how to send user name and password using post to server in iphone app
Lucene.NET - Indexing a single large file > 1GB
PHP Multi-page Order Form
How to obtain gif info (disposal method, frame width/height, frame count) knowing only image Uri without downloading it in wpf
Posting data with fsockopen, no data received on receiving side
Removing extra spaces in Chinese HTML files using lxml
How do I assign different event handlers to elements and their parent
CKEditor will append a root into my image link
How to add jquery click event to gRaphael graphics?
how to get the page size and command text from an entitydatasource
Executing db:test:prepare from another rake task
Allow users to build custom reports via a web GUI
Java Reader for DIF [Data Interchange Format]
C error while using enum constants
Show progress bar while loading web content in wp7
How to use JDBC in JavaEE?
Rake task to assign default values to hash throwing error
As a normal form gets submit i want to disable the submit button
How do I optimize this Piece of code in C
why the following regular expression does not work in tcl?
NullPointerException when saving the path of an image taken by a picture
Tastypie resouce model
enable tab from single drop down
jQuery Date and timepicker - doesn't seems to work
PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ' xampp php e xt php_pgsql.dll
How can I verify a signed outlook message is valid and trusted?
ANDROID - Use ArrayList in secondary Activity
Difference between two particular dates [duplicate]
how template engine interact with drupal 7 core to display web page
how to open help file in java
Android: How to use classes in a different file
AsynchTask and Command Pattern? [closed]
Celeryd script printing output 2x, when 0x is desired
Accessing a line after it is painted
MongoMapper complex query
HTML mail displayed wrong
bash test if string has non whitespace characters
MYSQL Query to make the values as duplicates and remove duplicates from table
Omnibar extension opening a mailto: link
code analysis tools for starting on a new project [closed]
delete folder that contains thumbs.db
Rank only the top 10
MVC Routes with Regular expression
Drawing on touch event
TFS Reporting service Manual Configuration failed
Is it possible to access a MySQL database straight from Javascript
Format of a stored procedure
Issue with Input & Select tag height in form
Hide src of Image in codeigniter php
adding a custom view to uibarbuttonitem of a popover
Export Excel spreadsheet to gridview
How to use Squeryl's externalTransactionManagementAdapter with play 2.0?
How to merge multiple applications into a single application
Python Repotrlab vertical bar chart spacing inconsistency
Selenium webdriver - Tab control
Insert static files literally into Jinja templates without parsing them
Cannot connect to remote repo using svn or tortoisesvn
HTML Email with several tables has tiny white border between the tables in print version
XNA 2D textures not rendering properly
Play Framework list vector
authenticating a grails server from android client
How to validate an uploaded csv/text file with php
The difference between IE Version 9,8,7 and Chrome
Receiving access violation error on fgets() in visual c++
Changing button background color on clicking it and set back to usual color after lifting up finger
Default Configuration file in
PAC with kerberos
How to make php script fill remote forms and submit?
downloading the eclipse java ee for application development
How to get the range of characters
Path finding algorithm on graph considering both nodes and edges
Changing java service wrapper conf file property inside a pom
Count and display number of characters in a textbox using Javascript
Is there a special character in mySql that would return always true in WHERE clauses?
WCF DataContract: Returning base class or inherited class depending on scenario
Using alphanumeric mode to encode URL in QR-code?
Different types of eclipse java completion proposals
Revit API: Custom ModelLine
Managing Multi-threading process
How to detect variable dependencies for a javascript function
Java code for SVN to add and commit the Files into server
Can ORM be extended to get data from legacy components?
SVN - ignoring files already in repository
Accessing HttpServletRequest object in a normal Java class from Spring
Applying getters on a 鈥渇ind鈥�query in Mongoose?
HQL and Like keyword
select data from table and display them in a label with checkboxes
Can`t get my keyhash for Facebook SDK
How to configure Jetty to reload a WebAppContext when classes are changed
SQL Joining three tables and using LEFT OUTER JOIN
Can I set a different border for individual items in a ListView?
Joomla search modules for different categories of content
Link a property of a UserControl with a property of a BO
GLSL texelFetchOffset works with isampler2D but not usampler2D?
Need help to resolve connectivity issues with TFS 2010 Data-tier server (SQL-Server)
What do I need to make icons on windows desktop enabled/disabled programmatically
How do a load a python package resource from the current distribution using pkg_resources?
Issue in using managers
Filtering SQL Server sys.objects by database
Why does my ASP.NET FormView always render EmptyTemplate?
erlang supervisor restart strategy
How to retrieve values from JSON object in javascript [duplicate]
Using array_multisort() and putting empty values last, not first
automatically inlined functions across translation units and gcc 4.6
How do I create a link from a sprite image?
Using git and subversion code within a Bazaar project
TypeError: 'int' object is not callable
How is working binary operation and boolean conversion?
Importing one git repo as a branch into another git repo
How to make a regular expression which doesn't match any words
Convert PDF data into excelsheet in java
Cant install other SDK versions
is it possible to receive more information from a query by using Xpath in PHP than just one? (-nodeValue)
How to write a recursive function using static variables
How to make an Open In.. button (iOS)
What happens when you try to save managedObjectContext from a different thread?
Stopping a local client from broadcasting
How do you asynchronously resolve host names to IP addresses?
How to reach and show a picture which is inside a Seagate Gigabit Ethernet BlackArmor Disk with vb6
Undefined symbols for architecture i386: 鈥淿objc_assign_ivar鈥� Error when open existed Xcode 3 iPhone project in iOS 4 by Xcode 4
control xib from another
Does Google Play Licensing require permission 鈥渁ndroid.permission.INTERNET鈥�
Javascript file does not loaded in in IE
Does .NET webbrowser.stop() function fire DocumentCompleted event?
Zend Framework - ORM relationships and optimization
remove specific html tag with its content by js
Mysql stored function freezing
Common code for desktop application and web
How to generate all possible combinations n-bit strings?
PHP : Not able to show value retrieved from database into dropdown
Open form in access using criteria?
how to track android branch using git
JavaScript: make html text plain text
how to convert public key of an x509 certificate in JAVA to hex
How to let Modal Dialog not block my second top-level Frame
Select 2nd column of stored procedure's output
mov file not playing in chrome
Using bitmap font for displaying and editing texts
how to hide my Google translate API key锛�
How to place buttons on a zoom&pan imageView
how to launch home from code in android 4.0.3 when user is in some other app
Highlight the current page in the menu bar
SAX parsing produces a null pointer exception
How to restrict datagridview to create 2 rows?
linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lrtdk Xenomai
Mimic a call to Oracle package function in HSQLDB
How to replace each two columns in a file by number code (e.g. column 4th and 5th by 1)? (by awk)
how to handle infinite loop process when using proc_open
virtually hosted typo3 site returns a 503 after backend logout
Setting a relative frequency in a matplotlib histogram
Keep database file in different partition
Multiple return value method fails with goto statements
using teradata syslib.oreplace to remove all whitespace characters
Why won't UIPickerView resize the first time I change device orientation on its parent viewController?
Should I save my objects in memory after using EF to retrieve and create them?
Is there a speed benefit to specifying a context when selecting by id in jQuery?
Mono + Entity Framework using MS DLL?
How can i transfer audio in in my face book app in android?
What's the relationship between Passenger and Capistrano?
The 'e' parameter in function's prototype method doesn't work
Adapter pattern in use and inheritance for a simple DB connection
JFreechart with string and double
UnsupportedClassVersionError - 1.7/1.5
is there any core function find_by_controller in ruby on rails framework?
JAX-WS @WebMethod Return User-Defined Data Type
What does the new stored procedure default content mean?
Does JOSSO allow me log in on one site and be logged in on another automagically?
Metro XAML - Where Is LayoutTransform ?
Pointer, string and overflow error
Get current working directory when Logrotate multiple logs
Having issue with CTFontRef
My Update statement is not working
Preventing automatic app redeploy on weblogic server
Library for saving c++ objects to database
Apache Mahout: can we combine User-Item and Item-Item?
NLog:: adding source code line number to the log
Quality charts ideas
How to get the most accurate possible speed from GPS in Android
AS3 Is this code creating a MC Variable?
The theme in manifest.xml
.Plist array generating random strings into UILabel
How to use the Array variable from JavaScript code to selenium RC
Javascript: Getting all existing keys in a JSON array
dump object to String with Jackson
Setting state of a gen_server type application
Element doesn't not revert back to its original place if drag-drop is failed
The way of good scoping in JavaScript
Http Client application to test REST API with oauth
recently switch from sqlite to mysql. need to convert some code in c
Can cglib be used to intercept direct field?
Web server to host Sencha app?
Firing a Google Analytics events based on response from an HTTP Post with php
java sorting issue
click count in Activities
flatiron.js routing and templating with union, director and plates?
What is the fastest way to select rows from a huge database?
How to find document in Mongodb by _id In PHP
Deploy Java Web application on Amazon Cloud
Does new Google privacy policies affect Google App Engine?
Split Array Cells in Java
Using RequireJS's optimizer with a single build file to produce multiple outputs
With No Lock Tables MySQL
Can we just provide @2x images?
Can't set Combobox SelectedItem, Value
Mongoid - using distinct in scope
Cannot access database using server explorer in visual studios
Read the log file (*.LDF) in sql server 2008
Prevent Android USB Host (OTG) from suspend
Timestamping incoming serial data under WinXP 32 using Boost ASIO and Boost posix time?
Get a list of connected client IDs from MQTT client
sorting the Hierarchical table by using common table expression
android SQLite exception near 鈥�鈥�
Load information from database to uiwebview as html
Is it possible to make a iPhone app using only c++? [duplicate]
DropDownList in mvc3 don't recognize selecteditem in selectlist
Data update in offline app
How to start Quicktime X screen recording with specific size
how to count facebook 鈥渓ikes鈥�and facebook 鈥減eople talking about鈥�of a page?
sql query for select statement
Get view's Bitmap when Hardware acceleration is on
Sampling rate deviation and sound playing position
Eden space usage constantly increasing when using Swing
Flash AS3: Keeping the mouse within certain boundaries
Multiple Column Dropdown in Details View control
Calculated member expression in SSAS 2008
Logarithm Calculation with Windows 7 Calculator [closed]
Android Library Update鈥�eclipse task randomly stuck my eclipse on start
How check max file size upload in C++?
Access Violation error on VC++
Why a gray background color appears only in Google Chrome?
Is ruby's multidimensional array out of bounds behaviour consistent?
How to call a Controller from a PartialView in MVC3
How to set value in with Beautiful Soup in some HTML element if I know id of that element or class?
Searching for a specific string in TinyMCE
Remove entity without loading first in Linq2SQL
fire keyPressEvent in tinyMce
Mapping model to other model using multiple columns
Boost::Variant - 鈥渘o matching function for call鈥�
How to create an SQL View with SQLAlchemy?
unique_ptr autocomplete in eclipse
prompt() in wicket components
Can I figure out in iOS whether the app is resuming from standby or from multitasking
is this overkill for assessing Main(string[] args)
Mouse returns to home position when i drag
VIsual Studio 2010. Nuget installing fine but not responding
How to install ruby-debug-base19 0.11.25 in railsinstaller?
Caching all the images of my website for faster loading of my site
Clear focus after click in item autocomplete
modify servlet context init parameter(<context-param>) values
Ksoap2 Android adding Attributes to a simple property
Cursor or ContentValues can't read my SQLite data? :D
Missing the text label when application startup
Jquery Validation Engine Error Messages and eric martin modal window
Do I need to submit CCATS?
Customizing the mobile for Blind in android
Creating a Haskell application with a .NET GUI
How can i Save Data in CoreData an fill a dynamic TableView with it
SQL: Querying between two tables
How to export CRM 2011 SSRS reports as SQL query reports, instead of fetchXML reports?
ASP.NET (MVC) - Drill down with hash
How do you access an external lotusscript file
How to disable spell check for a contenteditable div in a UIWebView?
How to add one item with four option in ListView?
breaking ASP.NET long drop down list items into several lines [duplicate]
Particle formula for this
Raising UAC window loads my form twice
Apache Mahout: how to handle dynamic data rating
get date and time format from mac OS x system settings
Regular exp to find some special pattern
Read a limited no of Elements from XML
PHP Fatal error: Class 'Imagick' not found - Windows 7 64bit IIS PHP 5.2
How to input Multiple color text in UiTextView?
Container to present multiple memory chunks as single continuous one
CSS Sprites - How to hide the balance portion of the image
What does `g8` do when installing Typesafe Stack 2.0
MVC: Selected values in a listbox when the user is on the edit page
How to kill the Session of User when he LoggedOut in ASP.NET
making files in the folder donwloadable using php or javascript
How to show all controllers and mappings in a view
apple apns feedback information
How to add the Placeholder Window in Xcode
Print PDF or Image using PrintDocument
perl script to execute ssh command without using password
Extract content using xpath from an HTML doc using pure Java
Using Live Connect API in ASP.NET to retrieve a user's email address
function overriding in javascript/JQuery
Searching query to get records without duplicate
how to login with front end with back end in joomla 1.6 or 1.6<
Check whether CREATE TABLE actually creates the table or whether it already existed?
Dynamic TAL provider: expressions
What data type should I use for the mysql column containing null, 0 or 1's?
In Xcode, how do I simulate gyroscope for iPhone4?
Ajax Control Toolkit Filter Types
force iframe to inner content height
How to sync two sql-server tables from different location?
Safe Arabic Web Fonts that can be used in based website and how can we use custom font in website
.append() an element, click() not registering
How to auto-reconnect failed clients to another server in the server-cluster?
Why call preInstantiateSingletons()
new line character in product description
comparing two collections for comparing two text files for additions, deletions, modifications
in SQL Server , what does SET ANSI_NULLS ON means?
calling different jsp files from same java class
Is there any sense in splitting tables apart to separate often accessed data from rarely accessed data?
How to handle double value if it is null?
Fragment Backstack issue in Map Application
Image position coordinates calculation for creating collage
Why weaker overridden functions are not allowed in Java?
Design Pattern Implementation Variants
Java Qt Jambi Eclipse Integration: How can I create a custom slot?
Fastest Video Format to decode on Android 3.0+ Tablet
How do I do Cucumber-style acceptance testing of an Ember app?
RewriteRule doesn't work when it should, why?
How can I review my SSH key for github?
Show a popup when a dropdown value is selected with only js
application crashes while using a method of different class
Show a popup when a dropdown value is selected with only js
application crashes while using a method of different class
how much size's to give a button in android?
SQL Server: how to write an alter index statement to add a column to the unique index?
to fix the footer in the page of jQuery mobile
XML Serialization assembly for non-web projects
TCP Server in VB.NET
How to change an attribute value in one method and fetch it in another method in backbone.js Model?
Unable to type in JTextField
json_decode + json_encode combo not creating original JSON
IE8(+win7) can't download a file which contains no-cache in HTTP header
Calling Firefox XPCOM component from Thunderbird extension
HTML5 / JavaScript / WebGL viewer of KMZ / KML 3D OBJECTS?
Joomla Template Editing
How to build a DFS tree if i generate frequent pattern in a DFS method?
[Solved]php extension loaded in command line (cli) but not loaded by apache
PHP: If statements unintentionally causing multiple MySQL columns to update?
How do I define a javascript variable as a div's id?
A more functional alternative to array2D in F#
Using Functional Programming to compute prime numbers efficiently
Unable to retrieve user email through graph api even though have required permissions
zipWith analogue in Python?
Send file to linux server
Tridion : What should be the xml request using Business Connector to download the images along with xml data?
W3C Throttles DTD/XSD requests; is there a mirror or file list? An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Lucene - limit amount of results for specific term in search query
Android Webview content should not be lost on orientation change, but GUI should be updated properly
Raising Events in C#: performance and elegance
how to run a .bat file in python?
High cost encryption but less cost decryption
FileName from URL (overwriting)
How to show a large grid of buttons in a panorama item over 3 screens?
MVC3 Razor - How to pass data from controller to view - and back to controller
unique_ptr compile error
CarrierWave. Impossible to save the file with STI
jQuery Date Picker tied up to an input text field error
SQL select for xml explicit 鈥�need help defining alternate structure when value is null
How to get the jar filename of web-fragment
How to tell the browser to revalidate the cache
Blocking groups of threads in C# [closed]
jquery, css is not applying for tables
Sql query for retrieving member data
Windows 7 O.S: unable to chnage the Date
Android:Download images from their path and show in gridview
Layout for 8 android tablet
Insert the value in a table taking from another table
Is there a way to check whether the html is loaded on Iframe
imagesLoaded method not working with JQuery masonry and infinite scroll
How to display percentage of each row in Crystal Report Cross-tab?
Uploading single image and showing its thumbnail using jquery and mvc3
How do I make an icon POST/PUT?
DotNetOpenAuth Login without asking credential in second Time (if less then 10 to 15 Sec)
Storing salt+password hash in DB and protecting against password attack
What HTTP status code should I use when serving a temporary page to the browser?
get particular string part in javascript
render error in acts_as_commentable
My values in tinymce doesn't display on the screen but is shown in firebug
is facebook connect or facebook login available for WAP/mobile site
How does setParameterList in hibernate work?
accessing subItem of a Tree in SWT Eclipse
How to organise my project in Code Igniter?
Import Excel Spreadsheet to Powerpoint using Scripts
Memory leak issue during xml parsing?
setFocusTraversable behavior on MenuBar in JavaFX 2.0
target select by siblings content
cURL does not work
Croping Of Image [closed]
Angle to Mecca from current location with iPhone compass
How to install win32clipboard for Python 2.6?
JQuery Mobile + Phonegap : $.ajax calls not working
How to save file from richtextbox in utf-8 or unicode in
How to send zip file without creating it on physical location?
generate querystring
UDP from Mobile Device to Azure
how to write Java Code to let JPA/hibernate know where to look for Configuration files?
mongoid - how to query by embedded object
StructLayout Pack=1 doesn't work with bool?
How to merge objects having same/common field?
Can't commit large file to svn
list all only files in php?
cant create arrays in while loop or if statement?
Get Exif data from UIImage - UIImagePickerController
ARC : Is this approach correct
Best way to render/animate 2d using openGL? [closed]
Display screenshot image from one activity to another activity
Different behaviour for list.__iadd__ and list.__add__
Visual Studio 2010 or 2008 after Visual Studio 2005? [closed]
User is not able to commit code in SVN tortoise
Import web2py's DAL to be used with Google Cloud SQL on App Engine
CSV File Generation - Danish Language not supported?
How to know Appliction Installation is completed in android?
How to properly implement a progressBar in Android?
Check RAM in WIX Installer
UDP programming in Java
How to Optimize Search Result from address book in iphone
How to include multiple tables in query in runtine Entity Framework
How to use AdWhirl with MySQL
Add data to gridview and then retrieve it and add to a database
How to bind a SOAP web service response data to a SpinnerView in Android?
Add data to gridview and then retrieve it and add to a database
How to bind a SOAP web service response data to a SpinnerView in Android?
Show keyboard for div with contenteditable=鈥渢rue鈥�in ios
sqlite insert special characters
how to bind webservice result to listbox
Spring cache of two Grails applications in the same machine (different Jetty server)
How to use embedded dotx in Word.Documents.Add() from Excel VBA?
Android Linux Kernel Details
Program hangs because of some reason
How to store and retrieve UISegmentedControl in plist
Either it writes the first Record or Last Record of the list, any suggestions to get it right
how to get an image in jersey rest web service
Drop down menus are messing layout?
how to use libxml2 to parse dirty html in C programing
Retrieve iframe tag having width and height '0' using nokogiri in ruby 1.9.2
Json Object returning stackoverflow error
How to move user to timeout page when session expires, if user click on browser back button
Flex 4.6 hasOwnProperty not working
rsync : Read input from a file and sync accordingly
Basic operator overloading in D (Part 2)
Overriding Servlet container session storage
Private file for an app
Error in main thread: MKNormalizedPointForLayer
Read embedded Object in excel using java
Clickable image on ListView
Building a Json array with multiple parameters in Php
ComboBox with two columns in popup
Getting contact number using content provider in android
In Chrome 18Dev+. Html5 canvas 'createPattern' can't draw the image right
Set interval in vbscript
xll work only on build computer
NLog:: putting Line number in log file
XmlSerializerContract.getSerializer() vs. new XmlSerializer()
ABAP. What shall I download to start practice with?
Jquery Search + MVC3
PHP not allowing me to access decoded JSON
ActionScript: How to Re- setInterval Each Time Function Works?
Receiving alarm notification while the app is running stops the app in android
file explorer dosn't show any database
c++ Division . seemingly simple thing driving me crazy, advice please
Is there a way stop bubble in javascript without 鈥渆鈥�parameter?
Can't execute external program through system()?
Why database not refreshing after deletion of the item in listbox?
How can I push a new viewController into an existing view within another view controller?
Where to put the download specific code? [closed]
Suppress bogus PHP imap_open() Notice: insecure server advertised AUTH=PLAIN
getting error while submiting in dynamic form in django
Javascript Unexpected Behaviour during Subtraction
How to use web sockets
can paypal integration be used for a shopping cart app?
always getting 鈥渂ad request鈥�error in salesforce oauth 2 authentication using appcelerator
JS templating system with Backbone.js
why executing a batch file which is outside the project path is not working in java
Jasper Report Error: ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number with name 鈥溾� too small ORA-22924: snapshot too old
how to implement finger eraser in android?
Spoofing an API with SinonJS?
jquery get event object target's parent
java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: Broken pipe how to recover without restart?
Optimising writespeeds in HDF5 using Pytables
Get xml node with last date
Loading images for HTML in jboss
Correlation in Windows Workflow
how to get the loginstatus using fbml and how to maintain the facebook session in my application?
CSS opacity div, links not working inside that div
Mysql Join issue and i want this result
generate a random number from log normal distribution in C/C++
How to use Dev cpp as a 16 bit compiler
How to use .p12 file and .crt file while calling web method from application
Animate some characters up and down the baseline
how can I sort properly with preg_match?
How to check the tag has value or not in xslt
How do I redirect to the www. version of my Flask site on Heroku?
Is linux release the spinlock/semaphore when it kill a process?
How to revert back to an original namespace once its name is modified?
File explorer in android like windows explorer
Eclipse doesn't display Perl module while debugging (with EPIC)
Bind a ComboBox to two DataContexts
Why doesn't new operator creates chain structure?
Find location by zip code
Row to string value in Pervasive View
How do I use a Structure in multiple classes?
How to get selected item value?
xcode 4.3.1 doesn't output debug info when debug on device
Norwegian Special character not supporting in Codeigniter 2.0.2
Working with DLL in a C++ application
How to play the song in specific time on Android?
How to get a comma seperated value for the following DB table scenario [duplicate]
Why doesn't my draw function work when called on a different thread?
Jquery clone issue
UITextPosition in UITextField
Convert ArrayCollection into ArrayLIst in Flex 4.5?
Egit fails during clone with read time out error
easiest way to pass a url to a UIViewController that has a UIWebView
how to get setScaleType(ImageView.ScaleType.FIT_CENTER) effect using setScaleType(ImageView.ScaleType.MATRIX)
NetTiers 2.3 generation failing
Stuck with 鈥淭he EntityCollection has already been initialized.鈥�Error
Javascript runtime error:
Remove dynamically created elements -> remove or just reload page [closed]
Android 4.0 issue with Activity Stack and Task Stack
What is a user ID in Android <activity-alias>?
What is a user ID in Android <activity-alias>?
Mysql result not show inside div (only table header)
Passing value to Joomla Module from another URL
Does Apple allow custom versions of its own system fonts?
opengl-es glUseProgram() arugments
How to use ssh command, using execlp()?
Side by side configuration error when Sitecore 6.5 install on Windows Server 2008 R2
How I Parse SD-Card xml?
Connect to mysql on Amazon EC2 from a remote server
How to programmatically create object for new row in DataGrid?
Confusion Over Traceback and Exiting
php - mod_rewrite
prism - region not loading contents of usercontrol in shell
Updating table status from background thread's catch block
making a list of outgoing calls one by one automatically
how to pass some value from fancybox to parent window
Dynamically changing the visibility of a control from view model in WP7
Passing anonymous type variables as method parameters
Streaming video with videoview
Unable to Draw Triangles Through glDrawElements in OpenGL ES 2.0
jquery.ui-min.js conflicts with ui.core.js on draggable()
Configuring HTMLPurifier to display external links as plain text
require_login just stopped working on my application
How to post messages on my wall using restfb
Comparing any of these value from an array Efficiently
Android - UI issue
how to change the shape of gridView in android
Android App : Managing user account information without a server
ActiveRecord column does not exist
An error occurred. Please try again later. getLoginUrl()
Convert visual studio 2008 project to 2010
Xcode not compiling 鈥淭erminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException'鈥�
PHP readfile() invalid zip
How do i get all twig templates to inherit from master?
Space after function name is wrong?
Load a Sencha DataView from array data
How to add Custom Template in Telerik MVC combobox?
Open default camera in android?
ClassNotFoundException in RestEasy simple configuration
Xcode loading program resources from my Home folder rather than Resources - C++
How to configure two symfony applications in the same project
How to do a match a string with multiple similar strings to find a closest match [closed]
How to use MFC Project methods in win32 Project?
How to read HTML file body tag
validation not working in cake php if i use $this->Form->textarea()
Connect iphone app to mysql data base
How to fail with error message 鈥淭oo many open files in python鈥�
Why does the header in this template have a shadow?
limit to 10 results using redis
how to connect or load file.dll to matlab?
using <a href=鈥溾�> in ipad applications
Design pattern for Filtering a custom datastructure
Maven/SpringData/Neo4J: add Gremlin 1.4
Is that Possible for NTLM Authentication in Mobile for Sharepoint Site?
I want to know about this javascript function pattern [duplicate]
How can I use single batch file to run some application with my own input redirected to it?
foreman start error (server.rb:33, missing argument鈥�
ssh error in perl code
How would you write this objective-c loop in php? [closed]
When passing string from one view to other give null [closed]
python pass list as function parameter
Jinja multiple rendering streams
Read Only Column
toolbar hide behind the navigation image
post time for the comment display in drupal 7
Filter that dumps HttpServletRequest & Response to files
Change Value of function arguments in Java
parse JSON in objectiveC - format of JSON is incorrect I suspect?
Vaildation Jquery plugin choices [closed]
Forgot Username / Pwd to CouchDB
Creating a new rails app in 3.0.10 while I have 3.1.3
Java LinkedList 鈥�Retrieving the index of an Object
Custom Relative Layout scaling?
Pricing Table height issue
Celery, Resque, or custom solution for processing jobs on machines in my cloud?
UIView Animation not working some times, it is effecting on pushing view controllers
Running Test in Multiple Browsers using selenium-webdriver
How does OS honor user limits configured in /etc/security/limits.conf since setrlimit is process based?
How to exit on application crash Android [duplicate]
javascript calculation formula is not working
Long iPhone App name to be displayed on multiple lines
Adding comments via ajax to the server & current webpage
Fetch particular tags from HTML docs obtained after crawling and parsing using Apache Nutch 1.4
Simple operator overload in D language throws exception
how to display data less than 5 row in jasper reports
Issues with getting realpath while working with Eclipse Indigo
Loading large amount of data into Postgres Hstore
Rapid AJAX requests with jQuery results in a SyntaxError
validation of a date in a form varies with phone?
use maven3 in IPV4 network but throws a IPV6 throws A IPV6 exception
Pass cmd commands via php script
How to get the keycode for different mobiles using j2me
Processing form with Yesod and using the inputs to create something defined in models
Precision in C floats
SQL code that will confirm that 2 columns of a table is 'synchronized', if not flag it
how to access excel individual sheet, apply a function, and collapse result in R?
How to install plugins in jenkins, with the help of jenkins remote access API?
What are good ways of monitoring server status?
MFMailComposersheet does not allocates in device iOS 5.1 version
How do I manage a login view in a navigation-based app?
WxPython - trigger checkbox event while setting its value in the code
expandable listview design
How to assign the output of solve in maxima to a variable?
When is UserProfile initialized
Preserve Ripple effect over UIImageView
Restful webservice with hibernate
getToolByName() vs. others
How to open a new popup window by clicking an html action link in MVC?
Read pdf file from sd-card with the help of webview
Why can't I manually submit this form?
Rails + Heroku + Amazon RDS - Production vs Development
Why there is no twitter framework in xcode?
Android image effect like emboss, oilpaint etc
Include referenced project's .config file is not working in silverlight
Not able to use colors other than white or black in stroke object
Need Regex that check at least 4 different character in string
How many maximum urls can I download at one time using curl
Add-on Builder: Multiple Workers Using port?
How to avoid download images from web more than one time?
How to find a java support of browser
What is best method to read a column value having quote ' and insert into a different table?
Elegant ways to use Objective C while developing an iOs / OsX application?
Declaring variables in JavaScript class: this vs. var. Difference?
404 Category not found in Joomla 1.7
Image Pixel values
UIAppearance proxy caching appearance between compile times?
two select boxes filtering options with jquery
TableViewController with an error : unrecognized selector sent to instance
Is it possible to concatenate 2 HSSFRichTextString?
AJAX.NET not working
ajax get to MVC method not passing parameters
Updating xml file using xml script in msbuild
Create Xml documents using inheritance
default text in wpf label
Best Way of implementation for data synchronization and interaction between multiple user controls?
setIgnoresMouseEvents Exception
Android VideoView black screen
Prototyping web-application models
What will be my route?
iOS Read file lines into array
javascript shifting issue (rgb and rgba to hex)
Can visual studio 2008 deployment project run without .net installed in the system?
Changing file attribute using batch file
Rails 3 Occasional Routing Error
Chrome paused on exception within a try/catch block, how to auto resume?
Assign the value to different field ID?
issue symbolicating crash logs from other device
How do I prevent an asset from being cached by the Rails Asset Pipeline in development mode?
Business Logic in View - CakePHP
C++ class definitions inside header files
Mergesort Implementation.. Counting number of inversions in an array
phpFlickr cache not updating when photo is deleted
How to xcode 4 in OSX 10.6.8?
Suitable Condition to echo the result
Is it possible to call SSRS 2008 R2 report in Visual Studio 2010?
How to customize cmake output
MySQL count and display all dates in a range
How to detect type of selected printer that is dot matrix or not?
How to delete the row from datagridview?
Facebook access token expire after two months
OpenCV: Buffering IplImage*'s to share between pthreads
Where we differentiate iphone and ipad programs
Categorise the listview
Source File Validation in SSIS
Working with <section> in CSS
How to create .mbtiles file?
jq plot - getting linear x axis ticks
Read pdf file from sd card
Count the number of XML files in your project
5 to 10 GB of text files to download?
How to present files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint to be downloaded by the user ASP.NET C#
maximum number of port can open in Socket connection in j2me
Can windows operating system run 2 CLR's at a time?
How do I reference specific tags in the bibentry class using the [] or [[]] convention?
how to replace html form hidden fields values with external values in android.?
retriving values from the dynamically added textboxes in
Count and manipulate column variables awk or sed
Parameter passing while calling Ruby method inside erb file
how to add click on pie chart using achartengine
Symfony 2 form repeated validation in Entity with annotation
Sencha Touch 1.1 - scrollable vbox layout for Items outside of current view
Check the type of data sent/received in java on network
C: Sieve of Eratosthenes using arrays
Joomla Cb Login Redirect Url Being Appended by Current Page
MySQL query syntax error when used in PHP
How To Switch To A Frame That Appears As A Pop Up Window
git's semi-secret empty tree
Multi-Dimensional Array: How to build a recursive count()
Android In-App Billing goes to Google Play after successful purchase
How to store the retrieved HTML table values in the database?
Access static variable from object in Java
Makefile of xv6
RestFB: checkin with expanded link
Is it better to load jquery.min from a file or download from google live
Passing Date objects between two differnet time zones without applying Time Zone conversions in java
Open a file in binary mode and verify that the file ends with a specified string
search from different table php
Compiler - front end back end
In jQuery, how can I permanently associate a change() event to an 鈥渋nput type=file鈥�element?
In jQuery, how can I permanently associate a change() event to an 鈥渋nput type=file鈥�element?
Filling in a symmetric 2D array
Differences between Buffered streams in Java and working with socket in C++?
Why is is top:50% in css not working?
Additional line breaks adding to my codes by hosting
Terminology: 鈥淓ntity Bean鈥�vs. 鈥淒ata Model鈥�
handle activity with segmented bar button
iPhone Upload video to youtube app using GData framework
Remove oldest commits from git repository [duplicate]
android filename with white space cannot be opened
want to write a query to find a tax in oracle.i had written it but it's not working plss check it and help me out
Sending customized facebook message using graph API for inviting friends to a website
Can I get more than one 鈥減opular tweet鈥�
How to store and check out projects which use organization-wide POM?
Non-Numeric Field as PK - Database Design Issue
Listbox delete item functionality?
Database error: relation does not exist
Exception when returning list back from a restful web service
copy directory structure with powershell
How to get Mouse X and Y positions on click anywhere on the page?
How do I get the last part of a string in PHP
Returning populated string array from function C
how to send email with attachment using servlet?
javascript: Use RegEx to allow letters, numbers, and spaces (with at least one letter and number)
Handling Singular Resource in REST
MySQL won't store non-english characters
How to get random products if I don't have related products in magento
Java keeps displaying some loops if user is required to enter input
How do I describe an inline && in English?
Invert Number in C#
UITableViewCell additional information
FB Graph API: Add UIToolbar in FB Authentication interface
Portable json module in jython
(iOS) How can I Reuse an UIImageView in another View?
Safe to send login credentials using HTTP and not HTTPS?
Adding a new user to swift (Open stack )
XML GUI Toolkit for java swing
Get More Like This results for entire index
How to pass output of one XSLT TBB to another XSLT TBB in SDL Tridion 2011 SP1
How can we build one visual studio project from commandline
Howto use struts2 with cache-filter
Having trouble comparing two strings from Twitter API on iPhone
load doubles into an arrayList
iPad 3 retina display testing? Without an iPad 3
10 digit phone number validation
Create a static member for the purpose of condition/wait java
Tags Feature - Storing relationships between two tables (3NF)
Is it posible to identify a clicked view and its index number from outside the application?
How to find substring in list of strings using LINQ
Python: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
Python: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
Select all and none on items list , in knockoutjs
Draw line between two points using OpenLayers
What is the best way to create EF DbContext instance for ASP.NET MVC
Deploy SQL Server Reports Locally
jQuery find when the inside left edge of an element meets the right outside edge of an element within it
XMLHttpRequest cross domain throws error
How can add a close button in CPTLayerHostingView using Coreplot
Global Variable in app.js accessible in routes?
checking whether the C compiler works鈥�no
Which devices do and do not support USB Host mode?
Display Selection from Django choicefield?
Notification gets disappeared when phone is rebooted
Android: How can we move a playing video from an activity to another activity or dialog without re-buffering?
Any other way to add scrollbar to JPanel other than JscrollPane
Is it possible to change the callback object after the WCF Client object is created?
how to show a scroll bar in lwuit form?
Regex to parse CSS file: will this expression work
webview not display html graphics content
while integrating paypal with iphone app,is using PayPalButton (which comes with paypal library) compulsory?
Soundex SQL Server CE
.NET runtime handling Generic code
is there any possibility to execute bluetooth chat application in emulator?
Adding values to be used by another attribute ORACLE
Access Secure element in Android
Choose between DropDownList and Textbox in MVC3
different JSON output for the same Facebook post
backBarButtonItem doesn't call action
How to show a Sales graph in TabHost using achartengine
Form generation from Mongoose Schema object?
Generating secret URLs for a resource in rails
SKProductsRequest deallocated, even though using ARC?
Merging two hashes by concatenating the arrays
Crypto API throws error while running in Japanese version OS (callng from .NET)
Django redirect to on-page link
cakephp jquery: alert box not popping up when link is clicked
Redirect according to roles
I can't figure out how to make my iFrame drop-down on click
CodeIgniter PDO driver uses query instead of prepare? Isn't this less secure?
Using google client API in android without account manager
onListItemClick is not working for listview?
MemoryCache overwritten unexpectedly
Anyone know of a flexible Metro ui for winforms?
WebClient does not support concurrent I/O operations
Reset arrow keys to default behaviour
Plone and Twitter Bootstrap
Enable Spanish IME on android emulator
JQuery Mobile and MVC 3 or (MVC 4 beta) date validation format issue
Lock a file while retaining the ability to read/append/write/truncate in the same thread?
Possible to force the C# Facebook SDK to use HTTP instead of HTTPS?
PHP - Compare two array and remove both item in a specific index if either of the array have empty value
Downloading file using webclient with a save dialogue box
Is it possible to have constants of an inner class? (Java)
How to read a file using jquery and get content of head and body?
getRequestDispatcher(鈥�鈥�.forward does not work in JSF 2.0
Any good php books/articles that talk in detail about domain model architecture pattern? [closed]
WebView height = wrap_content with changing font size doesn't work
How can I tell what Apache (php) processes are holding open mem cache connections
Why isn't the nextInt() method working?
How to pass a constant pointer to a method in a class
Using TestFlightApp for a large local distribution of beta testers
Background-queue changes to parent NSManagedObjectContext in UIManagedDocument cause duplicate in NSFetchedresultsController on merge
Mixing OpenGL ES 1 and OpenGL ES 2
Is there a way to have 鈥渧irtual鈥�editing in Vim?
Can't make enums workable across different file/class in JavaScript
Squeryl NullPointerException on simple database Insert?
add padding in heading tag through jquery
Drawing Straight Lines with Finger on iPhone
How to properly subclass a delegate property in Objective-C?
devise rails - error messages in different view?
Android centerview with SetMargins programmatically? [duplicate]
Pairwise iteration over a vector
Align two datatable vertically in jsf 2.0
Launching a Fragment after ZXing 2.0 QR-Code Scan
How to access property from grails query
Any way to force Mathematica to remove the Locked attribute?
COUNT in group by based on a condition
How do you undo bundle install --without
SystemError: E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages [closed]
JQuery mobile Select Multiple
Explain this regular expression do?
Must EF4 Entities be saved by the same thread that created them?
Cannot bypass registry virtualization
log on to facebook through extension
Beginning Python printing out standard deviation
Javascript Copy Object in chain style
How can I use Perforce Shelving to have one person create a change and another person submit it?
LINQ to SQL does not generate ORDER BY when DISTINCT is used?
Want to check values are present or not in file [closed]
How does a non-admin Windows 7 user associate file types with GNU Emacs?
cursor fetch wrong records from mysql
C++ formatted input must match value
Tracking from specific video using QCAR
Using NIBs in UIStoryboard
MySQL Updating some database fields without overwriting fields not changed
Constructing a tree, where for every node, its adjacant nodes are known
std::priority_queue different comparisons
need help changing width or height of an html 5 video with javascript
How to reference a secondary project in Visual Studio 2010
Capturing repeating subpatterns in Python regex
Capturing repeating subpatterns in Python regex
Error in role redirection
SQL revising table data to a more compact form
How do I restart celery workers gracefully?
Rail 3 Custom Environment Variables
Implementing option menu one time for several activities
Default constructor won't compile inside template class when brackets are included (g++4.6.1)
app crashes onin ipad application
how to do the condition in magento?
MySQL: character encoding used by SELECT INTO?
onchange select box
How to use Coffeescript on Google App Engine
How to Restrict PHP's File Access to DOCUMENT_ROOT
C how to insert a value in to a two dimenssion array
Indexing data to avoid dual y axes
Bash-Scripting stderr and stdout
Controller of Grails
how to retrieve certificate from personal my store
What do I need to put at the top of my HTML?
Issue with a php form [closed]
Simulate checkbox hover effect with jQuery
Is it possible to mod_rewrite dynamic url to static url with queries?
Appcelerator Titainium Activity Indicator During Json Load
Unable to perform ADT offline installation
Silverlight 5 double-click always returns ClickCount as 1
Getting type definition for nullable types breaks code for non-nullable types
pygtk.HBox not redrawing after add
htaccess redirect to remove index.php
鈥�undefined index 鈥�in php
SQL Code for INSERT while checking of multiple keys for duplicates
sql server select from case db [duplicate]
PHP parse facebook json
Is there a simpler way to write this code, recursively? [closed]
How can I make text that impedes on it's underline 'block out' the underline with whitespace in HTML/CSS?
What's the Maven GAV coordinate for version 4.7 of jbossesb-soap.jar?
Why doesn't my search table view appear when beginning search?
Get frame from certain UISegmentedControl index?
What ip to listen to when handling remote connections? or actual IP?
PropertyChangedEventHandler is null
Elegant alternative to if statements to output variables in PHP
Element class in haml
What's the best way to implement a many-to-many mapping in XML and C#?
CSS: Horizontal and Vertical spacing around tables
Running OSGI from within jboss invoking jax-ws service
Does an Svn Dump Grab Everything?
Rigid adherence to the MVVM pattern?
Errors initializing array in C
Real-time newsfeed for followers - which tools and languages?
Editing host files in vista
How to hide Generic type parameters from implementing class of a Callback interface
When off the main thread, how can I get some code to run on the main thread as quickly as possible?
Using regular expressions to grab initial letters of string while preserving punctuation and white space
UTF8 -> Latin1 Difficulty, PHP
What is the correct encoding for filesystem path strings?
TinyMCE SCRIPT5: Access is denied. Typical cross-domain error on same domain
Google Map Javascript API v3 - OVER_QUERY_LIMIT Error
dynamically change LINQ to Entity query
How to setup activity automatically for a view?
Multi-thread brute-force password breaking algorithm
SQL Server Management Studio: Object Explorer doesn't show Tables
Unknown encoder 'libx264'
Prevention of SQL injection via ruby script
Matlab convert image from gray to binary
codeigniter segment method
Issues with bullet entry points for 鈥渟houlder mounted鈥�guns
httpwebrequests speed
Checking Gnome's version using Python
How to use akka as a replication mechanism
Why does my page redirect to localhost in my wordpress blog?
ASP.NET Universal Providers & Azure - Users Created Through ASP.NET Configuration Not Working
GWT: how to nest a TablayoutPanel inside a scroll Panel without specifying its exact height?
Where do I have to look for OpenCV? [closed]
how do I get python to compile with libz?
Can an instance variable be treated as an array in Ruby on Rails?
Struts: Highlighting Date Range in Calendar (JQuery/Javascript)
Inner join - SQL Server
Two session Factories found when one was expected
Why is (1/2)*x different from 0.5*x?
C program doesn't read an input, doesn't give an output
Grails: Why 鈥済:if鈥�around fields in show template?
How to make the entire website support 'www' and 'non-www' with .htaccess
UIImage drawAtPoint after CGContextClip
Can't access CSS some style fields from javascript
Is there a reason why java does not have a class which allows both reading String and byte [] from a stream? [closed]
GWT-Mobile/ Webkit app deployment without App Store? [closed]
deleted names in a Wbk still exist and refer to locations that don't exist, slow Excel
How to get all the users list in Kaleo Workflow on Assign to Combo box?
What is the best way to read from Linux /proc interfaces using C user space code?
python loop a list
Javascript/Jquery Syntax to Disable Text Selection on a Div AND all Child Elements?
Trying to read from NetworkStream crashes program, no exception or error
Open Source Equivalent for Sybase Open Server
iOS - Settings - Modal Segue to Table view controller
unknown type name `socklen_t`
How to insert multiple rows - a loop needed?
draw rect from another class
How to start with meioupload for cake php
Controlling Microsoft word options with VBScript
Passing the Results of a Prolog Predicate
call_once with once_flag shared across DLLs
GEF Shapes Example: How can I change the TargetDecoration for Connections?
Connecting actions works. Connecting outlets doesn't
Updating weight information depending on repeat of edges with networkx
json_encode not working with a html string as value
this.type alternative for IE
What does Nvidia CUDA Driver do exactly?
passing int to .xml for android app
IIS - Using HttpHandler for all files except for one
BOM Recursive CTE / Parts Explosion. Bug in CTE
Why is my form input value not adding new data?
Strange indentation within emacs org mode src block
Maintaining Checkbox State in a Listview Control Pagination ASP.NET
Assign output of curl to variable
Can no longer run ruby on osx
Php cookie not setting
Javascript sibling onclick
c2dm push to many devices
PHP preg_match not matching
update the div display after jquery post without reloading the page in mvc3
Programmatically turn off android:windowActionBarOverlay style from action bar
Why not have StringBuilder and StringBuffer implement a common interface? [closed]
Java card game. (Game of War)
Using slide toggle on a multilevel list, level 2 will act as if level 1 has been clicked
making a class immutable in java
Longest subsequence that first increases then decreases
Unison sync between Windows/Linux hangs randomly during transfer
UISlider iOS thumb repeats
Can i multiple select a dropdownlist?
How do I use 鈥渦nity鈥�to unit test C code on Mac (Lion)?
How to get Rcpp to work in R on a Windows XP platform?
How to connect queue managers for WebSphere MQ 7.0 distributed publish/subscribe
How ACL is maintaned internally by Symfony2?
Storing complex types in Entity Framework
Should I include header file within a namespace?