Expandable overflow not working in internet explorer
Spring AOP: confirming CGLIB proxy behaviour
Need to reduce height of an image using javascript
Migration issues with UIManagedDocument
UIView not scaling to iPad retina
Is this if statement?
How to set animation in silverlight listbox Item?
Cannot exectue programs within IntelliJ IDEA 11
Facebook: Custom login button
send post request using node-trello module
UIImage imageNamed not work on ios 5.0
Camera issue with Motorola DROID RAZR When I recording the video
C# what is returned in SQL query returns nothing?
C++ variable has initializer but incomplete type?
java swing - how to repaint all components at once so user will not notice they are filled one by one?
Display single row of object data in a datagridview after selecting an item from combo box
Creating my own dynamic (provider like) classes: Best approach?
Creating my own dynamic (provider like) classes: Best approach?
JavaScript basic replace two chars in same string
How do I pass global config to jshint?
How to move li elements from one list to another
Get all contacts from a group in gmail
Can py2exe make a 鈥渞eal win32 exe鈥� Other words,is the exe built in machine-code?
fbDidLogin not called and handleURL not called
How to find Android Linux kernel 2.6.32?
IsEnabled binding to a boolean
Use cached data or transactions when modifying the contents of a DB in a dialog?
Creating Chart/Graph using Silverlight
I need an example of a web.xml which lists a few pages which are CONFIDENTIAL and defaults everything else to NONE
Making a Chess Game with jQuery UI. I have used Draggable, but i need to make them not stack
Check if ahk (autohotkey) script is running
T-SQL to retrieve history data from table/log_table by RelevanceDate
How can I convert images saved as ascii to binary?
handle meta-characters in regular expressions
jquery selectbox : Reload Jquery Selectbox with other drop down values if last option is selected
Magento Import Products - Invalid image file type
update automatically after insert is successful in java
PhoneGap Event volumeupbutton and volumedownbutton is not working
Dynamically Invoking a Web Service
Is there a way in python or vbscript or .bat to copy text from clipboard and write to a file in utf-8 encoding? [duplicate]
Devise- Custom users#new method
Using a Recursive Loop and Integer Array for Non-Repeating Random Numbers
How to publish Google Docs in .NET?
Using Java Keystore for google.com
Sounds not playing on PhoneGap 1.5 for Android (Cordova)
Convert Doc file to PDF in VB.Net
Styling listbox in WPF in Blend
Android : Can't it possible to control 2+ activities data loading through a single timer
XML validation does not react on minOccurs=鈥�鈥�in XSD and produces error on missing field
Sharepoint Content Type Workflow is not pushed to instances
Is object code from different programming languages compatible?
Getting a UserPrincipal from ADUser
Custom Content Type displayed in Content Item List in Admin
Why superclass object cannot be implicitly converted to subclass object in Java?
WebMaping using Flex 3 (GeoServer, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, php)
Block world collision detection
Using regex to match any character except =
How to create 3 instances of command prompt in Windows and pass commands to each prompt in parallel using python
Calling a Javascript onchange function which is present in Ajax response text after pasting the responseText
How to know whether android shortcut already exist
executing a batch command through SSIS Job
foreign key no parent error
jQuery resize all images on document ready by class
Select one instance of a text from list of XML elements with redundant text
JPA 2: mapping a map where the key is an entity, value is Boolean
Load HTML data into WebView, referencing local images?
how to add randominteger array into gridview in android
What is the difference between exiting a datagridview cell edit by clicking away and by pressing enter?
Remove Lines with Ruby
Listbox Scrolling in WP7.5 Mango apps like foursquare and facebook
getting count of rdf:list using SPARQL
How to check if a file can be opened by a third party application before download
$.post and function with structured data
SoapServer sends text/html header instead of text/xml
IE 8 memory leak while reloading frame in a frameset
python.exe has stopped working
Using !preg_match('/^[0-9]+$/', $minCapacity) for multiple variables
DateTime picker in GWT cell table?
C# / Java Socket Connection Lost?
Background image memory size
c# thread and a waiting form
Multiple defaults for zend_form_select
ios how to replace comma with dot in a NSString, but only for numbers?
Sphinx: list of functions in a module
InAppSettingsKit and Storyboard: how to put a back button?
Concurrent Modification of separate sections of my MediaWiki always result in conflicts
How can addI rownumbers for each group on a RDLC Report?
How can I find all elements in an XML Schema whose value is specified as a QName?
Show UVC windows phone 7
How to deploy a Play 2.0 app on Debian?
XML transformation in Java with best Performance
how to compress video in iPhone SDK?
Show more levels of exception in Python traceback
Orchard CMS - Remove Title and Metadata(published date) in a post
One or multiple fact tables?
Json returns characters
How can I use ScrollView and AbsoluteLayout in one xml?
How to run code with third party jar file?
Django admin - how to get object deletion link in change list?
Maven Assembly: Introduce java doc from a separate project
Getting 鈥淯nknown error 2鈥�when running BusyBox applets compiled against uClibc
Good book about Akka library and actor-based concurrency model [closed]
fancybox jquery on templete field of gridview binding issue
Showing google map in android webview
Pop Up UIPickerView Not Displayed
How To Include 鈥減art#+.rar鈥�In Extensions
Javascript Auto screen size testing
Rails 鈥�asset pipeline - identifying resource by directory
Scramble Python List
XML Sorting options C# .Net
How can I send messages of different types through MSMQ?
Too many levels of symbolic links osx Lion
Geoserver preview layer returns 'Unable to find property' [closed]
ASP.NET Membership API force password change
Cannot convert char* to WCHAR* [qt/c++]
Xaml Datagrid drop down selecting the cell very picky
Stylus - set url() prefix for cli compiles
Xaml Datagrid drop down selecting the cell very picky
Stylus - set url() prefix for cli compiles
How to force Jquery to trigger the mouseenter event in Firefox the same way as in IE
Github like routes
Grails: Provide a library to an external groovy script
Set directory in Maven Antrun Plugin
MODx Parse Error on home page
Linq to entities get procedure in new statemant
ZMQ Poller not working within Class Instance
How to import multiple database at once through SSH?
What's the fastest way in Ruby to get the first enumerable element for which a block returns true?
How to access property file in user.home directory?
How to redirect page in itemAdded method in Custom List in Sharepoint?
jQuery - Refresh contents of FileUploader
python TCP socket blocks on recv method
Streaming Real time Audio
Struggling with JS Array Lengths
Posting images to Gists via the HTTP API
Updating MS Access Database from Datagridview
Is the PDO Library faster than the native MySQL Functions?
Config file sharing in mercurial and VS
add a property of object to combo box?
cocoa custom view fading in/out new image when dragging
How to upgrade iPad simulator to iPad(Retina) simulator?
unicode to Percent encoding for URIs
How to write the sql query when deleting selected row of a jtable?
Compiling a C library into a DLL with MinGW
glassfish + jk + large file/strange response
What does this malware code in application do? [closed]
replace all substring matching numbers in square brackets -php
How to handle Message Boxes while using webbrowser in C#?
Check for diff on update
Print multiple lines output in java without using a new line character
How to save a (custom) NSObject in Core Data
Using .Distinct() on certain rows
lua modify arrays inside function
How do I append files to a .tar archive in Java?
Access ScrollView properties of a DataGrid in WPF
Rails way to organize models
Create code behind file after aspx has been created
how to add images when exporting in highcharts?
Air javascript set NativeWindow alwayInFront
Install django-app without PIP
How to allow IIS 6 for dynamic content?
XML with PHP instead of MySQL for first time
C# Faster generation of MD5 hashes
How to set JButton width through percentage?
Identifying frauds while salting passwords
Alternative to using the Bonjour protocol for iPhone peer to peer
Python list index out of range - finding local maxima
Set [Embed] attribute value dynamically
Are there any event listeners in Github like event listeners in JIRA ?
Not understanding extended class correctly
Implement searchfield functionality in sencha touch
Scala - case match partial string
NSString instance variable crash
How to install OpenCV on OS X Lion using brew
How to call compose message activity in tabView?
Audio total duration is showing NaN in Ipad by using Jplayer
EL expression: passing null as value of BigDecimal field
change the style of the selecteditem in list box
Snap: Getting form data and the 鈥渋f鈥�
Force a program to run without admin privileges?
.net Radgrid with button in column only fires itemcommand on 2nd click
Printing prawn generated pdf
How to create configurable file in Google web tool Kit
Fetch Certain Number of random Rows Belonging to Different Tables into One Result Set?
Compiling with -Xlint getting unchecked call to add(E)
Making localhost slower [closed]
What is the order in which File Descriptors in epoll are returned?
Difference in MySQL JOIN vs LEFT JOIN
Decompressing a string using Java.util.zip.Inflater
facebook login in asp.net 400 bad request
Dynamically assigning IDs to tags using an EL variable
Install New Version Loses Homescreen Widget
JQuery: Empty input box onclick
Serialization of scala functions
VC++ 6.0 Generated .TLH from COM DLL Results in Errors
iphone device current orientation in ViewDidLoad
UIImageView for pushing a new ViewController
Avatar creation using predefined image sets
Backbone Boilerplate Template
nHibernate BulkInsert Identity column?
Using variables to check if certain things are allowed
How to enable jQuery intellisense on netbeans7.1? [duplicate]
FSCheck generating lists of a specific size
Hibernate entity not visible
Maven Install Issues in command window
SP2010 + sequential workflow While loop not working properly
Add pagination to custom module in Magento?
How can I model many parallel activities in BPMN 2.0?
sitecore download document when submit a form
Record a sound and change its pitch when played in android?
Strict Standards: Declaration of My_Pdf_Document::save() should be compatible with that of Zend_Pdf::save() [duplicate]
How to deny the access when current_user tries to sign_up in acl9?
when C# compare Nullable<T> == null, what happens?
WPF Application crashes on Win Server 2008 R2
Properly deleting an item from UITableView
How to detect browser back and refresh button press in JSF 2.0
Don't show anything on Graphical Layout Tab
Adding Acrobat JavaScript code to pdf export
Deploy private repository as dependency
Displaying XY chart using SQLite database data in android
Get null array when using .net proxy to call a web service, but the xml response is OK
Date time handling in flex
Adobe Flex - mp4 file uploading error : Error #2038
users loggedin session state to only = true until they have left the site
Scrolling editbox inside scrollview
WP7 : Grid DataTemplate
Div height with child margin
HTML5 video timeupdate event not firing
MATLAB: Plotting 1-dimensional data on a 2-dimensional plot
How can I 鈥渂ootstrap鈥�an install4j Uprade installation of a non-install4j software install?
php class is throwing error of redeclreation. Declaration is done only once
Making interface for these two PHP classes?
Spicy nodes for silverlight
How to implement three way sliding button in Android
I have found that just before the </head> tag I have <script id=鈥淿_isTpiViewExists鈥�gt;</script>. Is this a virus?
Oracle 11g: Using cursors inside a procedure
network latency in vaadin applications
Making sure that IE is running IE9 standards mode
ARC memory leaks
how to activate context menu for listview item not for Column Headers
support for new browsers in organised way
How to check that file is complete and not being used by other application in php
jQuery mobile and unique ID attributes on forms
how to check if there is one selected radio button among the group?
hardware acceleration breaks the app
is the number an event fires tied to the number of its event bindings in Jquery?
Enabling timer issue
how to delete database table row depending upon the row count
PHP get data from DELETE request
How to retrieve response from xmlhttprequest? (screenshots)
kml file half loaded on google maps
How to plot markers alone between two places? - android
setTimeout not executing [closed]
PHP ffmpeg exec returns null
AS3 Hittest with Illustrator path
Calling flex from a makefile
Mobile App Using Remote Web Server
How can I hard code logon parameters in a Crystal Report?
comparing strings in gdb command file for core dumps
Remotly wipe/lock the device using SyncAdapter : Android
How to execute a server command using php?
Unkown name exception while creating virtual directory with DirectoryServices
Iterating the dates in ruby on rails
How can i extract using regex few values from text to array
how to take a screenshot of a specific LinearLayout?
VB Script Regional Settings
ANTLR grammar linking error
windows forms: scroll programmatically
CPU load of a Python threadpool
how to make a 9*9 grid view in Objective C under Xcode 4.3?
PHP GD Move Picture Up 1 Px
Equivalent spatial types for insert statement
LWUIT 1.5 for Mac OS Development
Zero-copy with and without Scatter/Gather operations
java wcf client identified by a certificate SOAPFaultException
Android upload image from gallery to server
OSX 10.7 Precompile Errors in new XCode Projects
Multiple DIV inside DIV - new line in IE7
CheckBox in Flex 3
Loading custom font in Windows 8 Metro App
Python, transparent window with a red outine of a rectangle
JDBC PreparedStatement pooling for Scala
IIS website inaccessible from server (but ok from outside)
getting the property from ViewModel
Delete Entities in Azure Table Storage
UnicodeEncodeError: 'latin-1' codec can't encode character when running exe program
How to prevent execution of event handler?
Change Assembly Version in C#
Opengl text always on top
Vim colorscheme general attributes?
Some sort of annotation for POCOs
How to enable amf sampler type
Issue with Twitter Bootstrap clear float CSS 鈥�what am I doing wrong?
Sound generation / synthesis with python?
Can Backbone render a collection in reverse order?
@SuppressWarnings(鈥渦nchecked鈥� in dao classes
OpenGL glDeleteTextures leading to memory leak?
Edit all rows at once + import encoding issues
existing activity into fragments
Reference a form by name
Is it possible to further compress a Base64 PNG String?
UITabBar dont show the title of items
Smarty loop over nested array
print html through javascript / jquery
DTO to Entity Mapping Tool
performance issues in ASP.NET Membership
to display a value fetched from database in Html.Actionlink() in mvc3
Search box for mobile websites
How to achieve presentation mode-like behavior on Windows?
How to parse a large file taking advantage of threading in Python?
RFX_BigInt error
using functions from internal SOAP interface via php
Is it good practice to call a function multiple times in jQuery?
Using pointers to store data in a list then update database
Adding global functionality to Activity, ListActivity, TabActivity etc
Is it valid to respond to an HTTP 1.1 request with an HTTP 1.0 response?
Inlcuding a jsp in a dialog
Need Regex to parse String
Create and destroy HABTM associations - not actual records?
how to compress image in iphone?
Custom Validation Rule does not work
two digits after dot with javascript onkeypress event in textbox
how to troubleshoot: Socket.Poll returns false?
as3 documentation tool?
Knockout - readonly model binding from selected item in dropdown
Android ImageButton in different screens
enumeration and coupling with integer values
Jquery Mobile asp.net webservice parameter
What points to keep in mind while coding a MVC 3 project for easy upgrade to MVC 4?
AJAX load triggered on window scroll, but how to stop it loading the same thing repeatedly
mark values on a plot using geom_boxplot
Multiple clients for a Python generator?
Magento discount products according to when they were created
Error running capistrano in ubuntu 10.04 64 bits
An array is ending with acharacter(鈥�鈥� inside array element value, not with actual array end
Is there any possible to connect lampp PMA to mysqld鈥�
How can I find a line number in XCode?
Java swing Table transparency
Permissions for a Pre-release Application
reattach a deleted file to a directory
How do I break from a loop if a user enters a certain word into a structure? C++
How do I show literal javascript as part of normal body in HTML?
I am having issues with installing Chameleon and jinja2 with python3
Paypal integration into existing shopping cart
How i can impletement sms notifications in asp.net website?
Sorting NSMutableDictionary with sortOrder
Background color of table cell
UILabel drawTextInRect pros and cons?
How to use search Method For Lotus Notes Document search
Connecting to MySQL with Python script on CentOS
Reaching a specific line in a file using RandomAccessFile
addEventListener not working in IE8
postgresql foreign key constraints to prevent duplicates
My application recognize only the network at which i was connected when I started it
Zoom an image with ScaleAnimation on the middle of the screen
Populating a php array without specifying all elements when the elements are identical
Diff between Normal Postback by a button Click and a postback using __doPostBack in javascript ?
Picking an element within a DIV with JQuery
CKFinder integration ASP.net MVC complilation error
Is there a lazy/iterator equivalent to `str.split()`? [duplicate]
Is there any site provides a common online information collection and excel export service?
Retina Display on iPad3 displaying fuzzy text
How to fetch details of all installed apps in iPhone?
JavaScript Alert in ActionScript
Failed to connect to SSIS (Local Activation permission)
How to UPDATE from columns in an attached database in sqlite3?
Put python doctest at the end of the code file?
Showing/hiding a SWT Menu at runtime
Save as the part of a file
How to convert list of list (of lists) to json array in python?
Is there a built-in way to return validated form fields in django?
How can i randomly call a movieclip do something?
ASP.Net MVC Decimal Custom Editor Template - Data Not Saving
Current Date Token in Drupal View
Java What's difference between Hashtable and Dictionary?
Using same session ID in ajax can't connect to MySQL DB
Get the column Value using Linq from dataset in c#
How to completely hide a certain cell from a tableview?
Android Resources: How are bitmaps loaded from resources handled memory wise?
Xcode Project Icon files and Organiser Archives artwork
Create copy of exe with different resource at runtime
Youtube API - worse results than by searching on youtube.com
Toggling divs in javascript
Admob showing over a listview in tab layout
Overlay closing
Cocos2d MenuItemLabel using Blocks causes SIGABRT
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 - library not found
Constructing Javascript Call back: Javascript/JQuery
Shortcut Keys in eclipse Ganymede version
Ruby regex 鈥渃ontains a word鈥�
R stat_smooth all points
htaccess rewrite rule not working properly
How to get with Curses the window-size from a resized window?
javascript cyrillic regex
Where to store ExchangeService instance in a Web Application
Clicked SWF/IMAGE position to center : FLEX
mysql_fetch_array() giving error, in pagination
Exporting to .xlsx using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel SaveAs Error
mod-rewrite to re-direct to https and a /secure/ folder?
How to rewrite a SQL query in LINQ to Entities?
grails domain class annotation not being pick up in a controller
Printing QTableView using render method
Refreshing an iframe after ajax POST submit
A C# list of custom childs similar with android ListView
How do I call an SSJS method with parameters from javascript
Threading, com+ calls with SendMessage messaging
Parsing Json as an Array of values ont objects or arrays
FatFree routing not working in production
how to set manage_pages permission to a particular facebook page?
Finish pending store transactions?
How to populate db with sample data using PHP?
Run multiple 'instances' of a not thread safe Dll?
Display preview of camera using external camera
How to turn off blackberry device
PMD - How to exclude files from violation check
Prevent saving images from website (save whole page)
Why jQuery has to receive 2 objects: body & html when scrolling whole page with animation?
Need help in Sharepoint workflow
Refreshing a hyperlink text
how to use external jar file in blackberry eclipse plugin
No Class Def Found Error : EJB EAR Packaging or Referencing issue
Using Enums with Code First & Entity Framework 5
How can we set the Wrap-point for the WrapPanel?
鈥淴 Error鈥�BadAlloc GLX BadContext on IntelSandyBridge (Intel HD Graphics 3000)
Sorting months in R
How to add a line to the Text property of a textbox?
Mapping 32 bit value to different Status for each bit
C# .net 4 decimal to string consider numbers after point
Checking that the get value is an integer (whole number)
Usage of static and final modifiers in Groovy
Spring Transaction Chaining
Namespace Confusion
Managing csv strings of unique values
Set div to have its siblings width
Passing a variable to event in drag and drop
Game Timer (Start, Pause, Stop)
Telerik Map + WMS
expected unqualified-id before 鈥�鈥�token
Log Memcached Activity
Correct way to map IS-A Relationships in C#
Nhibernate lazy loading error on session.Get
Is there a way to add richfaces dropSupport to the header of a tab element?
Extjs-4 store of itemselector
What is the difference between a business object and business logic
How to set parameter of method using reflection
How to convert number into K thousands M million and B billion suffix in jsp
How to work with BlackList?
Is storing data in Windows Azure cheaper when using RavenDB rather than SQL Azure?
Reading RFID through USB and using it on a local server
IE not supporting HTML5 background audio
Retrieving inserted IDs from saveAll() in CakePHP
Writing high performance code and exception handling
How to set user agent with Jericho parser
form post back related
Inserting multiple page headers to crystal reports
C++: Having troubles with functions and dynamic memory allocation (heap)
paste image on another image in android
Alternatives to the 960.gs grid system?
How can I see global locks in mysql (innodb)?
Invalid/Incorrect html syntax - performance
Scrollto with separated link and Menu (current page position)
Heap Corruption but only when compiled on laptop
It's possible to install socket.io manually?
ASP.NET : Globalization error
Prevent perl from printing identical warning messages
C# Code-First migration, up/down?
Storing and retrieving objects in javascript array();
find elements with position:attribute
Fancybox 2 - Include a new Div into Image?
findall/finditer on a stream?
Celery Received unregistered task of type (run example)
Castle Windsor IoC attempting to resolve CSS files (amongst others)?
Php/MySQL: Hours reported, hourly rate
Service Broker : keep messages that could not be handled by an external program in the queue
Adding margin with Jquery
How to fix content provider class not found in android?
Can history.js to URL deep linking without a hash or ? character?
Fancy URL PHP and Flex
Android: tabs within tabs
Why brack an rval
Java connection to Jabber with only Sockets
Error Build PhoneGap(Cordova-1.5) With Visual Studio 2010 - Error : The command 鈥淐Script鈥�exited with code 9009
Set document mode
Is excessive threading a bad idea in Android?
Ada: accessing a record variable
Unable to connect with Derby database using struts in MyEclipse
Android ImageViews respond to touch events which are out of their bounds
Obtaining data from table based on checkbox values
How to capture flash events outside the swf?
Proxy URL 'incache鈥om:8080' does not contain a valid hostname
How to count all files inside a folder, its subfolder and all . The count should not include folder count
Magento mobile version store switching logic
Memory warning on initializing multiple animations for a sprite
Is there any limitation on the pattern matching number of scala?
Google Cloud sql and Google app engine
student lab grouping, scheduling, matching
Should I interfere the normal Python garbage collection process
How to assign id field in codeigniter for form_dropdown
How do I link two Maven goals to execute before another?
Firefox 11 and GeoLocation denial callback
objective c - iPhone - replacing local copy of sqlite database
JQuery timer pop up after 2 minutes on website
JTable not showing column titles
need javascript array format
Can custom model binders work in both directions?
Enum pointers in C++
Web Based Project Management Software? [closed]
Update or insert based on if employee exist in table
wxToggleButton::GetValue() crashes
What do the curly braces mean in C# strings?
Could not delete entity from local Datastore Viewer in admin cosole
ios deleteconformation button
How to make Arrays of my JButton/ActionListeners
system call tracing using ptrace
UI freezes even process start with separate thread?
What are best practices to handle database data in 'test' mode?
TFS - auto increment number field in a WITT (e.g. Bug's)
Touch event on uimageview added as subview to parent view
rails prepend_view_path of mountable engine
How can I improve this method of loading objects with ORMLite on Android?
jquery data slide show like image slide show
LINQ in EF fails when searching for null values?
MySQL Table 'dbsql.cars' does not exist?
Event delegation failing to attach events in Backbone.js app
contact process name in android
Corona SDK Cross Device Screen Resolution
Python- Suds.Client.Service issue, printing out identifier instead of method text
Conditional Split in SSIS
How to automatically measure monitor the average of sums of a consecutive samplers in jmeter?
odbc datetime convertion in erlang
Recognize two touches tap on two different subviews
Read data from USART
How to suppress android system popups for outgoing sms notifying user's current account balance for a pre-paid network plan?
Actionscript 3 does not work .. it didn't give errors
chmod() operation not permitted - FatFree framework
CGImageRef MemoryLeak again
int value changed to zero after popViewController
How to prevent ostringstream (or similar) from outputting scientific notation WITHOUT setting precision
Intermittent failures under Cygwin, possibly related to candle and/or make
How to access an Html Form using a normal Java Application?
Retrieve data from SQLite to Expandable list view?
Mimic/Test Facebook Deauthorize POST
Remove 鈥淨uit鈥�from Mac OS X app鈥檚 dock-menu
which commands may i use to load i/o kit driver in terminal?
Creating a function in php that checks that get value is in the order dd/mm/yyy
OpenCart Theme Editing
ActionScript 3 - Can you manipulate a 3d object using AS
Updating a field on list items based on the value selected from drop down 鈥渃hoice鈥�column
Multi Friend Inviter for event
Programming a simple bluetooth game for Android
Rapid application development for Nokia E5 (Symbian S60 v3)
Open Source Projects in C [duplicate]
Why doesn't this inline if test work?
RETURN QUERY-Record in PostgreSQL
Single Page Application, upshot.js, DbContext and DbDataController : Only Entity Models are supported?
Android RelativeLayout doesn't stretch to fill parent's height
What has a better performance in cleaning a bean in JSF?
Trying to get the current_user's latest email from a string
create a NSDate from a string
Tag a branch in TortoiseSVN - including its externals
Where is cvaux230d.lib in OpenCV 2.3?
Moving Circle on Live Wallpaper
How to use AJAX hash deep linking in a JQuery Mobile web app
Android client-server app
Looking for a simple way to place lat-long data from a csv file on a map (google or whatever)?
blackberry image effect
What is the correct pattern for splitting a string in javascript, leaving just a-z words
encapsulation object_c file to people use but not see the source code
Setting attributes in jquery
Appcelerator titanium Mobile Module Project?
Programmatically enter secret code like *#*#4636#*#* on Android
What happens after Form.Close?
boost, matrix_proxy, const matrix
storing image in Oracle database Table
How to parse only the output to be as yes or no all the rest ignore?
Rails 3 save multiple (constant) values of a checkbox selection to Single DB Column
Voice communication between two android's over WiFi without public IP?
Update WPF Listview as db table updates
Weekly/monthly/quarterly grouping in query
examine library (.cma) signature from console
Java Double getting initialized to 0.0
Unable to upload jquery-1.7.1.min for firefox addon using addon builder
Safari Mobile - Crashing - Three JS Texture not loading up
Changing the data folder of MySQL database
How can I get an image of control to another control?
Small webserver serving dynamic content
best tool for parsing wikipeadia page and get needed informartion using php [closed]
Why do I get 鈥淕eneric Failure鈥�error while sending SMS?
Implementing Sign in using Twitter, Omniauth and Devise
How can I get a stack trace for a Javascript exception? [duplicate]
How to unhide user removed aggregations
Flow after RPC call in GWT?
Learning VB6 FAST
Ruby Gem IMGKit Unicode Issue
PHP XML Traversing gone awry
Value needs to be returned after ajax response is done
LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method FromNews
Can I use external markup with knockout JS 2's default template system?
Message not sent back to client in Java
sed: region followed by number
Vertical-align in main css
Loading images in Android with default Gallery theme
I get a blank output when i am using c:foreach
Why is there a PATH_SEPARATOR constant?
A lot of Theme APIs stop working in Liferay 6.1 while these APIs working in 6.0 and 5.2
nUnit vs xUnit?
Python and JSON class
Why does 鈥減ush ebp鈥�change the value of ebp?
How to execute a php header script from javascript?
How to select next and pervious Edit texts in a view
Detecting Clients OS with USer Agent
change contetnt of a div to another cods with another divs
jquery date difference trouble
Entity Framework : junction tables with own primary keys
Difference between c# using and Java import
How to update or insert on Sequel dataset?
Android : activity is displayed? [closed]
Shared javascript resources between Node.js and Apache/PHP
Solr Search Spell check and Stemming configuration without using text file
How to show a ProgressDialog in a ListView scrolling
Blackberry App crashes in beetween
Form submitted, response via ajax
How to display Pending Changes as list rather than tree view in VS2012? [duplicate]
Flash SecurityDomain, P2P settings and multiply swfs
JBoss AS 7: Logging
How to set the content size of NSScrollView?
get the value of hidden parameter present in a div using jquery
read wsdl file using php
Remove all ul within li except the current li
mysql group by comma separated values
AudioQueue play File from certain location.?
compact vector a small memory foot print vector
EntitiyFramework4 - Save new Entity with reference to existing Entity
Sync Framework Scope Versioning
Drawing markers on a google map starting from a php array
Administration rails 3.2.2
Creating a week_ref number to pass into a stored procedure
Crash, when getting the number of images stored in the SD
mysql use the index optimization sorting锛�
Wcf object types
How To Scan Files and Show Details of Current Scanning Without Making The Application Non-Responsive?
Disabling other dropboxes on selection of value in one
How would you add another method in this program? Converting temperature
Jquery menu - adding return function to another function (which does not normally return anything)
How can I find out an ADUser's password expiry date or days left until password expiry?
Design for a C++ class to undo modifications to another class member
Change the borderColor of the TextBox
Centering a div within a div
Routeconstraint with Ninject and dbcontext
PartialView does not output within the _Layout.cshtml RenderBody() section
libspotify playlist update latency
How to use spinner and fill it from array in android
Visual C++ 2010 native Intellisense settings
htaccess redirect based on query value (range of values)
errors with running java utility
Grouping with DetachedCriteria without column selection
How to 鈥淟ock down鈥�V8?
How to get lists of files under a category or slug of Wordpress
MATLAB: fill array with numbers in increments
Designing a generic datastructures/storage for Container->(Container)->Item
UML: Associations between specialised classes
How can I create multiple items with one class in C++?
Spring Security fails on WebXmlMappableAttributesRetriever
Can I access IIdentity from Web API
4xx Response from server doesn't include JSON data
Python NoneType object is not callable (beginner)
Javascript Events not attached after partial reload in IE7+
Avoid compile-time error on asp.net web site with custom ResourceProvider
What does '~' at the end of file name mean in Python MVC
UILabel, UITextView etc.. work only in ViewWillAppear and ViewDidLoad, and don't change dynamically
issue with PushNotification Integration in iOS
jscrollPane Margin issue
Parse .NET date with Javascript
Python: nearest neighbour (or closest match) filtering on data records (list of tuples)
invoking copy constructor inside other constructor
MKPolylineView's strokeColor property not responding
Logging Data Base changes using Entity Framework and ELMAH (or else)
Group Ordering in MySQL
C-sharp math issue with square root
twitter bootstrap scrolling side bar
Custom performance profiler for Objective C
Include windows office 2010 ribbon bar for C# application
Python: deleting large data
Creation/use of EpiServer properties
java nio client side use multiplexing
didn't work in ios4 UIToolBar
鈥淎dd to favorites鈥�option in a soundboard app
Search Request to Apache Solr other than browser
inserting special character to mysql
Selenium Automation Framework
Google analytics does not work in IE
How do I select all selected checkboxes in the NSOutlineView
How to export to shapefile. Shapelib129.dll is missing
What is the difference between access tokens and auth_codes in OAuth 2
EF : Projecting data into a sub-class of a class
select records having string with single quote -informix
Unknown type=com.google, mime=vnd.com.google.cursor.item/contact_misc
How to gracefully reload a spawn-fcgi script for nginx
Running Netbeans in ubuntu mint 10.x
鈥淩eachability undeclared鈥�error in xcode when I add 鈥淎ddThis鈥�to my project.
Displaying options and add to cart on category page - opencart
Joomla access permission error
Run Makefile + Ant Buildfile inside Maven pom.xml
Can we set attributes of HTML5 tags like target or src using javascript?
Android sqlite:Error inserting values: SQLite constraint exception
Add/Remove option for multiple input fields in form
jQuery set DropDownList enabled
Excluding specific files from the mobile redirection rule using .htaccess
Insert files in MongoDBs GridFS
How to send mail using gmail smtp service?
Smooth continuous animation without jumps
Why is posting & cancelled a runnable on a View and Handler result in different bahviour?
How to prevent resources from being consumed by long-running queries?
How to stop drag and drop of tabpages?
Compilation error: Failure executing javac, but could not parse the error
Jquery Validator Select Box Depends Required
Visual Studio SQL Debug Window
Issue with node.js and mongoskin error handling
How to chose some options based on their values in this multiple select drop down menu?
How to provide hidden line breaks for error fields in HTML forms?
Add multiple series from json file to highcharts
.htaccess language redirect with exclusion
Put data from database into Session in MVC
silverlight keydown event doesn't work
TextView.getAlpha doesnt exist in Android
How to get text/xml as UTF-8 from a multipart/form-data request with RESTeasy?
Android AccountManagerFuture getResult gives IOEXcelption when trying to get authorization token
Check the request headers with url2lib
Building a SaaS application on Zend Framework
example for getting remote data into listbox using webservices
How to create JSF Table with links after post
Spring advice on MVC method with argument missing
Text of UITextView and UITextField is getting blurred
Column Visibility based on Report Parameter
Where are the postgreSQL files after a db:migrate in Rails?
Can I add LOCAL source jars to maven 2 build without installing them so they can be referenced in eclipse?
how to work with Custom UserAuthantication in DNN
Daterange picker with datatables, filter date column
Selenium Webdriver - verify text box write-protected?
How to search content of other website and retrieve the result and place in our Android app?
Encode and decode bitmap object in base64 string in Android
What is actually happening when I compact CouchDB database?
iOS 5 and UIViewController presentViewController - is it now possible to change the size of the modal controller without a hack?
Problems with the selector in a list view displaying another clickable layout
Behavior of Catch Block when exception is raised
EntityUtils .consume returning IOException
How can I increase in size the input area of the button
in joomla component ajax response
Trying upload data in Local Server using MKNetworkKit
No support for indexOf in IE 8? [duplicate]
How to circumvent 鈥渃ode too large鈥�error (Java)?
setOnClickListener dynamically
How to read the index of a data.frame?
this.select() not working on ipad
How to get workflow taskId of the current task of current user in liferay?
Provide a default value for a string field using Fluent NHibernate
Plot vectors of different length with ggplot2
ListView stop scrolling does not work
Cassandra as Database for Role Based Access Control System
Magento AJAX Table reload on Product Page
Disable selection of an element in Listview?
FCkeditor Upload Image Jquery MVC3
Debugging cache in Rails?
Regular Expression for strong password, with two recurring numerical numbers
How to perform action on each Image in Image array in android
os.system (old python) and arguments with parameters
error C3203: 'OMSSPDisk' : unspecialized class template can't be used as a template argument for template parameter '_Kty', expected a real type
Characters typed won't appear in the command line when connected via TELNET [closed]
How can I call another func. when I run video on MPMediaPlayer?
Rails link_to with inline styling
Active Record object reload & reload!?
java.util.UUID.fromString not checking length
Can Spring MVC handle multivalue query parameter?
How to localize some specifics missing expressions in rails
How to send mail in PHP by using ubuntu operating system?
Accessing .htaccess in Zend Framework while running files from command prompt
Kivy, Eclipse and PyDev (also PyPy)
Packetizing a video using libav libraries
There is no ListView in Additional Controls
select rows where count of 2 fields is greater than 1 with where clause
how to give name header column in option enableRowNumbering igGrid infragistics?
Ensuring background thread execution is ran given enough time to finish when running unit test in .Net
Typo3 handling of Domains (sysdomains) / Multiple root pages with same domain
GNUPG: Suppress message while deleting public key
How to write a numeric value in an xml file when using XmlSerializer in android
Unable to setPrice, setTaxClassId and setWeight when programmatically creating product
Counting rows in many to many tables
calling a code behind member from javascript
Trying to use the Jint Engine with Monotouch
Custom UITableViewCell, autorelease and other method
Why does my template specialization not work?
Can end() be a costly operation for stl containers
possible EventEmitter memory leak detected
CKEditor with MVC: Event handling
i am not able to get any alert(data.title); $(document).ready() is working fine
How to Google map circles fit the map
C# reflections - invoking method having parameters of different types
openlayers: redraw vector layer without downloading data again
apache seg fault, do_bind_function in libphp5.so
Setting Culture Info for Windows Forms Application
How to disable Google Chrome's 鈥淐hrome PDF Viewer鈥�using Asp.net
Parsing multipart HTTP form data with file upload content using Scala
Qt DBus: register object that implements multiple interfaces
difference between Scanner & BufferReader [duplicate]
Send mutiple emails using PHP
Comparing folders and writing delta content to third folder with PowerShell
Codeigniter jquery ajax select with slidedown animation
XSLT Concat fields together
How to receive Facebook App id on a canvas page
How to convert this XML into HTML?
What does the caret symbol (^) do in Javascript
Zend studio creates empty index.php file
richfaces tooltip for inputtext
How to execute the web project with maven support
Why not worked wsdl.exe?
How to overwrite icon/image path with diazo
Excel formula calculation in C#
Use access token instead of username and password to log in an account?
android - Why does view.bringToFront() doenst work in custom Listview case?
What is JedaiLib-0.2.swc?
Window Azure Tools for Eclipse - failed
Greater than in command line
wanted to fetch rows by time increment from mysql table
How to render a plugin added dynamically?
Python function looping only once
What CUDA GPU should I buy? [closed]
How to calculate average on star rating system?
Blocking calls on windows-phone 7
wrong result in date difference in android
Are there major file systems where FileMove is not atomic?
Fluent Nhibernate saving child entity
Cannot turn off/on CameraCapture using Python/opencv: Device or resource busy
Nservicebus SagaData instances?
How to assign ID to the dynamically created rows
How To: set A4 size in a WPF usercontrol?
How to start service after Clear Data?
Communicating with Arduino from Android
Displaying Data in Dojogrid using dojo.xhrget() method
check collision between certain divs?
getting the value of array key in codeigniter
Make an activity root without clearing anything
Do I have to log in every time when testing a logged in user with Cucumber & Devise gems?
Is there a way to set the text in the text view to invisible?
Unity3d: Box collider without mesh, and Physics.Raycast
How can keep and access json file in current web page?
UINavigationController presentModalViewController in rootviewcontroller didn't present with animations
WP7: Unable to catch FaultException in asynchronous calls to WCF service
DataGridView automatically generates columns
Append data to an existing file in new line cocoa
Android/Java slow network IO
The radio and checkbox buttons are not getting rendered in a Spotify app.
sqlite3 doesnt retain rows after restart
Templates parametrized for enums
How to refresh the Usercontrol from another form in winforms?
PHP gzuncompress with file read and write errors
How to setTimeout in node.js?
Is Roslyn the right tool for a compile-time Expression checking?
PhysX 3.2: Simple box dynamic are not moving
Correct method and Python package that can find width of an image's feature
Why doesn't createQuery() on the javax.persistence.EntityManager work with upper case attribute?
Bash script store command output into variable
Why are my dialogs not draggable in jQuery?
Multiple fetch requests with complex predicates
Customizing Django-PayPal View
How to save ctypes objects containing pointers
How can I make all entities multitenant with Eclipselink 2.3
Web Application - which is the best language ? [closed]
Character is corrupted when use request.getParameter() in java
LocationListener timeout
What is the easiest method to remove the Millisecond's part of a DateTime.UctNow.TimeOfDay?
Facebook SDK logout issue
Adding UIImageView dynamically [closed]
Implementing multiple inheritence using two interfaces having same methods
Cant Connect to Openfire server
camel sql component
How to configure rime style in ICEfaces 3
Sending data through POST request from a node.js server to a node.js server
How to override part of an overload function in JavaScript
How to get the number of uv(Unique Visitor) from Apache log
Attaching an event to an Iframe that contains more iframes
Dynamic CSS class names in GWT
adding label controls to Datagrid
Publishing actions in Facebook [closed]
JQuery data selector not updating with .data
Setting dojo calendar format
How to convert javascript object into string?
Label ECDF plot points
Sencha touch:tabpanel design issue
How to access fields in JSON object by index
Is it good practice to have 鈥減age specific鈥�javascript includes? ( eg 鈥渙nlyUsedOnOnePage.js鈥�)
PEP8: conflict between W292 and W391
Gmail HTML email background
Matlab: animation
Rails Checkbox to enable/disabled several fields
After rotation strange behaviour with UIScrollView
Magento 'customer_login' event not catched
How to handle phone shutdown in my app
What is wrong with the program [closed]
perl system command execution
download files from server(and getting error message)
css vertical tabs in asp.net
Make persistent changes to init.rc
When is it safe to delete an Image source file in .Net?
Crash on iOS when system purges memory and closes a UIViewController
XAMPP 1.7.7 in Windows 7 returns nothing using curl
Select only date and related row based on condition from a long format file
Getting custom attribute from an Exception thrown during testing
iPhone - app which can not be killed
tax vat field unique like email magento registration page
Hibernate JDBCConnectionException: Communications link failure and java.io.EOFException: Can not read response from server
Validate Dynamic Dropdown With Ajax
Return results when search parameters is null i Zend Lucene
Sliding doors radio button, how to enable click / checked?
About System Loggers
Sending JSON collection to ASMX webservice
DataTable throwing exception on RejectChanges
MCV3 Entity Framework 4 Code First: Adding Sub Objects to the db
can we access any c program editor through java
How to use gml or shp files on Google Maps api v3?
ggplot2 xlim function
Specman / E 鈥淯ML like鈥�took tool to generate a Class diagram. Do you know?
Subprocess input shows password
How to get YouTube Likes playlist by YouTube API?
OpenGL vs Cocos2d: What to choose?
Setting resource directory for ESAPI
How to Take screenshot while in fullscreen opengl game Delphi? [duplicate]
how to flip two views at once?
mysql query, multiple inserts, cross table update
How to add just certain modules in article page(Joomla 1.5)
Consume XMLHTTPRequest header
Using enum parameter in functions
Difference between calling __doPostBack and Click Event of an asp button
Android menu button not show
how to split javascript string, leaving just the characters
Do i have to store large value data types in separate table?
How to setup a crontab that runs in some separate days?
database: associate facebook account with your website account
adding limit and offset to an oracle query that uses partion over [duplicate]
Putting TOC and LOF on the same page (PDF)
RelativeLayout - Couldnt resolve resource
What does 鈥渉idden list鈥�in the output of `str()` mean?
query two datatables in vb.net
Rewrite ucwords strtolower
How to add parameters to HttpURLConnection using POST
How to get the email address of a Facebook user using the graph API?
install Hebrew Font matlab
API's For converting A file into PDF
Disable scheduling another build if previous one is running in Jenkins
Ruby 1.9.3, RVM, readline won't install/compile
Position of window.onload in Javascript
Is it possible to write Phonegap Plugins for Windows, Bada and Symbian?
Crystal Reports MVVM Data Source
Java Oracle exception - 鈥渕aximum number of expressions in a list is 1000鈥�
In Jenkins, how to checkout a project into a specific directory (using GIT)
Change the color of a Button using color numerical values
ListView rounded corner hidden by list item's background image in android
sencha touch 2.0 : How to split a form across tab panels
Create COMException from HRESULT
DOM-modification in Safari Extension
Using Array html element naming convention with Zend Form inside View Script Decorator /
Sencha Touch 2: Insert into TreeStore/NestedList
Removing elements in NSMutableDictionary is deleting other dictionary
mozilla firefox does not work normally [closed]
How to show JQuery navigation buttons after showing grid
How to fix table header with horizontal scroll?
Purpose of an EpiServer MenuList's page link?
jquery : submitting a form twice
Urban Airship push notification is not pushing the data
How to work with Conditional Linq Query? [duplicate]
Configuring AOP with ZK to intercept methods
Jquery datatable functionality not apply after render the datatable in <f:ajax>
Creating navigation based application in Xcode 4.2?
Dynamic form generation on the fly with php [closed]
Tank with rotating turret (XNA, Farseer)
url data to json
How to send image through axis2
How to compile and link a C++ program into a DLL in runtime
Overhead of const modifier for built-in types in C++
Strange error with ExpandableListView and findViewById()
what's DSL in plain words?
Select between two months
how to get the build mode in vs 2008 in c++
Java EE monitoring application
Don't see a dependency property in the Designer
how to access fields in has_many belongs to association
Getting out of memory error while using threads for Image loading in Android.
Rails: One migration works when I run it individually, but not in a series with other migrations
.htaccess 301 Redirect Multiple URLs to one
Appending Array in a loop with certain format
source not found error while showing a pic in image view in my android project
Java applet jnlp deployment giving NoClassDefFoundError and wrong name error
Calculating SimRank using NetworkX?
convert this lines of delegate from c# to vb .net
Arguments against 鈥渋nitialize()鈥�method instead of constructors
What is the difference between .cfg file and .xml file?
Javascript if expression evaluation
Insert multiple rows into table from a variable in PHP for Mysql & Oracle tables
jQuery Ajax, moving list items between lists
how to replace ' with another special character using str_replace php