Error in generating csv in php
ZipInputStream to File Objects
Inserting text after a bookmark in openxml
Optimize Search Result from address book in iphone
Do you have to compile with Xcode 4.3.1 (or better) to have @2x images used on new iPad?
Codeigniter upload class: duplicated file error [SOLVED]
Android - camera as motion detector
urldecode is not working for %26 in php which stands for &
VBScript storing collection resulting from regex matching a file collection into array
which loop is faster?
Persistence of Drawn Object on JPanel
Couchbase storing of complex times not firing
Performance of a REST service proxy vs WCF SOAP proxy
Capistrano, Rails 3.2, standard recipes?
Hadoop data flow efficiency for 鈥渃ustomers who bought x also bought y鈥�
Can Agile Toolkit generate its model from existing SQL DB?
How to separate an image's color channels into NSView's layers
Sphinx SetSelect sortmode issue
How can I split a string into meaningful tokens?
Mentioning of ref in C# function parameters
Is it possible to set a property with no setter using Moq?
Hide body until loaded, jQuery fadeout instead of javascript hide
How can I remove a HTML element when it goes below a certain part of the page?
Why is my dropdown list div transparent?
Detect if objects are going to collide in 2D space
Netty throttling Accept on boss thread
function javascript : anonymous but with a name? [duplicate]
Copying arrays to array of arrays (huh?) [closed]
Observable.FromEvent doesn't complete
Creating a chat box in JavaScript
Setting first page on EPiServer CMS 6
Why are references to instance methods stored in each instance object rather than in the class object?
Returning 鈥淣ative鈥�PHP Objects from an Extension
Mongo DB GridFS + Document transaction (typical use-case)
How to restrict user access to subdomains
Botched Redmine Install
Kinect for Windows gesture recognition
Combine data from like named rows into one summed row, eliminating the multiple rows
Bad encoding: why does my medium sized dash is differently encoded on another server?
Difference between generic declaration and providing class parameter
RegEx to match e-mails also matches URLs
Is there a quick way to convert Eclipse 鈥渓ibraries鈥�to Maven POM entries?
datatables date filter
XCODE 4.3.1 and libcrypto.a and libsqlcipher.a, building debug and release
UVIews Proportions when zooming UIScrollview
Configure permissions links result in HTTP 500 error
How to load a configuration file in Python and be able to access values using dot notation (attributes)?
How can I set the background of an android layout to a color plus an image?
Unix If file exists, rename
Use instance after binding
Adding a 'None' option to a QComboBox linked to a model
Get variables with php in turbo pascal way
understanding the javascript global namespace and closures
Replace HTML tag content using Regex
Display book details from mysql-php
why facebook is flooding my site?
Is there a way to tell when a Widget is shown with GWT?
How to Use Localized Resources outside App's Bundle
dfs.block.size for Local hadoop jobs ?
XSLT Spilt Issue
Issues with the C Standard Library? [closed]
android - using the new android expansion for large applications
SQL Cross Tab Function
Issues with handling http errors with jQuery AJAX webservice calls
Convert negative data into positive data in SQL Server
Sort alphabetically an array taken dynamically
disable animations wpf application wide?
SQLiteDatabse giving NullPointerException
Silverlight DataGrid fill with Entity Framework
Creation of a Visio Add-in with Visual Studio 2010 and C# : loosing reference to buttons
Android development on real device: API update
Garbage value undetected in debug mode
[UIViewAnimationState animationDidStop:finished:]: message sent to deallocated instance
How do I use the assignment operator *= to multiply a value by ten?
Magento Community 1.6.2 Different Responses from Servers
Facebook iOS sdk search encoding
Request.IsAuthenticated is still true after calling FormsAuthentication.SignOut() and redirecting back to page
Fortran's do-loop over arbitary indices like for-loop in R?
what is the best way to get a attrubute value in strings.xml?
PHP COM read MS perfect鈥UT
Copy data from a table and update it
Zend-Image Uploading at Wrong Destination
.NET - UserControl Drag & Drop - Child Controls
How do I properly remove an item from ListView in Android?
Android ListView onTouchEvent doesn't give ACTION_DOWN
Get friends info from Facebook on my iPhone app
Getting started with integration
GAE + OpenERP Store integration
Store Result From DB Query Rails
Can i have HashSets as the keys in a HashMap? Suggest an alternative if not
Jquery.tablesorter.pager Pagination VIew All option
How to add an image flyout to a html select drop down list
sending e-mail from Rails Web app without using smtp
php user information for callback
jQuery crashing IE 9
Undefined method 'role?' for User
How can I create the animation like the new Path iPhone app? [closed]
How to fix a linker error with PKEY_Device_FriendlyName
A tool to visualize FSM (preferably in Javascript)
How to load a pickle file containing a dictionary with unicode characters?
check all checkboxes, when one checkbox is clicked in android?
Maven resources plugin exclude not working
Ember JS: observed properties on destroyed objects
How to generate a JSON file from Mondrian output
How to bind Fill property to a custom property into a controltemplate
How to get ServiceStack to format Guids with dashes when using JSON?
Javascript: Possible to get image dimensions before images are fully loaded?
Single page applications, http or websockets, is connect/express done for?
Serializing the $_SESSION and storing it in a mySQL table
Setting a different background image in a subclass in viewDidLoad
JavaScript Execute Ruby Script
Remove a file from Perforce control without deleting from workspace?
Single page Web App in Java framework or examples? [closed]
MS Access 2007 queries does't run on SQL Server 2008
How to fix regional settings for jQuery datepicker so it works in Firefox and IE7?
How do you add JavaScript Codes for Social Plug-Ins on a facebook account/page?
jQuery is(':visible') acting funny.
Access bat file outside web folder in c#
How do you get a pager to work with the Dynamic View Panel?
Double brace initialisation (anonymous inner class) with diamond operator
I have a very strange crash. Please see my stack trace
Scrape google's all search results based on certain criteria?
T4MVC generated files and a different location
PHP / jQuery: How to get next row in SQL?
Keyup/press events not available when page has PDF in iFrame (IE) or as object (Fx/chrome). Chrome's native reader behaves
organising a hashmap
PHP API CReate Private Event
User login required accessing SharePoint 2010 inside network with SSL
Using Data Annotations inside a Web Forms project
HTTP PUT to upload a file in Java
Why can't a cell indexer be mapped to a const int?
I can't search inside a text field for data with a hypen character
How to select records that fall between a start and end time?
Suggested pattern for determining REST response type in WCF
Regex grouping and context
How do I add Thousands separator to my html form
Windows Authentication for Java Based web applications, How to?
Where is this strange code coming from in my php/mysql app and how do I get rid of it
how to get the return value of findAndModify func in MongoDB with mongoose?
C stop at enter key
how to write a svn hook script
How to disable / enable fancybox on the fly?
How to get the min-height of the object when its parent is set to display none?
Why i can not trigger the jquery function?
HAML - if / elsif construction
How to monitor user click on an url and extract the url?
REST API Token-based Authentication
How to log out the LiveID while using ACS on Windows Phone?
Fade-in images on load
Is there a tool like mechanize for Android?
Making a static library instead of a shared library (.a instead of .so)
Adding/Removing Checkbox Values into TextArea
Loading an XMI representation for MOF into EMF
Replacement for SHDOCLC.DLL file to customize the context menu of a webbrowser
How do I use SetText to access strings that are in an array (in xml)? Android
Is it posibble to get listed registered email accounts on iOS?
Getting counts of 0 from a query with a double group by
Separate storyboards for iPhone/iPhone Retina/iPad/iPad Retina
vi editor paste text from some page into vi editor page
Why is variable automatically being passed by reference?
How can I rewrite the GLCameraRipple sample without using iOS 5.0-specific features?
Oracle parents key not found create connection class
css pseudo class, hover on one element changes properties in different element
Why doesn't TaskScheduler.FromCurrentSynchronizationContext synchronize in Monotouch?
I want to restrict the dimensions of images users can select with a JFileChooser
How can i put a small subview on a view xcode
Ajax checkbox selection (older code, worked with jQ v1.3)
Connection String C#
StaticExtension value cannot be resolved
Optimal algorithm for seeing who won a tick tac toe game
Is MongoDB somehow limited to a single core?
Filter '*.modeshape' files in JCR_SQL2
@property definitions with ARC: Is strong default now?
Rounding to nearest 5/10 in PHP
Changing the 鈥淔rom鈥�address when integrating SendMail with Rails 3
Does order of independent kernel-module insertion at system startup matter?
C++ error: expected primary-expression before 'int'?
Performance of User Defined Functions in SQL Server 2000 and 2005
Silverlight 3 with .NET 4
Diffrence in mysql query speeds
How to reboot a remote dedicated server using php script or php shell client?
Set op ViewPager inside ASyncTask
Hibernate:can't fetch data from related one-to-one tables
How to update JTable Binding in NetBeans
How to make SWIG use 64bit integer for intptr_t on Windows
Populate a datagrid from another datagrid in another form
Using existing database and EF code-first, mapping a lookup table to entity
Django LOCALE_PATHS solution using Amazon EC2
Django: How to access a list of backward relationships in a view?
How can I doNTLM Windows Auth over the internet?
Where to use the dependency injection container in Zend/Zend 2
ListView - scroll an item so it touches top of view?
Servlet not found once hosted on a web server
SCORM 1.2 CMI Objectives
OleDbConnection string and unicode
ClassLoader loading the wrong instance of a file
Asset model missing required attr_accessor with Paperclip
Can't get ImageMagick run with php
TableView does not reloaddata when I clicked 鈥淢ore data鈥︹� at the last row of tableView
How do I pass two similar concrete objects to a method with interface parameters that implement generics in C#?
How to make a combined search box with different URLs?
NullPointerException in android,maybe a database issue
Android background service plugin in phonegap
Trying to send mail via SMTP. No mails arrives and no exception error
Loading data asynchronously in ember-data
Resharper ConcurrentBag<T> AssignNullToNotNull, but not with List<T>
putImageData not working checked existing questions
How can i invoke methods of PHP REST-like service from mvc?
Some issues with a basic PHP calendar script
Can I change the Layout of the TFS Test Case?
Batch file closes before completing all lines
Java memory collection usage
.csproj.user issues when checked into TFS
How to improve Flex performance for invisible views
Validating GridView Rows
Creating Customised button on silverlight for windows phone c#
Deleting a file with LFTP using variables
Twitter Feed Manual Refresh Button
PHP/MySQL: Simple search engine
Extract day of week, day, month in string from JSON
eunit testing for sent messages
Setting row background colour in XAML DataGrid based on edit state
java, collect data from one JTable, using event handler change display of other JTable
How can I use devise invitable when my app allows many logins via the same email address?
When to use mapping framework, when to map by hand?
Enable Crossdomain on Safari / Firefox
Invisible app on Facebook pages profile
Remove namespaces from Xpath expression
addMouseListener() won't work with JPanel under JScrollPane
Rails installation on Ubuntu intel 64bit
Fixed Position Breaks JQuery Hover Scroller
Can nonvisual WinForms controls be used from WPF?
HTML 5 Label Tag Need to Be closed?
JVM 104 : Stack Over Flow Error in Blackberry Simulator
Android HTTPClient 鈥淣o Peer Certificate鈥�
Syntax for module option
Two weird bugs (at least for me) with javascript
Reshape data frame with dcast and melt
Error in Linq: The text data type cannot be selected as DISTINCT because it is not comparable
QR code vector image
Codeigniter concat_ws not working
Zebra MZ220 (CPCL) tahoma font
How to create X11 window from GTK widget in FireBreath plugin?
extending fsharpchart
UIImage content disappearing (and reappearing) when using drawLayer:inContext
Selecting total value, and a subset of it
jquery new slider image loading
EntityConnection and Opened SqlConnection
How do I get information out of IMMDevice?
OpenMP - Parallel region within master directive
How to get colors made by color scale of conditional formatting of Excel 2012 throught VBA code
How to display SQL Timings with Mini-Profiler 1.9.1 from background threads
Stop capturing any string based on / for urls in Django (regex)
Working with Multiple Projects in CMake
Store settings ios5
Scaling a web application and making it stateless
Nested entity groups in HRD datastore
Javascript loop to collect all forms on page
Ajax long polling - 30 seconds each
CSS change color of hr tag [duplicate]
Stretching image
Blank time between resource loading under network inspector
How to clear the complete back stack (and possible solution)
UITableView section border
Ruby puts<<PARAGRAPH
Programmatically create Outlook account
android application with sencha touch [closed]
How to build a presentaion page for all the articles in specific category in Joomla?
Struts2 convention and redirect parameters
How do I add a library made for C# without Visual Studio's IDE?
How can I show non-ascii characters in MovieClip, using ExternalInterface and invoke?
JavaScript rotating through html/css content
Convert URI into JSON using JQuery
Handling related NSMutable arrays in a series of operations
How can I tell that I'm at the last object in a foreach, in Qt
URL Match patterns in firefox addons
RC4 decryption with key in Python
Jquery Slide after reveal filter
File not found AS3
Rails - logging server errors to DB
C# Collision test of a ship and asteriod [closed]
MS Access 2007 popup form refuses to display/not accessible in design mode (but present in list of forms)
How to update jQuery from 1.4.4 to 1.7.1 right? [closed]
Fire event on checkbox .change() but *after* a checkbox appears checked?
What's the best way to load MEF extensions based on solution's location?
Xtext rule consisting of Terminals not working
How is a Fluent Nhibernate Reference / HasMany relationship supposed to work?
Android:Option menu appearance and icon not getting displayed
MySQL - Selecting closest row to a certain time on each day of a month
Config Apache 2.2
Practical server side includes with Python on Google App Engine
Text is too close to scroller. How to create a little bit space between scroller and text?
Align to the right in visual block
Why would CToolBar::LoadToolBar fail?
jquery ui slider: how to change the position of slider only programmaticly?
Scripts for LaTeX [closed]
How to implement pluralize & other extensions using Playframework 2.0
Is there any setting that causes F5 to do a full Rebuild Solution
Javascript - onClick return what was clicked on
Multi currency using rates from API
redundant foreign key?
C# Display repeated letter in string
Inverse of OfType in Linq? [duplicate]
Python/SQLite3: cannot commit - no transaction is active
Customizing file link in Drupal7 template
making functions in Jquery
Portal displaying data from two tables
Raphael.export! including clipPath elements and clip-path attributes to svg file
Pull Multiple Timestamps and Usernames from a text file [closed]
submitting form a second time, renders the previous partial as well as the current
How to set the time based on the date selected from the datetime picker?
Vaadin TextArea font
Displaying hierarchal parent child data in WPF DataGrid
Apache Tomcat Server shutdown yet webapplication is still running
How can I show details in a dialog instead of loading a new page?
Canvas toDataUrl increases file size of image
Insert variable into Header Location PHP
Parsing char* data of h.264
Issues regarding closing tag elements and attachable properties?
dbExpress 鈥淩ecord not found or changed by another user鈥�
ClassNotFoundException While Deserializing in OSGi Bundles
Downgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab from Android v3.1 to v2.3.3 Gingerbread
Twitter iOS4 SDK Integration Issue using AddThis SDK
Visual Studio UI controls
Logic trouble with creating a DataTable in
What is the meaning of this Queue Property (iOS Audio Queues)?
Vaadin Tree. Lazy loading
Contenteditable automatically applying CSS to entered text
.NET applications behind load balancer generating different Session IDs?
Choice of file management for MVC
Using .HasValue() in LinQ when dealing with a Nullable type, is there a way to get rid of 鈥淧ossible SystemInvalidException鈥�
Removing u in list
Facebook SDK Integration Issue using AddThis SDK
How to make a query from multiple databases
Trying To Avoid Reading a File Twice
Registering PATCH HTTP verb in IIS 7/7.5
Is PHP 5 Object Oriented? [closed]
MigLayout confused by JTable objects contained in JScrollBar objects
Sencha Touch 2 - my form does not display
jQuery/JS: How to create a SEO-friendly link
WCF MSMQ Transaction with Oracle Database Insert
Android replace html entities inside Listview from database
Catalog Price Rule For Bundle Items
How to detect when a div inside a table cell is clicked on?
PHP Dynamic page css bug
Creating a RIA using Django & SmartClient
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException if I use either hibernate-core 3.6.0 or hibernate-core 4.1.0
Resharper 6.1 VS 2010 - Unable to edit read-only files. (In memory)
Entity Framework 4 Code First: Where is my database?
Filter MySQL table using data from another table
How can I yield a 鈥渇uture鈥�content_for tag in Rails 3?
Wrapping XMLSerializer
jQuery style switcher doesn't change width properly
Can I add elements of two forms by using .serializeArray() function of Javascript
Is there a way to detect that an application has been force stopped on Android
ASP.NET - Format date from database
In what order do filter attributes run?
On OSX, Instead of localhost:8090 how can I use just localhost with Jetty?
Unable to push to phpfog, permission denied (publickey)
How to create a jQuery plugin with a first time initialization?
how do you remove the navigation bar on Android?
not able to convert dynamic url to static url via .htaccess
MVC 4 Web Api: returning tasks from actions
RegDBKeyExists always returns -1 (incorrectly)
Prevent page panning on Windows Phone 7 browser
jQuery .change() only fires on the first change
rails 3 dumping PostgreSQL database into schema.rb ignores primary keys
Winforms MVP with multiple views and one presenter
Change the ActiveUIDocument
PrivCopyFileExW Bug in Windows?
html-to-text conversion using Python standard library only
Why is jquery GET sending only one value in this loop?
Programmatically get sharepoint theme colors?
How can I get the timezone name in JavaScript?
Why derive a List<T> class just to restate an indexer?
How to validate choices fetched from database and then translated in symfony2?
How to start with call cost app for android?
C# ASP.NET MVC Return to Previous Page
Java - regex - group separation
RSpec custom matchers in Cucumber to DRY implementation-dependent tests, is it possible?
Problems of **arg in Python
Issue in PopUpScreen
REST API: Request body as JSON or plain POST data?
MonoTouch throws SIGSEGV when right detail disclosure button on annotation is clicked
View doesn't dispatch touch event to its parent
FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK clarification needed
Where to store application global data?
Why is the instance variable (apparently) not set to nil by init?
Facebook Lint not picking up OG tags
Select next Item in Listview on Repeatbutton Click
Why I get this infinite-calling-cycle?
How can I capture the minimize event from Fluxbox?
RequireJS and scripts that depend on being loaded in a specific order
Is there a way to have weak binding in KnockoutJS
Dojo Beginner: Hows do I make a custom Widget using _DomTemplated without getting a render error?
Qt Arm Remote Debugging
Find the Delphi source line that matches an offset in a DLL
Unable to replace characters in a String
How to add dynamic row cell while using jQuery Template plugin
virtual memory page replacement
Display ValueMember of DataGridViewComboBoxCell on Combobox Changing Event VB.NET
Is there a free tool capable of pruning unused code from a CLI assembly?
Selectable hidden text with CSS
Eclipse RCP application with OSGI
Mysterious stack overflow in constructor
Webserver generates badly formated services.wsdl
AJAX, PHP and canvas URI
Persistence of urllib.request connections to a HTTP server
when substring is found, create a DOM element -php
GUI to admin the appengine through remote api appart of _ah/admin
SQL: Proper way to sort array of two fields? (without subquery)
How do I create dynamically linked executable in Racket?
The continuing saga of 鈥淴ML - targeting node attribute, push into a Flash AS3 array鈥�
How validate a text box using jquery?
PostgreSQL alter type timestamp without time zone -> with time zone
How to set on key press key binding?
Highlight rows that have been changed
Custom CSS Property in Custom Sharepoint 2010 WebPart
TSQL Distinct unique result set required but I get repeating values
How to inactivate items in a table using MVC 3, EF Model First
Headers disappearing when using HttpSelfHostServer
Final Profile sent to the device
wrap_content, fill_parent
How do I get 鈥淎ccept鈥�button to fire when DataGridView has focus?
SQL Server database - best way to deal with mass amounts of data
IE Conditional CSS
How to avoid warnings when implementing an interface that uses raw types?
C# Append data to xlsx
Get all fragments from backstack in order
Insert element into array with specific position in loop
how to fire an event-triggering function from an event handler without creating an infinite loop?
How do I customize PuTTy color output & text options in the shortcut/startup?
PHP dateRange function: how to save the return value in a var?
How to extract data between tr tags?
Dynamic Fluent Mapping with EF4.1
awk: mktime returns -1
Get value of radio button + Zend Framework
case with SQL order by clause
Eclipse export to zipped file requires a refresh
WIF, STS and Membership tables
Checking float values in android with ifelse
Android MediaPlayer unwilling to seek through RTSP video stream
Saving and loading data
Android - Changing Positive Button Text of EditTextPreference's Dialog Programmatically
Berkeley DB (Java Edition) is not persistent between application runs
while (sqlite3_step(statement1) == SQLITE_ROW) is not working even though both values are equal in iPhone
publishing facebook group photo gallery in my webpage
Stopping user input i.e. freezing game to display next level and such
How to create a default binding for a generic interface to a generic implementation with GIN?
iOS Drag and Drop on development
How to get content from dynamically added controls
Error mounting Root File System
Some questions with pacman path finding
What is mockit and why is it screwing with my JUNIT tests?
Reverse movement in Vim line auto-completion
feedparser with timeout
Objective-c: NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest is given a 415 Unsupported Media Type Error with a Soap request
_trackEvent on two accounts/subdomains, only one tracks properly
How to write a generic conversion method which would support converting to and from nullable types? [duplicate]
Saving an image received as part of multipart form data using Scala
Android: Open application within control of another application
How can I retreive the local path of an image after it being loaded from the web?
catastrophic regex while matching nested path in Django
How to let users add additional content to a page in Rails/Javascript
Scala SBT build multi module project to runnable jars
cURL cookie negative cookie expire
Invalidate Wicket session after displaying message
Invalidate Wicket session after displaying message
Telerik : preventing postback with RadButton confirm dialog
Can rest api allow not to install splunk forwarder?
Documentation errors tag
Clarification about the JavaScript notation
YUI Carousel custom navigation
MATLAB: How to calculate the accumulated return
jQuery Accordion Wordpress Causes IE6/7 鈥渦nexpected call to method or property access鈥�
Is this a good approach for managing common libraries?
How to read a text file with a mix of int and strings delimited by space and store each into arrays
ASMock: VerifyError for
Contains() in visual studio doesnt work
How to properly configure MSVC's compiler options with QtCreator?
Performance differences between result format in SSMS
JSNI (call from javascript to java)
Android Custom Listview unable to load items from internet
C# update database error
How do I get all class properties by type?
Split PDF problems with Gs. GS limits?
Small and good scala projects to learn scala 鈥�especially functional programming and type system
Using colors in Scala Console
D DMD error messages don't get parsed?
TDD & Design Advice
writing JUnit tests
Error in mail.Bcc.Add() ASP .Net c#
May GCC only be used for GPL projects?
SQL apply sum avg conditionally
Comparing two lists of strings .CSV
Input/Select Elements Misaligned When Added With jQuery
ValidationException: Unable to find a default provider
How does Microsoft DOS SET command translate into C#?
No scrollbar when using overflow:auto and div heights
Integrate - google hotel finder - web application
Magnify resistant CSS
Is there a way a c# attribute can be sent a parameter from the method it is used on
Symfony 2 bin/vendors: 鈥渇atal: 'origin' does not appear to be a git repository鈥�on remote machine, fine on local
Backport changes from renamed file
Accessing Tomcat's configured KeyStore and TrustStore
iPhone: call JS function
When using shallow routes, different routes require different form_for arguments
How to dynamically show Rails fields based on a boolean field's state?
How to test if my installer contains a file?
XML Attribute to HTML select value using jquery
Is it possible to create a trigger for emails that send from workflows?
Simple/Advanced search
Javascript onClick validate not firing
Using PATINDEX to find varying length patterns in T-SQL
JS get and insert into <script>
Food ordering system on iPhone [closed]
Using Google Guice to to inject java properties
SQL query to criteria nhibernate
MinGW libraries issues
Changing tab border color at run time in flex
Ajax AutoCompleteExtender - Why is this code not working?
Format double/decimal value in MVC 3 Grid
Perl Pod::WSDL: wrong return type
R studio failling to use rJava lib and failling javareconf
Writing to 64-bit registry from 32-bit installer
VIM JavaScript Indentation Plugin - Comma first
the expression of label in llvm IR code
How can I insert multiple tooltips at different caret positions in a JTextcomponent?
sql script, if and go statements
Completing the RPC call befor the execution of other methods or code?
Java 7 FileSystemProvider backward compatability
Clever way to deal with 鈥溾�view nesting level exceeded (limit 32)鈥�error
Create a new user on the xmpp server
ICEfaces configured for view, but h:head and h:body components are required
Need multi file upload in django forms
jQuery Tag-it plugin [duplicate]
Missing return statement [closed]
Load page wait a second then download file using Codeigniter v2
How to extend a mountable engine's model inside another mountable engine with development environment reloading
Paid html5 iphone/android app
Best way to store temp data to pass from web application to desktop application using javascript
MySQL INNER JOIN of 3 tables with count and totals
Can I map arbitrary SQL queries to Entity Framework fields?
how do apple approve app using ldap?
C++ local class as functor
LWJGL and GLAPP print function for printing text onscreen
Persist backstack info of fragments
android 3.0+ action bar tabs
Java match String values to enum, have multiple String match possibilities for each enum value
How to fill text with an image; then scale & center (vertically and horizontally)?
TypeError: string payload expected: <class 'bytes'>
Typo3, TCA forms view depending on the chosen option
Spring Security UTF-8 codpage with russian usernames
SetInterval in a for loop , passing parameters
PostgreSQL execute + date
Load HTML content through jQuery
Capturing Hibernate Validator message text in Spring MVC
How to measure performance of Web Services Security with Java and Netbeans?
Javascript async loop processing
Passing CoreData objects between views without managedObjectContext
tr command with special character
setUserTrackingMode is slow with annotations on MKMapView
Clear data does not remove getExternalStorageDirectory()
determine how many times the db is hit when a page is loaded
.contains() inside of for loop
Monitoring a gen_server
Sorting by the rendered value in an ExtJS 3 EditorGridPanel
get absolute value without using abs function nor if statement
DataTables how to add them dynamically in jquery or javascript
Hudson and Pre-Build jobs
Upload multiple images, PHP
Is it possible to disallow access to
FoxPro string returned from procedure is truncated
Better way to bind events in jQuery
Tridion 2009 TBB: How do I determine if a Page is published to particular publication target?
how to get width, height or tinymce editor
TIdHttpServer synchronize with VCL
Getting PDF data to SQL Server? Example in description
Two services share one Solr(through Sunspot)?
SingleTagSectionHandler returned as DefaultSection
Orchard CMS - Enumerate menus
Declaring javascript object method in constructor function vs. in prototype [duplicate]
Scripting language to use with Redis iterating through each column in row of SqlDataReader
how to tokenize a c++ source code file (convert to sequence of tokens)? [duplicate]
Check CRL OpenSSL C
SQL - choose minimal row
How to use CppUnit::RepeatTest to run a test multiple times?
Show custom message if record does not exist in database php
Cloning a mercurial repository via SSH
Fast hiding of intersecting rectangles
Group items from database by event
WebSphere embeddable EJB container with Hibernate throws java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
Mixed mode assembly is built against version X and cannot be loaded in version Y of the runtime without additional configuration information
Specializing a variadic template template parameter on the minimum number of arguments: legal or not?
what is the purpose of the SQLDataAdapter RowUpdating event
Develop handler for JBoss 5 Application server
pdb files deployed and no line numbers showing
Von Neuman Architecture, is this still applicable
Trigger size animation on toggle
what does the <> operator mean in
File searching in Operating Systems
Diagnosing 鈥淩PC Server Unavailable Error鈥�which is cause by Windows Service calling WCF
Bing Map pushpin visualization (pushpin clipped) with AJAX SDK 7.0 AND HTML
Javascript how to compare two strings
NUNIT, MongoDB: How to properly test for a MongoSafeModeException
Rails 3 omniauth-viadeo strategy gem causing Passenger LoadError
docutils/reStructuredText template features
Stopping AsyncTask causes Service to end
Java pre and post incrementing
node.js: merge 2 images side by side and save it back
UIImage loaded from NSData displays black only on new iPad 3
iOS app crashing - not sure what next place to look is
Data Update in Slick Grid
Facebook iOS SDK - Simple status update with Dialog
Application of List Ranking algorithm
Application of List Ranking algorithm
IIS7 and virtual directory
SQL Server 2008 R2 First-Time Connection Issues
reference matches in a string gsub regexp
How to deactivate window in Qt
Load different views after rotation
Silverlight Wcf Binding Grid
Cygwin SVN check-out ACL issue
smartgwt- image does not show in chrome, but shows correctly in IE- compilation is successful
no match for 'operator=' in '* __result = * __first'
nodejs's http.get by providing URI
Visio C# and EventSink
Programmable Control of USB Device
Flex: Getting CSS class name at runtime
Asking a kernel to create an instance of a singleton scope dependency at module load
getting the value from a jquery slider
Is it possible to create a log of all `svn update` calls
how to get a particular index of array using smarty templates
C++ declares a function instead of calling a complex constructor
How to install libuuid on Mac OS X?
How to call an extension method from own class without casting?
ViewPager with ImageView gives 鈥渏ava.lang.OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget鈥�
Sencha 2 : Sync models with hasMany associations in LocalStorage
How to encode a string using HMAC MD5 in Java? [closed]
create a view of 3 tables
Pick one of the contact numbers
Use Xpath To Filter Records
How do you compare hashes for equality that contain different key formats (some strings, some symbols) in Ruby?
sort() function in IE
Send a parameter to a partial view
Use log4net with Ninject logging extensions in WebForms application
C# StreamWriter not writing to file
detect Bluetooth Discovery is on?
How to make 3 columns to the right for this view?
autocomplete search with sphinx
ios5 - JSON Parsing - dictionary OK, not parsing to array
Extending an Entity Framework property
Do apple approve the app with different user experience for different users?
Building a histogram with haskell, many times slower than with python
flatiron.js / plates - How to work with templates and i18n?
C# - Using OpenXML how to read blank spaces on excel files
preRenderView-Event triggered before an action (commandbutton)
Remote Connection Failed connecting to Git repo
How to check the account yahoo? [closed]
jQuery lightBox plugin for gallery with thumbnails and a main image
Windows 8 + Chrome and broken mailto links
Debugging JSF + PrimeFaces applications
Print current command with echo?
raw socket access as normal user on linux 2.4
PHP Socket issue - disconnect immediately after connecting
Pass array as a parameter (use Clone() or use the reference)?
Fortran OpenMP where will the array be allocated
Vectorizing code
App Engine Accept-Encoding
Which embedded DB written in Java for a simple key/value store?
Android GSM/CDMA cell reload
Sometimes the button doesn't work on real device (Windows Phone)
Defining an Array of type Class
One site with many web forms projects
javax.ejb.Stateless class undefined
Getting NSIndexPath of a row for UISwitch
Inviting users to an event - notification
Why doesn't IEnumerable<T> have FindAll or RemoveAll methods?
Pass all variables from one shellscript to another?
Running C program from Sublime Text 2 in windows
Resign Keyboard from UIWebView when i'm in google maps
JFreeChart table in the X axis?
How do I set the value in User.Identity.Name to the user's real name?
Display php variable into a JavaScript popup box
Need to rewrite function for date display
PHP Udp socket close not freeing system resources
How do you add an Action<string> to an interface?
Order by relational STAT in yii
App restrict in android MDM
N2CMS - Multilanguage site and SEO friendly URLs
Fabric.js canvas.toDataURL() sent to PHP by Ajax
Chaning the user agent using urlmon.dll
java.lang.IllegalStateException: The specified child already has a parent. You must call removeView() on the child's parent first
merging matrix and vectors using R
Prevent child object being queried in Hibernate
Sinatra - Accessing request in Rack::ResponseHeaders
How to call Java soap Services In Windows Phone 7 [closed]
Jquery html() instead of val()
How to compute @MetaValue's entityTarget from value in Hibernate's @Any?
The multi part identifier could not be bound
12 hour format not sorting properly in Visualization Table
Configuring WebSphere Commerce Developer 6.0 to use WebSphere Application Server 6.1
Wrong to insert a record into a table by SQLite in an android project
Is it correct to pass model reference directly to HTML element?
Windows Batch: can't exit from called subroutine- always returns even if goto:END
WP not reading localization files
Flex: Soap Decoding going wrong
Invoking super class method without its instance using reflection
How to get executing server name or address with Selenium Server 2.20
why ComboBox selectedItem does not call the set accessor
kaminari(0.13) and haml (3.1.4)
XAMPP Error Solution? I have that installed on my Windows XP Dual Boot Machine
window.onzoom event for tablets/ipad?
Animating dashed-line with java.awt.BasicStroke
how to save a list of data on playframework
Beveling a path/shape in Core Graphics
Open ItemSelectControl on a custom page (not gui extension)
coldfusion add an id to certain classes
JQuery variable problems
AppWidget ID's lifetime
Implement a secure connection using SSPI in C++ - clarify some terms
show and hide multible div's depend on 3 select boxes values
mysql_upgrade not found
android apk imagebutton click crashes
Adobe AIR Filestream with audio playback
What factors influence a successful iconv() TRANSLIT conversion?
ANSI-SPARC practical explanation
Fancybox previous and next links showing up for inline?
HTML CSS body autosizing
C++11 standard document costs
Null Pointer Exception while trying to print Parent - Child Parent relationship using Eclipselink JPA + Spring 3
Android map view (dropping a pin and moving it, add a custom label to it)
Fixtures in Magento & the eComDev Test Suite (discard one fixture and use a new one)
Reading data from NetworkStream when server closes immediately after sending
How to define a static member of a class in the function?
Ide CLASSPATH vs. system wide CLASSPATH overflow of variable as in c#
How to read data stored in MS Excel file?
Powershell return value of Cmdlet
Integrating django-tinymce and django-filebrowser
calculating memory usage in javascript
How to create reports with DevExpress Reporting tools with Entity Framework
Most suitable message-oriented middleware for cross-language client/server card game?
differenct between / and /* in servlet url match pattern [duplicate]
android remote server
How to iterate textfield From Two Different NSMUTABLEARRAY But index are same
PHP Arrays, split array when value changes into new array with start and end keys
On malformed files
java text tools
Access iframe content from parent page when iframe content's ready
Activemq stomp jetty
JQuery UI Autocomplete - How to select an item and mantain the label (not the value) in the input text
Bash on Mac can't do **rm aFolder -rf** [closed]
How to use text-overflow ellipsis in an html input field?
stackoverflowerror on recursive method with arraylist
Is there a free tool available to build a strongly typed dataset schema from a Crystal Report?
Difference between Naming and Registry in RMI
Is it possible to display the map with only the address?
How to setup build/deployment for .net project on Jenkins
I have a WSDL link.Using nusoap how can i communicate? what is wrong in my Code?
MPMoviePlayerController don't show play icon in the status bar while playing audio
How to use loop in SSRS
CLLocationManager return null for locality in Xcode
Give arguments to a program using a C program [closed]
Form handler routes for image uploads
AdMob ad disappears after soft keyboard pops-up
While loop not printing all answers
jQuery .val() is returning undefined on change of a select box
How to kill Excel
Which database to use with a PHP based ERP tool? [closed]
Rails Jquery Autocomplete with JSON fails
How to count page Views using a simple caching system
How to update querystring in C#?
NameLookup does not pull Phone number
Howto Access WiFi Settings programmatically in iOS 5.1
Spring Security method authorization not working
Xdebug with nginx failed to load extension
Insert whitespace after delimiter with CSV writer
OpenGL ES 1.1: How to substitute glBlendFuncSeparate?
How do you extract and validate a SAML token in the Authorization header using ASP.NET Web API?
Java- difference between String object and user defined objects
SQL use rows as columns
MVC3 Complex JSON List Binding
Html Agility Pack - <option> inner text
PMD message 鈥淎void using java.lang.ThreadGroup; it is not thread safe鈥�
Find root in a database tree-structured table using SQL
SVM Grid search always gives same accuracy
Drupal 7 - Node reference not autocomplete
Warning: simplexml_load_file() [function.simplexml-load-file]: I/O warning : failed to load external entity
google closure compiler - double compilation
Design pattern for a model-less web-application
Under what conditions is a flash video fallback required? [closed]
Good books on Augmented Reality on Android platform? [closed]
Retrieving element with jQuery inside knockout event
Eaccelerator with mod_deflate or gzip
jQuery slideDown() - absolute positioned div sliding down from top of page, need to slide from specific area on page - how?
Webservices: Request-Response Mapper
Opera not rendering certain characters from webfonts
how to run an old .BAS file
LogonUser returns true for a disabled account
Introduction to Arrays [duplicate]
Divide Html page into resizable areas using JQuery
Is it possible to use a locally hosted application on a page tab application during development?
How to increase the size of the graph while maintaining the relative scale of its elements
passing a string between activities
FaceBook Graph API Call to like a page
CoreData with relationship in the same UItableView
Customizing android.widget.SearchView
Web Content Highlights to be read at backend
As3 how to call and use an external class
how to make video size increases when site is visited. HTML java script possibly JQuery? Video animation
java: check if a file can be moved under windows
Basic Notification System in PHP
Can I override a new instance of a class object?
Select inner join many-to-one relationship limiting number of results for child table
Android eclipse startManagingCursor Deprecated but want to support older API versions?
How to detect a disconnection as soon as it happens on ASP.NET without pooling?
Why do i get class cast exception on ListCellRenderer of JComboBox in java?
How can I use grep to find a keyword in the response of ec2-describe-snapshots?
Python lxml: Items without .text attribute returned when querying for nodes()
Missing descriptor exception while using Eclipselink Expressionbuilder
2 invoices generated for order. Order is canceled before payment
What's wrong with this GetDefaultAudioEndpoint program?
How do I set multiple input types in an EditText on Android?
Possible cause CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
How do I reference named parameters in Postgres sql functions?
How to cast to generic collection
awk: passing variables from bash
How does stackoverflow manage tags
Are JPA Ids sequential
MATLAB: How to locate a data mixed with number and string?
Best framework for java networking programming?
PHP / JS - Leader board for game
Data synchronization web
Object reference not set to an instance of an object. httphandler session
Automatic full size browser
RSpec Rails Test Data
Matrix output issue java
Dynamic events added to dynamic textboxes not triggering
Oracle ODBC dns connection
Implementing merge sort in java
Django: Send SMTP Email Through GoDaddy
What would be an appropriate equivalent of Jinja's macros in Django's templating system?
How to remove all . from string except the last?
Emacs: how to find a variable by its value?
Is it good to use layout weights and relativelayout for multiple screens?
Sorting lines of numbers [closed]
svn checkout prompt for store user name and password after and before the svn checkout?
cant access WSDL on localhost(TOMCAT) from client of Web service
Execute FQL query with facebook c# sdk v6.0.10
my table stays empty when i use it as a subview
how to access a class from a dll in python?
Route REST request based on extension format in MVC
adwhirl layout not working
Failed to build gem native extension: Unable to install Rails + MySQL2
retrieving X509 certificates from AD Server
Does Every Device Which has Android Froyo 2.2(API 8) Supports OpenGL ES 2.0?
ASP.NET Avoid adding new data on page refresh
Twitter share error Sharekit-ios
JQuery - Highlight current tab in navigation
Getting error when try to insert GetDate() into database
Peculiar signature generated by sphinx-autodoc
How to change custom buttonfield bitmap on focus? (Blackberry)
View underneath other views and/or activities
ASP.NET Javascript Textbox onblur
What is the difference between MKCoordinateSpan and CLLocationCoordinate2D
iPhone Instance Variable Issue
How i can get the total number of child threads running under one process?
FB.event.subscribe('edge.remove', function(href, widget) {鈥�doesn't work
How to split an ArrayList and store the data into a String array in android?
Overloading static fields on Android
jquery mobile vmousemove smooth when it wants
zend findManyToManyRowset subselect group by
jQuery Fancybox 2.0.5 syntax error
error plotting function using matlab
How to check which compiler im using in MonoDevelop?
Drools JBOSS rule Nested IF's
RavenDB Index covering single as well as list of objects within a document
PHP : How to get all variable name in php post method
鈥淧opover鈥�for user input
Web Forms Tabular Control for this Scenario
jQuery .css() function not Working in IE
Android: Application has stopped unexpectedly
Animation Drawable + Android + Start and stop animation not clearing out existing data
PHP Jquery - kill php script that was launch using an ajax call in jquery
cobertura-instrument does not seem to exclude classes from the jar
Two versions of rake installed = errors
Different versions of Same Django App
Flymake alternative that doesn't require altering the makefile
MySQL insert statement Syntax?
PInvoke not working in class definition
SVG animation not working in Chrome (using animateTransform in GWT)
How to join MongoDB collections in Python?
No need for an account to display Mapbox maps on a website?
Guidelines for learning Cloud Computing [closed]
One user needs to click OK to applet security warning 6 times
Changing a style parameter dynamically with Java in GWT
File Upload Error in VB
python 3 print with extra characters
facebook offline_access
programmatic approach Google Indexed my link or not
陌 can't take image from opengl screen
Where is the startup method of a WCF Service?
Will updating different rows from same table using multiple threads cause any deadlocks or delay in updates due to table/page locks?
Log service activity in WCF to database for review in UI
How to implement find text mechanism in JTextPane?
calculate dynamically TextField when created to an NSMutableArray
Email Composer in android
about setActionCommand method
Animationlistener, listen to who?
Can JavaScript read HTTP Session object?
FOSUserBundle issues with plainPassword on twig form
vb- networkstream write only returns first result (need all)
FOSUserBundle issues with plainPassword on twig form
vb- networkstream write only returns first result (need all)
Jquery floating menu script
How to write this Linq to XML Query to store values in memory?
Python4Delphi: Returning a python object in a function. (DelphiWrapper)
how to debug javascript on phonegap/android 2.2
Map's equals() for keys that are arrays
JqueryMobile and Android 4.0 <a href=鈥減age1.html鈥濃� don麓t work.
Safari 5.1.4 showModalDialog returning undefined
backbone.js basic questions
how to make my website fluid?
How do I get access to the user's Avatar?
How to adjust size of the button for android automatically
Tree structures and Java Persistence 2.0
Android dialoginterface get inner dialog views
Forward Geocode Example using CLGeocoder
Create a new master
What is an 鈥渁ggregate鈥�
How to terminate a python 2 doctest file in the middle?
How to use PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC_SHA1()
FragmentTransaction in support-v4 does not have detach()?
battery receiver does not keep variable
Unable to install ADT plugin in Eclipse?
XSLT Formatting output 90% Completed
Magento Core API: listing all shipping methods
Create Tiled Background from Image or <LinearLayout> / <GridView> etc
Model inheritance - How can I use overridden methods?
gdb watch huge amount of memory to find out corruption, no seg fault here
Killing process in onPause()
rbenv: Surviving without gemsets
ASP.NET:Required Field Validator not working
JQM nested list in custom select menu
Filtering articles by both tags and content_type..?
Error when declaring delegate property
Compare two DB tables and hide existing items
How can I find the default audio device in Visual Basic .NET?
extJS Chart auto width/height
NHibernate eager loading needed here?
How to make compact grid with resizable JButtons?
HTML inside string to be taken as html and not displayed as string
Method calling error [closed]
Nullability for strings vs other data types in columns created by Entity Framework Code First
How to handle Hibernate-Search index recovery?
XDoclet and JBoss in MyEclipse
GLSL 4.2 - how to retrieve size of image?
How to check first run of an AIR application
Lucene: how to get the score of a document
Get a specific part of a String in Java
Cannot apply styles to tag pre in safari
Android web view zoom back issue, when user focus out from text field
XSLT transformation generates an empty namespace
Major site rewrite and SEO with 301 redirects
h:graphicImage is not downloaded when its value is updated through f:ajax
make: can't find /usr/include/linux/ext3_fs.h
Python: open with default program in existing instance
HTML5/CSS3 friendly Framework for Tablets
Start up fresh or clean instance of eclipse
how can I access (or Generate) the NHibernate Sql at Runtime
how to send a notification from django to twisted?
how to tweak XCode Organizer GUI?
Using jQuery with Other Libraries
How to refresh a listview inside a collapsed div
Inspect ReaderQuotas settings via OperationContext
Scala extending the List class with a coalesce preappend method
Heavyweight components on Mac OS x in Java
Return file in JsonResult or return Json data in ActionResult?
Rais long chain model associations
How to save login Information locally in android
SFTP server, mount bind limit
Iterating over main menu's items (including subitems)
Determination is made of whether log4j can encrypt either log messages or files
Does NSDictionary initWithObjectsAndKeys handles NULL/nil objects and other than NSString objects
Python IDE/Environment for a beginner on Windows [closed]
Send message to different activities from a single handler
android get pixel data from onPreviewFrame convert to a bitmap
How do I pass a managed array to a function?
JSF: display dynamic values within dataTable or panelGrid
Indy http server questions
error creating a checkboxlist
Syntax error: IBOutletCollection
How to properly compare NodeJS and PHP with MySQL query performance
App crashes during startup with valueForUndefinedKey error