Cannot Join on @JoinColumn which is @Id
What is the fastest way to the delete lines in a file which have no match in a second file?
How to Use Inheritance in JavaScript with Constructor Methods Returning Object Literals with Private Properties?
How to select all children of an element with javascript and change CSS property?
Updating views from IBAction methods, clarification needed
How to change Label value in MVC2
Is there any open source project that can be used as an online travel website?
Java equation / expression builder
Will a table with varchar(255) PRIMARY KEY hurt anything?
rails file location
Why isn't my function generalized intuitively?
How to find asymptotic order of a function?
cudaFree blocks
Java - Creating Github v3 Public Key
Regex in R to limit one term AND another not OR another
How to render PNG image from DFX file by using kabeja package?
Should I use DynamoDB or stick with MySQL via webservice for my mobile app syncs
Handle DONE buttons and video finish playing events in UIWebview
simple_form + bootstrap, premature validation
Python Error: Int object not subscriptable
Python Error: Int object not subscriptable
Is memcache data saved even after server restart?
jquery ajax method is not working in my jsp page
Automatic Typing Textarea/input/form in JavaScript
excel application methods and properties via activexobject
How to recursively expand blank nodes in SPARQL construct query?
Test if control is in GroupBox
Exporting Relation in YII into Excel
Using the ns() function from the splines package inside glm()
gotoandstop problems actionscript 3
What do I supply to Moq for my Generate() method's delegate parameter?
How to name classes with similar semantic in Java? [closed]
Processing JSON output from mysql through php
Why would appendChild disregard zIndex?
MKAnnotation view's frame is not being converted properly
Trying to parse all URLs from a file or in this case a remote URL
using timespec struct in multimap, where and/or how to define operator<
Detecting private API's in my application - Beginner
Get/change my app's namespace?
Expressjs with Connect basic auth won't set request user
How can I define a global variable in object-oriented javascript function better
Use of ProgressDialog at the beginning of the activity 鈥淢ain鈥�with the call has several functions
Fluid or fixed grid system, in responsive design, based on Twitter Bootstrap
Django on Heroku, url template tag causes 'ParseResult' object not callable
A number of dropdown boxes - only wish to get data from one. How?
Graph API Data Format List?
Using StreamTokenizer to read a structured file
C++ code help for C#
Finding 3 equal consecutive numbers in two different Arrays. Java
Should I normalize or de-normalize?
Creating a VIEW that RESTRICTS user access to certain hours
File download with token - Secure [directory] files with nonces
DIALOG DOWNLOAD PROGRESS always shows 100% on second download attempt
Parsing Xsd for attributes in C#
Querying a RETS provider on demand of data
Creating my first JSP, but Build.xml
Testing quality of PRNGs
Error Launching MacOS application built with Clang
Rails 3.2.2 with Twitter Bootstrap Tabs Ajax not working
Google Maps API Positioning Issue
Java TFTP implementation with std libs - how to ack packets?
What happens to the signal/slot connection if the pointer is pointing to a new object
Pagination with ItemsCollection#query?
Is there a large precision library for C that handles irrational numbers?
mvc specific layout with views
Transfer all blog posts to another wordpress database using mysql
Imagick, unable to load dynamic library due to no suitable image (wrong architecture)
How to parse multiple rows (strings) in Sybase?
MKMapView Latitude and Longitude Coordinates
Expand to fit in an overflowed container
Running db:reset on Heroku results in syntax error
Adding HTML tags to items pulled through a databse using Javascript?
fixed floating div scrolling
Java Scanner with InputStream not working
Codeigniter, Trying to get property of non-object
Vim - changing to normal mode is slow on large PHP files with syntax highlighting enabled
Where to get advenaced htaccess turorials
combres creates links to files in head element but page renders with no styles or scripts
How to get derivative of a function in MATLAB?
C# Decompilation
Scala - Creating a basic dynamic function parser
rails multiple joins and functions
EJB Accessing Stateful Session Bean NameNotFoundException
convert source code (mypackage.tar.gz) to window installation ( in R
Retina iPad Specific CSS
Node.js and faceted search
How to control the orientation of the status bar of device while controlling the device orientation?
Get nearby places without using user's access token
What is a recommended way to write MySQL queries neatly to improve readability? [closed]
jQuery appended element click selecting parent too
NDK - Use of a .so file in a c file
Active record. Model.Find.last
joomla - menu items - category blog
Composite key as foreign key (sql)
Upload pictures but don't show an update on the wall
can an alert or notification call up a certain view when opening a app or bringing it out of suspension?
stable_sort within a class
MusicPlayer only plays one track
Getting attr value and
My checkbox will not check when clicked
Center logo in html5 boilerplate
How to enable SSL support on DISQUS?
Handling blank columns in PHP table generation from an array
Pull data from html javascript nodejs?
High resolution/retina display app icon file names for the new iPad
Orchard - saving feedback form record to a database
pthread_create and pthread_join for some simple functions
insert image into text buffer
R: finding an archived package in RCRAN Archives (splines)
Django: For loop in tag displaying different information
updating classic asp method, streaming .exe file to user
Kinect + OpenCV + OpenNI Fun Time
Map network drive: 鈥渘et.exe USE鈥�vs WshNetwork.MapNetworkDrive?
SWI setting R0 to 0
Colorize STDIN in terminal
ASP.NET MVC 4 Minification & Background Images
How can I debug a .NET exception when there is 鈥淣o Source Available鈥�
Importing everything to the current namespace from a module in ipython
When and why would you not use task-base asynchronous programming in C# 5.0 ASP.NET MVC 4 or Web API
ifstream_iterator and ifstream
ORM for postgresql/node.js
Redirecting pointers in C memory leak
Take screenshot programmatically, without the status bar
How to exclude <input type=鈥渉idden鈥�gt; from a for each loop in PHP
XSLT 2.0 and JDeveloper 11g
Passing 'currently selected row' to new view controller (kinda works - lags 1 behind)
How does Sencha Touch 2 build iOS apps on Windows?
How to fix broken VS2010 setup project after installing VS 11 Beta
How to construct a matrix based on an array in numpy?
What is WM_KEYDOWN in c++
Simple prolog program. Getting error: >/2: Arguments are not sufficiently instantiated
CakePHP Subdomain Routing & Misc
Requery a Sub Table in Access Using VBA
Sin function not giving correct answer
not seeing the error message I've set on the catch method (Java)
jQuery Next/Prev Smooth Scrolling and Wordpress?
how do i set the browser to open localhost for webbrowser?
Javascript or Jquery: Scroll to Fixed position div
Is it possible to block tor users?
Reference two php files at once
Why am I getting extra padding below my dropdown menu?
NSTextStorage limitation on size and frequency of updates
iOS, alertView for specific element in custom cell
Ext.define/Ext.extend in Sencha Touch 2
Mac Keyboard Shortcuts with Nimbus LAF
Target of assignment expands to non-language object in R2.14.2
Place an image for photo form button in Zend form
Listening to UITouch event along with UIGestureRecognizer
HA -heartbeat and webserver
Append object to a table template using jQuery Template
MPMoviePlayerController stops after four seconds
Flex 4.6 Mobile - ItemRenderers and application data
Detect each 4 using modulus php
How to handle imperfections in transfering thousands of files using Jsch?
JavaScript: How to iterate over properties of an object and test against a dynamic property of another object
How to POST binary bytes using java async http client (ning) library
How do I clear Expression Blend 4 cached solution information?
retrieve image in database mysql by using vb
How to use python output generated by several print statements?
Some help querying third normal form
Procedurally animating the growing of a 2D plant
rail servers error? (rails 3) in windows
SQL Colums the same value
Foreign constraint On Delete Cascade not working
I just need someone to help me with a tiny actionscript error
Mosync compile on linux fails
Connecting to a SQL Express server with PHP
iOS overlay (MKPolygon) data for all U.S. states?
ko.mapping create function, extend object
JavaScript encoding for potentially dangerous requests
Using .NET ConfigurationManager to read settings from a string instead of an app.config file
What does this line of Actionscript do?
Common Lisp implementation of Latent Semantic Indexing
Rendering a partial view to a string by calling an action method
Hosting a web service with for iPhone application [closed]
Scipy optimize fmin ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence
CSS Positioning in Dreamweaver
Facebook auth works fine on localhost but from my host it wont return user info
How to get list of jobs in Taleo powered websites [closed]
Retrieve Facebook User Profile After Authorizing Application
finding the download size of a URL (Content-Length)
I am stumped [closed]
Set MongoDB Database quota (SIZE)
Why is there a memory leak in GameCenterManager.m?
css rotate a pseudo :after or :before content:鈥溾�
SQL Server, How to remove updates elements from User-Defined Table Type?
Find minimal key for relation scheme
program hangs with no error message
Why do we have the output : S1S2 in this case?
Getting values of all keys - PHP
Right design pattern for routinely computed values displayed in view inside Zend Framework
Perl Moose - What are the arguments when Loading valued from configuration files?
Translating to Languages with Irregular Rules
Setting up FLTK on windows with CMake
How can I code my view controller to perform a push segue to another view?
Lightweight Migration to copy attribute content
Counting instances of a value in an array
jQuery link expand
How to change style sheets in parsed pages by the Glype PHP proxy?
How to convert this method from C# to VB.NET
Using Json string in the Http Header
Set the maximum chr length of a TextBlock in XAML
Cannot send SMTP email from windows service on Win7
Hibernate - lazy = true
.NET CF 3.5 mobile app building slowly in VS 2008
Difference between UIManagedDocument saveToURL and UIManagedDocumentContext save
Jquery push elements in an array
Get the href value of a previous HTML anchoer, <a>, using jQuery
Creating interactive map with processing
Is arr.length=0 better than arr=[] in javascript while reseting
How to navigate with request parameters?
Getting buttons data into different labels
Content on firefox not showing up on flash, help needed on flash scripts?
Linking issue when prebuilt static and shared libraries with the Android NDK
How to split IIFE to fit into Java JVM/Rhino 64k bytecode limit
Rails + JS - Using instance variable (array of arrays with strings)
How to detect dolphin browser in php?
Is it possible to present an un-editable SMS to the user using MFMessageComposeViewController?
Using the UP1 Mobile Controls how can you create a link to an external web site?
Creating variable groups in Sass
Creating variable groups in Sass
Rails 3.2.2 and ActiveLdap
Using Joins to Eliminate Multiple SELECTs in Loop
C# variable scopes and the 鈥渟witch鈥�statement?
RExcel clashes when attempting to download a file in csv format
Rails 3 - Many to Many - How would you do?
Apps slower to start on iPhone 4, iOS 5.1 compiled with Xcode 4.3.1?
Qt QAbstractItemModel - item removal crashes
ExecutorService, how to know when all threads finished without blocking the main thread?
Aptana Studio 3.0.9: code assist background color
What problems can occur during the lifecycle of a Java application server?
Google Contacts API: Unauthorized 401 Unknown authorization header
Copying two bytes into an entire register
tweetsharp and api streaming?
Java compile warning
Delaunay() function MATLAB Purpose
Partitioning by counts in SQL
return a local pointer
Access to a newly created folder is denied
Numpy vectorization of 2D array differences
DOM PDF renders on mac but not PC
Moving a rotated element in the direction of the rotation in JavaScript
Determining onCreate() VS onRestartingFromBackGround() in Android app
Draggable not working after positions of the draggable object are changed
Adding multiple markers in Google Maps V3 using Json
ATG Repository API
Disable word-wrap in firebug
Looping through all _Post Variables and adding numerical values
How to take a screenshot of video that is hosted on Amazon S3?
Rad file generated by eclipse
How to do gdb with java -cp myjar.jar class.myclass
Why bottom test loop is preferable?
Use SSIS Variable in another class besides ScriptMain.cs
NUnit .NET create tests
SVN 鈥淎lready Locked Error鈥�
How to modify color conditioning cells in Excel with VBA
How to add parameter to index action/method?
Mocha requires make. Can't find a make.exe that works on Windows
how to filter html with jquery picnet table filter
MySQL query with limited subqueries
JavaFX graphics 鈥渂lurred鈥�or anti-aliased? (No effects used)
Android Activity - Is it common to have a lot of code in one activity class?
How to make the keyboard in android reappear once being closed
Pagination with dynamic records mvc Create pdf Async on button click
define metadescription
This JQuery code to toggle a div doesn't work in IE7, but works in other browsers
Underscore.js JSON context - looping construct?
Send confirmation email when changing the email in Django
How to define minimal length of character to fire jQuery Mobile listview search
c# looping through distinct values in datatable [closed]
translate3d/translate doesn't work on Android
How can I call setParameter in a request object?
how can i access this matlab matrix element?
Strange behaviour when reading in int from STDIN
Data in DB in Ruby on Rails
Why I'm getting this RegEx grouping?
calling software under agpl and gpl
mysql and c++ in vs 2010: sqlstatementhandle and connection error
jquery .load, called from inside of loaded content
Android array and resources
Losing ViewModel Data after POST
How to cancel NSURLRequest from within UIWebView:shouldStartLoadWithRequest:?
Get username at the client with ASP.NET MVC
What's the Boost test framework's equivalence of std::cout?
Does Javascript have something like Ruby's method_missing feature?
Flatten association table to multi-value column?
DRY principals vs. light/thin views in MVC for similar/inherited objects
Compiling openCV 2.3.1 programs with MinGW gcc/g++ on Windows 7 64bit
json encode array returns empty json object, how to?
Reading .wav file to a byte array in Java
python sort 2D dictionary by index
I can't get the footer to extend to bottom of browser window
CATiledLayer PDF Performance is Poor on iPad 3 Retina Display
form closing event in multiple windows form application using visual c#
Glassfish/Java/JS: store image file to servlet and retrieve it to a web page
very non-trivial template friend declaration
Invalid quatifier. jQuery.validation.js
JavaScript Negative Lookbehind
Best practice to create a web-based customer tracking system [closed]
Set focus on the first textbox of a listview
how to get all permutations for bitarray
initialize base class with variable not coming from derived class
what are the best practices to initialize a repeating task over and over again
EntityFramework Object Not Set to Instance of Object in Model Creation
how to send a graph via email in Ruby without saving to disk?
How to resize images in a directory?
remove all paths with white fill
Substituting Words for Synonyms
Http Authentication with PHP not working
xyplot not merging plots when more than two conditioning variables
Best way to inject server-side variables/function results into CSS under ASP.NET?
Decimal column, Concurrency violation: the UpdateCommand affected 0 of the expected 1 records
C++ Const pointer declaration
How can I store a MySQL interval type?
Custom Android Keyboard Focus Issue
JQuery Validation and MVC 3. How to change date format
How to filter Win32_UserAccount results by OU
javascript image resize and crop to compleately fill a div
PermGen Space error during the fillReport function
Calling a function based on class and modifying inner ids
MVC3 Cannot attach jquery.unobtrusive-ajax.min.js file only
Are there differences in the AppEngine Python SDK development server code between platforms?
Android - Pinch zoom ontouch event coordinates
Using nodejs Connect's static server middleware to serve only a subdirectory
C++ template operator overloading
PSImageTools cannot load Wia.ImageFile
How to manage memcached servers in php
Moodle-Mahara Integration Automaticall Creating groups & assigning users to groups in Mahara
LoadPackagedLibrary - how to package a DLL - any Samples out there?
Programmatically display keyboard in UIWebView
How to throw an exception when JSON does not deserialize into my object
getting to another screen from listview row
UISplitViewController setting viewControllers a second time crashes
PHP - replacing dynamically created content
鈥渞ake aborted! stack level too deep鈥�while deploying to Heroku
How print ruby var inside haml in js area?
flex compile error using dynamic object
How to declare a pointer to a character array in C?
Edit Text BackGround color does not change with button click
getView using custom listview getting null exception
Foursquare venue photos API returns incorrect count?
How do I retrieve last word or character in PHP
Saved FPDF pdf not displaying variables?
Using Friends' Data for Generating Recommendations
Facebook Connect - JavaScript and PHP SDK
Serializing Android Views - causes InvalidClassException from IllegalAccessException
Custom install path for Nuget Packages in VS with Content like JS files
Get access to other classes [closed]
Reducing the CPU usage of a thread or process
jQuery .val Enigma between two input boxes
How should flushing be handled in a doctrine EntityManager instance shared across different services in symfony2?
Faster way to convert from 24 bit wav pcm format to float?
How to get pixel information inside a fragment shader?
text in textbox shows up as circles instead of regular characters?
How to select table column names in a view and pass to controller in rails?
Trigger a form submit from within an AJAX callback using jQuery
Grails 2.0 cant do run-app &
Error adding Strings to a BST
setting default width for collection_select in Rails
numpy routines don't appear to be that fast
removing .wrapInner() and .prepend() on window.resize function
Detect ViewPager tab change inside Fragment
QTreeView/QAbstractItemModel subtrees in multiple columns
How do I return an array from a method?
What's a good way to insert a resource id into the params of another resource?
C Multithreading Deadlock's Thread Events
Using Nokogiri to scrape groupon deal
How to run NDK samples?
Conditionally rendering <h:commandButton> using <c:if>
Django's CsrfViewMiddleware fails in conjunction with response generated by middleware
Minimal iOS BluetoothManager Example
Downloading Large JSON File to local file using Java
CSV Export From SQL Server 2008 Has True/False
Parsing XML in D
mvc partial views loses track of the images folder when using jquery
Optimized keyboard controls for XNA game
undefined vector.New
If an object has been disposed, does suppressing the gc finalizer save it some time?
Program hangs after retrieving 100 rows containg CLOB
Index BTree Storage
Location aware and weather website. Problems with Javascript and cross site XML
perl regex to get trailing numbers
Overlay not working when triggered with class from javascript printed tags
How to share links to different pages on iframe?
newtype with RankNTypes
Flex 4.6 Mobile - how to know which itemrenderer is visible
Invoke VmWare PowerCLI from C#
How to install Gist plugin for Vim?
Google Maps in Android initializing Lat/Long at 0.0 (Sometimes鈥�
IBM WebSphere 8 memory leaks with Axis2 Web Services
Tableview not updating correctly after adding person
Invite Friends Modal for Website off of Facebook
Pipes boost::iostreams don't have any output
Android - Best way to use contexts
Another issue with LinkedList implementation with another class
Cron Job with Cakephp ACL permission
C Programming: How do I read terminal input if piping from stdin?
How do I run mdadm? [closed]
GeoIP and Ontario Canada?
Set content full screen with no overflow or scrolling using jQuery mobile
ZXing under iOS does not run in emulator
Correct way to do a 鈥渏oin鈥�in persist with yesod
class member as reference to another: crash in assignment operator
Fancybox 2 requires two click
Get height for dinamic update DIV on mootools 1.2.5
Ruby/Rails: Converting datetime to natural language (e.g. 3/23/2012 to 鈥渢his Friday鈥�
Rails: two models with one-to-one relationship, one controller
Duplicate Symbol error xcode iphone
Open downloaded SQLite Database
File upload ['ERROR']= 2 [closed]
Need help getting threading working in a WinForm
jQuery toggle messing up page position
Inserting data from Google Spreadsheets to Google Maps
Android NumberPicker error in 3.x
How do you add an element to an existing element in a SimpleXML object
How to use an outside variable in a PHP class?
Ext JS 4: Setting a different root node for a TreeStore
MVC 3 Partial View and what I need to send to it?
Is writing a daemon in Python a good idea?
MVC 3 Partial View and what I need to send to it?
Is writing a daemon in Python a good idea?
Stop Current Password Requirement for Devise
does a background-attachment of fixed work in iOS5?
Use Sql Server FileStream in Silverlight application
git customization for commits templates
How do define an interface with throws a generic exception type
Determine whether the two classes are linearly separable (algorithmically in 2D)
Problems Initializing Vector
Contact form disappears in firefox
Executing complex piped command in AppleScript
Nginx: Escaping # in url rewrite
jQuery submit button hides the form
n doesn't seem to work in IE
Objective-c : Retain and release confusion? [duplicate]
Property injection in my custom attribute?
continue execution after a throw in JS
Magento - Call to a member function createBlock() on a non-object
How to transform XML input with multiple identical elements into XML output without identical elements
Creating a Shell command to execute another command plus more
Need help in understanding a rails active record query
method for linked list class even number sub list
Why don't I get a 'cross-thread operation not valid' for ALL members in the Form?
500 internal server Symfony on production, possibly due to PHPsuexec
How do I run selected modules using parent pom in Maven like I have
how i do this with java?
Excel doesn't want to open XLSX files downloaded through ASP output
Use scripting language to generate Zipf-like samples [closed]
Where does the index in the while loop change in this PHP snippet?
Strange behaviour in Qt program when playing with destructors
Is there anyway to programmatically access a Macro object's properties or get the details/information of the certificate of the signature
Backup MySQL on Apple time machine
Event after applied CSS rules on elements in jQuery/Javascript
Implement Dropdown List using Sproutcore 1.6
Get property value from MemberExpression
generic member function pointer as a template parameter
Strange return using the 鈥渞equests鈥�python package? How to fix?
Does assigning icon to a .net library assembly has any use
DNS provider for unlimited subdomains with api access?
Need help again altering output of script
How do you include custom CSS in the Facebook Like Box?
() = operator overload in class
Why does C++11 have implicit moves for value parameters, but not for rvalue parameters?
Mina route on servicemix - Error executing command: java.lang.NullPointerException
find null value in one column and replace it with value from another column in excel sheet [closed]
iOS Delay between touchstart and touchmove?
How do I add an action or outlet to a class in Xcode 4.3.1?
Getting BLOB data in Android, null exception
CALayer Audio Indicator with Mask
Can't provoke Priority Inversion in C++
Expressionengine hooks
Using jpegoptim with PIL in easy-thumbnails
Language and Approach to a Drag-and-Drop Drawing Area for a new CAD GUI?
Using JavaScript to read files stored on a user's computer
Dynamic Patch Counter for Shell Script
Android How can i intercept the Status Bar Notifications?
Is there any plugin for Visual Studio that can show the method calling stack?
TinyMCE 3.4.7 stop stripping code
Load only part of environment for rake task?
Add xml child elements to specific parent node in C# with linq
How to set up Apache with mod_wsgi/Django? [duplicate]
PHP / MSSql How to preview a stored procedure
UTF-8 not working outside the header
Notepad++ vertical block select copy paste not retained across clips
have I invented a new sorting algorithm? or is this the same as quicksort
mobile json $.post getting wrongly interpreted as Cross Domain
100% footer width has Gap
Accessing HTML5 Local Storage from Rails app
var_dump not returning a value
Check websphere classpath
MSCRM 2011: Filtering an Iframe using javascript
PHP site map + htaccess cut links
Android: Get Time Spent Per Activity
System-wide gesture recognition on iOS
Converting Grails web application to offline web application
passing jquery object to MVC action
Library for run-time PNG compression on iOS
Articles for developing a GUI library
QXmlStreamReader count entries
Using CSS to switch left/right position of <label> and <input> in IE7+
Arraylist in for-loop
Handler for dynamically created DOM nodes as they are inserted
How can I generate a navigation in Middleman?
Eliminate vertical lines ggplot
Make JSpinner only read numbers but also detect backspace
String.Format vs + C# [duplicate]
Something making NServiceBus lose messages
Naming objects incrementally
rspec chokes on named path in rails 3
3 Primary Keys relating 3 different tables
Select a WiFi network
Inheritance only for data?
Can you sell an app as an in app purchase? [closed]
How to exclude project from build in MSBUILD?
How can I log 鈥渟how processlist鈥�when there are more than n queries?
Is there a way to GROUP BY using one column, but a set of values it could equal for a given group?
Incomplete protocols warning when using a protocol define in a static lib (facebook-ios-sdk)
How to parse JSON String with Date attribute
positioning the input text box in the center
Generating dynamic SQL where clause from Scala collection
How to order divs by id in javascript?
when to use XML-RPC Service SOAP based Service or RESTFul based Service
Is this normal behavior for Yahoo PlaceFinder API? Seems odd to me
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'onclick' of null
Is the leading colon for parameter names passed to PDOStatement::bindParam() optional?
Simplest way of outputting a single XML tag into HTML tag
what would be the base optimal throttle and seed for an application using monkey test?
use text entred at EditField in xml parse
CSS3: Box Shadow
Entity relationship diagram advise needed
How to render using OpenTK GLWidget in Monodevelop?
issue getting rack_env with foreman / heroku facebook app
Animating a view when it's added / removed from the subview
Uniroot function in C
python mechanize session not saved
Placeresult object returned from an autocomplete getPlace() call is missing several properties
MySQL error in Perl ( Errorcode 2)
Dynamic DIV Container Height
WCF Data Service
jsp security constraint not working
Facebook SDK , can`t import facebook libraries classes
unrecognized selector error with NSJSONSerialization + AFNetworking
Debug Playframework 2.0 in Eclipse
xampp ubuntu configurating map for upload
Securely and dynamically calling methods based on user input in Rails
Accessing .NET WCF services from Android
MFMessageComposeViewController not displaying camera icon
Windows Eyes and NVDA reading updated dom content with jquery鈥ossible?
Install mitmproxy on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 [closed]
Graphs with various Y values and one X values in Excel VBA
Update BindingSource
mvc 4 bundle - jquery not showing up first even tho I added it first
open Iframe in current page with a link [closed] routing with file Extension
Prolog: Matching One or More Anonymous Variables
Serializing a class with a pointer in C++
JBoss AS 7, Java EE 6 how to get clients IP?
RSpec - shared DB conn. & transactional fixtures not working
RESTful api, how to link resource for both internal and external to the resource
move uploaded file in PHP
Administration of GIT server. Track the process of repository cloning
WP_Query title links are not showing
Configuring Autofac for Dependency on SignalR Hub
More info on functions like __dyld__dyld_start on MacOS
Passing complex data structures via GET parameters?
Defined a property, but can't access it
mysql_num_rows PHP
c++ - test a pointer
Database error in ASP.NET MVC3 EF4.1 code first
issue trying to use combine value to get a value from a datasource
Expression.Lambda: Variable 'x' of type '' referenced from scope '', but it is not defined
Handling multiple line-ending in an
jqGrid pagination with array of results
calloc works when debugging, hangs when running
Writing a bash for-loop with a variable top-end
Jquery select element error
Forgot to backup my database before reinstalling WAMP
Converting to UTC with known timezone offset
Is using cfsqltype good practice?
C# send a file in email to the Kindle device
Javascript error happening only in IE, how do I track it down? (link to site)
Coupling Android layout to its logic outside of the owner Activity
Split and join strings in MySQL
MVC3. Ajax Confirmation comes twice
PHP - Group rows by the first letter [closed]
How to programmatically turn off the genie effect for a window using PyObjC?
JQuery: How to add a CSS class to a HTML button?
jsf and seam file upload. uploaded file gets reset after validation
IME keyboard does not appear automatically for dialog?
Curl to prompt a User Name and Password
Fastest key/value pair container in Objective-C
Mvc 4 vs. Wcf Web Api
What are JPA entities?
Why does this simple RSpec string equality spec fail?
Access main javascript after jQuery load
Sencha touch 2.0 many-to-many associations - how?
can JavaScript flow of execution be interrupted?
java method that selects a string in an array from its position
How do I fix my floating menu and show it after 450px
Objective C UIImagePNGRepresentation memory issue (using ARC)
Iterating over values from fixed sum, in MatLab
How to read multiple lines input in python
EF 4.1 Code First Initialize my database
How do I concisely return the first result in a Code Igniter query?
Chrome Extension : Modify DOM before loading
android native video playback with alpha channel
R xts: generating 1 minute time series from second events
Django date localization doesn't seem to work when run from command-line manage command
How to make a JMenu item do something when it's clicked
Run SBT Task from Eclipse
How can I relocate my magento store's media directory?
Can't show correctly views added at runtime
Remove files from master at github
Setting up OpenGL ES 1.0 in Eclipse on Linux (Ubuntu 3.0.0) for Android development
QtSql vs MySQLdb vs SQLAlchemy
Best way for populating JTable with data from SQLite4java
Change all table cell colours when my reset button is clicked
OCaml functors :: counter-intuitive behaviour
VS2010 Express missing devenv.exe so I can't fix 鈥減roject out of date鈥�issue
C library for plotting DFA's, NFA's
Comparing version numbers in ANSI C [closed]
How to put non-latin text in HTML
Will installing .Net 4.5 Beta break .Net 4.0 builds from the same machine?
What is the correct way of managing views on playn?
HTTP Error: 500 uploadify-widget for yii framework
How do I stop a Java thread?
How do I change deepest TD to a color with javascript/jquery?
Some DIV is cutting another which is floating left
Fugitive commands unavailable after opening .vimrc to edit
In Google Test, how to do tear down in the face of assertion failures?
How do I plot series of points on rows in matplotlib?
Which is the correct way to encode escape characters in Python 2 without killing Unicode?
FetchRequests from three entities with to-many relations, Core Data
Reading .obj mesh file in Visual C++
Trouble Creating a DFS Maze
Converting from Structured English to Python [closed]
JavaScript - making sure a date is valid
Python root logger hiding descendent logger levels
Distributed caching solution for WCF service
Facebook comment box rendered after AJAX call
Adding column to a large table: datatype or INT or reference table?
Dojo-Charting Issue: Bar Chart (ClusteredColumns) Using Array?
How can I open a html page on android phone from my local IIS Server?
Facebook og:image appears in debug, post, newsfeed, timeline but missing in Likes > Favourites > Movies
Linear Search Generics
Inkscape leaving grey borders during SVG->PNG conversion
ASP.NET Cache class vs. MemoryCache class
Is the Facebook app built using a mobile development framework like PhoneGap or Appcelerator?
Webpage table updated by uploading file
swf_fu gem not working?
why does the handler in this case only recieve one message?
How to make an action method render a particular named view?
simple linq-to-sql query exception
jQuery - Only run a function AFTER another has finished running
MonoTouch binding objc library problems (can't derive from bound objc class)
Reading a file in R
Grouping by hour using LINQ
spaces in SQL entries
jQuery 1.7 working differently in IE8 and IE9?
Rails - multiple associations to same model
create favorites page
How to skip the need to confirm an email address update with devise?
Complex data migration in the Data-tier Application Framework (DAC Fx)
MongoDb complex query: How to query some 鈥淧age鈥漵 out of 鈥淏ook鈥漵 belonging to a 鈥淯ser鈥�
what determines the memory model?
Require password/keycode to delete entries
Unable to deploy a Web Application Bundle on GlassFish
Mongo count really slow when there are millions of records
ul#topnav background issue
HTTPS - Mvc3 - Visual Studio 2010
ul#topnav background issue
HTTPS - Mvc3 - Visual Studio 2010
Query to return latest entry by last three users
Android Relative Layout Change TextView Programmatically
Scala: getting the key (and value) of a Map.head element
Use python to run shell script with Popen behaves differently in python command line and actual program
Why do I get a missing dll error after linking with a .lib?
characters appear with question marks when inside html tag attributes
Merge the two xml fragments into one?
python: use tuples to re-arrange the contents of a list
optimal table design mysql with primay key and varchar value
Creating instances of model objects with database defaults in Play
Change div text when div contains other elements
SQL Msg 8114, Level 16, State 5, Procedure sp_product_listing, Line 0 Error converting data type varchar to datetime
Making a sorting recursion function in C++
How this printf works in this program -clarification in c?
how can i make alerts using js after inserting some data through php
Apply Style to List Items that Contain Nested List
Does a cursor in Android reference columns from 0 or 1?
Browser (Chrome) does not cache assets from CloudFront [closed]
Glassfish 3.1 - 4.27 gzip HTTP Compression fails
Dynamically create Silverlight RadChart SeriesMappings based on data returned from a service
javascript timers and css position updates
Not displaying UIViewControllers
Most efficient way to produce dynamic table in PHP
how to remove the hashtag from the URL in Jquery Mobile?
Is there any content that I shouldn't gzip?
How to stretch segment of image in html/css
MySQL UPDATE is Creating New Record with Pear DB
During npm install I get error 127, node-waf command not found. How to solve it?
Oracle View Creation with a Database generated ID from a Sequence Object
How to get a textbox to dynamically update in Apex?
Creating Input TextField at precise position on Canvas?
NullPointerException when using a Factory Pattern
Overhead of order by on long
Remove extra punctuation from string while keeping 鈥渟mileys鈥�
Use SqlFunctions.IsNumeric() where trailing spaces are present?
Custom page drawable for ViewPager
Center text at a given point on a WPF Canvas
css horizontal dropdown navigation menu
Handle exception when allocating object in Qt
json_decode u2019
Set processor affinity for MATLAB engine (Windows 7)
Prevent clickthrough on Google Maps MarkerImage
Check to see if text input field was skipped when form is submitted?
How to create an application settings button for Android tablets?
Download zip archive from blobstore in Google AppEngine
Parsing XML attribute causes silent error
How can I access the XML file under SharePoint Mapped Folder for Creating Xml Reader?
ruby on rails - update multiple records of one model and its association in same form
Class not being added to NSMutableArray.. why?
use cakephp component inside a model
php cli mssql_connect - Unable to connect: SQL server is unavailable
Easy css floating div鈥�Cannont find what is psuhing it down
Gps wrong location
Match on 2 values
Can you log php errors to multiple files?
How to set permissions on the default audio device so that it can be changed programmatically?
approach/advice on making git accessible as a public repo
鈥渕ove鈥�two vectors together
.htaccess redirect banned IPs [duplicate]
Tomcat url-pattern problems
ggplot unexplained outcome
Best way to deal with customer-specific requests in a web app?
Technical term for a constraint on an object in imperative programming
c++ timer linux
Cygwin vs Linux Virtual Machine for Development?
Route for printer-formatted ERB view
Android How to Change Many Class Variables Efficiently? (Maybe I'm Bastardizing OOP?)
How I can get information about the scrollbars of an Webbrowser control instance or the IE Webrowser?
Column title repeating in SQL query?
django-paypal PDT implementation can't receive signals
Accessing jQuery AJAX Properties within ajaxStart and ajaxStop
problems with can_upload flag
How can I pass the arguments to the lua file through the lua CLI
Anorm broken in PostgreSQL 9.0 Selects with Order By?
Fix potential memory leak in ARC
Solid color backgrounds and text in Android TextView are showing up darker than what they should be
Having issue with interest calculation (test included)
Debug Symbols not loading
Fill up a grid of divs as efficiently as possible (Screen space, not CPU)
Replace all middle characters in a string c++
iOS - Xcode 4 Missing Files in Project
Ada: cannot square a float variable
Adding space to an array
How fast is dynamic_cast<>
advice on php post operation not running
Echo JavaScript alert of a PHP array value on an HTML button?
jQuery - UI Slider mouse Disable and Re-Enabling mouse
Dequeues linked lists
R xts: millisecond index
DirectShow - How to read a file from a source filter
Google Analytics Tracking across subdomain and one specific subdirectory
how do you debug a node.js app?
Having panel behavior in chrome extension
Do I need all the nokia qt DLLs?
appengine datastore change entities property
Retina Display (iPhone, iPad) HTML [closed]
Temporary branch checkout to show work in progress?
How I can protect a library class in through a login and password
How I can protect a library class in through a login and password
How can i implement a Linked List and another class
How can I speed up this simple matrix multiplication in Matlab?
How to view webpage source code using R?
How can i move more than one item from one list to another in Python
LINQ and creating NON anoymous return values
Can't keep WinKey+Up from moving my form
How does asynchronous request work for server side validation
How to lazy process an xml documentwith hexpat?
MVC3 inject html content into a loaded view
Could not find a suitable constructor in com.sun.jersey.guice.spi.container.servlet.GuiceContainer
How do I send data into a Code Igniter Controller index method?
unixODBC giving error while running isql [Vertica]
Anything like Twitter Bootstrap for Android?
How to rewrite file codes with htaccess
How to write an Android SQLite database INTERSECT query
Is it possible to use android specific functions like in-app purchase using PlayN?
How to change the default values of start and count parameters when picking the companies followed by a user in linkedin?
C# MVC RedirectToAction not working?
Python open source cryptographic toolkit
Determine if an MQ queue is an error queue or not
how to know how much time/% is left for document.ready?
How to retrieve value from database and display it in an html5using (jqtouch+phonegap)
Rails 3.1 and Twitter Bootstrap modal don't play nice?
Find nearby locations in a given region
print out all website directories names
ext 4-1 TreePanel Locked column
Perl Moose - Loading values from configuration file etc
Automated deployment of DSS datasource configuration
UIPageViewController views messed up if user moves too quickly
I have getting __PHP_Incomplete_Class Object this error while sesiion create through jQuery-ajax
How to store constant array of string in java
Safety of concurrent_vector
Jquery Ajax with IE
How can I get the rectangular areas of difference between two images?
Magento: How to add active cms-links to the Topmenu?
Return a boolean value from MySQL for using it in function as parameter
Why do my my line widths looks different in a QGraphicsScene with the same QPen width?
How this code works - regarding union initialization in c?
JavaScript's Datejs library will not parse its own ISO format string
Image not sitting correctly inside DIV (Exclusive to Firefox it seems)
How to use Ember-Data associations in conjunction with an ArrayProxy
What's the correct way to expose a requireJS module to the global namespace?
A UIImage created in coregraphics isn't repeating
Sorting Values within Hash (with Sphinx facets)
How do I create a Window in different QT threads?
Redirect links to /product.html MapPageRoute loading page twice
communicating with from android
How to get caller from strict mode?
In jqGrid do I have to manually call saveRow to trigger an ajax save request?
how to loop through files with some number format using batch script?
Whats wrong with passing gcc vector::iterator to a function?
Change color of the icons in a tabpanel in sencha touch
a simple way of balancing linear equations? [closed]
Sort and group XML Based on Attributes
Skip a directory with htaccess
directing a mass of enemies at once
Java program and mySQL connectivity issue: No suitable driver found
Dynamic number of Steps using Django Wizard
Migrated Database from SQL Server CE to Express using WebMatrix - now I cannot find the physical database
Mozilla Firefox bug or ..? [closed]
Using conditional variables with nltk's concordance module
php mysql insert statement
How can I get the Client Certificate in Netty Handler to identify user?
Pasting styled text from system clipboard
IPython auto-completion emacs24 doesn't work
Solving ugly syntax for getter in js
Is there a way to prevent a DropDownList from showing list items when clicked in JavaScript?
Pb to detect random JS error, window.onerror doesn't show line number in a UIWebView (phonegap) - undefined
How to select column of multidimensional inputs in jquery?
How do I tell DataContract to use the base class's GetEnumerator?
How do you stop SQL Joins from processing a row twice
ARC and Interface Builder
web deploy parameters.xml settings not making their way into the web.config file
Remove FontStyle Bold from a Control's Font
CSS dropdown menu not showing the full texts of submenu items
writing a matrix into a single txt file with mpi
Checking flags 鈥渋f(flag=true)鈥�is aways true in Java?
Removing swf object with javascript
What does 鈥渢o stub鈥�mean in programming?
SQL Client error on some devices but works on other
Imageview from phone galley
Make JButton Close a Window But Run Code In WindowClosing(WindowsEvent e) Before Closing
How to properly escape, split, and unescape data?
The best practice on how to wait for data within thread and write it into file?
Python pdb: Iterating dict & getting nexpected EOF while parsing
How should PHP's Iterator methods valid(), current(), and next() behave?
Delphi, Canvas: Complicated background animation under [blinding] image
RavenDB - Build a dynamic query with OR filters
Good tutorial on uploading images using a mongoDB (mongoid)?
how to search for a string in memory while debugging?
Django: Getting path of module being imported from
Suppress Scientific Notation in Numpy When Creating Array From Nested List
fatal error: method declaration not in @interface context
Search Field Text doesn't display in FF 3.6?
Reading / writing file on local machine
Solr->ping php-solr-client returning httpStatus 0 when it is up
SQL query for picking consecutive time sets
SQL query for picking consecutive time sets
How to prevent .NET base class usage?
link_to by association models
Do I have to fully install VS2008 first to then install VS2010 with an upgrade licence key?
ASP.NET, EntityFramework - Send minimal data to client
Launch application from browser (Custom protocol? aos: )
Way to have repeating sequence of animations till interrupted?
What database method should I use in my android application
Maximum frequency present in an image in MATLAB
Maintaining state with a TabBarController
Proxy settings in C#, web service
Xml InnerXml indentation issue
Grand Central Dispatch. How Do I Query a Queue to see if it is in use?
jQuery show current html element value
Is it possible to automate the adding of 1 row to approx. 50 excel files in a folder?
xampp configuration in windows server 2008 r2 ec2 instance
MVC: How to Return a String as JSON
How can I use a PHP variable inside of my JavaScript?
How to mininize expression using boolean algebra?
Importing and filtering RSS feeds into nodes
Refreshing jQueryMobile styling on radio buttons on the fly
how to include a partial .erb in a liquid template?
Content Provider for Adobe Flex
XMLSerializers Dll Loading Fails with Assembly.Load(byte[] asm)
How to setup Sony S Tablet for Eclipse Debugging?
Facebook Not Pulling Image OG Image from Shopify
How to increase or decrease an Android Text-views size based on it's contents?
How to get NumberFormat instance from currency code?
OS X llvm-gcc output ELF
Difference in object construction using 鈥淴 x(42)鈥�and 鈥淴 x = 42鈥�
Fatal Error: Class 'User' not found - Doctrine2/CodeIgniter2
Http Post with WebAPI Causing 鈥淭he HttpOperationHandlerFactory is unable to determine the input parameter鈥︹�
c# allowing slashes (and other similar characters) in regular expressions
String getting converted to number when inserting it in database through Perl's DBI $sth->execute() function
Can a REST service be used by both active and passive clients?
Why does CodeIgniter add /index.php/ to all URLs?
how do i create data in json format
Returning CPU usage in WMI using C#
Is a HashSet<T> the same as List<T> but with uniqueness?
Bind to ListBox selectedItem inside TabControl
In C: How do I terminate while loop when comparing string output to external file
Align icons TabBar
How to position to newly added row in jqgrid if using reloadAfterSubmit: true
C++ background timer
Facing a issue in Log4J
Uncompressing zlib data using boost::iostreams::filtering_streambuf trouble
How to Resize current window in Selenium Webdriver with Ruby?
Collision if statement doesnt seem to work
Facebook app inside users wall?
MediaPlayer Volume issue-AudioStream issue
How to run specified Selenese test by maven
What's the best algorithm/paper on finding the closest/nearest plane from a set of points in space?
how do I set a broadcast reciever for getting pending intents (proximate alerts)
EXC_BAD_ACCESS when passing a pointer-to-pointer in a struct?
Beeswarm boxplot (scatterplot for categorical data) in MATLAB
Get field's tokens from lucene index
Spring and serving files from outside of the web server
Simple php if else loop help needed
Is Robotlegs capable of doing this task?
Facebook login in my iPhone application
Debug viewer tool for Java
How can I recover an object who fires an eventListener event in AS3?
OOP Concept: an overall load () or piece-by-piece add () [closed]
How to parse two different objects from the same json file?
Request uri in array
Entity Framework 4.1 with existing classes AND existing tables
Stable comparison sort with O(n * log(n)) time and O(1) space complexity
git-subtree pull complications
Scroll to top after Ajax content load
C++ initialization of automatics and scope
Facebook SDK iOS login with Facebook app installed
Validation (CSS 3.0): 'word-wrap' is not a known CSS property name
Image Processing for recognizing 2D features
Portable round corners on html button
Rails 3 login and logout dependent on user cookies
MySQL: Can a stored procedure invoke a Java program?
How to pass variable between html tag, javascript and php [closed]
On file Upload The server has been reset
Looping 10 times adding input, with for and do while loop in C#?
UIImage with UITapGestureRecognizer in first row of UITableViewController not working properly
Android gallery nonselected item with no transparency
jQuery UI tabs, update url when clicking on a different tab
Value stored to seconds during its initialization is never read
Can I Import an excel file to an already created list? [SharePoint Foundation 2010]
Encrypting just the Salesforce Email Field
JSON + Jquery formatting trouble
uinavigationcontroller navigation bar always hidden
Average data for every four hours in sql?
Django + Apache: make project accessible from WWW [closed]
C library to parse approximate dates
Bootstraping in peer 2 peer systems
How to get or create user profile in GAE?
highlighting a specific line from jtextpane
Correcting css so an element renders correctly in IE and FF
Java Socket Server Not Receiving Messages?
Variable autoescape in Smarty templates
Is the ROME RSS parser result list in feed-published order?
Remove index.html GWT
Android - Add view dynamically
TextBlock refuses ~70% of the time to make a hyperlink
How to get gitolite / gitweb working together?
DB schema, many-many or bool values in table
How to make synchronous counter that counts 3,5,7,0 and repeats?
In android how do I add buttons into a TableLayout from an array of buttons programmatically?
How to hide post, but show featured image for image slider in wordpress?
Mapping a collection joined by either of two columns with Fluent NHibernate?
Newbie - trying to save a datagrid to pdf
Table of frames - anything better than <table>鈥�lt;iframe>
C# XML Editor - Matching XMLNode
Search wordpress using three different drop down menus
Sorting the two highest numbers in an array
Django: Is it possible to achieve the same thing as sql's exists?
Insert content into template file using bash
Find out where was mouse clicked on CDialogBar
Can I play windows mediaplayer video in android?
Recenter heatmap.2 in R
Adding a line to a CSV file, without changing its format (Python)
wordpress .htaccess rewrite loop with prev domain redirect
How to set/call an new input method in Android
How do I override the default client validation logic for numeric types in ASP.NET MVC 3?
few_to_many merge?
What is the scope of let when used without in?
OpenGL ES 2.0 Vertex Transformation Algorithms
How to build a complex view?
serializing union type via custom function: 鈥渟tatic assertion failed:: typex::value鈥�
Codeigniter language change language in view
slicing numpy array into two parts
Fully dynamic CoreData models in XCode
C API for Quantifiers
SQL Server sum of float should give value of 1 but filter says otherwise