what is c++ modules and how do they differ from namespaces?
R reading a tsv file using specific encoding
how to remove the current item that has been clicked on in jquery?
sql compare date and particular time
.Include versus .Select in entity framework for eager loading
Fatal error memory owing to being exhausted at runtime
What's wrong with this jQuery accordion code?
Comprehensive vector vs linked list benchmark for randomized insertions/deletions
C/C++ Python interpreter
RoR - Retrieve a data from controller and display using AJAX
Server side script for launching application
C++ SetDlgItemText Error
How to I insert an array into a Postgresql table using ActiveRecord?
Hibernate 3 - Is a One-To-One Component Join is Lazy by Default
Onclick function not working on inserted HTML
Compile or Export a Coded Form
calling methods from other classes and NSView
How to POST JSON using Adobe Flex
Equivalent of retaining instance variable under ARC
Change user ownership of s3fs mounted buckets
Coupon code system schema design advice
joining three tables with sum in SQL Server
Alter output of script
DOM not refreshing in IE that quick
How to avoid anaphoric macro in Clojure?
How do I get results from LINQ to SQL query to partial view?
Unable to get tab order working within NSPopover
How to update mysql database from android
Dreamweaver CS5 code hinting
Serialize a GWT Canvas
Does C# support type inference of the return type?
lxml bug in .xpath?
Rails: Get hostname in an initializer
Autocomplete using data attribute for source?
VS2010 CTRL+L keyboard shortcut has stopped working
Show data in gridview
Cancel AlarmManager in onDestroy
Can't change song in jPlayer after setting media
Rails JQuery not rendering Javascript
Webbrowser Trying to parse some page which uses ajax to load data
Runtime Error with Vim Omnicompletion
Could we have chain style setters in C++/Java just like jquery?
Getting matches from a non-greedy match on filler
Mirror console output to file in c++
When are parenthesis required (or prohibited) on methods? [duplicate]
Measure elapsed time between two MotionEvents in Android
Remove an item in List if not exists in other list using linq
How do I properly pass an array between methods
How to parse an XML file with metadata key names?
Is it possible to sort two lists(which reference each other) in the exact same way?
Url Rewriting For Beginners
Cast Chars To Int in Template Function
Editable GridView With Autogenerated Columns
Parsing an XML file from Map Editor Tiled?
Why does the compiler think this class is abstract (C++)?
Intercept and block connection whit Java like a firewall [closed]
Git reset to previous commit
subclipse in a cluster environment
C++ WriteProcessMemory Wont work
Default date (trigger) clobbers inserted date
For loop to put images side by side
Invalid initializer member declarator when projecting into complex types
How to keep android running after call comming?
Using MIPS to find sum of array
Strange bug - std::regex matches only first two strings
Using MIPS to find sum of array
Strange bug - std::regex matches only first two strings
Scaling RGB values in Pi
Google Visualization API : Line Chart - Hide negative values in Y-axis
Path.Combine acting unexpectedly when using in combination with Server.MapPath
What does the PEP's status and structure mean?
getting friend friend list with koala
Sound lib haskell
When do symbols for functions bind in Python? Is forward declaration possible?
How to invert an IndexedSeq in Scala?
ifstream not reading values from file in C++
using create! when accepts_nested_attributes is enabled
FilteringSelect text alignment
How do I get OpenSSL style salted MD5 in Ruby?
SQL too long for String
How do I pass two arguments to a scope method
returning true outputs 1 but returning false outputs nothing
Test stored procedure without affecting database
CSS rules not matching? Why not? [closed]
quit while loop whilst iterating through SQL table
Error (RoR Tutorial) -dropdown not firing w/bootstrap- session destroy path incorrect?
Deleting a directory under Windows in a race-free manner?
Java method not executing after scheduled time
how to create a composite primary key hibernate JPA?
Viewport.Project problems
JSON array objects not being read correctly from jQuery
cloudzoom conflict with fancybox?
Break Apart string in JavaScript with three parts [duplicate]
How to stop video autoplaying (stageWebView in Air for iOS - Flash)
Android programming in C [duplicate]
How To Get Started Working with the Google AdWords API?
How to set the TEXT color of a GridView cell?
Creating a 15x15 Square Grid in a user control
What's the difference between InterlockedCompareExchange Release() and Acquire()?
Excel - formula IF AND error
Connecting Multiple NSMenuItems with Actions and State Variables
XIB file does not appear
Create the menu and sub menu using jquery
How to Disable Android LocationListener when application is closed
What's the feasibility of making binary javascript and css and transporting the binary instead of text format data from server to client machine?
netty: why code in handler can not use future.await()?
Photoslide javascript is working in Firefox but not in IE
ajax calls to controllers. How to indicate success, complete, and error
Validation.Error is not Invoking Handler
Using Chart in asp.net facing this error 鈥淭he process cannot access the file鈥�鈥�
Clear graphics from JPanel with ActionListener
MonoTouch: no gcc compiler found
regex sorting by numbers embedded in line
OpenLayers - Get Lat/Lon on point move
What's a solid technique for refactoring Cucumber steps?
jquery.ajax code that works in firefox but fails in all other browsers
Chat and data structure integration
Android ItemizedOverlay onTap information onto TextView
How to configure postgresql postgresql.conf listen_addresses for multiple ip addresses [closed]
Does a UNIQUE constraint automatically create an INDEX on the field(s)?
PHP Syntax error even when other servers do not report errors
Setting up a domain using WAMP and NameCheap's DNS service
Ruby on Rails AJAX call affects only the first element in collection
Timeout Exceptions
Python function correctly/incorrectly?
Will ExecutorService.newFixedThreadPool.submit(new class()) cause memory leak?
Is there any difference between a private and protected pure virtual function?
Thread.yield() in a Hyperthreading CPU
Events and exception safety [duplicate]
jQuery: How do I insert an html string an arbitrary number of times (i.e. not with an each() function)?
persistant 403 error even with no htaccess file
Retrieve contents of a public Dropbox folder?
Is a html table within a table valid?
understanding jquery's $(document).ready, jquery's append not working
ruby on rails 3 - advanced searches using gems
Addition of merge sort method for a random array
map/set iterators not incrementable error in C++
Refresh a div or a table using javascript location.reload()
Adding an image to button and then button click not detected
jQuery Validation dependency
Parse to Nullable Enum
how to put debug symbols in ar files
SQL Server 2008 Prior String Extract
pytest fast pass
SQLite / Python database retrieval and comparison
Javascript event listener fails because 鈥渦ndefined鈥�is not a function
AJAX insert makes multiple entries but no data
Action Bar, Action Layout Margin and ICS
Recursive compilation using gcc
Logging Into AliBaba.com Programically
When I commit to a Forked Repo will that affect in any way the Repo from which I forked from?
Does History.js not store objects?
How to avoid index (numbering) in latex?
Chain Dot Net 4 Framework install into NSIS
Footer width and text alignment
Triggering focus/blur/change from contenteditable via jQuery
Stop jQuery Mobile swipe event double bubbling
Download image asynchronously
How to use compiled resource file with SDL_LoadBMP
swapcontext() segmentation fault
Fortran Algorithm Help - Getting wrong results
Why object.Equals and instanceobject.Equals are not same
Android: Long Click on a GridView does not work
How can I determine the number of objects that exist of a specific class?
PayPal Adaptive Payments API failing with multiple receivers
PayPal Adaptive Payments API failing with multiple receivers
How to autostart rvm'ed Passenger inside Nginx
FParsec identifiers vs keywords
Column Operations in file Linux Shell
Do not use UIImagePickerController Get photos
App is not shown in launcher for 4.0.3
iFrames and External URLs in Phonegap
Concurrent access to database - preventing two users from obtaining the same value
In Struts2 I can't use modeldriven with validate
UIButton IB vs programmatically
select from two tables where linked column can be null
OpenCV LDFlags linking issue
How to Strongly Name an Assembly so that it has a Public Key Token
how to clear the stdin stream
When is new required in scala [duplicate]
Android Google Map Error / Geocoder class giving error
Installing application on device without an apple developer ID
how can my android app programmatically display the keyboard
Batch File to Convert DOC Files to PDF
OpenCV cvCaptureFromCAM returns NULL
Encrypt/Decrypt binary mp3 with mcrypt, missing mimetype
Can't access array via $_POST
compiling down a version - eclipse, maven
Primary key format for oracle database
google fusion tables, draw a circle around the marker
jqGrid postData property not loading pre-loaded filter
How do I generate QFoo classes for the typesafe query system in DataNucleus JDO implementation?
preg_replace is not working
Grails run-app exits without starting server after version upgrade
Authentication required for the folder [closed]
ElasticSearch + Tire: OR query
Tools for building scheduling software
Trailing dots (鈥� within function argument list in C++
How do I load xibs by reusing a single viewcontroller and handle the memory warnings?
Storing data external in C++ [closed]
Eclipse stops Recognizing object (Android)
Moving wordpress site - getting 404 errors
How to 'checksum' an array of noisy floating point numbers?
Issues in WP7 binding to properties in custom User Control
using fseek to insert string before last line
Visual Studio C# 2010 Express code editor and 鈥�鈥�characters
Finding place in list according to value in Python?
Android: How do I move this ContentProvider code to an external class?
Wordpress - Custom page includes second custom page causing problems with functions file
Logfiles not matching from IIS and custom logging fro ASP.NET webservice
Why doesnt this grep command work
Display <ul class> above parent <div class> using z-index?
Why IntelliJ IDEA prefers not to extend Composite when use GWT UiBinder?
In Magento, how do Blocks Grab Data from Models?
Reading from a text file, and splitting each individual line into different arrays or lists
How to display a UIActionSheet Item after UIActionSheet closes
Accessing web application hosted on IIS
How to read keystore values?
Assigning new value to a string - C
Examples of Facebook Heroku apps?
In OSX, is there a way for an app to access the iTunes library without targeting individual audio files in Finder?
Best way to create a webpage to hold score data and schedule [closed]
how to disable RPS1 when in midnight commander
SVN repository structure for a small company?
ADB output on Android Device
Populate an array with items from a List of objects using a loop
How to write a recursive method that takes a string as an argument and returns that string turned inside out?
Having trouble adding mouse event handler in actionscript 3
Javascript - Use closures sparingly?
android in-app billing - restoreTransactionInformation
Annoying auto moving of content
Apache error: 鈥淔AIL - Application at context path /tibclient could not be started鈥�
Date with Timezone?
Bash-Scripting arrays
Override LoadString for MFC app
Get different series to have the same color
What is the browser support for CSS3 Box-sizing?
Open an .mdf (Master Databse File) on mac or attach it to MySQL
domain.com redirect to launch.subdomain.com - users still to access subdomain.com/folder
How to reuse/edit a Group object already added to Scene on JavaFX
creating Onload fade-in widget
Admin access with tank_auth in Codeigniter
how to input data into an array from a text file that are vbTab separated?
Animate screen while loading textures
Facebook auto post on wall after like
Get Start Of A Range To Insert Div
Android HttpGet: What are the exceptions should be check before execute the request?
OnPaint in winform - .NET Compact Framework 3.5
How to erase all text from a file using python, but not delete/recreate the file?
Embedding XSL Stylesheet into XML
MySql Stored procedure shows as error in syntax
Change the appearance of the title of a Core Plot pie chart
Droppable area not accepting drag element - jquery ui
iOS: Issue Importing Calls From Another File
Calling lxml's .xpath() from inside a PyV8 context with invalid xpath crashes Python. Why?
Sql Server 2008 Full-Text Index (characters issue)
Mongo using indexes with sort
Low-level C I/O: When read from one file and write to another I'm hitting an infinite loop
Symfony 2 Assetic Project layout and Resource Management
How to add a check box to an alert dialog
Javascript Tree Traversal Algorithm
routes.rb in ruby on rails
reading content of an config file into the dll associated with it
size of UIView based on drawRect
Timing recursive functions and general being stuck-ness
Handling concurrent XML writings and readings from ASP.NET application
can you append form data to a URL in a phonegap webapp?
Unable to set the DisplayAlerts property of the Application class
Does EL support overloaded methods?
Rerender a HTML template fragment or section after a successful AJAX post
Detecting emails in a text
Undefined symbols for architecture i386 after adding a new class into a project
Relationships and References in Mongo DB
Sorting project
Segfault when adding Qwt plot to layout
Where do Android constants live?
Java syntax error on `System.out.println()` method call [closed]
How to preformat inside textarea
Plotting density plots on the negative y axis with ggplot2, R
Circle to circle collision reaction - Equal priority
declaring methods in my header file
What are the default options that rsync uses if you pass none to it?
backbone js difference between getters vs direct access of model attributes
How do I set the page curl bottom side background color/image during the transition animation?
Subversion 1.7 (client): Does Reindexing & Vacuuming wc.db improve performance?
Show percentages for every column in crosstab query
jquery mask dependent on drop down value
Facebook Like button and Twitter share button in inline content cause a requirement to click back multiple times
Collapse or make visible a custom tool - bindable application bar
How can I skip tests in an SBT build?
PHP Recommendation Engine - Recommending Whiskies with 12 different taste ratings
Java - Very basic syntax
Nested query in squeel
Hard task with foreign keys
where is the security in PHP 5.4 by removing safe_mode
Route all POST requests to a single ApiController
Serializable isolation level in oracle
Obj-C ios AudioToolkit not playing sound
Wait for RestKit Object Manager to finish init
socket connection failed, telnet OK
Cloning only a specific branch on Github? [duplicate]
Database User Details Security
How to Block an Android Application from using a Permission
Adding Java sorting algorithms with a random array
Determine if a child exists
submenu dissapearing when clicked in the submenu in wordpress
How to restructure a Mongo document to actually hit indexes?
Protecting my website from being 鈥渋ncluded鈥�
Oracle deleting from nested table
htaccess for subdomain and url rewrite
Unexpected Result, Ternary Operator in Gnu C
socket connection failed, telnet OK
Start Async Task within a worker thread
Explode a string into array with Twig?
Google Checkout level-2 integration using Checkout Java SDK on GAE
audioop.rms() - why does it differ from normal RMS?
Ruby/Mongodb sorting items descending order
jQuery Functions Syntax Difference
Updating html page in colorbox doesn't work.
PHP [Img] BBCode, but display only if the image is a real image?
How to enumerate modules in python 64bit
ImageView onClickListener()
Oracle PL/SQL Dynamic SQL not so dynamic?
Error during installation Node.js on Centos 5: GYP is needed by package
How to send a mail directly to SMTP server without authentication?
How to make my website scroll smoother with background image?
Python network/tcp package that integrates in GTK3/PyGObject
Why doesn't git merge changes when two branches are different but with no new commits in either branch?
My Windows Forms program is not finding the 'app.configconnecetion' string
milliseconds to time in javascript
ImageMagick creating unique filename
C++ Output Stream Operator Overload With Persistent IOManip
Control access in JSF files
LPT Emulator for Windows 7
Adjust div height based on window height
Importing Android Sample classes into Eclipse
Random Content Script with Random Timed Delay
How do you configure Solr to produce a result set with most common words
determining length, slope, and other measurements of an SVG line segment
Limit results to 10 in redis with node js
jQuery clone image, but only when dragged from outside container
PHP Header Redirect to 1 joomla site and retain domain in url without negatively affecting page ranking
Spring Hibernate OnetoOne/OnetoMany/ManytoOne - Transaction Management
SaaS Platform - Different database user for each user or one master account
Where to put a config file for a compiled Python script?
How would you sort double values in a map in descending order?
Keydown event: problems with '@'
Subdomains for testing in local
Backbone inheritance pattern with sibings instance of class inheriting of the same parent
Can I read the chrome://sync page from an extension?
How to get the infinitive form of the verb using NLTK (pos tagging)
MVC: 鈥渘o model classes are available鈥�even after Build/Clean/Rebuild
How to make the end date greater than the begin date validation in my application in Delphi?
Retina Display iBooks Fixed Layout
Issue running java application in eclipse
Pure php facebook sdk or facebook php sdk with javascript sdk
EMR + DynamoDB workflow setup throws Hive.createTable NoSuchMethodError JsonErrorResponseHandler
Creating <class> definitions programmatically in EclipseLink
How to create 1536x2048 framebuffer for iPad Retina sample (GLGravity)
How to pass form information onto a google map on a separate page?
Multiplicity constraint violated VS 2010 / SQL Server / EF code-first
What is the recommended method to synchronize access to an object in Java for Android?
Build-time assembly of HTML and JS fragments for Single-page applications
How to change the page layout in Magento?
What is a stable version of delayed_job_active_record?
Upload file using Perl CGI
django-registration activate url matching
Insert Image into PHP Success [closed]
Illegal characters in Javascript file causing form to not work with Jquery
Zend GData exception when upload PDF files to Google Docs
How to create a thread using Boost
Ruby on Rails - sqlite 3 rake migrations not updating the database
Raw types and Generics 鈥�Java [duplicate]
Back button image for UIBarButtonItem has bizarre defect on Retina iPhone display
Using colons in querySelectorAll()
Why is my range selector not working in my Google Maps API3 / jQuery Mobile App?
How to set xlim in multhist?
Any optimizations tips for this tiny c# function?
sorting numbers using javascript
Setting up CI with TeamCity with Git & NAnt
ActionItem lost on screen rotation
Lucene NRTManager handling
serializing class to file in silverlight
if argument inside mysql query
ReportViewer control using ReportServerCredentials.NetworkCredentials
How to create a Facebook app to grant access to my fan page's insights?
cakephp 2.0 upgrade shell redirect() faulty?
Saving dates converting from en-AU to en-US format
Global variable and thread [closed]
node.js/everyauth: Maintaining session information with auth request
Number of tours through m x n grid?
Android ICS MediaPlayer crashes only on variables meant for simultaneous playback
Can GitHub be used for writing a collaborative article?
302 status when copying data to another app in AppEngine
Need assistance with a php mysql UPDATE statement tutorial please
How to make Eclipse Open Resource in the Current Editor Window?
SQL SELECT statement, column names as values from another table
My www- files differ from my non-www files
Errors launching a mapActivity?
Can this be replicated? Old flash site, client needs to edit it
On github, what does build status mean?
Drag and drop from Cocoa App to Finder
How to add user control to panel
BigInteger.toByteArray() returning strange value in java
Delete GitHub repo's Wiki
error C2059: syntax error : '.'
Rails has_many checkboxes with extra attribtues
rvm install 1.9.3-head: Error sort: invalid option 鈥�V
Option text becomes a function string after updated with fromJS
MonoTouch Dialog add a toolbar at the bottom of the dialog
Dynamically changing scrollregion of a canvas in Tkinter
Join with Theta syntax in MySql
Access/read low-level WiFi network packets in Android?
Create as many views as there are object in the array
Create as many views as there are object in the array
Get an input from user scanner class
Concurrent operation using AJAX in Symfony2
Missing Triangulation Libraries in OpenCV:
C# httplistener error if remote ip
simplifying debugging
Repeating class decorators in a Web.py / MIMERender Application
Update Gridview Error - 鈥渙ldValues is empty鈥�
iPhone App Distance with Google API
How to stop the HTML 5 database from being deleted in iOS 5.1
How to test JavaScripts without to delete the `test` database data?
Creating a Form (Ruby on Rails)
need help in a program to make church management program in vb2010
Parse a tuple from a string?
How to provide Google Maps API key with php and curl
google tts with paid account
Adding security questions to my Django site
Any way to change the Map used by Google Maps API in Android?
Is the layout for a vertical panel with components correct?
How safe are client SSL certificates in a mobile app?
Null reference error for validation binding
Can not print in java console the min, avg, max value of a MySql table
Indexing an array in VB.net
Firefox Only: FB.login() called before FB.init()
Best way to set up the connection setting
Sentry logger filter show actual loggers
What is the Python equivalent of embedding an expression in a string? (ie. 鈥�{expr}鈥�in Ruby)
Dealloc not called in superclass
Restarting Streaming OpenAL Source?
I'm getting 鈥淎pplication did not close the cursor or database object that was opened here鈥�but I put in the command to close it
Iframe onload working on blank page but not loding in embedded website
Syntax error,I do not know how to correct C++ code. (homework project) [closed]
default python does not locate modules installed with homebrew
pyHook stops receiving Key press events (randomly)?
Specifying colors to multhist
Javascript Printing Event
jqgrid infinite scroll paging
WinForms application becomes randomly unresponsive
Excel: Create summary worksheet using certain cells from other worksheets
SQL Selecting from two tables
Rails 3 Javascript Not Working
replace() concat() and substr() add character at specific location in string cannot get the position right
TableView inside UIViewController
rotating a webview only
memory leaked with pthread_cancel() itself
MVC3 date calculation as added date
Gravity being ignored over a certain textsize
Back key infinitely loops back to same activity
The EntityKey property can only be set, LINQ2Entities
jpa websphere entity id non-existent errors
Filter post by drop down menu
ASP.NET MVC 4 JQuery Dialogs
Why doesn't this P/Invoke signature work?
php exec() responding differently from windows 8 metro app
Expand table width as screen resolution changes [closed]
Can't execute /msg resend command in Nickserv
CoreDataBooks Example Saving Conditions
Using the graph API, is it possible to add an existing photo to an existing album?
Memory leak every time UIScrollView is released
Grouping by clause on a string column
Make a <div> disappear inside a javascript script
Display XIB before UITabBarController?
Domain logic vs data validation
KnockoutJS data-bind attr to a function doesn't seem to work
How to make a custom dictionary on Android
CGColorRef causing crash
Objective C Objective null in some methods and not null in others
Parallel programming problems [closed]
Alter MySQL column encoding, cascade to FKs
phpMyAdmin - Show BLOB fields as text?
Scrolling content using scrollLeft, gets wrong references
Planar grid puzzle
Is there a way to make a program that runs on Java mobile phones using C++?
can i get raw cpm data from MediaPlayer or SoundPool?
NuGet - JsonValue 0.5.0 Install-Package Error
brew link jpeg issues
Accessing a form array with $_POST
moving the config files for a dll to the app that calls the dll
Add indexed column to DataFrame with pandas
How do multiple servers synchronise a database
Grow/Shrink css 鈥渂ackground-image鈥�with Jquery
Avoid SSH key being moved
How to find email with more than 2 dots using REGEXP MySQL function?
extracting values to be populated in a dropdown from SQLite database
jplayer not working in ie8 but is fine in other browsers
How to change this code to write to stdout instead?
DataStore - how to retrieve ID/Name value?
Ruby on Rails - Devise sign up link not working - undefined method `user_registration_path'
App crashes on iPad but not in iPad Simulator
PHP variable function
Nested model creation in rails
How to specify ports for datagramSocket correctly in Java Mac OS X
cannot loop through json Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL
Shortcut to a list of files in Visual Studio
My wordpress php code is pulling information from database in one instance and not in other case. What is wrong? [closed]
Defining boost compressed sparse row graph
Dynamic images and formatting parameters with @Ajax.ActionLink
HTML5 / js - how to animate straight line between two coordinates?
calling Javascript from c# using awesomium
How to read XML file on port 80 using HttpHandler
Ruby: define function prototypes?
Jquery Ajax Multiple XML files
youtube API - strange issue with ZendGdata
PHP - Notice: Undefined variable happening twice
Drools and Camel : Failed to load type converters Cannot find any type converter classes [org.drools.camel.component]
How to draw a UIImage scaled up with interpolation for a retina display?
How to avoid java.net.BindException: Address already in use
How do I parse this HTML with Jsoup
android and jsoup trouble
Java Inheritance Design Idea - Advice Wanted [closed]
How to change paragraph text onclick list item?
Another double type trick in C++?
PHP Curl with --data flag?
Most seamless way to present data in gui
iOS: Randomly get 鈥淎 connection failure occurred鈥�when using ASIHTTPRequest
Switching between two images and two sentences
Ambiguous result date java
Select parent xml tag
Javascript: Detect if requested file is cached and delete cache if a newer version exists
Sort NSAarray with custom objects with dates [duplicate]
javascript: how to continuously load a page
Unable to connect to PHP Websocket Server
Retrieving a specific row depending on a date variable?
Populate UITableView in ViewController class from separate DataController class that is using grand central dispatch
Change Fluent API mapping dynamically
How can I confirm PHP MongoDB connection is properly recognizing replica sets?
A delegate accepting zero, one or more parameters
Virtual inheritance and delegated implementation
Javascript copy contents of one object literal into another without reflecting changes in future?
Invalid number. Numeric constants are either decimal (17), hexadecimal (0x11), or octal (021)
how can we integrate two rails applications deployed within an intranet
GET, URL-Rewrite
Android Camera won't take picture depending on what is after it in code
HTML5 - passing Canvas between files
Add arrays into Cell Row from Twitter Client feeds in iphone
Android - adding Views onscreen, but outside the content view
2 questions regarding socket programming with Android
class issue in C++
Extract HTML Tags using preg_split
targeting only safari using javascript
Adding 2 numbers in NSMutableArray
codeigniter always opens welcome-page
Java Swing 鈥�Writing a Ui that will repaint itself based on changes to a custom data object
Delete children in one to many relationship
i want the window to close when the data has been inputed [closed]
JPA native query return class
How to cause addProximityAlert() to create notification in status bar?
missing required architecture armv7
pin point using google Maps in android
What are 鈥渦navoidable generic type problems鈥�in Eclipse for Java?
User created classes
Struts: getElementByID from the request scope (Javascript)
Bash shell script run on UNIX command line does not change the current shell environment [duplicate]
Behaviour of delete[] [duplicate]
Box2D body swipe
Calling C functions from Objective-C (references and default parameters)
Why don't the marker titles show in my Google Maps API3 application?
How to access a Layout item in a parent from child?
Using the Requests python library in Google App Engine
How to generate Table Of Contents using OpenXML SDK 2.0?
Easy one: does ACTION_DISCOVERY_FINISHED return something like a 鈥渘o devices found鈥�
Unable to render MVC Checkbox/Label combo in one horizontal line
Chef-solo integration with Capistrano
How to debug where ld.so is searching
Why is this code not alerting the text in the text file? (javascript/html)
Is the data in nested std::arrays guaranteed to be contiguous?
Android Multiple EditText can't implement listener
Why is this program being unexpectedly stopped?
Kohana Support For One Relationship Alias -> Multiple Models
Signing up wih devise
Matlab linking two files
How do I refer to a list I have given an ID attribute of android:id/list in Java?
Detect Child id and call a slide toggle on it
Matlab: Mean with time interval?
WP7 - RootFrame = new TransitionFrame(); - MissingMethodException
Find element ID by its style
Java - mixed data types / printing them
OSQA in a rails 3 application?
UML Aggregate relationships for Builder pattern
Images in a web application won't show up until it's redeployed?
Blank screen when running a Java FX 2.0 application on linux
How to use expression trees in PHP?
Xampp not uploading files when multipart
Is it still worth to invest time into OpenMP implementations? [closed]
why does this crash nodejs
Resetting linked list ordinals
Why should return-by-value be const for non-builtin types but not const for builtin types?
Jquery mobile let users find other users nearby
Accessing certain libraries in Ogre3D using Code::Blocks IDE
Facebook - JavaScript SDK and saving user information to a database
confused about use of PHP operators
Makefile basics
jsf 2 update UI from bean after delay + blinking
Why do I have to create an AS3 package using Flash?
MVC ViewData Model null after Post-back to Controller Action
FireFox Extension SDK converting GM_xmlhttprequest to somthing compatible with the addon sdk
Methods to count the number of monitors and basic info about each?
I want to have username as url parameter
My php script only reads the first row from mysql and doesn't check the rest of the rows for matches
Compiler Errors for MEX file that uses the CPLEX API
C++11: Variadic Homogeneous Non-POD Template Function Arguments?
Documentation for Socket.io?
Show confirmation dialog in Fragment
In Jquery how to get the id of first child, here I am talking about Jquery Treeview
jQuery: Grabbing form data
Incomplete Implementation xcode warning
Distinct 鈥淩estoreDirectory鈥漵 do not work
using javascript onclick function
compile c++ in Emacs via tramp: Save password
Jquery - How to send an ajax call for all elements of a class
GET, if, elseif
Approach to create a web server for a game with web browser client and possibility for client software?
Online Responsive Web Testers
Python tkinter scroll frame, expand LabelFrame in canvas
Check if username exists in database with AJAX
Quad trees pertaining to 2d collision
C++ How do I read in a file, convert each word to lower case and then cout each word?
File upload php mysql
How to generate subform of form - Zend Framework
Math from left to right
Datepicker returning only date
Adding a text label in front of dropdown list
Qt: How to get mounted drives
Parsing a log file into CSV format
iOS 鈥�Weird exception
Node.js frameworks [closed]
Submitting a form with every field the same name
How to find which jQuery script is affecting an element?
ASP.NET Web API + Long running operation cancellation
Joomla! save array to database
time.sleep requires integers?
Ruby - Sinatra: Asynchronously calling method with form input as parameter
Get values from JSON string - Objective C
(Java) Static generic methods versus generic class static methods
jquery hide() executing wrongly
What is the best way to get all webpage links with Html Agility Pack?
My regex pattern is failed [closed]
Best addon for reading data from .mp3 with JDK 1.6
How to tail a file with gevent
How to add a TextBlock to a Canvas using UserControl class?
bash array leave elements containing string
HTML 5 layout <section>
Retain emoticons, Java Regex
I have two git branches with different content. Why won't git merge them? It says 鈥淎lready up-to-date.鈥�
JavaScript for in loop, but in reverse?
Does Facebook Limit Range of Functionality Available to New Apps?
Where to have an SVN repository [closed]
Converting a self subquery to a self join
Hive MetaStore Configuration
Center align a <p> in <div>
Capybara and page.body
Nested table formatting with simple_form, nested_form and twitter-bootstrap
Select Into trigger linked to Update command in MSSQL changes the return value of the affected rows - How to avoid this?
Loading HEX data into memory
Android:print tasks&activities stack
Fastreport field properties from preview screen
Sending data from Ruby(rails) code to javascript/jquery
delphi application has permissions issues. Why?
C# compiler sees Fluent syntax or Query Expression?
Java Generic TreeSet
How to navigate between controls in a Window using TAB key? [duplicate]
Apache CXF - Providing SEI to Customer
How to load .pages (iWork) in UIWebview?
scala: abstract classes instantiation?
handling multiple tabs with hashbang
Multiple forms views in code igniter
User Control added to page dynamically with counter
Best way to cycle through a bunch of small avatars using maybe Jquery or Javascript
Comparing 2 strings with similar letters
Integer read from file different every run, why?
Python encoding utf error
Jquery ajax request with slider
Netbeans template AboutBox Java
Neat long integer representation in python
How to convert these method from C# to VB.net (Windows Phone 7)
Qt: how to make mainWindow automatically resize when centralwidget is resized?
Seeking C# threading clarification
Spork causing undefined method error in my Rails app?
Android: How to get Song title and Artist name from Shoutcast?
force redirect after login form is submitted
Boost.Lambda - dereference placeholder
import data into openshift mongoDb
Why can't I add mopub-android-sdk as library?
in php how to call img with user id
Why Object [ID] has no method 'Animate'?
Records added to ms access database with vb 2010 not saving
Java HashTable LoadFactor
remote service : Unable to start service Intent
jQuery Custom Plugin Syntax
how does a php application actually run? [closed]
How to increase buffer size in R-function
How to pass an array from a server with SignalR and present the result using Knockout
Upload FTP File With Argv
Running CUDA programs on non CUDA machines
Removing file extension apache server
How to Animate CoreGraphics Drawing of Shape Using CAKeyframeAnimation
Bind on(keyup) to dynamic elements in jQuery (Twitter Bootstrap + typehead)
No more RSS autodetect in Firefox?
rails 3 Full Calendar Javascript/Jquery
Curl string append problems, curl_formadd C++ reads variable with extra character but works just fine directly CURLFORM_COPYNAME, 鈥渒ey鈥�[?]
Cascading delete removes unintended records
Importing JSON objects into NSArray
BackgroundWorker.ReportProgress exception if run in another module
R: splitting long zoo time series into calendar
Can't link qwt in Qt
Why is this socket/ file descriptor assignment invalid?
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '?' [closed]
XQuery transformation with WSO2 ESB
Texturing a quad (triangle strip) OpenGL ES 2.0 [closed]
Texticle fuzzy search not finding anything in Ruby on Rails
Getting an AppleScript property of an NSAppleEventDescriptor
How to navigate between controls in a Window by TAB key?
Should NuGet.VisualStudio.Interop.dll be in the GAC to use it as a wizard?
Simulating OS processes in java / preemptive thread stop / classloader + thread process simulation
Pandas rolling median for duplicate time series data
transfering one object properties values to another one
how to apply iddata into calculation?
Is there a way to tell Capistrano to deploy a Local Repository to a Remote Server?
Data Annotations For Validation Generator
JPanel&JScrollPane and error rendering
Calculating line using known line, intersection point and angle [closed]
Emptying an array doesn't work in javascript
How to represent a Rubik's cube
Cross platform equivalent to XDialog
python - Run Application out of Virtual File System
findViewById returns null for custom ImageView using a handler class
How to get private posts only from Facebook Graph API
ArrayList resizing
How to get the summary of (mysql_fetch_array)
Unable to record Whois requests with VCR?
Scan directory and find files by pattern
Cache store for .net library encapsulated classes
Formatting column output in Java
Proftpd Install from rpmforge failed
Android how to wait for a thread to finish and notify?
Validation and validation errors in Service Layer
jquery access to checkbox in existing function
JS objects: how to Dynamically name members when adding properties
FluentAPI mapping with POCO in EF4.1
Certain commands not accessible with PHPs exec(), but work with Ruby's 'System' command
UIView resizing but not the SubViews
What is 鈥淟inearizability鈥�
How do I get the text set on a ListView item
jQuery Validate does not work in IE or Chrome
Simple javascript onclick not firing function - syntax checked via jsfiddle and firebug
Need a list of rule of NewsLetter acceptable html elemts and attributes
Android: Get ID of selected item from List Dialog created with a Cursor
Multithreading using functions in the windows.h library [closed]
TTS (Text to Speech): manager in own class
How do I change font in WPF?
Ruby-newbie Active Record query / model association
No 鈥淪hare鈥�Button in Organizer
Null Reference Exception occurs when using odata in Web API calls
How to display logarithmic x-axis minor label?
How to download file/image from url to your android app
Using Springs IoC in this case?
Sending emails from localhost ASP.net
something like Interface
Scroll div on pagescroll but stop after certain amount
How to create a polygon shape with flat sides in HTML5?
I get an error when making tweak, where I used theos to create a template.
AS3 - Unable to capture button click when using Mouse Move listener
How to split the date and time in C++?
How to decode the gzip compressed data returned in a HTTP Response in python?
PHP log in with session creation
How to set priority for hadoop job in java code while triggering it?
my tostring is display ={ my data} how do i remove it
How to stop all jQ functions related with removed div
XSLT and default namespace for XHTML output
Render css3 transformed elements to canvas / image
Objective C - iPhone - Inserting record into sqlite database not working as expected
How to Decode/Process video that is received over TCP as a Char[] array?
autorun application in flex
Send message to a facebook user who is not your friend yet
Any .NET API for RED5 Media Server or any other cross platform media server with .NET API?
Hide loading bar on no .HTML file found
Best way to store large amounts of text? Outside of MySQL [closed]
start activity class before widget provider
JQuery Sortable, Swappable serialize
Using variable as a key in an bash associative array
How to check input field's length?
Dll size in memory & size in harddisk
SpringData/Neo4j: cannot persist relationship
MVC3 Actionlink with submit
Postgres LEFT JOIN is creating more rows than in left table
HTTP Server & CGI Processing
Get route points on Android using mapquest
More than 1 normal per vertex
Running a Cocoa GUI in a non-main thread
Adding custom colors to Color struct?
Creating a unique-per-user passcode that cannot be employed by other users
gzip files as html source
Extracting values from JSON Ajax return
Expand an NSCell when multiples lines
Delphi Game internet multiplayer [closed]
Why only chrome (and maybe safari) works good with transition (height,width)?
How can I read/write an image in C++ using just boost/standard library?
Exception (validation) handling in WPF DataGrid
Checking if php variable is a number or not [duplicate]
Entity framework null reference on foreign key object
JSF2: cannot get data from a HtmlSelectOneMenu in java code
debugging exe and dll project in carbide 2.7
Why does this code run *slower* with multiple threads, even on a multi-core machine?
Forms not working with Hibernate Validation 4.1, Spring 3.0.7 and Tiles 2
how to take android user homepage screenshot programmatically?
Remove a content via jquery [duplicate]
Bitwise operators on unsigned long?
asp.net mvc3 updated (refresh) the viewmodel in view
Why doesn't boost::spirit::qi semantic action work with two arguments when I use boost::bind?
VB6 missing dll
How 鈥渞elease鈥�an UIWebView on ARC
Forcing mvn to latest spring release for drools-camel
Control single row in ListView
Index Out of Bounds Exception in Binary Search
Inheritance of structs without member functions
How to set expandLevel on a data source using a theme?
how to insert values from a access database to a combobox in visual basic 2010
WCF service in windows process activation service (WAS)
Browser redirected outside Facebook instead of redirecting it inside iframe
Where can I find a list of timez芯nes? [closed]
Is there a preferred/standard way in Grails to bind form params to a list of domain objects?
Adding a Swing tree selection listener with custom tree model
BeanPostProcessor confusion
Person and vehicle recognition
Android - perform drag and drop programmatically
check the type of variable passed in a subroutine in perl
Why use procs instead of methods?
Why does a gradient in ie8 make a link collapse so that only inner elements are clickable?
Java: Thread passing parameters to another thread
URLs for asynchronous and asynchronous requests in zend framwork
Registering a Window Class in the Win32API
Incorrect conversion of an int to string in C++
Wordpress show parents content on child page using custom loop
Calc utf-8 string size in bytes?
Any suggestions what is happening with include and @include [closed]
ListBoxItem HorizontalContentAlignment overwrites cosmopolitan style
Not sure if I need a WakeLock here
Exceptions on the Command Line Python OS Module
form_set_value() does not work during validation for webform
Handling WCF faults in a jQuery client
Creating events where the app where the creator is the APP itself? possible?
cocos2d classes and ivars
Call voting method, without refreshing page. Using Thumbs_Up gem and Rails
JSF errors and redirect
Parse JSON from GET response when headers are present
alarmManager.cancel not working
How do I make my website work with download managers?
How to detect client language settings in ASP?
Using lowercase tables with Oracle enhanced and Rails
Android - using database with onRetainNonConfigurationInstance
Doctrine LEFT mysql function
rvm, zlib and ruby not working even after following instructions
SQL query to determine if one table has more rows with an attribute than another
Python OS Module
Execute computer instructions directly in binary [closed]
MySQL boolean search - how to filter out all results that do not contain at least 2 input strings?
Basic code to display a pdf in an existing JPanel?
Getting clean text from text/html documents using BeautifulSoup
c++ header multiple variable-pointer inclusion
How do escape echo for storing in a file?
Marking MySQL data as 'read'
Handling 404 when updating website
Can I return a reference?
Unclear Azure 'SetConfigurationSettingPublisher()' usage at App start time
jQuery multiple sliders on a single form
focus on input text
Create statically linked libraries for iOS
Async background downloading using iOS standard classes etc
android async load list from xml
Invalid Code Signing Entitlements when upload binary
Junit implements Iterable
Multiple instances of the same activity open
Is there a 鈥減erfect鈥�diff algorithm?
Java - TableModel and DefaultTableModel
Remapping Emacs Commands
user script to process images onload
Change opacity during slideDown function
How to call librsync anyway?
Encode special characters in ajax form (asp mvc)
Want to create for() consisting of Strings
jQuery Toggle Dropdown Menu
What am I doing wrong? Dependency Property inside a custom Usercontrol with DataBinding
Auth MySQL with blowfish Encryption
Make an image, which is previously hidden by CSS, visible based on the radio button selected using Javascript
How can I use django and xcode to make an iphone app with login support?
Vaadin component tree possible?
Heap separation to solve memory fragmentation
Login by Facebook
Identifying data type of a value in memory in C?
unable to display table with json data in phonegap (android)
Remove (forget) a file from SVN?
How to do INSERT in Pyramid using khufu_sqlalchemy
Linking to admin pages in cakephp
iPhone:Server response parsing issues
Find indexes of unique in a matlab vector?
Fast sort dataTable
How can I find out the result of my calendar intent?
Unpredictable boolean comparison c++
Countdown while object position in certain range
How to remove a sentence using php
Java NoSuchAlgorithmException - SunJSSE, sun.security.ssl.SSLContextImpl$DefaultSSLContext
How does WPF determine what property to set when setting the content of elements in XAML?
How to pass the object type from business layer to data layer
Input field is not updated
SVG filter inheritance
How many factors in an integer
LinearLayout component size. How does weight influence on size
How to get a list of the elements in TreeView? PyGtk
Symfony2: Routing controllers and views in subdirectories
NSDate from NSString like HH:mm
MVP Communication between presenters?
Get data from sql query into textbox
Plotting temperature data with sensor positions in Matlab
Show a div with Fancybox
Unable to retrieve MySQL ID
how to solve class not found exception in connecting android to MYSQL?
Check if python urlopen has finished loading
C++ Call Function After Certain Time Period - Without Boost
Passing 鈥淐lass.class鈥�to a function? [duplicate]
How do I apply a rendered attribute to a large block of text?
Trying to login to rdp using as3
MacOS executable of a jar file
Can we draw a RB tree with 8 black nodes and 12 red nodes?
Which pretty print library?
Apache Commons-Net FTPClient listDirectories returning null
C# with MySQL through Connector/NET
How to save in the dropdown the value choosed?
In Javascript, my 1-by-1 increment is going 1,3,6,10
Android: Wrong RGB values in Bitmap
Focus Lost animation on Android/Ice Cream Sandwich
How can i lock the android device with a password programmatically
Draw on top of xoverlay using Qt
AJAX long requests
Unable to connect to a non-blocking socket
DatagramChannel throwing closedSocketException in UDP program
Eclipse excludes build directory from svn
How to autoscroll in C#
If I promote or-nodes, will I be able to parse any kind of and/or tree?
Foreign key Problems
knockoutjs - multiple bindings on click event
MYSQL COUNT FUNCTION Across Multiple Tables
Java Swing - set Jlabel text from another method
How can i convert a str into a number in python? [closed]
ModX Revolution doesn't switch context
How can I select only the first record with each foreign key in SQL Server?
How can I read data from a csv file and store it in my database file in sqlite?
Issues reading Time value in Perl using win32:OLE
detecting contact of a hand and an object in Kinec pictures C++
jQuery .css(), and css hover
Searching an Ember.js content array for a specific value
Storing Visual Basic classes in separate files?
why do i get the protected page instead of the login page?
Generate 鈥淔inder.h鈥�for a SIMBL plugin
Ruby gsub not adhering to named group when replacing with regexp
UIStepper in uitableviewcell
Convert web html to e-mail Html
How to ignore NaN's in a columnwise size query for a [n x 1] matrix (in Matlab)
For Emacs, how to store what view-lossage collects into an externel file?
I need help calling a function from an iframe to main window and passing data in that function.
Show lightbox on external site
dict.get() - default arg evaluated even upon success
Get Model Type from RazorView object
GUI with Qt Creator to play video
How to manually set the zoom on a Jung visualisation?
How to import products,customers,product prices automatically in Magento? [closed]
Android, Best way to provide app specific constants in a library project?
Message passing from rabbitmq channel to java NIO channel
How to drag a view inside UIScrollView with scrolling near edges?
Is there a way to find out which button of a TButtonGroup was clicked?
Set Matlab's Contour graph x-axis scale?
C++ unresolved externals when calling static variable
Redirecting URL with a certain parameter in [duplicate]
Android AlphabetIndexer for Hebrew and english togather
Regex to extract number from a string in php [closed]
Rails 3 how to deal with constants
Adding to XML file
Regex match each character at least once [closed]
Copy Vector of Pointers gives Seg Fault. (C++)
MySQL - How to select only the first X rows that have the same field value?
What鈥檚 the WPF way to mark a command as unavailable only if the parent of a tree item is the first in the list?
Transfer MySQL database to remote server
Detecting space in a file in c++
Complicated join query
How do I set up Pear mail?
Accordion delays in external file when called from tabs