Using the camera on the iPad/iPhone with an overlay
fork() command in c 鈥�what is the output to this simple piece of code? [duplicate]
CSS transform: rotate only works on image
writing to csv, Python, different data types
How may I create custom keyframe css animation with javascript
how to do something in background of android [closed]
Removing history entries for files and not being able to checkout folder
flatiron.js / union - where to put app.use() configuration?
ValueChangeEvent.getNewValue() doesn't return a proper string value from a dropdown list in JSF 2
POCO Aliases for a database that has non-standard naming conventions
Apache + Passenger non-www to www => too many redirects
How to : login,each user to have a gridview with his information?
Core data, count and group by
Using a file located in either the raw or assets folder
Structure App using Methods/threads
Xcode downloading normal?
Read a number backwards and operate with it in C?
Defining Zend Framework table relationships with PostgreSQL?
Undefined method on nested instance
How to use this while inside of a Runnable defined on the fly
When to Dispose?
pthread_join() hangs in stress test
Counting in fives when producing list
DBLookuplistbox Column width
Execute bash script from URL using python
Another Window over QMainWindow in Qt
Sending the right HID Keycode?
Run analytics on huge MySQL database
The best way to calculate the best threshold with P. Viola, M. Jones Framework
disable mouseover-ability on page load for 3 seconds
change style of child img element from parent div?
Text Shadow not showing
How do I supply my own LoginForm to Pinax Auth?
How to create an ExpressionTree with multiple method calls
Richfaces 4 + JBoss 6 = Exception on deploy
Isn't possible to call Delegate Methods programmatically?
Linq to XML Get parent element attribute value by querying it's children
PHP session If else [closed]
Sort multi-column list alphabetically/by date without using a table in HTML/javascript/jQuery as Dropbox has done
Prototype - function inside each() - only returns the last value
joining table data by id
Confused by 鈥淪cala in Depth鈥�Option example
Running a shell command from Node.js without buffering output
playframework - IOException unable to allocate memory
C# read txt file and store the data in formatted array
Retrieve data from a drop down that is created dynamically with JQuery
disable explain in Rails 3.2
Why does maven-resources-plugin copy files multiple times (appfuse-basic-spring-archetype v2.1.0)
How do I get the Tor exit node IP address over the control port?
Can't checkout using svn from online server
Can I download an Excel file made from a memory stream off an ASP.NET page?
Java CodingBat Logic teaParty?
SQL Server : how to select a fixed amount of rows (select every x-th value)
Replace with different project with ClickOnce update?
Using three.js One of my geometry shapes starts to flicker when i attempt to render another shape
Rounding Double in Java - Minimum Decimal Places [duplicate]
how do I keep a cython variable alive?
Getting Parent Member from Expression
Grails: add children to parent with AJAX
Jumping a sprite while moving in a Bezier action
SVG in img element proportions not respected in ie9
Load previous session values when open new window
how can I get dynamic property in drools
How can delete Click event?
remove GWT textbox shadow effect
Combining a Telerik hyperlinkcolumn and a gridboundcolumn into 1 field
Expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '=' token
Why does '.sort()' cause the list to be 'None' in Python?
Django Generic Views: When to use ListView vs. DetailView
C - char isn't converting to int
connecting an action of button in view in mvc3
Weird filepath issue with System.IO.FileInfo when used with log4net in a wpf app
COnverting atime from LDAP to Perl
Windows credentials prompt in custom WPF dialog
MySQL: selecting rows one batch at a time using PHP
$_FILES array is empty
Algorithm using soundex() or metaphone() to create Mad Gab style phrases
Animation not working when view presented with an UIModalTransitionStyleFlipHorizontal
search add and replace with batch
Change Element's Name Attribute in Gravity Forms
How to sort the [include] entitycollection in Ria Silverlight
Transform one word into another by changing, inserting, or deleting one character at a time
Replace a part of an element in a list of strings
casting an int array to a double to calculate percentage
Execution Context on IObservable with nested Events
Get elements from list of lists
Facebook Recommendations/Recent Activity Hangs Browser and is Really slow
Read a hex file in C
iOS and implementation of SQLite's FTS
Regex not working in JavaScript
Submit custom div with value from multiple JQ UI autocomplete entries
XSLT for-each problems
MySQL query to choose top camera choices based on multiple column values
Error generating <DbContext>
Adding a Background Color to a Subview with an Alpha Setting
Access VBA avoiding a conflict with primary key when adding a record to a linked table
Meaningful tuple
Mongoid not saving nested_attributes for 'belongs_to' in a 1:1 relationship
PHP sendmail stalls processing in ActiveCollab
Disable multiplayer on Game Center
C++ Polynomial Class, pointer array issue
Use CSS class in span to set current menu state?
Read and write to an access database using Javascript
AS2 Flash - Quiz IF Statements Not Working
How to pass php array of arrays to Javascript
jQuery Mobile Android Zoom
Optimizing jQuery dynamic adding of inset border effect
Where does this call come from?
Rendering form_for error messages outside of form div for rails?
jquery to remove entry select dropdown if selection in another dropdown
How do I set characters in a Python string?
ASP.NET Custom Localization
Parsing a JsonObject
C++ overwrites on a text file when it is opened again
Android: intelligent way of sizing UI components for all screens?
Testing CodeIgniter controllers
Lost my reference to Microsoft.InteropFormTools in a VB.NET 2008 project
Standards for comments in NSLocalizedString
zf.bat not responding, no error msg no confirmation
pthread_cond_timedwait on Windows returns ETIMEDOUT too early
Mongo date range query using _id in PHP
What's meant by File's Owner exactly?
iOS how to change default onPress button color
how can i pass sql query to another page
Creating a stopwatch that updates in UI thread Android
PHP: Sorting arrays with values like -1- and -10-
CoCreateInstance returns 鈥淐lass not registered鈥�
What is the recommended practice to update or delete multiple entities in EntityFramework?
Extract obfuscated email with hyphens in Java
What should be synchronized with Java objects
Location Meta-Data for open Graph object
Flash builder read-only rich text field?
How to display Google Maps directions result on page
How can I configure my Spring-JUnit tests when using the @Transactional annotation?
Sort List according to more than only constraint in Scala
Array is suddenly empty
Misc. process changing date format
Unable to retrieve user name through graph api after shifting to another server
Request.IsLocal inside a class library (mvc3, vs2010)
ggplot2 scale_x_continuous limits or absolute
CSS style specific to an id in flex
MySQL use inner join in PHP
Json Object is null
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'source' error while rendering custom template tag
Create an Android library project in NetBeans
IDbSetExtensions.AddOrUpdate and relationships
Problems with ProcessStartInfo.workingDirectory on appharbor
c# add using declaration for namespace to all classes
Running a cocoa app which requires keychain access from root terminal
Rails: How to determine size of http response the server delivers to the client?
Null bytes in shellcode?
cant start osgi bundle because import cannot be resolved
Exiting a Class From C# Using a Catch
How to select the last n row in MySQL?
getting the country name from Coordinates (used CLLocationManager)
graph mapping resources semaphores
How do I get a basic setup of piping stdout to a file in Nodejs?
Curl simple https request returns nothing C++
Add items in loop to multidimensional PHP array
Jquery SVG: How to get callback if browsers don't support svg?
URL to controller/action in external Javascript file
Why do buttons stretch to cover all the layout_weight allocated
Stopping or pausing autoscroll function on hover
Are floats bad? What should be used in its place
How to write a Restful client using the same Interface defined for the server
Clone an existing document to a new sibling class document using mongoengine
Memory leak after switching to @property declaration?
Can't push, git one repo, one user, two computers
Removing a column by column name
Import variables from file
How to prevent query caching in the CRM 2011 sdk?
How to add BOOL property to a category?
CSS: Select items that contain and vertical align
Allow the DevExpress.XtraTab.XtraTabControl have its tabs at the bottom
Error: Error #2134: Cannot create SharedObject
How do you specify the sort order for children in an expandable list?
Subclasses and get_shared_from_this()
Deserialize objects - class changed
PHP, mySQL, Google Maps code prints out 鈥淎rray鈥�as opposed to data value
How do I store the attributes of a HTML file based on the requirements configured in a filter file in an XML output file?
I don't understand how to do a remove_if not in c++
UIView animateWithDuration: animations: completion: applies transform, not animating
Check success of facebook dialog post in Facebook iOS SDK
How would I go about making this database driven website? [closed]
is it possible to trigger jqueryui dialog from the URL?
Can't embed YouTube video with FancyBox
JSF: Empty nested dataTable
Condense Multiline File to CSV with vim
Eclipse says there's an error, but where?
Why is the centering of my map off in my jQuery Mobile / Google Maps API3 application?
How to generalize a method?
Configuring the webserver on a production site for Symfony
Java, using AffineTransform not rotating exactly centered
How to set the components of a Jira sub-task using the script listener plug-in?
Controlling vertical alignment of wrapped inline-block or float divs
In jQuery, how can I fadeOut an overlayed div by clicking anywhere in the body?
Make array from lines between two tokens
Is it possible to do an image search on tumblr via api or rss method?
JQuery: Datepicker Highlighting a date Range
c# how can i call a function which is .cs function in imagebutton htmlgeneric control
How do I stop tkinter after function?
Using LINQ to select item in List<T> and add integer to populate new List<T>
conditionally loading external javascript libraries in my plugin
Method of binding sessions
鈥淪afely鈥�terminate a running C++ program on keypress?
Algorithm / API for converting HTML to email friendly HTML (for newsletters)
How to call/set a custom input method?
Controls moving invs2008 design mode on build
Visual C++ Forms: Capture global keydown without blocking
How to print gridview with scrolling?
Ruby on Rails authentication that remembers previous page before login
in jQuery is there a ways to loop over an array such that before it loops to the next loop it first waits for the responce from the server?
Custom Listview in a Dialog
Click event on button type input is not working
Length of the audiofile
how to auto generate xml or yaml mappers from existing db in doctrine 2鈥�but not using cli
sqlaclhemy - mapping a column to separate table
Scripting language for Android and Windows Phone 7
Passing xml to web service exception
Nginx how to completly disable Proxy caching
possible to recreate android keystore
Why does this cause an 鈥渋nvalid syntax鈥�error with Google's Closure Compiler?
Cannot resolve symbol 'android'
how to find out the name of a grid?
Which context do i need?
creating multiple elements with same set of options in zend framework.
Set DIV height so text is not cut or sliced horizontally
Horizontally centering two divs (unequal in width), with no wrap
Can you still use Application Loader to submit iOS programs to Apple?
AdWhirl causes IllegalStateException
Receiving a group list in MySQL
Insert picture into excel cell
Animate TreeViewItem one after another?
Do I need to include EclipseLink modelgen package in my Maven dependencies?
Why is my Type not being Serialized correctly by the XmlSerializer
Replace contents across non-contiguous cells across multiple worksheets - Error 1004
Want to change one database row and not all of them
Is it possible to have the menu link color change on the table hover for an menu control?
Can I put HTML into a variable?
Need help in IPC through Pipes
Android source code functions peculiar names
automatically reload its log 4j configuration file upon modification with log4j without server restart
simplest app ever not resuming properly
GIT extensions how to replace a file and not merge.
TCP three way handshake fails
How to make a text to be centered in Raphael js?
VB.Net PrintForm autofit
Mongo index not being used (simple one column query)
access child DOM object from parent in dotted notation
How to divide number into integer pieces that are each a multiple of n?
Div and CSS based solution for container with fixed/not fixed height
How do I trigger a job when another completes?
Worklog gadget for JIRA
jQuery SimpleModal view once using a cookie
Error: passing const xxx as this argument of xxx discards qualifiers
Importing svn repositories from Origo
How to connect android device to specific AP with adb shell or monkeyrunner
Merging without whitespace conflicts
Calculating the number of cycles under linux
Form widget not bound to a Doctrine2 association?
Play pre-recorded audio into a voice call
Is a data model driven resource Id a facet of the resource or of the database?
new iPad (iPad 3), how to deal with images? JS Script to auto load the correct size?
Sorting results from a mysql query without submitting new query
XPages: Get the contents of a - this._partialRefresh AJAX call?
Print out only the result set that has an 鈥渁鈥�at the end of a certain value PHP?
PHP MVC loop in the view
Gapless Transition from Video to Video using html5
Defer parsing of JavaScript for JQuery load
How to redirect output after a multiline redirect for input in bash?
e-bay-like site: tags or categories? [closed]
Chaining decorators that are defined as classes?
LeftBarButtonItems Unresponsive
Multiple represented filenames in NSWindow
HibernateException: Missing table error for a Join Table using Grails 2.0.2 on MS SQL legacy database
Updating object with related entities from detached state
MVC 3 - Trying to pass Model between 'sibling' partials with ajax
Correct CryptoAPITransform use? Memory leak
how to visualize console java in JFrame/JPanel
TFS source control case sensitivity
using sqldf() to select rows that match a million items
Why return object in invoke method of MethodInterceptor interface?
Request Response Messages out of Sync UnExpected Behavior
Java Hashtable#hashCode() implementation broken? [closed]
CakePHP: Deleting a User deletes Users associated via belongsTo
Data Driven IoC
Plone: insert line between News items in Collection view
How can I find the models from content type generated at using the admin Panel?
GIT Mergetool Config on Mac OSX
How to talk between a user callback and a view?
Multiple conditions to track all clicks with Google Analytics
Whats the best way to get the filesize?
What would be an use case for a function returning a const pointer (int * const, for example)?
How can I start new project from the Visual studio start menu?
Perl to C to DLL
Return Type Pthread Create Using C++
Is it possible to put float numbers for graphs in Achartengine?
ActionBarSherlock: Change dropdown navigation title
Handling a steamwriter after a failed network recovery
How to check what is after hyphen with jQuery's 鈥淎ttribute Contains Prefix Selector鈥�
how to solve the compiling error C2079 on windows
Grails: Integrating the Underlying Java(Spring+Hibernate) web app : sub-object not showing it s fields in form
Rsync: How to copy only symbolic links
Why are any objects being scanned here?
How portable (or not) is using SQLLiteral(鈥淣OW()鈥� in DB INSERTs?
Is there a Math3d function to multiply a vertex array with a 4x4 matrix?
Escape characters for PHP & SimpleXML
how to pass array string in javascript function from php end as a argument
Perform an assignment in an IF conditional in VB.NET?
Windows Phone panorama capital letters?
Progressbar spinner does not display
what's the proper way to use Symfony's EventDispatcher component?
When CAN i break aliasing rules?
Jython or JACL for CORBA naming service groups mapping
Changing a hard coded value in a PHP file
How to make WebBrowser wait till it loads fully?
Creating a headless Chrome instance in Python
C# constructor and constants mystery
node authentication model / scheme
How to Pivot Column Headers in Rows
Linux program privilege: How to change a program to be executable by all users? [closed]
css form- input/textarea styling & positioning.. code & image included
MySQL syntax: bigger than value, but NOT IN (鈥�
Calculating acceleration peak from velocity
Jetty won't work: Is there a way to purge it?
sql: how to join on a field that results from computation
android - locale notification, need to dump cache
Hidden form fields not appearing in MVC Model after post-back
downloading mulitple images from a website and saving them in sqlite
Jquery count Up
Show parent / child rows in same datagrid
libopkele example openid
Adding an ASP.NET MVC grid to application using PagedList
Is there a way to replace html nodes with text nodes using HTMLAgilityPack?
cant find table object name
Global dictionary filed for mongoengine documents
Looking for a good info on unit testing in Java [closed]
jQuery - dynatree lazy loading and multi-hier (type 3) selectMode
jquery mobile fixed header/footer not working
What is a good faceted search option?
Using SimplePie with Yii
Testing for authlogic authorization not working in rspec
Wordpress fails to upload my content
show message in log file with php
Connecting Android Phone With ADB
Assigning result columns set to variables
Ocaml int to binary string conversion
listening for table rows count change
Resetting/Deleting/Forgetting variables in Mathematica Notebooks
Regular expression to validate US phone numbers? [duplicate]
Why doesn't this vlookup formula using the indirect function work?
How to stop video in ie8 when hiding a div?
Does WaitForMultipleObjects() reset all auto-reset events?
Php login that doesn't work
run action on success of a action
Android : Checkboxes and ListView
Pushing an int with LuaJ
Using C compiled code from python GUI
jquery flyout 鈥渟lide鈥�effect seems to grow.
Receiving text in my App, but don't want it to show up in other SMS Apps
Good practice to validate immutable values objects
What does the jQuery selector $(鈥渆lement鈥� $(document.body)) do?
IoError 2032 when trying to log in
how to integrate code with virtualbox?
Developing same app on two different computers
Why pure virtual destructors in C++ always equate to zero [duplicate]
Why won't colours display on my navigations bar
InvalidCastException when accessing a ListBox from codebehind
Set up a Java OAuth Provider
Simple Python 3 error: invalid Syntax [closed]
BASH: Function isn't being run after installation into new server
Is there an accurate way to check status of google's fusion tables platform?
Determining the space used by library functions in C
Mongo: query by key one level deep
Suppressing some messages in R but leaving others?
ExpandableListView sqlite error
Why all files in my application are written to jboss tmp directory?
scrollview is not working
Should I be using my own Web API
How to change font color of all children of a ViewGroup, and differently per ViewGroup instance?
C++ instantiation of function template with shared_ptrs [duplicate]
What container is the best to manage XML data?
issue with CSS background-position right in IE
where can i find a list of the actions that i put in the intent filter (receiver) inside the manifest?
Dictionaries in C#
logic with bool
Where to place downloaded PHP_CodeSniffer?
Can't sort table in rails
Ruby non-blocking libraries vs Node
jQuery UI Sortable on Click
Get data back from a fragment dialog - best practices?
How to disable drag/drop functionality in Chrome?
Oracle: How much averaged per month?
JQuery autocomplete custom scroll bar
How can I add a hint or tooltip to a label in C# Winforms?
Adding account through Account manager
creating a dynamic numpy array (2d) on the fly
How to access memory leaks tool while testing on iPad device?
How do I test if R is running as Rscript?
refresh onCreate() after call to onResume()
Javascript validating two controls onclick but not retaining value if only one control validates
Loading large blocks of text with Javascript
addEventListener in content script not working
RewriteCond HTTP_HOST still passes
How to get file permissions with c++ boost library?
The canvas overlaps my button
Jade with Express - ReferenceError: window is not defined
System.IO.IOException destroys session after RedirectToAction [duplicate]
Ignoring SSL certificates in Scala dispatch
How does the POST request look with this example data?
INNER JOIN with GROUP BY the CakePHP way
Login account before sending e-mail
Aspose.Words delete Nodes in a Bookmark
mysql row level read lock to replace messaging queue
HTML 5, CSS border outline inconsistency
Basic C header file syntax
params best practice ? if params[:body] is empty, read some file instead
How can I sort product listing by 鈥渂est value鈥� that is, an attribute calculated from (price divided by size)?
Is it possible to use several attributes in a jQuery selector?
jquery animate a rotating div
My java applets won't run in browser due to version mismatch although fully updated. How can this be?
Is it safe to assume that the CSS :last-child selector will work on all mobile browsers?
Custom text in back button of UINavigationController
How can I generate a large number of promotional codes for a paid iOS app?
launch orientation of iPad is incorrect for landscape orientation (upside down)
Compiling Texvc
getAttribute Method of Userdata Behavior and localStorage in firefox
Creating a one-to-one relationship between tables with an existing one-to-many relationship
how to write an inline llvm pass
Git workflow for local commits, upstream commits and deployment
Android layout 960x540 which quilifer
In R, how do I subset a data.frame by values from another data.frame?
getting and setting application preferences with the App SDK
How to handle multiple dropboxes of the same name?
Possible to iterate through markers after applying a query in a FusionTablesLayer?
Groovy String concatenation with null checks
Pages not rendering properly on Heroku
NSInvalidArgumentException: 鈥淚nvalid Region鈥�in MapKit app
@Override problems with ViewPagerIndicator
producing barplots with single color and multiple shades in R
looking for a hosted back-end business data storage for analytics
InnoDB versus MyISAM
The element 'class' in namespace 'urn:nhibernate-mapping-2.2' has invalid child element 'property'
At what point are extension methods on POCO classes overkill?
Preserve form data when using history.go(-1)
Safest way to use SQL Connection Strings in VB.Net
Equivalent of Rake's 'sh' for Jake?
How to get a simple test to run with rspec + fabrication?
Get char from Unicode value - Objective C
aChartEngine, GraphicalView OnClickListener not working
Create always-present sidebar with Chrome extension
Is my PC fault, or android emulator is slow
Animations: CSS3 or GIF?
Is it possible to call a function in a different, but currently executing process?
listview + imageview basic code example please
re-directing webpage to specific page in your directory
Using Equally == 0 in Ruby on Rails 3.2
Passing SqlParameter from C# without datatype - performance consideration
Using UISwipeGestureRecognizer and drawing code
Base64 library that works both in C and Javascript
get a userID of a facebook user with http request C# WPF
Custom Object Casting Method
Query logging for mySQL on shared server
IE7 z-index stacking bug - how do you stack 2 absolute positioned elements correctly?
How to handle special mime types and document formats in Liferay DMS
Location aware code converted from C# to F#?
How to access a ListView's ListModel's ListElement's mapped delegate's data in QML?
How can I overlay a text over another using CSS?
Query results don't match NumFound when using SolrNet with VB.NET
MySQL sum of two COUNT statements
Export Eclipse plugIn
Java - Preventing Java Heap memory error using Swing framework and abstract classes
Paypal Buy Now button transaction response issue
SQL Query to return Geography type as XML
SQL Server 2008 Express insertion delay appearing in Management Studio
Execute from a python script and redirect the output to a file
Audio parameters
C++ store multiple data types in one collection
When i try to get the Uri from a picture taken with the camera i get null
Protection against user textarea input
Kinect SDK with Silverlight instead of WPF?
Maya 2011 network render [closed]
Converting byte array into texture2D XNA
IntelliTrace with Console and Trace Events
filter table WHERE 1 column = column from another table
Apache POI 3.7 OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space when writing to large no of rows to xlsx files
Scala Case Classes vs. Protocol Buffers with Akka over the network
Deadlock after MPI::COMM::Create (all processes terminate)
iPhone iOS get thumbnail image from Vimeo : how to turn response into an image?
How to localize Telerik MVC Grid Enum filter?
java or smart gwt- authentication for a REST data source with OAuth
How to implement Row Level Security in Rails?
reading unique data
How to generate this vector in Octave/ MATLAB?
jqplot show trendline over barchart
How should I use ajax with [closed]
Normalize/Standardize a numpy recarray
Fetching many models from a single controller in a RESTful design
$string[i] does not return the i:th character
PHP Facebook Authentication
Can't grab value-of content:encoded from Wordpress RSS
New Page For OpenCart
How can I parse free-text time intervals in Python, ranging from years to seconds?
Taking a Layout screenshot, WebView not visable in it
How to mix AJAXy page updates with the Back button so that the updates are still there when the user returns?
Keep EditText from expanding horizontally
UIWebView release causes crash
Clamping floating numbers in Python?
Invalid cross-thread exception in silverlight
Change position of prev/next nav in Nivo Slider
ByRef parameter with Type Conversion
DataGrid Virtualization interfering with bound item selection
Binary Tree Using PHP + MySQL
How to see 'git svn dcommit' changes before dcommitting?
Rational, EA, or something else?
PHP SimpleXML with responseHeader included
Using a cutsom TableCellRenderer to change the background of a cell
Copy all methods from one class to another on the fly
RESTful MVC application
Copy all methods from one class to another on the fly
RESTful MVC application
MIPS Assembly homework. Can't seem to find the bug
Are the SQL concepts LEFT OUTER JOIN and WHERE NOT EXISTS basically the same?
Can't get Facebook log-in screen?
WCF Data Services IQueryable First() returns the whole list (verified with Fiddler). Why?
Post-Redirect-Get (PRG) Summary Page on Submit
Sunspot: How to implement a Search Result Hierarchy?
Determining the number of address lines and RAM word size using C
Sorting php array of arrays by 3 fields
ABCPdf add document javascript
Ajax returns json as array of objects. Starting from certain MAGIC number of objects it fails to output
String vs GString Performance
Wix Include file (.wxi) throws exception
鈥淭here was no endpoint listening at鈥︹�
Where do I have to put the event handler?
actionscript callback() function - URLRequest() causes 鈥淪ecurity Sandbox Violation鈥�
File returns always false for isDirectory and isFile in Java
Possible to apache mod_autoindex and mod_dir to return directory listing via AJAX?
Rails mysql2 error: 鈥渞ake aborted! Please install the mysql2 adapter鈥︹�
Sphinx Search Engine using with an access rights table
How to select a radio button that changes its id' in selenium?
List (and connect to) Bluetooth devices from within iOS App
Goto was unexpected at this time batch windows 7 starter
How do I order by three columns (with similar info) via PHP?
Clipping shadows created by CALayer.shadow
How to replace first <td> column of a table?
Xcode setting has made my project disappear from view
Linking SWF and html
How to do intersection on a composition table
Required and optional parameters for Sinatra route
Jquery validation multiple error messages
setOnClickListener causes force close in Android
Parsing SQL Query into a DOM-like tree to enable automatic permutation?
Legend in slice of Pie chart in silverlight
Mindscape Web Workbench Sass unknown mixin
Why does OpenBSD's G++ make system headers default to C linkage?
Grails: Integrating the Underlying Java(Spring+Hibernate) web app
Input checkbox always returns false
How to stop a specific thread in C process.h?
understand inherit abstract method in java
Which is fast way to compile Ginger Bread source code?
Sorting an array - and merging - algorithm
Python: RegEx assistance
Multithreading and Multiprocessing from imported matlab files
Ebean persistence not working in Play 2.0
C++ Simple but unsolvable? I think not
Adobe Air - IP to location
Fastest way to do horizontal vector sum with AVX instructions
Should JavaScript minifiers automatically combine var declarations?
PHP bulk processing solution
Swixml 2.0 Anyway to update xml textfield text attribute from the application ?
Android - Camera, save pic every 20 seconds [closed]
Report Builder: Explicit X-axis range definition?
How to create a new r dataframe variable contingent on existing variables
activerecord json output not showing relationship in output
DB2 deadlock issue SQLCODE=-911, SQLERRMC=68 while performing XA transaction
why does struts reset my form after failed validation?
Rails route - undefined local variable or method
Xilinx, Isim treatment of Verilog integer types in simulation
Proper way to update entity from controller Edit action?
Visual C++ 2010: argv[0] is full path in debug mode, but only .exe name in release mode
Why is my update statement not updating the table?
How can I cache the children?
sending cache-control headers not working in Codeigniter
simple function to gather form data for ajax submit
Android NFC Startup screen
Get around java's try/catch and keep the code clean without returning a null
C# consumption of C++ DLL function that exports an abstract class/interface?
Where are the plugin repositories for NetBeans stored on the file system?
Scrape/Parse betting odds using Python 2.7
View transitions in IOS [want to change background]
Child interfering with mouse wheel event propagation
WCF in production and deployment
Hide Msinfo32.exe when called from C# process execution?
Accessing a request's body (POSTed from iOS client) using classic ASP?
Object array to byte array
Could not find file 'obj Debug Program.exe.manifest'
Where do I find a custom function in a wordpress theme?
scrollable content expands over 100% in firefox 11 but works in chrome
Ruby on Rails: need to log data on a daily basis (hosted on Heroku)
Shine Icon/Image with canvas
Function Overloading in TCL
ctypes doesn't find fink-installed libraries in /sw/lib
Many-to-many reference in Drupal 7
Bootstrap javascript works in test by not in production?
keep getting the error message 鈥淎rguments are not sufficently instantiated鈥�can't understand why?
php excluding piece of html code?
mysql_real_escape_string method really slow (nearly 1 second)
Host MVC Application in AppHarbour
Access HttpSession from servletContext in Grails BootStrap
Removing SBT projects and removing Typesafe Stack
jQuery slideshow not working when loaded onto the page with jQuery's .load() method
Using an Exception to Exit PHP Application
Resize imageview on dragging to the limits of the screen
how does ADO.NET know that a SQL Server concurrency violation has occurred?
amount of memory allocated when double is converted to string
Using NSArrayController without Core Data
DropDownListFor and TryUpdateModel in ASP.NET MVC
android odbc connection
Play Framework custom validation errors with multiple String parameters
sorting filtered data in listview
Unable to edit .less file dynamically using dotless
Different selectors return same object with different prototypes?
How to open a resource file in a WAR using a string pathname?
Core Plot: should adding a CPTPlotSpaceAnnotation to plot space cause the entire graph to be redrawn?
Can I display daily data in month buckets using only excel's chart formatting?
Algorithm to print all permutations of a string with no duplicates [closed]
compare two images in android
UI Slider - Saving multiple positions
SyntaxRewriter and multiple statements
Is it possible to manage calls on an iPhone?
Nested List - Strings to Float
QR Barcode image back to text
Counting with conditions
How to get more detail from an exception?
Copying a (rtf) table into the clipboard via QT (or: Writing a QTextDocument into clipboard)
DbContext, EF, & LINQ - Whats the best way to expose methods on DbContext via an Interface?
Deleting minimum from an array using unset in php
Android: Proper interpretation of sensor values
Extend rand() max range
How to bind a variable in parse block
SQL Server insert with row N referencing the identity of the N - 1 row. Possible?
Main Difference between PHP and Servlet [closed]
An efficient algorithm for finding smallest pangrammatic windows?
How can I send Windows Media Keys from an Apple Keyboard
Append a NumPy array to a NumPy array
PhoneGap 1.5 鈥渕enubutton鈥�and 鈥渟earchbutton鈥�with jQuery Mobile
Multiple Domains/Sites connected to the same Database BUT one root folder for the UPLOADS, how?
Cleaning up C/C++ code reveals problems with variadic macros
Gini Impurity, growing random trees in opencv
How can I erase lines with acclerometer?
PHP APC doesn't want store
Text in Rect - Pygame [closed]
How to access NoteProperties on the InputObject to a remoting session
Java Exception appends 鈥� null鈥�to 鈥淐aused by鈥�clause
Transposing data from column to row using references [closed]
Warning - incompatible pointer types initializing 'NSString *__strong' with an expression of type 'UITextField'
How to move a window to a certain desktop with AppleScript?
Converting only time in python
PHP string cut off when emailed: simple bug fix help please
multiple sockets sharing a port in node.js (via
Can I wrap a long filename?
XAMPP and cURL not working, after uncommenting php.ini
Should retain count increase after an image rotation?
(<class 'sqlite3.OperationalError'>, OperationalError('unrecognized token: 鈥�鈥�,))
Google Map within Jquery Dialog - InfoWindow elements not working
Magento - getting the available filters for a category in top navigaiton
Can I control where Eclipse gets its pop-up javadoc from?
How to make input text control ready for input on creationComplete in Flex/MXML?
Can I control where Eclipse gets its pop-up javadoc from?
How to make input text control ready for input on creationComplete in Flex/MXML?
Entity Framework: Entity to include a fixed number of navigational property : how to write this query
regex get words between braces and quotes (just the words)
Move data from Sql Server 2008 to Mysql Rails
Implicit Conversion to a user-defined type
Database design, shound I use varchar for Primary Key in this case?
Emacs: font-lock explanation
What are the advantages of Hudson vs using a shellscript?
How to check if Date parameter has some value in Java
Masonry/Dynamic Slideshow Height Issues
鈥淩equested conversion is not supported鈥�using a linked server and ODBC
Possible to use WM_NCPAINT and still get the shadow behind a window on Aero?
F#: Flattening a sequence of sequences into a single Seq
Java pattern matcher for the file
google maps XML Import MVC Web API VS MVC 4 & MVC 3 internet application
ListView with customized items
How can I specify start date and end date when loading events in fullcalendar?
Triggering Non-existent jQuery Events and Performance
jQuery Mobile dynamically creating select menu
Setting ToolStripMenuItem.Visible to true doesn't work
How to create a composite Key Field in Apache Solr?
What is the 鈥渘on-static method鈥�error and how does 鈥渢his鈥�work?
How do I use BitShifting to convert an int-based IP address back to a string?
Creating a drools route in Camel
How to set binding for a chart mapping's itemdatasource in Telerik RadChart?
nginx redirect a certain url to a different domain
Creating a directory in linux assembly language
Limit columns on the right table in a LEFTJOIN in MySQL
Set XML serialziation resulting doc root
How can I find the method that is for an event
Why won't MySQL statement work?
Access to class data from handler for boost deadline_timer
How to pass in an object for a void parameter?
Get all rows not filtered from jqGrid
innerHTML for <script> works in FF, not IE
wp_enqueue_script in the footer
LocalSessionFactoryObject - MappingResources - Path to the hbm file
JSR303 Validation Group inheritance
鈥淥ne-Off鈥�Editable field Django Admin
After upgrading to Visual Studio 2010 - The type or namespace name 'xxxxxxxxx_ascx' does not exist in the namespace 'ASP'
Jenkins jobs going missing
Time Machine / Coverflow: IMG to DIV
Devise/LDAP sessions looking for a password even though User model doesnt require one.
Enumerating tables with Sas local provider
Disable controls too slow
KnockoutJS proper way to update observableArray AJAX
Split list and make sum from sublist?
Editing pdf's with higher version than 1.4 with Zend_Pdf
Files added to my Ruby Project when using RBENV
ASP.NET browser shows 鈥渨eb page has expired鈥�for back button (after a post back)
Reliable cross-browser method of setting and getting the date of a datpicker
XSLT key() basics
Checking empty fields in android application
How update an individual database record by ID
Local server address from android device(not emulator)?
sigining iphone app with customer certificate and provisioning profile
How NOHZ=On affects do_timer in linux kernel
How To Force Uniqueness In An ObservableCollection
How to get all users in a role including roles in roles?
Writing a .plist based on tableView User Choice
ASP.NET - Unable to translate Unicode character XXX at index YYY to specified code page
copying serializable objects without using ObjectOutputStream
Qt/C++, QObject::connect() effect on currently executed function?
Black lines missing in the box holding the axes of a MATLAB plot
jquery UI autocomplete with c#
PHP script to go to url at set interval
Scheduling policies in Linux Kernel
C++ std::vector problems
unformatted stream input from std::vector<double>
Linux select() vs ppoll() vs pselect()
Gettin error bjSysInfo = CreateObject(鈥淎DSystemInfo鈥� in classical ASP in IIS7.0
Can a browser window/tab target be (re)named?
Animation style was overridden
trying to execute git command using python script
Subview of TableView removed - Tableview not visible
How to address python code-browsing and code-completion issues in vim? [closed]
JQuery plugins: Function using $(this) inside the plugin's options
Converting from a Euler ZXZ rotation, to fixed axis XYZ rotations
Flex : Purepdf : Aligning paragraph text into the middle of a SimpleCell?
KnockoutJS data update writes internal function to UI
Tools/Tests for Evaluating QR Code Generation Quality
Image bank folder with Plone on multilingual site, browseable from TinyMCE 1.3
BlockingQueue - Fetch only specific object.
IOS: #import <AddressBook/AddressBookUI.h> file not found
Qt keeping mouse centered
Recv ring buffer vs simple buffer
How do you enforce foreign key constraints in SQLite through Java?
iOS change SMSC programmatically
viewing the contents of a file as decimal numbers format using vi
Show/Hide mulitple DIVs at the same time
developing Tool for Ext-Js 4
Queue of vertex in C++
How can Maven handle project / customer specific web.xml deployment descriptor in WAR
How to change the colour of skin in an image using Xcode?
How to convert list of arrays into a 2D array
Websphere Application Server exception ADMC0016E: The system cannot create a SOAP connector to connect to host port
PHP Beginner鈥imple PHP syntax error
Cleaning up function interposition with dlsym
Cleaning up function interposition with dlsym
Why Can't I See Value In Immediate Window?
how to generate <a name=鈥溾�> using link_to
Reading a text file and creating a maze
Try to start intent, if crash, start another intent
undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
Cannot access array objects when that array is itself an attribute of an object
Actionscript Graph API: Requesting publish_stream extended permission WHEN USER ALREADY LOGGED IN
Windows Azure - portability and migration?
Is there any point to string(string(.)) in XSLT?
Tracking an iOS App user
How do you run a jar file on boot (Ubuntu 11.10)?
Chromium Tabs in Cocoa (Outlets turning up NULL from 'TabContents.xib')
statsvn support for users with 鈥�鈥�in name
Pessimistic offline locking using Entity framework
Symfony Admin generator: transform batch actions from select list to links
When should the user for a newly created record be set?
adapter.notifyDataSetChange() doesnt update my adapter
Which layer should I place method to return current user's information?
Is there a way to have two divs side by side in an li tag?
event.keycode support (or similar) for Internet Explorer Mobile
When would you use a java.util.LinkedList [duplicate]
sybase errorlog WARNING: memory usage in procedure headers does not match memory usage
UITableView appearance with ios5 UIAppearance not working correctly?
broadcasting data to mobile devices
CSS Animation property stays after animating
Somthing Like setAsToday(date)?
HTTP Error 503.2 - Service Unavailable. The serverRuntime@appConcurrentRequestLimit setting is being exceeded
Setting Session Handler in Joomla to none
how to create a three dimensional dynamic array
ActionBarSherlock with multiple MenuItems?
drupal batch fails to copy (some) files
Can't keep .xcdatamodel under source control
stdarg.h reads too many arguments
VBA code for deleting and creating relationships adding same ID records in the child table, is it possible?
Cannot understand Apache Stanbol enhancer response (Semantic Web)
How do I easily change hardcoded links to a file in Excel?
Python dictionary json
Submit button CSS problems
AsyncTask onPostExecute() not called in Unit Test Case
jquery stretched background image slideshow with html and controls
I am trying to get css sticky footer to work
JPA persistence.xml data-source for SE app
AWS / SES Email sending鈥�What's been your experience?
DebugView suddenly stops working
Subview of Scrollview doesn't register touch events
Setting up a dynamic rails route
Sqlite3 not installed. How the android read messages from mmssms.db
how to access the div elements from .cs side by adding a method to ImageButton in c#
What the need for abstract class here?
cakephp 1.3 sql group formatting
Cant read configuration. RoleEnvironment may be inaccessible due to its protection level
Why does the :nth-child(2) selector work on what I expect to be :first-child?
NSString stringByReplacingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding does't work
How WSO2DSS manage the XML mapping of queries which contains some columns with null value
How can I test my app on phoneapp XDK
Nginx + PHP, Node.js and jQuery setup
Forward Slash at end of URL breaks CSS
Difference between a class snippet and an object snippet
jQuery AJAX returns 200 OK status, but errors. How can I view details of error?
How to select the oldest day, from a column type TEXT in Android SQLITE
Compiling Scala scripts. How works a Scala script?
How can I show the tab bar in Notepad++?
MySQL: multiple tables or one table with many columns?
setImageResource Vs setDrawable
Remove invalid numbers (too big, too small) from array
Java - SWT - New runnable upon clicking submit button
What's wrong with this class C++ declaration?
Removing similar elements from a PHP array
Out of Memory Exception While orientation in Titanium
Spring remoting/webservice technologies
Add content to JQuery node set
how to read file from web content folder using java for DB connectivity
EXC_BAD_ACCESS when creating istringstream
Using a variant type constructor with just one tuple value
How to animate a View to hide underneath another view, and then animate from that View
Last element in scroll view requiring double click to be triggered
Entity framework strange mapping
ArrayList and modifying objects included in it
Android - Custom view in fragment not working in onResume()
Trying to create a scheduled task to run once using C++ , Task Scheduler 1.0 on win7
Returning a service type in WCF
Rails production: No such file or directory - Error opening database in production.log
best practice to use EventBus with GWT components
Writing a sub query in LINQ with Top X
Faster SQL Counting
C# / ASP - Exceptions throwing
How to use jQuery file upload?
Conditional operator in Linq Expression causes NHibernate exception
wraping a native library that implements a callback in c#
Selenium Webdriver Exception: waitForPageToLoad is not a valid webdriver command?
Caching - Best Practices
Mouse events through bluetooth
How to pass 'this' as the context to an $.ajax call
Rotate a sprite in the direction of it's movement vector
jQuery breaks form elements
biweekly email through php on windows server
Flash Builder 4.5 strange formatting
Nesting Ruby on Rails HAML Checkbox in Label Tag
Model binding error with custom MediaTypeFormatter in ASP.Net Web API
Model binding error with custom MediaTypeFormatter in ASP.Net Web API
SQLite: Retrieve single representative entity for each group of entities
How to allow that permission in Glassfish
Could not find cache store adapter for redis_store
Cocoa App: How to find running process
How do I set the $.Scroll for iOS and Tablets?
How to filter/sniff out web pages according to data(text) contained?
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception
Get server time php and javascript
Openstack - nova-billing
How do I keep this C program from 鈥渉anging鈥�
Does C++11 offer a better way to concatenate strings on the fly?
Would NServiceBus be the right choice for our app?
Forcing download of txt file via PHP is including HTML
How to do ForEach on user defined table type in SQL Server stored procedure?
Why does setting the margin or padding with this HTML/CSS not behave as expected?
User to user app request doesn't appear in notifications
Python _winreg - way of displaying whether specific OpenKey findings are true or not?
Rendering Full-blown HTML in SSRS 2008 (not just tags)
underline the text within a textbox
didFinishLaunchingWithOption not getting called when the action button of push notification is clicked
Is there any way to force fast content type determination for slow file system
Create an Array of Objects in Javascript [closed]
Convert UIFont to CTFontRef and add italic on Retina display
invoke orientation changes on viewdidload
PHP: How do I find out if array has a string that has a string?
Does closing a spun off async socket make the listener stop listening?
Asking for 'email' permission as optional?
coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, TarFile found
What should be the correct MySQL queries for this?
How to trap unhandled Delphi 6 Exceptions from within the context of a modal form?
Ajax Accordion - loading CSS behind code. aspx
Irregular output on second pass in Java
Unable to connect to the remote server while trying to GetRequestStream()
Removing CRLF in Access Query so doesn't screw up the export
Connecting to LibreOffice with named pipes
Adding jquery timepicker to website
Retrieve data from MySql database using html form and php with demo
Better way to add element at the beginning of F# sequence
delaying identity-insert due to no transaction in progress
CakePHP: Passing $this->params['form'] in a requestAction call?
Undefined error using dup2 to redirect stdin and stdout
ASP.NET MVC3 SQL database row delete issue
W3C validation error with data-href
realpath() returning false on existing files on Mac OS X XAMPP server
How to precompile ASP.NET with version numbers on all Assemblies
Java Mouse position
Google Charts Api - Single Series Multiple Colors
Given 4 arrays, find number of quadruples having zero sum [closed]
Is it safe to throw an exception in C++ in a callback registered in clCreateContext()
unable to access jarfile
How to delete/destroy/make nil any object with ARC?
C# set environment variable
My code is not going to getView() of Extended Adapter
model item in WF 4
PHP cURL Not Working with HTTPS
How to do a conditional Sum with Nhibernate?
Sharepoint 2010 refinement dates by year
Track keyboard position in iOS 5 with undocked / splited keyboard
Creating a crosstab report with long text column data into sub report
Performance difference between drawing simple shape or complex movieClip in a bitmapData
CSS Transitions applied even if activated after state change?
Database with ListActivity
RegEx for replacing all characters apart from numbers
why does height and top attribute not work when position is relative?
Capturing partial URL's to make FileName
Performance difference between post- and pre- increment operators? [closed]
Unable to run jar file
How set default image for prettyPhoto?
Using Visual Studio 2010 as an editor for non-VS projects
Populate FilteringSelect from a json file
object_attachment and linking to an Album
css display property when a float is applied
Setting the delegate for a 2nd tier tableViewController presented in a popover
getView function never called
Adding a button in a Telerik RadGrid editor column
Access parent object in JavaScript from iFrame/Window
One view with different looks - MVC
How to logically separate a iteration?
How to get a switch to turn on/off a button on another layer? 4.2
Post on a page on facebook
Junit ant task - JUnitTask was not found
Wordpress only looping through pages that have children or subpages
Find event device for keyboard, mouse
Rewrite first query
Crash in WebCore when opening a Facebook Dialog
jQuery Touchwipe - disable default scrolling for 1 axis only
C: undefined reference to function in another file
Java: Hadoop: MapReduce: using filters for retrieving data from hbase, int/string comparison
Unable to connect to report server 2012 rc0
java.lang.NullPointerException at com.sun.faces.lifecycle.RestoreViewPhase.notifyAfter instead of HTTP 404 page not found
Why is this loop so slow?
Abort further program execution
Unable to authenticate with jax-ws on Glassfish
Is Id required attribute for JSF 2 tags?
Fastest data structure for a large index in groovy?
html 5 video not sizing in player
Reading issues in Xcode 4
Username-Password for OpenVPN
updatepanel works once then submits the page ( c#)
I am trying to stick my footer to the bottom of the page in css
Pass context to a voice search
Pylint error in Python
Visual Studio 2010 code analysis warning CA1704 for class named MultiString
Facebook App not appearing in bookmark list on left
UIImage resize and crop to fit
Is it possible to deploy cakephp applications on google app engine?
Trying to Convert VB.Net to C#
About image size, and resolutions
How can I shorten this SQL statement? [closed]
IQueryable.GroupBy override throws for int and bool, but not for strings
Customising the Devise :authenticate_user filter to also check for auth tokens
Java - Forwarding objects
Error in PHP code?
How to sort the relational data?
Xcode freezes when trying to open or compile .xib files
jQuery not working in django
Has anyone gotten the javascript msProtocols property to work in IE10?
jQuery animate border-bottom-width
C Compiler is generating errors when trying include C++ class header
jquery animate a div and when is finish, animate the second div inside the first
php array loading into javascript
memcache append/prepend with google protocol buffers
String replace '05/12/2011 17:04:00' to Cast('05/12/2011 17:04:00' As DateTime)
Issue in generating the xml file from python minidom
Backbone.js - error event not fired when saving an object
C++ Initializing std::vector<T> , with a non-default constructor called with defferent argument for each element
jqtouch tabbed page container
Change /data/local Permissions
Graph in excel using coldfusion
jQuery UI Droppable Uncaught TypeError