicate]
how to determine which anchor in li element is active
Inter Process Communication between 2 running processes
Pik path on a windows machine doesn't work because of space character
KineticJS how animate an image
find button by ID or TAG
How to display rectangle thumbnails for video in android
Detect collision between a CCSprite and a CCMotionStreak
Oracle concurrent programming execution methods
RAILS 3 CSV 鈥淚llegal quoting鈥�is a lie
why can not we AUTO-HIDE ADDRESS BAR when document is ready?
how to get a list of objects, in which each object contains a field with substring 鈥渉o鈥�
Is it a acceptable to hide a property in a derived interface which returns a derived type?
Database connection to remote machine in ruby on rails
How can I crash/kill a running app
Call regsvr32 during installation of Java application
SortedDictionary ContainsKey method wrong?
How to root to the current user's show view in Rails?
Javascript - Object not a collection
Java Generics wildcards and their limitations
NSString to NSNumber with some decimal separator
MYSQL How to make sure multiple associations exist
How to access the user data in redirected page in Facebook
Optimize Delete query with large number of data on oracle
Flex Datagrid Vertical Scrollbar visible but disabled
Running multiple jquery datepicker on a page
Sliding window protocol for Packet Link Layer in TinyOS
Bidirectional Map
unable read xml file in running java project
How to send sessionID from soapui as a request
Indexing an hastable
How to prevent from differentiating 脿 to a
Grails - mapping a many-to-many parents/children relation to a single join table
Linux. Technologies that allow to work with scanner from WEB page?
Android shared preferences retrieve username and password
Theming HTML list (Drupal7, Views)
Sql Injection : want to show a demo of sql injection
jquery multiselect :reload jquery multiselect with other drop down values if last option is selected
Using same query for different DbSets in Entity Framework
working on tables in pdf using python
Remove split view and show another xib in the whole screen
How the C++ complete object stored in memory [duplicate]
nhibernate sessions
How to set apk for both device and tablet versions in market
cmd command in wince7
How to apply pagination to the result of SHOW TABLES query in PHP
PHP : Does serialize cost much performance?
How to understand about AutoFlush property of LogSource
What is the size of new Facebook Page Tab App icon
how can i resize and crop/letterbox image to compleatly fill div with image whatever resize
what is an efficient way to transpose a matrix in a text file?
Suggest me a suitable adapter to pass arraylist containing image url and title to display in listview
Get & format HTML tags from a simple string
How to put custom listview row that has specific text on the top row in listview in android
CALayer presentationLayer is slow and behind time
Vim autocmd (save file, run code formatter, reload file)
Blank Screen with Mobile Web App with Facebook Connect [duplicate]
Url with pseudo anchors and duplicate content / SEO
How to add a new ATL COM class into an existed project via vs2010
Java Dom4j SAXReader and XMLWriter result in multiple linefeeds
In App Purchase Common Practice?
Susy: change the number of columns according to screen size
XMLType pl/sql add child
How to set a variable on node.js if it's name is in other variable?
limiting of strings or numbers in text boxes Java android
Copy table rows between SQL Server CE databases
After closing the app it is launching 2nd activity automatically?
Passenger with NginX not registered as service in Fedora
Are there other ways to introduce a new property/method to a variable in django template?
Android Spinner. How do I delete an item from the spinner?
how i match date or time every time for show alert calender event?
Can I tell if a method needs to return something in ruby?
Need timePicker in Flex 4.5
Python callback ctypes function with va_list
Titanium Mobile fixed backgroundImage between views
create record from XmlAttributecollection
Join tables based on a column without creating records for every combination
Android using custom CursorAdapter with onContentChanged()
Elegant way to represent project state in enum
Why JBoss DefaultDS is required
Break string into list elements based on keywords
how to replace from my string
ASP.NET Web API: Optional Guid parameters
plotting charts in Visual studio
Documents Directory With UIFileSharingEnable [duplicate]
Giving eventhandler to a customized code behind generated button
Hibernate object state
accessing the particular field in the json file using jquery Template
How to initiate a class and use it inside of multiple functions of a class
SVN Branching strategy [closed]
How do I access an inner template typedef present in the members of a variadic template argument pack?
How to get Dervied column in SSIS
how to redirect from one page to another in joomla 1.5
Extracting 鈥渆xtra鈥�docstrings from Python code?
Sencha Touch 2 vs DHTMLX Touch
Installing libcouchbase on CentOS
Copy radio button values with javascript
Processing unstructured data with Hadoop + MapReduce
Flex 3 and Spring 4 Integration POM Dependencies
the height of aspxpopup control didn't change after aspxgridview perform filtering
Is there any way to save Data as Small as Possible in mysql [closed]
Upgrading GhostScript 9.02 to 9.05
Is it possible to store a variable with a variable in a variable?
Java Web Application Performance in Windows 2003 vs Windows 2008
Error matching square bracket literal in string with JS regex
Create javascript object using dotted string
Double Tap with swipe in android?
Facebook share not getting image in wordpress
change templatefield column location in gridview
delete file of network drive in php?
Is this the right way to insert into mysql table using PHP?
Simple CSS & transparent GIF solution to adaptive image scaling
How to add alternate account in openID integration with my rails website
Handling click on 3d object opengl
ruby: Activerecord gives me the object ids of data instead of the data itself from the database
Windows registry
insert multiple data in single field in mysql
Context of API error 1151
drupal q=vectorize-files means which php file? [closed]
Opening an existing file in Java and closing it.
Quickest way to find all regexs in a finite set of regexes that match a given string?
Windows Azure project not found in Eclipse
Javascript , getting the default page name not shown in the browser URL
C# - Capture Output from a Child Window of a new Process
how to get text width in pixel javascript or jquery? [duplicate]
Apply Box Shadow for Select inside P tag
File transfer using smack in android apps.
Magento Theming Extra HTML Wrappers In list.phtml File
C++ CLI System.String^ to MFC LPCTSTR
is there any alternative for ActionBar in 2.2?
DataAdapter.Update() returns 1 without updating database
How to get result in Activity Result of Android?
Unable to play audio in my Java application
Using Ptrace to find out what exactly does the arguments signify for a system call
How to retrieve a list of databases on a specified server in C#?
Fuzzy logic using mysql
Querying a document in MongoDB without discriminator
Who creates the virtual memory in Linux?
Load Balancer in Azure takes into account type of endpoint?
Persistence navigation bar on top of all activities
Simple margin property is displayed properly in IE and FireFox but not in Chrome
How to auto size a row height in apache poi?
Why can't I inhert from a templated superclass in C++? [duplicate]
Fall back for Base64 Encode in http transfer of OpenSSL encrypted messages?
Twitter Bootstrap vs jQuery UI? [closed]
I have an error in main.m 鈥淭hread 1: signal SIGABRT鈥�How can I fix this?
Is there a way to customize the existing Contacts App available on iPhone?
Is there any setting in Vim that let cmdline be on top of statusline?
Drupal Custom Module: How to Throw error When User Not select Checked box
information regarding ndk-stack while using native android lib
Auto Suggest PHP Code Like Google Search
How to take screenshot of Android(Emulator) using this library and where can i get the screenshots
List loop in python
Replace a SQLite database at runtime
How to synchronize phone contacts with xmpp server contacts?
SvnAnt not working on open suse 11.4
Images for Responsive / Adaptive Web with JS
How to do unlike the wall post which is like by the user in facebook using the graph API [closed]
is that UIWebView player a MPMoviePlayerController instance, and how to get a reference to that instance?
Searching a string in multiple files in a directory in UNIX
compress text before storing in mysql database
when and why do use JumboEnumSet
Escaping html in soap
QStyledItemDelegate's sizeHint method not called for a QTableView row
Two Annotation Pins at a time in MKMapView
How to use a loop to execute result in different arrays of different id
How do I make my working directory update automatically whenever I push to a bare repository?
uiwebview doesnt respond to orientation change
Deploying web app on Stratos Live
can iPhone 51. simulator work as iphone 4s
Mysql selecting unique values
@JsonFilter, Customization and performance
Validate password in form with encryted password in database using Hash sha-512
Delete single occurrence of recurring event in blackberry calendar programmatically
text box decimal format fixing
Creating a new row of UIButton programmatically
If condition's logic is not working
Incorrect time with NSDate
App main menu not forwarded
Warning: Ignoring InnerClasses attribute for an anonymous inner class(org.ksoap2.transport.KeepAliveHttpsTransportSE$1)
how to access files from sftp server?
ASP.NET MVC 3 Validation on Nested Objects not working as expected - validates child object twice and not parent object
Custom TableView issue
Why am I experiencing these problems using IE8?
RSACryptoPad gives different results each time
why does inline instance creation behave different?
(OpenGL 3.1 - 4.2) (GLSL) Efficient Uniform Variables?
mysql in xampp starts and stops in five seconds
Wifi and LAN at same time
Unresolved prefixed name: rdfs:subClassOf in SPARQL query
SAML in StackOverflow? [closed]
Compare two arrays and list common entries
How to select multiple date in calendar and display it in label
Separate product catalog website and customer registration for two customer type
pagination with wordpress in wordpress page
How to continuously check for text change event in android ?
inter process communication messages are exceeding limit
How to delete clearcase views created by other users?
Service Not Available When Request Country Name in Map Activity Android
Nagle's algorithm is turned on or off with Play framework/Netty?
create / open database after closing
unable to find cxf-manifest.jar in cxf_home/lib
How can i show product details in Pop up rather than redirecting to another page in Virtue Mart
SimpleDateFormat change date while converting it to String
Android home screen like navigation in view flipper
How do i add an NFC reader/writer to a tablet?
how to copy whole directories using FTP commands
use a pre-built database in app in android phone
how to use real time index in sphinx with SQL Server 2008?
Check if a letter is in a bidimensional list
To store selected value from dropdown list in mvc3 nhibernate
How to automatically merge .hgtags in Mercurial?
Deathmatch: Self Executing Anonymous Function -vs- 鈥渘ew function鈥�
accessing matlab arrays
How to get folder root from url?
How to access text file using AS3?
How to show more than one text item in an Android/Java listview?
Drools rule 鈥渘ot exists鈥�
Not able to get the json response
Property access to class methods in Cocoa (Objective-C)
Is It necessary to release the memory of View using IBOutlets?
how to get the photos from Picasa for my iphone app and how to integrate?
Rendering PDF without going back to server (wicked_pdf)
reading multiple lines in file upload
to_xml method throwing (wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)) exception in Rails 3.1.1
How to build into Desktop Java?
VB scripting set delay between commands
ThinkingSphinx indexing where condition is in joined table
How to display error message in popup jquery
How to put hover on <img src=鈥溾�> tag?
problems using MergeSorter in java
Java TCP SO_RESUEADDR, cannot connect
Unable to read cookie in UIWebview browser with document.cookie
Giving credentials for a url in cron job
Can I use hibernate query language for entities not mapped to a table?
youtube iframe api loadVideoById() error
Adding to .data using javascript
Loading and Parsing xml file using JavaScript in PhoneGap Application
Facebook friends invite - Changing link of Skip button for friends invite?
How can I format a timestamp from MySQL in PHP?
accessing the json file in jquery template
undefined reference to gotoxy in C
XPath functions URL with fn prefix does not work
error on uploading Video to Youtube failedWithStatus:400 [duplicate]
Using BLOB in where clause in MySQL
pass JSON string to a javascript function
Opscode Chef for Amazon EC2
displaying multiple view files on a single page -Rails
Retweet using CURL
Install Specific Git Branch
php strtotime return 1970-01-01
SSIS file move and rename
How do you compare several pupils to a column?
can any one tell me why 鈥淴509_verify 鈥�function returns -1 .?
Why scalatest mixes up the output?
Need some update on Barcode activity with .NET (C#) for web application
Sip Manager api support
ASPxMemo get key pressed
Not able to get javascript running when used with ascx control
Control Scheduling in JasperReports Server
Code Igniter 2.0 session issue
modifying xml on the fly
Do you need Excel for the Xceed DataGrid ExcelExporter?
Opera Top position rendering issue
key Equiv. for nsbutton is not working properly for multiple nsbuttons
Out of 10, 3 times I get this error : Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80040e10' No value given for one or more required parameters
How to avoid race condition if several clients select in MySQL?
Drawing on a canvas
error Bad request for field slot 0,-1
Programmatically move the pin in digdog MapKitDragAndDrop framework
Implement IEquatable for POCO
URLDownloadToFile halts if limited bandwidth in VB 6.0
How to call method in file .aj in spring roo project?
Ruby on Rails Change Order of Custom Model Validations
Launch Application after Installation is complete
iphone dev showing date and time in Push notification
convert amount from numeric to words in xcode
Openssl sha256 does not give standard output
mvc default model binder only binds first word of a string?
form element class is not loaded zf after uploading in dev server [duplicate]
Facebook login button not rendring in thickbox
List files in dropbox folder
url share on the facebook but title is change in share link
How does an Objective C subclass initialize method calls the superclass's initialize method
Regular Expression in CS: data extraction
.net SqlCommandTimeOut and the connection pool
Powershell CMDLET return property values AD/User
How to create inverted cone graph using iPhone SDK?
Create Pedometer using PhoneGap
Object serialization query and class path
Preferring the latest jar in a sea of dependencies (java)
PHP isset($_SESSION[$var]) Not working at all
How Shazam or Sound Hound works?
Calling methods after comparing string objects from NSArray Cocoa
How to show audio files in a listview in Android?
Running a JUnit test case concurrently [closed]
What is compatible incompatible objects in java? [closed]
Auto send SMS through app when Network Signals are available
SQL Server SqlClient strange exception of conversion
exchange 2010 sp1 - mailbox export stuck in queue
Displaying File Icon in Linked Data Source
ID Provider in SAML
How to use a column of one table into another in SQL server 2008 R2
Qt - main() function of referenced project covering main() of the actual project
ASP.NET: UpdatePanel only updates once
Format number with + and - sign
Why memory functions such as memset, memchr鈥�are in string.h, but not in stdlib.h with another mem functions?
Bulk update using self join in Oracle
How to convert existing redmine wiki from textile to markdown?
WPF. Bind to height of cell in GridViewColumn?
What happen when we define two classes with same name in CSS file?
How do you draw a shape on a ListView in Android
How to give condition for null values of multi select parameter in Ireport?
C++ LPCTSTR to char*
c++ or c pow giving wrong result
how to draw line chart using jqplot having flot point of series for y-axis
Cut URL by jquery if ULR have two part same
Group row summary in Reporting Services
Naming Conventions in C# - underscores
jQuery-appended HTML elements do not pick up CSS styles with crate & clj-js
Can geoNear in MongoDB return a subset of fields in a document?
Make a htaccess file which will give redirect to child folder index page
Porting a tabBar iphone app to iPad
Why must a nonlinear activation function be used in a backpropagation neural network?
print only part of JSON string
Class 鈥�lt;CLASS_NAME>鈥�nether has a main method nor its servlet specified in file web.xml
In HPSM 9.20, Is there any web service method for getting new incidents
Higlight words in the search results of solr
Changing clipboard after FileSystemEventHandler
How to develop custom widget plug-in in Qt?
Can an abstract class be member of other concrete class as composition relationship ? c++
Perl DBD can't connect to MySQL on a 64-bit machine
How do you pass a variable while using simplexml_load_file?
Threads/Process comparison on Linux/Windows
C# Encoding that Allow Any Hexadecimal Value
Java android xml textbox has no text = no button hit
jQuery JSONP request timeout on second request
How to call servlet from JSF?
Passing data from view to view?
HTML semantics: Is it a good idea to put links (anchor elements) in headings?
Alchemy api usage in python
How can i run a service on Boot
Can I combine 4.0 with classic asp, or can I convert classic asp to
Check for empty XML element using XSLT
FreeRTOS stay in infinitly in for loop for semaphore in vListInsert function
class design for wrapper around unmanaged code
HtmlHelper rendering Dictionary 鈥渒eys鈥�and 鈥渧alues鈥�as attributes
Go back to previous activity without touching the current
Complex Type Array nusoap and iPhone parsing
how to Create Array Group
Workflow in SugarCRM is sending too many e-mails?
Industrial practice for Rails 3 assets management
How to execute postscript file to a particular page number?
How to build for release in Xcode 4.3?
View SQL on Groovy script save
XMPP chat client in Windows Phone 7.5
click any li, know which one, do something accordingly
Is there an NCPDP implementation reference standard?
Is there any way to emulate bad blocks?
apply xslt to xml content
how to convert unix timestamp to datetime in django's templete?
Fire Event execute multiple time. titanium android
Apply a different CSS width property based on browser? (IE8, FF)
Data binding using jTtemplates with object
checking textbox as null or not java android
make Chatiing page via SMS like in android inbox
How to show results to users that can be editable? [closed]
Trouble with virtualenv on Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2
How can I make the keyboard of other text field disappear while accessing other text field
Selenium vs. WebDriver, any obvious advantages?
Why is this UIView not presenting in front of a UITableView?
Deobfuscate/Parse String
resizing images to fit multiple screen sizes
How to use NITF in iPhone
how to include jquery library to a pure javascript file
mvaayoo api issue for sending messages from a website
Codesign Check Fails . Code Object is not Signed at all In architecture: armv7
How to play more than two songs using AVAudioPlayer
retrieving the default outlook email account using Redemption
how to handle HTTPErrorException in php
how to set background color as a clear color of searchbar
What's the technique to let user paint on a view?
String to image
How UserNamePasswordValidator reads username password from SOAP header?
Can more than one Web Services be called at the same time from iPhone?
How to get the scrolling direction in iScroll
How can i detect USB is inserted or not for linux in C
for 'FyTek.PDFMeld' - Deployment issue in Windows 2008 R2
where are the windows users names stored in xp鈥�
android opengl rendering garbage
@folder and +folder
How to select a group of characters in a string using regular expression
Java php find similar words
how to shutdown-restart-hibernate-stand by-log off computer using Process.Start()?
鈥渟td::鈥�data-structure with sorting/ordering, existance tests, and head/tail access?
Does Face Detection require a SurfaceView to work?
Loop logic goes wrong while adjusting array
Yql and paypal transactions
how to set the value of len(list_name)鈥�
ArrayList displaying only the last value of index
Design view of android text box width, height and text size
How to attach an empty div at the bottom of the page regardless of positioning of body
Drupal move from subdirectory
Selecting range of dates from sqlite database
Unknown host exception thrown once in while
how to update only the updated rows in gridview?
How to clear the listbox after deletion of item using sqlite in windows Phone 7?
Save a (.txt) file to the Assets Folder in Android?
mergeSort implementation to find number of inversions not working when trying to read from a file
StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in android
Echoing a string of data from within an include
How to get voice in raw format by using mic in linux
Code for reading an XML file into a DataTable
How to make hardware sizing sheet? [closed]
Read metadata from full Ajax websites
Footer Fade in and then out
IEnumerable C# Class How-to
Why is mcrypt_encrypt() putting binary characters at the end of my string?
emulator: WARNING: Unable to create sensors port: Connection refused
Truncate (not round) decimal places in sprintf?
Capturing multiple webcams (uvcvideo) with OpenCV on Linux
Activity has leaked IntentReceiver
Converting String to Type class object
capistrano, :db role, what's it for?
Adding Custom UIButton To subView
join multiple jpeg images with low or constant memory footprint
CSS background image with 100% width and animate scroll until the image finishes
Parser Error 鈥淭here is an error in XML document (0,0)鈥�Salesforce Wsdl
How do you sign an app with a debug key that has system (signature) permissions
What is the motivation behind Pearson's coeficient in Apache Mahout
Incorporating a workflow Initiation Infopath form in Visual Studio 2010 for Sharepoint 2010
How to ensure jquery-ui datepicker degrades gracefully to HTML5 date select?
Update spinner items based on the selected item of another spinner
display uiprogressbar in uitable cell for iphone app
How to combine two separate unrelated Git repositories into one with single history timeline
Set maven to use archiva repositories WITHOUT using activeByDefault?
Using recursion to to trim a binary tree based on a given min and max value
How do i close the alert dialog that displays custom view
Is allocating a dynamic array without specifying size well formed code?
Get most commented status in facebook using fql
How I translate mysql database/table data to cassandra data files鈥�
I want to move div back left
Solr live search using ExtJs4
Word Similarity using Gensim Python [closed]
CSS: 鈥淎ND鈥�and + operator?
linked server created through windows auth but not with sql auth
Alert dialog using fragments?
Apache Mina - Multiple small write to client
stop me before I reinvent the wheel (iOS > php > sql) [closed]
my application crashes when using sql cipher
Isotope 鈥淕etting Data鈥�Code
Validation for integer number
first-class function
How do we know if a service has stopped in a bound and unbound service?
JPA/Hibernate Join Query
Maximum size of document directory in Iphone?
How to pass complex data between Service and Activity?
Epoll epollin read data
CSS background-color transition not working
PhoneGap for Android does not accept the 9 key
Enforce user to enter specific date format
Assetic Dump error : facebook cURL
Restkit cannot read valid json?
Killing applet through javascript
Grails-Jersey: How to resolve dependency
Dynamic Group Indicator for ExpandableList View
Bug when set up -setWantsLayer: on Lion
Spring Security 3 not work with JDK 1.7
Any line by line debugging method in Xcode?
Get user name of comment in comments table FQL
Listview is empty after OnResume in android
Bank details searching with spring, jpa hibernate, struts2 integration is not well
How to find memory leak in java using JProfiler?
How to add tag to document in doc library through programming in liferay?
How to develop sharepoint application on a client machine
Mixed Mode RVM giving error when used in init script
jquery get all plugins installed into object
Back button : hitting back button not taking me to my last activity
Sorting a Vector Containing Pointer to Struct VS Struct
To read an image file from Android Emulator
How to export wcf service method return value to another wcf service
When click on button (button in cell) that particular cell should be changed?
Creating a dropdown list in MVC nhibernate
How do I remove some numbers in a string in [closed]
query each month record in the table by linq
C++ Struct inheritance in Cython
Set multiple images on screen supporting multiple density
update data in java class as per change in attribute in the xml file
How to get the height of table in Jquery
鈥渕ust implement inherited abstract method鈥�
Can we use libemu library in JavaScript
Ignoring SQLPLUS commands in JDBC
C# Excel Interop: how can I 鈥済et鈥�a table that is already in a worksheet?
Alternate to Facebook login authentication iFrame
Update html attribute in java
Looking up arrays
How to run a function when an Express server starts up?
How can I get updated column names from different tables and insert their data with column name in a single history table in SQL Server?
Automatic id rename after title change
holes in NSRect
Why is this HTML5 geolocation-dependent javascript code erring?
PHP : How to echo different case of Mysql result into table?
how to get contacts from google contacts programmatically in android
A single Nokogiri rake task to scrape all Groupon deals?
GWT and CSS Development Best Practices
Can't find SBCallAlertDisplay in ios5 SpringBoard headers
jQuery ajax load page with external page attached
Events On element not being called, but I can confirm that they have been attached
meaning of segment outgoing in expedia air api result
Jquery slideder effects
git option to only add or only subtract the changes
Is there ANY way to compare two void pointers to assert the same type in C?
How to reinitialize an array in pure C exactly ( not C++ )?
Window draging with arrow icon
Which of this two Java snippets is faster as converting a string to a long?
Time intensive computations and SWT
NSDate, comparing two dates [duplicate]
Cucumber-rails required outside of env.rb. The rest of loading is being defered until env.rb is called
How to install latest libcurl on debian server?
, operator , ++ and I operator
Facebook timeline icon
Issue with translating a delegate function from c# to for use with Google OAuth 2
what are protocols used during accessing email via web browsers?
Modifying a makefile to compile .cc and .cpp files
APK 50meg+ Expansion Packs and Flash
鈥淎nd鈥�condition in C#/LINQ Query
pointers and memory addresses
Regular expression groups for multiple matches in javascript
Log to SQL Azure using Enterprise Library 5 works from dev computer but not from web role
How are newlibc stubs supposed to be included/linked into one's code
Bulk inserts with Sitecore Rocks
Get SQL Server database backup size in .Net
Visual Studio 2008 Setup Project not deleting file when uninstalling
Global Set of variables for android app and modify them in different activities
Adding buttons dynamically to a UIScrollView which changes to fit the number of buttons using Objective-C
AS3 seeing every score
limiting fields returned from a mongoid polymorphic relation
create a dynamic url in codeigniter like facebook
A try-catch method in while loop?
pptp server change location of chap-secrets file
Filter mysql query via drop down PHP
I have 3 text elements that i want to link to certain div's once hovered, The below code works, but what would be a better way to script this?
Magento product zoom files
How to query when joining 3 queries into 1 table?
Magmi configurable simple link?
Excel files are not supported in SSIS
Are there any drawbacks of developing for Android in NetBeans?
facebook open graph, post to timeline/wall
How to store and retrieve pictures using PHP?
How to create a concatenated string of row values based on flags in SQL Server
python member variable of instance works like member variable, and some works like static variable
how to enable nebula widgets in designer's palette of Eclipse Indigo
Android - can't combine views
Finding local maxima in a 2D array
Smoothies charts with json live data
Accessing Multidimensional array with Codeigniter
how to manage an NDC-like log4net stack with async/await methods? (per-Task stack?)
How to convert S57 chart to PNG image using the ogr2ogr
yiiadmin how to start
Two Hard-coded Arrays OF DIFFERENT SIZES into One 2-Dimensional Vector
Design practice for container class with multiple collections which reference each other
How to Get Global Article Parameters in Joomla?
TFS Burndown chart doesn't appear to be correct - potential bug
R/GIS: Find orthogonal distance between a location and nearest line
Frequent uploading failures, corrupted files
How find table column with different values -rails
Python list to insert to other table or list
has_many with foreign key in own table as an array?
Drawing an arc in java script but it doesn't appear
delete the char type array
Specify scope for eval() in JavaScript?
Rails: How do you associate a stylesheet to a layout?
How do I reload a session based on sid? (expressjs and connect-mongo)
How do I enable continuous deployment of Node.js applications to Amazon EC2?
Need suggestions for designing a content organizer
xcode array of Arrays and UITableViews
Complex WHERE clause in MySQL query - [Use VLOOKUP in MySQL]
Static HTML files issue in spring 3
Reversing for loop causing system errors
path tracing program in android
sql select statement by choosing min timestamp value
How to increment number in string using Javascript or Jquery
Jquery UI isn't loading in ASP.NET page
maven error 鈥淭he POM for 鈥�is missing鈥�- right after maven downloads the pom
Optimising Postgresql Queries
Passing variable parameters to a method
How to change node.js's console font color?
Parse output of spawned node.js child process line by line
Multiple locks locking the same functions C# .Net
css firebug where is this negative position coming from
How to navigate to another page on onRowSelect
How do you add extra binaries to an android build? [closed]
Is there a way to set attr_accessible by default in a rails project with Mongoid?
Why is the solr synonym filter not working?
Beginning with Ruby on Rails. How do Gemfile and how gems work when specifying versions to download?
How do I delete a session key in Django after it is used once?
Django Form not saving to MySQL
using C++ vector as a buffer
Django + Pipeline to compress css: 404 for the output_filename css file
a program changing string Upper char to Lower char get error
Heroku Search to EC2
Change color of area chart programmatically in highcharts
LostFocus Event of Textfield in xcode
Android- Flip horizontal animation between two images
ESAPI for PHP nonexistant?
ESAPI for PHP nonexistant?
Stylesheet path incorrect after page postback in IE7, IE8
appending an <object> dynamically in IE doesn't work
How to set IIS website's default encoding?
Why am I segfault'ing when replacing poll() with zmq_poll() in glib main context?
Where is the build and go button?(xcode 4.1) [closed]
Javascript inheritance with a priviledged function
Getting yellow UIBarButtonItem button like Photos app?
How do I fix the location of fancybox 2.0 buttons?
Trying to work with NSString but I'm having problems compairing two strings.
Changing access permission on required library in Eclipse
Language switcher - link changes URL
How to define error-handling logic at the server level
Can someone help me connect the dots? BroadcastReceiver(sms_received) + Device admin(lock screen) + disable Home/other menu buttons Activity
Execution expired exception crashing Ruby thread, but Timeout::Error is handled
Backbone multiple collections fetch from a single big JSON file
Add data into php mysql with single quotes
How to submit form from javascript include inside of a .net page
Binary Tree Insertion Pointer Issue
How to start WSO2 ESB with different Synapse configuration like the samples?
css callback for webkit mozilla animation
Can a SP request on behalf of the user using SAML
C++ Mistaking a string for a char
split method in javascript?
Command Line: Create File Named With Date/Time
Using a for loop to iterate through xml
Drupal hook_form_alter: how to target only node/edit and NOT node/add. Aso, why #disabled doesn麓t work?
Why bother using ArrayList(int capacity)?
Python access to NFS quota information?
The import javax.servlet.annotation cannot be resolved
Repeater ItemCommand doesn't work when linked to the page
php comparing two numbers together
How to load tableviewcontroller using uibutton
Database query to get the most recently updated entity
Replace IPs with Hostnames in a log
Storyboard - How to design offscreen content?
Expandable listview data model design
Getting SelectedIndexChanged event of checkboxlist using javascript
android - looking for information on a certain type of menu
how I can design area based phone textbox in html
Non-Terminating Decimal Error Even With MathContext
Can't change an Image from a listview
How to find the id of dragged control
grabbing an image from a facebook url without cURL
Google maps with destination textboxes
What Cucumber tags are commonly used? 鈥淗ow鈥�鈥淚n which ways鈥�I 鈥渃ould鈥�鈥渟hould鈥�use those?
How can a single view access multiple models in mvc3
Eclipse/JBoss Deployment of a JSP
Could not initialize JBossWorkManagerTaskExecutor because JBoss API is not available: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
MYSQL row fails to update with serialized array
C# dynamic field depending on 鈥淭鈥�type, without hardcoding
sizeof() of 2 dimensional charecter array shows wrong o/p
Compiling ICU for Android: error: 'ICU_Utility' has not been declared
Set the rotation point for CSS object
Cant print iteration time inside the view
Can Django write JSON to an input and use it in a template as well as read it back?
rails migration failing silently
Why is my long polling code for a notification system not updating in real time? PHP MYSQL
What's the meaning of 鈥淭his method is not thread safe.鈥�
Email Validation with Character Limit
how to implement the google-api-client-1.7.0 in java
Clear interval and variables: clearinterval fails
how to convert generics in java?
grid of cubes android opengles
Lazy Initialization - Hibernate
c programming issues going from linux to visual studio 2010 on windows 7
Where do I put 鈥淲SGIPassAuthorization On鈥�
Setting up Odata on a linux server? Or parsing odata with php?
Detect shared_ptr class member reference with g++
tar the files in a directory and put the archive in another directory
Unexpected result of my DFS tree (C++)
Issue with scrollarea in pyqt?
ImageView Share Intent
Finding what violated StrictMode policy
MonoTouch.Dialog: Sub Section BackgroundView?
Correct answer before return, incorrect after return
linked list print every nth integer method
Can you access the data in a php variable from a script? [duplicate]
Entity Framework Code First Migrations - Can I target previous migration
Is there a python equivalent to perl's module-starter?
How to get javascript to receive data from cpp program?
Generic GLSL Lighting Shader
Using unity interception to solve exception handling as a crosscutting concern
Kohana 3.1 ORM - Conditional Parameters
Tomcat - The system cannot find the file specified
Passing a date parameter to an in-line Table-Valued-Function is sloooww
Bundler is not 鈥渂undling鈥�sqlite3
copy contents of range object (Excel column) to an array via javascript
submit form using Jquery Ajax Form Plugin and php?
Qunit testing fails because document.get* won't work on test html page.
Rake 0.8.7, rake aborted! uninitialized constant Rake::DSL
diff between various frameworks for iOS game development?
Core Data Insertion Error
Rails / MySQL - saving the total of an order is doubling the line items
Rake db:create mysql/rake version issues
Understanding the MVC design pattern in Cocoa Touch
bypass joomla menu system
How to make to combine time_select into one drop down menu?
Bind dialogopen event
Extracting links from HTML
Extracting links from HTML
How do I determine the memory layout of a structure?
Binary Search Algorithm Confusion
Parse multipart/form-data from PUT request
Review First Project Structure
Show Users I Haven't Voted On - MySQL
Makefile with coqtop -R coqdir
Adding pluggin to a wordpress static font page
XNA game embedded in website
How to use @dynamic in Objective-c? [closed]
Syntax error in mysql trigger
Fail to open excel file using Process.Start() in .Net4.0
Boost ASIO IO_SERVICE Implementation?
How to retrieve Map Annotation coordinates?
Easier way to widen/shrink panel in Emacs
Need help coming up with query to find something that is in everything
Where is MATLAB Application Type Library?
Get Result of ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript alert
jQuery selector efficiency
Get list of certain field back
What event is raised when a user interacts with the DateTimePicker control?
SQLite delete for Android
Sqlite database on devices without sdcard
Fast scroll thumb disappears while scrolling AlphabetIndexer
about bluetooth chat application
How to limit the char size in a string stored as elements of an ArrayList in Java?
Best practice when it comes to Creating Intents
utf8 on in dancer but not script
Pattern Matching - Prolog vs. Haskell
MVC3 with Razor - Avoid multiple javascript functions definitions on partial views
add a number on the android application launch icon
how to draw 8bit colored pixel in java programming
Android & RoboGuice - Inject views on Fragment?
Ruby installation fails
WCF Serialization Exception - NetDataContractSerializer
How to send email with attachment using mysql query
Displaying AppBar at the bottom of Page
Writing canvas data to a string and displaying it in a browser
Eclipse type var
sed ignore line starting with regex
How can a class have a member of its own type, isnt this infinite recursion?
RadGrid displays value twice (duplicate) in a row?
Looking for an efficient way to check for file existence on Windows with files on a SAN
CSS drop down submenu positioning off on Mac
Java GUI Netbeans, display output in textarea from class in another package
AJAX form autofill suggestion
Determine free memory available in JavaScript for iPhone web app?
Is there a way to dynamically customize the Salesforce Outbound message endpoint
How to create cross-tab report as the following report?
bash: pip: command not found
Multiple target with different display name for different language [duplicate]
Can't install perl with perlbrew
How to convert from date to unix_timestamp using javascript
Detecting Items in a Printer Queue Using Java
How to use module structure for two sites sharing the same admin and model/DB?
Android Default Toggle Button Showing Through
Excel formula for the generation of a pattern
Objective C - UIWebview to load only a certain part of the webpage?
Iterate over the first n elements of an array
Linux time report - How to interpret?
SQL Server 2008 Finding the user
Open htaccess password protectected page with no prompts
Compiling ICU for Android: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '*' token
How to set selected value on DropDownList edit template?
Downloading images inside CSS files
Starting AnimationDrawable in ListView items. When are the items attached?
Mongodb - update partial number of documents
Get the path of python console commands installed as 'entry_points' with distribute
Loading TinyMCE globally for Rails app
Using git to maintain a website
Columnar browsing interface library for hierarchical data using jQuery?
How can I restrict a MySQL user to a particular tables
Determine if color is closer to white or black?
Boost ability to save an unordered_map to disk
How to drop fields in database of drupal 7
Alias to 'cd' Command with Subshell Not Working as Expected
High-level system language that compiles to c?
Java: Getting A String From An Arraylist
Exporting codeigniter made websites
I'm having an issue inserting an if conditional w/in a jquery function
Too late for -CSD
Using QT Unit Tests in a project - conflicting main(鈥� functions
Facebook Like button shows url for my dev site
CSS: Background-image not showing
Some (random) textures rendering upside down in OpenGL?
Building Array in forloop
Creating HibernateTemplate by org.springframework.orm.hibernate4.LocalSessionFactoryBean
Foreach and modification to iteration variable
How to clear the session using a button and javascript
How to validate multiple emails using Regex?
optimizing openGL ES 2.0 2D texture output and framerate
Jacobi Iterative Method. (Help me with the output)
Prolog- Loading A Library from a File
Constraint on a character varying using numbers
commiting different projects in netbeans to different svn branches
sql query update row if contains variable from array
How to use Reverse Proxy for SSL with AppEngine and use Users service?
Compiling ICU for Android: __timezone' was not declared in this scope
If parent class has X then do this, else this
Passing a querystring to an Ajax loaded Jquery modal dialog
Testing whether a .NET application is running with full trust
Any suggestions for a responsive grid that will adapt text size and layout for different browsers?
Twiiter Bootstrap (Button Dropdown) + Div Fixed
fb:comments-count tag not working in razor view
do nested objectify transactions remain atomic - or do they work
Android fragments not saving states, crashing on rotation/screen lock/back
Choosing only certain children of models in Rails
How to combine more than 2 Microsoft Access tables into one table?
Javascript / CSS3 transition problems
Autoplay help Javascript and Iframe
How to save .pdf file from server to client side?
Wifi Enabling broadcast coming late
Is there such a thing as a 'catch all' JavaScript error handler?
[android]Error import existing project into other computer
How to get rid of this infinite loop in my code? (Making a number guessing game program)
jQuery: Chrome Issue
having problems with mergesort algorithm
Very simple regex
Selected Spinner array into TextView
Prevent iPad UIAlertView from dismissing when clicked outside of it?
How can I reference a variable by name using another variable in jQuery?
J2ME HttpConnection on motorola i290
how does this site crop its images to make them line up so perfectly vertically?
JPA search child class
Call a method whose name is contained within a string? [duplicate]
Make locally deployed module join the process on integration environment easily
How to determine IP of client at server via Netty proxy?
Match and replace string in text using regular expressions
Twitter Bootstrap - nav bar issues in internet explorer